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Karen and Georgia cover the Blackout Murders and Scott Scurlock, the Hollywood Bandit.

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This is exactly right. Hello and wealth and nowhere resorting work under minding my remarks. We didn't do the thing where we nod and each other I seconds before we actually lodgings you do prayer hands. I busted out you jack, I busted out by starting without you and I busted out why abiding into an apple right before we started like that was anything you can do in the entire time frame of doing apologist. Eating an apple never comes into it. That's Karen kill Gara so that Sturgeon dark, I'm not eating an apple, I'm drinking a computer, because I'm just pretending, I'm drinking alcohol and its
How can I bet there's a little bit of alcohol in there. I hope so has its fermented, but whisky at weekends, smoking bans are shaping Millyard. Have you ever seen as really like it's in the movies and stuff, where there's a really old drunk? It is handshakes, nobody s entire kerchief around one hand and then pull it around his next week in his hand up to two get a drink and Ozma MA am other It is of alcohol. Just saying there is fifteen days off for me really. I didn't want to ask, as I didn't put pressure on, I get it. Yeah buy, sell due to your past two. We high. Now, that's incredible congratulating you.
Going on. Do you want to report any feeling any? Are you having those nations power? How shaky are you're good, I'm sleeping fucking. Amazingly, I'm not having this three M shame hours when I wake up and I'm like it's legit fucking drink again last night like this, I'm going to do it and hating myself, not having those I'm not taking naps, I'm feeling fuckin good, that's great yeah, poisons leaving this the body- is it the boys enslaving? How long does it take to feel like god when I can remember from medical school it's right around I dont know I mean I say you're basically I'd say I m ammonia. I think they usually say twenty eight days of a habit broken broken have now. So I think of you. You know, but I, but I bet you Jim system wise, like running cleaned
to over two years, is primo urine. Erin Golden stating I've just been shovelling tamerack into my face, much ado, its helps with inflammation Naser. You have anything any other tips or tricks for how you got weeks is a long time. I'm falling asleep. Listening to the book that I recommended, like I've, listened to it three or four times at this point: nine, it's this naked life by any grace. If I can say it again, it has changed everything for me. Amazing, and I have other suggestions to at some point I'll do it. We'll talk about it now. I love it because I use talking about that last week I was like you: dont have to bid had doesn't have to be alcohol, yeah appointing and looking at the thing that you want to. Let go oh yeah and it's just more about the vote, because I actually kind of breeze through that book. Justice now how alcohol centric it was- and I was like I could completely listen to this year- to be you- could just habit about food- can have it about weed
Whatever you are yeah now is our my problem with you. I want I want to do it about just makes you nice to people and it brings you help for early didn't live as somehow I hit you spot. It's all. I talk about it's all I talk about, but you know there are. These things were, like you know, ass old, before putting just eat just biting into a honey careers of just one bite and throwing it away. That's a terrible habit. We get rid of. I think these days, though the distress and daily horror that everyone is dealing with and that we know just the the temperature in and literally fitted figured politically people.
Our will relying on things probably now more than ever a hundred years and coping with things it may be, might not be working. Sociopath like this. In these conversations, I think can be really helpful, even if its cash, even if it's not like yeah I'd crash, my car for the fifth time or whatever, but it just like. I want to figure out what actually feels good, not what my habit. You know I've been thinking about. I you know, I'm in a you hit rock people hit rock bottom and that's when each decide to quit the I haven't done that, but I think I've hit rock bottom for ourselves that Fucking board. When I drank and I'm so bored I drink some four and I'm bored of that. Yet I want something new right now demand a hunter presenting have because it's almost like year, like I'm just gonna, go, walked on that same hallway again, and so yes, there is great things down that whole layers of pinball machine and there's drama briars like Lou, Confetti India and it's like you're, more yourself or so you think, I'm more excited and happy, or so you think the out in that way. The brave there's all these things, but ass, you believe, but then yeah after while you're like is there any other fuck up areas house I could please go sit in for awhile eyes, a great analogy. It isn't analogy while a great job. Thank you, it might even say now. I would like to talk about something more important than your surprise, and that's a new tv show could love it. Let's do it
and I'm surprised because I was so excited about this- show that I thought could get you. But again, it's proven that we are polar opposite re. Do not have the same taste its age. Because new series starring an directed by the great Jason Bateman, who called the outsider that is about did here, did he not come at this crime and I think it's so good a mighty too, but I accidently like a year ago read the book and I didn't like right. So I stopped, although I think it's it's kind of clouding how I look at it, but I do really like Georgia and also probably needs to be said. Also. Its Stephen king has recently said some problematic shit. He had other people and likes that might be clouding it for something I didn't even realize here
nothing to do with it. So I watched it and got these big. The night of feeling those older member was at times sixteen or twenty seven soon, nice more like yes. What is this? What is it? Who is really a mad idolize is taking over my life. I only want to look at this tv show for the rest of my life, so lately it similar feelings in that way and then also just I've loved Jason Bateman. Since you know he came into my life. Zia silver spoons generate syndicated Ricky Schroeder vehicle as the villain. Then he got his own show called. What's your move, what the fuck was that was, it was called. Then it was like a kid with a single mom and the guy at the hall wanted to date is mom, and it was so like him versus the adult. I never saw that it's so good. He is so fucking good as a child ladder is like twelve years old and he it's like he's fucking,
he's unbelievable. What's is also in the show who isn't bloodline. What's his name is on the issue Norman readers. No that's the guy from walking dead. Is it should we pause and also detective from the night of is also on it. As the lawyer always ok, so the detective, that's like all Anti Reza mad and then then Mendelson Ben Mendelson is the guy from Bloodline, yes, and he is incredible, he's so good. I love him he's the detective in this area than the lawyer is the guy. That was a detective on the night of that's. Why that's where I was getting my night of feeling at it? let me turn to them by casually uncleanly change the subject goal. I just saw his news that I wanted to tell you, because I thought you would love it as much as I did please so. There's this the soccer team.
The union now you and I went and saw soccer when you're in the UK as legal evolve about so much fun. So there's a soccer team. There called Roma there from ITALY and there like big deal, Deal were called Roma, therefore of metal and so crazy. Thank so I guess there like a known for having a really witty funny. Twitter account. Oh and now they ve done something where so the incoming transfer announcements. That's when, like we have this new player, was that with that, that's what that means a sure. I know shit about sport. Somebody get this wrong. I text since yesterday, when he is watching football. How many innings are left not even to be. I was having care,
I dont measure not so now, and they post a photo and like a news announcement of their incoming transfers, their new players side by side with it they pair a slide, show and picks of missing children from various countries know so every time and is a big news. When someone gets transferred every time someone clicks on its red, they lose their are missing children that you need to keep an eye out and guess what six fucking children have been found, because it was our how amazing that oh crime, I might am I gonna cry, oh god, I can't I'm holding my cheek, take a bite or an apple. That's is pushing down, and you would you like a bite of this? That's beautiful island. That is absolutely what its working people should be doing more, no reason, Madam Loaf, and taken it. It's just like such a good thing to do it's some, but somebody within that call
a b or within that system of rare, it realises this gets all this attention and for what has side from the joy of this sport, which God bless that yeah. But what else could we be actually do harder than for an amount of false incredible arrive at their Jerome actual emulate the following on the Sahara Roma the fallen on ensuring their answer. I'm account is a lot of those missing people too, and it's a lot of missing people that are not that our marginalized in the community's other, so their missing person, information isn't as widespread as it would be. For someone raise a whose say ass. It's really so the following. Follow them too, because we and everyone knows especially people that followed your crime, but God we ve been so the media has taught us that
Most important missing person is a blonde teenage over the area have been indoctrinated right of believing that and it's really beautiful. We can start changing narrative anyway. Anyone can far lines been working on that, so I want to read this tree because this girl sent this. So as we talk about last week, On the other hand, it was then at last we gave up the murder squad got there first howl case solve may is a very exciting. You can go. Listen to that episode now. So there was a lot of online action about that. I'm turned a dogged, unmarried literacy, darling stuff, it's an rolling stone that they did
you do or rolling side young poles and Billy Jensen talking Hell yeah they get there. They got other pictures ready of like them sitting really moody ask yeah, so beautiful. So everyone's all excited for the murder squads solve and then listener name shall be wrote in children tell me. Exactly right: network podcast the phone line led former prosecutor, Laura coats to bring the case. The Millbrook twins two oxygen to help investigate their disappearance, the troops,
