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2019-04-18 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Power Rangers Murder(s) and the murder of Denise Huber.

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This is exactly right. And welcome my rumour order. That your crime comedy podcast for all of Europe to crime and comedy needs up the one. Your mom told you about the one, your sister keys, forcing you to listen to their like girl we're never gonna like get over that thing. That happened in tenth grade yeah, see you can't you use this as a hold on a second its work. I love you again. Oh my god. We have so much to talk about in this matter. Definite have doesn't have anything to do with limited Zack about the early. It's just were creating with this party
a series of icebreakers for Thanksgiving little say your upcoming Easter discomforts that are heading it you'd, pursing Oda by two sorry, I see this question the questions like this. So many do I love to question my Judaism. It's just. Is there the Easter equivalent, which I know is not this story wise not be equivalent, but is there a spring celebration and Judaism pass over? That's really yeah, because you know like an egg on the state or play yet less you, mother, Fucker stole it. That's why the eggs are the thing you guys refer out. I got ideas. Luckily, I mean sadly I'll be gone for my family dinner,
the plan and is it at a house private home, my mom's teeny tiny apartment than we are crammed into its fun and then and then that manischewitz starts getting poured everybody. The truth starts getting spoke area. I, although our last summer, got a scar on my hand from walking into a wall. It just gets pickets fight, they really does or you walking like the bright, a Frankenstein marijuana hands I'll, making a hilarious joke with at night with my hands, and I turned and didn't see the stucco all come out and I am a fuckin legit scar there. You should see your mother. There goes you're, fuckin, Hamelin Career Georgia that go. It was supposed to be your safety net when all this not involves apart and my toke fuck em and get screwed up. My foot modeling careers overcome by internet foot fetish website. You used to be the star a wiki feed. Thank you, but I'm stuck in it. It's not true, but
is a great dream to have your dreams. Everyone. My aunt Carol, was mad that I wasn't going up for Easter and my dad's like what for the trap that better but the traffic I know just for, like those big catholic holidays, don't really bring the family together that the way the use to which has aroused by force yet exactly now, it's all now
it's more casual of going out because Nora has her eyes, dancing competition, and then we all actually have a great time instead of on forced effect and eat. Eggs are era, though you do. Yes, it's we have to eat eggs. It's a bit. Basically, Easter is a christian eating contest and I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the porch again since, like Coolio Luke, but on Easter, urges gulped down just keep meaning a wall of the Lord that you love him through egg. Can some errands follow your eyes drying money? We were talking about, though Easter between our family and hospitals, which are our closest non relative relatives because they are our neighbours for years and He used to always do Easter one of our houses and I'm sure till the story before, but my uncle Steve, because I was the youngest the key
taught me how to pay attention to nonverbal cues, because when I was two years old, we were all doing Easter Egg Hunt in the back yard and of course all my older cousins are running around in finding all of them, and I like to kind of stumbling around and then I realized my uncle Steve. His walking ahead of me any keeps intentionally walking enemy and fun. I look up and I just noticed that he's doing this with his cigarette hand, so he's always smoking always had. Between us first two fingers and he has style exactly- is a total use, a total like Clint, Eastwood, Paul Newman type, and he strong and silent. He was point they were all the eggs were, he was showing me where they were a two year old characters like verbal clues. Yeah I got it I looked up. Nonverbal is glad. Look I was like white is what what's he doing with his cigarette and I've put like all the sudden, beautiful mine style? I put it all together here, pointing at where the eggs are he's. Helping me cheat and then I was like
and it turned out, he never existed, was used or money or the cigarette all along the east or bunny has a big moustache and he smokes. Can I tell you that we have a thing ass ever called hide the ethical men who didn't they blew hide a piece of much somewhere in the kids have to go find it. You get money. If it's like, I cite lanky Common was CNN contributor. I really up until this moment Asian say it right, So it's like there. How much money do you related depends on your family,
that would make sound. You know ITALY's event of your marriage. Cans are always twenty dollar when the kids are like you get. Eight presence for Hanukkah single depends on your family. Fucker yeah. That's right up makes compromising friends bucker. Does it kid you're? All I do is yeah virtually. I use verbal q, yet the verbal q fuck you, you never asked me about on a guy and when will you learn Karen but pass over? And I know I've told you this, the our friend the green bergs, but invited us over Marcia Grain Borg and her husband, who was a doctor, I didn't answer and they lived in Moran and they invited us over for a pass over and, fine, we went it was spread to beat the bad luck unfair in their beautiful home. Of course, I got to read cause. I was the ice in the table, re so much money. I was always the younger yeah. So I was like this is the religion for me. That's why I've always had. Second Judaism has been so close to my heart. Some like these
people they get what I've risings origin different than all other. What's different air and like I don't care, I just wanna join mom. I want to switch, but that's when my mom explained to me. I guess now that I look at it. She was just like. No, not everybody has that spread like to me. That was the settlers also get Thanksgiving dinner. That's what you got for pass over and she's a nun. Another rich like that was like a thief. They shift in fresh fruit from Y know, whatever all the things that we Gaia were. There was a changeover ugly, because this is the religious. Yes! Well, you stop apron when your poor two fuckin, whenever they called holidays, yeah he's gotta cover. We love it, furthermore, more suffering and hence with it. While you can live it love it passes. Over learned
to move on from our religious. This is a religious. My last two I'd rather talk about. Let's do corner so everything now. It's all new, even your fuckin office that actually has like sound paneling in yeah. This might sound much differently than normally does it not because our acoustic panels have gone up and though recording studios one step closer to being finished, a trade. This is our office Karen or business women. I know it's the great drawn over there that someone put together for us. We ve got a mug of pans. Just fucking sitting there we can use any one of the plans we want any and all we could take one how we could put the whole fuckin jar and are an hour personnel, someone put new bans out, leave when we're paying for them. Now that's the problem, other Natsir, the back and so another new thing is that we got the our website and are fancourt totally reflection, refreshed it got botox, it God, juvenile arm it got fillers. It got fuckin it
Beverly Hills Express re. Basically, we we heard you, we knew the interaction wasn't gray. We knew so. We ve been working on this kind behind the scenes this whole time, and we finally got to debut it. If you hadn't had a chance, please go two W W w dot my favorite murder dot com and take a look at the brand new website and consider joining the brand new Fancourt. That's right! There's it's so much different! Now, there's a new logo. That's on new merge, we're gonna. Make me do a fan called store with Fancourt only merge there's the forms are amazing, neither not fuckin shit in all caps, and yet we heard we deafening heard your feedback on that. We go the same way. Can I just say like that, been on my mind like this: the family. My website, looking bad been weighing on my mind for as long as it's been bad will, of course, a year way. It's how there's an this audience. This this listener ship
so wants to be a communication with each other and with us, and the idea that we were able to facilitate that correctly. For so long has been driving us and say yes, it's very frustrating, so you stress and really, but I'm really proud of the new site. Arafat call we have it's a new company and we basically wrapped our arms around all of the issues and it's really exciting Alaska videos. Look better unboxing videos are like exclude contact ticket contests our book to or very short, but were going on. A three city book tore a threat to promote it. It's called say: sexy, don't get murdered. You may have heard of that title B. A it's from this show yeah surveillance, to your sister gave, do even care for proud of it ass, a feel like physic, home
also it feels like we're. Finally, delivering this baby that we ve been pregnant with for like two year enough with this already we're, not elephants differing. Therefore, two years Stephen test me wholly shown thinks it is two years, but I I believe that it's a really goddamn longtime humans, nine months, ten months technically. Why? Because they may judge it from your at the end of your last period, so you could have been pregnant or something like that. You, oh yeah, narrowing for that whole time. Actually, technically, like ten months, how I now re even grows. Ninety five weeks, Well, our years fifty two weeks, okay breaker message, namely that yeah human pregnant these forty weeks. An elephant is ninety five weeks, basically dogma. Basically double yet two years, basically almost twenty two months here,
a little less than haste. Speaking of elephant elephants giving birth tomorrow to leave whose birth I don't know. That's founded. Syria that I would raise day did not mean your parents are Ellie. I just spent media birthdays you what tomorrow, so what day would be less under our day this comes out was yesterday we has even spurt there's a brace of there two hours on Monday. I have this week here for US tomorrow, Stevens Birthday for you yesterday was Stevens birthday. So please get those on line birthday wishes to him play. You know he lives for send him gifts. Sandra Van begets the care of Yazzi. I met a cat over the weekend, lonely little Siamese with a broken tail, and maybe she was incontinent from it, but she was so cute. I cry what part of was killed,
about the sea was just here. Ok advantage or local fuckin, our local com. Rescue. Are you about to go over? The three cat limit hear me out, ok, ok, assisted at one over the labelling system. I argue read what it bore is alive. It doesn't for make much more sense than three red to undo. Yes, that's that's counting looked, looking counting not don't make me count for you. I don't want to have to add your cats. I, while I was driving to Petaluma this weekend, I was actively looking for stray dogs outside of the fire. I because one time honestly, sixteen years ago, as I was driving up the five, I saw two dogs running on the side of the road online. I didn't stop for them and it is haunted me ever since, and but it was near
there. I could see that we were near somewhere, I think, was near Bakersfield, so they could have been lost, but they probably were dumped, even though they are ever since then, I'm like, if I spot one I'm taken in that's. You know gods way of giving me a new dog. I saw fucking dog in my neighborhood inflation as like my bit mesothelioma my brain eggs and was like yea and the guy, the guy you just walked by aspect. As about to steal your account MA. That's all I want. I know I mean to hide a petty in the bushes and you had a kitten in the bushes and Morgan shudder. Yes, that's nice gift giving for your friends that you can't get anything for how about you plant a stray animal of their choice. Yes into a bush, you know they pay the same time every day. Will they do and hang around, but surely where they should say that? Is it your front with the raincoat? That's all
at their hands in the pockets. Why does Michel like bushes, unless it's really? Where did you notice that she can tell you what every kind of bushes when you pass weird mean some people call to green thumb? I think she's a pervert she's, a Bush pervert. She is a Bush man, so yeah deafening joined the letter, which I don't know, do you have any any corners cigarette. There was just a little bit of a corner that Stephen printed up because to this woman named on us from Bay Area and she as big fan.
