« My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark

142 - Live at the Durham Performing Arts Center

2018-10-11 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Lawson Family murders and the Bitter Blood murders.

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This is exactly right.
What's she had almost children, my men here and putting a meant and ass. She walks like out the ring room and I was like I'll do it you know is a huge mistake as it still in my mouth. I forgot to tell you: I call it the mint challenge, the men women sounds. You have diminished remain before you start talking. It's really hard is alot. Immense, are very solid anyway,
spicy that's gonna, like life, you know some other fora. For you know it's crazy. You guy! You listen when they said. Where do you guys want to kick off your fall? Twenty eighteen tour, we said we said: is there a place? It's like hip and cool, but also has a lot of natural disaster. We want a little over the radar a little under the radar. We want there to be radar, yes surrounding I actually. I can't
bring myself to leave my hotel room, one weren't or, but if I did, what I really wanted to do is go out and buy huge goloshes and where the monster too soon, knowing why not for those three minutes late people are like it didn't really affect us with this comedy doesn't matter to us, it don't group us in directed her scream.
If you merrily made it here tonight, but not just because you were tired and didn't wanna get farrago, we should both started screaming the bag. I wouldn't we wouldn't Vincent. I went for a walk we got into down yesterday and I have never been. I have never met so murder. Many Marinos. In the leg three block radio represent land, that's cool. When I was like come to my restaurant tonight- and I was like that's how you talk to me- that's what I'm looking one in life is to be invited to restaurants,
that's funny! You know what I did as I saw the stores, the really cool stores we pass as we drove into town and then I shot at them online. There was one star Georgia like we have to go there and then I was like fuckin guy. Then I looked up. Oh my god, what wonderful pieces they had everything cost five hundred dollars. Is this a richly rich town? And we just don't realize it? Ok, then, how does virtue vertical stand? Business is everything there was five to seven hundred dollars. I was going to buy a going to store that has dress on the Americans linen like, like put it
like a linen and it looks not super form fitted which in my mind, is like not a lot of work into this, then then it's like no. This is the most expensive like an died linen it's likely. We imported it from the other side of Durham and so there's a dead there's a four hundred dollar linen tax on it and you may get something new because you we thought it would be called here yet, and we didn't see news where I'm from on the news or georgian I live on the news. It seems to be very cold in winter in stormy here size like we know, we know orthe quakes, I know an earthquake, you know what I mean, but we don't know Turkey, no its. Not that's not our speciality size legs, Wesley rain and we're like that's, called no, not kidding not on the new urban earth version too. It's fuckin hot hurricane time, everybody down aid to green peas, where the real that's no joke. No, it's not a joke, but so funny. Anyway speaking, this is my favorite murder, the pike. Yes, this is Georgia. Hard start hands are sticking. You are a clear me I had. I know what I did this along with the Mitchell and I like to do the troll on some nail polish two minutes before you walk, challenge right and then you're like then immediately, unlike only need something at the bottom of my purse. You know what I did. I painted my nails a little or like sooner like I got there, some knocking freak out and then I put my hands are so now I have male polish year there,
abolish on my story here- not blood and there's probably now abolishing layer a little, but you have a light on brain we're going to bring it back. Let's re my baby cousin is here: oh yeah, don't raise your hand, maybe you know there's no baby. They don't worry is uniting, but what does she had on that? Like baby headphones still and her friend lifted her over his head ccs she's right here, she loves your work, I love it when my my like cousins will come out because like to meet other shooting college here and there
thing and southern she goes back and tell my family like Georgia is not a loser sugar and she came back to the people of your face on their shirts and hoping she's ever listened to the park as you're like. Could you call my mom and tell her? Please I'm a success down into the crying in the call. Can I tell you speaking of my parents, yet as you want to know what my dad yes and why he's just lost his house watching privileges that was fast, we ve been Danforth taken every time my doubts and fears we gotta watch how sometimes even well Stevens actually taking over tomorrow. Think fucking. God not because in kicking my dad I'll be here, so he always like we're gonna like break something always whenever he stays like that's the price. You pain. That which is you don't pay a price? Goes you go Panem, you put all your good stuff weigh up high on high shell, so Marty can I get to it and now leave it out like a note that success brokers, I dont know how to use mugs Marty. Put your fingers. Do that handle part. Forget this break. It don't try to exclaims break it here.
So Elvis gets these pill pockets with his heart meds in them, and they are like cute little pockets. What's a pickpocket for all the people who are not, do a catch, it's a capture it with a hole in it that you pay a shit on a money with just a fucking Catherine Morland. You put the pill. Cats like Jesus. Have you ever tried to pillar cat its nothing, has ever stronger Europe more in your life and back in learning the jaws of cats and dreaming appeal in there and have you were opened his job to wine like Ebola, constriction, just detaches incomes apart and I've been watching the cat? That's right, so we put it be bigger his bills for the weekend and like ok, give him one day dad like we put him in a drawer because Elvis against my guy doesn't know. This is fucking insane and he's knocked a sandwich out of someone's hand before it gets love that guy he's
out of his mind, so you have to like high the pill, pockets or he'll eat them.
When the bag, with his teeth and each other pickpockets guess why my dad left appeal back at the counter them all. He's fine everything's, fine, how many days worth three we shake it he's fine! I talked to them at a yelled at my dad. It's I'll think settle! This might make you feel a little bit better when I was four years all of its the same exact story, but there were no. It wasn't like there's a treat around my dad's heart medication. I just ate them because they were paying. I can't blame you and because no one wants to meet any time of the day to day or night ass. Everyone had their own ship going on. I was like fine I'll go into the bathroom and eat some bathroom can many well my mama's ensure because she came in- and I was sitting on. The counter would like one hanging out of my mouth and she immediately screamed into my room and she was like. I was positive. You're gonna die it's fuckin adult, hardly a hundred percent, but
try a stocking selling, she has the strongest here today that of a lie. I actually do think, though. That is the thing about kid. These days being like helicopter parenting is, I think, making them very weak internally. No by not poisoning them on a regular. You gotta get a little poison indicates. You now leave a sip of debt
we now have a tide pod. Why send your emails to my favorite complaints and concerns the child welfare before we don't have children ever? That's our guarantee to you, pull you Susan, I actually each one of you has to take a moment when we are poor and confused later to be. For me, like ten years. That's why I just see all my birth control pills. Then, one day you just power, thirty bounds, re, like Elvis yeah, I mean I'm proud of No doubt not my dad. My cat, my dad is in big fuckin drabant. Here's the thing if I were I'm an egg devils advocated for Elvis right now and be like hey guess: what, for
past three years you ve been tempting me with a cookie every fucking, Thursday and Sunday. You set me up to love this shit. I would certainly my fault. I was gonna, take part of that plane with you how you can have it here, but but in doing so I was gonna attack you verbally as a cat. I'm sorry got confused. I really don't know that every week my silver nail, its it your dress Listen I, to lose some way. I do it every time I try to several tours in a row now it's hard to remember. You got a couple of months I lay around and then I stand up and I go to try undress, I'm like what's happening, but here's the thing I
care, and I don't mean nothin sincerely. I mean like its timing, a good time with this couldn't be more ideal situation in every way, as I was pulling this fucking what essentially black tube sock of on tonight, because I didn't go shopping before I left those like other spring, that black one zero celery and now I do here's the thing about me the owners of Verdun Vertical. I love a large shift. I love something that looks almost like a hospital gown and so no middle of sorts with no pattern right. Yeah, monochromatic rumours are my jam so when I pulled dishonours like this,
rough stuff. For me, that is the furthest from a movement way of every it's pretty thing, but what I did was I took the dress and then I just stretched over the back of a large chair in my life, what it over his like all the way out like this, and this is why you should spend five hundred dollars on a draft now known your life. I should only spoke a target for addressing this, not raise. Why wouldn't one? Essentially, they should be disposable anyway, if you really get about a pocket representing girls had feared tat, big black eyes. You know I'm yelling about let em now make it now have it now and I got really threatening now. Let's take a look at your drought aid. This is a key. I will soon sent me this. You guys. Sometimes you get shit for three levels. Asking georgics aware there, my bag, Joanie Language, Joanie Clothing, gave me the stress so cute. I am so cheap listing protocols. Fifty bucks and I like I'll, be your spokesperson for ever love it. I also for the first time in like two tours put on my
thanks for the first time that I feel I feel good is that I feel good about it, but you couldn't get the era. Your lawyer, this strict tire minutes light headed yet skinny. That's all the matters member that noise that you heard when I was in the bathroom in Europe would not make it was this. It was getting ready and then it was a
hours my me hitting the wall as I was pulling mirrored bathing suit? I have underneath this to smooth out my shape and really make me look like a harbor see home. Did you hear that room? I went to the other bathroom to get ready which shared a wall to do. Hear me screen netbook and was interviewed it because I was pulling mine on doing an elbow up thing. Well, I had wet now it was by the way I did triggered this. The sensor for the paper tell me I'm just here than ever. Let me shit out of me geyser so excited to be untrue or again I can't it's kind of movements about regaling, get so flexible. We're gonna by the end of this or we're gonna be flexible, and I feel like at the end of this towards, namely barbecue yet, but I really want to oh yeah we gotta do we ve only got fifteen thousand recommendations and listen. I know other people told you already barbecue epicure. I see particularly an array and money will I do have that looked like three menu so far different places and every single one of them has bright green tomatoes on yeah, pimentos cheese. I didn't prayed movies from the nineties. Immensities must worry green, similar issues. It's it's! It's a series of movies where they just make a be guilty, must really be a really good one delicious a curious out.
