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Karen and Georgia tackle their favorite 1990s murders, featuring serial killer Joseph Naso and the death of Sherrice Iverson in Nevada.

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This is exactly right Erin, yes, Georgia, rhythm section is a female led female made action, thriller, starring, Blake, lively and fearless role as Stephanie Patrick than ordinary woman, who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider S. Film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment, as Stephanie Survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness, directed by Red Morocco and also starring dude law and Sterling K Brown. The rhythm section isn't theorist January thirty. First goodbye,
we should do about gas. I mean had like an hour of deep conversation before this podcasting started. Yet we had to really connects Jetsam put some stuff on Monday. Air, some dirty laundry, not even not like air some there and I think, every observing a terribly sing, a bad song, be my new thing. Do you mind No because every episode you're using a good sign We know burgers, Georgia just stood up and it looked like she was starting to do stand. A family were both lying on the couch. Now she jumped up and like to oppose, I was like tonight:
It's a sickly dresser and get my notebook whoops without and then the outlook extend come together because those ear notes from Europe. You're, watching your show with the famous lawyers hey, let's get render it. Ok, I'm not impose! an ado along introduction, but now I can't remember their names by the way. This is Murder held high sets high with care and in Georgia, welcome to episode. Fourteen that's Karen Yeah you gonna, give a shoutout radically bavarian starts at the name of that, because we have like we had. We, started. Certain naming the episodes weird things and now we're just like on it. Now we're just trying to make Each other laugh and when we think of it it just set pompously upon contacts. The tens are hard. The teams are pretty of an last week. Thirteen going on murky is the. So title that my friend Owen, Alex in DM two me on twitter and basically just said
It was right after that number twelve dropped. He just damned in it said next week should be thirteen going on murder. You always say that night, like yeah there's no way is not going to be. Can we have a contest for like so we don't happen? think of eminent like people. Writing us relax fourteen minutes fourteen, what if we just open this whole podcast up and have other people do whatever I every week, it's all mine, it's what do they call moderated moderated by few put its moderated produced and talked through research, and then you are formed by yeah that'd be fun, but its back here in Georgia Your will still on it. The woman copyright speaking I've I just bought the rights to Michael RAM, says adorable drying. Oh yes of my favorite murder, the one. If you see the drawing up the two of us lying, it's a cute, little cartooning dry,
a vast lying prone with like murder weapons around us, is the one on Facebook, page yeah, Michael Ramstein, who citizen fucking incredible like credit card as drew it just for fun the nice guy thanks, Michael Ramstein, am, I was a kid I find out from you, so we can make tee shirts so the next few weeks, hopefully together, because We ve got some. I spec Tee shirts right yeah, there's like those already a mockery of the teacher. It's like it's happening guys you can have a t, shirt, pre sound will shirts yeah and if we see you Walmart Yet that's how will know?
to murder each, like always hoping turns into a crazed cult where everyone just murders each that cause plaything where you like. There's people like you if you're rang a certain thing after murder, if they like tagging, that person but its pretend murder and then you're out of the game here. Is it onions and dragon now close, isn't larking? Yes, as it relates to learn. How does she know is that the renaissance we're I love nerds. I research there shed all the time I want to know. They d on the weekend laughing what a grand idea live action roleplaying do no good circle. The word It's too, and you did something on the weekend were murdered. My murder nerds I did, I do something I went to see ring and beating the ticket of weekend. Everyone is talking about the show. This rate, I think so. Ok
they were: the fence attorneys receiving Avery from Netflix, making a murderer, of course, if you saw you fell in love with them and and are obsessed with them, as I am there good men trying to do good in it in an unjust war, ass defensible. He's as a whole. I think, are good people, I hope so you know I mean I wouldn't want to park next to them in a trader just parking lot, general right, but that's an l, a lawyer. I like that, their defending his right too. Fair trial, their not being like he's innocent there like heat. This is your doing these things wrong,
you're doing everything by state of was coms like they're here. What I let you go from this and I was like this might be stupid, I'm so sick of my of making a murderer like we. I have read about it to death. Like other theories and shed. I was up on that. The show like hard correlate. Yes, I was like this. I dont want to fucking here audience questions about the cat getting burned for fuckin two hours and round in an uncomfortable chair. I spilled an, who and why not myself like right when I walked in oh good, that's what I read her way: oh read, of course her why? What s? The white, libraries and you are wearing your white lace, blouse It is a nice heard screaming like I will carry so you were trying to make it as difficult as possible from the outset the up and then what happened was excellent. If you have a chance to see it, everyone go like. It was a real. If your interested to cry, and in law fascinating a couple things I wrote down.