pod candidate fucking right. So I thought that was supercool that she basically like saw the other he can. We actually turn us back a little bit too the following as those guys and resign. You know they're they're, doing amazing where they are their very under the radar out it. They just do it in their getting it done in it's not like Paul and Billy. You aren't look in your ear limp. Can I admit something to you away? Here's my dear this is dirty secret. Allowing me hear it. I never watched, listen to or participated in any way and dirty John, never once, and so all these conversations that we see this happen, sometimes where I really take a step back from just getting into true Crimea. There's now, as everybody has to catch, you have to be up to date on everything. Yes and people want to talk about all of it and we do too, but like sometimes I'm just like, I can't I can't watch another story, Lamb so behind on the pike, like all the new call upon ass it I m sure, come up so behind on yeah I've been up on them lately and cut down there. Some great ones are some ones that are like it. So I'm telling you murdered organ say: I'd humongous accomplish that's the one. I did listen to it. I loved man, it's so good and kind of his like it's about the power of the press and how we really do need to protect journalists and the people that are really doing dino. The journalists in the media that are doing the good jobs are the sometimes the only people holding anyone here. Anyone see to the fire ethically light so important and crucial, especially in this day and age. So I basically just binge dirty John Visa for suit like two days. Basically, I just kind of like my forum thing where I can't stop getting up before him and globally away now, so I'm just like state, oh Papa and one which the
show now, I understand what you mean. It's so inferior nodding, leaving only listen to like to episodes. Yet because I was I just couldn't get through it so frustrates so frustrating and inferior irritating, and it reminds me of my mom and I just I couldn't get an amazing everyone. I fuckin grew up with an orange county. I just can't get through its tough, because this this woman is a victim and- and that is a great story to tell, because people getting their lives overtaken by psychopaths total in the way those people will stop at nothing to like end any thing and the and the total lack of logic for rice people and how we do things, but the way it was like it was like
things a big deal, nothing registers now, so these poor children that are being affected by that yeah. I guess I could see at all like it was very emotional and was very difficult. We're just like these girls. It didn't matter what they said and how difficult that is for, like kids, I've been family situations where they didn't get hurt a lot, and I didn't get their time in, and people didn't pay attention. Man that was different I'll tell you watching your parents date is something that I don't fucking wish on. Anyone really socks it. Just as like it's so ugly yeah by now. I can't I've never had to deal with their so by, but I can only imagine that the vulnerability and my rangers and you have to be vulnerable together to get into that shit and you have to trust people and that's like being thing for me. Lately it just like us. Any harassed issues are so deep and they're. So fucking like when you get that
alarm said, he ass with a trust issue. It like personally slick it rocks your world. It just like near Bell, gets wrong and you just don't know he'll never again yet anyway, unless you and how to air honourable but its ivo, but if you're right and what, if you're, just ignoring fucking, flags. Yes, I know it's a, but you know at the same time you do you have to do. I have to tell you have to trust in. You have to be open and it's just like the whole of this whole study of it was here he it was difficult, but God damn it. God bless Conny. Britain would ass sucking she's on labour. We great actress edible. Oh then he so watch of all. Can I say what I then this weekend I had no fucking time. You know anything about it before the
such men are gentle Watchmen Watchmen. Yet did you watch it on? Oh yeah yeah? I wholly fucking shit. A vast area was made for me. I love it so much Fuckin, Regina Canuck. She has been putting in her work out day after day year after year, for so long and killing it she's, like it so exciting to watch a person whose always been so great ten you, this rise just lay out looking just continue to rise and rise, and then she is, the heart and soul of that the areas- and it was so good. Now I'm not gonna they added atomic. Ok, I don't think I could lake. I read watchman, I didn't know what was going on and we try to watch the movie knows TAT. Like the movie budgets. It is that thing of I get very defensive about comic books, as am I dont get symbol is an enemy and like I immediately I like, I don't know about greek mythology and I bail yet meter. Oh I just have to
Did you know? Bernay Brown is coming out with her own party ass, its new, I think it's out is not their trailer and then it's like you know it. We can all go runnin subscribe yeah, it's called unlocking us, yes, girl on loan rain. He used to do or here for you out here, but it's already like its number one another. When I saw the toys on which our yet no one or at a trailer is number one hell, yeah Exo it so exciting to welcome Bernay round to the pond casting community man we're here with our tray of cold cuts, saying well content of Churchill. I've made accrue to tape. Latter were so excited to see you yeah and cannot wait to hear
I give a shit if she's just reading off the list of things in her kitchen, I want to hear that the leading to fall and helpful it'll help everyone so excited those kitchen items and my first year fertile K rights. Even I saw your notes. I read. I read your no book earlier. Was secret diary? Ok, was speaking of alcoholism. The first speaking of the fact that we ask everyone to send a suggestions of murders that we should cover sure that was the best luck, an idea we ve never had a man, that's it only took us warrior what a great idea, but it ended up in great for me because I found this smarter than I had never heard of- would have never probably found if Genie G, hadn't email that to us sooner. Do you think I shall send us all areas photo of a guy on the leg leg.
I push machine which the darling I think leg prize. I press who hadn't chicken feats outside the o, Stephen, I think you sent to US ogres know. Maybe you decide someone tell me that someone texted it to me and it was a delay, go find that everyone, it's fucking, liar s yeah. So, MRS the blackout murders. Ok, idea, because it can. I give you my exists now. You may know it because of the time period. Yours, seventy an adult, know what, if I guess, the whole story and you just keep going, what did it take place? Hidden debut?
looking up. So I got involved from this from the New York Times, article from nineteen, any foreign by Joseph Berger and New York magazine article thy Suzanne, oh Molly, and actually I looked her up and she's just like you know, really, if again incredible journalists and author and she is, she was a crime journalist and she's the one who discovered the false testimony during the Andrea Gates trial, what which led to the reversal ever conviction. Member remind me issue the one that drown the kids, Andrea disappointed round off out of her kid. Ok, one of that I am one of the prosecutions arguments was that she she was premeditated because she had seen alone order episode about it. Ok and then this fuckin chick Susanna Mally figure, after she had been convicted that that the date that that came out was
after the trial chills rail ill. So she got a retrial in this time she was declared insane and sent to the mental hospital where it belongs. Yes, so that's pretty incredible! That's congratulations. Uzzano mowing you're, you and I are in error. That's right, you're law and order American here and she also wrote the ninety. Ninety five, so called alone order episode about this case and while the privilege trade issues she's very she went on to work on law and order. After discovering this thing online or die just wrote, some episodes Hell holy Shit, incredible right on wonder she was sitting now. I'm just saying two situations, one she herself into that situation and that earned her job. I'm lonely. Others too, she already worked online order, had eight encyclopaedic knowledge and then went hold on. That's not right.
That time line as there is no like sending in the current googling like I am DV rose, no such thing as that. No ninety four now and then also listen to an episode of once upon a crime about this. So ok! blackout murders, I'm starting here, I'm surname. Spring of ninety ninety gray. Ok, twenty three oral Paul Cox realises after yet another alcohol induced black out that he is a fuckin drinking problem and his girlfriends, like you, gotta, go to a so. He goes up until that point. Paul had had a troubled life, even though he had had all these fucking advantages. He grew up in the town of large mine, which is an affluent supper of New York and Westchester County, which we all know is fuckin. Boogie is shit. It's movie here and allay enlargement. Neighbourhood. That's right! That's like where all the US,
I'll go to pretend to eat pizza. That's right! Village, pizzeria large, should not ignore they'll. Never of me back so this is I go. This is a total loss, be town and Pat Cox himself is like a wise, be good. Looking young man for nineteen sixty seven he's the fifth of seven kids. You know unbridgable had kids to show how much money they have you're right. Everyone gets a horse, so it's a prominent family in this in the community is distinguished in the community. His father is thy Vice President Chase Manhattan, Bang, ooh low, come I'll, be a privilege, privilege they actually have a bull of cash. That's just sitting on our complicated or you can just take a five or a time right, so nothing wrong with privilege. Just like take advantage of it. You guys do what a refreshing San Antonio do any there's nothing wrong reality out many of your eyes. What I meant was do good the with it. I think the name of this up as soon as there is nothing wrong with prudence, is whether the a good person and add to your community tat at all. It's the cancellation trumpets now coming for us huh. I guess this is the final one. This is our final cancellation call do good things with your privilege of shame. Do good things with your privilege is missing.
Is the lack of an average of it and do good things with your privilege that taking advantage is already happening. That's built into private, ok,
as a young kid he got into trouble like an first grade for stealing money from his parents. Then he started stealing money from other kids in the class. He had failing grades, which was later determined because it was due to the learning disability which wasn't you know at the time they didn't check for that shit back then no they were just like. Please read faster. We don't care if the letters are all backwards and jumbled, I'm floors right after a failed suicide attempts after being sent to a private Highschool policies, a psychiatrist who says that he had nature made to recycle and petrol Seidel tendencies, which means you wanna, kill your mom in your dad. He then surely graduate tasteful but had dropped out of the private college. Dad had pulled strengths to get him into. He quit the air force two weeks in he's like over sucks by adding this is hard. This is nonsense, our military right. This is not taking advantage of my privilege now he lies on the psychological and I wish to get out and he was more in the drinking and partying than worrying, but his future, as I feel like you know the time and place it's some pretty normal thing, no judgment, especially woods.
