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207 - Not Enough Ednas

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Karen and Georgia cover the Fairbanks Four and the Dixmoor Five cases and the Pillowcase Rapist.

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This is exactly right. Welcome to my favorite murder, its target we're carrying go. Did you hear that those that were? Did you hear it? do you take on the microphone? No, I did a weird inhale forward. Flash suck in some kind of her, there's not, and there is a second noise alive sound. I keep step up their salient solution, then, tucked up from the sea cotton law allowing a nail polish remove and an Emory Board just shoved up into my naval, nasal naval
everything is now. I definitely guarantee Bulgaria. We are having a hell of a time here in California or in southern California, and blame it on the Santa Anna wins. It came today that's right,
you're crazy when the an eye and a makes everything so little spooky and a little one hour in fifteen minutes late, o guys, I just pulled one. Not everything is good were here. We have our sparkling waters cost even at all. To our right, and Latvia is great for yeah. Stephen is all around at ease in kind of ice on omnipresent right, laughed all all around. You keep digging out this episode, and things happening with my what I like to call my instrument, I'm like the instrument, I'm like a trumpet that a seventh grade boy plays where there's so much spill the smell you did you not do you're podcasting warm up. I didn't do my podcast Nettie path. I didn't. I didn't really well or ill my faults, yeah you gotta do them than podcast warm up that everyone knows how I'll need me me me me. Maloney me me me me me is actually the perfect podcast warm up. I think
As I mean I'm with you? Oh I'm almost done with dry January India's eye to of two days of nine. Dry January. Ok, it did you deep down a jet drug January to day two different days, not today's and aroused great you now dealing with that. But if it's fine now was it a beings like did you end up down by the delay river? Now, unfortunately, nothing saw them. I had two glasses of wine with you last night, out of damage that I was pretty great, your dad and authority was there and it was there. Then one other night had an event. It was both around like thing yet and it just feels better to be drinking at them, because I hate it so hard to talk people,
a hundred percent that you know I didn't feel great about it and I felt like shit the next day. So it's you now teaching me that it's not something! I really want. My life well good, and I would say it also brings that you know what I found when I was drinking. Is that my tolerance for my hang a la was out? If I could, It could destroy my body and be like many fine I'll have a bed I'll be fine louder and I think once then you cut it out and then, when you come back, it's like two glasses of wine and you feel it I told exactly- am I feel like I've been ignoring and I've been thinking. That's my normal everyday, like I just some tired all the time and have like a low level flew relates. I know you ve just been drinking all the time he s, ruining your body right here. I feel so much better so you're gonna, hear even around I'll try January understand it keeps going good, as I was going, you know drinks here and there when it when it calls for it right here,
for most, but mostly I mean, I think, that's the way to do. It too is like it. Whatever you're trying to do it's your business. First of all, as like how you want to do. It is your journey. If I may use the free media, I've been waiting all month free to tell me that this is a German. It's a journey and it's your journey. So me me me me me it's it's a difficult thing, as we everyone knows with anything that you we all have our things and that we use and to just put them down. Yet, if I may have taken me five years to take a month minus two days off, so it seems so you're actually numbers wise, that's, that's a solid, a thank you
Numbers lies. Ok, I'm I'm! I'm a number spurs. I'm a math pray, a minus. I never got those grades in high school right. This is great. So welcome to the Fuckin honour society. I get five dollars is five dollars very a yes, so I'll give you ten dollars and that's incentive. Thank you, and that goes to my next during that those who gave me money over our guy lying super cheap alcohol, seeing it more from its only by all air, above
get a thing: Lyre ball! Ok, beyond re use Porsche! Oh, I have some news you're out, it's a stay sexy event, so this tattoo parlor called which of the woods tattoo there in Mozilla Montana. That's workers Fairbanks as all raise the only reason I now so they're doing a tattoo attaching event where there's gonna be a bunch of my favour. Murder, flash tattoo by a venture to protect you artists. If display shut, you mean they do it as fast as they can now. It means you're like I want you pick off the wall also lashed out. It's not like you have. This is my mother signature times. You know now. I think that's right, I'm not a tattoo artist anymore. So when mouth companies come back as have old southern so which the ways tat two on February fifth is doing, a tattooing nails taro occurred like event and the money that they makes gonna go to make your move Missoula, which and make your move is a non profit that does stuff like consent, education and sexual violence prevention. So that's really oughta you to fall of it. That's very cold ass. You guys thinks it's which of the woods is the name of that had statue powers right and you can find one instagram I feel like X,
added to be associated with any business called the witch of the way. I re absolutely down why many of Us- and I am also which- and I will try to use the user Tash Hag Emma found, Tatcho everyone, because that's how I see your tat is but then we can see. We can see the results Van Alley composed them that All the various interventions we we talked last week about how fascinating snow as a whole that we get so made fun of four people. Midwestern Spanish, now areas. There is somebody that road and I can't find a right now, but some users wrote I don't you. I never seen an ice petty what're. You time limited this now and I'm never even like that amongst the cropper, it's so funny and then apparently enough Newfoundland? There was a saint Johns. There was a blizzard where,
I saw this sped up footage that was like from a nest. Can mine you just watch the snow, go all the way up to the to the like overhang roof and it would look like there. They had ten feet of snow. It was crazy Enzo. Apparently this blizzard people were like as snowboarding in skiing in the street middling turned into like fun times, because no one could do any got it. We got a lot of picture sent about that. Thanks guys, it's really nice. You know, educators about snow, zoo, dumb, southern California, girls, I'm kind of heartbroken that they killed off. Mr peanuts. That sad, but that's my personal. I told you that mercury or doing this week, I'm covering if it everyone saying that the advertising company did it like for promotion. It was a murder- and I'm here to tell you about how me ok, so this person with a peanut allergy now saw him
in cross over new there. Oh yeah, we are going to be on motor squad next week. Memory. Third YAP Talkin bout. What did we about a staircase accident that was good. That was really find puzzles toxic and these great you know that but Paulos as he knows it he's talking about being around. That is really nice early. That was up acts of aggression towards you. But now, yes, when I buy at one point he says a thing that I think is like an Easter egg. Worth listening to see, can just hear herself out when a boiler area that has the ability to reignite the Hotforholes movement, because he is the real deal
could justifiably be like speculation, speculation, speculation. What do you think poles and then get the answer to it? Not more speculation on more speculation, like here, science and and experience in, and how the law works by area is any good bye like nothing against Billy Jensen. He is a gem, is well built, Johnson's, holding it all down, Billy rights and is it provides the stage for which Paul holes can then come in and hold it down on his own amount, not the hours really fun. It is great that offers a definition should check it out. Murder squad murder squad. They know what they're doing over there. That's the tagline the murders guys who they know what they're doing. No, what they're doing over there on Mondays gestures randomly points to the wall are we are, first her they first, I think it's we do. You mean you as we now when you say they do you mean you now, I think,
