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2018-11-29 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Missoula Mauler and the Forest Park Killer.

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This is exactly right. Support for today show come from the all new comedy. Like a boss and leaders January tenth, the film stars, Tiffany had issued and rose burn, who play inseparable. Bf ass, running their own beauty, company entirely find themselves in over their heads and their lifelong friendship is put to the test. The film also start some higher Billy, Porter and Jennifer College dome. Its caring, Kilgour and Georgia. Hard stark and Harry. I grab your girlfriend's and be the first to seal the boss as part of girls night out on Wednesday January. Eighth, these exclusive I today. Wednesday is working day and then our fucking podcast network launch. We launch that mother two days the day. Congratulations! Thank you! Congratulations to you! Thank you fill the gray we ve been working on it
we ve been multitask quite some time. We're not complaining know we're just letting you know that it's yet was very exciting was so excited surreal. I couldn't sleep last night. It feels it feels good and I am very, very happy about it. Big thanks to Daniel Kramer. She is our producer and she has basically been making it happen in the real. Who's, gonna, say: Meetin Bones way. Is that I say: no, it is not America now it is Daniel Kramer is a is a business wonder and she has been guiding us and helping us navigate and making it happen and who, in a bails you without, are so yeah. We couldn't be more excited to be. With her and to be having this talk, has not we're leaving landing and dreaming about, and things for and the cool thing is for shows
Premier yeah guess the following: the per capita course do you need a ride and this pine Castro Coolio. Yes, as an my favorite murder, of course, and of course, the old, my favorite murder, you know and this package will kill you like number. Three pounds ray we're all charts: each Dat shot up. Those girls did gray, defines number five falling, went right up there and top Itunes charts overall and on the lifestyle and feelings. When is it? Could all civil society in culture decided to hold the elegance ass came in a hot and heavy ray? I think I think that's appropriate to limestone feelings, cat people, feelings feeling strong by your power lines. You realize Erin yeah number, I think raspberry outs, number, ten or eleven may rags very exciting yeah and then, of course, there's even more to come. Oh yeah, we ve got more pike. S coming arise. Shit end were very excited about yet I want that. We had wished her story. May not you can't get you'll be very excited, but we, this is our foundational block of four yeah. I feel very proud of us. Yes, women start you. No business women in this zone were making it happen. My mom text to do today, JANET Janet, sent me a private tests. Janet said I want to wish caring congratulations to what's her phone number nose like owed them ass to your first. Like can I get my mom your phone number, this might go very poorly and normally I dont want to text with people's parents. I'm not a parents person. I've always been a real rebel. I want
I may rise very exciting. From your parent? You want them to be like you, shouldn't, hang out with her there. People always be like my parents are in town. You wanna go to dinner like now really Israel and I went out to dinner where their dad EAST, that's an exception. I'm holding everybody else's parents desired of my dad and scraped you, your parents, party, no goodbye, dear parents, tell a good story. No sorry! I can't do all the work sure, but JANET sent me a very touching, and actually it was a kind of message that remind me of what my mom like this is a big deal and I'm so proud, and I can't believe it and it was just like in the future holds this does, and I guess she said I love life or just u JANET. She.
Parents. I'm not a parents person. I've always been a real rebel. I wanted. I wanted peel out away from your parent. You want them to be like you, shouldn't, hang out with her there. People always be like my parents are turned. You wanna go to dinner like now. Really really I went out to dinner with their dad EAST. Now, that's an exception. There, I'm holding everybody else's parents,
and I have already done this before trying to explain to my dad what approach has network. I guess what it means he just trying to bring it back to root like radio amateurs, then either women like it's basically like a tv network yet has shows how hard is that to understand right he's. My dad goes so and shows that you premier today did they'd make them all at your offices, and I was just like dad it's like if we were Netflix and then all the movies we're just presenting the mood is ok. What do you say yeah? Why didn't you say that an exit that exact way make me understand now forget by the next time we talk a promise. Yes, we're gonna have to the Congress. Has a couple times. Look in the wild West is podcasting. The brave new world are proud to be a part of that right. We really are. Can we should also thank our agent Orange Rosen. Bombs are also helped us, but guided us through this. It's been very business see. It has been a lot of a lot of business for texts. A lotta calls yeah, I'm tired, we, but we have
My dad goes so and shows that you premier today did they'd make them all at your offices in areas like dad, it's like if we were Netflix and then all the movies we're just presenting the most easily ok. What do you say here but interested that? And that exact way make me understand now forget by the next time we talk a promise. Yes, we're gonna have to have. The Congress has no couple times. Look at as a wild west is pod catching the brave new world are proud to be. A part of that is right. We really are remember. Twenty ninth is that of how that emerges out. We have the list, I am bitches t sure yeah, I'm so excited, for we have new ugly holiday sweaters with new. Second, quotes on them. We fucking lot of
favorite, murder, wrapping paper. Yes, we have my favorite murder of mother fucking candles entered candles and for delicious flavour, and I tell everyone what flavors there would you please I would love to about. Let me find them and then we can talk about one Beaver Nuggets that they go to the Texas gas station when candle scent is canned wine canned wine, another a stay out of the forest. It's a pioneer pine tree, there's Karen's Bigelow CUP of Coffee, high of youth and then there's an Elvis want a cookie that smells like a fuckin cookie actual cannot ignore a cat tuna cookie, but an actual nice cooking. That's right! There's a here's, the thing fuck, everyone, sweat parents. There is a US across stitch pattern here and there
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and follow along from one we purses and let you know every new podcasting repose right. It's gonna, be here a change to your homepage and they're gonna. I dont know how to tell you how to do it. Go render office and change everyone's at night change. Everyone's homepage, exactly right, media dot, com, stop landing on that Yahoo, home building s on over its own bad news. Anyways say: do you hear some good new idea? This is an email that Stephen pulled for us and it's their subjects, China's out free what it is my aunt
dear all less longtime listener. First time, email or I've been a fan since day one. I love his podcast. So much you can imagine my joy when I was listening to visit one forty, six and Karen started talking about Al Free wondered. She is my aunt by marriage married my uncle. They met, washes teaching and acting class. It is college scandal and she is she's given away for families and she's. Absolutely amazing. Unlike a lot of other Hollywood royalty she's, a big part of our family is always at family functions, he's an amazing cook, a sparkling personality and a fabulous mom to her two children. I was so thrilled to hear you to talk about her because she's, an incredible actress who, I think,
often doesn't get the recognition she deserves that fucking. That's right! She started acting in the eighties and I can't imagine it was easy for an african american women to get roles, but she worker ass off to get where she is today with no favours from anyone. And not only is she a great actress, you know, I'm gonna start crying always only issue great actress that she and her husband Roderick our total criminal justice warriors and they're, both involved in fighting against the mass incarceration of minorities and, of course, against
breathing tromp. You can imagine how thrilled they both war. When I took the job after law school is a public defender. Well, that's ran like well a lot of members of my family joked about how it would be getting them out of their duty and she wrote in Provence parentheses. I roll Alfred, told me girl, you are doing the Lord's work next time I visit allay. You too should come, hang it all. I got out of it, I'm officially inviting you know. I love it and she would not telling stopped at the leather podcast love. You guys keep on fighting good fight, sincerely Marina. Thank you so much.
