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139 - A Hundred Feelings

2018-09-20 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Kunz Family Murders and the murder of Joan Dawley. 

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This is exactly right. Finally, I welcome to the cheese you're, an adventure far cast your favorite order. This is a true crime, comedy pard, cast that you tune into week after week to find a time to ceilings for fun, friendship. That's it we're. Therefore, yes, yeah, that's, what's happening, that's it happen It's gone out. You well. I guess I should start off with a humongous corrections. Corner haven't had once in awhile I've, this she's corner is so big that I actually had to start it
during the many, so that has already come out. It's that important. It's that big it's gonna change law. The policies around here I made a terrible mistake during Georgia's murder. The last time we recorded in house the life, show from various last week, but the week before talking about British, files, I'm not sure what was happening but she's, trying to think of the name. Someone and I jumped in knowing full well what the name was, and I said that the name of a british pedophile, a famous for there is hope, was Jimmy Somerville. That is not correct. You got the name I was looking for and I will said ok only when moved eyes, you know
I actually had to start it during the many. So that has already come out. It's that important. It's a big. It's gonna change, alot of the policies around here. I made a terrible mistake during Georgia's murder. The last time we were.
Jimmy Somerville. On the other hand, as the lead singer in the Bronx key, we and the commune art in bronze Gue there's no the front abroad Scooby and he is an incredibly talented musician and, by all accounts, a wonderful human being, my all hundreds and hundreds of accounts that people tweeted at a countless tweeted accounts of the British they cut cut when very quickly of correction corner that had to happen. So my apologies to the Somerville family and a state to both bronze key be down the commune arts polished up. It was a terrible mistake and in the future, Stephen, if we're having a conversation about now, I dont want to blame Stephen, but I'm going to great. If we're having a conversation about pedophiles, will you please double check any name? I say it s only guessing name of someone who is a terrible human and it's not like written down on a piece of paper, go ahead and throw it in a girl. I've got the red pen underlined and then throw it at us. Throw the Red Canada and say: stop improvising crime
yeah it's important I was positive when I said Jimmy Somerville that I was right. I was positive by the way you said Jimmy our well that you are right. You know why, because I had a beside of Communist single in college where Jimmy Somerville sing sing, went the strings of my heart so beautifully. I used to play it over and over in my dorm room? My short lived dorm and I just felt such a connection that I wanted to call him a pedophile even how even waiting the yell out his name, and it's not like written. None of these papers go ahead and throw it in a girl. I've got the red pen underlining the name and then throw it out. Ass, In reality, it happened to be the worst champ. Guess that I could tat inhabit, adjust ruin. Hey, buddy, you and I know his name out again, or any name really
This is something to talk about. We still have lots of sub groups that are on unsung and and I did so in case you have interests Us aside from just this true crime part has there are other subgroups it you could join we'll just name Oh for you right now, you're in a cold call! Your Corky is one parsley, sage, rosemary and crime. I don't know if that's I'm hoping, let's like a food cooking one is out it has. Even I love it. That's amazing, there's drag arenas, witches Emma them means repulse, drag raise. That's pretty awesome! That's good! There's queer! I for them! Rigorous now- and I have of course, necessity. Jonathan Jonathan Van ass from clear eyed, so I love that that's a good cross. I were
Of course, there is the board of something bad happens, anxiety, support group who doesn't need. That's not me, I'm good, I'm all good array of outline my favorite cucumber. What on earth could that be? Is that like begins its just cucumbers, even our young joining these doesn't make. No wonder just send the description. It just said cucumbers. Now you just love cucumbers of any sort. We actually watching videos the other day at work of number. They got popular for a little while the videos where you put a cucumber behind a cat and then when it turned her- and I see that they just jump straight up in the air while turns out I'm the only one at work that thinks that's funny and everybody else was bombed out that their work. It was mean two cats please like, but it's it's their instincts. They can't control. I think it's a snake and that makes their feet
them directly into the air snake. I think they think it's a snake, the issue of bananas to a willing others camp Alice scared of banana he's. Terror have now went like when your Christmas only have a Christmas tree. We we surround it with bananas, because otherwise has noted that Christmas tree, why to stay away is like bananas are new Christmas decoration and I wonder if he thinks it's like a really poisonous snake and the our jungle link, the smell of it is like a really really repulsive to him. Somehow, maybe it's not poison, and I don't know it just personal preferences, a cat there's not a lot of explaining to do when it comes to TAT, always to figure it out. Now here comes, but here comes a tweet about cat banana. Writing, explains that exclaimed the may I now and then, of course, there's murdering a beauty basket lotion witches
just like events like lots of fun way. We could say something: let's make that into a group I like it, I mean because that could be. It could be about beauty and doing moisturize and loving cycles and allowing exactly in their so many look. We all are so complex. We can pick contain multiply. Have we like to things not just one thing I have listened. This is a little bit off topic, but I lost podcast this week. That upset me so much Have you listen to doktor death? I know everyone loves. Ok, it only everyone it. This isn't even a recommendation, because its huge and like every time I open my podcast up its though thing that's on yards like if you like, I should try the packets cereal sad. I want fucking what knows, but it's so good. It's from laundry. It's really well made its very journalist second, and but it is a boat. I never knew that. I had any kind of fear or phobia about box surgery and it's a
oh a spinal surgeon who arches surgery after surgery- and it is about these two- these two other their neurosurgeons cause when you are buying who go after him, because the he'd they keep getting called into fix. His shell fish is, I listened to. I was like Georgia. I been like three episodes and then realize I was literally holding on the table because you just senator listening to a biogas and wedding, unlike freaking link. How does this keep that one? We murder stories like that. I just can't handle it. That's why? Why doesn't someone stop this person from doing all these things will and the scary thing? So I would say this to if you're gonna, listen, a doctor death make sure you don't have claustrophobia issues like fear of surgery. Do not listen to this part, our major amount to get surgery, aggregating spinal sworder. The next I dont running our sleeping no night. Listening to this, don't fall asleep to this Bogota, like Chile's warning, but if you can, if
that is clear, for you is the best I mean I have this story and these doctors that are in it it's the time laureate as Hell is like a fucking how's that I wanted to be like the eighty seeking again they fucked up shit like that all the time. Sadly, what we recorded with Chris Fairbanks yesterday, you need a ride and that's exactly what Chris I hastened wanted it up, and I said the two now I needed to be the eighty. I need it to be like when they fuck everything up in the eighties look at us, but here's the thing- and this is kind of what's compelling about it- it's about how, when the the healthcare system is yeah for profit, ray and everybody's, worried about, might making money and getting suit. All anyone cares about how much it sucks
the patient and it's like the red, and it's like the red tape that they're so that you can't just sit. We now call out some other document key facts. Everything up. There is therefore a good, but then, when it women it's an it can't be used to get someone who should not be fucking doing these things. Yet at a town, that's exactly right! That's that's! What they talk about is no hospital woods. Quantum caught fire this directive, because then he could turn when resources are for wrongful, Claremont, nation and and for ruining their career. So he just keeps getting let go and given like we,
You think you're great letters and he gets keeps getting sent to worse and worse near where people can't fight where there is no money to fight doctors like our eye and eighty is like it is scary, as any serial killer story, we ve ever told you it's fucking, so intense. I was sweating like through my Shermer, like I'm so unhappy and controlling them. Like oh yeah, this Parkhurst is freaking the shit out. I don't know if I can listen to hurry now. I know if I want to, I don't think I can do you need a more up, an uplifting, yes, arrogant, uplifting one do have one arm: Jonathan Venice's, getting curious, he's just such a lovely man he's amazing God. I love under such a good host steer, unlike true, a curious. I mean it's called getting curious, but I truly need just sounds like he has his curiosity in his own have at the progress everything is alive where this person interviews people
any views objects as if their people who is like a bar of so when I listen to you recently that I would like to put this on as legally and that an age was laughing so hard. I couldn't fell asleep. I had ternata that shit when Austria oh I listen to Dave Tangs podcast. He is the amazing chef from also as the host of ugly, delicious and a bunch of stuff. He is park ass now and he interviews his friends because he wants to talk about earth from what I can get I have listened to, but he likes talking about people who are successful kind of in the face of adversity or like that, no one believes in home it's kind of like an underdog. How did you get here get to where you got type a pie guys and he's such a good interviewing you such a lake past,
personally, I just really like that. Guy is about taking his career so far. He is it's crazy freely, so admirer an admirable, admirable admirable and not admire of all. He also is it my honourable oh wait, there's one more, but it's not like good and, unlike love. Why ok is the comprehensive story it c b sees uncover? Is being Naxian. Ah love. Here's the thing the host guy runs into a girl. He went to high school where now in a park, and she go, he does. What have you been up to you? She is, I just escaped occult, so he then the whole thing.
