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2018-09-13 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Gerard Soules and the death of Ted Binion.

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this is exactly right what's it all my guy one of the last time this conference will be heard this many swimming people in it i'll tell you why last night i'm much louder than georgia much louder am i yes but
i that i thought i was way later than just like even in life for you i know that say yes i was going to say it was super loud and here last night there were selling time shares and it was a fucking ass it was like the work of the good ones we bought them within a couple of a couple times you guys how's it going this is our first show of twenty eighteen more and nothing will live up to it screaming was incredible and its end in a fully carpeted conference that's more of an accomplishment what you guys are doing making sound come out of basically what a large one of those like big cat
urban buildings there but for people those people know how air so confused so what's going on here they're like other is this mornin thing you can do this the best parfait it's a dollar ninety nine it's all apples i think someone told the restaurant casino that beyond say was coming because we are currently guy but it's not even a hotel room it's nice i've never in my life i think we owe this has seen the rumours that are and what the care were walking down the hallway wench again first and then karen is the first want to go to her room and we keep vincent argued walking still and then it takes or haven't goes one
i thought it was mirrors when i looked i swear to god i like listen i'm like q mirrors there's like oh my god it's a booklets like marble mirrors bare legged edge she's pharaoh's dream come true net so can we talk about the important thing the draft worms wanna tell you about the back room yes one word waits one sweet to bedrooms poor or bathrooms to back to her he's a toilet seeds and hot toilets one yes i m easily impress well and i mean i'm too i'm telling you america needs to catch up on today's yeah
yeah sorry hold on the girls and unfurl saying hi you're like fucking five minutes late and screaming to each other not to us what the fuck is happening anyhow the days you guys are in saying what the fuck and then robot washing your ass and then i call space time with my seven year old nephew to be like he'll be interested in this because he thinks i'm boring maybe i'm cool and showed him around the place and now the incredible things and oh and that the toilet when you walk up to it it opens on its own yet like this where you're fucking robot this is so cool i asked
it pulled it open and shut its not getting scared the shit out of me i would like the toilet wont let me have it it's like when you try to prove your own gas in certain places and you get like flying before area like but i want to take care of myself like i always have organs says no no my nephew said that's nice look at my house and then he showed me the minecraft game he would not have given the lesson that shit that little asshole yeah well i showed my sister i send her a bunch pictures guess that's her favorite thing she likes that when we're in one normal hotel room within bed and maybe a chairs a plant or something that exciting enough for her and i just took this like five minute video wherever like in your face you'll never see aren't like this again pool table you stupid shit really violent but fun
van i then they get that the door i'll rings and it's the butler i'm not joking what are you guys mad you don't get above i got a butler his name is john and help bring back there you mother roger now he is working for all the other high rollers and in
gamblers that are in this building right now i don't think he works for the hotel just answer the door orders i didn't get about were that's it you're gonna try to creep into my room we tend to be a butler work the inner room right now is he waving get here just sits there can be no security he basically showed me how to turn on the tea these words do so he's getting fired and its vents getting the butler com and then here's events
i'm telling you this can if they both don't get butler except that they will cancel to show a podcast alive podcast i know you ve never heard of this lady is like a bow podcast diva silly oh oh oh god i forgot there's the giant pictures what i'm aside their work as a barber can i tell you the special guest tonight is the biggest that i've ever had like i'm an old migrate here the hired you there's a close up it would look like eileen warn us in that created that's my second there what's your problem will you have gone on are you there
us photographer use someone's mom she's cute just as a swede gonna panic tamar knife of course the lay people did nothing to help tell them about you i sprained my ankle everybody ah were you people like stuff like that but maybe six my stomach thank you i really just you know what i'm not wearing a brace normally i have like a little bit of a you know just from sea vs embrace a kind of just walk like i'm considering thing this can i see
i see so when you got here actually perfect for me because like this week in therapy we talked about me coming down with my impatience and need to go everywhere all the time immediately and for the fuck out over everything including airport especially in the airport so like i have just slow down otherwise i'm an asshole my speed walking away back there go ahead i'll get my butler to pick me i know she got me on that one stevens not here oh yes i really like him i can make it now that sound like an unexplained
he can count on the road all the time he has my cats to watch yes he is like seventeen jobs at the economy i mean do you know how many emil's you people send scurry see it's crazy we're look at wondering do you think he like when it goes to my house when we're gone puts his mask mustache on every single like things like touches the remote control does most that touches on the door now that those most shows here just a peak in georgia's my it sounds like you need to do is set up a mustache nanny can catch the mother fucker any act i think you're right that's this dna is out of my house then that's right do you know what it's like mustache no it's as a whole and she's he's doing our attention given that mustache now
to stand like a horse because i have a sprained ankle than anyone else notices looks a little clyde's daily anyway said at the time of their don't look at these screens ok just like britain those who lived through the nine these look at me like that
i lived well this is my favorite murder the pike oh yeah that's caring kill gara match your friend georgia hard star great does really sweet girl makes dresses and allay name april just keeps back and giving the virtual that's that's how you do business now i just put the thing in the persons and you're like put this on something
oh thank you yes minds from target twenty nineteen and if any redress in the world should have pockets it's this one cause it's practically a jumper it's very child like an ip and has the seventies you know rank zip pull that goes all the way here belly button you what i want but we could go a total after hours club style and here i feel i ride i guess you're up for that all the time then it search raining from the ceiling but they is doesn't rules are now that's the whole thing beyond no rules so much less whom you are here you are here when you saw magic make i won't talk about the other casino that shows that but man if you had a chance to watch it it's the most romantic scripture ever see some talent but a beetle stephen you could come but he had learnt magic like like craig great thing and then you just want like this for half an hour we love we love em my cats tolerate him i swear it there's a bit that he put like what are they cover that gets call them in story insist stories assure him yelling elvis elvis elvis it my cat life swear to god my cat elvis is just like walking by him like disdain in cats bloc have you ever seen a magical fuck you damn well i would like to quickly apologise for my hair what's happening can't explain except for that i thank you guys had a weather system come in while i was trying to straighten it real nice and then other things started happening and it was just like it just kept kind of like getting going out it was like a test lukoil such the ecstasy just hit and he was like i meant to say this in a normal voice it won't be that loud and i won't be jarring at all than cool it's what she wants to hear while she's talking thank you for your problem this is a true crime comedy and hair territory it doesn't look great it looks like the first summit used curling iron when i was thirteen and my sister wouldn't show me how to use so i kept turning at the wrong direction and it would you like the cancun and fall and i kept but see i brought a travel straightened so the actual like ironing like the face of the straightening iron is the size of like a
