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158 - Burn Day

2019-01-31 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the 3 Billboards murder of Kathy Page and the San Ysidro McDonald's massacre.

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This is exactly right. This is going to manage and it was because it's gonna make my life easier on the road we are. But now I hastily. My hair looks- and I wish I hadn't done of course, but you know why cause its permanent near trapped in it, but it looks super Q. Thank you. It's an interesting also counter interior like when you have that you dress on today, but you have that hair. It's cool It is doing the job you wanted to do, but I'm sure, getting a firmer likelier, it doesn't like Vince keeps Obviously not divorcing. You then keys
obviously not saying something that you do not I mean yes, but that's also, the thing of guys are scared because he keener, I don't like it a little bit he's afraid to walk that line and go off into the forest of. I said the one thing and now she's going crazy like it too much in there. I mean. What do you mean you like a like? Yes there's a lot always said you just keep saying it's it's a different. Look. Let no gun bull S own supported how well aware, and welcome to my favorite minor guys we're back
in reality again bachelor s. This reality right back to reality. This office could be like poor at all. We could be day, let's hope or because there is so much to Morrow morning, titanic businesswoman this week and we got kind of his village. That's what and I was a kid I was lying barbies. This woman. Yet now I'm Barbie my Suva brazilian blow out. I describe your hair to people, it's just so basic bitch, it's like somewhere between basic fucking bitch and like a heavy metal rocker deal. Remember when, like they were heavy metal rockers would have like like come. What's his name afford yeah, but I'm not gonna. Do oh and legislative or like a thousand handling misnomer hoses yeah, Axelrod yeah. It's just so stick straight that I
Feel weird, am I look more like lies a monopoly than they ever have. I feel eight, it's just a lot of face from. I think I need a balloon of hair around my face to get to frame it, and instead this is so flat that it's just like here's, your face, yeah that's, I empathize. I have cut my bangs in a way where people had no choice. The stair, my big fat fuck a face. It's a terrible feeling to feel exposed to feel like you, ve painted yourself into a style corner. It does not look like that and Super Q. It's also very different for you, because you are usually doing like a half finger wave, but number with at this late hour, but about common every time I look over you, it looks like you're about to get like they elect a guitar, and I fucking love it because then you are also worrying like a little tell dress so it's a fun. I think you would folding combat boat. With those cocktail dress number, you can really get my
twenties look going but beavers, that's how about I paint a fuckin lightning bolt across my faith. Are you with me Joe supper from air. He asked about used are doing now and I get a tattoo allowing all. Please, let's get interface tat quickly is immediately. I'm gonna get a little mustache right over my actual mustn't. What are you gonna? Do you know how finger moustaches early popular for allowing a little secret? What have you got a finger tattooed over where you're must some weird fat sugar on your upper lip to be like they remember the mid two thousand and eight that it becomes trendy. Let's, let's start that lets. Let's start it lets pop it off. What do you do? You have anything yeah cake rate, I've pressing information from weeks ago. Of course, I would say this is my headline. I said Melick Series dairy girls take
place in Belfast. Okay, the whole reason it's called dairy girls ask as it takes place in Londonderry which, as many very patient, irish and northern irish murdering us have, let me know, aren't really even that close to construct a great. I vow. Are you supposed to know that without looking at a map? Look I've looked at these man? Yes, I ve even been to this part of Ireland, but I think Northern Ireland I say Belfast and it's over. I didn't even really realise there are other cities to talk about, even though I'd watch the series saw this little sign that send welcomed Londonderry or whatever the hell. It is there's a bunch of identifiers like you know why it's called dairy girl. Isn't it there's a contingency. I think that is after you, yapping Austria, okay and from Ireland, and we live
as well as everyone Emory you relax or in the light of your own head, but even that's where they're getting me the word as that's a rough one. That is very true. So apologize. I mean apologies to you guys. Go apologise. Not me too. The great people. Over it dairy girls, which is, if you it seems that series I watched it be some someone recommended. It's me on Twitter loved, so much it so funny it's, just a door, and then it ends beautifully and a here, there's gonna be a second season. So now will all know exactly where of coming from it be so much more know where we are and on the map. Yes, will be great, belong in the can and will pin it on the map. Have Stephen drop a pin into Londonderry. You know we should deal with this wall of the office is grave kind of depressing. It looks like a sailor
Poverty is Pavel Map of all the places we made mistakes. I assure you are going to make. Mr, yes, I'm ready it'll, be the solar system on one side reading, I see Netflix so we got a lot of like that's like did you guys, watch the TED Bundy documentary right right, so I ve better watch that are Monday documentary. I watch two episodes. Recycling, my so angry and not enjoying this in they usually interested in TED, Bundy shit- and I really
because I have to hear his fucking voice and that's the point in the EP. The show is to hear him talk to a reporter right and I fucking hate him so much and I dont want he's already sir. He said what he's gonna said by say by murdering a bunch of women that was his side of the story of wire. If he's a fucking megalomaniac he's a fucking known, liar wire and end, and it's not diabolical he's a little pussy who got fucking intimidated by women and wanted to be famous and the only way he could do. It was bye, bye, killing women. Can you soon to wire? We listening to him and his side of the story. I'll tell you, my theory is, is the same with me. I don't want to watch it because I don't like watching killers talk about their crimes You know that bullshit, that's all they love, it's the it's. The actor inside the actor studios for fucking suspect we re end, but I think that was that thing at the time they went
Oh, my guy, we don't know what this is. We have to get this right. We gotta he is to writing the wool. It's that thing of people for this, so much if you're, good looking. That means your good right there. It's this it's the most basic mistake: human beings make we all do it. You get. You give credit to good, looking people, you think they're good people, you think Tom and our great leaders, if your night ever they sat in your kind, yes view it means that you have no intend on you're just being re. There's all these ways that we want things to be that simple. So I I understand, recording TED Bundy to go. Look at this monster in the shell of the homeless. Looks like a british lit professor. He so like patches on the elbows and look. I just want to talk about this student bucking smirk, I ain t a gaunt, but we'll just for me, that's It's for other people to look. I don't want to hear him because he's
A truthful person, you're not gonna, get anything that aside from beings massively crept out and what I like is Billy Giants in kind of. In the wake of that man, the trailer coming out for these Efron TED Bundy Movie, Bailey Johnson is back and putting his mouth where his money goes. He is, he is created thread of the TED Bundy victims. Talking about. Each one of them individually. I retweeted it on the market murder, twitter feed and you can find it I'm sure most people was follow. Billy Johnson also, I generally off. I just saw this. He also just posted that, but Bundy confessed to murdering eight other women and in all these different cities. Maybe he's had maybe it's bullshit. To the medical examiners in those states. If you have female remains from the air that you don't have funds to process direct message me and I will help pay for the extraction and familial search to give them back their names. Yes belly.
We love you Billy. What I tell us how to help. You look, listen, you're, gonna, Pakistan are now Latvia and we know that it was an Easter egg, teaser Easter Egg teaser, it's not even a teeth like the whole thing, but also- and I also wanted to say that I am really looking forward to a friend of the pack- casts Celine Bath, cauldrons she's, doing up a documentary, COD Theodore, where she just inner you that they interview people who experience them and survive the survivors and other shit, which I'm really look. I like that part of your sing to me. Yes, because that's what that's where you're gonna get a real story is the person, an role style, the person who sat next to him. He went to devote the other night and my friend Denise had just read a stranger beside me and she's so mad at an rural she so mad at an rule from falling for yeah he's act that I was like, but that's how good he went. That's how evil it isn't. Whatever basic rights are amazing. I think it's because he is able to full am
King rule and rule eight x, policewoman a fucking investigator a lick. The whole thing, but yes, the worthy document or you're talking about that was there- are those in the front row of our show that crime up we weak picture and came on stage ever yes, which shows that there will be what I think it was in Texas. If I'm not mistake, I form Portland, it's our solid and salt lake birds the people who lived through it, the people who can sit there and go. She was what it looked like when this lunatic was coming through my window. That's those lily! Only people I want Harold only or hears even ass. I call it in and this not to fuckin totally disparages document are actually really good and interesting, but whenever TED starts talking I anger young pissed off, like I wrote three pages and fucking scrap it should have any less than I had some crack and rose. I will admit it but yeah. I wrote all this crazy same rambling.
Alice, Theodore Documentary on Instagram or just look for the Theodore documentary. I know there's a Theodore the documentary- and I know there is a trailer foreign there still making at member lakeside. I can't wait yeah yeah! I can't wait for that. How many do we're thing grew quick. I keep hearing my fucking overalls jangling gonna undue them, so you at home is like what the fuck is that noise? That's. Why are they wearing a small bell? Elijah, you have another thing, so we had the great privilege of doing a live, show specific before tee, aunties new limited series? I am the naval directed by Patty Jenkins, which right now we're not being paid to say that's right. This is this is just talkin bout. It cause. We lived. It checked by Patty Jenkins of Wonder, woman, starring Chris Pine and also Iep executive produced by Chris Pine.