Guess how many ok, the witnesses who are exonerated because of a because of their were wrongfully convicted. Guess what out of ten How many are overturned because of witness misidentification set? How many have a ten? I just said. I must just said the number it simply it's eleven out of ten while aid. Some crazy high number, seven, which is so low. I shouldn't have to bad because it's like it's like its hire them and like all well
Sorry, I always ruin guardians like this. My overshoot aim and then a man like well, it is still pretty high that that's that's crazy. I so seven out of ten overturn convictions are because of witness misidentification. Yet they say I witness identification is one of the least a reliable forms of we us what you call it of testimony stir I feel it by the clues by toward I'm looking for evidence right Mary going. We have a true grantline. We should know these nouns. I feel like by twenty fifty they're gonna be like how fuckin antiquated was like twenty turn before that date. War were lying unwitnessed. Testimony yes for her work, as at that point there
someone's cctv camera in every corner of our life. That is a fair point. That's probably wouldn't will be the Jenny Philpott Cctv. I like it. I do it's fine, I mean I understand why people have a problem with that, but the idea that you'd think mate they'll be to serbian future where we live in some terrible government state where they watch everything you do, and it's all you know, nineteen. Eighty four but for right now, that's how you fuck and find the guy that walk. I've been hit someone on the back of the head and puts them in their car, for anyone knows I happen. I feel like if you're a true crime fan. You agree with that and I feel like It's the laws, are fair in general then Cctv is ok? You know new laws like you can't smoke cigarettes and their arresting people or smoking cigarettes unceasing. You know like yeah, others bonds. The laws get a little fucking crazier than which is like you carefully tell so. Yeah
but I just for now anytime, I wore to british british procedural. Always I will there? Can I get this on seeds? Yeah. There's no problem. Like my it's it's such a it's such a comfort to me in my old age, the fact that they were lie on like bank. Cameras like that they don't you know, you see those that are like bait. The bank camera caught the street for one second and saw this car drive by an I'm telling you this person wasn't where they said they. Yeah like it, you can rely on that and that's gonna be miscible throw came up there, Listen, I want to be safe. Who I mean or our people. Is it just not wanting to be monitored and not We need to introduce the concept of a police state like that yeah, but Lake there really happening it's, I think, keeping citizens and it's almost like, I feel it. People do less horrible things outside if they know their being
I know that so naive. I think we're both having everyone in this house. Conversation whether their forward against it as being knave, because if they don't think the guy Women is already fucking following every single thing. They say beyond their stupid, rang it if we think it's gonna, be ok, that that close captioning Earth close captain it's not right guy. I dont want deaf people to know what anyone in a lean on parent speaking of a happy watch the new season of Happy Valley. Yes, I have, I had a put close captioning on because it's so I'm when this sure talks. You don't know what she saying, what it's a british. Procedural trauma. You guys it's fucking great, it's so good. I think people have talked about it on Facebook, page but yeah, but not on what this isn't it. I won't tell you anything, but is Northern England I believe, might support what are they fucking saying it's the.
Previous access and they took those large reserves that kind of its borderline Jordi. I think with that its it's a part of a well sure something like that. It's a crazy british axon. Let me see if there's something else from thy word a couple nets, but I have had a red line by them one out of five. A what so seven under ten of the overturn commissions are from witness misidentification one out of five overturned convictions come from jail house informants, which is like ya, do yeah if you're giving someone a fucking lenient, it's a ascendancy lenient sentence because their informing on someone, but you when I do. Love is eleven they'd like plant a cop as a prisoner, yes, and get that shit out yet
So then nobody there's nobody benefiting. That could possibly be Lorraine. That's it! It's a lot right and, if you're stupid enough to tell your soami, which so many people are stupid and absorb some well, they can't help it. If you, if there, that certain personality this there are psychopath and a narcissist, all that that's what I find so fascinating is that it really is not every single killers like that. But there is that There's a certain pattern sufficiently like like murder, Does that make no sense like murders that aren't of like that? Aren't domestic abuse that aren't like personal? Are these people? Are fucking, crazy. There would it's not out of quote passion, which I hate saying that word because killing your fuckin spouse isn't passion s, just it's just pure evil. It should be called hysteria, that's really what it Yeah. That's that's that that is I.
It's a man going hysterical? I read a thing recently: there's a chopper: do you ever think that when you there's a helicopter warehouse, that's like there's a loose criminal and they're gonna park, or always that's why I moved out of Silverlake, as there is helicopters in my leg this search later, my backyard. Every night I was like I can't handle. It is dumb crimes of passion and crimes of love. You can't call it that, in the same way that someone I read recently that was like you can't call, don't call it and consensual sex, because sexes, sex rang rape as rape and used the word rate right. They so often acts yeah they use. Euphemisms like in journalistic Lee yeah when it's,
when they're, like. Oh, they assaulted a child. You raped a child said the words together so that people understand what happened right. Molesting is like such a vague term yeah. I remember there was at that documentary about that one priest who was like just sent from fucking church to church back in the last documentaries, one them I think about it all the time I wish I'd, never watched others. One cannon at his leg, like he's you can tell he's like became a drug addicts, was so fucked up off it, and he says that I didn't last me. He fucked me like he says that. Yes, yes, that's right, that's exactly like people, don't talk about them sorry for listeners were listening with their children them both if they are not well. There was one woman who said she said she was recommending it to our children, but I was assuming, as candidates were all adults right. One would hope one would fucking help ya know it's all of that. I feel
that's there's just waves of change, because so many people have voices these days. We get to talk about this enough so that it does affect change yeah, there's nothing that makes me angrier than it was like accused of Sexual assault, minor words like where are you rewarding child rape, yes, sir, yeah they did it. They need to get called what they did. But we do have you seen any that news about Dennis Hester going trial! He's that Republican. I thinking the speaker of the house and he's been lost. Boys and raping boys. I why I just didn't myself for years he was a rustling coach in Numb Illinois. It's just the crazy story, but he was one of the lead people that try to Clinton impeached when he had that affair,
at meanwhile fully raping boys somewhere in his head. That makes sense to hit. Does it has two? Otherwise, how do you live your life like, I feel like if you and I killed someone we would be, if you stole something from a grocery store, we would be like so rack last, whenever still like. You know what I mean by tat. If I like why we have consciences visit with people who, like ourselves public or there, so they just want what they that's so that they rationalize everything that they do. That's the bullshit that these guys Is that all that these old guys it have been in power for so long there used to it and you see these other Republicans defending him by saying. There's that said, I was Tom. Delay is as a rule, it is I don't know anything about politics, but he's head it. We shall we I'll have personality flaws. That does not happen. Now it is not. It is not
So there's no excuse. I think it's. I think it's come so normal in our culture that, like there are molesters out there and there are, yeah, but I feel like that more and more is like. It just makes me think now we're going off on the craziest tangent, but it makes me think of like the Franklin Credit Union, yes, scandal where for so long the people that try to report that they were like you're out of your mind. You're talking about government officials will now these govern affairs. It's in the light of day all of these rich white old man who have been telling everybody how to live and what their value as for years and years are flocking the monsters the highest order. It's crazy! It's the people who are under represented at an fuckin striving just make their families have a good life.