You this way. Is it me, ok statements as the US. It's me this week that, although it is early- and although it is the it's there, the royal I are, we all can bear a ghastly s office. Is the question guys it's men quite a day at your eyes,. Story, Georgia. We tell you a story. Let me tell you to stories. Ok, I mean I guess I have the time its short well, I mean it's too stories of wrongful conviction: nice, ok, yes and high time, and about bucking time. This first one is the story of the fair simplicity of shopping, aha criminals
spare me this one's kind of still ongoing and wrapping up right now and I've been seeing a lot of news about it. So I thought like, let's get into it, yeah and I got information from the national registry of exaggerations, the Pacific standard website, article by Elisabeth Fairfield, Stokes, a Newsweek article by Josh Sol and a daily beast article by Kate, prickly, let let Fifty in the morning, on October, eleven ninety, ninety seven and fair banks, Alaska, a passer by notices of body- that's lying half on the sidewalk half in the street unconscious and he calls nine one one really be an unconscious, as I just said, OK news station shows that the victims badly beaten face, I'm a broadcast cause. They don't know who it is need. I done if I am ok and two of this person's closest friends freak out when they recognise that that it's their friend
fifteen year old, John Hartman a well liked high school students from fair banks, John DOE his later that day at the Fairbanks Memorial Hospital a horrible here. So the night of John Hartman's fatal attack, a wedding, is happening in town seventeen year Old, Eugene Bench who had been parting at the wedding reception earlier. That night is a first step. To be picked up, and it's because the wedding after party was broken up by police and he's brought in for questioning after a witness at the party said that he saw event with a gun which is affair That's later, you later tried and acquitted for though it's not an twenties brought in for questioning vents blood alcohol level is point one five, eight percent, which is twice Alaska legal limit yeah and he waved his right to speak to an attorney or his mother, but because he's drunk as he's drunk as that like so it's our legal limit, your point away, how how many drinks a sad about you know
What say he may be added six pack. That was it. That's my on professional! Yet alcoholic, ok, one! I think one five something is pretty high. Yeah, that's high is high utilizing the red technique, which is now discredited interrogation approach that has been proven, delete a false confessions, especially when it's used on minors. Detective Aaron ring aggressively interrogates the young man for hours before he finally caves and names his high school basketball team aids from before and school friends as accomplices. So it's Eugene meant that who was his morning. Do it yet, as well as Kevin Peas, whose nineteen George free sues? Twenty one and nineteen year old, Marvin Roberts and they become known as the Fairbanks for ok, so Jack
freeze had visited the emergency room for foot pain the day after the murderer tellingly doctor that he had drunkenly kicks someone the night before me. I can't remember much else. That's the problem with when you party something bad happens and people go. Oh, you may have done where just like me are you could well. You can, and you can understand why those dots would be connected. Sure you now so investigators take freezes booed, which authorities later present as evidence. Meanwhile, authorities tell Marvin Roberts at his cars tyres match skin marks, let near the scene and they play a recording events. Statement implicating him in the crime. So they're, like someone already admitted that you'd at this Roberts
as the high school delicate Torreon, and he insists on his innocence and refuse over and over again that he wasn't. Even there still police had their motive. It was a group of friends on a joy ride and it was a robbery gone wrong in the murder of Herman and the resulting investigation. Trial totally divides the town affair, banks Hartman was white and the fair makes for our indigenous peoples identifying culturally, as after Bascombe servings already has racial tensions due to the alaskan native peoples being forced to adjust and assimilate during decades of an influx of white people yeah having no actual physical evidence against the fair banks for police and prosecutors, they fabricate aboot, impression and shit oh, that matches the marks on Hartman's, Brutus body, sorry, what you
where's. Those ninety one cheese is so sorry, ninety seven my guide to recently ivy. I am, I really want you to say. Seventy line, all sorry that sucks so happens a lot. The up selfish. They in an affidavit of forensic export calls. The states exhibit extremely misleading Anna misrepresentation, but the second key piece of evidence is suppose it I witness who Despite having been drinking four hours a day. Smoking snorting, coke, on the night of the murders key testifies it. He saw the for defendants attack the victim court, he admits he couldn't see the suspects basis, since he was five hundred and fifty feet away. That's very far, it's quite far how many beers is far away that six sixteen beers away now, but he identifies them through their profiles and haircuts here, I do now
meanwhile, Marvin Roberts has an air tight alibi. Several people and who are credible witnesses testify that they saw him at that wedding. On the dance floor or giving people rides home around the time of Hartman's attack. Is there the prosecutor claims that the alaskan natives are lying for each other and that he compares them to see the slaves conspire against sir owners in the film spartacus. A guy, you fucking Willy Meyer, how are your honor habits? Your honor? I object to this intense and disrespect while insulting to those witnesses were coming forward to defend What this is all going on record like this, I feel
That's the thing! Maybe that's coming that's becoming more real! Now, because the digital age, everything is permanent and everything's public everything's, online or whatever, but it just like you can, and they have done this in little towns. Words like we control reality, but that aim it now. You can't just say everyone's a liar right, so that your life, your dollar, down on time, Galloway, totalling horrified and ninety ninety nine they're all found guilty freeze the sentence to forty years in prison, Eugene than to sentence does thirty. Eight years, Marvin Roberts sentenced a thirty three years and Kevin Peace is sent his two sixty years in prison, unbelievable and he doesn't an eight after more than seven years investigating the case. Brine O Donoghue he's a former rapporteur for the Fairbanks Daily NEWS Minor and who was a journals professor at the university, the last affair banks
If I is a series of articles in the newspaper that strongly suggest at the fair banks for are innocent, the sea is draws on the years of reporting, Bio Donoghue students which, like water, like credible case, he's like guess what you're actually gonna, learn something I really going to do. Something here takes a fuckin textbook and tears have effectively everyone. This shit get rid of everyone Terrier Book and how you guys, you guys figure out. Reality is right. The students had looked into the case during a journalism class which, like oh, my god, they saw the articles. The Alaska innocence project starts re investigating the case and in twenty thirteen. So in ninety. Ninety nine is when they were convicted and twenty thirteen, after contacting dozens of witnesses, attorneys for the project filed a post, conviction motion on behalf of the defendants seeking a new trial. They claim that someone named William homes he's a former drug dealer serving a life sentence in California, for murder and for his friends, are actually responsible for Hartman's murder,
The sky, William HOMES, according to the motion, admits that he was the driver of the car containing the men who killed hartman- oh my god, I'm so they got that. I actually saying it yeah. Oh, my Gaia, state authorities said they remain confident that peace than to Roberts and freeze were guilty, but agreed to re investigate the case based on the new evidence. Thank you wow Sophie. Ah, on December eighteenth, twenty fifteen, the prosecution reaches an agreement with the attorneys for the defendants under which they have to so what's fucking crazy, like ok, that we admit that this doesn't look good for us, the only they can get out of prison is that they signed something that says they wait any claims to compensation, mainly Hassebu in the future I'll, have to sign it. One of them is already out on parole and he asked if he doesn't sign it. None of them get out.