Ray for Chris Patten, but when, during that lives show where we were at some point in like five years, we should release the anatomy of the absolutely. No no fucking way were burning it to the Stephen Gonna release a sit. We are, I think time capsule was, it could be a good one. I lost my mind personally at the top of that show. I was also stressed out, but but I mean it turned out on an amazing, but it was the little bit crazy. So at one point I said I was talking about what was happening around the case and I refer to something called it. Espionage almost got away with it, and then I d like to do is no. No, it was the wrong word. I want you to do that. Well, that's all I ever discourse can produce so excited, but you did a yes or have at, but acts its until
Somebody on twitter name at silly Celia C I a y, see I l a she treated me the day after it came out or the day of of coming out and said is the word. You are looking for a subterfuge and I was like yes. Yes, it was that's amazing. I would never fucking guess that right and what a great word, let's all use, that in our daily lives, who can you get Tommy the meaning of it? Subterfuge just means like trickery and secrecy and kind of, like you, don't know, what's going on muslim ones being submarine subterfuge? After a few drinks are someone else, also wrote in and said it were you looking for the word intrigue probably also would, if it incredible uses words more. We will now I'm entry by the substitution of the fact that we don't fucking. Aren't you measure under your damn, either an quickly and quickly. Thus my bozo. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all for
thank you for that, and also for all the people who came. It was raining so harm. I I lay that night is kind of like cool romantic e, because we're all gonna watch a fucking thing about the black Dalia, which is the shows that it sounds like we are now integrating fads into the park has wearing. I swear to God or not with. This is the difficulty of when you like our doings diagnosed, it's what we really did, but it's also a commercial or so you know MRS Klass, and this is where we are this, and this has been achieved- Jefferson Maize was the actor we interviewed at the end about life, show who had the greatest a joy. I mean just the most interesting persons talk to a delight, for him, and only does he is also in the battle the ballad of buster scroll, I'll bring on Netflix. I haven't seen any
Mamma Mamma em. What else? How was your day spent? Most of it will allow Eddie I'm leaving I now in an uncomfortable dress. We got a dentist last night, even while at an at night time, no doubt ass it no dirty, because I tracked you visit this. Is it a home dentists office, the basement? Now it's an attic Higgs do not accidental of as a right up it's in the sudden house here where Doktor Hotel, you slowness, re. Well, that's good! You got something to Carol. Let's have it corner and we call it errands taken care of business, when I bought paper tat. Oh I'm proud of it. That actually is hard because you can't give only carry no totally. Can I tell you with Mary would think about telling you this so I met I quit apply. I put our money in my name and I'm going to Aruba Jim
so the other day Sunday. I met up with my dad real quick for lunch and he is the link you got to talking about the books. I gave him a copy of our book that prick Special priority or re you computer, you don't have it gave him a copy. He said I have some notes, all accuracy, notes or just overall, both okay, and it was really I meant to save the piece of paper. He wrote on forever because it's it's so Marty, its notes on on like page this? You were at that, and it was also clarifying some shit about my life that I didn't like that. I wrote about that. I didn't know that he in the book he was like cause. I write about my parents Ella. Why was it a helpful thing?
Was it like good to hear you? Oh my god yeah. I hadn't fucking notion for years that was false wow. I think that happens a lot yeah so hard stark that my dad had house for my fuckin book. I mean an eye I swear to you too late. I send my dad. Will ya gotta wait, but if I send my dad my book, Can I get it on the Kindle, like mine is as supportive, as my is. I can feel it that's how we are here to yours. It's like you have to feel or doing you listen to me. I say asked Peter Bang. Yes and having launched its
what kind of its like? Yes, it's like you have to be connected on a different level: ass stickers. It there's couple things going on because the shame issues we can't really do things directly it. Oh it's always a weird sidebar sounds like. If I'm really proud of you, I need to insult your sweater kind of shit. I grew up with one last thing here is that, and so I think, I just realized we're talking at this, like, I think if I handed my dad a book that had my name on the front of it, he would lose it, but that would get he would have to have that reaction of like oh, I can't use other Roman. The Althea certainly normally would later on. When I wasn't there, he tell other people how proud he wasn't. My absolute back third hand. Because your daddy rightly proud of you from picnic mad about it, said there's a little bit of a.
There's only one way of dads or a proud, and we are talking about your thing again growing, I'm a schoolteacher by dazzled we're out of this book. He barf down, I'm the personal it's doing, of its keeping America's children together for eleven dollars a day, things at length, Karen inks things for you and your friend my dad did Tex me listen. This is something I am bragging now because my doubt as a sensitive person. You know that that he texts alone, M cry. He cried. He cried during the book multiple times and he said I think re Brad very would be proud of you and then I barf right under the book, but each accident and australian Oji. I was saying to you my therapist either dame this. This sum. As much as like things, he'll crazy. Whenever we talk about this, maybe too, but that also the it feels very vulnerable, and so there is this kind of lake. Tension that I've
like is getting much better now that we have like in our place who now that we ve cloned Stephen exactly now that we ve hired a steady, put a seaman and hear and see, went over that even no longer the full snap evinced as this as we are our support, but that feeling of vulnerability is some I worked my entire life to not experience. Yes, I missed, a comic. I do it by myself. I dont rely on other people who I really am beginning an ally. When all I always liked the interests me, let's cry, they gather I'm your best friend now I mean what parents, but it's like, then you just have to go to ban the only issue. Bad, that's the that's the exchange we get this far. I'm cool experience and we have to be the most vulnerable stripped down. Secondly, works better when you're more about its better sucks. It sucks attired its yes, like flexing here by sea
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Now is that even if not ready, they stumble seeming due account the eye of the new order or this Diego. Shall we go by the night there Georgia. You would be first ass. My very first join a great deal that we got it. I was gonna say no, and then you said that and I'm like yes yeah, I wanna go first, because I wanted there so much fucking information in here and I need to get out of my brain. I won't listen to you. Ok greatest, I understand not feeling also, I just cracked decanter wine. Let's do this before I get shit. Faced bell, get ready. I have a cosy over this can of wine. By trusting cosy yeah so pearl. You know this could be a kind of vodka, as you can see the labour that's right and Kashmir enough. Why aren't the hands out about get out there? For me? I mean can elect. Let's make that great. Jim Dicing, okay, so fuck. I first about this case recently on an episode of one of my
It shall call justice, yes, so fucking good once called about it, the cases and the weather Khazar usually enow, wearing coats. It's all back east. It's like a double on time, so I said it's called cases essentially called cases and the scene lerna you wanna tissue I don't have one excellent I ever use of so called justice as bait. It's this fucking bad ass prosecutor named Kelly Seeger. She goes to town, small towns or big tonnes, or over the have called cases and, have a case. I need help with. She starts from the very beginning and they try to figure out who fuckin called case that shit yeah, sir does it for this one. I've never fuckin heard of that. Even though there's something about it. That way, you will know. Oh, so may I tell you this and eliminate under this. So this is the murder of Cathy page, but start with this
I can understand. Ok, so about Nearly thirty years ago stood as a writer from the UK. He is on a greyhound road trip across the. U S till I see the sights smell thing. Now sure taste up while travelling through this town called lighter Texas, it's not a hundred miles from Houston. He spots the three billboards off the eye: ten, ah the three of them red one. Writer police botched up the case. I got one reads waiting for a confession. The third says This can happen to you and so that the writer and then director, of course, is Martin Dunna. Yes, who made
Last year, three billboards outside and adding Missouri. Yes, he said he always he couldn't remember where. Where was it? He saw it, he didn't he's, he assumed it was a woman because it broke his hard and seemed like a mom kind of thing to do great. He was incorrect, but it always stuck with him and then he can amid the characters from there. Okay. So basically this that was his imagined version and you're about to give us the real, that's fucking shit groundless is three billboards outside of vital taxes. So here's the real story very early in the morning about four thirty in the morning on May fourteenth. Ninety ninety one thirty four Harold, Cathy page was found in her car in the driver's seat, the car is stuck in and ditch it appears to be a car accident. It's about a hundred mile up. No us are a hundred yards from her house that she lives out with her now a strange husband and two young daughters, adding their like nine and twelve, or so invite our taxes
Her body is founded, five, a dot m by its as a paper boy, but I think it's just like a newspaper delivery service site. It's not a says, sounds it is when investigator start to look more closely, though they get their immediately and there like. This is fucking. Look right. This is not a car accident there, like this, a staged, so basically a sheet is in the driver's seat of her car sitting, stick straight up but its face in a fuckin nose down in a ditch, so her feet are planted on the ground. Her head is tilted back these soda. That's in the car has not spilled. Her purse hasn't even toppled over, so it's clearly fuck and stay in the car is barely damaged, and They also find a blade of grass on the bottom of her genes, showing that at some point she had been in that grass I was in the debt, show re united into him. And then they autopsy determines that she had been strangled and shares
broken nose and a black eyes as something someone age this car accident thousand didn't have a seat belts on and she was sitting up like so did. Give them a sense of hearing now find that yeah. So active sergeant, Mosely he become suspicious immediately, and this is not. I can write. He walks a hundred yards up to her front door. And he says that when her a strange husband Steve opens the door he looks over at the car poorer and then looks down the road where this is all happening. And says that his wife's, not home, and he they told him tat. She was dead that she had been strangled.
