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2018-12-06 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the hanging of Alice Riley and the murder of Reyna Marroquín.

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This is exactly right. And welcome, although you got you got a clue me in on your right, which I shall written. A cue card must start again.
And while I was great expand, this is my favorite murderer were true crime comedy podcast coming to you live that's right from us. Why that's caring killed era and that's Georgia, Hard STAR, see let us even way more on the ones into that's ray is holding down for us right, we're in the pod laughed again. We got some feedback that if we you know, we got a record Elvis doing his cookie. Now, if we're going to be recorded in office, I totally for about the o. Was there no? There was none of the meeting. We hang anything on. I believe I just didn't think about it. Stephen you're fired Israel, twister's satins, so you'll be ending. It started with an eye and ended with a u, but we are in the pod laughed right now: it's fucking lovely rainy night. No, my got it actually is beautiful. It started reading this afternoon and usually and lay it starts stops. It rains just long enough your car to look dirtier rate than it did in the morning, but not now worse, straight weren't, straight up
Portland Oregon style Reign of it so much. I love it except for an scientists of the happiest thing to go into, but people can't drive in the reigning their genuine. They they drive that I think I realise that they drive the way they drive in the not rain and that's the problem of yes. No one can a jumbo down you fucking idiots things. Have your atmospheres chain, so listen! Listen to see you again! It's very. This is a kind of tell me where it is. It's a town filled with people who will not just to reality ray it's part of living here is living here in being like I'm, the greatest actor ever like. Ok, you better dig all the way and that is going to hold onto it. For twenty eight year I was the prettiest girl, my high school, and I still single dear single tariff yeah. So there's a lot of like driving through the rain,
I'm not in the rain, I'm not in the rain. I'm the prettiest girl from my high school all right, all right, get out of here, Kelly Kelly goddammit. It's how dairy italian kill, you're still pretty it's raining Kelly with an eye queer highly it's! You know why it can put the eye, but we know your mother named you with a wise right. So do it, you want Lorna Vienna but worried when we don't have to buy area or any of your acting right guess what act like you talk normally try to convince people that you're not acting. That's the you know what they're at acting that's the acting class that I'm in its charges. Ten dollars a week for just talking to toss a and Emily there you're acting mirror. I say Acting with what is now getting in front of a camera that makes you including me, I'm a nectar insane. Well, you know
It brings out. All your insecurity words like the second year there you're like oh, I shouldn't be here- I mean I'm the worse and I am anyway It gives me a part I'm the worse. I immediately forget all my lines and allay all my brain will say is I Then beer, I'm a fraud, they're going to figure me, I'm that this I'm not good enough. And can you see this strange hatchet like mine, enemy aboard head up and is that what you're, really focusing on line is? Don't do that with your mouth dont? You have had your mouth that weird thing with IRAN: staffing thing with your mouth: what do you do with your mouth? I just I have. As you know, my mouth is just complicated because you know what I do when I'm nervous. I hope my lips together, like I'm just trying to keep my mouth shut, which is so symbolic. That's really what, if I'm truly nervous its I'm holding my Lydia get my lips go on camera, don't say it she's, trying not to have an outburst, ok
it looks like em, but really I'm just like tat goes. Say anything now say something stupid. I've been begging, my mouth, not to say something stupid, all my life, it won't listen. I've been trying like normal and not like a weird person. My whole life, I think so I used to have to go to speech therapy because I would sit there when I was a kid I, like I have lips parted all the time, and so I'd have to be reminded to close my lips and sometimes my tongue, when discussing of Hay lane was against a great dog like this. Like wish. I sent you a photo of me with a cello ass like that base, so I've been reminding myself not to fucking. Do that Georgia? That's just a lack of self consciousness, though that's what kids are lake? We're just gonna like hang out and don't you don't
aware of yourself and then suddenly a teachers like you got you, you got a not do that anymore. About going to speech there'll, be it's really embarrassing! We're going to stop you in class once a week and make you go, see blackened speech that but- that was just kind of like keep. The where you're supposed to keep area, but also the list, so I think try to change that and go away. That's fine. This is now their near there appeared either nor there I'm trying to think of what I M mine was always just just be Please be quiet, please be quiet. Airspeed clarity is shut, the fuck suit and no one is to hear an icy like delicate. I dont want to be saying it either you're, not the teacher. I understand.
I don't wanna be talking aged my mouth, that's doing it! It's not me and when I realized and much much later like when I was in my late thirty's as that was anxiety, that was social anxiety and the way I dealt with it. I never knew that. That's what it was that I have the worst personality. I better start drinking that I worked. It worked for so many years because only cause you don't ever what your said: memoirs yeah, there's a whatever about was great when she did it Speaking of March, there see as merchandise, down lads ray it's as if you go to where they were murdered, not calm. There's our store! There's a holiday me how holiday items if the order by December fourteenth what's today's date, it'll be the sixth work today
can get your Christmas and Hanukkah Day shit. Now, some of that so sold out its they have a back inside there. I just want to say to all of the Jews you guys I'm so proud of us. Look, I'm still a high amount to us, I'm so proud of us. We sold the fucking Hanukkah shirt out, yet the le I am bitches. Of course, I don't know. I just light was like I just waiting to throw up there and there was the best idea, you're very much savvy. That then also it was the counting of like yeah you don t. You should get some fun, it's like ugly Christmas what're, you then it's like, and how about just as Sassy Passover, Sweater Whitley remind me. It reminds me of you know as as Georgia, you go as a kid you go to the seven year, storing there wouldn't be a licence, but time license plate with my name on it in the way you know you never had that stuff, it's the sending of being jewish as you there's, never Hanukkah stuff right, always Christmas staff and except for the one time that urban outfitters did that member they did like
I love being a Jew, but they put like money similar. I know they do. They have a kiss me. I my ranch and there is like a jewish onto and they had a pull it because it was like stars of David. Like then, my radios and shit, but there are also money symbols I saw her and you guys I will have a ceiling blocking posted on the instant rams curve, but they ve been posts about us from the opposite on the interim government and they had a polar, be stupid, fucking areas, Jesus we'll see, that's that you know it's that I realise that we are learning and really that doesn't exists. Yeah, that's right! You know well and its. I think
probably most, jewish people have just gotten used to its like. Don't want that because now there so then finally you're like hey, but it is habit. It is there and then it's like really proud of us. It's great as a people is this. Everyone loves a jewish girl. Yes, they had a whole line at everyone loves in irish girl. Everyone loves a live ever the hardware opium poppy ray. Is that a purse? Oh that's! A great I'm sorry, I didn't realize riddles had the thing on that let em it's like a spinning. That's like a top! That's for the sudanese part. Ok, so they have the greatest upside down, because Spain will now That's it. I thought it was a person not thou handle. No, this is all I got on the targets set a juridical, so purses and money. There is literally money. Some symbols, Zippo living like a dice with a handle. That's nodded data,
now, as everyone loves and irish girl, it's that surrounded by beers, potatoes and fucking cellulite and fans on Ireland, its just yet a coldness, yelling hard to draw that share. That a recalled that sure today is pretty fuckin Babylonia, because now it's all just hearts, they changed it to all heart. Like me, you can leave the jewish stars. Do over there even during stars, though, as as as a poor Jew. I also offended by that too, because the jewish girl, who grew up poor, it's like that's, not it's a stereo died right, well, but as a jewish girl, the group poor, why don't you admit that you wanted money who
it doesnt want money that Irish, like with orange since I was a rich, do I mean, but here's that's the only thing to is who doesn't want money early eat? Any Lithuanians want money. Any nationality is post your religion, but making a worm anyway by our March cause there's the very little my favorite murdered outcome. Those restore have fun with it. There's also a ton of other shit. I've been wearing the lock out of my life. Fuck you, I married swipe hand yeah. You have, and I realized a fair we should get. Key lime. Divorce trio. It's the same thing. I hated her I'd rather not because I am against purvey. Well fuck. You married came out of a joke. Yes, so I dont need ages. I can wear. Whenever I want is a merry exact you can wear when everyone is your fuckin divorce. He ever see. That's not funny jokers, that's tragic, where it's like