off easter so i've been trying to i'm like just bending my hair to the left and right is what i did i just like in good anyway when i opened the door document and that's when you know you have that hair is your friend is three to you in a way that they never have before so glad to see you i have no comment now i love what i why that's good it's very like you look like scorning we weren't ghostbusters like in the zoo which is that good per year and when she was some dumb working lady born there is little karen only mona lisa will define the gatekeeper came out and you came here to keep making it
before we sit down yes and tell you about murder we the photo to show you oh yeah there's something exciting that happened today you may have seen it on your tvs but we had stephen put together can you put that first picture look you are truly are did you see what it's all about ass always the best i mean stephen stephen pulled pictures where people were holding upside shit there we ve said which is very self serving but there were of amazing one of my favorite is just as lady those holding a sign that said tik tok mother fucker moment to say and i think this is important to be clarified
there is a world of difference between masculinity and toxic masculine and i don't want you know people see that time i had a friend of mine who let me now that he was very upset about what that's a masculinity and here was gunned going on about it how accused he felt and all that
the key to realize i was i use that to describe john wayne daisies down a very specific reference you're not talking about workin comedians or a graphic artists during the day whenever he was talking about john wayne gayle is exactly this isn't just like someone who's urdu in the cab he made a serial killer with it is fuckin hands and beer but we were really so if we couldn't be marching today because we have to play here which is awesome but so it was really cool to see how that and the natives very excited get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello fresh america's number one meal kid they make looking at home son easy and afforded
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she was at amazon murmured or do you want here i'd like to look at the big eyes horrible things have happened i know you can't see the scenes i can see purse well after denied they're gonna burn them after we got through its sale it's mine these are yours the slow and you want to put it up hesitated then you're fucking thing away somewhere release we girl saw us on the plane when we were already again she goes only those travelling together as if we did we look into hated each other while they gather rate as we come around the corner and like will you can just shut your fucking sister she made me walk three pace like three people had a word with you speak to wit when we arrived at the hotel there is somebody that was going to come to this show that was also outside she was around the plane sabre doubled ascot we're sorry you were talking about building because i just want to explain i would have said high but i was on the horn like hollywood bigshot except for i was talking to my neighbour can't yell at me why didn't you learn from this man her right my
tat george when i leave my house what when i take my suitcase with me she knows i'm leaving for several days and that's when she decides to climb the like she's in a tough mutter competition that i'm not kidding my side fences eight feet tall she's a fuckin but it'll outward she's a lab hound she's like a combo she's not like a little dog plenty of issues like fuckin arm over are issued a backpack on year through without over the fence further skateboard over the ban in the caribbean earth here but the reason i knew because i rebuilt this
kind of interesting i e the bill the other friends on the other side of the house because i thought you is getting out of that fence have the whole thing rebuilt turns out she's going on the other fence that's eight feet tall and i was like there's no way it's this bent and my neighbour rick thank god is a contractor and he and i was like do i need to fix this spencer that benzene as it's gonna be the other vents will then he standing in his driveway no and she's these george mother we pursue in himself listed so then i couldn't do that locked out of my house i just leave i can't i can't you know and that's like an extra three inches or three feet for us yes right we're much taller than her so one brick saw her do that he came over any goes i've got a thing i'm an owl fix it for you don't have to rebuild a second fence so he came over and leaned this peace
the taller fence but it was like from work site or whatever he leaned it and then he puts in cement on it today while i was on the phone it was my other neighbour she got out again she pumpkin double client like she's trying to get into the fucking fbi she double klein data that is supposed to be a service that is either that or my dog cedar is beating her withered while i'm gone i feel so she would never do that which she likes more than people i feel bad for frank here other weapon is like a tiny like what fuck frank couldn't get over anything because his legs are this tall but you know he was like scrabbling after trying to connect surplus georgia's like and various like no can you openness we sorry i just out of recovered memory one of my favorite things i've ever witnessed
a party in san francisco and the nine days represent and there was this big weirdos party we didn't know the people whose house it was we're just like in the backyard crazy ass through your eyes there was i was looking to think i was just wondering how close up if i can camera sort of the past hour had to be like how horrible just i'm like charlie brown seizure right now you're nigeria word thing tell thurston known for standing in the backyard of this huge victorian how's this huge house party with kegs everywhere and we're standing right next to the fence and it's this there's like a twelve foot fence wooden fence and at one point like rural dissenter on like this the weird bertie we don't know anyone should believe and then someone runs out onto the back porch and goes back up surrey air and a bunch of people like run and these two girls that we're standing right next to us like throw their drinks and jump talking like throw themselves up over this fence like they they jump they grab it they pull themselves and they scribble scrabble with their legs and their feet and they can push themselves over you hear one land sidewalk on the other side you hear the other one land and then this dude of course classically walks baked out of his mind and he was up here it's a fucking lack classic that guy is still talking about that sorry that was his like best moment of his life which is fair here that guy and you can hear me right now please call me love they laugh about that again i was i told people that sort of so many times a people or is like that's nice my like you don't understand areas it is you're dressed up for a party of me like this like so anyway and you're like trying to be cured at a party and then you just fucking throw yourself oh they have warrants out for their arrest or some we would have been great at any open the fence and on the other side there are going to arrest the cops like beheld away and there's just pounds of cocaine at their feet why would you bring that much coke here just a little bit will then it would be even more impressive that they hold the cocaine over the bends along with our entire bodies is less than we could keep doing this for if i would love to obey i want to speculate about these two girls are you first i am for thank you so much i don't take up what i m going my nose same lady tat same because our it's the same spot grew like nothing's changed giving it doesn't matter what did you see but there are also a security guard our next time she wants you to she fuckin mozart over like this no matter what goes also what it might butler came and attacked i would definitely come back here there s no how do we taylor there's no butler where there has been a butler around you don't know what that access is anymore here what's this about that is twenty five years ago it would like ninety nine in the great motor rampage of ninety nine d know what was it three okay so here's the thing that i think both of us have started doing
