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196 - The Baddest Of Them All

2019-11-14 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Gray Widow Murderers and the Burger Chef Murders.

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This is exactly right. And while some I've ever murder, the Maxie sewed make two old men. Instead, you I'll admit it esprit. Funny. I don't know I like it. I am always he always Gazeta. I've been listening and a lack of fires and I've been listening em. We really gonna take Michel, firstly, the intro I dont know how to do that by no at a blackened star. I M actually not that interested in an office. What more do you why? How we're indoors, Stephen as
all kinds of equipment. You should see the river a lovely lamp lead because we don't want over headlights disturbing our precious precious eyes, because grandma is sixty nine years old noise and God Damn Fluorescent lighting his rough. I was thinking how I would be if we recorded at my house with the fire going in the background, and then that would be really distracting to people who don't like the sound of fire places not just like a little fire. Either. We like the house on fire and then try to record and get it done, but of all the way to go out. That's the challenge. We start the buyer downstairs ready. The trash can put ignite. Go on account of diet, we're gonna, start a fire and then record a methodical, there's just one episode. You know it's really funny, it makes me think of and it's you ultimately, I dont know how to do it.
Have Karen said I won't do you hungry would have been no plan about an you brought Stephen you're, the one that's gonna help me here somewhere. Our friend sounded out have a podcast, I want more, I will I'm friends of one of the people in the broadcast. It's called podcast but outside and do those its home again, why can earn Carling S malaria in skateboards? Yes, why is there this morning? And I love you Alex surveys. I can see you look upon Casper outside they do things like us. They just set up a card table somewhere, see who comes in talks, so brilliant, really enjoyable and they ve gotten into some shit. It's really found age remission. Its andor machine is the one I now call Hirsch color just as any other house will have to listen. I love that idea. The beach they did. It calls or Andrews fathers. Third wedding
I want to say third, I follow them on twitter, but it's really funny to just see when they posner like we ve got another one where the work they were in the Santa Monica, prominent or whatever I just set up in like half to podcast. What happens? I love that so create. I think its super super genus. Sorry tell me what years was, though my I have one it's called family secrets. I really love this podcast its hosted by Danny Shapiro who's, this incredible offer and ass speaker and she has she interviews, people who have had these crazy family secrets in their life that come out or that they kept their whole life. They just found out. There's a lot I like, I did my dna testing in this crazy thing came out, and language can a shepherd. Sutler stories are so heartfelt and beautiful in that Pakistan's beautifully done, while family matters family secrets about Israel's TV, I am sharing. Ergo has a beautiful, but ok, I'm gonna get everyone. Oh, I know that sampling secret, though my secrets from Euro
then we're gonna. Do this. I'm sorry forced us into a cast round up. That's! Ok! Let's be here, even though I was mentioning thought Jasper outside, I guess it was just like we can progress in their eyes. The giant firebug someone's already doing Saudi asked on fire pack has umpire were basically it's taking Andrews idea, then just upping at a not yet I did want to mention. I urge you know Chris Garcia she's a comic from San Francisco that I'm friends when I think of him the EU.
From like shows around town, yet he is podcast called scattered and I was on it have says: guess one time cause his dad died of Alzheimer's right, and so he- and I have this conversation- that's pretty great. I love him very much and he and I in it's not like we came up together. Anything we didn't know each other that well and then we kind of did shows together and figured out both of our parents. His father had recently died at my mom was still alive within, and it's this very strange, immediate, bonding, amazing thing- and we have this conversation talking through.
Experience that I loved, and so they are releasing ads on November twenty. Second, as with more time, I guess an extended version or allow rotation cause, I think we talk so long that, like there were producers, there were like on the phone in New York. That would that I'm sure sitting there like what we can and rapped on their both crying but had to stop regarding this biogas. So if your interested and that something that is an end, it doesn't devastating bummer to you the one of the things I love when we do me in Greece's around people me you, as I hear them say, thank you for talking about what you went through your mom, I'm starting to go through it. I've been through it whatever and like talking about it, but other people. Imagining and in hearing other people talk about. It would be so good
the flying. Yes, I think it such an isolating experience at any time. You get a chance to hear anybody else, talk about it and talk about the guilt entire horrible parts. They does. I think a definite helps me when I like, when he- and I talk so anyway. If you want to lose that all things at leg, you keep secret and you don't want to talk about because its to deepen its too much with anything in life. All these fucking struggles we go through yes and a minute one person's goes vulnerable and sorts fuckin talking about it. Every one else like I'd ought to be ashamed of this and someone else. Let knows what I'm going through and then you meet random people like maybe they ve been through, that two young men, you bought them, and you never know if you are going through until they fucking talk about it. That's right and oftentimes people haven't had been raised, not to talk about the whole set up in our family, and I think in a lot of I don't know if it. So I don't know if it's iris Catholics, I dont know if it's like the second generation immigrants, I don't know what it is but like you are, problems are not real.
Two other people? They're, not anybody else's business, it reflects poorly on the family right and you do not talk about that. You all you do is put on a brave face and go to work all the time and that the solution to everything and it's like the relief that peoples. Air from the thing a lot of people's enemy is like when you talk about how like much you hate the parent nets as this disease, which is such a terrible feeling. Well, it's so taboo. You don't hate that parent! You hate the person. I imagine that that is through these things. It has become this different person yeah. You hate this situation right, but it comes out of Harrowby hates. Ok, you now, but I hate as an emotion that we all have in talking about her, isn't fuckin and the end of the world and you're, not a bad person, because you are suffering under excruciating circumstances yeah. Crazy, seven, namely the Pakistan Chris Garcia, it's called scattered. Oh did you have a correction corner? Oh I do
best friend. Our number fan and the man who is brought all over our web platforms together on her. Thank God. Damn and he's the reason the fan called is fuckin awesome. Now he s and the website and eradicate and merge sore and enough ankle. Edward S is he's realm and he's my old fry no names. I was like. Let me fix less, we didn't have to be like. Can you help us? You know this sucks coming home. It was like me and my twenty six year old cousin. I need you to fix the saliva immediately more lightweight want. Is that all right anyway, he let me know on episode, one. Ninety three. I said that the fan called basically when you, if you break it down concerning twenty,
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as they say somewhat an album coolest march, the most fire Obama, twenty six tags ray it's going to be just the flames. The sound of flames aims are so excited about the the March items that are coming out were colliding with a really awesome, murdering homemaker will tell you all about it. There's good good, stuff coming and also done one and to tell us that tell you that everyone, the menace deadens corner really any members of the fan, called, are up for renewal. Happy fan Colbert day. If you were on auto renewal on the outside, you still need to renew on the news. I because we made it better and different. It's
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Steve something radically sixty something while so there's a few tickets Leper Manchester on November. Twenty second Glasgow on the twenty third Dublin on the twenty. Fourth and twenty fifth there's like it's like ninety six percent sold out on those one, so you get your tickets, you rise and become CS. Please come see already preparing our stories. Yeah we're gonna be so prepared are exciting. I one of those places and the like coming up to tour where I like. I can't take on plan and sleep. I know now. It's we theirs,
I think more fun than touring. It's really a joy, but when you do it for six months straight and go through to full season, it gets a little. You get a little bit a little bit exhausted or a lot and then have enough. We did have a bit of a nervous breakdown. We had two though, but it's I'm excited, because we usually one we're on the road or at least the process has been up. Until this point we go on the road. We find our stories rewrite last minute, there's a lot. We add in the tension, which is kind of how I always kind of do area. But this time we are like we ve already done it so much that now, I'm like I regret all those times. The last time we were in Ireland and the UK, where I sat in a hotel room, because I couldn't get my shit on entirely and basically didn't get to look at start working to explore, go I really do it. I got her despair quickening to tell you. Ok, it's on the same level and plain and like of existence as the cocaine bearer. Oh
Ok, I love that level of existing Vince red menace. Headline too, and I was like TAT,
to me immediately, Chuck Karen Pharaoh hogs find and destroy twenty two thousand dollars worth of hidden cocaine. I love those London where a la girl. I want to read you this one line or get its in ITALY. These motherfuckers, ok, it says an unknown number of bores allegedly dug up and destroyed this gangs. Packages of cocaine dispersing their contents. In the woods it was not immediately known what happened to the curious animals: oh they're just come out and about units from new three year. We don't know that we have cocaine, hogs, now, they're they're down, shooting Poland smoking a ton of cigarettes, that's where they are and plans for a restaurant, let's make our dreams. I truly hope, as I want to talk about stuff sushi, but top positions jam bans sixty four tough, ok will then, in the end that realm of I want to tell you something less than a segment. I want to tell you some picric, as I loved some listener, named Emily George, assuming its a listener contact she's talking about a many so remember on many sewed one. Forty eight, the story about the little girl who said to her attorney father, fuck, you daddy, it's Bobby Shapiro course. It's my life blood, ok, well
