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178 - Live at the Folketeatret in Oslo

2019-06-20 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Isdal Woman and the Black Metal murders. 

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This is exactly right. What's that our luggage, almost that's! Ok, we ve been up since three thirty s morning battling so it's gonna be a it's gonna be Experimental
chicken. Is deaths. Gonna come again by the areas are up when you weren't, but look at that time wearing pyjamas. I've never been here, but you ve never met here before you, ve never been in this head space. Never I've been in pajama heads base, so many I'll have but chick to visit Norway for the first time and show in this shit is not the not the ideal, but thank you yeah, but it's gonna be a show like no other right, Don't worry me on that soon. I had better, no brains, we underline their like. We were poor,
to show like no other sounded just like every other way. I get my every other cod cast. I've ever heard you sleep, but they were wearing pajamas. We did so we have to show in Dublin last night and then you get back to the hotel like a minute and then it's like ok, you're gonna have to mean the law What was it three? in thirty in the morning my and so we slept for an hour to re here and there Man you gotta play I drink coffee that was fuckin stupid because emotions like wired for sound the holy. Our lay over an Amsterdam wasn't like a direct. It was like oh super tired, but you'll get there and you get to the hotel, relax. We're
complain. Let me just remind you of what our journey you need to know our journey. You understand why my hair is wet right. It's not encourage the odds, are rolling out here in a bed resolutely just wrapped in a bucket converter, Now I was so anyway. We get be when we finally got here like ok, so we now have but three hour basically taken now get back up finish our murders. Do our homework dressed. I wish there was the video and all of us are standing at the conveyor belt of the of the luggage thence Karen and I just standing there watching as slow every the badger coming out. The banks are coming out and we're all just like bleary entire in them and then because you're, a lot better of at least one of
bag to come out right now, not one. I was like oh shit, not a single. What, when there's four of them through a video Here's what span surprise video of hydrogen, throw it out there, and let me do that darling thing. Of course it didn't make men. I was like. I guess we're this. I'm so happy moment can where the clothes I've been wearing for four hours. Did I need a burn. My fuckin travel clause lay off the legitimate now I feel so guilty because my mother used to give me so much shit. When I would vote when I would travel and
It simply introduce like this and you go you're not going to wear that on the plane. Are you she would always say that like and I'm like mom nobody where's pill box, hats anymore, like that era, is over that dress up poured the plane dress for the dentist. It's it's over doing that anymore it. How did she know how fucking awful air flight was at? That point? Will I know what you say? I think she just wanted to make sure I represent the keel Garrett's report internationally. They passports or be like. Oh, your pats daughter. I better call all of her friends behind your back until the things you ve been wearing. I mean these wouldn't be the shoes, even if I was gonna do pajamas, I wouldn't have worn nations, sure sure sure also sorry,
the polluter? I brought here works in America and I'm not here to prong weird shit. Is I'm sick of it she's, not blaming. It is just a weird coincidences, this murder, it needs to be trained before we walk up to a large theatre. It's important duenna. No, my priority is this. Is this is what I'd like to get here? Fucking exam need a finish. My murder, blah blah blah oh found time to go to a second pharmacy to buy some shit. I can't buy in the U S what you get you days, cocaine I got like. I have this like lists that I put it in your grandpa
This is what I got again gives you guys have like the harsh shit, and you know here and I'm, like I pointed out, I thought can face. I don't know it's illegal, where I live ironing as war again, so I built a less than those like. What are you? What are you by when you're out of the states whenever there is a list of three hundred comments, I fucking went through every single point and a supreme grab the ones that tell me and then I fucking went back into my fucking like its there's, something going on in my head. It's my mom like there, so I went I bought some shit. But what I love as if in the airport in Amsterdam, you came out of course made a break for Starbucks immediately. It was like by don't know you don't care glance again. She didn't like basis thing. Are you cool the fight, get the fuck outta here. I think every man for himself- and I guess I've been drinking so much t over the couple days, but I haven't had a nice really burnt.
Sarah lots of arguing and so long we want to get that and then we make up back up at the gate and Georgia just walks up and throws me a tub of like cells, and I look at it in its like four nappy rash or whatever I soon out early learning on our vague there's, no pseudo cream.
We looked over and it's the oldest wouldn't work, allow data or spray she's gonna fix me hell, yeah, that's what I've ruins getting when they come back is back and big tub of nappy cream and now, what's that map agreeing gonna do for me, I mean when I didn't know what to do. I don't know it's the best it just the best and be quiet, and I don't even know yet. Ok Acne ACT may give you ask me, ok great, that's it then you're down to earth and people do, as you have asked me, because you know like people are going to talk to us because we're so fucking, oh, my god, because we are scheme is certainly do not pander back to our pandering teetering, keeps hearing. We get this right now. Please we need a Europe I'll go urging it more
I don't know what do you have their adult onset? Acne eh began a rash. You obstructive? You know because they don't make anything else for that matter. I want to put nappy cream where chopsticks, that's exactly what I would like in all the Ladys were like a year ago, we were like Godaddy everywhere. Now it's nappy cream everywhere. It's anything it could be a prank, oh shit. I didn't think about could be some kind of you to prank. Besides twenty year old boys are pulling on get em white that shit all over. Beauty, bloggers told you can't trust the beauty blogger. I don't know how that ends. We don't have those here, everything I say just imagine everyone the audience like we don't have
Mcdonald. We don't have that here I want to uphold. I see that my breath smells like blue cheese than backstage, even though I had just fresh my teeth and there's cheese. Of course, I, like you, they got cheese. You guys you do that regulation and my breath smells like a lay over in Amsterdam obey them speaking. This is my favorite I do that Georgia hard, Sir we're impact, even though Norroway I wanted to come here, obviously wherever, but then my what am I Every bands and like two thousand and seven put a song out called Oslo at last summer time- and I was like I've, Montreal
max. I used to plan all your credibility in Cambodia summertime in three days holiday in Cambodia. We ve, go to Cambodia. Should we weigh? Ok, because I need to tell Oslo Quick story: BBC we not here so we got here it three straight into a hotel rooms. We ve been there the whole time, so don't tell you fun cool stuff, we data like. Can you believe this as low? In said this too? I can talk about the pharmacy. Oh you can that's. It ok go ahead of us I just want to say that I want to. I was in a deadly hotel. Canada did more not between I got. I don't even know what this fucking point out. Just like that's a name. I saw that's a name. I saw put it all in my basket, left we're
we're only almost sure for three days, I cannot shut my suitcase, I know how are you gonna fit any, and I took my carryin suitcase put it inside a huge suitcase that motherfucker, you know myself. There's one thing about means that I know myself doesn't mean. I also have to sir cases. No, you said it in front of you. You have to buy it too. You mate with them, but we will. I was gonna put all our things that we get the treaty Because when we went to Australia, we got four a hundred boxes of temptation because I fuckin stupidly, set it on the progress that bring me the cookies, which is true, bring me the second cookies, but then they actually did
then they did a night. We had to bring them home and happened. We bought the suitcase attire go on now see you can't lean over on. This is the stage lists she'll, never telling a story of Anna, and only because it's just this is basically the only story. I have to tell the people of Oslo, but I'm excited bout it because my than one the most irritating people I've ever known. Is my college remain and Kristen? and she were naming names. They might now are she's here with a single time, energy and now, cream all over her got. She looks like she's, twelve Shiva. So obsessed with Norway, she talked about it. All the time we lived in Sacramento California, but which is essentially a flood plain with a sun lamp directly over the time, its city in the world, and I guess Kristen went.
