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Karen and Georgia cover the Cincinnati Who Concert Stampede and Glennon Engleman.

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This is exactly right. Hello, hello and welcome to my favorite murder about that's right, podcast, that's true crime, its comedy! It's come not! You live from the exactly right studios. Here in downtown Lando, that's caretakers on their answers. Adjured glassdale: let's Karen still that's Georgia hard starker their lesson or try.
We, we ve, where no fresh off of two back to back weeks of drawing a sure the guys in depth leopard or saying so why I thought you'd child that they get whisky idling, albeit as beckoned chicken fingers sparkling wine immense if you're in a good spy and that's a year, if you haven't drank all your drinks in an idea which I did and get nothing now yeah I could. I could do touring four months at a time if I could just Willy nilly snort, cocaine and aunts, sure and all the things does as used to do that they start ants in over. That story, like only was one oz born, was on tour with, I think motley crew, and at one point it might have an odd fast or something. But at one point they got off a bus
an Ozzy got down on the cement snorted up a line of ants. You only get so many snorts in your lie somewhere wasted on Fuckin, critters Kazaa, maybe you're on a certain drugs that makes critter seem so appealing and makes it so far. You wanted just make your friends laugh, yells its cheese just turn him president's nail. Aren't we all? I mean what they but the day, but all podcast are that's. All any of us are doing is like looking here van and PR we're on very glass Lou. No, that's who you, while you know you want him we all now. Can I tell you a story, please about my mom yeah, JANET Jana, JANET, often text me things. Hang you run
page of the Yahoo or recently she's like shit like that and recent, and I go to Yahoo NEWS iniquity fucking like there's nothing when you take my maid look for it and there's nothing or should be like your everywhere. I saw your book and whatever the fuck and then last week shoot text me pigtails just ordered pigtail you're everywhere. So like what the fuck are you talking about, and I doctor, and I think she doesn't remember the fact that she put my feet. Murder. As a
was a concern which I don't like. Every time is a new thing. It comes, I learnt just things same me say just keep coming up on her Yahoo. She thinks when approached page of Google and Georgia Pay, as your pity of, is that everything animated the new year new emigrant enemy, the little girl there with the gun and on its really beautiful animation ass. If she thinks that she said your everywhere, tat what're you- and there was a good thing. I made fun of her about onstage about tales and how should be mad at me like it's here. It starts by it, but now now she just going offers Google alert and I just don't think she knows seminal. Let her you just let her and be like yeah. If you don't want your name in one of those alerts, JAM Jani. This tighten up your gains riot guillemots respectful. Can you please put wit
would you ever, how dare you? What have you been doing since you got from tour? I got but surgery. I thought it was now it expects it turns out general amnesties yeah, it's not the same thing as local Amis. Usually it's the I would say in medical and the medical world, it's the opposite! Jen! in general, general sound censure get its yeah I'd, so mosaics amnesty. You're from three feedback. Guess I hear thank here. It's there you now generally stage you feel it don't worry about that. Without a would be instead of nine, I e they may yeah yeah, you got night night it out of there. I got it tumor taken off my tail good luck, Asian her! Yet when no regrets for that, I mean
smell. I'm coming out you next next week and Georgia has a precious little blue one cowboy boots, the other political birthright, yeah What's up with you, I'm glad that you just got some business EDGAR of China detail. I I had brilliantly aid an appointment for a two hour massage for the day. After we got it. Why are you so smart? I dont know well, that is from the lady that you recommended from home Place that I shall in alarm yeah, that's like your place, Raina, it's the spot. You know. Sometimes, when you get idle, when I am I signed up for Sunday. I just want it. I don't wanna talk about it. I dont want someone to ask me questions about all my feet. Was about. No you're gonna Kabila reform between what parts of your body and circle known weird shoulders ensure. The answer is none of my big. I don't know it all
hurts me please solvent dear. You should know where it's hurt me again, how we get your fingers or warmed up and again you tell me what parts I should be focusing on. So we had a what what for me as a person who is looking forward to it forth like twelve days was the longest interview process about fat man you, like is as part of the two hours crackly cotton is eaten in my time, eternal burn off time at the top, but I can't different: do you think the massage would have men from her from you having to fill out a fuckin forum which is stressful and not chill, which is not what you want massage and
getting in there with her finger decision in debt. Let get me ended up pamphlet area, I don't wanna talk to anybody ever especially for minutes, performs those to be in a relaxation. Just let me go to their and if you leave anything out, you're not gonna be fixed. Now. Ok, I do have to tell people about up up see, though that would be a well shocker how annoying boat, but then it turned out so too. She and then she had all kinds of recommendations as like literally, we can do this anytime, lady I'll, take you to lunch. Can you please just dig into my back now, so she does it and afterwards. She told me that my back and neck are so tight. She goes your neck muscles, wouldn't let me get in there at all so like
She couldn't even massage the muscles. You mean the bizarre because there is muzzled on top of those that were like no admittance, she was like a skin massage is she was she was she thought I was half robot serious. She seem like she was on the verge of terrorism, which is like a salmon and quit and go back to school for what, for four, people who are this mentally ill everything into their back. She was just like Howdy lumps under that side. Em like I know, that's Messiah get around me and then the other side's pretty much the same. It was hilarious but anywhere, but here but she I thought you would be so dear. She was Javert take baths, oh and I was lying. I really doubt mostly because my bathtub is old and I m sure now, although all the feet that ability- but she was like you can start
taking bass and soaking up some solid, just just like just to get the beginnings of the muscle view had a lemon that backyard. Fucking above ground jacuzzi. I haven't in ground jacuzzi, while shit now just never get in I didn't leave. I know that very well thought out if they so desire to UNESCO. In that I don't know, I guess I'm like none of the smaller climb, and I don't know it seems weird like I'm all by myself in the back yard, was smoking a cigar and logical as all anyone wants to see Instagram at share and they see you are edge, accuse the influence are now I'm and I need it as I do on everyone to know that the juicy was invented by Roy Jacuzzi and that's why? Yes, look Roy might be the violin, may the air, but yet That's a family name, Jacuzzi, isn't all areas so cute. I know I love than lavish jacuzzi
I mean you're Jerusalem trunks won't might so when I was a kid and my dad, we, my parents divorced, and so we had to go to my dad's has every other week and to stay with him any Satan. These like divorce, an apartment buildings that had a fuckin Poland jacuzzi, which is the best yeah, so it always say bring your slam trunks unless you have a nice goose. So now that I live in Burma, building that has a nice jacuzzi. I thought can go taken Mr Killilea are all about at it. It's it's true, now, how are your swim trunks? Are they re all or they like sixty sales? On other, be such a truncated suspenders involves always sure when you're some trunks, that's my dear cousin swim trunks to my dad, made no adjustments, Ryan, two girls to any girl stuff at all. The thought it saying like something that covers your boobs is just like to my no no no couldn't happen now, trunks trunks its trunks are nothing, get out, don't dunk.