to you, I'm divorced and in a deep depression sweats for seven year, ok to real, I gotta and we have to if we implement and you divorced March is, can we have to do something? Words lighter, and I too has a nails, lad, ok, link! but see then we're just going into the I'm. Fifty area rags dislike, celebrate Mommy Gallager Airline over the long eagles or the that's be statesmen covered by like it's. Why, the clock is obviously your divorce merge right. I wanted. I am alone and in my addiction join me, but has that's good mirth trade and then a little lighthouse when you left that occurs to ice, how about something along the lines of lake Leave me alone. I'm myself! There is a sure that says
sorry, I'm late, I didn't want to come yet I resent monsieur, I think of you. I just wanna get you may as well. I know I don't need this you're the best come right out of my life, hey I it being here. I know I'm in and go hadn't go south cartoon on a bigger who is by said, there's two girls walking into a party and when girls going can't wait to leave this party later, I'm so excited to leave this party and hold on one. Second, let me action over their personnel, who is ITALY where I went to use use be with them. It's my friend Hilary Campbell cartoons and, what's her insurrections, my Hilary, let's say I love to the thing she went to the New York. Show yes, she's gonna lie laws. Angling, or am I can't wait to leave this party later cited, really was partially. That's God dammit, that's my life, I'm sure misquoted yet another. Can I everything, wrong click on em down or no. No, it's actually a pot. I mean it's positive, so last
at the end of a show talked about. My incredible therapists came, who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly, and then I this fuckin podcast man like the levels of amazement that happens, that has happened and has been happening for gas three fucking years. Yeah, insane I get an email, it's from a family member of hers. It was like. I was listening the bypass and I had a fucking pull over excited the minute you said Kim. I realized you'd like now my family- and I want to I my family member, and it meant so much to us. She pleaded for Kim's parents, who's. Who said. Thank you fer. You know, because I wasn't does not care how much she meant to me about her parents down. I allow that's amazing, and it's just this. It's such a huge. This pipe has like the connect since its making with other people. Having together with us and other people. It's just incredible energy. I I Think about what happened in it. You know it wouldn't have happened
this spy, and it is kind of it gave me this little little. Light of hope. This talent, depression, yeah, because it matters. It matters and expressing how you feel about people and how people matter to you and that with the people that you value people its super important to express that india- and I guess, we're getting this weird version of it where it's like. Oh my god, someone herded and cared yeah, but it's in your day to day life, it's you might as well just do it! It's important thing to do because you may feel like. Oh, this makes me so vulnerable or I met this risk or whatever. But if you can figure out a way to express how you feel people real time while they are aware of it, they it really need it? It could be a good idea and also its like. It's a good thing. It is too too
this kind of being brave about just going like. Well, that's just how file vulnerability that, yes, the key with you no course. Please read Bernay rounds, daring greatly, as I dont think Karen and I would this wouldn't exists without her. Now it would this pike ass. We would be friends without her. I feel like we bonded over the fact that both in the middle of it and the thing was be vulnerable cell s, which is which is one of our inviting at bonded us so fancy as it is that thing of, like it so hard just to be at a party filled with people that we're all friends where and we're still so uncomfortable and at length. But let's be jirga going. Ok, go round the room? Was it weighs that we're vulnerable? One thing was tat things giving, and I said, let's say one thing: we're vulnerable and removal of the male sex, and that's the only reason I did. That is because I can't eat in silence. That's like one of my own
fuckin eating. That's the only that sucker round is. I can't just quietly masticate yes, so it was like ok, gimme all fucking talk please and stopped shilling and let's obsolete one thing or more about, and you really like, are you reading daring greatly yeah? Yes, I add it was the best because an The kind of thing of I love stuff like that. I love, the really talking about study- and I think that's not have small talk. Yes, let's not has Malta, let's not riff ITALY. I've been in a culture, a comedy culture for so long worse than Ceretani was,
the worst thing you could do. I made you put a target on your back at major weak. It made you stupid, blah blah blah, and it's like an that's too so old and airy. Ninety as mentality words, just like. Actually, it's very cold to cool. It's been two core re lay write them less. Who gives a shit them more cool your which is just a mask? It's obvious now, and I also think that's part of being young but yeah. That's you now that I'm middle aged I'm just like I don't care anymore. I don't give a fuck if you think I'm cool or not, I don't give a fuck if you like the music. I like I'm, not here for that anymore. I did that are ready and I suffered through that already and now I'm just kind of like. What's cool like what could happen
if I actually em my real cell Holloway and don't hold my lips together. Let those lips I've been letting these lives lions about gas for three years and it's been pretty nice, it's it's! It's proven your point wrong that you should keep your mouth shut. Yeah! Probably now we just have to teach my lips, ok there anything else. I don't think so I'll, although I'm I apologise because I'm not sure I now at the end of a full time job? So I'm a little out of my mind, your other full time we had the other, the additional one that I chose to take on as some sort of wave proving to the world's
not of a daily paper. Yes exactly! I can do things. No one believes that yet so I stabbed to continue to prove I can do things yeah. We believe you know do more. Should I get another job because I was Macy's Christmas, just Gimme the wrapping paper station. I would actually fucking liar you wrapping paper wrapping gifts. Oh my god are you do well? This could have been a trick of my mom's cause. She would go yourself so smart and then I would I be like I'm really commanding eyes, mapper ringing, and it took me to a year after she derives like she tricked me I wrapping advocated and what a great tracks such a good site is so yeah. You have children that that need encourages all good at the dishes- your, oh, my god. Why are you so good at that? But cares here's what that bread, in this was my favorite thing. I used to do this thing at my parents house. I would take them all the pictures on the walls and wrap them like.
Saw and hang them up, and that was part of our christian decoration starling is look at your family stupid vases anymore. That's just lively though it be like, instead of because my everything on in my parents houses like a picture of the huge fire, my dad fought, that's like part of bought fights somehow it when there is a fire and like as south market in San Francisco in the Eightys and Ninetys, where it burned down like seven blocks of this neighbourhood and he fought it and they thought it all night, and so there is a picture of em. Just any age. Will you it's a panoramic Karen picture. How did this not this fucking Bob did not know this. You had
fires years of fires. Yes, that had to just give even Leveluess anxiety at all like a con. That is create. You see that that's banana is like having a fucking huge painting, a sharp like eating a person and ending leg. Hey here's a day like it's almost like it was just the subconscious. That's why I'm always like make sure we ve always got to exit the lint play now intra like right now. Well. We could go out this window, but if there is a fire downstairs to get trapped appear, so we ve got this when we ignore this Monday nights, the landing it's a workable. Yes, why honey, not honeys initiative? I married, I am very aware of exits at all times and how I would get out or people can come in them, yet more so probably spent
for the same reason right would have we had a giant picture, a burglar ass, a kid sneaking into the house. There was someone JANET arrested. What was it like me up early ring and identifying it's so Hooper Picric, because I've never thought of this at all. That's like red flag. Just city don't exist. Our children to horror say like it arouses thing of my mother. I remember my mom telling at a young age she's like I think, your father nice, the marriage lasted for so long, because every time you left the house, he could have dies every time he came back. She was so great hall and like it was like oh yea, nothing bad happened to him. We may have that too, but only because I have bad anxiety that every time since, if the house- unlike careful like even just when, using that genetic where's about things like that, of course yet, but that is you have to that might be anxiety and then part of it. Is you get
express like, I want you to stick around that yeah, that's it you guys are healthier relationship in that way. I think so too. I think it's nice therapists thinks so too. Do they, oh yeah, yeah, it's but he does here not things No, I mean I'm pretty sorry where his favorite hide that you, I really do and sometimes he'll say the ever want to leave this guy I'll, marry him he's gay. He liked lifespans. Well enhance. Has that thing, and I know it's can be irritating cause he's kind of like the homecoming king. Everyone loves that fucking guy. I know, but really loves me to know he is our great together. She has a thing we're like suddenly he's running the bar he's that guy, where he handles shit and he's like who needs and drank he's that he's like the consummate leg he's getting makes it so that people of him or his? U S, I'm tired down as soon as possible. You're like first date you're with maidens grappling lover.
