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182 - Something Kevin-y (The Book Q&A)

2019-07-18 | 🔗

You asked, they answered! Karen and Georgia respond to all your questions about their new book, Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered.

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This is exactly right. Oh you allow welcomed this middle of the summer episode of favorite murderer the podcast, the podcast debts,
on vacation right. So what are we? Don't talk him you here: will we missed you? I'm as you deeply we're sorry to be away the we're coming back here, but in this way, that's which any enemies in it like we're? Having a moment we were so fuckin overwhelmed and I feel better already. Oh, my god, I'm ordered see my skin skill allowing green shoots of greenish. You I'm sweating and I've I've start in Chernobyl. Yes, oh we decided we would do a new recording so that, if you messed us, you wouldn't be Maggie Mauritania, so we're gonna do a culinary episode specifically about the book in and on the fan called a bunch of people wrote in on the forum, questions about the book. We haven't seen: em yeah we're just gonna red off of paper, but we haven't looked up, but that's the level of vacation or yeah we're gonna come in and red offer these paper level on. That's what we always you. First of all,
can we just say thank you so much for the over welcoming feedback and support for this book you said it a million times, but it was hard to write. It was hard to release waving, expose ourselves and we knew it You therefore us, but I was definitely surprised at the amount of positive feedback and people saying that they loved it is so lovely? It is really underwhelming we are. We are. We feel so grateful that we Do you guys to support us because you're so supportive, yeah and that wasn't really hard thing to do. Your supportive of our dirty little secret yeah, you you're like the best moms ever return later, or can we read let's get in the moon. The moodiness Stephen light the dead go back as we read your questions about our book. Stay sexy don't get murdered, featuring
Algae, ahmadi threats. Now the full official title, waxy wanna go first, just me a question and both answer. Ok, great, the first question on this piece of paper, imprinted for us is from Zizi. Oh, I have plenty, of course, genes, but the most pressing to Karen. When did you join a you mentioned the trip to the hospital where you realize twelve drinks, every night is tend to many for a party the handle, I'm wondering how long between this realization that started a in the journey in between that brought you they're so I'll. Stop, because now there's a to Georgia, also urine answer it. I am not in a I tried to tell people this. We do our meeting greets. I am not in a program. I
drinking me. As I started. Having seizures and later I joined a twelfth a programme for eating disorders, which helped me immensely. I've gone back to and dropped out of cause. Of course, it's very very difficult, but I got a lot of recovery in that programme have now, gone to a four therefore quit, alcohol, but not because it was so simple, but because Having seizures scared me so badly that for a long time I was like I'm never going to drink again. I've had like a glass of champagne at wedding here and there over the years, because its benefits nineteen ninety seven, but it always makes me sick or I get drunk really fast and a weird way and then don't like it. I think it's really cool and always have that. You'd. You make sure to tell people that you are not in the programme you dont want to like you're, not trying to trick anyone being
I'm sober Karen you're, just really straightforward about what works for you. Yet what works for you and it doesn't know that might not work from that polyglot work for most people who have alcohol problems right, but York open and clear about it. Conducts club yeah a thank you. I mean it's a big, it's a big thing and I think if you are in a place where you feel like you need help and it's out of your control, I am. Lately recommend twelve step programmes, because the structure and the community it's you see that this is a thing that you can let go of and you're, not alone. Yes, exert its it's very common in there's lots of people there with good help. Yeah. I've. I've never claimed to be a four before that. I probably misunderstanding is me talking about twelve step programmes and
I was talking about the ones for eating disorders, which also have a lot of great help ya. So that's my journey who to Georgia. Is there another author that you would love to me loved how your passion for reading was present throughout the book? Absolute Lee jealous you, have the best chance to me: Ray berry legend, you guys are the basis you to Stephen parentheses yeah. My other favorite author is Douglas Adams, who wrote hitchhikers guide to the galaxy he's. Also EAST saw in on this is who would you have dinner with my game your dad Sharia and he is just so hilarious and funny with that british wit and sense of humor. I highly recommend listening to the hitchhikers guided the Galaxy Trilogy a blocks which he reads and are so fucking him. The other reason I'm sorry Douglas atoms, I'd zahm off his so fucking cool and funny and entertaining I, and I would
