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155 - You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

2019-01-10 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the murders of Su Taraskiewicz and Abraham Shakespeare.

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This is exactly right. We start does when air gotta help and welcomes in my favor murder. This is your comedy true crime park ass, though you check in with weekly yeah, just to see how you doing just see how we do it, how hey hey, how we do it here, here's one way we're doing right now. I have an imported australian cookie in my hands. Arcadia a a friend of ours, name, insert name here later centres, Box of australian candy and cookies and too a person name to be inserted later.
The girl who made us as candy heart signal international, just just what's her something my vintage shit, shit, fuck pod, knowing she sent as a bunch of Australia in candies and cookies and were eating guys from in Amerika. I didn't notice. Tele went Austria. There is this thing that they fucking have called hundreds and thousands sprinkles on everything actually nosing, it's kind of like a cookie, an australian cookie version of a pop tar yeah. It's a pop tart feel no jam nano a thing in the Middle EAST is kind of like dry and flaky, with pink ends sprinkles on time, then for some reason, it's the best cookie area for the I've been to guess we didn't unboxing and send us a bunch of cute of her. What is called a crass budget candy too, which is just the way to go attention for sure.
So we ve been eating were here in the office era, the exactly right offices right now. We we unbox that that unbox boxes sitting in the office kitchen, so we spend slowly all day, long feeding TIM towns and hundreds thousands conceited and boxing video hey. We we never playing the phantom reimbursed to blood behind her we invest saying are so we have a fan, call my fair murder com. You can join, you get it back and exclude a t, shirt and pan we're about to were now going to do at for every life. Shall we're going to have to take a giveaway? Yes now, but we very exciting boxing videos of bike gives people falcons on us once a week to ya and those that ticket giveaway starts at the San Diego shows for this week, Enrico if you're in
this annual ego area. You belong to. The fan called when you wanted to join us that you didn't get tickets get on there and you can enter to win two tickets to one of the two shows that we're doing in Zurich, and we come out of this off stage and hug you right in the early morning of good, and I can tell you that the best part of it that's written in the fine Pratt Karen Ass, a hug, you I'll volume die run into that amendment. No five show if, as there is the first or when I at the station when entered wet and yelled at the girl in the audience. Yes wiggly.
Was I drinking, it shows then still don't know. All I know is that once I was out there like. Oh, I should not have just walked away and left her alone. That's right! I was like we're always because we are giving someone shit forego into the bathroom that are not being there when we call them, though you were good. If I sit in her seat and only when I got did I realize what a bad plan and how I didn't really think it through. Let's do it every show the store. That's what we're saying, as these love shows, are unpaid and bringing about ITALY Maybe this lonely that we're out there with it would appear, but there's our here where there or everywhere, who? Oh dear me, thanks for asking. I have a pressing corrections quarter that here. That's cool about this part. I don't, let's not, paint ourselves and Jude intellectual corners, where we had our doubting every goddamn fuckin word be same over especially
hence we have listeners friends out there, this second we met when we were at the Vancouver show I miss you carry and she told us when we met her in the meeting greed that He translates this podcast for companies, listeners and people who can only be japanese, which we were like what How do I make my own way now people's eyes? It was merely a exciting. She was super cool to talk to and luckily with all the kindness in her heart, I'm assuming she checked in the morning after the last episode. We did too me now that I had Miss termed something it was her and like a bunch of animal deeds that were still at that, but that the correct her bare legs. I was talking about the
thing that there's a japanese term for when you're Iris doesn't touched. The bottom lid yeah and I said it was called sepulchre and you know what they here's an. I went yeah because you said it This shows me what a follower. I am not that I would have no me there are. You said it was such competence as like. Why killer Karen knows that that so impressive and you just like you, you had it. You didn't even like part yeah, that's amazing- and this is thanks for pointing out this- is the problem area, because when I seem moment my brain collects information like that and files it away, you should see, may play a jeopardy. Oh my god, I bet you're my mind blowing, but but we record our conversations in every single thing needs to be right. It's absolutely not! Does it well sepulchre the thing that I called the weight of the eyes and is actually another word fur,
Horror carry whereas the way when you have an honor suicide in Japan and you run a sword through your own stomach. While on your knees and then I will if twas now, I think that's where that seeing the knife saying comes from down absolutely and Can you please? Let me know how wrong I am that could be. Now we're sure we have. We were saying I should wait. I'm now. We just won't fuckin sty won't stop! real charm. I should have used with SAM Pocket Or- and this is the message- the very lovely message I chemical gaff- just listen to the latest. Him them suppose is japanese suicide ritual. What you meant was some poker when, but she actually spell that some Pooh Pooh gown, which literally means three white. I am because there's that means there's three spaces around your iris to them.
To the left and on the bottom there should only be to this. Is the new five had six monthly, were no more minor yard. Your disagree with you. How do you intend to do that? She also It's not good insist says enormity of his normie physiognomy. Ok, any You hurry you thank you so much for kindly pointing that out And everybody can we just? Please Don't start using credit terms. Japan these terms, all the time, let's please were offending the japanese public, damn at our listening to this and Japanese? Oh! Can I guidelines I, when I should probably ritually commit suicide, because I have shamed, my ancestors by being so wrong, thinking of shame can we have what will probably is the first and will probably be the only. I was fucking right. Georgia took I told you so sure moment we were at last week.