About says, I hereby had she's a deal and always has been since the eighty early eighties. Yes, as worked at the Oakland Zoo, remembers mugs from Europe from our hometown, hometown, where their mugs basically have swallowed a child and then got punched in the nose for everything worked out. Ok, but basically she was there to say she was there when mugs lived at the Oakland Mozilla and she still has mugs. That said, save baby months, coffee mugs, it said, save baby mug and giving them the one about. I want just one dont know your room: it's gonna break one anyways you minds with a seventh ass. First, yes actually gives. We need that, basically, just on us here to say it: she's she's wasn't a whole. It wasn't a fuckin fever dream of your child. She was there. She knows. Mugs she's got the mug to prove that mugs. The hippo is real and also, I think, does she run hippos dot com.
I think it was posted on their oh, she posted it only oppose the like, of which I have just I mean that calm and while I am not for that, lacks ballerina about what the toes painted pink. When I I just just there's really good hippo clip are very that was flutter lighter, who knew you know that it's adorable, when you have every chance going over to hippos dot com and spend a little time, and it is good enough for that person. I've got swallow await ownership. This was the this isn't what I was like. You join us on Facebook, oh the international Hippos societies having a reunion and Albuquerque. Oh sorry, that was last year.
Look at that club. I don't break my heart. I wanna go about Balkan. What is it if I gave you a letter and some? Rather I am an it's a five k, but you just keep getting dipped into a baby, hippos mail and then running to get out of it. What about that? Drunk hippo clip art role at the shit faced him? I love that idea. His thumbs upping everyone all right. So anyway, they joined the faculty joy not called tat. Things are new over there and hippo, we haunting hippo dot com and we folded them into the new website. I re we are hippos dotcom, our hippo for your ballerinas now and also hippo dot com, which is all about the rules and regulations of Doktor S right, we're just taking over websites if we watch out Amazon but the out basis where I believe the newly single Jeff Pesos earlier, he pay your taxes, buddy movement, getting political Bihar, that's that's what we're like politics back in hippos and then Maza its
it is happening, get God. I wish you could have seen all the gestures your dynamite, our just are now. I was kind of mimicking are over here over there. It was like some afore. If you ve been alive, show you ve visiting the great gesturing that goes owing euro listening to live Sharm people to start laughing, for no reason why they laughing its cause or weird touching each other. Yes, in, like a weird pinching, Courtway S were reaching out for support physical support, each other or sometimes I'll just turn, and do it take to the audience leg. Carol, Burnett style around just do a big one thing and then she's a bitch cairns of big fish. All see I like to buy any lessons: grass, a facial actresses, not the porn star, which God bless him in here. Let's call it more an eyebrow browse actress. When you say that acts, I would always say that I say it all. The time have
ever logged onto wiki eyebrow, it's so growth that reminds me. Oh there's an instagram called girly mags, it's like girly! mags and they just will post stuff from the nineties like those you like eyebrow slide. Show us like water eyebrows, look like famous people's eyebrows in the nineties. The ice is just I dont know razor. Then kids must think you're fucking crazy back that we were on diet pills. Every one was on either diet pills or it was thing of, like the style was. You try to HU, a throwback thing. If you can't, if you have enough Asia on our own, but there is no internet to guide you over here so was pretty forties of yes, it was very forties. I mean I've fallen, Clara, Bow, eyebrow, yeah or a long time, but iced in high school. They were full on Brook shields slate seventies book, she'll alternatives, trends come and go beer south, but don't get any
tattooed onto your fate, hydro, razor when you're drunk, I mean your fuckin tweezers Saint Andrew, raise guide every bad, sharp blades too your banks with when he drunk we don't ya, don't make any hair head face, decisions when you're drunk you're always wrong here and don't do it. I used to do which is get drunk and then berate my roommates into cutting my hair form I'll. Do it region I do. I do I'm their friend hills, fuckin won't say men are now give. Yes, I have scissors Emma come do, let's do it because it was always like all I'm asking for is an airline Bora, except for I have seventeen layers of hair. It doesn't look like it on the surface I get halfway through me like. I don't want to do this and that are literally what would happen if I can't tell you how many times Dave Messer Moors like. I can't finish that it's too much air and I feel it is fine to mothers soubriquet while we're saying together in this
The garden in Nashville be even though there was a hotel issue, so staying in an urban, be, u reinvents, theirs you're crazy. I'm sure minces gonna go straight to the grocery store and get me hand wine. Ninety minute cut your fuckin. What's that experience gonna be like when I'm still yours. So her recovery is spinning around thirty times and then I'm gonna get your hair. I mean you can have, dose me there's a lot of ways this weekend. King Gos and grand old operates is ready for Catherine stand near. Look it's heavy, it's gonna be able way less hair. It's gonna be next level, literally because I've shaved it with the next level clippers that was its money Oh, like you, change your life. What the next level on its go hard, I got an easier way to go. It was a thinker, but I feel like in means you respect me because you made such a high and Joe link. You you're welcome.
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evil. People Bob, I think we're ready. I think you know just amazing, I think that's perfect. Because the story I'm going to do and I should actually say stories the power Ranger murder. Do you remember now I was a little too Odin and a MAC at the time see same here. I M old now so that when all of the power ranger things were happening, gas children- it was ninety. Three too I mean ninety three to four. Now. Basically ninety per is my peak Matthew ears. Ok was I'm on this story. I was gone already same here now I moved to allay and ninety four when I was on those diet, pills and I think, ninety five so
would have paid attention to the beginning of the mighty more for our rangers at all. To begin with to old in every respect, except to see little kids kicking and punchy at other much more than they normally did before. But that's fine with me: I love it. I love islets always have, but I took his podcast is not about a loving violence but yeah, so I was in the age were, wasn't paying attention, you know what wouldn't be into an anyway, so I truly have no idea. But the show, aside from the research, has been done. No idea contractually about this show what it's about, and it's really funny when you write up a show like this, that site, basically a kids, a kid showed completely made up universe and its of and its course based on believe. A Japanese originally brought unease show so everything
but it is just. I don't even know what anyone talking about and it doesn't like a dream it does and when you look it up and read it like off Wikipedia doesn't help yeah. It's like This pitch make it to a tv show right and they didn't have to because they were like it. Kids already love it yeah their side of the world. We note the it always translates over here, but already Hollywood everyone's on diapers. Let's make their show, they won't know the difference. It won't seem weird because everyone's high- let's do this thing- it's the nineties, there's no websites! If you re there's no the base and there is no internet. They have to go with this, so we'll will start in the early life of a guy named Ricardo Mundane at junior. Born on January, twenty fourth, nineteen, seventy nine in Kern County California up, but you know the current river favourably favorite, ok great his family moved downy
replace. I love to vacate it's so beautiful, their Downy California, famously known for the Carpenters Karen Carpenter and her brother. Richard were raised in downy, ok and equipment, and then, of course, this guy So he grows up there with his hardworking middle class family he's big into sports in middle. Or an through high school. He was a ressler, he played football, he was in St Hockey and he did martial arts. He also as a kid took up singing and acting because as he wanted to, according to his iron dv profile, quote use the attention to make a difference and be a positive role model, which I think is what most kids it's like. If you live within two hundred fifty miles of LOS Angeles, you wanted to be on television right, Hopefully around movie STAR cry. As any kid I mean even get didn't, but especially if you lived in southern California that seem like
opportunity would was there a totally? Does it's like? It's actually an option, you can you're right by allay other famous people get work. Says where you yeah yeah. I know that you can see the pattern. You could see the path where back then, that's kind of what it took was near by and ass with the word for that nearby proximity. Thank you. How did I feel I was good on the hour. Fuckin brains are saying we're doing an hour periods. Are we should provide us together so yeah before the internet and before american Idol and all these things were like it. We want just anybody to come and show how everyone's talented listen. Can we not make star search? Can we not be little start right now, I'm so sorry, the arrears the OJ talent show back in Burma
our stars or do I we were stars know what I mean like we love dies, love ass, shallow. I wanted to be a spoke smile when I grow up, because my eye had low self esteem and by is excellent, but that's all I can that's all. I really thought I could do like I'm going to write their. I wanted to be remember the early versions of it when they had the acting thing and they people had to come in and do see. I was so uncomfortably Billig cut over to a set in a be like a written. Seen, a Jew actors had to hand out ok
I love that show. So might Rosier Donald Comedies stand accommodate children was down their children wrapping, so many children wrapping children, wrapping people laughin mile after mile from Edmund Man, three out of four stars, there's tons of people, Ria three quarters the three and three quarters stars, my friend Karen Anderson, as a really good story about being on their but cut this, because I can't mom, don't got back. Ok go on talking about her, how many stars she got in which she was on yeah, ammonia, comics. From back in that light, I let an audition for it because, people were actually like rosy, o Donnell was on it and like it got her somewhere, you now ok. So what are we talking about we're talking about? Oh shit, So he pursues acting through his teen years and in two thousand to when he's twenty three, he lands his first major role in the power Ranger Series and it was
actually season. Ten power rangers wild for sources already like an established that there was way establish. A big problem is a huge gig. He gets the leading role of Coal Evans, the Red Lion, wild force, Ranger hush heads, the power Rangers team right, what probably your favorite character of of the seas, I'm the only one to me so now, I'm gonna go into talking about the mighty morphine power. Dangerously still, in a way that could not be more ignorant or Wikipedia they said so go with me and enjoy this, as I am sure that young children of today listening because they know that this is like this would be like if some somebody was describing Scooby due to me, yeah, where I just don't understand, and so here I'll tell you, the original mighty more from power rangers plot line, ok season, one which