It was, I mean an aim that genuine amazing and now we have a second lawyer when we get to your eyes. But now we have given our business people Marina silent. Again, I'm usually no license number. I knew Neil key Freeware term spanked me. I know I love things like that, so great, because how far is it to be able to support and be like? Oh, you know your favorite celebrity they're, not an asshole as awesome as you think they are feelings. Ba could feelings it's the holiday season accommodate I'm gonna. Do this as late LEO, I can't go you. Can I'm not gonna yellin. Anybody me! No doubt why not you care
I will we not see that this is just a general advice, piece of advice for interacting onto it. Lets you. Let's hear this. Is twitter corner with twitter corner with current just advice, you want to have fun on Twitter, Duenna interact. You want people to want to interact with you. Ok then If somebody makes a joke and their time about real people and sleep, real people that you and, I might know, don't Anyone in response like dont at anybody, that's real ever who Rita? Can you tell me what happened? I dont want people to feel that I really don't feel that people to feel about get others to follow, for there is ok, but it's just more of a touch. It's like its mortifying man. It you have to remember that we know a lot of the people and the incoming that we talk about and we don't want you don't.
Aid to be the person that goes Ngos. I got this person needs to know this candid about, don't do it don't have we didn't do it? You don't need Lydia dont, do it, they don't like it. They might not like the idea. They love. We don't know Assuming everybody likes it here and don't do ok. This is twitter foreigner, Twitter, what's the word twitter, twitter corrections, corner, etc, I'm trying to think of Enver answer Amber Sine die what he wants to see or food anymore. Now I want to see everyone's: oh you do yeah yeah, that's just a preference thing. I love the vote as I don't think about Instagram. I should be targeted off, so don't take pictures of your thighs, none the hashtag thighs or hot dogs. Eggs are hot dogs, sorry honey! I you know they were. They look like legs are out there. That's the best, that's the best being like red tat, like hull, collagen, tat, taking pictures of their thighs, so
listen celebrate good times come on my guard, Stephen Hook. Us first has been so fucking so long. I believe you go first multi haystack, murders, Sacramento shit I think it's been so long since, if Pakistan and we're doing it my living room, which is where it because the padlock is so full of boxes and gifts and crazy things. We can't even set up there We were moving to our offices this fucking weekend, I'm so excited and Ganglia right office. We have exactly right offices where the people who are on the network and we are going to come and record their podcast right. It's all real and official word just like the velveteen rabbit were real real on we're. Gonna get Pneumonia was it you know, that's a secret garden.
No do little more in the belgian, rather get pneumonia and die fuckin die. Thank you. Fuckin die only focus on the rabbit. I don't care about. The rest was a children's books used to be about dying children and children who die words like. Can you imagine what like Charlotte's web? It's like get ready to cry your fucking eyes out. That's right over that thing, you loved it died dine. Oh my mom, crying so hard when she read that you couldn't spake, because I'm for and I remember and link senior mom wheat yes causes Oh touching is our touch so beautiful and it also really is like, but it's it's not a children's book. If you're not into mortality share, then at least
kids out of it even tree. The giving trees like a story about us is short: asshole yeah who gets old and dies yeah everyone, and it's like each off the fuckin tree down all that tree did was give you everything. I mean they as it, and then I guess what the tree as your parents, you have added love, your very sorry, but the tree is your mother, the gingerly, your straight up, monitoring you they chapter down in China where heads look terrible, took her branches, her heart branches, perky branches, always told her. She embarrassed units, I told her. She wasn't cool manner without a fuckin stump of a person you you still all her apple and then you, the Andes, sit on her and you sit right. The falconer stump Jan and I'm sorry JANET, I'm sorry, I'm an attack back right now sure just heard TAT was sent, Georgia doesn't want to have to say that first of all, you know she's a building. What have you done with my daughter? But let us now my daughter,
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I listen. This is this. Is this is a rough one it? This is like a fuckin murder case. Ok, It has positive things in a grey, including an I survived, scope story, amazing and it hasn t know it it ends it ends. So scan. Ok, mine is similar you're about to do mine closures, harmonise pull that
pedicure Austria, where does your mind, takes place in Portland, Oregon, O K, buying we're good great, because mine is called the Missoula Mauler Mozilla Montana. I've never heard of that. This one is bananas and their state there's a book about it, call its by John Cost and called to kill and kill again. But aside from that, there's really the articles are released short. There's, not a ton of staff does not depend upon, casts like episodes about it, but it's fucking bananas. So let us do it. Do it Mozilla Montana, you ve been there.