And he found TAT goes into effect- starts getting upset. He throws himself on the couch, crying and other shut, but then the detective is like. When I saw his face, he wasn't cry out. You think it's possible to be crying without tears. Is that just impacts like one of those things or it's like you know now you know that your reaction just might be shocker whatever. What are we call it We don't judge people now. They'll! Yes said: there's no grief. Expectations have like what years there's no right way to be told how lifespan strangle today, exactly so, I wonder aged this. Is second medical. We could ask a doctor cheer it's like do they always come when your crying. Now I am and I should have told you this about eight years ago. Everything I say medically is pretty dead, but now I would say this as a person who, because of the way my eyes are blue in
The emotion that I feel passes through my face. Like I can I can't, if I get misty about if I watch a video my eyes will turn a rare and even though I am like fine. If I have the feeling tat gets showed, I'm on the opposite were you're having it and nothing is amounts any like. I would cry right now, if I weren't on a ton of pharmaceutical ball, so I think there are people who are on natural pharmaceuticals. I e beings. Surpass where they know what it looks like one summons upset ray and they know to make those noises and sounds, but I think is usually when they murdered their way. Yes, but I think if you are in shock, you don't try to faint cry right, you you sit there and dont. Have a react. You don't make anything, you don't take anything. I think those people that cry, but there's no tears, which you see a lot. These days is Just-
I agree and people knowing this is what I'm supposed to dry now are their people to go. I know I'm supposed to do and if I don't do that, I know these cops. Aren't they cause I'm a shock, and I have no feelings yet that you should. I would hope to think that, if ye somebody that was as closely as your wifely, I e that if you are told that they were murdered, you would either be in shock, and none of that planning would be going through your head. You re sinner, going right. Look like to this person. Lavish torrent just be having my anger at, like blacking out, seems like a not like. We were just reading because someone left in my c back pocket
Thank you very much for the fact that was yes, maybe Israel who Galina Chimbly we saw on the plane Albuquerque. Recently that's right. I was very exciting. This the coolest motherfucker I've ever seen in my life. He was the calls motherfucker, and so many people walked by his seat and said something to him. It was the cutest coolest thing where you're, like oh yeah, he's a stand. A comic, that's been bussing is asked for years and years he's gotten shows he's got he's been in movies, he's been unequal. Tv shows like it was it was really he'll just look, and then I just I don't wanna out him to tee. I say, but he I noticed him first, because he had this really cool had on. Like hipster cool hat and an it was TAT, a single fuckin strike anywhere map should, and I was like a that's the coat like that's just so called so good, be any time. Someone needs a fuckin light. I bet you pull out. Mother fucker outline it three
thirteen essay. Will our extraordinary imagine your hat. So but that's when the government was shut down, so I tried to a luxury. We're lucky was just as strike anywhere large. That's it I mean less em, look, do whatever you want. Where were we oh yeah? I was gonna say so that people hanging worse where the fuck and daughter a Bt K is like here is how it happened for mixtures. Yanza christening was like she just start when she was told that her dad was a serial killer. It's. Ok, she just cirque certain just blacked out yes and painted I bet that makes sense to me yeah, because how do you take that in in a your reality, which would just cry everything? And then you wouldn't even know where to like a mill? I know how to set down that's normal for someone who loses espouse unexpectedly and that that there actually connected to, but if you're not connected- and you need put on a shower of yes, I write that happens. La Oak,
so ve got to stop. I dont know I consider the investigator that I get upset no tears, but he was quote weeping and we know a lot of the step because there is a trial later, although it's not what you think it s: okay, so Catmeat, let's go back Hake Cathy and Steve they had been married for thirteen years. They had the two daughters, as I said, and Steve then tells authorities that recently Cathy and told him that she no longer want to be married to him and are planning on separating. He said she wonderworking out, but of course, her sister, her friends are like she's Muslim, for a long time still slept on the couch or she slept in her daughters room. She had recently got like a job, a real job out of the home for the first time and was going back to school, and so she was twenty one. She got married and she's, now thirty four inches minor herself and has friends at work and she's, gorgeous too, by the way that doesn't her and Steve was at according to that
happy sister that they want to steady. Anna was bullshit. Their marriage was over. Cathy was starting to move on to two nights before Cathy was found. Steed had moved into a condo on his honor apartment, Amazon, so but the night of her death, Cathy, couldn't find a babysitter scowling around or sisters couldn't do it, so she called Steve and was like. Can you come up and watch the girls? She told me that she was meaning her friend, Charlotte and Boma, which was like ten minutes away for a drink. And she laughed around eleven fifteen. That name by the touchy- shows that coffee had had sex that night and and then the authorities learn shortly before adoption, excellent and authorities sign that she had not gone in Meet Charlotte, in fact she Charlotte, admitted that she had agreed to cover for coffee by sea.
That Charlotte don't pick up the phone. I'm telling Stephen going out with you. So if you answer the phone hell, no, I'm not out with you and the reason is because Cathy was actually going to me a new do that she was dating, who was staying at a hotel and boma so around. Two am Charlotte. Her friend is second fast asleep. Her phone rings shipwrecks it up issues like just let's remember too it's like from a time of not having cell phones yeah, your phone is blaring them all night. This poor woman, like and called just as she talks and she fuck and obviously blamed herself for this whole thing now now it's so sad answers. It immediately here's a hang up and his life oh, no! I just out at my friend it's later revealed that on the piece of paper or on Phone book were Charlotte's for number is right, underneath that was another phone number, and that was the hotels phone number. So he can. Was probably call Charlotte. She picks up, he she's. But can I wish Charlotte causing
x number it's a hotel, What's going on? Ok, yeah so ok, so the autopsy report again shows that Cathy had had sex that night and day This is obvious, but a kind of blue my mind that they can tell that whoever she had sex with had had the sect me o, which is obvious because there's no the sperm rate but leg Amato, like Y yeah yeah, that's hasnt, her boyfriend that she was saying hadn't had one and he passed polygraph with flying colours. It's definitely I am like. We know it's him, so that means she had sex with. Another guy gets Stephen under me a few months earlier, so oh here's the thing about this case and about lighter is that Everyone on either side, who think Steve did it or thinks he didn't know, agrees that the cops the investigators backed this up. Really and I'll give you proof of that, because
the crime scene with the car and coffee in it and they take Ali scrambling photos, lay find out. There's no stamina, camera. Why there's no film in the fucking camera there's, not a single crime scene about all of this case owed him, but No, no! That's version! You can't fix this. How like even even if your- and even if your answer first, we can get joke. I make a lot when others, their film Amir Well
also a camera like the way. Those I would assume the camera and thinking of the kind like that these user and over them would hire exam film and makes a noise. It makes a noise, it's also like it. Sometimes you can see the yellow through the little window hundred percent and there definitely lighter when there's no film and they like some slightly interested photographer, would be like. This is a right, and this goes to the other big thing, which is their she's conspiracy. Theory. I'm end they conspiracy, barriers. You don't want to get real. That's what we're just forget the fucking film right, but there's other things too like so they go up to his door right like right after they find her. It's like with like between four three and five in the morning. They don't bring him or the two sleeping daughters in for questioning they dont secure the scene? They dont ask a thick. I think they ask if they can come in and he says no because he doesn't. He says that other free of my have had evidence planted by these cops around here. So they don't they a search warrant, and I try to get a search warrant
don't photograph his face our hands to see it has scratches. I mean they don't do anything yeah, it's it's! It's even this conspiracy theories, then our true they also where fucking, incompetent. Well, I so think it's that thing or they botched this they bought. Does he hurried it? It's a small town in practice they ve had no experience ripe with like a murder and cover up and all those things where it's like. Oh no go down to see day. That's a problem that small town problem like oh. I know that guy, it's fine. I hang both admitted later in this trial that they were acquaintances of hosts Jaso. They knew him, yes, which is part of the conspiracy theory, but you know that, just the theory. I mean there's no conspiracy. Just have very laugh and yeah. That's right! So then they brings. They bring Stephen like two days later and questioned him and he's like oh yeah, actually Cathy and I had he volunteers- that they can ask em, Cathy and I have had sex before she went out that night
It gives him a reason. Why has seamen would be? There lay says that he or she was getting ready to go out again. They split day had moved out two nights before so How much do you want to fuck Europe? Acts who, like you just kicked out of the house right. I mean I've broken up with people, and I had the who I kicked out. My hadn't had one sex with a black a year right right. Yes, so he sees her in a tower coming out of the shower. He says he try to have sex with her. She agrees they fuck in the living room on the rug. That's the story Where are the children when I guess aren't there and better Eddie, ok whatever, look. We all also know like you can think of a thousand times, just like I'd, never fucked up her Saigon and then two leaved are so that I mean you got rationalize. So many thing she's going to see her needle hot boyfriend to put our own right. You know, I know
Finally, I should also like, if you now shall be suspicious, unless I do. This is a true I mean there's yeah, there's a million wasted too. There's a million possibility right, but ok, so we can He is found in the car. She doesn't have on make up or jewellery at had all been removed. The deuce she was mean said she was informed, make up and had like an alpha jewellery and when he saw her so that suggested that she had been home after visiting the dude. She left the hotel room around two thirty in the morning it suggests that she went home took off her. Did her nighttime routine, I was assigned to southern fried crime and she talks. She says is really interesting thing that I totally cut onto which has like you know: every lie there. Some truth will cavvies Cathy's habit was to come home, take off her, make up her jewelry get in the shop, put up her and get in the shower ceasing. He saw her and a towel after a shower could be true. It's just later. Yet he approaches her for sex. He
fucking knows she was just at a hotel because he called the number is blaming. For the cheating on him right and centrally, yes is just probably pests and ran up, and so the other thing is that the blood is found, bloodstains are found on her underwear and skin, but not on her outer clothing, suggesting she wasn't wearing clothes. When this, when the blood happened, so, they said Cappy pages not killed in her vehicle. She was killed in another location, cleaned up. Red rest and placed back in her vehicle after the vehicle had been brought down. The ditch they think he rode the vehicle down. The Dutch carried her body back and probably put her down and the grass, which is how the grass got her genes grant etc. Second, in call justice. They re do that because they have no photos to look at so they re enact. The whole thing is how it would go crazy cells. I wonder if a small town would even have a staff.
