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2019-09-19 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Dyatlov Pass mystery and Linda Hazzard.

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This is exactly right. And welcome to my favorite murder. This is a pod cosette. Beyond that Georgia, hard site, that's caring, kill, Gara, we're here to talk to you about men things drew client Klein, oh four climbing one of that dont. Do it we're like he hey, go to half dome the out use ropes, Don't do true crime, please get up on get up on Iraq, then
is almost no foothold and just climb what your finger tat, no free, climbing natural grabbing year period, none of area. This is all knew. This is apart gas, where we mostly talk. Bout recycling paper now come on guys ruins talk about recycling plastic here is a straw. Listen now how about paper? Haven't? Let's talk about it. Let's talk about Angela, deep dive. No, my friend, you sent me a picture, and I Don't know if it was his actual view or if he found it online, but it made me I've so hard because it's the it's taken from an I'll seat in a plane. Her ones it behind a lady who is in the isle of in front him to an diagonally across and that woman is working on a hoop stitch and Jeez embroidering eat a bag of deck. Look
little lady of my dream. No, it's my friend data secondary fences to me who I've known since I was eighteen results and he is the most fun Did you met him? We ass anxious, go he's hilarious, she's, putting it up for the world to see me lay beautifully and floral is not perfect eat a bag addicts. It's really well done, she's, a blue streak in her hair, so she's a friend of ours she's. Yes, she had absolutely out like a librarian, slash, professional knitter, Flash Derby doll, murdering now this particular accurately high. We we respect. Do we support you? This is the world I want to live and let us know if it's you clearly not allow my favorite bless your hard thing, save for always keeping me up today on what's going on in the world. I love that when I love that
and a person, and this is the kind of person I strive to be that when someone says little germ eat a bag of decks, they having to send it to you, for you know who's gonna like this hell, that's, but you know why? Because I remember a time not so long ago, when that's it, nothing to hide in your bag, because some weird mid level business man would get up all in your shit. If you are doing something I got up where you get the vapours and be like put at the back of his palm. Do his forehead other areas on its darker Leah. How day? How dare you lie? I met not anymore friend. Now you can eat a bag of Dixon. How black and now you can just go, had made a vague addicts about welcome moms grandma's new listeners. I asked this is what it's like eyes: it really. Is not appropriate and that's the fun part right. That's what we like
What's what have you got? An ounce man send out this man motherly an announcement? Ok, yeah! I wonder to find one at first lately before all you skipper skip yeah you only because this is a brief, yellow, try you didn't you don't get this? Ok. What do you think that there's gonna be a time it probably some time in the near future. There were going to say the whole podcast together at the same time, you do being badly organised already happened. So you may know about my favorite weekend. It's our Santa Barbara, murdering I'll meet up weekend. Inzana bar yeah. We are debuting the official logo for the weekend. It's so fucking cool, it's gonna be on March. You can go to my favorite. We can dot com to check it out and we have a special announcement to make. This is very exciting. There's going to be a contest so that you can win two tickets for you. You and your lucky friend
of aren't choosing of arch using to come and be at my favorite weekend with less right. Yes and there's gonna be I've shows we're doing live, shows murder, squads, doing live, shall per cast. His daring live, shows all of Europe from the exactly right network are going to be, there will be announced ones, do that are really exciting, that right and secret guests that are going to be very excited. There's gonna be like all kinds of little fun things going on around Santa Barbara they're, gonna hate us and by the time we're done we're going to be embroidering eat a bag of dicks all over Santa Barbara that weaken November first we're gonna be we're gonna, be yarning little sweaters to put on on traffic meters thugs, nay, that good sense gotta be a cute little project. I'd actually like. If someone would embroider a picture of the woman sitting on her airplane seat, embroidering, eight about why my let's go mega. Let's go to the inception, playthings of defects. Ok, I guess where workers are, you know, ok, so
Barbara from November eleventh too, through the third a first and the third word would be backwards time, that's right, which I am a new bob, gasoline gray, every living thing. Fine, ok, you do it. So we know that that kind of a weekend isn't within everyone's purview of being able to afford or wooden immediately by because you know it's twenty eighteen Wilma what's Goin down, and that's why we are giving way to one lucky: murder, Reno and their luckiest friend of arches of our to save me get to pick your friend. It's tests were giving away tickets to come and spend my favorite weekend with yeah travels, not included. You have to get yourself to and from Santa Barbara, but once you get
then our couch in our hotel room to numbing looking guns or have we give you two nights day at the Hilton Santa Barbara Beachfront resort instead habit that habit admission to the airline tin Theatre on November, first for our many so taping and on the second for our full episode, taping with special. An open how to level two reserves. That means seats, Yanza, really get. We see how bout an invitation to the open opening night cocktail, reception that includes order, Favorite thing and beverages. My other baby and an appearance by Karen and Georgia were mission of the per cast. Taping. Add the Arlington exclusive official might there, let me get weaken, merge and of we're gonna, be doing a meat and agree and you're gonna get assigned poster, and you got to be at the meeting great it's What kind of comprehensive contest, because we want buddy that maybe couldn't go otherwise to be there with us?
just an hour later this year and We want you to win a contest. Are you feeling lucky punk come and try to win this? We would love to see you there are so excited for this. We can really think it's gonna turn out to be really gotta, my favorite. We cannot come for all the information or and then go to the new site on our work on our regular website, my favorite murdered on commerce and use, and it will show you how to do that had entered contact. Yes, the out what more exciting business too we have. I mean I want to say, because I wanted to say that for my fuckin, her aid, but it's at the top- it's just staring at me the tub my paper. Ok, it says count Dracula season, jury, scout, shaggy policies, it and that's, like an array of me to say I have to think of a new and now they bring it back for Holloway Neighbouring member blueberry yoga. What's the other one, frankenberry frankenberry evens got analyses the millennial stated area count, Dracula, blueberry, ok, those two ergo
but I didn't know how good this fucking count. Dracula situation was until my stoner husband you some down for you yeah, I see I was always Abou very fan. I dont like chocolate and my Syria Airy flavoured cereal young girl. Oh my god. What tricks you move up to lucky charm never did a little varies a kind of food. Yeah, pretty pebbles I'll pay you like coca pebbles, yes to Europe, fancy you got him all correct, except there was one that they discontinued in seventy four called fruit route and it was werewolf or even my time, brutes fruit, brute and there's also fruity yummy mummy, which is discontinued in eighty seven. Now I don't remember that. Can I see you have made me, I mean it. I really love mummies, I think they're, the funniest part of Allah. Will we
I'm gonna start a campaign to bring Emmy Mummy by yummy mommy baby. Look at that actions of this kind of familiar oh yeah! Maybe they re did it in you now yeah one hour ferdy yummy mommy. Oh well. I M going to talk about this, which I like that we are an could talk about all all cereals. Forever because I do have a problem with corn pops unlikely. I can't buy them because I will eat the entire bars. I just keep doing the balance of power more milk, a little more syrian burka until three days later and gained twenty pounds, but seven pulled frank on all of us, Did you hear about them now? Also on that you wanted to anyone's you arrive, will when you did the that amazing read of the haunted house, let's play a game. I based I just like clip that part. I'm put it back at the end of the many sound very end of the many so so allow Georgia talking, yeah, ok, it's her there's yet
It is basically a hidden track at the end of the many sewed an eye everybody thinks it's me on Twitter, because I've gotten, oh, I don't know twenty five tweets with people describing where they were what happened and, of course, them sorting. Half an hour later, I went with a quiet aims at the end, after Elvis gets his cookie, that's an opening on type right. Yes, so it's basically layer, my owens expecting it and suddenly you come in whispering, let's play a game in Henery Fray, so everyone's going, I'm driving my car and I blew up look at thanks. So much Karen and I, like I know, area, what's going on right now, a whole area than I but Stephen, I loved the spirit of let's start doing stuff like that for a hollow. We were all about it. You just
I have to tell us what is happening on our own sure. No, don't tell me what I want other people to be like you know what just happened on earshot. You just cry. I just crash my car because of what you did you know I like that. I got other people to tell us and guess what it is it was really panic is the first tweet I read out the guy, seemed man and, of course, its twitter. You I'm all of our people to be mad and Enola here to tell you like and then, as I read it, I MIKE ok thanks for that hidden track. I spilled coffee all over myself and global whatever, and I might add, like me, he's got the wrong guy guess. Why was on that? We? I was on the thread that you guys were writing your Stephen. Did you
