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200 - The Humility of Knowing: A 200th Episode Spectacular

2019-12-12 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the disappearance of Johnny Gosch and the Malahide massacre. 

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This is exactly right. I never knew ass well ass. You are very a special episode of my favorite murder, the two hundred mile zone. Here, it's cool you feel, and you feel in the arts- and I can you feel them stocked up around us in you feel all the homework we ve time. You that's the four hundred book report, poorly research, the sometimes not accurate, passionately delivered. I was absolutely doing that. Have I already covered this case? If me again, today of their case, I'm doing I I know I am, it's:
It's such a great irony, the amount- and I know I said this a thousand times, but the way in high school I spent all. My brain power figuring out how to get out of doing homework, how to get out of writing book reports? How to how I would stare at the cover of Silas Martyr and go I'll make up what this book is about and I'll trick and adult and they'll believe me, and it worked oh just to lead to this point in our lives to college, about homework am look well. Look at us now, love and worry. Why make new can do it too? If you can write of five page report and then
met. You are wrong later. I think that's the cheetah pie, it's about the humility of knowing everyone knows more and better than yeah. That's right and you're gonna be wrong, sometimes and ten. Ninety nine percent of the people, it's ok, it's ok and then to an tooth. Supervision as people it's fun, because then they get to go actually re. This is the one I'm obsessed with and then we learn one thing we do the talking recorded talking than you after right in rank fashions, die right, and then we have a group hug, and then we get to two hundred and that's when we announce the platform change or all of this is of hooker, and if we do, a gas were now begin. Reviewing improv. Oh, he didn't know you didn't get my text. How long do I remember we ve been doing em, we ve doing
script for so long arguments I M browsing. They gotta eat, forget about memorizing these lines that you memorize every week. Just don't worry about it anymore. Ok, not an issue! They're gone can I say this out, so we ve just gotten back from our UK tour along you can't Ireland or you get sorry. Uk Ireland with their come retreat to Barcelona Array and wonderful time all aware around one of the highlights of the trip was that we she's got to fly, Lufthansa Airlines and then is the fanciest airline their airplane? active lounge I've ever seen in my life. They had a leg. A Christmas cookies sat outfits. I've been telling everyone, oh my god, it was just like Chrism german Christmas cookie leg. It look like
like a puppet play, was gonna come out from behind a yes, it was like a little shed idea that you'd come upon him in an enchanted were right in and, as I explained in my dad, not not five different kind. Now, literally, like thirty eight cookies uncanny, I think what you loved about it is that the air her What are they called? I do know is that the flight attendants hated as if they were they were it's two lovely blog german man who clearly were sick of our shit. Yes, even though we haven't done any shit, you know, but I think it's a cultural I in which I kind of enjoy, because it's actually very irish as well the there, the type of will not let you know you're gonna have to earn less, even though I am here to serve you, I'm also not really here to Serbia. I feel like I have this preconceived attitude.
The two. I don't fucking me most about that. I'm gonna friend, true, but we have this autumn attic like I want this fucking Christmas cookies them beyond a fuckin want this. She is well. I know why No, I don't think that's a good way to kind of trade is try to change. The dynamic it's an effective way. If you had kind of weird upbringing. I am there's a challenge in. Oh you hate me now give me put let's market the clock give me an hour you're going to love me, which I have to say by the end of that trip, and it was a very long on by the time we got home. I had both those guys searching almost breaking down my slave really gained through my one last year, but that did you find it in your pocket later? He they founded it wasn't in the chair. It would had slid into the maggots. Hold our next chair brilliant and they all Molly, they almost
Mechanically removed a chair from they were breaking out. I kept touching their backs going honestly I'll just by another set, it's my fault on the sense of solidarity, and you know that they they didn't find it. While I was there, he as we were driving home, they sent me a picture around it and stuck it in an envelope. This is a false at sea. They don't we lag behind your, maybe what they have done. None of that was me. Listen. You guys have a different history. I it's a different set of about me because I was like I'll take the lie, I'm not making you do this, please stop doing it and they wouldn't stop looking and then they were like an. We found it now it's in an envelope. Now it's on her way to hear what the full fucking service, but also the most beautiful executive lounge like I wanted to live there for the rest of my life. I'm definitely!
The couches that were in that you should go back, does have a vacation in the executive wound, just at the cookie shed right I'll stand at the cookie fuckin shot right. It's there you're out, even though it's Christmas presents, Germany don't worry about it, they do what they want. Can ice. Tell you can change the subject. Please the confession: Keller networks. Oh, we ve done an ant for livestock and took the time to watch a honest tools. Fuckin good. Now, it's Henry Lucas there's a little Addis in their ok bye. I really didn't know that whole. I just kind of never read anything or listen about him cause like fuck, this mass buckin serial killer. Rare, yes, and I watched the fuckin documentary and there's twists and turns- and I like fuckin there's like a whole law enforcement thing that, like maybe legs, be now turns on this person and there's others crazy shit going on in the victims. Families having to deal with
confessing to like over three hundred murders so than their excited than that they could get answers IRAN's and they don't say we're happens but like that, he didn't do that through Murder is not totally different story and it's a really good fucking documentary awesome because I have to say: there's been a couple: people either people brought up to us or that we ve heard about her whenever it we're. Unlike I, you know, I might get my saturation point in terms of it just basically All of these are roughly the same. We just telling the same story, array or Dennis actually isn't, because he I mean its astounding and it's kind of like frustrating to watch because its he was give a chance to confess tat these murders in the way it happens, is really frustrating and yet- and so it's it's a heart watch because you get really like worked up and upset. So it is hard it's different and that its it's kind of its just well done? oh good. I'm an terminal water there there
the other one about the Nazi that lives next door. I started watching that two or two upsetting to upsetting yeah. I don't know if it's him I'd, never finished it either a feminist I didn't get. Is there so much on? You know what I've been watching. My since I got back, and maybe it was a little bit of like to wean me off over the entire Ireland UK experience there's the season three of toast of London is on and it's the map, berries. British series that character Stephen Toast, who is, who is a museum actor but mostly does voice over it's the funniest series. It's incredible in intentionally offence area, so watch be careful shoe. You recommend it to remain, as they have been like dad, you're, gonna, love this and then forgot that there's like so much like just gratuitous sex, an insane know. Anyone know what advice
This is just being kind of funny in general and why we got you recommended soft porn your dad you're gonna think this is local areas, but anyway it some. I I watch that so called like me, I could I got back. I got that I needed I took I seen like three days after me up just ass? We were making plans, we were. We were arguing paying yes to Pearl MIKE. I were doing things that in in the moment, I knew we weren't gonna do it, but I was like, but I should cut three days after we got back and I was still on the couch. Like is at seven a m or say here my no element, I don't wanna go out after dark and right now turns dark at like five o clock yeah. So I don't. I like I'm homes how like three doing share and then I have to our window to leave the house. Joe, usually don't want to learn this night and I don't want to yeah that's right, it all starts to shut down. Yet it's like we live in a moment
The pole now or something we're all gets a little low key and also my energy just slowly sapped all day long. Then it's like yeah I'm tool like go out at night now and the thing is, I have a fireplace now to Z, dammit, cosy, lousy yeah. My heater was broken, no, not to complain complaint, but when I got back my, Peter was broken, and my house has leg tile, for it was civil colds that I was wrapping. The dogs up in blankets and myself up in plank its and we're all the couch like no one left the couch because it was so called when I was sitting up watching tv. I was wrapping blankets around my guy around myself, like it was game of thrones.