Nothing differ. We are definitely not be involved. The Jensen on horseback gases cunning starting Monday, this Monday, not an April fool's joke. It's fucking straight up, real Israel, its back and crackling dreams. Upping air come true area for me, and yet we are pulses. Boss, don't worry about it! Sorry Contra cost accounting and were n you here we have we gotta pee, yes, Billy Jensen in Paul holes have their brand new podcast them. Murder squad Gentlemen hall, starting Monday days away yeah how many more days, let's say for let's say it's for non, may, propose joke it's for real true. We would never do that to you not about this, about the none about these two and we really have to. We need to sit for a moment and speak on the beach
Unifil photograph. They had taken of themselves for it. It's so hilarious. It's like they ve been waiting other less to be pod gas model. They like we know our pose. Robin, wants Wang our values of dog of her just take it yeah just take haven't you dim those lives in this a Threeg murders, Goin desk in area and will lick serious. It's so there's something for everyone. It's like poetry. Girls can like Billy because is the guy that looks like he's in a band and then and then the librarian girls can like Paul the as he's the dna scientists, yet will a little something more to offer and then this list can help solve the crimes. That's right! You don't have to pick a boy here, it's not necessary. When I try another objective, anyone here you are, it might be too late. I wouldn't be the worse with that and they can have amended them. They just sexism look and
we like Cato make you it's better for character, but it will work for us all these years and Hollywood askin yeah how belly button a third body. We really will make you just like more friendly show. Can you both where it's fine, if you are you're button, done Oxford shirts? But how about you? Both were short shorts where this loose. What in five pounds in your beard, I found a beard and let's beckoned Angola Grave Beard yet because you like at least I have like now get your beard, the other trade, no you You're saying this is what the noose eczema sexism ass. I love it where's your beard, which I want. You know like a bartender yeah mixed knowledge. You not grow beard. Goose hurrying in them are spoken, appeared implant. Sorry, we need be bold, like Jean Luc Picard, oh you can't bald lying ass. You don't get the pardon me.
Man. Do you I got nothing grew. I can't concentrate that JANET thing was all I had been saving it took me everything not to tell it to you at lived. The life shall last weekend really sees world. I want to ask for a little way. It's hard. We are, I don't mean arms, I'm tired, but also we had such a good time? We did Kate, Kansas City, dim wine and alma. I almost said Otto. I swore there only on board that we did pellets sparing iceberg. We did spurs and see Cincinnati, unending, Apple and Indianapolis. So we're doing some we're doing some kinda
touring we're doing our aim at Psych. I'm tired and exhausted, but, like those cities, were so much fun to do, and I were also incredible that not to back up each one like honestly, we are putting up You know the social media purse of thank you, but like there were so many goods linked the out things where I wanted the like. Each city could have gotten their own long. Two hundred and forty character. Thank you. Yes, we have such a good time yet, and it was before and others theatres are beautiful and filled yeah This is just an. This is like a little piece of trivia that I know for a fact. My father would be love to hear did. I tell him, I'm not sure in our show in Omaha, every seat was filled, and apparently that doesn't happen. It sounds like oh yeah, of course, whatever, but
it's very rare that every single person actually shows up and fills there see as someone with annoyingly good vision who can see about twenty rose, our yeah, I see those I see less for anti seats and yonder who got in a fight with her or whose fuckin car broke down, alchemy elevators. I see it and I think what happened or like yeah, so that actually is a big deal in Zagreb out. You thinking that there was a real live cat in the audio. Yes, that was great. What was that was that Kansas City yeah? That was amazing. I thought this girl held up this life, like like fur, Animal of Elvis and held it in a way that look like the way you hold a cat, still analyse and It was a stuffed animal, but that's the way the animal was shaped. It was hunched over her hand, so this
Second, I looked over, she held it up and everyone started clad in an area like lion, King S, climate and Karen was like disgusted. By knows that voting time, that's adorable I was like do not bring a cat in. Do us this situation, they don't imagine the screaming, like our good picture, was that whoever. Arm was holding that care has probably underneath covered in blood, because that cat would have been scrambling to get out of there. At the applause part, it was a step animal in the whole time of this animal and then in the meat and great money. Man asked the girl and she was saying I dressed up as you. We, the two women who were there say I dressed up as you for Halloween and the woman holding mechanic. One said girl holding the cat said, and I had this made, so I believe you should now and then she challenging handed it to you and Georgia set
and Karen was like disgusted by another going time. That's adorable. I was like do not bring a cat into us. This situation, they don't imagine the screaming, like Allah good picture, was that whoever's arm was holding. That camp was probably underneath covered in blood, because that cat would have been scrambling get out there. At the applause part, it was a stuffed animal link is summoning idea. What are you gonna? Do so. I have I had a little bit. Do that, so you really, but then I told my balloon story is its exact same thing of when I write a girl. Was bringing me a bouquet of balloons. After my, I recorded my album back in the green room, but she would just a girl on the neck show bringing some balloons for the show when she say these are real. I I insane prom queen turned her and this big over the timing and she just pulled
back toward her often when these are, Yeah everything hurts but in all hurts it eat. I'm always wrong. There's moments of happiness in the five years majority of it there's a lot of wrong awkward, wrongness, weird grabbing at things that you don't want to go on the record, as I tried to seal that girls gal, but they Santa stories. In that moment, you just thought that was what was happening and I went with it fuck everyone else and analyse this personal guess what we have passions, strong, balloon cat passion. I have the real Elvis, that's good enough for me, but then you would love us. I mean it was so real that I thought someone held up a real cat at it. Croatia is primarily by a hundred dollars, as he said, men succumb well, I'm happy for her well
geez. I really have just happy. I would like to special Shoutout K, because at that same announcers, gonna say that same show, but that's not true. Two days later at the Omaha show in the meat and greet we got to me in that moment you sought. That was what was happening. These two girl, women, young women, brought grandma, they went and got her sprung from the home on a Sunday to bring her to the live. My favorite murder podcast why? You would do that to your grandmother. I don't know, but they did it and she was in the meat and Greek came around the corner. The girls explained we just got her and then Gramma Cheryl looked at mangoes unless and Sunday night thing for this, and I almost like ugly sobbed, I think, has she was a class.
Grandma, go. You said what we are you a dollar fifty and sugar has actually for dollar four and I grabbed her hands and they fell, like my grandma S, hand yet, and that soft she was wearing Blake cardigan sweater. That was a sweater. My grandma, I was just like it was like going back time. It was the most beautiful to those young women who brought grandma. Cheryl E brought us the best gift area, and then they sent a picture on twitter and then afterwards I said Grimacer may be made. Explained we cry with joy, and they said she can't at To tell all four first home about, or even where my please leave some stuff now, please don't tell all of them everything cram. It was beautiful. We had a great
and she grows actually for dollar four and I grabbed her hands and they fell, like my grandma S, hand yet, and that soft she was wearing like a cardigan sweater. That was a sweater my grandma I was just like it was like going back in time. It was De Gm like stay out, get a job by IRAN should stand of the cornfield and they they donated every all the money from that too, and the backlog of fourteen hundred hours. Yes, sucking amazing, slink money, more mouth is etc. Yes, they do in it to more. Those did the Damone Marinos if they have a special name. We don't know today sorry but I mean like so many people got though shirts it was ass. It was awesome, made a great idea for having fun couple called months. Every town, I haven't.
