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2019-02-07 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Carolyn Wasilewski and the Baltimore Plot.

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What's all the way back all the way and about my God, the loudest ever hear this good job. Guy Mary Mary, bold of you to give us an opening zoning ovation totally honour and staring ovation thing you well, you don't even know about to say man here comes our christian agenda. Many en route for my first shouldn't way, rap for two hours straight horrifying! That's right! That's what would this tours all about everybody thanking her coming out in the snow and no share you guys minutes where the lovely woman who drove us here Tammy, like you know, when you're kidding your parents bundle you up to go out in the snow and we're both like now offering. I only know that, because I watched the Christmas story, Raymond scenes eyes, that's right. They need to be no doubt because it happened in a movie, but no, no, we don't even taken to already fallen snow where the sun is shining brightly and people are like hurry up and play before melts go now. We know we both when we got to Philly yesterday, we both had to go by like winter glows cause, even though this was like it's gonna be cool, it's gonna be cool, we're both like ok yeah, and then we went out there like this hurts is I did that thing? That's very! It's very California! Where I go out, then I'm like shut polar wards ideal and is on the walk home from CBS. I could not feel my pinky I was like. Losses have already lost one digit, and I've been out here for four minutes. It's the least important does it. Mr Cook had need people to know. Oh shit after grow, my thumbnail really wrong doing all backwards and weird
no more tea parties you'll never be a proper lady, again loud, a little different rates for months now, that's right! A change down cool place is known ass, the things you and you know why the anti Semites. Thank you. It's my super casual put your microphone who pocket work. Then everyone on Broadway knows how to deal amazing how but you're joking just so this is my new thing and this number last toward the end. I would like to know we're we're. Never I want now in, and you were like you should my address on every every weekend and where it
I may I would like that seems hard, and then I did. I think it's gonna be the last time it happens, and I I was just walking and I found a Buffalo exchange I went in there have been to drag. It basically said Georgia on it, and I got this over twelve dollars area and love of our gallery. I love a bargain in the recently bodies, because this is how it pigmented clothing. When I pick it up off the rack it makes me laugh. I like that I have to wear this. Doesn't this look like, and I mean what's that movie when morning graph or ninety, five them together get a good look at them in advance that Chile is, I gotta, get out of bed and then actually around a bad day, DAB Nicole than sexually harass money? Don't tell Dolly. I say it like that. So man and you can tell
I didn't plan on wearing it, because I would never normally were her silver and gold together, but I have
the fringe. Russia is going away, or so here's what we do we're gonna get some scraping were his brain, but this brave aid that not behold dry Ray you stay in washcloth in your mouth laid down is life on the role of this is the park. Has my favorite murders, Karin Scheele, Gara hi, my boys, surgeon, hard, stark, Stephen couldn't come. He said he doesn't like you. Why would I ever do that? Every time we are going to see because he's the first person that here's all of these lives Josie assets at home is little head bones that also have moustaches and hears them first. So I always try to say something terrible me because I know
it hurts him deeply. No he's he's not allowed in the snow is mustache just breaks out like and that's a major artery for him. He would die if it says. I'm amazed. It's really it's something to behold. Tell you that so we had to leave him seven item at home. We live now we left. I know it from We have to talk to somebody who is like told me a little bit about your lives show and I got well. It starts with this huge dance number and they didn't laugh because really, Oh you don't know who we are, and I was like Agnes who should start working on that dance number. I guess we are giving the people something at the top of this. The already didn't I defy. What more do they want them under believing that we can all do easiest to sing? Usually oh,
You bring this red rose from home, I gotta get Buffalo exchange. It was great idlers, they have such nice rods above no, I was gonna say we don't have a ton of
anecdotes for you here, because we came. We that we're gonna die in a car right. Here we drove from filling it some fucking frightening when you turn so Vince is like the chilling sued ever is my husband. I can tell any is not chilling out and our tour managers that's. Why he's in a story so he's driving here and he grew up in Michigan, so snow shouldn't phase him and he is fuckin leaning over the handling forward. I call them the handlebars leaning over it's a bike. Ok, we're all tandem bike lanes, ascends the India is cute. He was so that determine and I hated you need anything. Do you want me to know I'm just freaking out? Well, yes, I will I think I looked down on the entire times. Those just like I feel like. I don't understand how like that idea,
you could just hidden ice patch and guess spinning into infinity. That's like this shit to renew it You know that those places that don't snow, re, yeah the roads never have eyes saw assault on just asked him when we were walking and Billy assumes. That is that salt I didn't know whose later ring rolling, always saying rice. Oh we, by the way we have been in the F B. I let my evinces niece Erin, isn't it, fucking these. In the F b, I found out clear here too heard he's running the Clarice Starling timing, offence,
real grace that which is actual harassment, harassment, sexual harassment me inside the land is tat. Not actually did Mamma Mamma she was found. I guess it looks like a gorgeous. It's like chocolate in peanut butter. This. This absolutely looks like someone went back and a time machine to IBM headquarters. Nineteen eighty like two of your highest chair, ok, so now commences for the next. Why sixty