Are you guys I went for a while forty five minutes, I'm just here not with this broad gases about, but you know we haven't had that much time to Lake just get into What's really going on with your like, announced this and announced that I would just gonna out something I now is yours do flag in one of them those downloaded pike, ass of twenty eighteen on fuckin, I dance you see there is sir. Your rug, congratulations ways it over and over again you didn't you ve done great. No, no! I thought for a second, I thought you men, this punk Haswell Killer, because we gotta give us avatar exactly right. People Roquat, yes, oh my god, everyone's killing, it yeah exactly right, I mean that's our partners and our this came out with mentioned. The
I guess we'll kill your has an episode about rabies has asked me to last night that so fucking good and they are clearly an ailing add the following is incredible. The new season is amazing about all these. These babies that were fucking kidnapped in Atlanta, of course, the per cast every, but we got the official numbers and like the business side and everyone's like wife, so far beyond the what they pay India and everyone charted and have it was such a beautiful debut. Thank you guys. So much for listening for downloading adds the way just so you know, if you wanna like make that hit, is when you download podcast. That's that's those in the numbers of people pay attention to know that yeah also, when you were a view when you write a little like five star like that, really helps to yeah? So if you want to do that,
That's some and thank you all, for there is so much support and you guys want to all those new episode also sees season one without too who do need arise or I start in the shit out of a diamond, the comedy, tired it so exciting. His christian, I have been so well, she like we're like. Should we do another episode? We ve been so like trying to trying to focus on it, but trying to do a bunch, obviously a bunch of other stuff to prison like on the road doing tons of performing or whatever so we're just like. Should we do on here and the idea that when we finally get it together put out all these people are just like I've been waiting goddamn. You guys love about these out consistently and like oh, we we spent years and years thinking. No one really cares carers and so it's so lovely. Thank you guys so much for all of that support that
fish works. If a moment no Itunes just came out with the best of twenty eighteen and you click on that fucking most downloaded and were on that with the money, a bunch of other fucking, incredible people Yarly Joe Rogan, including definitely jargon a doctor death is on their daddy's right, which is like I just have. A real connection is that the pact has got under my skin, so many ways. It's such a good pod, Cowslips Eu Us within on each out they're out there are downloaded their great were often our friend. Oh, yes, tight stuff, you should know that you should now. I was going to say how did this get made, which is another pod gas, but it stuff. You should now be a lack of chuck is our friend: they deregulation, sky and pr cereal. It's all those want. You know so thing obvious and then some of the fine ones that you're like oh that's, a cool that were part of that is positive America. Obviously, in the end to be on that That is the only John our ears, and it's it's you guys. You know
its aim, is to make it happen. Dump downloading that share as a thank you skies and we have more were so excited for the new podcasting. We're gonna be adding to the sleigh it. So it's like we're gonna, be adding and adding so just get ready, because we ve got a bunch more coming that were so excited and that you, are going to be very excited about promise and were teasing you Iraq, I can't talk about it. Can't talk of. I think here. First really, yeah right is it true. Stephen hundred percent. The mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid. They make looking at home, son, easy and afforded.
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should have done that along the timing and it most it's it's a lot of them, as I said before, is there is the the Todd Ellen read that I did let the force part killer that I did last time was left over from Portland words. Like I, oh right, I gotta do the yeah, so there I've been doing a couple of those where, unlike just move that over under this irrational later. When you have seven full time, jobs can actually do. They show that you should be actually paying attention to it. So this is one of the issues from when we were in love and Lana on tour and I this one already, but its. It was just kind of short ends pretty basic, and it's really old. So there's not a ton of information right, but right so today four o clock. When I was at basket, in the writers room. Where were you
like serious rewrites and then I just want. Oh my god, I don't know if I have a story remain and then I looked at, went up and then TAT did text even and go down done this year, I dunno multiple, because I was like I was looking at looking at the words and going. I asked, leave your malaria its familiar, but it's because I'm the one that put it on pay for any lamb right on the edge of mental collapse. Then here we go this the first murder to happen in the state of Georgia, the back in The seventeen hundred- and this is the story of Alice Riley. Ok, mom, it's so old and weird and random in all. Different ways that that yeah, it's so crazy. So I just tell you something's, ok,
let's see what happened. Ok do it. Alice, rightly was born around seventeen eighteen in Ireland. You- ve been there, in seventeen. Thirty three issues, fifteen years old This is in everyone's everybody's trying to leave Ireland because of disease and the famine that the British actually forced people love to talk about other potato famine when no one could grow potatoes. They grew potatoes, they groom errant egg and the British came in shift all that food out, starved everybody out go on innovation, so, but the only way to get out of Ireland. If you didn't have money yourself, was you. Your fair paid by someone who would then employ you when you got to
or the new world or whatever it was back into some dignity. You know even there you know view historians known I'm talking about, and no one else does so a man named William Wise paid her five dollar polish boat, Fair was back then five dollars into different swiftly, be as the amount of a carnival crews three thousand, but without that beautiful buffeted either no birthday on her bow ass. She just got to throw up under under attack, knows outlining the pick the snow. There isn't one of those weird small but deep pools. Yeah I've ever seen a crucial I've never been on a cruise ship girl. They horrible known, oh there's, but but you can only have I mean I'm not talking about the zip lime car. Christopher now, they're making unlike cities, loading cities, but The last time I was on a cruise there, in the pool area it's the pool, is like
feet long with them. It's like thirty five feet. Deep, it's like can say, go every. We can fit them all in here. Go down there just go down low it. So anyway, Manning, William Wise paid for her five dollar, both fair, and that meant that she would be his indentured servants for seven year. What can go wrong right? I mean that's like. Oh that's, ok, so I have a chance to at least I'm leaving us this place where the British are trying to colonise us all to America and just been ventured servant and will now be great saw on the boat. Jeez, either already travelling with her common law husband, Richard White, which is the boring and unlikely version. Since she was his team and there are common law by living together for seven years earlier. So unless she shot, with Richard when she was a. It seems like
the better option. More romantic and cinematic option is that she met Richard White on the bow. Let's go the right, so she throws up over. The side comes out, wipes her mouth. On her shawl turns and theirs beautiful, Irishman standing next to her and she is like I'm going over there. Somebody paid my five dollar yeah, I'm into being indentured servants he's like me to whom I am your guises name he's also there to work for William no way. Yes, so that's also in an indicator that it makes more sense that they would have been a couple a now going to work for the same person about like that story. Here, it's not it's fun. Now, it's all vague and we can fill honour in the re right can week. I have I have
Right, well, let's hear one well: can we go with like they were? They were all over the same guy there, like neighbour gonna, be like working for neighbours like too much if it's like, they were the same guy a trip. So it's like what, if the estates are on the same wooded path and then Jays longing and yeah she's got her bucket of berries, and then here comes, I don't Killion, Murphy Type and then she's, just like. What's up what's up on Euro stale yoga and he's like God, you look so much better off the boat that you're not barking anymore and exists and gray face Eric. So Here's my amazing part- and this is true and real, still very cinematic, the ship that are both on crash now into Savannah. So member. When we were in in Georgia,
it Lana Savannas right on the Correia So basically, this ship were there like all, as has been the worst live, the worst sea sickness and then it just crashed in order to put the brakes on land. Like everybody went to sleep, I just wanna, there's like cartoons that are like that show like crash at you know like the map, the Shoah, Matthew S, Ngos, long, there's a sea monster, they crash right into Savannah, agree, it's a cold winter night, most of the passions, passengers on board, drowned sheets and Alice Riley and her new hot boyfriend What's his name Richard Way, they, both survived a sore and they make it so they bond over that sure, and So if they weren't in love before God, damn it wouldn t love that now absolutely also survived kid. That's a good sign the ice genes anyway.