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Way out. Ok, thank you. My weight are we doing based on ok, so what we played last week, it's like they some of the audience nosedive. I agree that the best way to do that reality, adolescent or just swimming now it's interesting, because this was one of the stories I wanted to do when we are in Cincinnati, which was even further back re. Wasn't I can now? Ok, since an eighty cents, a man was yes yes So I had this ready and then I was like: don't do this tonight, cause. I would be bad, it's the nineteen. Seventy nine Cincinnati concert disaster are no. Yes, yes,
now I've heard of this. Only because, as a child, I watched the television show W Care P in Cincinnati hat, and they actually did an episode. Referencing pulled from the headline yeah or rips from the have largely rip some lamely jointly jug gently cut out with safety scissors remand lines but so that's I knew jet the general concept. But now, I tell you were happy, please do occur. Its September nineteen. Seventy nine hereafter Harry Jimmy Carter, the prisoner high there's an energy crisis, everyone his brown and valor and acoustic and smells like bad part. Three Eliza barriers, rarely area around. I am wearing your lava lamp by airlines and to put your father lorries on and get ready so Yeah the children of today have to remember this is before obviously the internet, its before everything
to the point where at one point there talking about the ticketing situation there, the company do you remember company ticket Tron. No, that was like be original Ticketmaster. Yes, thank you. I would You never had half of it, and I would have never been able to say that Take a tron, that's gonna, say Tron envy the letters were in like digital number, it gets. Was it like a triangle drawn ticket Tron a green pieces, everything as robotic, but you, but nothing was robot. Is you have to go to a window and show me like? Yes, I'd like to go, see the who then entailing two thousand, because it was cheaper? I go to a window: buy tickets, don't ever fuckin shitty conflict bands I wanna see: oh! Is that how you do it would like no fear something yeah yeah so Valley. That was the only way you add you it take. It dial
in the seventies came sure there are other ways please I don't wanna hear we don't care, I'm sure that you can call upon suckin western union and get your ticket aid all these different. Should you know two times square somehow and sharing anywhere. You show up at the concert, but we're just trying to let the the young folks know what we used to be like, where there is war lot of more walking a lot. That's why everybody. She is where much thicker on the bottom. Okay. So the who are on a world towards its December of nineteen. Seventy nine, the who are on their world tour and they land in Cincinnati Ohio to play the river front Colosseum for diesel. Our third. There are eighteen thousand three hundred and forty eight tickets available. The show
cells out entirely holy shit. Ok, their genes in my favor murder numbers out an era. Congratulations the little the hill, though the majority of those tickets. Fourteen thousand seven hundred and send seventy of those tickets are sold as general admission for ten bucks till you can go see the fuckin who pretend origin. Today's dollars is tender, a hundred What say it's a hunter internal again great a hundred and cannot alive So but they called this. The general emission was festival, seeding which use This term festival, seeding was used for out door concerts and like a route
outdoor arenas, where you could there were Nessie its human allowing yeah there's your ticket. You go in its festival, seeding its first Comfor, Sir, but at the river front, auditory em, they did festival seeding, and that meant that you would show up you would get let in and then you'd have to run for your spot, but I was like a sea. Yes, So whether you wanted to sit or stand like. If you wanted to be one of the people, it was right up against the fry. You had to get their early and you'll do run too. I don't want to do that. You know. Never! So this is this is a problem and there's were going through the alphabet twice known early on the river front, Colosseum was known for its lack security and safety standards, which I think is how everything was yes seventieth here, but two years before led Zepplin had played there and
a thousand people showed up without tickets and then they just gate, crashed they fucking leg, attacked being the ticket takers through bottles and garbage and the cops share and then through cops. They threw cops taken, tinker, it's not rise. Little just little cops, the little wife they basically were able to. So a thousand people showed up to do that. Seventy got arrested, so nine hundred thirty people got into that lead. Zepplin concert slavery, ledge share and ten bucks. Nineteen seventies care the abbot. They didn't have anything other than a dozen have anything so and He suddenly was that kind of thing where they knew they could they can do it. I mean there's people that would just go up and push the ticket tickers. I didn't run a and, unlike you, can't get caught so knowing that that had already happened,
and also a local radio station had announced that the General mission ticket holders we're gonna, be let in at three so Oh basically, there is, then the feeling was in the air and people started showing up for an eight o clock concert. Seventy doors at twelve thirty and they are not taken map rate. Well, they so they basically are their most of them are therefore aid. Our reason its December now and all I know so it's in like it's in the thirties that day. So it's like a rock and roll parking lot with snow, yeah like freezing and and basically people who are kind of like it's. It's this this kind of ticketing, where its every man for himself like it's, it's kind of like a black Friday, feel reverie ones like, but the flat screen tv is slow.
Wonderful, sounds or quadrille fini and the who and the housewife is the teenager, whose hopped up on nebulae beyond those rank and ready to roll and- and black beauties and reds and all have been laid down that you'd fibres used to be able to get all those pills in the back of rolling stone Maggie. You know that raise you could, like male away for alike, spit bad speed. Essentially, let's bring us. Ok! So about one thirty in the afternoon, the head of rock promotion for electric factory a company called its promotional company called Electric Factory and disguise named cow levy. He said said this crowd is gathering at the main entrance. He go and asks the river front: Colosseum operations director a guy named Richard Morgan to put some security guards out there and at all the ramp entrances leading to the Colosseum Plaza, and they also asks that the guards make sure only
Ticket holders come into the into that plasma. They just don't want people like chilling out there. He also notices, there's no police officers anywhere, and so he asks Morgan to send to have some police sent to the venue so by four o clock. There's twenty five police officers that are kind of manning the area and by six o clock the crowd outside the Colosseum is almost too eight thousand plausibly share ass, and so they I think there was another misunderstanding: they're gonna play contravening the movie Quadriplegia before the concert as the instead of an opening actively we're just gonna play that movie, so everyone, I think in the beginning, thought it was going to be this like hang out shill here hours beforehand, but the doors wouldn't open and there is something that was like a miscommunication so by six fifteen people are up.