Early nineties higher dogma that was kind of what every one day and there was no internet and there was no forever war. Everyone was chilling, NEA and listening to pretty good music and wearing their dad's card again, a tray, cut to ninety ninety one. He enters a and starts getting into the programme and getting sober for the first time, since I think even at like a chasm kitty started drinking yoga. So after I get sober, he starts to have these vivid, crazy dreams and flashbacks in which he kills. His parents are super realistic and they freaking out, but obviously hidden kills. Parents are still alive. So, while working on.
Ups, foreign five of a which are easy to make a moral integrity of yourself, and you have to admit to God yourself into another human being you're wrong doings. So, during those steps he tells his girlfriend that he needs to help her something. Oh he's crying he's distraught and he tells her that the Heath and he actually killed someone during a black out years before he doesn't think it's just a dream and he's just now remembering the details see. This is hard I want to I now I want to ask you about. Do you remember blackouts at some point they come back to you. I would. Yes, there are lots of memories that I have read I drank till. I didn't know what was going on, but then the next day it it would be MIKE like my would go. Hey. Do you want to see a Polaroid, really cool and there's a couple where leg
there is one. I have that's the most humiliating where I met a black out and then the next thing I know is I'm trying to kill someone and they're moving away with a kind of like horrified look on their fate, but it did the next air. Remember waking up in just feel having a bad feeling like. I don't think. I'm then legs around four p m after, like four bengals and watching tv for six hours, hollering comes up this guy, basically kind of like backing up, and I wouldn't like it didn't know until that point gonna like, and it is that kind of thing, whereas like if my brain wanted to serve it up Let me know what I did, but other than that it was so. I also know like the reason is part of the story is giving me the supervisory. No I mean it's is that thing if you check out
You still are doing thing, rats that scare it's dangerous acts like its get it it's totally scarier and I'm not making decisions anymore, no or subconscious as you and your leaving yourself up to the protection of rights right. There's it's so goddamn dangerous yeah for personal US, personal z, That's right. I don't know how it I liked afraid. Thank my friend, Dave Mesmer because often times he was the person was loading me and are, or loading me overhear load. However, there, like that thing, like someone so drunk, they can't walk still fucking walking ass. You have to kind of run around here. The nine you're drunk friends come on every make sure that they get home safely. Okay, so let's get back to the shit yeah. So here
distraught and he's hell's his girlfriend that the he thought he had come under have black out he's just now, remembering at his girlfriends like no fuckin way. I know you better than anyone. You would have never done that, and she tells him to go talk to his sponsor so which, of course, is someone in in a who's been through that programme longer than you who can help guide you through it get the centrally so Paul tells US months are the same thing. He wasn't certainly had committed at the murders and his his monster. They talked basically was. I talked to a lawyer and the lawyer, who was also the programme advise paused, fuck and shut the fuck up, stop talking about ya, got continue, staying sober and God with Airbus yeah, basically Ex star talking about it, kept getting more more details, really like you, ve, started to believe it. Ok, but Paul can stop remembering details and I couldn't stop talking about it. So, for two years he told at least seven people in alcoholics, anonymous
at the vivid memories are coming back to him. No one said a thing, so Ok, basically, nineteen eighty three, this woman wants to move on to his apartment with the other image in the programme and he's like. Ok, you can with them, but I have to tell you something: first, I have nightmares and sometimes like up screaming, because I I think I might have killed someone back and I had a black out, but I dont remember fully would happen soon. I'm on his lawyer side lets us like. Why would you be telling people that yeah, if you dont, know for sure yeah? That's all She moves in any rise own, except So MRS H shit she's, not MRS eight. She decides to movement anyways, but after a couple months she asked him about for health reasons and finally, in January ninety, ninety three, after two years since he first started telling people about this, his flashbacks, she finally tells her therapist about it. Missus MC,
It does and she's idea you gotta go to the police about this. So after telling as many as seven people in a about these flashbacks, it he started to think were real. Who, because of the anonymous nature of the programme, alcoholics Anonymous, kept the info to themselves. We had declared we had a friend who joined a and used to come home and tell us every person has a meaning all thing: honest people alone now Molly and my friend Laura called it he's going to a there is no one on them. Just like he's going to us like, I always felt very guilty cast down. I was gonna end up their Syria and I just be like me. I hope no one tells me all high hook and secret. She looks. Very Hollywood. Cosette was always just celebrity worse, yet or whatever so. Finally, Paul's story, it comes out to police. This is the story.
In nineteen eighty eight, when polishes twenty one years old, he was enrolled at Belmont, Abbe College and Belmont North Carolina, and he had just learned that he was flunking out on all classes when there when he had to go home for for the holidays. So its December thirtieth he'd been drinking heavily all day with a night with his friends there on a local bar that night and their drinking tons of beer and comma causes, which is a fucking mistake. Let me tell you not to call a guy's. Vodka has got acid reflux hearing the word kamikaze. I haven't heard that drink name and so long. Those are the ones that are like it's a bunch of
a liquor mixed together and it's so it's a little shot. That's kind of sweet Orangeade, a Yellow lake, what the fuck's in their vodka, Medora egg or like vodka, some kind of orange liqueur, the kamikaze is made a beagle words: vodka triple second lime juice. Now a young eyes ye. I stop consuming so much shuddering. Your drank sought, do that's all it's gonna make you even it makes you so much more hung ogier. It's like adds to the paint but also just like in makes it go down easier in the front. The all part of the bad decision may claim that they are where you're just like, I guess I'll have you know it just put floor. Sugar Cube Zena, shot the bitter ladys irish ground now so their fuckin. Absolutely
shit faced young and eventually cause he's drunk he gets into his cards is moms borrow car to drive his friends home yeah. Since he was drunk driving. He misses a sharp turn and crashes into guardrail, ok and the car one star back up again, so they'll get out of the car and friends like we're, walking back to the bar fuck this and he is like I'm just gonna walk in the opposite direction home, so he leaves the car there and what happens next. He says tat. He has no memory of it until he began to get sober. Ah, so walking was family. Home Paul goes to the home. He had lived in until he was seven years old, for that was the first seven years of his life. Why do I say that just to just so everyone's short as everyone, no math. If your seven, that means you ve lived seven year, which has family had sold and nineteen seventy four
so. The home had been by and was still inhabited by, doktor lacks men row, sure view whose fifty eight and his wife, Doktor shanter sure vous she's. Fifty one, the share views are a well lights and respected family. They had left Bombay India in nineteen sixty eight, which is the shirts on their back in order start a new life, and I let no one in order to start a new life in the: U S, invention doctors share view. Mr Sharon was able to get a Phd in nuclear chemistry. He lands. Sorry, my
eventually doctors and Mr Sharon, who is able to use his Phd in nuclear chemistry to get a job as a professor of nuclear medicine and anxieties Monti for hospital like big big time. Yes, in time, smart people here and a nineteen seventy four, the families able to buy the Cox's house in the EP scale, town of large money or whether they have been living. So they had two children and while she raised them, Missus Doktor share view. Is that right work is allowed? Technician leaves a doctor to via the answers. After sharp issue? I just want to make it clear that I got her and after it was I gotta plants, a heads up, I'm I have to say this right now
the pressure building in me of what the story is about to be about the Sharm oozes so upsetting to me, and you see, you're right, it's it's so upsetting to man, it's awful! Let's blame Genie: G, o JA, JA, afar off all the terrible about it's insane than two kids, and while she raise them much darker chonta worked as a lap technician. She later goes back to school for her mba and in her fucking forties, she went to medical school in order to reach her lifelong goal of becoming a doctor. So these are hard
working, intelligent people that are giving back to the committee and of the important members they are using their privilege of using their privilege for good. That's right at the time she was a residence a resident in Jerry Address, so they put their children through Princeton. They supported family members that come in India and they help aid of their siblings, emigrate to the U S and they were hard working, intelligent, reliable people, which is why, in January seconds, nineteen, eighty nine after no one in my life had heard from a couple. A family member goes to the house to check on them and when they go out of the back of the house, they see that one of the pains of glass in the back door has been broken out, and so the family member, there's no cellphones, remembering you didn't want to go in and contaminate the crime scene gets in his car, DR simply station, and makes them come back with a loud. So
when the police arrive, they go to the master bedroom and they find what they described as a war zone. It's awful there's blood spattered on the vaulted ceilings which his eyes ease and on the walls and on the floors. It's horrible and the bodies of the two doctors are lying on their bed rouse still under the covers enchanter across that with her head on his arm shanty, then stamp nine times rail had been stabbed fifteen times to their faces to their bodies and both other threats of them in slash, oh, my god. It's just horrid. I there's no sexual assault, there's no robbery, there's no murder weapon found their someth, there's a handprint or a palmprint found at the scene on the pillow, but they didn't match the more than sixty prince investigators. Compare them to. Investigators were lagging well you! probably happened, is too high
Indian assassins, as part of a vendetta had killed the share, booze and then fled the country. That's what they're that's our conclusion was when they couldn't figure out who was not seeing now, not of course, upset the share of the family because they felt like their immigrate, immigrant status made it so that their he wasn't being taken seriously If we also just how convenient you may create the most convenient story and then go that's probably what right have no evidence that that's the that's the k and then an ok, so that gets you can close it because the the full from India were killed by people around here. Who left him went back to India, stuff, like that, doesn't happen here, so it must have been set out. Sighters sound that thinking so for over four years, certain no suspects in the murders of the doctors back to miss each telling the police, the story that Paul had told her, including the fact that he said he did it, because he had a blackout, in a flashback of abuse and
but he was killing his parents, so he went back to his childhood home, which EU they don't talk about that. You and I this is an opinion. Podcast can. Yes, I can speculate as to what happened and you know that abuse that he must have been suffering to to want to kill his parents yeah yeah. She tells them that he had told other eight members as well, and so they bring all. This aim resumed the liquid. Why didn't you tell us what's wrong with you? The show The family is split. You wouldn't, if it was your person you because not proven it's not it's a person say I'm afraid. I did this thing with she is as real as it is not real right end and it's not on those people who, listening to a person kind of dumb, what? However, many years of a drug abuse and like conversion, you wouldn't go. I'm gonna take this Syria have and go report. You have a little more details. He starts to over the two years, the more details he starts to come out and then he is, he says, legacy.
