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134 - Live at the Connor Palace in Cleveland

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Karen and Georgia cover Ed Edwards and the Kirtland cult killings.

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which really can't see anyone but the people with their teeth against the stage i hereby eminent talk to people at work here i think we can get like to morrow s letter in prague don't you at least layer i feel a little bit cracked up it s work programme finally include this was this was not the city georgia was talking it was not why did i ever paid i think your words i didn't want to go to we were young we were young park how you are real stupid we didn't think anyone who is listening our just chit chat no way we went to we have been too like we had done like a three hundred room place before
requirement anyone come i'm not going to list plays in the luxurious you are young shut up steamer yeah let's hear it he's not here zaire bags yes exactly very bare legged stevens cookie bays winner explain this to its seamen well it's it's perfectly stephen behind georgia it we looked at it i said it has his grabbing eyes let him see they look at those stephen your eyes always like do you need anything georgia sent him a picture of it and he responded i wish my lips where that for that
steve that's our cv thank you daniele at em case swedes she may now has a new right box of like all those cookies and one of them i've never seen this before it it was like a pink cute low like beauty shopping and it said finger basis i'm fingers and favours lather lemme get inside joke she isn't some phony cookie making pseudo listener sheena deep alive show references like fingers and faces yeah making up the ones you just painted i literally did this two minutes ago and then there's like we're sitting so the door and i got georgia can you fluff fluff my hereupon at cancun in there right now what with my fingers and face it can't do it i thought you were really gonna bust out was something right there felt good do you want to sing them little mermaid again no i
when i tell you guys but i forgot my soon this church that's not my transparency sharing i want her birth control are you might have no boundaries i really do that you're going out and i would like i've looked so good a packing and i put myself in my thing and then i hang up and then it's like everything is there and an electricity we now to my apartment before we like right as we were leaving the house in the ballots fine that's its unplugging someday i guess you can't go because he loves you so much much more than stephen amazing is leaving and then vinci like then says mistress like we have to right now for the airport sure then a good way cause i'm like we can get there twenty minutes before the thing fell everything fell out of it i picked it up in the dark doesn't it
my bill now just birth all pale everyone every pill my soul i call like second china to see the s who are fucking on it i mean promo code murder oh that's right at lives shows now we're doing to its there these are high integration as where we totally pretend like we're talking about em none of this happened i can live without my well beatrice let's get that but in oh my god that's that's the shit right there and we start naming el genes or whatever backing and backs my beach house that's my mouth and eyes that's beach m mountain house can live without love each but you can't fucking live without a fax or what's effects
there is for anxiety and it does the same that everyone who is not taken it for a day knows it gives you this thing that they call this apps save just like you you just your brain going to like it gets so like a little catch up catch it creepy okay this is gonna be a separate at separate topic and this is just because if you have it sex or i love you just look at it for one second i just want to see what colored is not now after and we'll talk about it but just i don't know call me and effects or ok deserves no you're asking for me i'm jokingly asking thing without involving you haven't got a gun out so pop zone arrested i have got well i too i can see the estimate like i do this thing and unlike in half an hour they gave me like two pills but today other covered see the s but then you're amity lives in a pharmacy i was like i can just ask i could about the crowd for oh yeah
but i don't want to take your balls someone rules upload one was little boxes suitcases i'm actually affects or wrap your doing business for our company however nine months from now i'm pregnant this is that i got that i held would immediately become a nun in our life your thing you is it opposite thing that your parents to calling islam yeah i guess i am i i was trying to think opposite of murder they have it same deb it's us in or empty or a murderer right i guess this is a good or just drag i wish you could you guys can see it right
that's what you paid top dollar for those seats up there will be selling replication that emerge table after the little else paths that this rag really a levelling oh by the this is my favorite or a true commie rug park hath that's caring caldera and that's georgia hard start and we're all here to talk about tragedy within within a a gazebo of comedy let's say that where the tragedy is not funny but what we have a great time in this gazebo around it doesn't
to be a sad gazebo or a happy is evil that we're just there it's it's we contain multitude and so does the gazebo and and really bottom line is if you don't like it get the fuck people start storming happy i'm not everyone who works are quits in this document we now know what we need now let's see it's real fucking cold here too i don't know i'm sure you know but do you guys know now ray i feel it when we of delay was eighty two they tell us who we don't use aerosol were not responsible for the we didn't papers position particular hole in the ozone sorry i
like that the reason they are giving us a spotlight is to recreate how adhering to allay visiting it's a boy maybe seventy eight up here where valley we don't know how i well i don't know how to address in cold i understand wings someone's like it's twenty whatever i'm like why do know that means a manoeuvre this key trench go i'm just getting just keep on keeping on with what i have got going well a guy and we it was again that thing where we step out of the body of the airplane in that little gap between the airplane and the walkway but alas it was snowball time our language is super on cool but what we're doing did at an acute hurts fired a borrowed a coat to do it do we love it so i mean it any place to come and discuss try
jack murders clean got any idea going are you guys i think ohio as a whole if we could just doing ohio over and over state drive it doesn't always happen because sometimes you know there's a lot of things that the eu qualify as for alive show story that you name yell a couple things going on the couple elam and you know not just a straightforward horrible thing happened and die man just ohio keeps on giving it just hand over fist how about this do like clowns what about river catching on what about right but about clowns rivers on fire you imagine what about it learn drop that kills people that's rio silverman he saves people what about cyprus
you guys and bade him up anyone any airport there is as you know is in your beautiful airport it there's a superman station where there our superman is holds his he's holding mr and then there's a story of superman being broadcast allow to everybody waiting for their bag which is nice they should do that in every city or not superman known another rip off but what i do but there was a little like probably two year old boy that was so stoked that my superman was in the airport but i he was saying souvenirs and i was like that is the curious thing in the world that he wants to buy souvenir meanwhile superman was five feet away from me just just eight feet tall and like a man's boys blast you like superman's and learns illinois and i'm like always that souvenir listen it's a tart
that loves keepsakes key chains he's got a collection of creature and he's got little license plate spurs bicycle but he kept screaming superman and is that it would take get take him away from it put him down the keyboard fuckin around back over superman amused going it in a way that like may become a sad because i can make anything said so when you don't have your cell jam zachary over this where it was just like he was screaming superman unlike not understanding why the rest of us who are like sad and old understand what liven up like he was letting we will now lies in any one likes you guys he's going why are you facing that fucking luggage rotunda they're just keeps spinning tearing at it like miles to a flaming superman is right there right so a tragic to be a child shows