George tweeted till she said I feel obligated to inform Chemical Europe A car dashing would have been around the right, a and the daughter of the right attorney for that fuck. You daddy, it's Bobby Shapiro hometown in my favor murder Minnesota one. Forty eight, along with a Chloe, give now she's going hashtag fact. Layer on this is that it's ok, Kim Kardashian. If shield fuck you daddy, it's Babeesh appear but an eye than she's our new Oprah re, but Bitch sing its Chloe Chloe only was the right thing. Re she's done the map on their doom. Emily George went to town merrily and I love it. Thank you. Thank you for that information. I would never put out to get now. I wouldn't have either yeah. Maybe it is dash. Baby leaving
No, all my look at all the shooting and written me I am alive covered at all, hovered it ass lightly sweating. I know we really power through that. Lady, like feral hogs, on cocaine, really are felt by you mean I didn't just come upon it like the bare didn't like dough. Then they dug that shit yeah. There were like I don't know it doesn't smell exactly like truffles. It smells more exciting, does not answer, unlike any. They against people should know that cause they sniffer chemically its yeah. It's these now the Smart Hodge. Let's have some fun. It's not like drain. Oh and baby aspirin, my dealer cuts with guys drugs hurt, they hurt you and they hurt others and hot. They hurt hardier feral, I'm just trying to be them. Civilians, sweet sweet, Go Gambier is who are just trying to live their lives in the forest. What if those Farrell hogs tore open those packages with their big crazy fans and started running, and they ran into cocaine bearers coming the other direction they all made friend and they had the most intense picnic conversation about, say, you're at hand, authorities of the EIS being he ok. We between worked it out as soon as I will. I just want to see a little hog put his
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Am I a well alright, I'm in a slow down on this with Georgia, Georgia in its next time, I actually brought my tweezers, because if, after he s, ok, you guys are now at the exactly right offices. Here we have this
through- that- has his overhead lighting that is so fucking bright and of noxious leader it and it's like hey here's what you really look like you have you hang you think you could make up on. Didn't. Do anything didn't do shit, so we got a. We got an office tweezer, because every time we go in there all of us go. Oh should have so many like errant tear and black haired sticking out of my chin, whereas I use just sit there going, oh, my god or other people looking at them. The axe and areas is a nightmare. Have a community try, not superhero community tweezers? We can get some rubbing I'll call and sticking to marry. You could just color and everytime Stevens Babies Lee pluck one mustache air out whatever so that, as is over, I mean I know personally really combat minor Noma, my massage errors up better like please take us. Please help you help yourself. Ok,
what's funny as when I was trying to find a murder for tonight. When I was looking at my choices, I kept finding british murders or I'm like I do in this long term savings that's gonna get my homework down here, so I thought I would do, and I warm. I wonder if you remember this story, because it happened in the early two, thousands in LOS Angeles, California, How- and it is there upsetting it's the gray widow murderers Holly go lay an ogre, rudder Schmidt, not after up my hair. Ok, I think you might, as I got so. The sources that are for this. There is a beautiful article from LOS Angeles magazine and The title of it is: what can I tell you? Buy a writer Paul Brown Field This is the Katy Perry connection on now now remained jumble ain't no
a pdf, although in the Wikipedia article they call them the black widow. Murders which is an accurate sets a little, but I think they later kind of adjusted that title cause. It's not a black widow, murder, rape. Technically there was a couple Ella Times articles from the time, just reporting on what happened, and then there is a great article, written by a writer name, Stephen Johnson, for a website called thirteenth floor dot tv. Have you forgotten there? It's really good in this area, a group a great and very comprehensive article about these murders, Stephen Johnson, for thirteen floor tv the website not a secure website, just Siena that came up as a in their little, and they have already tell you that this idea, I guess nothing, secure online anymore, nothing secure and life anymore. Don't kid yourself, soil going down! The directive goes all the way to that by all the way to Hell
So tell me: let's start in two thousand three: were you working on ours avenue at the time I was twenty three son now I was I was lunch lady at that time, San Francisco. Now here, oh come back. Or hadn't gone. You can't gonna come needed, keep you personal timeline. In my hat, which I wish you would think you, while the red strings or go we're triangles about your life in mad real bombing XO, it's two thousand three and I would bet Presbyterian Church, the one on Gower witches. Our and it's a game an almost Franklin. It's the one! That's right by the over pass on the one Exuviae and its Red Brown yeah yeah. There really want it. It is it
doing what it can to reach out to the homeless. People of LOS Angeles among the needy is a forty year old man named Kenneth, Mc David, so on top of the nightmare of being homeless, in LOS Angeles, he also suffers with schizophrenia and he doesn't have any family to turn to. So he goes to the big brig church on Governor Franklin, hoping that they'll be someone there that will help him and there he meets to older women, who are more than generous him. Seventy two year old, Helen Delay and seven year old, Olga Reddish Mass seven year old Besides ever hear the picture a little cab, seventy great seven, zero. They take it upon themselves to find Kenneth an apartment to pay his rent and his bills. I try to help him get back on its feet, may say so, of course,
does a godsend for him and a heap I mean he believes it to be in. Why wouldn't Hannah, because these did to nice old, ladys, very charitable. They found him a safe place to live and all yesterday Sinaloa paperwork. Oh dear sir, two years later, on June, twenty first two thousand five around midnight, Kenneth MIC David's body- is found in the alley behind the Bristol Farms grocery store in Westwood. Now, if you ve never been LOS Angeles, I dont think Bristol Farms or National Bristol farms are the fancy a sucking grocery errors. You when I first moved Ellie I wouldn't go inside. I go inside once in a while. I M, like in the neighbourhood of one and its, and I
like they want to kick me. Oh yes, I always felt like in the nineties. When I will go there, I felt like they thought I was shoplift totally. I think because I was thinking of shoplifting the whole time, because it's like these eighteen dollar, puddles of all regions truffles in every case, like oh you're too, does the travel gamble, humble sugar, it's all travel area and it's all insanely expensive. It is pretty fuckin toy twenty like crazy, and only in the way that LOS Angeles Kenya, where it's that its very conspicuous consumption, bullshit toto evolve or it. Am, I sprained. Well and also its like, and if you do have the money you can go now like Ya'Ll to all by a thirty seven dollar brand muffin check it out. I don't care about the money I just want to shit. I just I want that five room. I says, if you don't wanna, be regular, Fanny, Bryce. Ok,
let's get back to the horror. Kindly okay, so this is also the irony and it's so LOS Angeles that this homeless man who was murdered is is yes, body is behind this grocery store. That is literally only for rich people and its in a high and neighbourhood. The westward is very fat on her. If you want to you silly, you know that you're fucking restore anyway. Where do you get there? They find that Kenneth, Mc David's body there's pulled blood around his head. Doodle aspirations on a scale has three broken: ribs, a fractured pelvis and last raisins on his spinal cord. Oh my god. The corner later describing as crush injuries, occur. To the touch of toxicology report. A high has of high doses of it is sedatives in his system, so authorities find an idea, hardness pocket that points them toward a Hollywood apartment building. They contact the landlord,
that person says Mc David has been staying there for a few years, but recently moved out and the landlord is able to provide police with the name of the woman who's been helping. Mc David pay the rent and who signed his lease for him. A woman named Helen GO leg, so they contact tell him to notify her about Mc David's death. She says that she's his cousin. She comes to the morgue to identify the body, and then she pays to have him cremated, so investigators track down there. There eventually able to track down surveillance, video from the hit and run up, so they think they its gets a car accident. Well basely with the crush injury, is consistent with somebody being hit or run over by a car, so they find surveillance, video that shows a silver. Ninety. Ninety nine mercury, Sable Sudan hating Mickey and leaving him for dead she's, nothing else on the cars identifiable no, It's alright, so it's the only lead Nick goes colds until
the mighty insurance investigator, comes calling so sure yeah a few months after Canada, Mc David's body was found. An insurance investigator named Ed Webster shows up to collect the infinite report about the accent from the LAPD he's been trying to get in touch with the beneficiaries of the five hundred thousand dollar life insurance policy that had been taken out on can I gave it with his company mutual of New York. They had found the claim, but Webster had been able unable to track them down. So essentially he They filed the claim to get the money and then he reached out and said yeah I'd like to meet you guys. So we can talk about this and they never called him back so that immediately sent it senses tingling. So, as he starts looking into this strange case, he discovers another five hundred thousand dollar life insurance policy also incur MC gave its name the beneficiaries on that policy, also
I'll, go away and all Schmidt so hell told authorities that she was Catholic, David's cousin, but the life insurance policies state that she and although our investment partners, funding can admit. David's screen writing career. It's just not a relationship that happens in this town re. Nobody, funds, scream, writing career slight and also the unless you're successful, screenwriter right then them it's like hey, we're paramount, we'd, loved we'd love to find your laundry area, and yet our rights Insurance inspector Webster smells Arap so so the LAPD Robbery homicide division help any talks, you detective Dennis Kill, coin, so kill coin. Isn't immediately convinced that these two little old Ladys are capable of this level of crime. Now he's got lots of other other robbery, homicide shit to worry about, and he's kind like yeah. Ok until as everyone is talking about. Oh the two little a lady's that people think or whatever, and then a colleague reminds
kilcoyne coin of another hidden round case from nineteen. Ninety nine, in which seventy three year old, homeless man Paul vetoes had been the victim and when, you look into that. They find that vetoes also had insurance policies taken out in his name and the an official areas. Now our Helen and Olga, why they now have picked up a rock someone remembered that yes, that's kind of the beauty of like these people in it, happened. What a for five years before by then they carry that around like a seventy three year old man at it. In this hit and run like you know, their colleagues, oh wait a second yeah and sharing information at least yes, and talking about. I am again so now the authorities get serious about this case and they call in the big guns the FBI, the to turn his office the basis of them all the California D.
