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201 - Live at Revolution Hall in Portland (2017)

2019-12-19 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover William Scott Smith and the murders at Crater Lake.

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This is exactly right.
Like this? I mean why something things are coming to. The second show you to try to get you guys in bad you're, better we're gonna get you out of here. So quick, it's gonna be like that. Even in never know what happened that Tsar person do we ve ever gotten. Real aid is now that is absolutely not ensure, however, that propaganda, Georgia's intravenous neuron ever hates me. No one ever disagrees with every single fucking thing, not only this year. Yes, here we are in this high school on its Orient, where we're about to give you a presentation about abstaining from premarital Sandia, renovating the sis- and yes, you oh, is that there is a bit states ale. Today, that's the submarine centres which I'm obsessed with details and it was like retire detectives, whole house swinging. So imagine what was in that house flip through every book uranium, and then there is one thing I want you in the states and the guy. It's some he'll told me like right before I got there, he was like you just sold,
he's a cop two thousand I just sold his like fifty years of crime scene photos to someone. I know- and I was like
guy died and you're. Like those are my friends I was about the way, and so I went to books today free, I can't you know you're gonna yeah. I appreciate your letter. I was like through you and they had a they have been to crimes. He wrote a book about speaking, discuss things I totally bought a nice Ivan thinks I'm a creep and horrible, and I was like do you want to see this? But anyone like no eleven days so they didn't work crime. Did the elephant Titus the nuts guy have involved in now, just ass, it was now on the Roma was lagging. We need something lighter. We know that they have a for you, you salvage of lives in peace, gums, so to change. Pay nice elephant in guns. That's a good like that's a really good description. You know why I thought it. How horrible that is! I've been eating a lot of hotel many bar food in this weird, like I don't want to have to leave it so cold and went out whatever and bit into a kettle chip today that link when it up into my frontal, lobe half hearted, that that's a good visual. Does everyone understands what that feels lights in inner stabbing yeah? It's not cool or like a paper and woods but gum it's a period, dance hall paper here or there is far more hours of light. Dental writhings! Didn't you know that's what this tours about, asking
you gotta get she'll. Aren't you gonna, take a quick lock, you guys, second time, I've ever more and then see. I want them to my wedding and they still have the glitter. Are those your wedding soon wedding later on the bank in, and I guess the girl now sets therefrom. I can't say whether, from your very good also georgian, I totally unplanned, although it out, looks like it both are wearing scallop, necked, dresses, Thailand and when Georgia, so I was in the car max pick us up to come here tonight. I got picked up first, we went to pick of georgian wines and when she walked out- and I saw her dress- I was ordering minor- I was like she'd Oppenheimer's like oh, my god, I almost crying like it was Mary. I was near and set out you're only you missed the show. Oh, my god, you completely shower thirty, but instead I was like.
As a draft that those fucking only king. I was so happy. She handed me a small cup which was like her lovely friendship, gift of bringing me a cappuccino everywhere I go, I must ask anymore it's the great ones. You texted me As you know, the place you want anything and euro always and then gave me your order now, I'm ever unlike other company play some only to order, and I want to keep asking that so I searched the phone for, like whatever the tall whatever the fuck. Were you just go back to April, happily reorder every single time, I'm the kind of person I can drink coffee like ten o clock, and I mean I want you known and theirs. I can't you speed anymore. It's the poor man's poor man's feet. She hands made this cat. I immediately searching it, don't even asked what it is doing it. You drink. I get here when we went to walk out for our first show,
It was as if I had done seventeen rails. If I were to my mind- and then I was like
from some town people. I dont know what they're doing but they're doing something. Does it didn't work on me? I had it just fuckin chug, a sugar very rebel backstage like time it so that when I stepped out here, I wasn't like I wasn't wire. Unlike halfway through Mckenna, legs start fuckin nodding or like as you walk out. You're just belching is, as you like, we're all supplying, so anyone tries to Catherine Good one time. Sorry, but I just remind me of one time at AIR Wolf studios, which is another podcast network, but they have called brew on tap at that place and so I'd I'd never had clung, or so I took my existing vendee size. I wanna Haddonfield. Let me finish sifted throughout the past. Whatever it was, I was doing and then on my drive home burst
did here for no reason in sobbing, and I was like why. Why am I saying to my feelings? It was so fucking we're not the best when you realize it's not because you're a monster you're like me. Ok, I, like p m as ok. That's the big breakdown, Nope called Brill. He was sixteen ounces of called birth, but since I don't know what that might have numbers donors and cover, you should only have this much then you smoke like for cigarettes, but I had this much and then I was like I can see the sun smoked a pack of cigarettes. I tell him sing at that. I hate that exploiting Katyusha with no function whatsoever, no big deal it's fucking precious and there's like no hooks for the towns, and I know what the fuck I also emphasised so stylish like they hate them. They dont have. They have like the end. You like
real keys. Now and then like we're, gonna, isn't like an old fashioned skeleton key known at that age, how its close its close enough and it looks like a little a candle on a little factually lay. I was at the bar restaurant, which is thankfully not backing. She, and, though the bartender last night, like hey
the strings, I mean, can you just because they hire the hostess on your way out? She loves you, that's gonna talk. Do I know you had no right now, chaotic, obviously not paper. There are not here to do yeah bidding and you think, I'm broke. I can't afford by as much as I do that I wanted to know shit beige mobile, giving I did, but it was like a nice. I got in a gonna, get that ran away. Like in that set up. Then you, it's like you have to initiate, were dragging urge you in love with me. Since I know the other illnesses is off shifted seven. I actually think what you're doing is wrong. I am one of those people continent that gonna happen. Other day were incorrect.