So they drag themselves from the wreckage their brought to William wisest cattle for farm on Hutchinson Island, which is across from the city of Anna and there so William wise they meet may meet Williamites. There has gone great he's known as galley wag, is seventeen Andrew and is only hundreds, its anybody. Anybody with to his the channel lying CS like wicked ethic and scholarly wagon this guy's a create, so she's dreading being made any disease like I'm, going to be made for seven years. Not you know, cat, let's like half your fuckin, it ll expected life expectancy right back then yeah she's like well. I can get ice. Ok, fine! I know I'm an old lady was twenty two here, but of an old maid of twenty two. I just met,
great I'll cable are meant to be made for seven years. Then she finds Did she also has to attend to him by picking lice out of his mounted heron. Ah this that's how they did it back then that enough coms they just had girls, Genoa, bah. I think that's about my beggar, it that's what I'd say: enzyme above my pay. I didn't sign up for this shit. She was the first person I ever say that phrase: seventeen eighteen nineteen hundred though his ones already gone way way out, whereupon she also decline crumbs out of his long greasy beer and while sending off his lecherous advances cause. There was no sexual harassment seminars back then. She just started that job and was off the razor use, abusive and cruel to Alice and her,
boyfriend Richard you, I'm calling her him her boyfriend, So by seventeen thirty four, this old I falls ill and that's one thousand Richard have to bathing him daily must rate. So you go from bad to worse than I mean? Is it bad to worse? It's like at least hitting a bath every day to Siberia. He wasn't new and that before Yemenis got lies. I wasn't a daily fuckin ritual re in his life know exactly which sir certainly not combing his hair and putting it back into a into like guitar centre ponytail. It works like a rock and on the stage right now, I'm here to sell some re it our strengths, I'll put it back into a clean and, and I need only doesn't get referred, not discuss a hundred times that are now serves lovely, prefer a gorgeous birthday down right, sir, so they have to wash. It gave him great, not the greatest
its uncertain, whether Richard and Alice plotted the martyr beforehand, orphans, just the lark, is that cut and paste of I've ever seen. You normally would not use that word when it comes that's the word. That's correct in this, and no unless I was just being weird, which is very possible that I love you for, I forget which things I've on plagiarized and which is the actual without plate. Jerk has only this personal. I asked myself and you will get a guy like me, though yea. Now, though I just don't get that money to Wikipedia by the herd era like we need money knows. I owe them so much when someone on twitter sorry didn't write it down just tweeted. I just do need twenty dollars to twitter like and thought of you guys. It's like thanking Twitter, Algeria, sucker, you don't donate money to listen. We do you not. I have your money to twitter. No, they deserve. Nothing no she's. Sorry, she tweeted that you donated twenty dollars to Wikipedia yet was nice,
and she shall recognition by the bedside and then once you ve, remains Georgia yeah, so Ok, so I sixteenth, seventeen, thirty four, while Ridge, was bathing William. He took his neckerchief and stronger strangled the gross old man. That's me Fisher, gobble Alice. Held his head under water to make sure he was dead, so there not sure. Obviously, if it pre, planned and and like that or in that moment of, like? I can't take this anymore unease gross an old anyway yeah you take your neck, It sounds like a spur of the moment, but nothing yet does and just like that, what the final straw where he was like look the bubbles I'm making. It is like that. I hate your neckerchief he's like. Oh you do you really want to get a closer look of a deer, really cause you're a withered old man sitting in a thing of like not even hot water,
their bathing him and there's no running water endorse. Now they have to bring the water in Tibet, build crave. Obey a bath is a four hour who deal. I said and there's so many lever spots. You can barely see any of the bubbles there. And bubble bad at last farting, because the document was farting manner without of no ever Who is your new in great you're? Almost there, I'm so their here's my eyes, ourselves, as I said that already, then they fled to South careful where locals were fired up about servants killing their masters they all helped with the man hunt net. So basically there were just like. Oh, we can't have this errand indentured servants, you don't kill. Anybody Now we re alkaline, like everyone else, yeah exactly you don't have any rights, much less! You don't get to the exam justice on anybody, so Allison Richard are easily found, because everyone's out and after them and brought back to Georgia for trial, so
a magistrate named Thomas Karsten promptly sentence them both to hang so their trial was basically like. What's this, you say guilty at last said that long so now there's two stories about as too the things that has to our ring that, as things transpired, one is that Richard was hung first and the gallows and then, when Alice saw that he got hung she freaked out started screaming and saying she was pregnant, and then they halted her execution until they could determine if this was true and but Alice. Riley is known as the first person to be hanged in the colony of Georgia and That means it could. She couldn't have gone first, because while he would be the first person hung in darkshire, so get
facts straight. Everyone I mean, did your facts straight. The old is possible murder. I could be talking about it. That's very difficult year later now Wikipedia Batman, sure didn't it was all rumour and gossip what, if you don't even have lies and were just be urging the name of a of lice free state holder a hundred reside talking in another. Version, has heard just telling magistrate straight out, I'm pregnant, so that boy executions are postponed, either way the doctors confirm she's, pregnant and her execute. Is postponed for eight months did happen and she was pregnant. Most people assume that the baby was. Eyes, William wisest the old creeps now because he was raping her daily Holly share Buch Alice swore the baby's was with Richard yeah.
So they allow her to give birth to the child. It's a boy he's adopted two weeks later wow. So then, on January nineteenth seventeen thirty five Alice Riley is taken to Percival Square, which is now called rights Square which, was also known as hanging square. Why and then she was angle area, as she was being hung Alice is said to have screamed at the crowd gathered to watch her execution that shit and cursed. The area right that the exciting area and then the legend has it that it took three days for her to die and that her body was left hanging in the gallows but then disappeared during the night. So Alice Israelis, the first person executed in the new colony of Georgia, so that first version, couldn't have than the truth. When I stood it out, I'm the one that figured it out
they knew her lover Richard? Why was hung the next day the newborn child put up for adoption died soon after the tragedy, all around rare so we get to the haunting part. Ray Hunting partners a haunting part and it is right, really cool, because they, it was isn't it wasn't enough or live show, but this is it. This is a haunting where they have tons of people who, witness it and see it often as it goes baby, it's a new! It's a ghost adult! Ok! So, to this day, this available, These get calls from tourist about a woman whose wandering in right square looking a baby and asking them for home. No, yes, the police know it's Alice, so they always send out the Rockies to go check on, and the ghost often appears as a real person and make an. She consistently appears to mothers with
and said Cyril were so it's a lady walking up with period costume, but the tourists don't reckon I don't know. I don't see it is anything we're there, because there's so much in that area, its theirs. We and actors and there's tours and staff of like this. Is this historical hanging square, so they just turn around and there's a lady in period clothes going. I lost my baby and then they go. Oh, my god. What happened They try to help her and she disappears. Does she appear? But as you walk away, what if it's? Actually, a woman in her reenactment, whose just like I'm just out here to thoughtless and people, absolutely well here's, the witness described the woman is being dressed in period of clothing, I just told you that part, but there's a picture so Return picture of her running away from the camera could be fake fun to talk. And you can look it up online and it's like this weird. You can see it's a move like it said.
Think from when I remember it was night time and he's running so there's like it's a flashy looking thing of like a body moving away what it was like some going. This is soviet payments. Gotta horses, daddy Thank you said even going as I pulled, we pulled this for the show. You know what Mozilla movie seasons, pointing at me like we're playing charade, Jerry's outlook on life on the no you talk on this part casting losing them. Using look at that. I wonder who painted of that handed over others, previous ray, cause it's almost like. She got up close to the person, help me by my baby and then and then ran away and the Ladys I hold on that's weird, and then I now well grown up on our instagram. I really love this picture than theirs and then there's some faint Gus pictures underneath stop. Looking at pinchers current there's a vague those pictures under the real goes picture. Yeah! That's how you know the first nails we are so real. It's a fake, fake! Here's, a thing I like to this
they spanish MOSS does not grow. On the side of the trees, the north side of the trees that face the gallows Olga desirable So all these trees have mass on them, but they What grow on the side that face the gallant? Doesn't ass the sun on the easily explainable I biological. So sorry, but don't you see that my sources, noise, sensitive, all likened if it's like their protest at their facing bad vibes about three hundred years? It's our protest, saying they're like no, we can't and he saw what happened creepy and then I wrote her curse, worked on the moss, emphatic arrow, here's a final line and
the fast and poorly told story of the hanging of Alice Riley. Let there's picture like there's art of her. It was only the a murderer. The first Marta habit in Georgia. Like the first hanging, because the murder. I love it Oh you know what I'm saying is I love irish girls whatever that here it is irish us getting a done in an area like a little gallows, greater real progress on their way That was blowing moss, allows stupid, wonderful, gotcha, I know it was you I did I did he do thing. I did do it, it was fun. We have some fun with it. I bet you, here's the thing. People, people pay
send us. If you know personal Alice, rightly stories or you ever had eyeless rightly come up and ask you where her baby. What ass? I just think that that could you That idea alone of just a woman. That's like please help me find my baby would be The scariest ruler, you're, one of them in your worryingly yeah I've. U, like don't touch mind yeah Bambridge tenure like now, I'm cold. Now the moss is gone and an uncritical elsie with her she's, a real person and use web scary. It with me I am an insurrection, repose bitch. I have a baby I've Mommy interim at five o clock somewhere. I mommy. I love wine imo mommy geyser. Why me why me baby less whining and more waning a camera do mine, ok, great, but I'm in a fever.