I would just cry meeting him. Ah Samea Europe What reactions to the book being released? Have surprised you can we talk about my mom's reaction, it's up to you this is from cat also, do you think everyone has read your book than immediately rod, daring, greatly love you both so much. I think bernay around us what is Europe and we're? Gonna need an honorary doctorate, that's right and then we're gonna want our own TED talk and we're gonna and we're gonna wanna level. So my mom texts, Ernest reaction. I think has been for my mom who text me and Karen on the thread together how she has your number. I am sorry
and I gave it there are ok go. That said, Karen said George, I love this part of the euro and then wrote Karen. You don't know this by you're, us here, a right wing or because ass right wingers have the same philosophy of you that lefties are lazy and need to pick themselves up out their own boot. What I would like some ran about it was about being responsible Ray the such against left wing people who are liberal, like you, I fear and that's so Fucking Anglia, her. I responded mom period and then I'll indifferent threat with her. Just fucking went off on her and was I care more about her mother, fucking dying of Alzheimer's and you have the like gold her. The call that out anyway, just to make it pull at a great political. I've asked you not to do. I would say this
and it is my mom's a pleasure to manage your mom and and also the family is always think, and when you're that closer people, they always think they can be the ones that say things because especially parents, they always thing You're smarter than you re so they're, like gonna, inform you about what you can't see about yourself Ray, and I think she was just trying to be like in it with. Ass may be a little. I don't know. I didn't I dont care. I know I feel like so many people have been radicalized with this purpose: little thing and people that are feeling things they haven't felt in years. Because they suddenly belong and everything's real clear in black and white rail. And then, when you know, if things are, black
In simple, that's when you know here who bad yeah, because there's no new wants no there's, no contacts, there's no subtlety! There's no gradient! Could it be this or this fine? You know and that's a lot of people are scared these days of not making apologies for anybody. Absolute May I end, I will say this important: let's throw parents under the bus, my dad, but my dad texted me after he read it and said, didn't tell me he was reading. I didn't say anything and then he just Ali texted me was one. Are you a latch key kid out of nowhere? Why a guy's a doubt it's too late it. Surely this is not a discussion anymore anywhere, but I mean he really. It's funny he's he's and then a little bit of like yeah on. I don't know about how we did Matanzas did what they would they to do as well as JANET and what was very common, but it was really funny because he was like I thought,
key meant that you have parents and even though you are just an apartment, it's just neglect neglected as all those exactly it's just like you, everybody in the eighties or dislike. You know get home yourself and if you can jump in advance on the way so be it. Ok when asked a question: let's see this one's from bad Grannie K, I want to know more about how Karen Georgia manage to maintain and apparently grow their friendship, while also writing a book together. Man, I dont like group projects, and I don't know of any of my relationships- would survive. Working with me on a law term important deadline. Driven. Writing project. Look, I know I'm the problem in these situations, but it's only because I am almost always right and usually belligerently wrong on those rare occasions. When I might be wrong, how did they do?
Brad Grannie, not granting late questions such a good question, we don't know, do you know I feel like that's when we started going to therapy rain right, but it was also like if we were stacking up big worse, ants abilities. That was like the third brick in the stack yeah. We were in the mode of make it work, get it done here and I think that the key, it was when we realise the book should be like the show, and we should be writing our own essay right, because yet no one rights, now, memoir together, unless you have like a ghost writer, has completely different granting styles now and also. I think that throughout the whole thing, the podcasting everything is that it was so quickly. As for that, we kind of there was no like backing down. Rightly both Cotonou. We had to move forward and there was a good reason to which is now making our work. Yes, that's right, and I think We did go into therapy.
