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146 - Dawna’s Skinny Lighter

2018-11-08 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the case of Randy Mock and the Seattle Cyanide Poisonings.

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This is exactly right. Oh my god. I welcome welcome to the not my version of my murder the vodka, let's caring Kilgour and that's Georgia, hearts turk- and here we are in the pot, laughed once again Ray. It's only been four year so dusty, dusty there's. You can't hear everywhere our kicking either spiders amid swayed writer webs out of cat here. A little here we haven't been here and so line new away than were finishing up are far tour. This began last too early
two shows for the fall toward Lana and assets, re very excited and were already fucking planning and into the winter tour. How are we alive? Rigid? We're, not we're not. This is all post. This is most existent thou Elamite. So fine and interests x ray it's not mad, they start excited, it's pretty great are tickets for. Are we tour has sorry Diane sail for the fan called there about to go in public sale soon there selling out super fast so make sure you check out what's going on and my favorite murdered our comments and for the email list, because there some surprises coming up to say I want to be on. On top of that, then, so far for all the little the buying of tickets, it's gonna be a really fun tour rate at just keep in mind, first of all, its best, if you aren't, belong to the fact called because then you know what's going on and you the insider advantages, just as a recommendation for me personally in the
I called was a way to get people who got really pissed off in a time of tickets sold out so quickly away to get first access to them. So it's not a fact we're just trying to make sure that aid scalpers arm buying them all up and be the people who really really want them can have the best chance of getting them, which are things we can control right. For all of these things, it really does seem like there's people that keep showing up that don't understand that these tickets allowed in one minute, so the Fancourt gets the first chunk of pre sale than the precept gets a chunk of Brazil. Then the general public that public at the last little bit of sales. Yet so there's different waves of of cell cells in it and were also may begin, add shows here and there so keep an eye out and are in there. Now I mean our religion as babblers them lying sap haggle answered the complaining, Hawaii Thou man, if you can give it a go anywhere else, get your fuckin ass on vacation mode to Hawaii was at all that business. That's all that. I think this into this fucking
so we ve were I'll, speak myself I'm very tired. We had quite week. Last week we had an amazing Gruber shows in the Bay area. Lots of my family and friends were there, which was very, very exciting to see everybody then we came home and then we had our Halloween show at the Microsoft Theatre for seven thousand people, which was incredible, pretty awesome and huge, and back again, ah Serbia, and then, on Friday we hosted. The winter gala for PEN America, which is a non profit organization that supports the literary arts and free speech and basically make sure that people who write and make who write writers make movies, do whatever unmolested journalists are protected and that free speech is protected, which is like not now now,
whenever right so George I had to host this thing. I dont know isn't a thing: it was a gala, it was a girl. Like you know, all I want to do in my life is get dressed up and go to gallows, and you really did your dress was. I think you think you rent the runway, otherwise I never would have been able to afford that was really cool and looked old fashioned tank soldiers. Now I looked like which labour it wasn't. I thought the Gaza was three months away, so I had I had a dress. I wanted to wear hanging on my closet door that I was like. I'm gonna get. There live miser, iming, routine and my other ways that I'm being reasonable these days and then it was like none. Another gala is on Friday and I was like what the fuck, so we to turn around and hostess Gala, which was very intimidating and whatever else on the heels of everything else. A lot and by it when great it was such the people or the coolest mad call a lot of people that work for pen, America that were so nice
and then there was just a cavalcade of of literary luminaries and stars in this audience one of which and my the thing I was the most excited about is the legendary actress. I'll free wondered presented, actor, Barry Jenkins, who is the Oscar winning director from online? He has a new movie coming out and she awarded she presented his ward. He wanted a word that night, I believe some are for directing, and so I, Georgia. Let me skip in front of her cause. We were doing switching off introducing people and so that in itself reward and when she came upon stage, she gave me that, like she amidst scrunched, no smile and said you're doing so good, and so I walked away very emotionally overwhelmed by that, and then she introduces very Jenkins and then she comes off stage while he accepts as world and It gives me another sweet smile. That's like this really small
area backstage here and she, it's down, and then I lean over her and say Europe
again and then I burst into tears. Members in care and so nourisher neighbour is longer bore and she could not have been more sweet and lovely, but I think I scarcely a little thing and then this is like: let's take a photo or something rise, so the three of us get up to go, take up, there's like a photo area and settling Karen's nowhere to be found, and she enough returns to Ngos which she go. I look around me and I go. Oh, you made her cry kerins around the corner backs test, but I could just see I'm trying to get it to gather, holding folded up cocktail napkins under my eyes, going you're not allowed to cry right now, but it was that thing of leg. I think it was this soon army of that whole week we can endorse. Her speech was gorgeous. It was just a very emotional was very but I lost I lost it, and then she had that look on her face. It was like I have to get this small can hide space around this lady, but it was thanks again to pen America for having, as those we
best time, and it was supercool, ok and another is gonna, get on that email less that I just talked about. If you just gotta make ever murdered, our common will show you how to get on there. We have a lot of really cool stuff coming up with are pike ass network that is getting up and running real, soon be exactly right, network, its rights, and we have a mention in March at the website, a lot of really fun, sweat, pants and comfy clothes and pet staff, and T shirts and fun new sayings and were also coming out with a holiday line soon by there's just a lotta new stuff coming up all the time on their so make sure to keep an eye on that year and will be talking about the network. More were. Wool will be running some trailers for you teasing. This shows that we have on, and we have some really exciting announcement of the people who are going to be having a podcast on our new podcast hours really were excited to be telling you about themselves. Determined will be, don't worry, we'll inundate you with information were also its being at the door when
hundreds of we're playing the grand old opera The fact that this conversation more just like there is not one thread bore bull talking about different things. Every time what have we had to be found as ever invented that we can be in the room again. There are nonetheless recording outside of the conversation and seven as the just stitch them together, but he's doing a really bad job. That's Georgia. I agree, love cookies and K. Yes, yes, March, Ok, then, let me join it altogether and read you. This email bouquets, laugh in my ok great. I have one workings of housekeeping, so they can regulate. You click the other last he's at housekeeping is that has been as that. Where now you can now find us ad free on sticker, if you should Sophia like it yeah, so you can hear ad free episodes at and my dear