We ve got someone who I was and then she just said. Oh no, you look like someone who is in your earlier and you're after you just finish signing whenever I was in front of you, you, ok now you don't. Ok, I'm gonna go right, will then get murder nets. Newsstand have that's wrong, o o
Here is the stairs we ve been talking about for some hearings, age rulings get in doing in the back with them so used to ring the bell. I know well here. Maybe you need to grant that why my cause it's your time to shine down, I made a donor than Stephen presented, really excited and just like you, don't really there's jellia inside a milliner going to eat. The looking thing looks like Stephen has been by said earlier: remove myself the whole thing right now you get a microphone in my hand and one do it will start a full doing really the most addictive chant about time. As you know, this is it's no easy to thirty one all the way up here, seven. What tonight? What are you gonna be handling during mission in the midst of the soil? The stuff
Even now we don't described the pictures are entitled the audio recording the show rainy season. You like gaudy, just to justify your being here, going it recording the helping our railways to every done to get inside. She suddenly at Doha, somewhat they throw number one.
Audio and visuals. That's right! There is a reason you guys came here and that didn't just listen on your part, you're a man on your ear, ercasts broadcast gas depending on its neck on this in your sound in away, you can actually give it to someone tat. You see, even though your hand, many texture, gluten free. Ok, here
Ok, let's get that too, we were born, we record the podcast in Georgia's apartment. We sit on the couch and Stephen that's who we're looking at sitting Cross legged across from us like this building taking notes. Then you know you said something really funny when he takes his pencil and is like likewise, sometimes you just grubs decided mustache like the most evil villain evolves, I'm like an evil millennia. I mean oxymoron, pretty get people their eyes. Are three word was at this moment. There is also a couple other things out. This is the story of the first hour, but When I arrived in Portland, I got two I had to get my car and when I got over to the area of the higher car area, island, to etc for islands, there is like a.
There's a bunch of cars. Everybody was waiting so there's a bunch of cars waiting and, as I walk up it gets out of Zoran does care, and I was I immediately got into the car that was first, I'm not fucking. Writing you trying to steal a fucking. They were. I tried to steal the first thing that you don't want to see in goober driver out of the car that doesn't as unnatural and it's it's. Not aid means that she doesn't know. What he's supposed to be doing is half of the fact that she screamed. My name like I was lost in a grocery store six years old. I tell you this to me when I was little and writers my mom and I would walk into a grocery store is I was such a lunatic until I was probably twelve and had to ask her to stop
as we going off into the girls, you start with time should collect this a year me and my mom. She go. Let's see what we're gonna get to rat Ivan neck about to end then steer me around the city. Just so you know what I'm coming soon that to another were anywhere. It might not work out. No, I might get a black. I might go badly. My mother, when she picked me up with its like it's like she wanted me to thicken, be embarrassed all the time it might get Univee funding, because I hated everything and got made fun of so much like that was where you gotta say as you ve ever. She pick you up anywhere like in front of the school, with all the cookies watching and likes, you see her and you make eye contact. She's still go be finally paid. It was so embarrassing back. What should we do? You kind of did of Dick MOM pen? I am now one up you with my father, who was dedicated to humiliating me everywhere, where one time we pulled into a is black vacation place needs to go to and Kelso good. It was like just cabins in the hills whatever in them in the mountains we pulled in one time and there was like a bunch of kids just playing
the play area and as we drove by my dad, goes, hey kids. Will you be friends with current and law? There is one time where he used to drive this old white truck and he drove carpool. So we truly simply nineteen kids in the cab, etc. There are some in the back we're right as we pulled into school the cause. It was like from some news. The horn on the trust just got stuff. We pulled in blazing as if to say like we're. Here, everybody is my sister who was super shy. Anyway, it was like practically crying. She looked down, turn it off. They nervous at MILAN. Things are he's like honey. I can't turn it off. Just gotta go to school. You know they hate you guys. You run their lawyers alone. This is not what they are expecting so delicious that they get there. Just like. Oh, I get to do back to you what you ve been doing to me for twelve years. I kind of forgive me like she come on. You're, embarrassing me in sugar is you're. Drunk mom Jerome can be great way to go and robust late show later we're gonna get it back and we're saying at all tonight. Let's sit down,
I made it, I mean the terrible mistake of looking on twitter and between shows will now and where dress that by sex more seriously, what its now, let me just say that my show my my mom was right about one thing that I need them sit sit up straight yeah like yeah. I looked at it too needs either that or you. Why can't I just relax, and he who I am pretty hurrying wearing high he'll have no meaning lucky. You can see my focus banks or have any money once these are spanks takes by the bye. That's not to give I live here has don't they was like their ripped, but they're not recognise their designed to be rich.