Before you start, can I just kiss Stephen found that tweet? Thank you Stephen. It was I'm Alexis H. I don't do it, say people's full names, if they try to us just twitter hand. Ah. Well there it is so Alexis holes are on Twitter. She wrote to us, I just donated twenty one dollars to Wikipedia. So but free knowledge, but mainly keep Chemical Yerevan. Giordano Sark supplied with information from I've, ever murder, say sexy and keep Wikipedia running, and then she put the link for donations zone, I think you'll access that was very successful. Truly this part, with end would end if Wikipedia and it I just don't let that though we cannot rely on it and thus not a tunnel should at all at all times it's kind of just like a bay see you need to check the basic via and then you have to read a ton of art. I mean red, it's better For information, yes, then, we also have to be very trusting on read it. I guess the same as Wikipedia, but that we can already has a little bit of a rare
it's more like iron and my high school classroom that words. That's the shit, I love but mutual. Who knows where your who knows what you're getting at all true, we not talked about Fucking Christophersen, getting our like. I have you forgotten about in the beginning of this true crime show we ve heard about that. Your crime fucking news of the week, if you haven't listen to the pod cast teachers pair, have to listen to it. It is so good. It's so well die it's a strategy and its it's the old trail, yet they are strictly. And oh, that's right, the newspaper, the Australians podcast and it's about a woman, a mother of two who was marriages, rugby STAR who wet fucking randomly miss ANG, unlike nineteen, eighty something and there in their in investigating it. Clearly the fuckin la, like my t, shirts, as the husband at a yes and an isolated fucking, got arrested like this week and the details of it and be the pain,
in of the people telling stories, obviously because they talk to family members, but they also talk to these friends and neighbors, and it's that thing of Ino might be australian culture, it might be whatever it is. The people back then didn't get into each other's business when they heard these things and they heard the re, oh she's gone and she went away. She wants you to call. She joined a call all these things. They were going to be like fighting with people on the street of like no, she didn't, even when there are no yeah there's no and when it's a kind of thing with a lot of these court cases its when she put you no eight People have one little fact: yes, each different one and you dont really sleep with them altogether? That tells a story, yes, which are so interesting, but it was so well done in it. So clearly was done in this way that reporter
Stephen do mine. Would you please be my brain, but the reporter who put this podcast, the other who nereids it was so good at it clearly is an investigative report for the Australia and and just like this has to change this case it and they would these people all those both the neighbours and friends were so well spoken. An ego is there, australian, public school system, amazing, because all because he was working at them and fucking was screwing up a sixteen year old girls and you're, the one that he moved in as like the day after liniment fucking missing so toiler child molestation, I name absolutely that fucking creep. Yes, there is a terrible culture of of silence and kind of like we get to do it. We want because we're rugby stars or because we're Yasser because we're whatever they wouldn't, they wouldn't fuck and prosecute him. Even the two. I mean it's just an amazing story of like like letting letting her down yes and but the people who
are people who are so pained over it because there are like. I should have done something there so well spoken. There so emotionally intelligent, it's just a very satisfying podcast, listen to its very grim being and then there's actually there's a suit there's something out of it missing the teachers is headed by gold. Wildly winning investigative reporter heavily Thomas, hey Rihanna think is sadly time what a great job it has and then it anyone The job done must be so sure, like he'd, be like they're, so many people involved who helped me above above it I'd like to thank my publicist, like Hadley, hardly take, go for making a great pie casts my story. Kind of thy found it. Kind of because of one ok hold on So did I the Alice, Riley Podcast
It's coming out of our way out here, latent amazing PS, so Karen I text over the weekend. How obsessed I am at this podcast Bear Brook. Yes, put up by New Hampshire knew him, sure public radio it that it is the story, starts with the I'm sure you guys I've heard a definitive crime theirs by is found in barrels and the New Hampshire Woods and goes on tat. One of the most amazing fucking treat like it. If you If you need to get someone into true crime, this is the perfect fucking story, because it goes into so many different directions. It's really incredible! Yes, like honestly there, so many partridges screaming yeah and featuring friend of the show Billy Johns Entourage, I'm reporter Billy Jensen who this the bodies in the barrels has been.
Old case. It he's been obsessed with four year. Yes, in trying to resolve it just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Does it's incredible? Fuckin story like I wanna make Vince listen to it, so he gets why I'm so obsessed with this shit. Yeah so bodies in barrels made me think of one of the forensic files. The end like coal case house. It stuck with me forever vs. As a body in a barrel, this is the murder of rain America. When ok, Gina showing Us- and I dont know, tell me when tell you it does so on September. Second, nineteen anytime periodic I can download the internet age You really put me there there you go. You know the dial up internet yeah, whatever I do name wrong, is moving out of his family they're, moving the family of the home in their upper middle class neighbourhood of Jericho, long island. So I ll the little proudly bedroom community whenever the fact, even during the final. Walk through.
With the new with the buyer, they go. They go into the cross basis under the Dan and the new buyer is like to hate that that fuckin if you get fired, Gowan rusted Drum, that's been stashed in the Fuckin thirty six and cross base under the Riordan. Since his family and moved in ten years earlier. You didn't get fucking thing out of here before by this house at the last thing you need to do, and IRAN says I was annoyed, but I'll do it. It was three hundred and forty five pounds they had seen he's member seeing it. When I moved in too heavy to move forgot about ten years later now he is to dispose of it. So he has the movers help him, bring it to the curb to have the trash men or women. Garbage sanitation workers to take it away, but the next day after the fucking garbage man, women, imitation workers come
still there and they left a note that was like EU issued a witness could be toxic waste. We don't know, what's in it being used to fuckin heavy Unita like empty it out before we'll take it or you can do something else with it, but like or not. I'm taking a young. Is you have to get rid of this responsible exactly so he's like fuck that shit? He gets a neighbor. They pray the lid off with a screwdriver and are immediately when the fucking talk comes off. Our heads with this insane smell, it's their gagging, it's the worst smell I've ever smaller lives whom gas. What's in it there green liquid sludge inside and though an floating at the top of that sledge. They see a hand and a shoe that on the person at the top of the liquid. No so they call the police and minutes later at NASA Nasa County police arrive and convert where's your body and that there are images like that. We knew that it
the barrels taken to the medical examiner. They begin the process of extracting the remains, which takes hours, nose like photos and video the whole fuckin. They know. Of course, I looked at all of em. Don't do anyway, it's fun, it's fascinating. They drink the green industrial lick liquid and they d what the liquid is, and they also nine thousands of small plastic pellets like little, it looks like the inside of a being bag. Oh yeah noted in yes and their aims to remove the body eventually, which had in it in virtually become mummified cadets in us along here and items. Other items they all been like really well preserved, because the barrel had that airtight seal race, everything was mummified. They did The body is of a young female between ages, twenty and thirty, probably white or hispanic, when x ray the body. They find that victim was nine months pregnant. Now here
victims, cause of death is blunt. Forest traumatized skull, it looks like she's, been head may be ten times in the back of the head. It's crazy, they are unable to get fingerprints because she'd been mummified butts. They get a clue to her identity because, first of all her unusual dental work. The autopsy dude was from South America and identified her gentle work as being from South America. Oh well yeah, he was good, his job right. Would there be the medical examiner. Thank you. Yes, I topsy did because I was like is at the corner, but that's a diffrent. That's not necessarily the same thing. I hadda clicks amateurs completely over
Thank you law and order, and then they then they, nor is it the victim. There were like Hellas this body been here. They notice that she is wearing a style of dress. That's like indicative the nineteen sixties whirls other like this is this looks way older than in a decade she's wearing she still totally dressed in a skirt button down sweater, high socks and shoes and Co. Leopard print coat. And so they think that maybe this could have happened decades earlier was ninety ninety nine member dial up, They were able to estimate that she's been dead from twenty four the thirty years, war, yeah, so she still has on some jewellery and in the fucking. Arrow along with the body is her purse Jesus Christ, so they and medical examiner looks in the purse they find like using that she would have thrown in their compact her fucking come an eyelash color
and they also mean a small little paper- address book that a courses so deteriorated from the body fluids in whatever the screen sledges, that they can't read anything it's and they said that it was like so delicate. You could have just pushed her finger through it. Yeah but their hopeful that maybe if they can get this fuckin thing dried out and shit, that it can give them a clue as to who this woman as Gazeta, initiates, though but but but by ok, so detective, her name's Joan feared nor she's, a forensic document examiner and she is think she could remove some of their writing even though its deteriorated places a book. It's like this fuckin new fangled forensic thing. It's a drawing cabinet and hopes of victims. Handwriting would appear as the moisture evaporated and, it was so painstaking. It was like one piece of paper before hours eyes dry off enough and she had. He uses crazy ruler too, like just to turn them.