If this is in his town, so he knows about these murders, so he don't. Yeah has its old house the news. The next morning the more detailed comes out than the more rush earns to not yet You have to do something ass. He thought he was killing his parents when he sees the news the next morning. He really What happened to the sheriff who families superpower that so many people know knew who murdered their parents for two years that hadn't come forward.
While they suffered so the now twenty five Euro, Paul Cox he's a carpenter. At this point, he's arrested on. May twenty, if ninety ninety three and in addition to the statements of a member's the police, had a matching palmprint of Cox's from the scene ran so Paul claims that he had woken up the next morning after the murderous he said he was covered in blood and didn't know what it was what's going on. He had the kitchen nice that he had taken from the kitchen, the service kitchen after he had broken in, but he did normal or anything from the night before and so here's what little detail I saw either he or his mother incinerate incinerated his bloody, close, o ignition, he was saying that his mom took the clothes and just incinerated them miasm. She must have a fuckin clear. I read I mean yeah, you don't burglar, no one burns clothes they more. It's not yet I'm afraid, the tens now nineteen town they out that twenty tonnes and
Paul, took the knife and he throws it in a nearby Lake Yedo Zia. So he must they mean, though he knew more than I think you know. He later saw the news report about the murder of the service and he and its haste. He tells people later that he went back to the house to try to clean any fingerprints. So that point went back to his old childhood homeward broken and oh yeah, that now this changes, every re, yeah well, What's interesting, telling the story from his perspective, I have so much empathy for a person who is like, like yeah. Now that we are hearing it from the shore views perspective, which is these are two innocent people living a great life in a house. They happened to buy a and a monster breaks in them on the night and murders them in cold fucking blood at here it's hard for me to be like well, he might still have had been blacked out. You know, but he's keep you. Could I don't I'm not fucking making. I dont think that that's an excuse, none of it
but as soon as he knew I mean what are they gonna its weird, it's like You know that he has a reason, but it certainly no excuse now and it's not a vague concept. Now, though, we know that he knew this degrading news story, that's not a vague concept that he knew actually what he did, and he just didn't know it. Here. Positive cause. You didn't have the exact memory way, but he can put two and two together yeah exactly What would you like? Would you turn yourself? Then I as fuck yeah yeah, you did the bad thing. Sorry, that's part of what would be now garlic and being a blackout drunk knowing that you can suck up like that, the second you even begin to put that together at least for it and say this could be me, you might want to check some prince of mine. I mean that's what you he should have done totally, so he claimed it didn't. Remember the killings until after he sobered up a ninety, ninety and and that at the time he thought he was killing his parents,
so the state charges, Pat Cox, with four counts of murder, to four intentional murder and two four depraved indifference: murder, shit axes, attorney, decides to go at the defensive, not guilty by reason of insanity Saint Paul was in a psychotic state when he killed a couple. The psychiatrist for the defense said Paul had snapped after a lifetime of being pushed to succeed and having been emotionally neglected by his mother and father and from the humiliating way they handled his chronic boyhood bad wedding, so oh and then and had during a blackout, kill them essentially, so he thought I just wonder: there had to be more than that right leg abuse they hadn T had his wedding, his bed, that's always a sign of sexual abuse. I mean per. Yeah, but even then he you can't tell your parents, you can't there so many of those people that don't kill their abusers like there has to be a line drawn where no matter what
Your reasons are there not justify lowlands? I think Leah, and so he says it's that psychiatrists has its almost as it's as if he were going back in time and eliminating the people. He sought to blame for all his problems back when he was seven years old So when the seven eight members are subpoenaed to testify against Paul there like well, what the they claim. Their statement should be considered as privileged just like clergy attorneys and psychiatry they're bound by a principles, a confidentiality which I've been a meetings for some time on and off. I would never think that it's confidential. No, I mean confidence between, should people but not legally binding congratulating. I know never in that, but the judge and they're, not clergy, people they're, not it's not as its spirit. They say because its spiritual, it's called element yeah or like it's there.
Really grounded. I mean sure I don't see point and I think that point his murder rate. I think I agree so. The judges like now aided and rose at this, the judge, agrees thing got and world that the state law does not extend prime privilege to self help groups which is essentially what it is all seven eight numbers are ordered to testify, but there they let them just use like Miss age and like let them use, not form, not full names and their photos are forbidden to be taken on whom the first trial ends. On June. Twenty eighth, in a mistrial after this one fucking juror, who sounds like What like just sounds like everyone's worst nightmare would not accept the other eleven jurors conclusion that Paul Cox was not temporarily insane when he killed the services than this. This she had doubts that Paul had eaten committed the murders, even though the defence admitted that he had do you just like was not. She wasn't accepting them
facts that were being presented to her? She would not off on her own. She would not get on the carousel and take a ride home so they hire a seller fact. It's real fine, try to on there. So they declare a mistrial south pole tax went to a second trial and by the way he had already been bailed out by his parents. For like two hundred grand and hat was home on house arrest shows what privilege gets you well My parents, knowing that they wanted, is not happy the crew. We aspire. I mean yeah come on home hoof goin on here, so because to a second trial in December of nineteen. Eighty four and one difference is that it is time that Paul decides to testify in his trial. He tries to get the jury sympathy by telling of all the abuse he suffered, such as having I'm not This thing gave him grow. Sandwiches and school lunch his parents, sometimes MRS Sports Games his siblings,
Still I wish you a happy birthday and the gold stars he would get if you didn't. What is bad so he says: that's that's how he was. What about those gold star seeding get em, they weren't big enough, just a problem, just the gold stars showing that he would what his bed in general in our eyes. You're mad I'm living. I feel tractor that I sympathise with him and the begin after delivering for eight days. The jury rejected the insanity defence, but they also rejected the prosecutions request of a verdict of murder and they found that he committed the murders under extreme emotional disturbance and found him guilty of two counts of manslaughter and the first degree So now, twenty seven years, all Pat Cox sentenced to two thank two: eight and a half to twenty five, your sentences to be served on consecutively, so the convictions are killed because they ate a member's there. There
it's more than the clergy Convent privilege, saying that if other religions are there trying to overturn his whole appeal, based on that being an being what information can Westchester County dossier? I Janine puros like Hell. No, oh Janine, Piero YA, know her from Far news or really yeah she's a judge and that's the pears allowed on Fox news. They now has been arrested for speeding it like a hundred and thirty miles and, on other things, look up why? For yourself you must, she might be a hero, While she takes this to the court of appeals and they agree with her and said that when he talked to a members about the crime, he was just unburdening himself and seeking empathy, the and guidance, not a spiritual. Do you know regulation now, but I can't find anything online. All I could find was he was released in March of twenty fifteen d,
at the trial or sentencing and profoundly sorry for this tragedy to the share of the family as well as my own family. I was very sick at the time of these actions and our regret them for the rest of my life and that is the blackout- murders wow, that's a real emotional and moral quandaries early, there's a lot going on, but you can't I feel like once once I You start hearing about. There were actually, as this was a real murder. This was not a reply. Out concept here. And people in town like cited with him and his family being like it could have been any. It can be an end where kids are dead. Now that it's, how can we talk about this fucking innocent couple were sleeping and happened and by the how you know it's full, maybe it and maybe that's true- that it could have been any other kids. They did it, but that What they're saying as any of our kids could be a murderer. So once your kid is a murder, you have to go from their visa once that is the thing that gets done. It's not
concept any end. The goal should not be to figure out how it's ok right, that they did not know how to get him out of trouble. A goal should be you fucking did it. You took human lives that matters. Let's, please this matter in a real way out. Let's get justice for the Mccartney family, oh god, damn Anthea. Also. I feel like this. I caught I was thinking when you were talking about the part of it being a psychotic episode, there is a logic to him going to his childhood home that that I feel like if I was a lawyer and left hope, I'm not. You might be that that way, that would actually indicate logical thinking as it's my aunt Hannah Opposite, because he went to a home that he hadn't lived in four months, math thirteen years right and and his parents, even though they had lived there for thirteen years, like that's how deeply ingrained his pain and then his you now his
Sherman just go. He didn't just walk and go into a random home. That's my! is it I feel like. If you are in a psychotic state, you would he would be walking and then kill the first to be a man and woman adult couple that he finds you didn't want to kill people. He wanted, kills parents right so there for he does the thing of going to back where he thinks his parents are there. I don't know I mean I guess you could argue at both sides at air or the exacting factor, but I'm. Looking at it as it seems like that's actually planned thing and am therefore whether there are their literally are his parents. He is that is premeditated murder yeah, so, even if it does make it better that its is his parents or is not his parents Thea. It's a big enact. A premeditated murder within a blow alcohol, blacker, yeah, crazy
That's not story. I never heard that I am either. I was hoping the whole time. You're gonna tell me it wasn't real and that he somehow finds the real killers Ansari. We can certainly not Europe. That's that's! That's a touchy one! Yeah yeah great Ferrel I think our great terribleness shit, the innkeeper. Have you any get into I. Let's do move right along with an let's move that settle and this one I also took a request from a grey from a listener. This is fun. And this one I liked, because I feel like a goes along, you do these sometimes and I find them so delightful. I like to put it in the file of outrageous criminal who, so it's a little bit lighter and a little bit a tiny bit less. Ok, bad.