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oh, do you need to read. You need to run off stage there. Ok sector Beggar Georgia's having some Portland allergy, everybody here and you're allergies. Ok, Oregon! You guys have a lot of fucking murders here. It's the only way to only simulated, do three shows and they just so many that she is room well, and also can I just say this before we start you guys have been so fucking fired up about. They show from day one on the show, yeah yeah global partnership, Also, the reason I know this for a fact: the very first piece of say: sexy: don't get murdered! graffiti graffiti. That was ever posted to our twitter. Account was from
Cortland Orient guys like mad vandalism, never forget it. I will never forget it, because that's a kind of game you that building like this might be something like when they wrote it on the wall and through for the first time I saw one in person in the wild. Yesterday, oh yeah, we went to dinner and they went to the bathroom an MP and they work with which I am sure the girl online was like what they say. They murder their humours through housewives, Turkey, as much as you didn't pick Hugo's, really awesome Portland. Thank you. Portland Oregon, February nineteenth Nineteen, eighty four twenty. Twenty one year of Hosting Rebecca Darling, which is,
the best man was working. The graveyard shift at an all night convenience store, a customer reported seeing her working around three twenty am, but they minutes later. Another shopper came in and she's gone a month later, unlike his body, is found concealed in some brush along little pudding, river Is that right? There's a rings just ground, there's preserving river made a pudding here. That's all we ve always wrongs where we ve always wanted as long as it's not tapioca, Lilith letters, guy papers, Jello or putting river, which would you rather have been Geller. Putting our choices. Could I think I can and raise putting computers, church
dont decide Eminem weren't. My nose and everything is there clean air? Is your kleenex Georgia? You ve made it moves on the table, the land spit of change, in the way that you think it would be gone when you gave the girl your autograph, who didn't ask for no, no, No, there was none left, no, no! No! No cutting revert back to the pudding gets funny. It's get gets bogged down now long little putting over six miles from town Rebecca S body is found, she's nude from the waste up
he's been strangled with a piece of rope, how hands bound behind her back a few after she's found on April, seven nineteen, eighty four police, fine and abandoned car and trace it back to each year Old Co. Add Catherine Redmond has been, who was last seen at a campus. Frat party are up to fifteen the morning already battening them. Four days later, Catherine is need. Body is found. Just four miles from World Rebecca body had been found. The cause of death is traumatic expectation, which is like this
dramatic, not a future. On a cheese above I mean it was a rather that's. That's me was the thing that you got stuck in your teeth from the hotel lobby keystroke on cattle chat. I don't fuckin jammed right, and then I got on this amounts to a matter that hurt me an admin, sexually assaulted Watson. There's no way to know I'm into there's knows that there is no good way to add that sent witnesses say that they saw a late, nineteenth, sixties, Pontiac Station wagon in the area where Redmond abandoned car had been found around the time she disappeared. And another Salem resident comes forward and reports that her car had been bumps by a similar car a few days earlier.
The hulking driver had invited her to leave her car and content on the damage which we all know, but they didn't know in the eighties, don't fuck and do that so sorry, you're saying like at an intersection or something someone bump sir behind and then the humongous man I'm assuming that was inside was like. Oh, you should see a dent in your bumper, and this quiet rode home can check this like well know I'm going away while she did say no.
Let's go to the gas station down the road and me was like forgot it and took off, which is like layer sign that because on the local imagine how scary that we're year, like instinct aerial, however, whatever reason made an EU that is, she does it. Any mediately has proven that that I was a fuckin. She made the best decision. However, yes, issues like this thing just happening with similar car. The sky was huge in a creep and then he took off so police discover that a man had called a tow truck company to rescue him from a ditch April, seventh night that she'd get Catherine disappeared and its near the place where her card been found his car fits the profile and had been previously convicted of sexual assault. Selling talk about this dick William Scott Smith is born in nineteen sixty his
six three and three hundred powers, not one he's born, but his first six years in the circus any had been convicted of charges of menacing when he was eighteen and Silverton Oregon they just some weeks, leaders like selves and at all noted, we got it against our tour. There tomorrow is cancer. Let's then, in nineteen, seventy nine him another man were accused of secondary sexual sultan woman, but Smith was acquitted of the charge, but his accomplice goes to jail. Then He gets convicted of indecent exposure and eighty one and Boise Idaho a year later boys even not Silverton. My man, they're fickle their family and a year later, he's questions a book from boys
offers us an answer: the murder of a fourteen year old girl named LISA Chambers that I looked it up and someone else got convicted of its it wasn't him. Things are getting Hoddan ITA home, so does act asylum, kills more at home there. April twenty six. Nineteen, eighty four after the evidence against him, is crazy, he's a rain on two counts of first degree: murder in Salem police son, no links between him and five other unsought homicides that has plagued Salem since eighty one, just like get the fuck out assailant, He waves is right to a jury trials, convicted on all counts and given two consecutive life terms. Although he only has complete a minimum of forty years before his considered for parole. Men in two thousand and said in a cold case is reopened happened on July. Fourth nice to meet you in Salem, while delivering PETE's as eighteen year old, Sherry Everley vanishes after going on
All a fake address to deliver pizzas attended sarcastic her no I'm just what year was us. This is eighty four is that hair is so nineteen eighty, his error. It is you just pull one come through the top of that in your off to school, like maybe a little bit aquanaut Ancona you're out this spring. I then Saigon. There do you, sorry. Experts on some sweet on a ceiling on your countrymen. That's right! That's right! Girl at the bottles of dusty you're, just the old sweet, honesty autumn dusted, dusty. So sherry vanishes and they later traced, the fake called the think addressed to a sailor, motel and her car. Now the engine running near the address of the order less than an hour, after she laughed like car.