the volume of another week, Stephen there's a hidden track. What's going on, oh yeah, I d at this hour, and you don't know, I love it. You just tell me what you got your mad at him or known and oil, and I was like a let me be it on the joke. I mean I don't want to be in on a letter, unannounced even banned. Tax Karen gradually and yet are exactly just get. The kids that's because you know who knows the one day that year like you would be great if I act snuck up as behind someone with a knife in my hand, I will accept even now. Let me be there to tell you know it's a bad idea, splitting Larry as its grave. Hanging of Elba really kicked up squad. Gourd season really nice to see you, that's all. I need to get them credit. Someone who works at trader Jos, who are all our friends put up a squad. Word- has called sign in one of their chalkboard day, yes, scored drawn, say. How can you say to it as its Molly K bales? She posted a photo of its this
I'd gourds above the pumpkins and squashes like one of those circular squash railway and it says squad guards and we love you Molly K, bales. Thank you. So much trader Jos is like family to access so exciting, onion for real, because Stephen just random trader. Just before we started taping, I have a trader jazz, Benin sheets, varietal, balancing me out right now. What kind of you guys I got the italian rap yeah grow. We had a mother we're home exiles, like seems adjoining from changes, and then I mean really my mind start shopping through that appetizer section leg lived sometimes I'm like. That's just get me up the reader last speech. And must be reasonable about it. Lets balance it out. Some things out itself beyond she's. Very camp can't spend at that. Really me. I shudder scraps don't spit out at DAWN Non imo, so, but I do like to spit
my food before I e that isn't climbing, I hope, tend arises where you gotta get those ends. I hear much happier and jewelry by forty times. They ok speaking of food and Elvis I wanted, clear, because I've tried a couple questions about this on on Instagram, so every single week at when Elvis me out. At the end of the show, it's brand new we re, leaving our not like recording in our house in my house anymore, our house of eleven you gonna, run, I like to think of it as a house with it. If I get a new eldest, even tex me at like ten p m as I can, I get an algorithm again and I wait for hours and he's a gig started. Buggy. Can I get Melville something has as yet so there's a new era. Every time I just want to go on until you're not being fuck and cheated, I would never do such a thing. So sorry people were like inquiring like. Is that the same others his last? We ain't like or I miss Elvis's, knew me out every week, but it is new. Every week ya, like literally
there is one week where I was. Ah I see so. People are assuming because we're not in your house that that there, there being served up some olds, the elder. Yes, no. I just want to go out and the record straight right now that my cat really quite correct. In his corner, I'm so disappointed and I'm so sorry to tell everyone this. It's not sprang earth and there's no exclamation market, any their families, a curse: New York's breakers New York. I just through an end in there and had the time my life cs. Something took place and sprang Korea, Nouns rankers small, our heart belongs and rankers I mean yeah. It is You, if you're not named rankers, you ve made a mistake and let gifts get out there on that town, sign and scraping an endless, become mayor of the town I can name an exclamation right at the end of it did who get like direct message about how you did that wrong. I think
couple comments earlier? Ok, just fine! Yet by likes bankers better! I love sprang. Korea. I don't think anyone listens and sprayers yeah they're, not an earlier, but you know where they do listeners in the sprained ankle capitals, franker should lie or land where I love it. I am the mayor already ok yeah succession for both catching there's a that's great calling colleague, fuck em, but you're missing out on curing called here and when I say column, collection rate I mean that's the fifth brother the storyline that its pervert at my fucking love it. So Michelangelo ain't gleeful about it. Ok, I love him. I love him as a performer aisles.
That characterise not shall ok, he's very dynamic and find a wife, oh my god and Age Cheat, that's the kind of person I want to be in a room with all the time, he's a shit, a story that will say things to your face. I think I'm like the episode before my problem is. I bought that did Blanker ass cause, I'm I bought George a way to blanket for her birthday and then, of course, I like what I should have when it turned you gonna get when you like, my big that there are two things I would then I wanted. It will greatly literally a lot of issues left over from being five, but I asked: was like I've, always love that moment at the dentist, where they put it on you. They put the led brake on you to take your x ray so when I was getting it for you, I was like like all this will make. Her feel good and if she has anxiety would have an unlike all that shit here, young Adam and I need it to she's, not special, but ugly, I have it too, I'm sick to moan, but I put that thing off
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They got into bed at like eleven thirty went to like Riddick. Thank you read it for this heads up, I'm done it it turns out. Do I went to like I'd put in tent girl read it to get some more information. I was Billy Day, I was episode, thirty one that was LU, LU, LU, LU, lemon murder that yeah, thirty one, so and it was everything that I, like the dough network. It was about that too which I would like to add that into the store it's gotta be great. Fucking did tat girl and the don't at what was wrong with me ass. She sits up back in Canada, white wine. You know it is what, before you pick this story, you wanna doom, like you sit there and kind of go well, interests me right now. What would be compelling for me to sit here and write about and read about for a full day so in exile
because if you ve already liked it yet I like it, I mean it's still that it still interests during it. I was a great if I read it, I realized it was the book the skeleton cruel, but I was like. I know I read about this in some book or something I was just turn out- that I had another research for right. What the fuck This is how we learn and grow very first or my first. I think it's your idea. From either the prodigal son or that the Irving Child double double time double first, so I, when I thought of this one this morning I go the name of that and then my favorite murder and nothing came of gray. So still we don't know, let means anything I mean you know, and I realized and it only works for mine, but like I'll ask J I'll be like I want to do this when I'm we done it, I could just go through. My own documents, I urge the Mai border vile, at least for my own, but I yes, oh yeah, I think so minor gone, but if you got there
Wikipedia with all the episodes, so I just knew control ass and look for it. I will not. There continues on counting on you guys, Wikipedia like we have for this whole pike, ass, Wikipedia and read it. Thank you Wikipedia thing really, most importantly, there to murder PDF Birder pdf he's a thing. Are you ok, bucket I'm doing the diet, love pass. Oh, we never done that out. Amazing amazing dialogue. Why are you have even a pause about that? I don't know, and did you look at the pronunciation? Yes, a great, I love because I've been making it up he turned on sale in my head, be it every time I look at it until today. Was the dialogue pass? My yes me too. It's not
not because we didn't already, though we know that dialogue, we did the dialogue that we haven't in the dialogue. So here we go, and there are so many that look. The reason I'm nervous about this one is because there is literally sixty over sixty versions and what happened yes of people are speculating against other, so many articles or so much look at them the ones I got the most from work, Wikipedia all that's into dot com, a Youtube video by someone called? Let me know it's Ellie I am. I am now dilute top dialogue, pass dot com which has like fucking, crazy, all the photographs, all the info. I like that. The idea that the passport themselves of of worker web data there, like you, don't I'm gonna lotta. He and I should be the one it's getting the authentic something to say about my pass: an election. Dot net. I once and then I took a little walk and listen to the stuff. You should know podcast about it, so I took hijack array,
Where is the basics? The facts that we do now in January? One thousand nine hundred and fifty nine a group consisting of two women and a man they're from the USSR. They form a hiking in skiing expedition to reach the peat, the peak of or ten or two and mountain, I'm gonna get. You fucking name and place wrongness everyone I mean it. Is Russia yeah, so yes, my am is from there no They are not. They left their maiden speaker anyway as it and bring any pronunciation books with them. Also, there's the Soviet Union, Russia, the USSR, yeah, there's all the versions we understand. Historians are going to be offended. If you re wrong version, that's re. I've actually bent her. Russia. That's right all add that in such a sprinkling and during your store, I wish he would do you love better that so it's the otter, ten at a mountain in the Northern Europe falls in the Soviet Union so added
ten people who were going to go on this fuckin expedition, nine of them wouldn't survive blue someone survived well, oh here we go over the leader of the was named eager diet, love! So that's. Why needed his path, his past got it after this incident, obviously he's twenty three years old, he's, really really brilliant radio engineering student at the Euro, Polly Technical Institute has cause to be like well liked. Everyone wants to go on his Hanks, like he is the dude like pick me another. Oh, my god, I love. I bore the eager. I go I might add, is little glasses and there's a shitload photographs from this everyone's taking pictures, and it's not in its way. Nineteen fifty nine, but these are like good photos and its these young kids that are having this adventure and having so much fun and can see him there. Any ice cube, beautiful Russians as uniform attitude. Stones re the most of the other hikers, were fellow students at the university with him, every one,
was an experienced tiger and hiker and also like they're doing cross country skiing underlying them. Hikers cause are going up a mountain, but their snow and ball. Yes, oh it's like fuckin middle of winter snow. You bout, I be like. I Gore listen. I like your idea and I, like your spirit, yeah. Let's save it for June, exactly it's beautiful yeah they're all experienced with a ski tour experience as well and upon completing this trip. They are so good that they would be receiving asserted certificate that awarded them the highest like level of Skeer hiker person. A family olympic. No, but like a sign certificate that I guess you can go to these, do you know I mean little like you and I M really I wanna go this mountain we'd have to have this certificate, showing that we have actually got not your eyes away exactly there like it's like black diamond skiing of hiking. Yes, it's like gold, star girl, STAR thought it. Okay, so oh, they knew. What they were doing, the route that they are taking to reach them