Came here on a summer break one time and when she came back ok, so she talk like this. For real, we ve got an accused of local friar is the day. Girls from California and talk like that for sure. But no it isn't. My roommate Kristen really did talk like that. So it took her forever to say anything like that guy, or a ways me. I can't you felt like a little old lady. She sees lazy, I don't know, but it would do it, so she would just talk about Norway, the time and she learned to make a kind of sandwich here that should be like you have to this way and so anytime. My other room matters like six of us that lived in one apartment or whatever, but we all ended up
She drove us insane and any time we want talk shit about our. We didn't say anything specific. We just say Norway's amazed. That was the key line of like meet me in the other room like I can tell you what fucked arising out of the buggy. Do you know how amazing Norway is come with me to tell you about that. Unlike you, SAM Way, oh no. Norway got burned under the bus, so I've been area about you guys for so long and I ear may buy it for a Christian in your face, Karen when we were on the fucking play, over here we're just sitting there like normal people in this, like a lovely stewardess hands ass, the cutest package. Do you want to send which might that's? Might that's the only question I ever want to be asked in my life like events
proposed me by saying to you wanna hear which forever you bite into the sandwich, the rings and that's a good idea? Actually, there is a great idea, but I gotta go. Baby you set good now stay hand. Does that its. It was just cheese on bread, but it made my fucking day. It its she wasn't no shit. You know that I owe her out ideology, aircraft, she's, everybody's cousin. They were really gets home until it where they owe it was the one she MIA it was. Brad. I think she put like red peppers, some weird shit, I was always walking away from me. I say you knew the pursuing Arabians and then you're really give I gotta go you're taking too long to express yourself. I need it to be snappy and also
she ever said, was that it was amazing. I went to a festival in the summer. Ok, We sit down, goes down thank you really big loser, weird chairs man perfect for our vibrate. Now it right. That's in the by, I have to say it is much easier to get up on this chair. In my insane dress and high heels and banks, it's all its users. Do everything right, I just realized this is a very crucial. It's really not the first her my morning, Panza
stage version alive show ever ever and not order dress. I feel like myself for the first time, but I think you need to take a walk to take a walk like the food. I hope I don't know Campbelltown, but otherwise, shits gray had only adds excelling baby. Let's, oh don't you knows no than the? U S. That's new accessories! Extreme camels, medically, dangerous chemicals show you this saying. Yes, I am wearing pyjamas. Thank you know it's ok, my pajamas have pocket. Thank you so much I mean the gap mean I mean listen
ok, listen about my two thousand and one Georgia here. What are these called when well you're wisps and when I was on this line is still in it. We could ever listen. Look him. I told you who told you many two seasons, hair even Ivan screaming at him. Its rigour and then he then he feels good about twenty later They're like we actually don't care. Norway's though one place, even I hate that we just don't feel here, nor we do not feel affinity towards de there's, nothing that draws us to him. We ve seen moustaches spy turnover. Cheese is rural over there like a dairy. My cats thinks so too That's right, he's sending me so many photos of the cats man, it's like how does he so good at feline footing
he might need to go into a cat. Portraiture is God that, and I feel like he could make a fucking killing on pet sitting now, because everyone in the comments, when every possible at the cats come too much like our near the best, cannot call you no SALT Lake City, and if you can hear me right now, please don't aim to be on the goal that the most of setting phrase I've ever heard. A young man care people you're saying, but a cat. It's like. Being a cat persons, one thing had on call he's kind of touching the cat weird over in the good experiences with uncles, I'm so tired, I'm just doing cheap comedy. What else is there a few scope? No, no keep drinking it. Keep drinking ever do. Ok, that's got anything.
We're gonna fuckin get wired on caffeine and then not sleep tonight has really fun this thing that we do and we tax each other at three in the morning. I can't sleep, you sleep no, and then we just like great back and forth. If I keep, this is our life. This is so crazy, you're, crazy and then give give give. Did you see this think there's a thing about turtles on channel my that's it that's all that's our lay its it wants, to be sweating with wet it's not it's like not a good Kynaston, worse feeling, building or like you look fine and then you lift your beings, and it's like where yeah, and I also have the thing we're like as it as a the palest type of person. Mice, Just wants to burst through my hair at any given moment, so it always is like. Is our hair wet? is a greasy issued balding. What is why? Is it not good up? There
I guess you are standing by stage in their like. You have about three minutes. I just like. Ok I'll just eat brush my air over and over her damn that's dry and my hair God, though I get it, the tormentors If I can ponytail arena, look, listen can we stop saying me, isn't necessarily said that what I don't know look I we're gonna do a great deal. I think so too. I think we have it everything that we have. Just if you don't mind us taking a private mom after you, ve paid and waited to come and see. There's someone just have a conversation, our selves. What I think is great is really any it's possible now because we're not bound by the strictures of society. You know sign companion. I continue as an observer in or right you don't have an air. You guys, you guys were granted immunity from time. Hopped
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we always talk about, how when we go to the other, Countries like even see even states in the? U S detour, it so fucking, weird, because you're like what word or should I do inventors and same order that everyone there knows and it's like their murdering you'd, never fuckin heard about it's really kind of awesome. It's a! U S have one that I haven't heard of, and then I looked into it now is like how're. We are not talking about this everywhere. Love it what a great start there the is our woman, you guys, that's where you ve been holding back on ass. He can, I just say and Douglas Dublin we had two awesome shows amazing kick off in Dublin, but both night, both times I like and now I'm gonna do Billy the ball site
and that's what sound and I think that that is not even a just and then one girl just be happy for her. She fell back. There was that was a cousin of mine. She felt like we are proud of your current, so I love it gets. When things are looking into this, I was like well fuck that what someone guy's name, that I did before sound kinda guy, you never know ok I'll, remember it then ASEAN restore milk. You're saying in the hundreds of people have died in one of the guys. I owe it was something man, Somerset Man, knowing yelled in pointing out may already asked the australian ales Arthur. Then I guess it s got whisperings of this. When I went to look a study. This there is currently a podcast going on. That's like we're. Gonna fuckin solve this mother reckon case. Yes, good. It's the norwegian journalist, oh here's
This is important. I forgot this isn t Youtube. Fauntleroy! No quick, Ok, you to re here, you're our translators. Ok, everyone's gonna wanna scream at us when we get every word wrong and it's gonna be like you guys got to give us a little room. Further so that no unanticipated negative, ok, we'll anticipate the positive, but then something bad happens. What's your name, sealer society, wait. Are you know, region that sounded like an Irish, accents, Karen's aspect, this whole this turned Cecilia you're. The that's going to say the name properly after we say it wrong?