Is fatigue right now they. What is it like? There's the camera had the camera, someone go get the camera so that that could be apart, but still it just. Doesn't Doesn't let him doesn't seem right. If you know enough pictures of a crime scene. If you know that much, however, I could see some nineteen year old, new recruits that like take the photos- and he doesn't know Jack shit and yet, as I also the flashes guy off you're like oh, it's out happening, Adelaide, Catalan, So who said two days after her body is found, its probably announced at Steve as crimes Aspect, Steve FUCK and obviously this guy man he's a piece of work and heat here. There's an interview with him. An unsolved mysteries and you're, just like oh yeah earth are referring to is up in the third person, and all you do is say how this tat, how her death has badly affected you and your career and your like now he's a creep yeah now
that's always like the seven red fly, as that kind of like this murder has impacted. My have now right really needed is. Will these billboards that her dad put up at me? You know it's like yet much is probably true, but yeah he's a grip, so he claimed it, I sat, he says a proof. Part of proof that he can show that he's innocent is an after Cathy was murder. He started receiving phone calls and was threatened that the same thing would happen to him. If he knows this, they would happen, am threatening him He claims that it was here. He said that everyone knows around town that it was. The murderer was actually a member of a prominent italian family and Beaumont, and there but if the Belmont Mafia- oh did you know that Burma has, in my view, is that Sopranos season sexist, but I think I feel like I'm just getting to that sees and rain, I think, is a spin off of soprano lies in its possible. No, it's not it's like
it's not a bad? It's like that's. The thing in taxes were from. One italian shows, like gather around everybody, got everything that's right and in southern pride, the crime she's like I tried to google it, and even this story doesn't come up when you, Google, Beaumont Mafia, because it's so fucking random, yeah and then also sounds like something that Beaumont Highschool made up to called their football team or something- and I would like, with Burma, Mafia and we're gonna- kick your ass on veil of the Goths Trenton trench coat as he sees like their responsible for deafened there there. If the police are framing me, ok. So here's another couple of reasons why we think he did it. So it's obviously copies family, her big family, against steers, big family and they contradict everything, the other one set and yeah. So in the very beginning, they didn't think steep had done it yet they weren't suspicious of him. So the minute that the facts
they find out about her. The parents find out about her death. He says that she broke her neck and maybe was a suicide. He already knew that she had been murdered and he doesn't tell them. He also suggest that she was on cocaine. Us not oh, he's fucking, weird and sang somewhere shit and then also they really noticed that there's a square a carpet cut out in the living room when he offers to police is where that's the same place where they had had sex that I am a member of the bone in London and why you cut it out who cut it out and why and also says that not only did we fuck their button, there was blood Cathy's blood on it because she liked to shape her legs in the living room. Ok, yes get somebody at this point, if I was at the police station, I would
The same thing will happen to him threatening him. He claims at em. It was here. He says that everyone knows around town that it was. The murderer was actually a member of a prominent italian family and Beaumont and their part of the Beaumont Mafia. Oh did you know that Burma has a mafia? Is that Oh, she dry, shaving worker y y. You know when you cut your leg and uterus Bert blood all over the plan. You just kind of stand there, but the reason he says he got rid of the rug is because that he was carrying some fuckin Greece from brought from fucking fish look at what will boot trips ran over to the spot where he sat with his wife spilled it there I mean there's just the pick one reason and he gave them all. It was the Bermuda triangle of of their carpet, that's right, and so he got rid of that. He also never would let the cops and he burns that fucking piece of
I bet he burns everything that he allegedly, he allegedly said he trying to clean it and Her family said that they saw his family trying to clean out spot tail good guy out there. No that didn't happen also, any time you are entering into a burn area, your and dangerous waters, because the usually the innocent don't need to go burn stuff. In the back it absolutely, although you guys you it's for the bill, taught me I'm from Orange County, which is suburbia that trash backyard as a normal thing very much so, but you can only do it on a burn day. Yet another call your comp trailer flush out when, when the burning with our allow I've ever met were if there's anything we're against its unlawful burning leaves rash. Civics, our key everyone we're running for mayor of your city when we learn to pronounce it. That's right, sir, The other thing that was fuckin, creepy and weird, is that all Cathy's watches have disappeared, all of em. So
in that didn't happen till after it was this discovered that she hadn't been wearing any jewellery that that night when she was found, he had come home and taken up all her jewellery, Stephen, like I don't know which sucking ought she was wearing. Let's put them all in here and Cathy's sister says that she's Reese, like a right after the murder, saw Steve, give his creepy weird lawyer friend, which they talk to an call justice a Manila envelope. He passes it off to him. It was bulky and it made a metallic, sound and Steve said that there was candy in it so whenever jewellery she's wearing that night, How do you put Newman alarm below the gave it to his fuckin creevy, asked lawyer printed matter? I saw style lawyer exactly he's Joe De Rossa character than in that it gives people does surgery on people's right also this guy is, it seems, like he's not, only lies all the time, but is terrible at yeah,
can I say the worst thing: he save it, but Lake wise, There's a video call justice, I'm sure, there's a video that Stephen can stay up till three in the morning. Finally, getting as you know that I couldn't wait, nine o clock you right now slip in exerting Stevens reality, we're like the worst college, classy them rather like cram for every Wednesday night. Even we should let you know we're working on a new website where this stuff exists, so you don't have to make active in its true. We are working on artificial intelligence, Stephen, but where you won't even have to talk to us anymore, your brain and Elvis's had just think about it. Why do you fight helping you. I make you do more work all the time. Here's the video and it is the number one of the measures. The video Stevens machine he's gonna reenacted July, open Anita reenactment examined. It takes us in the daytime that look figure out dear midnight, shoot the lights. Okay, so
Cathy's family started noticing that at her gravestone Flowers were strewn. Someone was fuckin around shit that they were leaving on their lot. My daughter and sisters gravestone, so they hire fuck and private is active. He goes and hide in the fuckin bushes, wherever video keeping, and here come steel and he pun. The flowers on her gravestones so angrily and hard. I had deposit. I was eight freak. U else it's an angle fucking person, whose angry that she was fucking someone that night Anne and also whose so psychotic that her being dead isn't enough not enough. It's like he still can't be like yeah. It's crazy he's. He they have many of us when he claims it's, because
you know he was mounted her family or they were putting plastic flowers on and he didn't like Asher. But then they also show hymns scratching some shit into the fucking great gravestone gets down on his fuckin, scratches like it's insane yeah. So I just mean it's so troubling, so lonely just the consistent lions people just constantly lie and live your face. Do one thing and then are like I'm not doing that. I didn't. I never told that puts the person's there and I, like you, I swear. He told me that I'm not the liar right, but you If you say I'm not the liar, you someone your liar such a liar, but I'm not, but I'm not a liar. I say it's a thing like if there was a clone of you and but looked exactly like you know, like I'm the real Georgia yeah, you seem like the think, George, because you be freaking this lock out in my
I listened, but then you know it, I would do here's how you'd know I'm I'm not decline. Oh, how is it you don't give a shit. I mean that's. Orders goes able. It's a date is exactly right. You re fine shooting hair go. I look like I. Let's get to say. If you show me wake, you know a duck being friends with ago you'll, see my red and then you'll now that they are going to do next. If that ever happened in another, do both its so and so I went to better, though I don't care she can issue a talk to the club. So do I let her have it talks about a shift?