especially when we're on the road does we have the right it's like book report race and we have to write like six murders the great book report is our new tv show that we're pitching and re nobody likes nobody wants to watch it everyone super stressed out about it just as in our hotel rooms are fuckin robes typing events going are you done with your story adding either story it yeah meanwhile background for some reason the beginning of sixty minutes is playing that's how i knew that my booker like i had to finish epoch authority on sunday night seven third you'd better finish your fuckin homework so in the middle of the murder i had i was like wait a second
i want to do sick ridden roy murder like are you change the rules of this pact seriously thought i was such a fucking genius for like four minutes eyes like beginning i can imagine what i say i'm doing said freedom worry what they're gonna say let's do it was he was it was hold on it was you know i didn't i just wrote down a couple exactly roy was bitten on the neck by monti core the white tiger monti and ass he was
being pulled away i'm taken to the university medical center re local references get some every time i think they all work there the whole hospitals empty right now let's go grab the hospital hospital just pills and then those weird water pictures with the matching take like for those i don't know why
as rory was getting a loaded into the emergency room the tiger bit his men no wake again no i'm saying got it tighter always under his neck roy set down down tiger who wears barbara because i stand for everything goes i think that's a saying anchored i just wanted to get this great quota paramount wikipedia because roy said to everybody as he was being wheeled away montague
the greek gatt make sure no harm comes demands a bit him in the fucking i think i was like you we ve been waiting for this second cats ok they everybody lived in they retired seven years later it was not a big deal including the tiger the tiger lily ok no came to be pretty amazing there's gonna be my last words i hope i remember it's can we so funny you better be there i can be like what was something i was just thinking about montague and that's how i dont know that other that's what she really why i knew how do you really want is a guy knew her better than treating our so certainly true
so actually i'm going to do for real the murder of gerard souls the poodle king war there is that there is a total king and he right here in this great city of las vegas at the gorgeous and historic because the circus been there ve been there i have been on mushrooms there that sounds like a fucking nightmare do it it was a bad idea it was a bad nineties idea we were all wearing jokers we're like this'll be funny i was positive for so long that i was going to remain for the rest of my days and
that carousel oh yeah it felt like we were there for nine hours those like i want to leave the carousel everyone else seem to like it but i was like i'm having a nervous breakdown and then just went from their every single place returned it was just like who know someone y know there's no king i went there and i was nine on mushrooms are break i was there when i was a kid minded my dad take us there that's what fun for children i dont understand wasn't hollowing now he wasn't tourist area now i just remember there were so many of us we had no money so there's like that sleeping in a room with two beds and
slept on the floor now read shag carpenter circus circus john pic for mare me ok the entire source of the story i'm about to tell you is from one then be fair article written by a woman named megan rose and actually she wrote this article so good that it ended up changing the verdict let's get it charlie it's very very fine i was going to redo the title of this article but it is a complete spoiler title it basically tells you all the good stuff right to do so ok so in june for thanks to ninety two when jerome
jerry souls doesn't show up at circus circus casino for work his which is very unlike him has boss goes to the army park where he lives to investigate don't judge there really nice insight and i now actually really getting my cousin lives in one in its view would never know that you're in a double wives kind of my dream said they're pretty cool and then very manageable like this gorgeous palatial apartment i have upstairs tonight that was too many messages and one that ok so
when he knocked at the door he could hear jerry's poodles barking court like crazy any know something's wrong as their normally very well behaved dogs they dont park so he calls the perks kierkegaard and they call the cops and inside the trailer they find jerry souls belonging scattered everywhere the window shades been pulled off the window tv vcr cabinets empty there's a blood soaked mattress and a trail of blood leaning back toward the bathroom and there in the bathroom there's blood splattered everywhere it's just an insane and jerry souls is laying naked with his throat slashed he's been stabbed so many times that the coroner stopped counting at thirty five they believe it's over a hundred mike and somebody put of orange tell on his face he was fifty five years old so
i'll tell you a little bit about jerry soul so he is born nineteen thirty five in canada but he moved to michigan in his childhood any grew about side to trade and when he's a was a teenager he grew up in a very devout catholic family but he still came out to his mom when he was a teenager and his there totally supported in nineteen fifty five fucking shit this is so is it was his like long dream since he was like twelve years old he wanted to be in the circus so when he wanted to to be on the trapeze so when he was sixteen he left home to join the circus and
this is so basically this is i found this a stephen found his obituary it was insanely long this is the bridge version it was written by woman aim helene weaver and she says
gerard souls who has been murdered at once biggest nevada was one of america's leading circus performers first is a trap he's artists and sheep spelled it artist and later with his celebrated dog troop huddles deep harry we were they on the trap he's together known i got so excited you know they let you do that shit like opens up the two like nine these and again they do but that's the high wire the trap peace would be locker legs now that's worse i believe rose the dog be fucking only could do that i'm a buddhist william i just gets picture it's a pretty good visual oh i think we do have some pictures reminder of this shit yeah he got famous because he could do this track where he would
he would go off the lake he would launch off to trap is under no the terminology and then he would do a forward somersault and catch himself by his he by his like ankles now intra peas like and then be made wearing like a cape he looks incredible leaning his best live fucking doing so his heel catching work as an area list a sensational and together with his cool arrogance and electrifying personality more than justifies divide his billing as the star of stars on the high trapeze lose so i guess he was like the fucking nuts i was going to say the tom cruise of the trap like oh i get it i get my favorite star so
in his life he had a number of falls usually only in rehearsal but in belgium and early nineteen sixty four after near fatal accident in front of a paying audience hugh he retired from the tropic great he was never seen in the clyde beady collects brothers circus in america you know your favorites swung clyde beady collects result by the nuclear power plant for that circus he he did it played spending act his career span for decades he worked in everything from small shows to the barman burnham bailey circus the greatest show on earth by nineteen fifty six use a centre ring attraction with clyde babies big tempting circus and four years later he joined wrinkling brothers barnum environment bailey in which he featured he was a feature traction until nineteen sixty three when he was sent to moscow to appear in an american circus he was an admirer of a british dog trainer named victor julian and that's how he got his idea when he was doing the plate spinning he's like this sucks remembered this dog trainer that he loved this british dog trainer so then he'd decided he was gonna have a dog act and wins
and so that's when he came up with poodles de perry and he in all the costumes for himself and for the doorway tell me as it happens i get a little open leave you ve never heard of jerry souls i mean poodles de perry eleven similar with poodles within thank stephen we mean when poodles and feathers so basically she gets a job at circa circus and ninety ninety two and of certain circuses great sum hold it
that would be too early for me on my drugs i'd be amazing like wait a second i saw but basically on the second floor circus circus there's a stage and all day long until midnight they have circuits circus acts performing for free so they just have act after act and jerry was like of the show and people would you now on their way to in this because she says as they as they move along passed to the two ninety nine by such here that's kind of you know
