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152 - Live at the O2 Academy in Glasgow

2018-12-20 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Burke & Hare murders and the Bible John murders.

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This is exactly right.
Why won't you guys been? We know this is the last summer
pandora, really happy its exact. For that reason, the magazine- Yeah we we left LOS Angeles seventeen years ago, very young and naive. We smell good these choices. I think I've figured out what this dress smells like now, her because I tried to wash halfway through and it actually brought up more smells that I didn't smell before pan raccoon. Actually what I think if I came out with my online fragrance yeah, panic Dragoon is what I would cells all of you. If you wanted to say thank you to keep others away like a reverse perfume. Let them know that, but what's going on outside is not what's going on in your nose
I don't know. No. That was a good round. No. That was always out years that terrible, we are even have a bonfire after this legally binding transit, weaken ceremony. If anyone wants to join this Israeli addressed, burning, tights burning ceremony really nice sound system in that we just did a show in Manchester. I just realized it was so light outside which ceremony area and there were windows all around you could see. It was like fucking daytime, it's like when people nor a sober, gotta daytime raising you're, like that's fine, Louvois, sorry one. Second, I need to have a private conversation, intelligent, a daytime. What I am talking about, I swear to fucking guy. There called like day breakers and there, like second people, knew I mean they must speak insane because they're like before work, I just wanna go dance it out at a rate I swear,
nay now not for me, that's unsafe, that's a lot of energy, the rays before work done during the day, but it turns out it's only for people whose job is being a drug dealer. So it's actually perfect. We were going to ride out artwork top memories are tat, beautiful memories from the store
I kept mine in my head. I you do where memories belong might find your way you want it listed years. Did I know, but I just can't imagine remembering anything at this place. It has been a bit of a blur. Backstage then said something about like you. Remember that first dressing room we were in areas like. Are you fucking kidding? I can't remember the room, I mean right now. That's true and my family keeps taxing me in there. Just like. Oh my god, did you go to the Hague where I'm like? What are you talking about? We see like we see hotel rooms. We can see this rug in all different kinds of cities. Verdict on the road at it so hard ok! What your first beautiful memory of written down- let's see,
it just as Elvis Barfleur what a gorgeous time. That was. Here's where I think he s today are back in pet started, revolting against us being away which is really see or they're just assholes, because Elvis I gotta textual, see then like look before he went on, but she didn't share paralysis, silly that was basically a cheer. That was also thing. No we'll get, because Elvis Barbed on Stevens Laptop not got can work in any more and guessing us device, even a new laptop beautiful. What's yours, literally your first beautiful memories, down I've, that's what I wrote down such maybe I should have that's a memory. My first beautiful memory from the door was we ve. Dublin was the first sitting we were in and is pretty good, and
Of course I can be both had jet lag, really bad. I was like wide awake it. You know four in the morning and and then I looked and the room service men. You said it was twenty four hours says like bullets. Vote can see. If you mean it and Think I got some weird like cobbler iron out of us blood sausage, something weird, but The guy brings it in advance. Kind of looks like Simon Pay, a little better respond variants to have someone in your room late at night and he puts the thing down. He puts the like trade down and then I'm standing here ready to sign a thing and it just goes to walk away and as our own I have just signed something: that's ok! What's he like I actually kind of feel famous right now, because when at a fucking hotel ever let you have one thing for like even a normal price
much less for free with generosity of strangers, Simon, paying fixing look- I want a real though I met, so many fucking credible cats in in Amsterdam. Jerry are we only doing cafes memories? Oh, I thought that you know that's implied, I see that's all I remember got it does involve a cat ryan. We yeah, we judge, coming to me, like a wee, remarked the streets and be like: let's go in this part sharpened it be like there's a kitten here. It was that Jack I thought there be crying during this segment, but apparently. Don't judge my my memories. No nine!
I'm trying to access the files well we did have its. I just realized ass. We started talking about this. Its super rude rush. We just got to Glasgow we're like guess what about all the other cities with no listen, listen I had a hotel revolted. I never saw yours, but I'm sure they were Maxie Maggie our hotel rooms, my hotel room and Stockholm was You think it was like. I was a Disney princess. It was looking not so bananas and, like the windows open doubt, go onto the water. We're like boats, like fairies were coming in, and people were like under umbrellas having. Cobb LAW. Whatever I do now that I have raised features heavily in your story. Just that's the one food I can now think of. I'm sobered, I'm sure I should have settling in various. That would have been way better. Everything in Stockholm was Lincoln Berries and fish, which is
I'm leaving nightmare for me right just like. Could I get no herring in the police and hold those Lincoln Berries, for the rest of your life, so you're, and how many in the cat memories of our aim. Here and we got swedish massages in Sweden, which is pretty cool here This is a this is bad. Never, let's start over. We meant to slide show to bore the fuck out of here, but we just that we do it verbally instead. Well, there is one really exciting memory that just happened this morning. You well international incident is what almost happened this morning. We, I never want to say it out loud, because we're always pretty well. You see k why, when it comes to travelling, but
this morning when we went through security in Amsterdam, then turned to both of us Ray thence! That's Vinci's, one fan he's been following us all around Europe: police should. Maybe we get an answer and to tell the story, I just remember he might just be. You know in the dressing room just lying on the floor. There, our sore manager and Georgia has been since April. Everybody could you just recount for the good people what happened to us at the airport this morning, I am happy to do that, but I can always come out and say you guys from taken when the front of the can always be meted out
I was kneeling the drugs for the crew that we had smoked very efficiently in Amsterdam, and I said to my wife, I thought to myself many times. Get the shit out of your pocket before you get to customs, but there I was loading. The tray go into my pocket and I was like so I'm looking around ongoing. The only trash can is like forfeit mind me on the other side of the entry,
and I go to the guy behind it- is a trash. Can he's just just give it to me whatever at that point it was either. I didn't know what to do so. I just handed to him, and it was, I thought, interest to full disclosure right, a kid in its Amsterdam, and this has to happen every ten minutes. People forget that they smoked we in Amsterdam practically occasionally it was a pint of pipe lighter, and about that much we need more of cope that wasn't. My ass never find he he opened his hand and they dropped over the top of me. Everybody siren went off they fuckin now I am us had a second vanity artist areas and then I just essentially what you had to do was sweat for about twenty minutes. While they acted like you had
done, something that might land you in a prison colony, But instead after the very military looking I came down and took out his scale and looked at me and that some paperwork just turn and goes
be more careful next time, then they chased me because they want to get me back. I burn the goddamn leave in the pipe and just apply or the pipeline, the Pope and the light or sir, don't forget your paraphernalia polite I went down is easy. How vitally blamed me just a little yeah? I heard that loud and clear that dog, our therapists is gonna fuck him here about put it on the last minute, but nonetheless a beautiful memories. I knew it was bad because Georgians just purse got like randomly pulled, also so Vincent standing over here, and he did did the thing where he was talking to me without looking at me or moving his mouth, and it is only because the data will be fine and immediately. I was just like MRS not sign at all, and then you and I were not looking at each other, because I think we were afraid we were like work. If we,