do bad re solo anything i can stooping through it wait a second what is this a new seventies draw nevertheless why this is at the last seven years dress i had that has kept here on it it's the other seven erect sites and a new year on shit look at that would mean it's just that i was excited about it oh i didn't cat here though this is i'd have this before but either this is sticking to my role of only wearing comfortable seventies and eighties dresses from now on walking down we'll get down the rag look at her oh yeah let's start at here oh may not to do it when you are propels knew that nothing to do teeny tiny scissors there's a to g g that's right let's talk about you you haven't revelations
exclamation young couple when we i bought a new dress from of course the fashion retailer target and ran i'm always like twenty nine ninety nine hell yes then i'm sorry as when you it says you can watch it why should wash you can't so where were we last hoof nor orleans knowledge the first night i went out address having had washed it then afterwards people are so kind to post pictures of my middle aged ass on the stage and it looked like i had on a child's rampart of em like watch this absolutely fuckin malaria and then gone out on stage mortified so
i do my back up i'll sit witches i keep ending up in my back about fits we can't go on that anymore i this is the front up out there i just wanna like many of you just want aware pajamas and public so are we a new idea of a common eu listen he has showed thing right come the way you listen do what do you work out when you listen podcast do are you a doctor come near scrubbs put our u clinic helper bring us clinique where you are bring escalate clinic in your white clinic fake doctors outset you fake clinic that's how i that's all you find out i'm land come hard guerrilla hard core land come till i die placement product placement product placement just
dollar bills falling from the ceiling also and this is your firewall tour of the south are that's right eminent burn this when i get home i also just can't find the time to make myself look nice so i'd overcome then say it with the hair and then i see what happened i dig it it's fun bears great its tongue i mean you think like you're erratic historic theatre for them huge show with a ton of people a lot away where you're sweats where you're sweating why even have this opportunity and power if you can't abuse it terribly if you show that you care then they won't respected
that's exactly right that's when they start using you will like now they say i've heard like on improv it's like don't rescue because that they don't be mad at you so they want sheriff works like live so unaddressed cute overtime yeah or big it employs there's always that yeah one girl on the team that we had to put on you didn't hear you can dress like you like because now exactly you in your rules way what are we really now this about now there's a simple the team in the center of this honest there finally saying what i've always the vonnegut is here and now she was alone thank you thank you i like amid height kind of high low chair so be interesting usually proceeds appear and there's a lot of danger for me in getting into it
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images but tonight and control we can go in june the last i believe it was nashville was not the one we were like and so they mary din there's a picture of them as a couple and then two three four five six and made very accommodate just to be like still up there it still up their young out of assault but this time that's not happening unless we do it to ourselves which we absolutely will who ok guys theirs can we said it so many people to choose from so many so nay classics but when i looked up this story i couldn't not do it i don't know if you know it it's the young
level story of serial killer ed edward soon there is now edwards edward edwards not his real name if you can believe that so today in looking this up steve stephen sends us all of our links he does a lot of like ground still does a lot of greece for us which is great but then i stumbled there's a show and a lot of you probably have heard of it are watched it but i never have guys i'm almost fifty it's on youtube and it's called brain scratch have you watched it guys ok it's so good it's guy okay this is these are the guys it's a guy named john lord and and he basically take shoe through these cases like he started this by reading the wikipedia patriots i'm like that
a thing but he bears please like pulls you through all the research all that like amazing stuff form like oh these people that hate our show like oh they care about saxon dates but it's after portuguese there it's not just this case he's got shows about all that all the true crime stories that interest you and there really cool so and because of the show i had a nervous breakdown round to pierre has this story changed quite currently near them it'll and so let me just we'll just walk you through it so did you think like got this store everything's fine it straight for it is a circular here we go yet and then found out some secret should about him i think i know where the secret things are so exciting i'm excited perspire this explains no no no
there's a nine on page nine video favour ok yeah mean that anyway should we raffle this guys come on oh there's just so you know there's not eight pages ok look at page eight is it that was a mistake ok edward edwards who was on charles murray isn't in one of his foreign charles charles murray murray don't worry edward edwards is diagnosed edwards born bill marie why i knew that i was suspicious may give dropping in on everyone's wedding ok he was born in akron that's right groom june fourteenth nineteen thirty three he was
illegitimate and this is fucking horrible and really heavy when he was around five he witnessed his mother's suicide glorifying so years later he goes theirs they sent him to an orphanage in parma i'm too for these city pronouncements i can't understand o stoked eleven it it's gonna fuck we didn't ask anybody about that it's no yes with a sea no that's not right well done so the people out there you know all this sudden oil that's not there when we need it but just pseudo everyone in the front just started naming cities they think we camp are now raise their hands whatever came to mind what i hope that everyone like that anyone we become
the river owing to that one that's not the same as the city you're talking about i might have made up at work done you didn't cities in mind to work in a pig one person you're not helping you said you just said i hope i was the city we're trying to that's fucking insanity i bet you're not even from here who she has given me the i know she's crying oh sorry don't my glasses on i bet you want to fight me sorry when the time comes i meant to ask you what the city name is stop crying so that you don't like let the swelling go down its later on its around page five ok so he get sent to this orphanage later on in life he claims that the nuns their beat him first we and emotionally abused him which very easily believe but then
he blames his later life of criminal insanity on that we oh bullshit always on that so no ed so he the also claimed that when none asked him when he was little what we want to be when you grew up he said sister i wanna be a crook and i want to be a good one so nineteen forty eight when it was fifteen with centre forms a reform school in pennsylvania and slater later i think you pronounce that right think so two years later he returned akron any started committing burglaries them he he basically got he got to switch out he was in juvenile detention they said if you join the marines you can leave here like sounds great almost immediately goes a wall from camp luzhin in north carolina just pay
everywhere in the world have up our sprats really i heard a bears grants ok you guys are fun so in april one fifty two oh shit it's on page one ok show her you guys are going to say that city till the coffee like goya hogarth chill coffee chillicothe hey you guys thought that that was the one we could pronounce nobody can yell bearded ok i'm sorry she did
talking very bearings even though i do a full conversational ok but she raised her aunt true yes we need a system in place ok so the reason you to chill coffee as if i've always known for two years i guess he was impersonating marine and he stole a car and went across state lines so he answered getting dishonorably discharge from the marines according to him cause later on you'll see he wrote and autobiography so great he yes please favorite thing here describe himself as being ruggedly handsome and equally cunning which doesn't make sense was either he's saying he's rugged running he's like a mountain noisy equally handsome it was equally handsome to a rugged king can cunning he
claimed euro spent is twenties hitchhiking forging checks and having sex all across the country to oh my you're twenty is when you george that first challenge are like i myself finally i know i am ok you may have seen this guy before i think that that right up nostrils what dan sublime now that i look at it this figure we marked they used to always you back in the sixties is probably jets are less is it an asian painted black with me whereas he had full lips too he's stern a little stephen mustache by arming he just as large upper lip surface area remember that face it's gonna come up later
