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131 - Live at the Chinateatern in Stockholm

2018-07-26 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover Nikita Bergenström and Sture Bergwall aka Thomas Quick.

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This is exactly right.
I now and swedish, they didn't do that Minnesota last year, where we worry about that, but didn't setting leads to languages. Word that have emerged basin was war. Girls get out, you guys did notice on. Where are you from New Jersey ears? Somebody knows there naming worn out we're trying to be cool in front of Stockholm people mainly in the worst city, wages, Myra, ok, no verifying happy birthday, only
they allow that's what they're like Oh my god, my had already from laugh at another well, this is where oh yeah, so called we are on a european farmers are also or we have. This is all a little surreal. It's quite strange. Every night were in a different european city that we usually never been to before, and we keep expect people to be like we dont.
What you're saying we don't you yeah, and instead everyone speaks better English, nimbly things, better, happy birthday nets way better happy birthday is super. Nice just keeps bring this chocolate. I mean like little. The chocolate industry is booming over here. I don't know you guys know that of how is your birthday today, Karen? Oh, what was my ideal birth, gay, I'm forty eight today. Thank you. Thank you and my early forties. I tried to hide my age and then once it kicked over forty five. I was like fucking, who cares who care seriously wrong can be dead. We're all on such a serious clock here goes on. Another show goes so yeah.
Yet we all die at the end. This is a joke. Sound specialty, get ready, yeah, that's why the ticket was so expensive. We kill you on reach and air sea that there's a chocolate, it's hot chocolate with a little bit of bad pooling at the bottom and no, but I really did spend my birthday. The best way Dad ambassador way I possibly could have today ice it in a hotel room and got room service? Twice? That's really! I'm sorry! I meant to go to the Nobel Museum. I meant to do important things here in Stockholm, but no Ok! Well, I didn't go. There are such that. Tell me what to do. I already did it on my a cord yeah I got a gorgeous breakfast and woods about
Evan beverages and then three walk whirled round, and I was like I don't. This is go eat lunch somewhere like Rondeau Torres. That's some airlines that some stuff My lady was like high again are not supposed to do that, but never seen this space before send someone else so at least like you're like their ship this chain through, so that they don't see you again so much time has passed since the last time you ordered a ton of Burma must highlight era, and we know that trade is still in your room with catch up resting on the complaint. I always get like my. U, Georgia turned me onto getting the cheese player, the shirt artery plate, man, thing stink upper room when you don't let them come in? I never let the maiden in Fal, while I was sitting there at the maid tried to come in, and I just have one now, though, and she's so came in any way very pushy. She was like, I know, what's better for you, but I can smell.
Cheese play from out of here and always near neighbors are complaining either your neighbor like care in calling on us play it out of there. I can smell blue cheese from my bad. What would it today I am my birthday I simply got room service twice, but I did it in the restaurant restaurant of patent law- so I did what you did. I just had to put your hands on your you're. Just several stories below me. Yeah like so basically the same thing you don't. I just had a leg make upon for it, which is now I had really good intentions about you. Normally when we go on tour we'd, we too, Will you stay in our room? So must the whole time. We know that purpose, Ngos fast yet, and we never do our homework beforehand out. So we have to do. The parent,
doing it, but now borne second Sweden, a monumental waste of lots of them must not be outside. I might keep looking out the window like I have a sad disease. Are so look at look at him walking and having relationship lucky. We didn't have spine time yesterday to go a legitimate, fuckin, massage Swedish Messiah you'd. I sort of this all by guy. I was what I believe in it. You know like. Oh yeah, you have to get a solution. Was I've yeah? They lay Here's how you know you have a good, massage, therapist, the woman optimum Ngos you're supposed to
The relaxation massage? I think we should do lymphatic and I was like. Let's do it then, like I I'm in a cell you, this series of medicinal vinegar- and I would have like yes I'll- buy all of them anything that swedish massage therapist did. I was going to do. It was awesome, there's all kinds of life. Pensions and My arms are up for a while just made up a massage because she's like out, if you like, but rubbing anyone. Let's just do this woman. She looks like she doesn't really care pinch. Her and she's, an American she's gonna think she's going to buy or a large her more than a swedish aimlessly, sues yeah sigh anything. I say I met my they do they come out to collect you and bring you to your massage room and the woman you now and she and I swear to God a hundred years ago. I would have been her servant. I got it. Does it wasn't? There shook my hand, entered the softest skin like blah blah.
Shuffle blonde tiny features. Her skin was just too gorgeous and then just all her features are right. Here, her face was real small yeah, big head small features. It's not a good combination like a balloon that some of the drama face on but then blown up. That is very europhile and royal, but definitely would have been kept in in the kitchen in the maids quarters, yearn for her like he was princess, and then she was rubbing year. I now is like: let's get this in your family, your screen that poor thing you ve been touched. My nipple one put on hold on someone call the police with a slight graze, probable, accidental. I don't care, I mean maybe that's included, would it that was like one of the points or it's like real, accession-
grace, sly, awkward, grace of your Nepal who graves your nipples, that you're left to figure out what it might mean which is kind of romantic away like it's not like I dont they're, not they get in the way. So you got a kind of work for MRS El patting. You really get a reach yeah over. It's not like oh they're, just everywhere. It's like as opposed to these numbers. That's the thing by the way- and I announced this our first show in Dublin, but there's something I've never been like this before, but because of this dress, I've normally worn a slip with distress because it is so plunging. But I forgot must live. And then I was like who gives a fuck? It's your up so now. Thank you. Do you have to be lead with your strength? You know what I mean that that you draw the eye to what about you sub here
every honey, that's what I'm doing for AIDS. Forty eight thank you. I have the forty eight is tits out here for you sets out some have said. I have the breast, but thirty nine year old woman show off speaking up This is my favorite murder, the pipe. How? Yes, that girl is caring and his servant girl is Georgia hard, Sir, I finally islands, because employers finally replaced the black broad than when I took office. For my clothes on the airplane, it was like I'll get that later and didn't get that later. Never in my life, I have I would
made knock on the door. Today I jumped up to put my bronze so fast like I can't I can't ever that's never an option really, no god these days loose. Do you know, I think, a long time ago at stopping appropriate for me and I just haven't caught up you're just pretend I just I just don't want to know if I'm offending anyone with them like I just don't care can write. Right now you think he'll there lay there. Yet we ve been do not over here for quite a kind of what we do. Also yeah. You know just what I just realized. We both we
both hell. No did the shoes we brought yes, where three shows Anna we're like I can't back and where these- and these are my- I wasn't planning on wearing these onstage- should I have these. Like second heels, you know, but is this curse, I'm wearing clothes a in this respect you guys and then because I know it will infuriate my sister when she's pictures are backing. Why can't you just get a decent. He all that I don't know I don't have to I get so that is the thing I'm out the phase where I have to do stuff like that, I packed with someone enthusiasm and like the girl who packed my suitcase the me who packed it was just like had so many plans to do so. Many every city we went to like I brought for
her dress is not even for the show like to wear out and like the northern League vintage and that this is a vintage tulip. When I have to wear it hasn't been doing match brought a clutch. My purse who did you go out just two take down to the restaurant downstairs and then you open it up. Here's my room key yeah! That's all that's! I'm here now happening I did. I have managed to go to a pharmacy and like every place we ve been to by all the weird shit you can't guy in the: U S: beauty treatments that your light it wants to chemically advance gas for american women gave it to me and not allow us to have them, gave me all the over the counter. Russia, that you cannot just be careful. You burn your eyes out there you some serious european shit in their right, I'm be ready for that shit. I bought you.
