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164 - Live at the Sony Centre in Toronto

2019-03-14 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Julie Stanton and the Massey Maid Murder. 

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This is exactly right. Always I forgot to finish my my spend. Should I look and see? What's in there? it says, oh thanks on the front of it. I, like an already someone forget similar up her, so I think there
birth control and here is as let's take it all, is tat. Well, it's something political about women her bad vibes. Yeah sounds good and then also women, someone left as a gift in the back of his really beautiful little thing that has sand and shells in it and it says emotional support dirt. So thank you like here. It's not just so. I e, where you get your emotional support, soil, it's everywhere, soil dammit, all across the great land you get around other work out and we're gonna go back out very quickly
hi. Can I just explained this year's up at their shot. You don't know me, you know anything about me. Last night we were in Detroit, Miss again America and heard of Albania you're right- that was exactly the right sound to make about knows wonderful. We had a great show. We driven to the Pegasus Greek restaurant afterwards, which is one of Vincent favorite restaurants, Laming cheese, they very unlike tease on Bio, it's a shot. It's like a show. It's like dinner inertia, it so good. And on the way, the guy that was driving us who worked at the theatre. Gotta call saying why, of them left their shoes and it
despair of clogs that I've been working since the very first show that we ever did to piss my sister off, which, even when, before the does show you put the money said I gotta get rid of these. Yes that just last night I said exiles like at this point. My sister doesn't care anymore, I'm the only one laughing at this job, like a kind of doesn't matter, but I still like is just like my little else like you to my sister, silently he got all around the nation. Gonna have one and then, but I didn't want to make, that our drive back to that the iter and then drive to the Pegasus like here's, your dirty clogs MA. Am I like that? I want to be that persons who are not at that level yeah yeah back and get their get their rearing or organic. Very ana right. Southern areas like please don't come but though she as like our care- and I have no issues kissed them into the wind backlogs- who
moving into a weird phase that I don't belong in any way who do you think got those clogs exploiting their dna dispose? Oh, I hope that's the long island medium. All during my she's like I can smell the goes over the ghosts of your old tights and they are the lazy fashion, said Jerry computer? So? What about this about? Oh these are I ordered the. I ordered these special because, of course, in California we were warned months ago, you're going to places that have whether so here you must prepare, and so I ordered special snow, like cold weather that also have insults for a planner fascinated. So these are bowed. His aunt Judy as a pair of shoes could be an Judy. Spare planter, lively IDA is likely to happen.
Again. We all suffer. We play cards together. You know, so that's what I did. How but you're out, though, that this event is just that I have that I've. Never I have an I'm also appeared it with my peeling sunburn yeah that are so fucking terrible in gross I've spent. I would say eighty three percent of my life with appealing some. I think that's healthy re, that's good, for you
till the mill, the milliner mudslides in my full body, melanoma, that's right around the corner and that's why I've gotta live for today with my snowball speaking, this is my favorite murder, the sergeant hard so little fucked up on cold medicine, coffee. So it's gonna, be that's the college. Girls speed ball. I think they call- and I unfortunately this is how this is like, where we're out now, as you have you turned, and how to see me pulling my spanks users shouldn't showing you and that our it's a very unattractive yet comfort.
Let's see, I go behind closed door like I'm, always like zoo and twelve minutes and take on my side and then the pulling and guaranteeing the phases began. I've I'm always like a slightly sweating, and then I came out like what nothing I'm just thinking I usually do too, but this cold bags yeah, like I'm gonna, do re here then, and just like doing mascara then corner my. I see that you're, just like literally jumping up off the ground to get those banks on that's right. Critics they are working hard, they're doing it. I actually had last night I bought this. Is this great fucking material, by the way to our australian material. Now that the Junta, last night? I was wearing mistakes banks because I bought a new pair. I was like I native above
armor replay suit it. I need to get near Kevlar for this tour, so went to buy it and I what kind of wasn't paying attention and I only got the has the one that to hear which introduce me to the person that doesn't rolled down on. I don't get it it's it just immediately rolls down, so I had kind of again, looks like three
peace, sausage that you like and three link sausage chain under this fuckin dress, I like to go more smooth harbour seal, but it was like them back. Please say I was but thank you it's a new tomorrow. I actually got the he's. Sorry, but let me just rather similes exhort you please, Sir he's never stop talking about it. I bought this body suit thing it the Detroit Airport. And I think she charged me three hundred dollars- I'm not paying. I wasn't paying attention, but I was like how much further it's fine just give it to me. I knew that I had to have it. We're but to try to introduce
Stephen away is here I swear to God. It feels good weather, sweat. Restaurant even to yesterday, Marguerite
he's a thirty! He moves food is it's really. I mean where better to go to my redevelopment and Niagara falls like a little they came in and now we have a photo of your neighbour policy. Do do do do Brenna, actually sono shop, doubt Brunner, like how they do in the bans words like who lose that girl. No one knows you keep like you, keep lacking as much as you want to millions of hearts break all over the just me and a wonderful blurry thing right right, I'll stage with their arms grass right over here written and did you go over in a barrel of the water of the inn, in my mind I wanted to, and it would have been so beautiful. Even I love it, so you had to get drunk.
