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192 - Sticking Together & Helping Out

2019-10-17 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the disappearance of Emanuela Orlandi, and story of the Oversteegen Sisters and Hannie Schaft.

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This is exactly right. Manuel cover my baby murder. This is their crime, comedy podcast. That's what it is. It's what we do we make it for you and for ourselves that's caring, Caldera, not Georgia, hard start, and we are ourselves, look there's nothing we can do about ourselves yeah, it's just how it is our best for tightening up our game. That's right, but the game can
to be tightened. Sure, that's what life is. Why not strive for something a little bit more? It's like a right, seek rabies, tight, see less de Lis d done. Do them what you got her or even a written that shit right near right. You don't need to listen it down and that's where we're here for hello and welcome. The title are right and that we never again time along Davy as oh, that's true is that for year by its guide, aerial gang your ban, valued like it leg. At that stage, I must have been girl. I will get legal hell yeah. A sturdy what's up around ninety two or whenever that's alright. Ninety eight gradually the media hum even people who, like philosophers bypass, were born and ninety eight and that we are in the lead role that work and like we don't have to be stopped
sensor land there, while the others nothing. We can do about their ear, who all of these are twenty there underdeveloped your hammers in Europe. The shoe once mean other things inside you're wrong: hey, maybe your little baby did that are all up in your favour. Come out come down during the saga. Drinking coffee were doing. It were dying. You anything. We can think. Oh you're, talking about the ninety, where's the nyjorders handlers. Now, how do you guys they ve never not known the internet as keep going. They didn't never not known. Cellphone gets worse and then it gets better, full shitty again and lighting a thirty. It's basically like the stock market, its go down up down up up up down down down. Also right in that shit and tighten that shit and bear market bull market. I dont know the different day, man. Others elephants lives,
darling the elephant and Duncan Donkey Marlon there's a ball smoker we did it. That was plot of succession, I love I love succession. I like to pretend that succession and righteous gemstones love that they live in the same world, because then the last episode I watched the register, and so they went through that theme park. Yet I was like when it this is the theme park, this accession Hamley on moods issue they Sunday night. Are you in the mood for fucking, weird shit like gemstones or weird shit like successor, yeah? That's, they are the same, show going indifferent rackets re. This must have been written about on Like Buzzfeed. It's gotta have been alike like snappy article n. Happy world. Send us not be article. You wrote about the situation right, you any or all the you sit in a yak and what's it called aggregator, and you just type all day an article about that you're, the one that's working be what's accounts aggregator,
the other computer were Danny, always lead to use a gate. Her son instigator now outdated, grew falconer, re more, as is year strolled out of your own mother, but that you will be here all night editing. This part of the show. No one's argue here. Any this rail salute we'll cut, goes down old and were whom her bag. Nothing else was think of the word. It gave in El Salvador anyway, when you how little news news using review Susan and regain our lives, do the business for so business people, tuna,
Business in the front yard go Animal party in the back. That's right. My favorite weekend, guys you're sick of hearing a song about this were still excited about it, though that's right to fuckin, taken over Santa Barbara, the there's going to be so many old white people. They don't understand, we signed a sorry, then I really so the packages are sold out. So you can't get like a whole weekend package, but individual tickets are still ongoing and there's gonna be a bunch of shows. I can come to all of them yet still and also we're having a fuckin art show yesterday, murdering as that are attending the weekend. So you can submit your our work for the art exhibit at my feet
We can. The info is in the new section of the website and for people who are coming or not coming here. You want to come and you're a murderous maker, and you just want to fuck and sell your, whereas at our little queue at the crowd like a pop up store pop ups, its jaws are you gonna, be of his arm and ease the snakes and on our tents and snakes? You can do it also info and linked to submission forms is in the new section of the website you to flee Red George. There are so many people who make such incredible are if you're on
Es Angela's Comfor can drive up for the day cellular each week, like we'd love to see it. Let's see your knife earrings. Let's see your MA stitch either dead or anything like that. If you feel like doing an you want to come up, and do we really would loved owes you and yet but here's the thing. Submission deadlines are October twentieth like them a couple days, yet you have to actually submit and Pierre people need to know your comings and that's important. You know your fingerprints should to my good enough mission, be so we turned to people who should I do it shall not do it just says: don't fucking everyone sacks just do it just. Do it you're the best one yeah exactly what? If you don't realize that you dont have impostor, send em? What you have is secret superstar syndrome, wooing you for some kind of reaction to what other business? Oh we're gonna, do the tv guide of my
exactly right, media! Yes, let's see the murder squat as a bonus episode up right now. Yes, we're Billy Jensen does something he okay, so what he did it notices in conjunction with Billy Johnson's, bookcase darkness with me, is being there doing these book. Events at Barnes and nobles across the land and essentially Billy, went and found a very old murder case, and so she they're going to be releasing clues, and then you can you get to basely work on this murder case and try to solve it with the clues. It are released, brilliant, it's really really cool, so they have this bonus episode coming out. So the lesson of this week's murder squad and you'll it'll make sense more than the WHAM explaining its highly interesting and cool and Billy. Did it all on the purchases. Channing Apodaca he's a comedian and he has a second adorable cathode I've seen man's amazing gray. What is the right have parity? You need a ride where
worth recording it tomorrow and the rumor is the Billy waned. Davis's gonna make it onto this episode that, like six like knowing its very true, he is the Matt. Damon arrive, that's right, no yeah! So so, as far as we know, right now, that's what's happening tomorrow. He has the most lovely southern Axa. It's just worth it too. He also stand up is brilliantly, please just good at what he does. He swung those keys one, those comics that like puts in the work he's on the road all the time he has the best internet posters that he makes, one of whom is just a picture of a wolf on a bathroom sink a public bathroom sink lady. Clearly someone and took a picture before they caught it for control. You knows he's that guy very clunky he's a cool guy. I'm an coursers! The falling in this podcast will kill you. There come out an episode sandwich and catch up on everything there. So fucking they're. So great speaking, oh, I don't know whatever
we want to plug something very just found out about from money already more at all. Either at me you see be theatre which is like a day seed or here in a way for the sketch comedy for Improv Verges, fucking, weird shit. Fungi combination, as now it turns out I've used. We just found out that they're doing someone's gonna my favorite murdered the unauthorized music. It's gonna be here to authorize the arrogant authorized whenever it as we don't know that our stamp of approval on it. I know its not critical in only don't hate as there's no way they don't hate. As its October. Twenty ninth Eddie, you see the inner thanked him and heavy am Oprah. Wind, freckle and Michael O Connor are the comedians who are putting together an I'm here for it on another, though their sound like fake name, no couch means they don't want their names to be going on this, which means it's going to be a scorch.
