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2018-10-18 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the truth behind poisoned Halloween candy and the murder of Carol Stuart.

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This is exactly right. Hello, hello and welcome? This? Is my favorite murder at the true crime comedy part cast as we do for you by weekly quickly, sweetly Oh well, then, the other one re twice a week yeah so twice a week but this is the long form version. This is the real one, the other ones fake steak, it's more of a hold over yeah. But this is the real deal ray and that's caring colleague era and that sort of hard starting. That's who we are Stephen Re Morris's, holding down the ones into Stevens AIR Elvis is on my lap, always
but the world right, you have your nice might have tea, I'm literally drinking some with Georgia described as lemon balm tea, so I hope there's a little bit of melted lip balm. I have, I hope, that's what you gave me as a gift, my gift to you, Can I tell you, but you know these dumb t bag
with their dumb t things and there dumb quotes ensure yeah this one. Just as be curious, you were curious what the fuck lemon bombed. He is also I'm going to don't fuck and tell me if they think that you're, just like those boring person on your life and then you need tee to come, tell you how to live. Your fuckin lie. Listen women bomb, you don't know me and my family stay out of it. You don't know my level. Curiosity, I'm up your ass. I ve already googled, you re lemon bomb. What are your name is dealt with in men? S and you have a pike asked about being Harry is already and Jonathan s like. I need to do more for you d he's like I guess I should cancel my party castle, because I'm not curious enough according to tee sorry Lemon Jesus tee when more, you want from our lives and our face, a speaking of five things and all the fall lie. Living your life, teething, yeah, we'd like to give a shoutout, Circleville Ohio and their Circleville pumpkin show is really a festivals. I don't know why they call it a show. I mean I feel it. That's part of the
part of the charm of the Circleville pumpkin show is that they think they're a show and it you can go its October, seventeenth to the twentieth in Circleville or an outgoing, but you should fucking tat. We would go. I would lose a lot of people have treated and said. Are you guys gonna make a surprise? And I truly would do I would love nothing more, but we have to go up to the Pacific Northwest this right. We can't out of the great I'll, be Bamiyan Lynn lemonade. Do yeah, there's gonna, be tons of lemon bomb t up there s, but please, if you're anywhere near Circleville, Ohio which leaner Columbus, all its Colombia's, where it came out of our life, Columbus, Chauvelin, larger Circleville Duncan
murders. Noah Circleville letter the letter writer than areas letter writer ended fur drunk history, a right to know that I forgot. While you are telling the story, I got the wrong guy, were you ever covered? We didn't know about our own and over the show. Is real people really get dragged on it just now. I couldn't remember that I had done that. I didn't know the story and failure like a second, having seen all your memories of this, and just in case you were in if you're a pageant person You can run for Circleville. Miss pumpkin rights, even Miss pumpkin.
Pumpkin and then there's little miss bond, amateur and professional. That's how there's two ways to be beautiful can certainly help Humbugging show get over there. What you, how you re, where murdering oh, so you can identify other murdering people, you that's gonna, gather eat. I hope this right pumpkin their cassettes, absolutely my favorite food in the world. Anything I'd come to anything with pumpkin and they want to eat and ongoing pumpkin spice fact: pumpkins, pious. Ok, I want the tat when I get temporary and that that can peace a pumpkin as in their ride. Oh yeah, I'm going out of my mind. I see that it is very deletions. I agree what Stephen say: oh there's a pepper id like on Friday MAX Level holy shit. Pets will be there in their cause. There's no reason not to go. Why, when we held monk and Alice undressing you up and solidarity and sending you out in an Xbox sorry, buddy you're gonna appears a fed ex banks
and no one can order they'll again verse Lego, like a cake of personal, about exponent, castor ripper, like the stripper here. We have more news too, and I am more that's their project we have. Our own project was doing to go further in your purse. Largesse did pretty big news, a couple people of tweeted and asked us this when we announced the book we wrote a book Constance action aimed at murdered. It's got its being written as Erlich, who is a dual memoirs around our which I think is, might be the first of its kind May and we're just here to announce. Now we get to announce we, we will be reading our own audio book. Of course we will be, I mean who the fuck else. We are. We suggested podgy Ahmadi, but he's very busy. I billions apparently so,
go to animal or anywhere you either. You listen to your audio books and you can pre order. I order that shed in and get ready for us to read you a buddy, you're gonna get so sick of our voices. Really embarrassing. Like Reading, some of that shit out loud, I'm gonna love every moment. I cherish my own instruments and listen to myself. For the first time ever, we should have an alternative, Podgy Almaty version. Just in case you don't want to listen to and is anyone is Paduan yes agent or represent. Had then cousin
be greatly. I could get em thinks giving Linda Gm Adi, Linda, Nay may, with her last name budgetary window. We would love it if you would hook us out and have Paul. I think he would actually nail it get him nice and drunk on vodka. Lemon bumpy of go can only that's anything. A thing you gotta make that absolutely I mean it's just a bond cowards, lemon, bon Dieu, vodka and hot tea, but some better as they were actually reunites, where you throw kind of bitter as it is that's true and and get
Paul Jimmy to sign the papers on them deal under God. This is limit thanks. So much for doing this job with us. We really appreciate all the work you do you get a special thank you and the notes Michaela getting Gm Mahdi. You are our new manager, Meredith you're fired not also also, oh, hey, that a bit don't password. Yet this is really exciting today, which is Thursday, which is smart for us. Our new line of fucking March is coming out four march, all merge that also includes the much fucking anticipated pet march about it yet so of engineers. It's coming out tempt Thursday today my favorite murder, dot com and then go to the store. There's a bunch of new quotes, like you, ve seen some of them at the live, shows what in the fucking FUCK classic spell it, like. You say, a great fucking, hooray
then fucking horizon really cool kind of disco letter in my love yeah. It's all really cool font that we specifically made people change, fourteen time, helping out of sight or that how we are little closer lily answer and then very excited to announce our two new special they're called Classic Eco Jersey, jogger, pants, focused weapons and one of them says fuck you Mary could now be were excited to get these hermes. Hey. Are you a newly wider, and only where is your friend about to get married in Geneva, where, on her wedding day, getting dressed up in the photos? Or do you have a little just some has been married for thirty years and is totally over. It will sounds like you need to get these sweat hand, sellers use where there's weapons and then are fucking pet line, which is so exciting. We caring had has a comical,
you guys have to say that this is our it's. It's the dark kerins dogs, I'm coming out with a fierce, a fiercely private trustee, sure, tell a Frank and George they Chris Fairbanks drew who I do the other podcast. You need a ride with an easing amazing, graphic designer and illustrator, so he drew a picture of George Drinking Water out of the glass like the video that I posted about six months ago on twitter and then a picture of Frank who is basically, I think, he's our looks like a cigar, he smoking and let the guys in beautiful haunt first, it's like such a cool, punk rock sure I love it. Dan, hey if you're, not a dog person in your cap person, our friend Michael Room, said who create that really beautiful chalk outline like cartooning drawings. I've asked that we use all the time at our earliest. I think drawing up oh yeah, that we did for US oil. Can we buy it from you? We let it he's so talented. He didn't Ellis designed for us Elvis want a cookie and it's fucking coolly joke. He has got Elvis honour, I love it and then we also have those are available for pets for, like dogs, t hurts here. Doug him are assured of my dog and then, if your dog is an asshole hates everyone, there's one that says: here's the thing like everyone, that's a dog sure I don't mean to tell you, there's more there's, even more really good stuff for the pet lion. Yak Tyler's bulls, Zeno, it might haven't ridder dot com, gonna store. We area were very excited to be bringing you the march.