Stir. Meanwhile, your fuckin jacuzzi sitting out there being are not used. Meanwhile, all gonna got together reached. I should have forced the dogs into the kids, know you'll, like it guys you'll. How has o koyo relaxed and we'll talk about stuff. I know you're mad that I was gone. Can I do a quick, merge, Plug Liza sons orally? This isn't just your regular Marcela. We now have a bunch of new design,
and a lot of Christmas and holiday items yeah. It's so exciting, I'm great one. We have this day sexy undue gods, mission, holiday design and ended. We haven't on orders, AIDS and Duke of yet they saved and dear guards. Michigan haven't, unlike sweaters, anti sheriff than on ornaments, it's so fucking. Here we have a sprang, curse, design, lover. We haven't, you Elvis, does I'm having Yeti truths, design, which is the cutest thing I've ever seen in all you Yeti truth is out there. You finally have a t shirt, that's right! That speaks for you. We should have had to be its double sided. On the other side, it says I dont believing eddies you could pick which, when you oughta be, it's only turn it inside neck, it next time and we had a year and a new european courts and then were also pairing with this really incredible murderer, no name Abbe, Paul Huss. Who is this incredible artist and she's doing some wrapping paper for us here and she's? Doing like this really cool December, like
gifts calendar for us. She so fuckin, talented and we love working with her the answer that six Agnes ornaments thirst, clothing, there's mugs such a kind of my favorite murdered outcome in the store, so many gifts, so many gifts to oh Anne. You can buy people now a fan cult, membership yeah as a gift and the outer. So you have an affordable. We have a black and white, my favorite murder, logo, pen and all the pros it's that are going to reign, yeah that's awesome, so you can actually get someone something and they feel good about the fact that you're actually giving right too, twice and their mother jacket looks cool. Yeah, insist, Brad Pitt bonus, yeah nice, one nice plug Lila Heroin Ays. Does it feel good to get back into plugging never never gotten out of it here, twenty wars that that's why you stay. Also. My events, have you seen? It is a great new shoes check it out: you're gonna love on their call, crocs.
Georgia won't stop plug Asian at me. I don't know what to do about that every day. I think so. Ok, great! We think I will say it in the middle of the Show- is the kind of structure we were always adhered to. It's been two hundred episodes. If you dont know how to structure as yet, let's keep listen I think it was thinkers we love to know. If there is a structure, are we if there is something we should be looking into action, and we love that you're here or here too yeah and has been for years. Actually, it's crazy back to her seems like hardly any. It doesn't seem like a lot for what it feels like we experience. Yes, you know to me. This feels like
but that was in I was gonna suggests that we both go back unless an episode one, but then I'm like. Why would I do that to us now? Why would I ever do that? This change everything I was going to suggest that we restart the facebook page and it s really dig into simultaneous walk away from it all the union. Will you noted, spent or just a true explosions when a whirlwind- and it's so exciting like having just been in Ireland, the UK in its unknown. The it's been oh awesome to meet people face to face who are like I'm as Ms excited as you. I feel like I've been there with you, I'm proud of you through the I'm proud of you that we get some time ago, mom daughter, combo, is it kills many celebrate. It gets me good and it's so nice, it's like it's it's what I love
ensuring the aid from all the clapping is really that kind of face to face like a like. I've done this with you in an all the stories, its because, as you know, the story of arm and makes a tangible and people saying leg, I wasn't sure now, I'm like now and change. My major did justice that stuff where we're First of all, it is about time we get credit for J, asked and not get credit for, but just the idea but we're like the part of these pupils lie orally its end. In two hundred episodes in this. In this way,
in a way that you can't understand sitting across the table from me. Right now is even in the corner. Dozing elevator eavesdropping ahead of time here legally and news items are giggling into his hand. You just gotta get. If you could see Stephen giggle Anders on face you it's the giggly us. I think that technically we ve been doing this podcast to make Stephen laugh in the corner and at the same time, when will we learn that other people listen to that state? Most surprising part, it's more than Stephen giggling into his face it so much more than that. I know and we get to learn every time we we do leave the house. Our leave the state, or the country. Then we get to learn but that means so it's really nice to learn it because that's kind of our perspectives I would say the weirdest yeah, it's the most as myopic of all real oops. Ok,. Get mouth, watering sees all recipes and pre measured ingredients delivered right to your door with hello, fresh America's number one meal kid they may looking at home, son, easy and afforded,
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This is out of order of like that is entirely again. Is not certain that oh shit, Stephen. I do need you to printed around I don't ever. Oh you do. I just need patron through five, I shall o nervous about this. One! Ok, because it's a big one, people, are like shit about this, a lot of people like theories. Ok and I don't want to get anything wrong. Oh, no, you're about to enter and doesn't jack the ripper terrorists who now ok, I'm about to do this, parents and Johnny gosh wow. Yes, absolutely and this one has levels has fucking twists and turns, or does it depends on who you ass lily its it anyway, you slices story, it's so incredibly heartbreak and obviously, but this
is just such a painful way. Something like this could go totally. I mean it's very somewhere in the Jacob Waterline case which he covered a couple episodes ago, but it's got different. This in turn, just because of the nature of the parents, the law enforcement in out of the public edit similar, so I got infer from work Wikipedia Info. The Moyne Register Johnny Guy, Dot com, which I think is run by his mom and the near a New York Times, article an article on allocation, owl, o w o occasion, the animal yeah ok, bye and sharp, and couple articles in media by the true crime times, and also the documentary who who took Johnny yeah. That's what it's called a Netflix occupied, the Netflix document, her who took Johnny, which is so good and heartbreaking, and I highly recommend that some give. You a little allow tastes stokoe here yet
Ok, please feel fear. I know another story really. What really? What is up not only deftly not really well? This is this is one of those ones that, because the family pay is so on the surface and also a so a part of it. I did. It's hard to read: that's not! It feels like those ones. I definitely prefer true crime stories that are like it happened ago. It was one and done whatever like the the group. Thing happened and ended up, not everybody but, like I don't know, there's something about the mother continually trying, and I want to see the lino and feel an experience. What people went through an eye helps me or stand the story more yet completely open. The one thing I would say that changes because of reach, some things that that makes it possible much more satisfying and its bringing it up to a different, level as you, as you point out, is the fuck