just fall down by just like it's a somersault behind you in a most silent, comedic way. That was really delightful. Brother, daddy! You can hear agri episodes of my favorite murder every week they come at the same time. The episodes go up so laboriously against it your premium and you can get free month of sticker premium at sticker premium dot com in use the promo code murder. So you can just in case you know, adds yet there's people that pay for their pod cast hosting so that it doesn't take up a bunch of by and gigabytes write, another reason because it I'm memory by thy or computer. So if that's the thing or you're just rich or you hate adds, there's all these reasons, but look into such a premium, because it's a good way to have some ad free podcast enjoy machine right. So here's an email, Stephen pulled for us and the subject liners episode, one o five and it says hello, a friend of mine had just listen to episode. Wanna five about your review of the Netflix movie. Murder on the case
and the Crystal Worthington murder. She told me to check it out. I never heard of your show, so I looked it up and listen to it this morning. I put in time in the movie, might
in the movie, Michael Una, jacket, is emailing since the actor playing jacket jacket. I thought your description in the review of the movie was totally accurate and so is the breakdown you provided for the actual murder case. I have lived and worked in the area. My whole life- and I remember the events pretty well, I'm not an actor and never claimed one exclamation point. I have been a welder by trade for twenty years. Oh my god, I'm sweating and I work all over the cave one file. Saturday. Twenty fourteen, I happened to be working on a job in province down and one of the producers, for that movie saw me working and begged me to go to another less like a jury during those able it's like the beginning of a dirty Hollywood poor. I was sceptic
of course, but I went anyway a few months later. They called me back and told me. I have the part of my one, so I was just in the right place at the right time. It was fun and I learned a lot and I'm glad I did it keep up the good work best regards job. Here's that US part Josh, underneath his name like a business man has the name of the regulation and welding company that he clearly owns and works for it in Russia, restore Walter His name's shawls Josh Walter and he works at Walter Fabrication and welding first or Massachusetts. May the idea that he wasn't an actor did. I wish I'd know that she, Delaware resoundingly you gotta. Listen to this end, the Polish Josh. I can't remember what I said. I hope my words. You critical
did enjoy watching murder on the cape for what it was. This package has reach, and it's weird and a doll is just so weird. It really is weird because its lake it'll be like six months later when we recorded it, so its permanent totally don't talk too much ed. Ladies and gentlemen, lady, the Lady guarantee Georgia, but I just
it was about enhancing director who just driving rambling like that land. I want him in my office tomorrow, so sick of fuckin, all the like actual actors that are coming in from the local theatre. Trying to talk like that. You think we're just won a normal person like a welder. Something hey, yes, look attack, I with the rat eyebrows. He looks like a jacket. Legs data be averted. Jagger, he could be a jacket, he could be. An onion sea can be a whole astray and every man is just a noun last name based every man. You know that we love that here on my favorite noun late now, ass name, my favorite, now man. Well, at the end of business, as we know will recognise that I am This'Ll. Concludes a business, not gas portion of this five gas. I feel like I'm going to say this episode for myself anyway and has the most slow together I feel for the fact
we just having done normal broadcasting zayigo long, but your story, you mean yes for sure, pre, I'm pre warning you about my story, but then also its at things like. We ve been doing so many other things. This is a thing we actually do. You haven't done it and so love. My favorite part forgot how it works. Yes, I don't remember what how it work since, if I don't think I remember being, does Boring ITALY or a little bit funnier, usually usually they. I myself know listen criticism? Taken, luck, listen! We unless we usually give ourselves a little more, but it's like. I feel it because we haven't taken by businesses along it. Just like
there would be around this motion has been telling us that we need to do this. This person there, so we had to get other shut out here. Listen while we want to do is hockey goes about murder. Look all we want to do is sit at crooked and talk stranger at you and Stephen Stephen really is the one. That's cracking the whip on us, an I'm fucking sick of it, because everybody thinks he's so nice and dress up like a dinosaur and how that is and takes up issues of everybody, and that's all true. Yes, anyhow, we I'm like a dinosaur day and night in the corner. Right now in act, I happen to know is that universal studios that drinking calling you outside the EU, I was I was. I got ready this morning and sounds like a dilatory for myself. For I come home. Ok really have to go over step by step. You can't see the problems. You can't run instagram because winds are. They was like
drinking beer. Margarita is calling for able absolutely monitor your shit to refer was a birthday gift that you guys gave threw away to throw it. In our thing I wanted to show you cause: I've been going so much, it was worn out and they anymore MIKE S gift we ve ever give, and I was really really really. Something really is, as it was his idea. So what is your birthday? Sorry in April, so using their? Thank God you guys. This looks like it looks like an antique poster, Harry Potter
universal studios. Hollywood was a movie on nineteen. Thirty, that's what there's a little piece of paper like train ticket. There hasn't been a train around universal studios around here. You can't get through the brick wall, I'm trying to make a Harry Potter reference, but I'm my brain isn't going fast. They have. They have three customer service people trying to read. The numbers are like any really taking back to see who can give pinned on pursuing here I'll taking shots at this age. Related diseases are before after the drinking. I think because Holly Hornets is over. Nobody has anything to do so right now, there's all that extra holiday staff, they hired man, we're gonna, get universal studios So again, that's a cod
sponsor this stay then the other trade I'm into it here now, where do you go to? Have your beverages even do not want to give away or hang at Universal studios? I mostly describe him Adela done by the old Jurassic area. That's all clothes! You work at the bar. There adhered to get an extra job because we have had as you're gonna get tell. You said that you brown bag in a forty, have my dell and just separate by a Dutch it s about Universal studios. There's alcohol for sale everywhere. Where airborne dogs, parents, you don't have to suffer at Universal studios re. They don't want you to go in there, the tall cans to getting the that's amazing, atoll boy, you like it I can die stadia Russia Wells to the yeah. Well nigh. Yes, it is like doctors, him cause. They are like ten, but yeah yeah they're gonna make you back that's wage and beer.