Hit, he already had this relationship with her he's known her since she was a teenager and she tells the story of how she got involved in next GM wholly, which is that that that actors from small they'll just got arrested and is being like. There's charges against her for like sex trafficking and all this crazy shared branded themselves and shit to me they were brand it and she has a brand on her. This is explained to me. I listened upon us how they got branded and how they did it. A laser minor. Yet not like something normal like a fucking safety, then we will not all at once. They are and where it hurts once and then you're done it took half an hour and could smell the plush burden, yes and huge and Three you have to listen to it can cause it's one thing to be able to tell you about out, but this is a person from the inside being like and then and then this and in the end the whole thing is based on like pure skate yes on me on
what the salesmanship thing so it starts out as like. Don't you want to improve your life and your career, the age? Of course everyone doesn't that's normal and then they basically blend you into suddenly you're you're, a slave and the person your mentor in union Gaster people to come to come. Cotton join at and lack. If you get I've pyramids, you. When you were in the pyramid rise there with the pyramid game. He saw exactly it's so intense, it's really another one! That's really well done with her eyes Now I can do that when and she's she got out. Yonder husband got out of my great built. The family was animals crazies such bananas. I nationalism. Dozens or get there's been wanna get stuff. Lately, three. Now I've just been back at work, so I works idolatry. I just then a little bit I was the things on the way to and from work yeah and that's about it when we have one we're opposite left of fuckin the sinner
I say this as glasses episode was so it was so good kid, the actor so good at the little boy, Juliet Juliet and, of course, carry can carry my god who started following us. On Facebook I mean Unwarily Twitter on Twitter. Israeli Hurtig, like her call assistant, is, like I said ass. She doesn't just five times yet every tv show every show she like has evoked a twitter she's, killing ashes like Michel may, as is that whose cool on Twitter wrap your name, her assistant, Michel, aha, ova yeah, and was that with such a natural piece of dialogue, that I thought you had insistently Michel Home, my resuming Alice Dvr in Carry Kansas TV show for me now I love it. It's ok! the dominant. That's what I'm gonna be sad when it's over me to the area of analyses in them the I hope so. And I figured out we were looking at up. I think it works if we are to
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ok Vegas was that yeah, oh yeah, ten billion, will sure TAT opinion uncle. I hadn't gopher wasn't sure not I'll triumph. This is one of those murders that night normally in wooden, and we even probably look twice up at its in so many of those weird small town, Werner lists. Every time you see one of those lists the smarter comes up in it. Ok, so I just got so many times those by like a criminal and this little bit and it's it's weird fresher and also a kind of its it deviates. So this is the Kurds, family, murders, Suis family, my hey you and see this as its text in a small town with guns in and its on, every one of those like small town murders? You haven't heard about that fuckin rock this small town. Let you knew all seven over the small town of inanimate. Yes, is it Whiskey, send member will draw. We were separate, but we drove from.
Somewhere to somewhere else in Wisconsin or the Madison show problem. Maybe I was. Michel below you invent strive together and we stop didn't we stop at that? Big barn. The Ozark land, maybe oh, that was the way home. Ok but anyway,
just immediately my mind is like when you're in in like small town Johnson Year, far away from thing yoga and people- and this is this- this is here ok, so I got a lot of information from this website called mysterious, heartland, dot com and then an article written Magnum Scott Whitman, and I think I've uses website a few times because it's kind of like me, you can't buy a lot of details about these murders. It's like that. You know number ten on this list, so you don't which two paragraphs with this is actually a along article and then there's a couple really get comments that link list theories and shit. Two guys out scope that small town gossip do I mean that the best way to fill in restoring its ultra? It's all true yeah, you know. So this is a town called Athens in its goods. Acquaint rural town and North Central Wisconsin and the population is a little under a thousand people show it's fuckin small, yet town for sure, it's like a post office is a post office is less than two and a half square miles in size like well. That's fucking s like little town that more the post office as a teenager just drive around the outside of town. Every Friday night array, doughnuts in fields you get up cows tipping, I dont know what to cows. Tipping teenagers over cows, revenge cars over you know
it may him. It's got that small town atmosphere there's a course close sense of community, which is why, on the night of the fourth of July nineteen, eighty seven, the whole town of under a thousand people is shocked when five members of a family are all murder all shot in the head in their home or the twenty two caliber rifle fucking executions I'll ambulances like wait. What am I should like that doesn't happen here so the causes, are tie about them. Their reclusive super reclusive kind of like the town like these. Are, though this is that we are town, don't go to their house. People there like wearin creepy, they lived together in a dilapidated old farm house in the outskirts of Athens on a hundred and eight acre farm. And the families made up of four elderly siblings who live in this farmhouse Irene is eighty wine Clarence. Seventy six Maria seventy two and the youngest sibling is Helen, whose seventy they all
together in the still affidavit, farmhouse brothers and sisters in their eighties. Seventy is it just you just took it into creep zone. Five! Well, ok! So there's this episode of that was only aired once of x files. That lay everyone says it's based on the stamp elite and its creepy and we are in and they took it and it's like it's not creepy in like alien ways, its creepy, unlike what it's called Home- is Jack Lacheneur. She Europe,
since the one where they, the boys, are playing baseball, may step on something and blood comes out of the ground. It's it's. I know, that's the pursuit, Giovanni Ruby, see where there's like lightning, ok at home, yet I just got chosen you mention here. Let me read: ask let me read that description of your member, its increase, its really argument. You can't it's hard to find online they that as soon as it areas, there are so many complaints because it was so creepy. The ways down was there's something under Addresser view. There is a gap we accept the mom under the yes, I mean, I let me reiterate the description of it and I couldn't even find that I wanted to offer and I couldn't find its home as a second episode of the forces enemy of x files Bob, I have erred in nineteen eighty six, it's a monster of the weak story, a stand alone plot unconnected the
she'll broadcast? It was the only first absolute exiles to receive your discretion warning for graphic content and the only carry a tv anais right rating so yeah, it's just essentially disk creepy family story. But it's not it sounds similar, but it's not. It wasn't apparently based on this story. Ok, but everyone thinks of this so that for elderly siblings live there and they also live there with Helen, his youngest sibling, her to adult sons, Randy's thirty and he lives in the farm house, with that, his aunts and uncles, ankle and mom, and then Kenneth is fifty five. He lives on a trailer or the proper he's like a fuckin staying with it, so their ramshackle farmhouse has no running water and no indoor plumbing at all where they are together, they use and outhouse, and all the food is cooked on old wood burning stow, which also is used to heat the houses in the eighties. Aha, ok, the family
keeps to themselves. They don't find they don't like party with her friends and shed and their own part in thought them man. They don't like to hand party- and you know, have I don't know socialists and terror parties and go to fish rise, the other near down like a hot shot at you know, and their known any hoarders, which includes a large collection of pornography there like super and- and I hated I own- the dead because that I'm not like they were grass on this and that its like a these are the rumours and their acts like confirm to be true once the family died and they went to the house, not common thou, to have family collections of pornography ass different than the usual yeah, because it's like everyone like something else, it's you can you agree on one July shuts up right now, it's hard enough to just where the standard movie re, bastion, drama, re, romance Thorn Porn, so the fat they have a huge collection of porn, including mail order, VHF tapes cause, that's how you get porn back, then Polly specially invoking rule rule
