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This week Karen and Georgia tell each other their favorite murders from the 1980s, featuring The Preppie Murder and the Keddie Murders. Plus your favorite murders and lots of stabby talk!

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This is exactly right. Erin. Yes, Georgia rhythm section is a female, led female made action, thriller starring, Blake, lively and fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment, as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, directed by Red Morocco and also starring dude law and Sterling K Brown. The rhythm section isn't theorist January thirty, first goodbye
all right down to the OECD Arena, Parker soundly I'll, be seated. I guess this is caring on one to that's. Caroline That's Georgia on the three wars there, yell maker, murder, this. Is Karen that's care, and this is Georgia. Remember, voices, remember, mink, mental pictures and then listen to horrible things from I think every party party with knives guys there's so much going on so much by this is this is gonna be chock. Full yeah so this episode is about nineteen eighties murderers.
Partners, its episode lucky thirteen, and we decided that we do Well We decide these things at so random, we're just trying to interest ourselves and make something that we think we'll get for me out. And to think of some make us dig deep and go maybe offers my standard enter, is the more. Or of marginalized people, so that I can come back and talk about in shake my finger at Syria, and how society works and how we were wrong and we ve all been. So how can we re wrong way round had been wrong, but then I think, last week we ve got a little even personal unkind of side, and so I was trying to think of leg. Eighty murders are be like immediately. I'm thinking gum in them on it. You know it's Sunday, Laufer feel fun, murder, it's a fun triangle, pink triangles and light blue dots type, a Theo S should let you know that mine isn't fun. Ok,
it might marginal at his fever. I mean I think, a few years almost no way, but it's not good Where will the eighties just a number on murder? Chaos I feel like there was just There was a lot of horrific murders common out, yes, and I think When I was researching mine, I found when people talk today about that. We live in a culture in the eighties, was like that flag was flying high. Well, it wasn't a rape culture back then, because no one cared about rape. It was like like legal to rape, your wife yeah. It was late. She wore a short skirts. Fishing are aimed at around. When I find the court room, there wasn't a rape, it was funny guy and a re culture, because that was just culture. Wasn't rape
There is no delineation, it was just like it was. This is culture and too bad accepted, there's nothing! You can do right, don't where you shouldn't, warn that you shouldn't touch this person care. What do you have in front of you got your before we get into the main course: let's, let's do some apps Let's have a appetizer happy hour. Yes, Gimme, some murder, consummate. No people talked about this on Facebook, page, of course there is. There is no way to jump the Facebook village when it comes out it's going to hit their fur, but I too, like someone posted this. Our face of age bought the intention weekly that hedge bananas cases finally solved on camera, but with that they don't but they're like, but we're not telling you re. Well, it can't B for sure has now it's gone into. It's almost like J of Kate. There I swear it split into these lunatic.
Satellite theories. They the reason. I think this one has much more weight to. It is because it's the original private investigator that they been at that their Ramses hired habit. If the Ramses hire them or he is he gonna, clause. Would he knows about the Ramses? I dont know I mean you: will you would think not? then he is no longer on their payroll. He just started investigating independently from from one they were they heard. But someone made this great point on the facebook page that meant that, like wrong, my bed which is you cannot clear? The Ramses if the case has not been solved, Sway, somebody came and it was like. Don't worry about them, they're, fine, any link, but there's no person. It's not like you, that and then you're bringing up. This is the actual yes back like and the reason we know they're not guilty as because of so, and so because utterly still, they start. Having cleared all the evidence that points to them, there's so much and there's just so much it some. It becomes like the the it's the jack, the ripper thing were when you, when you go over the top.
Over and over everything gets muddied and crazy and you suddenly don't know where the path is anymore. That's frustrating to me is that anytime, someone is like here at here's, the theory and here's why every single one of them makes total sense. Sure you're like okay, I could see that and they are like they pick and choose the evidence that supports that and it make yeah and then you here and you know that the evidence is not totally different. You like that, makes sense to write so any hard. It's very hard and indeed article itself. This happens me, which here also this first, this how terrible I am with the digital age we live in. This article was four pages long and I dipped out on page, I was like. I can't read that I don't want to read this year, but also Oh you! Why? Because it's this what's this name Ali Gray? Is this private investigator, so he's got a team of people helping him for this investigation. They think it's.
A guy named Michael Hell, Garth, who did it? Oh, they say who they think did a year and they think he did it with their people, but this guy has killed himself right. Modem quote killed himself since that time, which the bullet went from left to right and The gun was lying on the right hand, side said they're like there. That's not that's, not a suicide rate, so they think that hit he was killed to be silenced as the people they did. It with him want to make sure that he doesn't fuck them up and get them sent to jail. You think it's one guy or multiple. They think that there was multiple guys, it's it's all different people saying all different men. Why wouldn't they care? If it was just the two of them? I could see the abbot if, if it was three o k, sorts three, then why didn't you ever killed that one guy killed the other guy too they could still do it or maybe they have like. We don't know you don't know those other two people are, but apparently this guy Michael held that the only hope
gray for some reason. That name will not stand in my head Ali grace as this guy's caught on tape. Admitting to the modern world wants to take these into its yeah. It's it's. It's. Let's see The tape was removed from my house after he died in nineteen. Eighty seven, but apparently was overlooked by the police and returned to MIKE's family, and what do they think he did give me a minute sit on this take then there are some witnesses who say they saw three men- leave the house in a station wagon there's a girlfriend who says my boyfriend came back in a statement. I never seen before changed blood. Splutter close, it's a bunch of that kind of shit, but it's nothing. Nothing is being reported to the police in a firm factual way and as far as I can tell from
various lightly scammed article, here's. Why has stopped reading this article because one of the people whose picture is next to Ali grazing in the article is a guy named John? It looks like the canadian- and he has a lot to say about this guy and what he's like a nay killed cats when he was little and he's really messed up any Taser and Germany was TAT used in all these different stuff on Fourchan, we in the second paragraph, it says shoots are on the wrong page on me on the third page of this article. It says Kennedy who has a questionable past himself after being sentenced to three years supervise, put probation and aid eighteen, seventy nine for such assault on a child go found, the border police nearly twenty times. No one would call me back. He says so in me. That's what I was like. Why am I reading this article? This is basic. This is the reason nobody's listening to these theory
because you know a child rapist. It's like, I know who did it yeah? Wool, that's like criminals, you know its reporting, each other S, never gonna be solved. It's the messy fucking things you think ever I don't think you'll ever be so I mean I have to say don't know, but I had to buy this nano you needed to do that. We ve got it out of your bad now when they think. I repeat, this magazine is absolute trash, including this article, that's all just like and of course they have all the pictures of like near. Patsy writing and then the note and all everything you'd want. I want it doesn't help anything. Now. I don't think I've ever be solved and unless we can do some kind of mine reading in the future, I don't think it's gonna be what's gonna help me, though. A lot is that true crime series they're gonna, do about this.