Gets her Chris variances Brown, real, a whole host of do need a ride dog. Has they didn't sucking bothered to put out a new episode? And still I mean I couldn't. I am sorry, but the swordsman John, I know I planted so poorly increase. Like you, Wanna recorded new episode, as is like. I can't please don't make me and then we prepared anyone. I was like. Oh, I didn't really think that I should have said yes and unlike stately, though I got anyway errand, but he I will say this. You are enough care. Never, but new episodes are coming and and we're gonna start looking like we're. Gonna start getting back into our old booking, where an Stephen as our sound guys, even in the car when they are I'm not
yet car sick yet are not part of the vodka you're on at once. I was on at once, yeah take Elvis with you. If you want, he loves car, you love guy, you know, cats, ok, Mozilla Montana Workers serving says from well in nineteen seventies, it's a place. It's the kind of second place. We always hear about workable leave. Their doors unlocked women feel comfortable, walking home alone at night. It's you know this is this. Is their story of when that fucking stops? We every town has either in the seventies and eighties, maybe the nineties, if we're lucky and that they felt that way until the nineteen seventies. So, first in on February, fifth, nineteen, seventy four a five year old girl named Chauvelin Mcguinness disappear. Just a few blocks walk from her home and it was one of those things like she left her at night. She left her friends, house she's five years old, five forefront locks are halfway there and says: go the rest of the way by yourself, which was totally front five years old, yet it to night. So sad, but it's like how things whereby it was absolutely how things has how things were when I grew up to. I was fuckin, always alone yeah,
she disappears and is of shortly later found, stabbed and sexually assaulted nearby, and that this that isn't part of this, this Missoula Mahler, he's later exonerated through DNA by its just kind of its own, has to be mentioned as what happened in Mozilla to change it. Yet so her murder still unsolved and then what follows. Her murder is twelve years of seemingly random murders and a series of home intrusions and attempted rapes that terrifies the residents of Mozilla and changes. The small town way of life forever, and that's them is where the Mozilla Mahler comes, and so the first. Firm murder known to have been committed by the Mozilla Mahler happen April eleven nineteen. Seventy four, it's like a little after two months before low Chauvelin had been murdered
two months later, the countess so fucking reeling, they so dont know who did at Donna pounds she's a homemaker. She gets home from an outing around one third in the afternoon and her husband was at work. Her teenage daughters at school, her teenage son had joined the army says she expected to come home to an empty fuckin house and but once she's in the door. She surprised by an intruder The intruder had gone into the parents bedroom and taken the gun. Our trying again, Sir, has gone from its hiding place and the parents bedroom. He knew where it was. So. I bet you'd like a hang on re. If there's a hiding plantier card to hide awry a rifle, I probably know only intruder walks down at gunpoint to her bedroom, where he had been fuckin hanging out the house and an already fuck and put the ligatures and ties on say now. This is really a whole just a morning, yet This is called my favorite murder. We
you're awful here Adra he ties Donna he raped, he takes her down the basement and shit or in the back of the head five times. It's awful her husband Harvey he's a fucking preacher who has a radio show where he's actually been. Second preaching about the evils that is taking over the town because of chiffons murder recently comes home defined than meaning the finest fucking wife than in the basement. It's so far off all measures really creepy thing. I her like a little fact that creep me out on the podcast called Dark topic that said that the day Got home the in the evening after work, the daughter teenage daughter was hanging. I watching tv he's like where's your mom she's, like I don't know where she is, but I dont know why all these ropes around the house,
how creepy as that's horrifying. She was like what the fuck is going on when the bedroom realised what was going on went down, and now I know so. Then it hasn't founder there. That's terrible yeah, that's ok, police! find a suspect when a witness comes forward and says that they saw a local neighbourhood boy there lurking in the We are on the same afternoon in the murder o the team As far as eighteen year, old Wayne, Nance he's. Friends with the teenage kids of the pound, the pound kids and his son. This teenage son is an army had like randomly casually told Wayne where the gun was headed, no black and shit. And then my investigator search wanes house. They find a pair of bloody underwear and twenty two,
how and twenty two caliber bullets and they also uncover satanic books and a wire hangar shape into a panic programme that we had used to fucking brand himself when you need to get out in the sunlight and get some vitamin d, because If you leave yourself in a room too long and read it enough crazy Ass Berkshire unionist are doing things years younger and start listening to their craziness near an that's right. None of that would be helpful to a person, that's actually mentally ill, but it just makes me think of when I'm really bored at work- and I take I just
this very bad habit of. I start to take paper clips. Oh, I know them in the full them back. I M in the parliament of it all the time you there are jazz dozens and dozens and unfurled paper clips like herons of India, and also I just was think this second user. They went shapes as paper clips end up and is I'm not trying to do a shape? How did I just kept finding like kill, got just as kill your actually really skilled yeah, it's a perfectly like sculpted knife yeah. How did she do that? Well, did the two ends I got to tell her. She does that make a site don't want it's like waking sleepwalker. Yes, I don't want to scare care and of personal. I'm scared see ass. A he's, fucking bananas he's known around town ass, a teenager, her being a weirdo and there's also indications of animal sacrifices on the banks of the nearby Clark Ford River. Now so so it seems, like you know, there's a satanic panic bullshit this way, but I think before it happened in seventy four, but I think that there are kids who are like teens, who are crazy and want to let you know Britain
that Satan is somehow stirring them or their fucking until he on that's what they do sell. Usually that's like Ino, the old psychopath trifecta, whatever way arming animals it, it dovetails very nicely into that. Does satanic bridge ash it because then it's like where he had the compulsion to kill this liver. I am someone and someone approves of rang out. I read about this. It's like I'm doing something good and what makes me feel like strong or safer. Are you know that was pure speculation corner with care and underage? I am not a doktor and I'm not a Satan s dauntlessness. Anything I say doctor Satanist is that you will ILO and welcome the hell, ok, that, ok the machine county occurring at the time as names Robert Doo, Doo, Doo, Champs Duchamp was that I use it I'm pretty sure do chaps because by dusty
ah he he issues a subpoena he's like this guy's fucking Nazis. Eighteen, let's get him in prison immediately issues a subpoena puts Wayne in front of a grand jury wanting to indict him. It's the first grand jury since World WAR, two in Mozilla wow, but the grand jury. After all, this fucking evidence they rule. There is insufficient evidence to charge Wayne is assessed at plus he passed a fucking polygraph. Yet we know now means either a king diabolical for it was in an inaccurate re, write their person giving it was bad at it. I mean any number of thing, one of those little heart monitor things could just fallen, often down, he sure right, the first aim passes there. My head, though, is how
he could have. That then add it is circumstantial evidence. Yet all those things don't necessarily at up to murdering this totally emigrate a different meaning that the underwear being the bloody underwear belonging to Don. I don T like that. So I bet you that if that was approvable thing array need her is DNA. Obviously they let him go and dusty said I did everything I could think of. He was cool and collected as a tombstone, and he put he like question him for hours and I was just show to tell the word but he was cool so cool down now in the decade that follows Wayne straightened out.
Upstairs satanic bullshit and joins in eighty he's then becomes us ass. Being the weird around town becomes known as a normal dude in Mozilla he becomes a truck driver and part time either. Bouncer bartender at a local Bart, says different things in different places. I mean at the barn, was www polity, both right and duty to let people in an as your lake used look at their idea. You handed back to him. They really. What would you like to have new walk along with them up to the rights wash your hands roquat right that right? Hopefully now maybe on your jeans. That's right make that gin and tonic, but meanwhile, between one thousand nine hundred and seventy five and one thousand nine hundred and eighty four three unidentified bodies of teenage girls, decompose beyond recognition, are found around the Missoula area are murdered. Ok keep that in your brain,
oh no, it they're all Jane Doze and their given name is based on the location of their discoveries. Others, Betty Bieber, Tail Debbie dear Creek and Kirsty Crystal Creek, but it's not all Wayne Nancy's final attack that he's finally tied to these Jane does allow ok, we're gonna skip around a little Boca are so keep those in mind. Look at an end it's fast forward to nineteen. Eighty six, so we were in nineteen. Seventy four win, win, Debbie Pound died or was murdered now, and I can six almost twelve years later Wayne is now thirty. He works driving a track as a move at a fracture company owned by a couple Dugan Cresswells there, like I can't tell it, doesn't saddled error. They look like they're in their forties are attractive couple Chris Gmail Chris. Mckenna looks like an american princess Diana kind of a thing like wild pretty they look.