sure it right now wearing glasses ok homer you stop talking about ok so he can so after being held on burglar charges in akron nineteen fifty five he broke out of prison by pushing i stood guard is being rude we'll watch while excuse owes me on that lots of prisons work it was honor base hinders honour system prison like you promised you promised to stay here and not push then he fled across the country holding up gas stations for money as he went and he said that during that time he never wore a mass because he wanted to be famous you right so i would ask you to bear today about you hey you
daughter series of armed robbery nineteen fifty six six he was arrested in montana and he was sentenced to the penitentiary and dear lodge ok so he's he's from their things clear the cookie area thank you he was released from their in july nineteen fifty nine but then taken to portland to stand trial for two armed robberies in nineteen fifty six so they like we're like oh that's the guy from our thing bring em over there he gets there sentenced to five years probation but while he's there no sorry this different time we while he's there or another time this guy literally did so many fucking crimes the idea that he just kept getting paroled and getting out really is a reflection of the time and the or of his fucking scan i'll tell you that because it so that's it just like oh you you held up another gas station you know what
we're gonna go and give europe a slap on the rest get out of here you not so he you still trial in portland for to arm robberies and fifty six then he brought out of jail in nineteen sixty in portland where heed this good this could be a serious wikipedia mistake i made but it says we're he'd been arrested for pulling a false spire alarm the big deal back then i mean it wasn't like a flag and frankly nerd stood no that was that you know why because back then you couldn't just reset ire alarm once you pull that it was broken forever it's not true ok about while they had him there for the false fire alarm he was questioned in connection with the double murder of a young couple from portland named beverly island and larry peyton but no charges were filed they could only question him or they only question him so then so he's
out of jail in portland they're looking for him he's traced to colorado were he oh it just you don't seem like you mean it so i don't know how i love there they're here now they're ok childhood i am happy to be here and i am happy to be here the original thick for me ok here's how they traced him to colorado he had been cashing checks from the ritalin bowling club which he was a member of the land they had their own checks yeah i guess it was the treasurer of the portland bowling club or friends with the treasurer and apparently they had tens of thousands of dollars lady do you now i'm just getting
the boy with a bowling link young willingly i'm on a joint boiling leaning have money that would have been a pack of aesthetic correctly is you it's a start a boiling league where you make hard boiled eggs and spaghetti who i could do that top roman easy ok can someone right down the boiling leaned courtesy pitch what we're gonna do they when food network no yes even get it you don't worry about it ok cell because of all this and i can't find him the bowling leg and all that shit in november nineteen sixty one the fbi places him the ten most wanted list what he wanted it's all about sing state lines when he was confined after mary conviction is they got him on all the stuff so he's come for two months later in atlanta with his wife now is
if all this how did he find time to date with whom the robberies and pushing prison guards that he had been doing so there was time for love and edwards meda you think he met on the bowling we all he was like throw is hot on a by her a corn dogs z where this thing goes you you know i do falling now you know of corn dogs oh hello i love to how do we hurried larry casting right now we can not theirs a bowling league we can join around here oh everybody suddenly yell about tonight lover there's a bowling leaving elbowing link game tonight
true crime levin bowling legally lioness appeal yes oh get so they send him when they kept finally capture him when he's on the ten most wanted list they send him to leavenworth for sixteen years four or five years later of course they just don't want him to stay so this is where s the con man takes over so he gets out leavenworth and he claims that a benevolent art that he met in leavenworth i didn't that's a cut and paste word i would never use it battle cook a kind the guard and helped him reform while he was in jail and now he wrote a book on his life of being a lifelong kramer i called the metamorphosis of a criminal coal in the true life story of ed edwards fake name true life story of a vague mania
so that he releases that in nineteen seventy two and he based he starts he goes on the circuit and becomes an inspirational bigger yes on the phone the pham oh he has just drawing up oh yeah he beat that's him up there yeah some way let us not be critical what happens when you settle down look she has my bangs alone she kept those herself too she kept those herself after a couple white wine you know me you they they end up having five kid hopefully also yeah and this is him as a family man right oh and then we're going and then we're just going to show you this since this was it's a recording of his inspirational speech called
says they're ed edwards says build a fire in the person not under them build a fire in the person not under them i feel like that was the first draft and you should have kept going yet at times when you're trying to pick a title it's good to like spitballs three four ten ideas here that smile is so creepy anyone who looks at happy as a second monster yes it looks like he like he'd take the bottom half of his face off at night so weird by hiring that's a weird it's like all he knows about smiling ass he saw two scrunch your entire face and developmental yes mamma this part down these very still we did it we do we really have so everybody gets bill inspired by his inspirational motivational speaking and he ends up going on
to television shows a nineteen seventy two the to tell the truth room which i'm sure you loved back then and to show called what's my line he with others this is to tell the truth where a panel would have to figure out if you were lying about your lifetime a serial killer yet liar omega ok i i'm sorry but i feel like that to tell the truth font aids to come back and then also those whatever those robots are they like penis robots just what are they peanuts i didn't want to say the first time that penis robot allowed to my face i just like
things looked like this when i was very small so when i see it again it just like thinking you're happy it does a little bit but then i also like also i'm alone re like someone put me in a room alone that takes you back to a time when europe souvenirs god i remember when i loved souvenirs right so basically if a pseudo celebrity everybody the idea that a man who was a lifelong criminal went into prison and a benevolent prison guard tim see you know his way to living the a life lighting fires inside of people very inspired by that really rather story ended it be a beautiful now and then he lit several people on phenomena but not the axis of evil they legitimately if the reform of the act would be a great story the wire part would be fun to its its
idea that i feel like a lot of times when we talk about things like this when you're like how did this person get away with this for so long it's because other people want to be true so then when it starts to flee the way of this is in no way true you're like a nobody is yet through here he were he lit a fire inside me so the fame dries up of course as it always does and i hope you remember that this is all we're all on a clock here so he goes back to the scale that he learned in prison which is carpentry me i'm a handy man he buys it i was in eighteen seventy four he buys a house and doyle stan and ohio adding everyone hates it no one fucking cheer him saying it wrong doyle since acts the oil town
no w and then feels good not to be the one another ass i look back at once my guy the w i may have silent excitement like that it's a silent invisible doubling thank you finally someone being helpful ok in oils town he builds a house for his he remodels out for himself and his wife and five kids and then around town he becomes a family man and of course does the thing that all great psychopaths do he begins to try to ingratiate himself with the police so hangs out although he's a big talker not not big drinker buddy hangs out and bars listens gets me