to pretend were not with him. We need to be able to break free. I wouldn't like outlined talk to him about murmur because pretend you're not with my colleague array. So then we just when Georgia gets her stuff from security guy. We just like kind of work, like this, is how people work at the airport or any thing to work like I don't wanna ask caring about it. Does I need care and to be strong for me right now, suddenly turned an hour ago is going to be ok I'll lose my ass. I just don't say anything at all. So what she said was we got leg, eighty steps away from that area, and then This is when I got really scared. Has Georgia who is fully free and welcome above all, Does it really give a shit and will tell me anytime, she's any kind of nervousness or anxiety or a passing thought? It all goes you are about when she just goes like this,
kind of nervous. Like all my like literally I was like I'm gonna shit. It was so he was so clear you how much you are trying to keep the lid on, whereas, like oh we're in a place where we're trying to keep the lid on that's the worst and then like five minutes later to get a text from Vincent Like I'll meet you at the gate. Oh my god, we made it so that was amazing, guys. That goes to the top of the memory less for sure, but now that you know that you guys know that we smoke drugs and Amsterdam. I can tell you the best memory. I have from that thing. Don't you drugs in such a stance will so We just had just smoke this path that we got at the store and it's you know we don't know what's going on and scary and I think we're both get like a little panicking when you smoke pot, sometimes for like waiting for to kick in and he and then
we're walking down the street and then this guy on a bike just like fuckin. This totally dutch dude is like this nordic. Looking guy with a shirt containing shorts rates is by, and he just as he's writing by he's listening to his headphones any starts to sing along to what he is listening to and so he rides buying me- and you hear this book book book poker face Pope portrays purpose and in his like access- and I just buckings like there's gonna- be a good day book. But now I don't know if I was like downwind view or like I was an indifferent like the sound waves hit me different, but it just
me? It sounded like a guy row by owners by going back back pocket. Like I don't know. If this is going to be a very good day, I might have somewhere chicken attack. I fucking freak the fuck out in every one turns into a check in the thing of everyone knows. I lie in their fucking with me, yeah yeah I get that ensures a go because making noise Georgia goes. It was all right. It's on we're doing as all singing lady gonna be a good sign. It so funny do because, like we all know that, especially in California, the parties so fucking strong is everything's, Khyber politically grown. So it's like. I need you, u cheer, but do sometimes you just want to get a little. I don't want to be out of your fucking mind like yelling at the tv like I do like we. I think we were all smugglers sitting at these little tables of their like cafes, who number and we would just take a hidden kind of like making small talk, but we can you could tell that we're all just waiting like step off the land of you like now, I'm trying in public and now I'm flying at my own face with happening didn't happen, never happen to know. We had a great days superfine. Yet it was our first day off in like
days or territories or something I just lived it up. We have people sandwich is no Lincoln berries. Knowing of areas we, user reading of the page, and then when I bought a vase, you know I've got a fucking lace. Here's what I ve got a fucking these so text, my mom, it's his mother's day, another putty! We can. I get you some year. Thinking like like a thing. Perfume, oil and she's. Just a little these another packing my suitcase and smash hugging bids and have to be careful with, of course, hi movements. Mom wants me to bring her fucking they it's almost like that thing. We wish to have a high school where, when you're senior and one of those like its classes, they make you carry a faggot beans around for a week and pretended to your baby. This is what can be like if we have a baby easily Medicare this bag of beans around
that's it. She made, you do run just give me a little highly delicate, incredibly expensive, these to carry around my hand. This is what it was like to fucking raise you. Now you are louder than a vase and you did more drugs than basis. You took a tylenol coding every night when they were pregnant with administrative, but I did by women like of Manchester TRAIN station roses like years, a vase and I'm gonna tell her. I bought it like a flea market in Amsterdam, so you'd you should tell her. The best bases in Europe are actually, at this hand, gestures, train station. Everyone knows it's the best. Everyone knows over there great. I had an experience today. We went and got it. Got some lunch when we got to the hotel, and so you know yesterday you were talking about how in Amsterdam you how to use the Mcdonald order,
screen used in dutch seed and understand any and at the same exchange today in a power, but it was with the waiter- oh my god, I just, nodding act. I think we are talking about beer. And he was lovely and wonderful, but I could not understand a fucking word. You say and I loved it as I keep talking to me, but I don't know what you're saying it's fun. It's like you understand every ninth word and it's like their singing. You a little saw its vast access. Every time we meet someone in you. I would love their accident. You be like that's the accident that we're gonna jump me here. Forces act. We just want you to talk to us tonight and I'm really not really, not really don't do it
This is my favorite, my right away: heiresses, Georgia hearts shouldn't be happier to be here. No guy resume. Its very exciting seems not here we poligized but
listen, my concern gonna barf on their own laptops. They can still conflict fifteen hundred dollars. Sir, you work. Therefore, cats, there's just like four keys, a string laser light, and then you pick the fourth one. I won't do everything you can have your say in the Gatt laptop aimed mainly at up to me. Oh, I just want to say for those who thought you knew me until I walked out on the stage and saw so much cleavage coming from me and you're, like that's, not Karen style at all. Thank you so much. Thank you for supporting us and your brother, for this is the this is the dress I warrant our allay show The other issue I wore a slip,
I got here and then realized, I didn't bring my slip. Amendments not first knives just like book it I mean like here any more. I was your birthday are prepared a year ago who really does and inch like travelling. I could just every picture: God bless everyone who comes and sees us afterwards pays for meat and greed, and then they pose those fuckin pictures like. I want to see that shit so great to meet you. It was great to meet you until you posted that fucking picture of me. Looking like a carved potato, let me just say it: let me get it off my chest this chance. I may get it off, so the girls can be free to breathe oh my address. I'm pretty excited, I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be really easy to rip. Doing
this dress, so I know, burn it when the minute we walk on today, only those things are, I ve been wearing it being like that. I see a photo and, unlike what would it look like in the mirror- and I knows, and it was she. So let us hold our space in the hour elephants because it starting strong when I wash this dress halfway through Ives, like that's getting a little. I think in fact, that the word the oder last night, I when I washed it not only did other smells him out, but then there was like a kind of a ring like I was turning into a fuckin tree. I was just like I don't. I don't need any of this issue. We sit down yeah. This is on the move to its very midcentury. You know that's what we're all about
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Let's do it. Don't you remember last last night I was only last night friends in Scotland, Burke and that's right when a couple assholes listen. But looking listen, Do you know this one where she I have heard of it yet the minutes. I think, there's a movie that I try to watch and I fell asleep, but that's not a judgment. I always fall asleep within twenty minutes of any movie eighteen twenty three great. The judgment of death acts it's in
the parliament of the United Kingdom, this isn't going to be like last night, were murdered. My story was too pages long, so I filled it with a bunch of luck in history of Amsterdam, and I told her to a bunch of working people from Amsterdam. There are like we know so she starts to tell me something of antibiotic bag. You now have the matter and I feel like we want it to be. Like others, shipping, you there's canals anyway, it's just move on the word like flirt the flourishing of science and art. It is not me ok, so there's an act in parliament which it says that the number of crimes punishable by death in Britain dropped dramatically, others less dead bodies and that the medical and anatomical schools were were only legally elected dissect. The cadavers of those had been condemned to death. There was. This became a shortage of dead bodies to Turkey and take a part in our first.