sad thing of like it. What used to be a conspiracy theory, remilly ten years ago, merely five years ago, is suddenly now? Oh, no. This is absolutely possible in real and who knows a hundred percent I get under on Sunday September, fifth, nineteen. Eighty two in the city of Divine Iowa, which we ve been tooth fairy terming says we love the place it was west of wine, was then an upper middle class supper of about twenty two thousand people. Twelve year old, Johnny GOSH leaves home before dawn for his regular paper out, in which a lot of kids did in the Eightys and Ninetys. It's a totally. Johnny GOSH leaves home before dawn for his regular paper out in which allow kids in the Eightys and Ninetys. It's a totally normal thing, the thought of My kid going out in the dark before dawn would You scared the shit out of me, but it was a totally normal thing back. Then people didn't know that predators. Lurking. In fact, a lotta people didn't even know the word pedophile. They didn't know what that was yeah, so dad, but that morning, for he didn't wake
This paper route he's and seventh grade and usually is accompanied by his dad, but that morning, for some reason he didn't wake his dad up here, don't do it allowed its heartbreaking, but instead he it's his red wagon and the families miniature docks and Gretchen and heads out to pick his newspapers at the newspaper, Meetingplace Ray, I'm sure, there's name for it, it's where they like rubber and the papers and they collect other papers and having the warehouse Then the warehouse that's the last time any corroborate inciting of Johnny GOSH occurs. So cut, on six am John entering GOSH Johnny's parents. They begin getting phone calls, phone calls are from the people who are supposed to receive newspapers on Johnny's route, who hasn't got them and there are like grab Barbara Convergence planchet Sunday morning, Johnny had never MR drop off before so coarse. His parents are worried. His dad Gazette search the neighbourhood, just two
ex from their home. He comes upon Johnny's lino wagon that had been pulling of undelivered newspapers fucking, wretch in true, the facts and is sitting there waiting what she say. What did she seen? She see? I now have poor baby by all accounts he wasn't a typical run off at all. He would never have left his dog and his delivery behind. He was saving money to purchase a dirt bike. So there's no reason why he would have just fuckin left It's not it's five, forty five in the morning, it's like he saw some friends and ran out like hang out with her right. You know. Gosh is immediately contacted the western when Police department and Report Johnny's disappearance, of course, like any fucking parent, would capitalist point history, children. Disappearances, weren't treated any differently than adults, disappearances, which is fucking crazy, so crazy. There isn't even a national database of missing children. So
the police had the ability to record and track information about stolen cars, stolen Dan's, even stolen horses when the FBI, national crime, computer, there's no database on stolen children, isn't that the weirdest like the blind spot? Yes, that when they are discovered it's late if you told that to anybody, I think at that point in time they go. How is that possible right? Because you assume these things are taking care of earlier? You assume every It's gone over things point I point when he figured this stuff, how right that's exactly insane, but if I can, that also has to do with like you're in charge your own kids, everybody keeps themselves. You know your kids, rounded home, it's none of my business, everyone, you know no seatbelts, How can the car evoking kids were second class citizens like crazy until very recently, so so the police and it's part of the reason that there I feel it we'll see but they're not as before, of this case. So it's it's an important one yeah. So the police are just
and walks away, but it takes forty five fucking minutes for them to get to the GOSH his house and once aren't they say, there's no evidence of a crime, so they suspect Johnny just a runaway, as they always did so, the guy is our so aren't legally allowed to file on missing persons report for seventy two fucking, our really yeah. I thought it was forty. It's just dependent on the state of seventy two hours of your, your twelve, are being fucking missing, so the cops are like buying a black fuck off Maureen GOSH is a fucking force. This woman is like the backbone of the story she It is like having none of this bullshit. She neatly begins voting friends and family and organise a search party. The whole can he seems to rally around the gushes, because this kind of thing doesn't fucking happen in two minutes ago. It felt like a small town our community and this kind of thing didn't happen, so residents are shocked that something like this could happen in their community. Meanwhile,
local law enforcement was, talking indifferent and Johnny's. Disappearance according to Noreen police chief or will Clooney showed up to, park word. Neighbours and friends were conquered gaining in order to do their own search. Just twenty people getting together planning there. Search for Johnny, the fucking police chief shows up at some say he was drunk and he stood on a picnic table and through a mega found yells to the searchers that they should go home because quote Johnny, because Johnny was quote Sudan, runaway. Why, oh, but I mean it doesn't make sense, because it's one thing to say that that's your theories, that's, how did the police stance its their thing to fight the people who are trying to take action is know this as well. Who the cover up stories that learn. This is what feels the cover up
I'm conspiracies outcome after ok, I there's so much more to this. I can't overstate how little of police and f b I as well give a shit about Johnny going missing. She would knots trying to get them to do something and they fucking, wouldn't they said they did Have a crime and she'd be like quote. I don't have a son, that's like a fucking prove yeah it openly. Mark and threatened her when she tried to get help from them, and they tell her. You know all these crazy things and just completely discount her and she was having none of it. So in fact, this fuck nor will guy allegedly began spreading the story that Johnny was now. The gosh real choice help us actually adopted and that's why he ran away to find his real parents, so fuckin neuron how to produce giants births to the kit and publish the newspaper to put it Jim prove.
She's, trying to find her son and this person's working like actively working against hurl slandering her exactly that's crazy, so so, allegedly or of all, had a reputation as the town drunk. He later left the department in disgrace. Of course, there's some witnesses and people neighborhood who come forward with information about that morning. First of all, at the newspaper Depot place, a father kid remember a man in a car asking Johnny for directions, funding, red flag, don't ask children were to go, and then one of them reproaches the man quickly drives off Accordingly, the kid Johnny said the thematic creeped him now and like took off to get away so later, while on his route and nearer ports that he watched from his bedroom window is Johnny was talking to a stocky man in a blue. To talk to town, Ford Fairmount with Nebraska Plates numbered Nebraska, ok, the gashes, distribute over ten thousand posters and flyers with chinese picture on it. They sell these chocolate.