And we have an important we recorded. We have recorded over they called sewed ads and turn to you and see them. I said Karen, I think you said Emma S instead of products so that it Remember pieces, pieces of furniture. I swear, you said penises nature, and new road like now wait a minute here that Stephen I relate NEA Ouida, but now it is the word out penis more times than anyone on the spot because required for the story. Had not your problem. Should the debt but general that we got tweet from people, and then Georgia was like, but I honestly because I didn't hear it is I'm the Miss speaker. I think I know what I said and
Stephen was just like now, because you both agreed. I was like that. I'm I'm wrong! You're out number is another. You can do so, there's a girl laurel and Janius at you, oh yeah. I heard pieces of furniture wire and baby. This is not the sole now we ve said penis more times than necessary, so that was helped XIV all learned your lesson. Georgia should do that to inherit coolly, male those red. We went on at length: last week. Talk about lucky Lizzy, I am the gangster and of the beautiful after the play him on Boardwalk Empire, it dammit this email sublime. Lucky Louisiana was brought down by a rat as fuck black female prosecutor. Guess I did you ever know or hear anything about, of course, not guidance,
each thus in fact, in their own public can school. This is this shit that, like goes unspoken in everyone's leg, is managing to me again love your pod cast you, the cats, dogs, the vents, etc. I was listening to your recent that talked about lucky was yonner and thought. You love to know that three, that the three he's suit mother Fucker was brought down exclusively because of a rattle. A woman you. Carter was a granddaughter of slaves, come loud, a graduate of Smith College, an Fordham University and she's intensely not here for any bullshit. She was one of New York's first female african american lawyers and one of the first prosecutors of color in the United States. She worked for Thomas Dewey, a special prosecutor in the nineteen thirties today on the mob in New York City. He,
twenty lawyers, nineteen white men and UNESCO as a team. They mostly focus on loan, sharking and kidnapping and murder, but they tossed units the sex work stuff to cover, because you know woman, Yunus being sharp the sharp tat. She is notice that women arrested for prostitution from all over New York City were represented by the same lawyers and bail. Bondsman knows hence had relationships with lucky how she established at the sex workers were required to kick back half their earnings to crime bosses in exchange for legal representation and lucky
is profiting from the part. Prostitution share she's the only assistant undue his team, whoever connected him with any crime and is the reason he was sent to prison Alisha. Her grandson wrote a book about her called invisible and I highly recommend it to every living person assets, our new Fuckin book club, great yeah, let's all red, invisible, that's cool, stay sexy and don't mess with women because they are smart, ass, Hell Julia in Seattle, Julia! Thank you for fucking sending. Is I'm so happy to know that that I love knowing that such a little piece of info I'll get the book The boy can give ourselves a couple. When I listen to it, I have to look anyway, I again and then
let's have a Congo and you guys join us yet denying the book invisible. What that means is like with sweet, Argentina, we'll never talk about it again. We also about we bail bond sweetheart Rina because we're like ripping us out of the air like. Oh, I was a kid in their turn me on my I should get out of here. I think we were having shame spiral yeah around that book and we didn't want like shit on Ino the author. Really it was like a whole thing. Was a guy opening, like that's my minute, that porn? That's? Why I'm in the attic poor lacks everything? Bad! That's where you trip over the word attic attic! I've, that's it for me, I'm business! Why there's something I have anything business whatsoever about to start or fuckin tour tomorrow, San Diego and
Did you see San Diego holiday european? It's unbelievable! Is it honestly feels like the winter toward just ended two days ago, envy what they're calling the spring tour? I like it's fuckin January, I threatened we have like are merged company draw up, but a poster like whatever, and we were we approved it cause we're like Alex Greatness snowy engine men are like wait, a second the people who get this in. May it be like my enemy, like thanks for this snow, the snow drift pie hold onto it. Tell winter, what's happening with year's spring tour guy right way to go, but we're very excited to be out visit you seeing you again, it's very. It is exciting. We complain so my great ETA and at the end of this year, a fuckin but comes out yeah
things. Yes, it's very exciting, Emily nervous I've been giving, we ve got some like advanced partial, copies and island, giving them trusted to couple trusted. Friends. Yes, ANG just tell me: curious everything down. Then one of them like did crystal, didn't I thought she read our right away? I just didn't tax me about nothing. I'm just going to say nothing like share, turns out she's busy and has a life and re ready Edwin. She did, she probably didn't, do it, take it in sit home immediately so that I was hoping for I now I now it's very listen. This is that nothing. This nothing of like this is why, unless somebody I dont want, the criticism from anyone unless they have put their own ass on the line and put their actual out there, because
it is the hardest thing to do to make something that is of your hones. Likud were and put it out, and that's why, like people can tell you, I hate this, I think whatever, but its vulnerability. The third lay raving about which is so easy to current, like to criticise a will and also if they ve, never done the same in meanest straight out of daring greatly by Bernay Brown, but if they ve never done the same, their opinion can't count as they dont know what it means. So like we, we wrote a double memoir where we drudge up every stupid, fucking thing we ve ever dined early and try to make it in retaining, and then we see I like, I don't even think about it until people started telling us. Oh, I got the advanced ray I like it or whatever, where I was like a fuck. I forgot that's public yeah and so now we're just stuck in that field. Well, that's a good point and I gave my cat sullen his design some of our awesome march and also has a tv show on adult swim called the show
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while I would advocate a bus ride into another hundreds and thousands of America rubbing tourists come here. You know how much people of eating on microphone, because this is the murder of Susan Trask. Oh it's great. She goes by sue. We're gonna cost. Ok here she is it's an ancient eighty to and is twenty seven years old she would for the Northwest Airlines, Boston, Logan International Airport, in his Northwest airlines used to be an airline. I'm assuming It was. I used a lion jails. I believe Boston, Logan Airport is Pronounced Worcester, if not incorrectly. Very much so soon is lovely all american gaol. She graduates high school in sagas, Massachusetts, Fuckin down home ass, it uses gown. She
there comes a reserve fire fighter, and then she gets a job at the airlines and within five years she worked away from cleaning airplane cabins to becoming the first woman in the history of the company to hold the position of a ramp supervisor. Well here, and there like me or like what the fuck is around supervisor. It sounds great. Is it does ran like she connects the plain to the walkway around down? I? What is that job superbly?