This is the story of Scots girl, Lock, the Hollywood bandit. Ok, Eric I don't know you ok, so I won't tell it to you. This was suggested by a listener and her their twitter handle is at Doc under line under slash under slash greater lower bar. You saying how small line or like volley at the bottom with underscore see that even a millennium, it's at Doc underscore honey, bear ok and there the wants it suggested. This one think you very much. I thank you for thinking of us, so the I got this from Wikipedia
Of course, please give five dollars if you can an article from home pages dot com, but I don't think I've ever seen before amateur really good article called William Scott Sherlock. The Hollywood bank robber and the end of the dream, and that's written by writer name Western Todd Shaw. Then there's an article on history link, dot, org written by Darrell seem Clary and also some information was taken from an article found on the Washington Secretary of States, Blog called from our corner, o r muffin recipe. Please take that the State Secretary Washington, as a woman named Kim Wyman paralysed blogs. Let's get your herrings dream ya challenges, allow them she's listening to these day by day challenge and
and also just remember this crazy crime. There. Ok, let's talk about Scots or allow code, that is the Hollywood bandit. He was born on March Fifth, nineteen, fifty five and Fairfax County Virginia his father was a Baptist minister. His mother was an elementary school teacher, has three sisters but as opposed to like the usual typical Hollywood thing of like the ministers, all strict, and you know whatever. In fact it was the opposite. Is his parents were very permissive and Scott basically did whatever he wanted. He was also charming, charismatic and manipulative and, as he got older, he started looking like MEL Gibson show he was actually of becoming a human monster in that he clearly did what he wanted and used his kind of like manipulative charm, to get his way part of it became experienced at first hand
and actually looking at pictures, he to me looks less like Miss Gibson and more like the sheriff from Jaws. What's that actors name Roy shied or very lighter Burke that want to watch barked it up from my internal guts. Please watch jaws three watchdogs. Oh you watch live from examples that this sack and carrying out my body filled with bile, so nineteen, seventy four he's nineteen years old and he decides to move to Hawaii cause his friend Kevin Myers is going to the university of why so he's like Armando Chill out their great so Kevin, then flunked out of the University of Hawaii, and so the two of them go to plan, be working tomato farm on who great right area.
This plan b in eighteen, seventy six are so they do that for a little while ago in half and then one day there on a hike- and this is an eighteen, seventy six and they walk Across the sum of the neighbors land and they happened upon a bunch of plan our eye and they see they take it as a sign that it's time to enact plan c, which is stealing all these pie and selling pot and making a profit out of jail drugs from drug dealers. No they're like no we're all about this. We want to live so plan C. Seamlessly leads in the plan d, which is secretly goring pop plants on the tomato farm where they work while complicated right met, but this is this is God's plan and action there just seeing it coming tonight, because they're, like things, are kind of falling apart and now we're
we are basically helpers of a tomato farmer and then suddenly it's like this someone from the little mermaid boy in the pot, gets its legs and marry the occurrence. Grows, feed and holds up affording girls it and watch meadow and Dingley die. So so I laughed really hard when I was like, so they took these. They started growing pop plants on the tomato. Far, yes, because in my mind and remembering my cousin growing pot in her mothers field, parlance grow very tall in the while she actually grew sunflowers plan round. So she could hide the pot plants. Smart you're, not gonna, your cousin right now. As you know, bugging forty years ago, but
so I started laughing as I was picturing tomato play, acting loaded the ground so there's just like it looks like this mystery ox and then I looked it up online and of course, tomato plants can grow very tall and from tomato plant leaves kind of look like part, so they blend real nice. I was thing I actually realized. I was thinking pumpkins clearly apparent lived than a tomato farm for real, in Israel did they really did they work. The farmyard you had to was a motion of so it's like a cupboard wherever it that the community has to more jobs. So it's like a Kabul owe him a sensitive sorry. No! No! No! I love is basically like a community that all works together in the monies. Are you now that's a rat? Do they do that in the sixties and seventy and seventy hell yeah ass was was, JANET's hair, so long far long past, her but not passer by, but it was line. My parents, which so beautiful yes,
are still bureau here. They both are incredibly attracted. Even when I seen pictures of your mom I get. Self esteem is JANET's blow out is juror yeah her she is perfectly put together here. She is grew you you're, a beautiful group. You hardly think you are cousin, yeah, listen, I'm trying to tell a Fuckin authority, so so eventually the farmer from a tomato farm old Mcdonald flying nuclear plants and he gets rid of the two about ok, so Scott decides it's time to move back to the mainland, so in nineteen, seventy eight he
It moved back to Olympia, Washington and in roles in school to become a doctorate, evergreen state call it my eye so suddenly out of the blue, he has decided, and maybe this is something he wanted to do before, and he was too and manipulative to do it or whatever I said doktor. So he does. This go to be exact and he's a very goodies, very good in chemistry, class, but his old, easy money, drug dealer life still calls to handle it, so he uses his chemistry scale, now visionary manner, breaking bad style and starts cooking math in the Kremlin. Why? You can't do that? Yes, we can indeed- and I wonder if you later wanted to honour- he wouldn't have, but peace should have sued okay, so I may I wonder if, like that's the breaking bad people, a story, but so essentially
search making Fucking bank its cooking and selling mash chance, of course doing Malaga because he is in Med. School rose gonna fuckin get through, so he makes so much money selling math that he is able to buy himself a twenty agar plot of land near Olympia. That's really secluded that has a small house on how and now just simultaneously and as like a footnote to this portion of the story. I want to remind anyone who has never seen, I believe it's the origami, a newspaper from Portland they have. It was from the early two thousands I believe from that's when I first saw it is their series faces of math when Meth became such Zaire. Their problem started that no, no I'm just saying
on this side. It's a guy. That's like yeah. Let's get mess going all allow lamb and met began to ravage the Pacific Northwest in such a serious way. Did they started showing the mug shots of people who were bit getting arrested for petty crimes and then went on math and there the series of Mug, that's one of the most upsetting and disturbing as sings were over a series of like five to seven years. You watch upon a young person, be look like their seventy five years old has of this drug. This drug is, though, I still can't believe I got out of it without. Like f, teeth are like looking master you, you basically got like four grazed by a semi instead of hit by IRA, get a fourteen year old talent and thence to govern a setback planted it fucking guy unless it be yeah Jesus crying out. It's crazy! It's thank God, does your skin with
So back over the west, Ok! So, but I this bring that up, because in this story it get. It goes on and he's kind of like the successful fucking myths, a bright maker and distributor and dealer, and there is this other side to that were he's fucking living like a king, ass, everybody fucking, quoting quote, loves man is getting sick and addictive there so addicted methods. The one words like you do at once in your done for hair of all its terrible scourge. Ok up but now I'm not on Scott site on our side of things. He makes so much money he's got his plot of land and he uses the real out on the property to cut the methane, and then he decides to built himself- and this is
Matthews project of all time, ituri story, fifteen hundred square foot, three hours to live, and this tree house man, seven cedar trees and it has running water. It has electricity, it has an outdoor bathtub. It has a zip line running from the house through the Woods emergency escapes, and it has my favorite tree house amenity of all time. A large fireplace do hello and welcome your on drugs you don't know me for my trio's. A fire of the fire play I want I want. I want a log stack tears and I can get word for the fire up. Can you go down and get me somewhat and bring it back up into the trio, so we can have a nice roaring, fucking fire huge rails as many as two with baby laxative and fucking clorox. Ok, guys
calm down. So he brags to his buddies that he built a trio's and two weeks are use area dominated like I'm. Never going up there you should take longer is we're. You should really go over. It actually turned out that the truth of it was it took him a couple months, but to him it felt like a couple weeks was on. Mad implies when you're tweaked is how, when you don't you don't sleep in your eyes, just stay open for eighteen days in a row he ends up, hiring has run Kevin's brother, Steve Myers, who what was a very successful sculptor whose fallen on hard times and needs money. So he says well I'll pay you to come and help me work on the trio thy according to Steve and is a quote from Wikipedia quote. There was nothing in the house that was conscientiously designed and that's very much what Scott was like. The on me of this tree. I didn't see any that's something where you