Skanska and re array and magazines and there, but their hoarders. So it's like everywhere and and the family would watch the tapes together. No and then there's rumours are so that there is incestuous happenings well. That one would be get the other rights. One would think that's right! Yea I mean you can stop now, and this is one of the creeper stories that we have our yeah. It's definitely got some things. It's also rumour and found. We try for the murders that there are large amounts of cash like hidden around the house there hidden in drawers in boxes under floorboards, and it's just like huge, like, like twenty Grand has talked about being like found in one place and but it's weird because there's only one member of the family, one of the sons Kenneth who
actually has a job. No one else has a job because their second eighty one years old and shit and they don't have running water, but they have all this cash everywhere cat is someone selling porn out like a back window? It's a great question: you can walk by hold up a five dollar been re. Did they want anyone get that close? Do they I own? I don't know. Maybe they have one of those grabber from the store. I love those high. Shall I not one of those are some of the tall husband. It's like I need to make a video of me trying to get something down from the fucking covering one. Vince is like putting the crackers here and it's like three feet dollar than me: Oh and seeking a crackers, Kenneth Ilona job work at a cheese factory. Oh I'm like sign me up. That sounds fine smells bad. I bet your eye ok, so none of the siblings had ever none of the older citizens had ever married. But Helen had these two sons she had given birth to her first and Kenneth when she was fifteen and
the pregnancy was a result of their families neighbour, a dude whose forty years old name, frank gums, he's a convicted bootlegger and she said he raped her and she got pregnant with Kenneth FISH out of fifteen Frank was tried and convicted shortly after having gave birth and he was sent to prison and he died after he served eighteen months. He had denied tat. He had ever had sex or raped either way, wit with Helen wow years later Helen, to her others, her younger son, Randy, wouldn't name who the father was helpless. Related. Let's talk about sleeping arrangements at the farm house now there. Where Helen and her youngest son slept in the same bed together and Clarence who's the eighty one year old uncle dude. He sleeps in the living room with his other two sisters of Island Marie they asked sleep
it's kind of like! I'm really want everyone in the better grab, errands yeah. So it sounds like you and actually looked trying to find a photos of a cabin. I felt that the family, but I could find out the farmhouse and you look at it. You like, if someone told me that that was like a quaint villa in ITALY, I'd be like a like some cream Cuba. Then you ignore. That's like a farmhouse, its apart. It's like weird, so a kind of looks almost may be historic or something looks very old and very like quaintly, Ino, dilapidated and then saying not quaintly bill outdated. It's just to update in and they're just people spooning, each other all over the inappropriate place inside and that's not quaint. Even now, it is that you can put the word quaint in front of a watershed and it makes it ok, doesn't that's not one of them. Now dead I saw Kenneth Hazel eyes like actually not living in the house. He lives on his on trailer. He ends at spoiler being the only surviving member of the family. He doesn't
a day in the execution of shit he's still alive, and he later claims that his father was not the Raby neighbour but the his own uncle Clarence OWN, like she was my fucking died. He also thinks that it was his younger brothers dad too, and he also said that he had seen Helen and his uncle Clem France, engage in sexual activity as a kid he's, the one who's who sang that there's incest, Afghan on yeah. He would now ice road. It's like if the grandparents remotely Wonka moved into the psycho, how narrow, unjust car lost their lost it more son, songs and Page Amistad, nothing here about now, so the murders occurred on the fourth of July. As I said, a nineteen eighty, seven, the town had their big firework show celebration. I dont know what to call it and then what they call it
it's so narrow sounds go, show fireworks display a show makes me think of people came during like line kicks and re which they absolutely cut up in Athens because it could have had the like of God, guide
is a blink and for some reason, Abe Lincoln would be there for sure, because the liquor yeah like a fourth of July Perry, I a big tolerably on and our pets that have like that, get dressed up to Galliot town queen yeah around and when the product may be the M cheese factory, Queen yeah print cheese, factory, Princess Wisconsin, she's factory, Athens, princess and she rides on a rolling wheel of cheese right eye on the main street. She throws cheese Kurds to the audience and they're, not the spectator, yeah, the spectator, assume love cheese, colonel who does this is one of the greatest holidays in this complex go this year to happen suicide thing we made at the highest. Why it wherever they are, they are stuck in a blanket humanizing I'll, never thing. I'm fuckin idiot what you're stupid by gas to disbelieve and showed up here in the movie, there's going to be a fourth of July parade, absolutely giant, Abe Lincoln we'll be there and will be their writing at so that Helen and her younger son Randy had been last seen, leaving this parade. Let's not. Hurry now exist. Break for the July show: yes, ok, there's a quote, corroborated that they were last seem saint, leaving this made up thing and sorry, it's the youngest son and the youngest son and the mother, and so there s last seen leaving that Irish, so that guy so some time at night after they get home from the parade and a saint someone broke into the their decrepit home and shoots. The family execution style
not discover until the next morning, when the other sign Kenneth, who has the job when he comes home at around five, a m and discovers the body of his aunts uncle and brother, so Anna Maria seventy two she sat on the steps just going into the house, like maybe running into the house, has kept us. Rather Randy is thirty. He is lying on the kitchen floor. Dead Irene is sitting on a chair in the living room having been shot an Clarence, his maybe uncle, maybe dad is discovered in his bed shot. They had all been shot twice in the head of the train to calibre rifle and his mother Helen is fucking nowhere to be found well, yeah and she's gone. Where is she Get to that period. I mean I want when I hadn't known about this during, like she killed them all like. What's gonna happen, she did it, but
so suspicion initially falls on Kenneth son. He found them but police ruling out quickly because he is a state like an extremely low. I q and he has trouble answering questions from the detectives and is painfully shy. I know how that would really out from murdering someone, but I'm hoping that they they ve figured it out. Shy, fits shyness, we'll just rule you out daily or being really stupid and China. We too shy to approach anyone with a gun yeah. I'm too may I q is too low to figure out how to shoot a gun. I don't know, maybe maybe the cops. It's also the thing of like small town police where they're like we know these. We know this guy. He had never do because we mean we ve known, am its backing. Canopy works at the cheese place. He goes to you know he ever that's him
the community, is shocked at the gruesome murders, of course, and there, like we gotta, find Helen like maybe she was kidnapped and she saw I we need to find her. They create t, shirts and buttons with who wears Helen on them that to help find her and they believe it load a massive search, the police, the search the fields for swap plan on the hundred need acre farm of the cons family, as well as the property and wetlands surrounding, as I think it's just all rural shit and they're, just like trying to find this body or this person yeah rest. I equipped FBI airplane, also scans. The area well abandoned shocks are inspected, the guard has dug up on the farm. Land neighbours are interrogated, but every one was kind of like they they kept those solves, nobody knew them. No one was like prick
nobody ever went to? That house was allowed in the house? You know they were like Mary, secretive and reclusive, so they have no friends at all, either to speak of butts Hellenes only friend was porn. O ha, I know, is an official it is a fickle, lady that ports right
