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189 - What Wonderful Luck!

2019-09-26 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the alleged real life story of The Orphan and the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.

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This is exactly right. Meanwhile gonna lie very ardor, that's Georgia, hard starts caring, he'll giraffe, and Is it true crime podcast with comedy elements? That's exactly right, then clown bound. That's all our branding! You go first. If you wanna get right into it and now our everything else, I'm great area good. Can you were back in line we're back in school, the galley, her back in the old. Who, in episodes we don't have to and tourism can look as undoing episodes and said
last guest. Really I canceled cause. I was like coming tomorrow, I'll say like today now, but the think: that's the beauty of it being your own body, as we could do it over the volume of work we want to apply to appoint, not even like you, I make it so that I need eight hours to edit re. So please can I have please. Can I please? If you don't mind, what do you have a sleek anything on? Personally, I don't know either directly finger. I totally forgotten tone. If things over easy, breezy right now, everything's just kind of chill really, shrilling nothing's, there's nothing pressing. I'm trying to be not on twitter that much I'm not sure if you know this, but the
There is a massive meltdown happening in our country right now. I know that I thought it was on twitter. Only known chosen its own, I'm just getting kind of main lining it on twitter and it's not healthy for you. But it's nice to know that then impeachment inquiry is beginning is that's good its, but it feels a little bit like when you ve been beaten up on the playground all through long way and then the bell rings. And then the teacher comes out and you're like a girl, both my legs broken. So I am glad that you stopped this Sayer cautiously optimistic. As what you're saying I don't even know where to be any more. What I don't know, I don't either I feel like I mean to dig underground. Instead start tunneling, oh well, I mean, a terrible mistake of going to see the new Rambo movie. He wasn't a mistake, went to and I like- no thank you yeah. It was well Rambo, less blood. I have to say that,
first Rambo movie, but way back in the eightys was a really good movie and very interesting. It was about something It didn't know, because we were basely picking. My friend I were picking between. It was like, whichever movies were at the time we are at the theatre like away you liked. Wave yeah, I'm just adventure and film, and I love movies, so caught it didn't matter, but it was like that. We were just like something kind of heavy and maybe even foreign or Rambo last blood's eyes like look. This will be at the very least funny and crazy, if not terrible, like whatever, but I didn't know is that apparently, the sly stolen, is a big man, a guy dear, and it's very racist against mexican people, our shared by didn't and in the movie, because all those movies people of color killed
Ray you're. Just like I see now, I see the hand of us. This is a great based upon my standards of being a human. This isn't something I'm supposed to its like. Maybe there was a time when we could all pretended. This was just entertain, Moray not in this day and age, so was but when one, thing. I tweeted this was that do you watch Spongebob Square pants off to know that there is pursued workers, quivered became handsome hurry so away her. I'm just a fan. The face his face as he is handsome squid word, is exactly Sylvester salons phase in my lover and it made me laugh
entire time, I wasn't easily watch an indifferent move because of what it was going on in my brain. That's great! It's great! When your rank and entertain year, even though you're just like sitting through eighty five minutes, according to events of just trash, it was gone, it was. It was not so, but Anna But if it was like a light enjoying nuts o garbage experience until people are like, don't you know it is politics are and then I was like down man. We have one can't we can't I freely and lightly hate. One place that may have one with action. Star doesn't make me speaking out thanks? sure and we are giving away one ticket to are Santa Barbara Weekend my favorite weakened dot com to throw out yeah It doesn't have to do with a bank. All you want to be in the phone. No, it's anyone's chance. It's gonna be a really good, big,
it's gonna be in amazement, can and you get put up in a nice hotel. I know I feel like I'm putting this I'm fucking, hammering less, but my down on the phone. The other day said so: what's this but the carry Oki. At the weekend I swear to God. He brought it up so I don't know he wants to do it all. He absolutely sure yeah. You want him to host it now. We must absolutely Emma works on. Do you think party would say? Oh god I mean what is his area? Ok models in the paupers, no, like, maybe I'm pointer, sisters for sure
like the guy that allow no sound Marty singing I'm so excited as the funniest idea. In my mind, so Marty stood curio people, then we all should get stereo key. Absolutely like yeah one is elaborating video. My dad doing carry Oki all cameras, you're gonna, be collected at the beginning of the week and put in weird techno bags. Data centrally block you're way is your sound way and send you a little some dry of the of the weekend. That will capture it for you really. We would like it to be captured, worried, don't worry it all you! Everybody gets a burner. Fa caved in case for an of an emergency right, yarrow drug deal, but other than that. It's a locked down at a second high school in your. Do a lockdown spend the night. The enemy, great we're gonna, be more co2. Have fun amazing gang wait, let's just some exactly right: yams networks, that programming were excited for murder squad this coming week on Yemen days of timber thirtieth, they are putting out this really important awesome episode.
Focusing on four cases of missing and murdered indigenous women as well as the hall, you know, epidemic of it, one in some counties native american women are killed at a rate of ten times the national average. Some. Surely it's so insane, it's really it so long overdue, and it's so cool there, focusing on four cases, but they're talking to there really are doing a deep dive like in the way that they know how to of its important Emily washings gonna be on it with them, such as that out. Pack ass will kill you there. Last episode was about lime and I personally, everyone has line disease. I think you should only listen to you that sounds like here jack it I mean it's important work also, while the per capita Stephen went to Cackle, then I went to
cat Cade, it's an archaic, didn't scaring do not have sire. I was half lessening nights, it's it's a cash shelter, but with an architect of you. So if you dont want coffee, Unifil, Wanna China Latte and adopt a kitten, you can just play like this package. Call them there's, Catherine. What city was that in Chicago amaze might deliver M Instagram account the cat kid great around, follow that unless that's islands like how I want my home to look so the background is like pachmann dying as you're talking and the elegant in wanting to duplicate perfection, fairer murmured and if a line of course or last season was about shaky me, a pizza check that out. It's also really important, yeah yeah, so much good stuff, you and so much great care tat coming, we
of some shows in the pipeline that we're so excited to get to share with you like on a network new shows you guys, we they will be rolling out soon. It takes much longer than we knew. We are disappointed in any way, but it's good because it's like you know they get a set up all the business. They get a set up all the ad that's taken care of, but when that when it does not rule out some heads for you guys, I think you're gonna be very excited. Our definite, very excited ass, a make sure you subscribe, jollity, exactly right, shows and network and shit and keep an eye out youngest. I merely screaming about using related, keep an eye, we're not gonna, let a girl. Now it's gonna be something that we have jointly jailer it's. The Marty with Carry Oki is how we are going to be about. The nation is coming up on exactly right by the book recommendation. Jewish, I say for the m: no really just get get you're all right now. I just found this book and I'm almost done lessening showed it was one of those works at I like clean the house double time, because I wanted to listen to night. It's so good. It's called the Mars round by Rachel Cushion or Ex randomly founded at my bookstore