I'm I'm trying I'm trying to really quickly name quiet for a second sermons. Like all yell now tat, I was really quickly name, the third movie, which would have something and do like Centre cut Baker. No Jaska, my brain got tired. Let's do maple bacon, Maple Baker see shouldn't done it that baby General forgot, the third movie baby Jem lettuces hold on hold on the third movie garlic egg. Oh, it's not funny joke to begin where. So why would the third version, and they named salad sandwich. You don't worry, I'm good
oh they ship down our our very special oriental rob that's good. We have that here we gotta clean for the evening. We demand a rug from costs plus and every show me that's right. That's right! Otherwise, Stephen gets fired me to sleep on it. I wonder if this is your new apartment, Stephen. I wonder if this tour, we should get a different floor, covering our irritating bigger pain in the ass floor cover Ex a little like like geometric shape. Let's give someone a seizure from just the shapes happening in the powder like a puzzle, rug, like a little kids puzzle right. This is the personal side where we are just essentially talking to each other, we're working out the plans of the store right now. You're managers on speaker phone listening, any notes treated him
thank you so much. We love sitting down with her favorite thing thinking it's a low highchair, we have our sweat town. Sometimes the high chairs are fucking high, look and unstable. Surprise meant why that's the mitya spit out earlier, I hope at least my glasses in case. Something good happens out now and be able to see it and our air beyond. We wondering anything else you deal with everyone we have is getting. We have a deal with the tv show that we just watch. What's it called Evian, worshippers, vodka and that every on bottle don't worry us I apologize got it, I got it. I didn't hear anybody say it. I gotta by myself. Yet no credit
This is a true crime. Comedy pica, though that's right. We talk about horrible things in all different ways. Its complex, it's all contextual, so sometimes were laughing and sometimes we're very serious if you ve never been here. If somebody is forced to this show against your will like mine eyes like Eliza my cousin, like Georgia's cousin, but if she walks out
that's the kind of amazing. You know what, if that was the goal, that twenty team faults or is it infuriate family members of that some people are light dressed my wedding, so she knew its she's young she'll know horrible was generous z, don't they are nothing to anyone. We ve ruined the planet for them in their like guess why? Where a white dress everyday mother, you did this to me. I can't get a job. There's no money left everyone's a douche bag, amateur where a white dress, how they didn't realize. How much I love generous, see Mary and look in general, a nice beckoned twenty four year old up into my house. To me, when I mean tell your friends spread the word next as our college tour, but it's just not the parents, husband tour parents. Let me go into high school to our work. I want you to have a husband whose under twenty one- and he can't come into our show that he has to wait outside I make him wait motel room every week.
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The murder, then I'm going to do tonight. I first heard on the poverty has criminal, which I know I've been doing. A lot lately emanate. I swear to God Phoebe ominous. Stop, I'm stuck biting your style very soon, but because we're here I'm doing the loss and family murders. Now This is a North Carolina specialty, but it actually took place on the coast, but I'm doing here tonight because it's kind of one of your oldest and most infamous murders
I'm not doing that one! Now! I don't know. I thought it for a million of that I got this cold like I asked Stephen. If I could do this one right now: ok, no Stevens posts to be in charge of that, making sure that we don't do the same ones. At the same time he did, although at a certain point it's just going to overlap and who really gives a shit at the end of the day generation, Z, so. Let's see this Parts out Charles Lawson was born in eighteen, eighty six, so it's not the same area. Here's nineteen eighty is right eighty six in Lawson Vill North Carolina. Now this morning, when I read this document I was like. Did I just right? Loss and milk is his. Let's do and there's no such place, but I looked it up and Blossom bill does exist north of here so
miss Morland Possible North Carolina into a family of eleven children in the town named after where my egg and asking I mean I wish I knew that family history, but it doesn't seem like he comes from the kind of family that they name a town after that, and you ll see what I mean later in nineteen eleven at the age of twenty five. He marries a woman named Fanny Manning RE. He does maybe all of this mistake- but maybe this is a dream. They start a family. They eventually have eight children. This is what everybody did back. Then their kids were Arthur. Marie carry May Bell James Raymond and Mary Lou was the baby. They had one son and nineteen fourteen. He died shortly after birth, which was not uncommon back then, because back then,
Sixty seven percent of children died by age finally issue. We want to know what all the haunted shit is about. Its probably numbers like that yeah, where people are like of course, you're real? Why don't? We have them all the time because there used to be a sixty seven percent mortality rate she's with sardines in nineteen, twenty Charlie's brother Marian decides to move to Stokes county near german town or Germantown Germantown Germans in she said the girl from the Theatre Department, the only one with the courage to correct us. I can project to so they move on down to Stokes county to work as tenant tobacco farmers so Charlie and Fanny they'd
that. This is his brother Marian. He does it first, Charlie and thinner like we want to go to so in the next they moved down and then, in the next seven years, Charlie Lawson works hard by nineteen twenty seven. He saved enough money to buy his own tobacco farm out. On Cove Road, and I think we have a picture of the house. Oh, we got to do it ourselves had love is now saying that works like its acts to live in linguists wire, looks you know Sunday, fuckin chicken wires gonna become like the hit, nuth cute trend, and then member, then I'm done and then they'll be like kids, I'm
not my house down and reduce the loss and family home in the style of the shabby sheikh style of the loss in family home. It's back before paint artisanal chicken wire. It also looks like it was before windows to society. We need a house, but let's not go crazy. We're extras will take a chimney and that's fucking all looks like it was before happiness. The architect us like, I was thinking of unhappiness. I built this its pre joy, appreciable civilization, but that a free joy home with a short porch mortgage payment on this home was five hundred dollars a month, which seems a bit steep. When you look at the fact that it looks like there's huge spaces between every board draft in young, the house come with spiders, or did you have to bring Europe? Will be while s situation so
five hundred dollars. Of course, back man was a shit ton of money, the equivalent- I don't know, seven thousand dollar. Why so be barely makes the mortgage every month he's tobacco farmer they. So they live a very simple, no frills life no extra money for anything. Not even birthday presence or Christmas, presents and in fact, one time a neighbor offered to give Charlie Lawson money, so he could by his children Christmas presents and he replied. My children don't need Christmas presents this. They have
breathing, they need will clearly we see the extreme luxury your children live in the word Mead and Christmas presents- I mean now. They ve got that board that I nailed up on the porch that they can lean against an that's plenty for my children. They have all the slivers they could want at our house. Still, friends and family would sneak candies and fruits to Fanny so that the children could have a little something on Christmas morning, but it was tough,
tough life and also Charley was a very strict father and he, of course back then whipping children was a very common practice and he apparently enjoyed it. He liked to be especially his oldest son Arthur and he be Arthur until her. There was a teenager and then in the classic story that we ve all heard once Arthur was taller than him. Then he came at him with the whip and Arthur, took the whip and broken over his knee and said. That's the less time here to beat me dad and right. Ok, that's fine I'll, just go over to the girls and beat them also right bill. So here you know, he's he's a strict old timing. Farming North Carolina dad so sometime around late November, early December of nineteen, twenty nine Charlie Lawson tells the family there going into town. For a surprise- and
once there there he brought them all brand new store bought clothes, which was like unbelievable and He also buys the younger children toys which of course they ve never had and that's a huge deal there all kind of freaking out, but that was net than he walks them over across the street to the portrait studio and he has a family picture taken, and this was back then you know because he was incredibly expensive is basically for the rich you know no. Everyone's, like portrait studio. What you're doing and here is the family photo. Wait. That's on me here so that only about that the losses took late November early December of nineteen, twenty nine. Ok, that's Arthur on the far left. The
Arthur. You won't be whipping me anymore. Dad this kind of Marie she's gonna know he's no progress at all, but we do here. I mean it's excited when a guy wears a three pc seems like something's gonna happen. But if you look closely this picture like when you go home and the way this picture turned out, his eyes are white. He also looks like he has laser beams rise, even hotter. Maybe he bent and thats why his father stopped whipping him. That's Marie she's! Sixteen years she is now they on that episode. Criminal about how like she looked so pretty, and she so yes, we hip- and you know beauty
happy here, ornament anything happy compared everybody across the joy of seats in through those bore. That's right from our friends, our re auditing Marcel shoes.