Kay. I can't wait for that. I want to watch the shit out of it, but lake will they include things from child rapist? That's when I write it is like how who, whose fact checking that tough script totally. None of the entrance, not anyway I'm. Unless someone has a deathbed confession which are some. Oh, I read the whole thing of like tend effort, confessions and it looks like an amazing was alone, cracked, something like yeah photographs lie about which I might I hope, there's enough, but confession I feel like if anyone's it's gonna be Ramsay Step at confession. Yeah, so we got it so you and I need to survive for another. What seventy six, let's get, let's put it on the state of smoke and put it on seventy more years. He doesn't smoke and doesn't has some strange cancer Lorraine inside from anyway Patsy did from being involved in a terrible child murder guilt candy,
and maybe- and so hopefully, with the data will be done, then whoever outlives each others can only have definite now. Do you think when John Ramsay dies, there's gotta be some shit that comes out that he's keeping from people because he's the rich, is the money man, that's like who's gonna come out from you guys are someone's gonna be like I didn't want him. He was alive, no because I think I guess only if wealth do they want his kid to know about it or, if Burke didn't sorry, but just to entertain sure he dies. Burke gets the secret the key to the secret lock box.
The bank or whatever is something like that where lake it just opens a new chapter, I don't think he's in excess of private person. I can't imagine, maybe, like here, eco everyone would you say, he's fiercely private. I wouldn't say that that's for me to do. I think I like the idea that I spent this to ninety nine, so you wouldn't have to think you yeah I'm not trying to do that for you when it gets sobbed. Is that going to be worth something ye, I'm deafening putting it into a z block bag and putting it on file full that rooted in Europe? All that's right, The baron you guys are both have hearts baby I'll, be amazing. Table all that when you die you open it up, and it's a bunch of old in touch weekly is not even that. Although the frightened like mid nineties, that at any talk about whether the main course o the one thing I do want to say. Firstly, so
her face, but pages blowing so crazy. We love that people keep joining it. It's so fun, and work with, going to the wheat we had it. It grew so quickly that we had to get some people. I believe their names are Alex and at an hour ii, we had to get them to moderate. So we just want to be respectful of the fact that there are They doing work for us yet trying to keep the Facebook pages readable and as fund for everybody is possible no patience, as we kind of have weird growing pains, because it isn't the original three hundred people who are like you know their own little club and we're sorry. I can't be that way more. Some thirty five hundred, it's fuckin crazy. It's huge and also think see you guys on the facebook page. We also made the fuckin. We made the top fifty comedy pride CAS on Itunes,
which is crazy, he's the so quickly ya. Thank you guys so much for participating so much. The only way we can get on that is, if you guys rate review. Unsubscribe gives me get enough. So please keep doing that because I was very funny exciting own. Also. I haven't check the Gmail for Europe emailed hometown motor stories I own configure went a little crazy that they're so fucking money, so we will get back on that and do a many many sued of that pretty Saint Louis. I am also because of the Facebook page not like. I'm really aware, of course, that I'm so we're saying, because people making these inspirational posters letter so hilarious, so funny of stupid, like not still relies hilarious, quoted in saying yeah, it's very cool, it's so rats and everytime. I say something like this is gonna be
finish: what am I gonna start trying to talk and call? I know I'm not going to want to do that. Then you pull out a like notes: yeah, like my hand, has rating all but anyway go first First, atheists, murder. In the morning good. That's what makes eighties makes you think. So. Immediately Cindy Labour costs, was a total 80s kid. So this murder happen. I completely remember it. It was one thousand nine hundred and eighty six. I was sixteen This was like right right there when I was starting to go like oh shit like the real world, is Peggy Sue Siena's, realizing that yeah bad things. Happily and yet was I still a blackout. You bet. I was Lady Citys
walk alone at night. It's I was the queen of the kidnapping might downright. So my murder is the preppy martyr. Do you remember that flappy murder, Robert shame, earth and Jennifer Levin. I don't need your city. I too, maybe now tell me everything, ok, so this is big because back then, and this itself funny to talk about and to look it up, because it now seems like one hundred years ago, but eightys. The big thing back then, was being wretch This was like a little bit after revenge of the nerve yeah, where people started to acknowledge that there was another way to be besides popular rich blonde skinny on coke and wearing it eyes. I'd sure like it's like us against them kind of a thing exactly, but up until that point. Basically like this is the only thing you can be and if you're anything else, you're just invisible and no one gives a shit about your or you'll get beaten up and thrown into a garbage can
oh, that was, it was very much like the greatest good, Gordon Gecko era of lake. The poster that had the porch with the naked eye That was like boys in their toy. Suddenly standard Fair, like everyone, everyone, it was assumed to be reaching for the same goal of being lovely, exactly and now, when you watch american Psycho, which seems to me we now it really was like that like a satirizes Campi version of exactly how it was so August twenty six nineteen, eighty six. It was right before people were going back to college or going away to college for the first time and there was a bar, I think it was the upper West side. I should have written down sorry, it could be the upper side, but I think was the upper West side and it was called Dorians red hand and that's where all the rich kids prep school kids used to go. They could actually go there and drink under age and their parents kind of new that that's where they were
little bit of a club house very insider, and it was like a very specific sector like from like seventeen to twenty three earls that went to this bar and the probably weren't blackout. Drunks too, it was like you have a reputation you to hold your shit so something there are going to some divers rate. It was like network in kind of clubs, but I think there was a ton of coke back. Then I got Mars right. It was like networking and kind of clubs, but I think there was a ton of coke back that I'm a girl of the eight, the eighties Adolf Coke and they D been annulled in the beginning of the eighties. They thought Coke wasn't bad for you re. They honestly believe that, like be twelve on, which is the greatest. So anyway at this bar. Guy named rubber chambers, and he was as its I found an old people magazine article from nice to meet you That is why so much money which is walls online, but it yeah I've there. If I had the real thing, but it talked about here,
it described him. Robert chambers seems like every teen girls dream, the son of a record promoter. He grew up in an elegant townhouse next to Carnegie Mansion and as a child. He belong to the Knickerbocker Greys, which was an anachronistic but very upper crust. Boys drill team, whose members have York preparatory school. He would he. He was a rather charming pleasant society. Boy sums up his former headmaster. Every girl had a crush on him, so he would have never did us is what you're saying? Oh no, this guy. If I was in the bar with him, he would have looked passed me like I was part of the wallpaper. It s what you're saying? Oh no, this guy! If I was in the bar with him, he would have looked passed me like I was part of the wall and but but he had kind of fallen on hard times, and the thing is with the perspective of knowing that this was a world of like some ray top sighters people like I grew up in a farm town in people. Try to pretend like they were properties, because Preppy was basically saying you go to prep school year.