Talking stuff through whom for me anyway. It felt like that thing alike, both knew that whatever the the problems were in interim big picture. We wanted it to work right, wanted to be happy we wanted to take this success and not like basically though I was always afraid of, but also sabotage re, where it's like. She made me do why our any of that bullshit that I've deafening down the path yeah yeah, but I think that sabotaging is right. We have this amazing chance. This is the first, you know. This is I've been praying for. Yet you can't fucking just walk away and we ll go fuck you that he has, like my instinct all the time, all the time. Everything will also make she startling gang. Unlike we'll get so far into it, but it also makes you go like when you fight about things. What are you accurate writing about as opposed to the top, because you're never fighting about the topic? We are. What is it really? It's always slake anger or hurt her
and control and fear and steer. I dont like talking about any of this thing or admitting to any those me. Neither are we. How do I make sure righty? Okay? Well, here's another one: was there for a time in the last three years that the two of you almost called acquits, because their relationship wasn't working. This is from Irish Amy, five she's That's a lot of time together between podcast book writing and touring. Yeah yeah lot of time, yeah, I don't I I guess angry as we have gotten at each other are like the fights that we ve been area, and I think it's always the power move to be like I'm gonna walk away like everybody? Has that ease up their sleeves always totally? We got a third party in to be the neutral negotiator early enough that that was
No longer the card that was ever gonna get play. Right was like men of love, you don't mind if I, why or whatever, and then also it's like. You know that walking away makes it your own fault kind of two or it's like you just decided not to work on yourself anymore. He, I think, having events for me too, to like bitch shoe and then for him to be the voice of reason. To me as well, has been really helpful- and I am sure you know that he who you bitch too, has a lever, fuckin Lazy Lord, on high seven yeah. That's true, you have do yeah, but you you know there's thinking recently too, is because we ve talked about this before to it it. Would be a lot for a friendship yeah. This basically, I feel like we skipped from acquaintance. Ship to sister were totally sisters sister and it's almost like rougher, because you know I could say anything to my fuckin sister and guess what bet you're still related to me. Only right now, that's right, and that is good. The situation we are in. Order is kind of like
I have to do the job right still am re Asia, its because I have all my I've had the habit of walking away of like I'll, throw the alpha can flip the table with a monopoly set on happily and ruin the rest invitation. I love chaos and I love drama here and so too have to be in a situation where its thing, and I am sorry, but this is like the wrong dos podcast. Listening to all the time. You find your guru and you find the personal needs to teach you what you need to learn and that's how life goes. I believe so just had to start going in them. In my most stressed in my most like using macaroni, macaroni and cheese as drugs That's what I was like. What what I suppose, to actually be I'm supposed to be changing rare, I'm not supposed beholding the lion, I'm swiss The changing and growing know how, but I that's fine, fine, what that is. Yeah eat the MAC,
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anything you are wishing you had not written out or the reverse of this and just a comment. Georgia, I dont know how many times I have heard you talk about Kim's off observation of the altar of self doubt, but I those then like yeah I got it has some com. That's got it. But after reading your fuller thoughts on this, I get it so much more, than a matter of self esteem, but a call, jump in really jump makes me happy to hear that she her. ELF realized. It was a breakthrough moment a goddamn real life, goodwill, hunting or ordinary people and its attacks, some at your writing an explanation than I finally understood. Stephen Yard job. Thank you. That's so nice to hear it. So I think about the room. The book is that I really want. We really wanted to come across and get our thoughts and feelings across and especially in that chapter, when I'm writing about IP and depression and anxiety, and, like the most I mean as prevalent. You know part
my life, I've really and to make it clear. So that was really fuck and hard, and I'm am, I think, I'm happiest with that chapter then I am with the any other chapters. Ignites lateness too and is earned and you regret ring. I reckon I wrote about taking my top offer photographer and I'm so fucking I then lay I don't. I don't I thought it all. You shouldn't Kazakhstan people talk to you about my that came up almost like. Feels like every interview. People asked us about it. There because I happen to know right, there is now the at. At the end for small. I I don't remember what I wrote and I haven't read it, and in ten years I'll probably read it and in all the unhappy and I'd be able to answer any question you want, but I think the way, that came out. I can of honour the that's how it is with making stuff creativity sometimes, come out as it comes out and you dont get it's about it. Being this perfect thing or say
making the perfect state. May I it's like is about getting out. The thing that you need to say. You know part of me it regrets all of it, because that was private and I don't like being I dont like that. Public life is so exposed so expose, but and that's all I was kind of thinking about beforehand. But since we talk to people face of less clear, it was exactly how it was supposed to happen right so yeah not yet good, no regrets yet but always hold out for some space for regret. Oh, it's always gonna, be Karen yeah. This is from Jean Marie Gibson every time Tucker right about your mother. You share with all of us the joy humor and wit that she had an honest struggles and hardships of her illness I feel very honoured that you have shared so much of her with us and trust us with her legacy. If you had a big one word to sum up the wonder that is Pat Kill Gara. What word would you choose.