Men of insurance Del Fuckin Mass, that's their motto: there's not much moved in math before blood. I only when you finish this anti ok, so they all begin to investigate me, seemingly sweet old Ladys. So let's talk about how Angola and Olga Rudder smet- ah they meet in the eighties, because there to health conscious mentally women in LOS Angeles and they it LOS Angeles Health, Spa and they find out that they have a lot in common, so Olga. Europe in war torn Hungary in the forties for injuries from world war to bomb re where they said be an entire building collapsed under and basically
barely escaped warlord to Hungary and Helen had suddenly and tragically lost her father in a car crash at a young age. So the two women bond over their childhood trauma and they become fast friends. So as the years pass, both Helen. An older suffer failed marriages. They have problems with their kids and they have intense financial instability. Have friends who have very distinct memories of the two women complaining about needing big money fast and so, as their desperation peaks. The two women decide to start committing petty crimes together. So The story is that Helen, older would sneak into the Beverly hills. Hotel or the result in Hollywood has in actual fact right. They pretend to be registered guests. They go into the locker room. They change into their pool stuff, now they're both physically fit. It's very allay their both these blondes. How come? I can't do that. I'm just to do that. The ads just
it's. You you're, not a sociopath, all right, yeah. So Helen has this big blonde Buffon like she's leggy, and she is now used to being a hot lady, from the past, Ray and Olga has like Azure Gabor thing going on. So nobody thinks twice about these two seemingly rich middle aged lady re, because when you're a middle aged friends, you can become completely invisible. It's kind of exciting, actually Milon Fuckin gives a showroom Gaza. What they do is they change their poor clothes and they go hang out and then they steal purses and credit cards out of people's lockers, no one's suspects them because of old White Lady privilege. Essentially it's like oh, could never be these two right. They have some a shitty lipstick on or whatever she's she's, almost exactly like Georgia Gabor. If you could never be stealing my fucking credit card right, they do that so much and so often, and they
never get caught, they never even get suspected. So of course those petty. Crimes going on prosecuted, emboldens, the old gals to escalate to credit card fraud. Then insurance fraud suing small businesses, faking or exaggerating injuries, satellite Dax. Yes, so they start nay start realizing how they can make money, which is basically by ripping people, often all different ways. Man of slippers, small businesses, I think about who, like suddenly have the stress, a fraudulent claim yet so they have to deal with this trend of fuckin make ends meet where its leg. You seen it in a bunch of either wherever words like I'm sure one of the morning you like a little vile of you know eighteen dollar, olive oil or you throw it on the ground. You got a slip and fall now. It's a lousy own that dry cleaners or whenever I that's the story in these guys work that system pack. So, with all these cases, Olga finds herself, a fellow hungarian immigrant lawyer named
brown field and he handles all of her cases. She turns to him for personal injury, clams from Otto accidents and slip and falls lends its one I favour it. Petty crimes is a fake slip and follow up and far more people, fake, slipping and falling in my world. Do you worse all of these cases that she brings damn seem sketchy and embellish, but George is for his loyalty to fellow hungarian emigrants, any Ella area, so he continues to represent Olga and does. The lawyer who Paul Brown Field wrote the article about it's his father, while in the article is beautiful, it's all about how he kind of didn't know his father and after smothered idea to go in, and he found all these cases styles and went through all this stuff to figure out why he, continue to represent this
I'm telling you this is a family secret Pugwash at last year. It's totally families, Gretta, okay, so that's August Story Canal Alan Delay is if she's a bit of a mystery lady, but from the a times article, her hair dresser, who wouldn't give her name cause she was afraid of for her personal safety. But she told the allay times that Helen once explained to her quote how men could score a windfall by marrying an older man, ensuring his life and then secretly feeding him daily doses of Viagra until it triggered a fatal heart attack. Oh God, what a way to go: you're just trying to cut some bangs into some old ladys hair. Like sorry. What's this I didn't: ask you man, then then listen! This is what she says: the hairdresser who s country named, though its authority. The hairdresser quotes, go lay. As saying I
evil. You have no idea how evil I am anyway by anyway. I also three way, so I will just touch up these related to ten percent ceiling. There I'm evil. So I took you turn for yeah. That's gonna be above the hairdresser. How unnerving took I'm upon these people in real life and have them be like, while you're my hairdresser. I guess I'll tell you my dirty inadequate and shit.
Can you stop talking? Please please, go somewhere else. Has a super cuts down the street? Okay, so usually the cases that Olga would bring to George Ground Field were small and petty until she arrives at his office one day in early two thousand to tell him that her quote cousin Paul vetoes had been run over and killed in an alley way. She explained to her lawyer that she and Helen had been taking care of Paul who she claims was a quote retired. Electrical technician who was barely getting by on his social security Olga explains that out of gratitude for their help, Paul agree to make she and Helen the beneficiaries in behind Helen apologies, who make Hearn Helen the beneficiaries on his life insurance policy. But now that he's dead, the insurance put the insurance company refuses to give them their pale. Because Paul's death is a potential homicide and the authorities couldn't rule out Olga and Helen as potential suspects, yeah so
urge takes the case and fights the insurance company hazel with lawyers her he says that they can't withhold payment unless they can prove Helen. Olga are actually under investigation for the death of vetoes and since there is no proof that their involved, George wins the case and Olga and Helen are awarded. Their pay a holy shit, theirs so this scam emboldens them both to move on to help out another homeless person a Need Kenneth, David arise where we started on my guard, but as all of that proof is piling up, investigators are now hot, only old, gals trails, so they start telling them and watching them, inaction, yeah, so
The Ladys would frequent that first presbyterian church on Gower Troll for Victims- and it's you usually they would look for alcoholic drinks or people with Mental ELM, easy targets for them right. Then they offer them food and shelter with no strings attached and after some time past and they'd secure the man's trust, they would tell their new charge that they're gonna help they're going to the bank tat help him open, as on bank account, is basically getting em back on his feet and they would make sure to take them to Bank of America, because at the time it offered a free thousand dollar life insurance policy once a check and count was open somehow in connection with her. So would sign their base.
Their target. They would sign him up, for that was known automatically and ate it automatically, and then they would send notifications to increase and so the that by tens of thousands of dollars it would start out as a one thousand dollar life insurance policy that already signed it. So they could just keep increase, may could keeping they were in charge and once they had that policy, they could take out several more policies on the same man with companies that did their business either online or through the male online raid and have to meet anybody in person. They would just sign him up and then show that he had already had they Harry had always information. I think these policies should be changed. I it seems like it's too easy to do ass. Somebody here- and I bet they have been since that time out hope, gotta hope so. Basically, Helen Olga learned how to game the insurance system pretty severely. We're cunning and calculating and their cold blooded killers. So so as their tailing. The women
authorities are horrified to discover that Helen and August names have popped up again as beneficiaries on a life insurance policy for a homeless man named Jimmy Covington, okay, so old Gun Helen meet Jimmy offered. I'm up in a Hollywood office building at no cost, but Jimmy Covington is smart. He he'd they pick the wrong guy when they pick Jimmy Covington Car because he already thinks it's weird that their these nice old, Ladys and they're just doing all this stuff for free, but that they keep insisting he fill out this paperwork and provide them with his personal information. So They they coming back and trying to get him to fill out these forms any just isn't doing it. So one time they just snap, and these like get really angry and yell at him, and
That's when he knows that he's sure he was right and that something isn't this. So when the next time the grannies go back to check on him and get that paperwork, Jimmy Covington is nowhere to be found at a fuck out alive. Again, he was like Ie Anna buying any this latter days ladys. But by this time the police have now amassed enough proof of the two women's twenty year. Escalating crime spree an answer, enough evidence to charge both hell. Angola, an ogre rubbish, met with felony male fraud and suspicion of murder. Ah, as they were tailing Olga, they just watched or steel, her neighbours. Male now, oh yeah, that's a thorough fans all that it can show no one's tailing. You yourself, ok! So on made eighteenth two thousand and six to separate. The police officers arrive at
of Helen GO lays residents, residence on the West side, an ogre rudder, Schmidt's residents in Hollywood and arrest them simultaneously and detective. Dennis kill coin in one of those articles talked about how they wanted to go and they went in with all these cops. They wanted to leg, shock and odd dazzle both of these old Ladys so that when they brought them, aunt like they knew was Yale. Everyone saw the neighbour saw area, so when they came into the same jailhouse where they were getting booked, they would know that they both that they were Superbus era, and it was time to start singing and they knew it would only be a matter of time before they each flipped on each other.