Our can normal black and people can sidebar. One thing always: my sister forces me to watch the tv she likes when I go visit herself at home for Thanksgiving, and I find myself washed Megan, Markel and american principle Oh my god, career yeah you're her eye because, there's all you know they talk so much about the way Princess Diana, raise those boys and how a hands on she was with them and how different she wanted. There lies to be from most royalty and then just like and then being like an if been married. Her is all of those things you don't worry is now this embodiment of the beauty of his mother and her humanitarian efforts, and they talk about when you dressed up as a nazi for hollowing, linear, grave but no, it was just. It was all about because, as you know,
money is. When I watched out, I watched them get married. Please don't tell any of my irish relatives because the very against british culture, especially the royalty, Dave, Colonized, Ireland and killed many of us look. Listen, listen, Megan! That, when I worship wedding. It was so beautiful and the fact that there was, very strong african american culture Aspect was so fucking, cool and so modern, and it just felt like this special is all about there's, all these talking head people, american and bird, are so we're just kind of like this is the way of the future, and this is the royal family, updating cells and being like we're not like this dusty ass, of inbred. Weird as we're like war of the worlds area is boys are bringing us to future lever anyhow, now I love Bravo television. I got it
That's what I'm really sorry that was in an inappropriate sidebar on now everything else. It's! Ok! Ok, that's what this package is called so it turns out. I challenge you to get back into this terrible. Let me get back into So weighing he's working as a move, this furniture company were Chris with a k works. He works whatever turn that he'd been secretly stocking her for several months. On the night of September fourth, eighteen, eighty six Wayne shows up at the Wells House what's up chatty on the fuckin lawn and asked if he could borrow flashlight dogs like great end of the second garage they get in the garage and Wayne hits over the head with a block of wood dogma is bleeding from a deep scout long, but he still tries to fight way off Wayne except when pipe and beats until he's unconscious,
This is why our heart this morning, I should have told you that ok, he pulls out. Ok, wait! Ok, then Wayne pulls out a revolver in grabs. Press, the wife and forces to the second floor, Badger Murray ties to the bed, once she's secure. He goes windows back downstairs and rags the unconscious Doug into the fucking basement. He take the east and he tie them up to oppose with clothes. I'm an meanwhile Doug being so fucking wake up and we'll be two more. They takes out back in Oak handle kitchen knife and stabs dug in the fucking chess puncture in one of his fucking one's own God Wayne then leaves and down there in the basement goes back upstairs where crisis tied up. Ok, despite his injuries, Doug Fuckin breaks. It has been. No, then, even with a fucking head wound and appears line, he fuckin pulls himself over to his work were earlier fucking day
and placed an antique labour action, savage rifle good job, thoroughly, that day grabs a rifle Puts a single bullet into it, he's in a hurry he He in his mind is like If I just run into the bedroom and confront Wayne, he's gonna use Chris as a shield, yet so, instead he knocks on the fucking wall with the rifle, when comes to go downstairs and see what the Hell's going on way. Is crouched on the like by the stars First, more landing takes aim and fires his single bullet at weighing the bullet its weight in the side and knocks him over but way gets back up is adamant that african bullet in search of crawled back to the bedroom Jesus. I now everyone is like on like an angel dust for real Doug is now out of bullets. Consumer one ball in the gun starts hating Wayne, with the wooden but his rifle and tell the butt.
Of the guns, splinters swell fuckin hitting him with it. Wayne is still Try and get to the bedroom makes it to the bedroom where, but an equally bad ass Chris had after hearing the rifle go off was like. Did my husband just get shot? She fuckin broke free of her bindings, except for one arm is still attached so and when crossing, while that, while he's while her husband is hitting out the button, the rival, Fuckin Chris, starts beating him up with our fist and kicking a fuck yeah the Wayne pose a gun from its pouch on his belt. I wonder if maybe his pants we're off in the bell was in the bedroom and then he got to the unanimity rule as he knew he had a gun right. He fires at Doug, MRS him both, second shot catches, Doug just above the knee, but done.
Keeps coming out of now the splintered by its not working. So he starts eating with the barrel of the rifle which ends up getting so bent out of shape. It turns into an l from the force of him there there I think they're tussling their fuck and fighting for guns and shit. Someone hits it's at night. Someone hits the fuckin lamp it crashed into the ground. The lights go off its dark. Are you kid days in? They move its in the dark? Yes, fuck well, but while it's in the dark, another shot rings out what happen? What's going on when their finally able to get the light on Wayne, Nance is lying on the floor dying. We don't know if it's accidental or purpose, but Wayne had shot himself in the head. What's that,
there is mention of inversions people say he did on purpose like he knew, is gonna, get killed her to shot himself and didn't wanna get caught and taken a prison there's a ready either. That says that as Wayne was shooting at dug in the dark, Doug's, maybe smacked him in the arm and at sent the barrel up to his own had indeed shot himself in the skull sure. Maybe but after The attack which both of the fucking wells survive. Thank God. You freaking believe what my god they survived. That's incredible. I now an Wayne dies well yeah so now, after the attack they offer Let's get a search warrant for wines house and they enough items there, which links to at least three murders and their cases and break ins in the fucking area right some over those Jane does so the body of Debbie Dear Cree, which
was a teenager and she had been found in advanced it of decomposition on December. Many fourth Christmas Eve. In case you didn't know, Eighty four she had been found, my a hiker in a frozen grave alongside dear Creek Road, almost two years before wings death. So when wanes House was searched after his death, there was hair belonging to her found there like they could tell me the dye patterns in step that it was hers and investigators were able to connect her to a photo. She was in with weighing there like. This is our Jane DOE that they found was loaded with him, and you can see it online amazing she, but they didn't have a name for she had been a drifter that patrons of the bar Wayne worked they newer as just raw. Then they said that like they were together and but she disappeared just a few weeks after moving in with Wayne.