Yeah and no one was in my town, yet tons of people try to dress like that. I was like the mall culture and the like the look of of the day link. Well totally end like influence too, because if you are preferable again, he went to school. Slacken Vanderbilt soon influence exactly so his parents, divorced and then the money stopped coming from the dad and he also they say from age fourteen. He had a pretty bad drug habit, so his parents had separated. He got, kicked out of Boston University for bad grades, and that was he was only nineteen when this happened. So he'd only been there for a year, some heat, fucked up they're pretty quickly. According to his adviser, he'd, been treated the spring before Drug Rehab Programme in Minnesota Fur Coke. But he came back to New York City and was quota cut on the circuit and he was six for three two hundred twenty pounds and he is as popular
However, when he came back you see about unless he super hot. Yes, you know he looks like he's like a kind of a more buff doubt you, member the reporter, for making a murderer. God. That's good! Looking I hear he looks like that guy, but with a crazy or more cartoon each square channel. So, like good genes sharp face it, the kind of the first guy you would see when you walk into a party. Have your favorite attribute of a person high forehead I think he did what he was perfectly set up. He was like tall football player. Looking, blue eyes, dark, hair, big eyebrow the sound of his children ever turn out, like just kind of uglier plain and no because its it's all the breeding like those, the rich people. Don't pick plain people- it's not like. I love this, Handsome woman for her brain, never fucking does not make sense, so anyway, so he was there
This girl, Jennifer Levin was there and she was described as a magnet. Everyone seem to gravitate toward her as she was five 720l brunette with great style. She was voted best looking and best figure in her senior class yearbook. She she likes parties better than books, but she had a goal. She had saved one thousand six hundred dollars from working in a restaurant over the summer and she was, herself to Junior College that she was in a rich, wasn't witchcraft! No, but she was like in the mic. So I think she was like she may have gone to this I don't know it sounded like she was more yes, she was more of a maid hers. She is the perfect murder victims self made that's right. Well, the thing is like her: she had an uncle that route sports illustrated. I dont remember what her parents it. I do remember very differently, reading a big long article about her either in the New York Times.
Or the new Yorker, but it was all about how her parents for more, like the already times like someone had money somewhere but like she had to earn our own and so you'll see this girl gets totally fucking reamed by these. This defence attorney set out under Tommy Erika Guy, I'm sorry I've. Never I dont know this one, I'm so excited okay. This was that this was, kind of amazing and actually looking back on it. Now I'm amazed of how we all in just two things there was, you know no internet, you gonna took it as it was given to you so so this is just a quick story. She had charm, her family recalled what happened one day three weeks ago. Three weeks, before the murder. When she writing in a taxi, told the cabin she was nervous about her impending drivers exam before long, the hack it shut off the meter and was tutoring her in hello parking. So that's how charming she was. She never got to take that test because she went to Dorians red hand that night and every
Is there a kind of saying goodbye and like a ruins, going off to college whatever and rubber chambers, as they are now they had dated a little bit before that rubber tender chambers current girlfriend breaks up with him in front of everybody by throwing a of condoms at him and saying you're not gonna, be using these with me any more and people think that the reason she broke up with him was because of Jennifer Levin that she found out that that he had been cheating on her with John for eleven. That's a theory. I didn't find anything that was like this is definitive, but there it is definitive that this, very publicly humiliated him and broke up with him in the really hideous way. So it's for is somewhere. I there was a couple of different times listed in different articles. I read somewhere between three hundred and forty five and four hundred and thirty in the morning, Jennifer and Robert Chambers leave this bar and walk across the street into Central Park, which is a parrot
the common thing as people would like. They said. If Dorians red hand was the meat market, Central Park was the growl, so you'd like her, you meet somebody and charged with them and ever would go into the park tat. Sacks, that's like that was a dangerous path. Back then yeah yeah yeah, like what respectable grow, wants to get bound in central park, but I guess it was kind of leg. Also upper West, if it is west side would have it is ironic walking there. When I lived in New York and being shocked at house It seemed a reworking home at like eleven o clock at night. The streets are super busy well lit. There's a doorman every five hundred feet. True it, I think. Also they lived in a world where they thought nothing could ever happen about re. So,