So he's like this is lighter back yeah, so they all scientists thing saying. Yes, we promise. We won't sue you, which it just shows how how much the city knows that they fucked up right. They know this things coming so they're just trying to protect Riah. It's like admitting that so they all sign. This claim and all the conditions are vacated and the charges are dismissed, so freeze, vent and peace are then released. Roberts had already been released on parole and in twenty eighteen, of course, all four men file a federal law suit, challenging the agreement to waive compensation can rightfully sue for wrongful conviction, beautiful that loss it is dismissed on up. Or twenty second twenty eighteen, the one that when there like we're. Gonna get around it Second, dismissed by weight, I'm here what's going on right now! Ok, the ninth!
the Eu S. Court of appeals reinstate the lawsuit in January, twenty twenty this fucking month. Yes, that's I've been reading so much about it. Ok, so they're, like sorry dude, you can totally fuckin. Yes, you can take it to court to pit for that reason, so after eighteen years, behind bars, Kevin Peas says that at least their case has opened a lot of eyes to violations civil criminal police misconduct and that, hopefully, the story will help prevent a future exonerate or future wrongfully convicted person from having to take the deal that data. Yes, that fuckin dirty deal right, while the fourth the bank's men are now free. The pursuit of justice for John Hartman has totally fallen by the wayside. Job Father has died. His signals have tried to move on with their lives and this It can't really pursue it because, as far as they are concerned, they had them. People all along just kind of
and there so many shitty and horrifying elements, tat awful convictions in that way. But that part is specially evil, because what they're saying as we don't have to actually find the killer? I because we ve pendant on these people and no and shut up, because we're done right and we still think it's them. So if we're not Vienna with any meaningful you no way invest this all over again, because we don't think it's anyone else. So coarse you're not gonna like pay attention to the details, but we don't think that because we ve decided not to think it not because of what the evidence is telling rice. That's when I he ok, here's another on ok right! So that's so basically were away. To see if they are hopefully going to get compensated for being wrong, Humphrey convicted, and we also want to see the people who actually killed John Hartman get justice. Curved. Yet
so against them. That's what I mean do you get that makes us wow. That's that's a here kind of like it's because mostly we hear about you, know missing and murdered indigenous women right and what a humongous and totally barely looked into issue that arrive, but this like that, it's just like a primordial people out there, happens them all the time they are here's another story or that this is the dicks more five. So we had four and now we have We have five. I don't answer from the national registry for exaggerations, Chicago Tribune, article by Steve Mills and tied Lady Anne, the Chicago, sometimes dicks, more Illinois. Ok, it's a supper. Thirty minutes outside of Chicago and it's completely shaken when, on November nineteenth, ninety ninety one a fortune,
a girl named Patricia Matthews, vanishes robust up on her way home from her grandmothers house and she's. Just this year in middle school, girl country, says missing for twenty days when her body is found on December. If ninety ninety wine, in a field running along the eye, fifty seven and dicks more she had been raped, She had been killed by a single gunshot from a twenty four caliber gun to her and her mouth. It's awful state, local police had no significant leads in the case until ten months later, when someone tells police that he had seen countryside getting into a car with some local boys. So Jonathan BAR Robert Taylor and Robert Leave: veal they're, all fourteen at the time, Shane, Sharp and Jason Harden were sixteen so support for it. Frozen sixteen year olds are brought in. On October, twenty nine ninety ninety two police bring and fourteen year old Robert leave Veal for questioning after more than five.
Eight hours of interrogation without his parents or council, veal signs, a hand, written statement implicating himself hardened Taylor, sharp and bar in the rape and murder, so its how much parallel to the margin banks, these fucking confessions, these false confirm, since that I feel like Finally, realising our our very easy to course, especially out of minors in after a long period of time. The ads this the pattern is the Saint right exactly so late. That same day, Robert Taylor also signs of statement also outside the presence of his parents, are council implicating himself and all for others in the crime. So it's not just one. It's too so far two days later after more than twenty one hours in custody of sharp, also signs a hand, written statement implicating himself in the others like it's out of five people, three of them confess to it.
Sleep. You got some big issues inside of your department will also just for that case. You have there's so much work to do to go backwards. Out of that ray, I mean like let's now they are wrong. Fiction. Man it is so of setting it says it rising its everyone's fear. Totally. I mean it really is when when it when no one is with you, when no one is advising you yeah, no there's no one to help you and then the authorities that are there are hell bent on. They have their beliefs and they are not going to arrest and they are you now. There is smart people who have been doing this for a long time and they, if they yeah there something's telling them that it's you they're not going to accept any other answer in June nineteen. Eighty four: while the five awaited trial, the state police crime lab tests, dna from seamen recovered from the scene. They find that the press file, identifies zero
of the five genes, but actually comes from alone. Male totally different loan mail me, the police and Cook County states attorney office- are like let's not worry about that right now and pursue the prosecution based on the three confessions, even though the confessions contradicting each other regarding facts about the case. So they don't even have luck in line up here. You know: yeah, no one's has their source story straight, which is a problem right, so veal and sharp plead guilty to first degree murder and receive twenty year sentences with pearl. Global after seven years, because they play in exchange, and they do that in exchange for agreeing to testify against hard and Taylor and bar
so basically they got the deal rain or they were the first ones to accept this deal, which is, I hate that two or it's like, if you rat this other prison out. First, you get a better deal than they do for no fucking raises its head. Sturdy they hit, is very dirty, harden and like it's like. Don't take some, don't six summoned a trial unless you have enough to prosecute them against. Aside from one of the key admitted you no other participants saying there involved does unconditionally does I know it's not always like that. It's all is perfect. In this probably been away to get some people behind bars. You totally deserve to be there can't you you can't cheat if you're the copyright cheat if you're the authority, you can't do it that way and that's the way the deal version of the justice system was said. I raised that you its innocent until proven guilty and that's the of setting
To me, as it feels like being a fan of your crime and reading these stories there so many stories we hear workers psycho white serial killers when they get brought to court. There's one piece of evidence: it's like a little genk ia and so suddenly the cases dismissed or whatever we heard those stories. Words like there wasn't enough evidence. We couldn't processing lamb and then suddenly it's like we ve got the one piece of evidence that basically we had control over and that's and that's gonna get us through, because these are people of color right so hard in and Tailor tried together and they receive. Eighty years in prison bars tried separately, he's convicted and sentenced to eighty five years in prison. All of their appeals are denied, including oppose conviction, request for additional dna testing. In August, two thousand and nine Harden Taylor and bars pro bono, attorneys, Terra Thompson of the University of Chicago exoneration Project and the centre on wrongful convictions of youth and Chicago attorney. Jennifer Black, together with a New York based innocence, project renewed the effort to obtain new dna testing is its broad, could county sort.
