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2018-08-30 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Stanford White and the case of the Boys on the Tracks.

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this is exactly right hello unwelcome jim i favour a murder this is a true crime comedy podcast listen i've heard it before look you know and let you know and look unless and until you do this we do this part do that are always starts the same but with different were that you always get confused every time you must be reintroduced here there's a lot of people in the pot casting game they fields very important the top of your pipe has you establish what's the name of your show is and what
theme of that show is also always and that's caring co europe and that's george marched aren't we never do that part we forget that part and that's why everybody thinks where the other person exactly but we're not worthy their persons very weird to both of us that you ever would be mistaken that's right about who we are because we are so indoor ourselves that we can imagine that there is any quality about us that is is at like any one else in the world know where such individuals and truly truly unique i have kept my lap caring has coffee enron happy a milestone of how truly individual we are true
georgia's wearing a little son dress that i got her when i went to calais that's right collide drugstore i love it at so comfortable it looks like a real dress guiding to give a gift someone actually use it's it's a secret not real dress that i wear out public pretending to be an actually dressed person german really am rank fucking began as yet you are in any way i do and i was i don't think i can get to the pajama pant thing yet i see other women doing that i'm like that looks ok i could do that i can't do that you mean when someone standing at like the red box machine out from the grocery store in their wearing pants have like christmas trees almoner like those are pajama no not so much that that's ok the right box machine you're going directly home it's more like the like i'm at a cafe working and i have like look you can't i mean like there's a level of comfortable in your clothing that i just like that you can't wear in public to me
i don't know what you're talking about always be a little uncomfortable clothes that's why i change immediately on your home again just don't know what you're saying have now wherever ever
that way or dress that were on giving their hence the stress join me i slob land listen you're married girl i know nothing you ve no skin in his fucking game no one that should be uncomfortable all time all i want is to burn every single bra i've already gone to no fuckin underwrite arouse just doesn't exist in my life nay more i don't have a choice there right ok we're like i do so like why myself back and wearing wires yeah fuck that shit on red under resent and with this dress which is like got the scrunch top up top you know so like it does it you can't tell it does the work for you again and has his little both up tops like i can't even where a bridle shinola show its summer time we all have to go abroad as this is a night down that should say like something like a funny like quote on the front that i just where on the house how about fucking i'm married i would have done for
ok immediately are new fuck it up to you sir i've been not kidding how many before we read out what does it have on it what's it look like what if it was just in real puffy letters like from the eighties like them you know like it almost like an cheerleader drood unopposed area like thank you i'm really excited and happy about a totally like jazz hands he yeah you know we might be cutting into the bachelor a party game right now great lets you fuckin line a bachelor slackened that party closed penises badgering away i can add like bachelor doesn't make any sense at all if you want to add something to the sentence that you said wrong and you say fuck in between jews and like you didn't on purpose yeah that's your little conjunction freight
in common with it gets you it get you back into the conversations in conjunction junction yeah why what's your function real quick speaking of literary push the stinging emerge show march this weekend's labour day weekend whirling labour day we can sail were a bunch of our stuff is on sale from the thirty first of this month to this i gotta my third murdered our common then go to the shop and i don't know what's going on sale but i think it's cool shit clear some shit out and then bring some new should o were about to launch a mother fucking line of thing was that
i ve been asked about when are you going to do that i yet for two years i would say i'm so excited about it i think people are gonna be into it yeah yeah fisher and we both in this upcoming line have our own designs i would saturate which is very fun they both went to like our sources and will draw me of this thing and they drew this thing in our own style some minds like cute well guess it similar yours this to me very graphic gay i like it there's a real design element to an years is like chris fairbanks said it says that kind of sketched out in the cool and like skate bordering pencroft kind of a thing i said is chris i'm from this town on the z boys can you design me something from my tears i used to skateboard i used to work and rip up rails silvera chris i'm all about ali's and i talk about them constantly so could you design me something i world you know it's happening opec
ok so we were we thought it would be son because one of our one of the things we love the most about this community of murdering knows is how many sub groups have started on facebook for all the individualised groups of murdering knows because there are so many of you you ve decided to sub group yourselves accord the interest as i cities and staff which is like asking is built up see if you live in a city in europe are narrow and you you should doubling just go on facebook and look up and see because we just had one on twitter someone tweeted i believe it was the san antonio murdering grew small
but mighty they posted something they had a meet up about god dammit this better be san antonio cause i looked at him show they had one too but they re some money they re they re like two on fifty bucks for it may have been in the backlog order if what are the facts always will look my memory is not to be relied upon we're losing it lacks here folks here then you know that but people saw that on twitter and then all these people are like we do you do know about this i live near yeah i'm so excited there some people near me i have a painter here i'm at a point when learning at a shout out this week my then podcast atlanta group what's up land area atlanta shows up strong sure
i wasn't organisers stephen printed out we were like print ass a paper with all the names of this sub groups all the subcommittee he gave us like four pages and we're gonna we picked a few that we really love and we're gonna each name a few minutes also we're going to try to name all of them just so if your interest ever comes up than you'll know like for example on facebook by the way where yes it's these or facebook pages the summary knows who are people who love my favorite murder and also our fans of the sims nature of drew they created ada unifil rendering of us three sims characters in me in the vicinity of karen stephen and georgia and elvis mimi undotted which back and i appreciate so my i look like a character actor from the thirties who is sixty five years old but thanks for the famous whoever did that clearly not a fan of my work i love my skirt oh i'm going next ok murder emails
only those who are emo i as a mighty eighteen year old and ninety ninety thousand can hold appreciate and it's fun to say my favorite bad baby names which is a sub group i guess where they just share terrible baby names as someone who has had so many boring des jobs in my life like appreciate these because it's a boring yes and then you go so i do love that i don't know why but and it's you got so they're like even like stay sexy and watch football it's kind of my work as if like the pianist interest i'm an too but i don't wanna talk to just bucket any any it about i wanna talk to my people about to undemocratic melick crimes that happen in the football community you could use some sort of metaphor during the game zack i is running up the field like us like so many and then
fell on the crime there i don't feel issuing ere i don't watch football so i can't do it and you do it so the cheaper greenhouse biology they have achieved say love gives sick work i used to have a goal jeep and i had a golgi cherokee sport i bought it used must have belonged to someone who had a lot of money to throw away at the time and then got all that money taken away like this beautiful gold tudor jeep sport made out of me like i want that looks like a fuckin idiot had gold like matching gold ram yeah is like it was gold uncle does like my baby a lovely would tonight it was the
like ninety three ninety two i didn't drive and tom ninety seven so all that would be great if i gotta take me to get our carbon owes tolls yourself that's it then i was like ninety nine when i got back our arms girl gold rams first responders minos i wanna join that just with a story is a hundred percent if you come back in rough shift of hang on damn those are theirs good stories on their own i like killing it murderer east as which people or into this pod guest and fashion i wasn t berries does ok this when i get cause i've been their customer service arenas back and tell me about it flows off the tongue i loved i bet there's amazing story just complaining all day i used to be blocked just of wage wait staff complain and it was just the absolute best fuckin thing so good a hold on
drink marinos just i'm with you in spirit i'm with you in literally is this what i like glory lawyer renounced say sexy and donkey disbarred yeah please don't we need you who have applauded marinos where apparently go on there and they'll just celebrate if you have something like that you accomplishing the lion read it though claude you for it which is beautiful sweet and of course we have library arenas military there's like this the social social workers knows teeterin us like the people who are like our fuckin bread and butter yet like people gettin together i got fino whereas cobb although they are yet like i know but like art fuckin people the people that are holding it altogether yes thank you civil servants who also never forget complainer he knows which i know we ve talked about on the part of any they just get on their bitch and they allow each other debates that makes me lie lover
it's all rhinos mental health worker murder junkies black goes hand in hand with a bipolar now some o which if you suffer from bipolar disorder some friends in the game i take that as a group therapy i think that's an understanding which is really like that i went through this never that kiev you ve been there yeah back and taken out so nice that's great i have to shut out the murdering o makers i follow them on instagram they're just the people who fucking our creative and like half the boxes that we have an open get our like from these people who are king shit selling them on at sea or just doing it for fun such bad asses so good hertz there i'll do the last one stay sexy and joint another sub group people indignant and joining sub currently under nato can i do and more injure thank you for a friend arena golden girl fans that's right new and more i didn't want to talk to you but i have no no that's fine ok that's fun yes so find your people
but then also stay here with us i don't know i don't know i don't get well maybe not area we haven't even started are driven nothing else a million to the sinner this season lands jogger about right now get a we have watched the right i fucking guy every i think i've watched every episode do i didn't know you were watching the reason why we are not now i was in fact did i not have it be one of my things one week if the centre is the show that guy's nodding but i mean no that means yes or no it was another thing i was your hooray last week i think well shit i'm not paying attention don't look at me like that told you mean quiet judgment i looked at him quite judgment than i closed my eyes which is a really scary if you're going to make people out of living did not being increasingly to me
oh like it's a disappointed go deep inside them so hurt nobody me i'm a cat persons or that means that europe being when you smiling you know that i love this season so much that i know it comes on wednesday night tat i never know and i should work after winning what's the girl from should stop recording now and watch me what's the girl from who is who might i cast wireless but bulgaria and now the girl friend of achievements from mind hunter yesterday i am sorry we can't even do you mind looking up her name she was the screen and others got real issue is one of the she would challenge the girlfriend of this second husband cop in mind handling car yes god thank you you know how much it hurts and you can think of it and i'm never think of it i do know how much it hurts and i know how much it
it's when you think carry comes as in everything and not but she is in a state or can i just say next time you're watching what's his name is the best bilbil napoleon and he's in a moment of like thinking tat he doesn't look like he's trying to see if anyone just smell is far less i swear to god he's looking around and being like did anyone just like in this like it's like what fuck man but it's really like that now my fire because he also as a guilty he always has a guilty little turn up over the mining guiltily air that's why are demanding and i'm sure that's acting if you can turn one side of your mouth in a different direction that act limit as us stephen amounting in doing it legally dead yet how can you do it without moving eyebrow nope just like the joker i do it
hannah gross hannah grocers the actress who we don't know where she is and she said in her she's it's a good show such it's really set up well i feel like i think this is what i said last week it feels like they took the things that were were what they lead you to believe was happening in first celia another giving you all of that whole history in the second it's like their budget cycle it's like croupier it so creep ireland i was gonna say sorry because i'm sorry i was going to say sorry bill pullman the reason i've always loved him so so much because here
turn his star turn in the film while you were sleeping it's one of the best romantic comedies there is its bill pullman sandy bullet magazine and so please hurry while he's the brother ray and he thinks that she's marrying his hot brother that's in a coma it's the best movie it's the best idea formerly it's so charming it's so chicago why are you know now ok i'm she's she it's only not sorry because she doesn't stop him he walks by her aunt worded answer at the el train boca it's really good alright ok i also want to plug for two less to night i didn't drink which has a rarity for me when i was that i couldn't sleep yet so i read one book in tonight yeah good and also it didn't help because of some really fucking good book and i couldn't put it down ok and it's called at someone sent to us from some fuckin publishing like people send us like books at match our share and dynamic lena whatever but that this was a ok it's