Two hours later, Jennifer's body is found by a bicyclist in writing through central park, its found behind the Metropolitan Museum of ART, her shirt and broader pushed up around her neck. Her skirt is above her waist and her underwear or fifty yards away and her whole body is bruised and Attard has cut and bite marks all over at wow, so the police start processing the scene and they dont say how they know this. But I found this in every article about this robber chambers watched the police process, the scene from across the street. He he live like minutes away, walking distance and he watched them as like they put up. The taken did the whole thing. Probably like the doorman said he was the use standing outside the doors CS. Somebody someone saw so basically, when the cops do their footwork. They find out that he's the last person scene with her
they go to his fancy townhouse? He opens the door. Niece got scratches on his face and arms, and it's when you see the picture it literally is like one long one in the middle little ones down the side, it's a hand scratch down his face. Any item on his arm, and he said it was his cat. Then the cats, then the cops find out the cat had been declared. So then his then he changes a story and said yes, I did leave the bar with her, but then she left to go gets here never saw after that. Will she smiled day so then? Finally, they get him he's a tape confession, and this is what his taped confession is here
he says he Jennifer had gone from the bar to central park where they had sex, including a bondage game in which Levin tied up chambers wrists with her panties in the middle of this. In his version of events, something went wrong. She hurt me. He says I told her to stop. She wouldn't so freeing his hands he's. He said I pulled her backward and then he claims he hid her once and that's how she got pissed so unfair dude, it's so unfair. Well, the dis, the assistant district attorney, who was in that interview said to him, I've been in, business awhile and you're, the first man, I've seen raped in central park, so people worked buying it from the outset. It just keeps it upsets me so much when, but when a person like him can't just you're taking a little responsibility, just go
her way, instead of blaming it unhurt so unfair, I know, but it's we are talking about. This is, like I'm sure part of it. This is a drug addict. This is a path since his slowly sliding down the status, the status mountain and he probably is used to getting everything he wants and having everything go his way and if he's a narcissist and possibly a sociopath he's not gonna handle this correctly ever or cop to any probably doesn't have the kind of parents that are like hey guess. What do the right thing here in all his chair, I get I'm coming out from my own personality, why can't things be good ray of course, so this raced Nora was considered to be highly unlikely in the light of the fact that chambers was more than a foot taller than Jennifer she was over. This says she was five foot for that's much different, then five, seven witches and from the different article anyway, but he was afoot taller than her aunt
hundred pounds why heavier than her? Yes, so everyone just like yeah, I think so now here's the problem the way his defence attorneys did it the articles that sort coming out, because, of course the media has to go with it The grossest version of the story so than Europe Daily NEWS had headlines like how Jennifer accorded death and sex play got rough and her reputation was totally attacked, while, while chambers was portrayed as a Kennedy, asked preppy altar boy with promising future. Why? Oh yeah, yeah Why media? Why I mean, and it's that gross thing of like will, I see you see we're talking about it online. All the time now words like that power plant parenthood shoe where they were like it, he was sad and lonely, and it's like. Why are we talking about how hard it was for the guy who just shallow these people were not talking about the Victoria? Maybe they were saddened, lonely do and they, but they didn't fuck and shoot new. I mean it's the weird
media bias that you know we're all starting to become more and more aware of annex by one one out. Let picks it up in the others. I'll have to go along with it. And it's like it's the same thing as these days of like click Bay, it just over the old version of click bait new into in court. The defence sought to depict Levin as per mischievous woman, who kept a clinical sex diary, except for that, never existed. She had a small notebook that contain the names and phone numbers of her friends and notations of ordinary appointment. So she just had like a day runner like everybody else and they tried to say she has sex diarrhea and she was that much of a slut even as, if cake us, what even if that was true, you don't get too. But in the eighties that's a legitimate defence yeah, but these tasks tactics. Luckily they were met with public outrage and there were pressed protesters demonstrating outside the court room, calling themselves justice for Jennifer. So people got super pass it at that.
They did it and the prosecutors came right out and said he was high and drunk and he killed her in a rage a because he could not perform sexual in. That's really what happened? The jury deadlocked for nine days, a plea bargain was struck in which chambers plead guilty till lesser crime of manslaughter in the first degree, which is a class, be felony and one count of burglary, four thirds thefts from nineteen eighty six and who cares about so? He served from March twenty second nineteen, eighty eight two February fourteenth two thousand and three and then, but he still in jail now, because he got out and almost immediately got arrested. Again for selling drugs like he tried to move to the south of his girlfriend, any move back to New York and basically just they got him immediately and he still in jail now. What was it like and Joe for him? Let me they went out and sold drugs like he just didn't learn.