started in ninety ninety three in August of ninety ninety three an apparent apparently it says that this show essentially launched the tv network, Fox kids, that's where it started up her. Ok. So the plot is
astronauts on an exploratory mission open up an extra terrestrial canister and they release several monsters led by an evil alien sorceress named Rita repulsive. Let's get married even to stop me. If any of this, as you know, this is your fuckin jammed as they set sail for my seventh birthday original mighty, more from porridge or magazine, word showed caring for Holloway, no, my address as the black eyed post, your photo of you in little power, injures off it from your birthday and they ceramic etc, and you guys tag ass. If you have any young power power Rangers outfit sparrows vs hosted on Instagram hold on a second will. Let me explain with swords are four hours? Oh, my god, we have an expert in the room, but that's perfect because first of all birthday memories, our Stevens birthday yesterday yesterday, but also then we have someone here that can actually you're going to now be that go to one. There is actually questions as I do all of this
does like I'm reading a translated thing can ok it's a reader, repulsive now free, Rita and her monsters plan to take over earth. The wise sage, sword on from planet l, tar, summons five teenagers to his planet and gives them each the ability to perform to transform into the power renders this give special powers that will help them fight off Rita and her goons. Each power Ranger has a sword which is basically a dinosaur over last leave them and they were the Jurassic park. Empower injures were my tooth everything's. As a kid now, power renders was before drastic park right yeah. They started like around the same time: ok and the others, story takes place after after my, but this origin story is, is was my power injures? Ok, yeah You just described his sword, Ladderlike, jury, originals or that there are
a two year acts. There is a safer tooth cat. There is a try. Sarah tops there's a terrain and on which there is a mammoth, so they were like transport, transformer yeah, they arrested robots and then all the maid kids like shoulda anyway, they became one giant robot that, like five guys, Michaelmas Godzilla suit type monsters and stuff a patrol, but they turn into second, no idea. I haven't Matthew and that's why I know at them. Oh, oh, it's today say ok, ok, I get it. I dont at all, because it's basically jeers you're, saying dinosaurs turned into row by robot dinosaurs, oh ok? They were never. They never scale donor got it each power Ranger has a sword and then their assigned to them. They can invoke when they want to power up, and then all the Azores can join together to form of core a mega sort of sharp and but the magazine, Lord fights other
they are like monsters that reader repulsive would like someone and they would like destroy Angel Grove, which was the city. We love it it's great now. Let me ask questions your birthday. Present battle was his nurse, whom the fact that we're letting you spoke of waiving gay or anybody else. This is our chance of being like. We had now where the elder sisters You know what power rangers would like strike. Those posts did that have something to do with calling the swords up or getting it altogether yeah. They basically would like some in it would like summon the robots to come out. Like, though till I come from However, they were and it was like than they would be like in there you know just kids and then they would like. The costume would like come over them and they would It was like a phone booth for
may I exaggerate, but they were just. Was it a gesture? Did they yell something it's morphine time? Another anyone ever mistake that for its muffin time and serve them banana chocolate chip, mother, accidentally, kids, they gotta eat healthy its morphine time, while I'm so that's, the baseline. Did you know any about no rate? I didn't neither I'll just give to power Rangers wild force, which was the season that he was on. This is now season ten. There were twenty six seasons altogether. A sheer each year had sixty episode. Oh my god and adjust went from ninety three on till twenty nineteen. It still go. Are you serious where you got it just on a different channel? Now I believe, but like they ve, never stopped, they just keep. So it was a mighty. More from power arranged for the first couple seasons and then it changed and like, for example, so it's mighty more from parents or season one season to season three season. Three
point five mighty morphine alien rangers. Let us enforced power rangers zeal. At which has to do with ASEAN, Crystal being resort of you stored resort resume, I'll. Tell you about the cigar in the sea. Five is power Rangers Turbo season, sexes, power rangers and space; seven, it is where were they if they weren't in space before their on vague earth, fairies affects earth, while I was ya think, like Angel Grove was just a fake who spoke to be, I guess, Burbank Video Game on Burma together, just like a grips daughter or that can also change into a dinosaur robot or whatever the fuck season. Seven experimenters loss, Galaxy area, so every after that it just kept on dotting season. Ten was coal Evans who, as Medina Character, he's a boy living with a tribe in a jungle outside the fictitious town of turtle cover any that ring a bell
Stephen, was out by season tat, trying to find his coat destiny and then one day he stumbled upon the Anna Merriam, a floating island were wild swords, room free and there he meets its new mentor, princess, Shiela or Sheila. Centrally filling the role of sword on from the original series and regular Sheila gives him and for other rangers, their metamorphosis powers, and the new power. Ranger team must use their new abilities to defeat the evil. Org team of monsters headed by The master or this roadmap, as Georgia is board. Andy angry about the issue is about he's so, basically, Ricardo Medina Junior is on season ten of the power rangers for that Caesar only about through them and doubts about socks yeah, especially because The mighty more from power rangers are on the list of highest grossing media. Franchises they
in their twenty six seasons and then the additional movies March, every guy that sixteen billion in retail sales with thirteen billion in March twenty two under eighteen million in box office- oh, my goodness, so it's quite it's quite the french I haven't. I bet that actors, maybe a little too none of that probably an especially because it sounds like they probably just. First of all. They,
I had masks on one writing or the Rangers re, so they didn't Nita well, so that the actual show was that they get the fight scenes were actually footage from the original japanese show. All they did was just take the scenes of let the cool teens in the nineties. That was all original here and then they just reuse all the fighting money. They seem get something I said so they showed their their actual faces. Yes, I think you are, as they are on a year at the word actor yeah, but then once the fights- and they were now fits in this order- all that was just range man find out what a lot of that right, posing a kind of like a lot of cheer leader arm. Yes, not confess let them like it's gotta cheerleader, it's now having briskly would have an issue of you calling it cheerleader idea like everything is centred in based, Inter leading with ten, then from their it's come from. At the idea. Actually, Dragon Ballsy originated in Berlin, AIDS, just cheerleading, okay, so after wild force ends Ricardo, all keys on CS. I don't
a one off role. He gets permanent e r, in two thousand five: he gets a spot as a contestant on the beach one reality show kept under this one, absolutely not Jerry Hall, former model used to be married to Mick Jagger ass. She tries to turn american boys into refined british gentlemen. Now that was a reality should be fixed viruses, given him away at that point. Young uns seriously, though I mean they were doing there. Just like people want to watch the stuff make up to take too disparate things, to hangs over the opposite but the Monaco call the age one we're all set. So he got eliminated in the fifth round, which has in terrible but then six years later. His luck turns around because he goes back to Power Ranger Routes- and he gets the part of the villain Decker
seasons. Eighteen and nineteen of power rangers samurai and power Rangers Super Samara right that all ends and twenty twelve okay. So in twenty eleven thirty, two you're. So now orca like that's basically the background. Yet on Ricardo Medina Junior in twenty eleven thirty two year old man named Josh Sutter moves to allay tells his sister Rachel Open, a business that places rescue dogs with new homes, and it's called lucky puppy. So they rent a house in Green Valley which is just west of Palmdale, and they Josh lives in the house and they keep the dogs that the rescue dogs Nick and they board them and care for them in this house, and the eventual goal is to turn this property into a dog. Paradise were all the dogs at aren't place in homes? Can live a happy healthy life,
that's amazing yeah, so their basically merit Lear selling rescue dogs to people and then taking the money and putting it back into trying to develop this like a far more dogs can which who would want to live like that if you can retire and do anything, mine has cats. Was that a dogma, but we ever beyond it. Just what you like, while he's working now Josh meets a coworker name Sandra Vasquez. They fall in love with each other, so Santer says she. Thelma Josh's warm heart and even killed nature and late twin. Fourteen Rachel Josh higher Ricardo Medina, so this is basically two years after all of his tv stuff has dried up and he gets a job there. Helping. Helping care for the dogs and then They also let him live in the house with Josh that's gonna hurt. After you know, you ve tried to enact, or for fifteen years and years yes and you're on
Your honor showed that is a sensible idea. Humongous here, right, you're successful, show yeah you ve been apart and, like MR kids recognise handlers like there's an element to it were he did get a touch of fame in Then the kind away that I it sounds like is just enough here to get a little bit fucked up or maybe by exactly the wrong amount of drugs, which is what happened to me. So no judgment right now. It's happening, I meant to tell you I'm on so much crank right now. I can't believe it, so they hire Ricardo he's done working ere. He moves into the house. Everything at first is great. But then Josh and Ricardo Start arguing a lot and everything starts to deteriorate and, at one point
we're Carta threatens to release all of the dogs into the wild. Don't do that's not cool at all. So on the night of January thirty, first, twenty fifteen Ricardo has his girlfriend over the house and according to him, Josh called him he didn't want and bringing his girlfriend to the house. But ignored him and invited her over anyway. This is how bad it is and like. It would be very interesting to know that the real or details behind us, but we know, is probably never will in any meaningful way. But actually Josh comes home and Ricardo girlfriends parked in their driveway hurt her car media Josh comes home, it required is girlfriends car as part of the driveway is like things are overcome, though the where you're, like you, don't even want or there and then it's like and then she's just coming up the works and you come in come in hot, the there is nothing worse than not liking or may absolutely it's a nightmare so
