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199 - Live at the Hammersmith Apollo in London

2019-12-05 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover Dr. Thomas Neill Cream and the Enfield Poltergeist. 

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I wonder I gonna like this sex lighting or know about you really is some lighting and well it's haunting its ghoulish. What we're all about yeah? How are you guys everything good we're so excited we back here. This is where you were last time. I saw you in our name: Yankee Right, which we miss Saunders have been made because had been made use have been removed. We did probably the most Rock n roll thing we ve ever done tonight, which is drive up in one of those bans and take a left through our own lying to drive in ass, pretty ran. It was either that or just people that had been kind of kicked off the sidewalk and were forced to go down that way. We're we're not interested in one way at all,
given that it could have em, but I chose to see it as a kind of rolling stone situation, thanks are being urged said that this is the second to last show over you. Can I earlier tour? Yes, we know now those are two different. They ass about two days in mind: deodorant just decided to quit the me so I went to the tea, came acts and got the good sorry. I don't understand that I'm from America, where we call it t J man, that's the stupidest working like boot and trunk. I'm fine with Sea J Max and tea came axes. Come on someone on one side of the Atlantic or the other picket dick alone
pick a different thing into pick. A black ten different letters, what happened? A tea came annex I bought since shape where they forgot that and it's this weird kind of where it's like the the boobs, our cut out Neil like because they don't want to fly in your boobs, yet are slightly needs when the plan this far and not this far so I kind of like I'm wearing a cop wearing a holster about that dirty. Do you think that cut a moves are going to make you perform differently in kind of, like bolder room were when he's wearing women's underwear pitcher? Will there like it lets now? Let's not flatten these out, because this is what she's got between thousands got to work with the item. I caught a model. What about your dress, my dress? I would just ask him pockets. That's never sees us for one second, like not microphones, gonna drop out, you're gonna have to pay this theatre. Ten thousand sterling
I have to show your photo. Ok, so worse thing at this hotel, it's really all that used to be like a school and I used to also be an insane asylum. So it's definitely fuckin counter cyclical our it's called the broad, more arms hotel definitely haunted and assume. Our walk last night got some kind of late and like the the who is really small, and it's really dam and you just keep turning these Ithaca maize and sinners urchins in the corner thing please please mass. So I was like this deadline on aid programme as Eco six now, and so we turned a corner. I'm first, and this is what I see but with I was really sorry. Are you ready? I literally turned a corner. I think he was waiting up. That's the werewolf was so Starling and yet adorable. What's his name, I don't know. I wouldn't tell me really: that's not a talking dog its Henry, I don't know he's got his own sweet plaque. It was so happy to see what it is like. Could you please be quiet trying to hide my midnight t really? Well, I also the picture I heard. Ok, I'm nervous. There's murmurs going around so Georgia likes to sleep on planes and trains and automobiles, as we all know, I can take a nap anywhere, its grey she's into it. She's got I wear she's, but I guess on this last flight that we took from Dublin to London. I know I know what it's gonna be chief left her I wear somewhere because I turned to see what she was doing as like on the Isle over it I turned and looked in. This is what I saw was alone has never been worse by israeli bad. I'm sorry that I actually texture and said I am going to say and to show a picture of you to night. You want me to run it by you first because it and then she went. Is it bad nose like earlier our I wouldn't ask of your life? Acute gnawed I'd, be like guess what you bad you're out of this decision making process, but I like? Is it ok, Vince Amy his beanie, pretend not to see me like the whole fire from the Americans in the audience. Doesn't she look like one character from fat Albert? I hate that boat. Okay, so sorry, so sorry, if it wasn't a gotcha photo now it's a before photo. But can you believe me the lazy, Susan cocktail tables- and I am now we won't know who stories are you know I hate that I'll check both object, both
I stated my hotel room all day long, because my hotel room looks like a little apartment from the victorian times, except for all the phones and Judaism, and I basically sat by the window with like a shawl around my shoulders riding with coil. It's so exciting it so exciting, unlike what's outside, we have at tea, came acts or Atilla. Who gives a fuck I'm staying here where the fantasy lives so charming, it's so nice. Oh, this is my favorite rural areas. Discharge arts are right to sit down to lead a literary o k, o k O bath and each get around back now. To take. Thank you to my okay. This is this. Is the area goes down a little? Be careful? Is this part game show part? True crime live gas, oh dear wobbly, taller than you know come down here. I can't find the it's very come on down this way. We won't, you won't be very far lerigo. Naturally, this is like some fuckin beer, Turks powder, like MRS Wibblewobble cats, I think I wanna closer the table, but I refuse to get up now Joe. We can't we don't have time to reset. We have to get into this,
Ok, it's them time for the speech you do on time. Most of you know the speech at this point. It's kind of their. There is really no point, except for the fact that a handful of you insist upon bringing outsiders. Please listeners thing. I love not interested in your crime. Do it anyway? Ok, I guess it'll be the kind of evening we're going to have so you're the people I'm talking to. We call you the victims or the drag, belongs
Is it your crime, a comedy podcast? Some people are not comparable with that combination because they immediately assume its disrespectful. So we feel the need to explain up top Georgian. I have loved your crime since we were very kind of dangerously young and parallel to that, we have always done with the hardships and our lives through humor. It's how you were raised and how we cope, and so now, when we talk about what we believe to be the worst thing that can happen to people that can happen to a family that can happen, do an individual. While we talk about it, we often feel the need to make jokes during an and that's just are coping mechanism for dealing with the horrible shit that seems to need to go on day after day in this fucking world. So we just want you to know that. That's how we do business and if you don't like it, you can get the fuck out and not defensively we'd. Also like you to know that our last show at Dublin we have