Of course, to survive a barrel. You know, would have been sorry, you never know. Do you want to talk about your ear? just just you know perfect for cold weather, perfect time to cut my when its thirty degrees, you like it. Tend to send a photo to us and said that what was it that Hitler, something It is very sad. Also relate dapper. You re more is that someone should be levied your on how we might not everyone. Elzevir Womanlike, Stevens, here he's not here my death. My dad is saying at my house with the cats, and I got a cat came so yeah Marty's. Not here, that's right, listen text twins, give a pot grinder
he needs to relax and he's got back, Glaucoma hormonal he could mean, might someday, hopefully, by its preventive guy. We ve forgotten preventative. When we were we we re in a pot related story? Is it that you got weak dozens, gonna, joint, less, nay, the bubble? Okay, this is the best so after the show audiences friend is like the the demands of enjoy it later The trade in illegal stop calling me so is that the latter can line em up everybody ass share with your hands and I'll have abandoned their scope. We go down say:
to some people go, we have brought up, then we get brought down to do the meat and great and, as Vince is going down the stairs he realizes he lost. The joint he's, like I thought, colossal joint help. Me look as we go down the stairs? We go down the stairs, it's not on the stairs and he's like we had to find a joint and I in my mind I was like. I'm gonna find this thing and I was like bragging about how great my eyesight, islamic by I find the current tax when people lose up and then I can't see for shit like if you see me if we are ten feet away and you go like this, I will not see it like. You have to be kind of right. Here happened many times at airports like and it happens a lot if you like she's such a bitch. I know you're just a blur and I.
I could wear glasses. I choose not to decide who want to get involved anyway. It's good for my anxiety anyway, if you have really bad social anxiety, just take your fucking glasses off. It is a miracle call you suddenly you're, just like everything's, beautiful blurry and I'm sorry rings Idee bangs. Are they bangs hide behind them? Yes to chill out a little bit so anyway, I turn on my sixth sense, my weed I and we walked down into the room that we had been in and I just walked over as like here. It is very good order under a word thing, because if you have the will, if you have the passion you can do
things. You lot, ladies and gentlemen, and that's why we're here to night I pull down my agenda. Jackson had MIKE so you're survives yielded pound down its downtime. I think I think these are. These are deliberate cheery, other Anderson, Cooper, INDIGO and charities Italians about how they send chairs, though, like douche show shirts, like this one and then Cooper and Andy currents and chairs to every venue and they leave em they're, because all of these are the chairs you wanting a drunken yeah and so we gotta use, though, say: ship chairs were not there yet either. That's right will be yeah. My back just cracklings insects place. That's not good enough
grandma. Where are you Why don't you tell these strangers? It never heard this by known. Don't notified Gaston about this package guys you know that you'd, at this time and again, but we I have to say it for the strangers for the new people for the forest, the forest audience member through some of you weirdos bring outside, or is why you're like most judgmental person in my life, I'm gonna have I'm invite them to the martyr comedy, show my boss, great I'm in a brain or my mom that doesn't like modern things, perfect or maker. Do it. So some people get worse or maybe offended the idea of a true crime comedy podcast, because they think that something like true crime, murder, the worst thing that can happen. Anyone in the world belongs nowhere near comedy and so
just so you know like if you don't listen the park, has you dont know us and you can't give us the benefit of the doubt. You don't know that two things run parallel with Your best not intertwine them in any way, because we don't think murders funny and we don't think losses funny, but life is shit and you have to laugh at things. It's very important. So if you're, one of us here, one of this kind of people that super offended by just the concept of this, you can get the fuck right. Now, my heart's yours, but their canadian and they're nice and miserable. I willingly. Would you you wouldn't even my volume is upsetting, I'm sure right now. You tell me maybe things. Why was I'm cold medicine with sewing scissors z? Just it was like this came into goes. Format and then Georgia picks up a pair of scissors eyes. Like now careful like keep an eye on mere picture. Please
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verse, you just don't know start with local jokes. Ok, I don't know authorities want to share my right there, like that's our church, get out. We hate, you are a well, so I'm gonna do project Tiger, which is the first. Conviction and canadian history without a body or a crime scene. Okay, it s pocket, but yeah. It's bananas, there's back into its concerns. Things of this nature, second bananas prepare on this it, for I wish you well and pull at my dress the whole time cycle,
Two! That's! Ok! It's ninety! Ninety one goal is develop. Although what choice do I have had the shit? I'm saying that I will explain that I called my enemy plays. Ok, it's ninety! Ninety one best! Everyone knows the best time of last century. The beautiful this great detective herb, mere. I do like don't do that? Don't do that. So I did a sorry it's because my mom yelled at me when I was a kid, because I would call herbs herbs and and and romanized ok, so you have the panic like half. Second before we're, like I'm saying at Rome, yeah so say it right, and then you come over correct, herb. Herb growing he's he joins the homicide unit that this is detective it he had.
Served as an undercover officer with the Arcy MP he was thought can doing drugs and, unlike gangs and shared going under cover not doing I was not trying to indict recipe. No, no! No! No! It's ok. So I got a lot of information from a show called the detectives great potential, it's when it yeah you guys, it's business detective lose like all hard boiled and shit and they tell their like. There are like this insane story that they can't stop thinking about. So this is his story, I'm watching it. I couldn't get a picture of him as a young, a young in in ninety one, but I'll show you who has pledged heap was played by air Johnson is active Oh, very handsome, what he's been eighty,
Of course he you he's he's was in small. There are these things, but most notably, was in two of the three fifty shades movies, as we all know, didn't work at the hardware store where lower dumbest, fucking plot point of all time in any film, including the room. The idea that a code of Fucking Johnson Work today Hardware store she wasn't even the cashier. She was a roaming around like you need help with hammers from you. People talk about how bad that movie is an all these other ways. Unlike start with the words that are always our the harbor sore, I mean look at those hard boiled. He look at his air he's been up all night work this case. Doesn't it like John Hams, cousin canadian cause as news mama's red hair.