As I have his picture on, in order to raise money to hire a private detective, Maureen Contacts, local and national media to cover the story it seen nationwide. She goes on all these programmes trying to get help to find her missing. Son also The authorities are unable to uncover any evidence as to Johnny's whereabouts or any motive to his fucking kidding being and they find no suspects in connection with the case, then, two years after Johnny disappears on August twelve nineteen, eighty four and now they're, Doin area paper boy disappears thirteen year old, Eugene Martin left his home at approximately five a m today, furthermore register on the south side of mine, just seven miles from my Johnny, disappeared. Eugene normally deliver papers with has overstepped brother, but on this day he went alone to disappeared witnesses say they saw Martin talking to a clean cut, white male and its third ease some time between five and five forty five, a m some stated:
to appear to be engaged in a friendly father, son sort of conversation, no evidence of what happened to Jane was ever uncovered in September. One thousand nine hundred and eighty four a dairy farm and DES Moines Iowa, begin sprinting photographs of Johnny and Eugene on there cartons and the idea local, independent dairies. This is their idea, which I find so fascinating is awesome. They put the photos of missing children and their area on male curtains or the customers who purchase them out will be encouraged to look for the missing children or keep an eye out this. Starts in the early eighties. There had been no system in the United States for tracking nascent missing children nationwide so by nineteen. Eighty five seven hundred and sixteen hundred independent dairy than the United States had adopted the practice its unbelief, it's so smart. Ah, I
I would love to know who hillock? Who was the first? Well, oh, if you listen to ninety nine percent, invisible episode called Knelt Carton, kids, they tell you how fuckin sorry, it's great awesome, literally going to write that down so good and became this. Like part of our childhood right now, curtain, kids, you gotta lotta. In the morning I sit down at the kitchen table to eat cereal and their beat the face of some kid who fuckin, like someone, you went to school with bright there, they were gone. They were gone terrifying it. We all thought there is like mass fucking murderer everywhere and we're gonna get kidnapped any minute well and that idea that it was lake. They find we're taking into their hands of this is an item that everyone look at every morning. Why not use it for good totally an get awareness? And yes devastated economic size, my only it like, on top of
not a lush, while I was gonna, say like the constant threat of nuclear war. I remember just constantly obsessing idea as a kid. The way when the no carton kid things started. It was just like, oh yeah, like things, are not right, Ray you're, just that it's a ticking time bomb until things go to fuck him, how yeah I mean, but yeah It was an incredible campaign, but it is just as as the same thing as kids having no supervision well in its the. I think. It's the discomfort and it's what people dont like about your crime, which is the reality of it. It's yeah. You have to sit there and go no matter what age you are and go. Somebody took this boy and no one found him and no one knows what happened, and I have to do something: that's uncomfortable and up and that point, I'm sure people if you like? That's you can't do that. You can't put those pictures on and it's like know. Somebody has to do something. There's no one else is going to do it. I just love that overall, the campaigns didn't have much success in bringing missing children home in the end,
was criticised for overseeing the risk of child abductions, oh really, which brought about type of moral panic called? strange or danger was a moral pan. I remember a totally wise. It was like us versus them. Don't talk to strangers, those people are going to hurt you unruly. This fuckin fear should be our own circle around Life Church yeah, that's right. So the phrase is intended to encapsulate the danger that is associated with adults. Who children, dont, know and reinforced, public fears of strangers as potential pedophiles. Despite Joe abuse of children being more likely to occur in a family is unfortunately, so it kind of Ah, the eighty eight days well was like someone do something. So it's not gonna be the best plan here, but definitely raised awareness and it and it did happen gap
you now Hunter reset. It did happen and thats a really good point of this. Is that because they did even know what pedophiles were at the time. Johnny's parents in there and he had been how he was being held for ransom and that's why he was kidnapped in the first. You know interviews that they do. There are pleading to the captors to just let them know what they want and they'll give it like. One is the ransom coming and they didn't understand this hall. You know the file- you no stranger danger abduction, it just wasn't even on their fucking radar yeah. In fact, a third Doin kid thirteen year old, marked James, worn out and also to support, disappeared from the mine in eighteen. Eighty, six: March twenty ninth, he told his mother. He planned a walk to a friends house down the street and then just fucking vanished. So basically every two years, as is happening in my India, so ignoring it was in a fury to buy the indifference of local law enforcement, and her son what missing they fuckin did nothing and she
comes increasingly vocal about the inadequacy of law enforcement, investigation of missing children, she establish is the Johnny GOSH Foundation in nineteen. Eighty two through achievable in schools, and speaks at seminars about sexual predators. Warning heads she lobby. For the Johnny GOSH Bill, a state inflation, which would mandate immediate police response to reports of missing children as its regular should be it eyes today. The bill What became law in Iowa in nineteen? Eighty four, a northern alongside John Wash who became an advocate for abducted children when his six year old Son, Adam lol. Should we all if Europe from that time you fuck Remember TAT had been kidnapped from a mall in Hollywood Florida in nineteen, eighty one. She based on Marine, with John launched testified before the. U S: Department of Justice,
in turn, they fuckin ended up providing ten million dollars to establish the national centre for missing and exploited children, and that was nor in got gosh. She was one of the parents who fuckin helped get that past. Amaze is not credible and me one People are calling her fucking crazy cuz. She won't let it go and she doesn't think her son is dead and she refuses. If I can give up the fight they're calling her in that sense, staff and she's, just like fuck this. It's a clearly shouldn't go crazy if she was able to then eventually get a law passed accurately and lake it. You know, one thing to be completely lose your mind over the laws re. Clearly she was not crazy and people without consulting our for not crying on tv, and you know and she's playing, and she was like if my son is watching. I want him to see that his mom is taken control, unlike doing shit about it. You're not just crying in outbreak is amazing, nor alleges that, throughout her fight to find out what happened, our son, her battle with law enforcement to give a shit she began receiving, death threats morning, her to back off and just
making waves and she later says that what she didn't realize at the time was that she was quote knocking on the back door of what became the Frank credit union investigation. I wish I didn't have to include this in their it's like this. Is it's ok, let's just get through this poker. And I want your opinion on the nineteen eighty eight of thought it looked into allegations that prominent citizens of Nebraska, as well as high level EU as politicians were involved in a child sex ring alleged abuse victims claimed that children and foster care or being sexually abused by extreme higher ups, including the CIA, the military and politicians in Washington DC and
being covered up by those underneath them. So they allege that there is a big child sex ring where they take underprivileged kids at a foster care, or you know they would broom them and then take them all over the country to perform at these parties and to be auctioned off. It's all horrendous, its horrendous via the claims primarily Senator and Lawrence King Jr, ok Larry King, which gets really confusing when you listen, I guess about it, who ran now defunct Franklin, community Federal Credit Union in Omaha, Nebraska and it was, Should the ring was a cult of devil, worship, port worshippers involved in the mutilation, sacrifice and cannibalism of numerous children. S club then a nineteen s information here. He then, and ninety nine twenty one Euro Paul a monarchy, told his attorney John De Camp that he had been abducted into the sex ring as a teenager and enforced. Tippit and Johnny Gashes kidnapping, he was there and he participated it well and a jolly have been subset subsequently brought into the sex ring.
And nor in later met with him and said he told her things that are not only her son would have known banal. The accused republican party activists and businessmen Larry King Jr of running an under age, sex ring and victimizing him since an early age and ninety ninety County grand jury found the allegations to be quote a carefully crafted hoax and power. All been Aki and others were indicted on state perjury charges, so this fuckin is insane story that actually last punk has left, there's extra the episodes about this call this attack government to cover, because of so much information, yeah. Ok, so I put as my had according to Marine, and this is part of the documentary according to nor even in March and ninety ninety seven fifteen years to her son, disappeared, she's awaken round to thirty, am by a knock at her apartment or an the outside is her son Johnny God has kills Miami to hear
now twenty seven years old. He is accompanied by an unidentified man whose kind of like a companies, man keeps QUIET Norman, it's Johnny N. She said she had immediately recognized him as her son. He showed his birthmark on her on his chest to prove that she was just like this. Is him and she says that he stayed for about an hour and a half and basically confirmed her fears, been kidnapped and forced into a pedophile sex ring? And MS now out, that fear for his life? So he had gone to hiding and just it's a come, see her. I now so this can be debated online, but I just I think either it at this point. One, and I think it was either a hoax that was played on her cause. Her had been others or you know, just a fantasy that she really wanted to believe. You I totally understandable total aren't fuckin happen. I don't know, I mean the