Ages, other ratio and adjusts integrated but she's able to kind of peace, some stuff out wow. I bet that part but the a job like that is so sad. So our wording because it really is lake its appeal. Though that actually matters yes like it's, not Garfield videos on it? It's like you, put these pieces together and you can actually solve a cold Kay You can like fly the murder of a nine month pregnant fuckin. Yes, then, someone's daughter, sister somebody it it sounds amazing meanwhile? Well doktor furnished trying to figure out there address book, hey, let's go over to the detectives in the meantime, Nay like how do we find out where the sparrow came from? Let's digging the history, the house first like no one stupid enough to put a fucking barrel, dead body that they killed in their own fucking house now is stupid so and no one and like sneaking by is gonna just like Billingham enough.
Dash this body here so they're like well. What about the p also the cross face had been an add on so, though, like what about? Maybe the construction workers who had made this cross base rate, so they look up and the details they find out its. It was made in nineteen eighty and so they go. Dude who own the home in eighteen, eighty and he is like now I remember the cross Face- was built. Then it was built before we moved and I remember seeing that barrel to my kids playing hide and seek behind it and shit who, like it, was there before that, and then they realise that the that the cross base- I was misstated naturally Bilbil way before. Oh so they looked at the owners of the home throughout the years and they find it therefore different owners for the past thirty years and the question about the owners they all mention like we sought, we couldn't move it with can, I just say one thing again: the person who misstated that Burma I want to talk to them. Yet you why you must this entire thing out, while also
did you do like it? That's all just have an out there that maybe the person who who filed the yeah this complaint. As government worker tray of some kind of the person who is asking for the permanent, purposely misstated, it yak back when you could probably like Lake, disarming arrived on their necks and new at a easily right look MA many plans in a subject. I'm terrible right. That's slightly smudged bit, don't worry about it anyway, anyway. Gimme a cupcake, I got is ok but one on are in particular, fuckin right flag city over a Europe whose names Howard Elkins. Are that the guy who the detective you got this case, his news
technical robber, Edwards he's like a bad ass legend, everyone's like in awe of him at the time he's one of the longest serving homicide detectives ever so he doesn't get the like fuckin jaywalking cases like now. This guy's he's like bring me the rails, Diana like great. He has since anything. So he says about this guy Herod Elkins. He was very tall. Good looking distinguish businessmen he and on the house, from nineteen. Fifty nine, through nineteen seventy two and He had also owned in town a plastics factory called Mailros past. Did this specialise in tiny, tiny pellets? Let's keep
sorry, I just wanna, guess again they specialist nationalizing being bag, feeling I've just stop it. I just want to Show- I am good at this, even though mice to the story I build, does not reflect that care and is the longest serving amateur detective in history. That's right! I've got my last answer. So there these fuckin, smart people, are able to trace the numbers they tracing numbers at are printed on the barrel to the Fucking Barracks yeah. I guess that's a second who like who would, if I like, I'm an open a barrel company. You know the thing: I've never told you about myself as I'm actually have Beryl s jaw. Happily marrow mare, India, I'm inheriting a barrel fortune. You always need them her. We ve got the oil people and no one thinks to make them, because that runs like making us because in them, yet just my genius grandfather so summer was like what, if I'm? U,
until the barrel with, but everywhere I am making the barrel you have to buy. You start bucket started. I started I I love container containers store nuts, not applaud ok so this blackened barrel companies like yeah, did we. I know that barrel number we used to sell barrels tomorrow in tomorrow's plastics in this, and I am sure I connected connected. They also found that the green pigment from the drum was used to die the concrete and plaster okay. So here's the thing fears it monitors plastics it rose, plastic makes fake flowers one of the things that we stand in the barrel besides as pellets in a green sledge, was that in that you can see a photo of it, the fucking like leaves from fake flowers, creeping ideas back. They found that the green pigment from that that was in the drum that invest shit- was the die than they used to die. The concrete and plaster bases that held the plastic, fight, flowers and trees produced
at the Atkins Workshop, so that plastic. I think that that those pellets for the plastic that they'd melted down and turned into the plastic flowers God so that's it pretty flower? Yet you know- and yes I think so. an intelligent energy with the New York Times, Elkins acknowledge it. He had bought the house new and nineteen. Fifty seven had lived in it for fifteen years before selling and moving to Florida. Ninety ratio, and yes, he had built the den off the kitchen that Korea, the curl space and heavy Aragon and across space the he's at what for never been in there. I never win the prosperous liar well for lots of things like say you got a reckon that right, you want to store basic showed that you, you murder somebody and you want to hide a body right, there's reasons, the only ones days later, so detectives are like great. They may a trip to Hallandale Beach Florida where they tracked down there
is eighty year old, but I heard Seventeenyearold and other things. But who knows? Oh, no, I'm sorry. They tracked down. Eighty year old, Melvin Gantt man he's a retired businessmen and Elkins former partner. They show him a picture of the barrel and he's like yeah. That was definitely one of our fuck em barrels up. We use us up in barrels of the bay. I know those barrels right ask him if they had and if he had any idea about a dead pregnant woman found inside one of them that was found under the Elkins former Long island home, and he yeah we used to ways to make manufacture plastic flowers using young immigrant women as line workers. Oh he said I remember that Alan had become involved with one of them and had an affair with her way. Then we go right here. It is. He described the girl as exotic and beautiful, with long dark, hair and her tooth. Teeth, had been gold or shed gold feelings.
You couldn't remember her name, but all that fit with the thought, and none of that interesting dental worth Ray the Emmy manner, but they still don't know who she is and there's no missing persons report from back then either like of someone fitting that description. So let's go back, Fuckin ass, our county crime, lab or doktor for dinner is slack in working with paper and jealousy ass. She detects faint markings on the dry pages, but there still unreadable so she uses a video spectral competitor. For I have once they're so can mania nature. And yet, when you need to compare one thing, the other every house needs one get a spectral version of it will back. Then it was a new cutting edge machine that allowed her look through. Not we use these everyday in our everyday lives. Now back in eighteen, eighty nine. What are you doing? Ok, there's like really. How are you really do now? No, we don't know what they are most probably gaiters worker at it. We were,
Zack. She looks there. The emperor Aden ultraviolet ranges of the spectrum, outside of the range of the eye that that memorable that sure, so she said The other part on friends equals everything turns blue right. I think it principles where everything is dated: thirty percent as its ninety ninety seconds. Actually so she scanty address but pages and is able to detect under this ultra violet thing, the victims handwriting and in one page she found the phrase social security number and on another she finds a word residency and non break. When she's like this must be her fuckin her. What's it called immigration number view is that it Yes, that's what it is. Ok gets crept, so this link leads police to go to. Let you go to immigration and their able to use her fucking number from nineteen sixty seven to track down. This person was her name- is re arena mark when she
twenty five years old in nineteen sixty six when she emigrated to New York from El Salvador and she had been twenty seven when she disappeared in and no one had heard more again in nineteen sixty nine, It worked as a nanny and at Mailros Plastics in Manhattan, woke up so later detective partner found, let's see already, but she in a minute, ok, so doctor for and are also finds in their able to pick up a bunch of phone numbers from the book and there like these, it's been thirty years and these funds are all going to be disconnected they're. All this connected all disconnected, and then they call one number eliminate com. He picks up she's asked if she knew Raina and she starts fucking crime and she's. Like my angel, I thought I'd never hear about her gown. I knew something had happened to her. Oh no young, so she said she had met Raina in English CAP class and said that rain had come to the. U S. To fight to study fashion is obsessed with fashion industry. She talks
ship classes she loved New York and was full of life and equal eager to learn and make a life and in the? U S overtime, Cathy knows of change in her friend she asked Raina about it and her friends said that she was pregnant but refused to tell Cathy the fathers identity, but just said that he was married, he had gotten her private doktor. She said in an apartment in New Jersey to be closer to him. She, Kathy that he said he was going to marry her and leave his wife and three children when she had the baby, but she was uranos worried he would never keep its promise and Finally, when she's fuckin nine months pregnant he's like I'm, not gonna marry you, she calls. One day is like I'm freaking. I panicked- and I called his wife and told her. Oh, no and the next day ran a car copy and hysterics saying that this mysterious
Boyfriend had threatened to kill her concentrate calories coming over. She said come over right away when Cathy gets terrain as apartment. No one answered the door. She goes in the door ajar there's like food left on the stove warming, as she had just been there and her winter coat and boots have been left behind and Kathy waited for hours and hours and eventual just cause the police. But of course they dismissed, restoring, like rain, has just run off with her boyfriend genome ran she's, never the boyfriend s issues number to call right. Kathy, never saw her friend again, oh my god. I now that's so I don't know, there's something very satisfying about the fact that that that right story ends like that dramatically and then picks up that yeah that years and years later, where there is its at bay. Like their people sitting there waiting heartily to like here. Something had to be like a party values like I dont want to know because I
now, if they haven't called me in thirty years, it's not because they just moved on yeah. It's because something bad happened rate her friend would have contacted. Our aid is like that, so creepy I'll and it's like you know they were both. They were both El Salvador an so it's like, of course, the police back then, and maybe even now, aren't gonna. Take you seriously or care that much about your case re truly sad. Yes, so it Do you believe that this dude Elkins went to Reign as New Jersey either went to her house an apartment in took her away or a Lord, her did the factory and killed her there. And then they think that he took her body to that. He said they probably he finally took body to his house, where the barrel had been found along with a barrel. His intention was to dump it in the ocean where you from his boat, but when he filled the drum under the underneath and