Thing. He didn't ya, he never. You never got clean, and I think he probably knowing that that was something he would have to face once he did the as just like fuckin I'm. How did he get paroled if he wasn't even fucking leg, reformed Ehrlich? I mean right. These are the questions that we ask every fucking apis, it's looking now, but here's the gross part or a grocer part. In April nineteen. Eighty eight, the tabloid television programme, a current affair, ya, obtained and broadcast a home video showing chambers at a party when he was free on bail, said this was before he the before that I'll and he was shown in the video playing with four lingerie clad girls choking himself with his hands while making loud gagging noises twisting barbies dolls head off saying in a falsetto my name is whoops. I think I killed it
and there is a movie called the preppy martyrs starring, William Baldwin and lawful and boil as Jennifer eleven. You know that you can watch if you want to hear even more of that hideous story. That makes me so sad I want to know. I want to know how I want to know how his parents, how are they reacted, what they're doing now they keep in touch with him. I want to know everything well and also there was a ton of like to me. This is about he. He was very catholic. He lot of family and the Catholic Church in New York City. There is a lot of like angle, Anglican, but his catholic priests coming forward and people kind of attesting has he was this fucking altar boy? Is all that shit and its to me? It's this sexuality issue between the Catholic, and jewish people, where it's a healthy, normal thing to have sex and be sanctuary was jewish. He was catholic yet, and I think it was there is that cultural thing
of lake deserved or she was loose or she did so like or she was like asking for she was asking for I mean that the tying up thing is interesting to me because all right, let's say we're, gonna go into central park to fool around when you're drinking. Like you just have a quick fact: you don't you dont role, play Didn't you know me like, I can't imagine someone being like, let's get, let's get so complicated into like our sex acts that we get, but we play with bondage. Park, maybe at home, but not an apart none. And also, in my opinion, the way the her clothes were does not sound like she was. She was complicit in what was happening totally her shirt and brought being pulled up to her neck everything just seems like I get it. If its a quickie, you leave your clothes on player, skirt, fine, you don't like it
kind of shit and then being bitten all over. Like nothing lines, no talk to any thing being casual sex at all. Now its violent ass, a leader is so he still in prison. He still in prison, Hank I've yeah and I think it some. I dunno makes me happy that people were protesting writhings, a really good thing when you gets said a story of lake rub that the whole idea of rough sex was completely a fabrication on his part, and then this fucking newspaper just runs with it yeah. So it's like, oh the vague had rough sextant went out of control none. I know she thought she was never fun make out session with the cutest guy in the bar any fucking killed. I wonder where they got the information they had dated before, because that suggest that she was like willing willing. So I wonder, that's even true: well what it means that they like. Maybe they went out on a date yet exactly to me one is hot weather
like? Will they went out before they will? They had spread before and there are gonna screw again in the park. So may that wasn't true and yet he raped her gray sounds like they had had sex before from that information, but that could not be eternal will. Also, you don't make me think of his like this. We all lake people for superficial reasons at first, so it's like it's the tall really good. Looking at home, sure, was incredibly charming because he knew how to mix in England in to make sure he could fit in with the rich kit, and- So I am assured that thing of lake, the guy that you love in the bar, but then, when Shit get goes down and like it's like they're making out, he can't get hard. It's her fucking fall totally.
That creepy thing worse than you dont know who people really are until like the ship goes down. Firstly, had cope, deck, yeah, ruin us cope tickets, I hope so readily a very special happens. I hope people who listened of us know that, because otherwise its people that shouldn't be listening to this at all so that's my wow. I never heard of that. One really wouldn't reared! that happened, so maybe that was kept away from me, you're, probably area. One hundred, so you know they made it as sorted as possible here. So often. What actually so? My murder from the nineteen eighties is one that I haven't heard about and tell the face
but group talked about who you know about it, but I am, I had never heard of this one and it so intense and fucked up that I wanted to talk about it in case other people, hadn't heard it to someone over whenever one's life yams Excited- and I guess, there's like fucked up put us on my leave c of the crime scene with the bodies when I saw the bodies are like blacked out, but you can see certain things about it too, and I guess the voters are really true. I am shocked that I didn't click on it. Yes, do you mind if I guess gas? Is it cabin twenty three, the caddy murder, it sure yeah? I only know very little about twenty. Eight ok see don't know, but I love this one cause it's so fucking weird ended area, not that far from year to year hometown Well, it's it's ours in, but it's like its its central California, which is a very weird
area. Northern central California is like no man's land, totally total it. I mean it's, it's back for California, it backwards, yes, which is so surprisingly, you come to allay and you go to San Francisco and you are you in all these little towns, and you don't think it's like that. But then you nope yeah, there's a lot of little towns. Little mining Townsend such were people to state and cooked MAC. That's exactly raids, bikers and drugs are essentially based on class. There's definite good. Bikers out there there's very bikers that their fisher I've just making sure that are so. The caddy murders K e Didi. I e it's an unsolved nineteen. Eighty one american quadruple,
homicide that occurred in California and which was a former resort town in the foothills of California, is Sierra Nevada, and so it was kind of snake is little lake or this little forested area with cabins a bunch of cabins. This the murder took place in cabin twenty eight during the late evening of April 11th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty one or the early morning in patois. So there were three victims, as I said that the first one was sue. Her name was Glenn, assume sharp and she was thirty, six her son John, who is fifteen and Johns friend, Dana Wingate. He was seventeen and some some point after the crime. It was why's is that sues daughter, Tina who was twelve was missing? So what happened to sue sharpen or five children have been renting a cabin since November nineteen eighty and on
in April, eleventh is so complicated because Suez home with her two youngest boys were those kids and a friend of their of theirs named just then, I was saying the nights. Are there three little kids in the back bedroom three boys, and this is a tiny haven't. You can see pictures outline of the crime scene and what a smoke as an Tina came home, their oldest sues, oldest daughter stayed at the cabin store, which is always like that. You know like the chances man, yes in Irish and Tina, let the twelve year old was wanting to stay with them and they were like now. We want to know where the older girls, one It looks like gave the guilt that she must carry with her the worst for the older sister of the rest of her life. Oh, it's ten p m and the Next morning the older sister Sheila comes home and fine, sue Ann, her brother and her brothers one day, not just.
Modern, brutally murdered. Let's see they had all three victims have been bound with medical tape and electrical appliances wire over twenty two feet of medical tape veering with were found on, bodies- and there was no medical tape in the house, so it came from somewhere else. The bodies have been bludgeoned with hammers two distinct size, hammer situ different hammers, and sue and John happens Stab repeatedly, including stab room stab wounds to the throne of his facts, stab even ass man, I couldn't hear inspirational this to me like status stallion ahead. Lack is like because how long does it take to die from established dude, I don't know, but that it just makes me Think of my favorite Joe, I survived, and there are people who talk about being stopped in the head and it actually isn't so bad for the person, because there are
tat many nerve in your head? But but of course it is, I mean that's some terrible things not bad, but I mean like, but yeah a whore, its horrifying just being stabbed is horrifying. Ok, you got is his fuckin throats linen survived? I mean tat. He was at the beach with his friends and some like fucking psycho, like Map, had gotten a fight with him in his walking away. I'm a guy came up behind him and he has like naturally like tried to kill him while mice guys. Can we just say this right now, don't do math, Secondly, methods. Lake is basically methods, like devil powder
boiling. It's like boiling your brain. Beyond all your set, your fuckin logical thinking, it's not good! If you, if you have a temperate, it began with its just gonna fucking Coke too. Don't snort shit, yeah, no, don't sweat it, but but math I've run David was on my three years and he couldn't get off of it because it's insanely cheap and its highly addictive, and yet it's this there should in it that it should never be in human body now tell my God trash and if we do not condone math on. Pardon abso fucking lately not no way. We don't condone murder either. Even for our own entertainment were against it. We did you want to discuss it that we do, but if you murder, someone any it like. You blame it on my favorite murder. We will not talk about it. Lets disagree that right now you won't get famous on now. We will not talk about it. That's a good wishes, so that members, this is somehow tide.