I want to come so March that, yes, you and were very excited getting so much beautiful, are and things that you guys create and make about the show, one of which A person named Kelly Lawson, who is Kelly. Lawson art on Instagram drew picture of Cody the Chainsaw Chicken and which has a story that we just did like this week on the many Ireland came out Monday, and I think she immediately drew this picture and it is haltingly beautiful. Georgia is at a child on a big MAC spike with a chainsaw Aslan described him. They were enemies looking up at a fuckin utility, Poland in the most you don't even see his face and the way he's looking at it with like reverie
and about the news of his like little ears, are sticking out because he's a kid. It's beautiful! You Kelly lessons. So much it's! It's a wonderful! It's a wonderful picture here and thank you once again to Nick Terry who is made yet another hilarious. Video of the wheat will conversation we had about Georgia not being able to us and which is I'm instagram. He started a new instagram, adjust the Instant FM animations Leah and by law and place ass, call, em, FM, Underscore animated
ok, well, Instagram, that's right! So great thanking sectarian he'll, be at our Seattle show. So we should give him a shot out there. Oh very cool finally, will stop talking speaking about I'm sure you're, not gonna, fucking ever stop talking. Oh, I forgot that our whole. I guess that's all it's Halloween show on Halloween. You ve heard about it. So the Microsoft Theatre, it's going to be literally fucking, huge, seven thousand tucking people. What's up LOS Angeles terrify were Karen and I are dressing up as soon as a surprise, costume and only or everyone's basking should we dress up. Yes, we highly recommend dressing up and costume every person I run into I'm going. I immediately asked what you're him dress up as it can
great, so yeah stress up stealing announcing that you know, but I just wanted to just so people. You know it's, our customs can be very colorful and I just want to get kicked out. You know get just part of an essential part of their cash day, so yeah hatchets proteome penny any weaponry of any kind, not bring it with you, even though your Michael Myers and tax that it's my thing, don't bring a knife, yeah, it's it's all that common sense stuff, and then I guess, if you want to bring like a post a banner. A red flag has to be smaller than eleven by seventeen and not on Nepal. That's in Russia, most thing but not on poles are like not on a stick or any. I would like. You can bring a stick till I don't let it strip for a living. I mean if you can make a living stripping. A thing they know not to miss. Eliot quote: that's premature, choose spur safety in areas where she is that it is when you can't go as the barefoot contest
is someone you may do the maybe a zombie barefoot. Can I love it? Ok! Ok! This is an email, the godsend, And this is off of our last, the last live. Shall we posted was from Durham and I did the lesson family murders, and that was the story
largest rate is too high hilarious people in your menagerie, I love Senior and Charlotte. I gave you the treasure chest with a mill, many Elvis for Georgia dollar coins for Karen. I have that many of us it was at the bottom of the ban on patents to hold no visit them, give it back to him it so. Listening to your lived up, Durham episode, though I was horrified, Slash delighted in your care and tell the story, the loss and family martyrs. I'm an english teacher and molecules currently teach college English. My very first teaching position was it nor stokes high school, a stone's throw from the old loss and family property. I knew nothing about it, but on hollowing that first year, when I let the kid cell scary stories, instead of you, know teaching them things, the kids collectively told me the entire laws, Emily murder story, love that those classical kids as again my moms and of it. I spoke as I imagine, in children in her she first high school. Every though many this she said, the kid frail actively bids ones here of greater ok, so I didn't believe it at first, but I did notice that I had quite a few students with the last name and come to find out that many of them were descendants of the loss in family. They all knew the gory details because they all grown up hearing everywhere and stock about it. One student get ready, has a great aunt who all caps,
still owns her stolen cake raises no yet preserved in a small glass bottles. Oh shit, I tell the story. There is a cake that was on that on the table. When these murders happened. It was a Christmas cake and sprinkled on the top brows Georgia was. Georgia was very upset about a K. Guess we talked about it forever. Someone ended a buying that cake and keeping it for awhile. Apparently, this person's great aunt stole it A reason also came when she did her walk through in glass in a glass box Ok, so back to the letter this that was on me talk it. Naturally, I demanded to see it. She brought it in future. A week later, the kids offered to take me to the pain, road location by decline. Is you know, teenager teenagers are already scary enough. Another weird connection, the pain family that the road is named red pain
was my great uncle world of of which she said. The pain family that the road is named after got it red paint is that's a terrifying them best Susan! Then she then she does a whole big ghost story that I can get into now, but we will save it for a different many, so these daily other. I got a tunnel letters of people from that same shown or like yeah. That's those are my family members to the star, the bitter blood murders which already hometown at some point there are things that happens when it's like the small town in Valea. That's, what's so it's scary, about picking murderous for lime shows is that you don't set the Dublin showing some because that's what did they say? That's the thing I do. Are you mad at me? I thought they were so internet, we're great cool anything else. I think that's well. Oh! This was just an email from the the
this is actually awesome. This is the Minneapolis murdering a group and it says dear Emma found them fired by the ogre rhinos. I hosted a social movement, a couple of social movement classes. Yesterday, six degrees in Minneapolis, which I guess is yoga studio. We raise five hundred dollars for, and we also showed that even when the world seems inexorably thought we can still do things to support our cells and others. My fellow teachers wanted to in on the Dew Gooding. So now I'm organizing a full series. Every second sunday of every month, one of our teachers will host a free class with donations going to a non profit. They care about. The next two are already scheduled, with November donations, going to benefit Tubman local group, helping over twenty five thousand victims of trauma each year from fleeing war, torn areas to experiencing sex trafficking and intimate partner violence and in December camp bogey, a summer camp for city kids, who live in poverty and otherwise wouldn't get the EC to experience the superfund.