that's me awkwardly trying to sit and hold and look casual. That's all! I do my enemies thing there. It s very weird Sunday will have been spoke chairs, but and tell them that are built. Do our bottom up. That's when I would stop listening a virus. Please stop supporting as media are. Building bespoke chairs for live shares, we'd gone too far. I beg you, we won't know, we won't be able to call it ourselves, you now the ones yeah, it's a tricky little spy on position to be in you wanna tell them that the pact has usually also my tubular dress. Doesn't
Well, this might be. Why are underperforming got rid of it because it kept riding up? Look at this can be done and done. It is going to give us a lot of material. Written just of extra helps. Nothing. It feels like a jellyfish is living in. My dress danger like it is beyond at any moment. Maybe too that's a jellyfish right
Oh also, I'm not wearing my spanks tonight, because these liberation imaginary back that pay the same. But it's loaded speak. I can't follow about noble region is its because they smell like beef. Turkey could look like literally real, so movements and down the beach Joe you all a merry. Are we going to beat jerky sir? We behind its own? Indeed, Turkey, I'm not looking just saying that link, I stink my book and they actually put my takes these military, but I needed to wear them in the same bag. Is the beach turkey. I thought you were like. I might have a medical condition and turn into emit this smell of beef Jerky hours, Turkey's banks. So it's a real problem, its original. It's an issue women face today, dongle dunks dunk
so. Yes, this is a true crime, comedy podcast. I bring it up because As you well know, some of you insist upon bringing outsiders to these signs, insist upon dragging those who don't know what's going on making them sit next to whether it's because you're codependent or someone just such flaked out on you, whatever it might be. There are people here who need a bit of an explanation, so just for those people, speaking to you, we need you to know this is, although comedies involved, we dont think that the worst thing that can happen to human being is funny. It's not what we joke about it's just because the georgian I and the way we communicate with each other being funny people.
That's how conversationally we kind of process this incredibly terrible news that you'll be getting from us. It's just the worst starts bad gets worse! That's our guarantee to you for this show so anyway. All of this is just to say that if you listen the pod cast, you know that we have the benefit of your doubts, because you ve heard the way we talk about this and you understand the way we do it. If you don't know that I cast you here to crime comedy podcast. You think that's offensive, that's wrong. They shouldn't be do doing that. You know we just have to say to you get there. Knockout right now, it's very simple
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ok, This is a classic. That's what I'm gonna do the murder of Carolyn. Why Zalewski? ok, a cry baby the cry baby movie. This based off a written by half and everything by your friend John Waters is here now is not would now be amazing. Besides my favorite seen in any movie ever, and now I can't remember which movie it is, but it's the one. One word divine dances down the fucking street. The camera?
C mon. You thank you. So sorry, my my apologies, I'm not a total waters head, as some people are, but it truly is one. I was watching that movie with my friends that scene started, and I laughed so loud and so hard visits divine just dancing like to this song down the street, but she's looking out toward. So I think what I heard was the behind the scenes of waters they just he was car with the camera and they were like ok, ready action and then just did it and everybody in the shot didn't know they were going to be in a movie. I dont know if they got permission slips from anybody out. I was just her back and jam and mystery em. If you haven't seen it, please do yourself a favor and look up female troubled dancing. It's it's the best, its most Julius beautiful thing. I've ever seen. And now, let's talk about murder, it'll be a little something for after we me out
after this shit, pallid user. Ok. So Carolyn the red, resolute ski she was born, and on June twelve nineteen, forty in nowhere else, but Baltimore Maryland. Yes, she's! The eldest of seven children with it's gotta be rough. Re work has severe the girl and you're the oldest of seven, like my dad had eight brothers and sisters. My aunt Theresa was the oldest in its you're like the second year junior mom. Yet they bought nay, they buy you. They have you, so you take care of the other ones. They eventually that's right right. So that's what that was her and she her family lives in Morrell Park and she's a freshman moral park moral park. That's what it didn't say,
No, I was asking I will know. I think they re over. I wish you would she and she's oppression that southern high school, and so she was, she was a nice girl. She was really smart books, Martin everything, but she fell in with a bad crowd because around this time when, in the early fifties in the early fifties, these like rebel without a cause, Greece's started getting like fuckin big, just like you saw in cry baby with the Pompidou I or the fines, but before the funds, the fines, but there are like the funds, but not a middle aged jewish man and quality, which is what the funds actually well that's right. So she was like these people, look like they're having fun, I'm gonna join them and she wasn't wrong. So the local rebel gang, just like in crybaby, which John waters from is there called the drapes, which is cool
and the girls are known as the jury. That's so her nickname with them was peaches and ass, mostly teens, although she's kind dating twenty two year old guess old, she is here, I guess- also she was talking to me. Oh real, close your eyes, and I know where Europe is. Fourteen she's forties use the principle of my grammar school. How glad I know I mean I'm sure some of the retouching for the black and white photo put more make, that's that's, but come and makes me glad that when I was a juvenile delinquency, fourteen which I was, I didn't look anywhere near older than fourteen, because they let you get away with a lot marcia. That's right, you don't I mean yes and people