and coordinate the activities of ground crew in the loading she's fuckin, supervising everyone in the loading and unloading, securing and staging of aircraft, cargo or baggage woe, and she also has to do with like gravity like you. I didn't know that you're just fuckin throw suitcases on its like the heavy ones go here. This goes here or the plants can a fucking crash research using supervisor all people doing that yeah. She must be great at Tetra S. Regimes is just like a whole that when there are, I get that EL shaped won over here either. One full of chickens put: it is a bad, that's just a plain square: that's my that can go anywhere. She's the she is, the fur smoking woman to hold this job so ass, an amazing, an she's. Also, the only the second ever female ground service employ working for the airline ever so she's already fuck and breaking glass, it so funny, because it's also recent its we're not talking at the seventy, isn't so soon. Obviously, a super hard work anxiously twenty seven. When she button,
just ass. You super hard working. She's intelligence has a big heart: she's got a tonne. Goodbye is a pretty Burnett talent slam but feisty she once jumped into break up a fight between two male colleagues serious like lacking around now she's fine. So perks of her job as just a little bit about her was meeting famous people off because they were going to have the plane and she had an autograph book who she would have the famous people to sign, which is like the most pure heart of thing I've ever heard of in my life right. We still do not have autograph books. Yes, because its usual, you had one as a kid. We hardly I'm here nobody signed it ever we learn. I look at the mayor of Irvine Hammer body, then you just start getting your friends to Syria. Iran can we just fill this thing? Yes, then my dreams were crash, so sues dream was to be a cartoonist, but eyebrows like it's really hard to do that, but she was obsessed with peanuts
and had even the mast Charles shalt once all american women tons of ambition and by twenty seven years old already paying out, but this is called The murder of sue droughts go it's so it doesn't go up. On September twelfth nineteen. Eighty two sues working her graveyard shift. Eleven p m to seven fucking am am in the freezing, cold Boston, air around one. I am She leaves the airport to pick up sandwiches at a nearby sandwich shop for the crew. This is answer. Mr, is by the way, how you should know. Comes back to work after she goes. Sandwiches and no one ever reports are missing and in fact, really weird thing as her time card reflects that she clocked out at the end of her shit, that might an cod. In the next morning. Ok, so there's an inside element to this, but the reality is shoe was missing as ever: Sandro Trenton, so
because of this, this time card, forging she's, officially reported missing for thirty six hours when our parents finally realise that she is missing. They go to the police station on the morning of September fourteenth Monday morning. Only me but that their daughters body had just been found. I now in her parents were like four months amazing, His blue trying to sell, had been found early that morning Monday morning, part an auto body shop in Revere, which is about four miles from airport the shop admin closed on Sunday, the day before, so when they got to work that morning, some unnoticed, Blood was dripping from the trunk of a car I now call the police it so often, when police arrived, they opens his track and found her inside in her anger and our own car, she had been badly beaten and then stab multiple times, awful, obviously so. Obviously your fucking whenever coworkers or someone had finished her time card, but why, like I'm sure you do that before right
friends, like I'm running late, I mean, can you I'm blur or belief that a pleasing For that accusation leap. The place I just mentioned, you worked a yearly people covering four year or going like yeah, I dont. Can you make sure I'd? It doesn't look like I'm ten minutes lay right or I'm leaving three hours early. He can you get me out of an alien right, but that's like for people like working any jobs that you don't care about, not for people who work their way up and certainly not for the boss. I mean she re hard about me Ray vs, so it's not doesn't seem like a request. She would make or The question now whatever so, It wasn't her purpose, her mother, her parents from others names Marleen, they weren't you. Thinking about that question because there was no sign of robbery or rapes of the family was just led to believe that Sue was the victim of a random crime, so consider the time card and her mother, Marlene, lovely, fuckin woman. She believes all that and tell late ninety ninety three. So
a year later. So soon mother is going through her daughters, old round and discover since diary. Oh, oh shit, Marleen as Fuckin surprised to read sues detailed accounts of though rampant sexual harassment that she had been enduring at work, leading up to her murder Merlin reads house in, of course, Marleen or pursue. Didn't wanna work, her family and worry your parents about at such a sort of her diary. Roma had no fuck include about any of this threat. Marleen reads how Susan Male, coworkers and unwillingly had held a campaign of harassment against her. They scrape I've seen graffiti about her on coal cargo holds an employee F Rooms, and ban her car. She free We complained with the management or like file, complaints with the management at airlines and her union. But of course it's fuckin. Ninety two, and even now, very less time
when Sue continues to launch camp complaints she started getting anonymous, threatening phone calls in the middle of the night yeah. This is before she is promoted to ramp supervisor thee. Job originally went to another male employee and it turned he had illegally bit on the position- So when she found a to her union about it and wine and This guy got back and fired from the job. She, the harassment of course, got worse yeah to the point where soon discovered a drawing up a coffin with her name on it swelled inside her locker, while the things awful also, I think it just goes to show people went to dismiss sexual harassment as like. Oh you can't hang with the boy railway you can't this or that, but often times- and I said this- the people I read this- it was worded really well in an article I read once, but it's basically like trying to say aid to regular guys.
You need to notice the deeds that incite the shin, yet as those aren't normal brains. If there's a person whose, like let's go, get her here, there needs to be action by the duty that are in the group, but dont feel that way re because their under their own kind of peer pressure to go along, and I gather even if it's not like, let's get her, if a guy, you know if he were marks on her ass or something it's like, even without her hearing. It's that I don't talk like that, and you know that's, nor does it have shut the fuck up every once in a while right, but sometimes if those pressures or The groups are too intense. Then people got a start going along. It's making me think about that these thereon coal mining movie, usually it's unbelievable, it's basically its similar, but the murder but yeah. It's just that idea like boys when you're in a boy's club. Those boys clubs can go insane. If there's a woman in the matter I go in saying they yeah. It's really horrible an interest you
Another example of how fleeing a woman is a threat to your life and to your life. It's just being a woman, nothing more than that and an ulcer having ambition and our bed tunnel. I fuckin breaking up boys, club, yeah and so in her diary, soon names names of who her harassers. Were. Hey now, yeah, so changing the bucket changing gears? Switching gears returns that the month before sues murder, several northwest baggage handlers had been subpoenaed testified before the federal grand jury because or investing the fact of hundreds of credit cards that had been shipped on Northwest airlines. Flights to Boston and then fuckin stolen. So so when a boss, then, when, though, when the? Kurtz got in there on the plane had stolen those credit cards on the credit cards are being used by jewellery and get cash advances and casinos, and
his tracks in LAS Vegas Atlantic City Donald Trump, as are all his spots. Probably will it says this? Is I didn't notice, as ports has LAS Vegas Atlantic City and fuck towards in Connecticut. I dont know what that it also adds a casino, a lot of comics do shows they live near it, I've already dancing. You know I have no idea. All I know is that I hear comics going like oh I'm going to play Fox going Fox what then its apparently a cool gig uncle yeah. That's where I'm vacationing somebody get up there, but they ended up netting, whoever solid into happening over seven million dollar Jesus. And that's nineties money. That's ninety is money which now we know is worth nine. Thirty wildly land hundred so
secret service, the FBI and, of course you know those fuckin superheroes other world, the? U S, postal inspection service, yes or involved in the investigation, and it turns out that some of them fuckin very baggage handlers that soon aims as harassers in her diary are indicted on their stolen credit card charges can get. How does I connect? Let's find out right now right now the ringleader he's described in court as the initiator North West was a dude named Joseph in eighteen. Eighty, nine, for her murder. Is issue had filed a complaint and got him fired for six months, which doesn't seem like punish. Well, that's not being fired if he came back to the job after six months and suspend that's exactly raise the latter among says less so He retaliated with some of the worst harassment against her he's. I heard again when the subpoenas are handed down the credit card that cases in August, nineteen, eighty two and reportedly told people he thought
Listen! All of this is alleged. Can I can I blanket that now, oh, oh, I thought using that's what he said guys. This is allegedly know everything. I'm saying about him. He has Been charged with having crimes? Ok, well, the crackers joy ass yet more, but he was the credit card. Stuff was real, yes ochre it that's all right, but the UK rig up. Ok, he told people you ve got Sue was a snatch rapid them out to the authorities of she thought she was a snatch for the credit card, shit o in reality, suicide. No involvement in this whole thing and had never been asked to assist the investigation, but of course they didn't know that. Or do you believe that So over the next few years, thirty five thirty seven people, including ten northwest baggage handlers, are convicted on federal charges of participating in the stolen credit card brings a ten of those lets you was being her, astride! Our second this credit card ring that they think she's back in
snatching I'm and then gets Martin. Ok, another baggage handler mention ensues. Diary is Robert, who she had a brief affair with and after They ended robber, started, getting super hostile towards sue and threatening her boyfriend and sue and when the subpoenas are handed down for the credit card that he get the fuck out of their transfer to an airport out estate and then he just gets probation because he testified he a three year prison sentence for the credit card bullshit, so As for the night assume murder there like, maybe this, can that the authorities think so the Stewed Robert S, question about his whereabouts. That night and he's like YO. I was at that out of state airport that I work at working it the airport, and I am no contact- didn't talk to him at all. Do but years later, he's indicted on three counts: perjury and to cancer obstruction of justice after they found out that they find his time cards.