talk to him and then basically becomes a snitch so he starts telling the police about local crimes that he's heard about and an teeth hangs out what the police they hang they hang out at their house basically he then they come home one night and their houses burning down and the police and the fire department find evidence of arson and so the word cells as family that some a criminal formed on found out that he was niche and so that now we have to go on the run and so he starts move his family to a new state like every six months or so because it turns out ed edwards zena shock you he was not reformed and levin his record his boss even though the cover was beautiful so real quick
miss skip ahead to nineteen eighty to this call kay so in the army nineteen eighty in jefferson county was content a young couple my cab seer i why that's the jefferson county bird collar and easier to night or she women mistletoe karen okay so august nineteen eighty a young couple named tim hack and kelly drew they go to a wedding reception at a place called the conquered how which is this big place where they held there is like two wedding receptions being held there that night there nineteen years old they were highschool sweethearts they left the parties together though perception together and they were never seen again the next day i'm tim's dad goes to the conquered house fines cars are still in the parking lot then
five days later they start pieces of kelly drew's clothing like out in the country where the whole things out my country but around so then the police have to go in an interview everybody there was at the conquered house tat night all the gas from both weddings and they have end up with no leads there's no clues and the case goes cold two months later thereby were found tim hack had been stabbed to death kelly drew had been strangled and that's when this case became known in is wisconsin as the sweetheart murders and it was called for decades so almost twenty nine years later two thousand nine instead of wisconsin gets a cold case grant and they get to reopen five called cases and the sweetheart murders are one of them so what they they go in they get kelly's clothing and they find d
nay on it and they send it to the lab to get tested they can match it and they thought they do find dna from seamen on her pants and so once they know that they might be able to match it they the police make this announcement to the public anybody has any information about these two young people's murders anybody if that was at the conquered house that night any anything we want to hear from well at the same time twenty forty eight year old mother of two name april ash yo had been reading reading up on coal since she read this article and when she sees the picture of the conquered house she stops cold
because she remembers when her family lived in jefferson county and she remember that her father had been the handyman at the concord house and she remember that two days after the cut that's right i'm building up to it so heavily two days after the couple disappeared their woke the family up in the middle of the night put them all in a car and move to pennsylvania her father was ed edward that's right he had my beijing's she had that's right i think that was the mom that was the mom this is the daughters of those babies either daughter had broken they didn't i thought you and mom over daughter ok forget it i was looking that at that moms catholic going like take me forever to blow drive out make that work oh my god ok anyway this is so
here's how here's went down and she basically is business blake i feel like it's kind of what we're all in it for where you read an article and suddenly got cold chills you're like i know that face i'm the witness that you need or whatever did you see some girl did it today that the bachelor what did you say bachelor some fucking girl like i'm missing photo in a fuckin humble humble times of like look at all these missing people and some girl like some second girls and ensure kind greatly looking at me like that girls are contesting the bad dominant insular it's really her holy shit you told her mind she was going to we're gonna marijuana farm but instead and tell her she's going beyond the bachelors or mamma we do a shame yeah yeah but i thinking that maybe the bachelors affair for an hour farm work i would explain allows stuff on their work would have to the road
that is i guess it's just paint red bread painted oh yeah that's how they traffic will you take this across dateline envy my bride oak at our topic any house we're back so a couple years after they moved to pennsylvania in nineteen eighty two she then remembers that one that your mama's had been in the hospital for an injury her dad took all the kids camping and the night when they went home the next day their house burned down because also who the fuck once lay kids your minds in the hospital really sick let's go campaign your words this had been the a time that their house had been burned down now it supported this theory that or this story line that he was giving his family of bad guys are after us and they're trying to get me cause was a snatch well too
april surprise her three brothers went to the police i said we are the ones that burn the house down cuz our dad made us do it so in nineteen eighty two at edwards was arrested for arson and he was sentenced to two years in prison in pennsylvania you bring your own house down i don't care that you're fuckin how's dont lights fire but but you did he got out one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven and then now he decides he's going to be the family man he's going to read dedicate himself to the family so he bag and one of the senses when after college but he still has the four kids at home plus boy named danny lardner who had is one since friends they all went to high school danny came from a really troubled family but here in cleveland more trouble than your dad
i can he thought he was going to the perfect family so he starts hanging out he becomes like a member of the family and these days with them for years actually ed tried to adopt him and the judges like no he's nineteen by the did allow danny to change his name from ghana glock nor to danny boy edwards got so i don't like it either so then damning joy after high school ed encouraged anti to join the military and so he hurt his ankle we have this fuckin story go he heard his ankle and he was gonna get discharged and so he too he was telling me about that problem and it was like
he basically was like that it's it's such a disgrace if you get discharge from the army whatever so was dishonorably discharge so he would now so danny going awol two days before he was supposed to be medically discharged from the army and he remains missing for a year and apparently edward was obsessed with the fact that he is missing and he told the police you going to do everything it could to try to find the money a year later hunters find a shallow grave in the woods behind the cemetery in the city it's danny by edwards and he'd been shot to death in the back of the head oh i'm so edwards is distraught he's going crazy about it at dinner funeral he is asking people what do you think happens to danny very appropriate so that
case ends up going called the police can't find any leads about that so years pass and all five of the edwards it's our sitting there all grown up now april has around last name there all talking about annie murder and what they think could have happened and one of the older kids brings up the fact you know mom and nineteen eighty two mom was in the hospital but she you remember why she was in the hospital dad stabbed her they didn't not the kids knew this so they all start like sharing this information apparently moment when kids when fuckin citizens get high together shit count that's right like it takes one thanks giving party where everyone has a little too much baileys nets like well guess that didn't happen that way i remember thinking carol so well this is even more worrying apparently at edward
came home one day and he want there was a bag a potato chips he wanted to eat and he found it half eaten does their spoken ninety seven kids in their family and that's all that happens when you have more than two children and the family in contest he finds out that the bags been half eat any stabs stabbed his wife over it they still have lasts i mean also don't stab your wife alike no you're right there's tons of problems tonnes a problem this picture one would that reaction here he really went really went straight to sixty didn't even there was no discussion there's no did they sit down respecting people's potato chips ok but so what's the older kids going this is what this is this and this is out and then we came home and then there are houses burned down for them one million time so we