so about the conspiracy shit, Cathy's family thinks there's a conspiracy with the police and the Maastricht attorney that they ve been covering, perceive and they'd. Let him get away with murder its knowledge, its common knowledge, apparently that Steve's parents are closed with the chief of police in but by in wider, but at the same time it like doesn't really explain it completely. Another thing that I heard from southern region- thank you for a crime is that they do that she would hurt her boyfriend that she was looking up with. Mine, have actually been a prominent citizen from the town and in order to not, because we don't know his name, and nor does it not. You know, had it publicized. They just kind of shovel Ok under the rug, grave, no fuckin film. They think the no film in the camera was experiencing as you do, and it also took the police three years to get to convince the district attorney to issue search warrant for the home. Why? Yes,
a year. Will then then, as it can, even even in the yes it's a conspiracy simply because there is the one is: was it called it's the due diligence or last? You have to do things in a timely manner. Odorless is just court. Cases are like it seems to me, and I guess I ate in things like all of us. You can't just not do your job when it there's it, a woman has been killed them at children have been had there had their mother taken all right, that's yes, all of it are discussed at I hate effect and spoilt. I spoiler other you at the end of a second justice, the Kathy Ziegler is a fucking monster like she, I would not with her she's amazing, and even she can't fucking get them. To get an arrest warrant for him and she gets so much information that he against him, that it should
You gotta see two more page. Ok, ok! So when happens. It takes three years at the church, weren't, so copies father. James Fulton is like. I can't fucking deal a few people anymore. He own some land by the eye. Ten and he's like watch me batch yeah. He He puts up all these bills. Barnes. Any aspersions concluded quote and- and this is huge and you can see it online- I believe my daughter was raped while she was being strangled today. Writer police botched up the case and also when I said this could happen to you are the guardian of yet another declared. This is Orange County, it's their taxes,
counting online city, a rider here you get by with brutally murdering a woman. The currents I put up in like twenty two arbitrary protein includes us a picture both Steve an Cathy and it says Steve Page, brutally, murdered his life and ninety. Ninety one writer PD does not want to solve this case. I believe they took a bribe. The attorney general should investigate sign James Bolton, her father, whole languages shows not on its on our like not into these signs right at all, and obviously Steve took the daughters move. At a town pretty quickly, but then They can grow up after that as orphans because he shut that was a married woman and sent them to his sister. They had end up living with his grandparents. I mean it's really sab yeah, but in two thousand and Cathy's family sued Stephen Civil court for wrongful death
The civil jury found that there was a preponderance of evidence that Steve kill his wife wow, so they that found Steve page killed. Cathy page answer it was found financially liable for Cathy's death in the verdict was upheld on appeal, which is big. Ordered to pay two hundred thousand dollars to her family, while he was also convicted in fine and given probation for the desecration of her grave so he's now sixty one he lives in Texas. He is yet to be charged criminally for her murder. His daughters were sent to live with family. They became a strange from him and sadly, the younger daughter and I want to state our names, but you can find it online. She died of prescription drug overdose in two thousand and eleven at the age of twenty seven hours. To her I mean it's case remains open
The father has spent more than two hundred thousand dollars himself on billboard since than early nineties sow on his own land, he's now, eighty six Cathy's. Dorothy died and twenty twelve without ever having a closer on this, Cathy's father says that what this is a priority and tell my death to try and get something done. It's not or with yet I'm I'm fixing to do a whole lot more than one I've already done, the surviving sister who a blog about this. She apparently she wrote about it. She hated the billboards and she said quote to me this mill. Lord, is not about my mother. It is about to stubborn, selfish men with too much guilt to carry and that is the true story of three bill or its outset having Missouri while so the daughter basically feels like them billboards aren't that that's just the aids more about their fight, as opposed to finding. Who did that I need to
I wanted to end on his quote: cause it's like yeah go get em, but the daughters the most innocent victim here and it's not doing anything for her well and also. We know his point of view because we're getting the billboard said he's out he's taken not accurately she's the one that is done. Directly impact dead ends and her point of view is as important and it is I mean: what do you do, though? It's it's like what a terrible position where that's. It feels like the only recourse that you have as putting up signs on your land. Totally that says this hasn't gotten taken care of by the end of the skull justice episode you're, just like yeah like That's all there is to do because no one is fucking lessening and no I'll do anything about the frame. I mean ain't. They brought the case to the district attorney and he refused to to take it on. Was it the same? Guy from
it happens like ta now answer I remember. Well, that's amazing, banana ass, so good. Well, mine mine, is one that I consider doing when we were in San Diego, but it's so awful. That I didn't want to do it for life show has its it's just terrible. I mean obviously everything we talk about a terrible, but this is it's not only Ino incredibly terrible, but I remember this is one of those in like base line on tv on the news crimes that nobody can believe like when it happened, people talked about it and freaked out about it and it was
in the air and to happen when I was fourteen. So I have a very strong memory of it when your met when you're mine, as grasping onto these fucked up thing right- and it was the same procedural, Mcdonald's mash you, oh man, so there's a documentary called seventy seven minutes that it's all about it and about the survivors, expand, there's lots of survivors in it and stuff it's, and so, if you want to know more, this, mostly mostly information I have is like straight up. Wikipedia butts watch that documentary, if you want to know, get the real inside scoop, is there a survivors that were inside and that speak about it? And it's it's also one of those things. There was a time in this country You know where this never happened around and people had no idea even the respond they didn't know what it was. I made it so sad Mehmet using that there are people my generation below,
us and he barely I'm so young then think that the public shootings and is a normal thing when really it's really in the pass for off. For me, like ten years right, you know when Cold Columbine was a fucking insane thing. That happened and never ever happen that as far as we know in Rio, it's like the norm exact and it's a it. We shouldn't we shouldn't, let it be normal. I feel. Like you know, people say that a lot like on social media that dont normalize this done, and I always want to say back it's not that we are in these countries in crisis and there so much terrible stuff happening every day. You can't be reacting diarrhea and all the time you go crazy, and so we don't have you see the next thing in ten minutes. It's not like you have three days of news coverage to to observe
exactly, and sometimes I think the nuns sometimes the next thing in ten minutes is another shooting rioting. That's that thing, like you heard about, there's, there's a guy that walked into the bank and shot five women, execution style and that as your processing, not then there's an unnecessarily spoken couple that killed the cops and used it ends right: five policemen and seeing or dead then then, like a media, then you you'll hear about that day, where You know, then fifteen people were murdered on the south side of cargo and no one ever talks about a men. People are like don't talk about it because it makes the killer want the notoriety yes and so then you're making it it's just them. It's insanity land in its insanity it and we need gun control in this country. Yeah and we ve needed at the sense, the eighties rules. We need some fuckin background check the same kind of that ground. Shack, you'd need if you gonna, fucking abortion, or we got a fucking driver's license yeah
just some basics, but you know that this is not more of a political, that's not rid law. Hot passes will not, and I just I just mean at like. If it were, I think changes coming, because I think the children who are being directly affected by this are taking action in ways that we aren't it's not we I've never had to do a shooting drill at school. So there, there are people that are being affected by it, who are young and angry who going to just go, that's terrible! I guess it's happening to them. An amazing and those people combined with the people who are underserved communities, s where gun violence is like a director and who are like we're just being murdered out here and no one's helping us. I think it's like the wave of that coming together, yeah the people who are who, as affecting trying to live their lives, yeah it's so ok, so, let's just let it go all the way down to them too.