If you look older than they assume you can handle re savvy Arusha exactly so, but she was too sweet girl and the juvenile delinquent gang that she hung out with. They did petty crimes like stealing cars that doesn't seem petty, non petty at all. Go let's, not you're gonna get in trouble for that and holding hot rod races as well. Oh seems very dangerous pet, but still paddy ok, smart kind, but the time she's fourteen she's already gained a reputation which is like fuck. You can select shame, but you know it's the time when, like you, dont like girls into our parents at the time you had a big dress properly and act properly, like your mom or whatever and some, but sometimes she leave home for a couple days. But she always came home and you know apologize for parents, she's, also feisty and she's looking for excitement. And since you look so much older, people must stuck her for being in twenty or thirty times. Yes, MA am
they're like easier out this insurance for didn't, get dancing filling insurance gardens. I can't I don't even know my ancestors Gary Number, lady, okay, so on the night of November eighth. Nineteen, fifty four at six The team Pm Caroline tells her family that she's going to meet her friend, Peggy and they're, going register for a dance class at the local elementary school. Lino second, chill probably liner parents, I did it a lot happier. Are like you're going out wearing that we don't like it. She's in a tight, pink top black skirt with accent which I think are these yeah. Those are please
ok, I'm not a fashion Easter by any stretch of the imagination but you'd like acute Reese or girl. You know and she had her blonde hair and curlers covered scarp and gentle jaunty scarf round her neck as well. She went out and curlers yeah lover, so she was actually going our friends house right cause yoga. You don't mean yes, so maybe they're going to mean do something else or maybe they're just you being innocent teens. We don't know because she doesn't return home that evening and her parents, worried and she is a school night, sober family searches and streets in their neighbourhood, and they can't find her anywhere. A friend Peggy says she never showed up at her near my trailer park com and she never arrived at the school to register for the dance either and no one can figure out where she went after she left home and it's like she just vanished into thin air, then
and then the morning the next morning November, nineteen nineteen, fifty four a train engineer is driving a is. Pensee, or is that a typo penny or Pensee? explain on have them anymore, apparently and train. The Pensee Express yeah there's another than they do in Pennsylvania, yeah. I guess there are mad. I do you know the nickname of trade means. So this train, the strains come in Baltimore Pansy expanded, Pansy Norman and our friend from Harrisburg, its pulling into Baltimore. That still exists, and I think it's just under the Belvedere Avenue Bridge and there's a train goes closer. The train, Acta realises the odd shape that he sees lying in the tracks. Bobby its
Caroline was a loose ski stone by chance. There's a journalist on the train named bill stump and he said quote this: the train slow down and no one knew what the hell is going on and then they were diverted to another track they passed by and saw the cops milling around and shit. Unlike knew something was up. Carolyn has been beaten and their scratches and birds as all over her body The murder becomes mass avenues locally and I read one article in it and called her a quote called like that. You know she's a teenage rapid like they really picked up on that in a way that, as we know now, it's like maybe she's but she got girls don't be like fast Stena yet because they called her a jazz lover. Guns a jazz lever and boy crazy like yeah we're fourteen yeah, what's up back off seriously, so
The medical examiner reports that the cause of death is a skull fracture and that any places her time of death at eleven o clock the night before and the last trying to pass under the bridge was ten thirty, so they think like right after that happened. She was killed somewhere else and brought to that place and a fright and they said there was no sign of sexual assault. But then I read there's no evidence of violent sexual attacks. I think that just got Miss printed. I mean come on them and the strangest clue is that written on Caroline Spy is the name Paul in lipstick. Creepy Reda so The evidence shows that she's probably not murdered where she was found, and so it doesn't late. They find the murder sign. Eventually, it's down the street from her house in a vacant lie eight miles away from where the bridge the bridge where she was found and its, but it's it's,
lot near the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, something something yard Pensee frenzy and they found her shoes and other personal belongings. There they speak to the family just to train tracer final movements, but they can't come up with anything concrete or anyone who saw her. It's one of the most intensive man hunts in Baltimore, history, there's all these leads. What's up, one of them is So Carolyn recently had testified in her friends sexual assault case. Her friend sexually assaulted. She testified against the person, and so it was their eyes that maybe you could have in pay back for her cooperation and the accused. Man is question by police, but is really the release due to lack of evidence like this is not a lot of information about these people, but they also guilty yeah. You know every single version every lines
Another major suspect is a dude known as Ralph Garrett. He had been missing since he drove his wife to work that Monday morning, the same day Carolina disappeared. He lives close to Caroline, and witnesses saw a that clean. They saw the two of them together that night and they also witness is also so they sought to town car near where her body was found, and this dude Ralph drives a similar car, so they can't find him anywhere and then his car is found abandoned in a nearby town. The day after care allowance body was discovered and then the new stay his body is discovered, on the railroad tracks near we're carrying one place here hanging from about from great wheel. On top of a gondola car holy shit, I can kill themselves ripe. Where everybody is now an event current another town see everyone's guilty. Yes, there is
lot going on. Yes, let's see that data and the good and the bad thing check the car see. If the tires match that tyres even the crime, and we can't find anything that says if they are not so that's good, and neighbours described him as a steady, decent guy, so the coms we're like Campi him right so his way, though, or who are playing liberals I go away. You give yourself right there himself right there and his wife said that her husband had been depressed since the week before which he annually had this depression at the same time, where's mom died every year since she said that's why it happened. I swear and so he is ruled out as a suspect. I think so over the next few months. Three hundred p, brought in for questioning