Which is kind of a genius plants. So there's lots of pictures of them getting arrested. I didn't you can look at my letter last year eleven. So once the police are inside Hellenes home, they find a mixture of ground, a prescription pills. They say enough to put an elephant to sleep. She says it spoken sitting around in our apartment, my earlier when mortar and has so does like and she's all issues, also handcrafted specialty cocktails as well. Ok, so they also find organised files of all the life insurance policies that she and Olga had taken out on their victims, so she's killing people and can be that organised and work. And can I know you now? Yes, while also it's like. Why would you keep all that stuff re rare, your apartment like how? How bout you go out and get like one of those Sarge lock
thank you, storage war that shit. They also find documents from three other man. The Holy and Rudder Schmidt had tried to ensure for around eight hundred thousand dollars, but those applications had been denied and the police say that there is no reason for them to believe that those three men were in danger anymore, but basically that they had kind of gotten process. They went at an eye ass foolish. So though, go lay and Rudder Schmidt worked as a team. There was evidence that each was not always aware of this sorry. This is from Paul Brown Fields, Elliot Ellie, magazine article. It's a quote, though. Gully and Rudder Schmidt worked as a team. There is evidence that each was not always aware of the others activity of the thirteen policies on Mc David, for example, its commitment David, that the martyr we started with a gold was the sole beneficiary on eight, so
It takes a while without her Helen off with the aid of that. You can't trust your murdering, Lyra yeah, no honour. Sometimes they tried to remove each other as Colbert beneficiaries, regardless insurers sold policy after policy and paid up as often as not so between the two women Helen and Olga had gotten themselves paid with scan nearly two point. Eight million dollar fully share your imagine what should make us all of them went through these benches are dirty birds up. Ok, so authorities also discover when they're going through these apartments at the mercury Sable that was used to kill Kenneth Mc David is registered to a Hilary Adler who goes to the same Jim as Hellenes youngest daughter, Quichua Calais. Hilary Adler, however, didn't buy the car years before
her person stolen from the locker room at that Jim later Helen, had used Hilary idea to buy the car telling the dealer. It was a gift for Heller, so they clearly they find that mercury sable and they find prove that, on the night of Kenneth Mc David's death Helen GO laid called triple a to have broken down mercury sable toad. Now the car broke down. Yes, after should counter then went along with it. They had to have a toad. And AAA. Has it on record yet when when the police possess the car and they test the undercarriage they find Kenneth MC let's dna on, and why and so visit they have everything they need to now charge these women so The trial begins on March Eighteenth, two thousand eight. They both
plead not guilty. Neither one testifies. You know their lunatics over and over the course of the three week trial. Each ones lawyer tries to pin the entire scheme on the other woman. It must have been. This is really horrible and tragic and its shocking how cold. Blooded these murders are but to sit in the courtroom and see this would be a circus yeah. This would be like high high level courtroom. Hearing that, under this is on court. Tv is at all. Ok, so Hellenes defence attorney argues that her daughter, Quichua had conspired with Olga referring to records of phone calls between old and key shut to support. This argument ogres attorney, however, Is it a Helen dazzled Olga with her lavish lifestyle and manipulated her into going along with the insurance fraud plan? He claims Olga, didn't know that the schemes would involve murder, but then
Jimmy Covington takes the stand, our shared s, our friend, you soon got out and was like fuck these old. Also already. He bus then and blows the doors of both of those defences. He is their only living murder for insurance, scam, victim and he said the record straight because of that. Three weeks after the start of the trial and in April two thousand eight Helen go lay an ogre. Butternut are both found guilty of insurance fraud and of the murders of Paul vetoes and Kenneth Mc David and their each sentence to life in prison where they remained to this day, and that is the truly disgusting story of the grey widow murderers over rudder, Schmidt and Helen Golly. I never heard of that. You, no wait! Let me show you this. These are the late, shall we own man's Helen and that's Olga? Oh, my god and who'd as Helen remind you of I don't know who
The woman who kill Sylvia like earlier is less crazy, look exactly Garcia Dorothy and that crazy. What Stephen sorry, Gertrude banners Zeus, venom chef scape, probably call him. Little again is not weird. She completely looks like that. Lady looking cyclists and for a second one, most precision is. I was like that's the lady: they tortured Sylvia, like that. It's just that same weird, upsetting awful face city think they were in the car together when they hit him. Yes, that's so awful. I hate that you know I hate
taking advantage of people take advantage of people who are the easiest targets mentally ill homeless in our lives just like, and I hate the people would have the fucking balls to attend church yeah as if they are there to help to totally when actually they're doing the exact, polar opposite, helping anybody there. It's so calculating it's so mercenary, and it's totally disgusting that as a fucked up story is not all I've got ya. Thank you ever even Siena and my my times and is out one. This one came out because it was like no one there. On the news of you like to old women, no one can believe old Ladys, but then these pictures come up here, like I said goodbye there, that's the lady that would like pinch you when no no adult was looking at me like little girl. That's these her milk, little girl, women, yeah, that's worth horrifying, aright!
ok. So if, if he'll humor me sorry did you hear that allows last so the public knows, I'm so excited that like fall, is turning into winter here, and I d pull out my old thermal long, sleeved sure dear double capping that mug and I really cosy where I really do pulled a kind of a lift and t looking out the window, a stereo, if only we had a fire. Oh, if only we started this building on fire and then I am part that would be our podcast cast our aid,
he'll humor me I'm going to start this in a different way of having an intro and then telling you what it is interesting. I know I'm were a hundred and ninety six episodes in and I'm gonna change it up allows. This is the time that's right, you're, far more episodes to figure out what you're permanent style is going to see a keeper relationship. Interesting and fine. Thank you. You in your toe, that's where we're going on vacation together. We really are, after lunch, Meeker an inventor going on a little its we're, calling it a retreat, yachts company retreat coming and we get to go to learn their right, no fat, Stephen, then it will think of you. Let me start: ok, Karen! about Speedway Indiana,
Speedway, India, Eu Andy Anna, it's a middle class enclave of indian Apple S, oak tree or just in its effect in them. Rad play any love. Doing shows not play this great. All, I think of as those the crowds that it just went on for ever, and everyone was great everyone's nice, it's so Speedway Indiana is a town and its home of the indian apples. Motor Speedway hosts a formula racing Annual Indianapolis five hundred every memorial day. We like to say that we gave you never heard of the indian novelists by those words have never come out of my mouth in my fucking liar. Truly, that's the first time ever said in the Annapolis five hundred you're, not crazy. Nascar heard that we're there were zero sports. In my house. I really had a single mom: don't what makes you just didn't. Passports, lead if we didn't have any five hundred style racing was a different
realm sure, but you know about it, but I do know about it. I'm seeing other people like it. Also, when I hear is when you go there and watch it first hand, pieces of tyres now lie of India or face now legates intense causes experience. I just keep thinking about it. They'll have fancy crazy hats on, but that's the most owes gonna say the whole room derby, that's than what you call it Jacobi. Yet the dirt does in any idea. Derby eyes was in my mom's was, should ask for a vote on a documentary about letting jump Johnson of the singer. The Jimmy Johnson Jimmy John says she was a huge ventures in a document. Illegal fan documentary. Oh it's a birthday when the name is re, more ass, so she's she's, the one exception to the king, said the words Indianapolis five hundred before it s. Okay, here we are near speedily Indiana during the Post war years and into the nineteen seventy speedway and became a suburban utopia of Indianapolis low crime, good schools, none of those big problems with the big cities Anna and by nineteen. Seventy more than fifteen thousand people lived there, so it small, but it's a suburbia, though normally a safe place to live the year. Nineteen, seventy eight brought some crazy fuckin shit to this relatively small suburb. I believe a nineteen seventy eight million people are still hitchhiking Lotta Brown, cordless ripe and great set the sand. Well, so
First, on July, twenty nine nineteen, seventy eight, a local like total church going grandma named Julia ciphers, was shot to death in her own garage in the middle of the afternoon, when a stranger showed up at her front door has been answers, the door the man is like hey, you had had a recent rummage sale. I wanted to see some of these like higher and items that you are selling. No! That's not how roman sales well and the guys like ok, accolade array cities like let me get my wife, he grabs Julia and she brings into the garage, should check out them. Antiques, oh, and he takes a gun and shoots her killing her and then drives off without taking anything. Why does like a hit? Yeah, ok. Well. Ok,
Oh ok, we'll talk about it again. Oh, I don't have to guess until I get it right, you're going to tell me a whole shores, my guess is called my favorite murder, my favorite guessing about things then, starting a month later, a month to month after this and September, first nineteen, seventy eight and lasting until the six. So, just a few days, a series of six seemingly random bombs go off in public places around the town of speedway after five small town and all these fucking like bombs, are exploiting the first five explosions didn't hurt anyone it's almost like, they purposely didn't. They were put in places where like parking, lots and where people wouldn't be around, but then
a final bomb and explosive device concealed in a speedway Highschool, Jim Bag detonate in a parking lot of speedway high school shortly after a freshman football game. He asked like all these people are going to see this football game exploded there and Vietnam WAR veterans. Carl Delong, struck by the bomb which severs his right leg and severely injured, is left leg and right hand and severed an artery and his wife Sandra leg. Kosovo's elderly couple is head, Carl's leg had to be amputated. I fuckin look. This add on the might ever murder Gmail swimming name, a random emil's, oh god, as bad ass woman, ok says in September nineteen. Seventy eight there was a series of bombings in Speedway Indiana, the last of which took place at my dad's Highschool parking lot and blue my group has right leg.