of getting eaten alive by mosquitos, trying to watch a campfire smell from your hair and writing pitiful letters, home begging for parents to come through the motions of fund summer camp shit see GM letter. Oh my god, that's beautiful! So the yoga. That's the coolest thing that people are really kind of yeah in that just are in our passing. I want to get into you they re now. Suddenly people are like organs were to be doing some shit. It's a great way to leg. Do something for yourself. Even if you, if you don't feel you know people, sometimes don't do things cause. I don't feel worse self care assurances. I one doing something for someone else gets very glad. It's about you, the advantage that Good Kickstarter, so good job, Minneapolis, murdering ass thing on railway or taking that I would just like to say yes, the Yoda has fallen away. The swimming has taken over raising and I just ordered, based on summons recommendation on Twitter. I just ordered
waterproof ipod that I can listen to wall. I swim my lap, that's the thing, your change, our swim now to wound, but I am you could try. I could try. It's really is also not drink. coffee and swimming. Is there the most relaxed and low key I've been in three for raw. Congratulations, anti us I'll drink my candle owing to their I also just just on a personal note, slammed my elbow into the wall right before I left my house come over here and I it feels broke in like feels like my entire Armas Rogan known you'd like hit its red. I was what is it. I was walking full speed into the kitchen and just without putting my purse over my shoulder at the same time and content just right on edge is, but it looks broken its broke. It looks like it's falling
gangrene icy gangrene. Now, I'm doing the scarecrow from was revolve. Yes, it's pretty fuckin if that's just a personal, and now I love it, I appreciate it if it feels like we haven't recorded one of these and so long. I know money getting out. That's right. She exactly right. That's exactly that's exactly right!. get mouth. Watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they make looking at home son, easy and afforded
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its main October, o my son Bertha City. Have we really have ever Billy S, its monopoly over there favorite time a year, hollowing aroun loves it. Yes or no. Lately are you gonna? Do you have to tell me the plot of the movie Holloway? I am going to read the original screenplay movie, the hollow we loved, nothing, more, there's so much silent. I was just like. I did break repair this week. So no now, but I M going on. I'm gonna go in a weird direction and I'm going to describe and explain some Instances and the instances of end urban lodging an the ness too,
poison, hollowing Candia, as this is great yea glad you're here with me, and I would like to go ahead and think almost exclusively snobs dot com night, one of my favorite time, wasters back when I have it s job in our old friend Wikipedia. Thats centre right there that, as a married cattle, is all you need on the internet, I mean you're, the smartest person and the fucking room. Yes, that your desk, you can actually use notes on Wikipedia, oh, my god, and not a bad idea. Now I just about from for myself, for these notes a pdf. What that's anything who was somebody invented this new third thing and then give us a car and then we'll just read from that. Now, I'm sorry, I'm kind of him. Ok, I'm not ok! So, let's start with, let's start with it, so the stories of crazy
though, a passing on poison, candy or candy. That has razor blades or needles and has been around for fuckin decades as an urban leginn it, and it makes sense because every every three hundred and sixty four days of the year we tell kids don't take any from strangers outside and one day were like go, get free, candy from stranger. It's a can. The candy purge is really where every other rules or that's right. You could do it you on and you can stab people. It's very confusing fringe elder Selkirk and you can say what isn't fucking confusing fertilizing kids are pretty stupid. It's and everyone lies to them. Cause rights, constant lying, that's exactly right! So, Actually I didn't notice and Snow Soami, an landers, you know, go ask an labourers. Who was a cover up iraqi? Maybe they each you know two sisters right normal silence, so one was dear Albion. When was an landers. I think. Ok, I think, are two different because one day, ass, dear obvious, Abigail, vampire, ok than an is going,
man, I figured out Helen she by those who call the ninety. Ninety five at said quote in recent years there have been reports of people with twisted minds, putting razor blades and poison in taffy apples and hollowing candy, which is like we are spreading that go, ask again and also sorry, Anne but taffy apples are for nineteen twenty sell, this all bullshit and according to snobs, since nineteen fifty nine there have been around eighty reports of sharp objects in in food and some hospitals and police departments Navy started to offer to x ray the act, the candy and children's that they got before eating, which sounds like a blast for kids and actually that I first heard about that. When Vince told me about it a really a human, he was a kid in Michigan has had a Detroit age, get dressed up and go trick or treating and then not get home and go through any other candy then go to the police station and have a fucking x ray. I got up and I went. I asked him for more details. Music, not just happen like every year, so that was standard in his town. I think this errands down he's like it's like that. It was also true that my like his family, all worked in the police department, so I think that they, like insisted, Nevada, but he was standard. That's a cassette, that's amazing! I the eyelids. I always thought all of that was bullshit. I thought oh yeah. That was just as much a story as the razor blades themselves. That parts turn I don't have it still happening, but I imagine there's gotta be some towns. Allah number is my mom. Now now I know being hi, I'm fucking candy. When I got out and good shit yeah, that's right ceremony grabbed snickers she's like oh, you can have the sweethearts. She knows I think smile. I want the second whoppers or whatever, and but the majority of those reports turned out to be hoaxes and even when the stories were true is usually a family member fucking with someone else in a family or little kid being like other boys on it, but he like dipped in poisoned and not eaten and showed them and then just being a little shit had got around forever every little shit. Ok, Simon tell you some stories of when it was true ash.
Now a kind of cocoa and why it may be that helped to help the rumours abound. Sure what gives you only really need one of those stories rewrite the freak out cause it's like it. It's so but he at once a year is going to try to kill your child right, hidden thing and I love these are like something happened and it blew up in the media and then when they found out what really happened that didn't get covered as much so in people's minds. It's true yeah, so that certain nineteen sixty four at a normal media shy go so. Nineteen sixty four Helen flee all p F p oh spell it like you say that looks I think, flee flail as go. You feel,
in Green Lonnie or choose a housewife and she got caught handing out packages of indelible inedible treats in what she described as a joke. She had become annoyed that a bunch of trickery treaters were showing off that we're like teenagers and too old to be trick or treating yeah, and so she was pissed off at them, and so she was like I'm gonna make up is on the packaging about to the Fuckin little Brady. Sixteen year olds, obey and the packages were dog biscuits. Still all paths and arsenic, laced poison button. So now so she'd like I don't know somehow do that she was crazy issue- is crazy. I'm kind of a batch ray you. You can't give people arsenic of any kind of like a joke in as a whole areas gel jockey prank, but they were clearly marked poison and label. Will the skull and crossbones so, like
Maybe you could have written that somewhere and there I added I'm trying to poison. You are not actually do I like what happened with the kids at Eton. You know teenagers, there really super Karel Van, like a well ha ha ha yeah, I'm so funny. So she she told the teenagers at the package or a joke and handed it out. This sounds like she was just trying to be the cool aunt em it and then use little high right. No one was harmed at all, but even so the potential to harm was there. So she was charge by the police she played guilty to endangering children and eventually received a suspended sentence wow down again, oh no. She really regretted that hilarious, Jonathan jokes. I knew how and when I get it you when you're always trying to be funny India, it really fucks your life. I got it, I get you, in nineteen seventy two days after Halloween a five year old kid Kevin lapse into a coma and died
four days after four days later, and it came out that he and his family said that he had eaten some hollowing handy that that she was shown when they tested it. We had been sprinkled with heroin ray it's. So I thought it was reported as a real life example of what happens on Halloween but whistle when less likely report. It was that, when police investigated further, they then let the boy had gotten into his uncles heroin, stash consumed at and in a in a attempt to cover further for the uncle had sprinkled the candy themselves with heroin are now. I know, that's just such tragic all around horrible, but it's an arrow in people's minds. That's there was a connection there. Maybe it's awful, in nineteen. Ninety, a seven year old, Santa Monica girl named aerial died on October thirty, first on Halloween, while trick or treating
like while she was returning the police or I feared a mass random poisoning sitting immediately conducted intense, coordinate our search of the on the street where she had collapsed. They fuck other kids, MIKE Hogan Poison, following handy, so they blocked off the street. They took all the kids, candy and question everyone for several hours and interviewed residence and hollowing chequered readers. I mean the only kindly only kind of figure traders, but in the end it turned out that Ariel had actually died of congenital heart. Failure of fucking huge coincidence, so it's well here the thing now: that's insanely, tragic, so I don't mind that its. I guess what Halloween's cancel concerns on this is the worst thing that could happen and asian just pretend we didn't happen. It's also just awful. Ninety one, an inch anyone another suspected always poisoning occurred in Washington DC,
a thirty one euro name Kevin Michael Cherry of Montgomery County, died shortly after eating some of his kids hollowing candy. Oh no parents lost their shit, dumped all their kids, candy and but later was determined that Spain autopsy that he had died of congenital heart failure as well. Oh well, yeah, but natural causes natural shelling. So then in ninety six, seven year old, seven year old, named Ferdinand of San Jose California collapsed on Halloween. After eating candy and cookies, he was given while trick or treating initial Urinalysis
you're an analysis. So your analysis- I don't know at the hospital- showed traces of cocaine and a system- oh never ever unless as their shit throw Alaric handy, but then test come back and it was negative cocaine and the first results were wrong. So the media had already picked up later. They found out that He had died of natural causes as well. Now it's just there were still, and it makes sense that leg The media also has this big story: it's like cells papers and then it's there
Truth of it is just tragic, just tragic and heartbreaking, so they put it in a little column and I will follow up the that no uneven potentially also everyone's already got. It doesn't make sense to just beg for free, candy. Now Ranger, it's a weird tradition. We do so people ass. I think I feel I get any bad news. People are just like. Well, it's just throw it all away. I do you give up. Do you like stockier? No one comes down our street because there's it's more popular like four blocks over several years, and so everyone in our street goes totally dark. People protect everyone, pretence or not. How and I've had one trick or treating her. The cutest, it was a little like a four year old girl
I think her, a slightly older brother and I just gave each of them half the bowl of candy learn just like you guys, you're, the only one I want to live in a place one day that does trick or treating yet like. I just have never lives in a place. It does its there. You know it's the cutest swollen, my hometown, Petaluma, it's really big on De Street, which is the street with all the big old, victorian houses. People go crazy. They make their houses hundred houses, they make like it total tradition, really fun. Some man in a code to hang out with my enough is on that day and senators yeah not see what there ain't that right.