Tab, it's like diaper cream, but are all the Ladys were like now, but you have to put it on your fuckin amazing. So in my beeper its lying there? We celebrate a hundred percent some troll expert euro boy homes like you, the diet burglary diving, remind on your face, lady How do I better work? every night in the mirror. Georgia's, like a hunt, two hundred three, finally beautiful I should get a manicure. I should but we're halfway through at this point. I know it's just kind of AIDS Sarge shipping anyway. I as the opposite of Georgia. Of course, Georgia, while her beautiful dresses and made plans and games, I think Now that I look at my suitcase, I think I've brought two pairs sweats, unlike
Two pairs of underwear I dont be all of the key ingredients is the third things you need to feel like a decent human being are not in my suitcase utters. It's so weird, it's like the same black thermal sure over and over and then like to parent. Where I'm like, am I going to say to start rinsing in repeating these underwear disgust day. You might I should buys not that I hear they have them here. I know they have brought us we're sure. Maybe if they have em out of their underwear, the room service menu? I would be so. Why don't? They do never look back. Oh my god. Someone right Sudan right he's under this gorgeous, like a price tag still on, you think they're going to reiterate how many kroner is eighteen. Eighty nine million of these are sorry.
I really do think this is the most beautiful ragweed ever its gorgeous happened on stop it. You didn't make it so bad we're going to ruin it tonight, rather pens. Look. Should I tell them what my moms and please do it is, I think Oslo? Would I told them was a little offended. So tell me this is offensive and I'll stop. I won't say it's a London tomorrow: it's
yet this settled tonight before I tell anyone else. You guys want me now. I like it's like a vital link in my t. You know tell me my mom before I left like we don't ever talk and then before mentally for somewhere. She like has to talk to me because in case I die then she's, like I'm a good manner. I said divide her love you, so she called me and she was like. Are you going to France and I'm like no record of earth and then she's? Ok, good? You know, if you do go to France. She was already gonna. Tell me: that's the ash can change that story. Don't wear your jewish star out and I was like a book and talking about where reduced in my life, I haven't since my fucking bar mitzvah
be like I shouldn't it. That's the case why you shouldn't work in America rounds of that right actually ray, and you know that the bigger like juice over their away. She means World war, two, that's what it is and should never sheet. Let's all she learned is after world war, two, it's kind of like hanging around the back of my mind like there's something I remember about it. It's a bad thing that happened. A nunnery Jews were involved. Georgia, delawares of jewish star. I love it. You just be a rocking that star, like hey. We look we're on tour, I'm highly religion. I'm super jewish yeah and I'm here to represent its right and then I'll. Get my the the
blood of Christ, crucifix that I love where on the weekends and you do love where privately lilac one worry like his face. It's like my grandma had that painting where that foreigners are piercing his skin and so there's blood coming down his face and it would be in her bedroom. So when I was little, I would have to go in there to take a nap now just be like. Yeah man, that's gonna, be boner killer, to see that, like or in your bedroom, like our though grandpa my grandparents did have nine children. I think I might have been just the opposite. Maybe they're really some weird shit
So sorry here am. I can see and hear us you talking to seamen. Are you going to see, then? I'm I'm sorry, my grandparents Stevens, even those who like to think that Sweden and with my cats they love him more than mere man coming you live at this point. They look happy You know, and the one thousand instrument historian videos that he pay ass yeah. They you know they like to be photos a hundred times an hour all day long, so they let's but cats. Therefore yeah. You know how cats love interaction and they loved things, Amir they're, paying love but millennials with a symmetrical hair and weird moustaches cats, love lad, talking I'm in a baby boy. This is it
Don't do that. I don't bug and talk to them in a baby. Why? Yes, I fucking do my God and the most annoying. I I realized prince, might not like it better you got all day? This realise that, right now, no like recently, I was like there's this of some woman. I follow on instruments baby in the wish not to her baby is like so irritating and, like I don't my most baby talk, though you talk to them, and then what that's that's, how I sound of it when I talk to the council's meant that so talk. Normally, I'm just gonna have conversations with my cats. From now on, like this. Yes, we're going to have a nice chat, it's gonna be fine. Shake hands, talk aware that balance. As you know, clipboards ties
That is actually how I talk to my dogs only because I'm by Myself- and I think it's funny so I'll walk through and they follow me around the house constantly thinking I'm in a drop food. At some point, I am sure you do a lie. I do a lot of your thing I do shed food coming out of my huge park is always nowhere. Carronades or just a trail dog treats tryst gets in shit, but
well turn around them. One point: no, oh, my god! What kind of dog it's my favorite thing! I think in their lifetime I've asked than that. Fifty thousand love, my God, what kind of dog or you and then Georgia's tales wagging like is she gonna? Give me food is my favorite question when she asked this gets fuckin crazy man. Well, I wonder what my cats think that I keep asking them of their baby. Are you a baby daily, but in a bucket annoying voice, like our you, human baby? Who is a baby? Are you about that? That's my baby of avian flu is a little baby. Oh just variations on the theme of Baby Navy, yeah yeah. They gotta, be wondering who, like a baby, is like. I really think she wants a baby. That's what I call on the bottom of all. It's gotta be a look at the little hut.
Obviously rapped at the bottom. So we don't have to look at some filthy, swedish bottom of a table lawyer their terrible over here. It's really jaunty is usually we have like a too But now we just have a foot now it's this you know what this is gonna, be all the rage and American. Our years we are seeing at first hear table cloths how day class over on the continent, they're using evil table shoes, socks tables our table, socks would have been better corps. Anything else. We need to tell them about our trip so far. I think that's ever, Should I really clicks, I tell you about the cheese sandwich they gave me back. I actually tweeted a picture of it because it is so good that how when they were so cute, I think problem part of
was that we had to get up at three after our to Dublin shows we had to get up at three thirty in the morning to go, get a flight, because we had to do connection from double that's it just sucked in Amsterdam to Oslo then, when we landed at Oslo, our bags weren't there. So then we are just like hot greasy like that. So am. I went to the hotel exciting as it was the idea that we might not have to get dressed up to come on stage and we have an excuse not to but didn't happen. Yeah. Then we get dressed up to go on just like that. But on the way to Amsterdam, they can't they swung by, unlike in America, almost every airline they dont, Sir Sir Food, at all, any more so you have to like in the air.