But because of the announcements in modern medicine in the nineteenth century, fresh horses, I already told ok we're off to so They can only use corpses of executed criminals, abandoned. Dead children our supermarkets. Shell, is because they wanted to those young doctors in training to cry ass, much ass possible. There was this guy was eventually. If you didn't have a family, the claim you then the doctors and people Take you so that went away says this led to the resurrection. Sinnest movement, where resurrection men or fuckin body snatchers, wouldn't go and dig up freshly varied, could avars or unmarried corpses from cemeteries and sell them on the black market. Like
like there'd, be cemeteries, it just gotten behind in their work and their like just pile em up over there, the yielding to those tomorrow evening, and, of course, gray browsing as a crime. So doctors like wouldn't ask questions issue is really one of those corpses. Grave robbing became so commonplace than relatives. We just fuckin she'll at the grave and tell the bodies were like unusable. Oh I'm thinking like picnic. And how long we took no, I think everything take ships and just hanging out better serious and then they build like crazy walls and watch showers and what a time to be alive, and Ok, so enter Burke and Hare their bills named William. I, this is easy great.
Burke and Hare they what's weird about then, is before this whole fuckin thing started. They hadn't neither of them had a criminal record or history, criminal behaviour, and I think they were in their authorities when the started happening. So there are both born in seventeen. Ninety two from the providence stir in the north of Ireland. Back there Miss Eyre. We need to pick some one to tell us further the development that them their way back there they moved to Scotland Workin. The union can now and work moved around eighteen, seventeen he abandoned his wife and two children came up here and was like I'm gonna move in with this check. Her name was Helen. Macdougall mean that that yeah,
and then in eighteen, twenty eight they had lived in about ten years, they were married basically and Burke was a shoemaker. He could read and write me was charming and kind of hot. I think he was like. You know tat is really a charming decisionmaker tie it by now that I've been there now, ok, so the pair met because they both lived in the Westport District of the old town. They became close friends and so Burke and Hare. White Helen. They move into lodgings in tanners flows in the sport area at Edinburgh, Thank you So here is the same street and hair and his wife Margret are running a boarding house and that's just when second people, you know need cheap lodgings. They shone air for super cheap.
And so the first occurrences selling a body is kind of innocent, in December, a team of twenty seven, it's always the first time it was more happenstance really than anything else. In December of eighteen, twenty seven one of the boarding house tenants is an old man. He's an army pensioners in his name is old Donald. Three he dies of natural causes, but he still owes four pounds in rams. So there oh shit. We need this money style. We know what we should try to do is sell this body for second he's about afore pounder, the guy, so Burke and Hare devises thing where they do. They also drew with the morgue and they put like you know. I don't know newspaper in the fit in the casket They put stuff a bunch of haggis into a bad, pandering
you guys! So they then they take the body to manage the medical school at Edinburgh, Edinburgh University, to try to sell it. A student there's like none to know the guy you gotta go. Do you need to go to surgeons square, which sounds like it's like the red Light district over four by doctors and anatomy? And it's like we're everyone's, like stethoscope, stethoscopes Athena and speak to Doktor, Robert Knox he's a popular anatomy lecturer and he fuck em. He stopped because bodies are so hard to come by. He happily pays them a seven to ten pounds for Old Donalds body no questions asked, should ask a question to ask one question: how old is all doubt? and then they got. You should be able to find that out yourself here, such a Nigeria doktor so
oh they're, like oh shit. This is easy and cool. It's not just easy, it's cool! Then they like gun and on their motorcycle out other yeah yeah. I'm really. This is more money than they would have needed in months of just regular own work. So they're, like back gotta, love that yeah So in early one thousand, eight hundred and twenty eight an elderly man named Joseph who sing at the boardinghouse, gets super sick and older. Joseph sorry, sorry, I wasn't worth it he becomes sick and hence probably gonna die from his illness and there like. Let's not wait around like. Let's help this alone, So here is this: becomes their signature move they get.
Fuckin shit face on whiskey and then they way- and then I think you know like, although they may be anyone you know now, They re getting them shit, they so they're like passed out and then they do what comes to be known as working because a second birth, because his work part. Let me explain list, please do so they basically compressed the chest and cover the nose in the mouth. At the same time, so the person suffocate, but because their drunk they're, not fighting, there's no bruising. There's no ligature marks its sinister and so he dies ere he dies of working there, again easily. So no questions asked this body to Doktor Knox and then again now they're like will work, is not a meme.