Go and all your party lie on things in my life shall actually I'm not come? No, I've show a minute go trick or treating with enough you, ok, I'll, bring Nora down to co host with me, rates abounds great she's, actually rather trick or tree, and nor is like I've plans over on the street thanks anyway, in the year two thousand, a dude named James, Joseph Smith of Minneapolis stuck needles in this knickers bars that he handed out. This is the one we ve all heard to trigger traders. What year was it's our? This is two thousand I'm sure it's happened before that there were several children who bit into the candy bars, but there is only one teenager who is pricked by one of the needles and hid in it wasn't like bad, but I'm pricked by a needle in like I'm dying taking the hospital yes and other like a mile yeah wearing your mouth is very upsetting, terrible
police Charge Smith, with one count of adulterated substance with intent to cause harm or illness that mean it's they throw the book at em. Incentives have are charging him with being a fucking cream, a creepy. Do them and an asshole and keep your children away from home. Thirty two six years for those that are not that's over. Did you know that sounds irish, but have you ever met? Creepy lack the you'd want them to go away for thirty years to promise you minimum and then in the town of Hercules, California men's near you wish not really no pig rate in two thousand and again some trick or treating so these stricter traitors come home and there, like mommy daddy what? Why are these little snickers, the individual miniature snicker bars leg done up like a little packets and there's some like there's some weird arrange an in them, so they can use a little packets of pot.
I'd ask them, he's snickers buyers. Colleagues, when they openness niggers its part, so that really did happen and the police are like wait. What the fuck, the homeowners apparently weren't my mom, because they were like Mohammed about at yeah. They called somebody. That was a long time, and I would like to take this one this, and in this way it was just her dealer. Guess you just been drug running for your my into seven once a year, but I don't think it's October. Thirty, four didn't go out later. Ok trickery demonstrate so so they they find the house where they had gone. The little bag is a part in the homeowner was like wait. What the fuck, like the homeowner Lydia didn't know, is going on in the police believed him. He said The truth turns out this dude works in the dead letter office at the local post office, and
He had found a bag of Luke managers knickers in the dead posts. As post stuff I mean I am, and he had by not with Longsome. I can't food and the Post office was like here. Take this too that shit local charity, but he was. I warned us, can take these snickers and pass them out at all between, but it turned out that the candy was probably just someone's attempt at smuggling pocketed the mail and what a great attempt it was great yeah. This guy shouldn't go to prison, forming a stupid stealing from the charity too. Now in eleven languages. Those names her trembling older he's just coming like he'd. He didn't he knew he had to have candy further geometers, but he didn't want to spend five bucks and is also not he's giving it away. It's like he's, making money out of any clearly didn't open, like he had actually a miracle case. In my opinion, you didn't know.
And try to eat. I am himself to then no. He could have on the other that, given that to charity, that's why you give the teenagers were high and show a tomb first make him get. Is money Karen's got it play? I've got it ok, I haven't gotten to the real fucking deal. Ok here we gotta. Yes, we can just say. This possesses just remind me- and I can't remember- I've told you but one time we're trick or treating on the street before it was like as commercial as it is now known as the real the eighties deal sure We were with our friends and their babysitter, so we were like a or whatever, and then this is like a fifteen year old girl, those without adding all your daddy. No, no! She was super child. She would just like. Let us walk up. And she would stand at the end of the like the walkway and wait for us, and we walked up to this one house and it was the oldest lady and she had a little grew like me. I still remember all of it.
A screen bull and it had like a little just. Cookies slang like powdered sugar cookie, I can tell if they were package or she'd made them, but she was in here you go and we all would like. Thank you will, of course we want them whirling thanks so much and we walked back kind of holding them like comfortably and we get to the end of the thing in the fifteen old sees them off hand and she just slaps each cookie out of each of our shoes. I put that doubts away without ruling out there like homemade, yes and because they were covered in white powder without can like with like white Europeans off. Do that end, like this thing we're unless she saved your life, what if she did, but we were like that old lady, it Mimi are so long because I was like, if you'd seen this only ass, you would be the last person youths.
If they were never murder you with her lemon drop cookies, but this girl just like throwing away, I think when they visit or mode it was the bandits picturing grandma come out in the next morning and see if you like, layin ways on the sidewalk in front of her and her break. at social done, so sad let's get to the real deal: ok October, thirty, first, ok, Holloway Nineteenth Avenue for their work. Ronald Mark, a Ryan. This fuckin did takes his two kids, Timothy and Elizabeth Trick, or treating in Pasadena Texas, with their neighbour dude and the neighbors to children come and live with them. What's that we're all going to Katrina Fun, great
Stop at all the places they stop. Nobody answer the door, and so everyone runs ahead, except for fuckin got old Ronald Mark O Brien his like I'll catch up with you guys when he does catch up with them. He's like. Oh, they someone answer the door. Finally, and he gave mean bees pixie sticks, so he guessed he produces five. Twenty one inch pixie sticks and he gives to this pixie eager to unpick, say, stick to each of his kids and one each to the neighbors kids, and then they get home and they see a ten year old kid that they knew from church and brains like oh here's, the last pixie sector. This guy, so he passes out by pixie, sticks now that he apparently got from this go soon ever ok, before bad. That night then his son eight year old Timothy asks to eat or the candied collected, he chooses a pixie stick and
which is I call bullshit- is no fuckin kid once a pixie tat. He has trouble getting the candy opening the powder out. So his dad helps him with it here, It tastes better. So I am, he gives in Kool aid to wash away the taste and empathy Amelia complains at a stomach, hurt and eat us the bathroom, hevens, vomiting and convulsing, and then he does limp. Ah, I know a little Timothy, O Brien dies on the way to the hospital less than an hour after consuming the candy shit. The community Gus FUCK an ape shit. Parents in the area bring their kids, Canada, the police thinking it was less of poison and initially police didn't suspect. The students were Ronald any with any wrongdoing. Intel Timothy's autopsy reveals that
the pixie stake. He consumes was laced with a fatal dose of potassium cyanide. Only they go to find the other pixie six though like for other wines and fuckin, thank God, no other kids at Eton them, oh god, but when they go to the kids house, they couldn't find the pixie stick in his bag of candy that parents are freaking out where's that existing that go upstairs to the kids room. He's sleeping on his bed and he's holding the pixie stick. He had tried to open it, but it had been shot in such a way that he couldn't open. I couldn't get it opens urged Fuckin fell, asleep, probably can shut her. He was. He was ten o, my god, that's a miracle yeah he was was. It was sitting with her, that mother cried ed so hard currency. She everyone around her,
as you see, I don't ever scare me, I got you ever pixies slapping pixies take back and forth across. It say: oh my god, shrubs a little of another teething, just a dimension that see that ok, so sixty six. They had all been tampered with, they had been opened and the top two inches had been refilled with cyanide power and then resale with a staple, which is why this kid could open the fuckin thing it like. According to a pathologists, you tested the pixie sex. The candy
it consumed by Timothy contained enough cyanide to kill two adults while the other foreseen I, the elaborate candies, contain dosages that would kill three to four adult: seizes courier even stronger when police investigated Ronald and learned that he was over a hundred thousand dollars and at and he had a history innocence. Nineteen. Seventy four money which we know is that's an alien dollars into the easily a million dollars and he had a history being unable to hold down a job. He was gonna, get fired soon. His car was it I've. Europe repossessed yet defaulted on. Several bank loans and the family home was about to be for a closed on and, of course, he had also taken out.