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it's me it's you. It is. Ok. Ok answers I feel like I want first last time when I did Jack the ripper and had a nervous breakdown on this very stage. I added watches silently sweating liquor US monopoly table theirs. I didn't think it through that the people who would know best about every suck in minute detail of jack. The ripper case would be in this room with us. Until I was in paragraph two going and like all felt like, I was, the whole thing was going straight into corrections. Corner Lego is going to be a twenty nine. Our corrections coroner when I got back, I was fucking. Sweating wages seem like they go on, for it was like it was. It was terrible now when we got back stage and we had a meeting great that night right behind this curtain and we may all kinds of awesome people. There is one woman who was like a new. This is my jack, the ripper smile thing and you did fine, and I was just like that. Like I truly almost cried, you know you're my ear, my colonial overlords night. I want please you so bad, it's in my blood. It's in my dna, please them please them do the murder right ers, they say in Ireland, do the more general right. So I want to do my best tonight as I do the Lambeth poisoner, Doktor, Thomas Neil Cream, hurrying cream areas. Now, if we had the ability with this technology to zoom in
we go in real close on Doktor Thomas NAIL creams eyes. Is there a little off levels, a little bed and he has a touch of that part of the German when it only gravity, Omni Ground, all degree he's got the optic grab a cross and then, when you think about that, as like this psychotic mad poisoner, it's such a bad combination. Just like would you like to take this pill like mere her me o me? Oh no, thank you. Will you know I'm a soft spot in my heart for sties
but my car. Ah so I would say I would take anyhow, he gave me an unfair overtake. They do call him the Elvis of poisoners. That's why that's where they came from. This is young doktor, Neil Cream, when it was in his prime
But then here's old doktor, Neil Cream, which is the picture you seem more often does elder picture that same picture. He turned around. They took that other, virtually left it in the sun two weeks now is older and more intense. But when I look at this picture, it reminds me of like the first and original give, which is my favorite of all, which is their dramatic chipmunk. Bang, bang right, if only we have the technology to put a top hat on that Gemma. We would be on our way. I fear I love it next time when we, when we go to eighty two technical college and get our degrees in whatever whatever you have to do to own resources, are used for this story: Wikipedia murder, prettier and one of my favorite websites, the multiple award winning blog murder by gaslight by the author, Robert Wilhelm, and he has three books for sale on Amazon. That look amazing that are all about. Basically, the murder from around this time, so check that out, Doktor Thomas NAIL cream he's or as I like to call him Tom Cream, the worst name of all time born may may twenty, seventh eighteen fifty
in Glasgow Young, older survey, children and the NATO. Fifty for the whole family most to cut back came back Canada Real II, which is one girl, just happened. We bring one girl is an opera singer from her back. I did. That is if I can stop intimidating me, London, so he's very smart growth of smart wants to be a doctor. He goes to Mcgill University and more sure to study medicine graduates in eighteen. Seventy six after writing, his thesis on
Chewing gum now kind of chloroform. No one thought to read tag is ever you know what I want. I studied poisoning the apple yeah in like Creepy way, so that's foreshadowing, taken a writing class hi, I'm Tom Cream, majored and murder. surround the same time in eighteen. Seventy six he starts dating a woman named Flora, Brooks she's. The daughter of Lyman Brooks his owner of a hotel just outside complexity and early in the relationship she becomes pregnant, not alone. He has something to do with that. I hear
sir pregnant. I should have written so medical student Tom Cream. Tell sir I'm gonna give you an abortion in secret, of course, because back then they were illegal. Can you imagine the fuckin dark ages anyway, but he boxes the abortion almost kills her. When is so, of course she has to go to the hospital when her father finds out that she is, she is, you know, really seconds on the ground with her he takes or to the actual or YO he goes. There finds out that the reason she sick is because of a botched abortion, and then he basically a makes Tom Cream marry his daughter at gunpoint. Literally, yes, Oxfam right down to the church. One way to do it for you,
so soon after the wedding Tom Cream decides he wants to offer to pursue his medical studies in London. Oh that's where you want to get out of the entire country and off the continent? Okay, so so he he leaves as young Canadian why Flora behind, but not before he gives, there's some pills that she needs to take to get better. So once he's here in London, of course, the party starts ring comes off. It's Tom Cream Party time murders that mustache is slipping groups, as must our job and runs into Piccadilly Circus yelling. I love the circus. He parties, cheats on flora, constantly never tells anybody's married. Meanwhile
Can Canada floors than taking the bills that he proscribed to her and in eighteen? Seventy seven she comes down with what her doctors think is bronchitis and then an August of that year she dies of consumption, which is just a generalised way of saying they died young, so back so
I wrote I can't find any information about Tom Cream going back for the funeral, so I assume you just sent a telegram that said. Thoughts and prayers stop. So in London Party Tom Cream fails Med school ochres, so they send him up to the royal colleges of physicians and surgeons in Edinburgh, or I guess the failed Londoners go to make their way gay rights who in God's name would start sites with the country of Scotland either. What am I doing? What am I even saying Stephen? Can you mark this entire section place here in the ceiling? Ok,
so there he he gets his license from what I read, which definitely could be in accurate. One of the articles I read said: hey there he got his license for midwifery actually being is look at you you're starting to be like Kenobi. Do I guess which is? Can you imagine not funny goosey bastard popping up between your you're going into labor? Take that out of stop looking at me so intensely.