It was estimated as a category three like that's how fuckin heart, as which is the most difficult, and especially at the time of year, because it was all snowy and shed its January Speciale February, cut to me. The category one reasoning and going back to my heart, huh yeah. Well, so the group of ten headed off on their track on January, twenty seventh, but one day into their trip. One of the members they had like just gotten these cabins ever take a train. Anna Fuckin car Emma second horse and other ships and get like may stand. I got this these cabins to meals, scaring eight people, that's right, so the one of the members, the guy who survives Yuri You'D- and he is like oh ducks everyone. I have this crazy me and joint pain, I think yet arthritis, so
Can't continued high come stay behind us. That's why you survive o shriek, so he wasn't technically really in the groove exact, where the shit went out and he's the? U n me of this grew bigger like warm, and here he guys we gotta keep this Firestone here, I'm going that'll be my job. It's my job, I'll see you guys in the men. But their remaining group of nine continued on to the track. So from here, and they also kept really great diaries. As well as the photographs, so the photos and diaries- are the that our later found are all or is that contract the group's route? So they can use these two track them on January. Thirty, the creeper act at the edge of a highland area and they began to prepare for climbing and they left behind some surplus food and equipment like for when they come back down the file One day, the very first they start to move through the pass and it seems like they were planning to get over the pass and make camp like near the summit the next night on the opposite side, but they
there's a snowstorm Anders Dick creased visibility and it looks like they. Accidently went west when they were expect INDIGO North, so they got stuck They realize they were way behind, and so they were already on this crazy slope, and so Oh when they got there, they decided for some reason to set up camp there rather than move almost a mild downhill to this as a force, tat area, it's not heavy, but in this treason shit. So they can Diana get some shelter. But it's a mile away, so they probably didn't want to backtrack and they probably didn't want to go down hill and then also as possible that they wanted to dislike. Have the expire Hence of sleeping on a slope as well. Unlike get all those brownie points or whatever the fur in Russian Brownie point insistent on vodka points this now is, is translated to dead mountain, indigenous language of the man see people of the region. So that's before shadow it yeah before they had
Dialogue had said that he would send a telegram back to the sports club that they were a part of as soon as the group returned. That village, where Mary had lit, had stayed behind stirring the soup yeah, but they were supposed to be back no later than February Twelfth, but it was possible. It was gonna take longer, so no one really worried when the twelfth passed in there messages and no one back home freaks out, but by the twentieth. The families of the hikers were like what's fuck and going on this isn't good. I hate that old fashion time issue where there is no directly to communicate, and it's like you know if you're somewhere, don't realize things for weeks and weeks that any in any story that fills things are not enough, because it's like it's not just like Bay, had to go, make a phone call define them, it's like if you have to wait and wait, and if you can't find them you to go fuckin hike up that hill and look for them. The big track for these, like hardcore hike,
so their families are freaking out, they probably can't go looking for them. So they took the head of the institute into sending out some volunteer students and teachers to search for the hikers. They do that and there's photographs of all of this to have when they reach the camp. They volunteers found the campsite on very twenty. Sixth. So at this point at last written in their diary on the first. I believe so it's February twenty six at this point I get to the camp in their like something as very wrong. They found the group's abandon and badly damaged tent covered in a thin code of snow, but the high his belongings and equipment are all still at the camp, say their orderly. That doesn't seem. Like anything happen, the hackers it just left them there, They are nine such of footprints walking away from the campsite, and so I everyone is screaming rain out as a nervous. It's an avalanche, but all of their stay there
their skis in a circle around the tent and they're all still standing up exactly the way they left them yeah. So I don't know, I feel like an avalanche would be pretty clear Lee z to yeah identify yeah, because it's all the snow corrected. I got you wouldn't even find the tat right pen us we'll get up here is ok, one of the students who found the campsite said that quote, the ten was half torn down and covered with snow. It was empty and all the groups, belongings and shoes had been left behind and first of all, is that the ten had been sliced open with a knife from the inside a couple cuts on it in the search You're like whether fact so I am at the sight of the ten and it was sliced open right next to the zipper someone. Is it always broken away? There are worrying because it was broken. Zimmer decided the fact tat there
and there's so much information that. So once this to happen the course it's the Soviet Union, they put this into secret, so I can files and don't let it come out to the 90s. So a lot of this is speculation, maybe facts argument right that we know of Eight or mindsets footprints are found, leaving the tat and they look like the footprints in the tell that whoever left are only wing. Socks are single. She were barefoot, am by the footprints. It looks like walking away not running and to me this is the most fucked up. Heart were like theirs, couple things in it, that any theory you go with the these little pieces, don't fit and then walking away, doesn't fit to me now? You know what I mean. Your socks in the snow with no other footprints. So it's not you can't say someone like attacked them. Yeah just like you want to have a wanderer yeah. It for no reason without issues yeah in this now, so the searchers followed the four
prince and it led back down towards that forest area that they too hadn't once haven't one go to its them. The woods nearby and almost a mile to the North EAST and at the forest, edge under a large cedar tree, the searchers down the remains of a small fire and there they also found the first of the two bodies the jury Craven. These should go Cromanus Genco. Thank you twenty three another yuri. A door Genco twenty one they're, both shoe less undressed only in like their under garments, and you can see can photos of this online and tat. The temperatures are under two like we had would have been under twenty five or thirty below authority. On the night of the So why are they walk out in african underwear, rent, the brute there's, a branch? a nearby tree that our ok all the way up to about. Sixteen feet high so suggests
maybe that one of hikers climbed up to look around and see like wearing ain't worth his fuckin people were whatever or we're trying to hide from someone up there on the tree. Yeah, that's creepy re, yes, okay, so between the four and the camp they fine. Be more bodies, so it looked like the they were trying to walk back towards the camp away from the forest, Those bodies without him dialogue, dialogue, in Meda com or go Gore via whose twenty four I'm an arrest him Slobodan is twenty three and said they had fallen in such a way that seem that they were walking back towards the camp so like forward drastically. Yeah, and they had a little bit more closely in the other two, but not much and deftly not enough to be on the cold. So, and this is a mile away from the time so like like they are running, shake passing out giants far.
The weather circumstances were weird. The cause of death was for all five hikers had been hypothermia, so wasn't that odd, but not they don't know why they walked. Out of there tat the body showed no indication of severe damage and it was just hypothermia, and then it isn't and how the other for bodies are found. Two months later, that the story gets even weirder. I'm sorry, but I love the first on the story, I almost cried from like this is the kind of thing when I read for the rest of my life. It also feels like the kind of thing that, whether its American, a hidden its topsecret files or russian or any other country like there must be a million stories like this that we just don't know how that it's like exile stuff. Where they show up and go ok, lock,
holding down when I came about this, whether its military or fuckin aliens or some kind of eco eat anything they yet tea, they yet eating it. I will hold onto and argue with you the in this entire up. I haven't at the very end, so we can start fighting, though gagging as I verily. I barely talk about it on sorry, so you'll have to tell everyone orally become a yet to thy right at the shirts. For sure I mean, there's four of under sank sixteen feet up in a tree. The how're you up there may yet he use shoulders making any great again. Ok, so the four about the rest of the bodies are found there finally found on May for so. This is beginning a February they're gone missing a and therefore make earth under thirteen feat of snow in a ravine, almost two hundred and fifty feet further into the woods from where the others were found. So it's almost like these two guys really we're staying put here. Her light a fire and climb a tree for other countries in the east like we're, gonna walk back to the tent and these
therefore were like we're going deeper before us so like why? Why did they split up? I mean just off the top. More scared goes further into the fora, yet the the other Brave ones are like you know what this is. Violence go get our shoes, then They leave the people that are still near the fire here. Something of a new treaty is see what happened and then they have they die yet t, ok, but but I wonder like for mountain climbers and for hikers and shit. Splitting up is unknown like eleven Yemen, so is walking in the snow with no shoe there are enough ray. It's hang at a single egg. Did they get dose with acid? Was there some Ok, I well, you know now what second, because there is a theory. Am I didn't really talk about much that the lower the local tribe and the indigenous tribe do have the mushrooms Hatton that they like to fuck around with and wanted. Things that they do is hang them from like socks from a tree. Oh so did they fuck and climb a tree.