Its reasoning that what the engine running on land three pieces on the ground near her car, that must be bad NEA Her body is never found, and the case goes culture. Twenty five years. Aside from I thought this was like a normal. A psychic naming a suspected investors miscarriage already had on their list named Darrell needs an acquaintance of sherry and he claims that his vision showed Darrell's house and the detective interviewed him while the psychic was in the car which, since not up to go In that same day, Darrow kills himself of shit whichever ones like that's an indication of guilt and he also had painted his truck a different color a month after she disappeared. And he drove a similar track. That people said was in the area, but guess It wasn't him down, they in a court case reexamination. They confront William Scott Smith and prison any confessors confesses and enters a girl,
play. Jesus, I know When you deal with this walking pace, the beard is distracting too bold and beard is a strange combination or not no offense. I mean I don't mean it that way, but it says like and has a long time I'm like. Is this picture upside down? What am I looking try to focus? What do we look guys so that those who so he get he'd enters a guilty plea and heat? They say he has an accomplice, name, Roger NO says I can't find anything about him on line which is crazy and he says that they were planning ducked. A different female delivery driver hold her for ransom, but really came instead and says in one of the facts. It never came out publicly, isn't the next day after the abduction, there was a ransom call to the the place
and I can guarantee shit is that you ran some rich people, not fucking domino. It's like does used its literally dominate zero. I didn't raise a very popular pizza placed yeah book and they killed it anyways may he says that they dumped her body near the pudding river, but they search the area. Nothing turned out that it was twenty five years later there, but the bunch of flooding and her bodies never been found in a third life sentences. Added to the two here already how's that people, some other saying over some people say of some people, dont think he actually committed it, and he just said he did so you get better privileges in prison, so something our aim is that the way it works
I think, sometimes, and also water, better privileges spoken top Roman instead of a safe way around them. Instead of toilet line, you get sink. Why drink? I mean we have been in prison, so I wouldn't now I have come Larry laughter. I am wary of every country. That was a laugh right. Instead of a re right, I mean we're. Gonna shoot that for you to that red, bull, kicking and right could see this, then in twenty twelve, while serving his time. Another court cases reopened February, 12th, twelve Nigeria. Anyone twenty year old, Terry Cox, Monroe, is out dancing with friends at the with museum. Tavern we're we're having after party
I mean top feather they different. What's the difference there, that's eighty one, so yeah that's way earlier when, in the late seventies it was from all feather my cousins. Listen Sharll had like these huge feathers it that the feather just went all the way to the back. Your head is superintends and then a little bit later on. I was just like feather those banks, so she so she goes outside to get some fresh air, don't ever be that don't get fresh air. This is when they smoked indoors Susa Valley, fucking, discuss ideas and they gave out ass best us all the time they re assessed. As everywhere I go. The stress tests and your specificities and and then Virginia Slim and another is good, they show up for work the next day or parents report her missing and her clothes and identification were found near the William Et River
which is behind your I now I know how to pronounce it. I mean the word William I get I see, and now I see it now. Well, one will just go past. Why would you say it again and don't ever say what are you? I see this courage or more coffee working for you know I needed out what someone through a copy cup on state just copy. I am perfectly like one of those Youtube videos. No trace of her body is found until March fifteen nineteen, one about a mile down the river and an autopsy, concludes that she died homicidal ethics expectation just like they just want to call it something other than its negotiation, love to specify a nose aspects arrested. The case goes cold and then they open the case on January, twenty twelve.