including a bunch of Carolines, great friends and the stewed Rocky is a twenty two euro guy who is dating her and he gets brought in for questioning for several hours and supposed. I've been on a date with Carolyn that night and He doesn't give the police any new information now and he isn't Siena's, especially a suspect at all, either after three hundred question. Question three hundred people, they don't find any promising leads in the case of actually goes called how yeah Carolyn Funeral Super popular and the newspaper rates, although Carolyn and gain a reputation for living beyond her tender years, the last the last rites when those for a little girl and Gee her. She was a little girl guys, even though she listened jazz everyone's now, fuckin shrilly and here
Her draped friends were pulled the pallbearers, this crazy guy, says ass, so sad and she was very that next to the grave of her grandfather. And yeah. Ok. So meanwhile, kid upper middle class catholic family in suburban Baltimore name, John Waters, ok, sorry, side, no side carnation, my favorite given the world. Both you. Ve been here things, the world are John wandered related, and yet I dont know the name of his hesitant as I fat anyhow there's a give works this picture and then slowly a little pencil comes in and just put stash bass and this second it's there. It looks exactly like right today I see so funny. I should have found that one
a man, so he became obsess in that you like he was from a human, we're doin pointless, just everywhere. It's not worth it. So he becomes obsessed with drapes, unlike the drain culture, and it has a huge impact on em. He grows up fascinated by these kids. He sees out in Baltimore he's obsessed with them and he never forgets Carolyn, and he read all about her. He said It was very. This is what happens to girls, who hang out with drapes and he saw the whole deal as a class issue because Does she wasn't lower class? He wasn't as ever class. He didn't. I can get it Eighteen. Ninety John Waters releases has found crybaby starring, Johnny Depp, as the leader of the delinquent gang, also called the drapes. He is on record as saying that Caroline was Lucy's case is the one is inspiration behind it and I tried watch it today,
finish, but it's it's in thank you. I just can't get over Tracy lords and about what a haughty issue shit like what the fuck. I don't like that. So murder. You gonna do I just wanna before I start my murder. I want to talk about history a little, but it's a civics. It's a civic pages like that, Stephen. You need to make it harder. Diva mermaid do that. Why did you do that ceiling? Carolyn, wiser, loose key? The killers never been caught, but the cases never going away. People are so fascinated by to this day, though, more than sixty years have passed since her murder, the death is one of Baltimore, is more steam, is a legendary unsolved murders and that
the murderer. Caroline was a loose skiing wow. So do you believe that the guy that kills themselves and was at the railroad tracks is the person who did you do but whip all by listening, Paul written they love sick and are now so we are. Maybe she did not herself costs over someone in Paul. She liked yeah and she was just messing around the right now. It's really sad you know who else is Abraham, Lincoln, I'm. So sorry, I don't give a shit. I think you know me well. I know that I don't give a single shit anything right. I can't I can't believe you're going here. Oh I'm going you better go,
we're men remain entirely India's raised you guys there so much terrible murder in the city of Baltimore, as you so much. Baltimore has a higher murder rate than Chicago is crazy, you're the reason people get mad at as that's
you're gonna get social commentary uglier than I then I am also going to announce my candidacy repressive. I know you think Baltimore Desire, murdering Chicago Lincoln, is sad.
So when I was looking for my story, I was just looking for something that might be a little less sucking depressing or that thing that remind you of the day to day bullshit or whatever, and then I stumbled upon the Baltimore plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Do you know about the Baltimore? Our came together, scheming, those back in city, an hero like he's going down? It's pretty amazing! Now here's my disclaimer that I need to say, be authorised? the story. I am Last person, who should be telling you it was when I was in fifth grade, I went to public school where we,
studied the president's in six grain and then I switch schools to the Catholics in town for like Junior high, where they had already study the president's in fifth grade. So I, have no clue what I'm talking about right now in terms of policy the president the year beard like I do that this man's a stranger to me in many ways I learned a lot and it was fun, but I also and the very scared right now very, very scared. Definitely in an area that a long time in an area where there are historical, podcast, the people host, where that sounds like they were
to kill you the whole time. So I'm scared to be America their glory. Everything about this is very dangerous, were here with the air we go and that's why I love this job. Thank you. So much, ok, so Abraham Marie Lincoln was born every time we love on February, it's well. They do no nine and a one room, log cabin with all bending down your throat. It's not mine in thinking spring at sinking spring farm in Harden County Kentucky. His family then relocated to Hurricane Township. In pay, recounting any andor in what are Jews, Indiana, Indiana, smell,
Like you say you did say it like. I know every rats, though I know how to say other cities men's Indiana and eighty sixteen, and when he was seventy, were they move? There were new seven. He stayed there till he was twenty one and then in eighteen, thirty twenty one year old. We can just go through a series of portraits. Let's see that
Let's see that mug so different, he's the looks, Abe Lincoln legs all or to anyone. What's that a dark suit and a beard, I've seen us day, that's an old looking twenty one euro it was working on farms. Back then, was on your college. In the early hours they didn't espionage, Botox, nasal, moist, cooking oil. Does my favorite last night, Georgia give too. We were talking about cleaning something and she kept suggesting coconut oil as soon as the cure, all cleaner swiftly really work, signature train, it really works and how that oil by my coconut oil drink it clean with there.