her disappearance becomes a nationwide search and next couple months because like they feel like finding her is going to find out what happened. That's the only way I can figure out why anyone want to kill us reclusive family who had anything against them, but then so residents are like speculating that she'd. She did it or that in our she's on the Rhine or she kidnapped everyone's of course, like trying to figure out what happened and day out. They do find out too that that the week before the murderer she had purchased a twenty two. She purchase twenty two caliber bullets show the same type of Anna used for the murders from local hardware store and that she had had conversation with the clerk. Who is already these, for which I guess is a question that took it ass in someone's buying bullets might as well. I mean you should probably India and she said that they were her for some for her son Randy. He was gonna, kill some blackbirds that we're on the pot property, let speculation that comes to a halt, because nine months after the night of the murders, how
skeletal remains- are found near a creek about nineteen miles from the home in Medford Wisconsin. Just as her siblings and sign she had been shot in the head and only complicates this baffling case, but then murder investigation then starts to focus on a twenty two year: old local car cease and legs. Second, like nefarious near, do well kid. Name Chris Jacobs, so he's kind of this troublemakers in us. Of course, the cops turned to him and are like did you did do it and they find now that he's one of the few non family members to ever interact with the concerns at their home was he had been in their home before apparently, and it makes him the prime suspect he had was there, because he had purchased some old cars from the kings as in the recent past and when questioned by police had no alibi for
at the time with a suspect. It was the time of the murders which is ten thirty but like who knows that's correct. He was in his car, the knight of the murders, and then he went home his mother's, like gaps. He was totally home with me and I remember that night because he helped his mother help give birth to a calf, the mother of a mother, to endeavour to the guy that, neighbor half was ever Yankee I'd, know not to say that, and they lived about eight miles from the home frontiers like it wasn't me and they were then they found tire tracks left. The property that gnashed one of the tyre or a car that he had on his property fat. He was leg ba, sucking six own cars up. So there's like a tight. Might there's a reason than that we of course a fine attire like that, and then it comes out that the tyres are pretty common under different names, but they stellar, like noble It gets you and they take em, they arrest him and taken betrayal murders,
so the prosecutions argument is that when Chris had gone to buy the car, he had noticed that there was money everywhere. Even though the defences like will, the money was hidden everywhere, but maybe he knew was there and you told a witness that he intended to get its hands on it investigator sound that, like twenty Fuckin grand in cash after the murder of the crime scene and lead to said that it was like laying out but prosecution set it or Norway prosecution Anna. That lady was laying out. Maybe it wasn't we not really know. The defence has a theory that Randy and his family were shot as a result of a drug deal con bad. So it was known around town that Randy, the son who was killed was dealing drugs, an area and at the trial, the defence brought a wit.
Who claims that he had purchased cocaine for Randy in the past, and it was also well it was. The area was in a drug crisis at the time as fucking every area was in the eighties. Local woman testified TAT the night of the murder she's going through this should driving through an intersection about a hundred meters. A hundred feet close to the class telegrams in an hundred arms land a year made a nap seven hundred paperclip hundred where we are three hundred blinks got it from the crime scene, so that the social actors intersections like a rural area and social driving through an she sees that there's a car just a truck part by the side of the road facing an area. Where can he would have had no drive up the area, the direction he would even coming from its like after cheese factory work? If you were coming home and it looked like, they were waiting to sleep for a car to come home, and so she sees the car going through the
This action she looks to see who's in the car, but that the car shines a light in her face. So she can't see anything whose in the car and like that and shadows by saying that I I now likely to happen, you are you're like. I wonder what this is in no way yeah there like. We don't want you to know and then ashes driving, pass the coups farm, the cut the fuckin truck trends, your answers to follow her she's, like OSHA, but ass, soon ass. She passes the farm, the cargoes back and sit back and the roads that clearly there waiting to see who's coming by its, not just someone pulled over lake and making our would ever taken up and the car doesn't match the description of this. The dude on trial, his car, so the defence theory is that Randy had planned to meet his suppliers that night and pay them the money that he owed them for the drugs that he had been selling and Randy that the kid less than son, who is dad they base
that CAT Kenny, the brother he was alive and that the cheese factory job who wasn't very smart, that he had given Kenny some drugs to sell it that she is factory and so that canny had. And then it's also known that Kenny had large amount announce a cash on him that night the night, the fourth of July, and he bought acute, manifest fireworks. And I mean what would you do a clearly a huge amount of cash on board. The jalopy salute the pickle opiates for everybody re, but he never set the them off, and then he went to a bar and bought more fireworks and like bought alcohol, that looks like hang out and drinking so like. Why doesn't have a huge amount of money on him? Maybe he spent the drug money that he was supposed to go give to his brother, not knowing that the brother like owed a debt to these drug dealers and the drug. You like we're gonna fucking. Wait here. Tell your brother gets home, don't lie to us like we're. Gonna get this cash, and meanwhile he's just just
been ging, Firewire avenging, fireworks and alcohol, and then maybe he was like oh shit. If I go home right now, my brother's gonna know I spend this money, I'm just going to sleep it off in the car, and so he sleeps in his car that night, which is why didn't get home till I am old and finest family dive? Oh no, so they think that maybe what happened was that the drug dealers were like this is taking forever like: let's go it, we know you have money hidden in the house. Let's go in there that go in there. Maybe they take the Helen in the card await with them like kind of hostage o re. If and when they didn't show up, maybe they took Randy
and his mother hostage and and then wait at the intersection. They don't show up the girl in the house. There may be a fight that breaks out and then the suppliers kill everyone in the house. So there's no witnesses. They come back to their car where the mother is hanging out, doesn't know what's going on, they drive away and they kill her and leave in this remote swamp and they killer labour body there. So that that's what like cause? Why would she would not have been? The house is always this weird question. You know right like. Why take the one person somewhere off campus and kill them random, but leave all these other bodies just out units super we went and sets a good way to explain why she was sound and indifferent location beyond the only one who was re yeah, no, there's no fingerprints are footprints at the scene, which is weird cause. I was tyrants and car had no blood's him the guys and has no bloodstain or any evidence of Helen around. He had ever been in the car
Because of all this, the trials super brief, because circumstantial case against him he's acquitted for lack of eminent l. Goods has great yet behold on. Oh wait, learning ok after trial the case grows, cold and the police are unable to find more promising. Suspects are still. They still think. It's this kid critter Stute Chris, but in time that is until nineteen. Eighty, three five years after the killing, this dude Chris Jacobs Ex Girlfriend Stacy Wise, comes forward and she's like of failures. This night Ex boyfriend Jake Christians is admitted to shooting the family. He said he did it. Oh no. He told me that she, but she had been recently caught in Minnesota as an accessory to robbery and yet threatened when Chris broke up with her to get back at him, so she basically had this bargaining, Chechnya. Ok, he told me he killed them all wreck and like, while the year
I go away like that. Doesn't that doesn't sound right and he had already gotten acquitted from this case, so we can't try him again. There's double jeopardy. Why they arrest him again. Oh her leg. Well, we're not addressing him and prosecuting him for the murderers. One day before the statute of limitations runs out on kidnapping that day they are asked him for killings, kidnapping and taken to trial for the kidnap, oh shit, one neighbourhood, a statue limitations she and he's charged with her abduction and his trial. This time different crime. He is in fact it, oh god, is primarily on the same tyre track evidence, but they had. They said it had been quote enhanced by the FBI. So somehow I looking at the tired rights closer or they were able amounted to the tyre list. I'm ok, don't worry about it and then after he gets, he gets convicted.