starts to realise her father is not the person she remembers him to be and she was only eleven years old when the sweetheart martyrs happen in wisconsin but she did remember that her father was the handyman at the conquered house and she rumours that he came home that night the night that the that they disappeared with a cut his nose and a black eye and he told his wife had been in a fight but then later when the police came to question him because he was the handyman he told the police that from a hunting accidents we changed historian april remembered that she's and ass she saw that picture and alike as the city name and the is where he work it was all come together and she started having like what could these weird recovered memories and infirmities and yeah so he tells the cops hunting accident and then too later they move away in the middle of the night which is the
is a good time to move because there's not a traffic is better hot oh yeah you're not like boxes back and forth car sweating re sunburns problems not sure what's next year oh i wanted you to see that jacket that he wore on to tell the truth i don't know of his wife's soda for em off the couch or what the fuck happened but like in own in evangelical preacher some feeling has actually he died in all american person he looks like different another kind of person that could light a fire inside you right under the lord so sherry compared i dont look
why is where ok not or about it was i know i know and i have to hurry up because is taking too long but essentially so april call those jefferson county shares apartment she talks a detective chad garcia and she's basically like my dad fucking killed with response sweetheart murders so this detective i'm love with of course he he goes and looks up there is he reads the interview he sees where at edward said that his injuries were from a hunting accident which is insane like clearly fight injuries needs like oh i hit myself in the with the gun twice then he reads edwards book the meadow offices of a criminal and sees that this bait guys basely fucking nuts out of his mind so two weeks later he
april let her know that the dna that they took from kelly drew's pant that sample that base it in to the lab and they also got dna from edwards and it was a match extradited back to wisconsin to charge them with the double murder or so at this point old edwards a seventy seven he's got like permanent oxygen tank he's got diabetes he's very overweight in very poor health he knows they have him for the sweetheart murders but when you in custody he finds out that was content does not have the death penalty so here rights a letter to the ohio authorities and says you're gonna wanna come talk to me cause i got she had to say to you and so the cops from ohio come up and then he starts confessing to nineteen seventy seven unsolved murder case of eighteen year old judas stroud on twenty one year old bill of arco who had both been
in the neck while they in a car it was another lover's lane situation their bodies had been left in a public park then he can says to the ninety ninety six murder of his own foster son danny boy that's right he had so what really had happened was ed had convinced annie to go a wall from the army come out of the woods i want to show you how you get out of how you get out of military duty an danny's thinking he's gonna show some like shoot yourself in the pan whatever it is and that's an edwards shot him point blank and it turns out that edward was planning to cash in danny's two hundred fifty thousand dollar life insurance policy which he never got to do in the end after all of that at edwards plead guilty to five martyrs he asked for the death penalty they said nobody
stead he got for life sentences but don't get too excited because he was only in jail a month and then he died a natural gas hall stupid bastard okay now detector chat garcia of the jefferson counter sheriff's office says he is couldn't pretty confident that there are is five to seven more murders edwards committed and he gave a list of fifteen confirmed and suspected so they have all these murders that that took into the timeline of at edward which brings me to the mental breakdown of the story because as i'm watching brain scan your mental picture about his own ok now he's gone now so remember the show i think you did nathan bar jonah on this so we ve often recommended the tv show real detective where real detectives the story of cases that they had to work on and andella closing and
on that show on the episode about nathan bar jonah they most hideous child killer of all time that's a fucking contest yeah i mean you really there a lot of competition but i went by me out incredibly badly nothing else bothers me on this but it does so fun but on that show the former detective john cameron is the detective that's explaining that story and he's the one that close that kate so a john cameron has written a book called it's me edward wayne edwards the serial killer you ve never heard of and in the book he he tells the murders that it has been convicted of then he provides analysis and argument for a other murders that he thinks that word is could be responsible for including the murder of adam walsh nineteen one
the murder of jean monet rams night but he was older brother he was invalid and look like santa claus he looked like santa claus i've i buy it ok thank you you just have to say it twice and then you're convinced say i really like satellite ok and then and the robin hood hills martyrs of stevie branch christopher buyers and michael more now this is of course all of this is like it's it's theory conjecture but he's so you know how and april says this in there's interview in interview of hers worship talks about remembering how her father as we say ingratiate himself with the police he was obsessed with police procedure of go in and basically watching the crimes that were committed that other people are getting sent to jail for he liked it but when in kind of stand around if you like interesting so in the dock
now that we ve all seen of the west memphis three theirs very famous scene where these parents are at their sons grave leave this is christopher buyers parents it's this that is thing in the world at this at the grave and then in background zono isn't here that's they say it's him now alive dudes like that so it's like it does look like santa on vacation for sure money in his hand i don't know what if you watch you can see it in the clip and it's just the document are just cuts away like there's other people at the cemetery there will they believe if this is handled at the cemetery guess what else
making a murderer that's him in the hallway behind the lawyer certain they now it's that is hand because you'll see there's oh shit i dont think i have pictures of him later but the area is light years big do as a real pointy kind of doubt word facing knows and anyway the job cameron theorize is that he set up stephen avery because he ah he lived in our away at the time trees a hall backs murder and disappeared on holloway night and he can people on holloway night that's a bunch of they they traced
philip now people are yelling i don't like at all it's not my fucking theory it stress me out more than you don't like it imagine me at three o clock thinking i was done with my homework and then this ship pops up and it's the most interesting theory i've ever heard of my life back there back there back and they look ok ok ok basically the xl leg of modern murder but this man but there's one more oh yes that's right cameron says that at edward is the zodiac killer artery tat crews that's what i i got to this part of the story i got it to this part at like what six o clock and i was
that was passed the pictures point look at cancun stephen pictures power five thirty or whenever it so this is where you would see a side by side of early ed edwards and that drawing of this of the zodiac where he has glasses along i'm seeing in my brain and i can only has fucking plain white guy face pointy knows and if you just had some glass like i've been lipped right is that how do you think he vietnam it's definitely have well here here's the here's the thing he lived in northern california in the sixties at the same time as each of the zodiac murders and some claim he closely matches that original description other say fuck now but april
at edwards daughter says that he is to make the kids watch videos about the zodiac killer and while they watched it he would scream that's not how it happened i want her hometown murder froggy until she gets up and walks on steel gimme that done so essentially to learn or about this case there's so i irene like i was going doorway insane so basically if you want to see april about how her father is a serial killer it two weeks ago on investigation discovery theirs oh paul people magazine investigates and we all love people magazine it's the truth i'm bible murders are designed as my fish
it was called my father the serial killer away and its april telling this whole story it super awesome also on spike tv they produce a six part documentary call documentary series based on john tk whence theories called it was him with edwards grandson a guy named wayne wolf and they both go in and explore all john cameron's theories about where he was and how he possibly could be involved in pretty much every famous murder of modern times that yeah basically that's the story of at edward there's lots sorry that's so long there might be one more picture on their ban on earlier i don't want to show my earlier coaster i've that was that was that