Oh. No, while go. Let us now guys. We know it will be good, I'm sure you'll be son. Who cares if their critical this thing? This is exactly what we are supposed to be doing it as point art is: are we support? Are we support anybody getting an idea for any reason about anything doing it? Cept, Nazis? Ok, I have too so I was just on vacation and wonderful. Vacation was happy for you and the who really out with a nod exams as they know. I really have no firm it. Thank you I mean now. May I get that one seemed real, but why I was there. I met a truck were Andrea, who, if I had one thousand guesses about two hundred, did for living truck drivers
would be way near the end, but she came up in of course here in a bar cause. That's all we did was spend all of our time in bars, hilarious and she came up and just said at, like everybody does, I'm so sorry, sorry they're always sat lightly crouching down ass. Sorry, I just want to say hi and I love your park asked Anne. She was on her honeymoon, my sorry, I dont remember her brand new husbands, name, I'm very sorry. It was shock. Tucker, Chad or Brian trucker. Chad shows a truck or Chad may met on the road, but anyway IDA Andrea. You know glad. We could be there with you it through your long haul flights and she had the most perfect manicure. I know how do you drive truck with the most perfect manner and I were seen. I have fully bandaged finger right now and I dont do Jack shit and unmanly geared fingers, so I am impress yeah. It was very cold, yeah. I just want to get that shout. Oh, are you watching the politician now?
I have not you have towards the politician mocha, it's so good there. A there's like an underlying gypsy rose, Blanchard like a kind of story might not so good and its played by Audrey Deutsche that is, I just want to go- her I wanna watch this show. Well that sounds, I'm soul is a really good show. I've been looking at their. They have a series of billboards unhappy that I always look out as I go to the dentist and their beautifully delay. Our Georgia and kind of like compelling arts are those even real people. It's not like that. Look super fancy, but it's not is in its like indulgent, like one of cultural, because she's in a kind of way. Ok but then, oh, my god and then fuckin haha,
six laying plays the mom or the grandma with my cousins hinder by proxy. Have she is fucking, incredible, yeah, she's, so good? I love that show. Well, I didn't notice. Lang was on an oh, my God shall issue Ryan Murphy giant. Of course it is only the start of his contract. Do you like and where will Jessica Lang be participating in Oliver Jessica Lang, Zoe George care like characterise the grandma and daughter with them? Now I could just watch them all day. Is incredible awesome, whatever? Ok, let's get you know, we are currently a lot on Netflix yeah, ok, you're, ok it's like so Ursa. Thank you. I need it because I'm done with both succession. Combo shows the spin off succession and the righteous gemstone at a girl. There done. Get mouth watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid. They may looking at home son, easy and afforded
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yeah, ok, good. This is a story that I discovered over the summer. While I did my usual cold case, googling turn that this is a huge story in ITALY and in Europe in its just, like everyone knows about it, but why had never heard about it? Ok, this is the cold case, disappearance of E Manuela or Landy. Okay, I not so much information from this from the Toronto star article by Sandra Content. I, by an all that's interesting article by Marco Marguerite off and an article, the guardian by Harriet, Sherwin and Angela Freida and, of course, Wikipedia and read it our best friends after hours. Is there really work, as I keep seeing this every time? It is like a pda lately, please! If you can go, donate five dollars to Wikipedia Ass, they need it. They talk of nothing it's important. If you could do it, it would help us a lot, because we need to make sure that we can always use. Work is the only way we know, and I swear I've done it. I let you I promise yet you do it too. I do. I make a person
wrong sort of trust. Me ok, so this is the only this cases, the only that it considers in ever to be kidnapped, o shown in a need. Your help with this Catholics conqueror Kircher, cram Jewish, and I get a thought of course. Young people go missing all the time all over the Fuckin world this tragic court cases, one of many I want to make that clear, but it's come on in ITALY's most enduring mysteries and has yielded wielded tons of conspiracy theories over the years. With some involving ties to the Pope, yet the mafia chorus, and then fuckin masons. That's right Karen! It all goes all the way to the Lord huts. Right are learning figure Gmail corrected through over your learn, say variety, sheer decision. It's your life! In June of nineteen. Eighty three fifteen
a man or Landy, had just completed her second year high school she's, beautiful oh in our normal kid, she grows that a considerably with her thesis, there's a brother, her mother and her father, who was a clerk in the office, the scheduled meetings for Pope John Paul. The second did, you say: beatings, furred, Pope Jump uploads a no. I wish I had a meeting, ok media, a great many things and work there. If you like, I saw him. The children there have this save happy life and that a considerable they have free run under that account gardens and according to amend well as older brother pit Petro, they sometimes a popish fuckin swing by and be like YO at that guy. This girl and whatever clearly the happy childhood an on the little two criteria. It's an amount in Manuel was a smart kind girl, so normal childhood as normal that can be living in the Vatican city. I mean just the idea of it.
I know that there is the Vatican city, and I know its own totally separate thing and all those things that the idea that people actually live there right with children and stuff- I thought it was just the clergyman the last night and I'll, tell you if I get so that I didn't know all of us not to consider as a sovereign state of about a thousand people, so people actually limber like it's a state, ok minutes ruled by the Pope. Obviously it was declared a sovereign state and nineteen twenty nine as part of the global late trend treaty between the Holy See and ITALY and that c e as easy as that's as he Ebro use out there, because I had never the noisy as the Pope right. The holy see as a universal government of the Catholic Church and the Vatican City state as a sovereign, independent territory inside of ITALY, where it operates from oh, it's like them,
hopes whole government? Yes, ok! So it's, but it operates from there and gonna fuckin. He runs this king he's a president he's. I hastened John Jay Z in New York City got shut up or the Orlando family, as part of a small group of lay that a consistent living within the walls of the city state, because people have to do like lay stuff like butler, and you know, gardener and answer the farm and schedule beatings for the funding of answer that red found. Yes, the beating will be at noon. Hang that phone outside prow there are suddenly people there on genuine one nineteen. Eighty three fifteen year old fifteen year, A pretty musically talented girl is in her second year high squarely. Fuckin said that school here recently ended. But she continues to take flute on piano lessons three times a week at a school connected with the pontifical Institute, a sacred music, so she's good and she's dead.