Or your, like, I guess I'll get beef jerky and some bears tags. I wanna buy airport sushi. Why did I get a big yogurt that just exploded in my purse? Only some problem of bananas. So I'm just sitting on this play all like Google what time is it? What day is it and the lady comes Pine just hands me this little box that looks
it's a China pattern and then, when you open it up, it's just a cheese sandwich. Nose like cheese sandwich word of it I like turned and cried out the window. It was the most delicious cheese sandwich and then I look over Georgia's Georgia's in the same I'll. But on the other side we don't look dexterity, taking pictures of her cheese sandwich all these different. I think you are holding it up like this and then doing selfie but lie why, with your eyes on like Don T, I was and then I realized tat. I had not had enough water because this was just all crinkle, so I didn't poster I made about talks appointment for when I get home anywhere, Morbo Tots
I'm just as a forty eight year old I mean just say the wrinkles keep com you can botox all you want. I think that's the saddest thing about like in the nineties, there's a lot of american actresses, gotcha shit tunnel pillar, because someone told them like it's. Ok, if you smoke, will do fill in the lines around your lips with filler, which It did in the great for like at nine months but then There are lines in between the fiddler lines I would happen and then there's some stories of the filler floating around their phase. So filler leaves the lip area just goes wherever the weight. Am I making a huge mistake by injecting shit into my face? Well, have you done they alert? Yes, have you
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Should we honour- and on that note, where forges now that weird things about those paragraphs which there are many like that we get applauded when we sit down and, I repeat a weirdo smoking- was this bar, I loved and oh this is it The crime comedy pipe has set us right now, while you you know like it, but that did you you're, not everyone applauded, as some people does wandered in off the street, some people brought here by a really pushy disavowed or partner best friend, who is like I dont care right. This is part parts for you guys. You were like the purse that you're here with was like. I don't care what you like. I don't like we're coming to this show, because it's my passion
remember that time that you know, I you I'll pick you up at the airport, men about you, gas or anything like that and then so now they could get back so some I was a little bit sensitive because when we talk about horrible crime, yet it happen a real people and its terrible, but then also be that's a personal conversation between two friends. That's it now public incredibly public and recorded, as were we have anxiety in the best way to deal with. That is not to be normal unkind Sir Humor and third, to laugh about thing so so right, it's just the way it turned out, but we're not Lahti. Note I mean we're not in the boat. Look The bottom line is that situation makes you comfortable, get the fuck out right now, right no can do any better ruins like oh no, they want me to leave, took out, please we have anxiety, I already told you don't
her feeling it's my birthday. Suddenly I think it's my birthday that doesn't make any sense. I love about my birthday to ok. Well, they go first because mine is particularly sensitive there. It up, as the iraqi we don't usually get every and I really do usually get water from a company. You ve never heard of like the local water from the tap yet has mounted like Mount Tap water drink up suckers. I love that we both you, can tell we're both fancy because we both like labelled it out. You don't look like, although whenever they post on Instagram everyone instruments like who they must have made a major thing Evian
having I'm like Ebay or should he tap water? You ain't nobody fuckin drinks, every on, but they're, like em tastes like Nicholls too, that's prison water. Every one person, water, one, big, ok, here, is the fact story of Nikita Bergen, strong, oh we have find a translator. Oh that's right I thought you were still saying. The last name badly along we are. Countries where now it normally in Amerika. We can't pronounced things. That's where we're from an hour and places you should a fuckin seen us in Oslo. You should have seen what was happening there were things were alike we'd be like. Is it
oh stouter, and they re like it's what I put up, but there they were so nice like they did. Anyone reactors have two times worthy enough. Now you do that, but we don't want to condemn actually the first girls that we met in the in the meat agreed after workers. This girl looks up knows just seen a weed. Dont care. How you had. I wish you we met you beforehand, also any way. We're gonna ask one of you to help us really into a total. You speak swedish. Ok, stay there now you're out So basically what happens when we say something wrong everyone's repair and loves him? Oh no care about sprang. What's your name, Morocco, oh, my God, Morocco is out of common name, is actually irish
you see, I don't think so. She loves him. That's how you now! Ok, we're gonna go to you for help. Ok, ok,. Can't say. Like I don't know, this is weird or anything like that. You're to give us answers, does raise your hand, though yeah right. Yes, Firstly, if we say something and everyone in the crowd is like- oh, that's, not true I need you to be like it's. Ok, it's not true in Egypt, you're, like our high man, he says that he doesn't get to come on state like I don't wanna. Do it anymore, our eye? So A lot of this was translated into trans later on. Google does not a ton of english articles about this. Why did I pick it? That's a great question there's a lot of questions. Can I just say what
Really, clarity. I retreated this on them. My favorite murdered twitter. This morning somebody wrote in is to us this morning and when a message about the show tonight and when Bruegel translate! Woman. A translation came up, it said I am so proud a company or shown I like saying, I'm so pepper, but in Swedish is like a thing, you guys say: pepper or pepper, pepper. I'm doing that from now on. Like a mistake like Google, you don't know how to translate, but it's actually Cuba. That's a sling, ok, right off the bat, here's a impossible to pronounce So now you out of organs from he was known originally as Jus Ha
Viet go about Jack. How are you guys just being supportive? I appreciate it he's born on Gene thirteen and say that last name. I noticed are over. Just got in Portuguese. Finland I love you guys. Don't we may need you, we might already be greater than I do eyes fixed me. He was the only child. His mother was said to be nervous. Woman and his father is described as absent and conflicted How do they know if he's absent, early on. It was apparent that their son had some mental issues when he was he was hyperactive and he suffered from infant rage eruptions. Imagine
Baby, just like super pest, why do like our show? Should we made a mistake? when he was six years old. His mother took into a counselor and not begin as long cycle of school homes in youth prisons, He was short eminence Paris at school, so he was beaten and bullied and in turn he beat up and bully the kids who were younger and less whatever's, when he was he when he would fight them and beat them up, he would order them to kneel and force them to pray for mercy. Like immediately a bad dude as head like problem child immediately, you interpreting that as these very religious I'm Google translate its on you at the aid the age of fifteen, arrested by arrested by the police sixty five times, too many
by just eighteen years, eighteen, fifty vendean! I wish I could do vast math and we, like you, mean twice a month curve. It I mean like, even if he never never happen again. That's too many in a lifetime. That's when you know it's time to sixty three more than I've been around us. I love it. This is where you find out that I make Arden criminal. That's why they always polio aside in customs and greatly ill. I decided to wait till Stockholm to tell you by the bye, then in August sixteen nineteen, eighty two, he sentence for the first time in Sweden he was arrested for theft, smattering when mattering hold on hold on snapped? It
lifting his own way better work, I'm so peppered using. I got arrested. This is awesome again. Also damage and unlawful driving damage. Is that when you like dryly, with your PA. What's your damage An he met, Merida Woods, rue de la ME route would allow me You got any met. Merida, Merida, averred alarming sounds like an italian name. Merida, Ria, lowered alarm, it was the total opposite of him. She was laid back and shell and kind of a meek girl they met with
Merida was sitting on a park bench. Then he drives buying stolen car and pulls up to him her, which every girl whose, like I'm bored in my home town, is now just like. I'm in love with this. Do yes, and they keep. He says hey. This is what this is, what I took from it and it's probably not how it went, but he got hey. I'm Iraq, musician, and they fall in love. Based on this story, I, what The real story is he's a geologists either way, so she basically becomes his little subject. You sick this fuckin, rocker, dude and she's. Just he would he always dreamed of which some when it had hidden? power over her. They said and she of a twin sister. That relationship goes down hill. It's like the two, the cup Merida. An do harm. Have a terrible relationship sisters like fuck this dude.