the innocent wife my amy lloyd nor was it like one the first book that you ever wrote competition or some other person but is jamie lloyd and she won that competition yeah and it's like ok it's like this chick thousand love this chick is like obsessed with this guy on i throw who killed who got convicted for killing this little girl in his town and they start writing and she doesn't think he did it get married in prison he gets exonerated did he do it did he not do it what's her life like now is this crazy what's gonna happen language really that's his crime as it's a little like reminiscent like she took pieces from west memphis three kind of feeling i guess it's too hot name from it you never hotline damon eccles damien
calls yeah it's like kind of like that's like syndic that's archetype yes that's like about this woman that's fast marrying ham and it's like oh jesus is making a big mistake in area i love it's her point of view but it nobody also written from like there also like this one minute documentary about it cause she thinks she's innocent in trying to get exonerated like the movie and likes so it's like pieces from them that movie in its own right and literally two fucking night can i borrow yes you can have it it's a big book seven aim again for the people the innocent wife by amyloid us on that ship are a good job amy lloyd prizes on your first trip around burst back in fiction and it's like an who she up against nobody now you're no one else written there first know its regional sanction really fucking good get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello fresh america's number one meal kid they make
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arrived good good i'm glad i'm not mad but the only thing i am going to say which i know is first of all i am so angry right now because every time i print up my saying who i must have my printer set to something weird because i put in i have to put in page numbers so that you dont lose track of your pages as you read the text as we i'm saying you i mean a line i mean me and the last couple times i printed things the page number simply aren't there simply one of them is a poor mapping it's a formatting issue its and insert issue was so as we told you or fast areas with facts the professionalism and second nature seer athens but not not pajama penalize the shirt saying again
i'm married and hate slow you i'm married fuck you i'm married i dont know if a ton of people have that feeling but if they do we want to be there for them yea a hundred percent ok light i get it let's just go and then if these are out of order we'll just have to play by her stories gonna get weird i just called it just almost called stupid elvis did you hear me go l elvis restarted my after edit around miss i'm used to it you might have did like take pieces of this and put in the right order is ok again i got this from the first time i ever heard of this crime it was never of criminal i'm phoebe judge in this is here since look at and criminally about well you know when you go on a road trip especially a show like criminal there so many good ones that i was just keeping opposed it note of like look this up later well who was
that's me me she likes a yell it out sometimes ok all right i listen to and on criminal but then i watched a woman who is a professor in an author named paula borough earl burrow i can't be right i think it is she wrote a book called american eve the birth of the girl in the crime of the century and she then when i went back to real isn't that episode of criminal to get the facts she's expert on that episode you now so it's all the same i mean she's the expert on this crime and and what have you so it's the this the case of the original it girl evelyn nesbitt and the murder of stanford why yes this is fucking the craziest story and all classic which i love so just do it
as quickly as i can and i'm gonna get out of here i didn't go to poison and then you can do it every time had she's gonna go watches interrelated inertia go i do my murder i have to meet bill pullman downstairs i don't mind ok so this woman evelyn nesbit was born actually florence evelyn nesbitt in terrorism pennsylvania let us now how let us know how well you will on christmas day eighteen eighty four although people aren't sure if that was the year because her mother faked her age to make her seem older for the labour laws slow as a first out so she might actually be younger than that she was declared the most beautiful baby ever to have been born in that county i doubt it doubt it and also probably not that hard nea
back then babies are second there i'll splotch india you if you just had one that was like kind of ok and that they must they be like unbelievable put her up on the pakistan they literally a solely on the town the up ok so everything was fine her father was a lawyer her mother was a housekeeper and then he has a heart attack when she's eleven years old and leaves the family high and dry so it dies or does leaves a family she dies back then if you had a heart attack you were immediately dead there's no look out about it i got it so he dies so her mother her mother's name is evelyn so in the beginning of the story evelyn's name is florence in her mothers names of line but i'm just gonna switch that because she's mostly known as i've linen it's a hard adjustment so basically evelyn
she was a seamstress and choose a dressmaker but she didn't she mostly was a housekeeper or up ahead maker i should say and so she didn't they were they were basically had to rely on the kindness of their family and friends they stayed with relish this for a while and they kind of trying to keep it together and eventually people got like a pool of money together that and gave it to the family and starter i can pick the finger funded the shit this family at the turn of the century and that enabled them to buy their own boarding house i don't know that would be the move i would make because mrs nesbitt was oh timid that she was uncomfortable collecting the rent from the people who stay there agreement
every when you like your one most important jobs pretty much it besides providing romania so she would make her daughter go because her daughter was so beautiful in china that she would make the twelve year old go collect the rat from people who didn't want to give it to them the whole thing seems not super great for each child so basically that business ends up failing they moved to philadelphia in eighteen ninety eight as it were from a small town outside of value so they move into the city in eighteen ninety eight and mrs nesbitt gets a job at wanna makers department store which sounds like the name of department store out of a movie totally she's a sales clerk she also gets her two children fourteen evelyn and twelve year old howard full time jobs at this department store great so mega living fuckers yeah all ye all you gotta pull down some cash for the family
molly so one day there is an artist that's at the store and she sees evelyn and she thinks she's the most beautiful young girl she's ever seen and she asks mrs nesbitt can she sit and pose for me for a poor trent mrs nesbitt like sure am and evelyn does that and gets paid a doll to sit for five hours with the four bits of hard at third path but back then that was a dollars so it turns out and that artists ends up recommending evelyn as as a model to her other artists friends so then evelyn starts getting modeling work regularly
mrs nesbitt doesn't like it it's a world that she doesn't think her young donner should be involved in setting for five like him our story with a bunch of like bohemian red wine drinkers we're like let's i'll be free movement but the family obviously needs the extra money evelyn loves doing it she begged her mother to let her keep doing it she and she starts making so much money she gets to quit her job at wanna make her face and she becomes the primary breadwinner of the family and so somewhere when all this starts heating up mrs nesbitt decides she's gonna move to new york she align on some good job where she might be able to be a seamstress for somebody or just make her and so she leaves the two kids with more family in philly and goes into new york city but she doesn't get a job there cuz she's not as good as she thinks she is and everyone in york is better than you at everything and resolves just accept that right now if you're going to move there prepare to
for like seven year oh she ends up sending for her children she moves in june of nineteen hundred she sent for her children in november and they all to move into this single room in the back of like a shitty apartment building man on twenty second street in manhattan she's does places where one of the core tenement houses a yeah i dont know or twenty second street is i'm shirley hear about it but you know it sounded shitty and turned the century ago so put but all they all the artist friends that evelyn made modelling and she had a good reputation or home from philly had already given her name to a really popular new york city artist named james karel back with duckworth sorry and james deck worth's patron
was john jacob astor ok and they asked her family was like the vanderbilt and all those the tiffany is all those routes super rich motherfuckers they call them the four hundred at the turn of the century and they were like it's like great gatsby style where they had their their oil barons coal barons railroad barons they had more money than god they had everything and so she gets hooked up like that real kind of the basically patron artist scene so everyone's a little bit more i guess debtor at our peril lastly on business spitting on the second red wine shit is more expense and yeah there's actually posters on the tables lasher so backward takes evelyn under her wing and he starts getting hard tunnel work and she's
efforts to become one the more popular models in new york city she's making at their now she can make it anywhere then she gets photographed by two of the most well known photographers of the day addis ceremony or ceremony and rude off echo meyer signs verifying because they can since the change where it used to be that all those print adds people would draw a picture of a lady drinking liquid cocaine and being less difficult cannot solve all your tv problem is that it be like dealing without just be a drawing that they would be an artist to render from either so where to think that they needed on actual model to do that every time because but remember those lake
i'm thinking this is like we did in the seventies alot of people had like this turn of the century wallpaper arrived patterns that was like advertisements yet so it be liking i'm sorry advertisement an advertisement from new york city but it was like the ladys what their hair drinking something are wearing a corsair whenever so they were kind of really real estate yachting drawing but then the grass started being like mass produced and they could they can replicate the photographs and that's right when evelyn like face in the game so she basely became supermodel it girl like before she was the first so a model for vanity fair she models for harpers bizarre she models for lady some journal she
four cosmopolitan she does ads for toothpaste hand creams she's on sheet music she's like you know the drawing on the front of yeah she's on beer trays which are like tino those damn shit that's my dream to be on a beer trade she's on tibet go cards you have to look at it later dont really stephen will you tell us what a tobacco card is when you get a chance maybe it's a little like a baseball carpet it comes in your eight hours and let me oh god legacy lady she's on pocket mirrors and postcards and she's the picture on the top of the whitman sampler box which is super famous can always count on yeah she kept so she made twice what other models of her day may she really was so when she sixteen is so she still our airlines should as she does all that she's like everybody thinks
is the most beautiful woman and you ll do you can look up but i thinking i kept trying to put my finger on who she looked like she really doesn't look like a ghost trying to castor like i like to do and she doesn't look like anybody but she reminded me that kind of weird beauty that went on a writer had as a girl where you're like oh my god all your features are just so perfect kind of big and you can just tell she's going to beast insanely gorgeous she has everyone has the same kind of face but almost like a little bit more patrician a little bit we're fine so she can look in one picture she
look really really young and then they'll be another picture where she's like almost naked and she looks really seductive and she looks really like lake liquids in our twenty so she's the girls got range steer endless kindness eleven cited so tobacco corridors that live on the seas in milwaukee has cigarette cards or trade cards basically issued by mid tobacco manufacturers to stiffen cigarette packaging and advertise so they had like baseball players beauties boxers and then in two thousand and seven there was a card sold for two million three hundred and fifty thousand dollars who was on it
jon archer to harness wagner one of the great names in u s baseball share all the hunter s god he's gorgeous got a phone call on us so much more beautiful than evelyn she always hated ok it's like it's like marbre miles over those little joke camel body yes so filthy ok oh she of course because she's a teenager that's a model she wants to go into acting so she this and she officially changes her name to evelyn and she's like sorry mom you don't exist anymore arms like this isn't a problem for us at all they so she gets cast a chorus girl in the most popular play on broadway it's called the floor dora but she's so beautiful is of course girl she's up staging the leaves of this play job she's just radio she must have envy again
she might have been drinking coquet gmos have been lava my tooth cocaine so a man named stanford white he goes to see they show forty times cheese and unbounded obsessed with evelyn and he's the quite the expert on chorus girls glades stanford plucking he's the most popular and prominent architect and designer in north new york city at the turn of the century he designed
now see these are our hero phoebe judge who says that he designed the original madison square garden but then i read on wikipedia he designed the second version of madison square garden because there is like one and they built now you may believe study i judge are eagerly wicker second pair suckin i don't i love them both so much i don't know who should have not done so much for tat but here's here's what i will say at this time the madison square but garden that was there that this guy builds on whether it was the first weather xxx yeah who cares he's looking to put up the big screens in madison square garden there was a tower on this matter as this iteration of the madison square garden there was a tower and on top of the tower it kind of look like a bell tower on church and the top of this tower there was