But then, if somebody comes long there like hey, I need you rented room. My name is incredibly healthy. Just now sorry, no rooms available can't do it will know at this point there like, haven't. Let's just kill people like there's, no free renting part is out of the way the rent in your room, renting the room. No, the like sickened dying part is our right and eventually the wrenching that we're partners got it. So so then another dude comes along an old man from Gesture shush to share and from southern California, fuck sorry, but usually seen us in fucking on what measures you should have seen. Sweden leash were poor, poor, Sweden angels. We were just destroying their language in a way that life It's at the meeting. Greed
people would come up and people who I would turn name and they'd, be the kitchen the day to day, and so I just try to mimic them just like always, it could hinder due to do and they'd be like its Christian just immediately. I all american names because they're like just shut up yet we know we know you can't extend yourself to any other part of the world appears. My american, I feel like this was our apologies for being american tour. Oversize aren't we know and we're sorry didn't vote for him, whose just not that much or not all like most of us them my mom. Ok, I mean they should have been going on and move these days. I'm like we have to get a plane back immediately right. That's right! Ok,
so the dude comes in he's ill with John this man in the lodging house. They smother him again. They get another ten pounds. No more! Not another question is thought about. So then, there's no more ill tenants, and so there, like they ve, killed every six into town, and then I don't know, maybe they were like they'll be ill someday were basically just helping them along, so they they decide to start enticing people to Margarets Lodging House like making them come there. So Bergen here, go onto the streets, research to search for more bodies in they pray on the poorest communities. Let people who are not likely to be missed or recognised so on the morning of April nineteenth eighteen, twenty eight to local sex workers, JANET Brown and Mary Patterson may run into charm. TED Bundy Burke
and he invites them over to drink during the day and night morning during the air, then there then their rights and their like absolutely be there, so they eat and drink and party and Mary eventually passes out and JANET take after a hot second, and then, when she comes back, her friends gone and she's like what the fuck is going on. She suspicious of it, and Macdougall claims that she and Burke had left without him. They didn't say where they were going she's like they totally left and so she, She leaves, and but she had no idea that Mary Patterson was lying dead in the next room, who waiting to be taken to knock Stockton OX and some of the students that are worth and her Doktor Knox are like. We know her, like she's beat like beautiful young woman, that everyone can a nose in town. One of them said they had just seen her that morning and they They start to get a little suspicious. First,
uncomfortable when you have to do. You know like an autopsy and someone. You know like oh the girl from town. Well at least shut her eyes. They were also super suspicious because the body was so fresh that they were like this seem like you winning snatch. This should surely twitching patent like this. That are one of them said that he thought that if he had blood, let her, which was like the thing they did back then great she would have like public, she would have woken up like she wasn't alarm, but she also hadn't gotten rigour mortis. Yet so that was like creepy and weird, I mean listen. Her name is actually very alive Jana in late spring, they killer. Next victim is an acquaintance of works. She's a beggar called me
Effie. They were paid at ten pounds for her body. Then they start to get reckless in the summer of eighteen, twenty eight. This is all within one year by the way when they start spot a drunk woman being dragged by the Westport policemen, and they and Burke site hey you should just let her go back to her house and the police are like. We don't know where houses and works like do you know why I'll take care of this and I won't kill her. I swear. I am in no way going to hold her nose closed right on our chest. So they handed over to him and they murdered her as well, and hours later took her to the school fuckin dissected.
Yes, that's appropriate in June, that you're there's two two more victims, an old woman and her grandson, who are lodgers there. I know it's really awful Burke said that this was the murder of the grandson. Is the murder that disturbed him? The most just like great? Let's go down as a good sign. And the bodies are again taking Doktor Knox. They each get. Eight pounds let's see the next two victims are Burke's acquaintance, MRS ask where a washerwoman who came to do laundry, which is like fucking. Let her do the laundry and leave you know what I mean. I wonder if he or she hit him, they got You killed her and then a week or two later, one of the duels relatives and Dougal
visited and they killed her there. Just like the lazy, a serial killer of all time like at least leave your home and try to people it just whoever buzzes by trade. It's not smart now, So, let's see the ability to more people, Elisabeth Halden and her daughter, Peggy and then says this is where it all goes to shit for them. In October, they brought in a well known children's entertainer. His name is James Wilson, but he's known around the city as Daft Jamie. My God, as he is he entertained children or he's a child. That's like hello, my baby, they both only eighteen years old, has a limb because its feet. He has feet over maladies, but he seems like he's he's like known around town, and everyone seems to like him, he supported himself by begging
He was its. They dont get drunk enough because he doesn't like whiskey, and so he resist family was strong and said they had to kill him together and like actually struggled against us. Her mark his mother is like starts looking for him and the next morning when Doktor Knox uncovers the body of James Wilson. Several students are like dude, we know him and they look. You know I I don't want to be a doctor. I name is shared and see at the end of the story. Doktor Knox's, never even remember, really short, he knows or not, but this little piece of evidence that he's like no its not and he dissects the feet and gets rid of them and a sex that heading gets rid of it. So he like is covering not really he's in here. And then on Halloween eighteen, twenty eight, ok, there last victim. Her name is Marjorie Campbell, Dorothy she's lured to stay with bird
do it on the pretence that she's, a distant relative like come staying with us, never say with your fuckin second cousin. I remember it's weird and then to the other couple. They are, MR and MRS Gray, and they are the heroes of the story. They ve got suspicious about this old lady that was staying in the lodging place with them as well. They got kicked out that night because they were like. We need some alone time with this old lady, not against fire and when they get back in the morning there are like. Where did she go in there like nowhere? And you can't go into that rail and MRS Green's like my ship than there and then like sorry, you can't go in there, so toothbrush yeah
so when she had a moment, Missus, Graham like forced her way in and found Marjorie s body under the YAP, pushy lady, he s and they were they were like what will give you ten dollars a week. If you don't tell anyone about it, we'll Hungary's are like go. Fuck yourself so they reported to the police. In the meantime, worse, the body is taken away by it turns out that whenever one gets questioned, everyone gets conflicting accounts and Birchen hearing that blame each other for the whole thing. So the whole thing is like an busted wide open. So of course it leads them to doktor knots and then JANET Brown. The sex workers identifies her friends closed that had been given to missus hair. Oh yeah,
they didn't have a lot of hard evidence, but they eventually offered hair Willingham hair immunity in return for testify against Bertram Active all their like will. The death move is named after Burg, so we want him. Yeah If it was called herring, this would be a different story, so its work and his wife are charged with Marjorie, murder and but margin, but she's would do, is eventually set free and proven under snobbish law that Work is sentenced to death by hanging so in total Burke and murdered sixteen people in the span of a year. Some people think it was higher than that. Of course, there's no body is the second topsy, because they we need an autopsy and that happen so
pretty much. Everyone agrees that Margaret Hair knew about the murders, although it's never been proven, but she did get a dollar a week off of them, half of them for basically like letting them kill people than her house, so she probably knew about it And then, let's assume that Helen with Togo. Maybe didn't know about it, but please that common, my wife, there the whole time cheap back, and so on January, twenty, eighth, eighteen, twenty nine in front of a fuckin really excited stilts crowd. Of over twenty five thousand people, possibly Asia, and I now William Workers, hanged Avalon market and put on public displaying inland later that day, there's like some fun irony for you.