A year later in eighteen. Seventy kilos back to Canada this time, London Ontario. So I on when I was reading the research that J sent me. I got to this part and it was like at one o clock today and I immediately assumed that I'd pick the wrong murder- and this was a London Ontario murder, not aligned England murder, that fucking failing later, like I'm texting him, we ve got a serious problem. I sent him like six texts in a row and then read one more paragraph and I was like, oh sorry, we're back in London now, however, this for about three rounds like three in the morning. It was literally area in the morning for if he hates me so ok so he's in London Ontario. He sets up his practice. Six months later in May eighteen. Seventy nine one of his patients named cake Gardiner is found dead in a wood shed behind his medical practice and she's smells Chloroform chloroform smell like a queen
really chloroforming. It smells like were you thought now? Essentially I can. I can smell that sea K one from the past whenever see, came on, use to be made out of or the designer impostor yet another Debbie Gibsons, electric youth. So doktor cream is immediately called in for questioning a former. A formal inquest is held Cates roommate. Sarah long testifies that Kate was pregnant and she went to Doktor Craig to get an abortion and he testifies doktor cream. Yes, that did happen, but he claims she refute that he refused to conduct the procedure and that he says he just treated her first sentence sense, which of course,
they had to Google. No one is that it means aging, so he's doing, Botox is actually. He basically tells testifies to the inquest that it must have been a suicide because he didn't do anything. Another doktor ways in saying no one could possibly hold chloroform over their own face long enough to kill themselves and also that the scratches on her face would indicate there was violence during that time. Also, not indicative of someone trying to kill them so check and checks, but there's enough evidence to indict him so Cates death is ruled. A quote: murder by persons unknown
but don't worry, because this trial ruins is reputation in Canada and everyone. Aids him well done a two year around parents, their great grandparents, and he does what anyone in that situation. Booze, aided and Canada would do come on down to America so in August of eighteen. Seventy ninety sets up a new practice in Chicago Illinois. Ah, I just hold on. I can't what any and I need to move with the times are underlying it's just simply: ok and then a few lean on this is gonna drive grasp it just grip it. Let's drive it like a bus, double decker! That's why don't let it go back? You know, prom.
I am sure he opens a practice right in me. What was at the time in Chicago their basely, their red like district, and he becomes basically secretly and abortionist for the sex workers that are in the area and also women who you know it was illegal, but of course it got done constantly so most doctors, he wasn't only one lots of doctors did it after hours for just cash under the table, like he shouldn't known that he was a very good at it and maybe
quit. I think that's what he was into. Ok, you're gonna be disappointed when you learn Doktor Neil Creams, not very good. Guy me prepare yourself. I know I know I may be disappointed by our senses, Stephen so you're. So it comes running from the back just like in eighteen. Eighty police sort hearing rumours that doctor cream is performing abortions, so they keep an eye on him and his parttime medical assistant, a midwife named Hattie MAC, so apparently bag man. At the time you to get an abortion, you had to have like a contact and they would set up. It would be no. They we called midwives sometimes, but they would basically set up the deal where the doctors would meet them at a tenement apartment that no one
lived in and and perform the abortion in a very unsanitary disgusting GEO back alley. Style, abortion and the doktor just come and do it and leave and there would be no trace of anything. So that's what had he MAC was helping set up. God bless her soul, but in seventeen eighty police discover the decomposing body of a woman named Marianne Faulkner in this tenement apartment and they trace it back to Hattie, MAC who's, the one who rented it and when she's arrested, of course, she's immediately like I did it for doktor NEO criminals and the pull she tells police Marian Faulkner. She met her there because she'd brokered the deal and doktor cream to prevent the abortion. He botched it and then left her to die. What of course, when doktor,
cream is tried for the murder of Marian Faulkner. His defence is that actually had. He is the one who performed the abortion that she botched it and he came in. He was called to try to save her life, Marion's life and big, had he is a black woman and doktor cream. As a white doctor, the jury takes his word over hers and he walks free due to lack of evidence. Oh in December of eighteen, eighty another patient of doktor crimes named Ellen Stack, dies after taking medicine, the doktor cream designed himself so,
spoiler, doktor cream is super into strychnine. That's his thing an apparently at a certain point, I'm sure when he was parting from London is in its early days. He started taking a pill that he had put together himself, that was strychnine, morphine and cocaine, wow pack a punch, it explains the eyes, so he I guess, tried to start doing not here in Chicago, so so basically Ellen stacked eyes after taking this medicine, and it does this pill that
He put together for her had a lethal amano strychnine in it, but Doktor cream accuses the pharmacist. A man named Frank pilot of tampering with the medication and Frank pie. It says that he is innocent. The case is never solved everybody. Nobody goes to jail in April of eighteen, eighty one another patient of doktor creams named Alice Montgomery dies, strychnine poisoning after she gets innovation, abortion from doktor cream and that's treated as a murder case. But again, there's no hard evidence. The case remains unsolved. So then Doktor cream starts putting together what he tells. People is Epilepsy medication, whom I got this guy's a deck hate. This is not a good doctor, so some people actually swear by it one. Networks for is elderly railway workers named Daniel start.
Daniel star had a wife who was thirty years younger than him and quite beautiful, named Julia, and sometimes he would send Julia to go pick pick up his medication at old, Doktor creams office, and so they Daniel notices that Julius, like nay, nay, more medication. Or do you want me to go check on your medication, Doktor Creams office, that's right we're having an affair and then soon
It decided it would be better if Daniel Stop wasn't around to ruin their good time. Sewed general start is poisoned with strychnine. He dies on July, Fourteenth eighteen, eighty one and when this case goes to trial, Julia start entirely turns and she's like this. Guy did at all. It was all his idea. It was his plan and finally, this time, doktor NEO Cream, Thomas NAIL cream is found guilty and sentenced to life in prison. Come on her ten minutes in that's, that's not how it's gonna go, but you know that you know that he's rich his brother, bribes, the authorities and he gets out of jail ten years early.