I mean bad ass yeah. She really, his leg and thank you, That's lovely! It's also when someone dies of Alzheimer's they go away. Slow motion, so getting those chapters about her. I got to remember her family when she was like my active daily mom every day and really oh into those memories, and it was like you down there Part of our brain that way you think of something you're there. It like really delivers you too, that space and that time- and I got I got two like tat- that chunk and then can I put it and replace it with these! The more recent memories where I they didn't like that person which there's a lot of guilt around nine people that have to be around Let's have a sea of Alzheimer's, you don't like the sick person being
There really are to be around and it isn't that yeah so yeah thanks for the reception of their my real aversion, my mom yeah, who was, the opposite of of how she was when she was sick. So there is just as real additional layer of the bomber kind of yeah. Well is greatly me. We really got to know her in a book and he s like fun. And she can't tell you how much she would be loving, like my mom was the mom that if you had dinner at our house when we're in high school, she would like whoever my friend was that you better frenetic, should get to class. She was always like trying to be the cool mom in the fund mom and the like mom. You could talk to people right, we treated her that way led shoot people I've. My friends, my sister's friends would like. Can I and my mom I'll her problems and my mom would just be like hey, listen, here's the deal. You got a level like she was really good at it. So you know what I think
my reaction to my mom's texts, pardon It was like I'm kind of it may me feel guilty and sound. The year that it's, my mom, who gets terror to it and that's how fucking. Does it and said and your mom would probably like my dad, which is full of praise in practice. Everything that I will remind you not to argue that was one moment she had lots of other reactor. She was there at the book launching New York, which again thank you. Everybody on at forge and Dylan Day rented us- I don't know, we ve got to talk about this, as it was on break time around thus the we had the back room like the primarily guerrilla rare books, room at the strand, Bookstore in New York City, which is a very big fucking deal yeahs anyway, and and it flew out, and
was there and was stoked she was going on around the room. She talked to. Everybody took photos of just the most inane ran, and I now she was so from aroused great mom energy to that end, like in a very grounding way where Sometimes we go through this stuff and I'm just like. I don't know what the fuck's happening at adding on an elevator and then you're, just like ok, bye, okay, this is under watch it through other people's eyes YO, because when, like you see a friend or someone who's like like, I have a Emily Gordon. My friend was at the family vacation and her like niece was like free doubt that we knew- and she was like- I didn't realize- how crazy tell my knees wants, assign copy of your book and couldn't believe that I know you re a shit, ok ray. I guess I just wish my mom had said something encouraging in and nicer because it's you know, I feel bad that Normandy.
Enjoy it do and you and then my monks, whoops and with some fuckin political calm. Look that's just this is where this is where we are here, and you know who knows what my mom could have said, something passiveaggressive like she was no fuckin saved. There were definitely minuses like you know, it's it's not it's not that It's not that I know JANET Leg, JANET super proud of us and she was thrilled. That I'm here is my one for you. Ok, Karen did you find it easy to date again after divorce, I'm going to divorce now and feeling ready today, but I dont know how to shake the weird guilt. I feel- and this is from the mic- turnin- oh my god, that's that's a great question don't know if I'm the best person to ask, though, because before like I've, never dated. I was a comic and an alcoholic, so I came up in my twenties, so you're in a hatched based as well as so it was always just like. Suddenly, there was a guy that DR leave is what it
like to me. So when I would say not only did I find it hard to date after I got a divorce had no idea what was going on on top of which- and this is something I don't know how old you are, what an envy happy but time have changed and live in a very short amount of time. Like five years. I a joke to this guy wants about a now. You can call me and his face dropped. It was as if I had gotten down on Monday and asked him to marry me and that's when I realized. Oh, no one calls need each other more. That's only texting tabling an absence of texting and apps and distance and ghosting, and if I like you, gonna wait two weeks, but I probably won't even get hold of you anyway, because someone better out there and I want date, then yes, it it's a fuck nightmare. So if you meet someone you like free, our Craig, I'm gonna, screaming yeah, but don't I'd, say then don't jump and do it like with everything because, like us
probably those now and also yet he is save a lake I mean I'm still talking about my therapy to my therapist erratic, as there was a time when I said to her like I just won't be able to so. Unless someone literally irons my door bell, I can't do this, like that's a good thing to say to us that to let your close friends and trusted friends know that you're dating again. So if they know of any one key beyond mine and now you're, nothing, the APS you're not trying to meet someone at a bar or cold turkey, which, as you know, that that day, I'm thinking of you and thinking of their single friends and right and also it here's something, I think is really helpful, and I can't remember if I read this: are someone said it's me, but it only really works out once twice lucky three times at all gas. So you can't get discouraged every time someone is in India or you're not into another person reply. It rarely works out. So if it finally does it just know that it's like you, you should expect either