Too bad down array. James, you ready was born and Cannon Ohio on October, Eleventh eighteen, forty two polio when you three years old, he had difficulty walking for the rest of his life in his early in the early fifties, his dad move them to a pencil them Pennsylvania, Amish country, so with them the mother, when, when happened. She is like I'm not moving there ass. She left the family to go preach first, southern baptism organization, which of course affected James terribly and he becomes withdrawn when he gets married in nineteen. Sixty five to woman named Edna they are two daughters. He becomes a welder, his hometown content, Ohio, they settled down there, but there's lots of strife in the house domestic violence. They
Edna and James, don't get a divorce ever though, but there, but it's pretty bad. Then James gets into a motorcycle accident where he is permanent arm injury and his arm twitches uncontrollably so he can't he can no longer be a welder. So he loses his job, he became security guard for a little while the family, and this is like the darkest they relocate to tee Wanna Mexico. So Obviously things are going badly here, but they come back and settle in the sands. Darrow neighbourhood is their neighborhood nurse Andy I gotta pee gets a java. Security guard then he loses that job as a security guard. He is depressed over that He also is a gun not so there are stories his daughter, had friends, have had come over the house and, eight said there had begun just laying out on the kitchen table that he was often
playing with a switchblade. Ah, there was just a lot of like violent, overt or violent behaviour going on time and and then on top of that, so on July seventeen nineteen, eighty four James. Tells his wife at He thinks he has mental problems and he thinks he needs to talk to someone and you have to think of it in the in nineteen. Eighty four that there was a huge social stigma like even admitting it. I'm sure to your wife was a huge deal. Can a middle class which is like bootstraps funding, essential yeah? Nobody needs help, don't how dare you need healthier and and for somebody like this guy who clearly like he wants to problem solved by killing things. If you're, if you re a problem, if you threaten me, if you make me mad on pull my gun, so the idea that he would then say, I have mental issues and I need help a very big deal, so he Angela Seventeenth, he calls a mental health clinic and
for an appointment, he leaves is contact details with the receptionist and he assures him that someone is gonna return, his call within them. Our or too so he sits next to the phone and waits for that return, call and his wife said he waited for a couple hours call, never comes, he gets out walks out of the house, gets on a motorcycle and drives away so was I dont want to blame peep me now things because a lot of people than that happen to them, and they don't do this. Yes, glad you get factor. I mean it's a crazy well here. So here's what happened the receptionist misspelled his last name is puberty because he was so polite and did not seem he was that he was an immediate crisis yeah she didn't put Sheila, The call as a non crisis injury, inquiries are, and in that
it would be handled within forty eight hours. So her timeframe, she didn't really communicate the correct time for yeah and in his mind clearly he was at the end of his rope but she interpreted the call in his behaviour as basically check in on this re right. So he comes home from a motorcycle right an hour later and the wife says he seems fine. They have dinner the whole family rights bikes to the nearby park. Later when they come home. The kids go to bed at night James watch a movie. It's like normal life. The next morning is one stage light in jail. Ready, takes his wife and their daughters to the San Diego Zoo, and they're, having just like a lovely day and all the sudden he turns to enter and says I think, my life's over and she's. Is she baseless gets him to say keys so angry that mental health clinic in return is phone call any
he says to her. Well, society had their chance: oh not fair, right. They. They, go to a Mcdonald's for lunch that day, numberless zeal the Mcdonald's in Claremont, which is where that the tank rampage, took play a bizarre, likeness hissing they rush, and then they go home. So later that afternoon he walks into the bedroom and he kisses his wife saying I want to kiss you good bye and she asked where he's going says: I'm going hunting hunting for him Since then he walks. He walks out of the house on his way, the door. He says goodbye to his daughter and says explicitly says to her. I won't be back and leave a guy, so it approximately three fifty six p m. Same day. James Puberty drives his black mercury Marquis Sidney.
An end to the parking lot of the Mcdonald's on sand. You see drove boulevard, he's wearing camouflage, pants and a black teacher, and he is caring in a nine millimeter browning HP, semi automatic pistol a nine millimeter, Uzi, Carbine Winchester, twelve hundred twelve gauge pop, Action shot got and then he's got a bag, a clock bag filled with ammunition. There are fifty p, in the restaurant roughly so it is a busy afternoon and that Mcdonald's is busy here, says: there's customers and full employees yeah Falstaff. Obviously He walks in heels freeze. He aims his shot gun at sixteen year old, employed John Arnold O end, before he does that the assistant manager gear more Flores shouts, hey John, that guy's gonna shoot you so John Arnold turns around
James Herodias, standing there and shoots and the gun, does the shotgun doesn't go off so then John Arnold thinks it's some awful praying areas like what the fuck is this and as she would Is it looking at his gun, the manager twenty two year old? Neither a cane- and this is the saddest part it's all teenagers and ours. It's a Mcdonald! Verona, Ladys all teenagers working there or like very young people are so neither Kane is the manager and she walks over like what's going on on, you are the servants counter and That's when James Surety fires starts firing the woozy and he murders neither came right there and then as he does that than he and gems his shot gun and shoots. John Arnold, in the chest, some heels for everyone to get down on the ground a call he starts, calling everyone he's, calling them dirty swains and
hey shouting that he's killed thousands and he can't intends to killed thousands more. A lot of people interpret that as thinking he is a Vietnam veteran yeah, but afterwards they find up he'd, never had any military service. So what does that mean those? But I think he was just trying to be scary may be seem like a person like. I have a bunch of experience with those timid, eight everyone right, but yeah, it's that is not the case. Twenty five year old, Victor Rivera. So here He just begins, shooting up the place and at one point after the screaming and the its base clearer. That he's basically. I hate all of the people and kill you are too. Twenty five year old man named victory. Varick begins to plead with him not to harm anybody else, and J you ready, turns around and shoots of Victor Rivera fourteen times and kills all my own. It is this. Is it this is the massacre beginning, and it goes on
It's so terrible, and it goes on for so long and it's it's just the worst case scenario scenario everywhere, starting with and this is tragic and awful, because so he started roughly around almost bright before for an what's so, maybe like a minute or two before four p dot m by four p dot m. There's all these calls coming in tonight when you're on to emergency services, and then dispatcher mistakenly direct all the police to the Wrong Mcdonald's miles front. So there's two within denials of each other and they just give the wrong love. Oh since the police are there to lock the scene down right for a while James authorities is inside this Mcdonald, shooting and people are watching the coming and pulling into the drive through okay, so that a woman named Lydia Floris Paul
into the driver she notices shattered windows. She hears a sound of gunfire before looking up and she says looking up and there he was just shoeing. She reverses her car out of the drive through crashes into a fence with virtue you're, all fucking child high, her two year old daughter hides in the car until the shooting stars, so she basically pulls up to it and then gets a crack, gets away crashes and then just hide shit. This is the most tragic and there was actually a picture in the newspaper. This is I mean this story was so huge. For so long It gives some gives me jails. What year was eighty four o clock? didn't know about it until I got older, because I was a kid, but I am sure my mom, but remember yes, and there was a picture that was tat. I bet you. She remembers because
three little boys rode up on thereby and there the bikes ends: basely Omar, Hernandez, Joshua, common and David Delgado rode up why? an intermittent shooting was taking place, so they rode, thereby accept drop them outside and went aunt em were immediately shot that they actually sorry they were even in the building and he shot an Omar earning. And David Avocado died at the scene. Joshua Coleman, somehow miraculous, shoot, miraculously survives after being shot in the back in the arm. And in the leg polish she says he saw his friends murdered He throws up he's like he's there and there is a picture you guys can go find but like of the bikes on the ground and then there's like em tee with that little boy, my and it says that he survived, but this
like just this is just the beginning of this. This year massacre a just so awful again, because there's no police there, no one's lock anything down an elderly couple is walking in May. Lula and his if Aida are walking in Miguel. Seventy four item: sixty nine there, walking in and right, as Miguel opens the door for Aida pretty turns around with a shotgun and and shoots her. He starts Miguel start screaming at him of course, and then he got shot two. So everybody sees seas. It's just just fucking, like scenario, people and people in the restaurant. Of course,
have hidden under tables are at their people that are like shot and dragged have drag themselves into the back. You know it's. It's crazy in everyone's on the ground area and ended just keeps going so the shooting just let go. I is anyone's, though, why are the cops, your wise and anyone stopping this person? Why is it? Yes, you know it's it's a nightmare, I'm sure that's what they're Emma I'm not asking! I'm sure, that's what they're think exactly right again and that the people in he's. Clearly you can't talk to him. You can't read with him. You can't even be seeing now is so in that, that gets established very early hour show when the officers finally do arrive. They say
six block lockdown perimeter. There's a hundred and seventy five officers that end up at the scene. They set up a command, pose two blocks away and, of course a swat team quickly follows thing God, but the problem is there so much gunfire. They can't they think, there's a bunch of speeding up the inciting the child tat and he shot out because he is an uzi. He shot out so many windows that they can't see into the windows are sharer Gundhar. I can't see so they can't get a clear view. They don't. They can't get a sense of what's going on ok. So at one point and he's several survivors say that they thought you walked toward the service counter. At one point, just a portable radio, he brought a radio and he is trying to hear on the news what we, what's going on how close the cops were, and then he put it on a music station in referring to shooting I ain't that
We must remember real, quick back to win left the house. This is if father of two young children yeah has like suddenly now he's as military psychopath in my head, but it's like The kids Asia shot outside the fucking rests like restaurant are, couldn't be, his kids. Yes, this is it this and some fuckin. That's insane. Yes, it's insanity and he knew he was going insane. He reads out for help and then it what kind of that thing of lake and think we ve all been an up Europe in your most vulnerable and your end, you asked for help and if you get rejected yeah like that makes a person never asked for anything, but it out but thing of like, but then this must lifted without go, kill a bunch of innocent people. Of course, like I had then they'll be a little bit of there's other thing. Ah, there's other things at play. Let's hear but you're right I mean like this: is it it's almost like, culturally,
They, like. Oh here's, the solution, are you upset? Have you been rejected? Are you mad at women? Are you mad? It people, Don't look exactly like you will then here's what you can do about it. Here's an easy! Here's in short that whenever you that's like, there are people who that's their beliefs, us and they have access to those weapons yeah. Finally, at five seventeen p m, so it's four o clock. Fucking start and has been since eleven minutes, the documentaries called seventy seven minutes it's an hour, an seventeen wholly can't saying horrifying, but they finally, they get up on to the post office. That's across the street that hasn't unobstructed view into the Mcdonalds. For one second puberty appears in this guy's scope, for he can see its basically just his head, and so he takes a shot and fires to a single round.