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Are you sober enough to know who those first tonight caregivers? They like our? I don't drop that make you did cover the basics likes to unify. The police of paper has no place like has ever gonna ask me is TAT, so you warned us I warned you are we getting read it. An episode of ice arrived. No, it's it's sloppy or than that. If you can imagine here is this is the thing because I actually did have a couple fully written murders left over from one we're in the Bay area that I would like change my mind at the last minute area, but this is one that I have somebody recommended it's me probably a year ago and probably one we were gonna play Toronto or Montreal, maybe because it said it's, a canadian
story, but it wasn't long enough to do like it didn't feel long enough ever fiasco. It's just been sitting in this little folder resort is our fine. I feel it. I click were always trying so her to be like five or six pages and there's always involve things that sometimes are like a really cool story, and again one piece of paper right there there's a couple piece. It was a thing, I'm tired of looking at it because I like it enough to delete it out not enough to do it, so I'm just doing accurate. This is a story. Somebody and if you are the one that told me about this, would probably would have happened on Twitter, please right to Stephen, send him an email and say I'm the one eyed sentiment that someone mandala sense, even gift certificate because it is clear that universal studio vegan. Now my car-
the camera. Cowboy boy can because they amusement park beer, but it almost came out advertisement park. Beer, oh dear! I Taipei carry let's get through this and you can go about. Let's just get through this God. Dammit sign up for stick your premium like how is it is it talk three, because all sign up the area is shut. The fuck up. I can wait till you guys are fully entertainment, free, ok, since the story of the pilot Randy Mark so the articles I got this information from. Are the Edmonton Journal and Desert re news and this happened in Alberta, Canada on September, the third of nineteen. Ninety two great! So start you I'm in a back you up a little bit, but the frustrating thing as there is no information about this guy there's no its, not one of those stories. Words like he grew up here and he went to school. It's nothing like that that I could find it just
event that happened and a little bit before. So basically, in April of night, maybe nine, this guy Randy Mock, gets his private, pilots licence from the Edmonton Flying Club and the people who belong to that club. They describe him as a skilled pilot who had hopes of becoming a calmer pilot for a major airline but just three years later, all of that will Thrown out the window, airplane window, the aeroplanes window. Basically, we cut to the summer of ninety ninety two random, thirty years old and he is having
very bad time of things he that June he had been laid off as an aircraft refuel or at Sky Harbour Aviation at Edmonton, International Airport and then in August has twenty three year old, girlfriend Donna Lawrence and on us that spells her name no d w and a net honour the minute. You said how she's belgian issues as like: there's your mother, fucking down the over there and I'm fucking paid so the main donors, like one of the greatest seventies names of all times at them, when you combine it with the name dawn, which is this same narrators seventies, name of all time, it's I mean I couldn't asked for more. I mean it's another one of those imagine a baby named Dinah Donna, it's this baby Donna. How did this baby have black routes and bleach plot of their capital so that baby be smoking pre? I really feel like and drinking a fuckin watermelons Islami split, this Caprice Madonna. They, even though I have to get through today on its all any Donna. Has those small circular lighters that she keeps ITALY a pack, the very dynamic and others lighters go in the back somehow she's always that she's never on afresh back now, always like six sex cigarettes, and she is, she is done as the original person who sent a child to the store to get her cigarettes are services and the farmers will thrive.
It's all about living your fucking life right Donna. We love. You died. I love you Donna, so ok, so Donna is twenty. Three at this time, graze, drainage, Randy Mock and she breaks up with him and she moved back in with her parents. So the two of them Donna and Randy had moved in to his outside apartment. For, like forty six weeks, a kind of world windy, she moved out move back home in with their pay. Who, in Alberta at who lived at one forty nine, a avenue. At seventy second street. So that's the neighbourhood. This all takes place in, don't know it we, you might not be familiar with it, but the people of Alberta, the proud citizens of Albert our like not at one forty. Ninety avenue. That's my favorite intersection. Oh my god, that's the intersection wherein all goes downright people syrup to what not really good kit cat either. I on that corner Edith, we're
We were somewhere a we got shipped from our Vancouver share. We got shipped of all the gifts that we take home for everybody and there is a bag of candy and I go through all the crickets and scourges like there aren't any there already gone. Does we ate them all in the venue while we're standing there? Yes, Canada, police up known stuttering as gun, but they sent us really sweet, ass, Cadbury, Carmelo or Carmel one, a tray, goddamn, that's has extraordinary. Just Canada has better candy. That's all ok, so network, in the neighborhood in upper do donors also, seven months pregnant solo share. You can kind of sea that, like they're together there having this romance, she go knocked up she's like let's make it work, and then forty six weeks later, she's like his seal super later Asia, so Randy's
sitting in Randy's life is kind of the shit's hooker. As my dad The ship sheds so just after midnight on September thirty of ninety ninety two so Randy's trying to get back together, Donna and she's, just like please he calls her parents house, down his parents house. She refuses to talk to him. He tells her, so I guess, but she get he gets her on the phone enough to say in about an hour, go to your front window and look out because quote you're going to see something spectacular. No, she hangs upon him and goes to his deck as you just gotta recently there with his dick, does pointing to a second being like am. I right remember that tackle any of this thing over this. They dont forget about how she's like it's not gonna. Worry. It worked the one time I still have to deal with their right. Ok,
so she goes to bed at one hundred and thirty, four, a dot m that night Randy goes down to the Edmonton Municipal Airport, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine Cessna 150H, two seater airplane, this is pride and joy of his plan. It's vintage rate he put on his vintage aviator glasses, the leather cap round it Yeah like Limburg, he puts Lily wraps scarf round his neck, like ok, any. Basically takes Orville shit. It's one! Thirty in the morning now slash mellow and I dont do it. It's not a good idea and he heads on over the Jonah's parents house, and he begins flying back and forth directly over the house. Making these huge loops between on his parents house, and they
important, just buzz end buzzing the. How nothing says I'll be a great father. You should totally get back together with me. I'm stable and have my shit together, like that, like quick airplane buzz of your dad's house, yeah so high. Then, as is these kind of in the middle of this, he contacts the flight service station at the Edmonton International Airport. Around a little after one thirty, he indicates that he intends to crash the plan into donnas. Parents know now, unfortunately- and I imagine that the U It's over station is similar, if not the same as a control tower, but it's not the language they use, but that's what I'm guessing and no one there answers, because it's one thirty in the morning and they work from six- am till like around eighty announce it so, and he should know that cause he worked at that area airport, but so no one no one calls back or no one response to his. What isn't? Really Anne S? O s are restored, Riker, all breyer, rigour that is
it's just a maritime bad boy for an announcement so, One pass Donna, her family render their car and they drive to the Londonderry Police Station, which is only a few blocks away and now, at this point, the the the London Airy police station or the royal Canadian mounted please air called up there. For short, they know about. What's going on, because the entire neighbourhood of woken up and called the police showing how things shit there's a plane and not just doing circle, he was in the air now buzzing has so that one put any would be dipping down and cutting out the engine, and people were like easy kind of crash. Now he clipped the top of the tree. He was kind I wish in the roof of the house and in the dark, so people are shedding so he swore An dipping and buzzing right above the house is clear,
top branches of a tree. So, finally, police go into the neighbourhood and they evacuate around a hundred people only. I would have been able, as they don't know, what this fuckin I'm gonna do and they get em all to go over to the local shopping, mall parking lot for safety, and so a woman who lived in the neighborhood named Yolanda Rovera. She here too, the me she got evacuated and she was quoted in the processing every time it came back. I picture her voice to be kind of high and dream, like I love it already every. And they came by age. I have to a different part of the lad. To get out of its way is unreal like a dream only. It was real Yolanda freaking, the fog or she's just sitting in our cars stare staring at this plan and every time I come anywhere near, she would drive a hard bargain. Is it's a dream? Sorry is thus a dream that ok
He does this for nearly two hours, Dat buzzing, the house go to sleep and finally, the police negotiators get into that control tower thing. They get him on the horn on the plane and They try to talk him down and try to get him to land and at first he refuses to speak to them. But then, finally, when he's getting closer to running out of fuel, he demands to torture, to Donna D, W and Anne who, of course, He refuses to speak time, cause she's like no you're, now you're formats and there's no engaging here whatsoever. Smart moved on So finally, he says to the police. I'm almost out of gas man. You know nobody takes me seriously, theirs, people asleep down there and it would be a disaster if I ran out of gas, where I am right now, Shia, so the police are like they ve already evacuated the area they ve gotten people to safety,
and they're kind of ready for the worst, and that's exactly what happened at three fifteen: a m the on on rainy marks, plane, spotters, installs out for the last time, and then he glides the plane down neatly. To the lorens is living room, went just fucking glide sit down, runs out of gas and then just crashes. It right through their living room when only share and there's a theory that when he called and said, look out the front window you're in an hour you're about to see something spectacular, he thought he would trigger and standing in that window while he crushed into yeah. That's the thing area the mountains, but of course he those Donnay like now she's, not we stand around someone like what is it as an egg, because it again Dick ok, so another witness from them all- and this is kind of the two main worth, though entire muttering, to tell the story.