The face effect, if you guys they keep point, have meat ups own we're way than we have nothing to do with that went on roads hung about it. We don't. I dont condone a meet up from my. They were murdered grip unless it's going to alive, show that we're doing honey him- and please don't murder case. Please be just be careful up, be careful, staff of the herd. Anyway, keep going away in their head we actually but like that going That is a little method of us here, which part how we just an who went down that path where we love had like three cups of coffee and that hydrogen lunch we both had a lot of coffee. So found near Johns body was a flimsy table knife and a bloody huh Merce seven, but your knife, which was found nearby as well fuck man, seventy pitcher, namely
examination the bodies to turn that each of the victims have been bludgeoned with authorities about that stab wounds to the throat Gina. The boy who wasn't the who was the friend was manually strangled to death and bludgeoned with another weapon, whilst Suez bludgeoned with a rifle brought by the killers, such a weird one, pellet from that re fall from fire from a rifle longer several pieces of the barrel sites and on what that is, like an imagined, were removed from the scene, but the rifle itself has never recovered the parasite. Your little things that stick up that help. You aim at that at the end of the barrel, when you're shooting view muddle, no country. It says: that's lake be begun. You know like impress rifle stuff, but I think Ray, I'm pretty sure I arrive at direct us As our new thing, we never want to be corrected. Corrected in the back of the search we
wrong. Let it be we don't. You know it off. A bloody I was also found among evidence found. The traffic is so basically the cops completely bungle this investigation so Tina is missing. She's, the twelve year old girl which they didn't. Bill as right away and because the whole fuckin families dead right. Nor will the three boys in the back our final alive and supposedly didn't hear anything better, conflicting, oh Hence there is blood stain on the door of the kids room and, and this one of the main suspects his son was one of the kids in the background so why? Wouldn't he kill that kid and its also there's also, you know who who was the target of this murder? And why, and its thought that sue the mom was because she knew something maybe about drug making. Maybe she was even that that one of the Supreme Suspects wife hated her
and didn't know that the boys would be home because I guess there were at a local bar and hitchhike Tom and were expected to be home. This murderer might have come into either rape, her something and got an didn't Beckett Tina. The little toggle girl would be sharing our work with the mom so then had to kidnap her so she's gone she's found for years. She's got a nineteen. Eighty four her skull and several other bones were recovered in view county and was far away? I don't know, but the school was initially found and they but it was of a young boy and an anonymous color called twice and said: it's actually sue or its actually Tina and guess how many tapes they lost.
Recording both of them all olive, so the anonymous holler no trace of him it also is said to end up not right out. It's also said that a teacher had an obsession with Tina, so maybe that was the kids because she was missing, but they were able to gauge the skull. She was Maybe she was killed pretty much railway. So it's not what she was stolen and kit and kidnapped and held capped, yeah yeah. So she was killed. Let's see so the boys, but look him the boys were found on injure the case recalled the sea there. They release the original and backup copy of the audio, the unanimous call to an undisclosed member of law enforcement and they were released to the same person and they disappeared with The murders remain unsolved, other its active because
girl, second ready. You like on the in this regard a lot of information from including the the main suspects, which is Martin Smart and his friend John Bow Bed, be: oh, you be mobility, mobility, so smart was an extra neighbor who was good friends with the local sheriff like best deals with the local sheriff rights, and it was smart step son who is sitting in the cabin who was a little kid in the back
and then, when he was questioned by law enforcement enforcement, he slipped up and said he's quite enough to where he could have noticed something without me, detecting him indicating you're stepson was a quiet. Kid that might have been might might have seen you at a murder scene right and then those other kids that little the little other little kids terrified yeoman com. I got right at sea and then bowed boat, obesity had f b I connections and was federally prosecuted because some of us nice crime shit. So this guy was a fuckin criminal as well, and it's like I was reading this shit and there are so many criminals that we're in this town that it was like a multitude of suspects could have been even on sea Hoddan. Did you did it? Let's see they were questioned and circumstantial evidence, but the reopening the case oh and but they both died of
actual natural causes. Since then those two says back there, which is like such a butler that wouldn't when, when the main suspects die yeah in even when they keep searching and like come to, the conclusion is just such a bummer. What super we're to me is usually when people get killed because they find out something there. Supposed to know about, say a case or drug deal or whatever you dont get bludgeoned and and stabbed a bunch of times that person through an so sues body. Was tied up in a way that was super sexual, but she wasn't rape. She was basically soon found naked from the waste downs. Blade, open and a humiliating manner, which is like it's almost like the wanting the person who finds them should be. You know for a fact, yeah like a little her re. Luckily, the older sister was smart enough to make the little boys in the back room come out of the window, so they didn't have to see the scene.