Detective Jim Miller notices that Monroe was murdered in the same way as Smith's other three victims. He uses his signature method of operation. He briefly stocks as victim before kidnapping, beating, raping and strangling them to death with a piece of rope. The piece of clothing or some other device so are you kidding me places his victims in a body of water, usually rubber stream. He had done the two so William Scotsmen. Fifty three out billions guilty to her murder, saying that this be strangled Monroe outside the tavern he sentenced to life in prison, which will be his support. Life sentence, he's still fucking, emperors and and the man that police suspect to be his accomplice. Roger s if die in two thousand and four why they think he killed a lot more people. So was this beard guy yeah, oh,
It was all him. That's the unease in J, Ai Stephen seven. Do you think you could grow beard like when I went to New Zealand? I didn't shave for seven months than did it look like he. I was on that bearded was bad and were never again who now it's required for the job, Julie related they require, and it's going into the contract of the country Just like they just want to call it something other than as an exchange. I love to specify a nose aspects arrested the case goes cold and then they open up and the case on January, twenty twelve. Our to move undermined. Let's get rid of that guy permanently. Yes, thank you, phaeton! Even well,
so in after killing. I'm, u places his victims in a body of water, easily rubber stream. So he had done the two. So William Scotsmen did rehab pealings guilty to murder time. Obviously you guys you're a over people, feel free to stab and made up here and they think he killed a lot more people. So was this beer guy yeah? Oh good, ok, it was all him. Well, that's the unease in J Ai Stephen seven. Do you think you could grow beard like when I lived in New Zealand? I didn't shave for seven months ended. It looked like you. I was on that. Bearded was bad, were never again, who now it's required for the job yeah, like moon, rocks, swindler Wendy, yes,
do you want to know. Always egg is greater. I guess that makes no yeah. You did. That was context toilet that you put together for yourselves trader Lake locate then clam of county within the cascade rains is over Almost twenty miles wide and two thousand feet deep, which makes it the deepest leg in America. You you did it. Thank you many Portland, either murders, or
at one point it was rumoured to be bottomless, but that sort of thing that's it's not true, and we all know how hurtful rumours can do you have a beautiful bottom. Crater lay you look good in it. It is a call. Dearer lake, sits atop, dormant volcano around mazeppa which last erupted in fifty five hundreds the fifty seven hundred BC, five seven zero there. It is the clearest, cleanest, deepest body of water in the United States, its filled with rain water, and it is so pristine,
wavelengths of sunlight are able to penetrate so that the colors reflected back to our retinas are blues and purple of an unreal intensity. Baby I Alaska to the climate. It was a sight to sacred for human eyes and they believe, just looking at the lake was to risk death and lasting, sorrow, Jays, a cheat, you think designation because once you're dead, this aren't. We really come into play, but nonsensical, big bummer, a minor named John Hillman in nineteenth sorry, eighteen. Fifty three was the first white man to see that lake and just before he reached the craters rim, he saw a snow white dear with pink eyes. Pink I
with a very bad. I infection daily that and a little neo sporran eyes look come at last. He looked like him is crying and it made John said: oh wait. I lost my spot snow idea with pink eyes and vampire fangs nearly nine parts. Hurry. Let's go be amazing. Casually comment of its a bit tat dear just out of burning in its jaws and has a dead other dear in its job, not plan of area, it's a vampire candle, and can you focus pleased that there is a stump of hemlock tree that floats in crater Lake called the old man? Let's hear me, look at it over thirty see long. This hemlock stump floats perfectly upright, and
it is carbon data to be over four hundred and thirty five years old, the show the best book report I've ever we aren't school. So I know I know I'm Villona, that's the old man. Oh, so there was a submarine team that was in the lake. They saw the old man. This was like some time in the sixties and they tied it too? to their stuff because they wanted to see their equipment because they wanted to investigate and right. They tied it up. A huge storm picked up on the lake White CAT. Started on the lake and
it didn't, and until the untied it and everything went right back down old man controls the whether man and wife, my man, there's gonna, be let's see about this, isn't like take it apart. Zinging unknowns up just like looking that's beautiful and moving on It is like very unusual that it slowed stress. Xenia, normal logs looks like this. This is like this I'm doing ass. He likes, I gotta, do this and are also Several people have claimed to see big foot near crater lay spotted him to park rangers said they saw him, and then they smells him and then he threw a pine cones. I say it again, but I Alaska outlook. In fact that was just a third part Granger actually there's some people claim that they accidently hit big foot with
their car at Crater Lake but before they could show anybody, government, team men and swept the body aware but definitely happened. What I think it's funny is that that is also the beginning scene of Harry and the Hendrick. That's like Parian Henderson's, we're like us, sags government movie science fiction, that's true, not a fun comedy. They have lake monsters, ufos, mysterious, campfires grapes! That's why they were launched serious camp if there's a campfire them. It's not that higher mysterious fire explained to me what you think campfires are where I do not know. If I'm a camp, when you walk up to it, it's still there when you get there, will these ones aren't there