hello latest so his show featured fourteen pete poodles harping on their hind legs across the stage one would wear a poncho sombrero another had her dress attached for front paws so then when she stood up she ll andrews cancan sexual eliza him as i hope it was a girl there was ones wearing three foot tall hats giant hoopskirt and then jerry himself wars sequined tales matching both i and all hands etched himself as we said so that the problem was in his personal life jerry was having really hard time he was fifty five his partner of decades had died a couple years before and he he
all the other performers most of them lived in the casinos own our view park that's kind of a common thing i guess here but there they wouldn't let him stay in there are deep arc circus circus our report with the poodles so heat up banished to the silver now get camper land which we all less desirable miss coming off what's happening this so is this my part of its next year per italian grab me i'm in genk anyway that's very ruins magic so
the thing that jury started doing was he was to make himself feel better he would help other people so if he saw people panhandling and usually was men does he want you know he was lonely for male company so he would you know give the money asked them if they want to go to dinner you know basely kind of try to help out and that's how he met a man named fred cities so basically fred he saw fred was holding a will work for food sign he was driving by his truck he said i'll take you to dinner if you wanna go to dinner with me friends like sounds great at dinner you know jerry said i'm a gay man you know like i'm interested in hang out freds like sounds good to me i like to hang out too and then fred was like bull here's an interesting thing if you really do need work i just fired my assistant apparently here that he had an assistant that couldn't do the job
it wasn't me i like this i know a lot of dog poop picking up said job poodle blue photo diva yeah so jerry offered in the job and you just like that be amazing it would help me so much so they kid they start working together and then they actually start to have a relationship so he trains him to bees assistant and learns the whole dog acts but then when they are ready to work at circus circus like h the age our department came and was like you need a work permit to be able to work here and be juries assistant wilfred tells jerry
i am actually living under an assumed name because i'm on the run i am in parole violation in florida what they called a hapless bank robbery which i'd love to now millions tales about it in the article at some bearer saying you know you're just kind of a shady banquet like you locked him with a bag with dollar signs on it then tripped and this too started crying so
obviously he says he says to jerry i'm not sure we will get a work permit and this isn't gonna work out thanks for everything you know see later and then in the article it says then he pan handled enough money for liquor and speed ball and hopped on a train their that data divergent dream big ears so fred cities had a really hard life himself he was abandoned by his mother when it was ten he was in thirty seven different foster homes as a teen he wandered into hobo camp outside phoenix where an old timer introduce him to writing the rails so then he started doing that and so we have a picture this is
that's that's everybody that on the second floor look at second floor show it circus there goes my child labour see those kids tap dance janine again where and then those girls on the top that's all they did is but one hand but they were really good and look at those black ok though sorry that i could just there thou forever i mushroom letters one is there that you should have told me that's the hapless bank robber friends do you say this is stressful to me don't mean they're sure guarantee a common a yell photo when the photo ok now you stressed so then
six days later after fred jumped the train it was six days later that jerry didn't show up for work at circus circus and his boss came and they found his body so many days six six day let's not it's not a lot the detectives are investigating the crime scene they find a letter that's from its sent to cities but its journey dress and its from the last guy that fred had hitchhiked with and then eventually started a relationship with and so that's how they that's how they got started point that he was there they called this guy and that i told the police that fred had told them
that the guy he lived with had been stabbed like a hundred times and so the second the police heard that he knew that bit of information and railway like he did at we just have to go get em so they call fred ceased they tell him he asked to come back to vegas so freds way of coming back to vegas he's schubert drunk he jumps on a train go in the wrong direction they ends up in wisconsin vegas so when he gets there he realized what he did so he steals a semi truck any drives thirty hours straight through back division and when he hits town he immediately gets pulled over and arrested i mean he got from point a to point b he well point eighty point d great then these are the pre ins
ok so he tells them he has nothing to do with jerry souls murder that he would have never hurt him that he really like to meet considered normal close friend and that he had been a nuth plant new plymouth idaho the whole time but fred sickly heat the key that he would deny it just outright and then the cops are getting angrier and yelling at em they entered the interrogation lasted five hours and he changed his story at first he said he had nothing to do with it then he claimed that fred sexual each attempted to tie him up and the sexually assaulted him with a plunder police are like that they showed him the the
out of the of the trailer and they're like it's physically impossible what you're saying he said there's no room for that many changes story i can literally be it was aerodynamically impossible so he changes his story again he ends up changing it six times but in the end he just says he decided to rob jerry last minute and then jerry woke up and so he killed him the story he gives the cops and so they fred cities is arrested for the murder of jerry souls so two years later by the time the case gets to trial freds these defence team they put to you an extensive alibi he had there's fourteen witnesses ten items of documentary evidence proving that cease was nowhere near souls trailer at the time of the murder but at the time
ambitious young prosecution lawyer named william peppered was assigned to the case and he knows that states did it so he's poland he wants to pull that alibi apart so he goes so idaho and he finds witnesses who say that species to use the alias robert and that they heard him talking about having a brother so they find out that fred cities has look alike brother now name robber who lives in texas yes it's real worth so so they put it to you there they come up with this theory so here's the theory cities fred season idaho it was robert and it was it was all a plan to create this alibi and the witnesses who thought they met friend in my opening and idaho the two places you ve seen actually
his brother robert and the real fred ran to idaho after the murder and then met his brother there were the only problem with this theory is that there is no evidence that proves that roberts these had been in idaho and it does conflicted with the actual established timeline and most importantly it contradicted stasis signed confession that it was this last minute drunken decision to rob and then and then murder jerry souls so since it can be proved that fraud steel was inward roaming on made thirty first that would mean that steel would have had to set the alibi plan into motion threefold days before that spur of the moment attack but but
theory presented to the court plus the signed confession was enough to get him convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of pearl you might want to hold that he spends twenty years in jail that's a long time and this whole time his original defence attorney a woman named nancy lumpy is fighting to get his case revere she's sending and everywhere she can like somebody has to do something this guy didn't do it and when they finally do get the case reviewed they find evidence in the files that fred stasis name had been run through this system by texas authorities on may twenty fifth june first in june forth which means it's usually when people are stopped by the police as when your name gets run which would mean that robert cities was in texas at the time of prosecution