messenger. It man it's about a girl who gets like twenty something your normal girl Who gets a life sentence, Fur July Centre? as for a crime she committed, and it's all these stories around it and my camp things that less NATO is it a novel or is it real? It's not all. Ok, it's like this for her story about what happened, and then the person who had happened, you story and then the cops Torreon than this. It's just like fucking, great the authors, new, it's the Mars room by Rachel cushion. Oh sorry, Rachel Cushion area the Mars room chosen bearing the Mars room is the Strip club she dances and in San Francisco, where she lived and that's where it all began on high, while bucket good sentence just go and in prison like little crazy, fuckin details. You want to know about yeah. I get a lot of those. I love it. What books that I've been reading. I breed you know what I've been doing is I then, the and the like, the last four episodes of succession gap
and I fell asleep and played again. So then, I had dreams that I was on vacation with the succession family and I think Kendall, Roy and I were making out at one point as you were, because I keep thinking about him and I keep thinking eyes outlines ass now under in go in a key. Can I see that actor and traffic, which is a very odd feeling, Lana very Ella actor face yet like the normal guy activists, he let his resting that he is resting bitch face like he is judging you and hates you and is very appealing rate or the role yeah, hopefully as Madame and everyday life Plato a while ago, I thought I saw him when we were eating at the restaurant down the street, and I was- and you didn't with me yet and you didn't say anything. I think it say something at the time this was literally Threem. It was the first season. It is like a beginning at the first ok. I have so her
Just now. No no! No! I mean it was a while ago remind you of it being reassured. I shall remind you, hear that that's my version of reading snow it so God what about the show unbelievably watching that? Yet not yet! That's that's all with merit with Weaver Ryan yeah. It's really our deutsche cause, it's them It's about rate Breyer and it's like for anyone who has any sexual assault. You know background. It's really triggering so. I've been going really slowly with it and watching like one half a percent at a time. Every couple days it's like kind of hard to watch, but I guess at the towards the end, gets like power an awesome enemy. I'm the one clip a bunch
treated in. It may have just like as they now. I love merit we Maria, but there is one clip just of her and in a restaurant letter guy was staring at her and then she stands up and Pulsar Jacobite. Did you see them again, showing yet manner gun and badge and his whole being changes? And then she just cousin stands behind him for like three seconds and at the eye of powers like that. I need to get to that by creating the first epithets, really fucking refuge. I am sure all get to it through it together, slowly yeah and then about it, and I hear it's just incredible as Tony collect? Also right? Yes, yet is added to it yes What more do you want to have a cabinet, awesome. Now I can't I can't wait to also became the first I've to watch all of Miss marble for some reason he was yet my weary, especially the first season, Miss marble. It was very like eighties, british television or nine months, and I really mean it irritates- you Earl
Sir Andrew, using only right here. Don't you, the younger man Natalie, you're thinking of war row at the muster hurtsthem thinking, I'm not confusing MRS Maple in Verona up on marble businesses made earlier far out of here now here now is an old issue. Is the motive of he's gonna ruin for the various candidates. Briefites whole british tv Sally teaches that he's a very young a twelve year old Stanley. Turkey appear. Oh man, though, did you see our front Dave homes tweeted an old Levi's? Add that's Stanley. Tutsi was in from the atm
old, Levi's, add that's Stanley teach you was in from the aims, and no did you see that an owl at its when he had a little more hair. Even though no judgment you love the balls love at all. A Tutsi. Let's. He still has even bring it up in a crazy people, retreated a twitter and everyone. Just like. Oh my god, like a faith. It's really quite something these men were the exclamation perfume. Add yes, excellent! these men, the exclamation perfume, add yes, exclude, make a statement without saying a word. I can see his face, but hot day armor. Oh there, that's the bar went away but check that shit out. I'm sorry allow. I teach allow hey you later see me in a devil worth products and MRS Merkel, man suits marble measles, I'm sure it is hot.
Now now that objectified, a man properly in God that Falco does still get together. You know out there too, but to him yeah. Why? Every time you objectify, a man or woman gets her witness the things go away and there we go, and here we are honoured outgrown. I realize I didn't mention Europewide cast and I'm sorry, oh, that's! Ok. I didn't neither porker spare banks, no really we're doing aid in man, and we are doing in episode. We record this Friday, lower Lenglet, doing it right, of course, yeah do you need a ride, be the mobile, pod copyright, unlike any other, were Chris and Iron Stephen Drive around LOS Angeles. Usually
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then I am so excited about my God, because you noted as its breaking news. I'm about to give you know, you're, not a news report and all of this I will. I will prefaces by saying first of all here the our says the Washington Post, the daily mail, the New York Post, L magazine online, all the great all the great that you go to you for your net daily, but this story was broken by local Indian NEWS station a W. I asked H Channel a thou that good old ass H, W w. I wish we shall I get it. I bet they do something. I got a young. It is or even a listener. Tweeted at me and said, could you do deep, dive on then the answer is always know. That's virtually impossible bow. I will re tell you the story of based on what other people have said, that this by guy says we're we're a shallow as they come to that
Samantha. As the person who treated and asked for that. Thank you, Samantha say at SAM Farm with three Jews on twitter, and then she sent me this article, which was from the daily mail, which is where most of the like quotes and most of the one side of the story is from her because one person talk to the daily mail, and this is fucking nuts so and I know the answers nobody asked anyway. Did you ever see the horror movie, the orphan? Now which ones are. Ok. That's the one where a couple adopt a little girl and thence. She, her behaviour becomes odd in a radical and slowly, but surely they find out that she's? Actually, a grown woman posing as a child. What's happening, realize now. Are you ready for this? legit,
real life story of the orphan and all air at all alleged. This is open the majority of this moment to say at the whole time. The majority of this is very one sided the Actual, not childs, don't ask Don T doesn't have a say right, so this could be very biased and very skewed neglect, and we want to start say that from the beginning for she's a baby, I can't speak she's she's a were alleged and when this I'll start will, let me just gonna get away commando. Let me tell you the whole story and paint a picture, because I truly even just as this story broke when W. I sage broke this story, the first portion of it plenty has they broke the story on September eleventh, and it was that a couple had been accused of abandoning their adopted daughter by leaving her in an apartment, they'd rented for her in Lafayette, while they moved to Canada,
That was the breaking story and people are like what the fuck well since then its developed into what one can They call a bizarre case of they said she said, and also almost exactly the plot of the movie, the orphan soap let's start in the. Did she, thousands, Michael, Christine Barnett are living in filled in Vienna with their three sons, they a successful day care and their experienced foster parents. Their oldest son Jake was diagnosed with autism when it was two years old and he was old by doctors that he may never talk or have you almost social interaction? Think they tell that to him like the two year old girl, never and hurried waving their finger and James also Christine, of course, this might be considered devastating news to some people Christine.