Do you realize what you do on? Are you on some kind of a hallucinogenic drug right now that might impede your ability to make a better time you ve got its five year. That's fine! We're holler! We ve been prepared. Bring it into the air also if, if we say something that is factually incorrect and everyone in the room knows it and feels uncomfortable for us. Please just put your hand We call on you, Cecilia and then we'll go to you for facts that we have nothing but positive, that we have nothing, but we think before you baby here, norwegian journalists merit hey grass, bats
Your name, Cecilia. Anyone aims, Celia hearing your opening it up to the Sicilians of the really is what, if everyone in unison and sincerely you don't know, I don't know, I'm documentary maker, NEO, Mccarthy, they're doing a pod cast about this called death and ice family of may want to like do the dna testing and all the craziest laughs at its core. But it's a great story. I mean it's a fucking tragic, set great story. They now is that they get it back. Ass, physical travellers, you bad grace, riding a story: so the story. There is no woman, it's been one of Norway's biggest mysteries for almost fifty years in the morning November? Twenty, ninth nineteen? Seventy, let's go there. A professor and its two daughters aged ten and twelve we're going We are mourning Ike in a remote, in the is the Lynne Valley.
Bergen Norway. I got it. I think I can get it. No, we can't see or phase. We cannot give us subtleties of firms that I'm gonna say my got it. The valley is known to locals as death Valley, because the so many suicides happen there an because people die there. Just try just sat Valley. Ok, we have one of them. Yeah, but it's just really hot, just hot and in the nineteen sixties, some hikers. It also fallen to their deaths, while tracking in the fog which, like God, stay at home. You know this is what happens when you leave the fucking Hell s rays, walk off seat. I realize fog is waiting around every corner, xray! Ok, that morning, the two second daughters, ten and twelve. Find the hidden beneath some rocks kind of like tucked in between some relax. The girls
well upon the remains of a badly burned body the family runs back to town to call authorities. I guess it's like an hour, though I think our track today round. I dont know if they ran. I just can't that word and I'll get ran. It's a good. Of a family running together cybercrime trade. They go back local authorities. The body is that of a woman and she's lying on her back in the front of her body is badly burned. Making face unrecognisable the police lawyer, whose, when the first officers gonna scene, Carl have lore, ay AY es. What's the loose ooze, MAC not even without my telephone, but it went just completely failed again
it's me show is going to last for to have asked why I M wearing. How do you say we? He said it she had it was like she had thrown. It was like she had thrown herself back from a fire. Look like that, but there was no. You know there wasn't a fire going on and she was also found out of the way it was. It was an unusual place to be wasn't like she's, just been hiking, and also side note that little girls back in the day seventy eights, who were that young still won't talk about it at all. Anyone they said that they, forty plus years later it cycle. Effective them so much that there just keeping it within the family, I'm sure not talking about it will also. I bet there's something to it. Words like I can't think of a correct word, but light
experience shows us sit. They don't just want to go on tv and be like gas. So anyway, it's not that's not how it is for, like the other media, comes the interview people of like what happened. What did it feel like where they don't fucking know how it felt like there were nine and twelve, but it also like that doesn't like to make the curiosity even bigger for the media of the public the more than they would if there are like we're getting one fuckin interview and that's it to life opera over here immediately, one also cast their little, so it's like even more salacious totally so the case becomes more mysterious by what was found at the scene so where there's a dozen pills are found along with a pack lunch and T bottle of, and I found out what it was Saint Halberds liquor would cure. Giggling doubtful
era to plastic bottles that smells of petrol, a burnt passport, a broken umbrella and a silver spoon with the monogrammed filed off That sounds like game if I've ever heard. Sorry, that's crazy. The bodies- around also by jewellery, a watch, nylon, stockings and a bird rubber boots, though Peoples of the bottles had been scraped off the tags or the clothes had been cut off, like looking, obviously to conceal her identity and then, when the press gets wind of her, the Jane DOE they dump her, that is old woman, consists she's out the autopsy only added more mystery. Her cause of death was a combination of fin abarbanel, sleeping pills, and carbon monoxide poisoning with smoke particles in her life, so you gotta hope she died of inhaling the smoke before the fire.
There are fifty to seventy sleeping pills counter and our stomach, which hadn't yet integrated into our bloodstream. That's so she probably wasn't passed out when she was living Yes, Let me ask the worse. You can answer yes the medical examiner US event, a large bruise on her neck. It may be closed caused by brute force and the women's fingerprints have been deliberately sanded away. This is an expert. This person- that's doing yes, they were able to how about her, though, is that she had numerous called failings and caps and the dental worth work they thought was associated with the Far EAST central our Europe or South America indicating she wasn't a local Chinese, so interesting like back then that that's what they could do. His people locally did not use them
gold in their feelings, something that YO is like, whatever material they was. Did someone just drop a tuning fork or is that our cue to get the fuck out yeah. You know I mean they can tell by whatever dental procedures and whenever materials, the eaves, pretty cool anyways at the discovery. The body police are like work. Let's traces women's, we can find her fucking killers, the death was originally and then the death, Some people are like it was a suicide which, like you know in order to commit suicide, but first let me cut all the tags out of my Ngos and my fingerprints ray and then kill myself in possibly the most painful fucking ass possible, special there's like cliff skull, just jump never mind. We want suggests Georgia taught me. Ok, accidents cover the body. I already said that ok,
get the first clue to learning the identity when three days after the body is found to suitcases found at the Bergen train station near by the thought, plugin in this. I did you do that my love, I don't ever say, you're actually anymore, side of the suitcases work and they were hers, we're closed a variety of wigs, a calm here, but Make up money from Germany and Norway coins from Belgium, Switzerland and the UK. One of the few cases have five hundred dollars sparks within the lining who we ve got a wig spy our hair, yeah and don't forget its nineteen? Seventy is, what's the fuckin cold were right. So yes, no one
you're very politely, they don't put up with a lot of stupidity and on this specific point, the clothing suggested that she had a more provocative style, and I think it was like an italian garments and everything but fancy and shit what they're saying all the clothing evidence, The fingerprints and labels had been route, a tube of eggs and cream was also found. Its prescription label had been removed. Inside one of the suitcases was a pair of nonprescription glasses and it had a partial fingerprint on the lens, but it wasn't them any help, or it belonged to her. I can't remember a camp was hard to tell based on writing. They would know right if it belonged to her will help oh yeah, tell there that's now Mary you go, so much easier when someone's telling you sorry to hear that stop them when you're the one doing we're just like what are you, I didn't images and I have just said that There was another item found in one of the suitcases that's about. It was a lie.