Prudence phone records and prove that he's not working that night and another point as before. She left for the sandwich run around when I am Sue had received a telephone call at work from an unidentified person who wanted to meet her supposedly so like some alarming her out right, so robbers, convicted of obstruction of justice for lying to a federal grand jury that was investigating sues death He admitted he lighted his whereabouts, so we can never death and he was sentenced to eighteen months in prison and then, of course, the Federal Pierce CORE appeals, court ruling our case reveals that in ninety ninety eight- the investor. It has had named as a possible suspect, ensues murder, and evident cited, showing that ye have blamed Sue for the disciplinary action against him years earlier. He had vandalized or car. All of this is allegedly thou to get revenge against her and accused of being a snitch and the credit card investigation. So all these fuckin things, but since then there No further action ensues case. Oh yeah, it's fuckin called still and stuff
Then sues. Mother Marleen is tenacious fuck, just like her daughter and she's. Never back down and fight she's like up at front and centre. Fighting for her daughters yes and she says she doesn't leaving somebody set her daughter up and thinks that the anonymous call the night of her murder was from someone her daughter trusted Hulu. Her from the airport to kill her. Sincere murder. Marleen every single year on the anniversary of Sues murder, Marleen holds a vigil at Logan Airport and see her she's carrying a sign was this photo on reminding people that this woman worked here and was last seen here was murdered and advertising a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar reward for information leading to the killers arrest well and I watch the video about it and she says claw and there she says I'm very, a very healthy woman scanning older she's alive,
healthy woman and I'm not going away. You're gonna look over his shoulder until the day that I go, but I will get you and I will get justice for my Susan and now so here too foot now, if you want to cry, Members who wanted to be our tuna season and had it, a huge fan of Charles shots. He he drew a Snoopy, especially for her, that adorns her gravestone. Now he drew it, hurts her great, if you look at how could she was such a huge vanishes? That's all sorry, I'm no. I mean but that's that I mean like I just gave, was on an unsolved murder, unsolved mysteries, because they people want information still to this day, still fucking and solve it's one of those ones. In the back of my mind that every ino for the past three years, you done this, I've always thought of it. Like I need to do that when some day, so it's not ok and that's it's kind of nice that we
This punk ass, where we can call attention to these insane cases like the one we did last week of calm. Pitchfork words like how is this person spending less time in jail, then the person's life who he killed you now he held a fifteen year old man he's getting less than that time that she was I've in jail sentence nicer to call attention to these fucking insane cases. Where the suspects are still alive, there's still time to fuckin, prosecute them. There's gotta be more info on them. People now willing to talk. It's a it's you fuck, and it's a different era and that video of the man with the sign and talking about the reward that still current yeah, as other passed like ear to ear. That's amazing, yeah, that's great yeah! So that's it! sue Trask, let's well here, I got this story from friend of the podcast tramp tramp, The porter Billy Johnson like, and he reminded me of it, and then I remembered and also
you talk about Wikipedia a lot on the spot chasm. Please don't forget about murder pdf, oh my god. I guess murder Peter is more dedicated and they also need money. Five, one five and ten dollars at a time. Please support murder, video, I feel like I use them just as much a dismal and they do that thing worth it'll just be like seven Arthur arouse love. It there's not a ton of like this. This This fact that just article article articles and chronological timely gas, which helped me at length so anyway, I looked this up on murder, pda to get the details and one of the first thing it things it listed on there was that this case was featured on the e series curse of the lottery. And that's a seeing a relation and their own eye by others, and then I was like. Oh, this is such a sad story. I. I tell dark eyed and at another was a show- and I know the story and I'm here for ok. Thank you. Your prayers!