eight foot statue of diana and she was she's like doing some archery she's got a bow and arrow and there's a long beautiful long like looks like a piece of material that just kind of flowing out behind her but other than that she's totally naked and there were people that were real fired up about that being there not being able to be seen weight they didn't want they didn't want to make it a lady to be up on the top in madison square down everyone they were so pissed about it that the cause this is around the time so and this straight from criminal in the civil war there was so much so much for dog rafi left over from the civil war that all the soldiers were like can you please send me some boobs please yeah this is the worst situation and i mean to look at some ladies parts
there was so much of it that it like littered the streets after this a civil war around like las vegas right now looking so they did in eighteen seventy three they pass something called the comstock act which prohibited obscene material from being sent to the male though people couldn't have that anymore area but artists got around and like basically they basically just made everybody like a greek from met its not pornography its are its diana s lady diana yet know exactly so the m you know when you see the statue its gorgeous i mean and its in some museum somewhere so you can see it but it really is beautiful but there was there was this after the comstock act there was this kind of like push in manhattan till i clean up the city of vice and so one point they had
that statue of diana covered like so that she was wearing this because this was a knight hurrying yes they with it with its was pajama bottoms with christmas trees i'm still ever in a more radical cuts should they took the bone air out of her hand and lunatic dvd and so basically the this at the time this was they called it the gilded age and that mark twain it's a quote from mark twain cause he said anne meanwhile missus along this great gatsby lines but like mark twain called it the gilded age ass he said this on the surface it was shimmering and shiny and it was absolutely rotten underneath yeah so there's a lot of like you know richness and the beauty and you think of everybody is like gibson girls writing their bikes and everything's really proper and high narrowed down toward i am unsure but there was some filthy shit going on so back to sanford white he keyed designs matter
square garden in this adoration only the one i'm talking about he also he designed the arch in washington square park which they had put up for washington's this hundred centennial of his an arbitration and i loved it so much they left it there it is that's that's our boy stand for why did he he is good he also he designed mansions for the vanderbilt me answered the four hundred pairs legally in ceramic count cod mentions of the guild in a gilded aid yes at out a lot of the fucking houses that they show in the sky whoever it is this cairo like know so much about them and its reactors
as you know what's really cool there's also a there's a documentary called the crews and it's about timothy speed lever to is this amazing gray line bus tore guide and he was such an amazing document or if you haven't seen it please please find i seen it's crazy amazing and basically it's like i don't know anything about architecture i get very scared when people start talking about things like that because immediately the voice my head goes you didn't go to college you don't know what you don't have any appreciation for this and you can't i'm the opposite were i i know i can go that's fucking beautiful or i think that look stupid that's all you're really to say it's true but leg eyes think well i should know why some things beautiful or how it's making that and if you are a documentary called the crews the person who loves architecture and the city so much that he can explain everything any toxic
like they used certain stone so that when like the noonday sun come down this quarter streets with because high rises or such a new york city they would make they would pick rocks that would make the light like gully glee and glistened are like that he would people stand there just amazing so this guy was obviously a big part sure and you can look hee hee also me he built a lot of clubs because he was like so they said he heads like at least sixty profit it's going times of six zero of up to pass for real i was half fitness so he had his hand in like cause he also designed he didn't just build dimensions for them knowing errors and billion hours but then he would do the interior design easy at all these like big cons
things that he would do for people it's really call that's a whole like separate podcast i'm sure there's someone that's done it really well but he also built all these clubs because the rich for the turn of the century it was all about like that clubs you belong to you so right clubs where you d like to talk about being rich and that's right smug cigars and then higher children
there was the metropolitan club the colony club the harmony club the union club just so many places were white man could be themselves and finally relax i only and just be rich in a room with other rich men he d in so he was the architect for all these buildings he was also known for having lots of relationships with young course girls cause he loved to party so he could party with anyone he parted with super rich people obviously they adored him but also use an artist truly at heart so now so hung out with bahamian an artist type so he could kind of party with anybody he was adorned across the sitting and he is the person if you ever heard people make the joke of saying would you like to come up and see my etchings i've never heard it's like a joke as strong discriminatory basically that is a thing like people it's a joking pick up line would you like to comes imagines that's actually tribute safer why because he would really say that these are all content
right so if your etchings in your pants incidentally he goes he sees evelyn as the course girl and he asks another course girl turn amos edna good rich he says basically get her get evelyn and bring her to apartment on was twenty fourth street that was built over the original f eo schwartz toy store and this was one of his many apartments around the city he called them has snuggery is where he would meet chorus girls and have fun sexy ramps it all day and night in honey so the two of them show up and edna pulls evelyn through the side door and they go up and it's this amazing room and it it's got all the
exterior light is blocked out by big old red velvet curtains and it there's a table set for lunch for them and they drink champagne and then after they hang out for a little bit and chit chat and of evelyn when she first season thinks he's horrifying she he's real super old and like super creepy man's got red haired humongous moustache and she's just like no thanks but they do have some fun and then he was have to show you other room and they go up two floors into this room that's that basically has a red velvet swing hanging from the high ceiling and he s evelyn to get on the swaying and then edna holds a parasol upon the landing grid of her she's up near the ceiling and evelyn is opposed to swing on the swing high enough since you can kick the parasol and kicks
that doesn't sound say well and also it's just so he can per vowed and look up her dry has that it's just him watching and younger like swaying and kick in whenever but it's all like underpants sure it's an underpants gender garments then i think right of its parents its underpants show and i don't like it she thinks it just ass in game that she's having at times than old guy so then samper white sandford white starts hang up to mrs nesbitt and basically is like i'm going to be i'm going to take care of his family here some money we're moving you and didn't go into a nicer apartment he has ships little brother off to a really high end military academy and takes care of education and he tells mrs nesbitt she should go visit her family and family should take
break from work go visit family and while she's gone he'll take care of evelyn go by right mrs nesbitt like thank you so much i've been waiting for years to get away from my children again i can't wait to once again bail on my children so then stay stand for white tells evelyn that they're gonna have a funding modeling for a photographer there he's got a bear skin rug you can see these pictures and this is in the the youtube video that i watched of the woman paula guru boo who wrote american eve and she has these amazing pictures he as a like a polar bear skin wrong it's a white bear with the head and it's a really it turned i it became a really famous postcard of evelyn in a kimono asleep
this rug pass out well yeah drugged is essentially i mean she's out like a light and it's just basically a picture of a girl sleeping on a bear skin rug here it's like the original annie those photos from the nineties and with the baby is in fact a number of other baby with a piece of garbage ancyra amy no i know exactly what i am only if i get it any airline screaming at home and get you see is alike and biggest little orphan annie what the big white eyes with no pupils and i'm like it's not her seamen didn't think about himself tat he had his phone i looked it up again and i want to give it me great britain remembering the credit for an gettys
those why minors that had human hands oh no number that when they're like eating spaghetti i loved this video saga so families gone rank he says oh irony she's leaving that postcard becomes crazy got postcard so he didn't he then invites her back to a party he says i'm having a party tomorrow night at my apartment at the top of madison square tower so underneath that statue of diana there like a little like penthouse apartment that he had built into that believe there was his so he's like a party it's gonna be there is a she up there's no one there and oh isn't it sad that everyone turned us down we are now hearing red flag red flag times twenty should be like oh my god i have to really quick go tell the cabdriver some clear let me look at my watch that's meda what was as does the whole no hold on
we would call the luminous moreover volume this might be too early for that shit you mean is that the people living in the terrible i think is surely for glow in the dark shit that was rover one you're right shit don't try to pull your world war one references into my story ok so he starts pumping are full of champagne and then he says i have this room i have to show you it's your you think it's amazing once again miss fuckin guy he brings her into this room that has a mirrored floor mere dryly a mirror bed now a for post your bed with mirrors all around it and evelyn says in her out of our view that basically she looked at all of that and that's the last thing she and she
woke up naked next to him in the bed the next morning she sees her reflection in the overhead marin she screens wow what a creed super creep so essentially from that date forward she become stanford whites mistress now but she is sixteen years old he's forty eight i thank you it's not of its modification love match in any way and they still they said in that episode of criminally said at the time the only way to prove rape was if there was evidence that you fought back the only way and then after after basically this aaron time that's one they put in a statue and statutory rape laws but you know before then almost every man for himself shangri la men for herself erect and so
then he says basically i'm gonna get you connected with even higher classes of artists and that's when he in nineteen o five evelyn poses for charles dana gibson and he is the artist who basically invented the gibson girl and give some girl is basically if you ve ever under the ice cream store at disneyland the wallpaper is gives him girls has the really beautiful woman and he basically drew it was it was at the time like the ideal modern woman so she was usually like as socialite of some kind she was usually statuesque unhealthy looking writing a bike doing things of the day whatever was popular playing tennis or something and she and we are basically it was just kind of the representative of a like this is the idea one alia like what you should strive to be right so he draws evelyn
and he drops her in a portrait that he is calling the eternal question and because for it there is a famous quote that freud said the eternal question is what is a woman want and so it's this really beautiful profile picture of evelyn and her hair is partly up but then it's also partly down and only young women more their hair down and then when you are older married are mature you or your hair up and so she was kind of like this happen half she de i added button i am not alone and it is that kind of thing like what is this modern woman want because it's because their changing so quickly it was on the cover of collars magazine and basically that it was the picture that coca cola ended up using and there s a totally can save my hurry you can you see eve sooner and so it branded her as the girl
and the face of the gilded anymore so then she turned seventeen and she starts noticing that sam for white is paying attention to young their course barrels so she's aged out of his bracket here three times older than her and she still like oh no i'm losing my boyfriend pleased by this point she's kind of in it she basically just is she its whoever is there a kind of like caretaking yeah and if there are millionaire yes and she's relying on yeah and she's ban relying on for her career as well to do so she decides since he see seeming to lose interest she decides that she is going to and to make him jealous so she goes to a party and she meets john barrymore who eventually become one of the most famous actually is insanely famous acting family but at the time he was
barrymore uses the cartoonist and he hadn't like become famous are anything but they hit it off he this party and is like this will be good cause then i'll make him jealous and altogether but she also liked him he asked for her number and rights it she's like it's three ecuador and it's got a field three five thousand when he it's her number down he writes it on the cuff on his coffin tissue kill and then it's all right now i really like that a month long affair he proposes she turned him down your pressure from stand for white and her mother so like he comes in and says no you shouldn't get married now but he's also going are you then