No pad. It was written in it, had a code written in code, various letters, a numbers, the leg, cracked, the code It corresponded with the women stays in different cities, she's tracking, where she's going, but writing an income and with wigs. Why do that? You love Well, I'm an international by oh shit. What my cover that's or tv, Stephen Prague spies broadcasting spies and we just spy and other people who do good research on their part, and we can so that were the only one that is mine. The spine we ve done it, that's the title for now, but the rate
it ok, legal that code, the codes couldn't be crack. They were cracked in his worship. Stay chosen, multiple passports to start at different hotels under different identities, are clearly she's a fuck inspire. I you don't put money in the lining of your suitcase. You you're, not if you just messing around four font, no, no, no I'll seeds, get it. Was there absolutely be like? I could have sworn took three hundred dollars out of the bank now which suit case that I shouldn't today so it into the lining. Ok, then they find a place the bag and advertising a shoe store in staff injure. I guess I'm not right is you're laughing ass stand step. One year, come get thing having yet yet get get it done. Yet
are not making fine, I swear to God. We we did. I know a guy skulking. How do I get it once? They know how to get it. Seven times of hand. It's not my story. Can you let me repeat that I am not going to get it right again. in stab under think Sicilian. Scavenger is so I knew that would pay off one day I knew suffering through living with her would pay off one day descend. The owner role remembers, selling a pair of rubber boots. Chile very well dressed nice. Looking woman with dark hair and she came in the store, trying to decide which rubber boots and umbrella to buy. You think should be a little more like you know, I'm getting that and that Social He wouldn't remember her, but also she was hot. What's up well be
as there is, this television show, I'm not sure if you guys have gotten it over here, yet cause its American and its new. It's called good behaviour and its with a right, with the woman from Doubt Navvy that Lady Mary Ann like a con artists in America and its the aids. The best show, but be her whole thing is first of all, how about those wig she's got like twenty five wigs, but also does exactly the opposite where she goes in a kind of dazzles and so she's like makes friends with everybody and does character and the Remember, has they remember her, but as a purse. So she's about details are all everyone. Has it differently. How exactly of any she has like a southern accent and the little blonde bob and then, when she's walking back through with long black hair. Nobody noticed except everyone in real life is like that's a fuckin wig like how now you can't it's true because wigs there, the top of it is just that tiny bit higher than a normal scout, is just a tiny bit higher quite dense, not like my
whenever guess that we're wearing wigs. I wore wetware Gautier. Oh she picture wesleyanism, nay, that's so eighties. Ok, then, so she he help. Sir. He recalled ships seem to be from another country and that she smelled- and I think this is just described me- a strong sent, possibly garlic so she just said italian lunch. I had today too, and I like pick the garlic out, made it seriously or pollution some kind of garlic. I am only like she wanted him to like get potential. Not you know that that she had her name tattooed on her forehead. Don't like Albania Accord
multiple witnesses who saw her or met her. She seemed they like followed. A trail she's in well travelled, competent, fashionable elegant and spoke several languages, including English, dutch, french, german, etc. This websites and then just into the rest of all the languages that everyone speaks in a world like one although she did speak poor English and german by her fluency in european languages, made her. They seem that she was european. I mean just follow the trail with the release they release a composite sketch throughout the world. Hoping someone recognize her describers twenty five to forty five for long, black or brown hair small round face brown eyes. Small ears and that she wore her hair tat back with a blue and white ribbon, so cottages competing myself in the face with his microphone.
So I want to acknowledge his approach or saying this. I know consummate professionals I also keep hitting the table. Did that please help me. It wasn't a loop yak. Do that he is doing. Never, again, Ok, ok, I save our asked trot. They drag movements in Norway that show that she was saying in three different hotels in March of nineteen, seventy under two different false names, which is like. I can't keep track of my own fucking name seven months later, after being the country, apparently she returns and in the span of a month is at another six hotels with six more false identities, and that she was known to request rooms with balconies and would change often, which I think is like not conspicuous,
I think everyone, it's kind of a diva move to just be like sorry, this room isn't good enough. Can you give me the exact same room? Three doors, Dounia cause they're all exactly the same or someone is hunting me. I need neither. Changing rooms over and over again. That's what I think. That's what the point on some her, maybe You should say the point at the top of me. I got going. Ok, let's go. Let's imagine cheese and international spy and and weird thing she does is because she's in the nationals by it didn't mean that condescending. However, I must say that I am ever. However, last night you throw me I'm the best so hard you guy. I turned the Dublin audience on Georgia in a way that was kind of appeal. Cast tender. I screamed what I didn't mean it just gonna. Wanna tell no fucking know that that Ireland wasn't part of the UK
which I absolutely do never did before that day. That's not true. See then You may go back guys, go elementary, but we all look. Ok, ok, where was being condescending, maturing hotel room, changing hotel rooms That's ever places she left standing order that, like every morning she wanted porridge with milk. I don't know why I like that so much she's a bare just spent about spit bowling ideas. In a way, we normally don't keep up Cecilia she's dying hotel bills? What the occupation of anti dealer the last house hotel! She stayed in. She checked out and then departed and a taxi which we she paid for in cash sixes before her body was discovered,
Then they look their luggage. They find a postcard belonging to an italian photographer, and there like this is a coup rate and how the exciting he had died with her at a hotel in low in allowing Leeuwen sticker I think that is really closet does energy? Is why are we bothering you like you want to do this right should like. I just wanted to come and make sure they didn't know. Those paragraphs were just like you are just hitting right now. Hand them over. Lou in Norway, but he could only remember a few details of their interaction, even though you gonna like dinner with her and she liar he he claimed to be from. He claimed that she he said that she couldn t we from South Africa and has six months to see Norway's most beautiful places,
in every her suit. Her birth is all woman's remains, are buried in February of nineteen. Seventy one and they authorities believe she made of a catholic background so they. They also at so they attend that was invested, the investigator officers all attended and they took photographs of the funeral. She was buried with lilacs into lips and the priest, Her quote the unknown woman who was put that puts the grave in a foreign country without any family present. So I was thinking seventy one decade, later in two thousand and five cases called obviously a bargain name. Guy comes forward and he was like. Oh hey, I just saw the composite, and I had this memory- that nineteen seventy, which is like really knew that I was twenty six and five days before the discovery, the body he was hiking with friends, and he noticed a clear,
they form foreign women hiking up the path they were coming back down. He said our clothing seemed to be unsuitable for hiking and like an suited for a night in the city which is judged in a nobody think about these out in this scenario, Annabelle for on stage audience suitable for laying all the way down and that she appeared to be terrified of to quote southern looking men walking not far behind her wearing black coats like following her did to them, as they are asked her She made eye contact and seem distressed and tried to speak to him and then continued walking, The men like when let her and kept her words herself and then on recognising from the most sketch calls the police and they forget her. She was despatched. The case will never be solved so he's like go back I didn't tell use roots alliance,