And it wasn t so she was on an eighty four. It wasn't help two thousand and six that her real identity was finally found LAO after over three decades of her brother, Derek Bachman searching for her since she had left home- and he was fourteen- I know- and so they were from. Vancouver Washington. So this whole time he was convinced that it was the Green river killer that killed her right, but they finally put this together when he saw a fly guy. Drawing of her of the you know and identified body was like, I think, that's my sister and kept hounding them to do dna test. So fine, they did it and through new advance dna techniques. She was and if I as Marcella, nickname mercy, Bachman and she had run away from Vancouver Washington when she was fifteen and she can
She confided in her brother that their stepfather had been lasting and saw her for poor fuckin brother, who was fourteen like helped her pack her bags to get the fuck out of the house. Yes, and he always feel guilty about that and is spent his I've tried to track down God, what a hideous situation now, what else is supposed to do like make our stay? He had a helper Leah and he's fourteen isn't gonna make economic decisions like that as a huge decisions at so unfair it is, and then Sir Uwaine Nance had taken her end quote after she was left by a truck driver in the area where, she had. She had left the area September. Nineteen, eighty four,
when her body was found, an identified she'd actually been killed with three gone shots to the head, so it wasn't like moving in court on quote with him. It wasn't that it was like he was like I've, a safe place for you to stay yeah and she believed him or yeah or it and they were together. Maybe who the fuck knows and he's dead? We can answer my fuckin question raised. They just have old lake. I guess there were ten, We have to get a pitcher gm and develop, and it's like a couples like I know it's a couples like I'm gonna photobooth photo, oh oh god, I'm one of those fuckin nineteen eighty is like photo booth like they look like an near mom and dad. Ah ha. So another link came When investigators turn at the house of weighing turned up a collagen hunting knife, which is just like a cool looking little hunting knife and a small ceramic statue of Admin Elk. They found that when they searched his residence
here's where those comment in December nineteen, eighty five summoned and broken into the home of Michael and Teresa shook where they live. With for children in Romilly, which is about our from Mozilla. I'm sure I'm saying that around a smile it, like you say at Mica, so Michael Teresa had been tied up and shy in their home and afterwards their house had been set on fire with the four kids in it. Ok, this sounds familiar that Michael shook yeah but did he die in that fire? Yes, okay, so the parents died, but luckily one the neighbors notice a fire and where they were able to get all the kids out of the Fuckin house. Think I now thank God. So following their investigation the burned down house, the shock House, the police determinant. Only to that two items have been taken from the home, a hunting knife and a survey elk whirling. Now I'm a fucking wanes has am this is so creepy. There was a
odo of Wanes Dad George at Christmas, receiving a fucking sir, I make Elk as a Christmas present rate at the time of the murders is textbook weirdos serial killer be seriously like how like the feeling he must have gotten one is dad and wrapped in one go. I love it. Thank you and he fucking knew any stand. There would like weird red pupils like your well go sat trophy shit. Those serial killers, love creeped factor ok to this end, our location and Emma police on believe that is also responsible for the death of a teenager. His body was discovered on a road. One of the other Jane does in Mozilla on gene in January nineteen. Eighty who is dug Betty Beaver tail. She wasn't identified until two thousand and nine if the dna testing as Divannaia? Now since she was a fifteen year old, run away from Seattle, there's like it the campaign, any more information on her. It's kind of sad
she had been starve to death Tom and the other Jane DOE is still unidentified wow. She was Christy Crystal Creek and on since she was found on September, ninth, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five her scales or remains of an asian woman who had whose, between eighteen and thirty five years old, this found by a Hunter Missoula and she had been killed by twos. Thirty. Two cholera bullets to her head and I feel that they need to do a re like a redrawing of her, because the creepy ask, like you know paper machine thing that they have of her is like need, doesn't look like anyone, it's so creepy here like they need to redo. It updated on an empty lesson. Mozilla. Let me tell you how to do tat well, but it these things that happen in the eighties. You it's that
like well. I just now. I guess it didn't work out or whatever where'd you eat. They need that fresh, called case team to come in with, like the young blood that are like. Now, we need to do all the updates now yeah we're, even though I think the murderer is dead. You still need to give clear known her identity back to her family re because she could have that a young brother that's been looking for her lie. Only there's you have to do it for the family, exactly so christened jaguars had sir, I've their attack by Wayne, Nance Chris S. They may now own and gun shop in Mozilla, of course. If I can do a great I read it: user clans at Doug teaches classes at Quantico on tactical survival, training whoa. I know that's true, but I want to take their fucking glass of so boost
We have a long commute, chronicles nylon. They second helicopter demand that, like whatever you need, MR well, they black object. I am hell up. His gunshot are so polite to him because I just don't know he is capable of anything there like a weird what you did not I'll yeah. I heard these seventeen levels of totally survival and your James Bond, it's beyond That's amazing! No and Wayne Nance is one of the only serial killers who was murdered by his own victims that, amazing, yeah, beckoned, christened jaguars, and that's the story. The fucking Mozilla Mauler Mozilla Mauler, never heard a word of it. Chris unfair banks hasn't mentioned a word. You have probably has anything about it. That's Oh crazy, I'm just like a layer. I didn't know how to like a right that story, because it's like doing open with him dying, but then how do I tell them? That goes a really hard. I need a great, I think you or not,
because Montana is so- tree ass. So like You know it's frontier people who who have guns, have trucks like they're out in the country that's their lifestyle Yasser our kind of they have a level of bad ass. Now that we are we city folks, don't fuckin have that's right near their use to dealing with the elements in the end of nature and wildlife and stuff like that. So it's amazing regret. Ok, some minor also has an exciting survival aspect to a fine and I this this story I watched her, show called shattered, which is on the id and, if you haven't seen it isn't like my new favorite have shown being It's a very it's about
The impact of people who get it are involved, which you crime, whether it's the detective solving the case or a survivor from a friend like a serial killer, attack or whatever it is, and the way it's it reminds me a lot of I survived in that way where they construct the store, around those people story right in the end, that kind of first person and it so effective, and this episode I called I watch, was called the wood, and so this is the story of Portland Forest Part Killer and survivor, Shelly Harding move, so I'm basely, retelling, shattered story of the forest part killer. Is such a good satisfying, wait to hear, hear true crime story, and so I'm a centrally just retailing there? they presented at so it's no our third, ninety, ninety two and on a six year. Old Shelly Harding is seven
what's pregnant. She is done working for the night, there's no buses running and it's a cold winter night and so she has to start work pregnant, seven months, pregnant or too many months to be walking. I now so. She starts walking through a parking lot and this articles over and the driver asked her if she needs a ride home and she sees there's two carseats in the backseat and a guy seems like this nerdy harmless, dude and her feet hurt really bad and it's been a long day and she's. Seven months pregnant after five blocks, his demeanor suddenly changes he's no longer the person that offered her the right. He locks the doors and pulls out a knife, and in this on the show shattered. Shelly says you could feel his rage and issue is. She starts to panic, but then she sees he's. Also
and again so there's overseas operates, is really scary because he was not in control of right. Here's a person freaking out and then, as he's pulling this knife and starting to you know, attack her he rear ends and other car, so two guys get out of the car. He hits and Shelley's like. Oh, my god thank automatically rescued and then the guy who pulled. Life honour the driver speeds aware and leaves the scene of the crime and up driving her into the woods, unlike no yeah, so she realizes he's gonna killer. Her baby is never gonna get born, so she starts touching everything she can in the car and
then she's, acting like she likes him and she's, trying to just basically keep him from killing her, whom he puts a seat belt around her neck. He strangle, sir, and he rapes her multiple times when they Salter all over. He be instead cry which, how suckin unnerving is that so she comforts him she says and that if he just let her go, she's not going to tell anybody just take it. Back to that Party Maya and he does it it's out of the car and she fucking gets away my God so Sheikh she gets taken to the hospital and call the police and detective Dave. Schlegel meets her at the hospital and he is so impressed that she's survive on attack. He knows she's, really strong, and you know, there's something like in her ear,
together they decide they're gonna, try to catch the sky back and the end. Of course, that danish Schlegel is is on the show and he's now retired and he's got like the handlebar moustache and the transition lenses any so soft spoken and he's what the good guy you can sell. So luckily, those two guys the got rear ended, wrote down the licence as the rape as drove away. Oh my god. So they called it into the cops. So the police investigate the car and they find all of Shit Shelley's fingerprints inside it, and so they arrest Todd Alan Reed for the rape and kidnapping of Shelly Harding Shit, ok, certain Ellen Reed was in Portland on May twenty. Second, nineteen sixty seven nine days after his parents, Ronnie and Alfred, were married. When he's for his parents get divorced, is mom remarries, a man named Robert Reed.