She MIA didn't like him, which is like what Cicero it's her sisters, scissors, therefore area. My sister's always like becomes to champion with the dude somewhere- and I like away from him leave him alone. Here you break out, they still hang out. Yes, it's true! Really! That's all! That's not hang out by like Facebook friends my sister's never interested in anything. I'm doing ever and the one time she like the best thing she where did for me was when I was in my twenties, and I became obsessed with this guy like I was obsessed. Also on speed, so that we are not acting the loved. I was feeling whom and I couldn't stop. I will talk about the scarlet time when I rise, which is huge. The whole thing I orange talking and smoking are so scanning asked I've ever had and then,
gave me. Epilepsy does not lessen the less now I've Susan crack up in its turn out either, but, as I was obsessing over this guy and talking to my sister about, I was like a he showed up at a party eating is asking people where I was and most sterner on the phone and on the other, and she just goes. He sounds like a dog and then I couldn't like him anymore or that are so like yeah. That is our kind of dorky aim pretty lamb, Crash Keller. Sister Laura, is a real talker. She doesn't gather that yet ok, so they fall in love at some point in the keen eyes and Amy eventually changes, name too, which is way Is Europe pronounced at twenty two years old, his release from prison for being there certain reasons. I dont know snap smattering probably and damage and damage he's
release from prison in Turkey to Turkey Look in your like five, four five right now. This is the only place I've ever been where you actually spell it like its pronounce or you're, really nice, the idea, earnings being nice. It just being nice out spanish, ok, the Finnish are right here, representing gray. Let's finish our here to say it's our lead. Well that's easy. Ok, I got it and also we have chocolate to. Probably I would imagine. Okay may, first, one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight he's released and he and Morita start wandering through Sweden and Finland Marita's. We want at this point in on and they're just kind of like,
assholes they like steel cars there just like living this life of they, they think they're, fucking, Bonnie and Clyde, or sit and Nancy, which is like, oh god, I'm so tired and like figure you're shit out. You know they mean so it's so twenties yeah, that's the nineteen twentieth. But it's the eighties sandwiches when buying a no, no, that was but yeah nineteen twenty you abundant. Yes, that's what I'm like when you're in your twenty is, as you know, the human age, twenty both work technically about your re nowadays. That way definitely works too, though you don't have to be biased, I'm trying to be nine. I appreciate it. Wait! Sorry! Can I just do it. Sidebar, always in forever. You guys ABBA reunited. I thought you guys don't care that much you saw coming, you saw it coming,
just like. We know we're running areas, our idea. They say they are going to do that. Ok up up up up then they are their bosnian and quite stupid. Nineteen twenty solid, so they they were with they had a car that their stolen and are in this just going to be right, cause there's a weird, there's a sub there's a thing over this letter that isn't a new law on you. Ok, oh the fact that it so they there there there are the church, and you really should be up here. Actually do you want just there had been drinking liquor and eating chips and they're coming just fucking around this car in the small town being assholes, then
Nikita wants to steal a bicycle that he had seen before, so he there walking by this like war greedy that I know well, ok gets that's it gets fuck out of here. We go no got married violence. Often now so heat their walking by this house is a beautiful neighbourhood. I guess we're like high and houses and stuff. They see the spike. He wants to steal it. He grabs it and starts- puts on his shoulder and walks away with it and The family I spent the family, I'm just one who I didn't right away. It's faster its lighter smoother is less, conspicuous instead of lifting a bike above your head. Anyway, the owners of the hat bike and the House are Stan Nielson and fifteen year old, son, Frederick and vague. In their car and follow them? I know the chair
ends at the cemetery where Stan and Frederick are both like give us you're fucking bike and an acute poles. A shocking and he makes them get on their knees and he executes both of them. Were this fifteen year old kid on his father S, heart fine, and then it gets even worse when their mother heard the herd, the gun blast her name's you, I of EU aid Even okay, EVA either She comes to the cemetery too. What's going on and he stabbed her death heed. This dude is of absolute piece of shit, so our friend found them later and the bodies labour, and at this point Nikita and each Merida hadn't had fled and there
there. You have what, for seven days through Sweden and in the newspapers of course, call them the eighties Bonnie Incline, which is like so tired as I keep saying that sixty six years old but the police managed to trace them because their car tyres, they had kept the car that they had stolen originally and they Break them down in pajama hire me. This is why we pick player. their arguing with you bear you. Then I saw this hour Some are Irvine to a thank you isn't that a rice dish,
That's why I knew I was saying it wrong and founded way too much like yeah So then one of the most extensive Manhattan swedish history ensues find them there and there are arrested that way, ok there and then were arrested and Odense Denmark. That, wouldn't you think you are This thinking the same morning that their caught is the that the Memorial service for the Nelson family is held, and after the services at the mourners gonna find out that they finally got caught So at the trial, Merida and key to blame each other for the crimes court associated. Wasn't true love now, like it wasn't Bonnie incline, they didn't go out like that at all. It was worse than Nancy S. Quick, she don't want
a psychiatric evaluation for both found them to be mentally competent, but they find that Nikita suffered from us and say Patrick personality. He had anti social narcissistic personality disorder with uncontrolled aggression and lack of empathy. Number one The baby and is fuckin raging turns out. You don't grow out of that. I have six around the firs, no wait a year I mean. Maybe you can probably try not for you guys. We got this. Maybe if you did you guys back baby yoga thing lymphatic, massage hell? Yes, but of course, in the end, the court believes marinas version events, which is that in a Cuba, was responsible for the murderous completely. She was yelling for him to stop which were like we believe you, so this was his teeth. Criminal conviction and it resulted in a life sentence and deportation on three counts of murder,
then Merida got two years for complicity insulting in the Sultan battery, but they released her are serving half her time and then the Nikita transport Finland to serve the rest of his sentence. He is it's from prison, for a time. It might do ninety when he tried to escape, was arrested immediately then. Has first real escape, was an April ninety four from Ray he Mackey prison. In Finland, if you're going to give it to us the he took, he took the prisons, english teacher as hostage what yeah he's like your gun. Come with me. I need better book Bonnie inclined to read about who want some of that. Then you can, and and he pleases with a car, the teacher escapes with no,
arm done to him. Thankfully, an heaters apprehended he's not very good at escaping the eggs going escaping is just not good, hello through staying escape, Zactly, look any idiot can escape you. Gotta stay escaped right to have it matter and we're one. It sounds like the prisons are like not. Like they are in the: U S which are like horrible, so you, just kind of like there are like. Please don't leave now and then Nikita like dude, I swear to God. I can't believe I'm not happen. I respect you this whole Syria. The thing was: guy a dig him love, em, love I love to learn. I love to stay where you want me to stay in nineteen. Eighty seven he tries to escape began a maid thirteen, two thousand and two he escaped from a prison. In
No, no! Oh! You know that town. No! No! It's right outside of here we go pay a cell guy. No, They don't even know it. It's been spinach is blaming you with his arms cross. You to be able to do this in spanish, many okay. So, meanwhile, all these women are writing an fuckin love letters in prison. He gets married in one he's in prison. He is apes with his wife and then he goes back to prison and because, doesnt work again like sheep, like she's, Springs, em out of jail. I out, don't they didn't those no articles in England. It doesn't want to make this clear, I'm doing my best and then back and tries to commit suicide by hanging that doesn't fuckin work either.
April, nineteen, two thousand and four with its twenty four year old person in prisoner he escapes again it's as fellow which is what translated to a type of all. With a bowler hat One of these must I'd love to escape with you. I persuade these that I'll be the body of your climate fella, and then the guards, but the guards are like hey dude, after, like after a few hundred meters, the guards like now, unlike turn around and like point em in the direction of the jail- and it goes back, you know like stop it. Stop it. Stop it Then he escapes that began in two thousand and six for the fourth time this time from the Labour prison in Mina Harmony,
an arm and, fuck you get one right, number that in two thousand and six okay, so he escapes this time for, like a week, but they swarmed the apartment. That was the sex suspected to be his hide out, and I think AIDS and like a bathroom, and then they re the place and he goes back to prison so I'll always check the bathroom yeah. That's not the place. They won't look. That's the closet. You like the rafters. You gotta go under that house. If you d want to not get someone, Whoa wrote that he must have had good reason to keep escaping because being in prison in Finland is almost like not being in prison it off. He got to sorry, I can't credit any. I didn't I
I regret this, but you gotta have private visits with the wife during weekends or special occasions like the weekend, he's. They're allowed prisoners are granted permission. I believe after they serve half their sentence. If there is an especial, as an important reason. Ok, they can go and fuckin vacate. Oh and its paid or by the government that's true. Maybe you guys are amazing, I'm not, leaving here when you are in prison, wouldn't you get so good of thinking up special occasions site I dad loves Turkey, so anyhow were good faced. I've got it take off Sunday to the following Thursday, and if I could get a ride from one of you got that would be awesome. I could try, I can escape, but I'm just sick boy, I'm so tired of climbing
So it's ok. There are allowed to leave all the time yet bat. But here is one of the rules. The cheapest way of travel must be used, a good you can not that tat first class is you kill a family will then know limousine service for you, the thing about it that I love is that that this is what our what happens in the in the? U S, even though we're like. Don't let that happen, but you guys we're like no, no that's going to happen like we left oh I've way too early, but we don't but while there there it's very pastoral young. So they know when they get out there just happy in grey. He everything's fine, like I'm different, now: ok and they can't leave the nordic countries. Okay, but I have to go to a beef, its special like it's, it's special to me.
