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Karen and Georgia cover Dorcas ‘Darkey’ Kelly and ‘Lying Eyes’ Sharon Collins.

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This is exactly right. Thing here hearing all my real answers screamed directly. Thank you.
For being here. What an updating the thai jet lag season is I've gotten so late. This morning I was like driving extra. We ve been here a couple places and we ve had so much and not seen a single vegetable. Oh, my god, you got, can hey. Let us hear crazy Julia. Please talk briefly about your Caesar said: yes, Last year, last night I ordered a Caesar salad to try to be like somewhat healthy. It was just a pile of bacon like regressing jointly on some like what look
like Gladys FISH, and I ain't mad at it. In your view, diary right one Caesar eyelid, no dressed. India is the thought that council will Leah sound, healthy, no one's mount about three like for the whole country. May me Savvee vegetables. I tried my best, but then we today events and I walked around and we took five thousand. So I think I made where the bacon spice, being higher those steps were to pubs we're. Then you got you made backed up for that stepping the eating Tuesday's one soon after breakfast. Would you please help me? Why, wouldn't you say why not
yeah yeah Grogan place was looking, would share lake, the bartender, jokes and jokes, you so funny. It was amazing in the near all money where it is everyone's. Looking one of em, it's so irritating, I mean it makes me proud. I'm irish Americans of China's doesn't count as much for me tat. We have a lame aspects here, though, everyone is like every person will be using the same data there's. No, it's just the most. So good, ok, wait! What more do good! Eleven morning I like new gave it was you that your iron and again today
mothers. Lover start you mark you talking Dianas, ideal, toasty, looked amazing. What's in there, Hammond choose yeah examined she's Josie, I don't We all remember it in our minds. I that's right so good we walked around, and I got some pseudo cream. It's just that you put on wounds. Ok guys so we like to stay in pretty ok, hotels, Ex three to four star is: maybe nobody but we're not leg join, as you know
save money here tonight, we're in Manchester Rural over in bed and just opened a wound in on the sheet, but they are not drag count em out an Egyptian she now am I glad to see that those areas like you fell down and scraped. Your knee but honest. She Jan, like a forces, will be hearing from yelp. Now tell me about the pseudo cream. Everyone so excited about, as it does not mean it's not really cream. If we were to break down pseudoscience pseudoscience, he to me, if I don't know one thing about it and then but every single person, I know a bottle strategy, including here last homer. Here, always if that's ok, yeah on board- and I don't even over it works and others like covered, had to tell you
go to bed at night you're. Just like I can't have the she thing happened again: pseudo cream help me not much steered in the room all day. That's what I like to do when I'm on circular, like on my guys. It's amazing you get to get its outlining. I'm like I now so great that I'm just standing at the window like a fucking psycho people passing by oh,
the way this is the true crime Company podcast, my favorite murder, is caring, Coherent George Bernard Shaw was so proud to be here with you tonight. Reality should call it may vivid murder doors so that they understand. What would you do if you like, a little you guys about and always lacerated, but I don't think it's that interesting to you, like Georgia, screamed screamed scream. We re saving and then Brenda and our driver was just like you don't want any part of it. You don't give me any and all the garbage
I will I wanted to look at what, like you know, beer. It guides man, you know like almost sing of box on the road. That must mean we're wily and use our wits. What everyone knows, I don't even see it. I just heard her sleeves. I didn't see it at all. I've taken to not wearing my glasses ever so when things happen around me, I like well, I'm not a part of this. Just keep moving along so get involved. I say, tell him about air once both about Do we really use? I wonder
I put my dress onto my ear, the theater and pulled out a little bag with someone gave me it to mean great, let's see what she work, what might happen and whispered in my area is, I missed, you could smell tat your hotel and you can t, even if it's not as good as you you're tallies, just put it'll get you, and I was just like whom I thank you put it in my pocket and entirely forgotten who had been nice going into Heathrow like here's. Please don't arrest me now my career, please don't know that with this you're present, my credit online presents a little better than theirs me on the cover high times. What's crime and show no don't be mad,
so we sit down. You want to do it and I'm already I mean this is these are victorian straight from growth in this paper, Grogan depends if they Lundy marked, You wanna tell them about the you guys, don't known as, but this is a true crime comedy per annum. About combination. There are people who get very offended. Not unless nurse they don't like the combination, they think it's disrespectful. They assume that we are lacking. Murder, and so we always steel. It's important on our lives shows to tell people, especially those the listeners insist upon dragging along the shows against their will.