Their father died. I guess in eighteen, eighty seven in less than a shirt tunnel money, so he gets released in July of eighteen. Ninety one he's only serve ten years, so Basically they say after Julia Start turned on him. His he had always had a very obviously a very problematic love hate relationship with women and after that, the hole in it. Debacle, his hatred of women, is just off the charts. An acquaintance of Doktor Crane says this about him quote: women were his preoccupation and his talk of them far from agreeable. He carried pornographic. He carried pornographic photographs, it's the late. Eighteen, you want to see. This huge cardboard thing. It's dirty she has on we're closed winking at eliminating. You wanna see the hottest angle. I've ever seen
he was in the habit of taking pills, which she said we're compounded, strychnine, morphia, cocaine and of which affect he declared was aphrodisiac inch he was a degenerate of filthy habits and practice, not popular, ok, so now your cream is a free man, slash murderer and he decides to take his inheritance and come on back to London, England. So ray mix. Failure you don't know how I feel about it has already happened, there's nothing! You can do why bow! He arrives on October, first, eighteen, ninety one, he finds himself a place to live on. Lambeth palace Road, so
sober thirteenth, eighteen, ninety one he meets a nineteen year old sex worker name Nellie downwards and she is witnesses, see her walking with a topper. Gentlemen wearing a top hat. Stay she's found slumped in her bed, apparently drunk with terrible stomach pains aunt, but she is able to tell witnesses that a tall dark cross eyed man gave her something to drink. Young quote twice out of a bottle with white stuff in it works like Nellie. After the first time drink, she dies on the way to the hospital and the cause of death is found to be strychnine, poisoning. Okay, so this is later on when this gets in the paper. There's all kinds of all areas drawings. So basically they did.
Dry once he was caught. They d drawings of him handing out pills, two guys like they were looking lining up for it needs Also they actually had. Oh that's after he gets caught up, ok, you went to the audience and shut her ankle. Ok, Oh no one, could connect doktor cream, sinhalese death, but He can't leave it alone, so he decides he's gonna anonymously anonymously write a letter to the corner to say that he could name the murderer for fifteen hundred pounds. I bet it doesnt work in the desert. It actually has the thing that get some coffee
he and honestly also rights to a local business owner, a man named W S days, Smith. Three initials must very rich and he accused him of the murdered demanding money in exchange for his silence. So these people nothing to do with anything that is going on or like opening these letters, like ok without any inbox, so doktor cream strikes again on October twentieth, when a twenty seven year old sex worker name, Matilda Clover there. She is
she leaves her room at seven p m to meet a man that introduced himself by the name of Fred and at three I am when she's back in her room after going out with him all night, she wakes up screaming and pain and telling people Fred had given her pills that she now knew or poison. So, in spite of this because of her background and because they find out all in her system, they decide that she actually has drunk herself to death and it she had been prescribed a sedative from doktor earlier said that some of that was in our system, so there like basically like ass, she was all fucked up. Let's not look into it. It's not treated as a murder, it's not investigated! So then, of course,
so once again. Doktor creams gonna get in there he's gotten away Scot Free, but he needs to write another anonymous letter this time to a very well respected, doktor name Doktor, William Broadband. He accuses doktor cream, accuses doktor broadband in the letter of murdering Matilda and he demands money for her silence, Doktor Broadbent immediately. It takes it down to Scotland Yard NEWS like this will probably interest you in some way, so Mathilda death your cream tanks, vacation back to Canada, weakened by himself five hundred more strict nine pills, fully share yeah, and then it comes back to London in the spring of eighteen. Ninety two and basically goes on poisoning spree on April. Second of eighteen. Ninety two doktor cream meets a young woman name. Louise Harvey,
as you can tell by her illustration, Louise Harvey is not having it not in any way that a hare had. I think it's a how although could be like real swooping here could be. They relate to Louis Harvey. Could you she had to sit for that picture. The whole time like that she's the site Are you down? Yeah, it's been seven weeks. Ok, doktor cream offers lilies some pills in that he tells, or will quote, put the blush back in her chair, but she's senses that something is off what this dramatic chipmunk and the top hat. So, instead of taking these issues, just like taking pills keeps bringing it up so when he is not looking, she
acts like she took them, and really she just throws them in the tens. Is my favorite that if you are ever drinking at a bar and you have drunk friend who keeps insisting you do shots, do it Adrian Cavanaugh does calls an engine, pretend you you're the shop, but just throw it over your shoulder, just throw it behind. You make sure there's no one behind you or make sure there's a broke drunk. Who wants to swap behind you like tat deal. She decks issued ditches those pills into the river. Two more women twenty one year old, Alice, Mars and eighteen year old. It goes on her way, so on April, eleventh, eighteen, ninety two
two more women. Twenty one year old, Alice Mars, an eighteen year old, Emma shrivel they're, both sex workers that he meets when he's our key laces, both their beers with strychnine pills and they live in the same boarding house and so that night, when their home, they both it's the same thing. They wake up screaming and pain in the middle of the night, and they both die days later. So at this point the police are like. Think there might be a serial killer on the loose and It was Jack the whole jack, the ripper thing and only happen for years before so they're like it's. It's happening to us again so this time than the who's got sent to own and, of course, they're both cleared of any suspicion, and then they take the letters as there
they question both of the doctors that those anonymous letters got sent to and, of course, they're both cleared of any suspicion, and then they take the letters because they're like who who wrote these letters. Those are very suspicious, especially since the second letter refers to Matilda death as a murder, even though she was the coroner decided there, she died of drinking water, May, I say to ninety two doktor cream happens to refresh and an Ex New York City detective named John Haines, his living in London. He is following the Lambeth poisoner. Murders really cool
happens to her friend, an Ex New York City detective named John Haines, his living in London. He is following the Lambeth poisoner murders really closely, because you know what he used to do for a living and keen doktor cream start discussing at one night over dinner, and the doktor tells hands that he can take him on a tour of the city and show him or all of these women lived and where it all happened. Nvidia rate it can't keep, is working very easy mouth shut, and while he gives this tour and in talks about the details, like really specifically of what happened to these women, he includes Matilda Clover and Louise Harvey in the stories, so the dark
John Haines is like our aid. This is kind of suspicious, so he goes over to Scotland Yard and tells his best friend Inspector Patrick Macintyre, about the whole evening, and he said quote: he knew the places the times the whole commotion, even their conversations. Of course he said he was merrily conjecturing, but I watched his expression when he spoke and well. I know this sounds Dottie, but well I swear. He was there like he'd known those poor girls intimately. How so inspector Macintyre is like all right. Let's take a look at this guy and then they they start following him. They realise that he constantly frequent sex workers, he's kind of in the mixed with them all the time, and then they contact the. U S, authorities and find out about creams, eighteen, eighty one conviction for murder:
by poisoning and that little thing the re, so they have enough evidence to arrest him so Angela, thirteenth eighteen, ninety two Thomas NAIL cream is charged with murder of Matilda clover. His
it's in the box, testifying that a man and a top hat tried to make her take pills and when the prosecution ass. If that man is in the courtroom that day, Louise Harvey points a doctor cream and says there, he sits Sir biggest life, and I could not do the accent just four days later on October, twenty first eighteen, ninety two ten after ten minutes of juries elaboration guilty as far there like do, we have to leave the room or can we just say it now? Just have us all say it out loud doktor, Thomas Deal cream is found guilty, so he sentenced to hang sir and take a moment he said, is to hang on November fifteenth eighteen. Ninety two and the story goes that he's standing there with the noose around his neck on the gallows and
he's, sentenced to hang on November fifteenth eighteen. Ninety two and the story goes that he's standing there with the noose around his neck on the gallows and the bag over his head and his last words were, I am Jack, and then they pull the lever and he goes down mid sent no, but he was so rich. He had a double go to jail for him because he was in jail in any teen. Eighty eight there's no way could have been him, but there were like, but he could,
some believe this was him admitting to being Jack the ripper and that actually Bert system see some theories that he was so rich. He had a double go to jail for him because he was in jail in in eighteen. Eighty eight there's no way could have been him, but there were like, but he could have paid so who get paid to go to fuckin jail, Noah I'll, socket away, and then in the bank it'll make interest yeah ten years I'll get out, I will have made five thousand dollars. but others say since this was a private execution, there was a hood over his head is no way anyone overheard what he was saying from there and that. Basically, though, that whole theory was away too, it was made up to sell newspapers but either way. Doktor Thomas NAIL cream was the Lambert Poisoner and that
is the chilling story of Doktor Thomas NEO Cream. I never heard of that really really want a day. I mean not cool, not pull at all. Few I'm glad you are able to do that means having to change a MID Londonderry. When I saw the words London Ontario, I almost killed. Everyone around ran a great job. I thought this would be fun since, as I've said before, everything here is haunted.
Ass they are probably so blackness monster. Now this is the story of the end field. Poltergeist started. I do it's more, it's one of the most famous supernatural cases in history: oh yeah, hadn't heard of it and I am greater everything and its known for its Mario twenty. Sixteen lady, the contrary to the first, showing eleven am showing at the theater and are you I do know that those about the conjuring, though entire franchise. So I got information from Wikipedia there's an article in people by Jody Lee. I mean he's already or is yes, I fucking dear guides your shit at its seat in he Stephen. Can we get?
let's get a little room tone. Stephen. Just take this and at the top of mine,
sorry, sorry, I got infer from Wikipedia and article in people my Jody goodly. I mean people magazine an article from a website called history versus Hollywood. The Ps I encyclopedia or science cyclopaedia dark his in the dark histories pot cast and also as it was getting ready tonight it showering and during my hair I listened to the episode of laws. Broadcast on the left was a laugh, so those boys are doing good bye. Really, it's really nice majority about this story. Peggy Hudson there you know she's a forty seven year old, divorcee she's, a single mom and she lives with her for children and Enfield. It's a quiet. It's like fifteen minutes. I mean fifteen miles from here, but it's about three hours really, probably because only travel around the yard traffic scrapes infer from LOS Angeles, incessant, were known to that
we know our trapping leaned. So they live up to eighty four green street she's known for being a quiet and strong woman. She works really hard to keep her family float that's hard to financial times. She just been divorce and her husband's like seeing a new woman, she's hot. I guess so. The oldest kid is Nay Margaret she's. Thirteen, then there's Jan, and whose twelve she's lively and extroverted John is eleven may explain why he got sent away to boarding school, but he's just gonna, not in the story they like doing not, though, sending away it's not like Amerika. We have to be really bad too good. A boarding school, sometimes you just go. Do you like little jackets, Eleanor Little Joanna where a little jacket? In short, all the time, then we're gonna? Send you away? I just I know this is so silly, but I just think of haunted castles when I think of boarding school like another, which is great and then there's little Billy, who seven here's the family nuts. Yours is, there's a sample case. Everybody there might be another one. I think there is another one. We sorry sorry there might there's another one offered us it's just that they drew him only so cruel side in the next time.
The sword or seems fine and then, as as I was, writing- and I was just like all these newspaper articles are coming before the murders are taking place. As this is a really not job guys are yours, another one, various admitting to being jack. The ripper he's whispering it right into that guy's ear. No, that's the hood that blocks his mouth and makes it on whole thing. Alai right, ok, sorry, eyesore is officially are so. This is one in the corner. Looking sullen is Janni she's, the one that this kind of like revolves around for the most part, so that's them large and do my ears sorry. This is but a book about seventeen. This is seventeen. Seventy five, no nineteen, seventeen America's just declared independence.
Large scale. My ears, it sorry this is up up up about seventeen. This is seventeen. Seventy six. No ninety that America has just declared independence is very difficult to be a divorce say with the colonies, have been broken off, but they have photography. It's actually the way that picture has taken. They looked like an really awesome baron. I dont know why it's more haunt of their new single. Your haunting me is. This really looks like he was in a brick part ban later one two three bow and stop. It ok get serious about their eyes
the first him anything. Strangest notice is on the night of August thirty, first, nineteen, seventy seven got it around nine thirty PM, Peggy them arm. She hears a shuffling sound coming from that John and JANET's room and she's, like God, dammit those fuckin, kids, probably shut them up, but the night before the children had complained that their beds were shaking up and down and I'm sure she was just like Belinda Mark. As most adults blow children on Miss virtually in the seventies were you're like, oh no, I had, since we are like a bustle of seventh. Greater cemetery is, how are you guys say, blue someone off your dear. I wish I were serving knows, could see the front row. It's a bunch of adults going like this. I thought you guys locked sacks this personally open so to say: oh monogamy, this is the thing we're in our country. It's no big deal to say fanny me we're fanny path. At least I know. Sometimes we all do guys. So what its Syria, ok, this is about ghosts. Please ever spectral goes so she ignored their behaviour or behaviour which adults like to do. The children ignore behaviour of children. Oh now I live in a seven day. Yes, oh no, I go in all the cringing was yeah. I was no it's worse when they serve between you and you don't know what they're billion laughing at you don't know what they're laughing about yards. Really surreal experience don't wish upon anyone. So she's a peggy goes into the room and JANET is complaining about the chair and it's it's making noise. So Peggy takes that you're out of the room, but when she goes back to the kids room to turn the light out, the shuffling sound starts again the sounded that she said the chair was making it keeps happening.