There's mushrooms and go absolute option cut themselves out of the fuckin tat yeah because, like they are college students Jaso there, they could be there at a party. I'm a letter like engineers, students, Do you know engineer party the heart out of such like make a radio that drugs you actually provides an ugly or another that radio waves? Ok, but look up above the three of that three of them had more clothes on and the other hikers, including some of the clothing that belong to their dad friends, meaning that possibly they died first and they took their clothes from them ya, and so they knew their friends for fucking dead. How horrible, as that, let's go deeper into the forest and getting away from that area right so their body there were more questions when Sir bodies were examined, three of hikers had fatal injuries include. Nikolai feed, Pheelum brigantine
less hurry. Nikolai apologize, he was twenty. Three He had suffered significant skull damage that had led to his death. So he had been hit in the head with something lewd meal I d been, and I who was twenty and semi on Zola Tarja, who was thirty eight about re regarding my best, yet you am was thirty They have made their chests fractures, and the weird thing about these: these wounds that they had as there was no surface one. So it's not like someone took a hatchet or whatever it's like compression fraga and then it was said that they could only be caused by immense force comparable to that of a car crash or Big nor were russian Victoria. Like Ino. I wonder if, like if you, if you but someone with a gun, nepali tear skin I mean, I know now bruising, but still stand up its
say chair, I climbed the trail, so we're sending Stephen. This is the other contest works. One lucky lesson is going with Stephen to atop the diet, dialogue paths of joint work, some theories yeah out about, so yeah, so it's comparable to that of a car accidents like blood for home at the sudden, how out in the middle of nowhere while their inner room bein. So it's possible they No one wants to believe that ok, the most Some part of the dialogue pass incident is for poor, the banana she's missing her tongue. Her eyes, part of her lips, ass, well, ass, facial tissue and a fragment of her skull bomb, and she had extensive KEN masturbation on her hands, so yeah go have defensible. Don't know. Nobody knows it's like most people think that an animal scavenger came and took those things will widen. They take them from the other people too yeah and
So why didn't they take other because, usually scavengers take of tissue array of those things, but more than it does not stop at just a couple, think there's also possibilities. She was in the she, they had fallen into the ravine and she was in the water and so the water I shut away young, possibly I want leave the weird ship, but there's like explanations on either side for all of them, and I dont want to ignore them: re bad, daddy, yeah do that and yet a footing. They also found the body of Alexander Coal all the time it was twenty four in the same location, but he didn't have the city or try so an None of the bodies, aside from the banana, had any external loans associated with bone fraction. This item as if they had been subjected to a high level pressure instead of violent attack, saddle we're it could be described with falling. But I like this other theory that gets,
there was initial speculation. Originally there were like maybe the man see people had gotten pissed, that they were on their land and attacked Ma Am but Mina people heighten camp there. All the time and the man see people were not. There were peaceful. That was, counted all attack by humans was ruled out, because a hikers footprints were the only ones that were there right. And it was reported that six of the grid where's died of hypothermia and three a fatal injuries that victims had died state hours after their last meal, so they are probably sleeping in the middle of the night. When at the time the it was at the group, members had all died, as I, and this is what they ended it. Compelling natural force, that's what they called it. What's tat lets closed. The fuckin vials tonight compelling natural forest law a hurricane habits. I mean the ah. What is, or avalanche. I don't guess what therein Newgate icy.
So the inquest hers was clear. Those in May of nineteen. Fifty nine like right went like when they found the for others, and the files were sent to a secret archive where night night in an? U S as our good luck finding were were and what else is in there? Oh, my god, can you imagine a mind I'd like the thing about that is its like? Oh, it's also citizens spooky, but like it was the Soviet Union. No files were allowed to be out so well until the nineties that they got the files out yeah. So the theories exclamation mark, I wrote avalanche. Obviously, an avalanche is the first explanation that would pop into my head and I wanna fuck, and believe that, because I love it being like nobody, not what you think it s a simple thing, yet perhaps they thought they heard one coming or thought they heard when coming and cut themselves out of the tent and head. As they were, the tree line but then why would they be walking? What do you know it's not running, I guess
and also why would you cut yourself out of a tense re if you're, Walking can somewhere anyhow the calmness to walk somewhere. Why would you link sailors, Why lack of calm of cutting yourself on RE zipper, Baltic Sea? To me? It's if they're wrong about the footprints in some adjustments read that than lacks wins a lot of shit and it could be more likely to be any of these things, but also- and this could just an probably as pure ignorance on my part. How are we talking about the detail of footprints during or, after or within an avalanche right, guess what I'll be right do well. Maybe the avalanche had already happened, and then the cut them without it and got out tat, I would collapse its yeah. Ok, bad makes them yes, but all the skis- and you could see in a photo are standing straight up exactly where there are placed these. Super strong scheme is stronger, skis, russian Ski, that's right, Rushdie's Siberia National Purpose, keys, yeah, the anything in that about the cut that I
the cut of in the tent is that maybe they thought someone was watching them so they didn't want to answer their second tat bill. A gear away watching us. Ok, instead, they like had a whole to be like peekaboo was, was the cut hole on the opposite side of the I don't know I was on this. It was like on this side of the ten t. Only they see photos of the ten o clock on the website. If you just go to dial dialogue passed out, come you can see, others but there are a few points, evidence that contradict the avalanche. Theory location had no signs of any avalanche. Having taken place in an avalanche would have left certain patterns of debris distributed over the past or not there and what caused more serious injuries. Indifferent injuries on the bodies then over a hundred expeditions to the region, have been there since and they ve been before, and none of them ever reported conditions that would create an app
especially in February, like maybe later and the snows melting and ship and not in February. Ok, although they were Alex korean scares and experienced hikers inexperienced in this type of terrain, so it's really unlikely that they would have set at the camp they would have known about avalanche things. Risk thank you turn so far and then the footprints of course, ok, so there, I'm feeling avalanche auxiliary, it's the most obvious one. That's like this simple one in answers. The prussian injuries, which are the scariest because they are the most mysterious. So it's like going here's this clear natural occurrence, right right so you ve got your scientists there like midst. Clearly that's, but then now. Actually, when only four of the bodies have that injury, like that's weird to that, that's one of them and they all kinds of different issues and the next one. Is the cat, a Barrack caught a catabolic wind
twenty nineteen, a swedish russian expedition, was made to the site and the investigator is proposed that a violent cat, a battle wind, is the explanation the winds, are rare wind rash that Russia's down elevated slopes at hurricane speeds and can be extremely violent and implicated in a similar case in Sweden, were eight hikers died in ankles. Seventy eight after the aftermath of this kind of wind and took the topography of, locations are similar to that expedition. So it's like these her came like wines that fuckin sweep down the mountain. Isn't that just the Lord? Isn't everything just the lesson everything at the end of the day had le Loup tambourine time I mean CAD it just like, but what other place I would just like since read other things about that.
Happening to other people arrive from one other time because right, but it did kill people an ill, explain that they would have to explain why they had to go to the tent and couldn't unzip it and had two and then also walking slowly there walking Hence the wind o re. I just thought of the Euro. That is good. I'm fuckin smile also in theirs later stuck in a box. What this is by mine. Sorry, very disrespectful, this whole thing, though, is tensing me up real guerrilla because it feels like they went out into an area that they thought they knew to do the thing they knew and then something exe file. Style minutes just like. So it's like these photos of them going on like the beginning of a hike, though these, like they're having fun there, posing they're all adorable like young
people who are you now stern in their lives out and in just doing this, this fine adventure and then, like you, look at these photos, of course, which is what I always do that you're gonna die it's thus up and in a weird mysterious way. Everyone's gonna talk about you for the next fuckin. How many years is that quite many years. Seventy Oh and the other weird thing it was there was a flashlight left arm turned on on top of the tent. So maybe they after their so that they could find their way back when they hated to then, maybe that's why he claimed that tree felling. Look for the flower alight, maybe arsenals yet, Ok, Linux one is in for sound. I like this, I'm ok. So This is popularized by Donnie Uyghurs. Twenty thirteen book about this called the dead Mountain Scott Denham. And that is the wind going around. There's a wind that's cause, Kara Man, Vortex Street, don't ask an agreed as an avenue yes, so it's Europe
eating pattern of swirling ward, CS, nor does he sure yeah rate worthier caused by process known as a boar tex shedding. So it's basically this little. I think that last podcast animal, called it tiny tornadoes. Okay It is rare whether phenomenon that can produce infra sound, which, aberrations in the air which are too low for humans to hear, but their capable than some panic tax in humans think of when you got really close to like a box span and its existence as a lawyer- and I we heard it that but times but the Lord did it. Ok, I mean it's coming from every direction ray and its whipping up. You're like there's something their central nervous system, freaks the fuck out- and you have these panic attacks and free Yes, that's why you would get on run that makes them or walk at something bad about up and you gotta go right
so Donnie Ichor claims that, because of their panic, the hikers left their tent by whatever means necessary, cutting open and flood down the slope, but by the time they were further down the hill. They would have been out of the infamous Ounds path. They would have Anna composure and they would have tried to go back, but the darkness wooden Lenin, I m too, so that attic injuries suffered by the three victims that were the other victims in the ravine. Hans was the result. He says in them stumbling over the ledge of the ravine in the darkness and landing on the rocks on bottom. With that cause like a lot of cuts in shit so one of em you don't have a yeah, that's awful eat. So basically, The new ones really familiar with happens is actual phenomenon that makes everyone just freak out, Enron, yeah and then or walk cause has to be walk. Oh right,
troubling. Ok, ok, the other one is military tests and I wrote it goes. I thank you. Thank you. There's another hiking group having about thirty miles from the diet team on the same night as the incident, the groups at that, then at night They saw strange orange orbs floating in the sky and in the area. Okay and some suggest could have been a distant explosion. Sounds like a lot of different facets to this: its Possum that the dialogue team accidently stumbled into a: U S s our testing ground. Where can cause What, then, are part the parachute mine. Exercise was taking place, and so I read all about parachute mines in we're too. They were these mines that, instead of dropped into the ground and exploding, and therefore the buildings around it would have cushion the explosion. They explode