sealed up and said it was too heavy for him to move to his, but boats which is fucking left it there. You know what's funny is that I was about to say it's you have it put it and then I'm like, because it's. Coming like the forensic files that I've seen on this is coming back to me in writing. As you say, it's three hundred and seventy five pounds right, but I want credit for knowing things even where it's you sought tv episode. It's not that I don't know. I don't know you remember the tv episode. That's, how can you should get props or the girl in our brains are deteriorating is real. It is like it was too heavy radio. Yes, Karen cause, you saw it on tv already, but it is like a leg, fuck in mixed the Kohen Brothers movie. Yet he was like I'm feeling eleven unbranded about its you fucking heavy. Yet what do I do? I live for the next EU. No fucking fifteen years, he lives with under his fucking house. His children live in, whereas why sleeping? Yes? So it's like
Clearly you just have no human emotion, because you are able to write, not crack. No one catch his eye. Here's what I want to know if I want to hear from his children who were like he changed after, like like, we remember a change and add or his wife thing like that's when he started being weird. There was a change we wanted to move out of the house and he wouldn't move We didn't understand why you want to stay in the house, so bad its fleet are those all theories, you're saying that sorry, I'm thinking like they sit in that house for longer than any one else in. Maybe it's because he's like. I can't let anyone else moving rays of he knows the people the next we are going to find it he's play just waiting for someone to fucking find this barely moves to Florida. Here's my and ought not to give ideas but you build this cross base rate. Obviously to hide this, then unmovable crazy, heavy back we planned yeah barrel with a body in it. Why wouldn't you just throw up a fake wall. I mean why aren't philammon hungry you
do those things that, like the mob does, is definitely not overt and something in it. Discovered years and years later, as opposed to like oh, I play hide and seek near this barrel. Words like could take the extra step, the extra two hundred dollars and haven't throw up some paneling. I mean it's either like a cockiness that he never thought I'd get caught or wanting to get caught. May the ass may be, or just being just shutting down that part of his brain and being a bullet like just you know now not dealing with it. I know I'm not really sure what I'm arguing I got it just don't be a better criminal yeah. I don't know you If you're gonna go all the way and why not it got away, leaving things behind like that is so insane it's almost like. You wanted to get caught. But it's getting this fuckin asshole too much credit trim. So but the development etc. After the end of September. Ninth- ninety, ninety nine. Just a week after the discovery of the body detectives
on Howard, Elkins home in an F scale, retirement community and broker retire Florida there, like what's up dude here's a thought of this. Here's about that this issue. This is what the fucking FUCK and he denied ever seen the barrel when they asked him about his relationship with the victim he's like yeah, I did have an affair back then, but I will my wife and I are having issues, but I dont remember her name and I don't remember what she looks like blah, blah blah and there like bullshit, you remember people yeah. If you hated the person, remember yeah, you had an affair with that. Hopefully you remember what they look like. They press him further and asking if he ever put her up somewhere, we knew she was pregnant, but he claims he hadn't, so but then there like, coming in a fuckin dna swamp of your cheek, we we brought in with us and he's like nope. I want a lawyer get the fuck out of my house yet before leaving this fucking bad ass, a hundred forever.
Detective, the first hundred year to tell you you're in New York State, the crib keeper did, how did Robert. I words here like a fuckin red with two trees can escape my just how wiring mother, but that's, it is like, say, pulls the gun on settling the out my round. My rings there like sorry why delays and their he's like now, I dont you can't take a sample but heat before leaving you like. He turns looks and strain the fucking face and goes back here tomorrow with a warrant for your dna. We're gonna check, against that baby, he says: yeah we're gonna, prove that you're, the Father that baby and that you killed Raina. Yes and he he's Is that this guy he doesn't fuckin Howard Elkins doesn't react course not. His cold is easily. The snake oil can do as I that's right he's been telling lies
the next day. They are still in Florida, detectives the processing there paperwork. They got a call from the NASA County back home, homicide squad and there, like what's going on with Elkins, we just got a call from the police department in Florida, saying that his wife is failing and missing persons report on her husband. What Howard Atkins she doesn't know where he is. He ran by the time. Long island cops arrive at the Palm Beach County sheriff's office, Ellen had been found. Earlier in the day. This is so fucked up, so he seventy years old, this point, ok set He walked into a warmer purchased while gave shocking and a box of shells because there's no such thing as fucking background checks are fuckin waiting period, he walks the fuck out with both those things he got in the back seat of a neighbours, Suv which is such a dagger area. Red
and fired one shot into his fucking scar. Wow were his son discovered his body with a gun between his legs awful and the Florida neighbours are of course, shocked that the big bearded jovial man could have been involved in this crime smart and dna testing confirms that he was the Father arenas unborn child. Allow there They also found with others paperwork and that if they had little piece of paper tucked into the address book of her address book that they were able to like fucking so crazy and creepy there are able to spectrometer there. They spectrometer hated that lists thing. You ve situation. So another thing there able fine. As a little postscript in that piece of paper is a piece of paper that, when they figure out when they post script it says: don't be mad. I told the truth so probably told called the way told the wife What was going on
he found out, she left him a note somewhere, maybe at work knives, her watch new, maybe show it shouldn't leave anywhere. She had it still yeah she's gonna leave it for health issue is going to leave it for him to be mad. I told the truth. The poor thing, like she did. She told the truth that ran so. A month after the case is finally clothes. They figure everything out right. In journalist, Oscar Corral, he's, is determined to find the family that must be fucking. Looking for her must have wondered what happened to their sister, their daughter, their cousin back in El Salvador over pretty fucking years before when they stop hearing from her re. So he those two fuckin El Salvador and hostility. It takes them days and days searching to find fine rain, his family and after a couple days he locates rain. As now
the five year old, mother Celia now here I ask her, goes and shows the woman a thirty year of photo of and mother. Celia starts to weep and falls to the fucking ground. Her sister told him that Raina had left El Salvador in August nineteen sixty six. She wanted a new start after a failed marriage quote, she tell my mom, I'm gonna, be somebody I'm going be somebody some day and for three years rain American wrote her family regularly. She called and than with no explanation. Nineteen sixty nine the letters and call suddenly stopped and they had been heartbroken ever since her family put announcements in the paper in El Salvador trying to track her down. It's over that over the years the family accepted that they might never ever know what happened arena. I know her mother, but it had been having your nightmares about her daughter being trapped inside a barrel, no
Oh, oh, her mother, Rina was flowing back to her hometown of sand. Martin and her mother said now. I know she's with me. She came flying like a dove. To her home, Celia died a month later and was buried next to her daughter, God you're trying to kill me back and held out, and she found out what happened now. Her lady there is the fucking murder of Raina Merrick when wow. Amazing? How fucked up is that so what a beautiful thing for that was a reporter yeah he's really incredible, using a lot of the videos that I think he's a writer. I pretty sure you wrote a book about the case very dear yeah and he's in a lot of these. The videos at you see of like you, know, friends, crowds and shit of it. The stories about him- and he just has us like empathy ray can tower
the ILO, under Herod about he, was emotionally attached to this cave, yeah yeah yeah, which I think is what happened. I mean, how could you especially that everything the song is amazing. He had sight First, you want. You want to put an end to this poor girl who nobody hidden missed for thirty years. Who was a prey the bay and then she went she's pregnant and then the units, so many fucking Larry. I think there's something to about that leg. Theirs there's a weird that apathy and that inhumanity of just this isn't convenient this The thing I chose to do it there's thing that came of it. That's not convenient for my real life, so I'm going to remove this and and therefore everything's, because there's part when you were like oh the joke, how I can't believe the jovial neighbour, where I had a moment of. Oh, that's so sad for him and it's like no, no, no, you don't get to go through life and just like rain,
of inconvenient mistakes that you make choices that you may you lead to obvious fuckin place? Yes and you, and basically, that you you, did something inconsiderate. You did something selfish and then that thing back on you, which they always do unless a thing about why the note is so tragic, I've done, she didn't knew it like. You know I do be mad, I told the truth. And then he in oh and a lot of ways lied and one of those lies as murdering the problem. Yet you know and also heed and inconvenience. He baseless made a promise to her of like ok away I love you. I love you. I want to have this baby, I'm in a new way. Why I'm gonna leave my wife, so he's fucking everybody over everybody, his children, everything and then this assumption you make us like. Oh there's about there's a body in a barrel. Therefore it in that
have itself means that that person doesn't matter vehemently just sitting there words like no unpack it all investigated all and find out how much this person actually mean. Yeah, I mean that's theirs. I it's so good and then exasperate has like its. It was so sad to that. You know this fuckin he killed himself, so there is no bring him to justice, and I so at least you know this journalist Polly part of it said, he wanted to go, find her family. There has to be someone who's missing her, yes, her and he does it and it's like incredible tacit it slake yeah, that such an amazing story, great job being here also good, while factor and so fucked up, I mean they all words like that. I think that that's what so much of this people. True crime, just like just and they like to hear these stories of leg
Firstly, the stories of everybody matter: everybody matters, no matter what the actual official quota quote story it totally and they matter to cops. They mattered these detector. Dedicate their lives. These reporter. I dedicate their lie right there, these scientific community. You know the woman with her beautiful radio. Spectrometer has just like heating together important. Yes, this matter, some idea- and it's really lovely at- is in its horror that, as that's part of like I think being into true crime, is like when things get solved, here. You know you're. Therefore, at you wanna, like you, don't just want to know about these. What things that happen you want to know how there are good people out there. You know. Trying their best to at least put upon three: it on a horrible sentence, yeah that somehow positive or you now human yeah, humane, yes and drink, that's what's being like everyone.