Jackson or disappointment. It's kind of the name of the game. I too have fun in the meantime, keep it let's keep it light and keep it move in, and you know my may. We developed the plan. I think my friend broad front, I have always have five crushes somebody disappears or let you down or whatever you Herr move on down the line and love. It ends and do that until it feels like you shouldn't do that an hour I met Vince three months after I entered my engagement relay act three months later and I'm stating someone else and I met and like that night, was excited without deigning anymore? I don't like this guy, yes, and you never know when it's gonna, that's the thing to areas, so my friends do like it. It takes why it could be one night that changes it yeah. You know it's not like you have to it's. Gonna be the next two years of your life. You can randomly fuckin run into someone a meet someone and suddenly you're
with them now you now he s like you just saw now so with that being said, let us keep on talking about their great. Let the one I do like either rig at or keep try to keep aware of now is I am huge along with you know all of my addictions and food and alcohol, in whatever I'm a huge ice later, it's like the only it's like I get overwhelmed and that's all I can do just like it. Everybody leave me alone you. I have to go out and just be around. You don't have to go on dates, just be in public. Be go to the movies, their fans in time with people stay social. Don't because really what you'd, what I ended up doing was. I was completely isolating and then
the times where I would meet someone that I liked it became this. He that felt like I can't handle how big this had. No other life. That was your relying on this person to be your life, and that is so scaring overwhelming. But when you have this big full life with friends and options and crushing yeah, then that one do that you mean that maybe isn't that great! Even you dont know you can't know until you know, and also when you come at someone with that Energy Ogata, even if they think you're the coolest first in the world, they will run the fuck away. When is like it's. You want to save my crazy per Hugo. Oh, this is getting this from sherry. What's the story of how you got sweet baby angel pulled? You might do that here, the audio book. You said in the previous culinary how hard it was to write the book. How hard to record the audio book. To read your written words, the vote gray, but you really need to get the auto audio book and here s what she's the stock and everybody any here. Georgian Karen and Paul tell you the story so much more emotional hearing.
Then reading it. For me, thank you carries about Paul Giovanni a few times and like if its who's gonna play you in a movie, Life Karen's has paltry Ahmadi and then we were being asked. Are you guys can record the audio book rate and- on twitter and share, which I think drove you crazy. What has just like what else? Do we view but talk microphones and our own book, but so I made the very sarcastic joke that It would be Paul Almaty, reading out your book and then I would say it was like a couple on Slater wasn't immediate. I woke up one morning and had an email and my inbox from Polje Ahmadi, which was and it was basically him saying hey I heard you they talked about me, I'm so honoured. I love the show hung at which was, of course, in and of itself crazy in and you thought it was second fake, which I thought it was take, because I come from a long line of nineties comedians. Who absolutely would do that to you make you answer:
make fun of you four blocks. I did so. I started to write back an email that said: hey no suck you whoever this task, as I did not recognise the email and It was like. However, this is your dick and like fuck you and then I thank God, hit pause and was like now hold on. As you know, is this life has been fuckin crazy, the past couple years, my it could be podgy Almaty could dont tell Papa. Would you mind if I, like a forty eight hour, whole Doug, sure it's actually podgy Almaty you're telling me like that, and not some random comedian really gets to civic. So when I only answered the email, I basically said this is thrilling. We think you're the best and if you do want to know why we are talking about you and if you do, won't you part of the audio book. We would love it sorry to be gross asking for something Hollywood ask but might as well
and he immediately wrote back I'd love to sounds great, like it was the easiest thing in the world and then he actually came through and did it, which I mean we weren't there. Or we haven't met him, we haven't met. If we don't, we just did this thing missing, for it was a favorite. It was a huge favour in he has. Billions million is a billion billions, whose millions and billions of dollars he'll. Even let me have shown to the area and he took the time, we still haven't sent him like a game of action or anything. We talked about saying a muffin Basque gave him get em inedible or edible arrangement? Oh yeah j? Can you send down, would like that's only fucking job, we're old, seaman and Stephen calls data that now the order, I think the edible arrangement words pineapple dipped in darkshire is probably we're not gonna scrimp no way run as Holler John G. Emma that's right. Every time I see talk about Paul Giovanni. I think I've said this. My dad.