Court judge. Michel Simmons ordered the testing she's like great. Let's get some more dna testing, but for more than a year at the dicks, more police claim that they were unable to locate the end of the evidence I find it wait on our. It is so they claim they can't find the evidence and then Judge Simmons orders them to allow the defendants attorney to inspect the departments, evident storage areas through an amazing, and here we fucking com and there, like oh abracadabra, the police are like. We found me evidence what a coincidence so now these long first meant people that were involved in this kind of cover up. He feels are getting muscled the way they marvelled that the children that they hadn't costume and my most minimal a furious things to me is when evidence gets lost, whether it's not whether or not it's like purposeful. This seems to be allegedly alleged war when there's like you know the fire
that destroys events that drives me fucking crazy right because it so much work to collect data so much work on it. There's answers the matter it ladder so much young so on in March, two thousand and eleven the new testing fails again to link any of the teams to the crime and instead, after the dna profiles run through quotas, it matches a sex offender knew well. He ran off, wound. At the time of the crime. He's he's a third. Three old sex offender. You live in the victim's neighbourhood and was on parole. After serving the twenty year sentence for armed Robbery, Jesus each, I feel like when there's a sex crime, they look for the sex, they look into the sex offenders in the area. First rate, it's kind of a thing and if you can pull in arrive, teenagers that have no probably no money or like juice to the affect get defend as hautala. On November third, two thousand eleven states attorney's office dismissed all charges against the defendants
they served lay was attended nineteen years each they had already I'll served in prison respectively for a cry and they hadn't committed in twenty Fourteen the Illinois State Police agrees to pay forty million holy shit. The largest group settlement in the state at the time to the next more five yeah Peter who feel the attorney representing one of the wrongfully convicted man said quote what have here and cook County is an epidemic, an epidemic of false confessions of juveniles, primarily people of color, so in August sixteen more than five years after the dna tests were completed, which is insane very frustrating, ran off his finally charged with murder, kidnapping and the predatory sexual assault of country. Some act is Cook County states attorney. This is insane Anita Alvarez, so she had.
Enforced under public pressure to lift the convictions initially and create a conviction. Integrity unit to save face suggested that it was possible that someone had rape, the victim after the exonerated boys had killed, killed her to account for the DNA Laddie like looking girl hands. Let it go that this fuckin sexual predator stumbled along after the dicks more five had killed her and he was also necrophilia. That was her, excuse, we all did it come on guys yeah, she would not let it go, but she did offer quote sincere apologies to the men in their families. She says that the system did not protect lamb and victimized them in a way that can never possibly be repaired. No shit, but she argued that reforms have been implemented quote to ensure that no person as wrongfully convicted? Let's hope- let's hope
also there's a chance led ledges, try to be fair and sometimes that she was told to say that a high inch like that basically use need to sow as they defend law enforcement, while still giving re more for legal reasons shoe here, for whatever just kind of like you have to throw something out. That justifies the fact that we You know we did our best to destroy children's lie: Hautala at random, trial, countryside, mother, Teresa Matthews, poor, this poor, fuckin woman she's, went through all of their trials and in their dicks more five and now has to go through another. Try now sit through this entire thing: threesome is she sat up? France sang quote. I want to see his face. I thank God. It's happening because I just want justice for my child. She had dreams. She wanted to be somebody in life and death. Is the story of the dicks more five and the murder of country. Some act is why
tourism must be an incredibly strong by absolutely is that also she has to be there to witness what Listening to these boy rife socio? She already has the the complete life destroying heartbreak of losing her daughter and then because of that loss the boys, have this law and she thinks for years that they did at their behind bars and then suddenly has to get this in unsure life, altering news that that possible the wrong people. Are there when she probably believe firmly in our heart that they had done it and have to cut, haven't, come terms with that and other trust Jesus. Why amazing? those are I'm so glad to know about both the stories crazy I've been reading about. I mean it's just bananas, yeah. It's interesting that you dead. Basically
because mine's topical to yes, it is, and that's why I had to call and ask you what yours was afraid it would. Overlap lions. Never right now, you know live action. Lion, king, that came out last year, obviously during alive reading a Miss gray and I'm singing all the songs. There has no I'm going to cover the very recently ree Jeanne case of the pillow case rapist as such the Florida, and I all this is a coastline. Dna d it's all dna and it was suggested by Vanessa twitter handle is at Vanessa, underlined Kelly and she was like. Are you seeing this? Do you see what I sing way? We love those Vanessa are very. What are their humble? I don't know their humble and they're- usually Scorpio. Yes, Sir thanks a NASA. What's cool about this
also kind of like parallel the majority in the information in what I'm about to read you, but also in everything I looked up. The source was always always came back to this. My army, how Harold reporter the time in the eighties named Edna Buchanan call she basic. She was the crime, be reporter for the Miami Harold and eyes, and she got on this case and was all about it and issue. Eventually, one appeal at sir for her rewarding or the for the crime, be it at the Mammy, Harold son of Edna anymore, not an offence and also because I was thinking I had her in my mind, lectures from the forty. Unlike what does the eighties eighties had the forties come back, then I guess I do now so shudder pans Edna. She did like that. Grandma dragged that I love so much just get like an old vintage house dress and some big copies you. It's me yeah hi, my style Edna, I'm your grandma. So
anyway Edna kickass reporter. Essentially every eye was trying to make this go chronologically, but every quote I had in every piece of information was like it would all come back to the same article. So I will so that majority of this is Edna Bananas, reporting, Edna, The cannons reporting There is also information from the New York Times, Washington, Post, AP, news and CNN, because it is a what Michael breaking news story: reanimated. Yes, that's right! Ok, so sometime in nineteen, seventy, maybe nineteen, seventy nine still leg a woman named Jill Trent, whose in mid twenties. She wasn't duplex and West Palm Florida and she wakes up one night, there's an intruder in her apartment and he apps her head in a pillow case heat threaten
with a sharp object that she can't see. He very calmly and quietly tells her to shut up, which I saw harm very disturbing high. He raped sir, and then he leaves and should of course reports. Under the police. They started investigation but of course, can't tell them what he looked like and he's verily spoke and he was very fastidious about not leaving any trace behind now, so they had nothing. And meanwhile, every time Jill goes back home to her apartment. She's real lives, it yeah. Of course it's just so much trauma, so she decides to move in with her sister for awhile. God bless sisters and eventually she starts to get back on her feet. But, of course
Every time the investigators call would like an update or a question. I she's right back in. She eventually decides to move to Washington State and she basically just avoids any criminal news reports that come out of Florida and no arrest has ever made in her case and she, basically all that, gives up hope that anything will until last week. Am I right, told the Miami Harold I felt, like somebody punch, mean right in the chest I couldn't breathe. I couldn't talk, has been thought. I was having a heart attack. I find got the words out. I think that's him whom I brought it all back. You'd think after forty years, it'd be gone when it's not courses, charges so this attack would end up being the first in a series of horrifying rapes that would continue through the eighties and into the nineties, by an attacker who,
was so mysterious and they were so little information about him that the everyone just called him. The pillow case rapists over such a long period of time to be active. There's a lot of parallels in the story to Golden, say: Keller, it's it's the same feeling and you can all go see. Is that there's video of him on his first? Well, I, like their preliminary trial and he's just an old. He looks a lot like Joseph the angel, but he's not playing the he's, not willingly and feeble a man card, or should he is wearing a bullet proof of vast thou icy scare, and I think we have to put it on people like that, because its high profile and people are fuck a best lake people pay it tension. Yeah, ok, so we're back.