There are two were in two thousand and six, the finnish slipping were they the option of pardoning Nikita comes up in the summer two thousand and eight clearly I did this is confusing. And Sweden's, like that, she's really pissed off about a Swedish says: Justice Minister Beatrice? It's not ask that's us of native, don't doubt yourself ever again. Never ever again. It's me Beatrice What does she do? She's the Justice Minister, that's right, Do not step to Beatrice ask she was like rats in. Staying because he had escaped so many times and committed further crimes and tried to escape again. It says and that whatever it was like expecting it to happen here.
Spent twenty years behind bars book about ok, So in two thousand and eight he changes that Nikita and released on conditional terms in two thousand and eight. You guys, I just did anything happen in two thousand and eight, but it yes he's arrested again for breaking his trial. Here. Method to endangering the traffic. Still we'll call and driving a vehicle without a license and driving an unlicensed taxi Tupolev ended up other back some serious natural right there. You back in his car, jack. The cab driver. She says doesn't give a fuck now they're zero pacts like so, his conditional releases made permanent in two thousand and eight
what a year after the Helsinki court granted him a pardon after nineteen years of serving a sentence, and this dude Dan. Actual Karlsson was one of those who witnessed the bodies being kind at the cemetery in he said it's not good that he was pardon. But what can we do? I like a man Ben I of right. Then he said that people don't talk about it in the town. People want to forget it, just like then so, then he ok, I think he's He was in prison. As of twenty twelve, in writing his autobiography and then He was in prison again for, among other things, sabotage and ill treatment.
But of who don't know hope not have that gentleman poor fellow Bela agreed in Helsinki District Court yet burned and beaten to people about a year earlier. What the fuck wait wait. And then there's just no more updates about opening up. So he might be so, keep your eyes peeled. You guys this is the fucking monster who murdered Stan Nelson Project Nielson and E Nelson. That's that I will bring wedding gun. He's these it's it's
urban. It's hard enough to do these stories then to do them in front of people. Who are so much smarter but very frustrated and some people who une alike and also smattering of people that you know our into it, I'm saying things wrong and you ve got your deodorants. You have to buy some at the pharmacy and it's like now. Working the way, your hard core deodorant lot of fat years. You get in the: U S works because the deodorant there is hard core because they don't give a shit that it's killing you right here, they're like we do want to kill. You see you should to smell. It's fine ya know: we have eyeliner than ours. I was great really going here. I am going to do Sweden's. I guess you would say most from a serial killer, Thomas Kent,
You know this one, you don't not at the top of my head. This is this is the best like every time we do is show. This is what you go like I'm gonna. Do this thing and it just like this? That's great. Tell me everything. So This story is so fucking not so like. It's so dark. An awful and details are horrible and then there's like a left turn and then there's like a right turn. Then you're like what is happening did. Is this whole thing? like I watch there's a document around. That's really great, but as I was watching- and unlike is this whole thing- it just goes into the realm of like so beyond surreal rights. It will started out the documentary called the can. Oceans of Thomas, quick and there's also there's bunch,
I'm sure you all know what I was reading. Was the making of a serial killer by Harness Rostov Iraq. So. Where are we talking about a man named store Burg wall at first cases, stay with me, a mare I'm here stood, see for amounts will I do my best and then she fuckin corrects you. We have never heard these vowels before our language is easy to do it's flat. Marianne you're now think. Like best thing you do, it is seventeen extra things circles above letters, thoughts, circles,
ass night in Oslo, every person who came to the appeal do what's your name and they go use the good, and then I go it's about that the debt and they go Kristen like they just everyone just has a name for stupid Americans. Just as the stupid american translation is Kimberly. Having embryologists, I dont even care. If you know my name, just let's get it over with due to do that now are on the verge of me being sarcastic. I you and that's rude and I'm sure there's some people are like fuck, you, lady, how bout you learn one other language. Besides your own family spare me. We agree can- I get Rosetta stone. I swear. Ok hues. Or an April twenty six? Nineteen. Fifty in solemn, are you from violent?
Do you know that a lot of this takes place in Fallon Are you so excited about famine right now that he's holding her back heinous? Ok, I'm sorry, but I'm gonna go to the Fallon experts. You been great. You ban, amazing, on my back. I share for the great Irishman, Michael O, Flannery, who helped us out for that whole sauntering. Thank you! So much. What's your name, Maria All I can say: ok, Maria. I wanna go I too am and make carry jokes, we're gonna have the best time. Ok, so student, is born. Has their seven kids in his family. He has a twin sister. The file
there is depressive absentee haven't been always suppress areas an apple His mother basically has to do everything by ourselves. So the kids, of course, when you have earned a family, that many kids, you don't get the inn. The jewel attention that all these assholes children, these dates and I'll get air. I turn out fine, someone's home when you get home from school, you gotta cheese sandwich. May people like you is a pentecostal christian family. He is the black sheep of the family. He can ever do anything right CS problems and school. When he's fourteen, he real says, he's gay which back in this time, which is like you know, of nineteen sixty four was actually as a psychological diagnosis is not allowed, is a serious problem. So you know he had
just comfort with him all the time. Then he starts getting in trouble for tat. King classmates and school. He basically just labelled the problem child come on Mariah Maria Maria doubt. He also write some fucked up. Our tree, if you want a documentary, there's a poem that they read and they put like the text over like a snow. We pathway, like I plug Your feathers bite off your tongue is like war at all, ok, so
as we all do in our teens, he soon begins experimenting with drugs to escape us feeling. Scape. Those Billy reminder that feelings are still there. When you sober thing about drugs, we about feelings, drugs feeling, not cancel each other out and he was typically super into amphetamines. Meter me too, he is super scanner, nineteen he gets a job at a rest home and there he me it's the manager of the rest home his twenty years, a senior Manning Tom and they fall in love. It's
real relationship, and he like really falls in love for the first time. He finally feels like he's, ok with themselves in these connected to another person, kind of like everything's, going good Tom was also struggling with his sexuality. Is again it wasn't an ok thing in any way back then so several months into the relationship he gets to work and finds out. The Tom has killed himself yeah horrible. So after a kind of getting his life together and having things beyond track, just goes right back to the drugs by an excessive drinking right, so he ends up getting a job. At how did I say it: fallen hospital fallen Merlin. Like someone fell down earlier, they were fought, leaving all in and they keep fallen and they keep falling fallen in parliament
that'll, be my reminder. Okay, so every gets a job in a hospital which I always hated, these stories of people that are fucked up and then get jobs and hospitals cause you're, never more like yours. In the hospital with an ivy and then there's some creeper coming into your room. Like I'm trying works and shit. How and you probably like you- probably don't like if you work in an opposite, you're, crazy, everyone's, like bucks, a crazy guy in the office but you're in a hospital wherever the shit's going on all the time, then there's like you're, not gonna, go back guys stood like particulate, crazy, no cause everyone's fuckin a lot like not sleeping and losing their mind. The exact re everything is always an emergency modes. You can just kind of deal, it would be. If you are super column, the people believe something. So the problem is that he starts molesting children, the hearth, so he gets actually caught. He does it four times and the last time it's a nightmare boy, you're sleeping he starts to section.