I could tell them that actually you don't think murderous cunning we'd both spend obsessed. Sexual crimes were very young and, along with that, we coped with the horrible things in our life through humor, and then you might know a little bit about so so we do this part gas, and we talk about these horrible things. We also, That's funny things to China, let off a little steam in the Middle EAST, just our processes, the way we like to do it and if you don't like it, you can get the fuck out. Finally, finally, finally get ideas like where aggressively snoring, no one's gonna, do you now we ve seen people storm our times at times that I live shares this view
as ever, heard the story of the two old girls that came to our show in Texas because they thought it was the sequel to the phantom of the opera or the other old cows. Maybe it was the same. Who knows who thought that this was a murder mystery, showing a dinner theatre? Show no dinner does what they wishes are eating dinner on stage is kind of amazing that we really good nor the audio element. The listeners, one of those two groups state and then became fans when I can't remember which line if it was damaged. The opera are better at one end of the opera people. They were super disappointing stuffy. We did discuss wearing masks after that show just The drama we decided not to do you know I ve never seen that really are that play this animal I'd like a guy that lives in a sewer.
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Mine shortens sweet, but I did do some research and go to the path that is mentioned in this house in our research research I had yet. I had an irish coffee which the bartender seem really annoyed with me for ordering. I bet it's it's. Our strength is now a fuckin drinks that there was delicious though this is just with Daily Centre coffee with irish whiskey in it cream and tell them what you like, how to do a whole rusty thing that make it is like man, succeeding, just drink beer and get out me, but the boy went to and the story I'm telling tonight is that of Darky Kelly.
You know something. That's ok! I mean what are you laughing for ten minutes earlier I got information about this from the irish central and webs a boy called fringe rebels. The package, Cocktails and then this broadcast called no smoke without hellfire by Ayman Mc Lean, clothesline, He's got to the voters in this. There. It is that's! Ok, Stephen I'd marked he's these things you right now, but in the future there did you write your bike, their power by erode at their own Asia. That's
ok, but the bar is basically it either. It's called Turkey Kelly's pub on fish. Amble street in Christchurch Dublin anything you'll find you go there. You'll find a plaque with an inscription that reads. This building was is, and eighteenth century brothel run by Madame Darky Kelly who, in seventeen forty six was publicly executed for the alleged murderer of her child Oceania. But the real story is a little bit different than that women metallic too great. So her real name is Dorcas Kelly, no jokes we don't do that. We don't make binding people's named. It's weird. It's just weird, though that name hasn't survive the test of time, and this is my son Mackenzie and my daughter Dorcas. What's the problem found a great with an ax shirt?
so what exactly was Darky which is problematic as well. So the thing about history, a problem for some really thought that should happen. That's right too many. Many people is one of them. Ok, so I'm in a color Dorcas, because she deserves that. She ran a brothel called Maiden Tower in the lake seventeenth at ease in and I a nickname much of the tower part in copper alley in the southwest part of Dublin toga. She ran seventeen fifty you saw it yet
retired. That purpose by the time. I do not also hang you're lucky girl at the maidens demanded it's ours. She's, like I'm, gonna, run this her. I did it I'm done with that. Now, I'm in charge of hang it up. Yes, so she retired by this time and was just the proprietor, the women around the genome.
Turn proprietress if a prior tricks, but so extended night, do so that she had one consumer that she was that was loyal, sheep there's only person she saw and he happened to be the sheriff of Dublin named Simon Latro Alexey. Here's a photo of her little demi more going on real, I'm always so jealous of the people that can do a centre part. Oh yeah, yeah, those of us with the big Irish Moon things. This cannot pass my hair right above my ear, like Donald Trump of my kid, I'm jealous of people who can look over it even in a painting like she wants to look so over the pain. Just like paint me all you want is bullshit. Ok, then peers were. I can never give up Simon, the Trout sheriff of Istanbul. What's it doing is at Christmas
here's the thing about him. He was a fucking crazy person, okay, so she was a bad did, his nickname King and how the party that there is even a poem written about him, which I guess and that in the in those days, if someone wrote a poem about either slam you it was like super duper slander. Like wasn't just talking shit like, I wrote, it
How about? I owe you because I also think that in those days it might be wrong, but that you would get up and were sites type like a so it's like it would just be opponent, avert their people like. Are you really going to jail? Plums, otters, extremists is, let's do this here ever spreading around, so that the problem was that of Saint, never needed to retire. He just higher Sir Simon to take over that. She was because he was a member of the notorious Hellfire club genome. Tat. Tell me tell me it's bad bad, get bad bad, so there checks, It was a names, are several exclusive club for high society. Rakes and I was like works its shape, it short for re cow, which also means Hell Razor, those all these, like I'm rich high society deeds. He just wanted to you now costs.