so the photos of like when spiders take, they give spider certain drugs. Yes, I mean they show you what, though it looks like that's just makes me think about they give methods tools here and there may it's, the big human spider web of a tree house project gone mad long arise gone, does like. Can we get more fire elements into the street? I don't know should always this. The candle room just have lit candles, and here all the time I mean this is fucking nightmare, so
live in that tree House life right he's breeze, just blazing off of all his drug money. He has quotes visible way: favorite Pisa Research, a free and open demeanor. I haven't gotten more shed on you're, not gonna, be like conservative, no, not on math. Now you might have started conservative, then slowly but surely or targets lose and you have a quote free and open demeanor. He walks around New de la who travels a ton. Any has lots of girlfriend which, in my mind, when I read that it was all happening at the airport at once like I can make it guys here. I am going to fuck and a visa with three girls and, while he's new to date be so, he also becomes known for really be now being a free spender which has very nice of em. He actually, the people start he's known around town relieving wager says like thousand dollar house
so much money. He drops out of Med school, Sir, no doctor math comeback clay as meaning that the world needs. We need someone that can't stop talking here in the emergency room. Ok, so in nineteen eighty nine Scots main Meth distributor gets murdered on job Jesus. This is not about that murder and we don't know that person's name, but it scares Scott so badly that he stops cooking and selling meth entirely her. Does he knows that he's been fuckin around and like yeah basely, getting away with something then he looks around. It goes. Oh shit. My tree house has a fireplace faces and not awaken person should live sitting cleaners, as that is then the next few years living off
his remaining drug earnings and then, when that's gone, he starts digging up all the drugs he's sealed in plastic. Bug varied around his property, now start selling. That off he's like I took a break and I'm back baby, but basically that was his. That was his nest egg, that without this is horrible and gay buckets around the property. So once as Maths Day fresh, I ll tell you, I don't know: there's no money left had exactly that all happened in in a three week period, but they are simply the money starts to run out. He realizes he needs to come up with more money. Somehow, and that's when he it comes up with plan I think we ve gone to planning eyes, he's walking away from this highly unethical life as a drug king pen to follow what she's discovered. Now. Is this true passion robbing banks
So, yes, we basically, as like I'm in what I meant to get away from this met life, and I do what I really want to feel safer insane or at this point you know what I've always. So he literally tell Steve Myers, he's always dreamt of robbing banks and giving them money away, Robin Hood style, that's dumb and then Oprah comes in sideways from the site Abstaining goes follow that dream scarlet. Do it Oprah told me I eliminated Oprah in front of the fireplace, so they Secondly, this is a very positive way of saying he hit Fucking Rock bottom on media and had no other alternatives or a place to go. So he calls up another old front from college. A guy named mark begins and he had also hired mark to work on the tree visibly earth. He was a psychotic rich guy on Matthew was like a my old broke friends. Are you going through our times I'll pay you to come. Do drugs and like put put up, three house
construction, new wings design things going on you like your friends and help them they become mathematics. It's very Winchester mystery House on morality as a tree, I'm saying it Joe so based He calls Mark he's at mark again as having financial trouble. Scott uses to convince him basically to rob a bank with him did vote can do it rose before hose. Do it, and so on, cause I'm sure so before noon. On June. Twenty fifth nineteen, ninety two Scott and Mark walk into the sea first Bank, at a forty one, twelve, these Madison Street and Olympia, Washington, Scots wearing a fake, knows and heavy theatrical mega marks wearing a MA, Ronald Reagan Mass, I feel a rule, one robbing banks should be like go to a different town. You re, yes, don't dont. Do your hometown bank outside, because get away. Dr yeah you're, like
around a corner turn I drink, I mean like Syria. The result, I think we're gonna limply is like a small town. I seats and it's not it's not a huge metropolis. That's for sure, so They get inside, they steal nineteen thousand in one nine hundred and seventy one dollars in cash they glow, side. They successfully steal a car from one of the customers at the bank so that it can be traced to them, but it marks, the getaway driver any kind of can't handle it, so he floods the engine on this culture, which means they stole a car old enough to be able to hear and Emma Jane. I did that ninety two, I dont, think you can't. I think I think they stole like an old FUCK India like a Ford,
like a nose are sad shoving. They stole some shit, your car than mark immediately engine like guns. It puts his foot all the way down on the gas and then they're just like do they have to get out and runs solely plugging. So their chased by dogs on this run. They have to cross a golf course. That's busy at bunch of welcome people, see them run across the Gulf and they still manage to get away again. The man math so and out he's on and anymore. I don't know well, I it seems like they might be dabbling in the extreme scares mark so badly that he tells got I'm never Dana's again, but Scott actually has the opposite experience because he gets a huge fucking it of adrenalin ass like now. This is all I want to do for your life and he can't wait to do it again. So Scott,
that's his old tomato farm friend from Hawaii Kevin into team up with him and serve as a lookout. Kevin says no fucking way you idiot, but Scott is able to convince him to launder the stolen money at LAS Vegas Casinos for him. Ok, so basically now. I'm taking asleep. He he's success. One is first bank robbery and it's the Tec Boom in Seattle and the like that area in that generalised area. So most banks at that time were teeming with cash yeah, oh yeah, and on top of that scarp decides. He's going to invest in a bunch of move equality, masks, costumes, amphitheatrical maker, If you can't do this, let's do it right, let's really go for it really go for it is his whole idea is, if you like, if I
I don't I can go in there. They won't be able to recognize me, but for reasons that people that aren't people don't normally do right. So this, about the him him using make up a Scots girl OX greatest contribution to the lexicon of bank robbery tactics was the use of theatrical make up and this completely disguised ass, while at the same time now causing the immediate, visible, stir,
caused by an idiot wearing a scheme. Ask you never see. You also never see theatrical make up in movies about bank robbery, as that's just to good of attempting robber, Scots girl. I had an arrangement where theatrical make up was bought, ordered and ship to a friend who nary a clue as to what it was being used for, and this is the path to wisdom. Should there be any in organised crime, my god, so apparently he would walk in and people she would. He would have like a weird crones face. Well, you ve seen like the Kim Kardashian before and after contouring fixated african person, as that like, why were they get gets its contouring, but essentially he would give him of an old persons move like a young person, so people that's. How later on people knew it was the Hollywood bandit is they'd be like this is a weird. This is now as and put in the beginning. It was very far
because it was like oh that's an old person or that woman knows I'm panic right there were there. That energy would not be there and he wouldn't be, she would have gone on how you wouldn't be like waving Ermengarde I get down. He would just be like a person here, an end. It was super super Loki and super effective against NATO. Ninety ninety two disguises himself. He arms himself of the hand gun any success. A volley of robs five our only shared by himself, whom I saw one August, Fourteenth nineteen. Ninety two: he rubbed the sea first bank. Again he goes back to the same on their behalf. I any gets eight thousand one hundred and twenty four more dollars on September. Third, he rubbed the! U S bank, at forty, two hundred southwest Edmund Street and gets almost
thousand dollars on September. Eleventh. Ninety ninety two: he rubbed the university savings alone at forty five. Sixty eight sand point way: North EAST and gets almost six thousand dollars on October. Fifth, he rubbed the great western bank at twenty six, ten California Avenue Southwest any gets twenty seven thousand five hundred dollar and on November ninety ninety two, he rubbed the sea first bank at four forty twenty northeast fifty sister eat and he gets he wins. I wrote how loathing of two hundred and fifty two thousand dollar all my lads quit at this point guy you're ahead. I am, but you know why he can't math big. It is now he is high on the deadliest drug of all Hubert. I love my lord, when I read about ok, he's he's getting away with area and its working. So there's no way I can stopping the police had happened,
no idea who this mystery bright bank robber as they're doing every day, every they can't catch him. They nickname Hollywood because of his high quality disguises the media picks up on. It gives us kids, it gives it own twist. They start calling, the Hollywood bandit witches in writer in writing. Germs they would say, dont do lateral patches. If you can't beat the original idea, just don't pick at all any anyone. Can we say that things? Someone else just said: that's that's something funny! That's knowing synonym like with a different word: yeah you it's like. I work in a calm Hollywood, organic on the Hollywood band. Ok, ok! Well, that's the same basic idea! Right! Ok, quit fucking, cheating, ok, so no matter what they call him the disguised as are working as there is almost no evidence and the authorities haven't. You have no idea, and so Scott decides to lay low for a little heart rate, so takes his winnings and his earnings and his money and about