That's Charlie Lawson, the father he's of forty three in this picture and that's Fanny, Lawson she's, thirty, seven, my guy, I'm that already ever take forty eight. I just like saying things easier but yeah. When I saw that pictures like. Why do I have less self esteem and Fanny Lawson? We shouldn't terror each other down to build our. So not race or competition is not competition. But if it happened a hundred years ago, then you'll have to do it and, on the bottom, bats, carry and the little boy there. That is, Raymond he's two years old Q end that may Bell seven love her hair cut and I'm not being sarcastic. No, that's a really good that is legit Boca than a little mud. Page boy do in it that's when children held still because they were so scared and then that's James he's force it. That's the lesson family and
So this was a very big deal that they got. This picture taken shows eminently that picture up now. A couple weeks later, on Chris this morning, nineteen twenty nine fan get up early and she was making everybody breakfasts Christmas morning. Obviously it's a big deal. Charlie Arthur, we're out doing chores. They can get everything done for the day. And Marie is rolling her hair by the fire She has a day later that day with a young man who is taking to the Christmas celebrations. So she was all excited. Fanny, then made a layer cake, which was a very, very big deals with his family and it's Christmas. She I stayed and she talks that she sprinkled raisins on top of it and she moved it on the table or Asia colonel. But where in nineteen. Twenty nine reasons were like rays on that Maybe if it was a carrot, cake, I'm onboard still,
If you want to see some other major cake like Whatever raising gone, I would make one island a mouse. You know my came first thing I would say to someone giving me a came out of my mouth So after the chores or did the little kids are downplaying by the fire with their new toys, the chores you're done Charlie and Arthur decide. They want to go rabbit. Hunting is the forest is right behind their house, but Arthur notice he notices, he's low on ammo and so he says: do any aunt has it out if he has any ammo dad says no, he goes. Ok, I'm the walk into town I think you did a little heed. It will target practice. First then realize he was running out of bullets, and he said oh Cowmen, Iraq into town get some more so he heads into town and
Charlie walks into their barn tobacco, barn trolleys, adapt Charlie's. The dagger it Arthur is the sun, even though he has a dad name, he's gotta gotta go Charlie, has a boy named, but he's the Baghdad. Ok, Charlie's up in the tobacco barn, where he also just by the way. By chance. I tell you this now is where he keeps a shot guns and so he's up in there. Now the two little girls carrion Mabel they're, going to do over to their aunt uncles house for the Christmas visit, so they leave the house and they go walking down the road to their aunt knuckles house, and this is where a Christmas day takes a horrifying turn for the worse. What the girls don't know is that, as they were,
walk past the tobacco barn that their father is lying in, wait with his two shot guns. He shoots both girls, then he walks over to their bodies laying in the snow and bludgeon them both with the butt of his Shaka coolly and make sure that their debt by yes then he pulls or bodies into the tobacco barn and he crosses their arms over their chests. He places flat stones under their heads like pillows, and he takes his shotguns and then he walks over to the house now, because there is so much gunfire that day and it's a normal thing on a farm, especially back then it and alarming to hear gunshots, so one Charlie, so Fanny was out, On the porch getting would She sees Charlie walking toward the house with his two shotguns and it isn't until she sees his close enough that she sees this wild look in his eyes that shit,
he realized something terrible is happening and she turns to run into the house and he shoots her on the back and she falls dead in the doorway. Just by looking at her. She was like something spoken will I mean that's what this stories, but that's a first person experience that I'm not sure how the author of this story would know. That is a good point, and everyone involved in that moment of the story is dead. So could be conjecture, but it sure is a fun picture to has yet you don't want that guy with a wild look in his fast humming act. You know that So it's easy to imagine oh again he's steps into the doorway and big. He does this with all the family members it's awful and really horrifying, but he blunted after he shoot some. He bludgeoned them with his gun. So he is like its overkill crazy, he's making sure they're all dead
So he does that to Fanny in the doorway will Maria's inside the house, and she sees all of this. She starts screaming. And he shoots her as well- does the same thing: Bludgeon Sir four year old and the two year old, Runnin hide one hides under the crib and one hides under the stove. He shoots them both and legends number and he so kills the baby hiding. It is fucking horrifying mayhem and it's the beginning, like of every horror movie, you ve ever seen here. So he again and drag the bodies over to the fireplace any crosses their arms over their chests and puts stones under their heads, the FARC yeah. And then he, but he actually Raymond's bodies, stayed behind the stove. So one Charlie Lawson was walking back up to the house to kill his family. What he didn't realize was there was a little neighbour boy who had been
are playing with with the kids, and just walked out of the house. So as he's like walking up the road, he sees Charlie Shoot Vanni and he and then he hears the screaming and everything, and so he just fucking takes off running and gets to his house and he tells US parents, Charlie Lawson, is killing his family also like Mediately, like the neighbourhood policy, everyone grubs their shotguns and everyone gets together. Yeah. Thank God. I can you imagine your little kid running lights, mom. Yes, the seeds fucking killing is anyway it's Christmas morning, so his mom, like honey, provide what you put your jacket on and she noted it again
with raisins on cakes, because these as mom tat, they put reason on also weight, but there's something else. Ok! So then, all of this happened so fast and of course you as fast as you can imagine, when the when the gossip is not someone thought somebody else, but in fact Charlie lesson just killed his whole family. Everybody hears about it immediately, so Arthur in town buying his bullet overhears people saying oh, my God, Charlie Lawson, just murdered his whole family and Arthur Lawson says it can't be. I just saw all of them, and so heat someone takes him and they rushed back out to the house. So Charlie's brother, who had also been out hunting us. Was told of this, so he Russia's over the house and he jumped up on the porch,
Singapore using report, he gets up on the porch and he actually has to keep all these people from entering the house because everybody wants to go inside and he stands on the porch with his shot gun and and keeps basically everybody a bay until the police arrive, another neighbor who actually entered from a different direction where he passed the tobacco barn first is working now. Remember it's Christmas day as to their snow he's. What and he sees a huge pool of blood in the snow that has dragged marks and tracks all the to the tobacco barn. So this neighbour, this poor person, goes in opens, the barn door and finds carry and may be lying inside dead. All with their arms crossed over their chests and stones under their head, and this is about the same time that the sheriff finally arrives. So the sheriffs,
and the deputies on another there how it broke down back sheriff and a couple of his good good friends, but he trusted they show up and they enter the loss in house and of course it is like a scene out of everyone's worst nightmare, an incredibly bloody. There is apparently blood everywhere so Arthur. Finally, back from town and as he's approaching, he can see his mother's feet through the doorway and she starts freaking out. He tries to fight through the crowd to get into the house and all of the neighbors keep him from going inside doesn't see. What's in there, and around this time that everyone realises that no one knows where Charlie is, and so they gather up all their what I would imagine to be sixty five shot guns and they start searching for Charlie, Lhasa here. So
Charlie Lawson. Once he finished laying out his family went out the back door and walked into the woods with his dogs, and he took his one of his guns here. Beaten, his family so terribly with one of his shot guns that the barrel with, and so here left that on the floor, and he took the second good shock and out into the woods with him, and wandered around for a while, and apparently he ended up landing at this tree. Any ended of walking in circles around the tree over and over it. Talking to himself but again ray. I believe that might be a bit of illustration but It would make sense you just be like who I'm insane. His dogs. They could tell afterwards from when they found the area that his dogs just laid in the snow watching him as he did that and he actually, one point tried to set up a contraption
the trees so that he could shoot open the heart, but he you have not using it. Then he tried to write to suicide notes on the backs of receipts. That he had in his pockets- and there are both just half written one. Had the phrase trot? this can cause on it and the other had the phrase. No one to blame those are so much more creepy that, unlike our actual sentence, yeah, maybe some ah well and also the second one. Charlie. Sorry, quick reminder your to blame here. This is all on you. One hundred percent, so The finally pulled the trigger and kills himself and when the search party, the way the search proteins are finding him. Is they see these dogs coming running out of the forest, so they just track the dogs path back to the body Charlie Lawson at that
these are the tree. So at the funeral, the loss in family is dressed in their brand new clothes. They had worn their family portrayed then why didn't that's why he bought them? I mean I don't know, there's a lot of theories, because You know everyone, you know they talk about that. Everyone looked so unhappy and so uncomfortable in this Yasser. So you dont know if that's because its lately and and we'll get into like the theories of why. But one of the theories is Charlie Lawson when he was working on the tobacco farm fuckin. Hit himself in the back of the head with a pick and gave himself. This was like a couple months before the murders and gave himself the head injury and, of course, as we ve heard one thousand times after that,