In the eighties heads made first nineteen eighty one, an intruder breaks into the home of a twenty four year old secretary at the I'm guessing its pronounced a lesion moon or Alice soon, but who else what an apartment complexes pronounced. Lancken. Nineteen, eighty one extra I couldn't find that the database they had some wild apartment issues back then in Florida. Are you kidding me so she lives at this apartment complex in dorsal the name of the presidency. Steady lands are out when there it's just west of Miami Hooker kindly DORA. It must be Ok, so this attacker covers this woman's face with a pillow case and rape, sir, she can't give the police their description of him. There, almost no evidence from the scene, and there will be for more rapes in this same apartment. Building over the next year. Now,
the same Emma that's the free that is some targeted, terrifying share. Yes, Miss man is close by and he is, is stalking and planning and its you just hope that, like after one of these incidents it there, security at his apartment, building, young or after the third one rain, okay, so that it does go to this. Man was incredibly he planned date. The heightened later say what they think spending ten to twelve hours a day like surveillance and stock, always when it's like his full time, job He also ok, then, a few days before Christmas. A year later, a woman is wrapping gifts in her Fort Lauderdale home. When intruder appears he holds after your back here
sir hadn't pillow case. Any rapes are in the middle of this attack. Her roommate comes home, sees what's happening, grabs a pair of scissors and chases him. Oh yeah, yes, but of course they were more important an end to the police, but neither able to give a good description of the May. I can see him All these stories are very similar in July, and that woman chooses The first two she's remain anonymous in July nineteen, eighty three, a twenty year old art student, a Marianne redder is attacked and or Cocoanut Grove Apartment, an intruder, breaks and through an opening underneath the window, he grabs her forces or into the bathroom rape certain I've point, and this time his face is wrapped in the pillow or fine. She has a roommate Marian has remained but hermits. An entire attack, which is horrible. Or everybody totally horrible. Unlike the victims before her, she is unable to provide a description.
On December of his face, I should say on December twenty Eightth nineteen. Eighty three: a five year old woman identified as just av, the initial, Ebay am she's in Miami date Apartment when the ok rebus breaks in winter screams. He puts a hand over her mouth Knox or to the ground. Even Stabs earn the abdomen with what they believe was an ice pick? Oh yeah, any instead killer few doesn't stop screaming. So she does he forces into the bedroom, he covered her face with a blanket and then a pillow and rape. Sir. When she tells him she can't breathe. He quietly tells her shadow is one of the only things he says to his Acta, creepy. Okay, so by February of nineteen, eighty five authorities realized they have a serial rapists and a very dangerous one on their hands there, no we're close to catching him he'd doesn't leave evidence, they can t know, no one can describe him. So they say
a task force of fifty investigators and its headed by a man named detective Dave, Simmons, so ended time, Dave summonses, thirty, five, so summons and his team hold a press conference to go public with everything that they know and basically, they say this intruder. This re best is targeting young professional women in their twenties are thirties, who usually are single? Most of them have left alone and condos town houses and he's Oxfam beforehand as the the behaviour reflexive him knowing about them and that they will be alone if they do have remains and he finds their way in usually through an unlocked or or window. Usually, as them covers either their face his face or both with a pillow case or a piece of material. It threatens with a sharp object cells gear. It now that's going to hang your town so violent, so yeah, it's so horrifying
ok, so now we Miami Harold reporter Edna Buchanan. She covers this hunt for the re best with what is referred to as a quote a particular tenacity. Agora, you get what she does and then she's like Genesis assuming she's like this is what I'm in this for you. So she writes an article covering this press conference at the police hold on February 24th, one thousand nine hundred and eighty five about this case has basically the police were truant. You know basically said we have to go to the public and ask for their help, because we keep this just keeps happening. We can't let it continue that way, so they hold a very comprehensive press conference, and so I'm going to read you the article that Edna wrote at they from attending that press conference. Its police asked for help in finding pillow case rapist after near Four years of investigation, Metro, Dade police went public Saturday with their most pressing.
In case the pillow case rapist since nineteen eighty one, the pillow case, rapist a young athletic white American has career women in upper middle class apartment complexes from South Miami too dear Field Beach he's raped at least thirty nine women who leave game show by the time. Please go public yak as clearly there just pressed. This is how many women have been raped. East, but probably Morena Edna wrote that the latest one was Tuesday, yet police can find no one who has seen his face after Thirty nine now incidents is Erica methodically. It is its psychotic, this can find no one who's in his face. It's always covered often with a towel, a hood. Or even his own t shirt he's not invisible, detective sergeant Christine across said, but he might as well be among us.