They say that, like that, are the good peoples. When I mean what are sometimes are not anyway, they say that like. If you want to get into politics, there's a part of you. That's a narcissist begin with yet like you can't want to get into politics without having a little bit of fucking narcissism. Sure which makes sense to me like I don't want to lead a bunch of fuckin people and bull and be a professional bullshitter and beyond the take and lot basically just like people, so you can get to where you wanna get ya at into a place of power like who wants to be a place of power, will and also what that power means, which it seems like. The more we learn about it, it means that you go off to like Bohemie grove and sacrifice a six year old, cheating wooden Alan share where you're, just like sorry what s a rap us. If you guys want to hear more about this, what we're talking about? Listen to that last podcast, animal at episode, Bohemian grow bohemian grove, and then I was the land. The Franklin Credit Union that
way those guys that and researched. It is amazing, like a two or three part or its there's, some shit that's hard to listen to like they get into the shop they get into it ends. There's a couple because they are have wanted. That's like Satanism in the government gave way to a whole run about like lake. Although this attend, panic in the eighties and all that shit and how these things that were once considered conspiracies are actually very moving tube the Junta percent sure Legists sound so ridiculous and obvious. It sounds like we're jalopy offer our being like now. That government is back like that. Government is Jerry, but, unlike that, those with around one percent of our listeners or like yes, she EL back, the other ones. Dont know I feel good Wait anything else from the? U is it
his hotel. You tell you say: yeah, it wasn't together, but it wasn't. They have this like the up where you pointing like gorgeous theatre at the hotel. There lay like fuckin stay stall, that with a gourd they are to begin with. A nasal. Tell us like this is what I wrote. I love my little like crazy nuts, false evidence the most dangerous to the cops use said Strang yeah ass evidence is the most dangerous. He was his deeds you see the smaller one the string string is a smaller while the other one looks like the eagle from them up at Inga and dean. Strang is like this sensitive poetry teacher, that's just trying to a break and can't believe, like I'm just trying to teach you kids about poetry, you won't listen and, like I mean these guys can make a ton of my me and I mean they're, just justice,
a bit over so admirable that they are. You know like what the things they were saying about, how their use to not they used to allow, like even recordings voice recordings in a fuckin, interrogation, o watches, like its common fucking sense that you would, if you're a cop, you would want this to be recorded at least audio, if not video by Cadis just smelling, everything about because you're not doing anything wrong, and so you shit it's the same thing with the fucking close captioning. Yes, that's right, but I mean I was going to say you know in the it immediately made me think of like Ella confidential words like you can't recorded if you're not doing it on the books and if it cops, are caught. You note the. There's always that mentality of by any
its necessary, you gotta, get this purpose, but that leaves out you could be wrong and that the problem that that people, I think that get into power like that they lose the ability to question their own judgment. I as the ability to be wrong. They urges them after that. What they think is quota, what the truth and it has to be their truth, has they have to win? Well, that's false confessions and attack. Brendan Dassey, the nephew in making a murderer? Who got you know? Who quote can fast and like half of his testimony, isn't isn't video? Do you know half of the shit that and between them and there's no parent there and the yellow. Why are there? He should that should have all been stricken from a record like that should not have entered into anyone's sword? entered into evidence. Evidence is the weak. Did we
miss the word evidence to wise. In the intergroup, I brought a wow eyes episode. Fourteen is a real rollercoaster courting fourteen mayo got a board or in the bell tolls. Nope do gee. I don't do you not Hunter sent up your brain on Facebook, page retweet address what number fifteen should be applied here, but No, that You are now in the realm of comedy rating, and so you might get your feelings are just know: YE islands, all we were dinner or going to read the worst ones and go with them we're gonna name first last and middle names. Oh, it's gonna be a bloodbath movement, you imagine we just turn. We never even make it the episode twenty, because we turn on everyone huge bitches. What if we
This progress and do its part has called what if we just keep its justice it's one of conjecture for an hour in ten minute links for we have a state like about like. Oh, I don't know what it's like: no unanimity, either what just keep going higher Our aid should we do or die, do all of our house. Cleaning driven. Corrections. I feel like corrections to pursue a murder anima like I just go right now. I got. Program? Enema, that's good locally you're right, I mean not just whoosh in announcing wow You want me to go first, this this year. This aim. This theme is LISA. Last week, nineteen eighties murders which like easy for both of us, I feel like yeah, and then we like we're. Gonna, do ninety nine these murders and then my hillock, both of us. They were like what the I can't mine, the nineties murder. I can't
I was like. I can't find one I dont have the will to live with I do to my eyebrow. I have learnt a lot eyebrow problem, isn't it we can either? I can't I did something to my right. Eyebrow, it's not filled in right. Now you can see it. I just did some bottom plucking. Nine, as I am about eyebrows, got an arch. It's got nice this overhears, ok, it looks like you're, like you're being like inquisitive all the time I constantly want to know something. I don't know my brow today. It would be like I understand some one and there are you mad at me, because I botox graphic terms: ignoble need a lay up. The boats. Are you mad at me? You know who this is concerned. You just can't tell because I have back in the car. I have just like chemicals journalism in your mother them in my forehead, on twenty five and you do girl.