The very entered my grandma. My grandpa was, if that Bobby, and on that train and killed himself in nineteen. Eighty three after becoming depressed you to the loss of his leg and chronic pain, and she says my grandma a fucking bad ass by the way. Just so everyone knows, I bet she area at this point. So at this point, in the fifty six year, history of speedway, only two homicides had been reported and half a dozen robberies a year had been recorded a safe place. I was sorry about zoom out back really quick is Sylvia S, the name of the woman who got shot in your garage, Julia Ciphers, Julia ciphers. I was just gonna, go back really quick and say this about Julia who got shot in your garage and that I like that. Now that you say that there is only did they too to homicides a year. Oh no, it sorry to homicides. They have ever been according to history of so when people, the neighbours and the town found out what happened to Julia. Must have been the scariest, as I mean like
a woman shot in her own garage right that at an First friends, people, I'm sure, knew her like what a bewildering fright. In fact, and you have no motive there's. No. This woman had no known enemies. There's no reason to for this to happen in this woman date. For some reason, the daytime element also is laying the Lord's gone and sand its targeted and then suddenly, a month later, these explosion sort happening around town. I just wanna. I don't know why I felt like we need. We didn't sit on that long enough, where, unlike all the growing feeling of Julia being murdered for no reason and no one knowing how to explain it, so no one's getting any relief, there's no arrest, that's just a
going thing, and then bomb start going out. The worry over these two seemingly unrelated events, which will get back to later at the murder of Julia and the bombings, was about to be quadrupled by an event that shook the community and still fox people up to say that this is the story of the Berger chef murders. Are you ill I just got the weirdest cheerily are use, because what the fuck they all seventy eight o MIKE all this happened. Ok please tell me. Actually, I fuckin want your opinion on this, because it's I'm sorry don't spoil our its unsolved and I knew that yeah he up. So I need your opinion on this. Ok, I got so much information from Indianapolis Monthly Indy, STAR Medium, there's, a pie cas that their whole first season is about this. It's called circle, city, crime, podcast or three c podcast, and they just cover like the theories and no evidence at all this about this pipe has lap ascribe about the script.
The already gone podcast there's an episode about it, and then I read a book I bought on. I bought book and read it over the weekend called the Berger chef murderous by Julie, young wow, awesome, Highlander and fuckin hand. So you're really doing it now so raising that's. What we have to do now is life really do research research, so this is like this is a case that hit all my buttons. You know like the yogurt shot, murders, there's something about fast food murders or, like you know, store murders that really just like get my blood boiling and get my brain working and when their unsolved, I just fucking can't handle it and, unlike the answers there, we have to find it, and so I want to know everything about you and make sense YAP. So, let's get into it on the night of Friday November, seventeen nineteen, seventy eight, employees of the local burger shall fast food. Restaurant Gina
you, even have them not so it's basically like Carl's Junior Olga so and they were eventually bought, my heart ease and it will convince knew about it. It's like midwestern kind of chain that everyone now Persia Focaccia so It's an speedway Indiana they're, closing up the shop for the night assistant manager, Jane Free, whose twenty she had recently transferred from the Plainfield Burger chef, it'll Ruth Alan Shelton, whose eighteen Dale Davis sixteen and Mark Clemens has also sixteen says a bunch of fuckin kids closing up the shah. Also, I think, as part of its rights, if someone's taking advantage of the youth element in most fast food in retail situation, right where usually, as a couple a seventeen year olds, pretending they their gelding it. Now I went actually that's like the most exploitable
like their trap designate down, but it also makes it so much more scary that it wasn't someone alone closing up. There was for fucking people, yoga or so they're closing up an evening a little later after midnight and other employed drives by the Berger chef and he notices all the lights are on and he is like. That's fucking weird should be closed and dark by this point, so he stopped by to check it out, only define the back door open and all for employees gone. Oh he this is that the both female employees, persons are still there and there's two coats left behind which a strange it's the middle of Fucking November. It's like thirty or forty degrees. You don't leave your co buying. He immediately calls a police and when they arrive in the scene, they find over five hundred and eighty dollars in cash missing which an doesn't sound like a lot. But in today's money it's twenty two hundred about my two hundred dollars a month
couple hundred more and change our left behind and Jane Free, the assistant manager. Her car is missing from the parking lot. The cash register register tells relic throw the ground the managers office is kind of a mass. It's where the safe is and must show signs of a struggle and there's an empty world. Duct tape nearby, so instead of thinking it look suspicious like the teenager, did, who called the Fuckin cops and treating them like a crime scene. The local law enforcement assumes that the missing workers stole the money and later day to go out parting for the night and left the backdoor open, left their purses and jackets behind left a mess and its use for fucking, responsible kids who have jobs and are all in like manner now for age or whatever, the fuck rate when you're, if you're a teenager that has a job cuts as hard as fast food. You are not messing around like that obsolete, don't you're, not that kid! That's the rich assholes that have no idea what how these
in paragraph eight ball, exactly indifferent style of person, and then you look at clues like purses and jackets lean left behind, and you know something is not right now, but this just its pops, this pops into my head, because we ve heard so many these story yeah. But there was this time where whoever showed a first round to veer eyes and if it was the kind of person who was like. I don't want to do this- that much I don't wanna get. Basically, I don't want to get involved maybe sometimes it's I dont want, and I want to think it's because re alternative is horrifying, right or, and also there's only been too homicides in my city. In this long I dont know how to fucking worker homicide, Syrian yeah and if, dont know how, instead of getting some on that does know how I feel, like I dont, know better to just blame and feel superior and walk away, walk away, which I don't know, happens as much anymore. I don't think I feel like there's more oversight, yeah. Well, that's exactly what happened so
so they call the store owner and the next morning and opening crew are told to finish the closing duties clean up. Open a store, as usual now this is like in my mind this is why the cases never unsolved like they cause clean up the crimes they wipe away. Any fingerprints that could have been there any dna or blood sample balls. They wipe down all the countertops, no crime scene photos were taken. There is nothing. And I want to remind you of the Brown Chicken massacre yeah them, which they had bagged and tagged all the trash. Remember and then, nine years after the the murders they used, a chicken and half eaten chicken lag in the trash too, as a dna matched to the killer, so that the shit's important they through all the trash away, couldn't be more important right, yeah, so
the next morning, though, when the four employees hadn't shown up at their homes, their worried families. All knowing their kids more honour Spain couple were responsible and reliable. They some the alarm. They file missing persons reports the passenger like Second, going on later that day, Jaynes missing car is discovered, parked a short drive from the restaurant and just a couple blocks on a police station. Oh no, I now the car like vaguely searched and cops mine. A couple burger chef wrappers they take some cigarette butts. The driver side in the locked, so the passenger door is not. What does that mean? I don't know, but its becoming. Clear that their workers had been abducted, while closing the restaurant and possibly when someone was throwing trash bags, exercise one trash bag in the dumpster. So well, the door is open. Maybe that's! When someone head on searches issued for the missing kids and on Sunday, two days after the Berger chef employees are reported missing, some local
hikers vain a gruesome seen in a rule wooded area in Johnson County, which is an Ex county over its about thirty forty minutes drive from Speedway hung in a clearing the bodies of the forum missing workers, the system. That all cylinder, brown and Orange burger chef, uniform some were found. We'll Davis and Bruce Allen had both been shot execution style numerous times with a thirty eight collar firearm, so is almost like they had them, lay down there Jane was found a little ways off I've been stabbed twice in the chest so violently tat. The blade was later recovered from her body with the handle was never found, oh my god, so it seemed to me. It seems like Jane and the other employ mark made a run for area right so about seventy five yards away from the others. Mark Flemings is found, he's also he's the strongest and most athletic of the group. So it's determine that he was
bludgeon with an unknown object, maybe a chain that, ever found but he also this is fucking horrible. He also suffered for US head injury. The coroner speculate that he tried to make an escape. It may be ran into a tree while he was running away and read, and then Fallon choked on his online and its possible that the capture start he got away and didn't know until the bodies were found that he had died. Gaza sounds like the two other major fucking ran for which is like heartbreaking rant. It's also sounds like she thought that If she was stabbed that my like they were mad at her yet doing something- and it does seem to that like it's weird, to have three different ways of murder, you write so oh maybe there. It says, there's like more than one assailant yeah to write rank. So
officers from Johnson County, where the bodies are found Marian County, where the Berger chef was and the Indiana State police all arrive on the seem good note. It's the same polices, crime scene since its inter jurisdiction and and he said quote, if they're going to treat us this way, we're not going to bend over backwards to help them schleicher, not helping them. Your help, So he was left out of the loop and he was by the state police in he was just about it and he said quote: if they're going to treat us this way, we're not going to bend over backwards to help them. Should I get helping them you're, helping these fucking murder victims yeah! It's not! If you can't, if you handle the basic politics of of this stuff. You right, we shouldn't be in that business.