His ex girlfriend is never brought her charges are never brought up on. Robbery that's like none, so the defence said that the the defences only argument in this trial is that it was Helen that killed her family and then later date into a swamp and committed suicide. Clearly has his defence wasn't He don't have the money to get anybody good for that Sarajevo second trial. He had spent all his money first sign, like the law, the flask in his pocket- and I think it a day on our ear, Canada, Japan, Christine Drunk lawyer. Everybody got drunk lawyer, Pakistan guilty. He receives a thirty one years, Santa Maria, and he is scheduled to be released in February of twenty twenty. So he's just been serving,
I mean I just like: that's it fer, you got served fuck and We would like twenty seven one hundred and one yes, oh yes, twenty one when the murder sucked eyes yeah horrifying unlike the whole, like all the rumour like that, there's all these people who are like everyone knows it wasn't this. Everyone knows it's like either in town like the cops or corrupt or that everyone knows it was these rights dealers and it was more than one person every which sounds like you're, going to care for people or five people. Yeah you're gonna. Second, it's gotta, more than one person one would think. Yes gives really really hard to just walk through, kill everybody array and farms like that. They all have guns, they shot guns in very common. Yes, it's that's a good. It's a a necessary tool here on a big old ranch will just make sense that there is one person who's out
keeping everyone where they are with one gun and the other person shooting them yeah, I mean or alike to people where earnest and yes to people make me I mean: that's that's the theory that I think makes sense, but who knows Ok, so that's what's going on with the sky Chris Jacobs and it turns out looking back into the Kansas family in this tragic fucking thing that happened to them and it's like no matter how insane incestuous they were. They deserve a defect and killed execution style. You know in their own home and not have anyone really ever get brought to light. This word its acts, and it turns out that this isn't the first time that this murder tragedy in the fucking currencies, family, XO, Let's go way back in nineteen o five, when these siblings, these five siblings their parents are living. The parents are named ignites
honor and they live with. Ignites is mother, Mary and her home in Man Atomic Wisconsin K and adds where that make a murderous right. So Anna the wife comes home one day and finds her mother in law. Her husband's mother fucking dead in her bed had been bludgeoned to death. By her by her
as many brother woe so that the site that sign is sent to live. We also lived in the home with the family that sons live centre fuckin insane asylum re lives out his days alongside his other another brother who had already fuckin been institutionalized before them. Murder of his mother occurred on or others are hanging out inspecting institution. One of the rather have kit bludgeoned, his mother devout woe so ignites an honor like shit man, the sex they moved to Marathon County at, which is where I think we're Athens is he works for logging company? They have these children the raised in an eighteen by twenty crudely built log, cabin poorest flock they don't go to school. They only have each other to rely on and they stay that way. Living together,
a farmhouse and tell them until nineteen, eighty seven when they're all killed together, wow and that's the fucking creepy, weird small town, murder, story of the king s family. No, now, let's all of track down the x files home this out and watch it. If someone has it please send it to us on dvd or some shit. I don't know I'll tell you that the? U just the one scene. I remember from that. There are things scuttle ground under from like under a bed to under addressed people say it's very Texas, Chancellor massacre. Yet is another one of those this like they say it similar, but this story to its just like this weird family of people who might be inbred and it's all creepy. I live together and there's no reason to not alone have electricity in running letter. There's no rate, this measure, twenty grand and can ya know it's there's something about that. That's very like something
happening the dynamic families happening where it's like. They were few right to go to be like we're too poor for running water. Like great that sacked we totally got at break. You have fucking cash hidden around your around. You don't have a toilet. Do you think they forgot about the money? Because there is so much porn, they would just get distracted every time they believe they can get up a bit o now. Look at this matter. This filthy thing the year are like. We don't want the electrician to come out here, because if a sailor pouring there's no way to put the porn it, we can't move the porn tipsy put in pipes. The hoarding Harding Situation allowance is like you can't. Normal shit from people who are hoarders. It's like it sounds like untreated mental illness was the was the song this family like to say from way back in the day, and so it's it's almost like the stigma of it works like keep it all in your on. Anybody see that's how terrible weird Nino House holds full of no lights and no running water start happenings re with
but so cream, one big, better, living room and and here's here young Georgia young Karen driving a car and you're out of gas and guess who have to walk over to that farm house over there. We were on our way to the parade whoops. We ran out a gas. We are going to be in the big show, but now we ran. I guess it's over there and here know we're going to get crowned second can t factories, honeys, factory friends. I was finally going to make it happen through that horrifying. Thank you go job. I mean What we do that's what we like what we decided to do it's like and it's hard to not think of now. I will think of that story. Every time I drive I any house, that's just off the road that looks like the very minor have lights, This is my murder. As I was finishing up before I came over here ice
You're thinking about a time in your old department or I was like has Georgia down the suit case. I start the detail started coming together, but I dont think as we have just talked about it, maybe no I think there are so many stories like Anthea via its very similar, but you please red flag me, the second youth. It's gonna going to because then and then what thirty episodes. Now, though, we start, but others Diana. I dont think it is, though, just another. One of these stories who will know of I'll even remember I mean, was Jesse through this- is the murder of Joan Dolly the aid w Ellie? Why stop star
happens and sell MAR California. Ninety ninety one donated to the sun OPEC as its some errors in the northern part of the San Fernando Valley. So it's near where we are right. Now I've never thought about Selma, my life, so I don't think I've done this murmur, ok, good I'll, just keep on checking and with your entire time kid great, all right so Easter season. Ninety ninety one and fifty five year, old, wife and mother, Joan Dolly
he's working part time at the crown Hallmark, store and some are California combine their homework snores hallmarks any whatever the occasion they'd have a card church keys. Galore I mean they had like Hummel type figures they had. It was only, alas, Pat like little glass animals, Jabber mounted on a little card. I love to those I like calling them gifts for people. You dont know that or gives for grandma disregard decent grandma like this bell made out of China, it's a thing or one time he said you like penguins and now every fucking get together in your kids of England, and I say that because my backing own mother gather bucking Penguin Yarmouth, starts like my mom. Oh, she said she like chickens, oh yeah, and that in four years later she opened up like a chicken cookie thing. Jussac. If I see one more thought can kick and I'm gonna kill. Somebody makes it easier. My mom is penguins. My grandma was monkeys, my sister's black cats, I'm siamese cats, YAP Oak stop.