and this is only two months after he started working and living there two months so wasn't good from the gecko and clearly building Josh then passed. He confronts Ricardo in the kitchen they get in the screaming match and it escalates into a physical fight. So this is now a mall. According to Ricardo, he says the Josh's violent, outburst, scared and badly enough that he is girlfriend ran and head in cargoes bedroom job however, said This fight is an over and goes and kicks down the bedroom door and urges. Ricardo and Ricardo describes, whatever closest, which is a Conan, the barbarian style sword. Oh my god. Oh, like em, blade s like a big thick heavy, wholly that he constantly held over his head for everything, a fucking coincidence that it's the closest thing here and it's not like your Garfield fuckin penny jar and whenever the color,
like I'm piggy bank. Thank you. I thought you man did you see my story about the Garfield gowns, washing up on that at its that my favorite? There was a sudden better over the weekend, so good, even though its garbage without yeah look the hoofs is like in France in somewhere, where somewhere, where further dislike disease, Gatt, they dont understand. Ok, so essentially hee hee, claims that in self defense he stabbed Josh in the abdomen, with his coat and the barbarian style sword. Ten No. It's not that's, not how you defend yourself now and he calls nine one one and stay is it. The scene was so when the authorities arrive, Josh
taken in the hospital he's pronounced dead on arrival. Of course, he's yeah stab ten times with a come, the Barbarians time in him. Staying there and calling I'm on one tells it Evans Lake is like. Oh that's not yes, licorice. We have two here: what's happened layer, it's like suddenly it's his narrative that kind of running the show so the police, don't arrests, Ricardo, they hold him on a million dollars bail, they d, formally charge with any crime because they have to go, he keys claiming self defence and they realize they have two further conduct investigation. Before they can charge him they don't have enough evidence to hold him so he's released on February. Third, twenty fifteen after his release, he makes a brief public
statement saying I want to say I'm very, very, very sorry for what occurred I'm very happy to be out of jail, and my heart goes out to the Sutter family. Thank you there. So many little I want someone who's, gonna, dissecting shit to dissect yeah. I want to say just say it yet. He's right here, but you dial, yeah, I'm cool could be a jail, don't fucking to say that not about you, that's unnecessary and right is like saying I'm happy. I won something. It's not yet. It doesn't seem, like anybody went over this statement with him before he presented it and in every single line of that is has wrong in it. I want to say I want to say very, very, very sorry, but that's you're not saying it's there. I'm sorry you're upset. If I'm sorry about your so sensitive, so JANET and Karen, according to Georgia's autopsy here,
stopped a total of ten times and he also had stab wounds on his hands. Dictating. He was trying to defend himself during the attack, an Josh's sister and his girlfriend do not, I regard as Self Defense story, because if only ever known, Josh, to be calm, rational animal lover who would not hurt a fly which, obviously, since his whole life, was devoted to that in Armenia it's not like that's just kind of like do you mean I mean and gets trimmed with this guy. We can be nice to animals and the fucking monster stuff. But Sister Anne girl friend. I have set say that you ve never been anger, or violent, like one of them at least, would now, if you have an anger pro Patsy, yes, true and usually, if you have, if you are associate psychopath When you dont have empathy,
or conscience. Animals are the first to go lads that that's when you start, but you don't see animals, as you know, living creatures with feelings rang like that. It's just like what's this, so it doesn't, but but you're exactly right. There lies not blow that extreme and you just fuckin, hey peep gesture, spiritual anywhere. His gun It also points out that Ricardo stab Josh MA. Couple times, so that idea of self defence is crazy. That clearly- and This is what she said quote two kids, nearly stab someone over and over again, that's not a split decision, a split second decision, that's a killer! ten minutes before the argument that led to his death Josh was on the phone. With his father Donald discuss the best new ways to grow organic vegetables on the property, so he can use them. To feed the dogs and of
the Father backs up Rachel, an Sanders characterisation of Josh, saying, there's not a mean bone in his body. I feel like yeah, here's. What self defense is for real, plunged the knife and leave it there. Oh my god for out now and then one apologize cry. I e the whole the yes, we don't do that. Everyone will in ever be a that's what others that's what that is and clearly, if anybody there is that its at first running thing of someone's dead and the other person I killed them and is the only one there to tell the story. We don't know why that door was broken down right and say Josh broke down or he can have opened the door. Stab Josh and then click the door down himself like any number at ashcombe weeks. A with regard his girlfriend. There too, she was, she was in the room, was a webpage with her story, I mean there's nothing, nothing quoted as her saying so. I'm sure she just backed up his story, and I would imagine here and
not saying that leg. He wasn't matter. He who know J simply don't, except for their so much said, intends absence as well, totally. That's just its overkill, insanely, violent and step, someone. One time is so disturbing re, taking the knife out and putting it back and sword. Conan sword a Conan, the barbarian styles or heavy huge, I'm sure collected insane amounts of day. I'm ok so the investigation goes on for a full year before police have enough evidence to charge him. So, on January, fourteen twenty sixteen Ricardo arrested again on first of first degree murder charge so he's in jail back in jail. He faces a life sentence, and his attorney strikes a plea bargain, or an unmarked sixteen twenty seventeen Ricardo. Weeds guilty to voluntary manslaughter, which is
I still don't know any lesser crime that carries a far less severe punishment, a maximum sentence of six years. Why now coming? Let's raise that everyone on March Thirtieth, twenty Seventeen were cargoes finally sentenced to the maximum amount of time. Six years and he continues to serve that tends to this day and I'll, be least released in twenty twenty three Ricardo Medina has an agent that described him as a trusted friend who had never exhibited a violent streak. And he said that He did not have a criminal history prior to the arrest, and he said quote I've known Rick for years. He really is one of the most peaceful guys and he was thrilled and loved being a power ranger. He. Rescued and trained a wonderful german Shepard, and he was client and a friend, and he said it still very difficult. This agents, as it still very difficult for me, to believe that this was anything but self defence. Yeah. Who knows, I mean
the story is true, then, at sight lucky, you know, yeah he's he's fact, because he's only one who can tell it to you now I know it's it and it's really vague and I looked back cause. I think so. At this part, I was like I thought there. Drugs involved and ass. I thought there was something a little more sinister involved. I didn't think it was this great You know this kind of lake basically clearly to me, it seems, like the cops, couldn't, prove anything more and not manslaughter charge. Obviously there was no evidence of any thing else. Then I realized that was is there's another power, ranger murder and So that's what I was that's what I was just looking at as I was because I put in Power Ranger murdered drugs Current power, Ranger mother came up, and so this, but
says and the reason it didn't come up first and foremost is because this is a non speaking power. Ranger murder from two thousand for ok, sorting, accounts it back and can count. If you got onto that screen board power and rain are in it mighty. Maybe our family, they more, maybe they now, but this guy was essentially an extra on the mighty morphine polarity Serna, and so this is a story. You probably know this one. I fact, though, a man named Tom Hawks who was fifty seven years old and his wife, Jackie, who was forty seven: oh yeah, the boat, yes sewed, therefrom, Prescott, Arizona and they had then sailing around the world on their fifty five foot yacht the well deserved, which is such an amazing name, library, They had used it, they had done all the stuff with it, but then I think
a family member, was having a baby and they wanted to be back in southern California to be near by for the family, so they put an arrow selling the well deserved. Putting this well served up for sale for foreign forty thousand dollars now yacht money. Babby is yet my let's yeah and I get Seasick nominal pass. I'm scared of the area of the open ocean I'll be here, move at the restaurant over that overlooks the ocean waving it you don't get out of here. It's gonna be out the cut to me. The yacht is sunk as its around advice, sharp. Second, someone save carryin soggy down there. I just started a mind tat. I would do it and I do want to do it. I know them Fifteenth two thousand for Tom and Jackie are taking out the well deserved for test run for their perspective, buyer, twenty nine year old, Schuyler, Daily and a couple of his friends. So when he first responded to their add about selling this yacht,
They didn't trust him by he showed up with his wife and brand new baby and their older son. So then they realize now this is just a young family and they have this interesting. They have the money and you know being judgmental or whatever, so they actually end up striking up a bit of a relationship and then base Play Skylar comes back and goes. I want to take the yacht for a test run. Oh, and also I'm going to bring a couple of my friends if that's cool with you and yeah, hawks or, like sure, that's how they trust him. Now you are, our hackles are down. Yes, we cackled, they all go out for a test run out in Newport Harbour and their out on the open ocean. And that is when the three men overpower a couple force them to sign the boats ownership over to them. On the back handcuff to the anchor all fuckin, throw them overboard drown them intentionally, like the
says bodies were never recover. What is wrong with this or yes, so that was November fifteenth. So The fat basically to voting for some were so basically how it happened for, like the family, was they went out for they went. For this test run the yacht comes back, but they dont combat yeah, so they don't really know what's going on and then Ten days later, someone tries to access their bank account from Mexico Holy Shit, and so that's when that the families notified by the bank, the bank go straight to the police as like we're not sure what's happening here but like this needs diskette investigated and, of course, the second, the police dart investigating all roads leading Valiant Schuyler Delhi. The speaking power Ranger who actually he wasn't a power injure. He was just an extra, an episode of the power Andrea, which is why this is not the form.