You walk out, there's nothing. This is another just like a mysterious lime wire. It's just like there's a campfire. No, there is just an orange jacket on the ground, crazy shuts happening. There is what we're saying: crazy, plucking chin, but mostly crater like has a lot of death, and so I'm just going to read you a couple of my favorites. September, twenty fourth, nineteen. Ninety, four, an arrow postal S, three, fifty helicopter from Seattle having to LAS Vegas crashes and sinks, between Wizard Island and the large, don't you wanna go to Israel has a fucking bad. What's on Wizard Island tucking Whizzer, several dozen park visitors watched the health as it skimmed over the smooth surface and then suddenly plunged into the water the speculation as at the pilot,
came confused by the near perfect, mirror image of the sky. That was in the surface of the lake and thought going up Oh no, can you imagine that you're, just all fishing on the side of greater live like due to do what a great big haitian with my oh, my mouse, directed about a day or two we go home is rooted was like? Is it just respect over like finish our vacation? Everybody just look away away and don't look back like six three days off works, I mean we spent a lot like Keno imports of beer out because I think most areas camphire that night, that night, twenty five campfires, let alone right in March, twenty seven nineteen, ninety this one spot
We ve been having a great time so far. That's going to stop right at three twenty p m Della Marie M Della Marie of Meat, Washington. Falls seven hundred feet to her death at discovery point the only I witnesses were for three children, Jeremy, sixteen John Seven and Brittany, five former and a former just the way you have done that and a former ranger name Breeze Black who saw the fall from Wizard Ireland, so we know Bruce blacks on lesser violent. I didn't put that together Here's what happened! The family had walked out to a narrow, Rockies Spine, like Ridge, to get a better view of wizard Island because they rostick as fastening the desired about was our island, but here's the thing. The mother loses her footing and she's holding the five year old
ash balls. She fucking throws the five year old to the and then go. That's just more is call him, but also kind. What kind of aid, unlike what an incredible insane mother move, Thea just like when I read those like that, so fucking, amazing, yeah, silver lining, ok on Just twenty ninth nineteen, eighty four patrol Ranger Alice side Backer this one's fucking crazy attempts to stop a slightly speeding. Nineteen eighty to Volvo on the South entrance road, but the door, refuses to stop so Alice gives chase and ass her
Patrol car comes up from behind the Volvo suddenly explodes runs off the road flies through the air and hits and embankment what in yes. So, oh, yes, it just spoken explode. No, so the driver was named Andrews. Mirza Julius and she was a german national and he's of course, instantly killed. His body remained indirect car for four hours, while the Jackson County Sheriff Bomb Squad and after I checked the car over four hidden explosives, but it turned out the explosion was caused by a hand grenade that emerged. Ducas was holding at the time I explosion and and they know this because his left hand and face
swear block. Do so as they searched the car. They find a knife, a pistol at which are both stored in the driver's door and a rifle that's in the trunk, and they also find several sets of idee all false too California license plates, The Volvo had been stolen from a rental company in San Diego and this man was wanted in Texas for drug smuggling charges and he had served time in federal prison he play it's either use the grenade against now, as the park Ranger and an excellently drafted limits are like snow. We rule out. I shall everything's old, swedish and safe. This final line is kind of my maybe one of my favorites ever Alice.
And left the park service and returned to her former career, a violin making Alice? I didn't realize you were the most fascinating. Firstly in began, I mean she back there in your violin shop. Like I seen, a lot of heavy share has just spoken. Let me let me pull this cat across this would like ok, November twenty seven nineteen? Sixteen nineteen year old, son of Ralph and Catherine Peyton, who Does the Crater Lake Lodge their son is found stabbed to death in his car enforce park. Larry Clayton had been stabbed twenty three times and the interior of the car showed the evidence of a terrific struggle. The cops said missing and presumed kidnapped or slain was patents, girlfriend Beverly an island also, nineteen from Washington State they had
the previous summer while they both worked at greater length Lodge and this island had been visiting the patrons. During the Thanksgiving weekend, so they had Thanksgiving dinner with the parents and then they had left for an evening drive to park in the drive. Following dinner, so Beverly an Alan's body was discovered two months later lying in roadside brush alongside a highway west of Portland, and this This then said the murders were eventually solve, ten or so years later, but not conclusively,
so that means that that means it's not my actual definition who might criticise when I've just simply cut and paste the pace. Who did it? That's something Zodiac killer type of thing: don't, but he didn't take the victims with him right. I don't think he would go places with the victims, but he did. He was one of those people that like to have a man their view that an interesting theory, early, fuckin, Zodiac yeah, that's right. That's just randomly pulling out of my house. I like it down, I'm gonna go with it. Let's get ok! This is of this. One is the most famous you may have heard of it already in July, one thousand nine hundred and fifty two Albert Jones of Concord, California and CALL Hain of Detroit Michigan were executives with United Motor Service, which is subsidiary of General Motors, and they were found murdered on south rather three point. Five five miles north of this