is required. Basically the whole point of this fund is not that we talk to each other. You have to pay attention to me yet this. I think this show a curse of the lottery is from a little while I but the story is crazy, so so, basically, on November fifteen two thousand and six forty one year old, Abraham Shakespeare was a food delivery driver like it drivers, I think, is a morning for the way she said or type of food. He was making eight dollars an hour she's and he had five dollars in his wallet. Oh my penis coworker Michael Ford, we're headed toward my army. They stopped At a town, star, convenience store in Frost Proof, Florida sure where we'll go for vacate for summer for summer, we gotta the Fox gloves, were a thought. Glove casino. We then we had down to Florida at the prospect of a prosperous
yet some obstacles that down advice on them, so the two trucker there they stopped the truck they go into the town, star, convenience to buy drinks and cigarette sure and when Michael Ford gets out of the truck, I said they get out but or gets out, and he ass Shakespeare if he wants a soda and a spur says in don't buy me that get me to lottery ticket area, hands him that last five dollars, so I just can't picturing him sailing in like a Shakespeare, soliloquy force. If somebody like, I was looking at the look of the something that you now now the look of the really wide pants. So now, week. The Florida Lotto jackpot was thirty million dollars. And Abraham Shakespeare Fucking wanted all of it. He one thirty million dollars that we say three hundred nice it there,
I heard that hush hush or, should I say piano note I say thirty wholly share. He fucking wins in national thirty million of instead, I player, I really do Gregor regularly. I you gotta, you can't win. If you don't play at exactly right is almost like. They should use that. As our quote, it's almost like that that we play regularly. My mom is played every week since I was a kid. My whole family place my number and every time yes, is theirs. While she does a couple different system, but she's always got him stuck on her refrigerator and it's like there's one where its everybody's birthday, my mom, has SUI showed any like this number this summer, the year that ETA and all three of your birthday I mean, can also it's gonna, be so sweet that pays time words like so yes, yes, I think that's next the fun of the warrior. Now the other way to look at it, which is my favorite crayons on joke, is
The lottery is like a tax for stupid people, but it does go actually in California and on that goes to the roads, yeah rules. I met fixing the road on the way to school to that school rode by global, be you know that the kids I learn on racial due to dry? They learned marathon, okay, so he'd now he's a lottery when our everybody thinks it. That's the dream come true, but as we learning E g series, the curse of the lottery is rarely fucking to see this. Take back in hd tv show where second, do takes these, New Lotto winner as to their new home like shows them posed by What is this? Are you I swear to God soon? Will you look at what the fucking there's a new show called leg you on the lottery? Now here's your new Manchuria by a mansion with all that fuckin lottery, winnings clouds, how operational and satisfying would it be to watch that yes great this is,
Yet my lottery dream home. Will you this guy in the name of the house, he's fabulous? Oh my gosh! He should be one of those acts made of gold. Each probably is he looks like one. He should be one of the five five of Iraq, where I David Brom Stead, love, you David and so he's just like this staircase leads to another say: he's fabulous lab, but every houses in LAS Vegas like they won, and it's a number that you couldn't by house for an hour all still love. You know because see that's the thing is that everybody is like. There's been a couple series I think about winning lottery. Is then there's some people who they do fine with it their pro? People have a little but experience with money. Art Leah have learned some smart people. You can be anonymous to exactly, but when you don't have anything your whole life and then suddenly that thirty million dollars it's there, he remains very easy to miss managerial roles.
Two, like I did the first time I had a large sum of money paid to me. Firstly to LOS Angeles and you're already all your first entertainment industry job as like stupid money. Job is to me it was stupid money. Now it was zero money and I was like the rents on me. Everybody looked like this. They cartons of cigarettes for all my friends fixed, so That's from other, where your big friends so Abraham expire. The thing about him is he's a really good person and gray, so hee hee immediately is like party at my house, he buys a new house okay, so he does the thing he has the choice between the one time, lump sum: cash, payment of seventeen million dollar, twenty or thirty-
annual payments of their of thirty million, so a million dollars a year out the door one. Ah, I would pick let's see if he clearly fox up, so I meant to say what I would pick I'm sorry up, that's exactly ass. He does now that I now that we named our partners network that I hear myself think I didn't realize and say that we do so he goes lump sum seventeen mill and then here's what he buys. He moves out of his working class neighbourhood and lay clear Florida, the aid- and he buys a one point. One million dollar house in a gated community in North Lakelet see a Florida one point: one million Anders that the income tax thing they out have, which is why others, professional wrestlers leather, is Heredia. That's same amount of money for a house there. I m sure I asked one point: one foot for sure:
Only other things. He buys are a rolex from upon shop and a niece on all to my only gonna love and then he starts lending his friend. He pays for everything he has people at his house. He lets people state his house. He lends money hand over fist. He pays for people's funerals. He and he there's one guy Oda, very likely Lord dying around him, like that. I got this. You guys yeah, it's not a round of drinks, a sharp there's one guy, you're gonna, say but a wonder. I owed him a million dollars like he lent somebody a million dollar. Ah yes, so it was the kind of thing I'm sure he had a lot of guilt about winning or like having that money I didn't want to become a monster. He asked solely right, so he he has. This house were basically it's a nonstop party in their sees people all over the place, one after, while of course he starts set confiding to like his close friends and family members that he
is miserable. She was happier before before he won the lottery and then he just wants to get away yeah. So basically of April of two thousand of two thousand seven such a year later me well yeah. It's at. It happened at the end of two thousand and six November and wholly so. It's like yeah its precise time, a lot of money to spend on her very short about. Yes, he is It months later, Michael Ford, the guy that was with him the day he got that winning lottery ticket tells him he wants at least a million dollars, but of course, Abraham Shakespeare's, like you know, I'm not giving you a million dollars because you were there and he final sue you and he takes them to call claiming that able I'm actually stole those two things. I would of course wallet. And they were his meaning that were stolen yeah. So, on October nineteenth two thousand seven. They go
the court now, and it takes the jury up a little over an hour to rule that around Shakespeare did not steal that winning that he doesn't o Michael afford any money sure. But the money at this is starting to run out It will be paying for funerals telling all that's uh yeah you got it goes. You spend it and it's gone. Oh the guy that he's here gave a million dollars to was unknown only as big man. This is now I mean I mean it. I'm a big man. I just wanna give him money, but I want a bank role Yoda as a human being, okay, so in October, two thousand and eight a forty, a woman named DD, more reaches out to Abraham Shakespeare, now area, Shakespeare's, basically like locked himself in his mansion he'd, like he's, had to kick out all these people or his generosities gap. Gotten him nothing but more problems. Will then this woman named Didi marshes up so that she's writing a book about
people have been taking advantage of him as a lottery winter? So he starts telling her historian and She must have been an amazing psychopath because, within she convinces him to let her be his financial adviser. Now and within three months she the ownership of Abraham, experts. Home had transferred to a company called American medical or medical. Professional Lake Erie and that turns out. That's Didi Morris Company share, so she basically convinces him. That's him. I have to pay taxes if he puts his money into an l, l, sea and its