the air, so they could take over the fact that could take a better chunk of this shit out. Oh yeah were really terrible. Also, the why some special on, I think the news or say like Nightline or something about those concussive, Sir our guns Darby people in their tracks. It's like you can't the the force of force of the sound way or of the sound controls. People running that see India and that's super real. That's like that's a thing like how to control crowds and we're talking about during the cold war, and these are fuckin weapon, ized things that people are making I learned TAT yeah that they're doing and they win them out in the lower yeah. So this theory alleges at the hikers were woken by a loud explosion and ran out tat in a panic without shoes or clothing. I like that and thence the some members froze to death, attempting to
You run for amateur lock from it and others other. Where then injured. Finally by the subsequent parachute mine concussion. So that's how those people got those those the amount, deep loans and it would make sense the walking in that and because, if it's the the sound one hat its that's it, it stops you from like me, it will do your senses get scram moving and walking is heard our Euro YAP exactly. I think it's out yeah, something like that. Some military testing, which is why they want to keep it secret, so bad can rise either like oops, we killed People re because we were testing our screwed up, weird shit yeah, and we don't
get blamed for exactly that. Iraq is a parachute mines being tested in the soviet military in the area around the time of hikers were there as well and parachute mines can caused injury similar to those experienced by the hikers heavy internal damage with comparably as internal trauma external trauma cited earlier and because they detonate in the air, those sightings of the glowing orbs floating in their fallen from the sky, make sense, ok and then one of the last photos in the role. Of one of the hikers. It make any sense in its spooky issing. I've ever seen. It just looks like and there's a couple other ones that so. Oh ok one of the hikers who ran off with not clothing on die. With a camera around his neck, so they left behind their shoes. I left behind a nice left by another ship. It here
the fucking camera, ok, and on that role there all over exposed and currently see what they are because of the damage to the camera. But some people think that they can see. Think that looks like he's pointing the photo to the sky, taking photos of just in the sky and as one other camera that has, at the very end, some weird photos of looks like a flash in the sky. If you want to look at it like that, ok, so that its very interesting, Yes, so maybe one of them walk down. Then, if you guys camellia to see less they walk out, then it turns out to be this thing: yeah right, yeah personally goes out with the cameras kind of com. It's like you. What's this and I'll help works? What exactly so- and it also is like- maybe they walked over their tent just to look at what it was and then they had it take off at the tree line right. So that's. Why then have a closer? or she is yes I'd, also like when they sleep in their clothes. Am I just I mean maybe it's like. Maybe this
at them now ass. I don't know it's a or they're all in one Tonia, in its like nine p when a tiny, I create a heat that then they don't need sleep in our clothes based also on that note, there was a homemade stove in the ten so with them. Oana. Also, though, Youtube Video, the Youtube guy that I found called. Let me now he s thinks that there was a fire, in the town- and there is actually a photo from like the day before of one of the guys who, like Joe Can we put on as it burnt up jackets? So maybe there had been a fire in the tent previously from the stove yeah and then a common fire again or in some of the pieces of them had burned marks on them as well will cost also, if it's like a kerosene stove, they could have been. Maybe guy,
some little bit re like gotten high off somewhere had seen lake or some and carbon monoxide poison. I guess something that would do at EU level if their stove, also that the two words ever homemade stole the exactly and me Flannery lacking in a fucking canvas, tat yeah with all these people and clothing and shall space how maids oh analogues, marshmallow getaway indoors now, the last but are taken as weirs as some people also think that it's a? U S, foam I like it, looks like a good like a glowing Orban, the sky and in fact the man see hunters. The local hunters had drawn pictures of flying spheres. You know a round their fuckin hadron pictures of fire. Spheres, and yet so course. Do you have ours could just be part of the Soviet space program or a rocket, and subsequently something happened to them. So it does not mean Alien, but I think it's aliens coming.
So there's a theory of radiological weapons and yet is, but I don't buy it the berry come. I don't know that there is the areas then there's one creepy photo that looks like you came to me. Doesn't believe in the shit. It's a guy one of them, walked off the path to p and this far away- and it's just his shadow, looks like. If I can you Eddie, is it Y know? like all in dark, close and almost also could look like a hunter coming after, like like stocks and they are one photo Elk Stephen. Has it didn't? Oh, I mean its classic beg for innovation. I dating a big foot stance. It looks very big city, but you're right. It could also be a guy in a snow suit. Tat, oh yeah, absolutely cost picture above, is a guy and it's nice, it is basically a blurry version of that pariah, but the photos themselves just
the creepy it like. Oh no, it creepy element. Now she scrolling. Yes, I know you re so horrifying what you think. They see the last one, the sphere one loan uneasy topper, but her voice. More tax pictures. There's your sphere got it I mean, says, rabbit whole territory yesterday, like good luck, everyone, I'm sorry, also none gig it. There is rafts of how or like avalanches, work ray and the shapes of things and up. Oh, my god are rafts graphs. There, a powerpoint presentations. There are five hundred thousand videos it. You can find that explain whatever that wants to be explained, and February. Twenty nineteen was announced, what sorry but there's just there's a picture of, one of the native people, trying to find what their name is. Nancy, the Manzi people and she's holding what looks like it
cartoon rash room red cap with why Doubts on and she's wearing a red shirt with white dots are rife like it. It's like a symbolic thing when they go man mushroom hunting to totally yeah, that's yeah. So they could have just like taking drugs and picked out in the tat, unlike ivory down on drugs or foreign. I was I got my only on this. This. It's all it's like, leading into a kind of midsummer territory of Lake B. You just out in nature and on drugs and then what happens. This is why we always tell you stay at home day in the city in an apartment there so much like Friday, night television eating home and then near the phones. You can call nine one one on yourself and go to jail when you don't freak out on drugs. In February twenty nineteen, it was announced that the russian authorities were reopening the investigation, so this past February, my guy now by their only allowing for three possible explanations to be
said in an avalanche, a quote: snow, slab, avalanche or a hurricane Mitch. Hurricane makes sense, the possibility of a crime has been completely discounted and, as I said, there's over sixty known versions and theories of what transpired that night, but it still remains a mystery. Tat is mysterious dialogue pass Maybe I'm like a little bit worked right now, I'm like a higher because Michaela Sweaty, I know it's like I dont, like I dont like The idea that all those people died- and nobody knows why an and nobody like, because here's the thing I You like those scientific theories, it's a vortices seas, as you know, a hurricane. It's this tiny radios leg I feel like will then, even if you love,
scientific theory. So much prove to be true or not true, tat way, science work yeah, but it's been so many years and no one's done that and the idea that the government, this government could be hiding shit and know what happens. Yes happened, it pull and then Go all the way into my cryptic zoology area where we, don't know. What's in the mountains, we now know. What's in, we don't we haven't been out there long enough or far enough, and if the native people are like, we draw pictures These things have been out the earthen yet is just another name for snow guerrilla. At the end, another word for nothing left alive, re, no guerrilla without right, let's go where they are shaping. Now you're right on that was great, thanks, secondary up like an easy one can but doesn't have russian names. In it I mean those pregnant issues were they were tough, but I feel like we're not
we're not in Russia and I'm not gonna, get a ton of shit and I did the roman arms unknown, gave me shit. So, as far as I know, the Russians are really like that. You know me who'd, like listen about gas yeah there let people or of russian descent there like big picture there like yet are going on in the world that have to calm down, because I just wanna know that's what those shows and things and theories- and I just one another, truth in the answer to your sinking. To that, like a kind of dull would have it so boring I mean often It is there, but I feel like in those ones where they don't put to bed when it is boring and they figure it out. They just really said known, pays attention. It goes away, but in those ones where they don't or this lake. I remember when I first read about this, and it was like this: prove that aliens came down and zapped everybody in all this weird shit that it's like no
got it. You know, then it was like. Oh well, then we all learn that when you have, I prefer MIA you get really hot in here. Take your clothes often go out into that. Immense and now you end up dying because you don't actually have an internal system, any movement all down a ravine, and that's why I think what if they already, we already do not answer and its avalanche, but we will never accept it, no matter what everyone's gonna be like, while that it has prove why they did. This are wanted that, but it's like a fuckin, it's it's in there the nation report from the fuckin nineteen fifty nine yet, but I feel, like the pointless simple point of all- the were up and around like that would have avalanches. When I go to the dentist this, this thing, that's basics a screen saver that I am ways and it's like all different things in nature, and I watched it so many times, and one of them is an avalanche, and it makes me LAO. I am like
I think this should be on a leg. It's nice to watch a guy climb, a huge redwood tree. Is it the avalanche? We're like it's behind a scare? No, Why I would have been an anxiety I pseudo than unlike this fund for anyone in a glimmer that ear you know their skeer who drop they drop into it like they're, like extreme Skeer, as I believe even nodding, his head. He s, Randy's an extreme ski, larger, Stephen Irish Super Ex game of extreme people. I'm about to tell you the story of Doktor, Linda Hazard and starvation height. Do you know this me ass? I started reading the book. The book is so good. Oh ok, good fuckin, Peck well and here's where I was excited cause. I've read the book starvation heights by Gregg Olsen, which is one of my main sources and
when I realized tat, I knew I actually read the book, and yet I haven't done it. I ask it was like a miracle. I love the gift from was I played. I know this one. I love it and I hated the same time because, unlike diet, why didn't I can do that? I'm announced. But here's thing: if you haven't read this book: starvation hides by Gregg to Jeez Olsen with an E. U After read it because this store, I Cancun into all the details of this. The experiences of the oh, who went to starvation heights, it's so Nazi. It so nuts end it is it has everything I've heard. This story has its because its it she's been. Only a cult later at, but then it also is like weird eating disorders issue and we you're, a kind of I
these problems and I'm in a decide. This will solve everything and I'll commit to it even passed the point where its array or I'm so wealthy- that I have nothing else to do with my money on time. So I'm gonna go trust these people to fix me for real, and it's all tie me too. So it's like all the goods dahlia is ok, we'll get into it. Let us do it so red, book starvation heights by Gregg Olsen? Also J sound a great article, that's from Smithsonian magazine. It was written by best love boy and its from twenty fourteen. It's called the doktor, whose starved for patients to do so will start this is early nineteen eleven during their stay at the purse hotel in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, sisters, Dorothea and Clare Williamson seen average. I meant for Doktor, Linda Hazard Self, published book fasting for the cure of disease.