They say that to happen, two thousand five or back in the day. You know what sorry Wait. I don't want it, but you know what, though I bet your fuckin right and then it was then do you think, How could you pass a person on on the trail? It's giving the old as they pass, which you suck in deeds in black coat behind and just be like. Well that I came for you nature out. Here is not things that happen like you would have to do sometimes I bet she's right. She read sheep she shut so she gets. You have take the call. You are a key piece of this failure unemployed and why are I'm screaming at her? So she picked me. Ok, ok area. Leading theory is that there is not a woman. What was a spy who had been murdered, possibly connected to Russia and the cold war? Ok, what's happening so
that is the case. The case was recently opened into twenty sixteen forty six years after the body is found and their hoping Technology will identifier and her job was found preserve because it had all of those weird feelings and in their like this is we're. Gonna need us and they. Twenty sixteen a dna profile was obtained and handwriting analysis was done on the code which some fucking cool suggesting a european, possibly french origin and in twenty seventeen isotope EC analysis of her teeth revealed that she was properly points than her early childhood in central. Eastern Europe, but spent her addle adolescence farther west. So that's like an interesting from teeth. I know that goal. What are they gonna say about my dear I mean it would make no good to see these see through these worse city. They were,
as as David's adheres, is french dentist says they're good time teeth I broke in a bar, I broken each front teeth on a bottle because I've lived my life. But why are you here that noise they just made it? You should try. Partying are that our actions are dynamic and you're wearing pajamas own. Now she s a the researchers. Ok, they think that she moved between adolescents- and they start the age at the time of day, but some indicates indications which suggest that she made a move. Just before or during World war, two, which is fast, and they still have to fight so they they buried her in a zinc coffin back and nineteen. Seventy one
specifically so that she wouldn't decompose like Sunday. Someone will be able to fact that I was more than the mayor at that. That's so genius fact that we finally get to tell a story of what the most brilliant police cognitive authority is worries. I also congratulate our way may or number one. I am amazed. Police still want to find that one is family, so they can have a proper burial for her and the reason they took those photos at the burial. They Meda but allow them so that her family can have it one day countries consider staying. Can we now is the fucking is so legitimizing. Thank you! So fascinating
I think it was an italian photographer We met real Italians last night and in the I e, the guy kissed me mischief and then like a movie up as the best I literally said the he's he's. Hello, and I could tell you max. I swear virus from many said ITALY, and I went you're real Italians right on his face. Like a goddamn area, he said to me Hugh he like whispered. He was like, I got its, we were talking to his wife and he was like I gotta tell you guys, have to do this murder from Let us tell it to me, don't talk here and because I want to do it and I wrote a town and he was like to explain its mean, like really broken in, like a thick italian accent. In the way he told me he said he I have never heard about. The later general genitals in the most beat like sweet lovely where and they like the most like we're safe
double way. How we view about the guy. I was like wow, you, newscasts very use everything. Does it mean to go that far into the case yeah? Well, do the black metal, martyrs, pandering, pandering God, I'm sorry, but there is no good having can pause that scared, the shit out of me a minute to ruin the bag in the best of yeah. There is also there was a guy in a vip line last night into own irish guy. That was like. Have you heard of the blackmail emergencies like shut your eyes? I heard you yelling at him, but I didn't interest scream I screamed in his face is fine, but that's all I burned with a listener some guy in the vehicles are those last or is that Jimmy you can you are you couldn't
more Georgia. If you tried in person, but not that I was like since it's true. You are so dry out. So a lot of the information I got from the story. I got from a very good podcast called disgrace Latvia and disgrace land. He does stories about musicians and bands and fucked up shit that happens enemies, world, but really short, his part, castor, like twenty minutes. Long as how do you do this? It's like a sack, its yeah, really well produce really good the hostess name, Jake Brennan, and so he covered, you know a safety Some of the more like deep Davies stuff is from his history. When it by his twenty gas, where he does ten times more research. I ever can and seven hours or two hours long. So he will have this interesting theory, so, just in in starting that though the rise of black metal and Norway. So like Norwegian,
back metal was the like the sub genera of heavy metal, music and, and also if you are into metal music, I thoroughly apologize. I feel like you're, going to be fucking livid at the end of this year. I I've only been stuck in the back seat of cars. From does I went to high school with driving around and blasted layer. That's how I know metal. So I'm out lily, like so remote from this I'm going to pretend I know what I'm talking about, as I always do, but I super do not on this one, but it Jake brand. From disgrace. Land is talking about how so Norway is one of the richest countries in the world and its true and you take the best care. Like for pensions and older people like they. They put it all
security. It's it's incredible. You guys would hate the EU acts in every fucking man for himself over there. So one of his worries about the rise of norwegian black metal was that De the frustrated up. You know that too its acts that you have that, in the Eightys and Ninetys and Norway teenagers didn't really have that. Much to rebel against so like punk rock came out of like you know, poverty in England, and you know Brookline or whatever and people picking up, there's a garbage strikes. Pick up at an old garbage bag on the street. And suddenly that's your shirt and you put it. You know you, safety pain in your nose near like thought, the queen or whatever and on Sunday, but in this scenario, because there's no rebelled against people, the people who
we rebellious, and I absolutely empathize and understand to a degree up to like listening to the dog, that's it, that's my level of rebellion really loud nasal singing. All their land. When I wake up, I'm gonna go to my mom anyway, that, basically, that they kind of had to dig deep four, because the the normal heavy metal that they were served up, which is mega death and slayer and metallic and all those they well done what you know- a heavy metal music had done before which, as you know, Satanism that's introduced in early. That was like a lead, Zepplin thing that there, it wasn't knew so. Basically, they kind of looked at it was like how do we get more fuck? around their music genre and in its
also very fast in annex I remember seeing there was one of those true crime shows that did this story and they opened up talking about because one of the big bad things that happens at the beginning story. Is that all these twelfth century, incredible historic, churches and aren't getting burned all around the euro, and they say that it's the The ideas that, instead of being like a worse sadness and the devil in Romania, air like that, isn't enough, and what what the the the goal became to attack Chris, amity directly, so it's not like hey Mountain believe. I'm a Satanist is like knowing to end that fucking oppressive religion. That came into our country as we used to be pagans and we used to be. You know north now that shit. You know you know what you're like you know what your life. You know how you are with your roots. In your
organism and you're safe, Mr Holm and your environmentalism, which is a big part of it, that you love the forest and your lover, human sacrifices. Less. You all report, which I just is a fascinating because get time, so it just a fascinating, like structure to set things up, because often times in these true crime things like? Can you believe he's crazy, assholes that we're just criminals? That's it's like now. Everybody has a reasoned and everybody is kind of like so ok so we're in a start, black majority, so tired Harris still when it hasn't driving anyway. The black metal subjects or of heavy metal music, was invented. I sound like your mom. Something about heavy Metal museum is so embarrassing delay. It was black. Meadow music was then did here in Norway
some say on August, sixteen nineteen eighty. So it really is a girl. On the day of the release of the ban, may hems first demo, death crush, you know I had a data, the metal last, like my first boyfriend, what was his name so we stay was Chris Paul which is like we met in rehab seriously. I saw him walking down the rehab hallway the day out there and he had a slayer short on and the nautilus goatee and long hair, tied back and hearings and shit nose like and he was broken heart like day and then our song was the Slayers Did you slow down your letters are now ok, just ABC gay. Now there's no events. No, no. That no premarital signs girl, go on. I like