But you at your wrinkle free. I guess I can't live another day with wrinkles now will your online tv? I tell you there's nothing worse, there's nothing worse than seeing what you're how your face does on each. She was a cold each de hdtv, Ol Man take a look at your vote. I gotta know tiny house hunters wrinkles. If the worst kind, I we gotta, we were drinking and watching like you, live in. Why, like some like it- and I was Currie meeting at the tv as I do, and I drink too much in smoke about everyone has a trust fund. Go fuck yourself like I was angry at people. Why is there a stupid fucking? That's what you think about your fucking for, like there Would they live in a little? I think we turn mistaken tv and negative afflicts dying, helping concept fuck you
I wish I was here for that. Just screaming yeah we'll theirs. They they think the intentionally cast kind awful people so that you want you hate, watch it because of you, the people than you're just watching people by shit and thence or like consider, buying even live with some moments of them. Here I mean the Hermes scream at the tv about facts. The only way you can have it you could live like this, with a trust fund yeah like you need a mention that up top will also to watch people buying like second homes on the be others. Those ones relate beach, combers or whatever. Where I'm like. Pardon me, I drove by Ino sick, almost people literally laying on the sidewalk on my way over here and these mother fuckers are buying a phone. Second home, there's only so much. Everyone means a Yahoo need amid a basic maximum of ship and the rest of it. Is you being an asshole
you're not going to be any happier in the Bahamas, its it won't work. You know why I'm gonna go to your fuckin estates, ale, you're gonna, be in a home and I'm at a buyer shed. Oh, my god, this is getting this is going exactly where I need it to be. Finally, we're. Taking down the real monsters of this world, the people It's too tv. I mean I'm happy for them now. You know what lots of love go going out to now. There's a way I say: do the dealers is wishing them while Olivias I just gotta, come from a place of love, government and let her does it government, legendary comedians, fucking, good friend you gonna go for some of us all tolling overtly covers First of all somebody tweeted this army, twitter page at my favorite
he loved to join us over there. I think I got locked out somehow on my phone. I can't figure out how to get back. I do it and then I don't try to fix. That's my thing. You try twice now. I like the sound like knowing you know what fuck it, but somebody did sweep and it made me realize- can someone something about murder pdf. I think they were just mentioning it, but they could have been saying I am on to you how you use that of all in all your research, which I asked, I don't think they were, but they could have been because I absolutely do and murder PDA, just as a recommendation, if you ever want to know about a killer, its Amazing website, where they have compiled ponds of articles in, why, spots you can read like local newspaper articles about the person
I am wearing a french sleeve T shirt, so I'm slightly uncomfortable, eleventh, intense farmers. Ten there's so much my ominous apartment should get someone to paint Visit Valley says. Is the parliament is like a Youtube channel on, so it's really hard to pay attention. Anything I'm here because much phenomena? Superb men should get someone to paint this Well, he says, is the parliament is like a Youtube channel, and so it's really hard to pay attention. Anything I'm here, because just like cats, like cute vintage thing in my so true, it's kind of acquire its area acquire its. I it's like. You had a seizure issue. You do OSHA, none! Fine! If you hurt, I haven't in years and I wouldn't inherits pleasing tiger so anyway, I get all my research. Murder pdf probably should have said that probably should cite research, but you know whatever we really alive credit credit here, credit there, so here
but I looked up. I was trying to do. I literally looked at Myspace murder just to see if there ever was one and there was, but it didn't happen in the nineties, somebody actually committed a myspace murder in two thousand and three where I was like you're a day late and a dollar short. MR, my spits, hang under my space way, hunger than mean necessary. I also but he suggested on Facebook, page looked very lately looks into the swedish black metal murders or nor of Norway. Sorry, nuts, o summer in Sweden, that have become binding, interesting and whatever it's so dark yeah. It's just a culture of people who are all turned out like crazy. Each other, and I want to support those people I just its here's, one thing I will say about it at that. I do support part of the peat. The reason started burning churches. They could save some amazing ray
really also answers, but they were burning and because they had a kind of like really oppressive christian culture in those countries that really fucked up a lot of people, and so that I support, but it did, they think it through, and that lay like what, this is when the message we are sending now is pie, just a bunch of fuckin. I mean twenty year old, it's hard to say, because the stories I read around like there was church arson, but then it went into lake stories, I don't even want to repeat because they're just is this dark for darkness sake, and then they relate recorded or they were Ford. You know it's crazy that its dislike and I don't enjoy any that cause. It's like. We want the intricacies of fucked up things that have happened in the past. We don't really want to like highlight, highlight people doing things to get attention its that's a real funny.
Dad feel tomorrow of their crimes, says like we did that with two ourselves. We don't know if I can talk about it with other people back Also, you can there's like tons of really good books about it and you can go in down into that, but that's also that part of it, I'm not interested in the Gore I like the story. I like learning about. The psychology Gore is just the whatever I like acoustic folk rock music murders and I'm in a city I think that one brown woods by the moderates have you ever heard of the astern city limits murders. There are eight, so here's what ended on the cap and this this I think this guy has at all because I tried to look. I was trying to look for someone that something that would spark a memory lively like. Oh, I do remember I liked it so is looking at San Francisco murderers or scientist go serial killers. Oh, of course
the zodiac is all about sharing, can't get past it night soccer a little bit too rigid mirrors was up there for a while, but then I stumbled upon a killer named Joseph now, and so this story has a little of all the things that we like, and it pulls an immortal revert talked about that he might be responsible for move it good luck on, but here's what? Basically, what and when this guy was seventy six years old, his parole or probation officers did a random of visit at his house in Reno and because he was like some weapons violation or whatever and so they got to search the whole house because he had weapons and am on and they found hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs of nude women,
who are posed in very unnatural positions, who appeared dead or unconscious with Manic parts and lingerie strewn about in every picture, so the cops Lake fine, this stash and then there like holy shit. We got a really search this house and they and up finding newspaper, clippings wit, the identification of women like identification that he shouldn't have like clearly it starting to look like serial killers. What do we call them evidence now remember. We forget them it's a serial killer, Monsignor Prize winning a thing yeah that oh, my god, why why who does its carbon? They want not a token token. Is it a token set up? Let's call it again
Everyone on things like they were here. Where are they say? It's very little duper! That's how you get found out brow exactly, but also an he, and he also did it to the best way of getting found out. He kept a rape diary absent fucking actively. Don't do that? well here were glad. He did, though, because he had been do it since the fifty Foley and he had these it was every little interaction he would have. With a woman he would write down in the end it leading up into these rapes were, in his bizarre. Are in strangely casual phrasing of leg picked up a hot redhead really thought me love that ownership yeah, so they go through the years they're going through they find they symbol on this list of ten women names and locations and they start to put together these needs.