So just like India. Serial killers are like in a murderer, but it's like no were entities insane human fucking stories, yeah crazy adversity that happens all the fucking time to people all around us. It's it's incredible story. I want another story, not just you know the bat not just the not just a gruesome deteriorate. Like the the human stories and who gets pulled into those stories and those people whose jobs are there's people whose job it is to just You catch the case and said then that you're. This is your caveats. Your thing, I like the idea that you know there were true, detective goes down and just like guess what friend it's over, and I don't care that its thirty seventy, whatever years care that your old you in there stops here. Will time two fuckin time to face your fucking? Why, yes and you
get to just lie your way through, while you don't gotta, be the jovial fucking neighbour, because you know rain. I never had a chance to be a mother to her unborn child. Now now silent. Fucking work is not how it works. There is justice eyes, sometimes some time, hopefully now Falkiner Wraye Fuckin Harangue I mean it. I can do mine easily because I will say this complain and whatever uses an excuse. I have this job, and so it makes this job harder whatever. But this work this season writing on this season of us as an end. I think it's this week or next it seems so much is going on for ever pretty soon. It's an Africa its, but it such an amazing. The group of people that work on the show are so amazing. It's been such a fund year, it's been such a joy, everything
It has been the best the best experience so there it really has been worth it in so many ways and the and also its been chillingly slowly and just basically, kind of peeling way my mental stability, but I do a door it so much and its. I may suffering worthwhile yeah that to be even involved in it is such an honor. So I will say this week's fucking hooray is the fact that I get to be a writer on baskets, very cool to me. Her may then yeah, I'm so happy for you. Thank you. Mine is ok, my fucking hurry, okay, so there's gal, I follow on Instagram called an engine gotcha deities age. Just like has called generous, ok, junctures, okay, sometimes, and she talks a lot about her own mental health struggles is while she put out. There's really cute script, necklaces and say anxiety and depression that sold out immediately. I can get one but
She posted a photo like this week of her hand with you know her. Let her new mad hernia, like what's a calm pill print, hell for her anxiety, ray and, about it. Now is like that's really cool. Also, I posted Ino gave her credit posted one, two of my I take to make mean not the second Dan Banal day, depressed and anxious, and then a bunch of working people have started doing it with the hashtag that was created. Some one made it up called my favorite meds and so now, like two hundred plus photos and posts that people are putting up on their instagram of what pharmaceutical they fucking take, so that can function in life, which I know is a really. We are topic for a lot of people to talk about the fact that there's all these people doing it is really incredible. So I go to my favorite man's hashtag and if you feel so inclined post what what
you're taking, and I know it's like a secret for a lot of people that they're on so I can prozac or the route they need a xanax every now and then, but I feel like hosting at making public says to everyone else on their feed that they know in real life or on the internet or whatever or went to high school. With like this, isn't this shouldn't? We need to be a stigma behind this ray and it's ok area, yeah. We all we all need help. Sometimes, yes, sir, I think it's helping in a little way to end the stigma taking taking. Second lemme see the calls for re everyone's depression and everyone, shit and Jan GOSH did at first yeah he's a cheese groundbreaking outright? I definitely gave her credit and I'm she's really quite a big fan of hers. That's great yeah! That's really awesome! Yeah! That's that that you know that
to think of his Chrissy. Deegan did the same thing as her new baby needs to wear a helmet shape his skull. I saw I fucking love her. What did she say was so cute? Don't worry he's fine? Yes, exactly just like it's just a shit to shape a skull, it's gonna make him even cuter, and then it was just like and then it's all. These people mean, like YAP, molecule, my baby ass. What this onwards There's something very cool happening with it. There's obviously social media brings lot of horror it get, can harm it. Can influence, has an ways and make us think very strange things about ourselves. It also Has that power a very healing power and a unifying patents right, and I think there is a big movable like anti an anti shaming thing going on right now. I body positivity. Unlike you know, I see these incredible. These incredible gauss you dont have the fuckin typical by these posting is incredible. Bikini photos of themselves at your like this now
to be normal in the mote in the more you post them, the more you feel normal about yourself, whether it's because you need meds or because you don't have a fucking, u dont way a hundred and five pounds, because it is not normal at all right. It's not our morning answer gloomy helmet, like the people that look like that in the presentation of it is like it's because I eat on vague and I'm this I'm not like. If those people are actually honest about how they stay, that's guinea be a very different story, ends, and that happens sometimes, and people like all those women who were so amazed. Shaded in the nineties, Courtney Thorn Psmith came out with, like that whole story of choosing we honestly Mc Beale. We all worked out for hours a dash Asia. They were never not working. I were never not starving themselves as like it there's it. That's the story. You never here on that side of later. Just a really I'm justice really help the actors that spending as they have a burger Edward, has all the time. There's people who are like blessed with that. It's not that comment as an ex anorexic. I can say, but that's
You think you say this and you say that, but it's not fuckin true you just are not eating and you're not enjoying life and you're hurting our sire. I know it's, I e no one the whole movement is very cool thing of just like being yourself is good right now, and give give yourself a break whatever direction you are and how ever whatever area your n give yours if a bright yeah so get that's a good message and you're not alone. There's other people either go that have gone through it. It's not right and be vulnerable, and you might get that back from someone else. You will get that back from someone else. Yes out there. Might not be everyone. Some people might reject that. They don't blow your it from every right, but the people you do find that from you are going to make connections with them that our life long life changing Yon affirming likes. Example you and I
We didn't we we're gonna have to struggle. But, as you know, this is just like the goals should be that you are trouble and happy here instead of perfect cause perfect, doesn't exist, its justest imperfect as boring. It's just it. Don't it's not real. It's not real, because the people we think are perfect are suffering in some way or something else is happening, lady, wouldn't on e, really wouldn't want. There lie ray. It's just! That's a weird oasis lie that like keeps you on the hook. Words like known now an honour on everybody. I am saying, is absolutely to myself. What about right now is fine picture. Listening you guys. We as always appreciate you and energy.
Happy to be part of this community were so having to be allowed to barf all this dump. You truly certainly ninety per holding our hair back. The fact that while we are finally, you guys are doing. You're really do hold our hair every week, and we really appreciate the just listening to US rat, also guess what Stacy and tell them I'm gonna buy it now this one cookie are
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