It's so frustrating every time. Anything is like this. I immediately just think of. I start watching the Zodiac movie. In my mind, is it's all that stuff like men in me? It's all weird lake pissing contest totally infuriate, especially for a cold fucking case that lake yet is just mishandled yeah. So either way, some of the first officers at the scene claim that the state police move the bodies before the forensic team or the coroner arrived. I don't know if that's true, I just read it aloud places I am, and this is in your town is just spoken. Besieged with a year were yes, it is ok, great the same day, the Berger chef murder. Ok, this is backed up there found on Sunday, that's the net After the news of the discovery, the Berger chef puts up a twenty five thousand dollar reward for any information on the case and they help the families with funeral costs.
The town of speedy ways. Of course, now fucking Anna goddamn pan I mean that's it's too much. That's like too much sheets. That's three massive tragedies right I mean away from the sit the big city to get away from like the crime- and this is in your town- is just spoke, besieged with a year yes, it is ok great the same day, the Berger chef murder, ok, this is backed up there found on Sunday. That's the next day the murders are in the paper. It's the exact same day. It shares a headline with The news of the bodies being found of the Mass Suicides Indiana Jones Town Compound now Reverend Jim Jones, he's in Indiana Native, had arisen formed his people's Temple called in Indianapolis, says: Hatch yeah, so like this fuckin little area is losing its fucking mind, that's an so that news itself, eclipse
Two clips is everything that happened four months after re, so maybe this could have been a national news story and could have gotten more leads, but instead yen everyone's focused on this massive writing. Huge tragedy. Understandably buyer, but still as if it had the airtime the out something could have been made, that, oh god, this is offline. Now sorry, no I want
Take this on a car you sure yeah guy, like you, could make it stop. Now you can then, if we could have stopped, it would have done eyebrow, but we can't we would have done it a hundred and ninety five episodes ago. The leading theory in the Berger chef murders is that the employees were kidnapped following a botched robbery when one of the killers enter the Berger chef, while one of the employees were taking out the trash. Maybe one of the objectors was recognised by one of the employees and there were like we now to kill you all, but it still puzzles investigators that the employees weren't killed at the Berger chef, because are so many of these stories from back then, where there are found in the cooler or in the managers office by the safe, all killed right. But it's such a huge risk to take them to another location. Thirty to forty minutes away and for people for
people who are still alive and they take one of the cars, and maybe they there's like a way a car waiting that that's when they take them to whatever. Now just it's really fucking weird and there's no like explanation so the bodies are discovered a sixteen year old, I witnessed comes forward, and he says at the night of the murders here. Girlfriend were making out on the train tracks, overlooking the Berger chef and see two suspicious man in a nineteen, seventy three or seventy five green van with bubble windows outside the Berger chef. Just before closing see only I witness, he describes a man as shabbily dressed white men. Both estimated to be in their thirties, when men has a beard who becomes the bearded man, ok and the other is clean, shaven with light hair and he's acting suspicious. He keeps looking down while trying to conceal his face with a man Diana. My sounds like them. The people who never yeah right this.
Said, the man approached them and tell them to leave, because there's been reports of vandalism and areas of teens take off. It's almost like convey. The perpetrators knew that there was someone near by and they were like get the fuck here they cast. It may be the case that they see these kids they're waiting for the kids to leave they're, not leaving they know to get in there before the trash is taken out and whenever the icon, Libya right yeah, I make sense the police make a complaint composite. Sorry, it also just a theory. It also maybe points to they only could have been totally on drugs. They only wanted to rob it and then something went wrong right. They weren't looking to kill any yet they just want. They wanted no witnesses, they want their money and they want to get out of their watches. Yeah, usually out those things I think then robbers, and brewers aren't necessary. My error. Now I don't want to be
One would think because that's the idea you wanna get away and spend your money and get just steel money right as a different thing than cold in ITALY, terribly audaciously murdering teenage exactly also they morning, two teenagers to get out of here. I know what it just killed: those kids- if that was the case exactly I if they were but here's another thing that bothers me. These shook Iceman have nothing to do with it there just to weirdo random that let yeah they could my red herring. That's the problem in its those these two, so the policemen composite sketches based on that I description of the suspects, those look incredible and so fucking, realistic and creepy, and so there's like that. That is the clue, because everything else was fuckin destroyed. They make clay three clay models.
When the leads don't come up, but the drawings there that they don't look anything there. The craziest hours, I've ever seen, bless their hearts. They need to get the artist. It did the John List Treaty Glottal very much so genius enables a woman, there's, fuck and so many very sick it and to listen to the three c podcast they get into them. Ok, pretty much every investigator whether they been assigned to the case or not, has a different suspect. There convinces the purple thereon mad at each other, and they all think this is that this is the proper. That's the purpose, though I can prove it each there is claims to have inside information regarding their suspect in its ties to biker gangs, armed robbery, crews, organised crime, a police officers, nephew and connection to the eye. Sixty five murders, there's just so many theories going on just come in as a arm chair yet quarterbacks. What we're here for and say it's not the mob. No, it's not that it's nothing
You take tat awful ESA, because even though it stupid that's how they do it, and you know that's how they feel the drug smuggling aspect. I kind of believe there is even a very that, like maybe they were using led the drug smugglers, and there are a lot in that area at the time were using the bathrooms at the Berger Shop to like put their drugs in, and then the person compact and in my place, and maybe one of the Berger Shuck employees found it and Those people lost their shit and also knew that they could turn the man for those drugs, so they and kill them all. Yes, like they became witnesses to the to the bigger cries out on, and then they had to be gotten rid of exactly yeah. Ok! Well so There's a big dynamic! I through line is the bearded man. This guy comes up and like a bunch of different admirations investigators, can York and Stony Van from the enhanced stay police are certain that a robbery gang was operating in India, apples area, they think they're the culprits
this gang had had already hit several other burger chefs an fast food restaurants. There were like fast food bandits, ok including burger shops and, in fact, after getting a hot tenth about one of these dues, dubbed the shot gun man, they were serving a warrant to the sky and his their neck who's next door, neighbor is mowing his line and there like wholly fucking shit. That's the that's. The bearded man like apparently looked exactly like him, Really here and a shocker man is the fair haired guy there's other people involved were oh as a result they had the man, this bearded man, whose name we don't have, because he was never indict an ogre. He is brought in for questioning and for a line up when he shows up the next day, he'd shaved, his beard that he had had for the past five years did, of course, he too sure he did. Here's later when the bearded man dies, his son comes forward and says his father had given him a deathbed compassion than he had done it
but there's no there's nothing. Ok, there's nothing can prevent attire together, hookah and there's some of those people who are part of that gang, but are still alive that nothing to time together and these investigators alike the case a sob. We know who did it. We just can prevent wire what about those cigarette? But I dont think I have just belong to Jane, oh right, you're chef wrappers. She worked there and management has its own history and so marrying county Sheriffs Department, a different department, investigators, MEL, will see and Gary Maxine there, Sir, and it's a man named dolled waned, Forster he's a popular suspect among followers of this case at thirty four thought. Donald Donald, waned, forest are this guy's a fucking piece of shit. He had just been convicted of raping a woman and Hamilton County and had like priors for, like he was a fuckin pedophiles, Bert a piece of shit. Ok, he and in eighteen, oh accomplice, had a doctor, a woman ass. She left a night club and driven
out of town and raped her, and she had only escape by jumping from moving car Jesus criteria. Hell yes, girl, guess how long he got for this conviction now. This is a good one. Oh. Maybe five years in our is really can you fucking believe in the seventies, fuck yeah, that's run our dining allowed, judge and andean apple juice. Christ. That's incredible, isn't a grey area and he was about to be transferred as a sex offender an engine. A population of, Ok, I killed you're gonna, get killed at the Indiana State, Pritchett prison in Michigan City, which, whatever one saying is this that you'll get killed even if you're, not a fucking pedophile. Ok, if you are you're fuckin dead, Nyjord here truly, which makes which makes me not believe it's him because he's trying to get out of this. So he's like, I know about the Berger chef murderers, oh god, you know any man. Yes, it said
the jail has confessions. I believe I am again never has anything totally concrete. He is an attention horror to, which is why many people think that he they write off his subsequent information on the case and he eventually confess on tape that he had shot David. He was one is shot Davison, Shelton and according to him, what had happened was that gene frites brother, James so Jane, is the systematic or closing that night, that her brother owed money from a drug deal and in fact, that that made sense with James Frites criminal record. That's what he's been cleared, so they The brother out money he and his associates came to threaten Jane, entered and her brother, ok and then flemish ends, who was one of the kids stepped into protect her and he's killed. So the math kill everyone, but was
he killed thirty miles away in the forest, say said like he hit his head, then they had to take them all away. All the sudden, that's like no blood was found, but also no blood was looked force, a who the fuck now ok. So this is one of the few areas, most compelling factors that foresters, Ex wife told authorities in nineteen. Seventy nine at her husband, the sky Forrester, had brought home some shall casings and and flush them down their toilet for The area right. The investigators later dig up the septic tank. Have you how's yes and fine shall casings Slovakia, which they say a match. The bullets used in the Berger chef murders, but first