So, there's like a little house going on Canada. This is your John him congratulation. Congratulations are in order that bridge and find him well so in March of the ninety one when he goes to homicide along with his normal workload. All the detectives have to also take on a court case, which I think it's fuckin awesome. So It is given a case that only a year old but is already called because there's no body or crime scene, which is so crazy on April, sixteen Ninety ninety this is the case he gets and not to be here in Pickering Ontario. It's either forty miles or forty kilometres east. I wasn't attention named its forty two things. You know
I mean what are you no one's gonna like listen and be like landowner, Pickering and oh, I adore just that. It was this long, so I'm just gonna drop. I met a base, my big gas, sporty quantity or leave at that time, because Georgia already know, no one can hope no one does please don't ever do that, gotta hope, but anything we say nothing so ok continual Julie, Stanton. She goes missing is her, hey Baby Angel amazing things. I love her. Ok, she issues. Sweetie age are she's. Fourteen she's last seen wearing a dark bomber style, jacket, Blue Jeans and ever said that they saw her get into a late, late, seventies model. Gee, Carlo car. During by a white male, the shaggy, hair and scruffy. Look so They look into Julie's life and lo and behold, Julie's Bf Ass Nick best friend, Kim
yeah? I know that I I will but there's things on in front of you. That's right on. It happened. It happens at her best friend her dad not only fits that fuckin. He also drives a seventy nine Monte, Carlo oh shit, like an asshole. His name is Peter Stark, he's forty seven. He and he has a record of violence against women. In nineteen eighty one Peter was dating a thirty one year old woman named Maria Woods when she disappeared He was considered a suspect, but her body was found until five years later buried in the woods and by then the decomposition is so bad. They can't tell a cause of death or pen anything on him, and there's not enough evidence to hold him and Julie's case and that's when it runs cold and then our friend Herbie gets the case.
Ok, ok, so So he's lag: let's fucking do this. He starts digging in to this asshole Peter Starks Life, He, we interviews Starks wife Allison at this point. There there separated- and so she is owing to talk a little bit more, because an Peter has moved. Niagara falls for Stephen, thanks to vacation, Stevens favorite place, I got that didn't Ok, so she says that after Julie disappeared, Peters Behaviour, had started to change. He started wedding, the bed and getting paranoid. Dont man in his thirties, she's Christ. That's what color is your favorite flag, read their greatest, that that thing is like a scarlet flat area, my lips and maybe my teeth. I mean it's
mobile and then also I just flashed back to hold where the bad as all I'll tell you, the one one through lime, the sea, who I know what it is Yeager Meister have you ever had experience- would not know that it will. Put you out. You in your bladder will be out for the evening we have those dreams where you're trying to study everywhere. I have those with all the time or it's like. Why can I be eighty eight amendments, oil batter you wake up in your badge. Actually the first. Sorry. Sorry really is the first time I drink, Yeager Meister. It was me and my sister and Adrian and Adrian's brother, Dominic and Adrian's future husband, Robin and that is so. Was all these cool way older guys and we pay
we drove to like a forest of redwood trees and then just party. The trees, so country, but these like these guys, current come with us and they just it was like. I got to be cool because they could tell those alcohol are going to succeed on you and then it was like someone, cracked open this bottle of Yeager in their like. Have you ever heard Yeager? My certainly we just stood in a circle, drinking agar mice, in a circle I'll remember after that is that I lit a cigarette in my sister's Mustang on the way home and she was so angry. Just like our allies. Like I gotta, be myself, you can't keep me from being me nine. Sixteen! I badly need a cigarette out of Bismarck. I found the bottle. Mom spurs I wake up in the morning in my clothes in bed, I'd weapon,
So I like pulled back this covers took all my close up, one minute pile I walk into the bathroom and when I come got my modest landing in my bedroom door and she goes you let them and then just walked away. I figured I figured out why Mimis your favorite sheet these the bed, all the plans, I believe she's such a drunk and she loves Yeager. That cat is an alcohol, arab, ok. So Here's a photo of him Like you know, it's like creepy, professor, you and Macgregor. Now they really canadian actor to play him. Ok,
No, don't yell canadian actors make me really angolan digging. It was now like, namely Degrasse Character, namely the grass I was like corner gas was called corner gas. You got some good tv up here. You do like an end. Some really bad see some of the worst I've ever seen. It looks like it's like shoe, cops jargon each other but they're holding a coffee like right down here ones this over that ok back a backdoor day job now Ok, so Alison the wife says he starts going back, he's its african creepy and then she liked You know I should tell you the story, so he's super into this role playing aim. Let me too, you about it. Peter this fuckin dick. He
has her pretended hitchhike while she's wearing a blonde wig dressed up as a teenager, that's a fuckin fetish. That's our game, Nope or a fetish giraffes are often the only road picture up. You know their role, Don't use is a fake name after a drive around a bit. He over and asks? If she thinks he's dangerous, then they they fuckin hook up by it's also. He like he needs to get a little violent with her and he's she's like you, never intentionally. Hurts me, though. It's just like we have this role play thing: but see she has no idea about his fucking history, lamp. All you see and nineteen seventy he had picked up Nancy Nelson. She was an eighteen year old. Blonde hitchhiker He tells her name is Michael and asks if she scared of hitchhiking and if she thinks he's dangerous for she can restore respond. He stabbed her multiple times, chief buckings arrives:
this amazing woman. She surmise she almost as three times during surgery. She fucking makes it of course. She's so traumatized by this and ensure the aftermath too, because with the seventies, they were not very victims, advocacy rainbow, So she she couldn't Tuesday traumatized to testify against him for attempted murder, and I felt this wouldn't happen now, so instead they they put em up unless or charges of assault, and he gets six fucking months months because it's horrible. So Alison, then admits. That to the directive to urge that the seas that I really do not know you have to act like you did on purpose active hurry up
you think deserves so much respect being again. Trying to be sorry, no all I can think of is just a strip of rosemary solving solving awesome cases right that scene. I don't know you, then please make a list of social. So Alison, though, I've also admits that, on the day, Julie had gone missing, fuckin Peter starting bugging her to skip work and play the hitchhiking game issues text. Macchio she's been like putting him off all weekend and she goes to work the same day I was in the severest. He picks her up later from work. He's late, he's dead, in the shovel. He says his car Broke down, he says she tells us directive that he said the catalytic converter. Thank you stopped working and she's like great and then detective Herbie, like hey guess what Monte, Carlo, don't fucking have one of those catalytic converters. Yes awesome! Yes, that's that right
I'd like detective in yeah where's, where Ike What did you just say like that's a moment? Where is your watching it as a tv show you're like white? What does now and then and then the cuts to break. But then he s, coffee here yeah, is ok So but of course this is enough to you no charge. So he can so of detective. Herve, start story. The case. So then In June. Ninety ninety one ok cut two Fuckin Niagara falls receiving as the this. This fishermen and his son are fishing they find by waterside a piece of cement think they think it's Iraq.