Canada, is actually manner began that treatment. The pontifical institutions ever gave me she's. Also part of the church Choir ACT in the Vatican link. Oh no joke she's, just like talented, I wrote highfalutin before realism and a great planet was cause. She's plays the flute, oh hi, life. The loot, let me explain what I feel like you're puns, come from God, because they are so. I salute mess. Unexampled ain't, you you're! Welcome that. In an Weller is headed to flew class. Yes for older brother Pietro to drive her the mile long bus no to drive her. He is like. No, I can't do it, they get in the fire and of course he regrets it. Everything is why limit so sad hate those parts of these stories right genes are takes Thus, the class, a traffic cop and constable later come forward and say that they saw her in front of the italian Senate Talkin to a young man in a green Bmw, but the Senate
dirty cameras weren't working that day, so they can catch anything after class. Around seven p m Manuela calls home and talks to one of her sisters. She tells her that a man had offered to pay her almost two hundred dollars to distribute pamphlets for aim on yeah I don't rush fashion, show that we again. Evolution is come up can be like Do you want a cash jog, your kind of an eighty three, maybe but pretty girl egg? I just teenagers into this cheap job for me, hubbub haven't you.
I have for a job like at where the warehouse and then you don't have to worry about getting a job through a car window grain when you dont, know Gilligan. Eighty three I've just like a thing, I mean yes total possibility and who does there so may red herrings unless that, unlike some so many clues that you don't know that they, if they lead anywhere not this could just be a normal thing. Here is the other family to call it into suspicion? Yes, not a lot of deeds. Workin for EVA! That's right in my experience that minor ants some neighbour Ladys, but it's pretty much a it's a woman based industry and a two hundred dollars a lot of fuckin money in eighty three, the languages to do it cheap job. You talk about fifty bucks here yes. Yes, I think what you seem sketchy. It seems super because, wouldn't it be like fifteen hundred dollars in today's money problem, roughly animals that momentum as italian money, I'm lire
Really I don't know I really she was given. She showed him. She would answer that evening after her asking her parents, but her sister said they weren't home, though, is the law. Anyone ever heard from a Manuela which their return home by the next day. She is officially declared a missing person over the net. Two days, announcements of the disappearance are published in the orbit published and light like missing countries grow up with the Landy home phone number written on them, oh knowing all with any clue. So she days later, a sixteen year old boy calls to say he and his fiance had wrought had run into her the day. She appeared. He reports. It's all this crazy shit like he said they matter at a local square. She had they described, are correctly about like her glasses in her flew and told them that she had run away. She told him TAT she had run away from home and was selling Avon products so kind of like matched up
later for that? A man who owns a bar between the Vatican City and the music school near Mario calls and says that a girl matching and meanwhile, as description, had confided in him about being a runaway and said that heat she would return home for her sisters, wedding, which was truthful- Yet she was supposed to play the flu in the sisters wedding, which was also true. Okay, so economy than think, like maybe she's, just a runaway by July, room has ever three thousand posters with a minimalist photograph and her disappear. Becomes a national story and like it's a face set, I think anyone in ITALY would know. As at the missing girl yards like cigarettes, story to them, and it becomes a national story, especially when, on Sunday July, third, during his weekly public Sunday prayer at Saint Peter Square, John, how the second makes a public appeal.
A man well as disappearing all my car and says that she was basically applies it. She was kidnapped and praise for her speedy return, and this is the first time that a minimalist Stanley honeymoon considered kidnapping. They thought she was a runaway rip off. For some reason, the Pope was like she's been light. Does he have more information, though we know o yeah, So now, or maybe he's just hoping like many many families do when people a missing back and Pope I'd like this vague second I don't know, maybe you'd like trying to turn a slut like it's, not but that's also, it's so heavy that the Pope said something about a right that is. Such a value is also the fact that there was the first person to be kidnapped in the Vatican City, the citizens and wrap what I'm saying usually in situations like that
What kinds of institutions brush it under the rugged like? No, nothing bad ever happen right leg, Disneyland! Won't! Let you buddy die on the property rights of snake. Yes, exactly it's! The Vatican is very similar to Disney ass. You re good to know that they are better. We have laws. Their Disneyland City, as we know, is a sovereign state and that the independent territory inside of amateur- I am where it operates from establishing nineteen twenty three months. I got it. Ok, so now months, what were the kidnapping a friend of inadequate as a hit name raphaelites these names sounds so beautiful when sent by an italian person. Yes, absolutely I'm, so this gal is the daughter of the Pope's butler and he took an, but her father, that she was being followed by a man, who told her on six separate days as she rode the bus to school, and this is a few months before him and while I had gone missing over her father, had warned her that there was a rumour possible kidnapping being planned and because of this, that, for a highly was transferred
but different school and wasn't allowed to leave that to conceal loans. Last may be a pattern. Ok, when the claim is investigated by an italian intelligence officer. When you know the detective comes a fuckin check, it out he's taken off the case and given it s job oh, so it might go all the way on the latter two days after the Pope's appeal here. The family receives the first of a number of announce. Anonymous phone calls. One call reports, even while is supposedly the prisoner of a terrorist group. Ok, in ITALY at this time it the largest communist party in the west at the time- and this is a time of fuckin, crazy violence in political unrest and like mafia stuff- Cold war inside the country. You know, like us, fighting form of action. I am as well as by extremists national groups, while so like, not a good time to be there and be walking around as a teenage area yeah two days after the peace,
This appeal, the Orlando family, receives a first of a number of anonymous phone calls: ok, ok, the car, in this one says that, in exchange for Eamon well as release, they demand the release of Mohammed Ali AGA, Mohammed is a turkish man who attacked. Did you know that the fuckin that jump. How the second had was shot yes and attempted assassination, yes, and then he forgave his assassin. Ok, that's crazy, super crazy and also that's why, when he gets one the pope came and towards America, he was in the put my deal. That was likewise nicely in what looks like one of those trouble where the days passed back up but heat, but a pope in their yeah. Yes, because because God has this guy, because all because this guy that actually shot so the person who's calling is demanding the release of the dude who shot him who shot him for fucking.