His body, is donated to medical science. That's that's! That's gonna sense of humour that everyone, under the next day, his bodies, publicly dissected and the same anatomy deed or than he had held supply with fresh corpses. So many but I mean grows but yeah. So many people tried to attend the deception that a riot and initiate a university arranged to admit spectators in a group of fifty. At the time there were like Tom down you'll. All get in some people like I want to be there for the ILO as part of the deception professor Moreau, who he hired possibly escaped his death by the hands of the Bergen here. Here's. This is fucking grouse. He dips is Quail pennoned, Burke's blood and rights. This is written in the blood of will
Burke, who was hanged at Edinburgh, buttonhole blot like rights, the whole thing out with his blood- it's like do can you not vengeance sounds is shared all these anatomy students leg was like it was collar. They lay down, took a piece of unlike kept at a souvenirs even using part of a skin to bind books and as part holders like. Ok, you guys, whose lock up like weirdo now are all too far you ve gone now full circle here
Burke Skeleton and a pocket book made him. The skin is still on display at surgeons Hall in Edinburgh, Surrey Limbs, Acutest pocket next thing is that mass and the light mask of airspace here was released in eighteen, twenty nine he escaped into England. No one knows what happened in them for sure, but it was rumoured he was thrown into a line quarry going angry mom. I think everyone else in this. The husbands and wives and everyone didn't have a great life after this. I would just like what we hope for at sea and Doktor Knox's cleared of his involvement completely horse now, but he didn't have a great life, Mutational has ruined blah blah blah. In the aftermath of their killing street. The practice of murdering by suffocation is now known as working and,
we're getting our murders led to the anatomy active eighteen, thirty two which allowed doctors, anatomy, lecturers and medical students rate or access to cadavers. You don't make a more for it. They will let them have them and allowed for legal donation of bodies to medical science effectively. Ending illegal body, snatching and thence bargain here swell dark, I know so dark it. May it just makes me think of all those times after going to a barn someone's like come back to our will, keep drinking and then you're, just like Newgate sounds very just like just like a half an inch away from being burnt somewhere. Right. I'm gonna do mine. And I'm gonna do
you're Tobin. Listen! When I open my rumour on the way over here, I was thrown into the driver and he knew the story better than me, and then I was like MRS a terrible mistake. I maybe like to remind you all were in a foreign country just bugging using Wikipedia like any other good American would tell you about your own cities, history. We should have him come on stage, unlike sign language, what it really is exactly what is actually happening, but what I love was as we drove through the city as we talked about the case, and it goes together, that's right over there and it was like everything was within three minutes of the three we were driving on every time. You see him at his own. True grandpa us issued from a super yeah. That's actually again. I do not feel that copyright, copyright Megan out,
Stevens, send it to the government, not our government, there, busy This is such fascinating and yet insanely horrible. This guy is fucking awful k and then it has this really awesome kind of or fascinating twist to rule that. I could not believe and Stephen found this one for me. So Stephen Poor Stephen Honours little barf covered people just tryin to pose one more picture of the cats. I think that's it's like the only thing that could keep him from posting pictures of your cat. Nobody is a phone the laptop, doesn't even come into it. Now you gonna call me me and like barf on us Mimi uses of banned from sixty is like I'd, Pillow Mimi.
Put your ability that sat on a boy? This is me this is Meaney whose speaking daddy's her secretary savage. Oh, I got a call just as if we're gonna do a pet sidebar call always bad when you have, known collar calls twice in a row on your phone. That's sad news ways and last night it was one thirty in the morning, our time in Amsterdam, I get two calls from Burbank, and I mean this is one of my neighbors. So I've talked about this a little bit before, but my dog George is like a mix and she's. Let it basically like LAB don't share for her she's fiercely prohibit, but I she's she's good, except she
I don't know something bad happened to her and also she was when she was a puppy. She lived at like one of those wall, climbing says, there's something because this fucking dog can climb fences. So the fence on the side of my yard is six feet tall and when she, so she got out of my house a couple times and I kept thinking. I was making up what was happening because I there my whole yard Tone we secure says, like ok, dispenses a little rickety, so I had like two fences replaced because I was like the she got out three times my I live in and sorry that threatens to be over one second,
Oh, my neighbours are assholes and their old and retired, and racist attitudes and hate them who can find finally free to say that I hate them. They love hate they do. This is this city is hard, but and she got out like the third time, so it wasn't like they dug its outlay immediately. All put it on top of that fuckin next store up. I don't know if you guys have that over here, but it's this act where, like retired races, people can live post. I saw a person that was darker than pale walking down the street, lock your doors, it's that share constantly and then, of course, as I said once on the broadcast daytime raccoon warning, which was later, I saw daytime raccoon, then we make jokes about on the podcast, then
rats and expert sweets out ass near like actually, if you see a daytime raccoon might mean never abc they probably everybody says like. Ok. Sorry, sorry about that all correct! It then somebody else comes in a daytime. Raccoons are fine so that your fuckin raccoon stories straight before you start adding me tell me what to do Two calls its the Burbank dog pound George. Fuckin scaled that fence again the same day that I was barked uncivil laptop, like they called each other like we're, making a break my right Lyndon Johnson Long, its both of our pets were like two weeks is too long, we're not doing because more and let us all as such has no Elvis had a stomach ache, and this one was like We're getting out of here aboard yeah, George. I think it's because my dog sitter brings her dogs over in Georgia's like who is laying, in my spot on the couch, get away.