insanity like go onto brain scratches that com is it has like all the research it has all this stuff like our research that this guy is collected and it's so crazy that was bananas yet now that i am piled up and ready to go ok are you guys we're fucked up story i had never fucking heard of this oh it's bananas the kirtland colt killings holy shit in others i do not arise goddammit i love a call i know you do i know you do this is a worse mass murder and the history of late county that matters to you
quick i feel like we should have explained as before to the people who are here tonight against their will and dont know about the people who work here a partners of people who are like i don't want you but you did the thing with me so i'll go to this with you when you hear this cheering and is not cheering for death no sharing for that it's more like we have all been sitting alone that with this information for so long and now we get do it together is that help so curtly cocoa is ok cut them so let offers ok fuckin this deck jeffrey longer he is born in in may of nineteen fifteen independence missouri is the child of similar no one cheer nope no mormons here ok child of strict super religious parents their members of the reorganise church of jesus christ the latter day saints it's a small offshoot of humanism ok
like most religions their open to the idea of modern day profits raised so according to sources he jeffrey was severely abuses a child and he was a loner throughout high school but ass he grew into adulthood he became a religious fanatic he was excellent memorizing verses in the bible and the church of mormon book yet the book of mormon you know from the church she wanted to know which he studied endlessly sues obsessed with religion he goes to central central missouri state university and he spends nothing but you don't like the city guy he he hangs out house per hour odious youth any meets another student their name alice killer she
told by a church elder that she was destined to marry a great church leader someone she finds jeffrey longer in his like hey what's up i'm a modern day profit here is listened to me spout all this second bible should i memorized you know college stuff you know i mean yeah i know that book from mormon what's that shit like oh shit out its hand this is it's him so but they start fooling around out of wedlock winston unless you do know unacceptable rate and socialist gets pregnant and then jeffrey flunked out of college whatever the get married oh i forgot that that's the college that we care for his to who flunked out and flung galaxy it can work do they get married and by nineteen eighty they four children sterile
they'll super religious and by this time he starts telling drivers are selling his wife that he had visions that he was at the crucifixion and then he was with christ he died and he can see and you can also see the future just really cool just a point our people we're have visions we're like i was at the crucifixion but i was way in the back up as a tall die in front of me talked really loud the whole time i didn't get arise at the crucifixion there was for one of the other guy was it that those other criminals before going there was the upside down eyes it was not nothing to write home about that never happens everybody's cleopatra and alice was like gray she believes him she better she has more galea ok here and told her that guy had told him that that they need to move to kirtland ohio
it must be nice gods like hey then it must be in place god's like there's this amazing for bedroom how really good square foot there a great room so oh that's where they are the charter the mormon faith was and it's a mecca for mormons so there are like move their unlike get more religious if you can try gave it a world so in april nineteen aid for the longer family moves from misery to kirtland and geoffrey volunteers is a tour guide for the historic kirtland temple and he also worked as a bible study teacher but the church like one the man do what do they call on priests not in the elder yes i don't know very well what spain did not god he's the one hello gambia he's walk he's the elder the elder i knew at first line of the huge help the church elders is like walking by his bible study thing and he and he hears phoebe like forget everything
they just say that the church what'd i mustn't me every and there's like spouting august negative shit like hell in stock which i guess they're not stoked on well yeah children no to like the older people ok and so elders are like brown can't do that and so they also suspected instilling twenty five to forty thousand dollars from temple the temple store and so a temple bowling league so they kick his ass the church of the temple store like a souvenir saw souvenir agnes in enemy souvenirs like that book of woman or a big superman a thought what about a foam finger is like god pointing up yes
okay so this one is for one thousand nine hundred and eighty seven though he had already won over a small block of his stuff group but it doesn't people flock and heat by claiming that he was upset following gods orders and promising that they would see the face of god if they followed his teachings so they believed him so they left the church with him and he began to prophesies that kirk kirtland would be the site of the second coming of christ wow kirtland ohio who went on picture oh i fear that a picture of the second coming across europe gods they see all ready for this so this is the london family that's allison asshole over he looks like a real fungi i just they look happy enough for this report
so a longer and family and their for children and around eight of their followers move into our house together what a bummer fifteen acre rental property in kirtland it's got a century old house that they all live in and also a barn and they and the followers all call jeffrey and alice mom and dad know the red flag no no no no amorous unless you're on mama's family down every night intense scripture classes topped by geoffrey of course he can do it for hours and hours on end and they just fuckin set there unless and preach his craziness his negative bullshit heat this follows that everything they knew was wrong the head of a race their memories and start over with what he told them and they were allowed to pray without him to do tat
tell i'm frank right now you dont know can't tell me some it doesn t do it they turn over their paychecks click lay turnover page oxenham and all their possessions to him fuckin classic culture right here he would eat drop on the court members and that made them believe that he could be they're mine now you not i mean he's like the guy a separate along caught members were better to talk amongst themselves i can talk to each other what the upside of his cold but does not having to think that monthly gonna high five but one day what they talked around they talked amongst each other it was there was a sin and he called it murmuring oh my god and he made them all fast and he would like fucking eat all the food around them and share and
ike threaten them it was he was psychotic person and he was really charismatic and i think we really good at speaking list he was w i hope satellite go back so another families have become devoted followers of jeffrey lungren was the avery is in nineteen eighty seven dennis avery who was an assistant at a bank in missouri move to kirtland with his wife cheryl and their three daughters trina who is fifteen rebecca was thirteen and karen with seven they were family of book they were really passive people and geoffrey would complain about the avery is because dennis let cheryl quote where the pants and affair which he that was fun sacrilegious like it's a sin that you're letting your wife tell you to pick up your fuckin socks before you know she's talking and that's not allow now she's nothing subservient so well its assent dennis
gave him ten thousand dollars from the sale of their missouri home but he kept on the money for himself and his family and he also wouldn't leave in the house with them and so jeffrey was pissed off about that too here's a picture of the eighties ah they're nice we can all ok ok though so so migrant began preaching about the end of days and planned a raid on the temple that fuckin fired as ass you mean the main mormons apple ha ok we're gonna rate at and that this time they started practicing military maneuvers and stockpiling weapons and dressing in milk i regard a bad sign at church here now what it's about now and all that we're like