And hit him any fuckin survive survive in nineteen. Anyone, so they're saying that they kidnapping Manuela to trade her for this prisoner oversight in prison. Now yeah would don't you think he should be thou yeah The way you want a Turk signing that I'm saying a crack. You re right, defend it he's also. The rest were responsible for the murder of a left wing, journalists and human rights at the kidnap de patchy. No other information given but Pietro the brother says when they asked to change Manuela to us. It meant she was alive. So this is the first time that they are being asked to trade. That means she's like a gave them kind of like held some are, even though the request was absurd. They were like it's not gonna, fuck em happen, break Ellie, she's, alive yeah, so
in the following days. Other calls are received, including one from a man who becomes an his calls himself. The american cause he's America sure. As an american academic Dona, he plays a recording, allegedly of women while as voice over the phone. He also wants to arrange a deal for Eamon walls. Return in exchange for Mohammed ah goes wrist release the guy who shot the pope. He says the calls from the two men were the two guys from the day of that were like? Oh, she was in my bar in situ runaway. We met her in the square. Those were like his men, oh and they were calling to try to slow down the investigation by insinuating that she was a runaway yet was gonna say that part of it is like than the families finding out like she was gonna run away. We didn't nationals gonna run away right, so they stop looking as hard and though there waiting and they have information about her. That was a kind of correct, so they could cause That may be true. I think it is
and if they were following the other girl. That was then not allowed to go anywhere by herself for days and days. Here it's easy to find out stuff like that. Looking behind and at each my seeing where she goes flute, shit, yeah, yeah so oh, I see he says the calls from the two men who claim this year that day arm members of his organization, which is a turkish extremist nationalist group, called the grey wolves and, like these guys, are fuckin in the mix of this time too, like fighting with ITALY. Another call from the american dude led to a bag and a garbage man with a photocopy of sheet music by com. Those were that, even while I had been studying so these rightly all it like clues. They gave, unlike that there's one. That's like she has six miles on her back. She has fallen her friends have dark hair, like nothing conclusively leads, think she's. It doesn't seem like a right, but a copy,
Her music school registration card was found inside a public garbage ban, but it was a copy so like who knows where that came from ram. So in an interview in prison, the sky cod declares that aim, and while I was kidnapped by bulgarian agents of the grey wolves, he himself Mohammed, he claims the KGB had put him up to the shooting of the Pope. All along The second KGB is in here now- oh god, and that the other another fifteen year old girl actually have gone missing at the same time as well, it did Marilla Gregori. She was doktor did at the same time as even well, and he says it's part of a plan to secure his release from prison. Select these two young fifteen Euro girls had been kidnapped. For this reason he clean The girls were taken to a royal palace in Liechtenstein, where there are living in a convent over the years. There is An insane amount of theories circulated in the italian press and with the like. They go crazy over this. I'm not getting.
All of them. I highly recommend, if you want to know more to read the article in the Toronto star about this, because fuck indeed She doesn't in five another anonymous call comes to its talent. Hedy show sang of the tomb of the gangster Enrico Deeper DS has evidence that would help in the disappearance of England Weller O crisis caused there, like Lula check out the tomb Enrico DVD ass. I had been a leader of the band ideal Della megawatt, Michael Yawning Gang, which was at the top from the criminal world. They were like the criminal second overlords in the sky was like part of it and shudder. Ninety ninety dvd ass was shot and killed by rival numbers of his gang and buried its seem to appalling airs crypts at one of Rome's most perch stages- churches, okay, and was really where the fuck is this like guy, who is in the mafia, buried in this climate prestige, us crap
buried. There are numerous cardinals and senior members of the Vatican and burials hadn't occurred for over a century there. Okay, so suddenly there opening their open and it back up right. I've got a fucking, weird and also just having to be attached to the building where amen. While I had studied music, oh yeah, ok, eyes and not to replied just sitting back as hell cases lay all gonna had an cassettes such a tiny place than ever. Things got the Vatican city, I like Vatican, out about outside of it I mean I dont know if I'm missing, if its close by re. That's right, you just it's all kind. Can. I am, I not mean anything but the fact that a notorious gangster was buried at the sacred placement. Everyone go. What love and so was not not like known until Miss came out. Wasn't on taught him. Oh ok, we had been years and people like hang on,
ok. I know something's going on here, she's a say why there are all kinds of gain, ties and eat this, like fuckin, crazy, crazy, evil, messianic groups like that, I'm not getting into the illuminati problem. Ok, I feel like. I think they laugh at the Illuminati cause are like that's bullshit, and everyone knows about em they're not sought, as yesterday, like some crazy masonic group that like killed their fuckin, like anchor and share on bananas stuff. She may deal with money laundering through the Vatican's with all this money is being wander through. The Vatican, with this sucking gang like Mafia tee. Others have The team like Sakharov here and all kinds of suspicious that's happened. Basically it's their eyes that a man well, I was kidnapped to blackmail the Vatican into giving back the money it owed this gang that this guy belong to and its but they didn't get the money back thanks to a deal cut by the sky. Enrico day, piteous and part of that deal that he cut was, I want to be buried in one of these fuckin crabs. Lull re, ok,
regarding honour? I know they're gonna get me whatever. I also want this. Ok, it's kind of large ask I like to be buried with saints and cardinal sin. Candidate is like you got us back she hundred million dollars you can yo. Can we need you to get this money across or will it really bad or whatever the fuck, Wikipedia his former love earning Sabrina. She said that she had seen unwell after her kidnapping he had been held by the deputy ass. His gang for several months show so claims she saw, even while lifeless body in a sack before it was dumped in a cement. Next, sir, I now on a construction site in a seaside town in Rome, but she might go crazy. And also the construction site it turns out, had been built after he know both for well. Well, he s here so
it didn't. It wasn't credible, but there's some weird credible shit that she has information on that. She also maybe like an arena Well, I always say that my that's I ain't, never the ultimate disqualify age is so crazy and then it's a person's is going. I actually witness this entire thing in your own, then no one believes you that's very true anyway. The Orlando family lobbies, the Vatican to open deep adivasis tomb because remember they had said that. Look in their you'll find some information. This, the Vatican We agreed to open the two which is crazy when it's open, on May thirteenth, twenty twelve only produces remains or inside I know, bummer still the thinks there. I find very interesting, yeah yeah, very serving theory revolves around a concerted effort on behalf of the Vatican, local police and regional lawmakers to kidnap young girls, like he Manuela or Landy, and Marilla Gregori and force them to be sex slaves.
What's a tv show watched a long time ago that had similar undertones resolve of the lake cover the lake top of the lake, a job It goes all the way to the tiger, Nay inmates Many twelve, also an eighty five year old, exorcist cabriolet, earth claims at Orlando was kidnapped by a member that a complete for sex parties and then murdered it. He says what this guy is fuckin, like the kind of guys like Harry Potter and Satan mention unknown ammunition. He claims at an official of an unnamed foreign embassy, was involved as well, but he's a little cuckoo, but, like maybe like a little bit of what he says is true. While I feel like these days at when we are actively watching all conspiracy theories come to laugh front of our eyes, it's getting easier and easier to believe every theory re everything is you're, just like yeah those exist. Yet despite this has been proven to be real and the cuckoo people are the ones who actually come forward and minds seeming coup by fuckin saying these things right.