Victims are school teachers, nurses, airline, attendants, an artist, a model, an engineer, a hell, small instructor insurance, the executive publicist and student. They all from age, seventeen to forty three. All slender and attractive. Only one lives in a single family house, all others live in Hartman's town houses are condos answer. We ll occasions the rabies has returned to the home of the victim, ex later, almost always he enters the victims apartment through an unlocked sliding last or open window, as many a hundred detectors at a time have been assigned to the case the end negations costs, taxpayers, hundreds of thousands of dollars and police thousands of ours, Crimes has sparked- and this is an indication of the year that were in an end scarred list of nearly three hundred suspects, all of
This is pre, compare our all of whom have been eliminated as possibility, so they had to investigate interview and then dismissed. Three hundred while none of that is in the Argo, elaborate elaborate surveillance in which police moved victims out of their apartment, replacing them with policewomen who physically resembled a rapist, targeted, wow, honey a strategy sessions among law enforcement agencies in Brower and Palm Beach counties. Condo and crime watch meetings with warnings to thousands of tenants, enlarge apartment complexes? Half a dozen civil lawsuits by outraged victims suing their landlords for lack of security. The use of state, an FBI resources to no avail police. Establish certain physical facts about the rapist, his shoe sizes, ten and a half his blood type is common, its oh, but how rare and identifiable sub group and characteristic found only in one per cent of the population. Greater he's
greater and also that's like MRS the President DNA thing, were there lay our weight. We found a sub group re, that's that's all. They had got sexually frequently is unable to maintain an erection he's, probably somewhere between his mid twenties and early thirties White American. With no accident has five foot eight too, I an interest all about a hundred seventy pounds or the slim muscular, build and fair skin. Often as well tanned. His hair is dirty blonde or medium Brown he's clean and neat and where's genes. A t, shirt and sneakers his hand. Are not rough or calloused. I feel as I know, him match our sergeant David Simmons Chief investigator in case, says he is the cleverest rapist, I've ever investigated, and definitely the most prolific indeed county history, our police of revisited, the thirty nine victims they know about, and they have encouraged them to move quote were telling them there's a possibility. He'll be back has
after one rape, he returned to the victim's apartment. She was there. He masturbated on her lingerie laboratory tests, establish the identification as have tests for the, The eight other victims when the same victim took a hot shower one day. Three weeks later, the steam a visible and obscene message. The mouse had scrawled with his finger Tipps on her bathroom mirror o nightmare a and on Edgewater Drive and Coral gables. He raped a woman in a fashionable highrise apartment. Hubert for weeks later and raped her neighbor one door away back A newly hired security guard saw the second victim. Parker car and walk into the building from distance, he saw the rapist follow her walking about fifty feet behind the man ordinary all white he saw his face. He saw his face, but from
fifty feet are the first reported rape occurred, may first, nineteen, eighty one and the illusion lakes apartments and that this so this is clearly before they knew about the real first man at forty nine, twenty northwest Sunday night Avenue so the second, the third, the fourth and fifth, the next step, The crimes began to occur in coconut growth than Brower County and back to Dade thereof. So been cases in North Miami. Miami lakes, fountain Blue Park, Davy, Tarmac plantation upon a beach dear, feel Beach in Oakland Park, The most recent took place last Tuesday February Nineteenth South Miami Apartment Complex near southwest If a street and fifty Nineth Avenue the victim stepped across the hall to visit briefly with a woman neighbour, she did not lie her door. She Rick she reached. Ten minutes later to watch Hollywood wives on tv at nine p M her details, the
this was waiting hiding inside a walking closet in her apartment. If that right, there is not the fucking ass, specific nightmare, everybody has especially young women who live alone. I mean it's also because, like there Ten minute window and he knew how it did he know her door was unlocked and at ten minute window he is stalking via the people he's already victimized. This is next. Level monster shit, I have terrifying and going back not getting caught and going back is such a nut. So they hardly he was way, inside the wagon apartment. Closet quote all she was a dark shadow, rushed toward her from behind and something pink over. Her head, seven said: he'd covered her face for the blush colored towel. Please describe as general pattern a few. Though he would awakened his victim before dawn by placing a pillow over her face. Now he arrives earlier in the evening assaulting women who are still await a guy called here
taking more chances. Simon, says, he's becoming bolder, of course, airy. Now, that's how it always goes. He carries an eye pick organise and cuts telephone cord. I've got one once he left the victims telephone in her refrigerator often presses his knife to the throats or bodies of the victim. Sometimes inflicting minor wounds, sometimes he slashes off undergarments. He says little too as victims and warned them constantly speaking softly in low tones to shut up Sometimes he knows the victim from room to room and Spain turn around two disorient. Her not only is careful to hide his own face. He always where's the victims faces with pillow cases. Pillows blankets deadline or other items he could certainly warns victims not to look at him. Simmons has it, sorry about that quote: either fee at the allusion lakes apartments and that this, so this is clearly before they knew about the real first, my right at forty nine twenty northwest zoning
sorry to redo an entire article, but as I was trying to write this year, I started realizing once I read this article that all the other articles are real and trying to make this chronological, oh yeah, it was all just Edna article raises like let's just read, Edna article and get it also. She nailed it. It's so comprehensively. I can you imagine, being a woman in the eighties in that I am area and picking up your newspaper in the morning and reading what I just read: him that's horrify and I mean they're. So many women, you must know, see someone who knows no someone. You know someone who is a victim right, yeah, it's crazy. I'm ok! So after this Prescott
friends after these. You know, obviously, that the article start getting written people start finding out about it. Thousands of Tipp start pouring in so many in fact, and in May of the same year, IBM donates computer equipment to help the investigators cross reference. Thousands good- I am so. This is like I think I said. Nineteen eighty five villages like the computer humans. They were like we're donating it, but you have to come down to our facility days in an extra room, yeah. Ok, so in January of nineteen, eighty six, the pillar gazed rebus changes his Emma and I think it's. Probably because the coverage and try the story getting our rights, a specific task and clearly he's smart and paying attention to everything. So He usually targets younger women, but this time he breaks into the home of US sixty nine year old woman and makes her as next victim not only that, but the duly meticulous criminal also fails to clean up properly and pull.
Its recover a seaman sample from the crime scene. An analysis of the seamen. Sample shows that the attackers blood type is unique with time Oh, what a sub grouping found in just one percent of the population, which is not enough to identify him outright, but its summit but they will have to see that that was just a little piece of news, article yeah that got right in Europe as it into the russian story totally. So then, on February, eleven nineteen, eighty six, eight thirty- six year old woman encounters the intruder in her home. Here a pillow case over his head ass. He attacks, are reminds me that Fuckin movie, the stranger yeah taller, its pillowcase on the head This woman, this that are there sexual woman is genius because he tells him and assist sister him that she's blind as a bat.