And their very intrigue. These sisters are wealthy british orphans or in their thirties, and they have inherited their fathers massive estate and there also some might say: Hypochondriac Dorothea com Enzo, swollen, glands and rheumatic pains. While Clare has been diagnosed with a dropped, uterus whoop you don't look it up. It's not it's not there. Nice, and so I wouldn't color hypochondriac, if diagonally what was happening to her, but basically there are people who don't feel healthy and they're looking for answers and they ve. Doing it for a while and they'd already adopted several for the time. Alternative health regimens like not eating red meat and not wearing course, it's so Their family thought they were crazy. That's why you ve dropped uterus. Probably right,
I wouldn't feel that here right now, it's horrible, so this this Well, this trend like yours there. It was very popular for the leisure class and for rich people turn at the turn of the century, America, whether it was taking the waters at a spot built around a natural sprang Hellenic. That was like a big get him off. That's good luck with put the no you at it put it up yet, no good luck! What are you doing here? Because you can be found could I use your phone. Please follow my name's Nan, ok. Spa builder now shows bring matters or checking Doktor Kellogg's battle, creek sanity, where cornflakes for invented rich people we're very willing to spend money on getting well, and
was no shortage of magnetic hucksters, who would claim to hold the who had claimed to hold the cure that ales them. So this was a bit thing because there is no laws set up in it. Turn of the century America, so you could base Please be like hey I've, Just I just put this oil together and ants soil with some lead in it. That's gonna carrier, acme and attach of arrow and just for fun right and all they have to do, Apparently was they had a trademark shape of the bottle, so there could tell one from the other buses. Why we're going my larking onward Fuckin England, we're gonna, find those fuckin bottle, yeah and then we'll know for which, where everything sprung, Yak Rest Maria and will look it up but essentially this was very common practice and and if anybody who had the gumption to be like this, no cure. You know some some places do like there. You know those natural springs. Words like theirs.
Uproar in the water and now my eyes, I d say on don't: let's not even water. Admetus good brand is good for you and good parenting cornflakes we're gonna, the occasional enema apps effect probably not the daily, now know now. Ok, so so this was common and and its according to the Smithsonian six we are here at the according to the Smithsonian article, the practice of fasting expire. Mr Revival in the late nineteenth century cause it was from ancient times like you know Philosophers would be like judges, sobbing for awhile and else set Euralia mean arrogant and fastening yeah. That's all popular today, all the rage today, but you know, and there there's a trichet like your system get ready or toxins. Detox ease up. On dairy and read me and all the things and you will feel better. But there is an lately.
In century a doctor named Edward Dewey wrote a book called the true science of living in which he said that quote every disease that afflicts mankind develops from more or less habitual eating in excess of the supply of gastric, oh and an excess of the supply of gastric juices, so, basically, He was a selling. The idea that it all has to do with and that so basically fasting was the solution to everything So Doktor Linda Hazard, who had a formal medical degree. She somehow, because there was a there. Is this weird loophole in the law in Washington State where, if you had They grandfathered in all these people that had so. She was, she had a degree as a fastings but given to her by the state of Washington, and then this loophole started where that, basically meant she had a medical degree, even though
She too had no search for truth. Formal training like didn't graduate from a medical scrap, so in nineteen o eight. She write Linda Hazard Rights, this book called fasting for the care of disease and she writes quote: appetite is craving. Hunger is desire, craving is never satisfied but desires. Relieved when want is supplied who, which is also favorite depend, mildly. I just love essentially Linda hazards, theory of detox seen through fasting. It isn't but it very much appeals to the Williamson sisters, as this could be the care for They ve tried tons of other here at all So they read about the Institute of Natural therapeutics, which is doctor Hazards institute, her sanity, Graham and Washington. And so they
give it to be a relaxing sanctuary in the wilderness and so on. We re of nineteen eleven, the Williamson Sisters travel to Seattle for a consultation with doktor has earned when they arrived doktor hazard, interviews, the sisters and then breakdown the news to them that the stated in a lawless, still being built oh. She says you definitely need to start this regimen it's going to fix everything, but can't go to allow right now. So you need to get an apartment here in Seattle and Capitol Hill and start coming to my office and start the tree hence, and then will eventually transfer you up to the institute in other fora. Much money as too much money. I mean. Also just the idea that they were just act like the most beautiful hotel in British Columbia and then there like, let's go diet, let's go diet, Seattle and then this in
sanely tragic horrible starts happening to them, and that is basically, oh and, and this is the EU. This is another piece, a terrible piece of the puzzle. Dorothy and Clare. Dont tell their family that they're going to do this, because the families already really critical of their homeopathic remedies and there on a orthodox approach to their health, so the family is already going sub spending money on their shit, you're being crazy. So they're like we're just gonna go data. Some they'll just think we're travel and great. So that's like that's a red flags that you need to pay attention to yours, have you not to tell your friends and family about what you're about to do? Yeah? That's a problem. You figure out. Somebody yeah, I guess somebody needs to know where you are here, so, even if your super weirdo in your life. I decided. What's gonna cure me to shoot apparent five times a day. A writer
now to your best friend from Junior I'll, just be like hey. Can you keep this on the books just in case here's my dealers number yeah, it's important, so Linda Hazard puts the Williamson sisters on her fasting programme, which consists of a cup of bra made from canned tomatoes twice a day and hours long animus session in bathtubs that are covered with canvas that hold them a break, in case they faint why hours hours long animas with it. I think it's had thirteen twelve to thirteen courts of water like in see my very very bad for you, but sounds the last thing, the horrifying and also then so. What they're sitting in yeah with share and then covered like Saran rap silent up it's my ass. There are so given doktor have has our gives them stomach massages,
that are so rough there more like beatings and as she, three pounds on their arguments. She eliminate eliminate, eliminate ha. So it's all a bit abusive sounds like: what's it called when they try to get rid of the Satan inside it, we're going exercise. Yes, it's a shit exercise. It is, and also the kind of thing where, when someone is like I'm a doctor, I have the answer were MR doing this. They apparently doktor hazard was very controlling and domineering, the very convincing to the point where there some people who thought that she wasn't with the occult cause. She thought she could like hypnotize people in doing her programme and not winning her programme, but I think in reality, haute leaders like they're just good at that share the other psychopath either. It's like, I think she has seems like so passionate about, and she knows what's best one.