They turned to night. The temperatures are dropping, there's a Winchell factor coming off the Ohio River in jail and These people have been waiting some for eight hours to get any so, so the crowd is in the crowd, is thinking expecting that all the doors in front of the venue are gonna open. So it six fifteen the people on the back start pushing toward the front legs and people are knocking an urgent like want. They want the doors to open and the people in the back don't realize that what they're doing to the people in the front? Okay. This is one of my fucking nightmares and why? I don't leave the house if I don't have to write to get caught up in shit like those just to get caught up in share. Yes, and this, especially as like rough yeah, ok, it's bad and It's also that thing where people were I have done it right in the back. Had they known what was happening. The whole thing was a really bad miscommunication on
all parts, but it it was like people after their own device, like I'm what is called when I little fires thing happens at than the rest of it, while I or kindling. Oh yes, and they wouldn't in it, turns into something bigger, because everyone's reacting to everyone else, you normally they had known the situation. They would not have acted, outweigh rate and their words. They were holding fast to some rules so like at one point. There is so in that pushing people, are yelling, opened the fucking doors and they're going one two three push moving the crab. It's like stuff, like that, so the guy that was in charge, Lieutenant Dale men cows, who is who is Basically, the cop in charge of all the cops he gets hold of good old Richard Morgan and says you have to start opened some these doors so that this, like crowd, can dispersed little but Morgan says no. No one's getting in until sound check is over and, of course, sound check his late, because the band is late. So it's you know it's six. Thirty,
the doors are supposed to open like general mission at seven, and they don't open and seven because the band hasn't sound checked yet, but people on the outside nobody's explaining anything to anybody here. So one seven passes people like then people are getting angry and, like people are getting a little crazy was actually the way everyone was jam pact together and, like a friend you, the crowd. There was a steam coming off the crowd because it was so cool. There was a high this heat guy, I know so so you're not gonna, open the doors right until sound shack, so it says- no five. They finally decide you. Ok, we should open some doors, but they don't open a bunch. They just and two doors over on the way over on the right. So that means all the people that that they were in the front that are in front of all the other doors, see that now there in the back, maybe because there
close to the far right doors and that's when it gets up another notch. So said the push starts and people now people are shoving toward the door even harder, and then an end and the other doors that so as for doors open, two of them are blocked by cops with Billy clubs, so they're trying to like somehow can control. They think, I think, by open only opening a couple doors people are just gonna go in calmly, yeah. Well, even if that plan that there are too many people for that even to get to work at all anyway and then at and thirty sound check. Star of also, they think the band a sturdy s can think the concert start, so they can hear it and all the sudden blue, your church happens oily yeah, so there is a general admission ticket holder want. There is an article that is written for the plea of of this guy? Who was there that day? His name is
club, and he and his wife got there. It like little
for three so that they can get their spot mine and he is big. He went to a lot of shows big music fan. Okay, so he had actually written a letter to the electric factory, which is promotional company. The river front Colosseum am to the city of Cincinnati, telling them that this whole thing a festival seeding had to go because he'd Bennet enough shows where it had gotten all fucked up unless, like a free for all. Yes, because there is a thing where it's like. You know you have these. Two seats there, your seats and you know they'll, be there, no matter what, when you bet in yes in it, so does matter when you come right, like that, that's understandable, yeah and if you like, if you bought a ten dollar ticket, but you know that if you can just run fast enough to have a for you at the front row tell ya it's just there's it's like say it's like going who's the biggest fat yeah and if you have people that get stuck in the back or they think they ve figured out their spot and then there there suddenly her in the wrong spot. I mean that's how it's like it: the perfect storm of inciting people's yeah, like anger in theory and and then not to mention in people around drugs. We decided we take some ass it at four o clock. I I mean like who the fuck does that's going on, so this guy, richer,
Clark, who is six foot to and ways over, two hundred pounds get shoved the ground and he is down there getting I on and going. I can't believe this thing that I was writing a letter about is actually happening to unite the truly terrifies me. It's horrifying and separated from his wife. You know this happened to me. We went to see the pokes. I was just talking to us with my friend on Twitter on Saint Patrick. Today we are talking about. I went the pugs unseen patterns day when I was a senior in high school and the opening actors LUCA Bloom, who is this awesome, irish acoustic, singer, songwriter and then the Pugs walk out and they fuckin start off their concerts with. If I should fall from grace with God, would you insane Irish like real, and got sucked backwards into a marsh pit, spun around once and then thrown out aside. My feet were never on the ground. I
I was standing there like yeah this thing's gonna and to end all the sudden it was like. I was in the washing machine. My first to concerts were at this fuckin shitty, Davy place where there was a pet, and yet he wanted to watch the van you'd get sucked into a yes yeah yeah. That was just part of being in the front right yeah, and if you I mean I had no idea, goes like. Oh, it's US irish music, like my parents, lay I was in New York there. Some angry fuckin man who want Europe to run around just no punches abbot also run around. I just didn't realize in such a tight group. You could do that, and that was like part of it. It was insane so anyway, key was basically heat. He and his wife were separated, he's smashed to the ground. He had entered injuries, but luckily he wasn't killed. So as he is
he's trying to get up, he can see. There's other people trying to get up and he can see, there's people who were once their up are trying to get up over the doors to get away to get out of that crowd. That essentially it's like become this weird machine and the people that are pushing and the people that are walking. No one knows that people are on the ground, being tramp, polyvalent push for like a wave anywhere. Yes, the ads actually and it's all he had becomes like it's not about your personal will re yeah. There were people who were there that said that they saw bodies piling up by the doors, they saw people trying to get to their feet. They saw people being swept just the crowd, but no one really knew because, basically than once they were in everyone was running to get to the front yeah and everybody was realizing. Oh that would you know like this. The concert hasn't started or whatever. So then it was kind of like the simply the concert when on as planned,
everybody just one in and watched the who play it's not until seven, forty five, that the police officers find the first dead body on the ground. So it's because also the police are around the back, their basically a kind of on the outside of this thinking that we are going to try to get in from other way, yes or like or they're, just not there focusing on, unlike people being rowdy and oh yeah, sure a riot doesn't start because that's essentially would happen at that Zepplin concert did they just want to make sure it's not a writer yeah, and so there looking at the wrong thing and they don't they not even noticing that there's people on the ground so yeah, it's not until seven. Fifty four that put off find the first body then it sounded than now. Officials are starting to realise the severity, the situation they call for help. So an ambulance algebra, are brought in the fire department, police them reporter show up on the scene and so now
do a fancy restaurant in Cincinnati. I because what are you doing here? This is the first day of the mayor. It's his first day on the job share. His name's KEN Blackwell he's having dinner with how Speaker Tipp, O Neill, and he gets the call. The shit is going down the river from calling out rang a fuckin telephoned to his table recess of mayor, Sir Mare, Sir, this, along as cord. We could find and yet so he has to go down there and basically they have to decide when he arrives they decide do we do we this concept. We pull the plug now, but a real. He believes, and the fire marshal agrees with him than if they pull the plug there. I'll be right, harsher so they'll at the concert, go as planned, so it eight forty five promoter name, Larry Majid informs the whose manager