She can't see anything without her glasses that are sitting on her bedside table. So he believes her and takes hit Nepal a case off his own and holds a knife to her throat. He does rate per, but she was lying. She can see him perfectly how in a moment of terror and panic, she was able to be so clear. Headed is incredible because I think the thing Maybe we talk about, and maybe a lot of your crime journalists don't talk about because, maybe not everybody has been in this horrifying situation. Yeah is there is a bolt. A lightning bolt of strength must come out of you in these situations. I bet things get super clear and you are looking for ways to survive at that's. That's. I was gonna say that it's out of all of those cases and there so many there aren't any women who were able to escape him
This is a very scary, intimidating person than they didn't feel safe, trying to escape Una. So that's has so much about him and how terrifying as yet Emmets incredible that she was able to do the gene. And to do a convincingly because of the egg- it's hard delight, seven eleven totalling Ernie Mean and sheep. She is. She at Java she'd nailed so armed with them. A detailed description of the attacker. Ever this woman scribes his face to police. They quickly issue a police sketch the task where's distributes one million flyers, this sketch looking in Africa and they even commission a sculptor name, Tony Lopez, to create a clay bust of his hair. My eye Tony Lopez's leg. I This will be free, my it's my pleasure to sculpt this peace its head, the House
many others, good pictures of both sculpture and the flier that went around. He basically looks like anybody here but if you knew him, he would be like that looks like science rain. Local and national NEWS outlets broadcasts Sketch and the sculpture, thing homes are there so frustrating. Must have an outbreak in her all. Does that tired taskforce, everybody now that, just like we're so close, later on March, fourteen nineteen, eighty six and eight a two year old woman, awakes, roughly five thirty in the morning to a man standing over her bed with a pillow case covering his face man you get through all this shit in life, you fuckin serve your time. It's awake,
that eighty two to that, it's all the worst, but this is kind of depravity victim, Brett, depravity stuff. That is like it's off the chart. I his eyes are showing in this situation after the attack. Loses wagon ran she tears the metal dish, tallow rack off kitchen wall and chases him out through the back door. She is fuckin. Tears are in that, probably the very same. Why have I don't? Fuckin live eighty two years now: bullshit she's, the forty fifth and final recorded victim in this rape, crime sprang out here. Suffered her wedding banned, but leaves a bizarre set of close behind a pair of and read: bikini style underwear, a pair of oh girls, ruffled red nylon, panties, costing a cream colored woman, sleeveless undershirt knee he blew leather purse with to crumble, department store back
inside of it and an unidentified item of men's clothing. He it's all of that behind brought that all hell yes and Lee. Behind when he barely right or left anything, so she chased I'll eat shit. Html even now time as creepy trinkets with bullshit, but the police actually consulting Miami psychologist, a man named William are Salmon The arises that he left them behind because he's quote setting himself up to be caught, so it might be that than he's like cancer would like yeah yeah so the February Nightingale, six rape of the forty fifth Where did victim who ripped the fuckin paper towel shit after wore off like I will kill you need ACT, stop unequal nineteen. Eighty seven, the task force is officially disbanded, and this shocking cereal rape case goes called
until my arm, Thirty, two years later September, twenty nineteen, the police, respond to a domestic disturbance, call where a woman has reported that her boyfriend, twenty nine, old. Robert J Collar threatened her. Her flower pots outside of her home and tried to break into your house through a window he's arrested his charge. Attempted burglary, criminal mischief and domestic violence and he's twenty nine he's trying to. Because the charges brought against him are felonies. Police are required. Good dna sample and entered Dakota the prosecutors end up dismissing the case, but a little over two weeks ago, on January thirteenth, twenty twenty holy Shit that DNA sample of Robert Colors reveals a familial match to a cold case. The rape of av from December. Twenty Eightth nineteen. Eighty three o my her. So
investigators there's there's a cold case squad. I will call them out. I don't know how many people are on it, but there are a whole case. Investigators that immediately get it pick. It up start looking into it. They learned that color sixty year old, Father, Robert Koehler Senior, is a registered sex offender who fled guilty to rape charges in Palm Beach County and ninety. Ninety one so turns out. So I looked it up Palm Beach counties bub just about two hours away, a hooker from Miami so far enough away that if they didn't pick it up on earth there, it was on the register exactly unkind, adept at the police, their war as familiar airline Miami. A true area of Alchymy Dade, who act like I now ok turns out, Color singer was arrested for breaking into one's home in the middle of the night covering up her face.
And raping now convicts were not required to give dna samples in the nineties like they are today. Rubber, color senior walked away from that rape charge. Probation now and and with no dna left behind now known on, allow private, apparently none of the investigators and Palm Beach count in Palm Beach county in the nineties, recognised the pillows papist em all right now. I will say this when I googled a pillow case rapist, more than one came up? Ok, so we do after a member that this is a thing that happens whore, finally, Allah. So we can't be like what why the day, memorize that when it's like, I bet you they had their own version and there was no like data base rate could be like put in the imo and you can just type in like uses. A pillow case covers the flight. Hopefully, today there are stuff like that. Yes, totally,
So, in a lot of times, when we talk about cases like this are like from the eighties words like it's the detective that one. Was it the man from the man in the window, where I can't remember, which detective wanted the early golden state killer, original detectives, one of them just I walked around and asked people You have a like would basically make conversation with other detectives right just to see what they had his compare just to conduct the conversation going about it. I mean it takes a lot of extra, does work I think and stuff like that. Anyone not be overly defence. Sometimes we must sometimes Luar wrote. This was apparently none of these investigators and Palm Beach county recognise the ammo or made the connection to the pillow case, rape, a series, but this cold. Esteem shirt, they place Robert Collar Senior under surveillance, invasion,
follow him to a grocery store, manage to pull his dna off the shopping, cart he used a door handle. He pulled. It's amazing these days like that out of just think, prince you can get Deanna, yes incredible yeah. Just that touch touched I love and I want to go and smoke cigarettes. Flicks me they like walk up three minutes later than tweezers. When police run that those dna samples they get a preliminary matched to the nineteen, eighty three rape of the victim Genocide is easy they now have enough solid evidence for an arrest warrant, so on Saturday January. Eighteen, what what's at eleven days ago, the daisy tenders, eleven days ago, police around Robert Color seniors home in Bombay Florida and arrest him. They also secure a search warrant to look however, I am they find.
Several saves that contain jewelry and trinkets. That police believe are souvenirs from the rape series and eighty, but more disturbing than that. They find excavated area underneath colors house, which they have reason to suspect, was being built as in dungeon for, the servant shot her holy shit. It's it's like it's it's! You can say it took two long, it's too late, but then, in this case it's just fucking entire. So now trail to take better dna, simple, because color is in custody, and so they take that step. Oh and they entered into quotas and results. Come back linking him. Twenty four more unseen great cases from the eight hall shit so Thursday January twenty third, he appeared in court for his initial hearing. He's only been charged with the first rate.
He was tied to with dna evidence, which is the one of ease that occurred on December. Twenty Eightth, but more choice, does, could be added, as this evidence is being gathered, because this literally is like breaking right now and in fairness. We need to say that Robert Color told the judge it this hearing that he is not guilty, but it's not his official plague. Has it wasn't the it wasn't that trial? It wasn't the time and so on. His simply has not yet been entered. He was denied bond yeah and Detective Dave. Simmons, who is now retired, has captain catch with some of the victims, senses days on the task force the Miami Herald of course interviewed him to ask how he felt when he heard the news of this dna match and the arrest- and he said I felt absolutely thrilled for the victims that we can finally tell them. The man was caught that the cold case squad continued working after I retired gets me.