Time is little brother are adopted by Robert Reed S later says: the tide was a little stand office and maybe uncomfortable having a other figure out around after not having one for a while I'll, though he fully grown adult talking about a four year old being stand off, maybe he's a fucking create, maybe there's a reason. A four year old wannabes then offer we don't know who's to say nineteen, seventy nine togs mom and We get a divorce too. Slater later thousand and eighty one at the age of fourteen Todd has his first run in with the authorities he's four threat for theft any sent to a residential programme for at risk youth, and why he's there, he takes his YE d, begins college level courses and accounting and horror. Culture at fourteen, yes holy shit, so people CS. Eighty one eighty four is night keen Sophia
basically did that people say he's like a sensitive guy and he likes going through that at that point, he becomes gainfully employed and he began, spraying poetry, oh great, So it was beautiful yeah. He key truly contains multitude says in nineteen. Eighty six red is nineteen. He meets a girl a fifteen year old girl named galvanic, neither have any money or an apartment, but they decide. They're gonna live together, so they stay at other people's homes or they just sent a set up tents in peace. Those fields eat they burglarize homes and steal food and wine, so they sound. Irritating at the very least age you mind. If I just like throw up this TED Backyard, Nummies lavish live man when you're gone, nominate, probably eat all your crackers. Leave you a poem impatient, that's art
It's worth is priceless. Priceless in eighteen, eighty seven targets caught breaking and entering he's a rusty serves a short extent in the Big House, not long enough to, though, So I have a speech impediment this episode just sit. This is like they say national drag that I'm planning in eighteen, eighty eight, the same judge who sentenced him for breaking and entering perform since the wedding ceremony. Between hen, gale they to prove to him that they're gonna make it. Simon necessary, not reasoning. I married yet, unless airy not reason they get married and wait until you need the poorest that you can't you just love with all your heart and not. Somebody else proven argument truly right in and argue in Asia is: let's go, let's use marriage for its actual use, which is which
for a little Lord prove wars from your high school at you can get that good deal tottering, Ghana to chill right, golly I gotta do is. I was let me now turn and gale of two children and Todd gets tuna jobs, one at the sizzler and want it safely say: poison famous grocery store chain here on the West Coast, and I think, a bit a bit in the central alerted there. Maybe it'd lanting what our region of the ninth. Why not here for Fuckin big grocery to promote a grocery stores? But if you're going to promote big grocery, please shop at Safeway in a spare time, it doesn't sound like a girl. She saw it all now say: good emergency clinic, in his spare time Todd reads the homes he's written at the local cafe
Gale says of these problems that they were full of longing and not pretty flowers and butterflies, real Stop defending his ship. Poetry are this is the nineties now, so it's like slacken our house like Coffee House, where it eighties. Archives incident. Isn't he he's like in the forefront of the fuckin, boring ass, open He hath a bullshit slamming power, that's right slamming these belts right, which basically means you say it like this gesture gesture gesture long leather coat. It seems on the outside he's getting his life together, but, in truth, TAT spent his days calling phone sex lines because it's the late, a lackey adders and he's act and watching porn and hiding it is found else from his young wife gale great. He showed that judge but I can watch more potent than you can jellia, while I'm sleeping in a field in eighteen, eighty nine about a year after their wedding,
tell arrested for rate and the kid the raven kidnapping of Shelly Harding? He please. No contest he fucking, sir, Three way this is our pregnant friend we ve now caught up to know, tie of Shelly Harding. He gets caught yea and CASA against arrested. He gets thrown in jail. He, sir, three years, three fucking Aristotle were tempted, rape in the attempted, murder and rape of this. Why mean the laws should go thy, feel like very back then their guilty foresaw, like the all the murders and rapes that happen. After because there were such shitty sentencing down Pino yes, more like when they get out after yeah nerves, their time reduce and then they go on to do more simple, martyrs, tax and rapes. Yet exactly dead disgrace, So this is when this is right. When taking dna becomes the standard, as I had very big ourselves when he gets out, they take his dna, so
in ninety. Ninety seven gale divorces, Todd rightfully so yes to pay child support, he's granite visits every other week and oh your Europe actually convicted, rape and attempted murder re. Ok, then you'll get every other week. Any item I might add the good guy, got that. Can you imagine if you please ok so now showing Harding. On the other hand, is not doing well at all, because of course she has suffered severe trauma that last longer than three fucking years. Yeah she drink. She's really into using drugs. Her baby gets taken away from her because she is unable to care for the baby properly and on the show its heartbreaking Shelly says, and she Elisha looks like any mom. Yeah she's got like a cue blouse on and a little brown bob, and she looks completely like any you'd, seen Parada Safeway Dish
not brought you buy. Sadly, I did my also on the show she says I did my best to become that piece of dirt that everyone thought I was and my what life went downhill very fast. So awful. I would like to say this here. This is a great example of when you start telling yourself stuff, because you are in trauma you're in a bad place when you're everybody thinks I'm a piece of shit yeah. If your hearing messages I got from within your own head, you have to pause and you have set out and go. That could also not be true, and I everyone could love me because when you get into that mindset, you start in bad decisions for yourself as punishment, and you don't deserve that parliament. That's beautiful, well, it's fuckin. True, you wanted to say this new, just like thought. No, no one thing she about yelling, I'm like no one thinks you're bad, because it's horrible fuckin thing happened to you know, but in your mind, a United Nations myself, it's horrible. All the times are right, you have to remember. Horrible shit happens to a lot of if and pro leave. They heard
the your interior monologue. Knowing what happened to you, they would want to hug you right. They dig it's not like that, but course also in you're, an attic and when you're in it drugs like you, don't have that kind of space and reason and that you can't make a decision also, she describes herself she's, like you know that girl, it you see sometimes in the bad part of town I can run mumbling yourself. I know she's aren't she's like that was my holy shit. I was in that life. It was really really bad She. Finally, she strung out. You know whatever she finally gets into rehab and when she's in rehab she makes friends with another added. That's their name, Lyle Mauler. They they become close friends actually in rehab an get sober together and then one day lie the leaves and she doesn't come back and after two