he basically when they realise that she's started just up like that they arrange to have her sent to an all girls boarding school in new jersey that's run by matilda de mille whose ceases cecil beheld mother i'm sure go away and it always comes back to liberal hollywood but at that point bet you evelyn was like it be nice to go to school i'm sixteen i wonder or you like you want to send me the fucking school now after all i've been thoroughly can you imagine going to hang out with like other girls your age in your like what am i first if i can talk to these girls about yeah that's right have you there's been a mirrored room it's really scatter okay so before she gets chipped away she is currently in broadway play called the wild rose and
front row every single night is a new admirer and he is monsieur is man called mr monroe here sending of life flowers stockings human time centre a piano she sends it all back one time she sent me here flowers roses with a fifty dollar bill wrapped around the base and the mom kept the fifty low bill and then sent the flowers but she basically he'd in the almost exact same way stand for why did it he gets another where's girl get evelyn to come to lunch with them and basically says i'm the one that's been sending you all the stuff and i'm this huge vanity kisses he kisses the hem of her garment unlike declares this love and once again it's an old guy here twice as old as her this time and she's like not into it and mostly because he is the the eccentric millionaire harry k thought so
basically harry k thought is from a i believe it was a coal and railroad baron millionaire family he was from pittsburgh he was set to inherit of forty million dollar fortune i thought i thought a millionaire god just if you could see the pride in georgia things of life i thought i five are correct the size than now i got it i mean great job she gets take down a harvard he gets kicked out law school he as the kind of stuff around town so he's basically the philadelphia millionaire that trying to make it in new york city and everyone's like ok crazy so he writes a horses a horse up under the steps of the union club he's lighting cigars with hundred dollar do shit he's do shit up and stand for
why it's like now so stanford white won't let him in any club there's like a kind of a direct link of like several why on the way inside our society and this guy's trying to get in everyone's like crazy guy from putting its huge nerd evelyn so goes away to boarding school oh sorry this is key i'm catching up on my own pitch i really love the thing of using a hundred dollar bill to light you're cigar in at the turn of the century would be like using a twenty five thousand dollar bill now it's so much money it's it's very wasteful sir he also funded a vice sweep of manhattan it and he basely was he obsessed with virginity and obsessed with like chastity and rudy giuliani his fucking grandfather sancho
we can trace them back and he was basically paid for the the coalition that ended up getting that diana statue covered by was his crazy money behind and meanwhile you sending a fucking seventeen year old pianos and share well and am then some and then he has got epic iraqi me so she just thinks he's creepy and weird and she goes off to the all girls school in new jersey and then she gets what reported to be append aside as and when mrs nesbitt finds out she can't get a hold of stanford why he's not around to help out so she calls harry thought and harry thought immediately sounds like the best doctors to that school the word the story is that the issue is given the appendicitis like in a classroom on a desk but then there's rumours and innuendo that it was not a penny aside as it was an abortion be it from her affair
with jack barrymore but both evelyn and jack barrymore absolutely denied that that that was true of course you do so either way harry saw comes out as this white knight and he saved the day and mrs nesbitt thinks he's great so he convinces her that's that he should that she should allow him to take the family on like a healing european vocation and she's like that sounds great we barely know you let's do this thing instead of the rest and relaxation that he promised on this trip he packs the itinerary and he absolutely just exhausts mrs nez via so she's just hurry i'm too all do this right and i've been my lungs are filled with coal dust basically they ought there's constant fighting and problems dream evelyn on her mother on this trip and they end up
mrs asthma ends up staying in england and harry takes evelyn to parents so but basically was intentional sure has part when they're in paris he proposes evelyn and and of course she's not into him he's clearly kind of like creed crazy real overtly crazy but he's also like super rich and she grew up you know and like hearing his name and you know the air the the thought family was huge in pennsylvania so she knew that she'd also lost a lot of status with stanford white kind of like not being that into her anymore and she was worried about getting more work and she was worried about a lot of stuff so she was considering it but here as he can't marry her until she tells everything about the relationships that that she had with sanford away and
like planets i mean don't worry about it and he's like crying and harassing her through the night till she finally tells the story of what happened to her in the mirrored room and he goes fucking bad shit bananas and that's the proof he's been looking for because he's really pinpointed samper white as like the downfall of society how he's all virginity asia he's all virginity and crazy in what authority all this bullshit yet so here this is like the information that he's been waiting to hear so then it upon hearing that story he accuses mrs nesbitt of being an unfit parent immersion emmeline number one yet but then it could bigger rift so then she's maistly separated from her family the old controlling boyfriend style and then he takes
insanity he takes evelyn in europe to all the sites where virgins were murdered create so sounds like a firm tiger mean an app be at this site where joan of arc was murdered in the guest book he writes quote she would not have been a virgin of stanford way around and it's like that still exists i get i mean i think that's approvable thing only in the guest book no less john of our contacts that could you not fuckin do you know what mother fucker leaden diver this year's a type i was fighting gangs also how bout this pixie i love the movie joan of arc starring village of events has no what that pixie cut no one can wear that basically the miller joe joe this saga so proud of her so then at their last stop it gets worse always that their last stop at a castle in us austria called cats in stein castle there are three
staff members and he makes them go stay at one end of the castle and he holds one prisoner at the other side com i'm with ease of our he ties her up beat her with a whip and sexually assaulted pursue weeks wait where come from it that we're just being tourists nope he is he has some issues with whipping up and beating p i'm sorry mr fuck impurity yes there's one talkin about there's always when you those people that are like we need to deal with its like really how comes in really pleased to everything all the address i dont be passionate about anything are you seem like a liar what's my point is a good question to ask every once in a while you what am i talking about re so basically horrible they shoot it it's exposed to her that is basically an intense
abuse sexual abuse or and this is like what sex means to have you but then of course on their trip home he's incredibly apologetic and weep and please forgive me and all the stuff now this is the point more mrs nesbitt gets remarried in this just completely estranged and everyone knows that mean she has nothing to go back to so she's she ends up on april fourth nineteen o five she evelyn as the marries harry saw and he picks out her wedding dress a black travelling suit with brown trimmed soundness fun handsome gough and his mother he was a huge mama's boy and his mother's uns insanely control area of his life and of course he did not approve of course girl that was like to those super rich people area famous model here but not good and now she actually account or come out around the same time and
is basically nude but unlike flowers on her shoulder its very beautiful and taste but of course at the time it was scandal insane mother thought try to go out and buy up all those calendar so no one sees yap or was she really end others whether the wallpaper secrets do they move in to mother thaws mansion inferiors pennsylvania re an inch and evelyn is now cut off from the outside world mama thought here raise his mother's lapdog essentially and evelyn is just a stuck in a mansion essentially sounds way more boring than you think you are right away like last cool now call and all because she has no money she doesn't get to control anything she just had to do what they want and haunted probably nightmare about super drafty she just wearing black sucking still so
also it's awful because harry is of so obsessed with stanford white that he like manic about it he stews about a day and night he wrapped about him constantly they never leave the mansion for a full year and he's just sitting around planning sandford whites demise meanwhile simper weight has no idea about harry thought other than he's that asked but lights cigars with money sir a year later on june twenty fifth nineteen o six retails evelyn that they're gonna take a luxury cute crews to europe and she's actually excited just to get out house and get away from that mother and she's really excited until he says oh but first we have to go into new york city before we
they'll we need to go see the opening of the show mademoiselle champagne by edgar allan wolf and its playing at the rooftop theatre madison square garden so ellen's freaking out because she knows stanford white will be there when i went into my axe i get that exactly it's his place it's his theatre designed levities at all these shows she's freaking out it's the middle of summer and it's really hot air athos arise wearing a big long black overcoat nobody thinks it's weird because he's the weirdo eccentric milliner evelyn relaxes when they get there and she looks around sees that stand for white is not there and so they watched the show ten minutes before it ends they hear a little bit of a commotion in the back and stand firm white has entered the room and sits down at his table so evelyn tells harry she thinks they should go and he is like you're right we should go they get up they go walk out and as they passed the for way harry
pulls out a gun in front of nine hundred people here it sandford white twice in the head and once in the shoulder and tells him at least share and at first people think he yells you ruined my wife but then later on the people that word nearby said no no he said you ruined my life so it's not about the wife it is all about him of course so of course immediately harry those arrested evelyn goes stays at a friend's apartment she is completely in a daze no idea what to do she's not going back to that crazy mansion and now a pencil dania and immediately its he media circus misses the it girl from four years ago and to millionaires airs anna murder and of course there so much dirt to come out about stamford weight because
now all of a sudden it's all the stories of his snuggery is around how more tenure of course girls are like you i know that did he sent me a piano two thousand i bet there's hard to get it was what i'm sure he's done that before these that back then sending pianos was like attacks to did you get a piano from him oh my god he sent me a piano of yours you i'm gonna do not right back to the piano girl so there is now articles coming out that say was harry thought justified because
answered whites terrible behaviour and harry of course himself thinks he's gonna get let off because he did the world a service by killing wainwright a week after the murder there's a film called rooftop murder by thomas edison that's released in a nickel lady and though the eager spoken thing nothing and anybody who like when people constantly asked us about like how you feel about this new trend in true crime and why everyone's interesting drew crime right now and it's like know this has been going on the fucking thomas edison end before you that's the stone of our people are under them there are people standing around gossiping catalans because our hair ok so one of the quotes from the book american eve low selling is from a tenderloin cabdriver who were when a reporter asked him if he was like eyes by this murder he said he i was surprised it was a husband who shot him i always thought it once was going to be a father
i knew that samper white was anti like young young girl tenderly cavalry handsome driver is not the call them them handsome can i think this might have been a little bit later russia but i dont now it's just the nineteen sixty six introduced so if i get all i thought who's gonna its rubber janeiro as has ivy i gotta be a husband put it down these like guinea up the guinea up frosty harry saw this is amazing her pictures of harry thought in jail he had he called reporters to take pictures of him with his brother butler bringing him food from delmonico he had a little brass bed put into his jail cell so there's this picture of him sitting next to grasp ethical he's nice close folded over it and he's a eating what looks like
it's a brass survey try any aspect guess he's having some nice ass their nails and aspects cling peach for dessert it's the lawyers are like could you not to thy cause he's like oh i think it'll stirrup sympathy them seeing me living my life in the jail cell jaime i like you don't do that anymore they he gets us doktor to convince authorities that he needs to drink one bottle of champagne a day i mean i mean to do the same matter wilson okay so the defence cells evelyn that she has to play the giving weak grieving widow on the on the stand and testify about what stanford white did to her to justify what harry at that harry murdered him and save him from the electric chair and its rumoured that she was paid somewhere between twenty five and a hundred thousand dollars to do that visas
she gets on the stand she talks about the red velvet swing and it blows america's mind people are wreaking out like there's nothing this salacious has ever been in the newspaper and stand for why the victim now gets dragged through the mud because of all this shit and the thought family paid that basic you have all this dirty laundry canals data they were carrying out money left right and centre they also tell mrs nesbitt that they will convict her for prostituting her daughter unless she test eyes for henry harry thought but then evelyn's brother comes back into the scene howard and he like what's up i'm back from military school and i remember me i am personally i forget about me because he was there to blame evelyn for the murder and say that stanford white was like a father to him and a game evelyn the daughter the mother the daughter basics