When this from the mall is named dawn Radko. He was so close to the crash, but like seeing airplane born harassed. Then he actually watched as Randy Mark casually flicked a cigarette but out the airplane window a few, seconds before he crashed it into the holy. She told the press quote. I could see the Red smart as he tossed it out. I thought this kind. Be cool hand. Luke, he's curious is gonna, kill himself any flicks, a cigarette out the window Slota, it's its. Well it's so like guys on all like he's dead. That's a man with nothing to lose so he crashes it into the front of the house. Obviously, inside the crash cite the cockpit with IE. Injured pilot inside Randy. My comes to rest in the living room. How wish the wings of the plane are? Sticking out on either side of the demolished front door and the fire to her has to go in and use the jaws of life on the cockpit
pull Randy Mark out of the cockpit which is so funding is one our reading that the jaws of life, one They were like an invention. It's basically like a different version of a buzz saw. The fire department uses when people are trapped, cars yeah, so they used to have to just pulled doors. Open. Either Jimmy them open or like pull them open with their hands. Oftentimes and really bad car accidents. They would get crash. Show that you couldn't move the door array and people will die inside of cars because they be injured and the fire department couldn't get them out, and I still remember when they started using the job they call them the jaws of liar. My dad would come home until these stories about what what an amazing invention. It is because he could that on a sudden, naked rescue, these people that were enzymes like a guy. I remember- I know I've heard all about them and as a kid, but like that, it's a bizarre that is like a big pry priors appealing. Now, that's what it sounds like, but it actually is its.
From what I remember seeing in pictures it just basely looks like a chainsaw that you can use on metal allowed. So it's like I'm sure, there's a way they pry them as well as basically like a way to get into a jammed door. I know I'm crazy, so they have to go in and get him out using the jaws of life. They actually carry him out of the house through the back door and like leave a line of blood on the linoleum magazine inside the house which, as such, fucking, crazy thing to think he's taken to the hospital with Syria, skull fractures and facial injuries. Any ends up dying in the hospital a month later and his father the press, I told him he wasn't welcome in my home. I guess this is how we got in the press. That quote, while standing in his living room filled with shattered glass and of aluminum fuselage holy shit and then Donna's brother, they didn't have his first name
He says that the press- it was one of those love things This had twelve like this little hears it there's no way he wasn't. Super high on drugs can buddy, that's not at all, it's quite the opposite. Now, here's how we know it's out of love thing because actually Randy Mark. In nineteen, eight had already made the papers because Randy Mark tried to sue and ex girlfriend his who was eighteen years old at the time. So was like in his late twenties and she was eighteen because he'd gotten her pregnant. She broke up with them and then once again, abortion and he was granted a temporary injunction to per and her from getting it getting an abortion, because he argued that he and the woman eighteen year old greed to have a family and he wanted to raise the child, so they put a forty eight hour injunction on her ADI, yes on her fucking body and then
a judge refuse to extend it passed the forty eight hours and she immediately one and have an abortion as you do not want to have a child with him. Jesus Christ. So clearly here He had some issue, with women and relationships and what is their part in their though role he had in their lives, what they re so, of course, looking or trying to beef the story up. A little bit more, is it so fucking crazy idea? I go on, read it and read it basically as they somebody was like. I remember a story of a guy telling a girl to stand the front window in it. It sounds like a ghost story at first turns but it's the rainy mock story and then the end of the thread. Someone says it's just like that thing that happened in August of this year, so that If I get to work on that link, thank you. Read it so August of this year, in SALT Lake City of forty seven year old man named Dwayne you'd. While you D dies,
He buys a twin engine, Cessna five, twenty five India own house- after he's, arrested for domestic violence, so basically he's a pilot he X for like a private company as their like on call pilot. So he has full access to the employers plain and the digital access code to the airplane hangar at the very small spanish Fork Springs Spring Valley. Airport in like city where there are no air towers, there's no aircraft traffic control monitoring at all, they dont monitor, who takes off and land that go have fun. Yes so essentially he gets he. He has witnessed beating his wire, he gets. Instead, gets held in jail for like two hours, he makes bail. He goes straight to this airport. He takes up His boss is plain and he has
and he has to then fly to crash into his own house, has to fly under high voltage power lines. Go around. Other houses comes right in alley. Ship can you imagine, being one of those houses at his fucking plane is going around? Yes, I mean no Oh, it's like that's crazy and be like what in living thing, it was at this time it was to thirty in the morning he crashes it it's like like what solely sullen boy burger did the ads and supper. In the bad version of it he crashes into their house and his wife, and twenty four year old Son escape the house catches on fire and they run out the back and they get away and he dies and in the garage it's freezing fucking crazy, at the end of that art, and now I swear to God. It says it,
does the second bizarre airplane incident in recent days and cover bizarre echo that a fucking, psycho, dang, nightmarish abuser will also, I think, it's like. We look at pilots there, so people who my plans have to have nerves of steel. They have to be constantly the most reasonable Persia everywhere they go began to handle shit there like the the bottom line of handling sharia and it seems to me ninety nine percent of most pilots do exactly that yet all times it hope I mean it right seems like they just do ESA when one loses their share its like some, because the quotes they had not article or the people that he worked for the thirteen months not forever still they were like he was rock solid and of his leg course. He was an old boy on this. Like the side of this is normal. I've got my shit together and they just then snap? But it looks, but it's Actually, then in Korea,
like you can smoke Sarah and fucking my three crash of latin plain so used to being like acts, like everything's, fine and Yarmouth, that's right as you're doing the crazy eyeing anyone could do you're, also, like anyway, work saying ok, yeah, oh, and also, I think it's that thing of like when the veneer cracks, because he had been witnessed, beating his wife than arrested for Enzo. It all was like yeah secret said they had at home, were now fully public areas like me, and my family and I later style we're not. We can't live through the right, but So at the end of that article was it said it's a second bizarre airplane incident in recent days, quote on. Quotas are on Friday and employee stole a turboprops plain from the Sea tack International Airport in Seattle, and for more than an hour before dying in a crash on an island southwest of DE coma worth of. Oh, I remember that when someone just airplane and then crashed it, that
and killed themselves. Yeah. So that's my short seeing an insane like here. Some weird plain stories euphrasie- I wanna- know that that last one cause the guy seem totally normal and he didn't wooden trying to hurt anyone that one he was just, but he was. I mean, if you the pilot. The way he did that- you know like that you can only get so far. You have so much fuel yeah. You know what the end game as when you take a plain up in the air, the out of your job. I think, as a pilot, I just seemed like kind of snap yeah and I dont think you. I don't think he was a pilot. I think he was like just planes, and so he didn't even know how to land
Think that's what it was. I he end. So he now he'll have lookin worth it. I say an employee, so it so you're right, it doesn't say a pilot yeah, that's crazy! Wow yeah! I was gonna look out one of tuna like is this: now I'm just belaboring fatter than over. I just had to small stories. I still so crazy. That's creepy! That's we'll share, or I will good job for I mean thanks being tired. I think now and now it's out of the folder so and I have to think about it- a great dilly rightfully that. Ok, well, Speaking of Seattle. Oh I'm not gonna say too much about this. So I ain't guess some shit that, but this is Luckily, the Seattle cyanide poisonings First guess: who's gonna be big foot, but I guess that now that I hear the word cyanide, I'm take a minute retract. Ok, ok, it's not bigfoot! Ok, ok June, eleventh nineteen, eighty six right under my six birthday
in offering Washington ran after my sixteenth Bertha, that they will surprise party was fun, killed, so Auburn Washington, it's the summer. Twenty five miles outside of Seattle a forty year old Susan Snow she's, a mother of two teenage girls. She works as a bank manager. She woke up its examined, started her normal morning, routine. She kissed her has been Paul. Who is a long haul, trucker goodbyes? He left for work and wish her fifteen year old, daughter, Haliae good morning goes into her back. Plugs and are currently iron starts to get ready for work. But another one emerge normal things routines in the morning which she did all the time because she suffered from really painful headaches. She took her pretty daily dose of two extra action.