what he's twenty one months, Illinois, Sir, just like you guys and else's dad set up a new farm mare. Then he set out on his own key is a boat menace, store clerk, surveyor, a militia soldier? And finally, a lawyer I feel like from now on to be president. You have to have been others, yes, or at least I'm sorry. When were you a boatman forget about air thing is sorry, President Starbucks you haven't done, he's the one we're matter: no billionaires allowed, okay, so in eighteen, thirty, four keys elected to the Illinois Legislature serfs work about ten years in
forty six he's elected to the: U S House of Representatives: he is a member of the Hague, the party his, form, consists of among other issues. The opposition to the expansion of slavery in the terrorist territory is perhaps so. He was yes, as we all know, a great abolitionist, an attack. Of slavery in this country, so in eighteen. Fifty eight Stephen Douglas is up for re election for the Illinois seat in the Senate, and good old laughing Abe bright ray of sunshine. Here is simply we simply can't find one won t you can't. I challenge you to do it
so he's pissed, because Stephen Douglas is is very pro. Slavery is all about that rhetoric and Lincoln is strongly oppose, opposed his political views so he decides to run against him. He wins the Senate Popular vote, but he loses the election. I'm with her right since mucking like about system the city like it, it's what thirty six about, picks it by a Yo Yo Yo next morning. Don't worry who had where lights going. I lie that we don't prize re, but here today He ran such a strong race that all the Republicans at the time now see him as a viable option for presidency. So of course,
they asked me to do it- He'S- has an adverse Khazar like arm from a farm in a hundred feet tall or whether there are let us can do just do it. People love ass. All men talking is like flatter me, a little more on think again, please. I think I'm busy empty funny. If it Lincoln was super coy he's kind of a disease. Its lasting history is a chameleon ten fucking Bundy always changes amazing. Just so many looks.
So after gaining even more popularity from his eighteen, sixty Cooper Union speech in New York City Usher, Abe Lincoln receives the official endorsement right I mean I'm saying these words. I have no idea what they mean. I now seems very slowly starting to understand what people are like. I love to learn. I'm like you know what I'm gonna get around to. Some learning seems like it would be a good idea for me, he gives Super union speech that unite all the time I ever so it was like so law may. Well, he s long and boring and boring. He receives the official endorsement for straight hours of this, he receives the official endorsement, did I say that already, okay, so very
Let's get the reaction at around two am on November six. Eighteen, sixty Abraham Lincoln receives word. He has won the presidency of the United States, Sir sure, but here this by a very narrow margin and most of the other candidates were very plucked pro slavery and so his neck. Immediately sparks of secessionist movements? So here sides. What he's going to do is take a thirteen day whistle. Stop train trip from Illinois to DC, so that along the way in all the northern states where people are abolitionists, he can go and shake hands and calm people down and say it's all great we're gonna be fine and then, in the handful of cities that could that he could possibly pass through on this train that are below the Mason Dixon line. He can go, extend a hand of peace and say hey, don't re about it every
it's gonna be ok, but no more fuckin slavery in this country that this plan yeah great and everything- worked out thin line. So when the government offers him a military escort to go along with him on this train trip, he refuses saying that he dislikes quote: ostentatious display an empty pageantry, Alice Security and EVA its security details. Marty girl, like no one's gonna again, there will be no further boas the entire time, but he is like no other than the people dont protect me Meanwhile, everyone's super worried because from the day he was elected from the moment, it was announced that he is elected he's too, getting this insane amount of mail so much so that he has to higher
a young bavarian immigrant named John Nikolay to act as a secretary and help manage responded. The correspondence Stephen diva see them. It's Nicholas had kind of like a big bunch here on this weird mustache. He loved cats city touch. History tells us is what, if we're like Stephen just tell us, are you a young bavarian emigrant, please be honest. I want to see papers so
this poor guy, John Nicolaides, opening in reading these letters and finds an overwhelming amount of death threats. Great of course now, when Lincoln's warned about these death threats, heat shocks them up to angry hyperbole because he's an optimist and he believes in them, but that's too feeble that shit is ass. Her eyes. Never did you of all people oh, even though people are taking the time to write to him and say I'm going to stab you, I'm going to shoot you and I'm gonna blow up that train. He's like. Let's take this trip, everybody perfect, so there Philadelphia Railway Executive name, Samuel, Morse, Felton and its essentially he's pissed at Lincoln, because
he knows the risk and he and there are so many threats to blow up the train and he's like that's my train. This is my living, your fucking, where the air being all bold, like don't worry about it like no, I'm super worried so He believes there is a deep laid conspiracy to capture Washington, destroy all avenues leading to it from the North EAST and West and prevent the inauguration of Mister Lincoln at the Capitol so he, hires Alan Pinkerton to come and investigate so you ve heard the Pinkerton detective agency. But mixed feelings may remember you don't remember this part, maybe it'd, because part of the story of their very fame but there is no simple,