Takes Jake home. She starts to home schooling, him tutoring him herself and very soon, Christina. Her husband discover that Jake is incredibly small right. So much so that his genius is so profound that he publishes its first academic paper at the age of twelve white. Yes, so he's a genius in twenty sixty minutes did a story about him and the family by age. Fifteen he enrolled in per due to study physics, always show he is like the dewy Hauser. If this right is incredibly intelligent, so in a sixty minutes, new segment you can see that the Barnett family has grown by one member because their newly opted daughter, Natalia graces sitting there at the kitchen table out, everybody only take a shot of the family eating dinner. Ok, ok! So here's Oh that went down Christine, wanted a larger family, but she said
She could no longer have children. We lay her nor had urged at the time Michael looked into adoption, and in me if twenty ten they find out that there is a six year old Ukrainian born child in Florida. Name Natalia Grace, who had been not by her adopted adoptive parents and basically, there notified that this is an emergency adoption and that they can come down and basically get get all the paper were done immediately. They can adopt this child cause she's in, like I guess you know, crisis situation Right Christine. Told the daily mail. That quote at the time she felt ass if she had the ability to help another person in the world than she wanted to do, and so, they fly the Florida. They signed the paperwork they adopt Natalia and they welcome her into the family. They actually they see-
in Florida for a couple days, just to let her axiom rang limit to the fact that she is now with a new family and they take her out and they do kind of family outings and they get ice cream and they go to the age and they go to Disney World and the only by current information Christina Michael claim that they knew at the time of the adoption was that, according to her birth certificate and how NATO It was born in Ukraine on September force, two thousand three that she'd been in the: U S for two years and that she had been suddenly given up by her adoptive parents for undisclosed reason Christine tells a daily mail that upon it Natalia. That they learned that the child has a bone grows disorder. Called I'm gonna get this wrong. Spawn Dielo Peter my physical display easier for a job I mean who knows. Nobody knows but essentially causes its aversion. Its substance
dwarfism, causes short stature, skeletal abnormalities and problems with vision so basically, I find out that she can't walk because of this, the disorder and there like fine. So when they go out to all these places and an hour you no kind of doing, a foreign Florida. They just carry her everywhere. So day they go to the beach get down Tino there, near the water and they're, putting all their stuff down and the boys have gone down as the water ends. They tell Antonio just wait a second because their parents are trying to do their stuff together before they bring her down into the water, I had jumped up and runs down into the water. So now started. The Barnett'S- and it would be just the first of many surprises
Christine also claims that later she was giving Natalia a bath. When quote notice that she had full pubic hair I, was so shocked. I had just been told she was a six year old and it was the apparent that she wasn't and Natalia also had all of her dealt tee. Christine lands. Intaglio was not interested in dolls or toys and that preferred hanging out with teenage girls. And had a very mature vocabulary did not have ukrainian accent and in fact, that Chris, claims she invited a friend over who was from the Ukraine and or Ukraine are not sure which one is the correct way to say it, but she had her friend come over to speak Ukrainian to Natalia and
and how you didn't understand anything. The one was saying Nan when the woman was asking her about her homeland. She couldn't describe where she was from me in any way Christine told the daily mail. At the time I ran a little school and I remember Natalia saying to me These children are exhausting. I don't know how you do it cigarette in one hand and marching in there. I will miss Channing the supposed to be sick yeah. So we well known precocious children. That's always a possibility. I'm gonna try to also devils advocate for Natalia, since she is absolutely voiceless unrest story and we do not know great. We can't tell So maybe she's really smart, maybe maybe the bone issue that she had as the reason she and adult teeth yeah. Maybe she had to be smart, maybe blah blah blah. We don't explain the pubic here. That's thank you. So also,
Christine found a bloody clothing in italian trash, which led her to believe Natalia was trying to conceal the fact that she and her period- I so all these things are adding up for Christine she believed tat. He was actually a teenager, but she said I didn't have any regrets. This is what I wanted to do. I felt an overwhelming love for her and I still wanted to take care of so at And if twenty ten, Christine talks to the family physician and asked if there is any way they can determine italian actual age, so the doktor orders a bone density test and according to Christine statement to the daily mail. The results of this test determine Italian to not be six years old, but to be at least fourteen years, oil, so so then Cacena Michael just start treating dressing
acting like Natalia fourteen insertion into the house family still right exactly she's a teenager, but then they allege that the team just behaviour become became erratic. Christine says that Oh yeah, exhibited odd, sometimes violent behaviour. She clay She witnessed intaglio attack a baby. She saw it on the baby monitor while she was out of the room by God, and she said. That's Natalia became smearing bodily fluid on walls and making death threats. And hearing voices at this point, the Barnett's, according to them six eggs psychiatric. Help for Natalia had seen since in Indianapolis Stress Centre, where Natalia is admitted on several different occasions. Sometimes for weeks at a time. So this is obviously of other part of the story that the Barnett's didn't no, and that was not just clear. I am that maybe this
Old had mental illness of when she gets out Behavior continues it worsens and the violence continues. Christine claims that sheep, Natalia pouring bleach, um here it and that Natalia has quote, made a career out of pretending to be a child. So, in June of twenty twelve, with the backing of several medical specialists, the Barnett successfully get the Marian County superior court in the new novel. They all came to a head on a birthday outing in twenty twelve, when Natalia, allegedly try the medical into an electric it was actually born in September but a farm. I've touched electric fences a lot as- and it's not a great experience, although I do, I don't know if it can kill you. I think I, like an old
for five. The ants, maybe, but not just like one for basic cattle, not yeah. Maybe it just I'm talking about the ones I have experienced, obviously scared her enough tat. She thought it was an attempt on our life, like the ones in prison and the ones in a cow pasture yeah, I'm probably different levels, different voltage, that's right! Perhaps there either, but this action prompts the boy that's to admit Natalia to a state round psychiatric unit I'm claiming that she poses a threat to other, yes, which, if all that happened, makes address but while in ITALY, as in this hospital, she admits to who won specialist, whose Natalia in January of twenty tell twelve that actually eighteen years old shit here and there
female claims to have the paperwork that confirms that statement that was provided to them by Christine Barnett, but it hasn't been made public, so it still hearsay her the most concrete statement, that's correct. Currently on record, comes from the Barnett's primary care physician Andrew Mclaren, whose as in a March twenty twelve letter that Natalia two thousand birth certificate is clearly an accurate, and that Natalia has quote a career out of pretending to be a child so in twenty twelve. With the backing of several medical specialists, the Barnett successfully get the Marian County superior court in the new Nablus together telliers birth or to forget revised. So based on the medical evidence they determine Natalia, was actually born. September of nineteen, eighty nine it and that changes her age from eight to twenty two oh, my God, the so called,
to the daily mail medical staff in any novel, sizzle look Carter, hospital, claim that Natalia quote disk I have to them so when she this was when she was in one of the psychiatric stays that she had. She described them. How she tried to kill family members and had no remorse about it and legibly, told them that it was quote fun oh, so, an ugly of twenty twelve Natalia charge from the psychiatric hospital and because she's now legally in adult, she is housed in an apartment under the care of Indiana State Health care provider. Aspire Indiana on. So that must be some like a halfway house for people who Elvis and might need a little extra help. Re sounds like I would imagine that's my editors Eliza. According to Christine, the bar, the Barnett's, also help Natalia get a social security number apply for benefits, including food stamps, and get an idea, but in a town,
allegedly causes so many problems that this new apartment that she gets and the bar I am that they stepped in once again, rent Natalia another apartment in Lafayette and working on plant health, Natalia earn her height The plumber and study cuts she can staring eyes metalogy still helping her an airline, yet others are ok according to them there with her all the workers Christine tells the daily mail that she co signed the leaves and paid rent up front for a year. She says I did everything you would do when you send a child off to college. I helped her with groceries. I bought furniture target for her. I was optimistic. She had a concrete plan for her life. She was on food stamps. She had a social security income for the rest of her things she had demonstrated. She was able to lead so until Thirteen, despite this kind of the attic situation with Natalia Christine Barnett finishes. Writing parenting book about hurts
answer: Jake called the spark a mother story of nurturing genius and autism, which actually went on to be critics, the client, which is also kind of amazing that she got that done yeah basically simultaneously. But it doesn't mean that she's telling Ok, ok, confidence Natalia can now found for herself the Barnett's move to Canada, so that Jake can it and their per but our institute for Theoretical, the excellent Waterloo Ontario Shit, so they move up there and leave Natalia in her Lafayette apart Maria. So this point according to Christine Natalia, cuts off communication with the brunettes it entails a daily mail she's tax intaglio, maybe may have gone offer. Medication was
simply working on conning another family according to Christine into thinking that she's a child, so she can get adopted in taking care of again Christine States quote she discontinued communication with me. What I did get was a letter in the mail stating that he had changed, Michael from the best beneficiary on her social security income. To someone else, so dear, which means Michael's not apparent anymore, and someone else is stepping out other than that according to perceive I'll say it again. No other communication has been made with Natalia, so when he fourteen, Michael and Christine Barnett get divorced. Michael remarries and was backed in Indiana. Neither here, nor Christine claimed to have any further communications with the taller and then on September, eleventh of twenty nineteen this year, daily mail male TV gets a whole.