If I mention his name to my father, my father's, as I've ever heard about his father and then he's our friend apology: embodies Father who owned a baseball team re, he can be fished based. He was like a big deal in baseball, but he also was like a professor Jesus. Is that he's video, ok and they live apology. Maria Tajima really love you as for recording audio book. How is so in it like intimidating, because I'm such a huge audio book fan and I stop listening to books that are Heaven Ino narrator I dont like right. Am I fucking hate my voice and I've tried to listen to the audio, look a little bit on my the city in our second cross check and but it's annoying ray, I mean, of course, that's like that's the age old thing is like the first time you hear your voice on an answering machine or something and you're just like no, let that be me. I also
I'd recording audio book? Of course, I was supposed to record the first chapter. Four, and it was them mom chapter and it was nine in the morning and I got poor, sound guy. The recording engineer I wish I remember the name and if they Kevin Ets Claude, something Coveney. He was like I felt so bad I was like things like he s like you. I we he didn't want to get into our friend of that show smell at cases Karen Karen here he can chapter made me laugh really hard was your sister involved in writing that shouted or, if not, how did she react when she read it? Is that how she remembered those hours after school? That is such a good question because Interestingly enough, I wrote that chapter at my sister's how that MR helped yeah it, I think,
either Christmas are Thanksgiving or some kind of a holiday that we were on six mind, but outline period even talk about that. How we were constantly and always six months behind our book, but then I have been like will care doesn't hurt anything, and so I have not heard anything a nominal utilitarian turn something and before I turn something out of the great stand on the editor loved it. She thought it was I shall do so yeah I started. I got the idea that, because I was staring at the title, which is how to be a latchkey kid and then I'll, just like it shows that were coming and I had we're so specific. It was the second, ass, we live, Denham pedal Emma its main land. It was It was where all the men men raise happened to me like it. It's up, it's always set there I mind and so- and I could think of like you know twenty different things that what happened constantly and I just suddenly was like tell people
Think of the children who would never be latchkey can have no idea what this even means splendid them moment by moment, it so normal to you. It was your childhood, the island. You realise that some people don't even know it that it has never been left alone like dodgy him kill Gara, for example away. Then she did re, also wrote what was your dad's reaction and she's a basically. I just want to know everything about that chapter. My sister I had my sister read the first pass. Basically, but I should like yours: She did one of those which the reason she's like that is the reason I'm like this. Like her. She has never know. No one. My family's ever is given me Praiser approval and that so I'm always I live. I did it this way. I read it and realise that I I I went I would have the voice of it and went back in and said and then and then she was enough. But then she didn't
oh, my god, she's a single mother show you know about our stuff to do my sister, so we both have big sisters who are pretty close, an age of us and she got sad and finish it and I think it's only that I write about so many this the bad things I didn't bad things. I went through legs drugs and you know going strange man to the top of fucking mountain taken, my shirt off yet and as my big sister, she feels responsible and that she should have protected me, but she was she's eighteen months older them in going through her own shit, and I just like its yeah you're you're, my big sister, but we were we were simple crap cycle can a bad and they loved her out. That's well, but also that's I mean I feel like that's true. That's lake. How it's really hard. All those stories are, the it's not like and then one first spry we'd, Ursula Winwood S, bright shit and rarely got my eyes will diploma and, and it is hard, those are the parts it's like writing about the juice, as part of life are the hardest parts.
Makes sense that the people that were with us don't wanna go and sit with us. Also. Can I say I didn't think her husband in my thank you, sir. I just wanna thank Andy right now. Oh god, you're a great brother in law. Apology, I think you only didn't family that right, you have at his family a true, I did my sister in law to London on her back and twenty years. Andy guide me leave me alone, but Jesus all these demands you keep making. Ok did I just ask that yeah, Kay money. Twenty two has just but to say that I've been putting off finishing the last chapter, because I love the books art. I love that that's the ultimate cobbler is beautiful and felt just like the park ass. Like my friends, were an dodging me in all of their life mishap. In a beautiful, vulnerable, incisive way, so proud of you guys, I'm proud of you guys so proud of you guys so proud of you guys question what was the hardest story to tell were there any moments are stories that you thought should be
played down to protect someone like Georgia, calling out her mom it's out and what has been the best outcome from all the vulnerability you shared in the book bless last night. There's just so much, I think the people who wins, who struggle with mental health, telling us that our frankness, and our casualness that talking about it, it makes it look like does it not gone and getting their own health yeah. My fucking love that so much and I, if that's, what our legacy is. I'm fuckin! That's! hell yeah, bigger than I could ever imagined yeah, but you know what I an impact I would have had on the world. Total imports that yeah you should be it's, it's very cool and its I like it, because we didn't do it on purpose totally. Wasn't this weird trams yeah? It was just where I didn't.