to blame her for her husband killing stamper why out and saying i loved every white like use my father so like a brother because it in fact and drug and rape you that's why you he was gone he met he was benefiting from all that money and if it is purely just got those look this is live last guy behavior but it turns into such a circus that this becomes the first jury in america that sequestered were there miss for this case there like shit zip at everybody added that judgments like i'm gonna make up a fan yugoslav stana what's a good word for it so ass its consequences are it's called sequestered saw family o o so this trial areas harry's lawyers say that he should plead insanity but missus mc
da mamma says no fucking way there is no mental illness in this family here that means there's a hundred mental illness it s her son from childhood he was known as mad harry unlike in he was clearly eccentric what was not an accurate word for him so this trail ends up ending in a hung jury and after that is over this all family has a movie made called the unwritten law and it shows harry being found innocent and then freed while angels singing the backward that's cause that's what happened because that's just get that propaganda essentially a documentary second trial harry's acquitted by reason of insanity he sent to an asylum upstate ever
he's not going to get any of the money she doesn't get shit cuz mother's oz and charged and she blames everyone for his downfall harry files for divorce when he's up stayed in the asylum he escaped the asylum he goes to canada he does what he wants for a while just chills he's eventually brought back he's and then released and declared saying in nineteen fifteen but within a matter of years after that like basically really going he's fine now that was just a one off those was because a young boy is found in a daze after jumping out of here we thought hotel room window where he was holding that boy against his will and the thing him yes and so then it turns out everyone starts to find out that everything i used to use the name mr monroe when he was like people secret admirer because he had this whole scam where he would solicit young actresses to sign
for training courses in new york city and then he would get them in a room beat them with whip scald them with burning water a higher than he was a millionaire so nobody ever talked about it nobody gave a shit and they just all like went away like abused unlike freaked out how he was like a masochistic from day one and and i love it's all that shit is always underneath those people that are like elene up this city we can have a statue of unwillingly giuliani we're on the movie outside allegedly allegedly allegedly were on to so after all this ellen don't vaudeville for a little while chance of having some name russell she claimed that was harry thoughts on some people argued that she opened it big easy in the twenty years she was an alcoholic she's of morphine attics in the third
the thirties she started doing burlesque for a little while and this entire time harry thought aye sir her and i watched her until nineteen twenty six evelyn lost her job at the mill learners cafe and tried to kill herself by drinking disinfectant harry thought came to visit heard they reconciled but we're never together again evelyn as but ended up writing to memoirs one was called the story of my life and nineteen fourteen and the other was called prodigal days in nineteen thirty four then this is kind of cool she has kind of a rebirth because during world war two sheets ceramics in los angeles suddenly she started she moved to the west on started vernon linda hippy yeah and she was paid ten thousand dollars the technical director for
movie that they made in the fifties called the girl in the red velvet swing starring joan column yes there was kind of this up like a fix my movie i believe about her life that they that she gets she was paid for harry thought died in nineteen forty seven he left evelyn ten thousand dollars from his estimated one million dollars tanks bro thanks good of you evelyn died in santa monica santa monica nursing home on january seventeenth nineteen sixty seven age have eighty two issues so cools an old lady so well that's the unbelievable story of evelyn nesbitt the it girl of the gilded age care and that was fucking excellent thank you thank you and over two year or back my host dont forget we have stephen man in the street he found nothing if we let him over in memphis yes
walk industries a member life remoteness orchestrates are eight who ok here's another long why me when i picked going long this week and going to now your road trip now ok this is truly one of my favorite what is however a dime alec surely one of my favorite murders i've ever researched did you know when you started or as you went through ok so i thought about this when for a while it's an old old episode it was a statistic second five minute thing on unsolved mysteries originally reason one layer original so it's always been in the back of my mind like this thing that happen what a weird curious thing it's been bookmark on my his like you know my have the like murders to do bookmark and it's just always been one but i know it's a deep fucking dive and it gets bigger and bigger the more you dive if for example true crime garage for fucking sir
like four parts shit less than an hour long i'd your chamber i took a grudge it's funny so it's like a big one that's crazy so i did my best till i get as much as i could in their it also like my as i love it's a cold case and it goes to the fucking time in any way and yes so this is the boys on the tracks ocean
yeah you know yet i mean i know but i dont do you know i didn't know no but if i had known i might not have tried to do the scared it so hard it's here's what i know pretty much only what was on untold mystery and here's the thing when they did the untold mysteries they didn't know shit either rainment the episode ends with them going they thought this guy cameo like walking around town that night i said yeah no this goes to lisa king top buckling everybody bottle a fuck up motherfuckers nokia plus chronologically let us start with the basics that we now and then what happens the conspiracy shit ok on august twenty second nineteen eighty seven
two teenage friends sixteen year old don henry and seventeen year old cabin ives therefrom brian are consigned to the little suburb right outside of little rock took a small town there stunning to weaken hanging out together they ve been friends for a little while they're like you know normal teenage kids popular boys are about to go into their senior year of high school they are totally normal like nineteen eighties looking kids they look like they'd be in heavy metal parking lot sure you don't owe me like those hair parted at the middle like kind of feathered out a little bit like maybe a little detail the best in tiny bit i think ladies that that was starting to get you you're either going to be medal or new wave you re no they were not going to be new wave at all what happens we're going to be kids that we're going like they had their muscle cars that they love they were going to be just like a normal family man at sunday shirt and will put up a photo of them up with the post i mean they're like cute kids right acute teenage boys so
that's the end of the summer and a sharing of senior year it's saturday there hang out with some friends at the local fuckin ino druggie parking lot shows you do in small towns actually they re the boys go back to dance house around midnight for their curfew check and they were spent in zones dawns dad curtis didn't with them and then he was and then the kids the boys were like coming allowing go do some hunting in the woods which is like their normal thing they grow up doing that dawn was like great go for it see you later the boys were going to do a thing a kind of hunting called spot lighting which someone from the suburbs i dont know what the fuck that is basically it's an illegal form of hunting where you shine a flash i'd in your praise eyes just two stop them and then shoot them guess it's illegal but i heard that like with like sweet baby raccoons it's not illegal don't please
she records let me horrible to shoot a rack like actually really evil in some places re ever so they're they're like little people ostiense knit like what they use their hands like pierre to shoot a fuck and i look like cats slick yeah up to something like let them have their plan or another one run one ran in front of your car together david you're driving you are leaving my fucking parking garage careless drive me somewhere and one just like it like dinner like
am i run into the woods and my care him like a cat buck and slammed on the rags really impressed i m a graduate of the bob wanderer school of driving that's why they're ego none that's alive but my friend he and i were now i don't know and that is i know it's it's a reference that only like ten people in northern calvin would dine and second kevin whether now they would now for some reason i think how richer housewives to do something went to the bob wonder at school driving it was like escape driving and stuff like that that sounds amazing i think i'm already like i'm just remember i'm the owner yeah judy packard my friend andy's mom who was that a nice is mom had to say for the bob ponder on school driving on the back of her two abc acts and that's why i always thought about it i'm onboard board so they go out around twelve thirty in the morning to go do this thing they have the flashlight and dawns prize twenty two rifle
talk and i don't know and they had out into the familiar woods that they fucking grew up like coming through yet so aright boom there that is to the following morning it's so it's now august twenty sir ninety seven at about four twenty five in the morning now a seventy five car six thousand time cargo train is onto regular night run from texarkana were you that i killer yez too little rock but see servant girl and i later now remember the guide all night busy odin learned the guy who is the city was a good free to go to sleep on that was yes it might be the zodiac right so
that's texarkana so they can protect her candle little roswell ted cruises for our daily really have very well does go to the top so maybe he's involving the train is over a mile eyes travelling at speeds are empty miles round on the train starts to approach bryant till i go through the little town there an engineer stephen schreyer notice is something on the tracks ahead as do the couple other workers on the train and oh my god this guy gets it stephen gets interviewed in the original episode and he's dislike breaks your heart he's just like sought to the earth goodbye and it's completely ripped apart yet living so at they think what they see i'm attracts laying on the tracks is an animal but
what but they notice in horror than actual eddie they see two teenage boys are like a young boys they think laying motionless on the tracks their lang parallel with their heads on one rail their body across the tracks and feet twas the other rails unlike across the tracks like a robber would do yes and they know that the boys lower bodies appear to be covered by a light green tarp and that beside them was the rifle also parallel lying on the tracks so this dude stephen schreyer is like a second veteran train did he frantically blows allowed diesel horn as he pulls emergency brake even though he knows there's none the time for the train to stop he's hoping that the move but the train deeds feel the impact as a train heads and proceeds to run over the bodies of the boys on the track which the horror out you know it's like so he has i think the people who like commit suicide by partner
tracking you just don't think about the people who are on the train who you are going to start for the rest of your life that's round that this will and i know it's not the same but but also that idea that you know it's almost like if they do hadn't looked then it they would have head and then it wouldn't have been as traumatized right but to know it to try to prevent at two happening to let its horrible it doesn't matter higher slice it it's all well it is in europe the police are still radiance police the train and when the dispatcher says have you got any injuries seamen schreyer says no we ve got death which i think is the most chilling thing i've ever heard so when's the train come so stop the crew they exit to view the carnage just to see what the fuck is going on there had experience hitting animals in their years as train dues and none of them had ever had a human but they knew to expect a lot of gore bonnet surprised by what they found
so they were also avid hunters as well as having hit animals before on the tracks and they all knew that fresh kill had bright red free flowing blood the blood from the boys was purple color it was thick and oozing indicates the boys had already been dead for some time before the train had hit them by four forty i am the local and state police had arrived at the scene and they began investigating the train dues explained to celine county sheriffs deputies on the scene about the curious lack of blood present means the boys had already been dead
and add to that the observation of the train do than this part second crazy as they had approached the bodies on the tracks in speeding train blowing the harm like fucking mad that fuckin rails are shaking the train coming towards them neither of the boys on the tracks flinched or moved a muscle something that one would think would be human nature when a speeding train is coming towards you even if you intend to get run over yet like of your lying there to kill yourself you're still going to you now no a ball and do something right and even save maybe one of the theories of like oh they got super drunk or fucked up and passed out all the work that i mean wouldn't adding train wake you up even if even if you are super doc but yeah a hundred percent they were like they didn't even flinch right so that the scene was immediately treated as a suicide or traffic accident seen by the sheriff d
the info points of foul play this means that the scene wasn't properly secured evidence was improperly collected in fact that the next train that like waiting to come they fuckin let them come through the scene now through the crime scene on sweden's next morning go ahead gus room even the paramedics were sceptical of the handling of the scene as an accident and nay actually attach a note on their report noting that the condition of the boys body when they found them suggests that they had been dead long before they are separate the trends and they were like fuck that shit and put a little i ruined check the shit out of good so let's go the dawning heaven when come home that morning don's father curtis began to worry and notified kevin's mother linda ives eventually the morning curtis here's a rumour from a neighbor so there's room are already going around town that teach