An affidavit of probable cause stating that an expert led bone density tests conducted on Natalia by doktor rags of the Peyton Manning Children's hospital in June of twenty ten determined Natalia but to actually have been eight years old at the time of the test rights. Okay, so that test comes in and that so basically, the daily mail gets the tacit grams rise, a child of her. So if that is that would mean Natalia actually was illegal child when the Barnett's move to Canada and twenty thirteen making the move elite and illegal abandonment of their adopted child is so, as a result, the Tippit. New County shares department issues, a warrant for the arrest of Christine and Michael Barnett, So this same affidavit states that Natalia told police in twenty fourteen she had been called. Left alone, when the Barnett'S- to Canada in twenty thirteen, so the police do.
Move to question Michael Barnett about the potential abandonment until September. Fifth, twenty nineteen a false I've years after Natalia allegedly spoke with authority of hair. Why we don't know. Also this affidavit claims that Michael made a statement on that same day. This attempt fifth saying that he knew all along the tall. You was actually under age when they move to Canada and states that Michael Toll Police, Christine coach, Natalia to act to convince There's she was older than she actually why it is so Michael's lawyer, however, says that Michael never made this statement, so this is the highest me. I couldn't be more confusing and be more which the its back and forth. Ok, the lawyer, tells the daily mail quote. The police affidavit is not true, Michael ever said he knew natalia- was a child police, not Michael's door and he's
both to them for three hours without an attorney present? The statements he gave were clearly taken out of context MIKE I have absolutely no idea why the district attorney has chosen to level these accusations against my client and Christine. The affidavit has been very selective in the medical reports that it has chosen to site and Joe it's, so like it's only citing the one year and there's two other ones as issues older minimum. That's just what these newspapers got hold of it so some time during the week of September. Tenth An arrest warrant is issued for the Barnett's and there being charged with Celimene a glass Jesus is so answered. Eighteen, Michael Burnett, surrenders himself to authorities and Christine follows suit. The next day Our goal is released shortly thereafter on five thousand dollars bail and Christine Firstly, is released on fifty five hundred dollar spell the case is ongoing, but Christine adamantly
claims her innocence publicly to media outlets, like obviously the daily mail, and so does Michael D, his attorney and at the time of recording no one knows where Natalia attempts to back. Her gown have been unsuccessful. HU we share, and that is this fucking breaking news story that is happening right now and it's a total, its Basically, this really over the top hard to believe This number one, which is a Twenty two year old is posing as a six year all right to get people to adopt her and take care of her because she is mentally ill in some way via or a family adopted a six year old and then and deal and granted. Or an apartment, and she was it like
Maybe I remember when you were a numbers away, your ie or fourteen, or is she older than mad? So she was a leg and when she came in and were like, I wish speck she's older than I can you do a test and there like she's, definitely older than fourteen so she's. So according to that one medical reports season. Never this whole case, according that one doktor Ben younger than Fortier she's, always at least been a teenager area, but would make not illegal that they laughter behind, but if it wasn't the case re, because that was a couple years later, she may have still been. She may not have been a raid but it's all very vague So how I was just like we dont know and the other of the to me. The very interesting thing is the divorce come into play somehow someone, because up until now point Christine Barnett, the how she was known it basically in the public eye. Was this unbelievable mother who had
had basically tutored end Holmes, gold, her son and exposed his genius and basically wrote a book about how, if your choice is diagnosed with autism? That's not necessarily a bad thing which inspired tons of people and meant the world a tons of people and that's in person is this person has like being too follow me around and would just leave a needy childs doesn't on her own, doesn't smile. We don't know, we'd know the very basic source. We know the basics and reach a snow like this is still like a breaking store IRAN, but how please it's crazy and creeping. Am I want another answer? I need to know so much more. Keep it going. What you guys will text all of you, the article that breaks when we find out we're all gonna be breaking this together as a family speculation by speculation. Let's I mean gas, it's it's fascinated conscripts! Everyone crazy, an It Sam, Current. That's like that. We don't do not ever
oh I'm sorry, this is I just remembered this a good because this just happened today. Our friend Mallika Doktor, Molokai, love Robinson jail had got a couple. Episodes were so the tagging ass. He is he's out, onto a better life. I hope I hope he does good things. I he does good things. I hope Natalia save, futile and okay and it isn't the extreme. When creepy a or be origin in their way. It's sacks either way it's awful earlier this week, I'm gonna EL the Triangle- Shirtwaist Factory, higher horror, I know o How will we never done this before I still horrible digital I'll show. You know it that's what it is. I think, like the first time originate in Yorkshire,
I have thought of it in them, just like he at last I want an area, but it so what a great timely? It's incredible story, I course learn so much more about it than I have ever even known, and the details are fascinating. There's a hundred thousand million places to find out more about this, I found out from history Doc dot net history dot com upon us. On this day in history class and the National Museum of American History website, and then There's two really good documentaries about at one is, I think, right. First at about at the american Experience episode, which is at such an incredible Sharm PBS. You guys watch them all and then there's another one. You can find on Youtube called triangle, remembering the fire, oh yeah, really good and there's like a ton of footage. Photos an awful fuckin shit, you can see from this like more than I ever now so We are in the early nineties, hundreds what's up Maria
at the turn of the century, the turn of the century Switzerland with virtual then, in the background, the triangle shirt Waist factory is located on the top three floors of a building called the ash building a c h, it's one of them These newest skyscrapers, it's ten. The floors later, that's it I'm are people would walk up to ingest scream yeah because it was so high rate. So so it's like it. It's pretty new building and modern. It's not like one of those shitty tenements their people had to work. It's on the corner of Green Street and Washington place in New York City, so it's Greenwich village, ants, link or block away from Washington where Park wishes the beautiful park. The triangle shirt, waist factory employed and mostly women and those women were young immigrants, mostly italian and jewish. Nearly all the workers were based.