I'm in this story. So don't worry about it right now. We can see if we can't solve at all. It's worry about this guy, so Samuel, Felton, hires Alan Pinkerton and he's like a week I really need you to make sure that the presidents and killed and nothing happens to my precious precious train? He loved train, he loved trains of delay on his belly and watch them Pinkerton. As a Scottish aren't Egerton scottish immigrant, who had once been a barrel maker in a village also in Illinois. But he did some vigilante work, helping neighbours catch a ring of counterfeiters and so than him You got fix that that's a nightmare, that's a nightmare for her or is it I'm so sorry,
basically outage yourself as a scream sneezer at a place at the place where we're all so sensitized there's nothing. She could not see. How are you Thank you not anymore. My analyst decision. Universal gray, plunging history so fascinating. Ok, I want Bickerton. He actually was the first official detective in the city of Chicago. Then he opens Zone agency. Yep Chicago Pinkerton jumps have the chance to help the president and the train. So, this time is passing more. Southern states are or threatening to secede from the union or choosing to secede from the union Maryland is becoming increasingly divided
and anti northern sentiments seem to be winning the fight. So it's a major concern because vit virtually every route that link it could possibly take to Washington DC, has to run through Baltimore disaster here an inevitability. I do not see the mat like cartoon tree. Screeching through great dream, and at the time Baltimore was the nations. Fourth largest city had more than two hundred thousand residents and twice as many as Chicago Chicago's, never gonna. Let us come back. We known there like going back to Chicago yeah? I went to the Baltimore. Show there talking shit about the entire time, then they attacked a scream sneezer. Is they factor so
Alan parents who decides to go full on a hold on can we stop with them this gorges as blue blue eyes? So bored? I bet you. I bet his beard smells like beef jerky thing color so our pig decides. What he's going to do is go full on Donnie Brass and go undercover. He inlet his top agents- and including a new recruit name, Harry Davies and five weeks before the inauguration. They all travel to Baltimore, to scope it out and They do is Pinkerton gets a remedy boarding house near the Camden Street TRAIN station and so gorgeous and
poses as a southern stockbroker named John Age Hutchinson, and so that allows him access into baltimores, basically business. Certain moneyed people than Harry Davies takes on the identity of an extreme anti union man, and he starts letting people now hanging out letting people know that he is willing to contribute financially to any endeavours that will bend The satellites he's like hey, I, like slavery, eggs, yeah, that's right and then develop me people are like its name, we'll talk about it, see Grit, Lee, ok but what happens as they both here endless anti union rhetoric from nearly everyone they me. So Lincoln announces that he is going to travel to Deasey on what we call an open and public manner. So
he'll, be stopping frequently along the way to greet the public and the eighteen or area this whistle. Stop train tour will be made public great rate. So now the shooters establishes an letter. Writers know exactly where he'll be every day every hour of the day in place, so everyone's like Why are you doing there? Is this? What you're all presidency is going to be like he made. It is did someone stole out of the balcony skipping ahead to the realization. Oh that's offensive. Please don't eat men. I know you ok, so he's like
Where's all stop train trip make it is unsafe as possible, but everybody let's get on board. Okay. So with the threat of Maryland secession looming and the bolts and with Baltimore being the only slaveholding city, that's on the journey apart. Wash DC itself. Pinkerton immediately goes into panic mode and and now This point Lincoln is receiving daily death threats, including one threatened the death by spiders filled dumpling. Yes, that's a delicacy and someplace. I hear a bird but meanwhile Harry Davies has befriended and Anti Union man named Otis K, Hilary and he's the pillar does a lieutenant in the civilian militia called the palmetto guards. So on the morning of Monday's everywhere, Eleventh eighteen, sixty one lincoln packs up boards is train gets on that leg of the trip to DC and then
today, which is fairer, twelve Davies inhaler hanging out in Davies Room Hilary Ass Davies. If he seen and itinerary of Lincoln's journey It tells him that he's figured out a way to seamlessly track the Prague then does becoming increasingly divided and anti northern sentiments seem to be winning the fight. So it's a major concern because VIC virtually every route that link it could possibly take to Washington DC, has to run through Baltimore and just ass an inevitability. I just see the mat, let like cartoon train screeching through great through and at the time Baltimore was the name
on the other side of town where the rich bridges are Pinkerton, isn't mid conversation with a business man named James H, luck it and that guy hands that there might be some trouble for Lincoln S. He passes through Baltimore, so pink Pinkerton slips, look at twenty five dollars and basically is like I want to contribute to the efforts of whatever is being planned against him. The old twenty five dollar bill is on that at the time President what other president's tell me of the leaders of this country Taft.