I didn't realize how many people were so self conscious, allowed a shame but yeah, but that's because you know I would say when we are not the best outcome, cause I'm not really sure about the outcomes, but also the moment that it felt like it was more than just a week, out this memoir, which is gonna how it felt like when we took in the final draft. I would just like get this away from me. I I don't. I don't What this is even gonna, be an wherein I believe was Toronto. Nand there were like thirty people from the booksellers. Remember that and they all medicine, the hallway and the looks on their faces, the way they were holding the book. Is it and then book hadn't come out yet they were like getting their first copies. Could they were all booksellers? That's right, so they were earlier on. They were earlier readers and
We kind of all set high and nice to meet you in everything and then one girl just goes. It was really good book, and she said it like. I need you guys and I understand, and it really thank you so much, I'm sorry to remember your name off hand, but it was that kind of moment where I went a fuckin, thank God. She understood the need and of course we were going to ask than ever, but it was like she really needed us to understand it and thanks it was the best feelings, those like yeah, this is gone, Sir Ellen I don't care in Georgia to me. That's us remains
close I feel like it would be difficult to maintain a healthy friendships after everything that has happened with their success. I am truly envious of their friendship. Homo. Wasn't there rumour going around that? We urge that we're not on a vacation that we hate each other pod gases and launches. As long as we were in, like our best not got spread, we were like our best place in my native delectable, really texting. Each other gives all the time- and I, like you know I don't even gone more than a week without texting, even more amount at each other and hiding about something it's that we still need to start taxing. I kind of love that, like I think, we're in a fight, and then I show up at the office to record my with you and were both just like hey. What's gonna is like it breaks this tension. That, for me, is really hard, but because I can hold a grudge- and I can be, which and be like. You do not get to see the cool George, a part of me you'd you now you don't deserve it, but when I walk in and more both just like you excuse, when I did like out I we can dissolve length just dissolve this though he now
the fighting and young like normal people like sisters. Yes, it's a sister thing. I yeah friendship is like when you were a little more distant, and so I can we get dinner on Friday, whereas, like I've watched you eat, how many times I've watched you pick things on many I could order for. I have I mean we ve weave. We it was like it was like being in the army, or something forced together through great luck and wonderful success somewhat ever like being an army yeah authority, but yeah. So it it's the time we spend together. We have insane, as I like to call them peak experience like when we walk out on stage at life, shows you and I are having and that shared experience. That audiences giving us and we ve gone into these realms together. So I don't feel like we. I need to be like hey, you wanna get branch on right because its past the right here I have a good one-
No, I'm! Ok, here's another question as from policy are, let's be honest. MT. The inevitable movie deal that's going to follow the book. Does she know something? We don't know what you're gonna shoot. That movie here is a good, and so the question is: who is the cast of S std, I'm the movie? It's all toddlers with voices. Perhaps I mean I would obviously love Leanna more money from game of thrones to play me as a child and k and then sounds I can play my sister and I don't know I don't wait, there's no, maybe they'll guys arrange your local theatre, you know because there are I did we tell that story of when we were interviewed. We we went on the seabed this morning with gale king are coming out? Tell you guys real, quick gale king is the most amazing woman we have ever met guys did we even talk about those. I don't think we ve been recordings even says known and re. So when we went on that show gale
king. I was trying to tell Georgia here's how it's gonna go because that's all that's what I always want someone to do for me of it. No one ever does so. I always think she wants that which I know we're can live tv to and I'm home their recent crazy. And so you can call me down- and this is great to about Us- is that one word never both just at the same time. No one of us is freaking out in the other ones, fine and come to the person down vice versa, so I was freaking out about being a fucking live. Tell him. I shall, as we would encourage, worked and live tv a lot. So she was like here's how it's gonna go, there's gotta be a producer. The coms and she'll brief us blubber blood will be a little jarring, is working to actually see gay and the other to host on the said, but don't worry whatever well through minutes into us being inherent make up. Gale king comes bounding in our house. Go literally went Caroline. Georgia, like did a thing and we rebuilt like are a mouser open, and then she opened the
and she had made notes and notes about jars stories were in blue and notes about. My stories were in red, she'd read the book she had made now It's done research. It was, it was like Above and beyond yes, what's the question move media so then, the next day we went back and did the podcast that she holds. Didn't we talk even more and at the end of when she was walking underground. We're like thank you so much. It is great to me you and then she was like a movie. Did she did that she does it than she knows this, Taylor, you know this fuck related business start this book related. How was due an interview Photoshop for the Hollywood reporter Piazzi I'll. Look like four million bucks cute. I thought a third issue, man, there's nothing left more than getting fuckin doll. That and photographed dont like looking at the photos after, but I think it's superfine,