More covering the personal. Like what come this way, I hire answer everybody wants that those people are lying Adam and here so no they're lying to you before during the beating sessions and during the shooting session doctor hazard would make small talk and these they got all the information about the Williamson sisters. Well, I ask all the assets they held and eventually doktor hazard offers to store their valuables jewelry and property deeds in. Her personal saying on and on them in her office yeah. But this this just trust, doktor hazard and, as that assess goes along. They really feel like there being cured, which it like in all this I'm so I've done my no sugar, no flower dieting and all the super extreme dieting lots of people had this experience, That is what they call the pink cloud phase: where you go through it and you when you don't have
stuff in your system and you are losing the weight and you're getting clean. You do get weird natural high, and if the right person comes along to basically Sven golly you in that time, yeah you get hooked on it because then like I've, solve, though my browser I only need to do, is only draw can't animated suited working code, uncoiling on clay, yeah yeah us soon brought yeah. So let's talk about doktor quota quote Linda hazard. Lucinda keeps end quote unquote so Linda, Laura Bird Field is born to Montgomery and Susanna Butterfield in Carver Minnesota on December eight eighteenth, eighteen, sixty seven she's, one of eight children. In eighteen, eighty, five she's, eighteen, she gets married and has to children. Fourteen years later, in eighteen, ninety eight she abandons her family and moves to Minneapolis to pursue a career in medicine. As an osteopathic nurse
so right, when her children are young team, wow she's like adenoids, I've changed my mind and moves away to be a nurse thanks Thanks lend our okay! So nineteen o to a patient of Linda passes away in her care. The court, determines that the patient's death is caused by starvation and that corner tries the Atlanta prosecuted by Linda isn't a licence doktor, so she can't be held legally responsible. Only share so after patient dies. The family comes to claim the body and discovers that expensive rings that that that pay had, are missing from the body and they ask about the rings Linda doesn't give a straight answer and its it suspicious, but they never push it end. Further, which is another sign that she's so great is clearly she's convince them or made them feel like they can. Asked Quartier our it's not their place or some
the whole thing like even calling herself a doktor just gives people. You know they feel your superior status and use trust them more. Yes, it's done some power and I'm sure if she became an she was around doctors and knew how to mimic. That kind of behaviour of you know like dispassionate judgment. All I'm smarter than you. I know better than you say, love doctors. I like that when Doktor he just two You did it's not it's. My guy on the seventeen year old doktor, of them. The new life new hope. I was just telling my friend about that story. At my ever heard about the general that opened his own medical clinic can I board her back when she could have just listen to the centres? Ok, so, two years late, after all that happens and she gets away Scot free killing somebody in nineteen o for she meets in marries a West point graduate
Samuel Christmas hazard to has hit. It sounds like a fun name, but this guy's, no good now he was promising millet military career track, but then, after he was caught. Embezzling army funds, so the two echo bass mean each other in their like Lingeringly lizard kill the world psychopath meet you yeah, I love you, let's kill everybody okay, so SAM has a reputation for being a drunk a lecture and a swindler an Linda's. Like me too, and he's been married twice before and by the time he marries Linda his third wife he's only got divorced from one of his two previous wives. So we ends up getting arrested for bigamy and is found guilty. Has the server two year prison sentence for it, so in nineteen o
six is released from prison and him Linda move to a forty acre property in a Lala Washington for a fresh start with this will be the property the and the place that eventually will become starvation hierarchy so and that's what the locals call it. That's, not a she called it will wilderness wilderness, Sanatorium, I believe, even variation heads has a ring. The starvation hides as locals, called it an apparently the kids. In a Lala were scared to go up there, but then, when they would like people what they would dare each other's anything, they would get up there and then watch the the p. Well, who are staying there, wander around and fall down because they couldn't even walk across the grounds because they were so start. They were strongly so terribly okay, so now, Linda because she's grip, Ben Grandpa- in with her with her own
medical fasting merit fasting expert medical licensing than now counts as a medical licence. She takes a very to Seattle, every if your work and then she finally achieve Sir a building her own sanitarium. So in nineteen o eight, she writes the book fasting for the care of disease, and that book promotes the idea. The family can cure any disease, including cancer, so people around the country start coming to tutor, this cure, busonly and to start doing, hurt her systems so that they can be cured of the disease they have us oh yeah, it's a special kind of psychopath, that's taking invent of the already set it hideous So one such traveller was woman named Daisy, Haglund, is the daughter of wealthy norwegian emigrants,
She us sought outlined as guidance for healthier living in early nineteen o eight Linda directs, Daisy too fast for fifty days, which and knew it can't do know it shrinks. Your brain and the impact on your body is terrible after even a short amount of time of starving yourself. Fifty days, it's like that as no one can survive so on February, twenty sixty nineteen o eight at the end of her fifty day fast daisy, as a starvation. Thirty, eight years all my anger leaving behind a three year old Son, name Iver. She would be the first person in Washington to die under Linda's care and there will be many more my cat, so people you're describe Linda Hazard as domineering, controlling and hypnotic and they believe she dabbled in the occult and basically
and her power from the devil, because they could explain why people would basically continued to do this system where they were, beaten and given as daily and being star like I just didn't, know, one could really explain and paying her fora and paying reform while she was draining them yes, dealing from draining there during their bank accounts and stealing from Saint. She sounds a lot like h, H, home Lala. Yes, that's true yeah, but it's what's. Here. It is like that thing, and maybe it's that it's the women psychopath that pretending your caretaker eye when you're, actually the opposite rights, especially creepy, am it's like the patients choice to being there, so so it's good gas lighting material yeah. It's like you wanted is your paying me it's my system and I a book- I remember, there's all these things where she would say when people say like it's too hard or I really terrible headaches or when they would complain,
and here she would then basically yell at them about how they were weak and spoil aided to finally do something good for themselves like she really always used them against themselves. The and the worst way so Another patient underlined as CARE Ida Wilcox dies in nineteen. Oh eight in nineteen O. Nine two more deaths follow Blanche, be ten oh and Viola Heaton and Ten ten mm wit me, frank, southern De Harrison Ivan Flux and yet they all die. Ten and then Earl Edward Earthmen dies in nineteen, I then, and Linda Hazard, had out there. So many people have already died under her care and newspaper report started talking about it. There was a headline. It said woman. De kills another patient. So, like people were
aware, but there was no there's no open investigation or anything like actively happening. So Earl, Edmunds, death, prom the Seattle Daily Times to write an article about doktor hazard, and headline red woman M D, kills. Another patient all share. Yeah then said Nineteen, eleven, a former legislator and a magazine, publisher, Name Louis Ellsworth raider goes doktor hazard and to take the fasting cure, but because of his high social status. In Seattle, the general public is paying very close attention to the fact that writer is fasting and and they all see how is withering away because the fasting, so the authorities are called to investigate the doktor, but when they torture raider. He refuses to testify against her or take help. Anyone in any way- and he tells everyone the fast thing, is helping him. Eventually,
It dies too. He is six feet almost six feet. All and he weighs under a hundred pounds of the ideas that are you fuck you young they literally just starve to death under her care So at this point, ten people have died on doktor hazards watch all of from starvation after being prompted too fast for fifty days? This is our plan, it's killing everyone that and everyone does a stick into it right. There are a couple people that die from me and they are such vocal advocated that there you know it is the the balance that she's, using the kind of cover all this year. But I mean people dropping down. Ok, so so all of these our found like by the coroner to die, have died from starvation, but in some of the cases, because its doktor hazard did that oughta. The AU, why how she will do the autopsy and she
will say that the cause of death is something like cirrhosis of the and so she always finds that it was something that it was a pre existing condition. Basically, the starving was the fasting and Harry was carrying it, but then stick earlier. It was too late, yeah, so the basically she really is using that doctor thing get away with so much kindly had achieving now have Ado effect, an autopsy issues at starvation doktor. Well, if she started to be a nurse, I must know a little some yea. You know it's just enough to just enough to cover, so as I said, despite the death toll into medical theories, have occult, following, I think, underline, word cult and and his personality is so domineering that few people ever dare to question her methods or disobey her orders. Seattle directly, the time is called to put a stop to, let me know and hazards dangerous metal,
practice, but because at you're hazard has her licence to practice and because her Patients willingly seek this cure, there's nothing that they can do about it officially until April of nineteen eleven This point, Dorothy, Unclear, Williamson, have been on their starvation diet for two months. There both gaunt and delirious from fasting and this when doktor hazard has her lawyer get us nature from Clare. Amending her will the end. It grants doktor hazard to five pounds a year to be paid and full control over Claire's body. If she passes away very odd thing to amend some losses, will to say here, so and meanwhile the sisters are absolutely suffering and their starving they ve lost tons of weight. Their delirious. They can't really. They cannot defend themselves from
from doktor has when she comes over that come on. It's more treatments, they can't do anything about a week at that point, young and but they're they're trying to protest- and this is when the doktor and says. Ope now the sanitarium Lala is already for you. I'm gonna take a trip down there, so they decide to do that alone is is about on Google maps. It was in a little over an hour southwest of Seattle by that it would take longer back then, and at this point both sisters way about seventy per holy shit and exports are very disturbing. If you look at it is about us, there's picked, there's photos and it honestly looks like weird, like mannequin people addressed up for Holloway are so gaunt and frightening yeah, it's really horrible and they look like there ed recently, and so on.
The sisters have kept the entire endeavour, a secret from the family. Like I told you, they knew Let the situation was starting to get dire. So on April thirtieth they sent a cable to their childhood nurse named Margaret Conway in Australia. Asking her to come to a lala and help them Message was so odd and like jumbled and weird them we're Conway realises something? parables going on and she immediately buys a ticket to Seattle to help find a systematic like too it's more than takes. The journey from Sidney to Seattle takes a full month. She arrives June. First, nineteen eleven SAM Hazard Meet Sir at the station and brings her to Linda's office, and that's when breaks. The news that Clare Williamson has died. So Margaret does understand, what's going on then Damn takes her too
to allow to the sanatorium to see Dorothea and when she arrives there. She is beyond shock, which is looking at Dorothy the shell of her former self she's, starved, she's delirious and there she is in this weird shack on the property. So this idea that they had and it really goes into it and start the book starvation eyes. They really go under the description of how they keep it and what they're doing, but they basically would keep them since away from each other, so everyone's kind of being starved, but their separate but no one can get together. Someone you go, get the sheriff or even like look at someone else, and we like that person doesn't like well yeah, exactly like, if that's what they doing. This is what I ask: doesn't go. Oh yeah, yeah, there's no ability to reflect they're all under doktor hazards, trawl re so when she does find Dorothea Dorothea Ways, fifty pounds so
I'm impossible and am yeah it's it's horrifying. It's the reason her died and imagine being this now this nanny? I'm here? I must have been intersects Caesar seventies. She shows up today Oh they're doing some weird diet and she basically comes to find work of the sisters is dead and the other one is almost a core plus this sanitarium that she's come to visit the other patients. Coming up to her going. Please help us get out of here and is a looking nightmares, it's a nightmare. Someone needs to make. This is a horror movie because Margaret such atta. So here's the thing like you are talking about before he's from the servant class re. So when she tries to take Dorothea out of their the hazards say absolutely am where her doctor She signed over all control to us You don't have any control and they basically show her paperwork. That.