Well, we're saying at worst sand and where the craziest of all another theory says that, even while I was kidnapped by spies acting for the former Soviet Union and used to blackmail Pope John Paul, the second into endings four, poems dissidents, solidarity, union Movement, Lech, Walesa, less big, negotiating really as being the arm. He was just that Poland was basically getting liberated and I think it was through I'd like it got. It was international news. Lech Walesa was the leader of that party. That basically was Italy, everyone just psycho young people, people need to have freedom is A thing may have also had something to do with communist Russia. But I shouldn't talk about any of this. I am just maistly saying this is like me talking about old school. We do a percentage. Ex effort was the politics, and I absorbed as like an is seven your essentially the news on it all up and others.
Back when the news on the gamma Ray six to seven in your parent left in India are then this last year the families lawyer received an ominous note which contained a photograph a tomb in an angel who was like watching over the tomb a crazy out in MR issue, is NATO have to export their products than anything to anybody know there is a rumour that there's a vat akin The phonograph said seek where the angel indicate straight out of the dimension. Go that's right. I mean ok is like and she got isn't really is ok in reference to the marble angel guarding the crept in question, I ve never released. Oh yeah, the Vatican doesn't want to the general public to know about it and it does it state into their normal like this is what happened to open the fuckin tins really Missis. This is why, where I came in my late, my cold case, yes over this
domineering, normally houses or means, and german speaking, catholic members, but like a fuckin eighteen hundreds were talking AGA, so this. So this past July is what October. This pass July, twenty nineteen than Vatican, oh Is the tombs are in them supposed to be. There remains a princess Sophie of HOLLAND Low and The duchess Charlotte friend. Ok in is the remains of no one Nobody is no one on the prince. Or the duchess or Manuela it's in empty turn. Her, which means people have been taking, are taken out of the term right right after it had an open. They find an underground space inside the pontifical teutonic college which have been covered by a man hall. Inside of that as thousands of bonds that appear to be from dozens of individuals, both quote adult and not at all, but they look ancient by their dna testing them now.
Currently conducting investigation that the whereabouts of the princesses as well my guy, so they basically opened a tomb in a new mystery started. His right, simultaneous mystery, not stray, which people think leg this goes to show you there's some fucking crazy Vatican, MR issues. They don't have to export. They don't have to explain anything to anybody know. There is a rumour that there's a vat akin like a secret museum under the vat again that has lake old dinosaur esteem and you'll be interests in that, like all like old rare dinosaurs and hangs that, like you, know, they're like it's, the Loch Ness Monster in London will like those things there, that they ve never released. Oh yeah, the Vatican doesn't want to the general public to know about it and he doesn't fit into their normal like this is what happened in this is what's going on and yet years a narrative and that's a narrative, you believe like if you shake people's faith thinking faith is smaller than then went out Finally, as you lose their fucking shit, that's right!
not ass. No not consider all options right, not Marinos. We want another trick, we want to know what's in the basement, there's nobody how to get it scarcely There goes out there that tried so hard on this for real, and we adjourn God damn it please. There isn't one allow laughter nazarite, there's rumours that, even while, as not only alive and her brother knows about it and her brothers, like the advocate, that's China Fucking get the Vatican to fasten yeah. Someone is spreading a rumour that she's even well as masquerading as his her brother's wife. Now so so bad that one reporter asserts stocking his family for months trying to prove the theory sheriffs. Paper on her finger and symbols into like his mother.
His mother, to get a sample of her hair for dna testing and rummages through the garbage at his house and takes his wife's use Tampons Oh no. This is their fucking. Germany, yeah yeah sounds like it here. You Petra says nothing surprises in him anymore, so the disappearance has been linked to the KGB. The attempted murder of the Pope, the Vatican connection to the mom, satanic orgies and money laundering, the Vatican Bank, among other things, but Ultimately, there's no tangible proof of what actually happened to e Manuela over three decades ago and although a lot of red herrings and conspiracies may have clouded over the facts, others this one of the signs are there so much fucking things to say in places that lead nowhere. That who knows? What's real? This point ran like who even those who saw her a day and whose tying the true rate, who was misleading people on purpose, Ray what was real, also nineteen. Eighty three is basically like saying eighteen eighty year in terms of police,
in a forensic getting rang or all the Ino thermal having you to go back to the original police file and start there, because it's the most simple and that's usually where the answer is the true true, but it's also a it's so sad to me, because it is that thing of leg. Whatever the answer is it that the victimization of like a teenage girl will use you for whatever the plot is whatever the crime as its there's, an innocent girl and her family? I was amazed and it could just be some fucking psycho who kidnapped her right. You know is never gonna get his fuckin just Rick is everyone's like. Oh, it's a satanic, whatever words like. Oh no. What about if there's just a like a serial killer, cereal right here? That's just! Does get caught exactly I'm a man was mother. Maria has now in her eighties. She said a plate for her missing daughter at Christmas for years after she went missing and involves fatherland. Joanne, two thousand and four in March,
researching the first Sunday Mass of his pontificate station. First, second, venomous, poultry since gave a sermon and after them ass, he greeted every person who laughed the sermon here, Maria the Mothers hand and said he Manuela is in Heaven to it. The brother Pietro responded and tellers proof. Contrary. I live in hope that she's alive and I hope you will help me find the truth yeah to which the Pope responded is in Heaven Petrie himself. Thinks that the them a hamlet Ali occur. Angola was a red herring, the guy who shouted the Pope yeah. He says I believe Pope John Paul had to weigh the truth about Eamon well against the image of the church. And he made a choice. I believe he knows what happened so. A lot of people think that they can have gotten her back and it could have. There could have been some kind of trade, but it would have just asked Austin. So many fucking stories in so many like secrets that to them
it wasn't worth an undue auntie, em there's also. Possibility. Has the catholic church has a very bad a habit and reputation of covering up for priests, and had a final argument that just its some local at a file clergyman did it and they found out about it and their governing. For him. I mean it's a proven fact that they do that. It's not It's not a fucking know we're not just saying at yet. We all know we everybody saw spotlight. We know how things go opinion, I was undeterred, he refuses sub searching for answers as to what happened to his little sister. Anne it is the story of the disappearance of E Manuela or Landy. Call cases are the saddest stay now it's really awful, and it's like yeah that family that They don't have an answer, so it doesn't help that the says she's in Heav n right, because that does prove anything and they need proof so that they can at least