has personality changed and he became really volatile and really violent, and so that there is a possibility that likes that from that moment, something you know it could have been that. But we don't worry, there's just no way to know where, if you know He spent the morning with his son, like you know, doing target practice, so that would really be such a split if you are able to just kind of hang for a little while and then like who knows that that's the mystery. They were laid out in a family plot. That was nine feet by twenty one fee so could hold. Everybody a broader cemetery and fanny was buried. Holding baby little baby, Mary Lou in her arms, and they also examined the body of the sun that had died and nineteen fourteen and they buried him with the family. It said that five thousand people attended the loss and family funeral. So, of course it's
somebody killing our whole family. It was the most infamous thing that has happened in the area in a long time. Of course, because of that people start showing up at the loss and family, because murder rhinos have been around for its weight and start this guy's. This ban is the long held tradition of looky lose and what the fuck. I need to see that shit for myself, and this is kind of inappropriate, but, like don't tell me what you know interesting right, exactly thinking when I go find out for myself, don't fear ere they at first. Please brothers were stood on the old, porch and again guarded the house, because people, of course we're trying to go in and take memorabilia housed chicken lawyer. I want a sad board from this ass. You know what would make my house look great, a sad board. Is this horror board
But then they realise that somebody has to keep paying as five hundred dollars a month mortgage, so they end up putting a fence around the house and they put advertisements known in the state white papers. Saying, though, that its tourist attraction you can come and look at the murder house and they charge people twenty five cents a head. What now you're against it should make that noise, they charge twenty cents ahead and people walk through the murder has now hear me. This is one of the of one, the creepy stories I've ever heard. This is when the creeper aspects of ETA the one they went to clean up the house. The brothers had to do the crime scene clean up themselves and
There is so much blood and it because it was December. It had first to the floor of the brothers, have to go in with a hammer, break up all the blood and shovel it out, and then they buried it in the back yard. Oh no like its brittle or some sorry, I'm sorry and then a black rosebush grew. That's the alarm of that's. When we fictional eyes where's, everything inside the house. Aside from that blood, everything in the hut inside the house was exactly as it was the day of the murder, including the fucking cake. No one had into that's why I talked about the cake so much. You know that was foreshadowing. I did ask
It's a hundred grows. Here's your love, people start stealing the raisins off the top of the train. They had to put that fucking take under glass because everybody wants a little horrible piece of memorabilia from this horror. How, literally a reason is a horrible, it's bad enough that it's a reason from anywhere. Why did I hear and a pocket? A cake MIKE is none insane the Oh, I said that already in nineteen thirty year after the murders. This of this was of course huge than a ban. Called the Carolina buddies, which I know is on your Spotify play this right. There
he's disarm called the murder of the loss and family, and it was one of them. She said what was it about that you really underplayed that it was about.
It was one of the most popular songs in the nation, so like it, and it was one of those you know old country, saucers Ike. They can ever area between how the sorrier literally just read this paper. Nineteen o eight. What if this is just the lyrics story? She told her, I perceived the lyrics. The Carolina buddies are one of my favorite back. I like them before you do, but basically that's how everyone got to know this story and the people in the area that's how they passed the story down from generation to generation. Shea saying this song to the children and in this oh, you want, you can sweetly warmongering, essentially size and night. Ok, they came out like
So listen to this episode of Criminal, it's called the portrait, they play the original salary of everyday life. Working Carolina, buddies. Someone needs to re, makes it please that's my seven So basically this is the story of the lesson family martyrs- they had lived on for a long time in this area. So there is, of course, a lot of town gossip as to why it happened and why the more insane murmurs was that Charlie Lawson had gotten caught up with the mob big mob Batman. I wasn't in North Carolina yeah. Ok, there was the began. Beanie family ran that part of game gamble. No family ran, the
these people said, the troll had seen something that he wasn't supposed to see and so be staged the entire murders, none of them up its it doesnt. They don't do it that way. There. I dont think the mob is super that into bludgeoning unless they have to like children, but it's not exactly defending them. Please don't hate me. Could we please be nice to the mob once they do protect people that the theory. I think people came up with that because it would explain how all the sudden, yet all this pocket money to be like toys dresses for you, but there is actually no proof of it and- and it's really written out, it's written off as town gossip The head injury, of course, is also a theory, but after Ino after
After when the autopsy was performed is what I'm trying to say doktor, remove, Charlie's, brain and inspected it to see. If there was actual brain trauma from that accident would explain the attack, but there is nothing found, and so he preserve the brain and scented Johns Hopkins find what was wrong with his brain and the doctors. There said it was inconclusive that there was nothing over on Charlie lessons brain that explained why he would suddenly snap and timing aside from that giant pickaxe hole in the middle. There was nothing. There was half an inch of pickaxe still in there, but they said
man. I inclusive. What about like chemicals from the tobacco? Did tobacco growing chemicals and then re? No, that was back with tobacco, was really green, and when I was just American Spirit brand happy style, we again it was all the again it was free. Now This is fascinating. There was a dark family secret and no one knew and didn't come out until sixty years later. When Stokes County Locals Treaty Smith and her Father M Bruce Jones, they had heard the story for so long and they knew people. They knew people that had gone to the funeral. They knew people who had gone and took taken a tour of the house, and so they decided to collect up all the information, verify it and write a book. The lesson family, murders and right before they were gonna, go to press it.
As a member of the loss in family, it's anonymous as to who did it and held them up and said. I know why happen, and this is a ninety ninety and she told them that Sixteen year old, Marie Lawson was pregnant the Father, Charlie loss. I mean per day, don't like about this, as women are like. Obviously, aside from we don't take just one thing. I don't like about this story. What are you saying of Cyprus? That is that they were about to go to press and their publicist goes like. This is kind of boring. We need more information than that like well. We just have to get a call, ass, nay, ring ranging from the lesson family were like, but here's the thing. Yes, I am are you calling bullshit on Trudy, because I will let her know. However. Well now looks like a fuckin dick, so well, the thing now that
because they were there consummate professionals. They had this glop corroborated Marie's best friend was a woman named element Johnson and she had to sleep over with Marie, like two weeks before the murders took place and Marie confessed element that not only wish you pregnant by her father, but Charlie, told her if she to tell anyone about the baby quote. There be killing done at like a wish. You hadn't buck industry. China have asleep over smoke, some butts out the window. Curl our hair young dies. Fact facts. Look! I'm sorry! I called the family already use your sorry, you say SAM's, our true to our treaty. Ok,
don't worry about treaty, because Treaty Smith and our Father Self published a book. They called it White Christmas, bloody charisma, amazing, so published in ninety ninety. They originally published five thousand copies immediately sold out of all five thousand. So then they published, I think, ten thousand more tenor there's more also all sold out its If such a popular book and it's a story that so many people in our interested in and it's a part of the history of this area. The book is now out of print, but you can get it. On Amazon for a hundred and sixty five know. All you I'm only talking to the rich people right now. You can get it now. These are just like. I am just three more fact towards that. I find of interests given me: ok, Arthur the only remain living original Lawson family member key got all that money from the house tours. That's cool,
He then but here's the set some sad things he fell in love with a girl asked her to marry him and the girls family would not allow her to marry him, because the murders and because he, this from the loss and family, but he later found. Someone else fell in love, got married, had kids and then, tragically, he died in a car crash in nineteen. Forty five merrily young Ngos in his forties: ok, a sad more interesting in the seventies. The loss in the house collapsed who took that long ago that architect a pretty good job with that sadness. You just wouldn't believe how architecturally sound despair is cement lightyear at times, but we can ship away.
I just like the idea that people are like standing in that farmers are not just in one fell swoop, Paul Abdul video, where they had the whole pyramid goes down at once be okay, so they hauled off all the wood of the block. That goes with the house, and they took down the barn as well, because there are like that's about to collapse. They take all that. Would they build able on a place called pain. Road. The the internet argues, is also called Edwards Road or maybe now is called Edwards Road now collapses but the breed hunter, of course, so so so claims the locals, who drive across it and say that if you drive across or a view did DR across this bridge.