Salt him. The boy wakes up and start screaming. So then he treads the covers now touch them. They can be quiet and starts to strangle him. The boy his nose starts bleeding so then Stuart runs away and thinks he killed him because of the blood. He keep the kid survives and stood is convicted for this attack and the three other attacks and he is sent to a mental hospital So let much like in your story as his treatment progresses he's. You note starts to tell us their precise thoughts of I've sadistic thoughts. I have thoughts a pet of failure and he's very honest about like what's going on with him. So then he starts being seen on an outpatient basis, Cassius so on.
What everybody in a barrel like this is great thing that you never true feelings. We want. That's. All we ask is London from you just hate lying southern. So when you take a hike all right so then in nineteen. Seventy four. He moves to Uppsala well. Well, it's love it. I'm on vacation Heron, pronounced things all, but he's twenty three he's thinking. To become a doctor. He is interested in psychiatric and without those I brought me back and they always are always are, but really has life starts to seriously revolve around drugs. He drinks excessively takes a lot of volume, pointed at me like our highly not you know, Georgia, Thou yeah constantly on not ever talk to me about values and anyway, don't think I've ever taken, but I may ass effective
You never did line a map and then immediately value. They called The Uppsala, surprise. Sorry, Here's the other thing that he likes to do. Zero insane. He sniffs track flora ethylene She's an industrial solvent, so mare pour some. Basically, you know some stuff that get gets up like industrial strength glue, but if you want to get rid of them, blue or some of this stuff on their rapid around take a big half of it that all I've done that now you I've never done value, but I've been monitoring their Alec. Oh, Ok, so he starts there's a gave our called Acta that he goes to end He needs another student name, Leonard Hoagland, H, G,
Oh, you Eddie. How I've got this youth you are going to have to fight later by then will also do so in a boat. Is it ok, You mean this guy. They go back to Leonards apartments and wall that guys in the bathroom Students sniff some of his special solvent that he loves so much so when the guy comes out of his bathroom soon thinks that he's a monster, he picks up a butter knife and start stabbing butter. Another butter, fucking nice, now so he leaves and there he stabbed and twelve times you leave them their bleeding out. Here never arrested for this crime. He actually that when he's cop for it
authorities are like will he was already an immense hospital, so we're just gonna send it back to the mental hospital way, so they just send it back. So, basically an essentially faces no qualms consequences for this stabbing attack. So then he's basely out again in a matter of months. So then, after this you know some about some of the articles of ITALY. He had such a terrible time. He never did that drug again, which is like that all that and so here that it is and made him get his life together. So he spent all of the eighty sober and which is a huge accomplished, Actually, my mom could even be of a high me very few people but then he at the end of the decade he starts. He gets back on drugs,
in nineteen nine didn't. This is not like keep clearly want for it. He's party he and an eighteen year old, a cop decide they want to rob a bank, but they're not didn't want to go to the bank and rob it. So what they did is they put on Santa Claus, masks they went to the big managers, and basically did a home invasion. They knock on the door. The big manager answers it, they rush in, they have knives and a gun and while the eighteen year old, takes the big manager back to the bank to steal money Uterus stays with the mother and the boy in the house and for like two hours like threatens them. It is crazy on drugs and super scary, saying horrible things like he is die of AIDS, so he doesn't care what happens like just horrible. Psychological trauma their caught later. That day has there oh god, oh idiots, and so he,
ends up getting sent two I believe it's pronounced. Solder, mental Hospital sat there I'm like a monkey that you train. This is like a guitar she'll. Do anything for reply, okay, so this is once the family who are up until this point had been like. You had a hard time, you mental illness, whatever they try to be support him supportive of him, as he had gone through this. Things, but this was the final straw where there were, like everyone, stop talking to him you're on your own. So after two years he's in this he's at this place- and this is basically a prison- it's like a mental hospital prison kind of thing could but he's lonely. He those disconnected, he also pigs that he's uninteresting and its therapy sessions that about not having
stories, I item that. Sometimes I mean you wanna use one as it up for your there. So one day he's out his therapists taken took him to there's a lake near the mental hospital they were there to go swimming any turns rapists and said: would you, What would you say if I told you that done something really bad and she's like what you're talkin about and then he's Why is she swept ok, we'll this day the it goes into this whole thing, but this I say it again, Solder sat there. Let me like soft them Ok, that's it! Can you help me? Members are apparent that it does already trying to remember for their fuckin man's? Basically, they trying to do in innovative thing where they thought if they took these these these criminals and they put them through enough therapy and got them to remember there
bad terrible childhood memories. They believe that all of this criminal behaviour was based on bad childhood and traumatic experiences as children. So They thought it they could be in therapy long enough and in like basically bring up these repressed memories of usually sexual assault or abuse. Whatever bad thing happened, I'm askin that they would be ass. We see the error of their ways. They would see why they're doing these criminal acts and they wouldn't do them anymore. That was the theory and saw everything seems like was. It was all about being very humanizing and stuff. So there you know they're. Just at the lake like people like to be and key basely tells her what? If what? If that I murdered someone. And of course you know she getting out of the lake like now I hate swimming. You know he has our full attention
What what what are you talking about and he basely kind of his mysterious and walks away so now he's he's like gets this idea that this is. This is a good way to get people's full attention so for sure he he tells the therapist that he wants to now be called Thomas Quick, occur in a therapy session, and that was based on his mother's made. A name was quick and Thomas was the first name of a boy that he says he murdered when he was fourteen years old answer everyone's like it is happening. We didn't realize that we had a murderer here and different day. Our own signal she's trying to get water out of her ear. Sorry, I I did not hear you right. I have all this lake water in my area for, of course, the whole step is on high alert. Neither like holy Shit disguise actually immoral,
in therapy. He says that he murdered a boy named Johan Ass, planned, and this was a boy that he was in nineteen eighty. He was eleven years old and he went missing honest wait, wait. So these are real Uther trend that the cold cases, our real yeah. Ok, so this boy went missing on the way to school. Nineteen eighty. It was a huge story at the time like the night that they discovered he was missing. Hundreds of people were searching for him and but no never found no body was ever found in. It was just a cold case. It was a famous called case, so Thomas the New Thomas Quick, tells us therapist. He endured Johann into his car driven into the forest, killed him raped M, stuck a knife through its heart, so the the therapies is like that's onscreen I'll, be back in once fucking books, it up the whole way as she's here,
she's cylinder bathing suit, different Dachau, around signal she's trying to get the water. Out of her air. Sorry, I I did not hear you right. I have all this lake water in my area for, of course, the whole step is on high alert. There are like holy shit, this guy's actually a murderer, and so they he becomes the most important patient at this hospital now and the so they they were like. This is perfect for our new aggressive treatment, where this is how we can treat mentally insane criminals and this this guy's gonna be like it's gonna work on him, so he begins to go to ninety minute therapy sessions. Three times a week with a psychotherapists named Perdita Stall, she's, a brilliant doktor. She is, vote he of this new therapy treatment the day that day
are promoting and ensure its during one of the sessions with her that he that that thou comes to light? That's the therapies, her talk about earlier, okay, so the police are called and they basically tell Thomas you have to come and take us and show us where you buried his body and so it's the therapists, the police doctors, they all get into a van, and they drive up two sons Vall soon dispel I just and give it some disavow. It should be s, U n D Ass, the eight ILO. Ok, can I send it What I realize now is there's a bunch of people that are saying other stuff and telling us we're wrong now.