It he shoots puberty in the chest. He sends an sprawling backwards onto the floor in front of the service counter and kills him instantly. As I said, the incident lasted. Seventy seven minutes, during which time James Puberty fired a minimum of two hundred and forty five round the ammunition he can twenty one people and wounded many many others. The victims, whose ages ranged from eight months to seventy four year were predominantly not exclusively, but predominantly max. Can our Mexican America, which is obviously the the racial element behind that and clearly part of this. This man's either agenda or insanity, whatever it might be. So the victims were
at present is nine years old alleys. Her Linda bore Boa zero, who was nineteen Jose Reuben Lozano Peres's? Nineteen? even Denise. Can the manager who was twenty two Michel d on car and cross, who is eighteen, Carlos Reyes, who is eight months old Maria Alina call Mariano the silver Who was nineteen Jacqueline right, raise? Who was eighteen glory? Europe has Gonzales who is twenty two, after Maximilian. Rivera has twenty five arrest delicacy of who has thirty one, life Reagan Herrera, who is thirty one Hugo Louis of Alaska Vasquez, who is forty five Matteo Herrera was eleven Paulina Aquino Lopez's twenty one Laura Herman Van,
Slew S was sixty. Two Marguerite idea was eighteen: David floors. Delgado was eleven Omar Alonzo Hernandez was eleven Miguel Victoria oh, I was. Seventy five was seventy four, an idea for was sixty nine. Five of the dead were under eleven years old in nineteen. Eighty six, the shooting was the deadliest. Mass murder in the United States Until ninety ninety one and, as we know, now happens much more often afterwards in nineteen? Eighty six, an humanity. People were very upset because she was, she got money from the victim fund. We
She was a victim to its understandable that people are of Saturday Cyril horror, but there's nothing about this. It isn't the worst scenario where, like there's, no nothing, there's no winners, there's nothing good in all its all deep tragedy is so hard to leg the finder humanity, your own humanity, when someone has fucking fists, Dont Oliver yeah now, It's so hard, yes, it in the face, and now we need to feel it in half would be that's the problem with people as the who do shit like this is they have no fucking humanity? That's right, so we need to make sure that we pay attention are and keep it yes exactly and hold it, and no understand that. That's that part of it. But it's like, but if you're super close like a victim style, orderly situation, it's just it's not! I do. I do understand innate ninety six should, of course there was a million lawsuits about this because of that that amount
it is time that no one came there were people running out and going please someone help us like. It was the worst, though the worst and like all the other, these, were it must have been absolutely horrifying because, it's a swat team that they're like we can't get a shot. I don't know what to do just that. It was it was now you well here like what could have been what could have changed or greater and better about this. I think, is the you it's you would think, or you might want to argue, that they should storm internet downright, but there's so much gunfire. They think there could be five people in that they don't know what's happening in a cancer. Still, though it's such a long time, it's it's horrible silence, so there is so many lawsuits just from every direction, but interestingly Edna puberty unsuccessfully tried to sue Mcdonald's and at Clerkenwell Wilcox, which was her husband's longtime former employer,
in Ohio State Court for five million dollars the suit case, The massacre was triggered by both a poor diet. Now her and her has been working around highly poisonous metals further, citing that Mona Sodium Glutamate in Meda. Food combined. With the high levels of lead and cadmium. That, discovered in Hebrew, he's body it is autopsy they were, they were was a welder, and so he had a ton of heavy metals and bad toxic shit Amy's system. Basically they ve think the build up from the fumes that he inhale during his fourteen years of welding, Babcock and Wilcox had indeed, delusions and uncontrollable rage. Here's the thing as we say,
Well, then, why aren't all the welders doing right cause? That's cause now on the autopsy did revealed, there were no drugs or alcohol in James James, a system which, unless I get this afraid you out sometimes in Ireland, is a massive amounts of amphetamine. So I'm like ok, gray, exact, there's, none raw cause they're all in his brain, because you know I sometimes like this is the argument is fuckin people have chemical imbalances ray it's not simple, now get out now and then it's the thing of light. When I think in that position. The tragedy, of course, is that he wanted to get help. He gave them basically two hours and they're fucking him too much credit for that. We are not at all, but I will say this is if, but it's that thing, if you have here. Sk we had this whether it was because he was a welder or because He had you know the sad life than he did.
Whenever I want you can't just that idea that well I made that one phone call now I go get to kill everybody is, is just I don't even know, why does Andy it's assembling, fuckin, TED Bundy and my notes, a value second being he's not a you now there scared little men who is violent, tantrums siemens, all his if he has a violent tantrum rate in our or like he feels little and- and you know what the fuck and houses killing women are shooting people, yet it makes me feel beggar rat. Or inability to control. This is how I teach everybody lesson because I've been hurt, I run jar fired or whatever. Yes, yes to something could comment on this any laws. One of the victors became a San, Diego policeman, amazing errands this, and if you watch this documentary I'd, I haven't watch the entire thing, but that
as all the people telling their story the way it's affected their life impact. Its hat on their life of course, which is very bad, but it's also that kind of thing of like this is the more these kind of stories get out where it's. This is what happens when you are on this site and that it we should prevent this. Not because it's a political argument or because I believe there, sir, I murders color hat or whenever a hundred percent. It's a! U decimate you decimate fifty. People's lives in. Ten minutes when you walk in somewhere with an easy and bad metals in your brain or a grudge or whatever. The problem is unwilling. My mom and worst arguing loudly at night Peter restaurant about then control the overweight line, as you do as Monday. My argument, her argument. If anyone should be you know, have guns in their house and all this shit, and I we ino her six year old grandson, I'm saying to her if he wound a play date.
Would you really want the person he's going over to their house to have you know and assault rifle in their fucking house threat with is? Are you ok with that? Would you let them do that cause it's their fucking right, cool, unquote, right now you and she fucking couldn't answer that, of course, because it's in say it's like it's great and everything is fine until it it's you and it's happening to your life, and you need to put yourself and have had some it's a fucking empathy and put yourself in the shoes of the people who survived it and the families it whose loved one didn't survive. This wasn't supposed to be a gun lecture. Also you know or preaching to the converted so hard right now I know. But anyway I just I have a very major or not and that's important to her. Maybe people who don't vote are listening cause they don't like to get out of their house on that day. In our maybe it's or are undecided, it's important let's have less violence. Also,
this this one just and having seen it from like it weighs two? Oh just watch the news at night, and so whatever was on the new went straight into my brain, then why these happened it was it really it had this, really, the intense ripple effect on this country in a way that, like things, didn't that back then, because there was no social media and there was no whatever it was Hence it was crazy and it's really sad fashion. I hear What I mean he told that, while a man with Asia. Europe summit, touch that shit. I know I don't know, but you did a great I just wanted. It felt like one of those things. It's yes feels like one of those ones we are just like, but it should get said Ray and maybe especially because its of under represented group
my other majority who got killed. Yes, it's important to tell that story. Yes, for her and shit, I mean here the job. Thank you. No, it's never do the high five murders. The set up I mean Jesus, so I know that I will never ever yeah. That was great. Ok so what you're fucking hooray for this week? Okay, so my fucking hurry, I'm seeing a new therapists, nice she's great, As talking to her about my son, esteem and how fuck em hard. It is to read one negative com Uninstall ground on time of the kindest. Murdered Minos over on people colonized, like the kindest people can't get over it. If I could cry what and one will affect me so negatively, inmate like such an hour, so she Huntsville headache
you know what you should try, and I, oh god, what Chu Tommy to meditate and she said recently. I started watching cardy bees, videos on the ground, and I like, oh, I like I'm so that a pop culture- I I dont really I've heard of her. I know that store. I kind of ideas I don't owe them is so thick. Okay, this is weird and they went home and fuckin watch a couple. Cardy be video. I do when I like. I do my and ill luck and deal as a little noise she makes, and so in love with cardy, b and bucking instrument, videos, the best and her as a person
I should be I it's incredible she's, the best you seen her speech she gave about how the government needs and your policy. Yes, you gotta. You go to check your pc, like you're pussy somebody re mix that song into a song. That's amazing! It's on my twitter feed of you. I see it and at one of my favorite comedians, whose now write down as an elbow and yang. He does this thing where he does lip sinks of those now, so he did one from devil or product. He does these there really good at us, and he did hers like. Word for word, gesture for gesture reenact I am, and so far, and I gave a shoutout to someone else that I know who does that, whose amazing that does that would like movie. So he does a lot of a hill, Delicate Parker, Posey, fuckin
Romano organ shit in his amazing I'm I've been meaning to fuckin talk about him, oven, it's Johnny Smith and he does Johnny Lip sank, hashtag in the Hash August, Johnny Lip sank and how do they? Cities fucking insane old movies like postcards from the edge and shed unjust, he's cry? but your car, maybe I'm inspired by her. She only fuck. She gives zero, I'm just so. I'm amazed- and I want to I want to channel cardy, be she has one of my favorite lines: in any. Song ever any lire Do you love me?