the kurdish that for Cancer growers are confirmed dead end. He tells them there were two of and to crushed. That's the story. For some reason, the fire marshal was under the impression that there is a mass overdose at the beginning of this concert in they were like people I think we're trying to like yeah. Oh they those part they were partying and they were doing Dragons Rock n roll kids and themselves is what they were kind of trying to do. It sounds like it first He quickly learned, though, that none of the deaths are drug induced. They were all due to trampling and Fixation on being in that crowd so So when the set is over the Kurdish led the, whose manager pulls them aside and says, make your encore as short as possible. Is something has happened so they basely go out, do their encore get off stage and finally, once they come off from the on court, there informed that allow-
when people have died last eleven people were killed in that in that stampede and another twenty six were injured. So in the weeks following the concert their arguments over who is to blame the media ports pointed the finger at like Rock n roll culture, but I am saying it was drugs, alcohol and general rowdy ness, but the people at the concert were just like no fucking way. They plan this so badly. Everything about this was bad planning and that idea like holding the door is that they were going to be able to control and eight thousand person cloud. Who was who me were made to wait all day time and not communicated with in any way there's no safety set up, communication PETE Townsend is apparently in
subsequent shows they did P Townsend's, visibly shaken the only person who speaks on it is Roger Doll tree, and he basically is says there are no words to say how I feel I am apparent. I have a boy he's fifteen. I have two little girls and all I can say is: I am sorry for what happened I mean you know they felt can terrible I think there was also that thing of like that. They were just that the, the act out all of that and had nothing to do with crowd, control or the way the tickets were sold and the next night shows in Buffeloni work and it was dedicated to those who died in Cincinnati safety measures that might have once, been considered unnecessary are now implemented like going forward immediately. Yeah, that's great! So of course the families of the victims who are trampled issue. The city Cincinnati the who and electric fit
factory concerts. In nineteen. Eighty three, although suits, were settled, and the families of each of the deceased received a six your pay out, which was something around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars at the time and the people who were injured received a smaller, although substantial parts as well. The mayor of Providence, Rhode Island cancelled the whose performance that was later that month, descent one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine, despite the fact that Providence had only assigned seating- and there was no chance of that- could have happened. Island is a very careful play. They just won't risk it But this is what I love thirty, three years later, the who return to Providence and honoured the tickets from nineteen seventy. So if you bought one and you didn't get go, you could go for free that night, yet Ceuta, how I know isn't that nice, and then on December, twenty seventh, so the same month that it
up in the city of Cincinnati Band Festival, seething with very specific exceptions, and the ban stood for twenty five years. It was repealed very controversially, in two thousand for how the probably for fuckin, just in timber saleable our learning just in time, relax the of certain species are unjust internally and then, basically and W care, peons Cincinnati was the calm about a radio station, obviously in reality- and they were all about this- was back before to pay. Oh, for every needle drop on every tv show out of those every song you here and tv shows now people get paid for and rightfully so, but back then you know Debbie Car p. They played Feely Dan. They played the music, threw out that show just in the background and so so kind
just like in with respect to that? They had this episode, which were basically a similar thing happens, and it is in the end they at the end of it dedicate that episode to the victims of the nineteen, seventy nine who stampede how very special officer there and a website. I got a bunch of this information from aside from Wikipedia there is a website called Ultimate classic rocked outcome as re that talked all about it and they have this great. They they had did in article specifically about the w care, be episode, and I, you have to buy the vicar care appeal like on dvd to watch any of it. But I like
This quote, they said still. If cause they were talking about how hard the balance of the it was a straight up set common than their dealing with like a very special episode, but they did a perfectly. They did stuff like that a lot and they were really good at it, but the quota is still if the in concert episode stands for nothing else. It at least has the honour of saying this five years ago when things got real right in the backyard of its fictional setting Debbie. European Cincinnati did not flinch and they really didn't and they the guy that road it had to fight with the showrunner about it and then they decided to do it and then the network was like. We don't think we should do that right. So the actual episode ended up airing February 11th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty. So we to be no a month and a little later, in twenty fifteen immemorial. Marker was finally place outside the. What's now called the: U S bank arena for the victims whose lives were lost, that night and
paid for entirely by individual donations. So it was, it was a crowdsourced memorial and so the people who died in the stampede on December. Third, one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine are Walter Adams Jr, who is twenty two from Trotwood Ohio, Peter Bows, who is eighteen from Wyoming Ohio, Conny Sue Burns was twenty one from Miami Spargo, Ohio, Jacqueline Actually it was fifteen from Thingy town, Ohio David. Who is nineteen from island heights? Kentucky tv array lad? Who has twenty seven from new town, Ohio, Karen Morrison, who has fifteen from Finny town Ohio, Stefan Preston, whose nineteen from Finny TAT Ohio of Snyder, whose twenty from Franklin Ohio. Brian Wagner was seventeen from Fort Thomas Kentucky Heartbreaking, James warmer. It was twenty one from Franklin, Ohio such
baby here I'll, be if just want to have fun yeah, it's I think about how scary those last moments had to have been like. I definitely. This is one of those way that you think about dying yeah if you're, obsessive that shit we'll an idea that like because we ve all seen like the black Friday videos where re. If you go down in a crowd like that The only way you come back up as if someone looks out for you it's a wave of even I mean it's, not even everyone else's fault, it's this like wave of, humans that have no control over the right because there are being pushed hooray. It's like that. Yeah, it's lake, its it's so awful. So its worst case scenario, it's horrible. Why didn't want to do it showed that I didn't want to do it because its liking as one of those disasters, it's like the preventable and now they know that the, but those airlines were like how preventable disasters, health
why things are the way they are and likes bad decisions based on money, two yards like it. Just at that point, open the doors and let everyone in because it's dangerous, otherwise Jani Allowance and so the ten dollars you would again from. However, any people who didn't had tickets like gently now, just let them men yeah has everyone needs help re in. The idea that I think people understand now it's like. If you're gonna have a concert with you, no eighteen thousand people gotta get. The staff security. He can't have three people out of the one doorway over on the re, like everything has to be prepped force. If the first, which I think they know now, they now seems like, but I just want to say I was nine at the time and broken. No one gave a shit about safety. When I was nine years old, though they did, they really done a long time I mean factor
yeah it's a heavy one, but I just was like. Oh it's such a. I wanted to do it that nights about, but I was also like awful? Would it be to sit in a theater? I, like? Ah, what else happened the night that name their people? Young it it's it's. I guess it's the same thing with the name of this by gas, where we want to be. I want to be like I love that stories like that right, but really I love them. It's like it's my favorite cause. I hated yes, but unless I am fascinated by that, she has also it's like you're right those times that year, like I don't like this feeling in this crowd, I dont like I need to get over to the side and you think along crazier. I have this anxiety, your right, because you shouldn't, you have to be careful and big crowd. You have to be careful and you can this trust that I would you to go great. Now I get I got really free down grounds like that yeah in any ground. Watch your friends. What your back! What's your friends back, what your backs
and don't be afraid to welcome a concert a little bit later. You can find before my god. Don't worry that sounds a same on a radio. That's amazing! Those great! Thank you, a job. She has to be told the shutting down shut out, how it had an outlet shut down, then rest and sit down and sink down, and let me tell you a story: I love it. So this is a story I found when I was searching when I was searching for a story to do when we gonna Saint Louis owe her in the future. Yes- and I was like, while this is incredible, I have to do it now and how they never heard of this. Ok, wow, that's really saying something that you can't wait for the ok. It's like the opposite of yours. Yes, ok this Glenn in angle, men, the killer, dentist! That's right! I found a lot of information from an oxygen article.