And descriptions of these women and locations are starting to match up to missing women in the same town. Commencing. That's my dream, like I'm in the wrong. That's my dream. Job is what these actions are being a detective to find those things. Yeah, I'm in the wrong fuckin profession You mean eating dessert on tv, isn't giving you the same. I think I dont filthy. And then I'm at contributing to society. What, if you were a detective, but you still, you had to get even more botox for some reason, you thought the pressure in here I was giving too much awaited, is one of the conflict and also like in the room at them like like. Now, you have to get out not just stop failure old face thoroughly your brow and use up all your money criminals so, and so basically do they start lining. These things up. The sky has been.
Raping and murdering and dumping women's bodies since the seventies. So they were like these are these are real and they basically- and whatever the within it within the same country, version of extraditing as they move em they taken from Nevada into California, because some of these murders happened around seven Cisco basically and what they come to find out. Is that Owen he referred to his hit that rape journal as his dream diary detailing his fantasies and said that he used the word rape Leslie quote like how guys talk So so Would they start to realize? Is he's lived in close proximity against? Same city as where these women have all been taken from and dumped, he is wherever it it's happening, he's he's live,
in the same place as Levin, they make us connections. It's like a puzzle, peace and it takes a shit on a leg work of like interviewing you people and yes, fascinating it. So it must be so fucking satisfier half, so it turns out the other thing that's tell that taking place as they as all these facts. An evidence, referrals is that the Women- double initials same first and last, name. We talked about this initials, which is the same as the alphabet murders that these are the the women that worked. Came up here: it's and ease and Ninetys, but in the seventies there are a series of child murders called the alphabet murders in Rochester New York more around their young. You talked about it, so it was little
girls between the ages of ten and twelve they all had the same first and last initial, which I have to pay I would be totally have been at risk. So Carmen Cologne aged ten was found in November eighteenth nineteen. Seventy when reading the Ark wander, Ok, let's was eleven. She was found April. Third, in Webster New York, and Michaud Manzi man's was eleven. And she was found on November twenty two nineteen, seventy three in Macedonia work and that they find that here living there, that ain't found out that he is in New York, state native. He was visiting the area in whose bidding visiting relatives in that area at the same time, but they say that the two cases are not connected, because
he's in the seventies. These little girls were prepared, Essen and these other women. All right are a prop older and proper. Please prostitute. He only wanted to murder. You wanted. Harder women of a certain age, not what the lap yeah it just looks like You murder a child people get more out It's about met, so he stopped doing now, because people, because it was like more of it, ass. He bore all over that right, so there's like nor. Why don't I mean I can't murder children anymore because it gets too it s also he's old at this point so he was arrested when resolutely was seventy seven. These murders happen when he was in his mid. The late fifties so, and also he probably can't get around Italy has as much, but you sure can hire opera, Attitude anytime. You want like its there's a logic problem that I have with it. That is so irritating because there's an there. The other thing was there. Was dna found on the last?
little, girl Wanda are no dna and the other ones seems impossible whether there there, the keys, proven to have these four women that were on his lesson, His dna is on them, but they did thought they dont have any dna on these little girls and from the seventies for the alphabet, murders, except for one, on Wanda and his dna doesn't match what was found on her, except for I think, is tested again do something look further into. It became impossible to me that before there was dna testing that, like every single murder like before people, thought about leaving dna aside from fingerprints that there has to be a dna and every crime scene. You don't owe me like. I was just handled wrong or wasn't taken or it was lost, route was destroyed and where its two old yeah, you know like before we thought about these things.