This doesn't make any they just are jumping on it. I don't know they definitely went to Marguerite avail before they found that raw. That's what Niagara falls as like. It's fucking nuts, who knows maybe EVA flask. No, but it the power and reveals dismembered body parts a father and son, that's horrify here and there is a young girl. She seems to be thirteen fifteen years old and blonde, so coarse, detective growing thinks it's Julie, Stanton, who had gone missing so he's like you sends olive is information that he has on these cases that he think Stark has done tonight. We're false homicide, detectives and anti downtown Toronto, North York and Pickering, because he thinks are all connected and back when he went then drugs and gangs. They did this insane thing where they shared information with other districts and
crimes to gather the way for the future, the wave in the future. So likely I mean it's incredible that he came from their like where the fuck do we do that? Let's do it so he started doing that with other jurisdictions. And so cause he's like what else Peter sarcastic keep moving and no one put together that he's a fucking, maybe serial killer. So What did the disease is? Inapplicable, Abraham so so he gets all the in our inner, so he ok. So now he goes to interview Starks daughter, ok, best friend, forever Kim she does not the same mother by socialists with super shy. Girl like didn't, have a lot of friends within Julie, just like open Julius, the open and just came up turned befriended heard they became best friends, so Kim believer Father would do anything to Julie, and he says that Julian here we're friends to ships. I can imagine that her dad would do anything but detective Herbert.
Of her that her father's a killer. I think I don't know what exactly he tells Herbert it gives her like I everything you just fucking do, but it's like she's, like a fourteen fifteen year old girl. Can you fuckin imagine so? she finally breaks down and says that her dad had admitted to her that he picked Julie up the day. She went missing by he's like, but he said he didn't do anything to heap dropped off lay, so she just in saying yes so sure I mean so meanwhile this case from Niagara falls at cement time. That no records, come back, it's not Julie its. Fourteen year old girl named Leslie and happy wait, just wait Vietnam and the great. Though, she had disappeared and June of ninety. Ninety one she was a resident of Burlington, and a great nine student love you
factor is amazing. The prices are great, not just go it's their more. There's, there's a kind of weird raincoats and there's really bad shoes credible So it's on her, but their local, maybe the girl, it is Leslie, maybe he killed her so he that he's consider to suspect than air sample from that they think was the pillar from the cement comes back and Match Sark, but the case does help that this help that the ok it does help detective herb. Put this task force together and then the government decides to fully fund this task force that uses all jurists jurisdictions to go after Peter Stark, which is fuckin awesome. Their nine different agencies. They
together they pool their unsolved cases where Peter Stark as a suspect and they fucking go after him. Together, it's pretty rap, the first thing, do. Is re evacuate the site or Maria Woods. Peters Ex girlfriend had her when her body had been whereby had been discovered. Decade earlier and they find its they find when they reach that they find a bulletin casings, which hadn't been for found back then. So now they the cause of death and solid ever evidence, because ballistics show that the casings come from a rare world war, two bullet that can we'll be fired from a colts, forty, five automatic history and its assent. Saw a kind of well that's Starks Father had owning gave to him around the time. Maria went missing, fuckin smoking gun, later. Ok literally, except he had gotten rid of it. Of course, so they kept tie him to it. Concretely and so Julie spoken bad
s, parents were pissed, then they knew that this guy, it's nothing to do with it, so they had been fuckin confronting constantly and were at one time they walked up to his car Bingham his window into screaming. Where is Julie like that fucking so so does active, curb asked them back off a little bit they're gonna like trying to get it. No great will do that, but you better get em hurries suck out. Her So this so they start surveillance, em, but Peter sorry. Really paranoia he's totally aware and all times whether someone's falling or not not paranoid, because he's being fuckin followed, he's right, so he jars hundreds and hundreds of kilometres out of the way like around places and things just just see these being followed one day. The team is following him and he pulls ever next week. Railway track and starts walking towards the tracks and that in the team thinks he's either trying to draw them out to see if they're following him or
Then he stands. Google, the tracks, unlike what? If he's gonna fuckin, kill himself, we need to nab him before that happens. So they come up with a story in order to approach him. They collar patrolman, patrolman, comes and in the back pocket. They have out standing fraud charges against him that they can use to bring him in so they bring him in for questioning, surveillance team, while there were other questioning him, they go in and fuck and tap his car. Oh yeah, I put it on up in their right. Look: catalytic converter. It up in the plane go so they listen to him for a month, and waiting for him to trip up one day they over here a woman's voice on the wire, and they realize it's his estranged, wife Allison. She had fuckin come all the way. Niagara falls to get back together with her. After all this and the like God, damn it
so there he is, Let's see, then that the word you, because if, if she goes back together with him and they try to bring him to trial, they cambric, they can't make her testify against her husband, right law for somebody it's the law. The law. But then they, your Ellison, asking Peter about Day, Julie's disappearance- she tells him she she has doubts about him and accuse us of being involved. He gets hostile, one denies everything, and so there like look at A second Allison can't get a confession of out of him in the car like we need to try ourselves Oh he's been question before, but detective curbed want to blow their chance, so he fucking gets the FBI involved than he is like. What's the best way to do this and there like here's the thing so they get an officer to arrest him. That looks like Julie who had gone missing blondes, you know. Young officer. A parade in past the flag. His nineteen seventy nine Monte, Carlo, that they