The case has haunted me over the years and a lot of them gave up hope of stay, went and talk to anybody cannon yeah about it. She was allotted to hear there was an arrest and she wondered if it would prompt more victims to come forward quote. I will I just wish it was years and years earlier. Land, so many women would not reporter rape because of the way they were treated so That's a very important part of this, because they don't know how many victims, the pillow case, rapist, hat and they're, just basically starting to dig into that like size and breadth of the risk of this case, and so there's a woman named share. It has the cause of, I think, there's a couple zis in their answer: intimidating last name but she's, a licence, clinical, social worker, a Jackson, Memorial, hospitals, Roxy Bolton Rate Treatment Centre and she told the Mammy, Harold,
But one of the ways people avoid is not reading the news or social media like Jill that at the very beginning and that can bring back a lot of feelings and a lot of people don't get help until years later they avoid it and then something will trigger them and all the feelings combatant. So she stressed that the rate treatment centre that she works, for, which is the Roxy Bolton Rape Treatment Centre in Miami it offers free counselling and support groups for victims even ones from decades ago, and she said she told the pews paper- it's never too late to get real support, and so, at the end of one of their articles in Miami Harold wrote quote as victims grapple with decades old memories. Miami date prosecutors have now set up a hotline for them to call. What's this any, I just love that there your girl, based It's a fucking reply, lugging ring,
forty years and God, man, a statue limitations. Bizarre everyone's gettin hit back to these crimes matter, their real, their awful, no statute limitations on your trauma. No, it's never ever it's always valid. It needs to be worked through. So here's the hotline for Miami Dade prosecutors, it's three or five five, four, seven zero for four one. Why is reading number I dawning me so we're three or five five. Four: seven: zero for four one stated here Catherine Fernandez, Rundle, said prosecutors will try to file charges in cases in which there is dna evidence and the victim still available to testify. The rock in just four people, because there may be people listening to this, who realise that this horrible event that happened in their life is connected. This case that possibility so
just sooner. The Roxy Bolton Rate Treatment Centre is the only comprehensive rate treatment centre in Miami Dade County and one of few rape treatment centres nationwide to provide an all inclusive approach to the care. To the care and treatment of victims. Sexual assault over the age of twelve, so there's really good resources for the women of southern Florida, which is a very heartening thing to know because, as this case is breaking and as this case kind of really gets delved into just a golden stay killer. I think there. You know Two things are gonna be discovered and lots of people are going to end who now yeah what's gonna happen, but, but it's very nice to know these there's resources there than that our great Jeff and that's the best
king called case story or the fuck him pillow case rate, that is in her out of all great Anglia. That's why I understand why? May I ask what do they? How annoying that very clear here and now I go first case. I know you know I love court cases being solved so much it. So it's one Good things really good, it's happening, dies and remember. Old trauma deserves to be heard heard and taken care of, and you now treated as while, so no matter how each think like. Oh, I should be over this by now, and it's been too long and you now, let's charming, doesn't have a time limit and trauma lives in place. His and berries itself and tell years and years later and comes out in weird manifestations- and you know you,
can't do it wrong ray it's gonna be hard and messier, but you can't do it wrong and there are people who know how to help you. I and you know just from what the though what I read it's not like, I know so much about it, but it's just so cool that rape, treatment centres really seems there they're all about the the foot com preventive care. So it's not just like. Let's get this evidence and let's get you or it's really, it really seems like their such good support systems in place which, as you know, it's really nice to be able to say that not every once in a while in one of these fuckin stories tone I now great arm Thank you. Oh emotional episode journeys. What's the weirdest thing reading a phone number, but I think it was just like. Just that idea that that's it it's like offering
two victims yan their respecting their just say. I'm basically saying We want to hear from you. We want to know what this really as opposed to some stories. We read words just like yeah, that's not convenient our ninety ninety one when he gets parole for a sexual assault, LAO ok, oh my family my fucking arrays and got enough money, and I think we always feel that way. It's hard to its hard to take a left her and go like here's, a value in my secondary then I just took the news app off my father, that's good! Oh, my god. I was going down this constant rabbit hall and I'm San form, and so I do find other ways of reading the news and everything and staying on current events that that news at that. I would constantly refresh and get so many articles that had nothing to do with either news or me.
Taking that off has been a huge anxiety, reduce are for me. I had now very smart. It's like there. Revolves. It's a very recent saying that we all suddenly started believing that we have to know what's going on all the time right. It's true for years millennia, most people had no fuckin clue was going right, You know your family and your town yet and if someone can came up to him punched on the arm of the grocery store, that would be a thing as a good. That's very nice letters I think my needs to be my dad is it came down to visit Emily We had a real fund in her last name, new invention, Jim, but I was just kind of in my house with him today and we I mean
I love my dad my dad's a greater, but I couldn't stop thinking about how fun he is to talk to. He loves to tell stories he's fucking hilarious. His references are like of the moment. Yes, he's interested in other people, his interest in and like learning about. What's going on, love hang out how he was on a on our drive to dinner. We had it like a conference like sorry, you have to listen to this and he s when we got a when I got off the voters. Like sorry ed, I know that's kind of irritating and use like. Are you kidding me? I love this Lassen aiding. You guys are still here, given big business near so sorry MA am. He was stoked about it and it was just like I had a wave of deep gratitude that I think I rarely have cause I'm very spoiled. You know I thought we're ones. Parents were like Thou, harrowing up words like a dad that my dad
When my sister and I were says at the outside, or when we read it when we were twelve as he Hinton Book, he took it and read it after us. Island called me pony boy and my sister soda pop, like he key, want. He wants to be in the world and volume in your little yeah and is like an eighty year old white man. These days, he's kind of a local he's, a lone wolf, a little bit limber on everything, liberal and cut, and more like oh he's, really mad about what's happening. It's happening around him. What's happening to people is age. The way he's seeing people kind of fall for bullshit anyway, forever JAMA gonna age may, I feel, like I've kind of fun, We understand
How much I locked out and they in the dad lottery, have also my love. I like I like, hang out with him a lot you guys are so I always loop. You and Vincent run like I want to get dinner cause my finger to hang out with s forever is their long lost. It asked finally schools so yea. Also he really support EU stopping dry January. Your eyes, you do that short term growth rates. I stopped drinking for the month of June August. Why the hell? Would you go out? Isn't my that, on my mind to I love it read? What's your falkiner wraye, let us now! Let us know what you're a great idea Instagram, let's start doing a comment on, fuckin ray is I'd, love
there are other people's fuckin who asked and we can read a couple other peoples in, and you are a good idea. We can steal other people like I don't know what you mean. I this has been mine, all dies, a mine mine, my Pappy. Why why my their murder on Instagram and what is it? My fave murder on twitter? My favorite word com. I couldn't get my favour murderer when I said
The two boys can think of you. Think a deal I honestly didn't think would ever come up has like you want me to start associated number one. I when I was doing shirts- and I got my favorite murder shirts com- I just Didn'T- they would be more than sure greater justice and sure why- whether they are listening, you guys a love. Ass sinks are letting us do more than shirt subtler. I urge and of course you can sign Oliver official March on my favorite murder, dot. Org now don t. You know it is common knowledge that Sea Elam and stay sex aunt don't get murdered by Elvis you wanna cookie.
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