As we have legal guardianship over Her- and this was if these are her signatures, and this is what she wants and get beastly get out of here, so she's afraid to fight with them or confront them in the moment. But besides she realizes that this sisters have an uncle named John Herbert in Portland Oregon, so she go and get gets the uncle and is like you gotta get up here, you gotta get these guys out of here is so John Herbert comes to get or Thea out of the hazards clutches, but they still she is to let her go unless they are compensated for getting her out of the Senate I am so the cool borders with the hazards, ultimately paying a little less than two thousand dollars to save his niece. I found which in today's money would be,
Oh, I don't know why you look it up two thousand dollars in nineteen eleven. Sorry! No! I didn't. I should add that I'm in a gas The gas hundred and forty thousand learn forty league and a thousand I'm in a guess, seventeen days What was your guess again? Georgia's sixty thousand minus seventeen thousand fifty fourth twelve dollars and twenty one son one apparent here. He has to pay fifty grand, but nobody gets out of these lunatics, so they get her out. She lives, thank God and later a nineteen eleven when Dorothy is safely back with her family. The williamsons used there cloud, with notable british politicians to take legal, action against Doktor Linda has the british Vice Council of tries to get the county to prosecute Linda, but they refuse saying they can't afford to press
urges all in her pocket now. Is she stealing from all these rich people paying people off and they do say, go into more, but when she would, they would have like she she's, sometimes buried bodies on the property, but she also sometimes some them to a funeral home, and they said the funeral home was in Cahoots with sure- and they said sometimes she would just go and dump the bodies now TAT, Dorothy however, pays the appropriate fees to make it happen. Cause she's like carry yet care happening, so doctor hazardous arrested for the murder of Clare Williamson in August of nineteen eleven so Linda defends herself in court. By saying that regular doctors were just jealous of her intelligent and her success with natural path of treatments, I didn't rather vintage it excuse that would benefit a jealous of me through the age you're just jealous,
and she also insists upon taking a stand to testify in our own behalf. I do a classic psychopathic area, but her lawyer says You can't you will you all in ruinous for yourself but Dorothy William Sin testifies again: doktor hazard, so she gets up and tell the whole story and threw out the Well, there's an overwhelming amount of evidence against Sartre Hazard, including written records of her coat, unquote treatments, the testimony from Dorothy, about the horrible conditions that she and all the other patients were captain and a paper trail, showing how Linda routinely got delirious patients to sign a real wealth and belongings to her in ninety. Twelve Linda Hazardous found guilty of manslaughter? She serve. Two years on has in and then is free backing sure yeah. She gets a pardon from the governor now, which is more to my theory, that she was paying everybody off about our who knows
and then she and her husband SAM, moved to New Zealand to start over these. Apparently she had a big following in New Zealand, so she went to wear her quota quote supporters, were and when she gets to New Zealand. She picks up right where she left on and offering treatment of patients and calling herself everything from a physician to a dietician to an audio path, but the of officials in New Zealand, immediately crackdown on Linda her medical licences stripped but had been stripped after her trial, so I hear a medical practices in New Zealand are found unlawful, so once this starts happening in New Zealand. She heads back to a Lala. She has saved up enough money, when the people she swindled in New Zealand and she opens new centenary. Our dream. Sanitarium, a bigger one day and even she's forbidden from practising medicine. She markets the new
I the new sanitarium as a school of health. So in ninety twenty seven she writes a second book called scientific fasting. The ancient and modern key to how she won't get off if she will not fuck him, leave it alone and It garners even more fans for her and continues to treat patients and starve them without calling herself a doctor and nineteen thirty five when her sanitarium burned to the ground, wide ya wanna bet like in my mind as a bunch, a rebellious, fuckin patients that are like fair share, the people who lived or just like they went they had some pancakes. There were like we needed to get this lady. Here. The fact number of Linda's victims is still unknown, but there were definitely at least twelve and it is believed up to forty, dad attributed to her faster. Regime. Finally,
Nineteen thirty eight Linda becomes ill herself, so Gee begins her own fasting treatment and on June twenty fourth, nineteen thirty eight Linda Hazard die of starvation, and this is just a fund. Trivia fact and on an up now days, Haglund who is her first victim in. Data Washington, her three year old son but I told you how I've are high, would go on to open what is still to this day, a huge chain of seafood. Restaurants in Seattle area, unkind. I've actually talked about this before I think, some reason when we are in Seattle, the one them they're all named different things at its ivory lobster. I Mars, whenever my own and my favorite one as I have ours acres of clams and we have to go
firm, say out ass. Absolutely no! You hate thief. I even though I hate see food, I absolutely wanna go to either a glaring at around burger. Actually, robber girl, kids mania, right and It is these super insane story of Doktor, Linda Hazard, starvation, heights, sanitary crate, is not not that. Isn't that I'm glad you did that that you that's a good time share reason I swear that starvation eyes book is fastening here somewhere in order, so creepy really stuff about the place. It still love ya like that man great. Thank you right the IRA to her fucking to it. Ok, what's my second, We are you use your first. I want to refer solely to go I'll go first. You want me to share one to two: we ve, actually,
had a little bit of a conversation I think about this, but the first one is the comic Strip, the our side is coming back. No Gary Larsson is restarting the far side and it got announced. I think I think it was either over the weekend, or it was a couple days ago and I got so excited because my family is all about course. I that yeah, I love it's my it's one of my dad's favorite things and he might woody is to do- and this is like all growing up- dad would read the paper, usually the San Francisco Chronicle and the far side could be in there and he would make You look at it and read it and they go is seen not sir, is he's not all scary Larsson so much and was so excited. I text, stamina, go dad the firesides coming back and I sent them the link
the article and he immediately rollback. What app is that kind of beyond, and I read dad wherever it is, I will figure out how to get it and I will hook you up I'll have it on the daily. Don't worry about the I now I M very excited and happy for you and I to go hand in hand with that. I just one. I once saw the movie hustler hat the jailer movie, hustlers, everybody's I see it. It is hilarious and gray, and a true story which you gonna love but general as a whole stripped year old woman watching J Low a fifty year old woman pulled It's like a mother fucker to Fiona Hall now is there is the issue darts this movie off we're just like lying. It's amazing. I know that some guys soda and it's just like there's something their own. Also,
I'd from jailer, who, of course, is like in America. Already being every moment she is on. The screen is beyond delightful and I wish she was in the entire move. I love she should have been in the entire movie. I don't know I didn't put her in the entire movie. I wasn't raise hark, which I do Instagram yeah, it's great there's one part they just it. Like they added area as it just her yelling at the door. Man, if you haven't seen hustlers and it had a huge, opening for basically being a movie. That's all women yeah go see it cause it's real good time. I'm angry Gus but I've been busy because I myself and my bad back a very I urge very ugly, massage chair, oh yeah, it's just one.
Those fuckin eyesore as they put it in the downstairs it you're an airport. Was there it's a totally new? Their words like I would ever or re wouldn't gotten that they had massage gross greasy massage shows that this airport night and like you put quarters in and I just went over and fuckin- did it because I love massage share so lot, and that was the airport where we were flying. Secular member. I think Arizona. It was a big one. It was a main one area, like the other. That would make sense and you sat in these massage shares that we're facing people working for the game. So anyone who saw you that was the park. How high and you go. You re in your message our high Karen's right over there. If it was like literally six in the morning, I wasn't even just people who sought recognize me if I saw them wearing a murder even shorter than that. I was just like the time my lawyer high on Mcgowan yards massaged, and then people would walk up and I'd like to have my ear buds in like barely away we their descendants your way,
I think I'm gonna go goes to carry out our way. So I got one of a zero gravity package, massage big, huge ugly chairs, and I have been using it Irene I eat with your fuckin, waited blanket on top of me really unusually Mimi on top of that year, and it is just ass Heaven It is so lovely may not talk like this about my bathtub, but I feel it And what about my massage chair and my I'm just so happy edges brings me joy, yes, and the weighted blanket as a fuckin bonus. A thank you. Yes, my pleasure. I, the weighted blanket like the science behind the waiter blanket is so fascinating. Zedekiah hurricane dog jacket. It is it's like its hugging, you, it's temple, in style and the cow hugger and it works it like make, they feel not right. Now, it's so nice, like em, like it's got you it's got you down. I got you girl worry
Do I need to get a bigger. We massage has taken measures, get it like a big ugly one where you put your legs internet squeezes in shit niches, make so much noise in the cap, as are afraid of, except for meaning it so lovely us out at so ugly low idea that such a good splurge yeah it was like a top line. Was a good cheap you on how to use one out of the Arizona airport that I might they read ethic wash those great stanza and those great add there are so many told me that come on now, they're your protest stood sir. I ve earn them. Think you lack of it better than IE eight. Well, thanks for listening yeah thanks for listing Anum. If you want to sign up for the contest that you might be able to win tickets to the my favorite weakened family, and in Santa Barbara? We would love to see you there. I would be so fine. Maybe we can dot com or my fair amount of our common area, feeling and say sex.
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