So anyway, it's that has no ending the dog sit or got her at the pound. O Georgia posted the picture on Instagram and immediately murdering whose, from across the nation start going. We have to find George and doing other shit. That's like nano. She was caught. She got out of the yard and immediately picked up by animal control. She didn't make it to the end of our street. She immediately got picked up like don't, organise anything, don't she's, she was actually never missing. The answer is there and made them give her shots, though, so she wouldn't want to go back and mercury and has already recorded like album to sell at night can bring George home. Please George. They start making please on television that you're a good girl. We love you you're, not in trouble,
focus theirs is trying to talk about something so Peter Tobin is born August. Twenty, seventh nineteen, forty six in Johnstone Renfrewshire stopped near its belly Nero Lake. I would imagine, he's the youngest of eight siblings. In a big catholic family. He has for older sisters and three older brothers and has immediately labelled a difficult child when he's seven years old. His sentiment, what's called over here and approved school which sounds to me like those in the description, a residential institution where young people are sent by the port for committing offences deemed beyond parental control. So it's juvy, essentially
so then he later he serves time in a young offender institution liquors. This line the just says at some point: he joins the french Foreign Legion, but doesn't stay or might as well. That's like somebody high on Wikipedia being like guess what I'm going to add, so I had to pass it on his I'm all about misinformation. Okay, so in nineteen sixty nine he needs his first wife. He is gone out to the Barrow Round Ball room, which is so in the sixties. There was this. It was like a dance hall, and now I heard a gorgeous market,
then, at the time it's like where people go to hang out there. I looked it up on Wikipedia they send. It has sprung floor seen under those kind of when you go to see Iraq showing the floors and bouncy Liane, because they used to do that when people are like super into dancing now and so is like a place allowed. People went in Glasgow in the sixties, and so he means a seventeen year old, their name Margaret Mount Mountaineering and they get married and they moved Jesus. What nothing then I went quick and they got married me. I met there. They got married, they met they danced twice and now might lead us during times of waste, and so they moved to brighten in over in England. Apparently One year later they get divorced, no judge
I've been there. In eighteen. Seventy he goes to prison in England for burglary and forgery in nineteen. Seventy three: he marries again this time a thirty year old nurse name solely Jeffreys. They have a son and then they have a daughter of the daughter dies pretty soon after childbirth. And then after three years of marriage. Sylvia leaves takes the sun with her nine eleven years after that, its December of nineteen, eighty seven and peace, has a new girlfriend. Her name's is Wilson. She gives birth, you, son
she's fifteen years old at all and he's he's much older than I think he's twice he's over twice or age. They married two years after their son is born and then the ripe old age of eighteen. She leaves them she's like by because all of these wise, all three of his wives later saying that they fell for a man who was very charming and very well dressed and suave, and soon after marriage revealed that he's fucking sadistic violent. Asshole. And they had all been raped by him, imprisoned by him leading guide and basically he's a psychopath, well yeah. So in ninety ninety three Peter Tobin Moose haven't Hampshire to be near his youngest son, and on August coordinating ninety three
Fourteen year old girls go to the apartment complex where he lives in the park, and there there is visit one of Peter Turbans neighbours, but the neighbour isn't com said they buzz his apartment and ask if they can come in and wheat in his apartment until their friend gets back Jesus fucking, I mean it. Please don't do that. So as their there. He starts he's like do you wanna drink? Let's I'll drink, let's drink cider and vodka there, like ya, know things he fucking pulls out a knife and wholesome at knifepoint makes them drink. He then re spoke of Damn stabs one of them any fuckin turns on the gas to kill them both his his son. Is there the whole time, but they both end up surviving and she observed Peter goes on the run
he hides under a false name with Jesus fellowship in Coventry. Right the perfect hiding place but police in Coventry spot his Blue, Austin Metro and he has captured in brain. So He goes on trial on May 18th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety four and he pleads guilty and he receives a fourteen year. Prison sentence and he's released ten years later and he returns to paisley. I said paisley wrong
I think that it's just a great place. Oh it's the best place in the world, its we're all bad things happen. Let's go there on the women airports. Morrow guides us all go right! Now, you guy that's rent a bath. While he moves away from Paisley guess he gets it in November of two thousand five, but he does until the cops these moving away, which is not allowed to do so in a warrant, is issued for his arrest less than a year later he shows up back in Glasgow and he is going by the Alias Pat Mclaughlin and RE. So he starts showing up at Saint Patrick Catholic Church twice a week because they ve soup kitchen there that's open twice a week, so he's going to the soup kitchen
and then he basically starts telling the people at the church. Priests are wherever that he will be. The handymen there like is trying to get a job, and so they employing them. As their handyman and one of the priest calls Frank, a godsend he's not he's he's not going to be because this is it's at Saint Patrick Church, where he crossed paths with a young woman named Angelica Club. So he's a twenty three year old student from Poland, she is living at the church she's. The cleaner at the church and she also getting free Roman board she's trying to sit, make money, and so so she can go to college back in Poland, but on September, twenty fourth, two thousand and six Angelica disappears and she's last seen two thirty that day by Father Gerard Nugent, and he
he's the one that hired Angelica and he had passed by the garage in the chapel house, and he sees Angelica and the handyman Pat Mclaughlin, painting a shed together and is like isn't that nice that we all love the Lord and that's the last time Angelica seen alive, so she goes missing and they reported to the police, and please start looking into it. Five days later, they find jealous body, hidden beneath the floorboards inside the church, near the confessional inside so She's been raped, beaten, gag bound and she was stabbed sixteen times in the chest and
worst part of it is it's all fucking horrible and the worst part is the evidence showed that she was alive when she was put under those and in a church. It's just horrifying so then whatever her this one what's happening, heard this before. Yet it's it's got a lot so soon after they they put it all together and Pat Mclaughlin. They handyman, who is actually Peter Tobin, is arrested in London. So So he goes to trial for angelic as murder. Begins in Edinburgh on March twenty third, two thousand seven, and when Father Gerard testifies on the stand about having seen Angelica last with the handyman. He ends up
sixty three year old catholic priest. He ends up confessing that he'd been having a sexual relationships with Angelica Catholic priests, their hair, like I did. I just can't like the idea of the people that that were at this trial words. Just sorry like waiting, sir. What, MRS, unless thing, what are you doing like an episode alone order or like shit like an open and they rely have total twist through he also admits on the sand to being an alcoholic, even though he had gotten sober ten years earlier, so really shouldn't be coming into play anymore, but it basically all of this is starting to kind of turned their using that as as his defence or like that that I'm Peter Tobin wasn't the only suspect or whatever, but
he still Peters found guilty because the evidence is overwhelming, Peter Turbans DNA was found on the kitchen club that was an angelic his mouth and then his finger prints run items that were buried with her body. He's found guilty sentenced to life imprisonment to serve a minimum of twenty one years and of course, Father Gerard has to set down as the parish priest seems fair. So then, day when he is a recipe for angelic, as murder authorities notice that when Peter Tobin he was living in bath gate at the same time, as
Did we get an bad good at what I am. I don't know how you grace feel about these places, or somebody in the middle of the room is on a roller. Coaster actually sounds like I mean I like it: their families their, but then also get beaten up a lot of feelings oh there's a twist through there's several it's so fucking crazy. So basically the cops. There is cold case there's a girl named a sixteen year old girl named Vicki Hamilton, who had disappeared. She was last seen February tenth. Ninety ninety one she had spent the weekend with her sister Sharon she's, trying to take the bus back home to her mother's house. Near fall, Kirk Falco sounds amazing, overwhelmingly, ok, she's
taking. This is the first time that she is taking the bus alone, so she's super worry till she had to transfer at some point and switch buses, so she kept asking people for help and watch which, but she should take and so did she last seen waiting for her second bus in back. Eight. Her purse is found in Saint Andrew Square in Edinburgh in and Edinburgh and on February, twenty first, ninety, ninety one. So they They file on missing persons report The police are thinking that she's a runaway because they end up a finding because her purses sound and there like it look. It seems like she went to London and she was basically going the opposite direction like trying to get out calm down. They spend two months looking for her and London and they find her and the cases old. So in the spring of two thousand six, they re open that file.