being a different space than not. Now I totally I mean that's just as heartbreaker, it is Russia. Also, what's funny. Can I The story is so Georgia told me last week that she wanted to do this story. She just dead, but she said it's all about the Vatican and I understand you, people are doing with your your big, weird church city state only see I learned a lot by the way. Thank you. Some other additives. As alone Catholic. So is she said one? If I do this and then she and then you basically gave me my murder for this week. I wanted to trade you list for the as yet, but instead we're doing. Oh, you want to trade, so you could do that as yet, when I'm just getting the credit speak as if you get the gutter press out whereby no yeah ok well include, but look at it so
just a suggestion this week, I'm doing the overstate and sisters and honey shaft teenage. Nazi assassin yeah yeah I do I so excited very cool. So now it that much about its I'm really excited for the really I just like have run little basic articles. I can't believe that their high and then there is one movie made about it just about honey shocked, but I can't believe there hasn't been a million, and hopefully there will be because it's really incredible, like eloquent guarantee, knows movie what was a cop inglorious bastard kind of like has some hints of died, absolutely gas in it's kind of like the idea of a like a fascist to the degree of Adolf Hitler in the insanity and speed freaking S of Adolf Hitler taking over. Almost all of Europe. I think
it's cool that he made that movie, because it basically shows how the people, how many people had to rise up against the Nazis and fight in their own versions of the resistance, envy, spies and there and before that they just under Shoestore. They just were someone's wife, her daughter in law, imperative those life or die was life or death, and it is the kind of, where people slowly watch this take over have been, but everybody thought not in my country. There's no way could happen here. There's a lot of them or they were like he s in my country. I want this to happen right and thence to scary thing is that their became this dividing line. So it's cool to hear these stores kazoo. We see lots of movies about the brave soldiers and all the people that fought against, like the axis powers, not cool but like teenage girl resistance fighters, and they think is a story that so timely and and perfect. So I got infirmity
and from Smithsonian Magazine the Washington Post Wikipedia again, please don't eight five dollars: history, dot com, the New York Times and then a woman named Sophie polder months. I think that I use for now to name she wrote a book. I found Sophie Pullmans book, because I stumbled upon in looking journal look up pod cassock, a kind of cs distinctly. Tell tell me the story. I found this pod cast called spiralling women hosted by woman named Kate. Daniel says that is the loveliest. It's like your favorite high school teacher hosting a podcast to talk about these women that we don't get to hear about as much as we should. Ok, so I'll give you
and- and I do Apologize- I am not a world war, two scollard away what this is well. A lot of. You look very disappointed after that. This is a miss pronunciation episode that care in urgent cases need let's tread into areas. We do not belong. That's trade religions! Yeah! I got in just see what we have to say, but stories that are so are telling me so. Ok, let's first talk about the this is how she pronounces it on the pod castle. I'm just imitating a dutch woman whose clearly this is how you're supposed to say, ok, Louis Louis overstay and is born on August, twenty ninth nineteen twenty dream and her younger sister, Freddy it very easy to allow this said the young lady and that she is born two years later on September six, nineteen, twenty five in Scotland, Netherlands,
which is a small that village that sits in what is now known as the city of Harlem. So, the family lives the overstock, family lives altogether, a large ship. If I'm and the sisters are raised by very socially aware communist parents, so their mother makes a point of instilling a keen sense of justice in her daughters from a very early age, so they spent their childhoods doing stuff. Like making dolls for the child victims of its a spanish civil war? Yeah lot of awareness about like him, you know what's going on with other people and helping out, and the fur parents built of their parents are members of the international red aid which has a social service group organised by the commune. International I've, never heard of that before greater Communis International. This is research, then I'm reading, ok, but their pay
get divorce when their mom gets fed up, because the father doesn't work that much doesn't make enough money. It's an amicable split, after she takes her daughters off the ship. They not see much of their father after that, their family there no smell our family members to a flat where they sleep on straw mattresses that their mother makes by hand. Fruit Freddy, was later quoted as saying that they didn't have much, but her mother always was able to figure something out, and the family was always singing all shared sticking together and helping out. Ok
see their mother remarries and then gives birth to a third child. A boy, and so now Freddy in Paris, have a little half brother. So now I'm is gonna marry lightly and very badly explained to you world words. Just let me do it! My way no of omega thicker shot and pauses was the canoe. Imagine essential age has tried to boil it. Everybody knows a. We ve all watched the history General one million times, but essentially read the book mouse. Look at the book, and may I ask the Graphic Novel mouse Emma? U S is from the point of view of a survivor of a nazi concentration. Account must be credible and his on right. So incredible end.
Or a fine and what a terrible time. So essentially Germany lost World WAR one and so did everybody else, because there is such incredible loss of human life. Unlike anything, anyone had ever seen before. Obviously it was called World WAR one, but it was providing their spina go, see any movie about that, because it people didn't even know how bad It was going to impact soldiers and the human beings. There is just so much. So much loss of life. So, unlike anything, anyone seen before and and Germany afterwards, it was, you know, there's little story of the deutsche mark. It basically became useless inner humiliated. There are humiliated, they were all poor there. Their money was worth nothing. It was like it was terrible and the press. But that is and when people are oppressed,
with poverty with all those things, then people rise to power who like to convince them that their Fourchan there's a certain group. That's responsible what a great feeling that there's just one group, that's responsible for all the things that happen to a country that easy it makes it very easy, and you can. You can Lena focus all your hate in one direction. It simplistic its ended and catches because it's the basest human reaction is? Oh, it's not my fault cheerful and oh. If I get rid of you all of my suffering will and not true. Obviously, most people Hopefully there know that by now I will learn a soul let's now scepter nineteen thirty three, when Adolf Hitler is both appointed Chancellor of Germany and he Mediately, organise a campaign of violence and intimidation against jewish full throughout Germany carried