It just amazing that that was recently actually anti any it dna. As new as the OJ child Hautala. It's crazy to think about that totally, but they did save some things, but it's like yeah this. If her body was found on in nineteen? Seventy three, then, maybe you're going to have some problems with that dna, but, like that everything else they did. The cops are sent me. There's the other things are just a coincidence. Well, is it a coincidence that one of his victims in nineteen seventy eight was also named Carmen Cologne, you kidding, they say you examine aim as the first victim in the ones same
me? I wonder if sometimes psychological profiles that we may that's like psychologists and the make these like this is what the person is like. This is what they're into this is with her after. This is how they are are like detrimental, because it makes them it makes them narrow cited. Yet the word like near sighted or far sighted flawed in their sigh problematic evidence with seeing evidence. Yeah, because totally that how could that these are so many coincidences you'd. They have now written off for coincidence that shit, it's crazy, so the bodies that of the grown woman, This was only seven years later. The last little girl or less because the last little girl Michel in Russia- it was found in eighteen. Seventy three will a nineteen seventy seven Roxana raw gash was found in Fairfax California, which has like fifteen minutes
away from Petaluma, where I grab guys have all the murder we have tons of it nor cow baby. But this girl was only eighteen, you have it's not an adult its I mean, and also they were saying she, they assume she was a prostitute, but there was no proof of it. Parents said she was not an It's just a weird police theory. This is a perfect link. This is only five years later in this girl is like basically his bridge into older women it's in the word prostitute it. So it's so like definitive that this person has been selling their purse on the fuckin sidewalk. Like that's what that means. You know like that's it you picture yet, instead of like. Maybe she was on this and like dating a lot of people, but like maybe she was wearing hot pants cause. It was fuckin linked in seventy right, but that doesn't make her the quote sex workers it's a human being like our killer, yeah I mean, and young and its
a thing of in makes very clear of like the problematic parts of the world prostitute because it immediately makes you go that matter doesn't count you let us she lived a high high risk lifecycle lifestyle? So that's what she gets rape. Also. Ok, okay, so this girl was rocks at SAM was eighteen. She was dumped by the side of the road strangled and nude on general, tenth largest only seven Carmen Cologne, the second, one. The older one in California was found August thirteenth, eighteen, seventy eight on the car keenest highway and she was twenty two she was thirty miles away from the first victim. So clearly he's in that area, then- nineteen, eighty one, the body of Shirley Patten, who doesn't have the same initials, but she was also
fifty six and she washed ashore near the naval Depot and Tiburon and now so managed the place she's to live and he also had a photo of her and he was consider prime suspects, but then gave investigators elusive answers and was never charged any time in the next three years die brow. You speak in Norka terms, Deborah and then the a woman in PAMELA persons and ninety. Ninety three was found in the county. She was thirty eight and she also lived near.
And then a woman named Tracy to fire was found dead in ninety ninety four in Yuba counties she was drugged, raped, strangled and her body was left near a cemetery so heat this guy had pictures. He had descriptions of them like all this shit. It was just like a lock. He represented himself in court of course what that means. I am sorry, but that means your fuckin guilty ash immeasured guilty in it means you're, crazy and so, of course, he was convicted of all four murders in twenty thirteen he added jail. He's I've. I think he's a. What do you call it up for the death penalty, but I couldn't find whether not he's gotten it yet, but that woman when he was being tried. The woman, he raped one,
their early rapes in that was in Berkeley whose waiting at a bus stop any picked her up and raped her, and when she went to the police- and she said this in court, which, I just couldn't get out of my mind when she went to the police to report it. They said they told her that they thought she was just trying to make her boyfriend jealous by making up the story. Can't even I so that's what we're coming from that was fifty. Almost sixty years ago, and this is where we are now- I mean, like that's the kind of thing we're like we're, coming from a dead stop of cops, not even listening when people are like we're. Heated rapes in this entire area. The there's a reason people have gotten up this old piece of shit has been getting away with murdering women for years and years was gets me in in every case of cereal. Murderers are multiple martyrs or you know even
I want to. I dont want to say that you have to be murdered to be important like rapists. You now, because that is devastating to entire life is when is the people that are substance went to them too. Rapists and murderers. Getting purled early. The people stir, this person should have been caught or was caught. That's on that's on the state. That's all the judge and the inner, like you mean, like the victims, afterward yeah yeah like that, is those of the people that like fuck me up, is it like that should have been fucking stopped and the the. Family of the victims that had happened to beforehand. They must feel guilty that you know person didn't stand jail. Are this person was never kind another like here's Alice Avenant like it nightmare assist ridiculous, it's just it's it's because when it so
dry like this man had all the evidence in his home yeah. He got he's going to jail for the rest of his. You know very short life, hopefully but lake that it went on for years if those per officers. Hadn't done that search, nobody would have ever known. Does lethal willingness deciding about like child abuse cases where they're like more there. But the child protection Agency is like nope, they're, fine and, like close, case, sir, and then the kid dies, and it's like this is I mean you and there's no there's nothing. You can say that gets you out of this, like I don't care if your boss, was this way. I don't care. If you had a huge caseload lake. Will the problem? Is I don't that kind of shit, p human life is undervalued re, so they dont pay people horse Busby, protecting those voiceless people enough and they have
They have too many, even though your right arm raw or to get there is in my view, there is no excuse bids just like, but we have to start putting money to the things that are important services for people who need help, as opposed to just fucking, like everything just goes to the one per hour, can't get into the ship, is a disgrace. I feel like I'm gonna, get in trouble for saying that, and I think that social workers are trying so hard and their working against a Barrack bureaucracy that undervaluing them- and I I'm sorry I think we'll know- I think probably the point is that it's this this system is to blame. Yeah system that supporting egg. You know that one person having thirty caseload yeah, it doesn't even makes all your right I can. I can. I gonna, have a thought out because of death for till her Matt and and teachers should be paid more. I mean now, let's get so the,
that's. That's our friend Joseph now, so the great nor cow, and possibly I really I'm I'm gonna, say it like a detective. I like him for those alphabet murders in the seventies. I get it like you like him. I like him for it like cop style. I agree I thought you'd like that took as we ve talked about no idea like it. I, like you, ve liking. What's yours, okay, so cause you're from the euro. Ninety scared right yeah and this What happened when I was sixteen, nineteen in May of ninety seven report turned seventeen, and so this this thing that happened despite person who did it with someone that, like I would have dated- and I remember I remember it happening- he was from southern california- The personal data and the girl was Frahm or the early killed us from Orange County and it
such a like, I would have hung out with this guy- and I like this guy- would have been my friend it made me realize it's people, you think are cool because their one of you, you don't know who they are at all and I get into a bit so May twenty fifth nineteen, eighty seven Jeremy straw Meyer, who was eighteen and David Cash. His friend who was seventeen they were up, Madonna, resorting casino in Prim Nevada, which revolve into its the casino with the giant rollercoaster right before you drive into Vega. Yes, it's fucking cool because it's like It's like going into a Danny's from the eighty the roller coaster that goes through the rest for re, and it's just like it's not bury farm. It's like queen, and it doesn't mean to me You know so there they're they're from long beach at four a m.