My friend Patty rarely in high school at at some point in grammar school, told somebody she like frogs. It was all the problems we ever got its makes life easier for it really does me, I like money. Ok, I let my favorite animals a gift card had them, and then they love. Ok, so she's working up, chrome homework, Deston those China bells gotta get after it and she lives in town with her husband a thirty two years Dennis Dolly Dennis. The EC has its eastern season Dennis Adult volunteered to come down to the hallmark, store and draw up as the Easter Bunny, so kids could come in and take picture out. So sweet is not nice and Jones coworkers describe Dennis as the kind of guy who do anything for a laugh. It seem like they had the
perfect, marriage and of course, any time they say that. Oh sorry, this from that this from Wikipedia page, but also, of course, to show deadly women on the idea of any not fun. But the arrow also await when I'm not gonna happen well, you'll see because any time on a true crime show if they say they seem like the perfect rebels. You know some fucked up. Shit is about her because no one's the perfect, I think I've been, and I don't like the river, and what do you do once Tom on Shore and you really seem to like each other? That's all that matters is. How do we know? Fucked up shit is happening when Stephen, I leave this he's put and crackers, so I up you can't get em. I carried the chicken animals can give me that club cracker, you son of a bitch okay, so damn it then retired for fifteen years, and
he besides he's gonna get a part time job at the local golf course a supplement. His pension disease get a golf. Although, real passion is fishing elects to go and lots of fishing trips. He dreams of unease on fishing boat. You can get a job at the fishing course no shirk their know. How hire you to fit? Why don't they do that there's no need at all. It's not got it. You, like Iron Julie, going piece of this latter point ambition of the point of visual joined gulping. So he always goes on these fishing trips by himself, which is fine, Joan cause she hates the water, and so she hates him and lovely leaves this fucking, how ok thirty, two years of marriage, I'm sure she's, like sounds great around this same time. Ninety one. Joan inherits. Seventy grand from her mother who seventy grand and house yes Dennis tell
John. You should put the house in the deed of that house in my name. Why? let's cuz. He wants to sell, it wants to go, sell it and then they can take that money and spend it. Once a fishing boat here, such a plans, but Joan says now she keeps telling him she's keeping all that money and that, due to the house as a nest, egg corn unquote in case something happens, nothing nothing worth. Seventy thousand dollars happens right like something overnight yeah. What is she planning? Well here? Here's what it is she finally can sides you her friend, who also owns the hallmark store? Ok, she keeps it real. Tight not hallmark store is it? Is it a franchise? It is
that woman's franchise for her. She is a small business. I know happy fur and a good friend, John You, Sir John Confide, in areas like I think Dennis, is having an end should that's. Why she's like not given him any more spending money like crazy lately, oh when he goes on, these quote unquote fishing to her, but she has no. On Y a fish and chips trip should be cheap. Everyone knows that you. What do you need worms? Worms unit you eat food out of a can yeah
you're on your. No, I don't know I'm suddenly. His elbow is he is he to eat, jumps a train to get to the pond. He jumps trying to get back there. I know you eat the fish out, that's what you eat! The that's right only mean anything. I can now save your aid nine cents, so she is suspicious, so basically she's preparing to get a divorce, OSHA and Denis when she won't give him any money or let him player to really do anything. He starting to suspect that she might want to get a divorce, and if that happens, she will get half his pension ocean, and that means he won't be financially ruined, so don't fuck around then can write so it lets. Back to the early years. Joan and Denis Dolly were childhood. Sweetheart- they got married in nineteen, fifty six. He was in the air force at the time he was a missile technicians, shit out of me, smart as far cry. He knows the shit I mean one would hope
You gotta help me if you think you're around and its people are these mark. You don't just put any old and it's a guy that keeps turning the instructions over and elzevir blueprint, say it's just IKEA and artisans. Without little. Do it's a guy next to a missile urging his head his ship to London, one right after they get married Joan loves it. She loves the idea that she gets to be this military wife. The travels the world with her miss technician husband, while overseas she s birth to their first daughter, Debbie and, may I then Deborah there, we go right, five years later. Nineteen sixty one they moved back to the. U S: Joan has another baby girl named lorry. They have their There's lots of family home movies. Where Dennis is plain devoted father dressing, Santa every Christmas and, of course, as the Easter Bunny every year, Easter
nineteen sixty eight they the Dolly's, have transferred once again to the military base in Lompoc, California, north of here there? The girls are twelve and seven. And by all appearances there, the perfect american military family, it's the height of the cold war. Those Dennis keeps having to leave on missions and not explaining. Where he's going and Joan by this point is tired of moving all the time they ve moved a ton of times she hates approving the family every time and as the girls get older, they don't like it either assure so it's all becoming a little problematic nineteen. Seventy four, the family stationed in Omaha, Omaha, Nebraska, Debbie Graduates College a year later, Dennis retired from the air force and the whole family moved back to California and they settled down in so far in the northern San Fernando values like Super Sowerby Q. You know a super suburbia, not that nice little bit a little
I mean like I'm farm in sign in general, but there's a little crime up there. Ok, it's not! It's it's not that regular San, Fernando value of Like Encina or whatever, the Earl of Further Valley. She idea, which exists in crime happened and it gets. It gets a little whisky out there, ok, so, just a few weeks after Easter on, April 17th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety one Joan, doesn't show up for work at the Hallmark store, and it's very unlike her. She doesn't call, she just doesn't show and her good friend in the owner almost name is Marilyn rush. She Who knows how, where this is for John Ass, if she immediately dries over to Jones House
lets herself into the house with the extra key that she knows where its hidden and the whole house in a shambles, there's been theirs. Clearly been a robbery she walks into the master bedroom and she finds Joan bludgeon to death in her bow. No, I was hoping you'd be a deadly woman she's, not a deadly one, so she's been murdered, so she's been severely beaten around the head, she's a broken finger at his other defensive wounds on our arms and hands the forensics team. Luckily so it's nice and eighty one, the friends exceed scrapes the because they see that there's tissue hundred me in here yeah. She fought so a scrape it and they save it, and they know that Dna is now a possibility, but at a very early stage area, beholders, just baby, that's for little Paul's. What the way this is money had puffy happy baby cheeks TAT he was, but he wasn't. A friends I see was the guy Not so we started powers as anyone part
the storm anyway, he's across the Bay North EAST, north and last year, so the police, determined that the point of entry was a break in the back of the house, so they just put it together. It's with all the We will say ramshackle mass with all the rummaging really gone on its breakin ransacking around, not ramshackle, to know. If that's not my story, that's from your I'm borrowing from our story and putting it into my story. I mean it sounds like the killer style right. That's right, joining the hour. So when the family finds out Denison his daughters are distraught. Obviously their total disbelief that there the Joan is gone. Marriage at such a young age Dennis can barely function old issue of fifty,
fifty five and fifty six also yeah written you like living this kind of like retiree you I finally trying to put it together sure did This can barely function and he tells US dollars. He can't stand the house. Obviously, that's where his wife was murdered her and that he just needs to go on a fishing trip his daughter Debbie, doesn't think it's a good idea for him to be alone so she's If you want to go I'll, go with you, he says no. I really need to be by myself. I just I have to be myself so he goes on history. We dont trust him now now the police don't trust him when they talk to Dennis. They feel like he's, giving no absolutely no signs that he is even upset that his wife has been bludgeoned death and her bad far they're getting real, weird vibes, that's apple! this thing. We know that sometimes people don't act like they're angry, but you can tell vibes yes, I mean I
That's the thing too, is it like so much police work is like. Are you a sensitive investigator. That's feeling vibes are you a police monster arrays who, like you're, not crying your brains out? Yes, you don't carry. You know. I am now going to find the evidence to put you in jail, no matter what I guessed find a thing of like me. No no Annette reacts the same, but even be like this person is clearly in shock right now. Not this person isn't crying because they killed. So my yes, like this person in a week, is going to fucking lose their shit or like in a month whenever I can tell by the with their pupils that therein Sean re ever it's like with all these things are in. You know it like weeds. Contacts getting just what is what is the actual situation here sure and they all were like sky doesn't feel right here and then find out their hunches right because it turns out Dennis, did not go on a fishing trip to grieve. The sudden laugh loss of his wife of thirty years, because
he's come on. You know, surveillance tape in LAS Vegas. Dishing Ays he's this in a canoe fishing in the middle of billions, casino folds had been you back at pinioned, billions back billions back baby egos casino. Instead he was gambling at a table with an unknown woman, laugh in it up and have a life on casino surveillance. What a dupe it Eddie you fucking! Depew word I mean listen. I hate you. Ear of killer go to prison for ever but like Are you so stupid? people are really stupid, realistic, but this guy's, especially still because also there are a lot of places you could go. They dont have owing to a casino in LAS Vegas, is like I want to be on fills us like you, gotta go soon. Maybe your being tailed dont know it through the murderer is yeah leg
first person they cobbler, we re husband, there's gonna, be one like rookie, whose I get sent to follow that day and re now. Also this two days after the funeral that he went to Vegas like I can't hold for two. We assure you can't just let the feelings die down a handsome like maybe like help your daughter's grieve, their mothers, fucking guess not monster so the woman that he's with gets identified and her name is burn data pollyanna that's on earlier. That is, brandy does real name. She is a sex workers from the San Fernando San Fernando Valley, which the idea that makes me laugh kiss me the centre and a valley is a series of Strip Mall, yeah and Starbuck yeah. So the court has urged the exactly so there's somewhere there is. There is a there's. This trip that sex workers like to walk ideas that happens everywhere, so Dennis.