Strength, eccentric, capsule, the bottle and her kitchen. Oh shit, that's right about forty minutes after she went into a bathroom near ready. Her daughter, Helio into the bathroom to suit, was taking her mom. So long now I know and found Sue collapse on the floor of the bathroom. Sue was unresponsive that had a faint pulse and when Hayley called nine one when she told them that it seem like her mother was asleep, but with her eyes open on now, I know at so sir said Spring for breath and her pulse fading soon found by helicopter to the hospital where doctors work to determine what is even wrong with her. They dont know how to help her, because I can find out what's wrong: maybe she slipped while getting ready and hit our habits and how he bruises has even electrocuted curling iron, no, end, nothing seemed to add up an so doctors or baffled, and just a few hours later Sue snow had died, shut yeah during autopsy unseen snow. This-
assistant she's, the assistant medical examiner, JANET Miller, she's, like YO, I second smell a very faint scent of better omens yardage, I am, I know from experience mean cyanide now you pointing at yourself, Georgia, but you you are playing the part JANET like yeah, you in the role of Ghana. Yes, Genoese experienced that like that's the sent that better islands historically, is largely like than the book that was written about. This is an aim bitter almonds. Is it really because also it's kind of a play on words as you'll see? Syn
The main medical examiner person was like shut up in a sustained required. I don't smell anything and end. There are like, while and also doesn't show any of the tell tale signs of silent poisoning like her skin wasn't bright, pink that sort of thing, so she was like blue or off. She was gonna just put down that she died of natural causes, hadn't undeckt, Agnes Heart issue and JANET than that later, this sure comes in to say that the in person, so it happened and she starts. To tell her like. Oh it's, just a hardish engendered psych YO motherfuckers. You should probably listen to me like told another. Doktor was like guy. This bitch is not listening to me. You should listen to me ass, an amazing and her fucking, politeness and sang and not staying in her lane. Might have saved a bunch of other lives. I bet I did. I did because so, when they sent JANET's in tissue blood.
Things churned information information. When it was tested, it was verified that snow died of an acute cyanide poisoning and then I rose and General JANET was like Buddha, bitches and tested her bad s. Nest with her friends. That night, probably don't you think they'll highlight jumping was like I thought, control there's match it was. It was back inside and I am so. Why Resist you're, looking into someone's death a forty year old woman dies. Unexpectedly, there's no explanation when someone smells the faintest bed, a fucking, better omens, the, and also just like it's that thing, how many years of minors being like. I guess it's a baby heart embolism word like seeing aired, made up thing: words like or look into a right or one person smells omens, yeah anything about saying I too, as that ass being the ability to smell it, genetic and twenty
forty percent of the population? Don't carry the gene detected than you shouldn't be allowed to be the coroner of trade, or you shall have someone who can? Yes, I don't know where these are. The things were going get solved in the next mid term, electorates right, we're gonna, have about a ballot measure, and it's gonna be great smell that smell that cyanide hastily smelling Zion. I do then get the fuck out of this war department yeah. So investigators, Noah and examine the contents. Assets of sues House and Andy discover that the source of the cyanide is the bottle of extra strength, eccentric capsules that both snow and her husband Paul had used the morning of snow staff. Three capsules out of those that remain in the sixty capsule bottle were found to be laced with cyanide in toxic quantities, so the husband second took some. She took some and she died and there three more in their world. Our silo laced right since
yes, and so this murder by cyanide is a fucking huge sensational news, of course, of course, have crossed the nation. And every one loses their shit, especially because just four years earlier was nineteen. Eighty to Chicago Tylenol, murders has said. I covered episode, forty three men and ass. I looked at up, that's what am I still in my favor I covered in episode forty eye on things. I'm not gonna get into it because you gonna know, and you know what I mean by less than ever. I like that you're reference in your story. I just want to talk to me about it, but it is still like. I love that case so much. I still fucking think that had convinced you did it. I think it's just like it so crazy. It's the it's such a fascinating snorri. It really is a good lesson and then of so called the Chicago and architectural murders, scared the shit outta everyone. Seven people died when Tylenol capsules have been laced with cyanide and put back on store shelves and those murders four years later and to the second I have yet to be solved. I remember all of this. This is this: was all
Eighteen yeah, yeah he's crazy, do new over the story. I do because because it happened after and it had that thing of like this was before is a thing now, that's happening all the time right, it's it's because it was before the silver Tabs that used to going out of everything re their use. Should you used to just open stuff on? There are just be cotton stuff right up, and that was the way that they things safer. Every vote awakening child briefing. I now there was kind of nothing, so it was that thing of, like yeah, doesn't make sense that anyone could have access right. It's it's good that anyone with a glue stick who can glean the like tat the paper bag back together, yadda back on the show any weirdo they hired the weirdo girl store down the streets. Re can get into your business. Is the thing you don't know you? Don't realize it until something terrible happens like the rights of this happens and, of course, suspicion immediately falls on sues, husband, Paul
especially when he started wearing hawaiian shirts and shorts after the funeral. Now, like Amazon, fuckin vacate no right, and he got angry when investigator, shorter questioning him Of course it ruins like did its power and he was soon was his fourth wife. Oh then the two daughters warrant were from her. Previous marriages need only been married at seven months before seasons, death and Susan had found out that Paul had she down her with an axe cheeses that have decided to stay with him right. So I went suspicious of him. Sorry they had only been married. Seven months need already cheated on area. Maybe they, I don't know any changes that yeah I mean emaciated before they get married, but they don't even Mary for citizens. On seven may I say no to stow, I now just don't please, but they do later,
so I was like its total m ray it's the hawaiian shirt, Joe Hawaiian sure, did ok, but then everything, that's crazy, I'm except when another tainted bottle from the same lot, the same end, Actually, I was found in a grocery store and near my can't Washington, the manufacturers of sovereign Russo, Myers lost their shit, recalls, all ex restraint, etc. Products in Seattle, Washington area and a group of drug companies came together to offer a three hundred thousand dollar reward for the capture of the person responsible. That's pretty cool right, the last cool thing, any drug company over the fence right before they started trying to murder Oliver I approve of something: surely they didn't have the second prettier it? That's when ok, so then this money comes. Certainly we need help finding this and that This woman bless her comes forward o this one's name is Stella Nickel Sheet