i'm the prosecution argued he was impersonating his brother in idaho i'm sorry they find evidence roberts diesel name shit i better it's confusing enough but essentially the look alike brother has proven to be in texas at the time that he's supposedly being seen in idaho and while so that they find this piece of information and the fact that it was suppressed by the prosecution sunday don't tell anybody so then they go talk to robert freds brother and he tells the court under oath he hadn't seen fred since it was nine years old he had never been idaho or wyoming and you don't even know what freds birthday was or if he was still alive so he had no contact or connection with his brother whatsoever that's weird so in toby if twenty twelve
twenty years in prison adjudge declares that steel was innocent they go back through all of all of the everything and here there is nothing that put him in that mobile home at the time of the martyr so but wouldn't be because he had already been found guilty and gone to jail they would they wouldn't retry him they i mean they wouldn't just say he was innocent they wouldn't just let him go they made him sign the outwardly which is the thing that says that europe convicted but you say you're innocent and then you can get out of jail and that way nobody data you're not allowed to sue and none of the people who withheld evidence or or tricky in any way get in trouble that's fucked up so
i think i'm drinking water anyway i guess i quit fires ok so basically then in so he but for its teeth is in jail he's like all signed the fuckin offered play get me out of here i am good with it so he does it he gets out of jail but of course you can't get a job everywhere he goes he's a convicted sellen so this
that's one our friend megan arose wrote this article four vanity fair and then in november of twenty seventeen the nevada board of partisan commissions granted fred a full part in delivering a clear rebuke to the las vegas prosecutors who refuse to recognise his innocence and nevada supreme court justice lydia's stiglitz said let there be no residual stain on has record but ass footnote today's jim jerry soul sister
nurse nursery who was so angry at fred steal the entire during the entire court case went to him and wept and asked for his forgiveness and said she was so sorry she has a whole shrine in her house cause she's still is back in detroit of her oliver brothers amazing accomplishments in the circus and being this insane amazing drove peas autism and dug trainer and you know incredible entertainer for years and years and she also still has his silver ring and in this article it says its stained with blood and she wonders if the killers dna is on it and if any one cares may and that's the unsolved supposedly murder of arab souls kind of fun and pressing that's crazy how we never heard of that
and i'm gonna get comfortable here you're comfortable you take you take the tablecloth that's him that's fred sees every got out of jail
ok take this area mono tablecloth ok i'm going to tell you about a murder ok you know sounds good that's we loved your crime this the murder of ten billion so stephen will send us like here's heres a list of ideas of minors you can do and like sent as each separate ones and i had already found this one that i wanted to do and as it can i do this when i consented to karen what do i do like tellers here but a value soon were only gonna be talking to receive and tell her i said maybe i wanna know i still haven't even looked at his mail when he talked to me like i'm so pinions is out ok i gotta know you're talking about but please don't bother me in homes deem the climbs your gave me like a vicious you know he claims the gate from the outside george crimes from the inside they snapchat each other's evasive ismail chat stowaway think families over there i think it implies
ok this boy was i so this story is so convoluted and insane and weird that i like i and my brain isn't wraparound in to me i'm like i don't really know exactly what happened so you'll have to tell me what you know i'll tell you they tell you ok i'm counting on it so benny benyon was a gambling icon and kind of a mob do who lived in dallas and he fled from texas government to las vegas two or open the horseshoe casino in downtown las vegas and nineteen fifty want yeah i have lost a lot of money that exact casino i would love to steal and ashtray from the horse you can see now that they have a horse you on them
till i questions like old ash tree because their acquired veil smoker alone of hide sales are really bad smoke all of us so many of us it is my like when we sit down down that's where we go to gamble may have a bargain purple machine if you guys see one year favorite buffalo i'm a real i'm real sucker for willie wonka b i just i just want to watch a movie and give my money when will we want to help me do that ok so here here's here's a benny benyon looks like fuckin what's a powerful pack an old timer you know you want a drink with them just my heart is singing you right now he party totally barneys he's the guy he does cigarette and drink in one that's it's all this about it's all individually elliot shoes on us the garments and when do you think maybe just keeps a tiny like a smaller than normal piece of downright accounts money he counts money while looking around and smiling at the people exists finger rallies counting money that he doesn't get sick like magic to me no money can make benny billion sick man never has proven fact
ok i love you guys so he comes here to escape from those guys and in dallas he like one of the most profitable profitable casinos you totally changes the way fuckin casinos work he's like a total bad ass bawler everyone loves him he's like the did right bad anywheres feather boas apparently but he was eventually convicted of tax evasion long history is actually really interesting is a fuckin fascinating did so you of tax law review that hinders the sacks of asian cake court cases a lazy read every piece of paper transcripts so his son take over the business of the worship of his son ted has only twenty one at the time and his son jack take over jack becomes president other horseshoe against this kind of like a boring dude and counting money because without licking his finger yes he has the green visor he's got the yard or on his sleeve yes he's from me see fifty right right so they all went about on the floor but tat is like super cool he becomes a casino manager he's the face of global issue the twenty one year old heads and twenty one year old and sorry it's like this late fifties early sixties you know i couldn't tell i kept looking for dates but none of them seemed right eventually gonna get so late nineties suggest strict strike that question airway straight answers ballad fucking question that i had to i'm just saying if you think about your youtube stars of today imagine if one of them had their own casino it would be that that would be an asshole child or just picture know this guy ok so let me tell you about him you like him he he's a good ok we're like guess so he's that basically a younger version of his book and
because a pimp you did that's really not here now i didn't want to say that's vegas baby let it ok younger version or at least try to be he basically grew up in the casino he learned the train is a preteen from his father and some in like cacena players he learned at all but it is eighteen he had been in the casino business his whole life someone said that many told me that ted was the best in the business so he's like a businessman he dresses like he's down and boots and cowboy tax a pistol in his genes any job pickup truck with his dog princess raining shaka yeah he drove right into the casino there was always ready for fun here is super likeable also a junkie
a junkie highlight gambling junkie drug attic though junkie is also problematic ok he had moved from part to open to enlist he and finally black tar heroin was issuing enjoys how he fucking ran this like huge crazy business willing i think you re probably built up a tolerance here so it all got real normal damn that humans look pickings it's crazy black to take up some coffee and i can barely fuckin leads like rural areas i took up the governor sweating like a means it's that ok good who is a light
so for the next thirty years tat the face of a horseshoe becomes well known as the host of their famous poker tournaments he loved living the highlight partying choosing with high profile guests and flirting with hot ladys one such lady a cameraman for open up next to the earl those days what if it's just a funny meme one such rollin was sandy murphy a k a the irish venus oh hello so admit in nineteen and if i was she was working at cheaters yes the exotic dancing place swedish cheaters like a chain like ben again in italy too i didn't realize and its topless ray