Trouble and bees, hi society decks. I mean what else do they have to do with this parliament happy or by a bunch of boats? What is there for you to meet up with other due to their socio, doing whatever the fuck they wanted to that they needed a club so because you, whatever the fuck with the devil, what the devil, so they was ill suited to that? Ok, so these men were habituated and immoral conduct, particularly womanizing. It was established in Britain and Ireland in the eighteenth century and they were meant to be meeting places of persons of quality who wish to take part in socially perceived immoral acts. So I think there's just like a tunnel boning and drugs and fun stuff like that search is kind of like
the internet of the past. The dark web wears a dark, whether the fact that the Dublin chapter was headed by Richard Persons, who is a founding member of the Hellfire club. He was known to be in the black magic to end club members were known to be super into partying and having departure sat. There were rumours that the members rose, Satanist like they were so bored might just being bad that their legs, let's bring Satan. Another priority signal is like, Boring and they would have these crazy rituals where and when I wrote earmarked see, then they would sacrifice. Can I now so we don't like inquiries.
There are the wrong place. So bold, I love the box, we see past street. That's not exactly is eating our vigilance like popcorn thing but observe it, and I love the devil, is so and that they will they would set a place for the dental their table, which is like let's not very scary level, is a beauty shall know. The story goes on the others where's the trouble oil. I ask at night this do that Dorcas, when only bogged down with he has. She then allegedly became pregnant with his baby.
And according to Simon, the do, but she came to him and demanded money in. We don't open sea, therefore helping with the child or to keep it quiet. And so you know his response, so that was an airy, sane and Norma, saying she was a which problems and he can you know all his hire friends in the law. Days too in the law ecosystem early back you now due to try it or for being a witch problem solved. So so he accuser, witchcraft and accused. He said that she sacrifice her baby, but then that he actually sacrificed or baby is rumoured that she also maybe wasn't pregnant at all. So let's go without ok
So at the trial she was like. You can't kill me because I'm pregnant and then because it was true that you couldn't kill, sacrifice someone is they were pregnant, let not sacrifice you know, hang drown whatever they are going to do here. Put under a rock tat was the thing they did just gonna smash you, but didn't I kind. Of course I don't mean the course rail I wish you would. I was. How is she on trial for sacrificing your baby and then she said, but I'm pregnant. You can't kill me well, a bunch of midwives relate she's pregnant, so it's not known if she was or was aunt or what the witchcraft thing was: gotta, gotta, ok
Simon testified that shipping casting spells on him to extort money and to make him fall in love with her daddy does know how love work they spells, not witchcraft, em ass. You feel you have to deal with. No, he does it actually does these grounds if the devil than ever. So, even though the body of this alleged sacrifice child is never found, Dorcas was found guilty of witchcraft and her punishment was death. So in seventeen forty six. This is how they put her to death, she's, partially hanged and then publicly burnt alive at the crossroads in Baghdad and fits William Street in Dublin City Centre. They charge guys, I think, there's an agent and their wits and great job so that they hang her first and they said it was like women didn't just get burned to this.
They also like did something beforehand, but then I was like I said the thing that was like they they have killed her so should be unconscious when they burn hearse, because the people who loved to watch public executions didn't wanna, hear the screening of the people being burnt at the stake, so they burn conscious, which is actually like that. Being granted the snake. I would guess and another that you now specificity, that poor hangman and having to hang a person so that their only unconscious is a lot to ask. I've got a bummer data. We hang man anyway, We like you, have to get it just Riah. I love your empathy lies with the hangman, always joy and then go to Turkey Kelly's after and yet appear now. Ok, so They are worried about the people that they
to see a neck snap. They don't wanna, hear screaming sure they love to see if the person on fire later, it's really Portland bothering them that the person keeps shrieking and no one can go. Have you ever tried thin air my round three years, ok. So that was like the story that everyone knew it was like a legend. Maybe a quarter the people here now it is based on it. Clapping their scared to clap their very historians, I think that Dorcas might have actually been in a serial killer and maybe the first serial killer in Ireland Ok, I'm opens this is well good.