have I there's a lot of comments that I started calmly with their super into metal music in the front The thing to me is that there are deep down their super sensitive to the point where, like, if you don't save them a chair at dinner, they leave like setting out a dinner like you know, I was coming where it's like. I'm sorry. You're just worshipping safe, now, you're mad about dinner. What I can't track you, I'm too for then you are so commands guitarist and the founder is a guy named Austin, Arza only out she's isn't even playing sleep, but he goes by the name. Uranium us rifling all have stage aims. I'm call them stage names because I'm from the theater, but that arrive. They all rename themselves this. These names that I'm sure at the time were very daunting and upsetting. Now I think our
I can, However- and this is where you start calling me or Ottoman yes, I will write your arguments. Ok, no someone's! I'm sorry! You know someone's cats, namely IRAN, that either as some of the best Cat named uranium is, and Oh there's about Europe about two here again and you can take the cat name at the end. When you hear, although they are, I think he'll hammers coming up a kitten name help here. Though there like a little long haired kitten. Can I say what we're fuckin annoying? Please no away! There's also a twitter account called black metal cats. Why that is like photos of cats looking tough and then Well, a black metal lyric, as the tweet like with medical, yes, it's so
hilarious. It's just like a cat walking through the forest than attacks. Seasons of death is better than a k, a camp. We look about everybody, Phil Freedom, your fancy I dont care. Okay, so so Your honor starts mayhem and nineteen. Eighty four, but with his base player, whose name was John Stubberud, Ankara's really was ok by what is his big name was narrow. Butcher has internet ned. Robots are my instrument, damage my instrument. How do they do it, and I was really I am impressed by it's crazy metal bans, there's the ones that do that, because you're singing like that
the monster and therefore our hours, a design you're not trained They are there like opera singer them, taken it in a different direction. After a butcher. In your start, this fucking bang, everybody loves it they're. Just like this is the shit and it's like the made eighties, sherry very near it during the cold war. If we now right so the lead singer. I honestly damaged my larynx, the lead singer is a nineteen year old named pair Owen. He moved to Norway Sweden to join the band. In your animals were roommates and best for nothing. Blackmail, deeds can have Bestia Wikipedia says they gave remains an
as from Hell hammer, you can't com, it's just aren't. I say I would take air the kitten stay out stay out of it necromancer near the kitten oncology these days, having tat okay so pear when he joined the ban changes his name to dead. Hey lover. I mean it's, it's simple, its quick! It's clean, you know exactly what he's going for it's kind of like performance, already dead, well He really does threw himself into it because before she boots, he berries. Close under the grid them up and put some months. It is like the career corpse, I don't think he's like a real corpse, those dirty clothes. Well, he also was the first. They credit him in this scene of being the first, where what they call corpse make up, which is like not
It's not our scooper, but like the white and lack where there was signed and actually look that ok, so dead did at first tat did dead or done was dead. The dentist got it. He also used to carry a dead bird around in a bag before shows, and then but he would have this in his nostrils, where it's like you will line disease. What are you but I feel I can. I do to back said what an idea that Georgia genes did. You get George Herbert there someplace, where you can only get a chicken chicken, breast and a bad, but it smells like dad. I need
that idea. That's all might put it right into this. Seven part gasser, other pausing, castors, Bypath, Gasters, we're gonna, do chicken, breast scene, so they have to chicken breasts in case we both want one there and, of course, to brown bags. They look like that before candy shop. He when they would do their concerts their life formats concert playing there and months for each other dead, would cut himself on stage they would have pig heads on this to do with super fuck. That was just a big fucked up contest. Who can be the more fucked up? and they were all winning. Now what's interesting is oh and all of the members of mayhem. Lived in an old house in the forest near Oslo, witches rather the area. So
better smelled so that it did the dead birds were piled around think dirty alike. Soil, encrusted, clothing and then just dead birds- ok, oh the host of disgrace land actually suggests that there is a chance that dead They have actually been suffering from something called Carter Syndrome, which is a mental illness where people actually believe that they our day in their corpses walking round and that their petrifying it's a real syndrome that some people get and he definitely had severe clinical depression and I think that also has a lot of a lot of people were in this scene kind of, like obviously rebelling that whole thing, but then there is also the fact that there is a coping asp Dublin, two words like you know that we all do it. When you get yoga gathered here, I'm the most fucked ok
so they move into the house and the forest which I wish. I could see a picture of and narrow butcher later says that They, after living together for a wild dead and unanimous, can start a fire our best friends anymore, dig current, each other's nerves, alot, apparently unanimous, good place and synthesizer music and dead would get really mad and go outside. This is fight. They had once when outside got mad is like outside, but with corpse make up on that and then you're on, Miss came outside shot gun up into the air and will your mad? Now, I'm shooting a gun is the perfect solution sure oh sorry, hell hammers, the one that told that story hell hammer
you and I need a fucking up our fights. Yes, we have to get rifles, we'll talk about it later. Ok, so Oh and that at one point they they claim the ban claims that once dead stabbed unanimous minimize because they were fighting okay. So then it course turns even darker than norwegian black death, metal blackmail, on April eighth, ninety ninety one dead commit suicide in his in your omnibuses forest home in the band house- and this is so fucked up he's slit his own rests. Then he cut his throat then, he shot himself and then he left a note that said, excuse all the blood cheers
mental today he is, I think he was yeah. I think he just had click very bad clinical knew just didn't know what to fucking do with himself. So let now, let's but one step more fucked up does this is just going to be as fucked up as it can when you're Animas fines dead body he doesn't the authorities, he doesn't eight isn't calling about his family. He goes and buys a camera, and then he comes back and she takes picture of the horrifying scene and then he went surrounding it collects pieces of dead skull, and he later me, necklace out of those pieces of skull, and he would give them to different members of their click of like the local musicians, and bands aha and then he also took some in matter, so that he could eat it later, because he wanted everyone to know that he was a cannibal, so
Nineteen year old Son actually is not cool. Here's one step. Worse later, on met in ninety ninety five mayhem used one of those pictures of the suicide seen as cover are for their I've. Album dawn of the black hearts no end that's supposed to be an ironic joke that it was the live album and the cover is a a guy eleven suicide. A guy named dead, a guy named dead, that's cover the latest smattering of a core that horrified, God forbid, theirs, If members in this room right now or so sorry, we're so sorry
ok, so is now we're getting the sense of how intense this scene and how devoted and that's not just like. Oh I'm gonna get a tattoo and smoke and say fuck you it's everybody is like their continent using people of being poseurs. You have to like. You, have to be really dead. He didn't show how fucked up you are. Essentially, so your honor opens a month after dead can suicide unanimous opens a record shop, called Hell, the tea what I know it means hell. I didn't get to their parents tat. I was sure unabridged speak normally. Would you say which means of Norway use crowning. One movie you jumped the bit so bad record job
because a meetings a ground for all these black meadow musicians and they the the guy's a begin to frequent the shop art start. We known as the Black Sea and one of the guys is a- name Vargas their case now learn that again lead this well we're gonna columns argh from now, as I can he's also his stage name is count grip. I can't grace now we're sounds like is Steve. Martin is playing Dracula, our something! Doesn't it it's. This is a comedy. It sounds like you're, like your shop teacher, Mr Aggression, Mr Virgin ACT. Can I go to the restroom I now ok ok, so vague