this is a young like told i m sure and also one of the coat members at this point having currie who'd nineteen eighty eight was like i'm out of here this is not what i fuckin signed up for he goes to the fbi and tells them about his plan to use lethal force to seize the kirtland temple it was planned for may third one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight which was lundgren's 30th birthday which is like happy fucken birthday to me he's one of those like it's my birthday alma and at the end for marguerite s and then we're gonna raid the temple right so fbi passes info along the kirtland police chief dennis yarborough and the day before they attack there are like can you can talk to us for a minute at the police station and his acknowledge i'm not gonna do that i swear but the human it's back home to his cold he doesn't
tell them about that he was like i had a conversation with god who told me we're not generate the church ok you now in their cause then he with the news like nervous that they weren't gonna believe in him anymore because he didn't follow through with it but he's like that don't worry we're still gonna fuckin do something violent and there great that's all we want as followers of this religion so oh papa instead of focusing on the church he turned his attention to his own flock but she says as evil in it and they need to quote cleanse sin from the group he says that tax and is the avery is it gets worse always if you know every time i look over here to tell you something and then look back i can't see the words because my retinas are burned the sis i let takes a minute he tells his at the end of days are approaching something that i love to i can say that but i am don't kill people
and he promised other followers would get salvation if they sacrifice the avery families insanity yes so they had been at this one is whole flock which are normal people there like husbands and wives and people who have normal jobs and we're just really into their faith had been so whipped up into a religious frenzy that they were ready to do whatever he told them to do because of the return of jesus christ so an ape seventeenth nineteen eighty nine the avery are called to the lingering residence and when get there in the evening one of the members of the called tabby calaveras said she thought it must god's will that this was going to happen and they knew what was going to happen and they all go along with it in fact some of one of the member this one you do now the world said yes i just i just remembered issue i never heard of it before the thing to do them to the barn ok just
episodes yelling about me ass an american justice about listen you guys here what's his name sl courtesies voice near him that's right but they ve not going to go to the letter jacket for no reason ok so they bring the family to the house and denis avery is asked to come and go and at the barn for whatever reason he's walk there he's rendered unconscious of the stun gun he's gagged and this is other and dragged it to a pre doug pit where he shot jeff shoot him in the back of the head twice and he dies next are all the wife is lower when she told that was at her husband needed help she is bound and lord in the pit and she shot three times and eyes and after that he daughters trina fifteen becky thirteen and karen seven are also shot and killed in place next to their parents in the pit its and all these
fucking members are there and they knew it was it happened and they all go along with it in fact so of one of the members stood outside the barn while this happen in ran a chainsaw so the neighbors wouldn't have a gun male off will be there are indeed bloodier all of their humanity was stripped away that's the whole thing of of cults you'd lose yourself entirely in it all becomes about this person you're following and you just don't you just what they say that's the craziest that's why they're so fascinating is how does that a person that's manages a bank gordon it does anything that you think oh you would know not to do this but it's that its in total there was one woman who was jeffreys cousin who like join the culture is like a single mom and later in interviews she's just like i want someone to make all the decisions for me i was scared and didn't you know i didn't want to live my life and so it was nice to have some
decisions for miss our plenary than you'd like no i mean you hope it would be this point but the out but also it is that thing to the idea of the promise of say like it whatever the promise ends up being like jesus returning that become so real and that ideas you're salvation so you're going to do anything it takes to make sure that that happened right of criticism real sacrilegious but i'm not i mean what if what if what if it's not that great when you go to heaven you did all of la russa like i guess it's cool what are you sure like a shitty diner you like us who alone before this for this for this
so we d zalm sorry i'm jewish i dont have to apologize boop i just have to call my aunt is a nun everything that we did tonight and i'll be fine that during the ferber love we were ok then the neighbors did say that only her chainsaws running that my god which is a horrible hoping to here at night you're not cutting what it now not safe the body is though that the avery family are covered in line and buried in the pit than currently they just six our trash all over it and then they go back to the farmhouse and hold a prayer meeting the very next morning the fbi cop show up to the house to kind of do a welfare check and because of the complaints from the neighbours who are sick of nighttime chains all year
so imagine this fuckin flock is like shit like the next morning yeah but they're just there they don't you no what's going on yet so that the fbi interviews everyone make sure they all want to be there in our by choice and one of the police members like well what about there's a family called the avery assuming an area them and they said no because they weren't deemed important because they warrant is active in the court so they never sought to find them sought to find them maybe sought them south amounts cannot them out ok seven so later that day there like that i was a close call let's get the fuck out of here they they get the fuck out of there and lay go to a remote campsite and west virginia where they lived in the upper guys where they live in the fucking wilderness wilderness four
there is a strong booing section that i'm into right here they go and live in the wilderness for seven months what why asking bomber male wouldn't be in the whole time they were like do you told us that they use come to kirtland and raise a wire we hear quickly your plan it is still my birthday i want to camp and after all these months the fuckin lungren families are like just kidding it's going it's going to happen in southern california and they look and take off and leave everyone behind the family really so everyone is suddenly like oh shit we might have made a huge mistake so by december 31st one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine this cult member larry johnson and his wife had left him to take up with a longer in stew sonny southern california was like
so this was a bad idea and he contacts eightieth agents in kansas city he's does the beans tells them fuckin everything including details of his own involvement in the murders and gives the agents a hand drug map of the barrier of the barn where the pit is where they can find the body january third i guess they wait till after nears there are just trying to arrange schedules china they couldn't get older the judge from the scientists their search warrant out of the judges just plastered out of his affairs i mean you never know when making sure that could be true they search the burial pet base on the drawings and after clearing away at large amounts of garbage debris they get they begin digging in with by the time it's dark out find the first set of human remains they find dennis then they find the rest of the bodies and there are horrified this is like a nice
lino suburban town with water religious people in it and some arrest warrants are issued for lungren and twelve his followers including alice his wife and their nineteen year old son damon endanger kit damon its close to damien which is satanic or demon richard brand as one of the key member injured branson a virgin airlines sharing blanche shilly catherine johnson dangle craft pommels baron von chile by sharon blunt ski financially ronald lapses in left deborah calaveras dennis patrick tanya patrick and gregory win ship so here's i think i'm a photo all of us i mean at one story here we go so these are the people that fled to allay no these are all of em oh it's everybody i call he's just good and see look at that
dead eyes this was was this a lens crafted colt rough stuff number so the charges the twelve accomplices ranged from conspiracy to commit aggravated murdered complicity to aggravate and murdering kidnapping by inside of one week all suspects are in police custody some of the members had charges dropped not many due to non involvement are only given obstruction of justice charges but the rest of them get some slack and hard ass time should as one of them richard brand is a six years old when he was arrested in connection with the murderers of the avery is he's a cop loses they explain he's a fucking college graduate green civil engineering and he participated to avoid