Abraham, Shakespeare LLC. So it's not it's mostly. She starts a corporation for, however, under her name well know it's it be in the beginning, its under his name. She says, put your money here: you won't have to pay taxes. You won't have to be childish support. You won't have to do it. She's basely, don't try to get out of paying out support, please or tax, as our I met by man, I'm in taxes or job well, you're from the governments of Europe, the Europe of KIDS verse that all of that it's like, especially when you're up in this amount of money, they're paying attention to every die, not least battles, and eventually Gmos into his house. Did the title of this house is signed over to her nope, so yeah, so we're having a problem. Will it's not sign of her, though it signed over american medical professionals, their professional doctors everywhere. Ok, so Abraham Shakespeare is last seen in the lake land area in April of two thousand nine and later
please find that he last used his cell phone on April sex, two thousand nine but even though no one knows where he is any disappeared, Nissan our home, his family's getting text from him saying that he's just laying low, don't worry about me. Well, they think that's weird, because Abraham him never learn to read or write, he dropped out like a junior high. And so there, like, maybe he's getting someone I do like they're just like. I had never texts before our southern. Suddenly there like either there just kind of like sons off because he just is gone- are thinking about how you should go out more because people get if someone kills, you and starts writing a hand,
stay home tonight, tax to people don't believe: oh yeah, they won't do like phaser. Laying now lack our. I know I've actually made their job before that in every true crime show they go. I knew something is wrong, because that should that night she didn't call me back or unless she was home and she didn't answer the door Mozilla. Unlike her where I'm like. Oh my god, I can just picture my dad going guy simply don't hear from her for weeks at a time I texter she doesn't respond. I'm super funny at she won't say anything to me. She can't explain her. Where of spoke, so we didn't know anything was a man is an eight laying a ditch like God, damn it. I was only my hopes and tat. He should have an extra. Why am I a hermit deserve what I'm getting okay, so That November cousin files of missing persons report cause he's like. Ok, it's been long enough. He would have either come back. Enacted active made natural phone call her ever
explains the police. They were hoping that he had gone to the Caribbean. Because he had been saying he what he wanted to do that basically sense. He won the motley ape like for you, wanna, fuck off and because they were getting those texts. It was almost that thing of, like others is weird, but at the same time at least were hearing from yeah, so best case scenario, but then it is cousin said they were just like Certainly, sir, I am so on November. Twenty two thousand nine did act is go interview, Didi more because they find that she is right in the centre of all of his business cheese. Everything signed over her she's living in his house there. All right. We're gonna have a chat with you. Explain to them that she started the corporate account for him. She was paying him in cash out of that kind.
Basically because she was better at business and she was you know. In a b, the watches financial manager. I have a company that has named professional in it ray. I must say you can tell it's me the one who should be in charge of your money right has of the name of the thing I laid up. She denies having anything to do the disappearance, but She explains she took overs assets the time we're like three point: five million dollars, plus the mansion, plus all the money people owed him counted because it was their plan of getting people away from him. Ask and from a right he's, a crowning I'm control over yeah she's old. I put DD in charge idea her three months ago. She so claimed that she'd sheep set things up the way she did because Shakespeare didn't want to pay a child support and because he had a drug problem and he would just use the money for drugs, so That's why she took all of his staff and didnt pay him. There's no,
all the money goes into her that account and then doesn't go yea she takes is. She is set up, Abraham, Shakespeare, LLC and then takes his name off, and she it's her account now and then, when the council acts. So anyway, let's this and then she's again, oh, he wanted that's what he one air. He wanted you to know that very thing, leper print couch I bought over that's over there. He supported me in all my choices So this is where around this time is where our friends over web sleuths commends the max you- and this is not merely a Billy Jensen element because he's he's all about the how the twist and turn I forgot about belly like I've. So on the websites board, somebody thus the news article about a missing floored, a man who what named Abraham Shakespeare, who had one thirty million dollars a lottery blue through most of the money and now had disappeared. So
the citizen detector, of course, DE again, and they see that he's hired dd more as the financial visor son. Then they start going into her financial, an property record's and posting them on the site noting that her bank account reflects that she has come into a lot of money recently. How do you find that this is it's that? Should they do that they're so good? I like this is their job. I hope they only use our powers for good and evil just one without their yeah. Please, let's everybody stay above board. They out the dark web, nothing that that can come out of it. Please you don't need to buy that arm. You dont need more photos of feet. You
get those anywhere go to www feedback on sale grow go my name in there. Okay, so February. Twenty first, two thousand nine they find DD more, has bought a two thousand eight corvette for her boyfriend for seventy thousand dollar Jesus. She paid with a cashier check from her american medical professional business account on right off, yeah right, a month later its attacks break. A month later, she buys a two thousand nine hummer for ninety gradually hummers more than a corvette. Yeah, girl, anything of only grant more. Once you get over to grab that's the most of Erin paid for a car at ones is sixteen hundred dollars, because hummers or like you can shoot in eighteen, forty, seven and decided I defy or talking to end days are, sooner or later we made a keepsake madman shit, whereas in a corvette you're like the sun, roofs off I've been killed, so
This is amazing, so, and so and she buys a house there's it's all the stuff and just like will. This is interesting as here she is nears ownership and his money is gone. Once all these posts start going up. Somebody loves on the website, listen and begins to defend DD more offering up. Even more incriminating evidence against her as they're trying to defend her now. So, of course, our citizen detectives track the ip address of our desired. Lo and behold, steady more so stupid. What people think that people can't get away like you can't get away with this shit. Do not don't fucking, try, don't try it so dumb and also its that thing of which I think,
especially in the internet age we find more and more is people. You don't know what you dont know yeah. So you're going like. I got me as I finish my ip address. Will they can see who bought that IP address, and it still is bacteria dd. Unless you work at MIT and the computer lab, I wouldn't go up against the web letters I, let's not okay, so the citizen, detectives and all of us to the police. Obviously a couple Is after Christmas of this year. This year knows of that year, critics of this year I was talking about ten minutes ago. You told the whole story, Kurt that current story, Yes, I was twelve years old. I never forget it. The bags of leaves in the living animals like yeah we're both in the city, but I'm the one that found this brand new life story like Karen. We hate to inform you. You fucking area there is after Christmas. Two thousand not agree on. It
Dd more takes Abraham, Shakespeare's mother Elizabeth Walker out to eat. This is fucking devious, share his mommy. Yes, his mommy and during the meal she receives a phone call from someone know who says it's me Abraham, Shakespeare, just calling to SAM Fine, so then she's like how he called me a everything's. Ok the next day? tat is interview, Abrahams, experts, friend Gregory Smith? it turned out was already an informant yeah. I mean the he had a record and he was already kind of there and he They basically get out of him that he was paid by doing more to impersonate. Now, Abraham and call his mother ought to say he's fine so
since his already and inform it they're like all right. You did that you won't. Will you won't get in trouble? She, if you now where a wire, and we need to get this woman and we need to get some good information from her heart was like. I want help here, as my friend he loans healed Skype big man, Gregory Psmith, he wasn't big man, but he did lonesome Sixty ground holy shit. So he said like I'd better part of it, but I realize I need to do the right thing and help zone so, basically they say you need to get close to her and get good information and thank God they did because a month later more asks, Gregory Smith. If he knows anyone who to admit to law enforcement, they were responsible for killing Abraham Shakespeare for money.