And take it out of court case and then there looking at all the statements in all the evidence and basically the new investigators like this girl was murdered. This isn't just as this isn't a run away, and this is the normal disappearance, so they submit victories purse for dna testing and they find the deal. On. The purse of Peter Turbans three year old son share and then what they they start. Looking the purse and so Tobin. Son was staying with him three days after Vicki went missing and what when they actually examine the purse. They see that it suggests the boy had bitten, like his father gave it to him as a toy like distract him with. Yeah, so they believe never it together because he lived in back eight at the time that she was one of the eight people, the figure it asked for help when she was trying to figure out what bus to take so
so on November, fourteen two thousand seven d it's got a warrant and they dig a fucking. Six foot hid in Peter Tokens, backyard and They find a slab of concrete underneath underneath the dirt and the grass they find a slab of Hungary, which is always bad underneath it dickie Hamilton's, remains a wrapped in plastic and they find for of Peter Children's fingerprints on her body and They find evidence bruising on her arms and her neck. The traces of the Senate is amateurish Celine in her liver, but she's, been cut up essentially creasy that, like I'm here like how many bodies are buried in the woods, but it's like what about the fucking back yards of people in work, terrible x, Ray it's horrifying, will ends. Just hold onto that table because metres away from where.
These, but now they find a second body under the slab and its eighteen year old, dynamic nickel who had been missing since August fifth, nineteen. Ninety one holy shit, so Dinah was hitchhiking home from a music festival with a guy that she met at the music Festival named David trembling and they get arrived from a guy at a petrol station, ass gas station at EU, and they make a move that that is like. Why, They dropped David offer she's she's for foot in like a. And I think it said- she's a tiny little girl gets left alone in the car, with this fucking, random, dude and she's, never seen again and after her disappearance, there's regular withdrawals of two hundred and fifty pounds from her bank account and her friends and family keep telling the please she wouldn't do that, because she's trying to save up her money to go to college and for travelling, so she wouldn't just be fucking randomly spending a bunch of money, but
It would be eighteen years before her family would ever know what, how unto her and until they basically they. They dig up this backyard, so so Peter Tobin second trial on December. Second, two thousand eight he's convicted of Vicki Hamilton's murder, after a month, long trial Annie sentenced to life in prison, and the judge said quote yet again: you ve shown yourself to be unfit to live in a decent society. It's hard for me to convey the loathing and revulsion that ordinary people will feel for what you have done fix the minimum period, which you must spend in custody to be thirty years. Yeah. So They then Dimas trial is set of June, two thousand nine, but then Peter Tobin gets ill. He asked to get surgery so then they re, they resume. It starts on December, fourteenth
Two days later, he is convicted of her marriage. Not that not another month long shit. There are just like yeah, it's a yes! Yes, this results in his third fucking life sentence, and they said that he sat in the court room would no emotion well meant to members of the jury when during the proceedings, because the details and everything was so terrible now, of course, this has huge huge news here so, as the news breaks, people are seeing it on on their tv, and so then here comes this we'd actors, to page now ready
when the Barrow Land, so there is a there's, a cop who has been retired. He was a cop during the sixties and she worked on a thing called the Bible. John Vera, Barrow Land ballroom murders, yes and when he when he sees the picture of Peter Tobin on television. He says quote: this is as near to Bible John as you're going to get so I will check and then two women come forward and say I saw Peter Tobin on the news and want one of one woman said she had been raped by Peter Tobin when she met him at the barrel and ballroom in Glasgow and one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight
the time of the Bible, John Killings and when she saw the picture of him on tv. Forty years later, she said her legs gave way and that the same thing happened. Another woman came forward and twenty ten when she saw his picture, said that she had a threatening experience with this, who she that dispute even at the Barillon ballroom she said I it was the man who came up to me so many years ago and Barrow lands. I am one hundred percent certain until then is viable, John okay, so Now we go back. Oh, my god. This is like the most exciting fighting story of nuts bizarre and it's very similar. It reminds me that Parallel EAST area raped horribly, just like this. If you keep letting these people out and there, the certain style of psychopath just keep escalating and they just keep fucking killing so
So basically his it started on February 23rd, one thousand nine hundred and sixty eight, the body, the naked body of a twenty five year old nurse and mother named Patricia Docker, is by a man who's on his way to work in a lane behind Carmack Michael Place in Glasgow, then raped and strangled yarbs away from her home. Then The night before she had told her parents that she was going out dancing the majestic ballroom on hopes tree, but then switched it up and she ended up going to Berlin Ballroom for the twenty five and older night, those fucking kids out here, no we're not doing the twists her clothes and handbag are never found and then, on Friday August 15th, one thousand nine hundred and sixty nine thirty. Two year old mother of three Jemima Mcdonald goes out for a night at the fair landfall room return and then
We can't mrs super fucked up her sister knows that she hasn't come back. She super worried and she starts to hear rumours in the neighbourhood of the little kids talking about how they ve seen a dead body in an old tenant building on Mc Keats she so she is, of course, more and more worried. So, finally, she goes to the old tenants early to check and she finds her own body. There she's been strangled, raped and beaten to death. She was fully closed. So witness say that they had seen her Jim I'm up, leaving the barrel and bollworm at midnight with a tall slam, young man with red hair. Another witness at safe said that they heard screams coming from that building on Macao Street a later. On October, thirty, first nineteen sixty nine twenty nine year Old Helen paddock is found. In her own back in the backyard of her flat
He had also been the barrel and ballroom the night. She was murdered. She and her sister Jean had two men, both named John there, they hung out for an hour. They decided to head home. The first guy named John left like an item and go to the bus and so Helen Gene and the second John. They got it. Maxie headed toward nights, wood, which is where Jean lives and Second John who share the cap with them is very well spoken, very well dressed, and he quoted from the Bible a lot, and this is where they got the name Bible John always have a so creepy, so fucking creepy, some like your chatting with a guide, a club and then he's like ecclesiastics dream. Ninety seven, it's like the thing like he was charming and well spoken like that, doesn't fit with any kept calling the Fuckin Bible, like that's bananas and loses learn right. I think
Bible clothes were big in the late sixties, really Bible. China's like such a creepy nation did so. Creepy is whole thing. Gene was dropped off and Helen and John. So basically, her sisters like oh you, like this guy and he's really well dressed and loves the fucking Bible. So I'm going to let you go with him. And they were going to go to Hellenes House she, fine, she's, found, raped and strangled her purse is missing. The contents of it are strewn all about back yard and there's grass stains on the bottom of her feet, which indicate that you probably tried to get away from him at some point and she had a deep by mark on her leg. And a man who MAX genes, description of Bible, Johnny's was seen in a dish state getting. A bus one thirty in the morning on Re Street, with scratches on his fucking face.