Most power, ranger murder, but it did happen before Ok, so essentially the plan was that they were to steal. This boats? Is it the sub so they Schuyler jailer on tells the police lake. Oh no. I gave them the money and I got the boat I dont know how did I was like those of a normal transaction younger thy standard yacht buying. You know how I always do and then you look at his mug shot. You're like TAT. I would never be on the market for a fucking yeah, sorry, no offense year goatee, but no one fuckin buys a for real psychology ear in no, but his Harris spiked up with a ton of jail, same thing: yeah. It's it's an indicator. It's an orange county! Isn't it's how they do
So essentially they trace it. All back, of course, find all the evidence. Schuyler dealing honest convicted of the murders and given a death sentence and his wife is given to life sentences which, while she was in on it, without the possibility of pearl. Yes, then they find out that also dealing on his charge was scamming, fifty thousand dollars from an splitting the throat of forty five year old, John Jarvis of Anaheim, California, whose body was found near a roadway in and Sonata on December, twenty, seventh, two thousand three. So, basically, once they start like uncovering, what's happening with the huckses, then they realise that he's done this before and that this is the basically they were They were trying to collect scam people to get money, so they could launder their drug money and it's it's kind of land, because then there is an article about how D Leon's attorney at this
the trial said: Schuyler is guilty of all three murders, but at the end of this, I'm gonna ask you to give him a life sentence without the positive dignity of parole as the appeal rate sentence and then go into this whole thing of what a difficult life he's had. His dad was a drug dealer and abused him and all that where it just like and clearly the jury is just like tube I'd like. I was abused and I would never killed anybody exactly. That was the lesser one that I found right at the end before I went to the other one- and this is the very involved very confusing and foreign to me, the ninety more from power rangers murders that also very informative, and now I know everything with powering should think here. Absolutely airlines, leisure grave, think girl, a fuckin, solid pick. Thank you, so my envious and yet happy for you oh honestly, the second one I found a level
minutes before you shall I started laughing. Yes, they were sitting across from each other finishing armoured cars, and I heard you start laughing and then I was just like manna. How do I do this and like tell it quickly and actually know what I'm talking about so I have actually seen and I'm sure you have yeah yeah, there's definitely at least one twenty, twenty or forty eight hours or something about the hawks, his murder and you should definitely look into it. Has its I mean the whole thing is really really, lead gross. Obviously, and really it's that thing of to launder drug money, they killed the terribly murdered young couple to launder drug money. It's just this world that makes me wonder, leave not not leave the house yeah, it's oh terrible and inhumane, but it's just Gina. Don't trust anybody, We got the solution right, you're, afraid. When I just wanna tell you one more thing would do this is just my favorite power rangers related media
piece of media. You gotta have one right, which is a picture I found on Tumblr. I still believe in Tumblr, even all the poor been banned and that there is a letter about poor and no it's about love and making love yeah bad cookbook photos from the sixties. Yes and awesome. Hilarious family photos that leg or become then become legend has the real one which is this legendary picture in pink mighty morphine power. Ranger kicking her grand high in the phase that is class a hook, isn't that the basic view to fall its own way, everything about and he's clearly just playing along with her power when we have that couch in the aid may now be so cute. I love this its and I want to. But it's a grand, a man shifted the grand, ok, sorry I will send this used. Even so, this is a murderer that turns out is, one of my time- palm town, murders that I complete
He forgot about. I love it, so I'm is like having good ones are done, other good ones, letting them. As on the phone with my mom neither night there's wine happening for both of us. They re and we're taking that murder. Has you do and she reminded me of this one and and I was in I was eleven years old at the time, so she must have shielded me from it somehow, but I've seen, the clouds about it. I must have just fucking blanked on this, but it has totally like happen next door to Irvine, where I grew up in Orange county raising this is done. Europe Denise Huber, a k, a cold. Storage killer dont know I'm sure you well, I'm Bulgaria's zenith, forensic filed oconnor and so the fucking Weird is part it takes place in Newport Beach,
an Prescott, Arizona and woe, just like your fuckin story, that's ray and involves like an asshole who tries to use his shaggy childhood as an excuse for killing someone. I feel like it happens, so my jazz so buckle the fucker. Here we have a lot of info from rancor article by fell givens the forensic files, it's called frozen in time. Yes, of course, There is also a book about this called cold storage by John Lassiter. So
you're in Lhasa through the guy from Pixar Don Lassiter. Like so glad you know who the Pixar had is down. He might not be any more theatres and problems. Ok to show us your taxes, your taxes, they malerba sexual great. What's not sexual about tat. I mean it's one of the sexier things. That's why we love accountants and re. We talk about her sexy and exciting account. There are, I am listen that tie me, rewriting history shot on account inside his arms race and it is ok, June. Ninety ninety one! Here we Orange County, I'm eleven- it doesn't matter, I'm not part of this, I'm twenty one in Sacramento and all my twenty first birthday dream. At a bar. That was a biker bar.
At the end of the night walked out the door and said, as I said, I don't think I'm not drunk tripped on my own sandal and fell straight flat onto the ground. Now it's your stucco all story in my business, the sidewalks knock up on me. That's right on my face, ok and was all pale from the present with us, it's so twenty three year old Denise, who were is bright its effect, but entail, though you heard a million times, she's bright, friendly young woman, she's fuckin got her world ahead of her. She cried from the University of California or high no yeah she's, my fuckin town with a degree and social Sciences and choose just starting her life is a grown up. So, of course, she lives at home with her lovely parents Dennis, and I only Huber. They live in Newport Beach, California, colleges and upscale city and Orange County, and she works part time too. Different jobs, so she can afford to move out some day. She's
waitress and a sales assistant, Bloomingdale's Blemmyes, and she giving up border on place and also until she could get a job in the field she wanted to work in so she loves travelling reading water, skiing, Finally, what a contributed a lot to society I know is a wonderful fucking persons, beautiful course: Blue Eyed Burnett, her whole fuckin life ahead of her She s, love music XO eight of Sunday June. Second, ninety ninety one Denise picks up a friend from Huntington Beach. Together they drove to do the LOS Angeles forum in England. We that place is at that For once, the roller skating movie, They feel that their. What's that risk anyway, just you're scaring aiming Xanadu. Yes, oh that was the forum yeah. You know that I am ever been there either. Now I saw compliments Urca as a couple of years. Anyways
they go to the form of about forty five minutes away from from county they go to sea Morrissey. I now heartbreaking whom they linking the part like they're like us. They drink in the fuckin parking lot. Yes, they don't know what China money they should her beer inside, because it almost money at the girl, the bar on the way back and around to an Denise drops her friend back off at his house, and she starts her short drive home. It's like this, Huntington beached Orange County. It's like night and ten minutes so they. After two am just minutes from her parents house and her off ramp, her car blue attire on the south, bound lane to the seventy three, which is the Corona Delmar Freeway, took I'm really small little connected or freeway. Denise Poles over the side of the freeway. The area is well lit. It's in view of several emergency call boxes that she could have easily walk to and just off the freeway, whereas as a residential neighbourhood there's a gas station, she could have easily walk to.
Call for help. Of course, we know himself within himself ones, then that's the only way to get help but didn't use vanishes then morning. Denise his parents worry that their daughter had come home. Of course, money before call her friends, no one seen her S. Friend Tammy was like. I can't just fucking sit around so that later that night, she just like I'm in a drive around as you can find her car I now for we have, and also this is starting to sound familiar. I know you less on ok, poor, second Tammy. She fines de nieces, silver, Blue Honda on the freeway polo but with a flat tire, Virginny left it p m that night. She finds it the car is unlocked. Its battery is drained from the emergency blinkers having gone on all night. And all day her keys are gone and her purse is missing. There's no signs of blood, no signs of foul play
or any other damage to the car and also the flat tire doesn't seem like it was tampered with. It seems like she actually got a flat tire Oda police arrived and I dont have a shit tend to work with them. An empty car police dogs quickly lose her trail and luckily- and we don't hear this alive- they believed her parents when her parents said she's, not someone who just what a fucking left with some I'm yea. You know. So did I Its conduct interviews with everyone in goose's live her boyfriend, the dude she went to the Morrissey concert with people she fucking met at the bar, like all of that shit and they can convert any answers to what had happened to Denise she just fucking vanish into thin air, so grass for any breakin the case. They did this crazy thing, where they staked out the freeway were her car went missing too pictures of the licence plates- and this is before the internet. Yen ran those plates with the damn bees and sent those people letter saying review on this freeway. That night, did you see anything wow? I now that's a great
some kind of strategy I mean, like at least, are doing some totally that they come up with nothing re, unfortunately, so Denise his family, there, obviously frantic and kind of orange county- and this is what my mama's telling me that she remembers the bumper stickers and the fucking billboard an just people being so worried about this really normal girl who just vanished out of thin air yeah. They put up a six by thirty four banner on the site of an apartment. Building, like you know the kind of say if you behold, you'd, be home. Now, if you lived here yeah, it's that overlooking the spot where her card, when found reading, have you seen Denise and it has her photo another staff with the IMF for the customer police department, but nothing comes out even psychic, so we don't know Her father covers his car. With those photos
he says. Every time I saw a girl with long Brown, hair I'd go back and I had to see her face and make sure it wasn't of his sword. His horror parents were just frantic and, despite all their efforts in the whole fucking community, including my mom, rolling around trying to find a niece, the trail called so three years later, nineteen eighty four when forty something else a lame yeah. She owns a paint- manufacturing company with her husband in Phoenix Arizona, so she's a second kind of cool woman and she meets a man telling paint a swat meat in Prescott Valley, Arizona. What the fuck you re! That's really we're. So we are again so the man's a third something I got bearded dude named John. He just looks like your average creep
your average, like your average. Ninety is currently so many deeds right now, with a single, clear, rolling domenici he's gone with a beard in the twenty nineteen yeah, that's true, but he even if we take it all back, he looks like TED Kosinski is like sign, then maybe a little Italians. Ok, so it's like that kind of God, the like you ve, been living in a forest that guy ok. She made certainly meets a pseudonym Jain, an according to a lame he's. Personable assumes intelligent, articulate, he's fucking normal dude They they met at the swat me we're Elaine in her husband, sullen paint sometimes were, and this guy Johnson paint as well. So tells them they met amicable times. He tells him he had been a painting contractor in California and move to Arizona for a fresh start Business hadn't been as good if he'd hope. So he wanted to sell his surplus paint.