And greater smells like yeah. I do. Let me get back to you. Some hundreds and hundreds of people, hundreds and thousands of hundreds of both cause she was like is there's somebody. That's like a prisoner. Little just do that rail tick, the far paid out give their family money, yet energy and clear, hey so on gender twenty first, twenty ten, an officer name like Smith under Cover, as a guy who well admit to them. For money, fine, a k, a d: this man in the world, not actual loves. There's someone who would do that existing you're not going like I'm not telling officer MIKE Smith of the lake Whales, Florida police, the donors, man, never. Would I do that calling someone who, in whatever? Yes we get it? Do we get it? don't be so so deity. Is to pay him fifty grand too. I confess law enforcement that he is responsible and Smith undercover,
tells DD I'll do this. If you just tell me where you put his body at that comment that she didn't go here. Why do you need to know that? As a prisoner? I wonder: what's that it's the em, it's the cocky confidence of I'll never get caught. I never I'm never suspicious. Yes, I'm so fucking cocky, masterminding regime and true psychopath. I'm not gonna get caught for this shit, I'm a master, my arms, the smartest person on the planet. Look So when are you twenty fifth dealing? back up with Gregory Smith, his working with undercover caught makes me and she showed him the car creates lab in the backyard of Ex boyfriend house and she says, he's buried under me. There she her. She also gives Gregory Smith, the thirty eight Smith and Wesson, which she used to kill her. She did tat I guess spoiler, so
immediately. The cops go to that location. They excavate that concrete slab and they find underneath and Abraham Shakespeare? The body of Abraham Shakespeare is buried. Underneath is concrete. Slab he's been shot twice: concrete, slabs man, it's such a dumb idea. So what happens if they get her, ideally Moors ex boyfriend. They interview him and he says the Didi called him during the first two weeks of April, asking dig a hole in the yards as you do as one would, because she needs to bury concrete and trash Anna. He digs the whole any leaves a melody cannot be avoided. She calls mark two hours later still the whole back in and he does waste because it was night time he and see what was in it. So he just filled it and in what way the sounds about right be found on the level, so
on February. Second, twenty ten Didi more is arrested and the judge sets her bond and a million dollars, and then she stopped Its first degree, murder She please not guilty and Summer, tenth, twenty two of is one the trial starts and at the beginning of the trial. The judge Emmett battles. So I amazing museum in is he looked to me. He looks like colonels Anderson me. He's a civil war reactor. Yes are sure, so we got mutton chops. Ah, on all sides of the head during the week. It's like it's like having a mullet Thank you and you're in a business. You yeah mutton chops, and here I don't know I'm going with this. It's just something you are seeing a vision, your head of embryos- and you were talking through it. I like that he tells the jury you can convict or on a lesser charge. Dont do so they start the trial did
his attorney tells the jury that she was just trying to help protect Abraham Shakespeare and his assets from appending child support. Kazan where in the middle of all that he was killed by drug dealers who no one looking for work as their attacking her. Unfortunately, detectives had found Cctv, footage of her buying plastic, cheating and duct tape I don't care what you are actually doing. That's on level, don't ever by that shit. No female leave! You duffel bags at home like all duck laws or body in combination. Now you do Zip ties, duct tape, dont download the ties all over the house and in making you really uncomfortable because not use them for the livestock banner. Oh I'm coming in how to call the cops I wish you would know anyone has quickly. Ok! So that's a bunch of bullshit! Everyone knows it immediately! Then they're, just like cares her doing all this crazy shit and also shares.
Detailed record of the finances, yeah we're went and how it went there and are You stupid and thanks webs lists and Webs live at. One point is just decided on fun fact, at one point, dealing more as briefly banned from the courtroom over concerns that she may have threatened, jurors terror, double down! She didn't give a share, but she came back a short time later for closer. Like sorry, sorry, sorry guys, I won't kill your family pinky swear. The georgian rates for three hours before DD, more is found guilty of first degree. Murder She's sentenced a mandatory mandatory life without parole, yes, that that's that verdure, always looking for our hand a following the verdicts, the judge calls DD quote, the most manipulative person has ever seen and he describes her ass quote: cold, calculating and cruel
that is the story of the murder of Abraham Shakespeare and watch that curse of the lottery has really is actually goes into. Much more about how giving and kind he was and how, except for two, his kids for jobs for what we don't know, but you don't know that email, because actually five thousand dollars was paid to Abrahams Ex wife. In the name of his child. So we are not. We are now. We know, I'm not judging you're about to still coffee Stevens gladly take what the greedy tried to say. I actually so just love the name Didi as a as a villain from Florida. Oh, it's fuckin, dd Blanche, hard to that's right. These deeds are bad news, which is one of daddy's. Nicknames didn't she's a good girl. She does She says Mister couldn't but try very hard twists and turns ray,
goes to show you that take the month. Take clearly pair exact, nearly pale and make your own corporation disappear. I love also. The idea of just now your corporation like Karen Kilgour of LLC, whose look you can make of anybody or like just the word professional in just four about a professional professional professionals. Ink guy whenever pack has not or professional professionals, will all causing people. Man twists and turns re Buskin one. What's your fucking hurry. For once we hundreds and thousands australian copies of all kinds. Let me think everything you have one b. I want you to do mine. I love you today as well. Two but they're, both the media ones that we like. First of all,
my friend told me to listen to a pod cast its from wondering in its called gladiator lemonade area. Listening to it, because I told you do know damn it is it's called gladiator in its about Aaron Hernandez. Who was one of the New England Patriots and he ended up going oh for murder well just listen to me because I was just ass boil the hell out of it, but It's a really really beautifully done, podcast! at wondering by a team of and here's the thing- and I maybe newspapers are under this already, but if there please tell them this is the way the newspapers can come back because all those like from the Australian, their teachers, Pat serious, try. Now you ve got this one, that's out of the Boston Globe. There's the bare Brook podcast that I love that sir. This is from a newspaper home