Teenage girls who deals with any English who worked twelve hours a day six days a week is cramp lines of sowing machines, universe, black and white photos you see of like one. At their showing machines with their fuckin head. Now I m so and ensure now just like hundreds to a room that yeah The work was repetitive and monotonous. The conditions remain so that the most output could be done for the least amount of money, of course, and what you're wondering when a shirt waist as or where'd word? Ok, it's! Basically, a woman's blouse, the style is a feminine version of men's button. Down shirk its. Scientists puffy assure you now and yet, and it's a little tiny ways than and then the white billowing short that came out of it and the victorian era. China, like what the Coca COLA, lady from the old,
Call ads and exactly a Gibson girls. I give single showed exactly it's a stable of the ladys wardrobe at the time and the style also symbolizes female independence, and I guess it's because I didn't have toward dresses anywhere anymore, like wearing a shirt and a skirt was like a big fuckin. Oh yeah yeah, I am exaggerating. Oh we're like were were workers. We get awareness of pants, skirt, yeah, it's not the same, so Oh it it's the symbol: it symbolizes female independence. In the new woman combining new and old fashioned, it becomes hugely popular there's like five hundred factories that make them in New York City. At this time and symbolizes, the working women wearing fashionable shore waste becomes an iconic image of the women's rights movement. Gunnar is enchant yeah,
because of their popularity and the demand is so high. It also change. It totally changes the nature of work itself. A short list wasted because of their popularity, is kind of like have four dead, with his cars with so called line. Assembling assembly line it. So I know that so the production of short waste is a super competitive industry. So many governments are produced in what is called the sweating system. A k, a assist. The definition is a system of employing labour for long hours, at low wages and often under spend, save or unsanitary conditions, a k, a sweatshops yeah. So in the triangle it was supposed to be a nice place to work than the actual sweat shops, because it- such a huge company, but it was still can Vienna struck them and not not offend placed, or they were still exploiting their work exactly the way it works was that so a bit the business owners and whoever the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, which will get enshiu. They like those
There is within get sub contractors to hire people and those sub contractors only got a certain amount of money from business hours, so they only have a certain amount of money to pay the women and they just cut corners and try to get profit as much as they could set was just really shitty. And they can pay wherever they want, so they get low wages to make them less profit. To be competitive in industry, at prices on everything, and it leads to low wages for the workers, there's no fucking. Standard minimum wage doesn't happen until nineteen thirty eight SEC, crazy. Now, and this is a time course when it like you know- the government- doesn't like it should metal what's going on with business owners, because they were these bourgeois fuckin titans of industry and they were like, they clearly know what they're doing, let's not police them. Let them do whatever they fuckin want. Like now, but it's but yeah
see it's the seeds of now exactly. The reason now is so problematic rights because they started it, and I was like they have that everyone's best interest in my eyes like under their thing, I actually tone allowed of Amr Sociopath, exactly so they were, they were like they're. Making the country's successful London do over the fact they want, which is not how you can't keep aren't going to policeman Unfortunately, now, especially when it comes to money, desperation right. I guess it's like. While it is the cut I get then yeah I mean more and more and more and you can I That's where a lot of that kind of like you can rationalize your other rang or where, like oh, it's just these immigrant women who cares what happens to them right now: yeah greed, corporate graveyard, so american industrialization begins in the nineteen. Twenty is primarily in the textile industry and by the eighteen fifties. Over a thousand factories are operating. Many
acts ring. It was like a machine and the immigrants and poor people were making the machine go, but you know they were fuckin screwed yeah, the working conditions were often dangerous and unsanitary. There was crazy. Supervision and safety was not a matter of concern, of course, and says, workers often suffered serious and even fatal accidents, because the main goal was just a churn out as much product in the shortest amount of time and are working with his buffoons sheen's. Yet you know and doing the same thing over and over and working on our say: you're tired, it's just now advocate numbers you know like I'm old enough that there used to be a appear say that they ran on television about how you have to wear safety, goggles swear to God, and it was the weird I remember watching it gives me like. Who is it for this is so weary out is like that thing where, like oh
standards of safety and, like you, can't put people at risk right. It like it's a very important thing because as start and then when they do get hurt, there's no workers, compensation. There's no such thing you get fired and your facts yeah, it's just really. It was really ugly, there's also child labour in the United States. It didn't go away until well in the twentieth century as well like crazy, it's just crazy, but This point in time is a growing movement that coincided with all of this called industrial feminism. That's a combination of unionism and working class activism. So there is, of course, the you no more well to do. Women Heyward heard doing activism and he were fighting for suffrage rights. But then there were these women who were these immigrants and they were the working class and they were eating. Try me in your eyes as well and get rights, which is really amazing. Yeah very call: yeah these women fight to union eyes and for union standards such as shorter hours, higher wages safer.