And the other thing is the kid like. Who who wasn't part of the family his head, It was placed on like a pillow, so it's almost like they were taking care of him as if they knew him and he and he wasn't killed in the same manner that the other kids were killed like he was basically just a witness in hand. Right. So maybe they were. You know it sounds like someone was pissed off at this woman and this family and fuckin sent some kind of message to whom I don't know. It's who said that there's so there's a sketch of a suspect that I think one of the kids drew because they did say they saw someone or wanted. Kids and it looks a lot like it's very similar to Ing and Lake and then they lived about four hours south of caddy, which is of course the big serial killers. And if you look at the sketch
it's fucking looks like them. Apparently it was might turning might have been in prison at the time of its kind of unclear. We did it's a sketch of one person or two people. I can't really tell its. It might be. A sketch of one person in two different looks Eliza, but it does definitely look like lay close links pursue Leonard, like thank you, my lord, so lay so proud that I just thought I know I never knew me remember any I dont work perfectly Biden has three zero. So in this past couple months, the Plumage County sheriff Grey hag word has said, were arriving at points, were going this to be taking some next steps in the case and their crediting ready. Yes, they're, like straight out of that. It's because these fuckin two people have become obsessed with the case and are like dissecting at completely. It's pretty amazing. You tore down the cabin recently because people were just like fucking going are all the time
Edward said, there are people, some still living in the county who know what happened or possibly and Bob, whether directly or after the fact and circumstantial evidence was never enough to charge these two guys that that everyone thinks did it and so so, Dana Wingate. The kid who was a friend who came over was not killed in the same fashion as the other two he was beaten but not stabbed. He was strangled and was made comparable by receiving a cushion from the couch caressed his head on prior execution, and you can see photos words like his head, his blacked out, but you can see that I'm his head is on a fucking, pillow and they're all like next to each other to which is so awful to see. Each other died outweigh yeah
so. The last thing I want to say about this is that Sir John and Data, the two boys who were killed, the two men were killed, were last seen, walking along state roots, heavenly near Quincy's. They were on their way home and the crime may have already been in progress when they arrived at home. So I feel, like Sue was the target, whether was for rape or some kind of revenge, or something like that. I think maybe she wasn't supposed to get killed. So it sounds to me like it was a botched and then they walked in and the whole thing turned into like right, some kind of like a fight where then they had to kill everybody yeah, it sounds like it, except for the kids in the back. Who may be was one of the suspects. Kid stepson fact fact omen someone on red: it wrote cat holds many skeletons myths closet. There were in ninety
we went so many potential person town that you could have stood in the main street, thrown a dart with your eyes closed and hit one. The shirt family were in this idyllic little resort, town, surrounded by child molesters, drug runners, professional criminals, corrupt cops and businessmen, habitual transient, and at least one known serial killer, I now who's the Nazi. Really I don't know. I love that I now I heard his name, but I had never heard of him and I forgot to look up tat in I now its sole own, because it makes me think that their reopening it now and not of course, begin the red at thing I love the way this is like people are just be like fine. If you're not gonna saw that were in a fucking Although not- and everyone keeps coming to the same conclusion yeah amazing, but also if it was an inside job or if it was some kind of like corrupt cop situation, yeah those people, it's like their power is gone and so that there's like new blood, that's like yeah. We can't have this just sitting and be
like defining our town will actually the main the new sheriff was come back, then he initially got fired before the murderous, because he said something inflammatory against the then sheriff who is like you're outta here, but then, when he got back I'm on the reinstated, they forbid forbade him from from researching this case. So now that we are now that he's the sheriff he's like super I commend the work is on and its on. I wonder how much evidence is missing big. Like those tapes like, I wonder how much people fucked with it yeah how hard it's gonna be. Either Men were a fragment of measuring. The main suspect was one of the sheriffs like best buds and aunts and that evidence got lost, says so much about it. Like I say, very suspicious evidence isn't just go.
Last ray. You know how I first found out about this murder and in surprise me, because it isn't California, although it really is like a different state, hope now that part of California is like there's just no one live there and then the people that you are the people who are trying to get away absolutely essentially believers, the movie the strangers I was based on that that's what they say, but they were lake cause. The strangers was building a true story, but then, when I ever saw the strangers, I was like that was so fuckin crazy. What the true story and basically like the man, some murders and the caddy cabin murder. So I didn't. I never saw that movie, it's not similar at all. Well, it's just people killing other people for no reason. Essentially, it's the losers.
Version of it based on it. You know there is a documentary about this murder that came out in two thousand and four that I think it was. Some kind of teacher was teaching his kids how to make a documentary, and someone suggested this murder and the guy. The teacher got obsessed with it. So I guess there's a pretty good documentary online preventing Youtube. I think at the Hall cabin twenty, eight twenty nine and it's just all the details of them love. It yeah yeah basilica here and it's fucked up. Nineteen eighteen backed up there is the link in a lot of places. Not a cinderella pursued it. If you would want she didn't like it spread,
far and wide look silly. I'm gonna look real click on our Facebook page and seek, as we always put, were what the subjects gonna be yet and and then you guys can you can tell us what your favorite murder of the subject is an as you do that I'm just gonna mention yeah! That's a girl whose twitter handle is action. Athena, oh, my God, did a cartoon panel of us. It's the first episode I believe boots. I think so that's why she set her, though first one she heard and its
posted its honour, twitter feed, my fave murder at my feet, murder- and it's just of course we love it. It's us being drawn is as talking to each other in Georgia's living room, but it's just super exciting that people are by spending their time, making things like that throttle and recreating shit. We ve done it's a real quote: it's a real conversation that we have, and this fucking hell area there very funny. I it makes it means much to me than people care. I know it's often ends really call not to tease you guys. We're gonna have t shirts for EL soon were planning a right. A cup alive shows maybe once a month, if we can so you're gonna you. If you're here that first at the Facebook groups, I would join the Facebook groups even get. Like the first and my fave murder on twitter, were pretty good at keeping up with that.
Though some of us, so someone aim Jessica, we're not thing. Romania or someone named Jessica, said her favorite is Gary Hide Nick. He kidnapped and killed women by digging pits in his bed. Men and keeping the women in their straight up, Buffalo Bill Shit wow what I've never heard of that some one name Amber said. I think this is one. This one is kinda weird and ups. Europe. In nineteen thirty, five, a little girl was a girl named cinnamon Brown. She was fourteen killed her stepmom at her fathers behest then tried to overdose on sleeping pills which her father Also troll taught her to do. I told you I remember this: while the police found her conscious, doghouse the outside and rested her, and she was ultimately released and ninety ninety two apparently the whole isn't behind us, was that her dad was sleeping with his wife's younger sister, who I think was pregnant with this child at the time. Evidently, murder see much more appealing when divorce. I totally remember this.