And that the witchcraft story might have just been a cover up so that these authorities could save base and not have not known that there is a serial killer working this whole time, because this researcher recently named fellow Grady, he made the discovery. While examining contemporary newspaper accounts in the national archives, he was trying to sign this account of her being hanged as a witch, but he couldn't. Instead, he found a woman named Dorcas Kelly, who was accused. Who was the person who ran the maiden tower, who is accused of murdering a shoemaker named John Dowling on Saint Patrick stay in seventeen sixty, which was extra fifteen years after she was supposed to have been so sees that she's found guilty and that's the reason for her execution same fuckin path? Hang The worst combination freely so it was tradition. So we- so he finds out that that's why she actually
saying this because she killed this guy and then after execution was traditional for the court to be buried in the patent by the gallows instead of a proper burial was, like your last shame on you: ok, ok! the kind you can't veal or know about anyway, the gray. So instead this its workers at Maiden Tower or like, and not our fuckin darkest Kelly, motherfuckers lay still a body away, and they still remains and stormed her brow Nebraska with her body to give her a proper wake them we're like she's not being very there. We're gonna take care this. Wasn't it burned body yeah, I didn't think about. Maybe it was somehow there remains now
an early neither wearing was handed over them, but God damn and got so boisterous. This wake of hers with all these amazing sex workers that they turn into a riot. That's happened in my family, I swear to God. I watched my uncle's outside a wedding punch strangers in the very intense, the Irish with their wakes and their wedding sounds like it is varied upsetting. Will this thirteen women were arrested for disturbing the peace than damaging property just go in and impose do so witnessed. So then authorities like right, let's search the like she's dead. Now, let's search results which, What that means could elected sounds dirty didn't, but they goes grew. I guess her house
line. The body five murder, gentlemen, oh yeah, so she has spoken killing people really generate. Maybe it was customers, you gonna unruly, perhaps not the best solution, so she might have been the first cereal like guy exactly so. These writing women are like writing or their Shiro America Magnetic OWN, and they may be built at another door. I tried really hard when I was sipping, my irish coffee and later paying in the bathroom conjure up the spirit and be like I'm ready for goes to experience a touch of nuthin now now so
wash my hands, are dear to me, let's natural in modern day, Dublin their suit, still rumours about Dorcas Kelly's, go stocking the streets of Dublin with that's middle part. Man was coming up the street at you, like a fucking kidding me earlier she's, not to be the Green lady of Saint pardons church you guys are sinners or I got that right at corn market in Dublin City Centre, it's a beautiful twelfth century church and there are reports that a spirit of a woman HANS only the outside of the church, never stepping that beyond the steps of the entrance, and it's that it's her because she's a woman of ill repute, so she can't go into the church or even step within the holiest
victim of the church. But who knows, let's go find her imparting real. That is a story of darkest have. Thank you that, as you have to be as it goes to haunt the inside of the catholic church, should have nothing in this and then it's like it's pretty crowded Mary Patrick, goes out of my way. I want to know the true story, and that now I think that's the true story, because if there is as theirs accounts of her in seventeen sixty when she supposed have been put to death in seventeen forty six, then that means do the math sees a serial killer on that issue.