And his house was nearby deadline and her husband wanna come by it. And they're like great: let's do it so they get in the car and they follow John to his home, which ends at Vienna, he's the grubby dude and ends up being this like exclusive country club area like luxury custom homes like golf course area. Woe, nice house, whatever John leads than they do to this house. John leads them to. This are on the side of the house. There's a drive way at the end of a wooded fence and their among all these insane amount of paint hands that they go to buy. A lame sees a twenty four foot. Gm see rider rental. Moving ban that had been backed into the pad and partially covered by a canvas. Tarp as you will remember that, say it's starting to seem familiar. Yes, there's like an ok, siren
two lions, cautious, I it was also covered in a million red flags guy already levelling. So my leg is nosey is Burke, doesn't mind your own business hell. I love her hell. Yes, online do anyway and to all the lands of the world. We salute. Yes right, my aunt Elaine, let's up so she, that is in her mind, she's like calculating some shit and she's like the truck I could tell, but she could tell him sitting there for some time as yellowing and dusty. She eat said she felt the hairs on the back of the neck stand up and at the sight of the truck. Is it just seemed so out of place and odd, which is the reason I mentioned that it's a rich community. I like what is it we are truck doing here right. The truck had California plates and so assuming the truck had been stolen, Elaine busy body that she is and should be traits annulled,
since plate number arrest, the rental companies serial number bless her and everyone. This is like a: U Hall like you, how trucker you'd rent for like us, moving your small apartment, let's say yet re, but it's a writer sets a bright fucking, yellow, yes, and so at such a sound takes it with her. They buy the paint this guy's creepy may get the fuck out of there, forgets about until a couple days later, when a friend visits their warehouse to purchase some pain, and he happens to be a detective. Oh yeah ok. Lane tells detective Stephen Gregory of the Phoenix pity about the strange truck she had seen in the Prescott County Club tract and gave him the license number along with the serial number she's. Like one check this out, I bet you anything had stolen, so he Detective Gregory, calls writer and, like you, Germany, trucks that have been stolen from California. Here's the number the representatives like lie, not see anything in my system, two Gregory. It was like a habit.
Double check think I've. Well. It turns out he's a great detective yeah. Just for that simple reason, so shortly after the Rep calls back and was like oh shit. You know why Spencer missing from Orange County for six months. Woe yeah No one at writer at ever contacted the police about aid, even though they knew it was missing. I probably would have stayed missing if it weren't for Elaine yes, I'm having like mine, you know what I don't like it. It makes If it would cause here's the thing now she got it got. We actually have to trust her intuition, your hair, the hair on the back your neck stand, but for a reason to try and when you honor that and follow it. I think you prove it we'll be proven that you are right and even if you're wrong, no harm who cares if no harm yeah, you can do anything you you want to check Sutton, boosting nosey, it's fine. It's fine, don't mind your own business. That's when people get fuckin her, that's right, stopping some goddamn selfish alone. Knowing
skirt, no, I mean nonaligned ok, so the rental company than reports that caught the vehicle stones, the Orange County shares departments, so that the truck can now be searched nice, so they're like great fucking be less day so on the morning of July, thirteenth, nineteen, eighty four like right after they find out that it's been stolen. They just fuckin whose get up in their ass deputy, Joe Dd Coma, goes to the house, checks out the writer truck and then he is like this. This fucking weird there's a thick electrical extension corn. That's coming from the locked back door, then slides down heavy yeah, there's an extension cord coming from that locked backdoor. It goes over the fence and enter the neighbors yard and like as plugged in quite right and he's like oh great. If I can match lab o re, So he contacts the narcotics team of Prescott. Ok, they get there There are like let's blackened
it s. This is. Breaking bad. It's not maybe at that They cut the lock. A second locksmith has the most one day of his life breaks: Matlock they go in, sue the track and in the front there's like pink cans and just a bunch of bullshit. Then I got words at the rear of the cab. What are they collect? The truck thing? it's not a pickup truck. That's like a rainy that would be a truck bed right. It would just be the back of the the container he has a truck container. I think you sure it's not accurate, but I liked participate. Thank you, Your walk. Unwilling may go back there. They see a large white rectangular chest freezer this it's, for the freezer, isn't on positions at the freezer had been running constantly. Hence the electric record the freezers also locks and dozens, a dozen heavy masking tape pieces. Heaven
placed around the like. Keep it double time closed. I don't know so. Locksmith cuts that one again and yeah immediately linen opens the officers smell a horrible sent, and inside. They could see, like frost on the walls showing that it had been there for a long time and a large object completely covered with black plastic garbage bags at the bottom. One of the officers reaches into touch it and says I feel an arm yeah, and immediately the clothes, the freezer recall the homicide unit. Don't fuckin touch a thing right, scrape the freezers taken to the medical, examiner, Doktor, an buckholtz, buckles, bushels but just became a moment to yourself, Georgia, Georgia, Fraser Secondary Medical, examiner, duck doctor.
Blue shots, who is able to identify the body and three years after her mysterious disappearance from the sight of an Orange county, Freeway Denise Cuba has been found. Oh my god, I fucking now. Do you remember this at all? Yes, I remember seeing it on one of those show ya like american Justice Sofia, and it was on a mean back. Then he was even on America's most wanted Garigliano. Let's talk about this fucking did John, who once this truck and this House hang Guy John a formal arrow is born in long island in June nineteen fifty seven youngest of three children eventually they moved to Santa Anna California. So this is all about Johns mother Anna she's the domineering force of the fucking family. He has two siblings and she just like Don it's them she's super fuckin, religious she's, verbally abusive, and she's controls everything by their lives. Not them play with any kids. Does Lenin, kids come our
and she is super strict, whatever no excuse for murder unjust. However, on a story, it's the background, yeah so Her yard is super fuckin, clean and orderly and lovely, but inside she's a mortar. Like all legit Horner, oh yeah house is filled with stacks of newspapers, magazines, food laundry- boxes of shit. She would let her kids throw anything away unless they showed it to her first year, just so much, but it stresses me out so much as I feel like I have capacity be a horror inside of me because I get it the air as we heard of cut. What, if what if I might need it, I can't I can't log Rio that, as I have certain things that I'm like that with, but like plastic bags I'm like, but if I use it again, it's just the ear, but it's like almost like you just take that mentality about the plastic bags and the need to spread the logic around to everything out is crazy, obviously, but there's it's so much and rest
olives and then having a perfect front yard and ask that hold their it's like I dont, even know this yeah. Oh my grandma fuckin Wash tinfoil Henry used it, but she went the depression and also gaping Russia. Yes, no! No, that's good! That's almost good sense! Yeah! Just like I'm saving the string, and I don't give a shit, we don't know. What's going to happen, I just don't like clutter residents I feel so much better when you get rid of it yeah that yeah. That's why I told you first time I watched a hoarders marathon and then got up immediately cleaned out. Might the closet in the room that I was watching exit freaked me out that bad nothing fails better than that? Oh and she also analyse Anna, also hoarded silver because she It was Sleep, Anti communism and thought that the family needed to hoard food and silver to survive a possible russian invasion? So she wasn't fuckin do in the as she couldn't her hand
Well and it just that thing of, like fear, dominating your life in that way where you are preparing for an eventuality that will never come, and you are your basely shutting down your life for this giving this fear all of this power. Talking about me right. Well, I'm comin. Everybody in this is what we are all facing and dealing with constantly. You know my dad gave me silver form mine, evinces wedding, when the Andes come you'll have something to barter working paper: money, not gonna matter for its Cecilia. I get this a little bit sure, but not to this extreme. Obviously yeah. I actually like my dad it will also it's like what have you right out of his very my problem like what? If it's true, what have I well, I can get my car accident like red. You can't live your life, what ass well,
because when you do that, what you're doing I had a whole conversation with my therapist about this today, but it was instead of about like future apocalypse is or whenever its about relationship here for a long time had this idea of here's how not gonna get hurt again the unknown to date, people that aren't that thrilling, and that that way, when the bad part comes, I won't care that must shave the problem. Is it doesn't work that way doesn't because you're gonna get her either way you cannot prevent it and when you like under deal yourself the way I was doing for so long, then
don't get any the good part and you get the bad but you're not going. You might not be her either way you can bet on someone. Who's turns out to be fuckin great and who sees through all your bullshit is like shut up yes and I'm talkin moments. I thought that there may be. I like a well yeah, but you're right. I mean like it's that thing where, when we decide what the future looks like, it has only bad and then we start preparing for the future. Then we start living for Iraqi. Like then, we prepare ourselves rang like see, but really we just fucking do the torso yet and its Zambia we're, We cannot do it. Everyone we're gonna work on it. Work on it. Rode on a Georgia, get really you're silver. Looking so John isn't violent as a child, but he has its. These crazy mood swings hyperactivity to depression. It sounds like by poor, I'm not a doctor.
I. Now you told me when we start, I meant to tell you I got my hip liar. I worry about why. What do you suppose go by taking my blog? Where do you keep taking my pulse? That's not I heard they were nothing ok Stephen Happy birthday, thou seest seriously, it's your last birthday ever but you're not going. We got you a power. Injures gusto power rangers, go ok! Whatever this all this shit, they call him may column names yeah. I get out like his heart. I've heard all his shit unless those non, though so she's fuck and she's, She bade them into their pre teens years. Pardon herself doubtingly, including her sight or two sons. She bade them in a newspaper. That's not clean. No, it is it,
the problem with the of a horse or bathing. You re there just like here's. This old sandwich from three month together, scrubbing under your armpits, while she scrub their John really hard and knowing now they were like in the treaty that Asia is straight out of Vc Andrews. Exactly always somebody my I'm gonna head home that this shit like that is bad. There's some check on ok. Is she her fuckin breaths change that her brother later his brother? Let us, as her breath, changed when you'd be scrubbin their junk and they d like this is your special area needs to be clean correctly. Is that should do it for them? None! I don't want anyone tat your junk, but not that happen her. Obviously something along us share. And so she was really big about, like you, can't
watch kissing, no dating all this bullshit, though you heard a million times. She would say. Sorry, that's not funny. She would burst into their rooms at night to make sure they were masturbating their teenagers like it just wasn't a way. It wasn't no waiting to healthy weight to grow up and grow your brain, no parts bad stuff, and so this culminates in nineteen. Eighty Anna runs for a seat on the Santa Anna City Council campaigning against the harder oak. While it is she's like is campaigning and abortion pornography and local adult Theatre says she's got the second OPEC I started to change. She's fired at the edge of the centre is in and then like removing up to two backs a day. Everybody, it's gettin, serious, ok, on the same day, she announces her candidacy her older sign, Johns of Big Brother Warren he's now chiropractor he's said from lasting two ten year old patient and for having unlawful intercourse which come on we re.