dear that someone would pull a hoax like that, it's like the year, the ultimate psychopath you actually want to go face to face and fuck with a person's emotions like that It's unbelievable! But yeah. Our sociopaths out there that would fucking get off on that share entirely. I mean how many, how many kidnapping stories have we done where there is always the call of the brain? Who has nothing to do that? Just try yet money I mean and shit. You know in the beginning, they gave up their phone number. This has been happening to them for the fucking past sixteen years. There's had been a ransom of ten thousand dollars where she got Lena, went to the spot. There is a letter addressed to her. She gave it a border police in there are like that's nothing. She'd been blown off by all these people for fifteen years and all these people calling and they now hoaxes and the obviously that's because there was no actual official right arm of the law, helping her eye having to do at our all herself kind of opened her up to all the totally PS pandemonium and to have to constantly process and deal with those traumas
over and over again. On top of the original, I mean that Europe, now it's horrible, I can't I did some searching online and I've course looked at are. Are my favour? Murder, gmail, and I saw a couple. People mentioned this connection to kind of its kind of what happens to take up my darling. He was kidnapped, sexually assaulted and murdered by a single aspect, which I think this case makes way more sense. You know happens at an early eighties. There's a child killer operating out of Nebraska. I remember someone notices Nebraska plates so in September, each nineteen. Eighty three, almost exactly a year before Johnny went missing thirteen year old Any Joe Everley went out on his early morning, paper route and the small town of Bellevue, Nebraska, usually Danny, accompanied by his elder brother. On this day. He wasn't eight thirty, I am calls from residents, start come in and that they hadn't received their papers. I mean: can you fucking
It's just show it's like it's a direct Emma, it's exactly the same as a person. It's like the story that I did somewhere in the UK who, think as Ireland and the UK, where was the guy that just waited one young women were walking home from likes, it village dancer, yeah member, though they I killed a bunch people neuro it just like. Oh somebody gets their idea, one way it works and they d just keep doing it over and over that's right. And so outside of Homeward Danny delivered his newspapers. His parents found his bicycle abandon. His undelivered newspapers. There was no sign of a struggle or kidnapping, but he was just and just vanish days later on, number twenty first, ninety three, searchers down the bound gagged and partially clothed body of Danny Joe Everley. Four miles away from his abandoned bicycle. So this was the difference. Like in that Joseph Wireless case he buried
her. You know so who the fuck knows almost and later on January, eleventh nineteen. Eighty four. This fact bad ass, astute pre school teacher named Barbara Weaver she helps apprehend the murderer when she is at parking, put her car in the parking lot at school that morning early she sees a fuckin creepy Carl drive by. She sees the face of the dude and she's, like that, looks like the police, That's not a witness had man, yes, girl striving by her school. She, I sent his license plate and she's her looking and he gets out of his car in. He threatens her The fucking knife, but he gets out there and Fuckin had his license plate number, which is made here he drives off lesson. She called cops obviously less than two hours later police arrest, John Javert and his barracks. At O Foot AIR Force Base AIR Force base twenty year old, John Joe Bert Fit the FBI profile, Robert wrestlers profile to a fucking tee. In IRAN, including the
Then he volunteered nests assistant scout master lasted a children had so creepy. He eventually and passes to Danny's murder, as well as the murders of local boiling Christopher Walden, who was childhood. Second, Miss disappeared and died in this. Similar circumstances, as the authors are able to link him to the starving death of eleven year Old, Ricky, stents sense and in Oakdale Main and as you and I know very well. Nebraska Iowa share a fuckin state line, its re, the right next to each other and built Bellevue Nebraska, where those murders occurred is less than a three hour drive from western wine. Iowa we're gonna, Johnny gosh disappear, and- surely the guys doing it in different areas like em he's, an air force's, probably being stationed at different places, will drive and should re YAP trump, four, a dot m on July 17th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six, the keys put to death in Nebraska State Penitentiary, electric chair
and, though Janshah words, only other unknown victims bodies were found not far from where they were abducted and therefore authorities were able to link them. There were bite marks and second similar mutilations and all kinds of awful stuff. There's never any sign of Johnny, so they can't really in out Lincoln Link let's just speculation, but it's out I mean the problem there's no prowling no shortage of fuckin pitiful. Else and murderers in that area. The time sure you now and he was in prison when the second kid I'm Eugene went missing, so he couldn't have done that one, some areas copycat or maybe there's two totally different. Fucking psychopath roaming around as for Noreen, she and John Senior divorced and nineteen eighty three and he still lives into mine. Were she teaches yoga classes ya know continues her mission to help families of missing children back when John
disappeared in eighteen, eighty, two: when a child disappeared in the? U S, authorities responded without much care or caution. The gosh ace ignoring plate to fight to find her son was wine, along with several other in that period, that experts say transformed and improved how law enforcement handle missing children and how increase the likelihood of missing children being found, yeah in thirty seven years since Johnny GOSH went missing despite her grief the system that turned her into the enemy nor in GOSH said quote: you have a choice. Are you going to rise up and do something? Are you gonna sit there and feel bad just said you show me somebody who is in a little controversial when it comes to making positive changes and I'll show you someone who's, never done a damn thing in their life: oh nor rain, that's the story of the disappearance of Johnny GOSH shower. I mean I'm glad that
the mill carton thing happened, and it was an over correction all anywhere in the other direction needed today. It needs boot basely. What needs to happen is this matters, children matter? We can't. We can't wait. Seventy two hours. We can't wait forty eight hours, we can't we any our least think about all the kids in all they like crazy shit. That happened because of these melt cartons ever over correcting, but then you think about the like. You know a police chief in this town who saw that, and so when a kid went missing, he actually accident. Otherwise he wouldn't have yeah. He's is alert to the fact that this happened, because the Farmers are gonna, fuckin rise up and be lads ray. I do it. If you won't do it, I will do it will do with no aim, that's right is beautiful. That's right, fakir, glue, clearer, Klute analogy like lactose intolerant, separate we're taking care of shit for real. I mean I that's. What I love about it is people just going. We don't what the actual set up is worrying, do something I'm gonna, listen to you known to authority Here is even if tooth
many figures. You have too much to lose by doing it wrong rare, for they don't want to do anything at all. It's like slowly watching the process we get a look back over. All these years has what that's been thirty, seven GAD at so lying. I like the changes that have happened LEO going robber wrestlers. He the the profile profile. Almost gave me chills is like thank God now we're talking about him doing, profiles now or in Mine Hunter part of the story where people are actually going this. Something we have to track and pay attention to and talk about it. I think that now local police are over, compensating when the kit goes missing. It's better to have overreacted ass than it is to be completely wrong. Let's hope, they're down fishing by the river by themselves. That's the dream play out: fuckin rely on it now and don't think anyone really does anyone earnings and I don't think the public would let people that I hope I have not good Thank you,
Can I tell you something? Really quickly on the pie, gas, yes, you just said, thank God. I just said, thank God. And say rocky. You know that your dad and my husband text each other. Are you aware that means watching tv influx out his phone because and I go away he goes, Oh just let me something about what is better wiser, honeydew he's at any time, there's nothing in the in the news about Budweiser. We texted Terry Chat there. My dad is, you shouldn't, have never given big old or them, because my dad sends me like political cartoons of Trump doing some like flushing roylance fifteen times, wherever the latest thing, and it just dresses me. I am. I never know what to say where, unlike her light burning, the worse, the asses horrible, so when
I think I said the he told me to tell them something: I'm like Usages Tax America, because I know you guys have each other's phone Mccoy. Now, there's no soulier! It's love! I think I think Jim GonNA reminded him of his dad who passed away so yeah there. The old sky yeah the drink, but fences entering Budweiser, but he pretends chiefly or die during Budweiser. For my battery is because he knows how much that matter of trade I told you when you when I first met and first are doing a show and we were started data when we first started dating. That's nearly went so that party Pat while she s House and Vincent I talked- and I later told you he did it that was so my dad, where he as he was telling me a story, his what the hell,
but he was holding his beer. He pushed my shoulder before us like a fact re to be like, and then I was like a whoever Ethel. I am, I hope, with all my uncle's like it was the craziest things, a wooden surprise me if you Events is like. Oh that's how my dad used to be because I can feel it there. The style that I'll similar graph, this graph again, man, that's it yeah women are Jaime's, wanted to tell you that I have a dream about our. We earn my wedding talk about it later. I guess what I hadn't done. My homework better with obvious homework about it: you're allowed Scantier, we ve even came the body and ready- and I was just, can I add another day: do we do this wedding on a Sunday? Please, our wedding knows very well meant that's for episode. Three hundred we'll have alive wedding stream. Live waiting, girls, ok
I'm gonna do left over homework from when we were on the great Island of Ireland. Homeworkers, organ rate. It got done, I didn't want to do. It is those like our now and then I found one that was. I could put more jokes into pray because that's My priority: that's a good one, but now, let's make Stephen LAD now, but this is this is one of those ones. Words like it's I'll town like a man like a family massacre blue. Yet awful yes, and so I thought I tell you all about it- the Malahide massacre harm. You know this. One is the barn one. It's a family, happening a barn. No- and I dont know ok so the majority of information. So the irish times is the. I believe, Dublin Newspaper, please check that Stephen, I'm almost positive, but they have a serious called or they did at least from one. This article is from called law.