I tonight I've decided to do the story of lying. I sharing Collins and man or hire. You know that noise means like you're on her side. Theirs the resources, for this are the independent, the guardian irish Examiner, the Irish Times the LOS Angeles Times, although in international story, oh yeah, this is a very basic version, because there is so much like conspiracy and detail and stuff that basically goes on, but then actually leads to nowhere. So I just and cover it if you want them, Oh Mary, perfectly researched and great version of this- please listen. Two episode. Thirty of the men's re podcast by our friend should aid. It's a great part cast that's hosted from my errand Dublin, and
actually tells you the information you might want to know. What in Nigeria would literally take me like an hour and a half cousin, after due sidebar about like my going to junior high highlights so ok, Miss all begins in November of nineteen. Ninety eight, so thirty, five year old, sharing Collins is divorced. Mother of two from Ennis, counting Clare. Here she is zero. Recount exploiter, we're gonna cleavage window. She went, I beg it's like I'm. Not it is the Czech eight there there don't forget it. Ok, search wherein is working at a local furniture shop in earnest when in walks forty five year old at sorry, forty nine year old, multi millionaire, J Howard
Oh, my god is that there are some years later shop, a turban on this guy. I think we know em millionaires, ten. They look like the two headed off immediately and so he decides to ask her to dinner in Spain is a fucking Mahler move that's pretty grows. Oh do you want to go to dinner and Spain primarily Wretch retrench yeah? Ok, it's all! Yes! Take me his name of Christ. They can't Eritrea, gives me measures or smoking urges door smells like pledge. Get me out of here. Couches, So I go to Spain for dinner. The end of it,
a weekend evidence of a thing so PJ's a widower. His wife died two years before in ninety ninety six, since that time he had David dated I really young blonde women It's like shit. No judgments like sharing Pga so. I too zones their named now and Robert, and these are the same Hence there. Oh there's is managed and here's this beautiful mansion wearily because within a month a sharing hurts you sons of move into this house along with Pga in his, Possession Luxurious mansion by a lake
What's hired is when you don't know, the story is that you don't know who you can talk shit on. Yet our youth is like shouldn't because, like that's been examining, I want to be like don't look at our cleavage window tab and thoroughly bad she's, not the victim, they'll take great cleavage window. Look at that. I look at what it cleavage window can get you, lady here, so Eric it's a romance maiden haven't unwrapped the great than a month. In one month after them, the teacher is worth about twelve million euros or nine point
six pounds all meaningless. He also owns other homes and West Ireland in zones owns homes in Spain to him in two thousand, and he decides by himself a boat me names at heart, the after having quadruple bypass surgery. So again it's an irishman with a great sense of humour to Spain. Millionaires are gone immortal so actually understand together for seven years and pretty that's the whole time sharing would like to get married now, the thing as Pj'S is not interested in getting married, because apparently the irish law is that all
Ironically, when you get married, no matter what any kind of pre agreement is arena or anything like that, the spouse on upon divorce gets a third of the estates Data's. So Peter was like love. You mean it's not happening. You in your cleavage window. Get nothing well case. Will thing? Is he wants to protect his sunrise inheritance and probably also wants to protect the any kind of is just in case God forbid she might be a gold digger. So so he just basically in two thousand and five- is like I'd really like to get married and he's like I'm not going to marry a right your face all so they end up having they go to ITALY and they have basically kind of ceremony.
It doesn't matter throwing it in her things. Yeah he's like we can actually go through the motions and hold hands, needs words, but in a church, but I'm going to say I don't let's ride around you do whatever you want my values. I dont ok, so coarse. This passage she wants revenge knowing PJ's very private multimillionaire. She Attempts to smear has reputation by sending a bunch of emails to our tv radio in Dublin, claiming that peat one of the better radio companies. Shit,
I was Peter, is leave, so sex workers are not doing a great job, not seem like a gold digger. That's not a good. If you're trying to prove your love is really. This is not the move to me absolutely to the man. You love. So here's. This is my favorite part of the story. When these stories break PETE, PJ's either ignores them or never hears about them at all, and nothing happened. No one gives a shit. He doesn't care, you guys, don't care like nothing happens. The whole thing it like. There was like a little murmur about it and then it all went away like guess what I'm still a million. You know I'm gonna go crying to my pool, though. Ok, so when that doesnt work, she decides to take it about
One thousand steps verging on August. Second, two thousand six, oh by the way. I guess I should say right here, and this is the kind of thing work you know we read these stories, we get these stories and because it's already happened, you tell it with a great mountain bias, wherever you see fit, I led I do not even going to give you a queen. A legacy is right. Now and allegedly and mutual support in area allegedly how do you think you think you are giving me room down on it's all a legit. But I've been so long ago. Okay, so here's what she does August two thousand six. She goes online. She finds a website called
yet men, her, I M telling you and she uses on it. The student she loves onto it with her email address lying eyes. Ninety eight Yahoo, that's a reference to the eagles. You can't hide your lying eyes, it's a wonderful ballot about a woman who chooses money over love, she's, just creating her the arguments against yours, Elsie and Zaire. Time. Definitely at the holidays. This year, you're going home and you're worried about, and I dont know. If you guys, as much of this problem here, as we do in America that a lot of times these days, people young people go home in their worried about banning to have the holidays with their parents, who have become politically insane. Instead of arguing about politics, one
taken our and just explain to your parents how the internet actually works and how it is a permanent digital record that never goes away. There is no secrets, there is no hiding. You can't just do stuff you making up an email and using a big may name doesn't mean it's never gonna get traced back to you. Listening to the Eagles, as in a great idea, there's all these things. You should tell your parents, they don't know. The word password is not a great password. Yes, your cats grandchildren's one, two three, four five is not a good word, editorializing. She contacts a man named Tony Lucy on it
If you like the company mash up and extends a police officer. Regarding hypothetically with cyber security, I would say I want to hire a hit man. Should I pick Carmelo soprano. I mean Jesus, so she searched talking with a guy online. Again, a great thing to point out to your parents is used me, someone online just because they have a picture in a name doesn't mean that that person is that picture, or that name jab here. Listening to this, please listen to it. Carriage authority is messages or you break its here. As that there are liars. It proposes a plan to Tony list? She wants a hitman to kill teachers Sarka Robert, a NEO,
together anymore re, they broke, I know, there's still together but she is just like I love you hang out in my multi room mentioned by the lake, but I just don't want a merry because I don't want to have to give you tons and tons of my money that plans. Got it essentially and you, like he's right into the computer room and all hell breakthrough that such as three glass, the white wine and then she's, like Johnny Lizzie you'll pay with broke. She wants. This hit me kill, PJ's signs, and then by poisoning them and then push petering out the window of his Cortines stories. Spanish apartment penthouse, so it looks like he committed suicide.