by the Nazi Party, so according to Hitler, who, as I said before, was on tons of speed and that should never be discounted, because white drugs are very bad for the brain banana right. Drugs of megalomaniac you're just gonna end with a little LE art school heartbreak there. Oh it's! Oh it's! Not it's not good. Ok, so so were the Jews were to blame for everything that happened to the mother land since World war, one and even before that, because the jewish people, it throughout history had become scapegoats or any time. There is anything happening in a community, and this is this is something like from other stories that you hear words like. Oh, it's it's pure. If young boys are being killed in a town, it's the Jews that just travelled through they did it. Instead of no, it's actually a thing called a serial killer that you won't know about four hundred more years and its
I have to tell you it's been going on for a while, but the the problem here was this: his dishes campaign of propaganda, scapegoating and racism. It starts with jewish business owners, but soon it spreads to all jewish people, and the downtrodden Germans wanted to blame their poverty and their failure and their heart ache on any one else, and they now had a government sanction target and this combined with comforting yet psychotic fantasy that area in blood made them. The most superior beings on earth became this intoxicating drug that the nation began, shooting up with abandon thanks to Adolf Hitler. So with these was based, hatreds, justified and their worst insecurities erased. The law, The wants of Nazi fascism quickly spread the its german borders and Freddy, and through us who were aids, and I think twelve grew
witnessing the inhumanity of the Nazi Party first hand? They see the propaganda, they see the cruelty. They see the intimidation and its solidifies their drive to for justice, so Freddy in truth and their mother or they're all very local, about their resistance. They hand out ants anti Nazi leaflets in their turn. On, and they just say in german propaganda posters that called Dutchman to come and work in Germany, so there there were in it before world war, two was even declared her attack up on that her hey, no say no way as early as you can't. Freddy's mother begins routinely hiding jewish refugees who are, Amsterdam and Germany in their home before the war even started using in nineteen thirty. Fourth, the girls gave up their bedroom to start housing, jewish families who needed to go into hiding or so in early. Eighteen, forty when Fridays,
fourteen and threw us is sixteen. The sisters get a visit from France, Vonder Veal, nailing Ryanair downgraded and He is the commander for the Harlem Council of Resistance and he formally invites the family to join in the fight and he expects and that it will involve military training and the girls are like we're in her entirely. Of course, they're very excited about the idea, of course, starting a kind of secret army to fight the Nazis, and the sisters become the first two women to join the then seven person resistance grew. So it's a tiny little group and these girls are all in Bulgaria and just in time, because in May of nineteen, forty, the Nazis invade the Netherlands and with
nazi occupation now a reality. The work of the resistance becomes crucial. So there isn't enough time for Friday interests to get the military training that they were promised, but they are taught how to march and shoot in the seclusion of the woods, so they get they. They learn staff and I'm. So training is complete. The team sisters begin their daring acts of resistance, so when the main things that they were doing was transporting jewish families and refugees to designated hiding spots They were very involved at doing not in fact, early on truce was in a boat filled with jewish children, that they were trying to ship out of the area and the knots is bombed the boat and all the children draft. So these young girls- and I mean we're talking about teenage Girls- saw some horrific horrific acts were first hand that that
What then go on to propel them to basically match the horror and because they knew they had to so they did things like they blew up. Railways with dynamite. They planted wants a communist flag at the Nazi headquarters. They rode around on their bikes and adjust, seem like they were too young girls, pretty girls or writing random bikes and the Nazis never suspected that they were actually to resistance fighters, and if they had an and stop them, they would have found that the girls were riding around with a hammer guns in their baskets because they weren't out for joy rides. They were tracking nazi targets, so Basically the resistance would name the ranking, usually a high ranking nazi officer, and then the girl go out and sign them and track them, and
heard them and basically ambush them, shoot and kill them and then right away. Unsuspected all lie her, and just I will make the point that Sophie makes on the an airing women podcast. There was no operating judicial system in not in the Nazi occupied Netherlands re, so there was, it was only. It was a nazi government known and are there they took over and there was an you have they had to fight them tat they had to do something in there was nobody lookin out for long and meanwhile you know they built Dachau. I think in the early thirties, Jaso Commutation camps guy there that yeah that's right. I mean there were sending almost everybody air unless you were deemed pure white and all that shit by beginning was communists and resistance fighters and all that shit anybody was developed mentally disabled anybody that was blind handicapped you were somehow discovered to be gay. Here you are sending people there either
I think we all know this in all the different ways, but I mean it was it was I mean it's ridiculous to say it was and is a nightmare or something like that, but I mean the world had turned upside down in Europe, ok, so so Freddy becomes very adept at this idea of being able to write around, for she looks younger than ever are all of them. Obviously, so she was actually the first member of this resistance to kill a Nazi and later true I would say about this work that she paid the price that they all did, because it wants It wasn't something that they were cocky about. She said quote, it was tragic, very difficult and we cried about it every time. Afterwards we did not feel it suited us, it never suits anybody. Ass. They are real criminals, but one loses everything. It poisons the beautiful things in life.
If you're someone who is fighting for your freedom and freer and for citizens, freedom, you don't want a murder, someone know, but that's it. You have no choice right Do you have no choice and you're saying I mean Lena: we we know what the Nazis did in just the other day to day these are people who came and had absolutely no humanity to them, so that then that then the next stage of the planned started as they got a little bit older women. Is the sisters began to frequent bars where german officers hung out and they would get all dressed up and look really beautiful and go and flirt with the Nazis? And then they Laura them out into the woods where either they would shoot them more, the members of the resistance would be hiding and they would get ambushed unshod yeah. That's what you get Vienna Nazi and in the spring.