Leads, which highlights lesser known stories that were featured and at times from as far back as eighteen, fifty nine. So if you pull up one of these stories than the side column becomes all the other one on these habit is another. You never go to sleep ever it s so good. I mean like it. So it's the best idea, so this article was written. The one about this massacre was written by a writer name: Dean Buxton, another source, it that I used was a website called old, yellow walls, dot, org and then, of course, the classic murder pdf. So this starts on Wednesday March. Thirty. First, nineteen twenty six, a man named Henry MC gave a gardener arrives, will work at the La Mancha House in Malahide, which has just outside Dublin its eight a m and
he's just therefore work. So this house is impressive. It's a three story. Georgian home hang its on about thirty acres of land and am in this wealthy seaside neighbourhood and houses owned by the midday. A family, it's for adult siblings that live together. So it's Annie whose fifty six Joseph, whose fifty five his fifty one and Alice, whose forty seven million still having what their sister. I mean that the fighting the volume alone the wise of aggression or of them there's four of them and their all retired, and so they bought the in nineteen eighteen after retiring from their successful gross. Be drapery and general store in
county Galway, villages where my Grandpa represent Galway, so yeah guess then they made a ton of money and then they were like. Let's go by this Red House. If you d like to party the ehler may be, I mean that from the irish people that I know you're a very there very clicking, including making women hang out anyway, as we might as well, not recover yet entirely, not tell my family felt kind of fun like a weekend yeah. Well, spun and then you know, throw some beer and whisky and therein of maybe a fiddle and a story every let's cut their party c c. Now, whoever thinks there's gonna be fighting on the front line. You that's a full weekend. You don't need money for other extracurricular activities. It I'll happens in the house, love, ok, so so they ve all lived there, although they recently decided to put the house up for sale. So there had been adds about the house running in the local paper for a few days before them. So
but when Henry gets to the house on the morning of March thirty first, he notices eight think something's off. He notices their smoke coming out of both chimneys and but there's no other signs that anybody's awake, no other lights, IRAN or anything, and then, when he gets closer he sees smoke is billowing out of a bathroom window. So then he is like oh shit. He runs through the back door of the house and finds that it's been broken open, so
those insight as far as he can work before the flames yard. You know keep him from going any further any calls for the Mcdonald, but nobody responds so he runs into town to get the fire brigade and on his way he passes a neighbour, MRS Riley, and he tells her about the fire. She then tells a police officer and a local neighbour getting a neighbour the only be only kind, a neighbor you can. We convey this of those two guys run to the house before the fire. Writers get there to see what's going on and they break, do a basement rounds, I'm sure they went around looking in the windows and the basement room was where one of the employees
I am pleased they had to employees that lived at the house, and one was this man James Clark, who was forty one years old in his bedroom, was down in the basement, so they brought break open the window. They see that he's partially dressed on his bed. They drag him out of the house to save him from the flames, but once they get him outside on the lawn they find that he, is already dead, but not from the fire he has done once all over us for arms and a deep gash on at side of his skull. Like he's, been hit with a shock, narrow metal objects, perhaps a blow po, oh sure, what's up the staircase yeah right, so then the Firebug It arrives around eight fifty am put out the fire, but at this point the Remit Gallon, whose fifty years all any analysis were found in the same room upstairs So then, aside from James Clark, firefighters pull out five more bodies from the house
its Annie Joseph Peter Alice, their servant, Mary Mcgowan, whose fifty years all Annie and Alice were found in the same room upstairs Peter. Is found in his room there, all of their body bodies are charred beyond recognition and Peter's body, was a down in a room it was laying their it had been stripped bare and then lane on top of him was a wall single et and a pair of pan but just laying on top of his body, like someone else put it there weird and then near by a fire poker with a brain matter on. It was next to him. Ok, so on the daily round cover him close. So, on the day of the event,
march. Thirty first, the fire fighters inspect the house to determine the cause of the fire and the seed that it had started in several spots throughout. The house so So basically the theory is the killer would have had a physical advantage cause he wouldn't be able to take for adults or for six adults at one time and because the defensive ones that were found on James Clarks Body and the fact that only some of the bodies were burned then, and so basically the theory is the killer would have had a physical advantage, cause he wouldn't be able to take for adults or for six adults, arrive on time, and because the defensive ones that were found on James Clarks Body and the fact that only some of the bodies were burned, but all of them were dead. The police conclude that everyone was murdered first and then the fire was set intentionally to burn the evidence,
also when the house is searched afterwards, there's no valuables fountains, I Arava, and these are rich people, basically how terrifying like to live in that area, that horrible happened. Just a like. Oh it's house, fire. Oh, no, it's actually a murder with a house fire on top and it's not just one person alone, which would be easy to. Second, in our care that's like six fucking, a doll. Six adults sets turf all around the house, yodel okay, so the authorities search for solid leads, of course, the rumour male kicks into high gear, so some neighbours or gossiping that the mcdonnel siblings had been fighting, and maybe those fights led to the murder. Others
talk about how strange it is four for adults, siblings in their length of forties early fifties to all the unmarried and living together. I thought maybe wishes for that would like the time it was normal. I mean. Maybe it could have been, but I think in this situation were suddenly everyone's died. People are just like, ok, what could have happened and then that opens did in employees to imply that indeed, the murders were born out of their sexual abuse. There was incessant there as mental illness. There were things going on in the house and what are the family secrets are essentially but close, under the Mcdonald's vehemently deny any If these stories they say they are incapable of murder and that that and of that other stuff was was happening. So either way. Of course, local his papers. Go crazy on the story and hundreds of people travel from all over just to and take a look at the house because of course it's like
This is it. This is a six person. Murder Howley not have tv knowing how of security, and this is what human beings do right. It just is ok. So on April, second, nineteen, twenty six, the police bring in Henry Mackay for questioning since its now, obviously suspicious he's like number one suspeck argues, he's the gardener and he's the only person that was a regular at that house that survived. Was not attacked in anyway, so he gives his account of what happened in the days leading up to the fire he's the night before the fire. He clans that he sat at the kitchen table would Joe reading the paper until it eight p m, and then he left to attend awake and he leaves the whig the some morning at seven forty five share, because that's how the Irish do wakes at some passing out its second five thirty. I am and waking up at seven hell yeah that account you get to the wake. You have eight b,
yeah, you sing. Some saw you cry, you put your arms round people you do this. You do that yeah. Wake up. Toes. He basically stopped home to freshen up around seven forty five the next morning and then historically, Mcdonald's where he finds the House fire as police that he'd never really seen the family fight person but in the weeks prior to the fire they did seem quieter than usual. He claims he hadn't seen, Annie or Peter in a few days, but the Joe told him that they were resting in bed because they were sick. According to Henry, both he and the the I think it was either two or three cooks that worked in the house over the years that Henry had worked there They all said and notice that Joe almost never spoke to any one in the family. He mostly if he was gonna speech. Anybody would be a Peter, but even then it wasn't warm or see no like
third, a brother. It was polite and businesslike and Henry also claims that the neighbourhood kids called Alice, the mad woman of La Mancha, which is totally like something kids within your kids. When talking about Le Monde, China, they love to make literary reverence because she'd sometimes run out of the house looking dishevelled and acting hysterical God that scary and then he also says that Peter was known to run in circles in the yard and throw him end quote: throw himself down on the ground and laughter. A schoolboy bows baby that's arose. Both of them could be better, sickly Henry, he tells police one Mcdonald's. First, the Mcdonald's first mooted that's two Elles nodded delight at em when it earth moved in He had been asked by the siblings to dig a hole to bear
a safe under their porch and then three years later he was asked to dig the safe back up, so they could return it to the store. He's he's telling the please this story when they're just asking like what happened at the, how right and suddenly he's talking about the safe at one point his he searched and they find the keys to that safe in his pocket. While he's been questioned by police. But other than that everyone became entering the cave is a husband and father of nine. So as far as anyone knows he's an upstanding citizens right so you're taking Henry statement. The police deduce that maybe Peter Mcdonald Quote must have lost his reason during the night and having slain the whole household said the place on, air and succumbed himself too our failure or was seven aided by the smoke or else isn't himself rocks Allah, the theory of what happened. I guess I'm on board.