yeah. This one is the Boston Globe, the Spotlight department, which is the one that did the big exposition, the blessing priests and levies and there's a high cost about that. No, no, that's something different, and so so, basically, thus, but it's the spotlight department. Where did the investigative d? but now they're fucking, making podcasting Skip HOLLAND's worth on this fund can be repaired. Irving, Texas, mumbling, maybe but my thing is that kind of investigative journalism it transferred directly to park ass to totally that's it's beautiful and the person it hosted. I'm sorry unknowns name off hand, but he the rapporteur from the Boston glow that is basically hosting his own research SAM. It's a beautifully done thing, there's a whole team people, it's great listen there are things, pieces everywhere right and then the other one is just it was recommended to me on Twitter about
two weeks ago. It's a netflix, serious com, dairy girls, oh yeah, it's about a group of high school girls in Belfast in the nineties in it fucking hilarious and beautifully done. I love it so much and please watch it if you're in the mood for something fun. Ok, do it do it. Let's see. Oh so you know, I told you back and recorded in December about the hashtag that I had gotten from Jen Gotcha, that I stole her idea, showing your meds in your hands and then hashtag. If someone suggested my favorite Madsen as like. This is great and then people
stolen actually from Ireland, know you're taking gender issues thing. Unlike now, it's my thing like every man sheep is you put them again and I like that's a good idea, and I did- and I said I got it from her and then what's hashtag ensure fundamental, and so people have in doing that and I've been reading these beautiful, like stories of becoming you know, realizing you need help and other stuff, and it made me realize that my men are working through way. The greed noticed people like their accounts of how should help them again made me realize I should say helping me. Yes, I went back to my psychiatrist and I'm changing medications. It's gonna take months. It's like a fucking long process. But in doing that and its it so funny that I was like the eye copy, Jan and was like this the thing in them. Unlike oh, I like I got something out of a two yeah, that's Energeia them to get out of here. That's you yet, everyone's like my life has changed. I do this. I like, I still feel proud. If I can share not it was just like that
when I get not also, I think so much has been going on in your life that this it's normal to feel stressed its normal to feel scared, its normal to be overwhelmed right. That then you can't that there you don't you you don't have a normal array stasis or whatever they would call out anywhere at low tat. The thing of like well, my baseline of everything is fine, is not other people's baselines of everything as good. So it's like a yes we're doing much better and you feel better than you wouldn't, if you wouldn't beyond meds, but that doesn't mean that that's free to settle. Yes, you know you can you can strive for more than that song striving for Zoloft to make him better than effects are that's all Sonia. Are you can get the saps if you go off affects me? That's why it's signal a very long time to because you have too slowly so slowly, yeah them exactly yeah yeah good though yeah re bucket,
You can also greatly that something like that. We you don't have to feel weird about many of the more. Never there's no need it so funny you don't. I didn't realize how many people were ashamed of ETA didn't talk about it or it's like so natural to me, yet it I didn't think to talk about it right because Yet because who cares and gives a shit make fuckin strive for your best and also, I remember one time saying something out about my therapist at it and my dad's house and my cousin, who is there, was Why any they re actually have a so weird, and instead of like being offended her chamber anything I remember sinner going. Oh, no, you or Lang bluntly gets not nineteen, forty, five I'll, let you know as scary is the idea of it might be video? dont negate people like? Are they to make people feel about who are trying? make themselves feel better. Shamming year I just
getting some weird about being like. Oh, my amendments is therapist, causing it to mean the beginning. It was like a limestone people that we have a bad relationship which is the opposite, we're going so that we can better relationship ray and starting from a good point instead of starting from the fuckin bottom, everybody has to learn how to communicate. Yeah just highlighted I'd weave it's looking back at how we communicated, which was just not making the other. Don't feel bad, so we never said, but we want it isn't just don't want to hurt each other. You didn't work, so that's that's horrible! So Yelena you when I was now, I don't give a shit. I say it all the time at our therapists just normalize at will and also, I think, those the standards by which people judge things are so stupid. Like but people post on Facebook about their family, which is like yeah, there's no bigger red flag and when people are consistently like we're having the best and we love it and the world, why? Why are you doing that word selling it doesn't that doesn't
make it happen. We know your baby just had an explosive diary out of its type her as a fuckin reality. The reality is half the time you hate the person that you're married. All sorry I mean like the reality is life is hard. You fucked up safe. And then you fix it. It's all about fixing it and moving on and getting stronger, because the facts, Hautala totally make that that's. Why are you and I got a therapy- the guests exactly no seriously, because we we as much as we get along. We are apt the opposite people and their. We are the perfect triggers where each other yeah we absolutely area- and there are things that leg. If we didn't have a person, it's not even like learning to go like you need to be nicer. Yes, it's like bigger lesson of your end. And is
the same thing in past years and what you do hats and that lesson is humongous reaction- is coming from a place, a firefly not from conversation or from working shit out because it or the present, because its triggering yes, if you're, triggered you're an irritant like it twenty years ago. We are leaving a totally different thing and you need help We all need help without relationships. Yeah yeah, there falconer man, I mean If I may exert his I'm divorce, so please listen everything I suggest you gotta therapy ever together. I can't talk about a greater sense of an honest usher agreement. She, a guy childless by thousands of lives and child support peace.
Like. I knows, buried in my back yard, let's decorative twenty you're putting your trash and there came over one iron film and we can agree. This is this. Is my creed slab that I have concrete varied under? I didn't see anything because I only invite people arriving in the dark tat. I feel had list I understand I went there before so I feel really angry and words of burial body its triggering, but was it about here- was a concrete I'll, never know. Dump your concrete under this concrete slab is wicked, even tried to sell honey. Please. This is where I dont my concrete,
lady. Thanks for eliciting signal anymore, I spent so many added cell eleven o clock at night. The night before were postings. Even thank you even do you know we love you. I love you see when I think of you start thinking similar, because people do that at the end of pipe has. This is good practice edited by silence him and brought to you by the young music by Karin Scheele. Gara, ok, do it. I just did it and use it. I can't go their social links if you re moors, further editing and share for the for the amount of editing because even makes sense or relating to the Lebanese put that back together, and we still have to do some fixes. Look, listen, this excellent don't get murdered, Elvis you wanna cookie
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