foundry they had driven? They were there on vacation with their wives. They had gone in a car separate and driven ahead. Agree meat at their summer, cabin at Union Creek and but when the wives came up upon the car, they found the car, which was agreed. Nineteen fifty one Pontiac parked on the turn out, overly Annie Creek Canyon, passenger side door was standing open, but they and find their husbands, so they called the Rangers and The man's bodies were found a short time later, a quarter mile off the road in an open stand of ponderous, supine both we're found with their shoes remove powder burns on the side of their heads. Indicating an execution style. Murder, they had been gagged with their own ties that they were not bound and there stockings were clean, which indicated that didn't work anywhere? They just took their shoes off and then were murdered. There The excitement of the discovery of the bodies tons of people walk
all over the crime scene, destroying much of the evidence, and since the entrance rangers during these years, recorded the license number of every car that entered the park here, began a massive investigation. Taking years to trace each tag number- and People are even track to Europe. Several local suspects are identified but lacking hard evidence. No arrests were ever made aims three hundred dollars was taken from their wallets and our watches were taken. The men's luggage was left in the car. They don't we, You think it was for robbery per press and in a letter that he wrote to his daughter a month before he was murdered, Joan said to her. Things are worse than they have ever band and she things. His daughter believes because at the time and working for GM they are having trouble with the union social. Her theory is that it was a mob hit murder for land business reasons. There is also some locals who had their
in SIRI, but they were it. Made this go from like six pages to forty two pages like just that just talking, and there are just like conversations back and forth with the cops and it was like. I don't know, and then you get these things and then we're just like I and if they listen to me I told the FBI, but they never came back with a lot of that shit. You guys don't I've accents like that of the article was like an old standing there side of a gas station Aries Swimming Latvians and genes. In theory I told him. I saw the guy Matilda NATO as me, This is I kind of love so much in the sickest way, and this is from July Fourth, nineteen. Forty seven a park this nay, Mr Cornelius. So They stopped hiking calmly hands his wife. His wallet
sit down on a snowshoe near the old, like trail and without a word, slaves. Over the edge of the snow Bank. And falls to the water edge, he didn't die, he only broken leg. Then he cried. Into the lake now rounds himself.
With everybody watch. His wife is just like what the father. Why do I need your wallet mother fucker? My his wife later claimed that he had been in some sort of days or trans during the instant how bucking in you hold my water. While I go, I go for the boy. Go Logan today, so I kind of like I like the idea that say it's the albino dear, that came back and human ties ham and was over the edge to call him. Do you mean it where we have a gale? I must follow the vampire delay we broke. Your legs saga only broke his legs, you worst of all suicide situation, and you are right, but that the last one
is from someone from here in Portland Tara, who sent us this as a hometown. Murder, love it love it. Hydrogen Karen. They all certainly swear elemental. I certain listening to your awesome park as this week and I am absolutely sucked in no escape. I wanted to tell you guys about my hometown winner, because its now in our family missed its it. Isn't. Our own family, mystery that, I think, is so creepy and I just wanted to share with you guys. So in the summer of twenty sixteen, my family went up to Crater lake organ to our cabin. For a few weeks, my brother brought along a friend of his and brought there. They brought their motorbikes to go to the bluff, which is just a forest where a lot of tourists go hiking, so the first we We were there. My brother and his friend went to the bluff on their backs and noticed the station wagon with Washington Plates Park behind some trees with the sun visor up, which I think I think one other Sancho, yet
if he is my first read- and I was like what it's the cars wearing adviser, but is it one of the ones that says colonise If you can see this article, nine one one, those like oh yeah, like an than you but you put it up even though your target nor, like oh shit, I didn't realize you, I've Zuyder nobody crime ongoing. Am I supposed to common? One wonders we're I mean I Allison, other people currently minors- that nine one one that time when they were out that in the seventies, constant calling of nine one with my brother thought nothing of it. Thinking was just some hikers. However, they went back the next week, The car was still there, so my brother decided to go check it out and see what was. He got close
the car and noticed a massive swarm of flies, their own nature, a silhouette of a person, s injure seed and blood splatter win shields. Needless to say, my brother and his friend booked at the fuck out of there. He told my dad about the whole thing and they called the county police and waited them parking lot for the detectives to show up. It took the detectives to fucking hours to. Finally, so when they finished asking questions, my dad asked why the detectives so did this. Does this happen very often, and the detective just shrugged his shoulders and said it's clam of county, any a gene, Angie Lean and jellies. There's a guy who say that the berries
there's just one guy lives there. Now I'm not told him merrily. There had already been for other murders suicides that year alone, notably there is never any thing and news about it HU, the personal, is or how he died. So my mom and I like to conspire all the time I think she means theorize son visor ain't like inspiring the Nelson condemns anyway. Thank you very much torriby. So greater. Please be careful, go to the edge and take pictures year, not above signs. I don't care what the White Dear, what the fangs and pink, I told you, I don't listen, listen! Listen! A magical! Dear now, pay that was
Hank adjoining here. Thank you. Should we we crave your applause can we should be to whom to meaning. We should do you think someone coming do. Can we have the lights up? Just a tiny bit it that's it I think you'd be able to do here is good at their summit to let her I'm a psychic.