those authorities is that on June fats, it's about a week before Susan had died about a week before her husband, sellers, husband bird, had come home with a headache from work, took an eventual, took you take him a bunch of exaggerating I can see out to under the deck to watch the birds and then suddenly color. He was seeing my helicopters to Seattle Hospital and he died as well, but the doktor said that the cause was emphysema, at the time by the seller said that doesn't make any fucking sense he didn't have ex at the edges. Eczema did I say: Emphysema Russia, eggs. Well, you said Emphysema great chicken here because I didn't have maybe at eczema, but he didn't have em disease can't drop dead from emphysema. If you don't gotta, if you don't have it right, so she was like fuck that shit. You need the chain, that's not true, okay, so here's a horse or it will
We're supposed to be the ninety ninety one USA network made for tv movie about this case. So com who killed Susan Snow, this chick Stella. I Stella over here. Forty four, your Zella was to be played by Peggy Fucking Bundy Yankee Cigar Haiti Cigars. Who is if you it is women, a look. So much like create an orgy of photo. It looks so much like her like they basically wanna be Peggy Bundy. Both like routes I kind of like a little worn and like she had lived a hardline he has seen in yeah. It looks exactly like her.
According to a nineteen eighty eight people, Article Stella, was injured, quote bar hopping and skintight dresses. She was just like a forty something you're only just like to go to the fuckin local watering hole smoker caprice with her skinny lighter in there and fuck and drink and live drinkin, live and finally live. Her lot live like a fish drink like a person, and so she had married Bruce and he wasn't. It should choose that they would like parting. Our time awesome bristles at maiden have exactly Bruce was Stella second husband and their life together in a wash, and they lived in Washington straight State trailer park, and apparently it was kind of a bummer of life, though ok as imagine but unfortunately the the plug got pulled on this film this aid for tv movie, because the drug companies Mig Farmer was like no no, no you're, not making us possibly look bad and they fucking pull the plug. So because that's who actually controls entertainment industry,
So that means I dont know who was gonna play. Anyone else will knows how cool so well, Stella, who was like you- need looking, he didn't die of emphysema when she heard about that. That's used ass. She was like oh shit and checked her lot number on her etc, and it was the same lot number as Sue Susan's bottle. Well, yet so the sheet Tasks during the presence of cyanide in the bottle that she had an inn. Bruce Nicholls remains so he had died from the same thing, so both Paul Susan Susan's, hasn't Paul and our friend Stella file wrong for less suit lawsuits against Bristol Myers, but the FDA inspected, the plant, Wortley, etc. Not having package and found no traces of cyanide cell Bristol Myers recalled all eccentric capsules in the United States. Pull them from the shelves and warn consumers not to use any. They already has a million dollar loss yet either. Don't think I've as if I remember correctly, there were the white pearl,
RO. I think strength, etc. I think they're. Still the tunnel wins it. You can pull apart and push it in them, I dont know well from what I remember there were. It was look like hard aspirin yeah, where I was like. How do you do anything to that pillar, but I could just be remembering that one who knows soon us not me so unjust, for just a couple weeks after issues death, a cyanide contaminated bottle of extra strength, Anderson three,
which does Amazon three was Lucia quotas. That thing tell us, carry an innocent, wasn't not one that was like from like marketed toward back pain. Oh yeah, I like it was also don't remember, downs backpedal. Now, loans were like strictly backpedal, so there is cocaine. It doesn't know me you out, like your C4 down, that's right, so a bottle of those were founded, the same store where Susan had bought her contaminated exaggeration and those were contaminated. While so on June, twenty seventh washest ten state put into effect in ninety day, ban on the sale of non prescription, medication and capsules. I think a capsule absolutely ass, so I think that it's, the kind that you can't hamper makes that would make much more sense to shore. But who knows so investigators, then at that point they start you get suspicious of some one specific issue, our friend Stella, because Is she
it, turned over two bottles of accession that she had bought and shoe like these are the models that he might have taken them brown, but then she was like. I bought them at two different locations at two different times so had both ended up being contaminate with cyanide. So a total of five bottles had been found to be contaminated, the entire fucking country, and they thought it was really weird that Stella had bought two of those at two different places. Slight acquaintance quite aware coincidence then ok, examinations of the contaminated bottles by the FBI, crime, lamp late. They opened up he's capsules and they found that notch there wasn't just cyanide in them. They ask contain this weird sang of little flax of these green crystals through out the cyanide? They were like what the fuck is this. This is really weird return. I know out Destroy air from a fish tangle of home said Mister Hale, K, guess who has
second, the home fish tank hobby, our girls, Stella, Mermaid Cellar, the mermaid Ella has a fucking home fishing habit girl, so wait. They were breaking down like every chemical compounds like what touched these pill. They probably would have never fucking found her if this had been the case, because what they think happened is that maybe get a mortar and past or whatever the fuck crunch that shit her fuck and that was her algae cruncher. And she never cleaned it out crunch- that's not consign. I live in the same thing, and so it's just cross contamination girl, not even on purpose. She did it yourself, David you're, fucking leg, so some So I guess what else our good friend life insurance policy o comes into play. A sure does not always Diane always says it's not just for fun known Stella had taken up a total about seventy six thousand dollars in life insurance coverage on her husband, which in today s meeting eighty eight in today's money is it that's easily eight hundred and fifty two thousand all its right to the
king penny too. The penny, however, death was accidental. She got it a hundred thousand dollars the ok. Aside from the fact that this is such a fucked every time we tell stories like this in its basic people being like I'm in a cash in on the person I married right in and of itself as discuss, I'm done with this life, I'm going to cash in on a minute cash in on a human being, Then she kills someone's mom, also right. Ok, so so here's ok so That's why member she was fighting with the dot, with emphasis on the doktor owing right. It's not been they my notion of consumer, it's because she needed him to say it was a fucking acts of annulled right, so she can get that extra. Seventy six thousand dollars or eight hundred and twenty six million in today's money is was not enough for her. I need an extra hundred thousand, so then they were able to investigate what
I'm sorry. I just thought of what. If it was all so that she could, by more and more tropical fish, she knew then we're algae, destroy, see she love those very sheer these huge angelfish where they live in a trailer too. You have it. Sometimes you just eat, that's she'd, funneled, all the money into that fish tank said that they were like. We don't need a house here. What we need is a great house for these fish. I just think of how like how like him hidden smelly. It wasn't that trailer move with that huge fish tail her with that. That nine by twenty five tropical fish tank? It was like everyone you see in a house cribs or what