life insurance policies for a large sum of money on his children, despite his insurers being like. Why do you want to take out another twenty thousand dollars on your kids? It was like up to sixty thousand dollars that he was too had took taken out on. I think each of his kids so he's just an awful psychopath he's a fucking piece of shit at his trial. He can't he maintained is innocent throughout this whole thing, including at his trial. Obviously, his defense was mainly that Hey man look at all these decades of urban legends can about mad poisoners on Halloween. It must have been some fucking, crazy poisoner and look how much like legend or like how much history? Those of that. So you can't blame me. It's no one thing that everyone does just like all the stuff I just wrenching and it didn't fuck and work It's not really curious natural
The case was circumstantial completely, but still Ronald Reagan was convicted of the murder of his son, Timothy in May. In eighteen, seventy five he received a day. sentence and was executed by lethal injection unmet thirty. First, it should have in fact following nineteen. Eighty four shall then that is some stories of fucking candy, being lace wow, although even so the one real one is like the worst creepy, as the one we are one is like true is which is why it can keep being told. It's like it's true, but it's not what I think it is it's true, but then it's just that it's the lie of like, but this is what people do right, which is like no eight they dont, they kill their kids and their family for fucking life insurance, money, outdated! That's what that's the truth of the husband at it! That's the real trick, and it's not a tree metric alive- is that their life is no tree.
So this was one of the stories I think I told you when we were in Medford Massachuset it's from there, but aid is one of these stories, and I remember the first time I saw this on. You know which Nightline or whichever true crime kind of magazine show. And it was one of the most shocking, true crime stories. I'd ever seen on tv and really a huge bummer and I figured for our lives- would be such a bummer everyone's like. Why don't you do this when all the terminus like, because you can't tell an audience whole people, the most by Marie you never heard here. While you can but damages real quiet and it's a real bummer and we don't get to have any fine and answer when we that's why we like to do like more historical or the weird organs, because then there's there's, you can have a little more on. This is as one of the worst and most fucked up crimes may not only
and the murder of Carol Stuart. So all the information that I got in these stories I got from two articles. One was written for Boston magazine by Guy named David. J cried check, I believe, is the Will you pronounces last name and the other is, was written by Roberta Scalia for Boston dot com and they were both of them are just full of information and I'm you know, there's lots of poles. boats and big chunks of just their writing. Such they, they put it together really nicely and concisely. So it's the night of October 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine and a twenty nine year old, Chuck Stewart thirty year old wife Carol are driving home in their Toyota Cressida from a birthing class at Brigham and women's hospital. Carol, seven months pregnant with their first child at eight.
forty three p m: the state police dispatcher game. Gary Maclaughlan gets a phone call from trucks its car phone? And he says my wife's been shot. I've been shot, so the dispatcher asks, if carols, breathing and Chuck says I just hear gurgling and then basically, for the next thirteen minutes this- badger tries to get chuck tissue. Where he City and Chuck is saying. I can see a busy streets ahead of me. I can't I'm in so much pain, I'm in the guy's going to look at treat sire. This were true, fine, you and the guys just screaming and going crazy. Does you listen to her? No, but they had- and I have a picture of one of the newspaper headlines like a was a front page article and they have would you call that transcript the transcript of it,
as the beginning of the arts, and it's just the guy going Chuck look up. For me. Tell me what street your on. Like anything, takes thirteen minutes holy shit, and the guy assumes this guy is in shock, so he sounds Lucy speaking in a lucid where but he's he's in shock and he's been shot in in the gut frankly, so when police finally do find them. The car is at the corner, Sate ELF, Saint Alfonso Street and hoard in way. Horridum way they're, so they're just blocks from the that hospital where they were taking their wound class now. This is so so fucked up, so the paramedics get there and they have a camera crew from the shown rescue, nine one, one, no riding along with them. No, yes, so they all get out of the ambulance and start working on these guys in the car and theirs and basic
there's footage of cheese, other cries, yeah and watched the shit out of that shows a kid yeah I dont it actually I don't know if it made it onto the railways, but the pictures like this there's payers from that. So there is full. There is footage, I don't know where it ended up living there. Those Carol pregnant, with a gaping wound, being cut from her seat and laid onto a structure as the anti is pressing her chest and trying to get a heartbeat going only got so. they rush her back to bring him in women's hospital doctors they have, You take the baby out it's so it's only under four pounds. They put the baby on life support, oh my god, Chuck is taken to Boston City Hospital. This isn't this area of Boston where there's it truly like,
hospitals everywhere amateur one's going to school and gently learnin and gets all kinds of colleges and all kinds of hospitals. So Chuck goes to Boston City and he and he then undergoes six hours of surgery on his bout, bowel, gallbladder and liver. Any substantial damage, but in its end, is in critical condition, but he survives on four. Not we Carol, does not she's at three p m on October twenty fourth, nineteen, eighty nine so. For days later, on October, Twenty AIDS carols buried in Medford Massachusetts, which was the town. We are worried that area we ran his that's why she was from honey. More than eight hundred people, including Boston Mare, re, flan, governor Dukakis and car all Bernard LA attend, her funeral and Chuck is still in the hospital, but he manages to write a eulogy for his wife funeral and it is red
family friends, and this is what you read good night, Sir it wife. My love is called you to his hands, not to take you away from me or the happiness and gladness. You brought to me to bring you away from the cruelty and the violence that feels this world. He said that for us to truly believe we snow that his will was done There is some right in the meanest of acts in our souls. We must forgive the sinner because he would too he but lady I shall be more empty without you, as will the lives of your family and friends. You have brought join kindness to every life you ve touched, and now you keep away from me. I will never again no the feeling of your hand and mine, but I always feel you I miss you and I love you, your husband shock. I want a crying bitterly saddened, emotional, but I'm scared. He did it. I feel not ready to cry about that yeah. I would soon a neutral plague rate for now. That's what I, but I don't want to ruin it, for you know, that's ok. I feel like this
the pattern of the feasting s room. That's a rise of Ireland. I like do, I feel for him and cry or do a cat, Can I point out why I think your instincts are telling you a dry those eyes, because the line in our souls we must forgive this sinner has he would to just just something ayatollahs I'd like to go in and allow events to have hate and saw for whoever kills me one for the rest of his life, and are you nuts fine here, because one we're so quick to forgive Rayner? like this is still the funeral. Let's get, but let's get past this everyone. Yet, let's give it a year, ok to trucks, brothers ACT as Paul bearers carrying carols casket during the services and then on November. Ninth: seventy at seventeen days old there
baby dies of respiratory earlier said to us, so the one when the police talk to Charles Stuart, he tells them get ready. Carryin Boston, nineteen, eighty nine. You got a caravan bro a man with a raspy voice invade their car that he said the man took cash, the car keys jury and most Gucci bag before he left his. He started saying he thought the chuck was five though he thought the plane, cuz clothes cop, and then he shot both of them. Jesus and Chuck said that on the first shot he ducked and that's why the first bullet hit him in the abdomen and the second shot hit Carol in the head, killing her and ultimately the unborn baby. So when all of this hits the newspapers the next day, the city it goes into early if you're the Boston, Harold, runs a headline that says quote a terrible night with these. Here. Picture where