Member FBI files. I told you about. I ass of FBI files and episode called deadly dentist, a show, and I d better, was called deadly dentist's. Oh, and this an episode called concealed abscess I've had the other reminds me. I need to make an implying that ago. This will make you not Monte, Carlo Dentist anymore. I let me tell you about Glenn in Angolan. He's born in Saint Louis, on the south side, it's a blue collar working class neighborhood in nineteen, twenty seven one. Four children his dad's rail, will a railroad worker and then it says and his wife, because
That's his mom, that's right! Life was a wife and a mom is so angle. May under railroad engineer right, don't worry about it. She made, I mean pie, that's right angle in graduated from Washington Universities, dentist programme in nineteen, fifty four, he wasn't a great student, he did fine, I guess you can just passed into school without great I don't like that. Nope. It's just sack I'd really like to only experience the masses of chemicals in dentistry, essentially, nineteen fifty four when show is probably like fuckin still, Madeira fits for officials that was back before they hid the big needle behind, thereby like big needle right thing. I have on let's make these teeth out of backing I tasks sorry, but it does remind me because I who's going to the dentist really regularly and toys, but this last season baskets and everything like shut down
but I am going back next week, but I haven't seen my heart Denison. So what if everything's different now between ice? Now? What if you hurt me more? What are you gonna do that you got replaced by toenails Ludovic stoked? mom somewhere like here was be became bewitched, some reason little children's toenails, that now it be the cruellest thing to do to a Dennis two new importance of hygiene. Almost impossible, but those can expect I'd say it's almost ass. All I saw that never say never again, Glenn in opens his own practice in his neighborhood, where he grew up Saint Louis Aceh side, as I said, and to everyone's like Stoke that he is like sticking with the neighbourhood he's like INA. One of us in such a any also treats his poorest patients for free a lot of times of he's like generous and shit. However, don't like this guy, because, according to the book
It meant for murder the story of the killing dentist by Susan Crane back ass. He was a rather racist, anti Semite and dabbled in the occult mixing. A voracious sexuality. Last year I can deal with shit. I don't like so as he has first, marriage was too soon teacher name, Edna Ruth Bullock, and it lasted three years and
after the divorce, he continued to give her money and she and they still had sex, and she also continue to see him for dental care, which I pick one that he was so great at all of them. He was just great and I'll, even though you media, ochre dental care, but who are seeking to Gaza. That's right and same sex, but a lady does now that much time he knows you, you got a meeting and to explain how you come too should explain why you need your arm up that certain anger- I am that's just complicated, so his ex wife roof then met The dude named James Bullock, he's a twenty seven year old clerk setting to be an accountant and is also one of doktor Angolans patients, ok and then on five and one slash two months after they get married on December 17th, one thousand nine hundred and fifty eight James Bullock,
is fuckin randomly shot dead by a sniper in front of the Saint Louis ART Museum. Only God right Ruth collects sixty. Four thousand dollars in life insurance, which is five hundred fifty thousand, dollars in today's money, shit, I'm the mill half a mile and the investigators alike, investigators,
The investors like this is suspicious and they look into Ruth light. They discover that that she's, a white has a wild sighed. She has exploits and local buyers that our legendary, whatever the fuck, that means it volume tell me about it, asks me above the rest again I'll tell you I'm on the bar and lit up her skirt. You better asthma, exploit the finnish assembling abundant gal. I bet she'd be awesome, but that they questioned her and then that than their criticised by the harsh treatment of agreeing with us. They back off of her, but they also we're suspicious of her ex husband. Glenn end the dentist, but he has an alibi for the murder, so the killing goes called baby. Later in nineteen. Sixty three Blenan is now married to a librarian, and he up with another get rich quick scheme
opens a drag racing. Strap college was all the rage back then. Yes, yes, so Adieu, Dame Eric Fray, who had recently married one I've glens, former girlfriends, becomes a partner in the business he's like drag racing. Let me get in on. Let's do this do it, but on September twenty six nineteen sixty three as Eric Fray is helping Doktor Engelman with construction of the site. Fray somehow finds himself struck in the head with Iraq. At the bottom of a well. Let us I happen to be can happen to contain a large amount of dynamite and then They explorer work. It's a fucking accident. Why Now it's not weigh hurry First, all this is starting to sound familiar really that I guess I don't know, I pull the dynamite, the dynamite. As I was dynamo Asians before
are you serious was written by a mere jirga with him or her must I was I was PAM had suddenly I was like trying to find a hundred emails from like two thousand and twenty. When was this, this is most of the summary twenty seventeen oh yeah amidst two years ago? How am I supposed to go now? Yes, go on now, I'm not going to why not Jesus. You think anyone who remembers my version of this work and we have to leave all of its members and others. We should never really says release. Oh then, whereby please leave us, then yeah
I feel it buried the lead on that we never released. The episode should come out of your mouth or live no, it's. How do we know? Listen, we need to attacks even a little bit more before we go. I can not now or later today. Why didn't you tell her this? Here's, what I love you said it's a killer dentist. And somebody got thrown into a well with dynamite, and I still was like certainly are now coming back to me. I know vaguely early in telling the story. Why wouldn't I immediately be like because it so being on stage, are so much adrenaline and then you go on and you leave, but this this is for this was a saint Louis. Why are nos four somewhere in Saint Louis share? Is that no one knows, except for us now everybody s name like this is fresh to them. Ok, great and the people we do we
performing in Saint Louis, but just not release that episode ass God. So when we got a saint, Louis and think three weeks, an added ass, I got a brain with a gun on yeah. That's funny gazelle be like I remember on this and that don't do in three years were creating member. Let me tell you some brownish, it's ok, but wait a second. We ve been waiting for this moment, the ass we I been waiting for this minor for us in the same line, which is way less likely been for us to redo. If I can sorrier, yes, the amount of stories we done live yeah last and encourages all answer, gets its Kay Louis Map we're gonna run? Murder is one day now. That's no reason outlay.
When I was like this stories fascinating, how am I going to not do the it's so good? Ok, look tell me what you remember this. I w remember the well well indictment. How could you forget death, Israel, accidental doktor Glenn, and are a that alone? The egg is, it is, ruled out. No, he fell into a well after, as have got hit fulfilled dynamite right. You know how you do some time that a race track. Yes, it happens, they could be hot dogs, it can be dynamite at this guy gonna wanna get a cigar dynamite in a hot I'd, buy cars there ass. You could have. That too. Is this fuck in atomic Jerry or what we can just say this sorry, this is legit sidebar, but that less Pretzel, I ordered on the road. I just need a song about it, I'm aha, I texted Adrian is it was so good in alma you gonna last pretzel. She I order prattle There is a sauce that was given.
Cheer, mustards stop it. Did you take a shot of it? It will be. I drank it. I shall debt and then just ate the press laughed where I know it was the most delicious thing God as prattles. Sorry. Well, let me tell you about doktor Glenarvan. He collected and insurance settlement from his business partner causes business practices selling died in the fuckin, while the dynamite Louis somehow on the thing he was as business partner should be collected, the money with his ex girlfriend who happened to be phrase widow.
And he gave he gave her twenty five thousand dollars. She put. Sixteen thousand of that ended the draggers something you're out of the remember this Eisner down those. This is just a reminder: Buddy went bankrupt, the nineteen sixty four yeah. I like the idea that this is all very like this is what the pink Ladys did after high school. What I'd like to me, you can't dont trust Dennis I got it. I wanna dated Doktor Dennis, but then I can't stand the drag raising ring. I still cool and hip. He wears a leather jacket, yeah, ok, a decade, This is, as you know, from the research data storage, diagnose, nothing. You remember that he had a twenty four year old Dental assistant named Carmen Miranda Remember that our name was heard our menorah Miranda they
doctors older had known Carmen Miranda Hudson. She was a child and she's. Like look doctor, I don't want to do. I am having some financial difficulties and he is like here's an idea. What are you marry? Someone take out a life insurance policy on him and for you and she is like. Let's do it really just right out there in the open not ran like red the slow ballet. The bang went eventually Zactly, ok, but he Ino he'd known her, since she was a child she's. Twenty four years, older he's, probably manipulating her and a lot of ways, and he said he knew it would work as he's done it before right, member old track and dying. I certainly did work that lie ahead so she agrees and they find a dude named Peter home and she marries him and almost a year later after they got married in September. Fourth, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six Miranda, Carmen Miranda learn, learn lures harm to secluded location, near Pacific Missouri, and
and next to him, as back an Englishman, shoots him with a rifle in the fuckin, had woe and then she takes off running how awful so. The grieving widow Carmen Miranda ends up with seventy five thousand dollars shit and life insurance, and she pays around ten thousand to her boss, doctoring woman now to remember any of us now shocked about the common Miranda retail, not sticking where in the world that bit of information, I think it it was replaced for major watched. All of the sopranos obey a kick it so Two hundred and seventy seven Arthur goes well he's sixty one and it's fifty five year old, wife, Brittany DE there. They have a what seems like a breaking and entering situation where there a shot.