In an email and emails or wherever Tony Luciano and share in there they wrote back and forth like two months sorting out this has on the Howard family. Concise and Tony. A stranger she's never met a person who she's talking to online recording her illegal activity. Tellingham she'd, yes, she does want his money. But it's not her main motivation. She says Pga keep trying to get her to sleep with strangers and she doesn't want you and there's one email. She writes quote. No conscience about my husband he's a real asshole any makes my life hell, but I do. Feel bad about the others. The sun was his son is just yet the others. However, I got
it long and hard- and I realise its necessary or there's no advantage to getting rid of my husband, others and not having to look at his miserable say again, but I must be sure that I will be ok financially and quotes now. This makes me think of every horrible gmail I've casually written no friend about someone else, but I dont like this or ever and eventually there will be a data breach on either Yahoo or wherever they go. You have your emails and you know there's a member. I don't know you guys remember that there is a data breach. It so neat like two years ago, where every email and the Sony like that, how did like Sony dot com they We became public and I have friends, that's what they.
Night first line is red. Sony email know just where and then everyone smiles seminal find a really bad one and they'll put it on line, and it's just like. Can you believe Julia Roberts, some full share some dumb Pino executive role, and this is why Abraham attack shit do these debates. You gotta me to tell you this gets, go sit in the kitchen table and invite someone over these email exchanges continue for two months over the cautious really transit Tony Luciano. She at a certain point, wires fifteen thousand euros while to him to pay for it, like as a deposit for this hit she goes on another dark website and buys herself a fake marriage certificate. The naming herself Sharon Howard bore a thousand euros, so she's, basically trying to say
everything like what I didn't do it we're already married, even solely with dad, would be like that they had a private. Secret ceremony. Here's your check the up. Ok, oh, I just heard here this part of the story made me want to make a tv show called old people on the dark with and it'll just be about a bunch of all people who don't understand how the internet works, making terrible decisions and immediately getting watch. Some fuckin tv, I ever it there, I had no idea they were tracing my email, it doesn't work, it's all trace, so everything looks like it's coming together for sharing, but at the end of September, of two thousand six stony look, John, he has a change of heart. Instead of carry- and this is the part where gets in very intensely confusing scientist business, so oversimplified it's crazy, but
carrying out the murders as agreed he flies was Ireland, and how does it plan to blackmail, sharing collins and her rich boyfriend? so to anyway, I'm just a deal to laptops from Pga Howard's, home and the next day she anonymously contacts the sun's Robert Nile and tells them there's an assassination plot in place them killed, ended. She he's being paid a hundred and thirty thousand euros to kill them, but she will cancel the plan for a low price, have a hundred thousand euros. That's right, I'll, knock off thirty thousand euros and not kill you only duty or lose your today. Only today today, all right now do not get killed. Of course. Immediately after receiving this message P, Jason Robert caused the police in areas like guess what it crazy person has contacted me
They traced the message: back exactly to Tony and right? actually work. The dark web is a fantasy and they set up a surveillance operations to find him Once in September, two thousand six, the police actually under cover officers pose as the Howard zones and they make arrangements to meet Joanie Lou Jonah. At the Queen Soto and pay him the ransom money. And, of course, when he's your who suffer also not a great man to make the plan like their three. Let me do it out in the open, hopefully Do you have cctv their overload yeah yeah? Let's do it under one of those meet me at this disease, camera on the corner of dumb, and so when
It? May I want the heart of gold shows that they immediately arrested him. Of course, ten. That's when they discover that his name is not only lose all he's lifted. One year old. I think we have the sun's picture. I think you're, ok, Don't Nile and Robert Measly now have to be involved in their own anti murder, plot they'll real happy about it. Yet That's how it is millionaires, get used to it. So, actually, totally Luciano is fifty one year old, LAS Vegas Poker dealer. Some aid I hear he's stokes due heed loves it here. Loving life he's got my awesome one breaker on and I am ready to go to court and he looked so she's urgently from Egypt that he moved to LAS Vegas to work at the belarussian link is wiser out art.