He killed everybody and then kind of died after some way in some strange way, but when the time of But this is revealed for All of the victims had been and by had been dead since five pm Monday evening so Wednesday morning, is when Henry found the house. On fire. The coroner's like they ve been dead for a full day, if not more. Ok, it's also nineteen twenty, two, twenty six! Twenty six can the coroner real. Like, ah to my deduction in Ireland, we have a pocket watching us tat. We can only guess information and we do know that some of the bodies were charred beyond race, but the the the problem with that is it directly conflicts with Henry story that he was sitting at the table. Reading the paper with Joe the night before I got it so then there like
Ok, when they, even if it's not the full length. Two days before I sometimes sums are ok Africa. Then the police discover that the pants the remit Kabir wearing when he was first attained act. They belonged to Peter Mcdonnel, the body that was strip bear! Ah, why? Why would he do that and then, where to work? Well? Why would he so this sound after a guard, a police officer Guardy ports than Henry to ask him to tat. Have his wife life for him and say that Peter had sent him the pants alike. He had been given the pants long ago and that he had already pants, but he basely tried to get a cop to tell the wife to tell that lie down, and the cop psych fine got you I'm gonna go into my boss area. Has it instead real quick so the police
then began to fear. Is that if Henry was the one that was responsible for these murders that at some point during the murder of all these people, he could have somehow soiled his own parents and then basically gotten rid of those and taken Peters, pants off of him and put them? on cause, they were really nice gray, like You were pan slacks him. He beheld low, woollen slats, laugh real high that nineteen twenty they come right up to the nipple, so many police- and basically so it he got rid of his pants like let them burn in the fire and that's why Peters Body was found with just the same way and another is lower than that of our own anyway. So it's the arena now and address them and it'll. Look like the oh. These were his they're they're here right so essentially once they once they kind of put all these things together.
The police get Henry to sign a statement of confession so I am a cave- is formally charged with murder in April twenty in April of nineteen twenty six. So even though he signed the statement of confession. He, then, please, not guilty Edmunds maintains his innocence. So the judge is worried that this statement was coerced. His trial begins in November of nineteen twenty six, a prosecutors claim that Henry is the only logical suspect he has access to them. The La Mancha House, but none of their explanations for Henry's motive, R r that guy so they search Henry's house and they do fine clothing with bloodstains on it, but he's a gardener, so you could get it could just as easily be his and guess it's out he's out working with big shares and getting cut in brand
some bushes and stuff, maybe any as nine kids for any constantly falling and dictating simply we all kinds of crazy shit teeth falling out randomly lip biting yeah you, don't find any valuables and Henry S House so like thinking that all the things that were missing right from the La Mancha House might be found there. They don't find any they they claim that that we was scared that he was gonna loses job if the Mcdonalds, all the house, but that didn't make sense because he had actually work there for the family for that Donalds bought it. So he had just remain in the gardener and he's gonna doubled, is his job. If the fucking occupants die right, so um said the defence relies on the neighbourhood, rumours about the Mcdonald's to build their case. They say it's entirely possible that either of Peter or Alice Mcdonnel have gone mad with it. You know
but he implying that they already might have been a little crazy here, they're happy they just snapped and killed every one in the house before killing themselves. As for the arsenic, the prosecutors note that there's arsenic and one of the garden chemicals that Henry used in the garden defence come. Back in his like, he doesn't know how to extract are snakes from from these gardening chemicals like any didn't live in the house, so we didn't have a way to slip or snake their food, even if he didn't know how to and also the defence says, poison as a woman's weapon email and who's gonna drew, and so they say it's more likely. Alice would have poisoned anybody if it was anybody that did it. So it's a sixty trial and the judge justice to burn. The jury. If you are satisfied, the Mc Cave is the only person who could have committed this crime. You, find him guilty. But if you, of any reasonable doubt you MA, give him the benefit of it, so the
Ngos and deliberates forth, fifteen minutes comes back. Finding him guilty of all of the murders will and he sentenced to death by hanging. I think he did it. Okay, so on December nineteen, twenty six he's taken at the gallows one. If he has any any last words, he says all I have to say, as God forgive them. I am, the victim of bribery and perjure even so- he met Andrey, maintains his innocence, all the weight of the end, but after his hanging, some damning facts are revealed about his life. On our come on man, I was fuckin rating, for I know it looks. A lot of people were in saluting that judges seemed like this. All can be just like. They want to get this taken care. So These are all things that they couldn't talk about in during the court case, but in his youth he moved to England where he had several running with the law and
there. They were defined it particularly, but he did go to he did serve present time. For while who am I I'm pain and then when he was released, he moved to Birmingham and there he started dating a one woman, but he soon arrested for attempting to murder her do that. He says another fifteen month sentence for attempted murder and then eventually moves to just outside Dublin, okay. So, but none of this information can be used during the trial because of the code of criminal procedure that disallowed the core from using prior charges to argue their case. So basically, some people are kind of like will then this this is almost like if people were worried or was up an error here, whatever a well at least we have this, please prior convictions that maybe maybe support that sure, but something maybe some people and sleep in that. Well, maybe people still not aren't sure and then Seven years later, in nineteen thirty, three alike:
Oh boy named denning, then, ass name is denning. How he's digging in the garden of a house on Shore Trode in Mannheim, when he digs up two silver watches. One is inscribed to James Clerk. Who was the man who lived in the basement? Her only other is inscribed to J Neck de its that one Henry was alive? He was the guy who planted the shrubbery at that I was in church role in that particular Garda and is they're gonna. Do something with this shit and back and burial area that Lou it's all over, probably not just in this, and because you know that thing where people are guilty and they start talking because they,
There are smarter than ever so he tells the story of bearing the safe, which basically nice like mislead them and Michael, had them go in a different direction by over talking. Yes, but I think people don't understand that in your subconscious. The reason you think of the things you're talking about it's like you're, giving herself away. I and the idea that he's talking bearing the safe, which is clearly knew there were valuables they had, they had money they had. Have hidden, but also its lead burying stuff, like it's a whole area that he wanted to talk about and anyway it's not it's not hard the hardest of evidence, but leg