is actually this amazing musician. He was of one man, he had a ban called burdensome, probably, and it was just him played ever instrument or whatever? So he is very well known and that band is very well respected in this scene, and so They get him to join the band after dead, commit suicide. So so then, then, basically as they meet and their hanging out in its this thing of like they, what you're gonna Miss did with this besides scene and all the horrible fucked up shit, so everyone is striving to, like you know, beat everybody else, so people start desecration graves and then the churches begin to burn now. This is a year after dead suicide on June six. Ninety ninety two, the fan Toft starve Church- oh wow, wow, it's so it's! It was
eleven. Fifty. No, we don't that's too, it's so all and use. It looks like something from middle earth. It's amazing! It's like they rebuilt it right. Yeah! really amazing looking, but it's like it's got all these rooms at almost looks like a pagoda in a way like it's, it's so fucking so insulting to them. They don't really looks like that. They ripped it off from the Japanese cited mean like going to use re seriously. When you see it, you just go nothing like that exists anywhere, and these this was the only the one I once loved decks so that these as you burn it. It has them, are very active people what decks? Okay, so of course story this church burning down is its. Let you know national treasure. It makes, of course, the news and they find seats. Satanic symbols around the site
Nobody knows what's going on or why anybody would do that, but, of course the meant, the metals of their origin, made of Metal Satan Deal, and so so then they see that that church got burned and they start burning all the churches and over thirty Architecturally and historically significant churches around Norway were destroyed in these arson fires and one firefox The last is trying to find ways. So in January of ninety ninety three, two friends, either going to interview bark and their there. He wants to talk about the black mental seen he wants to talk about the church, fires and bring it all to the Norway's big one of Norway's biggest newspapers burdens, tat. Didn't they you can add that wasn't that was it
Stephen Bergen steed. Now sorry airy! Sorry, sorry, I saw your thunder you like an ear for Norwegian. I think I can hear better than you. I gotta put my hearing AIDS. I gotta bring my hearing worn out so they're like We're gonna interview him and bring, this story to Norway is one of them. Raise biggest newspapers, hoping they'll printed and then, of course, when they- This story, a journalist name and Bjorn Tender, he arranges an interview with them it because there are like a. We think. We found out who has been burnings churches, so they have him, come to an apartment, and when he won the journalists gets there. They tell him if he ever, if he goes please about anything, is about to here: they'll shoot em, so then
the papers time, but the newspaper area does MIKE. It's like the just can't tell details he kept out of port them. More say who does So then far goes on to explain that he knows who burnt the churches he's not saying he did it, but he might have done it their people. Did it mean credit, but also don't put me Andrea, so basically says the attacks are going to continue and it he a tells the reporter their devil. Worshippers and quote our intention is to spread fear and devilry that's why we're telling this to burn against ITALY so later on in years later and other interviews, he actually said he explains the Christians secreted. Our graves are burial
so its revenge for each desecrated graveyard, one heathen grave is avenged and for every ten churches burnt to ashes, one heathen half, which ignores pagan temple is avenged for each ten priest or Freemasons assassinated one. He then is avenged, so his fine he's a good guy ok. So, of course the journalist gets this story and it immediately becomes a front page story and the idle the art. Cause. Titled we lit the fire service. I've been there's a picture Weimar holding two knives is faces like slight. We would like you to come as yes use. Stop me to a newspaper as a journal. When I talk to you sneak just get can be so is so basically of organ, your unanimous they plan this.
Have you they wanted to scare people, they wanted to promote lack metal and they wanted to more customers to the record shop you guys need a you gotta pick, which direction or going like commerce and link second or Emma girl. Our will and the sad thing is they did not see the the huge return vinyl was gonna make like they were so early on that, unlike now, they be so rich anyway, by that time, story hits the sands bogs already been arrested, but yeah shit simple. He claims he claims. He claims of the journalist snatched on him, but the These are like no. We actually found your home address on an old Bertram flyer. You didn't exactly covers trucks. Ok,
so he's held in jail for six weeks. The charges don't stick because, of course, there's no evidence that is directly ties him to any of these church fires and so he's released. But during those six weeks. He was in jail in January of ninety. Ninety three Euronymous close Is the record shall because these they ve gotten such intense, immediate neighbour, media attention and pressure so far gets out of jail like I did it. I took the hit for the team because we're and then like clothes shades pulled and, of course, the livid and so are all the members of the black circle, because they don't have a cool clubhouse to go back and talk about their feelings. What are they this month there and talk to other feeling so many churches would have burned. Just groups therapy yeah and sit in a circle I guess I just like to rock, because my dad was mean. Ok,
somewhere in their your honours also started his own record label, because all these bans started worse popping up everywhere were right. So so him closing that it was basically like he was kind of the king of the scene, but then nobody really they didn't want. They want, one guy to be in charge, and they there was a lot of you notes. I guess struggling for power. Whatever so tensions are building evil feelings, satanic, bad vibes. It It's up to the night of August tenth. Ninety, ninety three, when large, goes, over Tirana MRS Place with a guy name's nor now Wow, that's the best, that's his actual! That's not his stage name! That's the name! has given name nor an like it so much. I forgot to write down a stage name: it's just. I was like snow over. This is the best. So it's like, I imagine, like you, know, snow.
Seven dwarfs laid. He looks like sleepy cause. It's nor ok. They get into a disagreement with uranium ass. We at first they say it about royalties for old bosom recordings that you're Artemus isn't giving them through the label like it's. Basically, a money fight, but Urge ends up stabbing uranium twenty three times. Sixteen of those were in his back and still claims it was self Defense so he's arrested nine days later and when he is arrested, please find hundred fifty kilograms of explosives and through thousand rounds of ammunition in Indonesia, yes, so come to find out that FARC had other plans going on and
what he was going to do and he was actually on the verge of doing- was blowing up the radical leftist anarchist space in Oslo, called Blitz house. He was gonna blow that up and he was basically on the verge of he knew uranium is didn't want him to, because uranium is deep down, they said was a communist, so he was like he would have. I don't know, I don't understand Wikipedia. Sometimes I just cut it now pasted, but essentially didn't line up. Europe with more items is true politics, and so so he wouldn't have approved and so, but then, when they asked Vargas himself He says that he had the explosives in the ammunition in order defend Norway in case they were attacked by the United States. Where the Soviet Union
sorry because it is still the cold war. What you have questions, questions and comments questions when I asked Vargas, he told them, but because it was alive still yes, vote. Stabbed Geronimo, solid gotta, get to I was rather our owner. In idea, I heard it the other way around. Ok, ok, so fiercely lotta names in the story and many then don't attached to a real person like hell, hammer who knows about extra help him like what would I really like that or you know it's actually fun is you can click on the names to like when I was trying to find out who the original based player for? Fuckin mayhem was that's how I spent my time today, and it came up on that guy's page and he's like a fifty two year old dude playing the base with enough. He just looks like their men and in their favour having a great time like this is adjusted. Ain T got out very
I, like you, guys, are way too intense. I just want to jail. I just wanted to drink some low and browse and kick back so yeah. Ok, it's so essentially virus thought that either the united. States or the Soviet Union was going to attack Norway and he wanted to get ready for it as he is in his work we have no reason to trust. Either. Does the government, the royal family or the military. Because of what happened the last time we were attacked, so you know he's a point at his trial. It was claimed that our snore then another frightened? Please make sound had plans the murder together and that the third person that third friend stated the apartment in Bergen as an alibi and to make it look like that