And killed at the farm House near Edwards, Ville Illinois. The cops think it's a hominid robbery and their grieving Son Ronald was the sole air to their to his parents, oil business and inherited a quarter of a million dollars, ok, which, in nineteen seventy seven money is seven. Hundred thousand dollars great. I don't know. I don't know soon that better gonna tell me as polio why it's probably a ton. Actually. I was its two million two million two million about this, a lot of money. Seventeen months later on March in Russia and seventy nine, when Ronald Goose well with he's, shot and bludgeoned with a sledgehammer at his home. So he's the fuck an air of the fortune and they he'll, kill and then he's killed. His new wave, Barbara Goose while Boil, collects approximately thirty fourth, three hundred Forty thousand dollars life insurance, his voice down four days later: actors, murder in a car in an EAST Saint Louis Motel, his body. Is it a car motel know of his body?
down four days after his murder in a car at an EAST, Saint Louis Motel and police go to his home to tell his grieving wife, Barbara and she is holding out the garage which would it turns out to be belied quote everywhere: oh no gas! Why she's too, Doktor, our friend Doktor Cleanin, wow yeah, so The next victim is Sophie Marie Perreira she's, fifty nine years old she the dental lab, and she had done some work for doktor Cleanin, and he owed her fourteen thousand five hundred dollars and she was threatening to taken to court so here, and the rational thing and blue or fuckin car, while she was an umbrella seizes. This thing is this: is it if you made tv movie of it, no one would watch it because it makes us or you want to ban all really crap and
So in general data, eighty Sophie's car explorers and she starts at killing her, so police are like array it's. The second did, but there is also a lot a mob activity going around then so it kind of got lost in that, but police are connecting the dots and they were sure that Doctor Engelman was behind these killings. So then his third wife also Amory comes forward and she's, like I'm a little free because I've been hearing some rumours that he's triumphant ahead on me and he told me some Shetland and Maya imposed coil and they were like a grey it will. You are aware- and she was like a specific- and rightly so in nineteen, eighty four- that suit she wears a wire. He can. He tells her everything. Don't do that so a nineteen. Eighty, four her boil is charged with her husband's killing the one who is the area that shit she's arrest in and a month later, Doktor Engelman is final.
Arrested as his Carmen Miranda and there too accomplices who is met, and his brother neck, and a man named Robert Handy, so Miranda testifies again: Stockton Lenin in his trial for him homes. Murder. In that guilty verdict in a hit your sentence and later for his trial, fur bearers bombing gets him life. So an attempt to bargain for lenient, see the the accomplice. Robert Handy offers place details about the goose walls, murder there, the home invasion robbery, older couple, and so he said that Engelman and Barbara Boil the wife of the sun had been lovers and they are targeted Ronald because of his money. So like she married him to kill his pair it's an him God, damn here I feel like that is I'm remembering something about that. Guy she married was kind of a boar or, like
where is like a little bit of like a thing about him were every as your marrying Miss guy amicably. There is a little bit of that. Could that could just be me judging him, and there was a lot. I mean all these marriages that ended in the husband being killed were leg, just a plan for that Yahoo or Google it and anyone just someone you can convince them area is dating hard enough. Have thinking what? If someone just setting me up for life and is another thing I have to worry about it, I have a good relationship in every once in a while, I'm like that he could poison in this two year. Like wait a second. I just got a guy go update the doing why I don't eat and drink tea set out than like echoes, wait till we get goes. I dont like fucking cameo as I get away only being boys, and I don't like you killing me so for money great, you can kill me for bashing. Leave their complementing the money. Thing is cold. It really hurts my feelings.
So does in nineteen. Eighty five. He in order to strike a deal and avoid the death penalty, doctoring them in pleads guilty to all three murders and was sentenced to three concurrent life sentences. When he confessed says he says, quote I like to kill it sets a man apart from his fellow man if he can kill no,
the vehement dentists. Since you are yeah, that's more so than killing people. How about you are decent human being the doesn't fuck every woman that passes your dental Prague, don't like every woman, don't fuck and manipulate them into killing people? Don't you dont need the money, that's what so we're about to as like everyone's I Keith he's not doing it for money because he has a successful practice. Yes, he's doing because he's a fucking, weirdo sports killer well and also because he feels I think as Argentina. Sad where he's like. This is what sets me upon. Not my interesting hair or my brain killing p right, not my interest in a cold and an bulletin, Anti Semitism and killing people. My Anti Semitism isn't sending me apart. The way I thought it I'm going to go ahead and all the way into killing, I mean just change some crowns. Is that a thing I don't know, and I think it s changing ground change, around change
so as for Barbara she's, convicted of Ronald's murder, her heir to the throne, husband, gray, but with help from her attorney a flea, Bailey arrive or Dick, like mother, Fucker, super champion sure, as she's cleared of the murder of his parents wow and she gets fifty years but serves less than half the time in his freedom. Two thousand nine at the age of sixty seven and then she's, like I'm ass ban as money later, but they gave me that much here when did she get any of it? I wonder I bet she did. I know right cause. Parliament, like a niece, only fair, only fair that warrant sweet nieces. Like look, I guess I did all the rowers gates. I why shouldn't rescue kitten,
such an extremely wasted on cats. Hey just wasted! That's no way you here we go in ninety. Ninety six, a bee movie called the dentist yes was made that loosely bay is loosely based on the case. Doktor Engelman is played by carbon burns. And yes, we talked about this fire. Ok, what tell disease from L a lot yeah. I was like oh yeah, like what does he found me like a lot, but now at this moment right now we could be dead, and this is just like life replaying itself in that weird way, absolutely believe back and I went under
generally, I am yesterday, I awakened could be or socially, but I dont know and are you away when you wake up you're like a dream that we recorded already now we have this shit, I should do it enter the killer, dentist, no, I'm goin to and you're still getting a massage oak eject it can. I just say that I fell asleep. These issues, like I can't get up when you want, do you know they look at the four when it's over and I was like, ok, sounds good and I just put my face back in the rain and went back to sleep, for I don't know how they must stand there. I mean it. Not long ago that I may, as I was now like hat, is short dream and I was I will well I'm still here. I woke myself up with a loud snoring the plane ride home for Mamma a snort. I didn't hear it because I was, I hope, my mask on and I went lit I immediately started cracking I went thinks so insane. I, Mr Manuel, I had my earplugs
that wasn't that loud them, but I am absolutely delighted that and then just started laughing guess we're doing great we're doing it and we're still doing. Let's talk about two years later from the dentist and talk about the dentist too, oh brace yourself We have talked about it again. I just I just remembered that there was a sequel, harrowing. Remember this so dreaming. No, I think it was just that we have done this alive. Who came here thing so I went to my my payment or gmail to look for home towns and Amy in