She has a wife and daughter in college, seemingly just kind of a regular regularly. Hooker dealer, so the guardian contacts authorities in America, federal agents go to Eads LAS Vegas home. They seized his computer and, of course, is for They crowded and laughably obvious website Mansour ire doubts on these issues. Paper with his great I told you to leave or use that a period of man website. It's embarrassing nerdy.
Ok, so so, when the police search the messages they find, people from all over the world have contacted me to try to bring him money to carry out their desired heads. So many old people higher hitman dot com. I just can't take it anymore. I know I'm seventy five, but damn achieving loves me. Ok, here are actually been wired. Money from some of the people out so hit men for higher was a great idea. I mean it was like near you to the irish police, of course, zero and on AIDS. Irish contact, someone with the email address lying eyes. Ninety eight Yahoo dying and they easily trees that email back to sharing Collins. So she is arrested in July, two thousand eight on conspiracy to commit murder and soliciting hit man as it turns out just because you're in your again descending emails doesn't mean that year,
actually make committing a federal crime because a big deal so throughout the course the trial Sharon actually suggests that me It was Nile and Robert who are setting her up to keep away from their tax money, which is a little. Its pretty backed out yeah she never drink, click uses them, but it, but this they heard defences based on them. The defence asking the sun's like it didn't you set up this emailing like all this shit. It's really fucked up. She basically it doesnt directly herself, but she is asked: do you Think they did it and she says it's possible so yeah, who can basically I'm
I just got caught for a bad thing. I did therefore you did it. The Donald Trump store anything anything everyone's do in these days. How did we get through than we did that thing? You did it. You didn't and you're doing it every day So Peterson's rubber. Now, though, give witness statements- and they basically tell the court that this whole ordeal has been horrible renown and impact of them very badly sure, and but when It takes the stamina. Surprisingly stands by sharing own court. He defends her. She says she's, a good woman who takes care of them. He believed she would never do anything to harm him and when he comes down from the witness stand, he crosses the court. And kissed her lips. I mean you. Think what where is he gonna, be like I'm gonna break up with you
I don't know after thirty two days of testimony ninety witnesses, ten hours of deliberation by a jury of eight men and for women Collins, is found guilty on all counts, so November. Third, two thousand a share in Kansas, sentenced to six years at Mountjoy women's prison
First of all, the women's president announced the one with this measure, as indeed is found guilty, also of extortion and burglary, but he's acquitted of this village solicitation of murder charge because it was like I was gonna. Do it in no way will you didn't like here like? I did decide not to do it. I am some credit for the fact that he is the six years and irish prison after which is extradited to the? U S to serve and others three three years there for all of his other website, dealings in Vegas Prison- and it is the guardian to Everyone- loves him. There is a red poker game going in that prison. That he's like good luck, players, don't shoot me. Sharing Collins ends up serving three years and nine months and is released in September of twenty twelve she's out
since the EU has been released. His move to Belfast she's working different reports as massage therapists, dog worker According to the latest, reports is taken up, salsa dancing, there's a lot of coverage about shared Collins, she's living like she's, like you know. What now that I'm now I'm an early gonna, go after what I've always wanted to sell, said Anthea, which is like ok, all seven. Reporters are gonna, follow user, that's also dancing class and then talk about it if she's been rounded and by continued press coverage sensor release.