Espace Shelly know something bad has happened to her because, usually like, if you're in rehab and you go out and get strung out, you come back if you start over and you should do that. But Shelly knows like this. Isn't this is way too long and then literally Shelly goes into the day room one day and she sees a news report and then to bodies have been found in for part so on May seventh, the nude strangled body. The woman is found in a heavily wooded area of forest park. That's that's it's the big park in Portland and bodies eventually identified as twenty eight year old, Lyle Mauler. So the day the body of twenty six year old Stephanie Russell is found close too little money a shout and in that same it's in the same level of state of de composition and
and on June second, the body of Alexandria, Nicole Eisen, is found in the same area also nude also strangled. Also, all three of the same ammo and Alexandria was only seventeen all three of these women having sex workers on western Side Street and they all looked relatively similar to other. So the Portland police set up a task force and detective Schlegel reach two Shelly Harding and ass for her help in accessing the the sex worker community, so that they will not be paranoid of him that they will actually help him and give them information he can use, because he knows that. That's what's happening and that's you know where they would probably have lots of information re people that they ve seen creeps whatever. He wants them to be honest with them and not be afraid, Barroso,
He tells Shelly if he, if she can vouch for him that he's not there to arrest anybody just to get information, so they could find this predator, that's killing sex workers, so Shelly does that she vouchers for him and She says because he treated with respect and empathy, and that he was the first person in a long time that I could trust. So he is like truly doing on amazing always work and in the kinds the good kind. Actually fuckin gets crimes saw when you care about the people that year it you know me, I see them as just sex. Workers are drawing attics exactly and it just like. Maybe there's a reason people need to take drugs are, I believe, really should eat. Things happened to arrive at all, I remember watching this thing one time and there is a guy that was like he was a rehab like counselor and he said it's like you, don't it's like when you see a fox with his leg in a trap. You know you don't
don't think, he's stupid first. Staying in that one spot round, if their snow over the trap, you just see a fox standing there crying you here. You know you empathy, but it's like you have to de pass, the exterior a you know context, is and see that that the drugs just debilitate people, but they are sometimes like distant necessary, escape right. If you really venturesome ship, so that's what This detective was doing just I love. It is amazing and see them talking about it together on the show so cool. So they decide. This taskforce sets up a sting operation, so they have females, detector, under cover cop who looks like the three women whose bodies have been found. They dress her up as the decoy on Burnside Street. So on July, seventh, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. They see a man in a mitsubishi, Eclipse, stalking this decoy and he
hark behind her, so he can watch her without being seen. Anyone detective day, Schlegel drives by any looks at the stalker the hair. On the back of his neck now, because it's Fuckin Todd Alan right now is sex. Offender had gone to jail for, raping and attempting to kill, Shelly Harding, and he is sitting there in his car watching. De Calais because he got released from prison and he's back fucking doing exactly the same Hamley shit. He was sentenced to twelve years banal got out in three that- truth and sentencing laws, people right now. Here's how Shelly Harding found out that taught Alan Red got out of jail right that they cause. I don't fuck until the victim now or they didn't then MIA they might. They might have updated that system she's in a restaurant and he walked by.
Hulu share, so she says in the show she tells a story it. She said she thought she was hallucinating. That's is unacceptable, its its inhumane, it's the network, something so he walks by her and is going it he's really there she jumped up from her table and follows amount. The restaurant yelling, he hey, you tried to kill me hey and she's screaming. He won't. You didn't turn his head. He never acknowledged that she was behind him. He just got into his car as if nothing was happening and she's a by the time they get outside. He which she was scream, and he just got. His car and drove away as if nothing has happened that she's she's fucking call so danish legal realises this as he drives by it's a convicted sex offender that he that he put in Geryon, whose now stuck in an equally. Pull, read over to question him. They
in his car. They find a novel called the killing gift, which is about a woman who kills sixteen men without touching them there. Find yellow strapping material in the car which is like that it's basically seatbelt material and button of courses. All it's not enough to write him. So Instead, they they question them. They let him go, and then he becomes the prime suspect in the forest. Part. Killing irish and the police begin surveillance him twenty four hours a day for the next eleven days, waiting for the DNA tests Combash and then July 18th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine. The crime lab, finds that the DNA taken from the condom that was found next to Leila Miller's body and a swabs taken from. Body mass Todd reads: DNA that mistaken when he was in jail and soak it matches everything amazing go to start on reads: job Ranal is produce and sell these Portland and they arrest him and of course
Everyone who works with cannot believe. I am right. So when detective Schlegel goes to tell Shelly that hurt hacker is, in fact the for its part killer and that he's been arrested and killed her friend and killed her friend she's in jail herself, and when she sees him, come into the day room? She says you got him didn't and he says we arrested him, but we need you to testify against him and his trial. Because we need to give him the maximum sentence. You have to be there. I have to tell them what happened and you can beyond drugs. Would you so crazy, because it's like here
at times like that when they have to testify it's a retrial retiring the victor. Yes, so did not be able to have the thing you ve been falling back on pre trauma drugs, Rio Fucking LAW has to be its hereupon. I thought that you want to do it probably and she wants to do it, obviously for self. Yes, she wants you for her frame re this person that she like, when she first got sober meant so much to heard that is killed by the person she was raped by like its yeah. So she was like sucking doing NASA and she any search the detectives legal had given her a business card. She tried a clean so many times she didn't think she could do it, but she wanted so badly to fight for her friend and because she knew at her friend went through before she died and that's what she kept in mind. So she does it and she gets sober and in reach. He doesn't want tawdry pleads guilty to all three slayings. He sentenced to life in prison without broad and
that the sentencing Shelly it and reads statement tells her whole horrible ordeal and then puts the letter down she Todd Alan Red in the eye, and she says, but through it all take great satisfaction knowing that you're gonna burn in Hell and because she wrote year because Shelly Harding is a fucking bad and detect a schlegel and Shelly are still friends after all these years and he was at her wedding and then they show pictures, TAT Eleanor and is also a suspect in the murder of two girls were last seen in nineteen eighty seven twelve year old de Thomas and fifteen year old, Jennifer sure and they both found, strangled and avoided area, and they were both last seen- Todd reads: ex wife, gal benefits and