an peggy later describes a sound as if someone was walking across the room wearing slippers. So like a shuffling jewish noise, I now there being haunted by lazy person. Peggy turns the lay back on and the sound stops and happens again, and then this is when the knocking star There's three Knox followed by a heavy o chest: that's on the wall. It's the it starts moving across the room towards the door as if like, but pushed by an invisible for she sees us and Peggy is like a normal woman. She's not linger in our lab,
like my mom, like you know a bit of a hysterical? Yes, she's not likes with she's one of those low key people me, I saw a sweater known Peggy pushes the chest backed against the one once again slides back out of there as a trading block. The doorway, I'm like be the kids in the room. Super creepy she tries to put pushed back again and it won't move So she brings out grabs the kids think over the neighbor's house, which I think is what most people would do right. Yes, the nodding Hams Nottingham quickly dismiss their story, but they say: ok, we'll come over and lessons are not brought noises, they enter the home and they all start hearing the knocking sound and it's coming from all over the house, and I guess the noise is like you know what it's like us doing at it's, not it's just coming from here. Obviously, but it sounds like it's coming from the whole house, it's almost like the Knox are following them around the house.
They don't want to do so. They call the police come a rough seas, got us any police constables around one a m so they tell the police about the hunting, I'm sure the place or like Ebay. These alcoholics minutes later Pc Carolyn heaps in her coworker. They start hearing tapping coming from the walls and they check the walls, the attics, the pipes, but there's nothing to explain these weird noises when they go into the kitchen to investigate the refrigerator pipes. Thinking, maybe that's the problem. Carolyn watches with the Haug hunch sense, as a chair in the living room, wobble slightly from side to side and then slides across the floor about three or four feet before stopping a fucking police persons. Yes, this like night
So did you see Coronation Street last night, I dont, like that's like an end. She later signs and affidavit saying that this is exactly what she sighed she's, not fucking around and she's, not an alcoholic wherever over the next few days. The HANS nonsense in Nottingham, witness, legos and marbles fly across the room stand Standard ghosting, one of the nine aims, picks up a marble after lands and it's burning hot Ill Kirsty on September. Fourth, MRS Nottingham calls the daily mirror, because the police are like that super where it is carrying. We totally saw not our problem seal, eight or re. So this these families, owing trying to get someone to take them seriously and help them demons, are not in our jurisdiction. I'm sorry, I'm giving the buck area, so they call the daily near urges to be like someone come over here at an even love it.
So they're hoop mitigate and help through the press. So a journalist, some photographer come to the house and the next the next day they see the legos flying around the room and even hits the photographer and the head of a brutal acta yeah or as a funny. It's funny we'll. Just like you want some proof just like what kind of asshole goes. Does the again there all standing there and like they're, all it's a bunch of people who are coming from nowhere. It's like you would have seen at the kid, but like secretly, like you, know, sliding that's not happening. And so they send another reporter senior reporter photographer real follow up visit because they like there's a fuckin story here and the senior reporter hears the knocking it's off. It's like legit people who hear these crazy things and they contact the society for such sick first psychological research on behalf of the family. So the society is from Kensington
It's one of the oldest paranormal investigative bodies in the world. Do yeah there founded in London in eighteen, eighty, two by scientists, philosophers and other academic sooner the first, my it's, the first scientific organisation ever to examine claims of psychic and paranormal phenomenon and in remains today is one of the most legitimate research bodies that investigate supernatural activity so in nineteen? Seventy seven to society, members Maurice grows, he's played by Simon Mc Bernie in conjuring Nokia and Guy Lion play Fair play by Tom from succession. Yes, a k, a fat and yet a k, a mister Darcy, Mister Darcy. In the conjuring up there like we're going to figure this out
like where the word the like people- and I don't know about these hats on Lake- goes tat. Those two halves. We're going to figure this out objects continue to fly and move around four weeks, but by our toper there's like furniture and cutlery of household objects that isn't now down start to disrupt various rooms of the house, so just keeps happening and one night the investigation, the investigators, clear, all the objects that can be moved out of JANET's room and there like workmen.
The test and see what happens. They get all the furniture from her room and they report that some time after they hear a tremendous vibrating noise coming from the now empty. Don't like someone was drilling a hall. Now, I'm back into the room that had nothing and no one in it and they find that the victorian fire agree that ways like sixty pounds had been torn from the wild. So like not something a little kid could do and most of the hunting is is like around Jenny, though the daughter his twelve, and I guess it's kind of a normal thing for a three percent. Are you now, no girls going through puberty, it's a kind of
Then energy lotta drama lot is seriously and no blame one direction. Let's see a photo of Harry Styles, home, looked Sabre, caribbean onto her supposedly levitating no ray The fact is that guy, I must ask you, my glasses on it looks like a fat Steve Mcqueen from here. Do you know who the posters stir scan hedge starts going now
Someone got it right, but I don't know who I mean to go back to her blood unit. I'm look the poster tension that is willing, our story, I'm so easily disrupted and the peace that supply the fireplace had been ripped in half so like. Clearly, this little twelve year old girl, hadn't done that, probably ok, Maurice rose and play fair are convinced that this point at the hunting is legitimate, but many members of society aren't so quick to believe it. I think the girls are playing tricks and messing around and at school. Janet is bullying because of the stuff in called ghost girl. So I don't know like. I would love that nickname my guide. I've gotta get your being made fun. I've you wouldn't doing remain yes by November, Maurice gross notes that the knocking sounds around the House seem intelligence. So he's like. Let us get some fuckin questions.