aged boys have been shot and tied to the railroad tracks that's the rumour going around oh and it was long before the police show up and and the closed the boys had left the night before and were idealism ones that dawn and kevin had been wearing and that the boys on the tracks had been wearing thus confirming the debts of dawn henry and kevin ives she's so fuckin awful so shortly after the medical report was released by the state medical examiner this fuckin dickhead named doktor family malloch he's an egyptian born physician and he rules the deaths and accidents in his report he states that at the time of the accident the boy were quote unconscious and in a deep sleep on the railroad tracks under psychedelic influence of th see marijuana when a train passed over them causing their accidental death now he explained at the boys had smote the clone of twenty marijuana cigarettes impossible at our path
from cigarettes from marijuana and adhere smoke twenty joy and also in what that like for five hours story out maybe four hours or so a silly and even second ten hours i've joints yes a year but i am but still it back to my thing of even if you are still stone to the bone and like couldn't move year flinching effie speeding train is come you don't you don't colleagues stayed on pot especially for nineteen eighties arkansas schwerin have had that shit was a rag and it was fuckin irregular stems in seeds and maybe a teeny tiny bit swag that's it so far it's its first thing it's like any time we talk about crimes that happened before nineteen ninety five it's like we're talking about it's the turn this totally its nuts that it gets her ok ok
better than the families of dawn and cover alike normal fuckin people so like you ve gotta be fucking kidding may do what the fuck so none at the boys they weren't big part smokers they weren't bag kids although a dime bag was down in one of the pockets of the boys close but after their return to the parents which means they didn't really check the pockets at all so like the boys may be bought a little bit a pie and smoke some part but they weren't fuckin drug dealers or anything hey listen bill clinton smallpox even in hell but its he was around it wait that's our shadowing really oh shit is beginning to change just now ok cat irish psychic so so the friends who have been affected pregnant with them earlier said the dead enough pot for maybe a joiner too like it's fuckin diane bag by
the parents are like there's no fucking way they would have fallen asleep on the tracks and not heard the train coming like everyone whose listening to this right now is an integrated plus weird things started popping up that made the families lose faith in the aptitude of doktor malik this sucks first of all the town goes nuts like over this thing and wants to be lucky least goes down to the train tracks silk around for shit like normal people and a family member when the boys fines on the tracks a shoe with a foot in it and no room one of the boys knowing two or three days after the axe and the second our top seed already been second like an and he didn't mention that doesn't goddamn flit missing what the fuck exactly
the autopsy that that's hates it may also told the crew they told the train crew who has no stake in this whatsoever there just telling it as they see it the cops tell the crew that their other they had said they observed a green tarp over the lower half the boys bodies right before running them over the chart must have been an optical illusion cause it didn't exist guy that's not the option only have to look for it or you can't just hide it cause it belongs to someone you know yet says like the name of whoever my mind that's the first thing that first thing is conspiracy conspiracy what what's hidden in those woods those boys threat is it a conspiracy ok ok it's something like you got your being paranoid make sure no one swallowing that person first kind of a thing yap you you know that old state rather than when i love that i watch on agent aliens all the time
like a bunch of other shit that i dont have four episodes to tell you like true crime grudged i'm going to listen to your crime garage do it tales get because there's nothing better than the details and like suit the super mysteries i have a bunch of references to tell you about two watched him ok cool to listen to read to okay so for five months kevin undines parents who are affected and bad asses and not letting like not letting the ship other normal fucking working class people and there are like up again the fucking government yeah if they do not let this go they tried unsuccessfully to get the case for investigated and nobody will listen to them so fed the fuck off they go to the goddamn fucking media cuz i like you know who's going to listen to us when we yell at you over the media
very smart its rape the plan works because the next day after they do this a press conference calling everyone out other bullshit the case is officially reopened finally an prosecutor richard garret had the boys he's a sign of the cases the boys bought exude for another autopsy this leads to the creation of the grand jury that was led by an attorney name none other than damn harm in reckon morty fame what'd i was his first correct it is is they usually morn acts and get away from all thy name is an argument which is can do is weird but it's true so that's gotta be working you google damn herman and your likely late he's a friend of the prosecutor rich richard guarantees have been in the mix with the family from the very beginning he said he was an advocate for the boys family as he was like what can i do for you free of charge he volunteered to them before requesting that the judge is presiding over the grand jury appoint him
special prosecutor to supervise the investigation over the desks he's like i want this to be fuckin saw them in on this lay at let's do this so a new outside pathologist whose like doktor malik is kind of stupid concludes the boys is that on the record and its direct quote says that the boys had only smoke between one and three marijuana cigarettes after doing the tests they found that dawn henry sure had tears on the back of it that were consistent with a sharp object like a knife not like how it's so amazing how can these people are their job of the commission this is a rip and this is a fucking like directs abu last like they can tell so they find that in his shirt and on his body they match up so like if he had been if it had been the train like his shirt would have been pulled up but it matched you know i mean yes it was matching of a knife going in right beforehand and like the blood matched
sounding alive not someone being dead before him so and injuries and bruises on cabins face were consistent with a hit from the butt of a rifle or another blunt object so this is fucking pre mortem frank so in grand jury testimony the lee pathologist said that the boys quote were either incapacitated knocked unconscious possibly even killed their bodies some attracts and the train overran their bodies so in nineteen eighty eight the grand jury reversed the ruling of action on death and ruled the deaths to be probable homicides ok great fuss movement far one hearing up and doktor malik has said that he said that he didn't believe anybody quote laid a finger on those boys like he refused to believe it he wouldn't give over a bunch of likes evidence he wouldn't give overshot he was just like fighting tooth and nail now here's the thing and this is a time where you know this is when doctors made a shit ton of money and they were
the end i'll be all of knowledge of all knowledge sure and and part of that it's lake alec baldwin annette movies like i'm i'm not at playing god i am god where they really part of authority rock below that move it gets worse but i think now the part of the advancements i think like criminology i guess we that dumb and brought a february a taste for it just essentially people going i don't know but i'm trying to put the story together yeah not that you have to come in and be the final word expert because that's just a set up to be wrong lord people saying i want a second opinion and the doktor not being like fuck you write in rio you should get a second because what we should want here is that a solution not me to win some game that that's it really would happening and doktor melick was like a hundred percent onboard limitless more information ok
this is where we get into the like here the facts let's get the fuck and deep die of mother this is the beginning of it so his controversial ruling so this thing about malik is here this controversial ruling in the case of a patient's debts this patient who died in a hospital and the look the woman who was facing legal issues was an end lee the nurse anesthesia s anesthesiologist now and asked to test a hard one it is a big issue she was a woman named virginia kelly and he helped her in the in the case of a patient's dive helter avoid legal issues while she was already facing negligence and malpractice charges so he helped get her off by like writing these like you know fudging at a little lodging at a little bit
does the name virginia kelly sound familiar carrier to angela dad nope oh she is the mother of the man who during the time of this case the grand jury case she's the mother of the fucking governor arkansas bill fucking clinton what wait do harm bill cleansing lithuania was accused of malpractice she twice since i am a liberal as fuck why what are you think that i believe everything politicians as either side or not i abhor this isn't political this is fucking politicians i think also if we ve learned anything in the ass two years is that pretty much everyone involved in the government is crooked share lying liar who ended lie as we are all being lied to it just endless and if you ve only learned in the past two years than welcome to the fucking parade
i'm glad to find a bigger bulgaria was just leaving out the am i really wanted that to not be bill clinton's must now also have more than one malpractice yeah sorry we can't afford it like now the in the average person i mean ok so that there is a i wanted really could they say that there is a book and like you can't get all this you can't get all the deep dives in all of this in any of the lake recalls and there's like videos and documentaries and share you have to read the boys on the tracks by this woman amoral lever it she like gets into all of this shit which i have to read i haven't read it yet but like it it's like about the kazan like a what now practice suits there were and what happened which i read about in their bananas alcohol banana okay we just don't have time but of a glass of bill fucking clinton
and so this doctor malik reverses back and charges against they'll clinton's mom the governor arkansas ok so maybe let the boys on the tracks was his first max first fuck up right like the first thing that he like ruled incorrectly ok well over his career his rulings and testimonies became problematic in more than twenty additional to us now so he's the angel of death was just post mortem bright exactly there are multiple instances showing that malik testified erroneously in criminal cases that his rulings were reversed by juries and that outside pathologists challenges findings and my god you need to read about it because it's bananas i'll give you two fuckin really great example one case and maintained by the man was found shot dead in his yard
like ruled the death of suicide but this should have been shot five times in the chest come in another case a man was antennas home and malik attributed his death to an ulcer ok but the dead men had been decapitated ok listen to me no no not until you report you listen to me hold up khazars more when well it was crushing about this for you listen to me now accepts that the man the man had been sitting in debt in his house for awhile and that the dog at chewed through his neck and shoot has had on what that's how he got decapitated even those a clean fuckin slice and led to the testimony led to a murderous murder leads us by going free sir a lot easier what is it what is the matter asked the eternal eighties question what is your damaging really get asked yes let the thought it a hundred this
this immediately makes me think of that blood's better expert on the staircase we're just like how he got away with that multiple times it's for things like we he believes himself yes i said that's the scariest thing as someone who like is clearly full of shit or lying or wrong and and believes themselves yes that's the scariest that's easy to get carried away with lake what knowing things means about you write well the families tried to like argue like argued with doktor mallika initially of like this how can you think like try to reason with him document got pissed off pulled out the fucking autopsy photos of their children and tried to show the families these photos sir and one of the fuckin police officers or how to look like don't fucking do that dude like this guy's very problematic ok buber villa fine just ok when governor bill clinton was asked to comment about doctor
alex bullshit he praise doctrine alex work and stated that the mistakes came from being overworked and underpaid so doctor i can clearly fucked up the case of dining kevin which guarantee when i would think that leader slap on the rest or something right lesser rethink yet but no to my after the grand jury ruling about the problem of murder clinton sent a proposal asking to raise malik salary by forty one point five percent laying area there that's that's pretty unforgivable exactly so did you hear it's just a great site that i thought you were like at a hearing about this pair a few months later linda ives kevin's mother and malik haters formed an organization tat like stop this from happening is called victims of malaga incredible testimony and the acronym vomit what's her name hell yes linda i've on it how great a that also just how disgusting mrs lake too
march somebody not only not help you that it's their job energy out their duty is there's like their sworn oath is help you and use their knowledge to protect you and help you in whatever and this person is doing exactly the opposite being terrible at it and then getting arrays for it that he's just raised by like the high wrap that you would go to point out the problem because because she's done a favor for that higher right whilst the allegedly raw had allegedly was the real allegedly allegedly who knows i now ok vote rasper this has been fine let's leave malik my ok lacks we hit em but stay them into a different fuckin well
well some call its motor and i dont know different well like a girl from the the ring the s and come out with a long black wet hair and wet and nightgown you will and it says fucking mary ellen i do i'm mercury are carried out a clear at newport or get so the police report filed seven months after the deaths of dining kevin that not re reads confidential informants states that she has been told that the area the two boys died in is a drop zone for dope so
in the years that surrounded than the death of the boys residents near the tiny town of me the tiny mina municipal airport and western arkansas it's about two hours from bryant where the boys lived mina emmy anais the residents had complained about low flying aircraft late at night ok area turns out that mina was a drug learning hub in the eighties and early ninetys and was where and this is like this is it conspiracy this is this is now yeah like you know prevalent yes that like solid testimony that this is i think that this is due name bury seal who was a cocaine smuggling king pen operated out of the mena airport and cabin