Seventeen year old girl, man, yeah orange Victor and he is committed to a state. Hospital is immensely distorted sex offender when they call him- and and away from the embarrassment. That's when the parents moves to Prescott, Arizona, ok, can I do in sight of a quick hometown? Plea is just little bits of it that cause. I was get up on the UK. Yet cross reference area- and this is with anna- hello, Karen Georgia, Stephen PET cohorts that I was racing diagnosed with brain aneurysm and I found him. I found to be an excellent way to distract myself and keep my blood pressure down. As I await my upcoming surgery, how, in two thousand and two I was a first semester, nursing student and I was assigned to the local Ba Hospital for clinical trials. On one of my earliest clinical days, I was walking down the hall when a little old lady came out of a patient room and asked me if I can help. If I could come in and help her husband could described
the little old lady kind of small, with a toothache fake smile plaster on her face and eyes. I were simultaneously to bright and deadened Oh I'm, so she seemed hella innocuous, but she was actually venomous fuck. I politely under that I was in nursing student and that would get someone who knew what they were doing to come help her. I wouldn't the staff nurse said. I was assigned to tell her about the woman's request and the nurse immediately stop what she was doing. Look square in the eyes and said no go into that room without a staff member wow. She explained the woman who flag me down. Have a history of tricking, nursing students the coming into the room have I'm do some innocuous task and then fucking with her husband's dressings, ivy, catheter betting, whatever and blaming on the nursing Suda that an effort on others are kind of Romania.
But I don't think you're stupid. I was a bit confrontational boy is which, by talking about an area as my supervising there's one to see if the patient actually needed anything she whispered to me and their son is a serial killer which ended up nothing tribute, but the killer I heard a lot of stories about her in her incessant sabotage mental torture of staff. She would pocket her husband's meds and then increase in Cuba staff of not providing them. She would run this catheter and blame blamed. Staffers wet sheets Gormans mine gains, result in a lot of people quitting and she was at one point refused access to the property after she brought a gun on campus little old lady following a verbal altercation with some of the nursing staff dang states, actually don't get murdered and if you have a family history of aneurysm, go get yourselves checked out smart and I'm not gonna. Take your name because a hyper reasons, and I don't want to get it from a height but and you're a hip accent you there. You know your name that is
its cause. It's almost like it's. You know like we're, saying, like the hoarding thing, is like tip of the iceberg. Clearly about other things than as your talking about the other things than its like. Oh man, it is way worse, its way worse, and then it's like something like that, where Where was the husband through all of the other stuff? The thing he was that make let don't do it ever she one edge. It was all her is all her. They were super religious, so he was like its gods. Whatever she sang is God's well back her up. Ok, you know those situation, yes, that just sucks so so they went. Prescott areas out of the parents to sketch out a level that massive, almost station shit right, John said an Orange county and attended various colleges. He studied some shit. He once every woman who was being assaulted, knifepoint out of bus, stop which to me is so weird yeah, so obviously He killed them, yes, but
He also had this like hero, complex and save this woman at who assume was a tackling was attacking or the knife. He tackles the assailant. It takes away that night pins into the ground until the police arrived. He was also saving lives, its use, weird, brain yeah. So he got. The house, pain business hires. He hired a team of painters and moves his business into a warehouse in Laguna Hills, California, which is like twenty minutes from Newport Beach. Several has over girlfriends over the years and his friends, they all say as a good sense of humour they described as fan intelligent, nice, respectful considerate and polite, but they'll describe him, a secretive, manipulative, Hammersmith, talker like and pick one yeah real well can be both because
that thing we're like fun times are fun alot of it's a good thing to remember. It's easy to have fun. It's easy to have fought re, but them on the ship goes down and someone suddenly has just like gas lighting. You for reasons that you don't understand that on its like yeah, the fun it it doesnt counterbalance. It has to be closed as close, a hundred percent as possible. You want someone who's reliable, I think, is what the theatre those consistent consistent may be. I had up then the summer mention any to John. Finally, moves to Arizona to be close to his parents because his father had been hospitalized like our fuck. Hometown just told you ok, so he moves next door to his parents, where he parks the twenty four foot right truck that he had brought with him from Orange County where it sat with intellectual. Cord plugged into next or into his parents. House number was yeah than ever: Intel Fuckin Elaine comes along in the leg. Today. My back like that. I don't like this and right flags, and so
John, some might argue she was sent by God. That's right, I think Denise parents at the survey, so John Hughes formula he's thirty four years old, his arrest it obviously they searches house and it turns out he's a her to now seemed we in his life and in box labelled Christmas. Hand written, and if you watch the forensic piles episode, you can see a lot of cool like photos and shit. I've like say almost all that evidence and in the Christmas box they find a lot of incriminating items. That John couldn't part with, as order so black garbage banks that are similar to the ones that were that genies was wrapped in in the freezer He found me wallet purse everything that would have they found INA. Her fucking, ivory licences in their her car keys, the outfit He was wearing the nightmare disappearance. This poor baby girl
and then another box contain a bloodstain hammer and basically the outfit that John He was wearing that night covered in blood like he couldn't get rid of it, which I like. Everyone talks about. Maybe you know the killers trophies ship, but the hoarding part, I think, is more likely than him on. Trophy yeah. He couldn't re like throwing something away, was threatened threatening. Yet he drove the sing from California like Arizona he could have buried the stuff in the desert. He did, he know needed it, keep it yeah, so Of course, our blood ends up being Denise his blood They find a receipt from Montgomery Ward for a freezer, that's the same model. Obviously the freezer celebrities, Laguna Hills, storage unit, only nine days after Denise Humours disappearance, and when an Orange county criminologist they go, they perform Forensic files wouldn't exist without limb.
Not ass? He s on the floor and, of course, its blood and the fucking people who I thought this is one of the present will never forget. The people who had taken over the sergeant later were like. I always thought it was just disdain and we hope to die. Never down a stain. No, no, I mean why now yeah starch so creepy. They call it a warehouse but is clearly a fuckin sergeant, and so because, since it was determined, Denise was murdered in that storage unit, Johns extradited back to Orange County for trial, songs, extradited back to California for trial, so John familiarity immediately that the detectives say that he's just this cool as a fucking cucumber doesn't reactor. Anything immediately like I want an attorney doesn't say a thing ever about it, and he refuses to testify
Please not guilty so to prompt the prosecutors only speculate. What happened? Didn't niece witches that hurt you're did blow out. Normally, and she probably were car started, walking toward a call box, and as John formal arrow draw by, he saw her on the side of the road pulls over its possible. He was out looking for a victim since it was so late in the night, but we don't know if I can just be fucking awful time and place right. And there's no blood near the car. So they they assume an end. Denise had no defensive ones, so it's their eyes that she might have initially gotten in his car willingly to get help. But why Nay searched his house. They found to sheriff deputies uniforms in his possession, so it's probable and because this I favour murder. We can say definitely the fact that He was pose, posing ass, a cop
That would make so much more sense, because why would she get into a strange man scar on the call boxes right there? You wouldn't? It would be like what you want me to drive you down to the gas station that you can see right or like just take me to my parents house they'll help me cause. She was literally like, I think the offer amp for her parents house was right there such a strong at my parents, house they'll come My god can change. Attired outside that was sexist. My parents can change attire whatever right they their eyes that when she was in the car on because he The striving in its he immediately was driving where he shouldn't them driving, so they pretty probably render unconsciously unconscious pretty immediately and then based on the autopsy. He duct tape her face and eyes and handcuffed her and aren't you a storage warehouse and then because they had all her clothes he kept. They saw that there were these weird scuff marks on the back of her heels. That indicates that he had dragged her from the car to the warehouse which is so fuckin awful,
once there John Firmware or raped unease and then placed three white plastic bags round her head since them and then quit medical examiners later surmise to be a fourteen in iron naval. Polar was found in his home and he moreover, the head at least thirty one separate time, Lanka based on it, There was no external trauma and no signs are defensive wounds. It's not that she was most likely unconscious when she was killed, which, like more favour. Little by our yeah yeah yeah. I mean yeah yeah so during the trial. All this other like cooperate. Corroborating shit came around my two of his excess came for it was like. There were these weird moments where he handcuffed me against I will end like humiliated me and he was violent and these weird little times, but both them and had thought back together with him afterwards had freaked out was a buck you and laughed and then
fucking convince them yeah that they just didn't understand this, that situation like he was like nuts. I thought we were playing I didn't you. I didn't mean it like that and convince these women that which, like they knew that it wasn't right, and so they broke up with him and laughed, but he's a psychopath Africans like us. Who knows what to say he knows how to talk to people he knows, would be like the friends or saying coming right, casual fun. Whatever, actually, yes, it's terrifying beer, Also, it came out that possibly warring had also molested. John is a child yeah. You know Denise. His murder was determined and be an incredibly violent and brutal assault and for it, John Familiar was found guilty and receive the death penalty well. Yeah, but, of course
it's called on yeah well, not overturn. California has a moratorium on the death penalty, and so Dennis an eye. Yoni. The parents of guinea's say that they may never see their daughters killer put to death, but they ve made peace with it because we have this whole its. Like a sick, were like a symbolic death penalty, state, meaning beyond death, rope or pulling never gonna, kill you but ever get out. Also right, ok, yeah less important, a hundred percent yeah. I hope her dad said that the will never heels. You just learn how to deal with it. As a side. Now I if and other materials associate with other women were found during the search of his house, some of them were like cleared and her. I've been fine and some have never been an identified, so it leaves the possibility open that John Formal, our murdered Margaret other women. They still don't know it's the cases still open in Arizona
is they always say that, like especially that age, it does you don't start midlife right and in you don't start with an intensely brutal murder with potential we posing as a carbon. All that that's not it restart. Here they have to pay. Great yeah, yeah, long, that's a long held, Ella being pattern. Your squad? Can we get on earth? I mean for real, so does all his fuckin stupidity and appeals. He remains on death row in San Quentin. Elaine Canada, our friendly in our best friend she after he was caught. She spoke with Jesus parents, and she told them how sorry she was. They told her that it was gods, well that she help them find her lost child labour or, like that, you know connecting and Shit Elaine told them that she had felt this really weird feeling, while she was at the house and that she felt a strong Paul coming from this track.