They must not completely. That must not be enough evidence. There must not be enough, it's probably not be. It can't be conclusive for exactly which I think now they're saying that's, not conclusive evidence anymore or like care and fibre. Shit how to relate gloves, batter ass things. I mean ballistics, though ballistics, but they ve been in the septic tanks for Fuckin Zack. Nano metal is affected by your acetate, urine, that's right by your brand module, our jobs, and Dear boy manoeuvre they Osity year, I'm sick of the way your ass and you're in ruins. Sorry now I love may I so they in all detect these detective spent eighteen months pursuing Forrester, full time they just like zero in on him, and I think they maybe get blinders on an in depth and in my mind, it's like it makes on the other. They drive him out to end their like. He picked out where it was, but now that we know are these like confession: tapes on Netflix,
talking about how easy it is to feed led someone. It was actually like it just hard to believe he failed to polygraph tests and later recanted. His confession died of cancer in two thousand and six so that they, I think, ok round, bout number the bombings, he sure now we're going back tonight. Ok, on September twentieth, nineteen, seventy eight federal agents arrested a twenty seven year old man named Brett Timberland for attempting to illegally obtain united its government credentials, here's the sky, high,
fuck an odd bird he's, a known drug traffickers in speedway and around the surrounding areas, but he also put his money and legit cover businesses like retail, healthy store of deterring restaurant and earth shoe franchise. Trees. Choose did you know them yeah, they want a pill. Front of the shoe was higher than the back of the shoe, and so I think they turn to seldom like economics or something where I was like. You're always walking appeal in whispers, be good free online God will he had a franchise nerds sets and unblock it feels like I'm. I'm gonna take my drug money and invested in a bunch of doktor shoals yeah. It's ITALY and Health food stores back in the seventies again, but he was that acts as a genius. I know and suspects hippy exactly. Okay, so may obtain a search warrant after this after they arrest him. For his home and vehicle investigator, sound wiring, similar to those used on the explosive devices this guy here and the subsequent search of his home, reveals more than one thousand pounds of marijuana nets too much marrow problem erratic. Let's wait! I much marijuana back then like an elephant like one pound of marijuana, as is equal to like one hit of marijuana that eight today today, a United Europe.
Smoke all of that and knock at as high as you cut off like of Le Pen, TAT off of one gummy that you accidentally eat at the concert that your friends, I cannot explain it to me and he ate the crying in the corner and you can actually Scipio Drank, because this really good won't go. Did you see me it s built? I wasn't what shit? Ok, so there's no motive established at the bombing trial, but prosecutors and police believe Cumberland went on the bombings free to deflect attention away from another ongoing investigation. That was focusing on him. At other ongoing investigation that he used a bomb to distract from the murder of Julia yeah. Are you fucking kidding here's what fuckin happen?
authorities were looking into the murder of sixty five rural Julia ciphers. They discover that Juliet quote violently disapproves of her daughter, her daughters, relationship with Cumberland, so her daughters, like in our twenty, this friends at the sky, brought Cumberland and he's us and she's Julia's, especially concerned about the strange affection Kimberly's is painted than that.
To Julius granddaughter whose fucking, ten years old and he's like twenty something and he's fucking. Clearly, grooming, her, yes and jewellers like no thank in general, is latent happened in no way her daughter is kind of letting it happen or blind to yeah. Exactly Julia learn that her grand daughter had gone with Kimberly on on several solo out of state trips, no nope and proclaim that he wanted to marry her when she grew up. Oh, no, no! No, no said Julius, like hell no and was in the process of arranging for her daughter and granddaughter to come move in with her. She wanted to get the money from Cumberland, yes, and that was possible. So she knew what she was going to report him for drug smuggling, an pedophilia, because she knew that her daughter was beginning to help smuggle drugs. For can Berlin so she basically tried to break in on this super it soon her purview, disgusting, criminal and the boy.
Should he was pulling on her family and before she could do it, she was shot in the head in her garage. So the husband didn't know Julius husband, didn't know what the boy from oclock, but here's the thing up he now here briefly saw the shooter it wasn't Cumberland. He knew Cumberland Mocha, but it was identified as a close associated timberlands named William Bowman and he's the one who shot the wife. He said who's your fuckin right at beginning of a heavy shit. It's because all the way back in vowels about that's right. In June nineteen, eighty one Cumberland convicted of the bombing and drug charges. He receives a sentence of fifty years in federal prison after his conviction, prosecutors released, yellow legal paths that they had confiscated from him, which said had detailed plans to kill key eye witnesses and prosecutors on the case as a sage, another series of bombings to provide him an alibi. Do the bombing thing doesn't work so the day The first bombing was the same day that
Kimberly was supposed to come into the police office detected detectives about Julia's claims so that He used a bomb to distract them and make them busy. He couldn't come in and talk to them now so the bombing part being a strict distraction to the investigation, is an important issue here. Is you see Kimberly have begun to include Julia's daughter in his drug smuggling business and the night before she was going to be called in to talk to authorities. The Berger chef murders occurred, so they say,
fucking conspiracy theory there and what their ill no fucking proof and I'm just getting the feeling of the cop that starts linking these things either and the feeling they must have gotten as their like way. Ding Ding, these random, crazy, awful violent things are not round, and it's a stretch to go from killing this specific target and setting off bombs at seems like he didn't, actually turned her anyone in the soon as he did the bomb stop the bombing stopped right, but he did counter Melinda told us. Did counter sue her family They tried to sue him to get money for her grandparents injury or use Syria invest.
Here's continue to follow, leads relating to possible suspects. They gotTa Cincinnati, Milwaukee Chicago. They go everywhere, trying to second track down leads, but they ve been unable to come up with anything promising. They can't locate any of the evidence they thought would have been useful, like gun, that any of the murder weapons, despite thousands of ours of police investigation is hackers were never prosecuted and a case remains officially unsolved. Forty years later, it'll be forty one. A couple days after this comes out. Oh, my god is right. We're too arab state police, investigator Brok, Applebee, said quote that investigation can be used as an example of what not to do so the summer of twenty eighteen, the community of speedway raised money to plant for Red Oak trees in honour of the Berger chef victims each time is a plaque with a short description of each of the victims, Ruth Elton's, says creative, honest and kind with a love for music, Jane Frites, as a leader with a sense of humour and a heart of gold.
Fleming says friendly and selfless with a sense of style. Daniel Roy Davis's, talented photographer, who made love one smile, and that is the word. Chef murders. Holy shit that is on fucking believe how crazy that's. Ok, sorry, it's We are, then you know it's funny is that I really did I've heard the name of the bird burger, shove Maria, and I assume I put them in title in with basically every other case. I just remembered: are there so many her you just go: ok,
This is a story of human greed, where somebody who it's the seventies people are all on fuckin, terrible crank. Oh man, I really bad wiser leave shit that, like no one should have put into their body only gone totally insane and now there d shooting other human beings forests. Forty dollar, unlike for thrill like thrilled, kills Visa and weird bullshit, have like we'll just do this until the cops Calleja, essentially at Vienna. That's a common story, so a lot of those ones and end. We have different interests when we look at these more in the serial killer realm of what is this intense psychopathy but
George like that, especially when their unsolved I find very frustrating and upsetting. So I just put this in the file of all the other fast food murders, the agony I didn't know any of that shit. I did TIM and then I started reading the book about it, and it's just there's like crimes that like I could have gone into thy sixty five murders. I could have gone into like other local. There were other local, fast food chain murders that have happened around. That time, underlines that so many stories about them, and then these four fucking people who you think about what went through the last couple, hours of their lives being taken away and knowing this is like, not going to end while knowing their killers Bray. Personally, it's just its horrific, a terrific, oh, my god, amazing jogging, you yeah. Oh there is there is something, as you told me, that I was watching my own reactions to it and I couldn't stop wanting to say jokes
Is it was starting to freaking me out? No, nobody! No! I've! I've been when people ask us that the weird connection or isn't it inappropriate or bubbled right. It really is the way I deal with stress and being upset, I alley being of extremely unhappy for other people is cut. I mean to comment on it in a way the air we breathe, can attention your browning that, because he has eyes, filled with tension right now, because its increase, really terrible, yeah yeah. Sorry now, I'm in but also its the kind of tension where you go. Yes, let's all, let's all talk about these stories as long as we have two so that we do have current day, policing I'll saying you do not do it this way, we no longer do it. This way, we have learned the lessons from these terrible called cases where p
who are murdered and nobody pays for all its assenting to while of hometown stories and why I, like, I have always been fascinated by people's hometown. Murders is like IE, Speedway Indiana as this place, where everyone was traumatized. Yes in the late Sammy's are ones parents have this story about it. You know everyone's parents work that this fast food place and had the night, often avi and and everyone was scared of the bombings and it kind of like you have this little town. Where this little thing happens. That's not national news that traumatize is the town and makes every one make decisions differently. Yes, and in every one has a story and if it wasn't for the very bizarre coincidence of Jonestown happening breaking on the same Newsday. It would have been a national story. I would have stayed a national story, but instead it just got obliterated. Yet it was still there now that town, it's never not, In that way, I mean unbelievable.