To rename her dog working business twice its will to hire a hitman industry like dammit. I love that I'm sorry for this joke, but what, if you name it higher as shit man and then is her holding one of those little darky? Bang, bang I'll, be your shit! Man you're! Not just like TAT was terribly dine. Violent getting mad years must be better than that. Ireland. Sweden mere hinges the zone, in twenty fifteen, she gave an interview to the Sunday Independent and she told them through Quote dear filled eyes. Everyone deserves a second chance. I should be Let's get on with my life, but it is. It does not agree
the Sunday World newspaper. Second chances are people who admit what they ve done, sharing never admitted what she did so for her. There should be no second chance. I admitted what I did so yes, I deserve a second I dont think people are asking for a second chance is going to decide. It is like a nickname, you don't you just not the nickname and you dont sight of you get us. That's exactly exactly right. Let's put it so promo code, murders after serving years in prison. Assad aim returned to his native Egypt and now she's, getting a second chance with his new job. As a catalan armor,
and then is the insane story of lying eyes. Susan Collins and her hit man for higher, that's great. Finally, over simplified highly oversimplify mean, I can't imagine, what's more like what more there is, there's a whole there's other people and there's the accusations, and it's it's really genuinely crazy story, those great thinking and doing do even time. We he's the man you gotta see where we make these stores work sabre. Ladies and gentlemen on so we have to God like tat the people who are allowed to combat stage in this whole tour. It's been a photo of Mimi. My eldest gets all he needs a little. She deserves some that's right. Well, with all the opportunities we should place than those to whom I made a view of the night without didn't should be right over the think tank you, the glory for the home town I just like to do. I give a warning actually cause when we were in Glasgow. We, Georgia, picks someone and turned out to be in
I can No one wants that american zone over. We know it's special and a big deal and you went out of your way and you're here with us. We love, you were coming stay away, they boot router, but then she brought up her. I made them vous harder than we couldn't understand a fuckin worthies that it was great. Yes, Burbank. We got a real scotsmen up there. Everything worked out so please, if you have a home town and you are from the great DSL, Ireland know that book unaccented Soto insanity, please make sure it has a beginning middle and ends and being the most important part, and please make sure that you're not so drunk that you can't tell your own story. That's happened a couple times and unjust
make it good make sure that you're, the one that has the good one Georgia will take. Does anyone have a home town anyone ever homes they would like to share with you, get that let's do it. Food is very good at their everything on this
we're having so much fun here about cuban Judge dresses today, oh yeah, I brought him home, neither them fit. What's it like everyone here, Rebecca where you have to give better I'd like this now, but in when you make a Bobo therapies, perfect in actually kind of hate you that you're gonna make upon located. Tell your story. Ok, my business by this decision. Because we wrote my man with this
she now listen security. We wrote her last time and she really wanted us together and say the whole time where did that she's, just nay to scare us on is to walk home through the park on our own when we welcome that contains does so. Oh basically, when she was on how their adventures, younger and eightys, and somewhat character and Savage Denny surrounding it. Has been murdered, I'm alone Why does she was a girl who undergo of my mom's a basically when. Geneva, one night she without with when your friends are separated from friends. It's got a taxi home with a man, You didn't know arrived home and on the Sunday morning, found dead now, very happily, rapes, musicians and murders. At the end of an earlier, I ran up to the primary. Soon after they ve gone to US
so Sunday, Nokia signed or anything it was. It was the novels and there's no dna. There's no cameras. They didn't know how to find him, but he she's glasses behind were not included in the seventies ISA. That's how you again call for murder very true three pairs of molasses on planes, exactly how they cordon there. You know there was no spectators at the time it was it was just like. I was just on the opposition that they went round to. They brought the gas that they have the scripture and they find him through is now. He did have some kind of men to this unfortunate, though he did of six years in kind of a mental
institution, and he was released after its first year of watching that was the murder Denise filing under my mom is the task that we re Javert everybody nailing ass seal. That letter from her I swear to God. I think her mothers selling their children, horrible worries are, we wouldn't have the TIGERS, Rio area also that's kind of one of the more beautiful things when we do mean Greece who gets me, some people occurs, there's nothing better than whence you girls walk in there like this is our sea was the original more intervene? If it's about this has been going on so much longer than we have been a part of it, but the fact that
We get to do most floors, the fact that we get to travel internationally and do risen bullshit you pay money and you sell out two nights at this gorgeous theatre. We are so lucky. Thank you so so much you surely honour to be here. Thank you guys. It's an honor, it's a real honour. It so stay saved and do gods missions, of course, especially at this time of year, its importance to the Roma Holidays, the more than that states acceding and.
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