Turned her car off and whistled Dixie. The car would not turn back on and sometimes you would hear either a woman screaming children laughing. No, we have Yes, now condensation on the windows and then no childs handprints showing up in one of those. What would you pick? One of those are gonna happen here. What would you pick o hands because it's the scariest? Yet? Why do we not have again? I have a question what the fuck is whistling Dixie. I thought it was just to say like along. We will all do it for you later, but we can't do it in a theater. That's bad luck! That's right! I am from that. The words ok,
the bridge, has since been torn down I now turn to drive out there really are there made up afterwards. Rave hunted bridge also pain road. I think some keyboard sharing his pain road there's other stories around that area. There some other mercury family shit that happened around their attempts, the name of that I've Arden because they changed it, ok mean from pain. Yet to pleasure row, here's my favorite that infamous Christmas there was on display inside the house. Under glass. Was eventually auctioned off when people stop going to the murder house,
and a woman named Myrtle Brown body Myrtle, and she reportedly took it and throw it into the woods families getting murdered, what it when she got home after that the cake was sitting at the reasons combat every last reason in a fucking say: TAT, big Bang, on it. Authentic cue to gram of raisins appeared. Mrs are now my new ending to the story and Japan to ground of raisins appeared on Myrtle Browns cake, so she took it and threw it into the womb. That's not a solution! Myrtle! It's just going to lay like fifteen feet away from you in the woods and some poor animals gonna come ADA and it's been sitting out for so long years. It's gonna and that's when luscious satanic raccoon was born, kill your garbage cans and that's the legendary story of the latin family. Thank you, scared. The sorry, let benefit the whole time. I was gonna heavy, great job, great job.
I actually wanted to add. This is like on my but very long list of workers. I wanted to do on the show before so when Stephen sent us the email where he just has to list murders for us, because we just camp, we make him please, this was on it now is like warm, and I do this one night ass. It myself in the face with it. Might I've done it like great eyes in Chile, fun microphones over this is the better blood murders. I've never heard of that. It's known as America's most bizarre story of crime and the book that lot is information is from is called bitter blood by Jerry Bledsoe and he's the one you like coin, that name this is like the better by, but he made that up. Ok, and it also got a lot of information, as I did may make up tonight and listened podcast on doublespeak, because I was running late It's a pack has called once upon a crime by Esther Ludlow nine, as I listen now in its goods and
this info endemic, which sees the really good researcher, and I respect that, but I dont do it. So this is a crazy story of a car. Spread out involved, wealth power, mental illness and currents, favorite incest yeah, that's my job and it ends in a violent death for generations of people took place over thirty years ago. So, let's start with Susie Newsome so he's the smart, beautiful girl, she's born and reads veil.
She's amazing place, and so she is from this super prominent family. Her dad was a tobacco executive. Yes, Sir Knight Steamers tobacco, so their riches back there like this prominent family, like you know stuff that we just don't understand in California, courage, Smith, letting you know like family well, oh yeah, sure that you just fine in the south. I guess it's just like right: leg, generations and declarations, airline people did. You know she is from the killed Gareth family like we don't have that no way like we hear that kill, Garros or hear lack of the beer is usually what happens around my last name. So everyone's, like you know, her aunt, for example, is in its also her namesake Judge Susan M sharply, who had become the first woman in the country to be elected. The head of the state Supreme Court, Hell yeah, yeah, Anti Judge, Susan Sharp she's, widely recognised as one of the most respected women in America and societies named after her, but Susie Ill Susie is just so
failed us back when she was born shed a little heart. Murmur said the doktor was like: don't let her cry or her heart would go crazy,
It just like gave her whenever she wanted, so she wouldn't cry racism, but has to be fun for the parents. This second, only to eating a pensive Graham cake is making to someone evil. That's exactly bad. During her childhood, she grew up and Winston Salem. You know she would have these fuckin insane temper trick, tantrums, partly cushy instigating whatever the hell she wanted to her. It was fine, I think, like we all have our urban right, yet it but her mother. This could not have been good for her, so her mother, when she'd have these like fucking, crazy, temporary tantrums, her mother, to get her to calm down, to not upset her heart, which is down serve with cold water. Do, but just I think, dowser with cold water in the face. I don't aware, but let's say the base, will you know
My sister always said that her trick with Nora when Nora was a baby, when you have a crab put him in water. So any time they Nora was crying. She just put her in the bathtub ended. She said it worked. I doubt it was ice, cold, water. No, I bet it was she's not like that and she's, not rich, ok, Sobek, Susie's, beautiful and smart. She goes to win cold recently, but she's very demanding she becomes obsessed with the royal family and how these fantasies of being royalty- and it says that, like in the in this stuff, like it's a bad thing but like all of us did that pretty got so it's not now has no choice in the eighties raves should I think she became obsessed. This isn't the eighties. Yet this is the seventies. So it's free she was an early adapter to the royal family. That's me so seizing goes to wake force, University and Winston Salem there. She meets fighting
wake borders. Yeah there such a good team. That's exactly! She meets. Did she marries a mistakes? Tom Lynch chums two years younger than her, but she sees them in basketball, uniform and she's like gotta, have that's right, because you know that those tiny shorts lenses and like any eyesight, that's gonna, be money like I want that silky mother fucker for my arm and she's only angered. It's like you, yeah, like that's mine, but he also came from a prosperous family new near Louisville Kentucky its own. Dolores was terms mom, and she didn't like that. Ok, there's a maid for tv movie called in the best of families. Marriage pride madness?
and in it I don't want to talk, because I don't really know this is a main for tv movie, which mean some of it might not be true. What but terms. Mom comes off is like major hate. You I don't know. I can't figure out. How do you know any actresses or who play too well has matter back. Take years runs out. I know you well, I know what you know. What I want to know so Susan is put Susie's played by Kelly Mc Gillis. Yeahs of top gun thing you know, and Tom is played by Keith carrying a younger you guys so hot so yeah, but but whatever the pointed in was a not Dolores and Susie did not like each other from the fuckin. Get go and delayed showed open disdain for each other.
And after they married though they merit anyways cause. They were like yeah, you know, and they get married. They moved to Kentucky, so Tom could attend Dental School and Susie soon becomes pregnant with her child James was born and nineteen seventy four. Susie tells her step her mother in law, Dolores who comes in a town to see her grandchild that she needs to make an appointment with her a ranch out. Ngos, Diana Hotel Room go by closes the door. Oh ok, there's like they are like each other and Angela did not through a cup of cold water on Susie after she said she didn't know the cold water trash- you didn't know it Lee and a year later they have their second child John and actually think I've a photo. Let's see what this first, though, that was okay, so that's Susie and those are the three boys we can look haircut. And then oh and look at this
we're tangier, there's gonna, be a kind of amazing truly is that I was in the seventies or not the seventys. We were all on Fantasy Island is fighting or not so they move. Ok, ok, so they had the kids and then Tom decides to move the family to Albuquerque New Mexico to start his dental practice, but they move their ensues. He's like fluck this place, don't they know who? I think I am, I think, I'm hates it their cause, she's not being like used to being like you know, I'm I'm a new some and people know and care whether it is so she, there and at one point she starts to lose our shit and she lashes out at her one of her sons
The crowd requires hospitalization for two days after that, but we don't know exactly what she did and it's kind of conjecture that she did something to him. So well, you don't get hospitalized for yelling. We know that like did he just fall. She said that the other kids knocked the up, the food and chair futon No other way that that bigger tangier now I can't get over, but we don't know what it takes. There was a big words answer just picture in your real small, but with a big round flammable it's the seven these after, but no charges are filed in nineteen. Seventy nine Susie's, like you, know what I'm gonna be our be back to North Carolina for a minute to visit my family, I'm taking the kids I'll be right back gets. There is like
Kay Tom. I want a fuckin divorce or not we're not coming back and then she will entail. Society wants full custody of the kids and Tom is, although in our key it sounds like you're a goddamn, but he agreed to sign over custody. The kids there now foreign three wanting to not like fight with her about it, but the book. Ok, then, are its Susie's also obsessed with China? For some reason not for summer is unlike of China's lovely I'm sure, but we don't know why. She's obsessed with China plays the dishes the play question as a she decides, I'm gonna. I want to move to China and teach English out of nowhere and some speculate that maybe she was in a manic episode and was just like later day. Cushy fuckin just took the kids and moved to China, Hawaiian hope here and there
after six months, realized she needs that there too. This is this is like me and my first five apartments and lastly, I would like it where it's not like all associate comes home after six months, but when she gets home, her mom is her water. Flinging mom is freaked out because she's like she's a dirty malnourished and unlike suddenly right in only mean so she she's like you, need to see a doctor like something's wrong with you. Will it just so happens that they have a doctor in the family? dont. Undone, that's irish people do it. So, Fred, cleaner is a well known and widely respected doctor in town again, second family people into
down town he soundings is, will be like tat. He, depending on who you ask, though, he's either a fuckin lunatic clock or a total genius, and it was one of those things where, like he, in the like seven or like really early on gate, helped birth, triplets and then the mom didn't die in the baby's didn't die, which was like a feedback. Eleven was like he's amazing and in the forties that which is a thing that's monopoly. Forty thousand year. Ok, Did you do to do so in the forties experiments with absorbing acid, which is vitamin c because
obsessed with it as a treatment for a ton of illnesses, including any threats to use and on every patient, including patients of polio, multiple sclerosis, even to think he was like. Everyone gets vitamin c item and saying- and it sounds like he was a little bit like vitamin c and wouldn't give them any other medications. Oh so, music obsessed with it, and he did it were- I don't know because he became world renowned for his treatments. Given
cure polio. We have settled in line and I see no, he denied and is over reliance on vitamin c also made other doctors be like those fuckin. Do they like didn't like him. They make the call him a fraud all the time behind his back and at the doctors club, and then he had some real problematic practices, including he wouldn't he would use it needle stable sterilised or instead of using new needles. Every time you use them for them in the old. Like you know, I don't like the coms and the blue liquidate the mirage. Now, sir, he disliked just gonna dippy, vitamin c they'll be fine, so he would use Anita like for up to twelve patients. No me and all the Heron attics agree that I knew was a doctor and I believe he was an old time anything. He also had a segregated, segregated waiting rooms and, like all that's wasn't like during the night time nope into the eighties. No, both of these things, he did not know
so. This is the uncle that Susie was like not doing well. Let me see this fuckin. Do. Oh, it's him! Ok, that's him that she goes to relaunch like go see this guy. Let em straighten Europe and he's cutting up oranges. Susie, welcome line, excellent Lucian he's crushing and snorted vitamin c pellet tablets. Lining up flintstones got a whole treatment system for you, ten million strong Andrew. I remember about making commercial reference as absolutely right that other that ok, so she goes to the soccer. He starts treating her and while she is, she starts to get a re acquainted with her cousin, whose doctors son and he that he's not he's Frederick, but his name is fritz in he's known as the young doktor cleaner. They call him that because he's like his dad he's like his dad side, pick he's gonna fuck in medical school. He wants to be doctor too and, like everyone loves him, I'm a photo of him.