he had sold, they fuckin tracked down, bought it backs are like, while bringing them through the fuckin parking lot. With the blonde fuck and withdraw officer, they walk past he's like oh shit, by the station he passes by a cop listening to the so this conversation with Alison. So like we Acta, another of photos all designed to make him look like they make it look like that enough evidence against him. There's like a haunted house for cereal, Joe, and then there was a bowl of groups. They made him put his hand into it. I guess I'd think if they jump out, they can't touch other can't touch you not universal studios anyway. Legally, and so they ten of evidence, but they don't have a smoking gun for the conviction. So they try to the convention from him. And he only confesses what before at one point that he picked her up that day. But he says he dropped her off after and had nothing to do with it and we all set bullshit,
they put him in jail and a jailhouse informant comes for it, saying that Peter Sarka told him that he raped a girl and killed her with an axe and he's will indeed as to fight against Peter Stark. He as in the other person who fuckin testifies against him, is his daughter, Kim? Well, This second amazing check. She tells the court her father had been missing an ax that was honest boats and stood had since before Julie disappeared. The axe has gone so on December fortnight many for Peter Starkist found guilty of first degree: murder for the death penalty, Canton, it's not the first time but that has a case without a body or crime scene, but it's the first conviction and canadian history up by while everybody you guys, you did it. Two years later and engineers Ex Julie's body is found on a farmer in the mouth, where's, township, fine,
Her skull remains on his property about eighty kilometres from where she went missing case is the first time that a multi jurisdictional task force is created to investigate a serial killer. The job every I think, saying very ever sees a separate motto of him home oh Russell, Crow. Why did that's a good one Jesus? I know so this is the project which was called project hitchhike. Leads to the formation of another taskforce called project green ribbon, which investigates the death of our fuckin girl from Agora falls.
Ass. They were happy. This leads to the arrest, Barbie killers, lacking server remit and Power Bernardo and Fuckin. Ninety, ninety three: yes, you re that noise. Damn it comes together, I literally turn early down the cannon barbie killers, the school girl killers twice, and I still didn't recognize that men, what so sad she's the one she's, the one who was late pastoral curfew in her Mamma Mamma dry, those regions at its worst, those so Peter started would have been eligible to seek full pearl in February two thousand and seventeen, but luckily he died and August, twenty sixteen at the age of seventy Julius family, who you know we're lookin like on this.
They said at the news of stark stats, tides, bitter sweet and please grazed, Henry, that your reads: you'll, never walk alone again, and they say that they are at peace. Knowing that Peter Stark will never heard any ever again and that second pencroft the project hitchhiker swears? Amazing, that's a good detective. The detective, that's like just tell me every eye how to do it. Just share your information. Just read my information like guys, let's do huddles and we will do it. One of these they over this like an alley. Rally at Marguerite, develop. Tonight I would like to start my.
Presentation with a quick which way did you go in it like just excited? The big arrow, ok,
Oh, this is my report on the province of Ontario. The canadian province of Ontario is one account as thirteen probably territories, and it is it is the second largest in is the second largest province in land area and the largest in total population. Ontario is home to the nations Capital city out of work and the nations and the nations most populous city Toronto, which is also Ontario provincial capital. The name Ontario is derived from the Iroquois Euro COIN word, meaning beautiful water, Ontario was settled by the Algonquin tribes in the North and west, and the Iroquois and wine dough here on in the south and east. The official language in Ontario is English Ontario the canadian province, not to
confused with the California City of Ontario, which was named after the Canadian Province Ontario, which is definitely where I am right now. The official flower of Ontario is white trillion. Official bird is the common loon. We are so common and the official website is W. W W died on Terrio dot, see a please accept my apologies, canadian Province of Ontario, I'm so sorry reach up I'll, never make them as stage for like or more episodes. Ok
So now I'm going to do the Massey made murder weight look at him. Someone in here just lost their sole, don't look into the eyes, went through not it. Let's see, I got a lot of my information from the sea BC. News which burial is big deal up here. There is missing and murdered, as I write other like us, oh yeah, they're, making some good progress for sure go see these people. Congratulations on your eye casts the province of Canada. There's also a book called the mass murder by a writer named Charlotte Gray, and this your girl. She is,
but that's worth, and their story was suggested to me by my friend Anti Donoghue, who was also a great writer and she's here tonight get her book of essays. Nobody cares. It will help you. It will help here. I'm telling you will help me. I've read it. Ok, taking out a nineteen fifteen Toronto we're going there in our minds as your eyes, everything is Brown and Beijing Dunaway so Toronto in one thousand, eight hundred and fifteen is very conservative. It's very class oriented men are being shipped off to fight in world war. One young women are actually being shipped into Canada from England. Become maids for the upper class and there's a lot of wealth in the city and there's a lot of need for made services and
the biggest enriches families in Toronto was the mass of sea level. This is old Dan Mass. Now he loved to clear, cut land and then sell it to people re that was his pash likes. It cut down trees and just kind of throw them away and then sell land to people, and so in doing so, he began to discover. That bigger machines were needed to work the land and because you know, especially part of Canada, there's so much farming, he started like a farm equipment. Companies. Will he actually didn't start at these? He got together with like a blacksmith itself that the long ago, because, like the seventy hundreds, they started making things out, make their jobs easier, and then Daniels son heart Massey is the one that took everything is dad. Didn't was like were taken this to the to the next level, and so
eventually was leg out back in masses were all over the place. That is our new fucking logo. Isn't that is so rationally just go with a tractor yeah, no reason! No! I love it me too. It's the Maxie Massey because of the way that the floor heart Massey develops as fathers small business into a huge success. Here a son named Charles Albert Massey, and that's manages the business. His father started to this day there are still a number of buildings in institutions named after the masses, including Massey College, the University of Toronto. No one does is it about the Universe Theatre on I love every city. We go to you, you name any college and people like I studied there. They just want to talk about college so much we don't.