life sentence he agrees to plead guilty to five counts of complicity to aggravated murder in exchange for testimony against jeffrey lungren and other called members he was in the barn in the night when the areas or murdered and heat jeffrey lungren is the trigger men but but but but he says they were all willing accomplices though his job was to help binding gang rape victims before they were shot insane so run laugh he is a key and planning and facilitating the murderous with jeffrey a sentence two hundred and seventy years and life to life alice lundgren who was trying to say that in our she wasn't really part of it she was just a subservient wife in that he was abusive ever the jury was like health now she sentence you a hundred and fifty years to life in prison
two months later their son damon is sentenced to four consecutive lap terms without per all four hundred and twenty years and then sell it a free london's trial starts and ninety ninety and it only takes two hours for the jury to find him guilty of five pounds each of aggravated murdering kidnapping but on his eta sentencing he's alive to give like talk whatever what fuckin hours he preaches is no fuckin shit for five hours he's like stands at this pulpit like he's giving a fuckin sermon and goes on and on and everyone in the current like we could see how fucking insane he was my egg just seem so crazy tat one more life sentence our efforts the thought of him asked when he was arrested is like a lower it you owe me out here
i don't know if you are that jacket headless nobody had to say i know white track suit who are you so that did that the blah blah blah hold on two hours then he he gets sentenced to dine the electric chair oh shit pleaded deals are reached a because of that surfing cancel that cancel that order please deals are rich with six defendants who agreed to provide testimony exchange priority sentences all those defendants have been poor old six of i'm five of those people spent about twenty years behind bars before going free five now in prison after having served their we favour now out of prison or are still serving time including alice lundgren and she's not
eligible for parole intel and then there's a period at the end of that what georgia i believe you liked whiny ninety eight ok ok that's a great number then october twenty for its two thousand and six with this the head lastly the appeals are exhausted jeffrey lungren is executed by lethal injection at the southern ohio correctional facility sixteen years after he murdered the avery family he's mattering of polite applause for lethal jackson he died with no family or friends among the witnesses and no one claimed his body and he was buried in a prison grass roots shit however missouri church community raised thousands of dollars now
i'm on a map to pay for the burial of the avery family and misery of course they dame that's real church does that's what real search does and they launched a children's charity in memory of trina rebecca and karen avery and that is the fucking hurtling call you guys and this is a heavy episode it's heavy i would have another breakdown stevens beautiful face wasn't that its anti stevens cookie fazio uniting us through the since then having who in the loft it's just like brushing your hair with his moustache step that gets you through the hard times do we have
we always have time for a home town ok you hardly geneva your hand and that by now facing oranges lights look beautiful you have to listen to rules because there are crucial crucial roars or else here we go balcony it's not happening sorry i'm so sorry this is a union theatre we have to leave at a certain time but we cannot wait for you to haul your ass down head ok here's the rules we want it to be a local story don't come up
here and tell some fucking florida story we are while my eye cleveland anywhere near by also as you know you can't be so drunk that you can't tell your own story does this fine but you have to keep it moving at this is the crucial role that we realise in the last couple shows please remember ass the story teller and as the home town teller tonight everyone else in the audience hates your guts i wouldn't shout out a friend you got here i wouldn't be kissing fingers and pointing to people i would tell your story quickly factually make sure you know the names you know sure that you got it on in hand but not but you can't eureka we're so was ernie other was what rules o obviously can't real peace paper people know how to do at this point
so when you said my name of ours there saying your name don't be a sap now she's crying there's also be other rules there's no crying or there's only crying look now that's a manner that is here tonight what's your name my dear and curly member here you have to let em look into harley currently with the sea gas empathy anyway where are you from here i have but where are you from i am from
thank you argue there get up on i'm from cleveland that's what we're talking about all your friends matching sure they were pointing he made them shouts adorable what is really gets its essence eugene and with the murderous in beautiful the forest they were pointing out you furiously where is it because of a great hometown it's pretty good it's pretty good i like it humble unlucky all of you i am very turned about being respectful towards involved we i'm not gonna directly name name ok ok ok so in about two thousand eleven i guess i was working as a substitute english teacher at my old school had just strange in itself where
i met some pretty awesome new english teachers and one was this young woman research can we just take a moment to clap for english teacher god bless them they're all also goober drivers i've been paying half of my sister's mortgage four year so anyways i met this young woman who was fresh out of college you know still living at home really passionate about our job and anyway the matter i'm sitting in the office and the head of the departmental oxen she's like young bad as teacher i'm not naming your name of her what are we going let's call any grand ok she's like annie have you heard anything about your mom like where you know i heard shoe com link dude
hurry from wish where is she you know anything and i was like anyways and annie was all like you know she left a few weeks ago when you know we're not that concern my dad said just like you know met up with this group and gives you now air eventually i am favourably with kind of like we're ok anyway a few weeks later i get an email from the school saying is mom did not join a cold ass she was murdered by her husband annie's dad who is as the story goes wearing
i think it's nervousness added nervous no sooner is annie is annie apparently suspicious of what was going on our house apparently a foul stand and from her garage and you know have asnore down what is that what is that apparently they kept ends in their backyard and he was claiming that one of the chickens had died and he just hadn't cleaned up the body or whatever so clearly annie smarter than and eventually it was very disturbed by air and called the police and the police showed up turns out her his body was in the garage apparently she was had a stuffed enough
sleeping bag with a plastic bag overhead that really penny stuck in her mouth and a tarp over her body that was duck taped bag of why bleach everything all right there apparently when the police showed up the dad was trying to leg block i'm sorry side no dad was an ex cop here we go living in the town that he worked for when the police showed up i am assuming he was not happy to see is old colleagues trying to break into their garage and he had to be teased ordered in use where they found this terrible c o my anyway is i guess the germans the anti again to worry she did not come back to her work as i know and then but now she is back at the school
apparently living an awesome life and you know i'm not from her anymore was mormon acquaintance type thing but it was those things that was like oh my god i know this person that this happened do and so obvious dynamic saying oh my god i can't believe i regard she gets you gives hence my or carrying oh you can give its now she has a job great job curly apparently o awesome whereabouts really fast you got them so sweaty thank you so much for
everything you are it's so crazy that we say that every so yeah but we're so thrilled that we get to do this we have the best working time we love coming out and and actually meeting the people that listen to our insane podcast and the fact that you guys turn up the way you do the way you sell out theatres this size for us is thank you so much so amazing where so throughout our so happy i feel so lucky we gotta be a part of this i think you guys for supporting us and we will area we love you and stay sexy and likely
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