K, C tapped and about taking on the twenty five EU serious gay they had to get rid of it here, though, until up in the pinkies will thinking. The exact tat most nickname, I've only heard gas and that to this day never heard the actual facts. Okay, so taking debate, look, it says he can't tell Pinkerton what the plan is, but did he offers to introduce into the head of the operation a man Captain Cypriot offer the Pinkerton meets with further meaning Farren Dini, Farren, deeming guys
how do we have a photo is ever beheld thinks he finds out. The baron Dini is planning to go Lincoln himself when you pass through Baltimore. So after Tate talking for a couple days, Pinkerton pieces together through rumours and reports, any figures out the plan, so quote a vast. Outwood Meet at Lincoln Strain at the cavern Depot, and here it was arranged tat. A small force of policemen should be stationed in president arrives, a disturbance would be created, It would then be an easy task for determined man to shoot. The president aided by his companions to see succeed in making his escape we saw very, it's gonna, be a what guided garlic club, cocoanut shell spray, so
Pinkerton, of course, is like holy shit. This is really happening. He Russia, to send a secret telegraph warning to another guy Norman Judd is ice, pause because its he was part of Lincoln's sweet which I think is like his street team I dont know and who, They care. So Pinkerton tells Davies meet with pillared again to try to get more info on that side. What of but that plan is so on February. Eighteen Davies, dinner with pillared and colored openly confirms that is national volunteers unit is soon draw lots to see who will kill Lincoln. So Davies pretence. He wants an inhaler degrees to take Davies with them to the meeting at which they are going to pick the killer, So now there in said that night they go to a secessionist house with twenty. Other men include
Inferrin Dini, whose dressed in funeral blacks and they, whom biggest sickly, put on big like candle. I think that was all candles back then right that they, like em, wouldn't lighter yeah. The universe back ever so Otis Hilliard invented that Marin doesn't like you'd stop you're acting nuts they gather in a circle, and cold candles and Davy is forced to swear his allegiance to this group, and then they all draw folded ballot slips from a box to see who will be the killer. Dick the draws anonymous. Nobody says anything and then they all leave and they first plate truth or their sound like sleep or where there is a lot. There's a lot of cares care even like stuff, everybody ran out crying all
Al Davies knows is that he didn't rather bad ballot and neither did Oda tiller. So he Russia's back to tell Pinkerton about this creepy meeting and the kissing and kissing and and then he tells us mom so finger. Ginger knows now this is happening. We have to act, so the more February. Twenty first now it's been three weeks since seven felt in has hired Pinkerton only three weeks, so Pinkerton basically devices a plan to evade the attack by getting, Can train to get to Baltimore early, so he books enough to fill to pitch this idea to Lincoln. So he says he explained the president. If you get to Baltimore early it'll, throw every of the trail, and then by the time February, twenty third rules around you will already be safely in Washington DC they'll, be sitting here, waiting to kill you in Baltimore and were how will have the last laugh, but this plan
requires that Lincoln reduces caravan to only one or two people which of course would leave him completely exposed, but The reason the Lincoln says no Lincoln says no, because he said he already made a commitment to raise the flag over independent Independence Hall in Philadelphia the next morning and then visit. Legislature in Harrisburg in the afternoon, but I mean You can cancel. You won't, cancel so Pinkerton has to come up with another plan, and the second plan essentially works. The same way it just in Lincoln would get to Baltimore little later than Pinkerton. One end like kind of pushing a little bit, but ahead of the scheduled to still foil the attack
and can agrees and on the evening of February twenty. Second after he follows through on all of his book and obligations and fill in areas. Bird big nerd excuses themselves from a dinner was several prominent pennsylvanians and he goes upstairs in the building therein and he's given a beaver hat and a shawl to disguise the that's. The best system is not good. Is Beaver. Hats, don't attract attention at the Beaver ads on my what six five man, nobody would now and then a nice light blue shawl that his grandmother crocheted like what's that trapper doing with my grandma shawl leave him alone. Ok, so then he's so he's disguised and they sorry hidden whisk em off to the station, where he boards at a train a night train from Harrisburg back to fully and this,
We can catch the eleven p M train to Baltimore, but the problem is that the help the Harrisburg train might not arrive and in fill in time for him to board the Eleven o clock train their worried about the connection castle. Certain sets up a decoy. He creates an important package which is just a box that stuff railroad reports and wrapped up in paper is Abraham in the box. Yes, he became tiny, somehow and old railroad reports, any gives it to Felton, and then she felt Ngos and tells the railway workers. So this is like the present the company, coming down and being like you have to use this packages, so important, and you have to get it on the train, basically heat. He creates the diversion everyone's focusing on this package and they say they have to get it
and then I bring up Abe Lincoln snack it that's why I'm ten years old, I'm so into history. I don't get sex jokes anymore, breathless with historical facts, so he's Lincoln's honours on on on the train he's on his way to silly the plants in motion firm to get onto that. Eleven o clock, TRAIN different railway than it was announced on the public itinerary than that they released and arriving at a different Baltimore station station that was initially announced, so he would arrive in Baltimore in the dead of night. Sleeper car would then be unhitched from the train and drawn by horse to Camden Street station.
Cool school as something can be, and eighteenth is whatever it is. Sixty one, and then they were gonna couple it to a Washington DC down trained. So to ensure everything when, according to plan, actually hires alignment to go cut the telegraph communication line between Harrisburg in Baltimore, so that there was no way anyone could go and send a telegram. Then Lincoln was coming with due to do they boob. That's all coming he's not smiling, but he seems we're having a good time. Ok, so here's the hitch, the train from Harrisburg, having or first to move quickly gets to Philly early they get there too soon, so
The present is now at risk of being recognised by the other passengers at the station is nothing like stand around like nobody doubts that whenever a disguise I've been Beaver on his head, like a beta system living Beaver, the plan coarsely, don't ruin the planned Jerry. So to fix this Pinkerton decides that Lincoln is the same. Place he could be would be in a moving carriage, because then when people that will now he's in there are the people with him. He won't be spotted whatever. So they could get a carriage stick him in it in his disguise and then they give the carriage driver insane directions like they tell em. They gave him all these really complicated direction there like, and you need to keep your eye out for this person like on the road of ITALY, the drivers distracted. He drives around in circles for like an hour and then the plane.