six tinier its main urban makes perfect sense to you because you're not gonna be bringing an end to you know he's got these little you got a little cessna i don't know it's a picture and yeah it's a little small place you drop the drugs you fucking go back over the tiny town you pay off and people who see stuff and i like it i hate hey everybody exactly so real quick this about very seal which a net like separate deep fucking dive into the studies amazing amazingly awful fascinating ok so at the point of the boys tat he had already been assassinated by colombians
so he's not involved in the murder was his set up that right so initially he was hired by the d a two flights a small his small plain overtall low over this ever central american countries taking photos of rebels so that d i was i take photos prove that like this drug smuggling cartels what's going on but then he became a double agent and began working with amid marrying cartel and smuggling drugs so you ve got the vote is really a second lotus with an eye can drugs later is back over the perfect ceta ervic set up i think he eventually became a triple agent and like stuck in rapid on the cartel sherry dead this guy was had no you know no honour none when a perfect hiding place is read like in the da's park exactly it's almost like at a site but with such movie now at us
they were jennifer low peasant your talk about airline with hello johnny i know it yes what it similar what's that he's what's the one from jesus then a risky and within it oh forget and at that it's terrible but the guy thanks man is its run by anyone know what's casey afflux like original partners name i have to go from the very beginning partner afflux original partners madame and rate so oh you mean that this course easy movie where it's the drug the drug test the agent ilium harder to caprio yes oh it's not matter snow mademoiselle to ok and sows marcie mark wylder what is it the another departed
that's the departed it is the department and thing is something else i was going to say be uninhibited i'm not some of the best content we create at it pardon leave it all and so glorious eta casey after that k leave that it please goes rent the uninhabited and read the robots mere you wear your picture where you're produce is worn version of the departed cash review can your bank ok yes oh no it her laugh you think we're caprio was mad damon are we weren't just trying to get there i wouldn't be surprised if i can be that too but i think i was travelling on madame and got it who fell awesome
anyways the wrapper extra cash ok but of course the high ups in the government like any was like the fbi the cia are that d they all knew about bury seal being this ino undercover agent and they also new secretly that he was a double age and bring in drugs back but they looked the other way for personal gain and they were like well he's doin some gravers it's like the iron contra in times they needed him near anytime stern everyone can do whatever the fuck they wanted and actually there's a movie starring and i wrote this down so i won't forget starring tom cruise came like a year or two ago risky business yes that secretly about no it's called american made and it's about a very seals ok i'll did you see that no
but i mine in flanders kublai wife i didn't see that one but there is also a movie that i feel like a similar plot had matthew macaroni and he was the pilot well i'm sorry that was about goals not drugs is one that was made a ninety one that was like one of the old timers what lake but this is in before where the old timers like a barrymore
john buried my pc entering january were lionel barrymore and his brother john ok so the drugs are brought in from south america too crazy these like hangers at these like small municipal airports and that one of them was the tiny mina municipal airport by local authorities who like weren't in on the tape persona like noticing it so they put up like lights and kind of like made it so that it wasn't easy for them so instead of landing at the airport they started dropping small partials of drugs across the state and surrounding states from planes like they fuckin may there cessna have doors and shit ok so one of these drop sites was supposedly in clearing near the tracks were the boys were found some of the boys went out like second hunting and shit spot lighting do you mind if i say one theory that effectively just based on the information you ve told me so far they
we're out in those woods to do their stun hunting or it's called and there are cops out in those words trying to find people at the drop off and they killed those boys accidentally and then tried to set it up themselves incorrect thing it my swan thrown up incorrect it gets worse pursued that ok so in the years following the murder of dining cabin a few different eyewitnesses start to come forward slowly like in the early nineties end when combine those there stories tell the story of what happened that night ok the person came forward as a kid named tommy nigh house
the time of the murderous he's around twelve years old but he's about nineteen when he comes forward finally are some eighteen i don't know he says that the knight of the murderous he was with some friends in the woods by the tracks and they spotted it from the woods and like some bushes arriving they spot a group of men the couple men on the tracks and their hiding the bushes and they witness to boys covenant on approaching the mental tracks carrying their rifles just doing going along doing a fuckin thing and when covenant on saw the grip of men on the tracks further ahead of them the boys hesitate and then start to turning or on the other way but they're called by one of the men to come towards them and when covenant on hesitated according to tommy a shot is fired and they don't know if it's from dawns guideline or like ino it a warning shot something whatever happens cabin and don take the fuck off yeah tommy this kid
recognised as one of the men on the tracks because his mom is dating have he's like a hundred percent sure it's him the man is a secure dan herman goes back from over the duty was in charge of the grand document renew and with anxiety and there are those who are saying put me on this case i'm an effect and exert bodies and and opposes fucking people why and herman wet ok after coming forward tommy passes polygraph tests he's put into capacity he gives video statements and when he witnessed than either of covenant on smirnov meaning he's a fucking reliable witness yet the boys so the story got on that the boys that based on witnessed testimony ran into their friend named keefe colony who gave him a lift on his motorcycle to look recourse restored up to a pathos located there so
next part of the story that was observed that had witnessed it was observed by a man named ronnie goodwin who told state police that he was driving by when he saw two boys in the parking lot of the grocery store and when and two or two officers showed up in their unmarked but rut recognisable that it was a cop car because of the second antennas and shit they show up in a cruiser to the boys yet you guys passports and another law and witnesses the officers beating the two boys including one of the officers hitting one of the boys with a but end rifle and then throwing them into the back of the crews are and heading towards a dirt road that leads the tracks and this is early before the grand jury testimonies fuck like that had happened is available so he getting hitler face with a but of a fuckin rifle isn't something that was like i probably well known rate in it
incredibly specific and at least as you said that very specific like wound and margaret clear which i am sure old ronnie goodwin like who knows he could have been the principle of lies goal he could have been the guy that hangs out sharers used for working life but all the sudden that somebody who has a true fact that like caroline robberies at exactly which it must be bone chilling to ever the nineties cop is that starting to like listen to these stories damn herman oh you mean that a good one not about what view whoever right hours narrow is ever the detective going ya'll take i'll take your statement on this old murder l let me
about thou gaze our here all in its just so crazy okay so eventually annual read about it in the boys on the tracks there's three witnesses that eventually come forward to corroborate the grocery store story to have them two of those witnesses are murdered when they were called the testify about this in the new grand jury to hearing there's one grand jury hearing eventually that comes together and to these guys are murdered why i say that the next witness to come forward as a woman named okay this fucking woman i mean love her forever her name charlene wilson and she's basically like the night
what you would have done in the eightys which is look if you looked fuckin hot in here like i'm an update everyone and do drugs and have the most went on my oh yes and she's this fuckin guy and she's just having a black she's doing whatever she's fuckin around charlie's low wilson had kind of how to come to jesus moment and she gave secret testimony to the federal investigation including a videotape confession is also for pitch professional letter sign in front of three local office officials and may ninety three so once suppose i wish you had this like i'm not gonna do this shit anymore be sure and so ninety three she comes forward with her story at the time the boys on the tracks murderous charlene was dating down our manner and she claimed that she had been on the tracks that night with harmon and a guy named keith mc caskey whose meth dealer unknown police and format and a couple other people including two fucking local cops for a drug
drop so you saying that the cops accidently shot them no the cuts were fucking and catherine there it's a fucking be muscle damn harmon and this drug dot drop has been than they were there because she too then a summer of nineteen eighty seven so like before it right before this happened that summer one of the drugs drops disappeared so they think that fucking locally aids grabbed the drugs and land in dead it's a bag of co i mean yeah it's a big duffel bag fails at times a million dollars co so many parties are aimed at the girl she still correctly so damn harmon his like on the news like this i can confirm this is fucking pissed off so he brings out some of his men to watch the delivery on the night that cabin incessant honour walking by oh and they are expecting delivery of three to four pounds of cocaine and five pounds and weed
and surely was supposed to make the pick up that night but she had been quote high bawling which is a myth cocaine and crystal meth girl was totally quote strung out yeah you were you that such a crazy company who should that's like when you get a red eye and you put a shot of espresso into cowards just like pick a lane and she there's an end so this is really great grey areas disgrace it tells you a lot of documentary called obstruction of justice the mean and connection which is on youtube and you and she's interviewed in it and this fuckin she's like she's not in having better parking lot can she's fuckin backstage at the badly asked you probably got quaint she probably got sober and then her and she was just like kept telling our sponsor like neck sorry i know that you are on the right track except that acts the sliding last or the sliding dora theory loca you're right
that says she supposed to make pick up highlighting they told her to wait in the car when they go to the drugs like to get pick it up and she didn't tell she saw the little kid tommy remember him yes running from the gunshot whenever it it's a little cloudy ok he gets out of the car she goes further than the men who had intercepted a group of boys at the drop site which is fuckin tommy and on and maybe they're frank keith ray motorcycle and who may be got away accordingly shortly in some of them had managed to get away maybe keith but cabin and dawn were captured and when she got there dan harmony men interrogated them as ever lying on the ground face down hands tied behind their backs and they were kick and beaten and finally executed so charlatans ike this is the story she knows it for yeah there's more to like just fuckin rita so the grew
of men led by damn harmon than loaded the rest of the drug drop into the car they wrapped covenant on up in a tarp from wilson's car and put them in the trunk of the car and then they moved the quote they moved up the track a little ways and remove the boys and laid them across the tracks according to charlene she says is that point she freaked out internal running away from the scene she's like i'm on math and coke and be sucking i can bunch of warlike can't you teenage boys teenage boys imagine but just islanders that's just drug use and cheap improbably was like by that point that was dislike standard fair fair but if you have to go do something stressful as is like a drug draw yeah how are you on white drugs anyway and then like of course something horrible happens i mean it's the answer to a lot of things were it was the eighties yes that's right that was eighty didn't know meth was bad for us it act then surely that got it was it was given to us as a diet pill it was fun bump just to get
passed at midnight era you know look i'll bet there oh this is besides this is just me knocking shit out of school but she was this chick charlene was also the acts of a man who been convicted was a conviction you fell in his name was roger clinton he was a half brother a bill clinton oh shit justice justice underside note we heard a lot about roger clinton than the clinton narrow way i was he was troublemaker idea they realized i'll bring her where does this go to let all the fucking job sub over the river against this is crazy you know it
herman dan arming so then dan armand than theirs as new grand jury that like does convenes two fuckin figure it out dan harmon uses that grand jury to find out what he could about who had informed on him so he's in charge of the grand jury and he's calling all these people and giving all these fuckin secret documents to find out about what they knew about him which is not cancel can't be legal seems unfair and to make it very clear and make it appear like they were suspects and purpose was to discredit those witnesses so that if he ever got arrested and charged with drug charges he could say that it was retaliation for this grand jury trial so called everyone had ever been fucking bed with to be like none other disrupt tallying gets me now and he has a strong trial it sure that's it that's in moral lover s book the boys on the tracks so we're getting their rooms and so