he starts out with simple questions and request the disturbance to knock once Renault and twice for yes, when he if the ghost is dead, they reply with fifty three not listening. Is that a super known as should the greatest thing I've ever wonder they verifies activity in I got all, but other than that I would. Scream and ran? Ok, as no passes Jack's behaviour becomes more and more erratic and at times, she's very unsettled? It's almost like she's possessed RO says she seemed to be taken over. partly investigation cameras are set up and the girls room and their remotely operated, and they take bursts of photos every four seconds. The images document document adjust several strange things happening in the room. The first is a pillow that appears to twist around in mid air thrown by no one or is it hang out the ban
I don't know that looks super creepy. Doesn't this what he's here I mean I guess it is stars. Ghana, I'm like another well I mean that's. The problem was stuff like this. Is you think, like a picture would prove yeah but yeah? You don't have the right depth here. So if it is hanging, you would need to be from the minimum, disdainful manner side to show that its hanging in mid air. And there's also a curtain that appears to twist around no one like a curtain hang on itself. Whatever and the most extreme photos, however, are the images of JANET levitating in the air. Are they being and she later claims? She was unaware that she went into trances until she showed the photos. Scheveningen other was happening while
so in this memories, totally believes it and it's this kind of sad, but not like there. Their dad is gone? He stays with them and like kind of takes care of them and the reason he is apparent or investigator is because his daughter died in a motorcycle accident and he thought she contacted him from around the great really into it and it makes our yeah. And so you know you have this young girl who thinks that she's being possessed or that the house is haunted and stuff, and then this guy who scholarly like grieving, and they both believe in it. So maybe I don't know if you believe in energy and that I do sense. I mean after its not like you can believe in energy or not it's a thing, but cycle psych. I believe in electricity and stars skin hatch. Ok, the intelligence of the disturbance regresses even further. When JANET starts to speak in a gravelly growling and
working sounds okay, this is the part in any of these movies run like now. I'm a believer limits like a twelve year old. That's like oil favour where I'm like. Ok, it's the devil, everybody already or me. Honestly. When I heard this, I was like ok yeah. I will be its previous fucking thing. I've ever heard it sounds like an old gravelly, british fellow, but it's still british. The ghost is obviously british, its non American, it's just so creepy. If you go home and listen to it, it like a fucking, it does there's no explanation, then she's an incredible actress which I mean she's like eleven or twelve, so I mean Merrill. Streep was once eleven or twelve. Who knows we can't now?
So it starts out this low guttural voice holds conversation with the investigators four months. Janet describes experience like someone standing behind her and putting their hands on her neck. Like making her talk. That's how my mom you to walk me through the grocery store. Ok, you when we gonna get today like I was gonna like start grabbing you I was arguing possess. I was possessed by the girl s restoring so to eliminate. This is where to eliminate the possibility that JANET's faking the boys, Maurice tapes up her mouth and an fills her, those her mouth up with water other times that's gonna is necessary. I don't know, and she stole it looks like that really yeah
it does sound improv improvised. Essentially, who can you grab a hot marble or in a stick and enhance mouth and seriously if it works this time there was a lot of stuff like when there had been no is at night. They go to check the kids to make sure that actually asleep and they'd, like opener eyelids, to check if there are sleet nothing's going to wake you up like some. We investigator leaning over your bed, China, peering layer, Tom Lambs, Ganz opening their eyes, and so then, at one point the boys says that its name is bill and once that's not that's dicker like it. It's like the ghosts you used to live there. It's me bill bill. It turns out that the people who live there before had the father had died at a ham region is favorite share in the living room and the kicker is his name was bill, but he was able to be
perfectly deliver always only allow it's perfect. Yes, leave.
the British to do the perfect tackle, so they bring in. Like all this press, they ran magicians to try to see if they bring magicians because their board, where they do some of closed card tricks for us. While we sit here in this kitchen wearing headphones, but they might bring in you know, spirit mediums they bring in legit people, nor who know about this stuff and they are not able to do bunk any of it right that, unlike people, trickery, export refunds Leah, especially with the little girl tricking all these people, you know, but there is a thing of like if you want to believe in something at all it'll now I believe that it turned out. She had twelve rabbits under her bad. The disturbances continues, similarly, until June uncertain July. Nineteen. Seventy eight when JANET is admitted to multi hospital for extensive psychiatric testing. Two months later, she is given a clean bill of health with no signs that should have to read Sir Epilepsy or other illnesses. That could explain some of the events when she returns home the disturbances in the com down and almost as quickly as they had started. The strange happenings at the Hudson's home stop completely
and the incidents and unfilled are all among the most closely recorded in any poltergeists type situation. In all the witnesses. There's over thirty people who have witnessed the stuff, and even people who are walking by outside the house saw Jenny.
levitating in her room like to people who were involved within it said they saw the share and then there like, arrested for being a peeping Tom one person was called a lollipop woman, and I don't know what that means. Is that, like the ice cream man crossing are crossing our? I thought you said coffee, car, children's coffee, that's charming, I'd, never good about the oak. Has the sign probably looks like a lonely, I'm glad I didn't bother to look at. That was a fun discovery for us, and our british friends answered the lonely pup woman on the cool tape recordings, mainly by play fair engross, eventually total over a hundred and eighty hours, and another thing is that other other psychic mediums would come in and be like. You can make a shit and the money on the best, but no one made like they were serious. They didn't worries and Peggy were like not train,
don't get out of money today over forty years later in the Enfield case remains Britain's most famous hunting. and though its had extensive criticism, it's never been fully debunked and other JANET. So as an adult JANET admits that eye color Jenny earlier dammit, sorry, is: does she have your mom's, nay? She does you blocked it out. I really hope that those she admits that too. She says about two percent of it was vague by her nerves. Sister, she was lagging own went at some point. They were kind of egging as on and we were like getting into ill. I sure unchanged. I swear only like two percent of the things like maybe some of the writing that had happened, and maybe some of their voices or a little bit fakes, but that you
red men, otherwise, and she says that she and her sister Margaret had played with a wee jeep origins before the supernatural activity start your favorite leave, we d boards alone, I'm not fucking kidding, they are a gateway to Hell, don't mass.