it would be interesting to know if they found any more stuff buried in yards around grab a fuck and mental detector and who had been areas season three and now the harrowing story of the mellow hide massacre fuck. I was going for them being the family either one of them murdering everyone else or them not them are killing themselves, because I don't think the servants would have done it as well as it was before siblings. Maybe, but I I really thought it was the guy the clothes laid on top of him yeah guess he clearly he was the last right and what are you like wanted some let us these, so he covered himself up as then writing an but Now I don't think so anymore, it's interesting because back then
they just had to cut him. There is so little science of any kind plus everything's burnt yeah, so they just have to go through and like really pieced together and you can absolutely see- and we know that it happens all the time. It's like. Oh, the gardener, the guy that the reported it yeah, Poland, whoever sent him right, gallows, eyeball, share, yeah and this whole thing, but like the idea that he had the safe the keys to safe in his pocket. Yes, he was wearing the one of the dead man's pan. Yes, like there are so many things that were just like the mood ton of his little kids teeth blood all over the other Panza they. Now. Why don't you just watch those ban when your kids do you keep falling under their fuckin? Had why don't you keep back a pants in the gardener shed where they should be? That's a good lesson learned, always keep backup pants I mean,
you know that I live by it, as my great fear in the world is something happens to my pants and I have to borrow pants from somebody whose pants are too small. It's like a nightmare. I live with. I didn't know that Sheila sweats in the back seat. I feel like two hundred episodes Eminem we're still learning set itself, whereas should doubtless also thank you. I mean it really was a bit of so far I mean I'm not fun. Not fight now realise is not. This is eight, but it's in trusting? Also because when you're in a policeman that word so everything's a bit as at small village, small town feel where the influence of what people say in that it same thing of nor engorge being like oh she's crazier, where once you get the like the opinion stirred up of, like you know those people in the house right. They all killed each other, whereas like, oh yeah, they're not around to defend themselves and private people, then
can kind of say anything after the fact, crazy! That's that we leave aside you're fucking hooray is gonna, be you you guys it he's limitless, JANET you, air tanks. The EU fur, but the others where life has turned out really fucking insane and unexpected and not at all what I had mine for you, years ago now, further breast amazes sense at, and it's completely change that- and I am so not just you now not just like, material things and how crazy this isn't like fuckin, our book being on articles tat. Second, an audio books. Only nineteen like magic shit like that, but like the fact that
our people who really care about us who we now know Joe now are out there and an how lucky are that we help people go to syrupy and get help and get me on medication and and but their mental health, we feel very fucking grave on. I really can't believe that we get a chance, this with our lives, and I am so I'm honored So two hundred episodes Anna's pretty fucking incredible. It's pretty amazing. I think we should also take this time to thank Stephen re more ass. Clearly there since re like yours, you came in and sixteen seven It was Stephen. You came in such we needed you so Maya and you and we made you do so much of our thoughts and you really kept us going in those early times where we
we didn't understand what was happening. We couldn't wrapper arms around what was happening and it was so great to have you it's been so great to have you. The airline currently yankee with the kids are saying writer die now try nice, I love it. You know it's very satisfying to me. Is that I feel like the things that we did early on, which were almost like us being like. Oh Bernay Brown were learning how to be more vulnerable, were learning how to be honest about ourselves, were learning how to say what we think is the most shameful thing about ourselves and then share that, so that may be the shameful dissipate and instead of that, just being like a weird exercise between you and I like uncomfortable, Thanksgiving or on our part, has just as a test or whatever it really was, the I don't know the fertilizer that grew this beautiful garden, where you know
I spent up a large portion of my life, believing that I could never let anybody in two that vulnerable side or that that was some kind of that. That would be a huge mistake or weakness or the worst, and instead it is it's been this ridiculously unbelievable lesson and how that is the way to go on like that. That really is this kind of thing where we all go: hey guess what everyone's mentally ill they really are, and the people who can't admitted the most usually have the biggest secrets and the biggest sicknesses, and we don't have to be cowed by anyone. We don't have to be made to feel bad about ourselves by any one week to choose how we feel and we get to choose how we deal with how we feel, and so yes, wheat, you know, there's a lot of talk about like were scared of this more scared of that and God forbid. You go to the forest on all those things that we ve done. That's been over, that
Open, reactionary and us telling horrible stories, and then try think of solutions to those stories, but really at the end of the day and neath all that. What I think I've been learn, at least, is the opposite. Which is opening up being honest being directs I used to be like. Oh here's the thing I really fear and it is it, is it a real fear, or is it just this thing that action He holds me back and like, and maybe, if I just throw out their people at least I can get a little relief and then maybe somebody else gets a little relief. I think the word of the day is that its led to so much connection. And that is such a. The whole thing- and I am I'm in awe of it in with you, and I have felt it yeah and I think everyone else's felt it with each other yeah and if that sire fuckin legacy, then
hell yeah fuck man does that's. What we need in life is more connection and even if it's scary- and you have to be vulnerable about it- and you have to like show your ugly bits in that you- I have be all right now and like all that, fuck that shit all like us have shown their someone else on the other side going yeah. I have that to moroccan friends. Lets me friends on also, let's not feel so bad right, because I am a product of the horrible Hollywood system that dead. You know that guy my head against for twenty years. Until this look as far as an all the suddenness like boom, now you'll ass, open, you have to be vulnerable areas, it won't work, it won't work and be audio so leg. It doesn't like me, you know it it's a whole different, it's a whole day, an
the plan, I think and it's a maybe even a harder discipline, because I've gone on a billion diets. This thing as a whole, it's a whole different approach, and so is thank you. For giving a show for listening and participating and being with us, and thank you to the people who who get Us- and no our intentions, because we do absolutely fuck up so much easier and talk about things that then we only find out afterwards. You know offend people or or aren't the right way to think about things or whatever their. So many people is a spot guest and come back in going. I know you don't know this, and I know you would want to know their and here's this piece of information and civil, giving us the benefit of the doubt which we are we are honoured to have and we will be careful with and take care oh yeah, Chiron, exactly Converser be vulnerable to have nothing perfect into change and
have you guys thank you so much two hundred fucking episode, man so The banking industry life changing thing, you given Ossetia and thank you for this successes. Cause of all you guys participate and wanting to- and you know, here soon, at least fifty more money by concerning. Let's get lids promise only by its aim for a fair way come on re up, at least until next summer. Violence. There, okay well, then stay sexy hand, don't get murdered, go by the two hundredth time Alice. You wanna cookie,
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