Can conditions, but they also want to be able to enrich their lives with access to education and culture. So they're like we're working second, sixteen hours a day, we have no life want to enrich our lives and the way to do that is education and yeah India that so Paulie, Newman she's, a founder of the International Ladys Garment Workers Union, and more child labour herself wrote a series of essays that were published in the New York yet issue language newspapers, and they described the factories like this, quote most of the, so called factories were located in old wooden, walk ups with rickety stairs, splintered and sagging floors. The few winners were never washed and their broken pains were amended with card board. In the winter a stove stood in the middle of the floor. There was no drinking water available, dirt smells and vermin were such a part of the surroundings, as were the machines and workers safety imagine that triangles like apart from that, doesn't mean I very much share. Like hey, we got water, I now hear so
There are many strikes and the time led by the International Ladys Garment Workers Union in nineteen o nine there's one demanding higher pan shorter, more actual hours and it becomes known as the uprising of twenty thousand well yeah. Twenty thousand people walked out and it starts at the triangle factory, well, I like they were big organizers there. The participants are mainly young immigrant girls who didn't even have it speak. English had a lot of them and they no, they didn't have the right to vote yet that yet they sell fuckin dead, the yes there about five. Your factories at the time and many of the smaller ones, immediately folded to the demands of their work that's because they needed to keep me and keep workers on the power. That's right there like riding up comeback rise up, but the owners of the Triangle- Shirtwaist Factory, MAX Blank and eyes a caress who are known as the shirt waist kings as this
the top fucking shirt factories in New York made millions off the new shirtwaist trend that they had already made millions a native, an ending immigrants themselves, and they are one of the few manufacturers who resisted unionization. They were like staunchly against it. Of course, is their business owners and it's gonna get fucked with their bottom line, meant, as you have to force people. Did it that's right, so instead they pay local thugs to attack the women and they paid off police to imprison in prison. The striking women they paid off politicians to look the other way. They just fucking when all out on these women there's like photos of them in a fight police in the street and its raised one of the founders of the Union Clare, Lamb, she's, all right Sweden has six over rooms broken by company guards and city police action, keeps on marching in the picket line, hell yeah. It's like this is just a story of incredible women one also because this is there. This is their life, yes, lake, when you're the like them the shirt,
is king you're, just sitting there eating her like salmon patio railing. No, they don't get to have that Ryan's like new. You eat it. It can't be this way and his family had butlers and a governess, so they pay I'll go down as a strikers on for months, though, the women of mostly female workers of the triangle shirt was accurate. They don't give up their fight. And they start to impress the people of the city there like, while these FUCK Ladys have tenacity. This is pretty bad. Ass in other conditions, must be really bad if they're gonna fight this hard yeah when so that Ladys of the triangle led the largest single work stoppage in cities. In the cities- history, yes, yes, the day
one of the things are fighting for is safe working environment and the danger of fire and factories. Like the triangle. Shirt waist is well known at the time, but there are so many high levels of corruption in both the garment industry, an city government that no use all precautions are taken to prevent fires. I think they're, a bucket of water on the ground, and that was it like fire that started thanks thanks thanks to the Back Thank you, I can my swimming in all blanket. Already have spit suspicious fire history background, the triangle factory had to fires in back in nineteen o too, and there are diamond waste company factory that fires as well, and it seems like they deliberately torched their factories before business hours in order to collect the fire insurance, which was a lot of fuckin money at the time, which was also a knot in common practice. Back then, in the early twentieth century and
perhaps, for this reason, Blinkin Harris refuse to install sprinkler systems in their factories, as they were like they wouldn't be able to get their insurance manipulator only start, trying to start a fire burned down. Yet that can work so they were. There were sprinkler systems at the time and again future. Take other safety measures in case case, data burn their shops down again moon, so attack. Without Blankenheim nightfall, the time that women are working, like you know, nine hours a day on week, days past seven hours on Saturdays Land, when they off for their fifty two, the work a week, they earned a total of something between seven and twelve dollars a week. She's the equivalence of a hundred ninety one dollars to three hundred and twenty seven dollars a week in current geez. I can you imagine today, work making a hundred and ninety one dollars, there's no its hand to mouth, there's nothing! You can do this and you
spending. All of your like life, energy re just to get the basic services do not like to keep your head above water, o ethics, second, job territories, on your fucking exhausted right people do it. I know this day now So, finally, with the lucrative holiday season coming up, the deal is made which the women fur in which the moments demand like safer working environment, are most they ignore they get a few concessions like a parliament of higher pay, but that's Ed may discover. I have to go back to work so on the afternoon of March twenty fifth nineteen eleven almost closing time on a Saturday there's about five hundred workers at the triangle factory, it's a top three flaw. So it's eight, nine and ten. And then a fire starts on a floor around four forty p m, so it's the you start to have started in a rag bag likely cause by someone either extinguishing a match or cigarettes is kind of tossing it. In a fucking Clothing factory Lake, even the air has,
particles of cloth, yeah really allow So it's probably cigarettes sit. Smoking wasn't allowed there at the time that they had ways making them. But it's possible at one of the engines on the sewing machine sparks and caught him on fires, while so young and I kept you- can't really pinpointed the building has an internal switchboard. So the operator calls up to the tenth floor and, as like YO I can fire here get out so many the tenth floor employees, including one of the owners max blank who was there and to his daughters or age foreign twelve. They had happened, stopped by to see him with her governess and they were on the tenth floor so they all run up to the roof. It's about sixty to eighty, people who go to the roof, so For some reason, though, no one warns the nearly three hundred triangle- girls, which is what they were cod at the sewing machines on the ninth Floor College, the tenth, I think the aid must now now Tells the girls in the night for according to survivor, yet allowed
The first warning of the fire. The ninth floor is the fire saw and there's some I mean. I know I hate reenactments by the american experience episode in the triangle. Romania, fire have some like it's it's billion tonnes, yeah so the pretty quickly fire spreads the buildings poor elevators access to the factory floor is, but only one, that's fully operation on that in fucking, crazy, like a heroic feet, the workers of the two to elevator workers went up and down as many times as possible, trying to save as many women as they had only whirling room for twelve at a time when the elevator, but they like, crammed in as many as possible, went back up and down three times and finally, the cables I'm working anymore and they couldn't go back on the days tat same so many lives that day snares choose airways down the street and one is where they enter an exit every day, but the the other. One is locked,
a exits, because one of the owners was paranoid about workers theft so that they can. In their pocket books every day when they are on their way out, which you can like a scrap of fucking. Cloth old, my shirt up real small, new, tiny. When you, if you work there, you would fucking hate, shirt waist sure, oh yeah, you never want to wear that. You'd like to take you blow your nose at the end of an animal like tiny sure way, the horrible, so one of those is locks. The other one opens like in word, which is not good. The fire Skype is so narrow that what it would have taken our is for all the workers to use it even in the best circumstances, so workers inside, of course, fucking panic their pushing. They run the exits all at once. A manager tries to use the fire hose to extinguish the flames, but it the houses, rotted and its avowed rested shots even the poorest. Since didn't bracken work now and then