The time then I'm a lady's when I ladys hosts to rest just there, some her her rhymes, I'm not going to talk about rap like I, too fuckin know anyway. I clever so good and all, but also just like ghostly, her less to see her and let's go see little so is going on shore in April. This is spell her name. Several allies easy she, oh my gosh, you are like backstage before we go on stage in the green anthem like this is our girl, who is fucking, listen to and sing as were walking towards a stale. Yes, this on call time do my job,
My name is hell. The songs called good as Hell. I've tweeted a ton of Hungary murdered or she s was a new Sancho juice. That's incredible rashes and also she was she's like hitting the big time now ass. She didn't catch Hella she's, doing a bunch of stuff social complacent is. She plays the flu and hence the shoe. She the fucking shit. I love you so much she's the shit and also she has that thing where that her lyrics are really like their empire. I really like sorry. Let me just remember those monk, as I just text to this, so here's in this will be, as I try to remember that I'll say this seven waste at till five m, editing, Stevens Obeisance, my I'm so sorry, no meekly that pardon. But my therapist gave me this time. I started going to therapy twice a week and I love it and it feels because I talk so fucking much
can't. I have two mile long at her. I don't like the ceiling once we're. Like staring Asia, as I feel that for second make you feel so it's almost like there's the download who's, gonna, say a pursued appointment and now as the knowledge or restart having herons. Thereupon, he sessions by cash reviewed. Everyone would roll their eyes the heart ass. He listened to it, but so it's like the first day I kind of barf out things I am worried about, and then we get to leg workshop it for the whole. Another day, whenever I hear people who go to therapy more than once a week and like you're doing fucking work. Yes, your therapist send you You need to come and more than once a week which makes me think. Oh shit, I'm fucking crazy sky new. Due to it three times a week, a highly on its Ike oh you're, doing as the work you need to be doing well beyond its. I am so
as we all are. No, once it look we're all. We all have anxiety were all stressed out: Wormhole scared. We all have these issues and there's like basic obvious reasons that have nothing to do with being are having a chemical unbalance. No like two spoken start with ray this. It's the way we were built to having society that I just read this somewhere. We are all the human beings that lived because we having say hey, we stayed away from the fuckin Sabre to tigers, cave and we re hugging, don't touch the fire evening hour. We ran into the forest so that we wouldn't get killed and then didn't and then out and then now we stay out of the forest with feathers serial killers are, I like. We have to find out which way we go in the forehead, that's where general, but were filled with anxiety, and we now society interpret as a negative, which it's not necessarily right: you're, not crazy its neck.
Its how're reptilian brains are, but I also think it makes me kind of like Corky fun sure enough I'll see you love cat cats, but as she gave me, this exercise and she said it every day you have to write down five things, not that your grateful fork is that's conceptual right on five things that made you feel good in the moment. It can be anything Danny. Yes, tiny, big whatever that, gave you a shot of actual emotion of gay endured ever was a little like a little moment and just start recording them because I often have that thing. Where I see I can't handle shit, so I just shut it all down good. Yes, it's all! It's none of my business. How I feel sick, I like like, don't don't, do spinning
for all the time or just like. I can't do it right now like. If, if I reacted real time, it would be bad, so I just don't do anything on it. The problem with. That is then you are not feeling the good things. Then you forget. What's good, you forget what you like you forget and then that's how I personally that's how I get into abusing substances, because I feel I need to replace it real good life experiences. Instead, it's like I can't handle any that I'll, just go home and like ie I'll go home and get high I'll go home. Just lay there and watch tv all those things that do not serve me and so in trying to peel that behaviour back you have to remember what is good, like you can't just peel back things are giving comfort and then stand there. You have to like make a list of things you like, so I've been doing it daily and
She said you have to do it with somebody else, so that you do so. I immediately thought of Lisbon. I knew I lose it Cooper Lizzie Cooper Man is are obviously our friends are not there because of course it's it's easy for her. It's she. I if I didn't have to explain it, I go. Will you do this thing and she's like totally like she? It was, they seem, was waiting to do Ella. So it's just these lists and they're so odd, but it's just a thing that actually made you happy real time in a real moment and it can be just hearing this person's voice on the foamy you every time we deal with me for like one day a week, a hundred percent occur. Absolutely. I just really were any each other's business, so much about it has. I am telling you having done this now for, like I think it's a week or two mainly to I.
I'm feeling real time things where I go. Oh, I want more of this feeling, I'm goin to do these its end. I note as our yet because, like ice tell visit that later, it's like oh this thing or enough his God. That's gonna be my list today, exactly or if use. If I've spent. I want to say you so bad, I mean it's me. I've spent the day in my house talking and no one but drawn frame, there's nothing to put on that list, so I have to go like at least go to the store and talk to one old lady, because you need some shit on your good less and I swear it is like it's like waking up thing inside me like. I get to feel good shared. Will I get to be vulnerable, be in the world I like? I can handle it. I like it, it's good That's the only way to get more gets its practices that you know, tat your therapy practice gap and then the word practice is so important because it's not do it, don't do it and do it right now it as keep pressing
this practicing, and I think the reason she did it gives there's been tons of times were like I will Lizzie sends me, two days in a row and I'm like what the voters, and then my leg, I didn't do my less live it as they. I cried. I think this is it she's. Only ten minutes- and I know it's it's like gale or someone's fuckin thing, but over or gale you now for it, it's the TED. I list some of it to deal with and ways. Of course. Sorry, that's all I'm gonna, like, oh, my god. What's out like accomplishment, I today you know you're talkin to you. They needed it. Isn't that near and into the day tat I'll, ask what I'm just gonna fuckin dead right this week or yesterday. You know yes tat. I am mother fucker yeah like that needs to be credited someone, because today, mother Fucker, now just ten the to dot lemon. Look it up because its nobody's claiming it see you and I are going ok great. Like little practices lives, you say little practice reminder saw that you're, not just the total Pisa one. Also it's a thing to you know it's to me
I always get worried when you- and I talk about our real, experiences at the top of the show, because I dont want people to be mad at us or hate us before being a great position, an still complain I make my eyes, but I realise in kind of making these listen. So I have so much to be overjoyed about every day. I could sleep. I could fill up ten less, but I focus on what's negative image. What I need to fight when I need to do when I'm not doing like all I do is focused on the the bad stuff and makes the huge difference one like I can remind myself All your dreams are coming. True. Is this the beginning of our mental health card Gaza? I feel like it is. I mean it could be. I drink a can of wine
Well, I just worry. If we, if we name it that that the law suits, will be common down the mountain air and then Georgia's said first one. We feel at all that Stalin, who did I see I want to know who is at all because they not lizzie its lazy spot is awaiting a man, let's all blamed. If we do that, we have to pull Lizzie into it. That's, oh, my gosh. You give your affair cheek and the terrain reader damage our terrors. Yeah call. Now is like there's a beautiful, fucking Oh, it's gonna fuckin right. Let's call Falkiner Wraye yeah well known Could thank you. It's actually I've insight. Like tugging at a tv show as like. I should just say I was not going to say it because I was like that's weird and private says I should do it. Oh my God show is show it off and every time I listen to my therapist Talkin, like God, I wish more people could hear her. Talking said today, she said this thing: she goes when human beings aren't supported,
I don't have anyone that we just can't that's the way she said it, and I was like she's just deep, but in that real way- and this is the truce yeah- this is this is how it is for people. I dig it meta. I dig at the park. Shit man guys we borrowed it out this week and I think it's her. You know flash everyone, your emotional flash, everyone yourself. Why not?
like pulled out late, pull down your tip top pulls out. Your soul lances to cop eight and get your salt. It's your soul. I promise you'll be brought rewarded with be right with hearty grub, vs light with spiritual life. These they heard your morning, our saltier life, beads, your flashing and every other human being, and that in there we go and everyone's better. Yes, the end everything's cured did we do it we had done can lay saw sky. This was a great, really dissolved, complaining complaint on our ability to listen, vulnerability. Twenty twenty right, that's what's gonna happen, vulnerable and billowy. MA. Am thanks for listening Eyes thinks everybody knows when fuck man well
your care. You must name something go find out. We sent my ear. Good luck, let us know what you find an stay. Sexy and dont get murdered, go Paulie, I'll, miss you wanna cookie
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