Care. How I pronounced anything we're going back to Oslo rules. Listen it's fuckin birthday! It's my birthday in its pronounced Sunday, small, ok, so, their walking around out in the woods there? They don't find anything. There's police, video footage in this document. There's video footage where they're following around any walking and there's a therapist with his hand right on his back. That's like right next to him. They would like walk in kind of point randomly. Then he would cry really loud in its various we are saying, is really just like this to be such an uncomfortable day trip to have to be on. They don't find anything. Of course, then he says well, that's because I cut his body up and put it in different pieces and different the sudden they do more walking and more pointing or crying in groups, and it's you
or weird it's like you see, these therapies are just like right. Next, showman they're, just like comforting him in it, you really see the positive like affirmation that he's getting from all of this behaviour from them? So they do it for hours and they don't find anything but a, but they still consider it a great success, did it so on the way home they go out to dinner and everybody The cigar, including Thomas they I'll give it gonna, Mcdonald's and happy meal. In looked in the documentary, it looked like a pretty nice restaurant, a so key based. Please now is kind of he's, he's feeling that positive reinforcement for what this can. This confession is bringing up so He also wasn't just getting paused nice attention and people. You know comforting Hammond liking, He was also getting all the drugs he wanted because part of this Therapy was the it's. This idea that you're bringing up these incredibly painful repressed.
Terrible memories and therefore those feeling you need to be able to picked, hopes to make them go away. Even in the mental hospital knew about that years ago. Some flaws might be happening. Well. Here's how the drugs even on. Daily Intake and he could go Extra money, requested it if it They make a special occasion, but Turkey, they re six by milligram milligrams of volume. For or one milligrams, Xanax get me why you're just the person I'm talking to you, takes annex one, ten milligram priested volume, the better, One point: five Milligrams, Halsey on that some spoken serious shit rohypnol, which is the date rape drug its programme.
They re drugging himself roofing, Himsel, six trio, comp which, I doubt that's you is that the good ship should I get the pharmacy, I ran about. Are you serious well. I guess you can get anything about it. Nothing ass to bear birth control, and you know if I was writing that article. I wouldn't put asp anomaly, but ok so essentially he in therapy starts to discover that he committed all these crimes because of the terrible things which, as you know, what he's puzzles cover that happen during his childhood, namely the extreme Physical and sexual abuse done to him by his parents.
And he says quote: it is my belief that every detail of my killings contained in exert its exact counterpart in what my parents objected me to every detail and each shade so He tells us this insane fucking story that I won't even give you all the details. I'm sure you ve seen this document are you can see it? It's so awful. He basically it's a story where he tells us therapist. His father was raping him when he's like four years old, his mother walks into the room she seven its pregnant. She sees what's happening, she immediately miss carries and he Simon sees the baby, follow get dead on the ground and then the fathers stabs, the babe and the father tries to feed him. The baby's flesh so I'm the therapists, I would again like sorry, we need to go back three steps. Racism extreme. I dont. I doubt you. I know that you are in pain but
why you're, basically describing like a ten year old boys, horror movie, you get like so crazy yes claims his mother, to drown, a Middle Blake model gotcha and tried to push them in front of a bus. There is no, If any of these things happening and the Burwell family denies all of it says, that's not with their parents or let it wasn't ideal like suffer going to the lake and are not rich rail. Maybe she. Push me near a bus. Ok, so so, basically these confessions, continue for six years. He keeps confessing to different cry. I am sorry old cases that have happened in the country or in Norway. He can Thus he confessed by ninety ninety nine here to confess to twenty five unsolved murders and he had been convicted of five of the whole issue. So there,
mostly taking his confession and then using an import and he's getting convicted the media, Dublin Sweden's own Hannibal. Lecter he's also called the boy killer and He also, of course, by confessing their clearing. These famous cold cases have been hanging over. You know the country for so long and, of course, selling a shit ton of newspapers cousin one when it first heads its island, I'm talking about but, as the years pass doubt start to grow up Actually, my sad a couple. Rapporteur, HU. I have I'll, be there in every detail right and, of course, the victims, families which are just like you have this. This case is not clear right. Has this isn't the guy who did it, but everybody is when they bring up the inconsistencies in Thomas Quicks stories, the police that makes our calling
team, quick, which are the psychoanalysts, the doctors and the police, the people who really want to believe him who really want to believe him. They always say, of course, he's not gonna get the exact weapon right, he's very upset that keeps a he's not gonna get. The exact will because remember where you very he's on a twentieth, aspirin body is suddenly taken minimum who ass a really screwed up good shit. It's just me roofing himself. Every time ask him to tell us details he's like I'm Ruby spoken out like a light so the spring of nineteen. Ninety six he can. Says to murdering it's a very famous cold case in Norway, a nine year old, girl, name Teresa Hansen and she had disappeared, and nineteen eighty eight and spurred one of the largest police searches today
would you yours I went. I hope I now is the second largest. He tells police that he had cut up her body and put it into a nearby lake for two were near where she had just here. The authorities drain the Lego twice, they say It brought it down to a level that it had been in ten thousand years or they start to process the silt and water at the bottom of the lake. They do that twice and they don't even find like a single start of bone areas. Nothing in that fucking old ass lake at all. So, He also claims that there were. There was the disks answer to Somalia saw asylum seekers from an Oslo Refugee Centre. Nineteen, eighty nine. He claims that he murdered those too. Was well which also now this is fucking up. His Emma, because, up until that line, he had killed boys. It was always a boys that his spirit, then
slightly older man now work? in two now it's a little girl. Now, it's adult so now there like wait a minute right, but the the crime, reporters and the families are going. This is usually that's not how it works, and then his team basically like no, but this is he he's such a monster. They basically there like, will if you think, he's bad enough to do these murders. Why wouldn't you think he would do these murders cause he's a monster he he's omnivorous. When it comes to human beings, he doesn't care, he's not picky. So essentially ok. So then he can confirm is to murdering to women seventeen year old, aimed Trina ensign.
She bit her dead body was found in August of ninety one, as well as twenty three year old gray Storbeck. She was found in June of nineteen eighty five and with those two he claims that he raped them, for he killed them. Any claims that, because in the police reports they seamen had been found on their body. How did he did he get access all these reports? Well, I see that's where it starts to come together to everyone. When he makes this confession everyone's like, but where you're going and you ve been out for, like all everyone knows that- and I suddenly you're just changing that too You can be a murderer, but you cannot be gay. Well, I that's not what I'm saying I'm just reading. What's on this paper, basically we just did it defied the logic of the emerald, so still
his confession held up and he was convicted for both of those murders. So we're one's going. How does he know all these details? If he can people keep saying well how? How can we not be responsible cause he's confessing and he knows details that you would only know if you were there and turns out you get they pass when you're at fallen mental hospital, so you can fuck off to the library and look up any old prior to and that's what he had been doing holy shit. Yes, so he had been looking up pulled cases getting all the information at the National Library in Stockholm he would. Right. Let's hear it for that library and wonder you donate some money to the national library you ve, greedy, fuckers He does
I read all press reports, you know really read whenever he could. He would take notes and he also there there was also a lot of this is before that date. People discovered that think of how leading police in flesh- and so there was a murder. Husband and wife: they were dutch tourist name, Marineris and Janni Stig Voice, and they had been broken murdered while they were sleeping in a tent and narrow lake and nineteen. Eighty four, so police recreate the scene, but they don't say that too. Where was the tent? Where was the car and re? He walks up and it's all set up for him. So they're like now just go. Do the thing you did back then so is like. Ok, amateur rolling, he goes and does it. It's completely interact it's wrong. That is not what how it happened. So then they go. We need to take a break turnout, camera off. They go they go over and the police talked to him for a little while and then when they eternity.