I was in hell the p who could have been nicer. They the need We were at India, Aden, they'll girl, which has gorgias to be an old firehouse. It's the coolest restaurant, but will you happy with how it sir? Now I didn't look out and you haven't looked at the photo now I just gave you dude Orange, gave me like three copies and I just gave them to my dad and my sister. You caught great I mean I'll, never see a sad still care, it's just where we are right now got it, but I will say this way. An honor. Ok, here's one Breyer, MRS Frahm, cats, baby! Karen What made you decide to write your chapter on the canadian alderman and mention Paul Bernardo fun? Fact uncle was one of his prison guards, while he was on suicide watch when he was first arrested. Wow. I get because when we very first talked about doing that book, it was obviously they wanted
the original voices that we're like helping us. There is questions. Have there should be really strong, true crime, kind of themes running through it and we were. I think that also added to are the delay it when we didn't start writing it, for so long was because it didn't feel right. It to it. Just it isn't what we do or not your crime, derisory rate reports based on other people's journalism, yeah you now, which were very aware of yeah so than to just pretend to be crime to crime journalists, just it wasn't in art in our brain ia and it wasn't something came easily, but in talking that's my friend, Paul Greensburg story that I too about as it was it was basically put. My friend Paul Green Burg is from Drano and his mother had essentially hometown
Paul Bernardo stalked her while she was swimming in her pool in the ass and she was older. She was in her like six or seven previous story, and I remember when my friends all told me that story- and I just freaked out and was like it's the best stories in the book. Whatever I love it, so that then it was like when I wanted to dry and I'm sure I'll Fisher are editor aid, the suggestion to cause she was like. Will you ve done this, so you might want to pull in some of the things that you learned when you are writing there? I I think I did that public Arturo Karla Homolka when we're and drawn out, because I used an article that a woman wrote that was amazing. She wrote an amazing article about him and how all that happened and I drew That's it was like I read that was a chance to kind of poles. All these, like, yeah writers, cool points and It seemed to kind of get all that taken care of in one spot, which is back.
And the day which now it doesn't seem like that long ago, but like in the eighties, when people were faced with like a loose serial killer cereal rapist in their town. What they came up with was every, but lady stay here and that that is the old way that that's the old way of of criminal justice, the old way of law enforcement, and that idea that I can't speak to anything. Criminal justice, our law enforcement in a real way, but I can quote other people that I think this whole wave of true crime popularity is about women going yeah we're not not only are we not fucking staying home, but we're gonna help solve these cases. Well, I think it's important that what we are aiming at from a place of someone who has been scared of these things before as a woman and as a human being out in the world at sea not were were
talking about our own fears in earnings. I urge our own fuckin reactions and angers to bullshit like that, and so that's what we can do and yet and offer, and thank you for mentioning it, because I was really worried about that Gaza. That was what I had to like footnote and then the lawyers like we have to make sure, because I didn't didn't, want anybody to feel persecuted or anything, but also like lets me that doesn't happen any more. By saying it happened in the past, but yeah that was a worrisome chapter because you how to get shit right or as in their own right, exactly like Nora's misspelling of her name, that is the craziest funny staying here. They in this first In addition, some unslackened age? On the end of my nieces name and the dedication and dedication, her name is built an hour. I am, of course, when I told her she like another guy, like you
China sheds a collectors item now as a global actor as I now it's, not it's. Well. So, if the next three weeks we're gonna be posting, the tops three episodes at you guys chosen Fancourt yeah of all time or really excited to see what you guys pick yeah they handle then were whereby and then we cannot combat. I thank you for all of this. You know we do get very. I especially get very self conscious, but thank you for your grounding comments and support and questions. Ultimately, what you should know that we have been having a really good time that this has been the vacation are amazing or the. I think the whole thing I think the whole experience a whole experience is surreal. Still, I still can't what rat my brain around it. I still get so excited what to get out one. A murdering comes up to mean an ignited me and, like it's just exciting area times, whole fucking thing. Is it very funny?
and it's more than just I talk to someone named Stephanie in Bloomingdale's the other day for like ten minutes who who stopped like I'm. So sorry, I'm like now, I've out just like Sudan, I'm in the middle of going to hug them as soon as there are like our you, George. I know my colleague in so yeah work very If all thank you for the support, I honestly was so scared that this book was gonna south. Oh, I thought we were gonna get like Alan Buzz. About what monsters we are. Thank you end. Ass, stay Saxon, don't get murdered, Elvis when a cookie,
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