You want to give us a mask screaming carbon Bagger yeah has run around screwing up and down the basketball court that currently their lungs o also concert venue, Massey Hall, I fear for show their first puncture. Is it think? What was it like? A bungling you, it's really small and the bathroom is sick. There is also a hunted stake house cooling about that later. Ok, Charles son. She is a sun named Bert Massey
he's not quite Massey material in his grandfathers eyes in who, among us right. How could anyone approach the heights, the Massey Heights so so hard favours? How does the grandfather he favours? Bertz, cousins, Raymond and Vincent them more money and like good jobs at the company. I let's take a look at birth only weeks, passed his and father doesn't like him because he over plucked his eyebrows. That's my theory. I don't know if it's true or does he look like the dude from that show Mr Reul oh, no, yes, Mallon Blank! Ok,
my am Bialik. Yes, yes, that's the one get lecture. You end up another as apology to Miami Bialik. Fear blossom, I'm so sorry about all those hats they made. You were in the nineties: ok, not very thin friendly. So we Oh that's true! Yes Ok, let's focus on Bert Massey toe. Loser, That is a centre part. That is a centre right up the middle part. They cut it off They don't understand. What's good, ok sober works, it is Studebaker Dealership their pontio of the nineteen early night. Hundreds he's, when cars, to support his wife rota and their fourteen year old son, although he was quite popular with his peers, bird is often here as it can and mostly because of how he treats women
he's known for his interest in sports cars and fast women. That's how Bert is known around town, which back then just means like Beggar cargoes thirty miles an hour and a woman like shows her ankle yeah, exactly sharing out the ankles on that line than she wants it soup once joint hell? it must Reggie, though, at the time because there was only for cars? Ok, so ten thirteen Burton his wife, decide that they want to hire a man, so they hire eighteen year old British made must carry Davies. She how to work at their nice but modest, two story: Brick House, at one, six, nine Walmart road she was now its requirements, I have, of their after party, thereafter front line
can you imagine living there now being like we gotta get a made. I can't handle this whole house by myself. Hence I guess that's offensive, I'm sorry for someone to. Things offensive to someone. I think that's what we ve learned, these social media so carry Davies, was born in Bedford England in eighteen. Ninety seven she's, the oldest of four girls, her families, very poor, but growing up. She is now as a kind and virtuous girl in nineteen thirteen she's sixteen years old, heard disabled father is a veteran of the Bower war dies and
just to make it as Dickensian as possible. Her mother begins to go blind, so her mother can't work. So she has to work and that's when she finds out about the canadian programme to Rick Recruit Young respect we'll trustworthy, unmarried, working class women to come over working Canada, so she signs up and she has placed in the mass he's household she has no social life. She doesn't spend any of her earnings on herself. She sends everything to her sisters and her mom in early February of nineteen fifteen roadmap see, decides to take a trip out of town of his or her family. She bring the fourteen year old son, and it that these Bert Loan to manage the households where asshole. This carry basically, and so, on Sunday February, seventh carries working in the House and Bert basically actors. Her is the phrase they use and kisses her twice.
He tries to make further advances, but she wrenches away from him and goes and hides in her bedroom. So that she's stuck in this house is aware she works its where she lived if for two year, so she has a girl and cheese, and it's her job like she doesn't want a loser. John she's, absurd, hiding, Her bedroom China, a casual later that night Bergman see, calls out turn ass, sir, to come in and make his bed, so she has to go. She does this time. Of course, Massey forces himself on her again more aggressively, but once and carry breaks free this time she runs out of the house and across town her sister, who has since moved to Toronto lives with her husband and when she tells them what happened there very sympathetic, but they say have to go back. You need your job, just be careful base and they send her back. Here is
it was so she has no choice. She goes back to the Massey Home but Bert, doesn't bother her the rest, the night, but she for carried the motions damages done. She is an innocent girl, very young, and she stuck in this house with a creep, and I'm sure these it's so funny. It's like, of course, no one knows but her what the actual moves were, but the idea of like catching and kissing when, when its describing is the others old newspapers, it's all very like cutesy its area, it should ninety five feeling words like that old person, but clearly, I think, is a violent. I think it was very scary and very thorough and kissing back. Then I think is something really did when you got married again, probably like yeah touching someone's hand like them. You will again a fuck, you, that's how you let people know or a nice note in some violets there's all these different ways about ok, so the next day is Monday February, eighth and
Massey goes to work, and carries spends the day. Freak she's just pacing. She doesn't know what she's gonna do when he gets home cause. She knows it's gonna happen again and she It decides to take matters into her own hands. She goes and gets its thirty two caliber revolver from his gun cabinet, and she, for him and then that night when he gets home for work for his evening meal? She Some on the front steps of the mansion with with his own revolver, they share and issue points the gun at him and yells. You ruined me and shoots him in the chest and the other thing we keep in mind too is he has ruined her. This is it. This is that time where, if somebody for, if something like that got out she's the maid she's,
my grand. She doesn't have any people in this country. She is ruined. Like I mean you, gonna think to leg she told she pulp see fuckin problem more than that, and I didn't want to say right. You know them yes like it's just socks, yes, gap, a poor thing, while so she shot This out, as you do as one well then this year, the commotion they come and see me they rushed to his side. They carry. His body off. They try to attend to his words. He dies there. She ran upstairs. She checked she's in her room, basely, changing out of her made uniform and enter unclose, and when the he's come, she turns them. It says. Yes, I shot him in basely goes involuntarily. The newspapers, of course go nets that story All the news of the day it eclipses the war big. This is. This. Is the picture
that man there. No, no that some, it says. That's the news. Boy Why is you there? I don't I'm not sure who that maybe they like the guy who sells you the paper. It is as a photo eyebrow as your house. You might consider tipping me sometime. You bastard earnest. What does a pellet in hell it dear Peltier She was the leading newsboy of knights and he's in MAX somewhere and if you read Charlot Greg's book, would you salute? Where are you? Charlotte. I'll tell you all about him. I d now time. Ok, stop looking at just stop looking at it. Ok, but when she's question by the police carry tells the authorities all about the harassment that took place the day before
She says she shot him as an act of self Defence and she tells them Bert Massey ruined her character. So I do think there is more that happened and she could not. Continue to live in fear of what he might have done. Next quote she said I only thought of his doing me harm so the next to save every nine. Thank you fifteen. She carries into women's court and her charges are formally read aloud and as there and she collapses in tears and sobs convulsively in official statement. She states that she watched as Massey returned from work around six fifteen p m and that's it as she states quote. I seem lose control of myself and an upstairs and got the revolver so at the trial, which was days later, which is just such a weird thing to think about their turn that shit right around people came to the court as in droves, everybody was like weak. I gotta be here for this, and not only
has the masses where this very same, let famous Toronto, family and very Ino up plaster on a family, but also because they came to support carry, so in fact there is such an outpouring of support, on the cards and letters, but financial support that she was able to afford one of the best lawyers money could buy that his name was hardly doers. Yes, so her trial began on February, twenty six nineteen fifteen and its all male jury you know that don't hang in there courtroom is packed to the brim everybody's it's on, the prosecutor of course, tries to call carriers credibility into question, saying that she's young she's, poor and she's.