a gateway to bill. You don't want that kind of access to bill. Can I just tell you that, in the conjuring movie, in the whole thing built to the reveal a bill, the ghost in his chair Lee and they make bill, seem like he was this total piece of shit monster in like life? That's coming back to like do bad things yet shoulder and our right to correct music, and I didn't remember that his name was bill, but I bet you. They didn't reveal that our ruined around at a little them and Emily and direct neighbours believe the thought they think it's. They still to this day. Think it's real. Those who knew Peggy have no doubts about her personal integrity and don't think she was taking anything there's books, tv documentaries and horror films made because of the bizarre happenings in twenty. Sixteen, the conjuring too, as it won't White Box office debut about three hundred and twenty million. This wealth of those were mine. Now the Indians had continued for just over a year and our witnessed by over thirty people such as neighbours, investigators, technicians, reporters police officers, lollipop woman, an actor Peggy dies. The house is occupied by another mother, Afore named clearer, she'd, never felt comfortable in the house.
And she says that a people, the presence watching on watching down on her and her sons, then her sons would wake up in the middle. The night hearing people talking downstairs guests gas,
when she finds out about the house is history. She moves of family out two months later. I went to announce the story of the info points were made. This show is those great, oh shit, awkward, sorry I ruined was unless one thinks I know come this shows lovingly dedicated to bill. Please don't wanta time for a homely. Let's do it every one looters their say. Well, everybody. So our guide has been. Second has been, not dome, discourage you don't want to. I don't wanta, along with the reason we I never watches convinced doesn't want to launch scary. Those very sad combination is most things and then I won't go through the whole speech. We know you know it. We know we know you know the rules, but please please please. If you can, we you have to be from, please be from England. We Americans flown over for a nice trip to see us Tis, you couldn't get tickets somewhere else. We love you. Thank you so much this isn't your part bless YO, but so, if you have a home Tom order that is from this country- and you are also from this country- we would love to hear about it. Please be sober enough to have your story. Be cohesive banning middle and end quick and sun, and not one also at the same time. Georgia will choose yet now and we ve got some really get home towns yeah. So let's see variant panda unless its awesome, no one's raising the issue which you got up in a levitate it over to that door. Relax it's bill in a way aired everyone home of doing home, towns years, air every everyone else's scaring away. I was right and polite lovely combination leave, take the lights down, so we know he'll judged. Thank you here. Are you it's a livelier everybody where I am from near Cambridge? Did you go to Cambridge tonight
I went to a polytechnic in Lancashire. Does I mean your party yeah, yeah yeah? I am and then all the police officers that our report really will not be a police story because I'm not quite sure new official secrets act. War I'm allowed to showcase. So this is, I am a motive in Cambridge, okay. This is all the way back and I think it was new year's eve, two thousand and four at the time, was a friend's excite student before it was cool whatever they like. We
I was out of my boyfriend at a time. Definitely not together anymore, having as its name is even better a shit night is it always is yes across the road from us was a puppet. I really wanted to being called the Avery in Cambridge. The hopes had, as I remember it, to finish than I had an argument, my boyfriend ignore ten walked off my eye with some, not on my way to his brothers girlfriend because I like to try and do dangerous things like just wander off, We walked over to the mill road kind of area of Cambridge. They loved places, yeah early legislation, places of work the next day and it turned out. The girl had gone missing from the Avery. Pub
she's, gone missing on her way home and had text. Friends saying help. I think- I met at sea by don't think this is attacked. This isn't a fun one. My day never are so they ended up doing kind of like reconstructions of where she walked. So she based. He walked up the hill, It is in Cambridge, turned down park, sidewalks pass the police station but then go in what she thought was a taxi and when reconstructed it, she was a twin sister ass. She was a girl called Sally Gleason of Decent Sonic, She was also my friends excite student, but in Cambridge, so I didn't want it. You know with whom I have a kind of like a white where I live
We want the same way home and was the friends of the same age. She was a twin them had twins the reconstruction which I join on, how she did her body ended up. They found, I think it was near the american summit, your mutteringly wrote in Cambridge. There taught me into it, was- and he was a soldier from water, each barracks, which is where I grew up. I got his little Iceland, multitude barracks, and then I don't. I fear A little more speech, hey It went on the run and they found he eventually funding does go and he jumped out of the hotel window. He killed himself, so he didn't see justice, but you did end up dead. One of my friends got married quite young and was married to somebody else. Somebody in the army
the measure guy. I think you could David Atkinson his Lance corporal, and he was friends with her husband least, go running together. I never met him, but it was just a very like I was a friend's Exxon student. I want that same way. Home I was that night and walked off my eye.
And he was connected someone. I knew raising more boma. What we're here for Libya! Thank you. So you ve done she came. I just want my phone with a stranger, so working photos, whether I looked through european, oh my God, Niven in London yeah. This is us. This is so incredible. We keep like waiting for it all to end and so to be back in the same giants or that we were last, I mean so much to build, not he s going to keep coming. Thank you thank you for coming. Thank you for creating a community for yourselves and connecting with each other. We meet people who tell us that they come to these shows alone. They do it for the first time they meet people. They can make friends with people there sitting near their hanging out with its you guys are making something via our show that we are so proud of. That is such a beautiful thing to get to be able to see and realise, and we just honestly one is sincerely thank you so much for everything you're doing for each other, it's beautiful early or honor to be a part of it. We we want you to stay saved and do gods missions ways, but more than that, we want you to stay sexy and you hunt.
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