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208 - Live at the Orpheum Theater in Omaha (2019)

2020-02-06 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the murders of John Sheedy and Cari Farver.

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Georgia, yeah, it's it's care. I guarantee I'm here to tell you and all of our listeners that today is a very special episode supported by the Amazon original doc. You series TED Bundy falling for a killer. That's right! The five part series rephrase Bundy's crimes from a female perspective, which is so cool, featuring interviews with Bundy's longtime girlfriend and her daughter, as well as family members at the victims, survivors law enforcement and more learn how one man's pathological hatred of women collided with the culture, wars and feminist movement to culminate in what is perhaps the most infamous true crime saga of our time. Such ECHO Ted Bundy falling for a killer on Amazon, prime video and stick around till the end of the episode, because you're gonna hear especial interview with the shows producer and director Trish would she was incredible genius. It was a really really cool conversation that was much longer than how you're gonna. Here we had edited thereon and we were really honoured to talk to her she's such a call. Women and this project is really amazing. Go definitely listen to that at the end of this amazing lying shower about to play, for you have found eyes
What's that Everyone. Ok, let's ride out one more time. Let's try it again, How are you all? Thank you so much for being here thanks for coming. I know it's hard for some of you, so I know people are showing up in the shit's and We appreciate the fact that you got here very much. Yes, thank you guys MIKE's not on? Yes, it is thank you,
There are those straight out high everyone, here's my hair is my make, etc. There we go. I have heard its that's about all I, oh, I have saved you gonna my market Rio. That was relieve her last name because I got this dress yesterday in and this theory Missouri, China's sharp shout. He has done as Georgia, amazing, vintage and modern apparel this dress brought it Do the show wearing sweats without a backup, dress and didn't realize until I put it on the cleavage
right down you around here it was. There was a journey from the black special that I didn't realize was happening. Goods conversation thou. So we got that and so she so actually it was so in same like at one point. George, you just wait here. Moves are out where it was not. I whispered your broad showing but into a microphone. So that isn't it right. He has its different kind of whispering stage. Whisper is what they call it in the theater as dangerous. So in the meat and great do you remember her name, but somebody just walked up Ngos. This
per year in Georgia had the pocket. He gets a rate there, but instead you fucking went Martha Stewart on that draws Isaac and went to the common go or whatever your dirty names of your gas station. New filthy They knew that's a long time to get people. Let's just keep talking about their store. I mean I don't think that there are little logo had to be a leg. A gas pamphlet coming is wrong, but let's textiles, we are. We know that guy you clearly clearly. We know that obviously, and we went in with you in there, but a sewing jet and a gas station and then sold so like Martha Stewart, Unavowed studied the rental car as we drove here.
Like our ancestors Danny so seriously, you see the amount of courage I had to night. It was, last night views were thank you, but that's not really. What it was like Donno is like Dunaway like: let's show everyone Donovan down his dress up. Don't let's show these opportunities very pro religion and brass I mean you know my ass. Truly, oh I've been wanting to come here since I saw dirty rotten scoundrels as a kid. Only oh, you mean Lady Fanny from Omaha God. I fucking say that all the time and it doesn't make any sense in it still doesn't even I'm in Omaha their young, people that's true very young, can I show you my favorite headline?