you topless opened airily ok it's it's all desktops into deficit that urgent that's where tat like to hang on to his business and take his meetings and sure you know it's easier to concentrate their right you do that to sandy is beautiful she's twenty eight younger years younger than tat should come to las vegas from the bell flower in los angeles you know that tub of sin city bell fire i keep bell flower was another strip club that up to now is that a good on are they all look at all from the bill flowers all its gotham maud stripping
it's hard to tell so like you can read stories about her that they make her should be the sexy sex queen is like delay confer money and then summoned the like her i think she's like and also my money and i needed money so i went to work did she does its later you know you can't help it i mean look click within listen but i like this things like that like thereafter money aren't we all the money on the daily please may maker ino elites like one of those things work in the forty eight hours on i d they show leg probably like a pull dancing person from like the knees down the aisle just to show you what the greedy seedy underlay really we are doing that are like the big never seen legs radar it's like this what she was very fine you should just then it's a money we are ok this might be the photo i think it s which will make you laugh no that's not it ok that's the fuckin plaques our heroine out i am i gonna love apparently it was like a really everyone let them be was bringing you now granary and gary a signal you gave a pathway drunkard areas like that don't know that's what they're here
it doesn't look like anyone i ever did arrow annoyance that's what's freaking me does it look like someone they would wear a blackened featherbed happily damn well that's who it was sorry i take him away from you ok sandy above about ok so so shortly after they met right after ted's wife and kid move out of the his house or their house sandy moves and with tat and she likes starts reckoned up credit car bills averaging and fine fifty one hundred is the number i saw extends jewellery plastic surgery european delegations are paid for by tat which is like well he's got the money what hey furnish it isn't it he wants is network casinos are all about
like spend in wasting smoke and heroin they both looked a party all night sleep all day which whose mugen does i'm ok here's the boat i think you're gonna enjoy mrs from their made for tv merely oh be ready pretty things she explained her well if she's the irish vienna irish vena you're already on the wrong track k has its diane carol what did you mean a survivor promote matthew who is also totally addicted to blacks are widespread that rumour i'm goin to tweet it out tonight so this is the kind of idea let me tell you about this maybe roquat this movie is called sex and lies in sin city let me read you a quick blurred from it i'm sorry that title is easily the laziest piece of writing i've ever known in the movie seems like the lazy uzbekistan originating someone wrote about it shot in new mexico for what looks like jackpots penny slots the fact based story as depicted isn't trash enough to qualify as a guilty pleasure that's the worse when they are not bad enough to be on the air
sorry guys that's them look muslim everybody's you gotta make those retaining movie some time ok according machines laugh and now at the stranger nay ass stacking according to tackle a monthly our favorite manganese magazine world story by gary cartwright so according all this shit she was famous owner big mouth and she called ted old and ugly until people openly that she was sticking around just for the money but other friends the couple attested to seeing sandy with bruises on her face and a clump of hair missing and that she told her friend the opinion had beaten billions gardener said she took a lot of crap from him down on the gardener knows that guy's outside yeahs not inside after one particularly big fight tat bought her a mercedes worth
ninety seven thousand dollar that's almost a hundred thousand dollars what kind of what does it have a c d player or something i don't know what it looks like our hotel room there's just a car that you draw emerge ninety ninety eight find that when you have a date ok here we are or ninety ninety eight kerins live annihilate loving it i'm graduating icicles twenty eight on speed everything that had sleep i can't stop drinking panicking but pretending like i'm having a great time plaid miniskirt black combat
i have a photo of every thing don't be mad if you did it would be me with the tiniest like clara belle i write you plug them all out when i led never touched my iris observatories highlights that i was always really angry about nothing ninety eight weeks she took us there after about a gaming commission finds out the ted is associating we should conduct mobs monster his name spat herbie blitz esteem but say it again i'm sure you'll be kirby herbie curly where they can be kirby herbie willing i like like the love of god blitz genes herbie blitz seat i like the jews fat herbie blitz dealing with nato be was superstar me those ones they find out that heat and heat their hanging ted's hanging out with him so they both the nevada gaming commission is leg of europe but will their sister that tells on new super big bummer and you're like what that they voted unanimously to provoke permanently revoked heads gaming licence he's the first data
he's the first person to lose his license for regulating and about a regulation that bans gaming licence holders from associated with known criminals oh i mean might amongst us is not a criminal she likes it what would you think i'm sick of commission these games first i'm sorry can we get some regulation brain i'll do it for you because you're telling your story
you bet i won't leave on bank even surname above all due to license ok he's ties and are now i get a little too on the back to making your hair do this my guy he set times are separate from the family business there like packed up all your shit in the basement of the worship get the fuck out of here you can be a near so he takes the he takes all his his crazy fuck and silver collection estimated to be worth anywhere from seven to fourteen million package is he collect silver yeah ok my dad's like do
that's my dad's like apocalypse plan invest in silver yes it's a good idea copper wire is also great thing it is this if you ever see it anywhere it down and put it in your car heard her later for after the bombing juvenile you'll find someone to sell a do at this point sandy intense relationship is starting to sour ted had losses gaming ices and after that his drug addiction got back and worse place borders fuck at home right we ve all been there with this didn't do just can't stop so he made to find a new place to store distilleries silver since he added duty f o abba there unless the help of a dude name rick tab ash who owned a tracking company sandy had met recently and there's just like so much information about this dude and like it so hard to find the exact fuckin details of him sounds like he was a bad guy he's describe as regularly handsome financially financially troubled contractor from montana with a record that included convictions or advocated this assault and cocaine dealing you're dating shut your eyes turned into hearts one is perfectly terrible for me i think there's a photo of him yes so that's andean that's rick that's fucking welfare i'll do try to tell me but papa owned a tracking company okay so he too soon confiding to friends that he was quote here's the slackened romantic he is clearly a romantic laying the pipe to billions girlfriend ok i've another recovered memory great there was a standing committee i knew i first started standeth in sacramento highly valued as no i can't i can't remember his name is nobody i dont think he ever
i don't think he flourish you don't think he's succeeded i don't know i've but had a map and add pens in the map
next the pen it would say lp know and that's everywhere in the united states he had laid puffy yes this is my world i've been in it since i was twenty upsetting i never got better we sure you didn't mean take a share in the first when they saw the map i thought he had put a pen everywhere he had taken a shared across the united states as like that's weird and not something to brag about and then i think it was someone like blink patch or somebody who was like karen means making love with a woman and i was like oh no it doesn't get out of this business i gotta go lays a pipe i'll be right back like an obvious one you're going better i'm seeing this girl we ve started to lay pipe pages i think there's something there i think it's real high playing is so there's miles of it it's all copper wire everywhere so he is clearly tax and then also telling her that he's u also going as friends is using her to advance has planned is still the bulk of ted sportsman including the silver etc so