and it's a really disturbing picture Carol slumped toward the driver's seat, her hair. Her face. Her mouth is open there blood on while Charles, whose in the driver's seat is his sure, as blood it's ripped open, he's grimacing and it looks like he's fighting to get out of the car it's a house that has it's fucking painting hurry its headline news and because this was the height of the crack epidemic in America right so all black neighborhoods pretty much. In, like you know, or major urban areas were just overrun with violence and crime because of the cap. Crack epidemic And then, on top of that, this rescue nine when one footage and pictures like this really made it real and businesslike,
this random, random, shooting this random crime and here at an exit, women, a pregnant woman, Hoppa leaving their birth and clearer what hours lack the ultimate and innocent right around the ultimate in whiteness these re people and here is where it's ok for your racism to exist. A hundred percent just underlines the story so in David Courage Ex article he says quote, but with a black perpetrator and white victims, it fit com, Billy into this nations, deep rooted prejudices about race and cry in Boston White paranoia was running high as the crack of a Democrat intensified, violent crime and black neighborhoods like Roxbury, but it was long before an ugly racist, murmur underscored, White Boston. Empathy for the steward mare Re Flynn seem to sanction that attitude. When he pledged to quote at the animals responsible yeah in the fucking press within
is. There are calls by law makers to reinstate the death penalty is a frank, the Lahti, a former Massachusetts attorney general, who is right for governor, told the press quote: I'd pull the switch myself aware and, along with those incendiary statements, the press was comparing the Stuarts the Kennedys with the Boston, Harold running an article about their lives. With the headline quote: dream of Camelot MIKE the eyes she was really beautiful. The end he what they were really successful. They lived in a really nice part of town, and this was that kind of thing where they symbolise like the up and coming white couple re. So basically, Charles Short, Junior and Carol d me ADI Stuart met. Nineteen eighty there are both working at a restaurant in review, which is
checks hometown career? I would not have I don't. Wanna that's fell, but I would have not probably said that I'm giving it the accent, I'm giving it the Revere accent Revere. They say Riviera, I think you know a year. Did you see it? The boxer, the fighter yeah yeah, that Mr Bill saga that I think that a Brasilia Revere okay, so Carol is from Medford, as I say so is the black Dalia. By the way? Oh, that's right and so, she graduated from Boston College than she went to Suffolk LAW, school and graduated from there. The two of them got married in nineteen, five and Sheikh went on to a lucrative careers attacks attorney and shook is becomes the manager of a first salon on new, very serious. He makes six figures a year,
the manager of a first law. I mean people like their fur from its I covered and right now, and I didn't you naps painting Maria seriously, if you look at me by the hand of the looks like I'm the manager of a first along his word, mine's volunteer right, ok, so they live and were now they dont Livin Review. I want them to they live in, it looks it is spelled reading, but I bet it's ready. Bull shit like that, like you said, the neighbors were later quoted in the paper to say that they remembered the couple quote lingering over a good bye, kiss each work, darning she'd had no idea. She married a monster. He has, however, is remaining of the What's the Bay area, one recently Scott Petersen up here so yeah he Petersen exactly cause they're, both pregnant can't, okay, so checks car keys from
They turn up in a mission in the Miss Mission Hill projects. Roxbury, weird and police. Add a hundred extra officers to go start kicking indoors and randomly frisking young black men looking for where the quote black man, what the raspy voice and the black sweatsuit with a red stripe. Now you can't do that they do an city cancer David's Congress was quoted as saying quote, you can't help but wonder if what you're watching is a class situation that it's all right for the poor too, put an enormous amount of shootings and killings. But presumably, if your way up and suburban? Maybe that changes things that sad and Leslie Harris a public defender familiar with the case quoted in the Boston Globus saying quote: the police
kept telling the kids that they'd have to come to take a ride with them. The way they intimidated these kids into making statements, some head should rule and they really to do that too. Because to me after the shooting a fifteen year old boy ends up telling police that his uncle Willie Bennet had Brown. That he was the killer, the boy immediately recanted, but the these didn't care because they already had the name and they thirty nine year old, Willie Bennet was the perfect aspect He spent most of his adult life in jail any at along RAP Sheet, the instances of violent crime, including he wants to a cop with a shotgun and nineteen eighty one, so it was was open and shut right there on over Eleventh Boston, Harold gets the scoop and they print that Willie Bennet is a prime specify, suspect and then in Norfolk prosecutor named Louis seventeen. He calls Bennet,
a mad dog running a mark in the press on December, twenty Eightth Chuck, Stuart, picks, Bennet out of a police lineup, and when He did they say that he had a strong physical reaction when he saw Willie Benninschein up here, so it like everyone's like we have. Our man in this case is solved until the twist on January. Third. Ninety ninety Juxta twenty three year old brother Matthew contacts the DNA and ask for a meeting at meeting. He confessed to a shocking secret turns out. The murder was not a black man in a black sweatsuit with raspy voice, carols and her unborn child had been shot in cold blood, none other than the grieving husband himself chuck
I can start do this. Twenty dear oh brother comes forward is like and listen to this shit. Oh, my god tell me everything. He says that brother asked him to drive by the scene and take the person that I've and the jewelry in it and then go drive. The drive and throw the purse with all that evidence in it off the dizzy bridge and enter the pines River and his brother paid him. Ten thousand dollars to do that and so basically and he said he didn't know that Chuck was going to shoot Carol. He just and agreed to come by and do this thing for ten thousand dollars and had she Artie been shot when he did a year, he must have caused. He was getting rid of the gun right, but
Matthew said he didn't know that that was the plan. He was just there and then was given this back only if, but wasn't there here what happened, he kept it yeah so, but he basically eat you, so I've got a video of his an interrogation or confession. Oh, I don't know. I wanna watch there's pictures of Hammond paper. So basically he then kind of talk to the press. After that, the hearing her fucking casket yeah, that's enough. I was going to read his as I know. No humanist, brother, who he confessed to two days later. Their older brother, Michael. He He told her that this was actually a murder and then they went and carried her casket at her funeral. Knowing the truth, oh, I want to see photos them carry lukashka, yeah! There's you can find all of that. That's the craziest thing about this entire crime, as it was so much
Turkey, Leslie and insanely covered in them and in the payment area that, like every moment of this crime, is in the end have you says that he finally came forward when he realized Charles, had fingered Willie Bennet for the crime and that he knew an innocent man was going to go to jail for the murder that his brother had committed and a year later, Matthew Stewart was found guilty of obstruction of justice and insurance rod. So he did time for this for being a part of baby, easily, aiding and abetting okay. So now fucking dna and the authorities know that it's actually Chuck steward. It's it's like the hardest one. Eighty all those people who are like hell bent on this door, I'm that that day two fucking, given that they have to turn it around. So there's a city wide man Hunt for Chuck, Stuart and it turned now that he had checked in at the Sheridan and brain tree in.