Strong Meyer, begins to make quote playful contact with seven year old, surest iris and was roaming, the casino alone, which is something that I did like my dad, took us to it s on regular occasion that really but took us a few times and was I go play in the arcade and use can I walked away, but he didn't do that, for I am now not, for I am forum is not so the dad was gambling and drinking beta. How to keep a closer eye on his daughter and he ignored them and told his son to go watch the kid which is like my parents are divorced. If, like I had gotten lost, my mom would have killed my dad like yeah. I get it and like it. It was from the killer being my age. Should that kid being the, In that situation, a situation is like understandable,
so straw, mire he's being playful with, I sure, is a lady. He leads her into the women's restroom and why the restroom. They begin that begin having a playful wet paper towel say, like jokingly, like he's playing with this, this eighteen, your guys playing with the seven year old girl. Like their bodies you now, unlike when euro of a kid you like one, I'm in front of the older kids and then he leads her into a bathroom and then his. So this is not. The bikers is really troubling. To me is that the friend last name is key he walks into the restroom to look for his friend straw Meyer, and he pure. Over from a neighbouring star and saw a straw Meyer, restrain the girl and threatening to kill her. If she didn't stay, quiet cash told the police to be tried to get storm. Myers mentioned by calling his name and tapping him on the head and stronger
stared at him? Blankly, simply no cash should he were walk aware he laughed which is so troubling to me, like it's more trouble, it's more. One last murderous fuckin kid whose dad was in prison and his mother was this a frantic, the fact that this fuckin guy walked away. He ends up. He strangled him, alas, and kills her. I don't want to say in the way because it's like he is so troubling they find out who he is by putting surveillance, cam, surveillance, video up and people from his high school among long Beach, like that's the stewed they a surveillance is the cops around this house and identify him. He runs away and he and just a bunch of drugs and rights ai conflict. In suicide now pretty much confessing to it. Like there's, no question
during any of this and the trial that he did this there's no like. Maybe he didn't do it like? He clearly did this Sulawesi, so these defence attorney, who represented the momentous brothers yet weird the woman, yeah Leslie Abrams there, he countless Seltzer Meyer, claimed you. I am alcohol in drugs at the time it didn't remember, committing at an, but apparently he hoarded pornography, including pornographic images of children and admitted fantasy. About sex with the young girls and in a chat room which God remember those he wrote. I fancy is about having sex with five and six year old girls all the time they couldn't prove. The message came for him, but right before the trial hours before us. In the start, he entered a plea on his behalf, so his plea.
That he was guilty of four charges. First, to re, murder. First degree, kidnappings actual sauna Meyer on a minor, with substantial, with substantial bodily harm and sexual assault on the mire. That's your plea like That is, if first degree, murder and kidnapping, and is your plea, you are a factor, let me now I mean, slaughter, isn't what you go for right now. You go for fucking, first degree and use, and you plead guilty to it. So he was sentenced to four life terms, one for each of the crime. He pleaded to. He plead guilty too, to be served. Consecutively this motherfuckers every getting out. Do you think that he did that just to get it over with like he? He knows he's guilty he's just basically is coming in saying this is all this shit. I did let's get this over with.
I think it was a death penalty, there was a death penalty case and he had confessed to it. There was like the confession was admissible in court. It was death penalty case. I think he knows he would have gotten death for this, so so this is his way of staying alive. Oh god, so the post trial shuts really interesting to me too. So, Jeremy, strong, irish, just appealing the shit out of it really bothers me that Guy is so clearly guilty. There's no conspiracy, there's no fuckin, question is run, saw his shouldn't friends. I there's like there's fuckin surveillance tapes, but he keeps appealing it instead of fuckin This is what I understand about sociopaths, like just admit your guilt like. No, I can't let you let the fan We hear from that. I don't care about the fact that without anybody don't make them, testified every four years
you, don't care about those people, but they can't lose. They can't it's about getting anything you want all the time. It's the sociopath minded so fascinating because they don't there is no mercy and there is no logic behind and how do I get? What I want. There's no fault no well what's interesting is that the Fuckin David Cash so Sharif, Iris Cerise Iverson mother demanded that cash, the friend Beach as an accessory, which, like good bucking, clearly no Authority, stated there was not enough evidence connecting him to the actual crime, so he never got prosecutor and were I remember like frequent news updates of light him going to Berkeley and his fellow students being like get this fucking kid
Ah, here wow get into Berkeley shock, so he would this wasn't some dipshit now these were like. These were like happy, sat college kids, both of them these relics, skater college kids, like we would have been length flirting when you know I mean like soup, but here's what cash says. In the weeks following straw, Myers arrest, he says cloud, I'm not going to get up set over someone else's life. I just worry about myself. First, I'm not going to lose sleep over somebody else's problems like he took no responsibility for this so like he didn't do it, but he's clearly a sociopath as well, either that or reason such insanely deep denial because its yeah yeah the peasants. It's like that's like sing. It's not my problem where it's like ie this. It's a hundred percent. Your problem goes no, you
just deny your way out of it, and I fucked up goes so far. You know the abbot, that's lake, I should have done something. I'm sorry goes so far, but that's all you're dealing with me now I now and then listen to this shit. This is crazy, a shoots me so his parents or his adopted- parents, they adopted him as an infant. This is cash or you know this is stronger the killer in Eighteen, eighty nine! They Sued LAS Andy, county and it's a doctor adoption workers. For one million collect dollars, claiming that the social workers deliberately withheld crucial nation that would have stopped them from adopting him as an infant. Specifically, they claimed that they were never told that stuff
Myers biological mother has severe mental problems, including that she suffered from gets a frantic, sovereign croxley Sophronia and had been hospitalized more than sixty times private astronomers birth. However, they state that they continue to support their adopted son So basically, they were like he's not ours, anymore, in India, most like indirect way, like their basic like this, isn't what we asked for, except for it, was totally fine up and that point yeah? If he had me any wins, they would have been like its cause. We raised right, yeah, I mean I don't want talk, touch on adoption setting it's fucking amazing and I would totally do it unlike. But this is your kid. You can't see the fucking city for a million dollars because something went wrong when he was fuckin. Seventeen will also waiting.