Had been spending a lot of time with brandy, tat they collar brandy and lots of money on her and the lad Jones. I wasn't fucking around leg. He wasn't didn't made some chick at the hallmarks on the other side of town and sir dating her. No, he he paced paying for sex with brandy, So when Jones suspected that her husband was having an affair, she was right, but what she didn't know was that he was having an affair with the sex worker that he was sleeping with and he also began to pay her rent bomber car. He basically became her sugar to how this money, like, oh, my god, while he had his pension sufferer, he thought he was going to have money Jones Inheritance Share and when Joan was like errant get many this man, he realised that this lifestyle he was kind of secretly living as other life was gonna get and then of Joan divorced him anyway,
that money brandy wooden never saw him again because that's how it works, that level dry up right, quick, so in the winter of my two, maybe three brandy, is arrested on a drug charge and when they search her, they find Joan Dolly's jewelry in the bottom of her. So this gives there's a detective that that was the first on the scene and is his name is Detective Tippin, I want to say Dave Tippin, but that's just making is, is a day of Japan, Bennets Dave Home, please hold halted. Jack hold you preparing. Today we don't wear thorough. Now we don't call people to happen unless we do a thorough jack. That's right cause
began to have now, because that way, a capitalism counted. Here's a quick Tipp, don't just call people Dave seems, like you write anything doubt: Dave, Zip and old. I'm Mr Tappin CAT, dammit turban, call me mister tip in that city always says so soon got it. Stevens gotta participants are ok, Paul tips, so can't you get that lesson him. Ok, soap did Nepal Tippin realises when he, when this jury is matched to Joan Dolly's jewelry he's like
here's what we're gonna do this is. This is gonna, get me the warrant so that I can take her dna and tested against the fingernails ratings that I kept under Joan and all these things are now. Did this one, the mallet he so he sends brand.
He's DNA. I did not think that what was coming, even though its called deadly women, the tv show right without the one woman was dead, and that was the only choice share its the early ninetys. It takes one year now results to come back on this dossier, and I get your shit to galvanise. You don't even understand how important you are, but in the meantime, a detective Tippin, detective, Paul Tippin starts looking into brand italiano life, so he's not surprised to find and I'm sure the other policemen that work with him. Maybe he didn't do all this work treasures, but they find that she's been in and out of jail for the past ten years for drug charges, she's a heroine attic, so a lot of stuff she's doing is purely just to get drugs. What does surprise them? Is they find that while she has been in jail in more recently. Deniston Dolly has visited her in jail fourteen times. This has no he's a really, not smart. When it comes to
like seriously thinking any of that shit through he's like ok, here's the Hermia. If she goes to visit her and jail all the time and just a fucking see her crazy he's like in love with her yes cause like he's not having. Sex with her in jail now that he had to have sex and in jail. You would be surprised that they are now to have sex and do so cute visiting her, because you fucking MRS Hearn, is in love with her. Yes,
and also second only to a LAS Vegas Casino, whereas the one other place you're going to get recorded and tape on security cameras more in fucking, J or a point so they're having conversations about things that are being recorded, he is apparently smuggling smuggling heroin into her and keeping her commissariat account filled with money, so that she's like gets, which he needs in jail. I gotta get that tabrimon. I made that one color lipstick beyond its avail right one. While I need that it's the ninety, so I need my brown lip liner, lipstick, adjusting my brown lifelikeness, roundly lighter and then maybe a light white glass right. Basically immediately there like oh holy shit, we ve got the husband, yes connected, and in one of these conversations key tells brandy there. He needs her help. He needs her to find him. Someone that can take
of what he calls a big job. And so this is before the murdered before so brandy introduces him. I bet I know what that big job as the red- it's not fishing, it's not fishing or where it. What was his job, explosives and already than the missile? He was a metal technician bright, so brandy reduces him to occur criminal named Gary, where an Gary's Phelan Associate. It will not be named Forget it it's here, but I am sure that you are now ACT does dynamic. I thought sellen associate would be they re, so as Dennis bring them back to their hat his house when Jones at work, this guy sucks, so bad, really sucks shit in. He tells these two fucking felons that he wants them to kill his wife and he says he doesn't care what they do to do to her.
While they do that she says you can re per want to as long as she ends up dead yeah. His childhood sweetheart. The mother was chewed daughter, yet his fucking lifelong wife, not less we now this long, one of mine stir in fact one of his nicknames later on his american monster So they make this plan that these two guys Gary. Where ends the associate, numb and associate Argo hand, associate, are going to kill Joan but soon after, whereas arrested on an unrelated charge. So the planned falls apart. Ass Rob North Korea criminals as you just Caroline look hands, because their sole, ambitious in their area of criminality him. So
Dennis knows that Joan at this point he's like she's, gonna divorce me, and if the divorce happened right, I will lose half of I'll lose shades. Did I bore she files for divorce exactly right, so he's in big rush, luckily, for him that- when Brandy finally gets out of jail, any says the brandy. You have helped me killer, so on I'd have April sixteen. Ninety ninety one, while Joan Dolly, is asleep in the master bedroom Dennis Dolly, let's brandy, Italiano in the back door of the house where they see where the
cops thought it was a brake on they sneak into the master bedroom together. Dennis is carrying a golf clubs and he begins beating Joan, with John wakes up, tries to fight him off and that's when brandy starts to hold her down limit Dennis can beat her to death with his golf club and when she struggles that's when she gets brandy skin underneath her finger- oh my god, and then they go once she's once Joan is dead and bed. They go around the house and try to make it look like a robbery gone wrong, but as we know, then that's around the time that the cops find the LAS Vegas footage of him. Two days after his wife's funeral in love. She s list brandy at the Fuckin crabs table it living his best life. They,
actually taken Jones Money gone to LAS Vegas, they had shop, they had gambled, it's all on security cameras. They they too calm movie footage of like they went on all these trips together. Let us dollars so stupid. Peep claimed brandy as dependent on his taxes Y, see put. He bought new cars and put the titles in her name and hit. Her name is also on the deed when he bought a vacation, home and big bear what the fucking so he basically went out of his way to tie her hair. As offers a sound its. I am glad that it wasn't like the rate part to me, is so horrific. Does the whole thing is awful, but like
I think that when I went to fucking prison, it's the whole thing sacks, but like wow, yes and length of cold in the north of like the girls, are going to find out how their mother died. What happened to them? Yes, and he is like I don't care what you do because well that's what narcissism as an like this kind of extreme Minos, whatever he was extreme narcissist or a psychopath yeah. Would they dont think about they? Don't care about other payment? I gave him the king out, I think about his wife, but, like I don't get a bit like daughters. You must have love them and not one of them maybe maybe but clearly he was he may have been on drugs to, but he was obsessed with brandy. He was like interested in keeping her around more than eighty artist. He would he was interested and really, I think, is ultimately we just getting when I do I so he killed, he p bludgeoned, his wife to death, so he can buy arms about education, a water bed in a gazebo. At the end of that fact,
more than trifecta tech, ear share its tacky is hell. I mean that gazebo so A year later the dna tests comes back. The the evidence undertones fingers male fingernail. Is a match to branded Italiano DNA when Detective Tippin puts all of this every other. He basically has an open and shut case, and then at the trial it's a months trial in eighteen, ninety seven and they bring de Gary, where the the guy, who Dennis Golly, tried to make a deal with how to assess here he at the humor the mysterious associate Gary, whereas testimony where he tells them that Dennis Dolly sudden, even rape or if you want you and these that's like that's when it
like re over and downright criminal makes good yeah and also the daughters testified against him. So he says, since both DNS, Dolly and Brandy Italiano were found. Guilty of first degree, murder, and sentenced to life in prison. Dennis Ali got life in prison without the positive billowy of pearl, and he died in prison in two thousand three, and brandy telling on oh also sentenced to life in prison is still in prison today, although there is a rumour that she is being considered for poorer now, that's the murder of Joan, Dolly holy shit. May I enquire yes, twisty tourney, mindful It's also just another one of these bummer. These once come up a lot, and you know people recommend murders to us LE I get so bummed out cause there's.