That's. Why she tried to over us and was sleeping in the dark house. It was her step mama, her real models, real mom back at hand here or not, It was just that I was sent. Mamma asked like that's better, I'm I mean it is, but a horrible. The idea that to make a child murders someone's just year, you should use by Myra Judith either bar see she was the voice of ducky in the land before time. Totally. Remember that her catchphrase yep yet from that movie is inscribed on her grave. Both her and her mother, Maria Darcy, were shot and killed by her father Joseph Darcy in nineteen. Eighty eight, she was only ten years, Sweet angel shit will take all the kids you're thinking about murdering a kid will adopt it for you, Oh no, that wasn't also just what brand of monster are you that you can kill it It just is fascinating, it's his fat
script, as you algae to me like aware, Are you? How did you get there? What the fuck are you I mean as as advanced as our brains are the fact that that can still be a thought that not even cross just crosses our mind, but that you act out like we're supposed to be waived, which must be of all the way pass that that's not good. Now, I'm gonna give up my address if people want to drop off their kids at my house and set a filling them, but if I did that I would add it allowed and then we would have along till now. I want to leave it at that, but no you have to let me it's our first month. It's my choice. Oh my god, you won't! Let me include my address in the park. I could give up my p o box and people misunderstood. They can ya that still scary. What if some does waits at the p o box to kill me? Hey, look it's ok. I know I don't know what to say. I mean that in just a minute made me think of how there's so many ways to find people online. These
Am I just gave someone and ideas and have I ever get my p o box out there like they got the idea from me every way? You turn there's danger things medication, search, raise them. There are so many boys that you can help yourselves. Pothouse was brought to you by the same access, not math limit to Mexico and the makers of machetes, an therapists and anxious talkin bout. It cause most of the time that helps men. Talk about it, talk about ray we're talking about since the european nature. It is for me to arraign anything else. I think that's, I think, I'm thoroughly depressed I'm thoroughly stoked. This is a good one. This was fun. I went to this one, a law which their necks theme b. We should take it at the end of every episode. Do let's do this
the ban on his Leah and say that I know is that survey yeah, ok, greater! They found a lot of good ones, and every time I saw a year which forms a damn. It then actually happened. I mean to it was always like either the seventies of the nineties. When I was looking at sea the nineties this time and then maybe we can do some of the seventies wonder if there was lake in the nineties there were some, oh, oh Jesus say if there's a rave murder or junk oh geez barter, and we both know there were yeah there wasn't at that. Amazing Michael's is itself, murder yeah, that was crazy party monsters. A commodity monster is a great movie. That's based on that. I am sure everyone has seen at blacklisting Louis, but oh, my god or framework I went to raise and war drinkers. So dude just once again, a brings I paid to be like I don't wanna sunlight church later anything because I've done plenty of drugs Mylife but They really are known talks about how it's like, oh pot, is the gateway drug to you know harder drugs harder.
So the gateway dropped, a murder. They really are yeah. I don't think I'm not gonna say this. It's not true, but no one's, no one's fuckin killed. Anyone on pot, that's not true at all yeah, I'm sure it's gonna be noted as its leg someone's car just Range Lee listed over into you know like a guy writing a bike or something, and just purely from being out of it. Did you hear that they just pull to cars from like the fifties and succeeds out of a lake weapon, and this people were found total and they were like missing people know, and if these are my favorite yeah altogether know their cars were side by side that they were like years apart that they just drove into this lake and they pull these two cars it you can see the resting remains of these cars online. Do you remember what city of what stay I want to say: Michigan does everything happens in Michigan, but that could be totally could be Ohio. Everything happens in Ohio, everything away, which reminds me. This is my favorite thing I read on the Facebook page and so a ruin, probably already read it, but I just want to say this cause. It's so fucking, awesome, serb and all
these bodies washing up in a small town in Ohio in the rest belts and there's a bunch of articles about it. There was a guy who posted my hometown, murder cause, I think, that's probably worries from, and then someone didn't update, which is an article from Jersey Bell about how a sex worker in Vegas shot a guy that was trying to murder her and she killed em and it turned out. He had a full. On murder KITT in his car. He had no money too hey her? He had bleach, she had handcuffs. He had all this. All this if there is no way lies in a murder done it before he had done it before. He had told her. He was going to jail for a very long time right before he thought he was gonna killer and he had been a security guard it,
were dam, which greeted me out for some reason so badly. It's because some people are in some kind of power or authority you'd, you trust them yet, but they think that this guy might be connected to those Shrewsbury murders because he has been in both places. Are there like thinking that if he wasn't nets that he's definitely killed full before an issue grabbed his gun in some kind of task all right. Yet he was strangling her and she got his gun away from him and shot him dad good for her yeah. Listen. If you're gonna fight back you gotta she'd go, do it he's gonna kill you I think about that. I should like, if I had the chance to stick, if I had that chance would shoot someone the fuckin had, I wouldn't shoot them in the leg. Militate them also will be very difficult if you are not a train, preferring all to then be like here's. How many incapacity, this precisely someone's, trying to kill you you try to kill that much justly look here at where you've gotten so set out. I can come after us
May I just learn about today Rio, podcast amateur, reveal a little bit more and then it's gonna turn out that I too am a serial killer. Well, you know the safety that you just slip, flip the safety off. What? If, in our hundreds of sodium murder me, I feel like a great ending it. I don't know but the problem. Let say two hundred ok or do fifty. We have to finish. Ok things for listening. You guys, Facebook, Twitter, about an hour to find us thanks for I'm being there. Thanks are listening. By states. Your mother-
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