and when tat has to get a new place to hide a shit he hires rick to help construct a new vault it's a concrete bunker twelve feet deep built on the desert floor on a piece of property he owned in power up
i don't know i say what i think they're saying got it only the screaming at me more times but i do know it sixty miles west of us can you imagine what we're still after parties there than ever rave we drive out there to poorer blazon had to say and i had no choice it's a thing we are talking about two minutes ago the call back mister i'm stuck in this case so the bunker which sounds awesome contain tons of silver bullion horseshoe casino chips paper
currency and more than a hundred thousand rare coins including carson city silver dollars many and meant condition i dont know that what that means really nice lodged not meant but personally i know it meant me i understand that you wouldn't think i did so much just two seconds construction is estimated to be worth up to fourteen million dollars and this buck involved and shall only people who are the combination or ten and this fuckin bad now iraq with will bab welfare by real pharaoh so bad welfare becomes a regular visits to begin household he said he fell in love with sandy days after the treasure is sealed in this underground bunker ted revises as will the book of his is a state is thirty million dollars worth it worth
that is gonna go to his daughter deleted then there's a bunch of people in bequeath sandy three hundred thousand dollars oh that's a slap in the face custodians a hundred thousand dollar car lot of fuckin money though no it isn't let's not enough well what but she wants she wants to be living that unesco bali on life right right oh but also his home and all of its contents that's where do you think his daughter would like one second keepsake maybe maybe it was all like daffodil yellow or something she could she handle remade the whole thing it's like marble flooring and stuff i don't know what's nice marble jobs marbles nice to make sure ok sandy jacob i don't know i'm really i feel my brain is ok but the pop up there and then
so by this time though and this is why the relationship had started it go real shitty sandy and ten slept in separate rooms and sandy barely had her affair with rick so on september seventeenth nineteen eighty eight six months after losing his gaming licence sandy calls the police saying my husband to stop breathing and then the connection was lost pair town ten billion in his den lying on a yoga matt empty bottle of xanax besides him dead the autopsy and toxicology report show that he had died of a lethal dosage combination of zan and heroin with traces in volume
that's so many drawing just swear keep an eye on our security the little i get the day before benyon had himself purchased twelve pieces of tar heroin from a street drug dealer and had earlier gotten the prescription from his next door neighbor adopt
for his annex an indictment himself so he had purchased although strikes on his own so they thought that maybe it was an accident will overdose or on purpose but las vegas homicide detectives thought that the scene looked stage is by didn't show typical signs of a drug overdose also his stomach contained heroin and that police that that an attic nor suicide would take heroin and the young eat heroin do not eat here my it's not like part you can't make heroin brownie someone in the audience like actually you can i mean i didn't know that by we may wouldn't have tried it but i just feel upon i mean eating it isn't the ideal way to take heroine of you if you want to shoot it into your eye but but eating it won't work so then ya like that's really suspicious right i think so ok so what prosecutors ended up believing is that rick and tat
rick restrain turned with handcuffs or some cuts while sandy mix i know is that real it's i was an article that make it up then i think we need to get a bare thumb cups and see how they really work
i can't even picture and it doesn't it seems like a dumb party game but if it happened at a party i was out i would get really man i don't think they would have picture for the jury there like how do you feel about them gas is that that fucking game people keep playing ma am worried and did a man here dismissed from society so then they said that sending mix up the heroin step in a glass and forced him to drink it and then he was smothered so this is the fuckin whereas thing i've ever seen the wine glass disappeared they can never find that wine glass but prosecutors have a videotape film the following day of the crime scene you know and i guess it shows sandy removing a wine glass from the kitchen counter and drop in demand on the police would like this a real i always sign one article in theirs i couldn't bring the video and just like will then clearly and she didn't like doo doo doo doo doo she did that whether mouth ass she took my why she has like mask on a black and white stripes it's all tiptoes please please please please please like link with bank like me wait till the care was pointed elsewhere but also wouldn't videotape cop below pardon me you're not allowed to do i'm pretty sure yeah lots of questions on that might not even real but i had a included goes i love it gray visual just can i also like smash immediately universe you have together
very specific persia ok so i guess a large amount of cash and jewelry we're missing from the house three hundred thousand not a collection of rare coins and currency that tended captain is then were gone and two days actor ted benyon was found dead sheriffs deputies rick tabus second welfare and two other men or think the silver from the vault the leg also with i'm ass tiptoes they two days just hold on the vault for six months he in they were like now you told us to do but he was arrested and then he was bailed out by sandy with a mercedes benz five hundred sl convertible and five pieces of jewellery as collateral o are probably worth more than something
a lot has been in a state hired a private investigator because nobody believed that he had done it on purpose or even an accident and so he turned up a trail of cellular phone conversations and secret meetings between ricans andy as well as evidence that they had told people about the practical ted so they are like blueberry blab and all over town guys here but it wasn't it out by ten months later in june of nineteen any now when i turn nineteen after it was a special day describe one outfit i did i work like low rise like old man pants ok like went down to the hair brush with like one of those belts and has the buckle that you like
you know like a buckley belts yea cropped ok real tiny just like super skinny i wore a dog and cat collar with rhinestones brats very like
homeless like we ve seen that picture is that picture where year it's like from below it s like really long that's her you look pretty good thank you ninety nine i had stopped drinking eyes just mad but their debt that ten months the coroner changes tat cause of death from suicide a homicide sandia arrested and charged with murder conspiracy to commit murder and or robbery the prosecution was purely circumstantial relying heavily on the testimony of pathologist michael in baden he testified the two small red lesions on the on ted's chest indicated you ready for this but he had died as a result of working to berkeley no i did not need to know what this was it's a technique in which one person obstructs the victims knows and mouth or the other person sits on their chest to suffocate them my sister did that's me every day after so what's it called on aches dangle spit over your face i knew turn away and then it goes into your buccaneer sorry it's about me but is it burking owes its name to william burke flew along with a partner use the method the partners like why couldn't be called second thomas thing nevertheless it was smithing what did i get it they use the method to kill women in the nineteenth century scotland so the corpses could be sold for dissection o burke and hare gown yes a smart herring that doesn't have the same ring i agree with them i've heard does pay above those people shit ok so he he's killed in a really kind of weird like they think it's going to be no one
the catch onto it that's what and rescue measures aiming to another key witness tourney james brown testified that being in called him the day before his death to change the terms of his will he said that quote he's takes andy out of the well if she doesn't kill me tonight if i'm dead you'll know what happened wow right so clearly the jury found murphy and tab ash standing rick first remoter and conspires conspires ring to seal silver bullion she's us inspiring can spice around you know making spicy there's you make a plan and while you're listening to the spice girls actually up ok so twenty eight years old sandy what sentence