Drink and then there's a rip and at that in this area and a plane, lands still scared right, Engrais, basically the net. They get back to the station. They get onto the train when the train arrives without being seen great right, so why the train from hairs to Philly allowed Lincoln and his team to travel in private they their own car, the train. Failure to Baltimore is like a black he's has to share the stranger rose, so what they do to maintain a presence. Anonymity is now they get a second. A female Pinkerton name, Kate Warner and he poses as a woman whose travelling with her sick brother and she goes to the conductor and says: can we please sit in the back
the train, my brother's very ill and he needs rest any I dont want to open up. This is not what she said. Please. I beg you with all the the conductor, buys her story and gets them reserve seats in the back of the train. So then they get to be on this train with a little curtain, bold between their area and the rest of the great unwashed. So, on its a four and a half hour train right, like that, we only only a curtain is dividing the president of the United States and everybody who kind of wants him dead, but just the looming threat of danger Lincoln remained in good spirits, the whole time even joking, with his team there, because it doesn't fuckin, take it seriously
You're gonna die due, doesn't know history. Also what what are the jokes water what's a Lincoln Joe makes a pull. My beard loads, really and you'll love it They get to Baltimore. They whisk Lincoln off to the connecting station to his next train them train is delayed. So is of course, the good spirits hightail it out of their new becomes clean. Bitch is like let the for whose plan as this so the sun's about to rise. All they can do- is sit there and wait for this train to come so finally it, but it does come and he's lips on, they bear, a lot about more Baltimore. They had four DC by six, I'm on February. Twenty third Lincoln's train arrived safely in Washington DC mission, complete and later that morning,
on in on the arrive at the assassination in only to see that Lincoln has already passed through and with Davies who write with Davies. Recital M pillared expresses bafflement as to how the president could have gotten window the plot, That's when Davies turned to the camera dude. I have no idea where clicks seals up in the air freeze, frame, credits, Roth Overdone and so, as we all know, Abraham
again was inaugurated. This is an actual picture of his inauguration day. Here's the applause. Look at Mary Todd rocking now, and that is the crazy story of the Baltimore plot to assassinate Abraham. Lincoln was a wild. Can you believe history even happened? Do we have time for clearance? Gonna tell your story. Here's the part where I tell you. The rules is deeply because didn't touch the fraud mozzarella better than his bride. Mozzarella Gurion things things, and so let me just sell you really quick analysing the world's first, but you know the rules we have listened anyway. So this is a time for hometown murder. We would level Baltimore story, airline, definitely Maryland.
Nowhere else don't do it, don't do it? Don't think you should do it. Why, for this person like on the road of ITALY, the drivers distracted he drives around in circles for life. If I'm not allowed to be any, why love your spirit but no fuckin way? It's such a nice in such a nice idea, but I mean seriously it's like tomorrow morning you show up at that time was date. Please have a beginning mental and an that's the best way to tell any story and where anything else, everyone hates you yeah, that's right, keep it quick, keep it quickest people hate you forgetting pact. Ok, let's get going at the lights up a tiny bit
three sisters have reminded us something in my earlier yeah yeah go over here. Why I like him anywhere, I write down or should that raising store of buying it scary? Thank you. The audience don't come in the center. No, you were just about everybody, Jessica, lotta people tell me. I looked like you. Oh yeah, we little black where you from bottom yeah. What's your story, so I'm gonna tell a story. Is not my triple intolerance, my college town, you and be see. Retrievers go sky. His name is used in a tremor. In his fears basis, you swear that's real by Israel. Go. I will we then last year, research. Isn't it honours Polly, oh media? We would serve the little bit more about this college. Relegates it's a great site for the murder zoo. It is, is a u b c and Myspace murder and there was a student there by the name of John gone. He many
lovely lady. Myspace named Josie Brown, and they went on a date. They were driving back to his apartment on campus details there physique I'm trying to remember them all, but I guess he wanted to fuck her. She did not she's that DR anyhow, he said sure so we're like ok but somewhere along the road. He got up that she would not fuck him and got her a car or she asked. I would really know what happened. He be hurt it. I know so her. He beater their left to their own. Just want back to college. Like nothing happens,
Couple months go by body is sound. Multiple report say he tried to cut off her fingers, but only did one hand and removed her bottom jaw she's, so she wouldn't be identified, but luckily he pocket tiled her while he was beating her. It was all caught on her voice mouth, so he is now in jail, prison for the rest of his life and they see murder back in two thousand five Jesus horrifying thing is the main way. Is it a canadian kick? We forgot to procure the President says it's a key chain, so in May that says: murder Reno I'll take that freight job. Thank you, those horrifying jarring. Ok, thank you very much for coming and I thank you for listening. Thank you for supporting us, always we're so grateful and so lucky that we gotta do this and drive in the snow and and come see. These were friendly faces. Its wonderful thank you here. This is an amazing show, and we say this all the time. It's a problem with posting life's as people hear speeches at the end that we say it because we honestly mean this is this. Is our dream come true? I mean like because of your support, because if you guys coming out getting tickets showing up, we got to write a book like the reason that's happening is causing you guys and, and so we're so excited that we get
to do it with you. So thank you so much for being with us throughout this King, in a situation that we are in, and it thanks for coming out and do us a favour and say sexy and out
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