after about a year he wants to go back to the life. So, This time he asks Steve Myers help the guy that helped the tree. Ok, in my mind, Steve Myers is Steve Zone. You know that out of sight whose like yeah me like, I do not have a burn out, but lay reliable, yes area, insisting on play the part of States Myers, he's now the lookout. And so on November, twenty fourth nineteen. Ninety three the day before Thanksgiving they once again stake out the sea. First bank Steve plants himself outside he's listening to a police scanner as Scott goes in holding the dawn and wearing make up on his face, but then Steve. Here's that the nine one one call coming in about the robbery, so he goes, gets Scott they flee and they build. Legally they get that they get away again my they wait about a month and then
the procedure, Rob five, but why I've more lax back? So basically it's you I won't give you the address. Is that took too long January? Twenty? First? U S! Bank! Fifteen thousand, almost sixteen thousand dollars on that. One February seventeenth see first bank it's that same one on nor M Northeast fifty fifth street. This time they get a hundred and fourteen thousand dollars June twenty. Fourth, they gotta first Interstate Bank in Portland, Oregon on Hawthorn, and they get zero dollars and zero sense, because Scott ends up a boarding, the mission, because he he it says unsafe, was a unsafe conditions. You know is a security guard who was retiring the next day, sufficient gun, there's no way. You guys are gonna wait and I am just as and then Scots like pieces and save I feel unsafe. So that's zip July thirteenth,
first Interstate Bank on Queen Avenue, whoops Uttereth over a hundred thousand dollars on now on December twentieth. There's a U S, bank on Woodstock Boulevard in Portland, and they get twenty two thousand dollars from that. So it's another successful year of bank robberies, and so Scott takes those victories and goes back to mark begins, who did the very first robbery with them and then quit that the engine flutter and he's like joined this time we're moving forward when we have to do to prove it to you. I want ten pile money he pile money? What do you want me to do? You want I'll do cat eyeliner on you, I'm really good at it. At this point. Ok, it's another there! Neither the trio hooker, these guys!
This is actually really starting to line up pretty severely with the movie out of sight, storing George cloning algae law, misdeeds on actually also you know a lot about at the beginning when it was the power plants I was thinking, was like the beech wood layer. Caprio them are moving to this part in its getting very out of sight with bank robbers, in or out of their Ella comfort zone. Great in that the best she's ever via. Second, only to hustler, surely a so bootmarks onboard he's the look out he's the look out from inside the bank,
Steve's watching outside the bank and Scots doing everything and planning at nor constraining em. So these this trail robs more to more banks and ninety ninety five, but on one of them a die pack explodes land. They basically have to bail on the money, but they still get away without getting so they do on January. Eighteen, they get eleven thousand dollar almost twelve thousand dollars from the first Interstate bank, but then they have to bail on twelve thousand dollars cause it's all. Die on it and then, on January, twenty seven they go to the sea. First bank and they get two hundred and fifty two thousand dollar it quit now seriously enough. So they think the key to their success is that's calm, demeanor Steve, MRS Steve later being interviewed any says
That's whole point was, if you going crazy with violence and waving a gun and something does happen. What do you do? Then? Most people working in banks realise this guy is not afraid and that's more frightening and commanding without having to be crazy. La Toltecs, so he kind of went in with some weird make upon his face was just like giving money to Al Qaeda okay. So of course, now look the cops in the area have called in the FBI, the FBI, still it's only this one robber. They don't know that there's other people on the team and of course they don't have any evidence, because none that, if there is security, footage it's an recognizable. Persia the Washington State Bankers, association and the crime stoppers Puget sound band together and they get fifty grand together for a war, a reward for this bank robbers capture. No one forward. No one has any useful information by the end of ninety ninety five
Fbi has enough incidences that they start tracking patterns in the bank robbers behaviour. They noticed the timing is based on how much money is pulled in from previous high, so they so they base their like. Ok, this guy, if he steals x, amount he's gonna come back because he he needs live on twenty grand among ok, so they're like they start being able to predict when going to hit banks saunter sandwich. Also is how often they're doing and not getting all you guys. So using this logic, they take an educated guess and as to where the next robbery will be so on. And when the next robber, who will be so they think it's. Haven't January twenty fifth, ninety, ninety six at the sea, first bank wow they buy them love this evening. Stake. They stake out the sea first and it turns
but the date is correct, but the bank is wrong that the treatment they re. They got the date exactly right, phrase ie, but the bank that the guys actually rob as the first Interstate Bangladesh two miles away from that see. First man. So before the F B, I can get over there. The guys get away from if First Interstate Bank, with a hundred and forty one thousand, almost forty two thousand dollars so this that's the guy until May of that year. So this is in January, he ever they go till May and then they they decide to hit the matter. And park branch of the First Interstate bank and from that, when they get a hundred, almost a hundred fifteen thousand dollars the. So it's just working. This is like it's a plan, that's going well, so then
this. This is around this time. Scott finds out. There's this fifty thousand dollar reward for information about him and he D. No, he takes this information and does look in Classic got fashion he decides will then we should rob five banks and one day, ah, why as that's where his logic is because he is in advance, surer God, just showing off this planet. He's he's he's high on adrenaline yeah he's he can't get a big enough fix ass, so they hear the police have told every bank in the Seattle area to put electronic tracers on stolen money or like on the money. I so They decide that what that piece of information they're just going to hit one bank so at five hundred and forty one Wednesday November 27th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety six Scott and Mark with where
disguises walk into a brand new bank. They ve never had before its deceive first bank in nearby Lake City Steve's outside keeping watch what Boys don't know as they walk in is that the bank teller working there that day knew all about the Hollywood bandit. I was read up. He knew exec. He was a full on fucking murder really now and this. I can't those two walked and he heads the silent just like he now ankle in the doorway. So certain other neighborhoods, they had there, not anticipating that that the lake Citibank Islam Gonna hit, so they raised over toward the bank there. Actually this bank thereat, but the robbers get it done at less than four minute awhile and get out. I wouldn't to press the button panic but because then you're in a hostage situation like Enron,
get away, and then you press the button journeymen, yes, that smart, except for that. I think this guy's just like, let's catch him yeah, maybe is there wasn't
maybe you'd never hurt me once. I didn't think that therein during yeah, like that, it wasn't a everybody on the floor thing at all. Right did right. They were just gonna like never gentle robbers. They were, they were more into the theatrical and make up as what it felt like to me. But I just love the idea of a guy season. What what if it was just a weird looking first, I gotta get a feeling I never like, but never mind. The man is now, as you gotta see, I'm sorry, it's just a strangely shaped nose and a lot of eyeliner, but once they leave a customer defies their order. So apparently they did say like everybody. They must have made me on the groundwater, but is like don't nobody follow us out yet some as it really is, but apparently it's just like yeah you wave of going around ago. You everybody stay where you are, and I ll do it sure, but this one bank customer did not do it and immediately got up, walked outside and saw the car they drove away. You crazy, can you u super rebel stay on the ground, but that person sees them get into a blue Dodge Caravan immediately calls the cops, tells them given the vehicle description and direction that they are going well. So no cell phones, that's how it herself underlined. That's right! That's what ninety six years
yeah now so the tree house trio I like to call them. They did that that caravan, the Blue Caravan and they immediately steal a white Chevy, Astro Van sure, in conspicuous right all those cars that you literally don't see when their driving down the freeway right. There just background Korea. So, but the problem is now it's nighttime. It's dark! It's raining and their caught in holiday rush hours. There just think of bank robbers is having to deal with shit like liquid fuckin holiday, trying to merge asthma and are just trying to anywhere. If we mean the carpooling, and on top of that there God's driving and market Steve or using their flashlights till to look through the money to see. If there's electronic tracers money and a car yeah behind them sees guys I'm using flashlights inside Van and immediately are up
start to tell them watch them. The phrase used here as its unclear who fired. Firstly, I would bet allow I have my personal fortune that the cops fired for we gotta think, but their quotas as quickly find themselves being shot up by police, Stephen and Mark or each shot in the arm, and there, like basically rendered immobile Scott Pull.