This is the weird detail that super Creevy all of these three women, these victims of Bible, John, all of them had been on their period. All of their bodies were found with either a sanitary napkin or a tampon on or next to their body. Yeah, it's it's! its gross anyway its grows by itself? So here are some of the similarities between Peter Tobin, Anne and Bible, John Peters former wives, allege that he was driven to violence by the menstrual cycle, which was something that was a Bible John motive as well. Peter Tobin, was Roman Catholic with strong religious views,
He had moved away from Glasgow in nineteen sixty nine, which is when the murders stocks in Glasgow, so it basically the timeline completely lines up to fucking creep, open Peter till then I think he did it do you. I think it's him. I get a really strong feeling how he did it to but, because the evidence was old- and it's you note from the late sixty raided- they don't. They can never connect him like with anything like sufficient and Peter Chauvinist currently serving his life sentence at the prison in Adam and he is reported to have brag about killing up to forty.
Victims earlier shit, let's go get him while he has had a stroke, he had a stroke two years ago. So so at least we have the and that's the fucking super fucked up story of Peter Tobin, who could also be bibles? Oh, my so awful! That's fucking! Insane and so crazy. Goodbye. I knowed tonight in there and there's gonna, be fuckin scrolling all reading about handling yeah yeah.
Thank you. So much really nice in all of our homework, is done for this sort of thing. This dress open. We have time for now. Let's do homes like you do some of the work. Now you do the work for us hands down. There is going to tell you so here's the rules you for you probably heard these before, but if you have it so this is the part where we want one of you to come up here and tell us your hometown murder, the thing they got you into crime or that affected you did. You know whatever fascinated you as a cater whenever, whenever now mine- oh my god, it's hard, isn't it is hard to be in this about life. So here is just some recommendations for us. We ve been love it. If it is, if you have a glass those story, we would love to hear it. That's the dream. We certainly don't wanna, hear story, fear from Arizona. We just don't give a shit we're fucking here, let's celebrated its great when your story has beginning a middle and an end, and that's not only for to night for the home town, but in life, don't be one of those people that just fuckin talks about dumb shit and then walked away. You can be. Is drunk as you want as long as you can follow your own train of thought and that's up to you you're the only person who knows when you get pouring and if you can,
just remember every one else hates you, so I will keep it snappy here, that's right! Yeah, do you want to try it and I do not mean to say you want to do it. So I think this is your city or its eye. You guys. I lived here for three months in two thousand. I like it, so I really get I'd call this my city, you wanna, do it or should we have two immense, do then soon, let's get evince a little something since he almost got arrested in Amsterdam S morning. Us very is right here. If you want to do it, then are you scared, because you're very close to them, yeah do
be discerning play your hand. If you ever sorry am you you can play by all those rules. Our marriage is on the line and monitor the dog about this right here, right here here. Let's just coming up here that our friends from the stranger unusual black ass, the zero rate regime, she's way that we would have a job here degrees, listen, do not its working group like strange, an unusual. Listen to that part cast! Oh, yes, then, might get bombed up the first class and, as you know, this is how we earn dinner
ok, you turn the lights out, because your fuckin freak out actually see ice bases. Its really scary. Please Hey Ray John. You can generate this whole jail here, come a rear, cetera. Mrs gate. Everybody is not mere that Ireland is in the area of energy dependence Conversely, where are you from an aim from just suddenly to increase
right moves. Ok, you ready knows your hometown yeah you got so when I was fourteen bad. These neighbours move in and their sons were attacks. We translate dicks like theirs, they like sailboats. Why ends up and then I saw the often trouble and in and much meetings. Sorry thinking somebody solves up, never did not know full Aberdeen moms. Let the police came to ensure the questions. Your brothers, we worked quickly new outlets.
It wasn't me was wisely me mom was we saw. It turns out that the old spyware Z, reaches me after class, greener, range or celtic way, but I dont for much Ranger Celtic FIFA much just know tat. I was my favorite. I lose your watch and all the time guy pop a guy and arrange that bottle button in the whites quick make a guy came up the street, our sheep with a baseball bat, so They were like didn't warm up here on the basis of Norway, smart peace like he muttered the sky with me
oh that, because he bumped into any head of the care the wrong thing. It was ordained fasts, there's a term in Glasgow that fast makeshift facts about horrible horrible drink. My lungs horrible discussing leg. Is it what is it like? A nigger, my search out the situation is like this: I'm only drink at once, a can of sporting somebody's house knows light. We wish we could have been reading about you don't really glad what is it tastes like like wins? Really, if you stick and visually stunning citys canyons greatness No
so you're saying, but I'll try later so this guy and turns out- and I still ass- the movements of torture should weeks movie. Don't you and she was the one that when you came home into You spoke about you for some, when she heard of it, the moderates have and she's such a lovely woman. She, the one that called the leave my son. Don't mess that society should send in something Kigali. Fifteen years these names Andrew the deed or something
Andrea we'd, better, so yeah that's nail ass. He always when the last hometown to be fucking good, those nor was it there they were decks, they were dealt with. You said something I wasn't gonna say or just redwood decks. Oh, I hate your number one for you cover your boots and sue late. Now we saw
push it. I that's been our european second or everybody know. We believe this is our life, it's so insane. It's just incredible. It's been really like. We ve been working
it's been thrust on doing homework and suddenly, when you said that, unlike holy shit, you're gonna fucking by gas that we started two years ago in my living room, we're as weirded out as all the people who are brought here tonight, who don't listen to this part. We lack an o this, you guys so much, and we really appreciate it so glad to have this same thing going on. We love you. I wish I wish we could stand here and scream and clap for you. That is as much as we get it from you because it really is. The dream, fucking job that we now get to do full time we get to come out. We have to talk about the thing that we, like the best, that I think you guys like the best and have like a phone call conversation about true crime and,
laugh and we get the benefit of the doubt and everyone's fucking rad, and it's just such a fucking honour thing. So much you guys are even a crime. I want to cry really mean something because we know you, those like any married
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