Back on. He does it again any does it right now yesterday has up footage of the document I e yes, will they have the tent? They have the first wrong one and it so it's like. I hate bad acting anyway. So much but he's like those into this, is like Aurora, it's like they did. I ask you to act like a bear. You thought that it so bad, but basically that's whatever these putting it together that they are making it as easy as possible for him to know this information as such and the library of course, so in total Thomas but confesses to thirty nine murders, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland taking place between one thousand nine hundred and sixty four and one thousand nine hundred and ninety three, and he has tried and convicted for eight of these murders, so
of course, the writ the debate is raging about whether or not it's real and by two thousand one there's people that are that writing books tat fine. This book, the first either wrote a book. It was cold. I'm not to be remembered off the top of my head. Where is it they ve been she caught. Why didn't I? I should italicized it. It's a book called after it was basically like Thomas, quick Myths maniac essentially occur, but he is obviously a person that put all down on paper of learners, no fucking way that all he's a real, and so as that, rages and press is no longer interested it spent years and years of this guy being like I did it to, and so at first everyone's like they got him, they got him and after a while live ones like it's, The story is much anymore and it's not as interesting. It's not selling papers at all and so
two thousand one Thomas Quick, makes a statement that these public doubts that keeps herring. Are hurting his family and a aha oh my god, and also hurting the families of the victims, because it seeding all this doubt and it's you know it's making it worse. So he said I'm not I'm no longer talking to the police, I'm no luck talking to anybody and he then proceeds not to talk for seven years right. Now, in the meantime, in two thousand six Johann Aspens parents, who is that first boy that he claimed that he killed they got a lawyer. Together. They got a lawyer and this lawyer gonna document together. It's fifty three page document on the weaknesses of Thomas stories because they were like it is not him and all this shit is bullshit and this document actually proves the two somali refugees that had gone missing were still alive Y yeah
holy shit. So it's like it all, of course, quickly begins to fall apart and then in two thousand ain't. Swedish filmmaker harness Rostrum visits, Thomas Quick, oh now he's stewed again he's back, and on his basically says you know, I've worked these videos of you in like doing these reenactments and you in court and yours oh clearly, on drugs, I mean you're fuckin hides the pie, and studios like I was high. Is a kite you're, exactly re like that, literally his Rossman said to him? I see in the reenact videos that your high as a kite- that's not me, and so basically been day, studio went to his psychotherapist and said quote: I haven't committed,
any of these murders, I've been convicted of, and none of the murders I confess to either that's just the way. It is spectacle that psychotherapy Yes, you did it. You didn't know, but you see that remember you cried you so loud. They end up, making to one hour, documentaries that were broadcast on Swedish tv and basically the pub that expose that and the public immediately. Like oh yeah. That's now they're kind of on his side, because the risks Though insane and then that when they want to retry the cases? Basically all the charges got drop right because they they went and its lack of evidence was cited as the reason Then a ransom wrote a best selling book called Thomas Click, the making of a serial killer, and he it basically convinced most people of Thomas Quick. His innocence,
fortunately, rostrum died in twenty twelve, so he wasn't bear to get to see the benefit of his work on July. Thirtieth. Twenty thirteen studio was acquitted of the last eight of his martyr convictions and it was called the entire thing. Called the judicial scandal of the century. He has It's been released from slaughter and he no longer takes medication of any kind. On now The one interesting thing is that I think is Leonard Hoagland, who is man, that students attacked and nineteen. Seventy four doesn't by any of it and He was quoted as saying every time think I stood on. My heart starts pounding. He does my life any keeps on ruining my life. It makes me check to see him on tv when he sits there in a cell and blames the hospital for drugging him. It's just a big, He started one show by saying Thomas Quick is dead. I am stood.
Poor Gwawl. When he attacked me he was stood a pair of long, so he, like yeah. That was a long one. Sorry, no, that was a crazy, crazy, crazy. I never heard of that. I want to watch the documentary now so not also it's funny cuz. They do show him a lot in that prison mental hospital, and it's looks like a really nice apartment he's just like kicking back gotta posters on the wall. Great job banks, you wanna, do where temporary work on tat side, I quick home town, a quickie, listen not yet there some rules hold on bees are important.
You've heard them before. You can't be so drunk that you can't follow your own story. That's key cuz! It gets really boring for sober people that are just like it was. What year did we can do it can't do it. We wanted to be local, it's not any fun when it's like. Oh my god, this crazy thing happened in Russia. We're like no one cares: We want to be local, it's great when it's personal, it really needs to have an ending, that's just basic story Ellen, beginning middle and really outside when you're like, and then they just don't know what happened. The moral like array, who all ends. Above all, you have to remember that if you get picked, everyone else hates use, you gotta move it along. Just pay sit up, nice and click wants to tell us their home town story or I find behind Mariah. Yes, yes
as has been said remaining very man, I'm sorry made into a skin heard today they shape this entire. Had that yourself, Communication with the barber, some of the terms are different here really little, ask me what I went to them. He got his hair done. Any text mean he's like ITALY.
Back in two weeks. I know you like it launder above about how do we get the centre? Is you ve got everybody mugger our fire? You come. I am regionally from town like two hours, north we'll call yeah yeah, so everyone wonders Yakima known for well. I don't have all failed. Mostly hot coffee at nice,
at the store, I'm going to tell you about it's. Actually, it's the personal story. Okay, it's about! I'm going to start from the beginning! Do it when I was very young child, there was maybe ten or something I became friends with this girl and the house of beautiful houses away. And there she was like two years older than me. She was really cool. We like played with the Egypt board. Scary, stop am I used to go over to her, how she was and foster care, and had a lot a cat, so I was our joy, I got it I gotta and there she had like a recall room and everything. So we hung out there a lot that later, my mom told me like yeah. You don't remember that correctly. The whole house smelled of tat and everything was dirty. I had to beg her when she came over here,
the girl. Yes, we help there like take a shower, because no I'm told her too her name was later on. We lost touch because she grew up a bit faster Denise on smoking started. Drinking and we lost touch and then, a few years ago, when I was I was over twenty at least I saw a picture in the paper and she had been killed, She had been killed, what they had arrested her boyfriend. She just had a son and there he her in the apartment alone went downstairs, two's, that's apartment with the boy, and his story is that when he came back she was dead, stabbed and so he got arrested, because it's always the boyfriend but he was enjoy jail for, like several weeks,
didn't get to see some didn't get to see his family or anything and story could have ended there when they act. Started. Zoning and also someone else and that was the son of the family wish he was soon foster care than I have. Oh yeah. And here is a new over its Organise Carlos Johannes rule. I add a twist a rule I learnt so If they would have arrested him right away, that would have been great, but they were still really soon then, at this boyfriend guy so he managed to kill another girl. Another girl that she was a little bit older and she was also in that same foster home when she was a kid and the like
and then they finally figure out. It's not the boy friend for once one time, but not this time, not like look usually array of a separate this time it was not. It was this brother in this foster home and he heave with had some ideas about likes, satanic ideas and he wanted to dream. Their blood and he was land all around creepy guy and he still living with this parents in this foster home in a little cabin in the yard, yeah and his entire room with like filled with notes and photos about his foster sisters land there. So it was pretty
their case from their land. He went to prison for life, everybody. I would give you this, but we can't I meant, as against the Gaza once early spur to keep down, but he's gonna be on water. I listen. This is fucking and save our lives have just gone crazy because if I can't stand like my friends very sexy with her and she was like stop saying, you're lucky, it's not luck and it's like well yeah we're lucky that we be cool.
Fucking listeners, young men are so ass to be this way, and we appreciate it and learn fucking dog whom, because of you guys, thank you so much Mary. It's very few travel all the way across the world to a place where you can pronounced any of the word and people there have heard of your podcast. Listen to it and want to come and watch you do. I that's an amazing feeling were so grateful denigrate birthday, what's integrate Bertha when a great birthday. I really thank you guys so much being here with us and forgetting tickets and for listening and for writing a sea miles. We love you sexy and
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