the insane story of Portland Forest, park killer How the fuck are we never heard of the right and the amazing survival story of Shelly Harding? That's right! Yeah! Oh, my God is not crazy, the shattered heavy shattered its produce so beautifully. I've only got against I'm telling as they do in so good wow yeah. I know it's like you, there's nothing better than one a victim gets a fiber. Yet both our story, I feel like head of the tunnel extra Mostar is gas packed in dude dared deep shit dear But can we re well gotta go home for Thanksgiving and we had the best Thanksgiving at Adrian's, with her family in our family and
You know it's now. It's a bunch of families of his you're, actually really big party and was so funny, see everybody but then Nora as started she's been ice skating for months or life, but she started. She went back to ice skating lessons and we went and watched and she can now do this gate with the turn where you just turn a bunch of time in a row. She's like it's real ice skating, she's gonna be an olympian, its everyone says, but she is just like you. Could she loves it? So much like she has the ban and we should really beautiful diseases like when she was little. It was all very cute, lay at one leg wherever and now she's like getting into ice skating, so cute, I'm so proud of her. I know it's very lovely to what it's just lovely, to watch. Her grow up, it's really to being down here and being by myself, sometimes and just so much work yeah we just there is so much work to go home and just get that, like
a nice shot. Everyone smiled, like oh things, at manner my shit, it's like very in me. If you like, I gotta, be twelve shot or are you went out in the sun and got some random, and this is just a ten? Firstly, does the same tenant Bible down and go watch a child? I stay. I highly recommend my eye at things getting my nephew, whose, like a told me that his hearers school teacher was like you as ass. My brother, if like she listens to give her a schoolteacher sally ass, listen! So my second or I just want to give a shout out too. So there was an end, the backlog,
fundraiser. The edges read: this: hey are proud. Fighting goes baby here, yes, the day after the os and show some wonderful, Austin Marinas hosted a stab in the back ogg fundraiser, with em at him, trivia and hometown open MIKE. We had some amazing raffle prizes like a two hundred dollar tattoo, an arrow. Our terror cartwrighting gift cards for placing on austrian and empathy emerge from Boston Marinas on Etsy Murali. We re raised one thousand dollars for end of Acta. How I'm so happy to see marinas came together to re so much money for such an amazing organisation, and I really want to thank you both for creating a community for making this possible. I guess you guys you did it a man on the three masterminds were Sarah Shelley and Monica and already talking about having one again next year or so SSC Gm Katy. So thanks you're sending back a job us in its way
because I want to end on a no so a couple weeks back, we threw up a lie that pursued out of the blue, whom, because I just couldn't I found out two weeks ago out of nowhere that my long time they love it Aramis died and hit me really hard. I'm really sad! Obviously, I'm really. I am sad that the world doesn't have her and it anymore, because she was his beautiful, wonderful person who taught me so much using a big sister to me. And she taught me so much about being kind of myself and and and talking to myself as if I were talking to myself as a kid and good. I say these are things to my like Little Georgia, yeah yeah, and so she taught me about Little Georgia and treating her well and to treat myself or that way and she's.
That, even if you can't use your own voice to do that, if it's hard, you can use someone else's, and so I started using hers because she was just such a beautiful ray of sunshine. And I never. I feel guilty that I never told her how I felt at how much she helped me she's. In the book, our book We have just been talking about how I could say I could say in our acknowledgements. If I could use your last name, we were joking around it, so you did teller. I guess yeah. I guess I do yeah. De I mean that's a big compliment and that I think that this probably conveyed a lot of you're feeling it may not have felt that way at the time, but definitely count that something here So I guess I don't know, maybe tell people how much they mean to you or behind to yourself. This week just a little memorial, her came and
and go to therapy because even though this is really fucking hard and in I've had never had a therapist like her in two decades of therapy she taught me that it's just it's so important and its life changing when you find a good one, so out I'll keep doing it, again and yeah. There might not be of a sum, now button, because it's not really a finnish thing. It's a new thing that happened you so our still processing it and and you're processing it without personal helps. You process, who has all my has all my like. She knows all my shit limits yeah so give her a break. Their yeah Cassettes that's uncharted territory, so
I'm really sorry that happen thing here is really sad. I know it's not. I won't want to make it about me. Obviously it's her friends and family as well, but you know she was an incredible woman and I just the world has a big while the people she would have helped in the future and thus or was helping now and has helped in the past. I think it's. A big big loss has responded at knowledge that yeah she reminded me of. What's her from Scrooged, isn't Margo Hitter, HU, I don't don't think I've ever seen. You never watched her in Russia, You have to wider screw jumping, I have seven, isn't Margo Killer Karen Alan she's places them on our philips? Raiders lost our care now and yet she was. She looked just like her well same kind of age, and they know that so yeah.
Can I watch Scrooge anger and I about it, but yeah, behind your little self, its and if you need someone else's voice, use my our Karen's yandah, yet about it from another perspective, Riah aside from your own, if you can hear practice just practice it everyone, you know I started doing at once a day and then just became natural locate, but yeah thanks for letting me say that of course, of course, yeah. Sorry, you and thinks everyone for listening and making this community huge and what it is and letting us duties incredible things like start a podcast network and further our lives in this way. I just I feel so honoured and blessed to have this this pod cast in so much more than that and this life yet heads it's pretty. Also, I think if some a good thing a good piece of advice that I've gotten. Is it when you are feeling lost or, like you, don't know what to do or how you know:
when you lose somebody or whatever it's really great thing, to help other people like if you are in, if you're, relating to a Georgia, saying or something's going on like that, is to try to try to figure out. If there's another person might be feeling like you feel and help them figure. Help them. That's like the immediate, the lifting of a burden sharing your way to get a waiter I for someone else to come and lift it for you, but actually you can kind of get into a proactive like who can I help live? that's worse off than me, yeah it that actually diverse, strengthening exercise that that someone taught me a while ago. I love you and others now in our states actually and don't get murdered Goodbye Elvis when a cookie, good womb.
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