three hundred women blackened there should that one of the women something that leaping from sewing machine tabled, sang table like that that's big skirts and share just trying to get away from. If I, oh, my god, horrifying oak as its coming up under need- yeah, oh god, So meanwhile, back on the roof, the tenth floor, sixty eight heap on the roof, the adjacent building as part of New York University. So there's like the law, professor and his students here, the screams they see the fire they see the buildings a little higher than the ash buildings or the students grab, ladders and lower them down and everyone on the roof manages to survive. O way are lacking We are telling his you're, not specifically the ruin of fire and like a normal, that wouldn't be the wait out. No k also arrived, has and will, and also I just thought about whatever the since while, however, however, closer far those two buildings where your climbing a crisis, a ladder of ten stories up to that- must have been,
please hold onto this. Please hold this ok, but the divorce, flora course are not so lucky the shop floor is completely pact was selling machines. There. Three hundred machines on the floor for theirs can't make it to the roof origin, the elevators they fleet on the stairwells, but they runs locked doors and end up swallowed by flame assets. Just women fighting and locked door, which is just a fucking horrifying. Imagine to imagine, but by the time the firefighters arrive, women standing on the window ledges or in pressing against the windows. On the ninth floor, the fire fighters their ladders and real em up, and they only go as hires six or seven floor. Oh, I know it's just act like one thing after another, like always, it could have been saved in and worked So. Ok, this point
it's Saturday afternoon. It's a beautiful day is right by Washington Square Park. It's in the shopping district people are shopping, people are out picnicking and they see the smoke and thousands of people are now watching this happen own now, yeah. It's like, I think, maybe one of the reasons that people People- probably all new someone who saw it and could testified. Oh, what a fucking horrible nightmare. It was her watch right and then people start to jump from the windows. Willie gun shepherd a reporter at the scene, wrote I learned a new sound that day, a sound, more horrible than description can picture the status. A speeding living body on a stone sidewalk. I mean an end in one of the documentary israelite people tat. They were throwing like their belongings out and cloth bundles, out and then they realized it was people. This is a time, but everything is so proper. You know you I'm sure people haven't seen anything like this before known, imagined, something like this reform or no. Oh I'm a man and woman are seen kissing in the window before they both jump to their deaths. Women,
she each other as they jump together. Some of them are holding their pocketbooks from a job which, for some reason to meet as it gives me. So I know what yeah yeah get back. It's just a large piece of yourself. It's all your stuff, it Hazara DNA, but also it just like you. Be in such a panic. Bodies and jumpers fall on the fire hose is making it difficult to fight the fire and and a lifeline is unfurl, ducats jumpers, but three girls jump at the same time, ripping at nothing it's fucking working and everyone is helpless, yeah and its horrifying to the crowd. Ok, so it's a single fire escape. They were supposed to put in a third stairwell, but they like bribe city officials to just, however, escape and set the ash building so it was flimsy, is poorly anchored and in mind an unbroken before the fire. Soon it twists and collapses from the heat and
a spills about twenty victims, nearly a hundred feet to their death. I know I'm sorry, I mean and the remainder just wait until smoke and fire overcome them. It's a horrifying, a fucking thing within Eighteen minutes, it's all over wow fires out and will do so like a tinder box, edges, yeah, yeah yeah. Forty Workers are burned to death or die by smoke. Suffocation. Thirty six are dead in the elevator shaft because they were jumping onto the cables trying to write Elisha Fifty eight die from jumping to the sidewalks. This resolution, all day. Fifty now this second factors other than his arguments are ya: the springs it olive dad. Two hundred and forty six Mr Herman and a hundred and twenty three are women. The victims are women and girls aged fourteen to twenty three, the victims of the victims, whose ages are known. So then, your time reports
the city coroner when he got there was so overwhelm that he sobbed among the bodies being laid out at the scene and hard firefighters and cops needed to step away yeah, they did he know many, the body, This is so fucked up many. The bodies are charred beyond recognition, so they do a lineup of bodies and need to be identified at the pure near the EAST River. So people can come, I done if their loved ones, and so thousands of people line up to walk through this fucking horrible thing and like fine, loved ones, ok, you're, the start, crying NEA Artie I'll one mother is only able to identify her daughter because of the stitching on her stocking. Oh and another woman recognises her mother only by the brain in her hair that she had had you did that morning. I know she's ass. I know it's like light fucking matter. You asshole yeah, like it's looking pennies out of your pocket, yeah sure that people have a livable fucking lie here and can
in their families and don't have to put their fuck an eight year old children to work so that you can have sucking six yeah yeah. What is wrong with you? Don't need six for Kenya. You don't need a horse ranch. You don't need several vacation home. You need better fuckin, Karma yeah, you need to view, needs, damn it yeah. Sorry, then, on April fists Nineteen, eleven four hundred thousand mourners line the sidewalks of New York. They they did they now the union's Lamb got together, ended a funeral procession procession, what they were really pissed off, because the city wanted to do. A funeral and bury the seven unidentified
women, but they won't let the union's were like fuck, you you're the reason this fucking happen ass, though in protest. They did this. They had won the funeral procession with an empty, am horse drawn hearse go by, and four hundred thousand mourners came out to watch it go by The realisation that the very thing the triangle, women that they had just been watching them bravely strike for and didn't get the safety can safe working conditions is what led to their death of so many doesn't go unnoticed, people, are up in fucking arms about this whole areas. I think it can turns this. Flips a switch and a lot of people's consciousness and in the country we have, because it turns it from a concept, the terrain it had them too, This is what this is really about, gets worse, fucking case scenario and they forced to have, and it's the people who are saying this is not okay. This is going to happen is going to happen and they were respected and after to me, listen to rain. It happened. Yet
immediately after the fire triangle owners blanket Harris declare in interviews at their building was fireproof and then just been approved by the Department of Building guy as being as yet the car for bringing, though the copper bring people respond, those responsible to justice and reports at the doors they report than the doors, the factory relocked. Yet the key All that the every one was I'd be gotta bring this fuckin people, the justice there are like in only all these newspaper articles about at yeah and therewith, then reports that the door was locked from the inside means that the district attorney's office seeks an indictment against the owners good and clearly get ready to be disappoint our course on December, twenty. Seventh, twenty three days after the trial starts a jury acquits blanket Harris of any wrong doing the test, the jurors is just to determine whether the owners knew that the door, we're locked at the time of the fire, but despite Sansa a testimony from the workers, dignity owners had locked the door to prevent theft, the attorneys,
the business owners who, of course high fuckin powered high priced attorneys, will convince the jury that they didn't know. Grieving families and much of the public were fucking pest and fella. I haven't been done like these two guys were villain eyes, they put me in a rightfully, sadly revealing yet likely we're Helen, because that's the other thing that people always forget is that that's the other side of that right. You don't give people there the basic human working in this area. It makes you the bad guy who are the bad guy. You should go to jail yeah. Twenty three individual civil seats are brought against the honours of the ash building. March eleven nineteen fourteen, so so three years after the fire, they Harrison blank settle and they pay. Seventy dollars per life lost seventy five dollars, which is around two thousand dollars today, so each family who lost someone and, of course, many lost siblings and mothers, and one guy buried his his wife,
three daughters. I love they each got about two thousand dollars in today's money and that's just a fraction of the four hundred per death that Blankenheim, swear paid by their ensure, so they made money after this money. I only made a lot of money. They paid seventy five bucks on. They got four hundred dollars per person, Berne and write. Em Harris blank continue their defiant attitude toward the authorities just a few days. To the fire. The new premises of their factory is found not to be fireproof no fire escapes and no adequate. That's so they're, just like doing it around town in this of nineteen thirteen MAX blankets, charged with locking one of the doors and his factory during working hours and practical. He's fine, twenty dollars that five hundred fifty today and the judge apologizes to him for the imposition you pussy or they were just in the businessman's pockets, a hundred percent. You know yes, crooked, crooked, after the tree