from a casket who was one of the guys on the tracks and i would like to inform the math dealer before the grand jury they called him to speak at the grand jury yet stabbed death in his driveway before he can second testify he's colony the boy on the fucking motorcycle he dies in a mysterious motorcycle crass crash just a few months after dawn and kevin had died and had he had refused to tell authorities what he knew inside and he would only tell his father that quote it was hops covenant on he is on his motorcycle the motorcycle crashes it looks like he's being chased he may be had his slit before he crashed but there is no autopsy what's it called you know requested so we don't know
yeah but the drank the grand jury did rule conclusively this time not probable homicide but definite homicide about covenant dawns murder eventually down herman finds out what about our fuckin girlfriends testimony and so a nineteen eighty two damn herman set her up and purse we must hurry for a small amount of drugs plus weapons charges he fucking set her up yet he arrest her personally hands her the fucking like cuffs harasser even though he'd been dating her and like having her ass her in his drug meal he prosecutes the case against her this seems unfair it's her first drug offence which usually is button probation re he offers a plea bargain i'm a hundred and sixteen years of sheep go fuck yourself she gets since the thirty one years in jail i can't tell for sure but i think she still fucking there no yeah it's been thirty one years it's been like thirty two years and so
thirty years i don't know she's i tartuffe to find her which i wouldn't do the same thing if i were her i would be very hard yes real so when any one authority try to look into the case including this woman another fuckin heroin named jean duffy she gets appointed federal narcotics investigator in town she's newly appointed and the nine is she starts uncut she's told like don't hate her like hiring commanders i don't look hey just half like walking to the office like good luck with everything here's a second cactus order by the way don't look into any drug charges against anyone in are like circle like anyone in in em our jurisdiction yeah yeah stomach and it just don't do that ok thereby enjoy your fuckin trachis we can anybody in army would be like i'm just a couple these files and she's interviewed in the second
document or in she's just like the loveliest nineties haired woman you about procedure so she did it so she's newly appointed the ninety she starts to uncover the cover up of the boys death dan harmon in fact and loses a shit and starts it go on the attack and she when she realizes he's part of it he leaves a smear campaign against this lovely second lemon with nineties hair accusing her everything from embezzling funds to child abuse and the paper the newspapers in the fuckin journalists are like in on it and like anything down herman says it out her though fucking prance yeah so then he tries to subpoena her to find out everything she had on him including secret informants and she's like you can't do that
she starts to fear for her fucking life because she refused to trash it over which is which meant she would have gone to prison and she got like a secret inform it was like hey they're gonna kill you in prison that's your fucking plan yeah so she wasn't a fuckin hiding then after a long shit she becomes a teacher and taxes such as like he added don't doll and that ninety sarah's like it's now some weirdly fifties hair exact same but second jean daffy that poor woman like a great career as like a fucking honourable person instead i mean that's talk like there's a part as taiwan centre is other people that went in to like yes those kind of positions with noble intentions and got caught up in shetland recent unlike people quit when she could she got fired from her job because she couldn't do her job correctly because down herman was waging war against ursa like five of her informants like that you know not informants but they were like cops who are like
her such a fucking quit so those dues like when and how these incredible jobs and in ladys so almost in nineteen eighty six dan herman finally gets fucking caught for his shit he's convicted of racketeering conspiracy extortion and drug possession with intend to distribute he gets ten years he's released in nine years in any got arrested and george charges again in two thousand and ten i can't tell i think he still in prison but like everything turns out he was completely fucking i think that this whole time wow later in the two thousands and on one of the police officers who was alleged to have been on the tracks at night and beaten and taken to the voice of the tracks this guy named j campbell who had like gotten higher and higher up he and his wife were arrested on many drug charges and sentence two decades long terms in jail shall like thereof fuckin and on that yeah the families of kevin and on are still not receiving cooperation from the sailing county sheriff who happens
be a guy named rodney right who is he he's fucking down herman's nephew now as recently as twenty sixteen linda ives who's not fuckin given up the fight has filed suit against multiple government agencies for refusing to answer her freedom of information act requests and four with holding info route in regard to the deaths so she still fuckin on this shit the government's responded to her suit by asking the court to dismiss the suit because it's in on cause it's an ongoing investigation and the king is still open to this day she says it's not a political issue with her because they were never a political family but and tell the arkansas political machine reached into their lives and destroyed the twink tranquillity that they had a family yes and that's it fucking voice on the tracks the bugging tip the iceberg ah i mean
but because i have to say when i saw that on i'm sure was answer mr guess where all that stuff words just like the weirdest its clearly a set up of trying to make it seem like boys committed suicide right when they were dead and it only worked because every one was in the pocket of everyone else yeah like when you look at that as a person who reads a luxury crammer divert you're like bull one of the options is there's a really bizarre serial killer that lasting kill people and then fuse people which is like you ve never heard it like a doesn't line up with any of that yet completely lines up with cover up with like somebody like i don't like conspiracy theories but it's like this is the only fucking fitness like makes more sense than the boys anything this is it this is the thing that oh like every little puzzle pieces and sweets i fucking conspiracy theory there's proof and all of these people
you know they all went to prison later they all wearing each other's pockets malik got fucking like fired and promoted to something else on bill clinton became president like everyone and he did fucking get bill clinton mother out of lino all this legal porsche again like damn herman did fucking life like as proven that he was like the judge was in on the taking of acting on average they are not a conspiracy will i mean it's it's actually a true conspiracy theory my it's like the concern there are and that's thing maria and learn these as more and more is a lot of conspiracy theories were right and because they were freaked out by it or like you know weird i urge like shit like that wormwood like on ethics it's like yeah they it's actually a known fact that they the sea i gave lsd to people who didn't know about it to see how they would react that's not me being like a fucking weird conspiracies right that's that's
truth is simply the truth animal and a lot of people who are like i don't like conspiracy theories of the kind of people are like i don't all i also don't like the truth i just want something that's not gonna rock the boat or like freaking me out but they can stay confused like aliens with the guy doing something nefarious also small town like we're talking to me out small town arkansas so this is you know families relatives everybody who knows people it's all all those relationships are that's how a lot of those towns is like i'm the sheriff now you're gonna be the sheriff when i die every book keep all the secrets exactly where we have them and nobody mess around and like i mean honestly what a great way to caen i conceal a murder yeah you know the trans coming at four fuckin thirty still in the dark how do we hide this bad you know rawdon harmon was high as few as pelion what is called the speed ball too
i take it a little too far and they killed the boys what's a great way to fucking hide this it's not it's not like it would have worked the fuckin train conductor never seen the boys that's right that's what they thought was gonna or if the medical examiner had been legit and was like you know now this blood is old there these wounds like if the parents had been people who believed in the government or hadn't you know the fast in how many did get away with it you know i mean like how many out there that they're like linda divers wasn't there too fuckin scream about that's right and call vomit on everything that's right gather that's amazing and poor obviously crazy it's one my favorite ones then
it will also cause it's very satisfying doesn't it can you start talking about like the low low plain drops of draw our right now we're in a whole different thing is not small town america i want to give there's an unexplained dash mysteries dot com website and there's a dude name having how would you say i'm sorry a person who might be out late in lots of french word leumi aquila mew le mew who like broke it the fact down in a way that was like he did i hear she did a thing that was like based on all these people's testimonies here's what happened unlike told the story in a perfect way and i love that it was great because i can't even tell you how much like how may fucking sites i've been do others it's really fun the sun rabbit or yeah that's great yeah really fascinating and of course the boys cracks by mara elaborate let's all read at thirty book
deanna sums gun oh my fired up now also then it makes me think of like i wonder if others simply no there's that there's an area i think it while i'm sure every state has won but like there's that triangle in massachusetts words like crazy shit happens and don't go there thomson and all that stuff and it's like we had drunk drop like i wonder how many things like that that are like urban areas of land air which lives here and then all the kids like go there but then don't go any closer to the people get killed or whatever and just like don't go airbus's we're to shipping cocaine into this little cabin it makes me think that what's that place where all the columbia now the cooking comes from no i know that one really well if someone like the ago unless children
the federal credit unions in lincoln nebraska yeah what's a place called the federal credit union the hole in the name of the credit union rayner navigates the bohemian gravel bohemian grows in california as ever they go there's a great last boncassen laughed about that whole story was spent credit and they talk about no that's the one that brad on gas yes it's johnny guards but then the bohemian grove is basically insanely rich leaders and its right by where i grew up jesus yeah i know people that have like worked there is cater waiters and stuff but they have they do all this weird shit is very secretive can they have a care
waiter in us and tat s what really blackened happens thereon pencil i would join that's how it leave booger leaner over recent years people that say the only reason there's people talk about it so much is just as it's all these rich politicians and millionaires lawlessness and then there's the other people who are like they have fallen pagan rituals and they may kill children errand of whatever it is and who knows what the truth of it as its
i also find it goes our labours up and were never goin arkansas sorry arkansas now i m not alone i'm like not allowed there any work is the story of how many people you call the fucking idiot and sport i i just implicated everyone and also dan herman's gonna get a text it to em like i hear that the girls i maybe we're talking shit on you down like dan harm and herman down leon harm in town alone my windows wedding he's a lovely then we left an arm in town that's leisure what do you want to blend right india or hurry i just have a quicklime cause this was so fuckin long speaking in a actually blends until the mansions of the gilded age instagram i actually events tag mean a thing called an answer called cheap old houses that i just em i swear on instagram and it's just so on who posts houses that are under a hundred grand but they're like seven gran to like
your grand that like old victorians that you have to go live in like wherever the fuck fuck fuck fuck in arkansas yet but there are these and they show you through the house so too in an empty but it looks a little bit like abandoned porn which i love and also a little bit like the change the wallpaper in here it's just like it's a deep dive check it out crazy she
old how could also along the same lines watch the movie the money pit stirring tom hanks going on and no no it was its dan from cheer right i my friend jennifer gary and i watch that movie a hundred loved at some level while mine this week is i just got super crazy i my friend a mass murderer god bless you dave he's been my friend forever we were college remains he told me to watch shits creek like a year ago and if i think it's because the title i was like i'm not into that broad stuff i started watching it yesterday i watched it for two full days stray lover it is my fucking favorite there's three seasons of it on netflix so brilliant and it is it was created by eugene levy and his son
daniel his real name is daniel lovey but on the show his characters name is david and sisters consequent david and it's my favorite entities jean levy and what service and catherine no herons lies another i would watch anything therein it is so good it is so well written and it starts out like you know the rich people that fall and then they have poor people which we ve seen it before so i in my judging judges tv right away i'm like i don't have time for it it's so her joke funny the
actors are so good crazy catherine hairs accents alone i can watch it like i'm already planning on re watching olive oil i told you i was looking through this cause you told me that earlier and there's a shits krikorian way shivered should realise as it here i t t ear i know s there's a shit arenas lisbon grew i love it you're gonna join that there's me my men and already alice it's over you guys thinks you're wasting with long episode that was some how long stephen this isn't even the longest episode i feel like because it was so much fun it as i feel that the other tat this was great it was only three hours and ten year thanks you guys for listening we shall mature listening love you for being here with us and we have the best time yet what a joy what i jus s occasions asexually until july savings locker
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