Her parents are like this. Is it was like intervention most of can happen. Yes, Denise, Huber was buried in August of nineteen. Eighty four next to her grandparents and South Dakota overtones, your family members and friends attended her services after which does so brightly coloured balloons were released into nieces memory, and description on Denise, hearers headstone reads: you will please, be loved and that's that the murder of Denise Huber man, my fuck hometown murder and such a good leg, the oh, my there are so many elements to the little. That is such a good story. It's so weird because I remember like bits of this in that like I remember, seeing I think on like forensic files, or one of these shows a row of specific
storage unit, doors yeah that look really specific Orange county, because we have these like wide swaths of like fucking, weird storage and shit yeah, and every time I try by one now I think of someone was murdered in one of these in one of these stories yeah, but like it never every light came to me, though, is this murder yeahs, and now I have the same connection to it Unbelievable hack yeah, I remember I feel like the first thing that seemed familiar was the stretch of road that she got the flat tire on that was like isolated, but not an isolated, but it was this kind of like you stuck in this patch of road, yet it was ever like. I didn't dragged on that free way, but the freeway that's like next to it, the fifty five was really similar. It wishes this short freeway that got you from new port to customize and whatever it was like not a lot of traffic during the day, let alone at two in the morning, so I could see it be. It feels isolated, even though your surrounded in county, theirs never any like yours
isolated and Orange County right, but it feel that way. Young man I am just all that yeah. It's very fateful and You know the lane getting her nose and there and just being like I don't like the way this works. I want someone to do something about it and then that detective, who is like I'm going to think I take you seriously yeah and I'm in a double down in them an effect and make sure they check. It's pretty amazing Yan in good for them and also, I think, I've heard a long time ago that when you get a flat tire- and I know we have cellphones now so it's different, but when you get a flat tire drive the freeway. Even if you fuck up your ram. Yes, it's important to get to it like a well it gas station or something and not polar on the side of the road. You not that it's fuckin fall. Obviously, of course not, but that let me set, but you when you dont, know that like yeah, you can drive on rims for awhile. Obviously, like your ram up, but you can drive on a flat for a while ram.
It was an amazing story in the tales from the tour Bosnia and I think it was it Jerry, Louis they drove on rams. They didn't want to Missus show only when they pulled up in, I'm pretty sure was Chicago. The the car was on fire because they driven for so long on the rims. Don't do that! I want to look at me. I don't do that for sure, but I what I'm saying is that basically you can go for much further. They sank, get up the freeway. I mean first of all for fucking safety, those cars keeping my yellow, scaring dangerous, but also yeah. You want to make sure there's people around you get to a gas station, get to a well it s right, yeah yeah. I mean Yeah yeah fuckin hooray, hooray. This shit, I won data. I have wanted to fuckin hurry this for three days because I just found so
my sister's best friend, Adrian I'll. Never not describe her. That way. It's it's! How I know are so it's how you know. Big pack has person herself, so what she asked me. Oh first of all, she called me now these are my my sister in her best friend or the two people, I spent the most time with I and all of my life since I was ten and they were the most board, irritated older sisters and they never were interested in anything I had to say I would always try to hang out with them. They were always trying to get me to leave the room. Adrian wasn't like that, MRS Ries, who years younger two years younger and so that they are the ones that were like here's, how you can hang out. My room is my sister's idea. You have to make up a lip, sank to pap monitors, get nervous or would have some song they would do They would tell me what I had to do. Then. I would spend an hour in my room making up a thing and then I have to go on and do it. It's like you're being hazy constantly, yes, but
but it's like we're still deciding whether or not you can. The answer was always know at the end, and I would just go back and like try it again. They basely trained me four zero zactly they did, but they also change it for the heartbreak out. It took three eyes during no, since no one leg: ok, I'm gonna try again grey area soil, the micro, then they both have good taste. I trust sums are probably right. Wasn't giving that lifting performance. My all and I should have used a chair and sat backwards on doing so an agent, the one that like when we obviously started. This part gassed loud mammals like when he doing Richard Mayors- and I was like you- oh my god- you're ended a shipment and at the heart of it from the beginning to totally so I recommended to her the teachers pet podcast that we have that become obsessed with, and now she When I saw this weekend, it had just finished it and then she goes have you listen to who the hell? Is it Hamish and
you're talking about Gmos that was the park has started when the last episode of teachers had ended its another podcast by the Australian, the newspaper and ate it. So good. It's about this fucking con man, name Hame he's got a million last names and his path of destruction is on. Gang. I believe and here for this recommended at its first of All- and I we said this before with teachers, pet want to listen to us. Trailing people talk all the time, but they are super intelligent. These very big words. They clearly have a good educational system. There have their grated expressing themselves. I dont know how it is in its cute in its the phrases are funny to so it's like others,
it lays a colored this these things in it all goes up at the end ray I'm too. I know I do newsy on sometimes, and I should be, do not hold out. They call things stuff that we think is funny and we're. So it's entertaining to yes there. The other slang is good guess, but then also just their ability to be interviewed. It's like they're all kind of cod, hast ready, casual and not nervous yet not nervous. Very earnest intelligent, although it's just per after a person who has come up against this con man, who has conned me it's a multi million dollars out of people who over the years and has never like as never gotten cod until recently gonna have to hear I e to learn. Doyle Lily learn how to spot economy. Not yes, it will, because what it always is you have to what I Think the lesson is, is it you can't spot a con man right because they are masters at camouflage? Idolized, oh, but there are things it's you cancel, a compulsive liar and that's people like right
and joke about compulsive liars. But that is one of like the foundational things of people who don't have a consciences about how they affect other people, dont care, they don't care. What your, what your reaction to their store re, they're gonna, tell you, because in their minds here's how it's gonna go and amicable, and we believed yes and say that are impressed. I don't think I've ever met a compulsory liar before they're. Pretty remain real one yeah I've met a couple in it. Maybe so fuckin good now, but like one of those like that's, there's no way that happened right where it's a thing of, if you say I went scheme is weekend, they served as an example. They gave they. He goes I was actually ski champion and they the people that used to work with him because he started off as like a bets commodities, Rayner whatever It would just would joke about him, because, no matter what you said, he would come back with a bigger thing ahead: tuna, someone, a friend David, did that all the time yeah
I think, there's pieces like that that you put together there's also like big stories and theirs, they they try to get you when you first, They try to get you with sympathy, so they'll kill him. I was an orphan. My parents were killed at this age. There there I've been through this I've been through that and then suddenly, especially with women. You have all this empathy and you're a kind of have that look of always been through so much when he's lying to you or when he gets caught lies at away with, because you know the logic behind we suffered so much whatever its he's so anyway, I round again it's called who the hell is Hamish and it is think its eight eight, altogether. It's so good, and I just The the australian newspapers like killing it and the pod cast rain, I'd their genetic good, I'm so excited because I just finished. I've been watching, listened in a week to applaud Castille. What's, let's have it? We, my fuckin
which one is I'm saying from you do that I am so bummed is over. There was a moment, whereas what do we want a clean, the house about it? Because I want my god it's, I think a lot of people listen to what is called the route of evil urges route of evil, and it's the one that the community anti thing they just dead. I am than I am the night, so the two of the granddaughters, George Hoedown, yes, the fucking, I believe, Fuckin black Dalia murderer, Slash Pisa fucking. Like re best they married his life and all the horrible things he did and there there is fauna, the girl who didn't know that she was its justice and seen button family story. If you think your family story is bad listen to this as its worse and asked, is really well done, because it's all family and the girl. The women who are doing the interviews, our family. It means a lot to them. They have so much heart and they care- and it's it's just
incredible story of survival, and you now these this dispute, a story that can come out of it, even though its awful yeah it gives you hope, but it's also lake devastating he cried in the shower recently. How can I mean that's what I feel like that's, so that The true crime experience, yeah yeah, so rude of evil who the hell is Hamish yeah. I had one other thing I had. Oh, I wouldn't My friend Crystal Linkum, do opponent competition should report dancing like six months ago and to make herself learn it and be good at it. She signed up for a competition like four months away. I wish I D his greatest very smart and but she's been stressing that adjustments awful and she went and got fucking first place. That's me that she and I went on Sunday. She fucking killed it. This hope, Chaldeans in community is really beautiful. Fucking thing that I didn't really know existed yeah if you are looking to dance and do stuff go alone, dance.
Also? We should urgently Firestone congratulations bristles. It was also an aspiring to me the I bet it has its very physical ones. That's really cool, so I signed here for opponents, competition, violence now now and kick right. Now but but if you, I'm ever something and swim House haven't what have you become a synchronize swimmer liberty. You know, I think, I've brag about my cousins, Mary Kate, my lean here on the San Francisco Marionette, which as a competitive synchronize swimming two year end and we used to go watch them like sitting in the fog in like the mission watching them practice with their nose clubs, hand there like we got, to do the thing where you you who are laying on the water, then
go down and you just leave your legs up and you go down like an l shape zone that year down near doubt, going down straight Europe or body demonstrate, and then you flip one leg up and in the second drill down yeah we got the my. I lean taught us for like an entire summer. What that, like, basically comedy so hard, it's amazing and if the whole time underneath the water you're like doing like goldfish arms, I'm gonna be on the sidelines or the minds high going you're killing your activity here. Do I haven't? I? Are you what about pull dancing? No, I'm not going up you're kidding. We would hours inspired to do something, not that there's no logical way a thing. They do a thing that you want to try and gave give yourself a challenge, and I I must be, there sidelines, chairing you on work, and I hope you rise to that challenge. That dream comes drew from Nigeria that I think that the gosh guys
Thanks for listening guys, we appreciate your ears and your heart and near it we do thank you so much thank you link Stephen and his birthday happy birthday to Stephen. When they see, then this we love you stay sex. Don't get murdered, thereby Elvis you want a cookie.
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