the tv show where they make fish tank didn't call tat was do, is I think it's called it ain't Amelia not permitted. Even do you watch tanked season so excited? Oh, but our I did what you did watch one episode specifically, but I think it was like Kevin's aims on one year later in the hotel room irrevocably are at the hotel bar more like, and it just happens to be on your keyboard. Black. They made a whole show business actually kind of kind of good. I have to say in any action movie if they remain and shoot up the bad guys like shark tension, and then you see the wave that comes out. That's probably the most excited I get. That's gonna be really expensive budget year
you shoot that once and then you have to take it again, which means Yonder role in a brand new fished and also because of the Fuckin Peter. You can't kill those fish. No, these are all just rubber fish motors. Now I've got those like allowed out. You know, like aired: did you guys you don't ask? If Europe on baskets we later today could kill fake fish all the time. It's like a thing. Ok, so tanks doings disease tank toasts there love, fascist urban. This is when Spanish, Stephen, Spanish, so who know what's on animal planet, please March tanked everybody per knew very little from twenty spoken. So Stella takes a polygraph test in November. Nineteen o six fails it by.
Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence proving that she ever purchasing eyes and authorities are unable to build a strong of cases, support her there's enough, there's no prints on any the bottles and link that there's no video evidence of her public. Putting the bottles back on the shelves ran like we fuckin have nothing and its possible this case. What have you been cold and known who had been arrested, except for her daughter The second hated her oh shit. They are all ok, so twice Emerald Cynthia Hamilton, who would have been played by a fuckin, hard lived, Molly Ringwald oh sure, you're. Ok, but in a good way would like pretty but lake, heroin chains works yet eggs. Is it northern and central Washington? Yes,
and they end she was in and out of her mother's life. Three years when, Sir, when Cindy the daughter was nine years old, Stella had hit her with a curtain rods, so heartily Bruce Cindy's lags shoot the sellers pretty abusive shit and still had been charge in order to go to counselling and said that Mozilla and denying regaining our daughter and said that her daughter may the whole thing up, because she was jealous of her A nine year old girls jealous of her now so she basely Cindy. That's the daughter, NEA Cindy Total sociopath of a mother media, Hokosa, New Cindy's got Cindy from an early age is like oh shit, my mama's.
Capital a crazy right, but Cindy has a conscious, constant chance. That's right! Where are we number do India, the conscience? Yes and is like this that some? But this isn't right. I need to talk to the moroccan authorities about this, and even though it was her step dad, it wasn't even heard her father said: engender of ninety seven, since Cynthia Cindy approaches the police with information. She said her mother had spoken her many times about wanting her, Has been dead, oh step down,
Stella had told Cindy that after that, ever since a person quit drinking, he was a boar. Now my son is good drinking. I know that. That's a fact that thing I'll get way less dramatic when you're, not shit, faced every shows that he referred to stay on the watch, television, which I'm like I drank. Madam, is great to me. It's the best you yellow, bore and rank fucking hard. It is to go out into the world sober and just like just get that white hot light of reality shown on you. It everywhere you go now. I don't try. It You gotta, try to tolerate it's much easier to stay home so that they may have stuck on anti virus together. So shows like this guy's, a boar, I'm Peggy Bundy also bars. When you're sober like about thirty five minutes, you can have fun, but you
after no one to go home because people start repeating themselves and it is a disaster area. I gotta. I support your under presented. Thank you. Design ever beg you to come out to like Mars initiatives like. Why would I feel you have to come here? There's like really bad, not sent, there's nothing to offer. You there's really hard to follow conversation about things. You don't care about you, so Cynthia Cindy also claimed that her mother had spoken to her about what the two of them could do with a life insurance money. If Bruce were dead. Oh now, but Cindy's at her mother even told her tat. She had tried to poison Bruce previously with the plant foxglove a whole. I guess his appointment as planned and very witty of marine, but it didn't work. But still there's no smoking guns in behind the scenes, celebrate the poison into the pills and still had american fascinating to her daughter and then Cindy told authorities that, after the events in your like, you know, repented, the microphone. Oh, I will also say: ok, that's ok, Hogan Boop, missing
Ok, but then said he was like. You know what might work. My mom started after the foxglove thing. My mom started to check out books on poison at the library girl. Mrs, like that, put part of seven where they just go and they look up all the books, the person love that's right and they did that they got a fucking search or are they got all the books. They found the books that she had checked out, at the other. Public library show that she and check out numerous books about poisons, including a book called human poisoning, ah girl in a more subtle and avert a native and cultivated plants and deadly harvest so they fucking, fingerprint that shed yeah fingerprint such as it only has roughly fifteen hundred fingerprints are right, but they also subpoenaed her. I don't know you know card measure
our information figure and saw that she checked it out there on your fingerprints on including the page that belong to cyanide and they have their what they can do and also so what they think happened was that she the poisoned her husband. He died the d, you wouldn't only set was emphysema so to get it back. To the fucking poison. She went out after that and put poison fucking bottles on the shot. Oh, my suit. The regions who died a week later is because those bottles hadn't been on the shelf, yet so doktor had been like. He got poison and it was accidental poisoning. She would ve gotten her money and left it alone right, but she went out and basely acknowledging its the doktor spot, but she went out to garner more attention. Get that accidental death and
held soon and killed citizens now, while his fucking often really is so. It is so on December night thinking a seven Stella Nicholls indicted by a federal grand jury on five counts of product tampering, including to which resulted in the deaths of Susan, snow and burst. Nickel says she's, not so the f, its federal, because after the Tylenol murders they the f B. I did a strict new federal anti tampering act in an ex super struck. You can't temper with drugs, since I was better opus if she wasn't tried for them. The murders earlier was tampering that lead to the deaths of these two people. Why? Because that sentence would be longer something I was a bigger deal. I dont know so
you're so, but just like my cousin I mean I don't I don't I don't so she goes to trial in April nineteen. Eighty eight Cindy agrees to fucking testify against her mother. As long as your mother doesn't get the fuckin death penalty. Long gray with that will happen, talk about wow what a complex relationship Stella found guilty and all charges she becomes First person charge and convicted under this federal anti tampering act.