two thirty one and on nine January third Hee hee calls down the front desks and asked for a four thirty: am wake up? Call? Oh no end Sunrise on January. Fourth, ninety ninety commuters, report and unoccupied Nissan Maxima is on the lower deck of the Tobin Bridge, its chuck, sure, it's new car that he had bought with the issue. it's my life insurance pay out of carols life insurance. Authorities find a note on the front seat. Stewart wrote that said, quote life, has been nothing but a battle for the last four months. Oh you poor fucking, baby. Whatever this new accusation is, it has beaten me. I've been sapped of my strength, so he doesn't to it he hasn't in minute. He acts like he's been pushed to this year because of this accusation were his brother told the truth
then Chuck Stuart jumped to his death from the Tobin Bridge into the mystic River. Did he fake it? He really did people saw him He pulled the body out they come, did they pull a body that was my Naples, his learning our age at our house, I yelled the so often. How am I never heard of that, as you know, is not crazy. I remember seeing this story when I was like in my early twenties and turned the way they set up turn was so perfect because they make you get racist may make Diego get him. Yes, yeah you see like Willie Bennet was brought into they Adam end in court. For the charges and he's sitting there like in his you, no jail laws
he's kind of that his hand on his head and it is like it in. But of course, when you look at that through the eyes of summary for all of this information, it's like there's the monster that killed those poor people stories like this make you have make you check and re, evaluate what you believe the media tells you and yet in the biased, as you have once you see that breathing is a story. That's portrayed a certain way. Yes, that you know me. Not even be close to the truth, yeah and
it's the implicit, biased thing where, as a white person, you are reading the news in a way where you dont have em in a year have automatic empathy for angle of color somebody that's different from you that might be seeing this from a totally different or the minute you hear that they were crack or that the money you hear that there are sex worker or that they lived in the project ration Hill deserve as much on Bothy as you D or they deserve. Things have happened to them when yearly. These are all things that have been thrown at assume cleaning, the quote cracker epidemic, which you look into it. It was a systematic way to make black people. Let you know less powerful to adapt them to drugs may send them to jail gladly as it I mean. I can look it up man I know. Oh, I mean- and here's thing to you know with these- are stories these kinds of stories, I think We avoid a lot of the time because its gross injustice gross racism. We don't want to fuck it up here. We don't want to tell the story wrong. We don't want to get the information wrong order but I think the way everything
happening this country right now. It's part of that saying of people just dropping the a king storyline that you're holding onto that you're innocent arrayed in do anything or yours, Asia, because you live in a good neighbourhood and you don't live in another, but somehow yearn immune to things, because you know, but that, basically, that you should be immune to it than that these kind of crimes that kind of crime is okay. If it's happening in that bad clinical Brad part of down it's not your problem is happening over there, but if it comes into your part of town than than you know Everyone should go crazily. So it's it's obviously a huge huge issue and the justice system in this country, It's a huge issue. When we talk about it four PETE black people for happening native. Americans, I mean it's. Sex workers, olive S, just the everywhere treated differently if you're different than this
a square and if your marginalizing you're not empowered, and you don't have a fucking money, as we all know, we need to look into. Why were why those things are happening and why people don't have money and why people are addicted to crack and have to sell crack and have to going to sex work or are about to go to sex work, of course, but and also kind of more immediately? We have to stop privatized prisons here the people make money for arresting disenfranchise people who have no support, no money and no representation, and then those people are lost in the system and peace. Make money, offer that that should not happen, and it's the same thing over. Why, when one person a color or go to prison for selling a certain amount of a small amount of we'd at another fuckin A person will talk about the soaps and emotions at this hour that an end their we'd Brownie Party hasn't shit and its fine and his alpha. It's not ok. It's not! Ok, and I think these days, that's all coming to the surface
People's voices are being raised, who need to be heard and need to be listened to or where all learning about this as like some bourbon way gals of a certain age. We We are now coming to understanding about this in a way that we just didn't know before. Didn't ever understand. Didn't have to have empathy for before, because it simply wasn't in our lives Ok, so so seventy three days after the shooting all of this news breaks. Every limb uneasy are equal. Does he immediately like how quickly more they find out to when he jumped off the bridge. It's like a day and the Boston Globe has a headline. It reads from night air to reality as city is reeling so its continuing to play out in the press, Mr Flynn calls the case quote a giant fraud on this city. The police and the press enter
for all blame each other and lots of people claim, after the fact that they were sceptical, skeptical of chalk store all along but of whereas there is very little evidence of that especially since all of it was in the process of every moment of had your chance to be sceptical, and none of people were sceptical in the least they not alone skeptical. He was fucking John F Kennedy, a break the New York Times wrote on January six. Ninety ninety quote a vicious round of finger pointing began here today as prosecutors, the police and the news media and tracing the trail of faulty assumptions, disregarded suspicions, blunders and perhaps even lies that put the wrong man at the centre of one of the most highly publicized and emotionally charged murder cases in this city's histories. Us end quote Mr Flynn went to the Bennet home to apologize to Willie Bennet in his family, telling says been, that quote what has taken place has been very unfortunate,
and then we ll Fortune Morgiana, not at all the Bennet family later said that Mary Flynn only stayed a couple of minutes and wouldn't sit down one offered thanks for the fucking extension of yours, soon NEWS of Charles Stewards activities in the its before and after the murder, spilling out of the shadows just days before he turned to his death here then Peabody buying jewelry for his secret younger girlfriend. Ah, there's also story, he was angry but having a baby would cut carols paycheck, lights from the family coffers, so Charles Stuart murdered his wife and baby and took a two thousand dollars for for all that trouble had full surgery and then ends up three months later, killing himself and
in September twenty eleven, ask your Stuart. His younger brother died from drug overdose in Cambridge Homeless, shelter. She is obviously his life was entirely destroyed by the entire thing. Finish with this full quote from David J Cry Cry: Jack's article, I'm sorry, I know and pronouncing that wrong quote Never its genesis. The crime picked from open Austin the crime picked Open, Boston, racial scab, thirteen years after the bussing riots and stay, they form and famous photo of white teenager using oh glorious, Lance against TED, Landmark, a black man. When stewards deceptions were exposed, the globe called him. A world class con man, but he really was in prisons- are full of spouse killers after all, but but the police and the public enabled store with their eagerness to accept his story, Michael Curry.
Then of the Boston, Andella C p is not sure that the case would play out any differently today. Quote It still has relevance. We still live every day with a preconceived notions of black and brown boys, as quote potential criminals. So played on those prejudices. He said to himself if I had to accuse somebody of a crime who- accuse, and where would it be a black man? Roxbury Dorchester MAD a pan, he Everyone would believe him, and you know what he was re she says and that The story of the murder of Carol Stuart, wholly fucking share. Isn't that sucks? Oh My god dude I mean Willie. Bennett was a dead man. He was gone like it that he is going to go to prison for the rest, he was going to be killed and I was in bright. They wanted to reinstate the death penalty.