Wow hazy gee I do around a shit feels it inappropriate honestly to do if I can arrange solely did not in her either What we do about our record scratch moment. Ok, we're not there anymore and cleansing a little gratitude that it's no longer nineteen, seventy eight and it wasn't a nice time. I was there yeah. I was there writing backwards and station wagons was seventeen other kids car, no seatbelts, no city soaking. With a windows rolled adult smoking, children, smoking were forced to smoke and carpool. That's right am Bennett Eddie, I'm confronting it does getting that he was the best judge it s. Yes, Mamma we'd, two thousand pounds thousand pounds a. We shall not get. You lie, but results just give you a headache. Ok,
speaking about. Do you wanna go first sure I just my fucking array and hence no sometimes you got that tone of voice. Sir you're, like I just want to say one more thing: Bedstead well, Jai love it's not far away. Ok, there's a love! Ok, I got to see my brand new baby, nephew or blue weaken so yeah. You fuckin sound and look in my face and it's your lovely. I recognise that he's just he's brand new. How big like a month all bear helping his eyes. Is it like this link not funny like watermelons I'd he's not even not even smaller, they ask any timey cantaloupe can't oblong uncoiled em. He just spell so good and he's got ill hands and he is just like oh precious in Sweden, Q yea. I love holding him under staring at him, but this is
my other levies, Bailey brought onto the for a flexible ones, but just click reminder of you. Don't know Georgia's of the other nephew who is for for you just Peace would he hears his parents say, which is what all children do, but when you live in LOS Angeles, you often say things like the one I want to the four or five threatened the one to end of the month and will you note Elsie, says now and I feel like shit she's such a hard stark and I love eddies when someone asks him to do something he doesn't want to do. He goes. I'm tired, hard stocks are like champion, nap earns and I'm just like I'm tired and tat. He has the sole baby brother now and that's the best so sweet. That's nice! That's a good idea, which means very similar. It's about my fan, weaker. Note we because we posted alive show. Last week we never
they got to like. I was saying this before we started recording, saying this to be an Stephen. We never really got to lake. Do a full on yeah talk down about how that weaken was for us so I just want to say now. It was bewilderingly, wonderful and we were at least I'll, speak for myself. I can any area is you? Can we were so fuckin worried, hasn't gonna go well, we were so worried. They were like so many variables that could have gone wrong. Yet, as we were thinking about all of that, and we were worried, we were very stringent about the way we were doing it and how much we are asking of people and we were very uncomfortable and the whole thing was very worrisome in our way of we want
Paul to feel good and happy happy that their participating and so hold it. We, I didn't understand how much of that stress I was holding until the night one when we walked out to give the welcome spear and all of these listeners we're standing there, and they also put it in this. The most echo we kind of the spot that they could have, but that, like the cheering and clapping that we got in that moment, was so exciting and beautiful and kind of like another one of those moments where we stand there go like oh, there If we act like we don't have to worry that all the sudden, all people gonna to be like cross their arms and be like my thing, didn't come on time like you anymore, that's not. How are
people do it now and that kicked off the most fun weak area. We got to have great conversations and talk to people and see people. There are people that have come to so many shows of ours, Laura who came with his, who I mean there's
there there's all these people and their people that we just kept meeting? Who could sing like I just met these friends came alone? Yes, I echo tag in so many group photos of we didn't know each other, and now our best friends and we all came together because we met through my favorite murder and it was so heartwarming. It was incredible than the murdering o makers, who came yes, sell their stuff at the weekend, all told us they had the best last sales weakens of their lives, and everyone was so friendly and cool and excited, and the products were amazing, announced all felt it was just like it was such a satisfying and then would then of course, Oliver friends about to be there. You know we are per cast murder squad, io till it re DJ, Dantes, antenna, Andy, Jackie, feel array or close friends, amazing and then just all the people they came and like threw down and participated in it and the very last night I will say this just to wrap it up. Is this is a big thank you, but it's also like this is up
It's such a weird experience, nails weird and send it just keeps getting fucking weird. I now it's like it's hard to anticipate anything. I feel the same way when we came out that first night it was like her with you're. So with like it was twenty five times louder than out. I thought it was gonna because I thought it would be like people sip in their wine like oh yeah. We finally landed and it with the energy and the enthusiasm, and the love was so amazing, so lucky and with great conversations, but then at the very very end, the last night we went back to our hotel and there are two sets of people that were in the hotel in this hotel bar that was completely empty, except for I want to say one woman's name was Joyce about Europe and I think the other ones names Capulet anyway. One was there with it. It was heard her husband's anniversary. We again, then he got the package for her home and he was saying he addressed, then said, keep your eyes on the ball,
He had assured him. How I was wife might kill him right. It was so funny, never turn out. Never never kit sleep with one eye open when you were married to a murderer now, yes, that's he made a show of. It said that she'd woman,
walked into this. Empty bar, basically stood up, gave us a standing ovation. I walked straight over cause, she looked like a familiar person and then she gave me a speech about how proud she is about that was so goddamn touching and so mom ash and beautiful, and then the other woman's name- and I want to say Cathy with that country- was on her honeymoon. She was on. It was her birthday, weak, ass, her and her husband got her the package for the birthday for her birthday. As again they were so sweet. It was just like everywhere we turned there was a person going hey Ray and it was cool too because, like our agents were there, who we love Joan Orang Stephen was there with his amazing girlfriend Ba was there with his amazing girlfriend day now was there? A battery aim is an error there. It was just like it was a really fun. Venza correspondence, of course, was running the show, but it was like it was really also. It was like a ship was life, show experience for us, but we weren't alone yeah, because we ve been going out and travelling all around and having those experiences by ourselves like coming back and you like by say later, like it was very weird, always again the elevator good job in it by six a m tomorrow, please be downstairs its exam. Yes,
it was kind of like pulling everybody indigo. Can you please come and watch this experience? You ve been having and understand it with us, because it's not so lost or short. Thank you MA am and hopefully will do more weekends and in different places, and yet we have to do it. We have to do it mark as we really we and thank you for sea idea, which the company that arrange the entire thing every single person said that the people they worked with. All the people that help them rate everything went on time. Everything was beautifully done than Arlington Theatre in Santa Barbara was so generous and gorgeous gorgeous, and it was like our home base anyway, just like oh, my god, and thank you and the usual and I've got to go, Almost everybody from exactly right network is posted. There live shows from now again so there's alive per cast. There's a live murder squad. There's us and there's the many sewed as well, and there will be more to come, but dont feel left out. We will do it again and you no further.
People that were there. Thank you for me he ain't. Subject, really especial experience. I've had so much coffee that I could actually keep on top of that experience. What time more minutes, because now I want to talk about the vanity adele- is data. Now I want to talk about what is really sweet, because at length there, sir, What's going on with us in our lives, it's only been for almost four years and their unleashed. These live shows are so they become the thing that we just do and we go on sage and there are great and we have so much fun and it just happens. Then we record in this office and it just happens, but then there is little moments like when you meet Especial like fan, or you go to these incredible weekends or like someone in a sense you a lovely ladder that just like hits you how fucking big, listen. I e how life changing this has been for us. It has. This is This is not how I expected my life to be limits. The most
shockingly wonderful thing, never lets items I could have ever imagine, yeah I have to go under the table. Have a quick cried down there? Where have you been I'll, be making the vanity of on call time? That's ok, because they can't cry it's just from the inside of this people. Tell us from the outside time like were proud of you are. This is excited our it's been so called to watch this year from the inside. It's been so fucking weird. We can't explain, it might as well have been abducted by illegal. Yes, but thank you therefore still being mariner with us, because it continues apparently we'll do it as long as you feel like doing out o a legal act, slackened just do it and we appreciate guys listening. Yes, thank you so much so sexy and don't get murdered, got Elvis your cookies.
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