She sentenced to ninety your terms for the charges relating to the deaths of Susan's, known, very cynical and three tenure terms for the other product hampering shall be eligible pearl in this this fucking year, oh at seventy, three years old Jesus, so I think they're trying to also get those figure out a way the two charged with murder as well, but she fuckin is like I am innocent. This is some bullshit she's doing all these like appeals and shut, because she said, there's a bunch of evidence that was never turned over to the defence. She also claims at her daughter, lied in order to get that member that three hundred thousand dollars that was offered to people who could help. I don't ionians up the daughter, got two hundred fifty thousand of that money, so it's almost like is she said she said like she's doing it for money she's doing up here so but sent back ass. If I can sell a nickel continues to maintain our innocence,
you have a per arm and girl doesn't look good for you. It does there's too many coincidence. It has too many and that since Seattle, cyanide poisonings, that's amazing, because I remember the eccentric one a coming after Tylenol yeah. I did not know it was that involved and crazy. How did I I didn't really know about it either, so yeah. Whew well hey. Let's talk about positive share air. Yet what are you? Ok? Ok. Ok, look, ok, ok! I know now I dont know what ok. I love the new season, a big mouth, of course, but my Please go watch the curious creations of Christine Mcconnell on Netflix everyone. It is it's their around saying and it so true. It's a timber meets Martha Stewart, oh, but it was all
found at Johannsen studios think it cause there's puppet since it involves it is so charming, and I know the girl Christine Mcconnell she so talented. The self taught like that. You you're not going to do a lot of the project's. She shows you how to do, but the relief under watch and some of them you will look at all the tabs, but it's also such acute fun shouts and it's so enjoyable, Christina lovely my front, my friend, Kate Petrovitch, does all the hair, for it damages I go and sat, and it's just like it's. A really charming fund show so it's like a craft show. It's like a cooking and crash show with a story line that she is. A car like woman who lives in the house with her pets, which are these like this this raccoon then had that she Taxidermy and came back to life in its, but it's not like I work for a hand and hurricanes rose and I'm in love with her and like the Sphinx cat, who was this egyptian God and he's just amazing, so she's real. This is usually corrupted
she's a reality show almost it's. It's like a script in cooking, show: okay, so its agenda, tolerance as if she and timber and made a show but she shows you how to make these things, and I didn't. I Didn'T- follow her- an instrument for ever she's, just incredibly talented and really really cool girl, to really cute and charming and find out. I think kids will like it. It's it's a little bit. That's for adults, but they won't get a lot of the joke. So I think a really cool, talented kid will really appreciate I'd like it's going you on their shows. In twenty years, someone's like when I was eleven I shot. I saw the show, and I knew I wanted to be whenever the issues of two really charming show awesome, I loved I watch the whole season. It took six episodes in one night, very colenso. Netflix awesome M to try and get a sense of like it's, it's
crafts, but also its charette. It's it's a person in rags and there's the I'd like you come into her house. It's like her family, like you coming to her house, and she shows you how to make all these things, based on whatever day there having or whatever is going on. It's a really cute. When Christina just lately call out to sea area while mine this week. We would be to mention that tales, mature bus start Ghana and this season Selassie NET, was all country stars. I talked about it extensively. It's my judges series on Sinner MAX this season. There doing a story, a funk, and
the first episode which air and I think last week is- was all about George Clinton and parliament, Nosey Collins, the maize, and that a story about them playing being on acid and playing. And then the lights go on its three in the morning and no wonder you like there's just stories where you're just like this is what it's all about added. So it's so good, and it's so incredible and the fact that they change genre. Then it's interesting anyway. So I'm just super glad it's on again, because it's one of my favorite favour the scrape so yeah watch tales from the tour bus. I think that's managers, and also just we talk about an already, but we who I mean, this week we had last week, was so a fun and exciting and cool, and there was just lots of really humongous like peak experience, a big moments for us and we they just coming sold like it was hard to. I feel
if we had chosen between, we would have like spent good time isolating and going wow. That was amazing. Thank you so much, but I mean this all I feel like we haven't been able to do that for almost three years, because everything has just been so peak and crazy and it keeps coming and it's just never ending ends so fine, we're so lucky. Oh, I have a quick yeah. It's been very. It's been very exciting Olaf, for as much as we are complaining, I m talking about being die right. It's also in a good way. Oh
also shoutout Cincinnati Marinos? They may they raised twelve hundred sixty seven dollars for rain shit during their murder ball in October names they say. Yes, we had a murder ball with music and dancing and costumes in a cookie bar and a photo booth made. You proud you fuckin dead, dead in Cincinnati whenever this whole thing is just bananas. Oh. I would also like to say this because the mid term elections just happens and everyone busted there ass every one voted there's the highest. They say it was the highest percentage of use, the vote ever amazing or something like die like that. The differences like honey. Of percentages up No thank you all. The lake mean out twenty year olds that kind of work pay attention before and all the sudden warlike we gotta take part because real change was affected in this in the last election- and this like
we're stuck in the media. Like a media kind of turnover, where nobody, her focuses on how good things are that when they get things happened, re they just speed right too. Well. This problem that problem that's going to becoming a but honey. Of women were elected into the government. Like major changes, happen, and I think, like it's really good, to go, find their stories. Where you know people are grass. Root style. Taking back. Country and pulling it back from out of the hands of these fucking lunatics, and these hey mongers and these literal Nazis, their people are standing up in going no fuck, you that's not how it's gonna go, and I know personally, I was just really scared on.
His day that it wasn't gonna go that way. There were good, there's gonna, be a lot of like really negative. Things have happened, and there was so much to be excited for the next day, hopefully, hopefully with the recounts, Daisy Abrams, that she will. I mean it's kind of a man we're going to Atlanta and that's where, like the biggest story in the election, is how to motor allow tunnel, but just thanks to everybody who voted and participated and like stay positive and stay engaged, because there is more work to be dive and it even get the outcome you wanted. It was you effect change when you show when you show up when you show up and you and you vote for people, you believe in an EU which means voting against the level it straight up, megalomania, and that is happening in this country. I write it so fucking crazy, an awful, also, listen to positive America, which is like cutting edge podcasting about the political system right now. If you dont know things are you want to know, there's
much information just right at hand and it's easier than ever to be informed and to take back, this country, so thank you for every who did it and purchase It is because it some important yeah the air yeah right. Everybody think you guys so much for listening. We appreciated so fucking much gap and stay sexy and don't camera go ls. What cookie there
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