Hysterical. He also reminds the jury that their only getting her side of the story, because Bert Massey can defend himself in court because You killed him, but then, When the defence lawyer dirt makes his case. He focus on key. He felt says on, carries good reputation and strong moral values. He also shows the jury, her medical records, so Basically they had her. They had doctor examine her and they had medical records, proving that she was a verge of awful but but their best they like boom. So because she's a virgin, they argue, he argues. Her only intention was to preserve her character and her chastity. She did not. This wasn't some He said she said you know around the table. Cutesy thing she did not want to have sexual relations relations with Burma Massey he ends argument by logging, her as a hero quote. She is a heroine.
We have strong character of stamina of strong principles and then he says if she did not actually found this. Is she is she did not defend herself against this man. She would have been a fallen woman, an outcast one, more sacrifice, let that sank into your mind. This was manslaughter. This was brute slaughter guy, that's a good guy and what he really is also calling into the into that court room. That day is basically saying this is what happens if if somebody gets raped, this is what happened. Women, the victim
are the ones that fucking get tossed out. Then they become sex workers. Then everyone goes. They deserve everything they're getting, and it's it's because this is what happens in the first place. It's like all the sudden and arrogance it so fucking like modern day integration debate like mentioned it back that actually a man look what we do everyone. Yes, this is what fucking happen, and this is the pattern. Well, the jury was out for thirty minutes and then they came back not sucking guilty. Thirty minutes earlier shit there like, let's have a sandwich and then we'll go back and look where they went into the room in there. Just like we're total share Ok, let's fix this, let's do something it's just the thing for once, after after doing gave his that closing speech. The chief justice,
William MILAN cheeks, zone day when all miss goes down here. See you at the end of that speech the defences closing argument. He cried. He cried in that in the courtroom. Yeah. I know it's beautiful, you can avian men fuckin, you rule, you really do. Its ultimate place. I gotta keep up and lovely blue. Ok, you stop looking at him every bar tender in L, a truly correcting you about movies suck year time. So Harry later move out of the country near Brompton. Your favorite she
It's a farmer name Charles Brown. Then they have a son, Charlie daughter, Sally they leave. They never pay attention to them. Even on Thanksgiving she actually comes the custodian a home for girls, she raises two children of her own. She also was the first person that would go and open the church every morning and was the person of someone died in their town. She would be the one that went and closed their eyes, so they say there, the writers- and I believe it was Charlotte Gray and maybe another reporter. That's done. A lot of work on this story talked about it, she busily in her life, wishes giving pennants and doing penance for their us for
before that wow. But she really was, you know an amazing person. She never told anyone in her family about that part of her life and the first time her daughter found out about it was one: as other reporter came to talk about you It's like. I want to write a book and was talking about it and the girl had no idea that. That's that her mom went through that and then the daughter said it makes perfect sense cause. That's my mom lives like that lead. She lived like she was giving back
I met. She was that she owed something or, on the other hand, hurt Massey was buried in an unmarked grave. He didn't get in through the Massey family Levy of Sir. I don't know about you, but I would love one late husband, night disease. Somebody come out of that bank, its bigger than birds how's, that's creepy, his book, whose in there That is why, last night- and there would you do here, how might Millie easily. Ok, so there is an interesting essay that was written about this case on a website called development of Toronto. Dot com, your favor. I love to go on that warnings to catch up once from the developments
It was written by a woman, Amanda Survival and she wrote Davies. Acquittal represented the triumph of traditional moral and true. Rules and values in a changing times are the first World WAR, her gender Her race and her class were all determining factors in securing her freedom, though these factors, the present from many other women who interacted with the canadian criminal Justice system David, had the support of the city behind her. Her only wish, after her acquittal was to be able to quote the back at work that she forget, it all and be able to go home to England to see her mother so is essentially. She was a lucky white virgin is I'm serious, I mean that's really what's happening here. Is she didn't have that fuckin doctors report? I think that
all of this is. I would like to live in a world where, no matter how much melanin is in your skin or how much of your time is intact or whatever the fuck you ve done or whatever your sexual preferences. Are you get some justice in court the way she did, that would be nice and that's the story of the Massey made murder. Amazing. What if I had a button and blew up only believe it's getting open any words, not America, not the way we're going now, but let's be positive. Ok, amazing, great up! Thank you! He did. We have temporary aid. I listen now several everybody you there's! I think you re up. How do we have the lights up, just a hint, so we can see people
they're doing in I'm sorry, I may tell you really. Where can I just say the rules really all that there are thirty zero nearby deeper? where else, or else you can appear come. I owe you better. Not be drunk you better make it fast, better believe Lula. I think you know that well yeah over their own way about events Ok, you can break the roominghouse like sound. Thank you global cigar, my two mom you. I'll be right there again, there's so much pressure.