Well well? Well, Stephen said he looks just like Henry's Arouse Ski Henry's. Resky was a greek fishermen that masses arm unarmed error, and here I am not that there's an IRAN with that. But are we sure, he's not a gorilla? I love you doctor less. You know how I got all that hair, vitamin c r. I know We were wearing the doctors jacket before he actually became a doctor. Let's talk about that. Where did he work for land com? I mean honey. You know this. Ok, my sleep is slipping the wrong way and I feel like I'm doing this motion I was to be readjusted.
Thank you so much well, so you fuckin essentially walks around the clinic with his doubts on this globe, coat wiping his assistant taking blood and shit. He wants to do blood studies turns out he's a fucking lying liar lines, lad about everything, so bricks like his Reds Dan Uncle doctor. It gets really confusing. So I think it is helpful to Uncle doktor doctor
Fritz is a little Britain uncle Doktor believe that the apocalypse isn't I am like their totally survival is also all tat. I was just getting okay with the vitamin c bullshit. You fucking crazy here, unless they re where their timing is off a little bit. Yet there right so ok, sorry Monday, Doktor even like had a date that he thought the under the fucking moral was coming and they were like survivalist papers and they had a visceral hatred of communism and they had a fixation with Hitler, especially Fritz, Taxation Plus or minus that's. A good question fixation like that. Damn Hitler I dont know if they're just like I did, you know every fixation, Ivy League, you hate Hitler Gray, but you like wooden brag about that. So, given fixation with Hitler might be pause. It's gonna be positive, ray,
ray question now a lot of problems here it lacks, but now we know how they decorate the bunker, so Fritz still go to the University of Mississippi, but he never graduated in his dad was like what the fuck is he was like. Well then, the german club I was in turned against me like this whole thing about like the communists and as I was like. Ok, I believe you we hate, that's what I told my dad when I dropped out a sacrosanct, so Germans, but then he was lying, but don't worry, dad. I'm gonna go to Duke University, for my medical degree, very prestigious university to university. You know the the screaming their mass got. The screen o this. This screaming, I was I'm so sorry cause. I was about to say, hillbillies and I did not just from the poorest of the poor. I don't it's also like one of the best. It's very very procedures are not only could I had never gotten into it, but I know they wouldn't. Let me touch the like an entrance application so well, maybe it's very fitting that I call them. The screaming held a laissez faire like you're doubled, not allowed to come here. She's just cause problems wherever we go internationally, my sick to animals, it just to gather the six animal
proud, panic, Improv PAN it's hard yeah, it's scary, sweating, Poohpooh Bob! You didn't get the weight borders! Thank you, but that's because wake was in the name of this college. I disagree so the sweat, but that it was in the name of the college rights where side bar ok suffered, select all right. I've even to Duke I'm gonna, go to get my medical degree and its fine and I'm going to school. To be a doctor, summoned aware this lab code around your Hopperson and get blood from you he's not going to be got kicked out, I'm a fucking university Mississippi and now he is an absolute not going to Duke. I feel
you should have the licence for a doctor's code. In the same way you have to get them for any other thing. That could trick playing only just like a pet and anxiety tat thing that big yeah yeah. You can't just bring your darkening air of a doctor's code on line that, like I like it, I like a dog doctors gets better, I mean not, would relax you. You saw dog if you're on a plane, you're fuckin shitting am rack and you look over and there's a poor. He with a little doctors code has huge beard, large watch, okay, so Fritz. Well, when he saying he's going to do get diversity, ways really doing is hanging out all day. Everyone's favorite place to hang out gun stores,
wow and thinking about the guides. Organ the gun store, we're like prop like that, since the crazy one in this point- and I think you have to be sick of working in a guns- I just want to work here and then there's the crazy do hangs out there all day in a doctors can a buck and doctors Doktor Scott, prosperity, I've ever seen, so everyone at the gun store hears he's crazy stories from Fritz, including in telling him that he was a green brain Vietnam and then he's also working for the CIA.
Squirrel earlier. Those things aren't trip. I feel the second someone at starts talking about working for the CIA and a gun store. They should be like open. We close right, go ahead and pull down these metal window coverings and head and get the fuck out doktor vitamin c, there's a panic button and theirs. I just said I work in this area by CIA button with that actually contacts as the real see I am right, come get your boy c. I a gun, storms, very dangerous you ve totally regional apocalypse, he stockpiles weapons and other items for the end days and then so
Ok, so Susie's Susie, cousin Susie starts hanging out with her cousin Fritz E all the time, and they like they become friends again like they had no need to them their kids, but didn't eliminate a much in common cause. She wasn't into fuckin guns and ammo. Maybe, and she starts getting our time with him at the kitchen start springing him around the kids. It's been a long time with him. He'll they take. The like admire him because he's they think they believe in stories having in the CIA, ending agreeing brand being a doctor like she believes all of it. They take the kids camp. All this crazy shit and then and judge Susan Sharp, is like a look this guy and he has finds out that he's bullshitting all of it and Then the families, like you know we don't spending so much time with his cousin and suspending the night all the time. That's right live like so they're like
the family is like ie aghast like and also like they're already like. Are you sure this isn't a creepy pasta thing out of control? I now? Yes, ok, Positive, I'm positive. She says with their doctors code on higher story. This is a real and the CIA and the family is already like. That's like a family of fuckin famous people like those of the crazy ones like we all know them. Eliza Melick she's like she knows, I'm not crazy when people but the families like Susie, you guys up hanging out with him and she is. I can't do it. I want moves and our own at losing out that Susie and like doesn't believe them. She thinks you're, lying and fritz is like how kind of making her really paranoid about stuff because he's like I'm gonna see, I am, I know things like, tells her things and you know what
he's like underground, is better stuff, like yeah he's played by Harry Hamelin, whose oh did you watch madman yeah. You know later on when the guy, with the big glasses, came and he's kind of like good looking at dimple in his chin, when it applied, least arenas husband, next door, neighbours, no Nope Milhouse is no he's. He's a real house he's like most interesting house, husband, that's who plays him so Kelleam Gillis, Harry Headliner, fuckin, and then I want. I wish I had my phone you if I said your picture here, my area online. You know as he is concerned. Can one person just say: the tv show that he's known best for
thanks. You guys, actually we're very organised with. I really appreciate it is like the eight strongest people in the proper like pop. I get male debts, fucking nailed it they they did it and too bad for them. I don't know what the fuck now I'm watching it does it get. Anything like this is the most boring show the word lie in it and it was the court room like I don't want to. I wanna watch kiwis playing. It was very like this is what adults do wonder at school link gives a shit, but Harry Hamelin is you'd. Recognising disease insanely beautiful almost like a woman, but his eyes are very small. Sounds great
those tiny eyes, tiny, tiny. I love is a guy with a guy, with a great at a hearing, teeny tiny beady little by little the smallest possible eyes on a man. You look like our dark, really look. It doesn't matter in made for tv movie, though. Ok, ok, so Fritz paranoia starts to spread to his cousin lover Susie. She she becomes convinced at her. Ex husband has been Tom. Lynch is gonna, take our sons away from her, but doesn't wrong because he's trying to get visitation rights for them and asylum at her. He was doing something yeah. I don't know what kind of realised what was going on it, because he was keeping that she was keeping her kids from Tommo always run Albuquerque and shield. So she even further limited contact with the boys than are already had been phone calls are super brief. Any letters and packages that Tom or Tom's mother number
yeah, there's a hate sure do her were thrown right into the trash and they would say to the kids like it. That is the law of the grandma like sent cookies she'd like they might be poison like further away Rossetti relations Susie then made all these legal hurdles so that Tom couldn't see the kids. It's rumoured that Aunt Judge Susan put some of those play. So knows something a little bit like. I thought she was the voice of reason and this story shit. There are really isn't I'm ok, there's always a reason. I think it's Homs family. So, because Dolores wasn't wrong turns out and hating Susie. That's right! You know what I mean did there's, like the court made it so that when, when the boys would fly to Albuquerque to stay with there dad that they wouldn't travel alone and made them him by Susie of planes.