and in the seventies my dad had a plant store and then dodgy part of Saint Louis called Compton Heights. He was parentheses is a big old stoner, so he spent a lot of time smoking outside the shop, which is how he became acquainted with the dentist to own the shop next door. Oh also, possibly, why has shocked in last long, but I regret at ten the dentist Glenn an Englishman had an assistant named. I should you not Carmen Miranda who had married an older guy who shortly thereafter run up shot in the back of the head after having recently taken on a very high insurance policy, em around a suggestion, my dad's, his Englishman, was the most terrifying person he'd ever met, while from the time you ve come flying into my dad's shop in a rage literally foaming at the mouth shouting about whatever so scary dude, and then then Kevin said my mom
Europe and South Saint Louis County, my mom and her sister began working from an early age to help make ends meet. My mom landed a job as a hostess at a South county restaurant that had many loyal customers who ate their daily and knew the workers pretty well. She said recognized today by folks who went there in the eighties on one of these regular customers was a local dentist who was charismatic but odd. He wants lectured my mom about respecting the history of coins. Kevin wrote, strike one and was generally a difficult person to serve striking. Yes, I badly. He gave up a typical collective rich man vibes. So most service house will know the type of guy we're dealing with here. One day this. Dentist came into the restaurants, so my mom, the hostess puffy faced and crying. He asked her why she was so upset and she told him tat. She was worried about her mother after a car exploded that day near the set aside National Bank, where she
worked as a housekeeper. It was the eighties or as a spike of mob crime, but, above all by the dentist, told her that her mom should be safe, because the car was close enough to do any real damage to the bank. He then reassured that everything was okay, ate his meal and went his way. My mom, then I found out from a local news at the man in the restaurant doktor Glendinning woman was a dentist by day and a hitman serial killer high. Neither so, basically, my mother was consulted about the car explosion by the very serial killer, who rigged the car to blow up in the first play holy shit as he walks and she's cry and he's a long spy on origin. It wasn't the target year now. Don't worry that ok, so Doktor Engelman was seventy one when he died of complications today and with diabetes and ninety ninety nine at the Jefferson City, correctional centre. As you know, since you Joey, I search that the part that stayed with me. He had been diagnosis, associate pathway, locked up and it was reported as IQ was near. A hundred and forty, which is high,
but he showed no remorse for anything or not. His killing spray lasted for thirty years from nineteen, fifty eight nineteen, eighty and altogether he suspected and twelve killings, cheese ass, but if it hadn't been for his brave third exe, why wreath jolly with whom he had a son, it could have been many fucking. More that's right in the head is the second time that the planning on the killer, dentists, second time, but only first arrived scale right first time was a select audience. We did a test. Audiences are in Saint Louis, has today they were like as fine we're, not gonna. Remember it s, not nobody is marking down and these moments later there's can wine for sale in the lobby. Let's go let's party, let's get another, can why we ve been pre gaming with the marine ovary raised money, legates game, then let's posts game, that's right. Let's do let's drink the whole time
There is a great thing, but I love to go back to the point of hope, falling into a well filled with tee a data that the part as dont. Do it yet do your best not to ask it. But if someone had united with rock, do you gotta? Do it? You gotta do something an honest man. So you don't let it don't go back here. Do not do it, and then all my teachers are falling out slowly, I, why do you friends, toenails amount is renewed, their children sternly. I don't know why clear? Is that what you think of when you look at my dear? Oh, that's a disease child sir. It's like ripping its closest but like clearly not like website like. Oh, it's child toes in an adult mouth. That's awful that, sir! we have to tell Toro about yeah yeah yeah yeah, my fucking arise.
Then it's over it's up to you a second, I made mistakenly done my fucking hurry of talking about my to our message at the top. But you know what it is: here's what my fucking her aid will be. First of all, and this is a sound super, corny and easy. But we had the that last weekend or shows the most fun talking to people at the meeting rates to the point where a couple times Vince had to say: hey, look the I'm, we still have a whole line of people. You guys have to move along here, because we love the conversations that we have with people and talking to people and just like connecting with people. So we often times will complain about like being tired or complain like that. We're doing a bunch of stuff, but to me I would say, fucking hurry is those people, people come and say hi or that you know that are at the meeting green, the come around that corner and they tell us really private things or
or are they just tell us what, those women who were like we all met at the Chicago, show redneck like eight years prior, they were standing in line by each other to get into the Chicago show theirs. Our friends to this day, what was that? the Kansas City showing yeah. They showed up as a force, some going. We met in line in our all. Still great friends like we have these kind of peak experiences that we're having so many of them. It's hard to oppression. Eat them. Process right now: yes, we're in the middle of it, and we can't stop. We have to keep going forward Thea and if you think about it too much it's
that's a lie. It's a lot process, but it's a series of grandma shareholders and it's a series of the women from the Chicago who met in line at Chicago and are still friends to this day and the women who come and the women who come by themselves to the life shows yes come at a jump on earth. Do it Van rang and get into it? I I was thinking about a recently about how hard twenty seven was for me and twenty eight and twenty nine and thirty and thirty one may. While- and I didn't you know- I didn't have our friends and you kind of like you need these- that a community and you don't have one. I was like post break up and shit and and it's, the murdering a community, is as community that I wish I had had. Then and instead of being bombed about not having that, I'm just so happy that we have made this and they ve made this thing that they can have now- and I think I mean would have benefited so much from it and I'm benefit
a different way. But yes, so happy. It exists. It's amazing and kind to see it in real life, like that's all It sounds it stuff that way. You can't believe until someone telling you to your failure are, and that we saw in Omaha who the first time we met. Her was in a meeting great and she was about to get bread. The first of many brain surgery and when we met her, she was at the beginning of that road, and we just saw her again in Omaha and she looked like a different person and she was like. I got a couple more left, but I'm doing great and like I was just laying their listening to you guys like we had to hear stories like that that are genuinely amazing huge, compliments, but like it's just big star. It there's a bunch of them in a row and then we all go home and go to sleep complain about being tired when real What we want to do is tell you every single one of these stories has there
Each one is is amazing, and if we really process that we will just be falling all time because its huge it's incredible, its unexpected as buck and it's an crap like we're, so grateful yeah weak Really this is our lives, I know, and each one is even lighten people got come up and go. I don't know what to say to you and I didn't bring you anything more. Like we now we get it, we love it and we take a picture and then they walk away its equally as exciting for us, because we, can't believe that we even have a meeting so yeah. I guess, are we get a sheriff Aachen hurry, witches, fucking, hooray for the against, that listens to the show and decides to participate so much with. And with each other here yeah, it's beautiful
Can it be part of it? Yeah thanks. You thanks you guys, thanks for that specialists who want a gorgeous design bananas as we ve made a virus, I love love, they succeed, Elvis you wanna cookie.
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