As so many hours, fucking husbands that just kill their wives for money. We dont do a lot of them because it seems like it so simple and like this one clearly is not, which makes it's fucking fascinating, but yeah. It's just like there are so many admit, it's sad and shady and awful and an like you saying it's baffling that they don't think past yeah what they're doing to go. You're going to get caught and modern technology is going to get you Kai YA, how you're a monster just like break like IRAN monster near monster, and if he I feel like it's, that thing is, if you're starting to have Sarah that you're than obsessed with this person lake
Yes, the divorces like I'm an he's. His mentality is like fuck her, because she's gonna ruin me cause. I'm gonna lose half my pension in the divorce and psych yes, but this is the woman who raised her children who move to every single city re anywhere to move to you don't deserve the money, we're she doesn't like right. It's this! It's the in its tents, narcissism and homelessness. It's just crazy. And also they were in their fifties. It's not like, I have gotten another job or like made some kind of adjustment. It was just like. I got to keep my money. I got to keep my girlfriend totally so psycho share those airlines such a bummer. Yes, I'm glad, I'm glad it wasn't the when you did, because I remember you doing one
and it was something- but I think yours was about a lawyer who killed his wife- do remember that widely. Tell me more than it was like, I honestly think is like within the first three to six months of, must show it was really early. I just member being in your old apartment listings. You tell me about it and that's. I've started Gettings pictures of the end of like finishing the story up and starting in these pictures, like God, damn. I hope that by your guy doesn't seem like it doesn't seem like a daring to you. I didn't do ok, shit grit thank you. You too, fuckin, hurry! Oh, how how's your yoga challenge our sailed. My yoga challenges weak. I, although I will say I
a lot of meditation, oh good for you, because I feel like we're. There's some stressful things going on right now we're about to Sir Walter. You started in the bright before we are falter years. You started a new writing down Basque. Your went back to baskets yes Sayer, just like you know what I wanted to double down doubled to juggle pull down as well as and where simultaneously working on our network and so or hide half an hour. I wake up at five thirty in the morning and then answer emails, drink coffee and answer emails like a lunatic, and then I'm like worked up alone in my house and I'm like a man's good work yeah exactly so. I've been doing really nice, they just ten minutes, but that thing of lake I get upset because I think all these things are happening at once in there. I have these reactions words just like I just
to come back to reality into real life and just be like we're in the present everything's. Fine everything goes a cacophony, and then you need to realise that there are not ass and that we're like the give people more having that time and we're pretty fuckin good we're doing good at all of it. It's difficult to keep that in mind. Now it's just like what our so so that I would say my fucking hooray for this week, also in the room, my friend Teresa, who works at baskets with meat and also has planter fashionitis. So we get up three times a day. I'm just start stretching my grey thing to have a body yet work where, yes, who gets it and done all the research, so we do lots of stretching duping per day like weirdo lux yoga. I mean it doesn't count as a full class, but I feel, like my two part, saying, of trying to lake it's just that
of when I'm by myself my mind those fucking crazy horse, especially poor coffee, yellower area, which I understand yeah me too. I didn't, I have a caveat yoga. I didn't go to a yoga class. How ever I started working with this girl names, woman, Sarah, olive she's, a personal trainer awhile back after foreign recommended her. I just can't work out of my own. She is the most lovely person ever and recent. I stop. I did the thing right us up doing it
in her eye Anthea and should be the cage I can an age I can in. Even I guess she wasn't running up money like I had classes at. I already paid her, for we should do this and then I posted some, like obviously depressing they I'm Instagram a couple like months back and she was like I'm coming over and we're gonna go for a walk today, like straight up link to be there. I was their existence and every week even were hanging out like waking and shit together and so and she didn't listen to the park ass before when I was working out with her, but she does now and so every time we go to hike or do something she's like. I ask me: questions from that and she's really lacking in Sweden. Lovely ends this time round. She's we went for a hike and then she was ok. We're gonna do five minutes. Vs Ie! You can say that you did yoga nine years. I know you didn't go to Yoke, she's a master, my she's great her or her and ceramics. This underscore fit underscore mom. This mom she's garlic to ok and said she.
For me. It was really like she's. Just I'm gonna cried document, hearse thuds, she's lovely that's right! That's my yoga and my fucking hurry. That's great! Is that like she's, really gotten me and its trade might depression is so much better when I'm leg working out and doing things, and I'm sore and I'm happy in. Yes, it's much better yeah we can. We can generate our own dopamine if we actually just do and fight fight those bad feelings. I says I've charging. I described as the only movement I've done, but the but I'd like here's. The thing I'm not giving up on this yoga challenge, because I like that something's hanging over my head, and it makes me think about it every week and it makes me
oh ok, you're, not gonna! Do it. When are you gonna do or do something? Oh yeah we'll keep. It will keep going, and I think that since we're about to leave for the the foul tour, which is really stressful thing, I'm at weekends. But it's like we have to be indifferent, sit every day in ITALY today, early commemorative. But you know it's a lot of hotel rooms, a lot of eating like shit, and so it's a good thing to have an hour had as we start this process, I think of just use I mean you can have a better, not say anything to me about long arguments are gonna. Call your hotel or Mcnair omega. Did you order broccoli lobby? Nobody! You know it's really funny. As the We have tried to be good on the road it's impossible, but it's That thing of when you come back,
the cure hotel room at night you're just like well, the late night menu you're, not gonna, eat a solid, eleven o clock at night, and I also want to know like what is this. I love regional food, so fucking much that it makes me crazy, like that, is my all time everything. So I want to know what you're fucking weird thing, as am I guarantee you? It's not a fucking seem broccoli is not your regional fucking food. It's not son, like yeah the best times we have is like when we go to a place in then it's like. Oh my god, look at this place around the corner are always like looks up of a restaurant. I, like we have to try to thing merit stab anything there. Restarting the Carolinas barbecue, that's a lot of my favorite things in a fucking world. Yes, this it's gonna get our greatest again. It's gonna! You know we're square state. What we're gonna do stand a moment were to be stay, conscious, yeah and then, if
occur. Only and cheese happens, it happened yeah and it's gonna happen and it's gonna happen ray. I will see you guys this weekend, whose common out and thank you for listening and veto. Do you guys are the best stay sexy and took him by AIR Almasy, cookie, cookie,
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