that's so he was using Vargas. They were he's renting movies, using large credit card and basically creating a paper trail. So it looked like bark was somewhere else so clearly premeditated. It was not what we I went over there to ask for money, and then we ended up getting in a fight and it was self defense. Rice, somebody in the back sixteen times on May sixteenth. Ninety ninety four Vargas sentenced to twenty one years in prison, which is the maximum penalty in Norway and he was shot. What's with the murder of Euronymous and the arson of three churches, of which I cannot say the name, the attempted arson of one slash four and for the theft of one hundred and fifty two of explosives. Where I am now. They need a fuckin log that shit out the little better n a paddle at the very least such those ones from junior high at this delicate way, the code don't tell anyone village, your birthday. I want you to reform when they read that sentence. Bark was smiling because here
until the very end and in At the end of the day he was a white supremacist and that's what all of his it he called it. Isn't that apprentice everyone's like we never got that man. It was not good. They publish an interview where virus said of the prison system, its to nice here- it's not hell at all in this kind, three prisoners get a better toilet in a shower. It's completely ridiculous. I asked the police to three mean a real dungeon and also in an so encourage them to use vital there is a chance that things have gone a little bit differently. Four of our heritage has been really and it s an m like dungeons and dragons s like he could. It could have gone real light and heavy what's in
since then is cause. I thought I had sought saw something about this. I looked it up. Norwegian prison I set their fucking, lays bare the most luxury in the world, but how they ve won design. Stop it. They won design awards back but norwegian criminals demonstrate the lowest rate of re offending in Europe in the world, which you do it all right. I just love that idea. Words is like it doesn't. It doesn't work that way, you're just like punishment under the ground to be like guy get it now now I'm happy you ve checked my face into the dirt. You guys keep setting
examples, and we keep going about. We don't think so. Yeah we're America's like a we'd like to privatized our present, and so everyone can make money. That's a less the The horror show, so it turns out deep down and what's happening so far, got out of prison in two thousand and nine a m he might be and listen. Sir said, the count by turns he basically, at the end of the day he was a white supremacist and that's what all of his it. He called it. I believe you said it's odorless M, which was he didn't? He didn't like the label? white supremacist or Nazi it'll get a picket. Now he's he's very, independent spirit and he likes to call the shots. He's socialism lies in paganism, traditional nationalism, racism and environmentalists.
The first time those have been named together, I mean, the festival I dont want ever. Do you had the patience picture there sure from the crest of all you'd make it, but it says bones for things that around it and there's a whole people walking charger like oh yeah. Also. This is just and it with this one fact vote: has never in his life use, alcohol or recreational throughout that that's the problem. All sobriety talk of many times that the the
metal murders of Norway, fascinating sub referred, I was hung- is really sweating. During now I was sweating tutoring line between the pronunciations and being judged by mental heads. I just like I want. Why did I do this to my file really put her the risk Damn David, you people, I've been time for a quick home to yell, ensure the lights up a possible just. So we can see everybody there's a cannon I tell you the rules, while the lights get
look here, look at the whitefish such work, it pretty sure. Ok, I hung down rules. Ok, we wanted to be local, so please don't tell a story and then be like I'm from Arizona is now it gives a shit about that you can be drunk, but you can't be so you can't follow your own story, that's key it it it's a big if it had an ending of some kind of a button. A rapid up give us some satisfaction of some kinds, just good for storytelling in general, Just remember that every you didn't get picked hates your gutsy lemon loading. Allow that ok, and I'm a you know: no, you ok,
Don't panic! I'm panicking! Oh here's band! Here's! What's your name! I found Sandra Van Ryan Months Andrews. Sandra just Sondra. I'm really know. Even this leads me to make any pockets on their guess goods. We know a car can very disappointing, but it is my favorite generally gain Sondra, where you from I'm from Berrigan book. I agree we talk about us today is a lot going on up their down their lower their down started throne
arrival in town. So I was on a train with to murder brothers and I got them thrown off the train. My sister, we run that we were going on. We can trip here for a convention. No longer where it's a couple. Your five six years another one or two stops to people got on. Our first were like ok. There obviously drawn by you know you do you I want to say thing: he's really: nine percent us it's it's a six six one half hour, long train right, so US train ride was going on big up recently more drunk, more annoying, and I won't point I went to the bathroom I came back. One of them was yelling, in my sister's face and my sister s autism, saw was passionate gang and I just point aiming I'll pay. You stop that
yeah Sondra. Can I ask you: why do you do for a living at the time it was working in an office right now? I work at a toy sorceress banks and I'm taking take no shape would do no harm gonna person, whether God bless, and he was looking at me like he wanted to murder and I was like that's my sister's fuck off and then I went to one or two people working at the train, and I was like there, engaging on very in people's faces. You need to get them off and you like. Ok, we're gonna call the police, but the thing about the stops on the train from bargains. Also, not all of them have released station that gonna handle drunk people, so and to wait for about an hour before them, another change. And finally, that the train stop they just
comic. They started running and the police was running and my sister was crying and I was like it's gonna, be fine, he's gonna be fine, we're going to also- and it's gonna be fine, and then we went to the convention was fine. On that we came back in a week later. My mom call me while I was at work at the office, and she was. I remember two guys you got thrown off the train chain law like yeah. They murdered someone o this tat. Someone multiple times was read across from Mr Gorman worked. That's why she knew about it didn't happen
or after they have been like literary a few hours before they got on the train leaves. So I pointed out to me I was I'm ok, but they're gonna come murder me now, so I started looking Medora. They got arrested and I beg the twenty one euro sentence, which I think is too low because they did murders it was. It was a person or by using, thankfully they got the jail time. So not worrying too much now anymore, but like ok, maybe willingly
an alarm peppers preyed on my so good grant you sound everybody such a good job. Ass dry ass, not get out of the park, that's what we like is like. Yes, around down version boost transparent within both trade out. That's you click that was amazing. Oh my god. That's why I was so happened so fast yeah. I want to say that we were walking off of the plane today in our task alone. Urges both like in this thing, and I turn to you and go
Fucking lie did soldier because it never in my life did. I think I would ever get but come to Norway and income, the oslo- and this is so crazy that this podcast, that I am actually as with any love, because it's a topic that mean so much to me because I just that's all I want to talk about. It- has brought here, as I'm so happy were so fucking thankful, for you guys and everything done for us. It's amazing and fear. Just thank you for buying tickets for supporting for listening. I mean are the agent that set up this tour when he started, king about like us, the who in Stockholm in Amsterdam, is like let's not bother those of their brown bread and their herring. They don't need our bullshit. I think I do We were so nervous that
I, don't know what we're fucked you nervous about, but it's this has been such a beautiful night and such an incredible like it's so nice to be feel so connected with you guys, like good one, an exciting thing, exciting thing, even in areas where we have people in a country all the way around the world. Listen to durgin. I record personal conversations. We have about serial killers on her couch at home. It's incredible sounding the and the couch that has old cat barf Oh you don't know about that. We're late we're landed on the gas. Thank you for being so being everything is all right, clothes and appearance system and our non professional demeanor and please stay sexy and John
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