They are to drop them off there and get back there that they come up again in whose plant Nina paying alimony and child support as well wound starting incidental practice. So it was really hard to see them, but he wanted to see them or under the agreement that he had already signed way back when before she went cocoa, he could only see them on holidays and several weeks each summer which is hard on, that's what we that and not on you guys, son. We met a fly anywhere like tablet across the street. You read all about it and our book could plugins lanky a real difference. No, it's not that spun dead, Ok, so So by the time Tom is able to actually spend time with the boys. He has a new, I think, happy, and they see the kid. I think kids after think, like two years, if not seeing them and their like holy shit like these kids look fuckin under
wait dirty hair their thereon cup. I'm captain nails camped unkind. Thank you and tar and then they, when they get to Albuquerque, to spend time with them. They're like these are the vitamins are fed uncle for Fritz makes us take and we have to take them. Are we get in trouble, so they have to take by demands, but Mon makes them take a shower. Because France's bucking obsessed with vitamins to and he would carry them roundheads doctors, bag and any kind someone's like. I have its Reno sprain angle, if you like, take these phenomena, which I think like nowadays is ok, I've about like a good friend whenever, unlike what's wrong with me, should take these vitamins and she's right. But does she the doctors cause she does, and I am also go to the doktor than real doctor. Sir, where my kids then then, ok,
So the terms like Mackay fuck that shit I've been, I needed like work harder to get these kids in my capacity and yes, you do some things have gone on long enough. He finds out about this cousin fruits and that their spending on a time together- and I wish it meanwhile, okay? So meanwhile doctor the real doktor, cleaner, Phrixus Dad dies which sends second, even further off the edge of lunatic, though Jim, Nineteen, eighty four here we are, the bodies of Tom's mom, Dolores Member, her, yes, I do in terms sister Janey, discovered by, friend in their home. In prospect Kentucky so Dolores is found. It was sad also anyone whose new to this she's not applauding because the bodies are founded and is preparing for prosper prospect. She loves Prospect Kentucky. So much yes
so Dolores is found in the driveway shot in the back and and then in the head at close range homosexuals like Lange in wait per because when she got home from I think church. And then then hope and her body had been there for at least a day, and then they. The cops followed a trail of blood inside and found Janey. Dolores is thirty nine year old daughter who, by the book, The blood trial could see where she was running and hiding like choosing fucking chase bananas. But finally she had been shot in the neck and killed. There have been there been made to look like a robbery as they do and one. But one of the detectives Lookest took a look at the scene and said that this was a head, the per approach, these people out, but it like a robbery, but once months went by and objectives couldn't figure out who had killed the women,
and during one of the visit to the house, investigator stems several palm leaves arranging crosses, spread around across the floor, so someone's fuckin crazy. Ok, so Tom Courses Fuckin devastated by the murder of his mother and his sister and Susie's mother Florence, the Cold Water Lady she feels awful about. It says that she caught. You know she gets in touch with her former son in law and sends her condolences and lay kind of start, exchanging notes on the shit that they ve been separately, dealing with Susie, because Susie's been crazy, her family to of yeah, and they start exchanging notes and Tom's. Just like I just want to get. I just want to see my children. I know that with divorce really one thing is for the parents to get along for the kids to have the mother and Father and Florence Citizens mom, like fucking, absolutely so, lace to start a team up together a little bit:
Florence Newsome and her husband, Bob Susie's mom and dad then agree to test it. In court on Tom's behalf. Oh shit, Susie Fuckin is ok with temper taciturn time, Zachary, there's not enough cold water in the fucking, suddenly, suddenly, after forty years that heart murmurs back with a vengeance right. So ok, that's what We insist that she needs to keep so custody of the boys because, as the cops said, she thinks that Tom's family is involved, but the mob. The cops said it was a head and she's like so Tom's family isn't Babo the mob. Tom can't have the kid, and she also efforts convinces her that that Tom, over and Albuquerque is like doing drug running shoes and, like the kids can't be with him she's just so paranoid is fuckin believing all this crazy stuff.
And she knew all of that because Fritz told her about it. So the hearing this this is scheduled for the week of May twenty six nineteen eighty five, but we perform. May nineteen three more bodies, are discovered in north western Winsome Salem, so the fur two bodies were Bob and his mother Hattie, who had been shot so Bobby's Susie's, dad and his mother. They had been shot and then third victim who the killer and so far much more hatred and killing was Florence cold. Cold water forum the mother, he s, so she had been shot stabbed and her neck had been slain so yeah someone was fucking pissed at her, so she was discovered she had imposed and praying position to treating concretely so second life. Meadows, trivia. Next, the next door neighbor was just like. How could this happen to the new sums? The next door? Neighbor was my Angelo
Why don't you didn't? Do it this still already their laughter and central I've? Never in my life taken so many lives in the living is going on steel. I rise. That's when she wrote and still I rise has tried to comes art. Ok, so the cops are investigating they find out about the these other parents in the same family. Like family area who had died the year before they were like this is fucking weird and they find a friend of Fritz Ease, who also live in the area name in Perkins. So this question by the winsome sound detectives, and he was like. Ok, I'm going to tell you- and this is where he believes that it not voice. Do a catalan algae, look isolated phenomena level with you Fritz,
he says, spritz, isn't the CIA and I helped him with a he had now he s for the CIA bullshit and he also immediately cracked one like local cops question him too, which is like, and he wanted to be the CIA so badly, which is why help for its but, like, I think, immediately lost his membership has to say Filipinos you dont, get in disease from your hometown, usually doesn't work that way, snatches saying isn't snitch is get into the sea. I that's right, but something else I can remember it's like that, ok, so for its head
confided with and that he worked for the CIA and that he needed and help him he had given him. He had been given an assignment to wipe out a communist cell, so basically what he told in is, but he needed to get him to drop him off in a location and come back and pick him up an hour later. He was gonna, make the kill and you, if you did it, he would put in a good word for him at the sea. I guess it's mostly it's a merit based system they do take strong recommendation is right at the CIA. So, basically, in DR spirits to the old town, neighbourhood of Winston Salem drop, some off a half a mile from where Bob Florence and had he lived in an hour later, picked him up and said that the mission was a success, and that was the night that that speech
he kill you got. I gotta get ok, so Anne was like second flabbergasted when you find other fritz, isn't a doktor or as in the CIA, and so he agrees to wear wire talking for it. So he does it a couple times and Fritz, doesn't admit it, but essentially is like everything's. Fine, don't worry then he met with him on June. Third, at the final time- and he told in that he would write a statement for him sing. He had nothing to do with the murders, which essentially was the only real fashion he gave and then he said, for it said before he left a got things to do. I won't see you again fuckin drives,
as Blazer, and then he pulled his doctors code over his head and just stood there pretending he was gone because this mother fucker is insane now I dont think are now did it. Work now shook its fucking Bernard us now is my Angelo coming back, please, God, ok, for it strives often as Blazer and, of course, a bunch of unmarked police cars, followed him leaving following enlargement, but an eyeing Susie's house suited apartment. It's greensborough, wonderful area, a friendly Avenue street address. Where do they? Nice does area straightened dreamer. Yes, everyone knows that
Soda Texas have stake the place out and if they, when fucking Fritz gets home, they see is Fritz and Susie running back and forth in their apartment, living up supplies in the blazer, then detective see little John and JAM or nine eleven years old taken into the blazer there. Weren't camel scary so I mean and fashionable here I mean I have to say in the eighties, every nine liberal boy I had ever met in my life work hammer well beyond those kind of a thing, but its there's, a CIA element to it, and I don't like its problematic problematic. So Blazer takes off at the family in it and the fuckin law officers are like pursue him and finally, when they try to get the car to stop and there are at an intersection