fire. The Americans, as there are some good that comes out of this, of course, on a good position. This is it's fucking horrible. After the triangle fire, the american society of safety professionals was founded in New York City on October, Fourteenth nineteen eleven, the fire help you I organised labour and reform minded politicians workers. Union set up a march on April fifth on FIFA. The need to protect the conditions that have led to the fire. It was a tent, by. Eighty thousand people talk yeah right, there's, no public support for the new workmen's compensation. That's been previously struck down in its amended and enacted, and nineteen thirteen. This leads to a fucking shit turnover farms and even you know the than whispers of which we can don't feel today in our Ears In addition, the state of New York creates a factory investigating commission to study safety, sanitation wages, hours and child labour and, like Sweatshops France,
Perkins, who of course becomes the first female secretary of Labour under Effie are, and it actually happened to be present that day in that she was at the park and like solid half. Oh now, yeah she and Polly Newman are hired as investigators on the committee and over the as following the fire New York's adopts thirty six of the commission's recommendations into law and the Sullivan Hooey Fire Prevention LAW pass at October and is now been crucial in preventing similar fires in the future. Years later, sixty still had, remained and identifying and tell a historian Michael Hearse researches their identities for four years, using old newspaper articles just like just checking and share well and is able to identify each of them by name wound. Those women now are buried in a large marble slab featuring kneeling woman. Not in it you now under it right
every year on May day, there's a commemoration of the ash building in New York, which is now called the Brown building its own. By anyway, you there the triangle: fire coalition, organizes events to commemorate the fire and bring awareness of the needs of workers. Today, two thousand and eleven in honour of the fires, one hundredth anniversary, the code It establishes the goal of the permanent memorial to honour the memory of those who died, of from the fire, to affirm the dignity of all workers, to value women's work, to remember the movement for workers, safety and social justice stirred by tragedy and to inspire future generations of activists. Yes, and that is the triangle shirt Waist factory fire. Nineteen eleven leave a ball the great you think. He'll hat was Mary moving here, I'm so mad mad to let's be active there I mean, but here's what beautiful about it is. I think that people
our can be passive if it's like. That's not my dry jobs. Hard enough. I can't worry about those striking women who are here, but when The tragedy strikes like that. When things like that happen soon, her fellow man. It wiped away all that kind of like not my problem and though those aren't my people and suddenly it's like it could be anybody, and it could be me- and it was the so hard to sin. I don't know if they published in it in the newspapers across the country, but there were other faces of people lying on the ground at Inga. Like every every neighborhood in New York, someone had to attend. Multiple people had every ten multiple funerals. I could just hit everyone hard fact that they had just been fucking in the streets. You know protesting the treatment that they were getting yeah they didn't get what they ask for, which was safety and that's that would kill them, yeah, no tragic bright and in some ways you can kind of connected where it's just like
They were killed by their bosses. Rake has of its not not directly but indirectly, and it might as well be directly because they could Even it wasn't it was so bad that, like they were trapped, they were true sire trap. What about them other forget that just got off the roof like he was there, and he knew exactly what happened he will he witnessed it. He was in his mind he cycle. My daughters are here and save them. Will all these women Hira people's daughters to Yang Edges letting go up yeah yeah, that's for the horrifying, but good things came out of it. Yes, yes,
they do. It has here's the thing, its debts, the importance of unions. You it's like. You need unions to protect workers, because you can rely on people who who make money off of those workers. Rights will always take themselves always pick their own lives, though always pick their own comfort over some stranger. That's making them money, that's right, that they think that they are superior to because there in the position of making more my just based solely on that
while a great job in Kiev. That was really call I'm glad. I M glad. I remember like starting to read about that story immediately being like. I don't think I'll do this. I don't know why I just suddenly had this motley morning. I woke up- and I was like knock this morning. Obviously- and I was like I want to do the triangle and then I was, what am I fucking? Do ya know? I'm glad you dare. I think it's really important for people to know. It's also that kind of thing when you're like this was industrialized feminism. Why, unlike way, why don't I don't know about any of that stuff? That's pretty crazy, like in the shirt waist itself being a symbol of of you know, feminism you re in a way beyond. Amazing, yeah great giant you too, wave is their fucking her. I only one minute over me. Look good main piece of paper. Oh
the word hooray yeah. That's all you wrote a miserly diamonds in simple, ok, I there's a big giant spider outside my window and ILO, and I'm proud of her and watching her veiled her when she was one of the most humongous thing than ever for housing. Show me with your hand, she's fat and that's she's been like that like a silver dollar.
I know Mr Lange's, including lay body with legs like that Jesus cry enormous and I and I connect Hazel engrossed Antonio. I found two little centipedes in my house. So far the daddy's been complying whom soil unlike spider. Can you can't come early ugly centipedes out of here? Please I love it loads flags gab bugs are key and spiders are very important and growing up. My aunt Jane, I remember freaking out sizes by argue that, oh no, no that's our friend. You shall keep all the flies out. My mongers, always every fuckin spider in the ashes ever seen it. Surely it don't just as every fuckin good Charlotte's web haven't a waiter, my old roommate used to live up in auburn and we were up there visiting her family and they lived there. Their house was out in the middle of the word and we're standing on the porch and world
getting there. And then we all turn around and look at near the front door, and there is a full on tarantula climbing up the front of there and we I was like couldn't Bree no and her her mom turns run, goes well! Wonderful! Luck,
my view- is a dual nature. Lately, eternally everyone in Australia is wrong. Arise at us right now that I have in my bed yeah right now. They're like are our spiders, kill you with a night right. They look at you and then they stab. You may go like this. With one leg across their threats may threaten you emotionally, and then they stand. They make fun of your hair, clip on a switchblade com, their own air, and then they re. Well then, I guess mine I can just be as simple as to say. I got a massage earlier because it's been a long time and it was a gift certificate from last Christmas lights, child EVA Xray, and I found it and was like eyeing. I haven't done anything
doesn't along. I messed with this place, the now the now and allay the Sogo, and at first when I walked in there are a lot of crystal settlers like crystals in bath shit. There is a lot of it was very eyes. I call it Wu Wu era was being real. Quiet makes me uncomfortable some a volume person, but I was like shit, you don't now. I am give it over and I got the best and assume massage therapists, sorry, the best massage therapist, and it was the That's his eyes. I was so relaxed. Let when I left I went out and bought a deck of moon card. No, you did ass. I get my car and guard your leg. Women's taro, wickedly, really my mankind need does yes, I will do next time I'll do among card reading, for I love that. Yet, let's make a video of it. Ok yeah will do thou my ankle. Really I really like it, but anyway,
I'm just a good feeling. Elsie just remember. My therapist tells me that all the time that it did What does she call it skin starvation if you know get touched, and now, if you're on your own, a lot, makes
are you get massages or something, because it's very important for human beings to have their skin tat spirit like released a certain chemicals yeah dopamine thing, it's all that whatever whatever, but it is really important for you and you it's easy to forget, because if here, if it doesn't happen, it is now and then, when a desert like, oh my god. Yes, I need to blacken this mode and great pilot yeah. It's healthcare you're, an aerial itself care that there is a will. There were doctress headed three this week and it was lady just keeps calling things itself. Karen sees what sticks recalls everything she does. Sulphur levels follower doctors. There are things to listening eyes. Yes, thanks for all your support, we appreciate you so much you make our skins starvation go away emotionally make our endorphins tingle will not stay sex. I dont get July of this year on a cookie,
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