to at least twenty two two years in prison on twelve counts the judge said she had committed quote the ultimate betrayal which they should i call the maid for tv movie that that you're exactly right the ultimate betrayal is an amazing title yeah i'm sure it's taken but you know what so as sex and lies and in the videos i wasn't matthew dana sex eyes immediate area james banners thank you spare june charlotte's here everybody bullshit break with the twenty five years to live but in two thousand and three so three years after our conviction that about a supreme court ruled that the trial was unfair because joe bonaventure koane had made to errors burst he'd included an unrelated charge in the trial okay so that
sickly rick tabitha torture to businessmen to get em like work in his business which is fun one way to do it and he allowed so basically they were tried together but she was try he was being tried for other stop at the same time so they shouldn't even try together they were arguing and then also that our friend james brown statement about the will they couldn't say that because the jury you should have been considered as an offering insight into being in state of mine and not evidence as sandy wanting him dead something like that it's not him saying it doesn't mean it's gonna write so so as for the burking testimony several exports are called to testify that marks on his chest we're probably just dermatitis or even skin cancer or even a buying from a cigarette rather than buttons being pressed into the skin
so on november twenty third two thousand and four the jury acquainted sandy and rank of the murder wound accede in prison on extortion charges until twenty ten where he remained looking like our friend well carol chinese here tonight is intent on like this so so they're out of ten benyon had millions in and around his las vegas home all of which way the head he had second money andrea all of which went missing after his death its remit to be buried on the property under odd mounds and the front and back yards and that's it
what's the story of the murder of ten billion my there are so many things to love and that story but the fact that he went out having buried money is it makes me love him more than i ever loved anyone in my family that's the he's like enjoy yourself from the next fifty years trying to find my doubloons in line with the fuckin love it vineyards to temper i think we do i think it's still you i think we should start twenty eight ten fresh are you sure you much pressure yeah way too much pressure ok we'll just tell your cup and i know a lot of you know this already it's yelling won't help here's a couple rules you can't be so drunk that you can't tell your own story because despite but you have to be able to deliver its good one it's locals as people want to hear about stuff that's happened about it we don't care that your voice i hope here in the theater cause your voice was clear isabel was amazing one and also occur there any other rules no spoken the blanks come up just a tiny bit if that's possible skyping blue in the blue sure yeah there's only this thank you that's get with the lights look how big is this who is it that way activate bring a bunch of fuckin people just get out of here jesus you see this and you see i didn't see the person
she's ever there i'm hearing here and sarah and brenda brenda i guess i'll just go what's your story oh my god where you from we are from the stated jefferson if anyone knows where that is northern california town called why eureka oh you are hometown is none other than your favorite jody ears jody oh shit is because she we were from a kind of large family we have four brothers three which have had sexual relations with
one or lower that no two to two of the areas where any way so you tell the story because you actually wrote the hometown the email the email you knew no more than i do not believe this is happening in this area also stand just appear buddy you're my name is brenda i did write any mail about jody ok our brother buzz
dated jody his offer your eyes they were together less than a year and if you watch the trial of jody she talked about how she wanted travis to come back to weigh riga and they were gonna go up to this area in why rita called green mourn well we lived right next to green horn and she actually did that shit with our brother yes like obsessive lichens livestock teenage just teenage they were dating they were teenagers they would a blanket camera go oh we're gonna go hiking up on the trail of green horn out there in
do we do what specifically its actual so lovely fingering rather ever tighter up to a tree like she wanted travis to do but so is that you know that was her pattern was activity they ok and then after they broke up she was still very much infatuated with our brother he would go out of her way to see him talk to him whatever ok our brother buzz is now married to her cousin mary for ten years they have for beautiful children does not rather well tony tony is two years older than buzz
he's kind of an airbag core and being a small town he there there were several girls they're both buzz and tony now i'm way through our high school in and i think that was part of the reason my jody connected with tony because she wanted to make buzz jealous that kind of me after high school after teenage years two thousand jody moved away from my riga she was doing the hall she had met actually she met travis here las vegas in two thousand six so a kind of comes full circle kind thousand any she's
moving from las vegas mace arizona she's kind of going all over but she always comes back to weigh rita see your family and brother joe he he has his attack to artists he hesitated shop right next to a restaurant judy's parents have therein why riga and they become acquaintance is talking each other duties very drawn joel because history with our family and because he's he's artistic but gold never screw jody ever lies hidden but she did start dating his roaming and this was literally during the time where she was coming back and forth and actually the roommate was asked to test
fine or give a statement all those pig there is of where here in my region that is like the room it was on those yeah like that's that's how close was bending so joe in my other brother joy is deal you get there through me ok jody dating the room she comes away riga through me and john and jody their hanging out there are goin out one bar eirik they go to the one barn why rita and for some reason jody is very much gravitated towards our brother and she was going to stay the night at their apartment that they shared and joe like gary and stay burma and she's like now
i have to go back to arizona i have to go to a funeral well before she says i have to go back to a funeral because my really good friend he was just murdered my and joe he's like wow my gosh i'm so sorry lake that's that's horrible let you know and he was brutally murdered she gives graphic details he was stabbed they think that with somebody he knew blah blah blah i had to give dna like the police questioned me like i just got back from being interrogated and of course my brother he's like our suspect business protocols you they're just talking everybody who in a closed franz bobo
and brother he's he's like oh my gosh i'm just so sorry and she said i don't wanna talk about it in mourning and so she saw dancing and she's like i want i want to think sing karaoke ok and so she gets jody fucking area just about ago nor a funeral for her good friend ravenous ass she gets an she sings patsy kind craig raising chief i can say greatly am i doing later she was arrested in we can she lives in that house my sister in law is her car then it's broken small town why riga
you re job right now you re like those amazing answer just now in some high level sister smack talking now if you don't want to be the ex girlfriend that links giving thanks man this is this is the first show about twenty attainder we're so fucking thing i knew we certainly we learnt during this so much but the idea that we
put tickets on sale and then they sell out so fast people get angry ass is the most exciting ever happen in our lives thank you so much for forgetting that tickets were waiting for you know spending a lot of money and everything we are so so grateful that this podcast gets to bring us here with my shoulder the most fun so sales or they are part of its eagerness and thank you for screaming for though the longest any audiences ever scrape say sexy
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