In spring and summer of nineteen, forty three another young woman, of honey shaft joins the Harlem Council resistance, so she'd actively than fighting against the Nazis. In the Netherlands herself, she was stealing Idee cards for jewish residence so that they can be protected and escaping, and so the day we protected. Sorry, the council resistance Approach Tawny because they heard that she had left school refusing to sign a pledge of loyalty to the Nazis. Soldiers are universally was forcing all of the students to signing on. So she was like a fuck all your and leave school, and the reason is like a resistance is like come and join our team. We need this so together, Freddy Truce and honey, successfully assassinate many high ranking nazi officials, but on March,
and it goes on for a while, so that than the Nazi start to catch on that people are being murdered in houses, happening and honey red hair So eventually the story starts to come out that will you have to be careful of the girl with the red hair. So, on March, twenty first nineteen, forty five Honey is writing her by transporting underground papers and a pistol when she stopped by nazis at a checkpoint and because they all know and have been warned about, the girl with red hair. They search her bike and they find the papers and the pistol share, and they realise this is the member of the resistance. That's been killing my ranking officers, they interrogate her and They find out that she is. She is the person they think she is so she is Annie shaft. So honey shaft is tortured and executed by firing squad. Unequal, seventeen nineteen forty five, she was only too
money for years only shared eighteen days later, the Netherlands is liberated from the Nazis YAP, so honey has of since become national hero in the Netherlands, she was reinterred in the honorary cemetery, Ervic Gulf plot Bloom and now in the press, the princess Juliana and Prince Bernard. Her legacy is remembered throughout the country and actually a nineteen eighty one, a movie called the girl. With the red hair, was made an amount for life, Tourists would go on to be publicly about all of the work that she, her sister and honey, did during the war. Trust becomes known for her public speaking an for her artwork is painting sculptures that shit. Did to kind of process what they went through fighting in the resistance and he also rights. A memoir called not, then not now now,
ever yeah yeah girl none of the three women ever reveal the exact number of nazi officers that they assassinated, saying, that their soldiers and soldiers never reveal the number of people they ve killed. So it was a very difficult after the war. The The sisters had a really hard time. Obviously they had very bad PTSD note at the time they had nightmares. They had depression. Through a lot of stuff and actually Freddy you prefer to stay out of the spotlight she'd up Erika Mann, Name Yon Decker, and she had three children with him, which she says is what helped her cope with the trauma of her past in eighteen. Ninety, six truest founds, be national honey, shaft foundation in the Netherlands. An honest memory and the foundation works to inform people
particularly young people about the perils of extremism and fascism to encourage them to actively fight for justice in their daily lives. In twenty fourteen, Freddy Untruth are awarded the Mobilization WAR Cross, which is a very high dutch military honour for their resistance work by Prime Minister Mark Router and in twenty sixteen true, this passes away from that Euro causes at the age of ninety two and then Freddy. Also passed away from natural causes and it was a day before her ninety third birthday and she survived by her three children for grandchildren and their half brother. And if you want more information about these three amazing women, please read Sophie pull Germans book seduce in killing Nazis yeah honey, the foe, the full title. Seducing and killing Nazis, honey, trust and Freddy Freddy
dutch Resistance heroines of world war- two it could not be a longer time, and that is the incredibly inspiring story of three young young dutch resistance fighters and tourism Freddy overstayed in and honey shots. Kara was amazing, Lena Algeria, layer, gray, the World war. Two explanation was made rather longer, Bulgaria really have watched actually a lot of the history general stuff about it, because it's a kind of thing of how did this happen? How did this happen? I think the same thing is true. Crime words is cross over like what what what what's life than like for other people. I have to know more about it. Yes, I know its not in what my life is and I just want to, or whatever I can and thinking about people who have been everybody, every side of victims of war and seeing how home the lick the
didn't like multitude of pain. It creates there. Aren't any winners, really learn. I mean it's like there's things get may be re balanced in a better way, but there's so much that there is so much human costs yeah and I think that's kind of the plague you why that would be like yeah shudder, much a pupil of wrong they're, just like no. It was absolutely not like that at all, because they didn't want to be Our position on the first raised pray that it doing what they felt. They had to do tat for humanity, yeah and think, they did saved they saved a ton of people, has incredible. Yeah good Theodore Drank here are guaranteed so long. I didn't do it one preparing our lovely, I'm sweating alive, but yeah great. Thank you. What you're Fucking Array. What's a positive thing, so ok, this one, I actually sent to you, I believe,
even a text that is our friend Bernay Brown and if you go on to Bernini Brown, dot com, there is a video on their its super soul sessions. So it's called the anatomy of Trust of Oprah and read oversell doing it for us all and Vienna We have trust as this incredible bernay round video that everyone needs to watch a ballots if you have trust issues. If you have a relationship issues or whatever I have my own, its everybody yeah everyone, and it's kind of it very much- reminds me of how my blown I was after the vulnerability video the first on ice offers, it so huge Enviro, but this one is really amazing about how to have better relationships, how to build trust and how to be trustworthy and held. That is just important for you to be able to trust other people as it
it is like. We always want to go like oil, that this person did this to me or whatever, but it's like, but actually, if you can build your own sense of trustworthiness in yourself, which is about which is basically about knowing yourself and having kind of a centred moral view. It's just such an. Why am I tried to me- and I want to- and I haven't, wants, that? Look you semi sometimes run does like I care with this, like a yes, I too big for me rain. I always liked you do heavy shit yeah and you have a site, like you gave me a really nice, like grieving pamphlet, recently I have it out on my desk and endless like I get, I can get there you get when you need it and then that I think this is why this thing sewer unjust, reminding you that I need. This is exactly what I want to talk to me. There is doubt this week, yeah it's big feelings. You definitely need like a half an hour privately see, you can cry as much as you want and as hard as you want, or not at all, but there's just things and you just go. Oh yeah, like it's just it's very very helpful and it actually is very kind of like
it just kind of centering in calming in that way were, if you trust issues or if you're worried about the kind of relationships you have in the way you have them either I have to worry about it. You just have to do work, not all its end, its babies, it's just like you have to become aware and do your best, because That's like that's. Why Bernay Brown so awesome cause she just as here's the science hears. What works? Here's? What we when we do, our studies, here's what we see. It's really it's not like any kind of fingerprints. It's more like. What about a forced up plan to feel better in this way is really call sooner. I like you're talking to me, but you are I'm talking right near faint, yeah there's. Nobody else is that it's the same thing would like you know, you recommend an is done by a european books to me and I just don't pay attention so and then I come back and go. Have you read this book? I told you to read that its is. I think we all take it anymore supposed, so it just like put that in your put the inner put
then your filing cabinet and see what happens by the day was anybody else? It's that kind. Like is looking for this thing. You can't go wrong on Bernay Brown, dot, com and away here, but that video, especially because my therapist Mattel him you to watch it for literally three year, allow and then I found, I was like fine fine. Like a daily. That's a daily bernay, less! I origin. Posted Daily Renee, quote from our colleagues on her inst around there's a lot of daily. What she's doing our neighbourhood on answered rob? That's right. I only all or watch a final and yet now and you feel like mine was gonna. Be that I finally cook
we offer literally the first time in like a year. Oh shows, and I love cooking, but I just don't have time to do it and I M just takes along its overwhelming was gonna. Be that I cut my finger real bad news. You maybe I just made a little chicken and vegetables me. Although bag, I than tapped the knife on accident and sliced, I guess I'm nice moves. You do. I was gonna, be my fuckin, her aid, but then just coming here tonight I saw Corky puppy and marking a lot, but I am sure it's I think I need a puppy now so that's my black Enrietta Schweitzer suffer this teeny org. You copy that just changed my life, I can't imagine anything, would be cuter than a Corky puppy, its stood there and the sweet woman was like we're gonna. Do you want to see You want me to do. I really shouldn't. Do me, a sardine thrilled areas or even the newly issue during the Bible,
shoelaces you have been at the woman. Must man please I'm trying to talk to your dog? It was the kind of life changing yeah. You really were lit up when you came in a stream at years pointing toward the door like do you know them? where I mean it was ok, pays things for listening. We appreciate your eye so much. This is fucking incredible and were so lucky and we still love our job. That's right so now you yeah thanks felicitating yeah thanks for making it happen for us and stay sexy and dug a girl. I address you wanna cookie,
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