See here. Take this don't get scared! Ok, where you remember I'm from owing to favour town, so it's actually the murder of my grandmother. Oh oh yeah, so ominous are often say that I was quite one. When she died, so it's not like its personal for me because of my mother, who actually here in the front row, I'm like a little step back. So for me it was just like China now this crazy story that they hit for me for my whole life, so my grandmother's names Edwina Jones, she's from Wales. She moved to Canada. She met my grandfather Actually was where
in Niagara falls but didn't use a barrel just went by so then he's in it. Now with its on. Here we go. So if that wasn't enough for my mama, she marries a man who is the greatest by all accounts, his name's Jonathan Woodrow and he's those special sociopath slow, no one ever knows- is he's just the best. So what happens, is so I found out. So what happened was he gets his car from this guy's and he's got he causes fund. He says hey, I have an arms deal and I want you in on it. So here Scotland Yard Police officer in Britain moves to Burlington and became private investigator so because buddy says here, got this arms deal, I'm gonna get the money, I don't actually have guns, but we're gonna make it
and his money goes cool. Let me know if you need a hand, but I'm a setback. So he he guessed whole thing set up. He tries to kill, her with a rag with chloroform on it She survives he wakes up Yes, but she survives then She goes back to him. Because, as we know, it's really I have to say, when you're in relationships and if their that much of a sociopath, you think they're great, they do everything they can convince YO. She goes back to him, so the car so been. Basically, there happens in their like ok, so she might be in danger. But you know we're gonna, do we're gonna tap the phone or not? Tell her that cause his friend who he told about the arms deal, went to the cops and said hate. This happened So the cops don't go, hey Edwina! You might be at risk, dago organ to tap the phone and that's how I will make sure she's. Ok,
so they find out. This is gonna happen. It's at Spencer Psmith, which is like right on Lake Ontario. So he's plan has he gets a van, that's a whole on the bottom parks over a manhole, sorry, son second, that some bugs money so he's gonna, he's gonna be like take gimme them, I'm gonna go. My then get the guns, but in he's gonna go into the sewer, so the Swat team is all there waiting for him and they put Anna prattling fake officer to do the exchange. So they do the exchange and there like busted, so they get em. They find a gun on him with Well, it's missing! So
a race over to my name, s house and he's shot her here. So he played guilty and he got twenty five and he's still in president! Oh, so this is a ninety. Ninety four, these low, so his twenty five years is up this year dive. Let's go to the parole here, so the big thing was no. He never gave a reason why, which was one of the reasons why the job age. When he sentence and said you are one of the most evil individuals I've ever met because he basis He was like stone, yeah and so after twenty years. He started going for his pearl hearings. Then he started coming up with his stories of why, because that's what they want. It so wanted stories. Is that? the guy my nana found
he his friend had a gun, and so his friend was like you gotTA shooter, sad story number one problem: heads like cool: that's on a reason: yeah, it's a really bad story, so they go to the second reason- and this is when he says: ok, I couldn't tell you the real story, because it was an Ex police officer who was who made me do it and there are like Kay, so he says that he got caught doing a five thousand dollar cocaine like the guy, framed him for a cocaine sale and if he didn't kill my nana, he was gonna kill oh her, kids, a majority last year. I am so, and then he also gave reason that his friend was also in our sea. Mp officer since the guy could point to him and say: hey he's a crooked cop. Oh, and he also said his private investigation. Firm was
fascinating Arcy Mps involvement with TAT. Arrest organizations, though so every time they keep going yeah, but you're still not saying why you did it you to build your y yeah yeah. So and what happened? Was they keep saying? Yes, but you ve planned this? You tried to killer it, didn't work you tried again and when they caught him, he had a ticket to the states and five hundred dollars and Papa. So he was planning on peace in a yes round a man down that man right to America. So isn't that what you want? What you need only now just go down a man all too on Terrio, California, or just so gorgeous there, so she, survived by her for beautiful children and we all still talk about And what is your name, her name's Edwina
you're laughing. Her maiden name is Jones Edwina, just as I was saying to you, that's how you do a hometown merge together this scene, but I did see one of their faces when she goes the bull exhibiting, sir, when she goes, my grandmother was murdered. The girl, like you my god, we love Canada, you thank you so much for having, as is always a fucking pleasure coming here. It's amazing. We played this theatre. The last time we honour and it's it's an incredible room to ban, but this this
you guys are just such a great crowd and such it's very cool. To go to a different. Turkey. Have people like you, there. It's in my speech. Thank you guys. We always say this, but obviously we are. We are just clumsily in awe of this entire thing. That's happening the Customs person, said my favorite murder and violence murder and then let us on three June feel strongly about it. I just didn't love it, so we just can't believing it to do stuff like this and go to other beckoned places and and tucked people young bases its great, and we get to see you guys me. We say this all the time to you, but it really does. The coolest thing is when we meet people in the meeting. Great and people go. I came here by myself and this is
a roomful of my friends there's something about this community that you guys are building that is magical and beautiful, and thank you so much. It's amazing. Really. I won't do what I did last night, which was almost stopped the audience over because I wanted to say, stay saved. Do gods mention that's what I did that she gonna stay say than halfway per like US days. They gave me all it's like what the YO instead about, I will say, stay sexy and Sir
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