So now you listen you're looking at an early stage and super nerve, racking really great had seen it just says straight into it needed it knows: you're retinas you get used to it. Hey, hey, hey! Where are you from sale? I'm a european soon, but I really hate sailor
what's here is us is so this is my harry. The Ets answer: Turner Turner, genuine turn, nylon, Turner crazies are actually taking as an email about, and so, if you read it later, this inner modulator silly that sea I never read a million yet so ok. So this is a great story. I know about it because my cousin found the body s cousin connection connection. Definitely so my cousin was dark hunting with his friend islands. Ike. Sixteen can lucky up very found, a body that is our country does. It is clearly very privilege everyone, so you got containing this friend and they saw a different kind of by a creek. This jacket that a camel jack and there like hey some author Jack Eager, went up
there was a rotting body and lying always. Your personality is something the police ways came out and then all this stuff came out and the news later that the body was actually this fugitive who had like kidnapped girls and then only several things that this doomsday was Paul, go black and he had a bad name that guy and he had they done some terrible things. I was a kid and had been in jail and had gotten now and violated this portal, and so-
and we're gonna go arrest eminent disappeared, so he was on the lamb and then this is crazy. He was in Portland. There was a snoop dog concert, proteins ain't, so they received our continent in these two worlds are leaving. They ve been drinking a little there under age, they gotta get to their car and he comes out and I'm says, I'm under cover. Please harbour doing raids, you're gonna get arrested for drunk driving. Unless I can drive you out of here, I never true. The girls were like, but then by some stupid chance, a police car drove by those are my guys in their ok. Ok, so they all sterile and see and they like waving bad happy, accidently lime. I don't know why, but I'm confused, or so they were, there are hesitating. They didn't want to doing this in place. Our happened to drive by at that moment s and the dude Paul Winkle Black was like see they're out we're out patrolling these are my sorry. I thought it was an opposite shit, ok yeah, so they all get in and then you can attracts them into giving him his phone there. Like he's sick boat, I think that what we see your phone bala, so they get the funds and any becomes clear. This is a connecting. It brings a giant and he like makes him take some pills and south you say, and so there on the freeway there on ice either headed South Amis happy at the best story, I've ever seen as it getting as a good and so there having south and at some point like often Turner like they could on the freeway the highway to Detroit
our unease like going to start. You try to pull it out and so then the other one cons inserts fighting him and then he starts focusing on her and then the other one wants to find a tube. Her friend says: Rhine Rhone runs ass. She just start book in it through a meal, he sees a farmhouse and the distance. She gets the farmhouse screams, and so they are my friends being attacked. They go back for other friend still they're alive. Yes, here on my knees and he's gone, he's gone the cars gone, so they call the cops but find them and then finally,
five years and seven times he died. They just think he died of like exposure and drowning, but they don't know how so it's kind of a mystery like. If you trying to someone else and something happened. Where is he? Then they thought he was gonna America's most want it and all the stuff he was living in those words is dead. He died. Will they think they died, that that is by yeah? They found the same effort that he was wearing do want to pursue. Girls went back in their like. You should not every day that airline likely we slept up as pills we can jammed up to sniff to hug tutors dome mandatory the map where's your cousin now he's still learning is eighteen also he's just think about omens, alien to having no surprises story. What what did he did? He have like? I just wanna, hear it's a sensation of actually signing a dead body. She remembered therapy or chill about it, uses of school whatever they like those in the jacket. He found his wallet you're not going to tat. I know, what's his name, Nathaniel Honesty and that's not cool,
Otherwise this there's these part get over there in crazy came seriously. Nobody else can honestly say that this may be a very upset her. I thought her. Ok, ok, you shouldn't come the first time that was awful show not you guys, looks over behind my shoulder and looked and you're Hariri was also you're, you're wearing out of an army gee. I apologize. I sell us. Ok, you may
also. As always, it was seen as I was dying Victoria this poor until Saturday and then those lovely lady said just go up there. Okay, so may become the build up. A may not may not be that you always did a good job. It's going to serve as you know the portal. I love the most, though, is the way that we need the angel tells the story. The way describes what you were saying like. I know what it's like to find tat body. He said he walks over to any, and he sees this companies like doing here and he picked it up, and then he goes. I guess, there's an arm and saw heels and he he's kind of like on the piano, morbid his little more by tee. What did you do for his high school internship like IE
Next, there me. Yes, he likes you get up here. I wish here again these great yankee. Like said this over our Chris, we have like this annual family Christmas dinner and over the Christmas doing, she was describing what the body felt like maps or like description of like it was. It was like
like you would think it was. It was there's some give too. It will be used not consider because you had the information. I wasn't indescribably ass, that I'm sorry I was rough with you. I mean I was deeply scared. That's that's what I look like a year. Karen you chose to continue working together. Thank you. I was thinking I was there. I could take her figure shares this shit faced raised by first responders that we go over your danger. Eyelids were ignored, Karen I'm the girl who we were like we're going out panel. Sorry, what was your name again whereby Rebecca verdict
Rebecca. You should come visit. Ok now you have to get up early nail that homes. Thank you. So much in roller coaster, emotions. You pick. The loan turns man you're, always like you. I got it. I gotta say six cents about a real. I just I just say we really really love you guys. We really means the world years. How much you guys supported as from the beginning, I really love. You really earned misses the city where we have three shows you guys, but those tickets to think I was so much fun to be here with you tonight. Do me a favor stay sexy and and
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