Fritz spends the blazing around second later days in the other direction before they know it he's pulling a fucking nine Millimeter, Uzi Son Machine Gun from the window and firing she's one officer gets shot in the shoulder in the chest, but his wife, I'm sure- one thing is my wife. Such an action makes me worm, fuckin, bulletproof vast, all the time and then later used. Like I love you, I'm sorry do everything you say from now on: yeah, that's easy, ass, a shooting at the fucking everyone in pursuit of him, the civilians all over the place. When lady fuckin apparently dives offer lawnmower my aunt. My answer of the movie were riding British Columbia. She write when she's hiding
man, my lawnmower, I don't have it wasn't I get one. I wasn't gonna bring hillbillies black eyebrows Chase continues and they headed toward the family at the farm that his family had in your eating and he kept out place stock with weapons and explosives like that was they're fucking end of days, bunker that they were headed towards the officers remain in close pursuit and so late, What said is that they see some commotion or struggling in the camp of the vehicle, And then two shots went off, follow quickly, by the entire fucking blazer blowing the my God The blast is so powerful that the blazer is lifted off the ground as high as that telephone poles who share for slamming back down
so Susie had been sitting on top of this bomb and it's hard to tell if they detonated themselves or if the shots were fired was wet. Maybe I don't know, does anyone know bombs? It blew it rang out trigger Diana was number two year and I bet like its he's sucks. He can't make great bombs. Probably know that was the one thing he was better doing: so her she was sitting on the bottom, so her head, but so her lower body is gone. She stuck and dead. Please join this isn't gory. What do you want to see? The I mean oh fuzzy businesswoman scrolling late at night going. What can I do this we gotta know, I'm very like looking photos, and I see this and unlike what the fuck I have to do, that work, how bananas is that's insane and that's like, like a street, that people that's like, there's a street, yeah there's record create ok, it's
fritz is Frau frowned Dan Davidson who's. The lead detective from Kentucky runs. Emily tries to get a confession from him, but he can't get him anything before. He was sorry its live. He got now he dies, but he was alive when writing. Oh yeah, like on the scene yegg like shit. That's crazy, so he dies too. Jim and John are found dead they each have a shot in the head. Those two shots were fired, but even before that I was determined they had been given cyanide and Susie. Before this had said to her friends like I don't know what I'd do without friends, I have cyanide south anything ever happens to him for me and the kids like she was so obsessed with him and like he had been, have he'd been length. Their girlfriends, one of whom he like had when she dumped him when he tried to get her to do a suicide packed with him. So
He was fucking, nuts and and so she's using on yeah yeah. So it was discovered that their mother Susie was the one who shot them, but that seems debated in and hard to tell detectives later found evidence that Susie had participated in the martyrs of Dolores and Jane Lynch, her Ex mother in law. Lots of people who criticise any and all of the four jurisdictions that were of law enforcement, we're working the case or not something for it sooner like when they saw the kids look into the car that beneath look when they looked in Susie's house. I mean our guns everywhere. So this could have ended up this way, no matter what rank worst case scenario, actually does right. So Eric Judge Susan is also criticized because she made it harder for Tom to intervene with the boys welfare. That's just conjecture, I don't know that's true into her death. She denied that her niece had anything to do with it and was just a victim of fritz, but
the evidence to the contrary, she wouldn't listen to it. Finally Tom Lynch, the dad refuse to let John engine be buried in North Carolina, so they were laid to rest in New Mexico. Where he said was the last place. They were truly happy
and that's the bitter blood murderers, unbelievable, so much more fun when, when the doomsday papers just keep on prepping and everything's, this kind of okay, so much better, there's gonna be a large percentage of them. That's happens right right, ladies prepped forever. They just keep on paper. We have time for a loan to pass this signal, since we're gonna have time listening events really way. We we haven't, let's keep it tight. He is managing this tour. Thank you and has taken up my area so lose the least drunk person. Here I got home town. I guess the person is swinging. Her swept around probably that's her shirt picture. We are we gonna do this. Do you know the rules? Just do it? Oh yeah, you know the rules, you can't be too drunk you. It needs to be a good story worth listening to it needs to be short tonight. Asked me really quick. I get out of here some one thing zipping. It asked me a quickie next year, you I said as a quick and she I promise and double fingers learnt nothing travel. It you're, ok, oceans, drunk notion here. Let's find them,
Yeah right still hug me with my gun, mainly Diana, maybe you're right, I'm a mom you're, not a lottery do neither now just maybe we should now do not trust those areas where I'm scowling North Carolina, her tiny town, what's its Scotland, that their old Scotland at how we can only ok, quickly, spoken terrifies me so icy, sorry hearts being passed. No are you? so long story short. My mothers First Cousin Elizabeth
known as Levy House in Scotland EK well, She she got She moved down to Georgia, and this is like a debutante, lady, very southern, very sweet, lady, John Down and husband, you know, I'm out their relationship was weird. There is some sort of rumours going around saying they had a very open marriage that was kind of very not died, not done in this area. And so what's goin on and then he had a business and see was part of the book. Keeping and so She started.
Embezzling money without any anomalies, without money. When two million dollars so she's amazing money and he goes missing. So everyone's like, whereas the and they're asking urged eyes and announced, but all taken some time, Murray's coming back some time, they don't know what he's coming back and so that's kind of worship screwed up there. So she should ever stories straight turns out during fourth of July during the fireworks, she went Chinaman had several times during the fireworks like high the noise yeah. This is I'm telling you guys are really small town again. The place word with this kind of thing doesn't happen. So she definitely
is this all levels plan been planned, saw the two million dollars how to be plans, ok, how they have something to do with anguish, so's, three thousand ahead, so everyone's wondering where this guy is and the police are absolutely asking her now at this point herb his family's wondering everyone's wondering: where is this guy and turns out? He is buried in the backyard. This woman was five foot five. She was a Fifteen pounds, this her husband, six six- something like that- two hundred forty, took her
the terrible fence, terrible thing. It's all terrible! That's why we're here and there, but it's a girl to Asian two trips, a home Debo together. So how did she get caught so as she is? She got caught because her story. Her story was illustrate. The police realise that yes, he's not around not coming back. There's two billion dollars missing what's happening, and so they zeroed and on her basically because our service free before us more, he was, and she was sitting in the car and the worst part about it was when they were. To ask her why? Why did you kill him? What happened she said?
I wanted to save him from the embarrassment of me in Bethlehem. They money, oh, I just feel them and then buried in. So it's fine. Now, in a way, is she in jail, she's in jail for life, yet Y know what our senses look like, but I put on my mom it's your answer, my sister wall by yoga, my mom, but my my actual mom, who I call my mom today, my mom, who has passed away that is really deter anyway. I'm on my mama common long term gossip. She knows what's out loud. I like like me some more only because I'm going to school, I gotta know and she was like she was like
yeah, don't makers sound like make a wish down any worse young unheard of, and thanks to my husband who was my baby the night and we like you that these measures are you gonna, think, is a very good job. I think this should be renewed thing in the world. This is worth bearing the shit out of me honestly thought your yelling walrus, I swear to God. Does she ever found the first night over? You then? Surely perfect crowd honestly, you nail this. So we appreciate you coming out of the morning. Yes, thank you so much been here. We we're just saying in addressing and worrying already knowing as we have heard, but we really loved this job are so fucking grateful that you guys like this so much or so grateful for your constant support and were grateful. How much you guys love each other so much to us watch these marina, green bees grow up and that that you're all meet each other and hey it's just as working poor thing in the world, and there is a there's a hang out tonight after the show, the layers of dignity is their holding up, I'm raise with the full stream brewery. So let's go for, go there after and re some money for a great and also stay sexy
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