Office a side street to try to fire a shot, none back at the cottage at his ease driving. Add! Please don't do that here, the gun jams, so he then has to drive off again, which is a very like on slick. Now. Action sequence in this movie is a big you try to pull over. You try to she getting I'm starting out last one again, and then he guns it in this and Astro Van. So he goes from five to seven miles an hour down this Alec. The cops pursue the van they fire at it and Mark still injured, Tommy arm fires back eventually Scott veers off the road and crashes into the side of the house, so the police swarm the Van they get inside. They find Marken, Steve bleeding over. Just about a million dollars- oh my god, the touch they gotta they had in the car. That's how much was in the car. Well, I don't know they brought all they're all their went. Every robbery doesn't make, alas, announcer must have, and what that guy, but Scott,
and the driver Amby makeup artist has run Ok, ok! So she is on foot and nowhere to be found. So the police section off as six block radius in search of the Hollywood bandit and they continued the search into thanks. Giving dicks member was thanks. I've. So a woman who lived within that six block radius named Wilma Walker, Loma Wilma, sees the report of the fugitive. That's in her neighbourhood on the news, as she asked for Son Ronald, to go check the family camper in the backyard, just peace of mind on them and Ronald Checks, the camper out. He sees there's a man inside so he calls the cops police arrive on the scene. They
How come the camphor door? They announced themselves. No one response. They draw cancer of pepper spray inside nothing happens at this point. They think no one's in there, but so they're like that there have been going on their walk or families lake. We need you to make sure by putting your eyes on the underlying when it or do it so sergeant. Howard Manta uses his flashlight to look inside the camper and, as he does a gun, so at first sergeant, Wanta thinks he's been shot and then, when he realizes there that he's ok other too their officers on the scene opened fire on the camper. Backup arrives. They wait for four hours to see if any one's going to come out, o might and when there's no movement, they fill the camper with tear gas to be safe and they only enter the camper with gas masks on an inside. They find the boy
many of the Hollywood bandit soon to be identified as forty one year olds. Scots girl luck with one. Self inflicted bullet wound in his hand. Now, when he killed himself because he was surrounded so that one shot that he first, but they first heard, was him shooting him why how so, in total Scott it eighteen robberies and he stole approximately with different team members too. Three million dollars making I'm one of the most prolific bank robbers. In. U S, history, wow after receiving medical treatment for their gunshot wounds, both mark begins an Steve Myers, our centre, twenty one years in prison each while sees released early and twenty thirteen March released in twenty fifteen after serving has full term, and that is this. I'm attic tale of the house.
It would ban at all God. Sir look well now as then, most not swiss turns out these names masks. Liar places are everywhere together with three ounces. Even when I got to that part of this story because I was like and is a little bit off, this is not what ever and then I was just like. Oh we ve hit. We ve hit paid her arm. I agree that treat the tree house for me that man's forty one years he lived a million lives. He did it and he did it any did he was he was eject. Did to the mouth of life while those incredible. Oh. Thank you. Thank you so much. What do you have a fuckin hurry? I'm yeah! Let's do well yeah. Let's do it. Hey! You wanna, go her job me too
I tell you all: did I tell everyone publicly already that are up to my name, I'm up to my Farrabee days yeah, but I don't think you talked about it. I'm here Logan, so I decided so I have the time and the money, yeah. I get to go to therapy three times a week. That's incredible can, and I have to say this now. This is it. I'm a narcissist I could feel, can sit in front of anyone and talk about myself. Clearly, obviously, just look at me I guess they history, but It is so helpful. Because in especially one things come up lately like we're talking about trust issues stuff when things come up and they really affect me, my life,
coping strategies, usually you're not supposed to be feeling these dealing so shut it down and shut it down, aim over them and yet and truly feeling yeah like you're, not like. I because I have this strong emotions, say jealousy, NEA or or just straight up anger, whatever that that makes me weak and lame and irresponsible wherever a dog and your whacking it on the head with a newspaper or like that, doesn't do anything now and it and that dog gets to be here S. Should you gotta, look as have other dog? I never did anything. We decided it's a person so that, basically
you know this morning. It was just like that thing where I get to continue this conversation, so it's not the week later where, because I also do this thing and there be where I go, this isn't worth talking right. I shouldn't be discussing this: is a self indulgent there, so much judge it D minutes a week. Yes, I can not enough time to get into the deep shit no end and it takes this kind of like full for me anyway, because there's already this gauntlet to run of shame and weird, don't do this in all these weird rules. I know it's like she's just now catching on of like hold on. Why are you doing that hold unjust? Yesterday you said the, whereas when I once a week, no one can track those conversations socially. Like I don't know, I remember links you re doing that, but now it's this very concentrated thing in its I can't tell you how much it's helping me in this realisation of I
Actually I'm fine. Actually, when we work for all this stuff and if I just allow myself to be a human being and like it gets get to be mad. I get to be angry, I get to be jealous of whatever and that all those things are just indicators that there needs to be attended to theirs, Don't you like your site? beat the dog for just being there. You go. Oh the dogs here to tell me something there, and that is actually, then you can then, like. You can actually start to move stuff around and deal with seven and figure out how you actually feel because it's almost like, I have the the incident that incites of feeling- and I dont actually know how. I feel, because I panic and just mad or panic and just re, have this one reaction? Words like none is like calm down and actually only the real feeling. Judging it I'm sorry about that, it's fucking hard, because it's all of its the law, mobility, they are totally
I'm feeling weak and everything. It's just feels gross. Yes, you feel like I just just punish this out of me or just like Burma, this out, oh yeah, so that I dont do it anymore, cause it's not right and it's like you, fuck it as its human feeling. It's you being a human being amazing, congratulations, I mean she's doing all the world, but I all early and I warrant I'm showing up ten minutes late. Every certainly answering while I was gonna, be there was between afternoon bats yes, which I highly recommend a head. Scientists think that ten years ago I quit my day. Thus jobs.
Like try this whole world of not having a dust job, and I still to this day like ramble in that three p m now and like what I would have been doing ten years ago. My desktop ebbs, I'm not over it. Yes, so yesterday I was freezing my fucking ass. Have I couldn't get warm, and so I took a bath at three p m and it was Heaven Heaven it was hat like it You can. I just can't get over like if you can do stuff like that. Do it treat yourself like take a nap. Take a bath like do things watch tv in the middle of the day, if you can do that great yeah, that's it that's my sentiments. That's my am what's it called the everyone's obsessed with now healthcare. Yes, yes, people too vague trend that he arrives at Ashcombe, IRAN, but, but I know, we talk about this before bats are good for rail I mean they're, the it's actually have steps does
since up ass man, man, it actually does something pot, very positive area, Badia Annex points out we're like loud. I hold Nanda some stuff. I love it. I don't think that's my man That's good! Yes, that's great hashtags healthcare! How TAT hashtag privilege, how TAT Hashtag bathtub tidy so many hashtag honour, note seven days of their frequent in therapy twenty four seven, I should have less hashtag math. Thank you guys, felicity. We we don't tell you, there's enough, that we are so grateful to the fucking incredible listeners that we have of the show, and I don't think there's any pie cast out there. Who has such awesome.
People who listen and where just so lucky we ve been going through some letters that you guys I was is and there's just so beautiful. I started crying to catch today. Reading one week a same yeah so funny I was gonna, say the exact same thing that I we had. We been reading these letters that we we take, staff that you give us like that we get a live shows or that we get whatever and just pull letters and shoved them into bags going. We know we're gonna read this at some point here: don't always do it like on the road we as have time to go through everything and I've been reading, some that, like that, the amount of time I spend focusing on the problems that we have yet to get solved. That's all I do and that's an end. I am. I have tried of doing it have you have to anticipate the thing that can happen so we're ready in time, and it is it's a big, difficult way to live, and we, if we're going to do that, we also should make sure we spend equal amount of time red
things were people say very nice things are so is not always the. Problems and the bad in the ticking time bombs or what he'd forest. Certainly, even though we have friends on the other side, they were waiting for us. It's it's very like it's my feet on the ground in a very meaningful way to read a couple. Letters were people would just say like shares. Civically what you did when I needed at right, because right, here's what I'm going through the up! It's really beautiful! It's quite nice here! Thank you guys! sweet you guys nervous, This is the most vulnerable episode man yeah. I we love you stay sexting and don't get murdered, Guy Elvis Tijuana cookie.
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