Is it this is just this seems, I would love to know like what what kind of like tax bracket of people were talking about, because it's like everybody's running to talk about how it's not their problem. It's not their fault, it's not their problems! Other faults, I'm sorry, you guys, the ground, zero Yahoo touched his fucking head, you saw him raping a child no, it was one hundred percent your problem. Nobody wants to take any responsibility for any part of this energy. So frustrating like remorse is something that you we can. All we can all connect with. Remorse is something we can all like understand and feel, even even if it should that we would never do it's like I fucked up, I was you know, thinking wrong. I was crazy, wasn't right in like you, that doesn't get you out of punishment, but it becomes
so far for so many things you haven't you're talking about, you expect something from people who are fucking child listen killers? These aren't these aren't noble are all people in any way think of the kind of parents that would sue the city because their son was a murderer like those seventeen years too late. You couldn't have raised your kid right. If that's your first fucking instinct yeah. I know it's no good item remember that story and I'm it you know, really glad that you didn't talk about details because I feel like there was a time where I knew the details of what he did to her and I m glad I can't remember right now. I remember the news that I remember seeing the surveillance on the new measure. I just wanna like talk about this girl and how awful, but was for her and like it's just so like the person at the fucking centre of this,
while these people are fucking getting their appeals and soon the city and saying that like they walked away because they couldn't deal with what was happening. Yeah and you know, none of it is fair, this fuckin kid who will also understand that Father that's a hugely problem family. Anybody, that's up at four p m at a casino were they so why does not go? Have a room or a car that those kids can be in like it doesn't make sense way easier to Vegas to begin with, but yeah and then so four in the morning. No child should be away. That's that shit. There should be as system in place where, if you work at the casino, and its past too? I am an you, see anyone, looks younger than eighteen there's a meal. Lee Theirs, We name names. We need, you know
a driver's licence is. We need the action to be taken or look I mean man of it is that there is a sure, Reese Iverson Bill introduced after this. That provides a fine and possibly jail time for anyone who fails to report a crime of the nature that led to the creation of the Bell Cyrillic unless like if someone dies- and you dont tell on them Secondly, you could get find which is like fuck you and then there's increased security and of ABBA Casinos, Vienna, Navy and also they increase security in their our caves and casinos, which is like, while your security guards could be fuckin. So that doesn't really do anything, don't trust anyone you I mean you have to tighten up your game.
There's, kids and casinos do not mix. I don't care what circus circus. As I told you, my dad took us to Circa circus as a kid nose like go play, fucking videogame, that's what it's built for. Meanwhile, what the fuck like it's that there's nothing that makes sense in the in the thing we talk about a lot which is like I should have killed mode I should have been kidnapped. I mean I was a really cute kid, but like you're, very precious. I've seen pictures pretty darling, I should have been kidnapped and other oh yeah yeah and I would have been a phone like. We had kittens in Havana, big fucking kit, and even now I can't lose maybe next week, should be. That could have been me. Yeah, I had that's the one I wanted to do. That today knows
so excited I got. My name is murdered. I'm sick nineteen. Eighty five back, let's do that! Leslie UK next week, as I I should add that should have been made. This could have been more, could have been me or should ever whatever should have been. Yet this will be no there's. No. When I write my autobiography and lie it's going to be any. This totally almost could have maybe happened to me. Oh I have. I have glasses story, but we ve done so now. I like We say for nice, we live for next week. Let's lieutenant! have a memorial earthquake quick, so somebody wrote on the Facebook page very earnestly, which I understand the day that Michel Mcnamara died they pose, The thing kindest and encourage Georgia. You need to do and at the special episode about Michel Mcnamara, and I understand where that was coming from
but I guess the thing I need that person understand and everybody to understand, as Michel was a real person that I knew and She was a friend I've been friends with her husband for almost thirty years. It's nice, the kind of thing. That's very easy. Turn around and b and power. Cast about as if it some peace, of news. It's for me. It is Personal loss I mean in the way that I a friend who is now a widower with a seven year old child. It's it's such a massive tragedy and Michel was such a brilliant woman. She was such a talented writer. She was so into everything that we're all into and she made such great contents shoe. She was an author. She wrote these really cool articles. You can find her.
Old blog was called true crime diary, which we ve talked about in the park ass before, but she also it's very easy to find her. The article she wrote about the golden state killer, which was her terminology that she she Ree renamed there Jerry Rapists and the original night, stalker the golden state killer, and she was writing a book on it ends it Just is such a massive loss and at such a real thing, that's happening. In our lives that it's not something that we can just kind of turn around and and present as if it's something distant cause. It's not so we, I loved Michel and, and I love Patten, and it's it's just incomprehensible travel.
That is the kind of shit you just never want to happen, and that happens so how the people that you love other people. You love that you love them, live there If that you want to live, and I an just be called people, I guess what I would beautiful founded on that thanks for listening guys thanks guys always his ex always his sexy by
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