The fact that I feel it so fucked up the brother is also a tragic fucking character in it I mean. Does he did the right thing? That's I'm surprised you didn't get immunity for testify against his brother, but they wouldn't matter to women off the table it up and maybe maybe there was going to, but because it was in a trial they need to give someone rate get someone yeah an Vicki. I you know those cops for like get somebody somebody how you do something to somebody. Immunity probably became the off the table wines. And I bet you he didn't- they didn't seem like me- his brother had money, but they in the pictures, where he's pointing to things and stuff. It's not like. They seem like this rich family, her if he didn't have a good lawyer that wasn't going to happen, and you can't reward a person for aiding and abetting a crime. I mean I totally get that and I'd still holy shit miles, allows barked prefab great, I'm telling you I mean was. As I was reading an eye. I went back and forth
back and forth. It's like, I don't I dont want to continually ignore those stories. Data We seem to be like they may. They seem to be prompt, problematic in and of them, so yeah, but they do need to get talked about here and there. The stories that leg, I think we try to do. The outer edges of these are the crazy ends of the crazy crime stories, but these are actually just a tragic standard. You know yeah injustice based type of stories yeah, and if you want to, I feel like that, a crime academic I mean the crack epidemic thing is like little look in the white look at the way this opiate epidemic is being handled which mainly white people. Bert verses away. The crack epidemic was handle yes and you'll, see how they have a difference. You're a It had, depending on your raise sunrise, people are going to prison for dealing opium
its people are getting into rehab and being constantly treated with kid gloves for the opium crisis, which is awful? I completely agree, but Yet there was never an article in like the New York Times about how do we help these people with it? Canada and right dynamic. It was just like them to really look at these crack addicted pizza d, a perfect dehumanizing to all right and everybody felt most most people, white people for or just thought that story again gambling with great job thing. You should feature of lichen hurry yeah next time. I know mine, just keep touching my broken? My broken up stuck in the new season or shuts Creek has come out your baby. My baby, I watched it. I accidentally woke up at five thirty, which I do sometimes God and then I remembered that it had come out and I watched it. I think I watched all of it, at least
almost all of it before work, and then I came home. I finished it and it's just as beautiful and hilarious and great as it was last time, even more so in it's just if you haven't gotten into shits Craig in the little diamond waiting for you, I'm excited towards Annette angle that its waiting there for me, oh and I gotta sweatshirt, do you Have you arched it? No, ok, when theirs There is a family store that they open low income, artists, maturity, roses park, apothecary and I got sent a sweater and I was so excited you weren't and I want people erect like to call it out no act because it just turned cold like yesterday, that stir and quietly by like seventy two years later, light when kicked up yesterday, I had a so my fucking ray. I woke up the other day later: Late in the morning like I do add- and I had this and I did the hall- I gotta wake up earlier and get more shut down, and I had this if any of that,
like one at a time and effort. I'm consistently work like a six, a good six, considering my life, I'm pretty well, but But my new thing is that I want to just put one extra point of effort into my life. Had I not made a kind of all seem doable yeah in this, like all you have to do is walk for have likewise. What is the one point of effort more than what you're doing right now, less don't start drinking at five start drinking at a like. Take tonight off or yeah go for a walk. Is that one point of extra effort, dont flake today on this thing? It's like that's got so I've been doing that and I'm I'm thinking that might help some people too, because I'm always like you have to be attained. If you're not a ten year, not bucking gonna eat, that's the that's. The trick of perfection is right is if you're not perfect, fuckin right, which is that which is deadly here. You know. What's so funny, it's very true because,
but since I started swimming and it was very difficult for me. I am not able to brag about use. Limiting is as an extra two points you get another earned once you do that re fold in this effort than all that the rest of the day like the hardest thing about writing in a room is that there are literally a table eldest all the good stuff from trade urges that just sits behind me all day, my telling the glare of the world, There is every type of ship like we have there's just ship station. The Us- and I am glad I M so glad of relatively writer- it's because you get it there thinking and while you're thinking you can't make him anything, see each hollowly or like there's just like a big this new quote Cheryl Bag Amendment aims, there's all kinds of things. My thing is, I did I already, I think it makes me feel really good. Now, I'm just gonna like
drink some tea and try to graze. Let's get you because you don't wanna you don't want to. I am also earn like diameters. Yet do you d sabotage de sabotage Manning ever so that's Jaso! I look at it and it's like I don't ever have to be a ten me as a six or seven has done If I can get in her life Levin, I have again how we live forget half or one point of effort, more we're how greatly exactly what I'm gonna. Do that that's great. I don't owe to call it yet, but one point or one point more one point extra extra effort. One point of extra falls out her tongue. Just they just don't balls, they dispersed operator it's perfect, so I think that's great also cause you know, I believe the Japanese have a thing called Kazan, and that's just small improvements daily and its essentially like you'd like it's exactly what you're saying, which is you
have to be the perfect yeah consummate housewife. Just do the dishes they like real time. That's my think. My dad all growing up my dad will always go clean as you go clean as you go and I never do I just let things Pilar yeah, lately I've been cleaning as I go beyond us about their lives. Let's cleaner lives as we go, it's clean as we go into feels better. Also, new season. Someone or something is willing. I also if your second listening about murder all the time, but you still have true crime in which I listened with Vince. Now, because he doesn't like murder, but here we are listening to last seen. Podcast cast an
so found in Boston, seen as sea and asked seen s he in like allows am, I saw something: laughing is upon Castra Boston Globe about the twenty eight year. Unsolved art heist of Boston labelling, Stuart Gardiner, is am yeah, looking good and its true hand, but it's not murder, which is great. I think I looked that story, that's how I found it when we're in town we're like what murder can. I see the cabal these crimes yet, and I found last seen and unlike that one's great, I thought they were dressed like cops. Did they broken armies in addressing cops, there's some great characters in a fuckin, highly recommended vodkas? That's sounds really guy and, of course, someone or something which is immediately making me cry. A hosted by heart. Canadian lumberjack without
with the asian region, with the great, with just a great voice, great cadence and he's gonna, be there with Molly discovers thing. The here he's great nieces and I love it. Oh, not up we're not getting paid. Even now David, you ass money David. We fully support you, and also can I just say this- and this is from this- is left over a long ago, but at the London show that we did in May. so long ago now I did Jack the ripper and had kind of an emotional meltdown. While I had it didn't really realize what a bad idea that what was great it was fine, but it was one of those that it was just a bad feeling area than it was, but it was a great show. Em, we met great people at that meeting. Great was epoch. Every garrison we met at the London Mean Great was one more fascinating character. That's where the Italians were oh yeah and all kinds, people away a woman, and I'm sorry don't have your name.
The recommended the book to me there. I'll love Jack, and it is the best I've been listening to an audio books. Sense she recommended cause, is so dense and it's the guy got up. Can you look I've seen sorry they don't they all of Jack? It's the jack, the ripper written by the guy, who- the movie with now, and I dare burly movie its some eighties like cult movie, and it is one of my favorite movies of all time. It's about factors that are totally on drugs that try to leave London just get out into the country for the weekend in its beyond hilarious. So Bruce Robinson, Bruce Robinson, as the writer of the movie with I and he is written this. Scathing exposing about ripper allergy and bull shit that has been put out and what the truth?
like them generally. River was, and I have been listening to it on and off because it so dense and the writing is so good like he will. quote somebody, and he says like it's, some he's somebody that's telling a lie and cover something up, and so he does the thing and he writes blah blah blah say. The guy's name is dance. Math figures, Global Halloa, Dan Psmith Shit Mouth, like its writing, like that, where I keep going back and re listening to whole chunks cause the writing on believing it is. Are we just having a conversation? Re now over pints cause he's beings. He is such a bitch about like how basically over the years, which has been taken, the line that have been put out and just gone asthmatic and and this adding on and adding on bullshit language following fucking candy boys in total hulloaing candy poisoning situation. Meanwhile Bruce Robinson goes in and does the research and is like it's
lately alviella what the situation is. I highly cardigan. They are of Jack occur by Bruce Robinson recommend you do it on audio, because I that reads the audio book is so talented and does goes in and out in and out of voices, it's right and anyway, thank you to the person. Please email, if you are the person who recommended that book to me, so I can say her name, because it was with such a great recommendation, but it's a kind of thing that, like a year later, I'm like- I finally read it. I can listen to. I get a lot of really good recommendations and gifts, yeah and everything in life. Yes, life, I'm tweeted us what year Wet Year, one point extra would be
Oh no, you may be re. Like my word extra, isn't I will do the dishes as they come sure like I'm, not that's outline of the example, an example a clean as you go or will yet whenever Turkey more hot tea, remember tee, is a medicine, beer and add some vodka. If you're me Jesus, I think an alcoholic drink up early night also, if you have anything to a hot drink, don't but I feel like I don't know why you keep saying that Rome, maybe CUP Malibu, cocoanut wrong, we're not us not getting paid by them for each and things are listening things as the overturning of so much about you guys. Oil ducking understand how much should be even worse and I and the mining names that we can't remember all the stuff. I mean we always need you do that that's kind of standard. I now don't even attempt to look things up, I'm just like it just kind of look over my shoulder anxiety. I spoke of land listening. You guys are the but unless you guys really
so many great things are happening in our lives. We get. We say this all the time to at the live shows, but here we to you guys to at home, would don't go to live, shows and maybe I'll even interested. We I feel very, very grateful for all the things that we have because of the way that they show exploded Super nuts Our lives are nuts because of area, but in the best possible way. We're just very grateful, and thank were grateful that you guys are found each other and started this community and we just get to be peripherally part of it and enjoy it in and hear stories about air stories and see you guys make connections and raise money for good causes, and you know find yourselves and go to therapy in get tat to fool tat. I can already and get and have our that gets made worse. Lucky to be part of it, we really appreciate it and it's very cold to be part of the podcast cast. The future, which is part casting a ruin knows. Everyone knows and lesson
sexy and don't get murdered by us want to cook
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