recently my dad centres, Jimmy texted it to meet today, as you guys, probably of all seen us, but it's pretty amazing Did you know about the MAGIC Georgia George? I kiss you already know about it was whispered to me? Is why whisper it to me? guys, so my dog loves Budweiser, like in a way where it seems like he's. Getting paid like if you walk into his house at any time of day or night you'll go you wanna, Bug, Montalban, he's very changing every time you says. Judging it, only I'm so he fears very proud about this article, its
Jack's ridge men find ice, cold beers in a field after long hours of cleaning up Nebraska flood wreckage. So sounds amazing. It was gay more so for in Cairo Simpson and they were cleaning up debris on curls simpsons property, even all suckin day in the near the end of the day at least, see like shit and like a pile of shit and they go over to grab it and it's a little like you know that size, restructuring or- and there like, like it's a refrigerator and then they open in its full of ice cold. Seer eyes asked me the only were kicker rater, but still it was still that's like it just goes right. Yeah that's incur silently men get a fuckin brown. You know he's nice, it's nice to. Finally, but there's it there's no there's a beast I'd someone spear
the matter, given that our upon gas of everybody got killed at the US now, quite the opposite. So it goes a little bit viral right, not enough, so that I had heard of it but like prizes, but definitely in the state of Nebraska and surrounding lots of dads dad's beer lovers with small refrigerator lover college students, as you know, the type so this guy brine Huey seized the storing goes. That's my fuckin refrigerator this refrigerators survived his parents house burning down in two thousand, seven, yes, and so after that they took this charred referred that heat. They said the reasonably recognize it is because of the charm marks on the family house, fire
and so he basically gives a whole. He goes on there and says: that's that's my dear about immigration. That's why we're oh! He said he also knew it was just because of the ratio of bug. Light to Bush lie in their wow, and so they are. They best friends knew so yes, o Brien Healy Cause. No sorry, Kyle's Simpson gets brain helium phone number, cause them and says nay repair. My road I'll drive it back to you and it turns out that they had. Actually after the house burn down, they shook the refrigerator up to the family, cabin like there your family shares the cabin and the cabin
was destroyed in the flat and so that so through future is the only thing left from the fuckin cabin and its works for miles downstream I'll. Since then, these days, I call we're going to need the name, the manufacture, the make them on raising promo code murder. From from ignorance and murder. Yeah, it's a pretty good story. Gorge stand! Judy Healy is also on the article and she says she's there, I go. This is what a terrible story and aunt Judy pops up in his like. We just lost a cabin and a refrigerator. There's people
whose lives have been impact in who were in terrible trouble and those are the people we need. We need to help so we want to use this story. Jibbering awareness to the back is our refrigerators a refrigerator. We don't hair Judy bless her her, but I mean it's not in the southern way bless you mean in them and western way I mean in the railway, and this the atheists in a good way. I got it dismantle the whole concept. So anyway, we agree with
aunt Julia. So we are debating ten thousand dollars to the Red Cross and we're doing it we're doing it. In the name of the Omaha, Marina Judy dies from standing up and sitting down in sending a only cyborg instances are going to make his oh just weeks that we give you all cars speaking. This is my favorite murder. The blanket caring he'll get seven as it he's been banned from your stay and if you knew why you'd be glad, never trust a must. Never don't be a fool sign these days, great mustache hammer not in a red flag, never trust they have certain mustache. That's what my grandma told me tat when you're lookin green most she's, like I know what you mean by that Georgia, when a man and a woman, let me very much: should we do journey you really.
These red leather boots It's a miracle. Are these from red lobster what, if that was on our writer yeah. I just demand red lobster. Last you smell like chatter, This has, we should make shudder, be biscuit candle, Look it's do. Let's do this. Is it your grand comedy podcast for all of you drag along errors, or was it my line so We often have to explain as at the top of the show, because the people who listen to this podcast obviously passionately- and we thank you for that- you have to accept that you bring people here who don't listen and that's why I get doesn't make sense.
I feel like you're, my best friends but like if you brought your friend to a party you'd know that we'd all that they need We don't want you. I was going to major accident like stopping well, it's just that were special. Do We have a special interests, special interest groups and a lot of people. Get offended. You don't listen to the pond gas there like true crime, a comedy as a bad combination, and you know true true true crime. You talk about murder, murders, the worst thing that could happened to a person and comedy should be involved in it and therefore we, you don't come by our church again over there. I don't know these things. They come up in my mind, but we just to take this opportunity to say actually georgian. I both Ben Obsessive, crook, true crime, since we were kids and
and because we are fascinated and horrified and scared, but also very interested in the real world and the way we deal with the real world and the problems and the oppression of the real world is drew comedy and laughter and humor or we would go king bad, should preserve zone. We insist upon our right to combine shoe crime in comedy and, if you don't like it, you can get the fuck out. Listen just say: don't feel bad. In Kansas City, we made those dragged along stand well that she gave that speech so consider yourself lucky and they did it do they did Europe high were proud, it was kind of event. So I go first. Ok.
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folded. All this extra should inwards is like a should have stayed in college, and I should do this more than four hours before the show it seems like it would be a better idea so. This is a historical one, and this is the murder of John. She d was not start doing. Calling response is weird, Ok. So this most of the information that there's a website. I discovered this weekend doing stories from other cities and it's called murder by gaslight dot com and, It has all these amazing stories from turn of the century and ends nineteenth. Century nineteenth century right.
Using honey as nineteenth century allows China Gaslight. You guys went to college and that's why I don't have the jolly with centuries are anyhow so yeah, so there's a ton of really amazing unkind of its story. You ve never heard before, but there is stocked up an insane is all the ones that we hear from today. It murders always been the same throughout the years. Everybody makes you think so, but then, at the eleventh hour, as I was saying, I found a website called gilded age you are now which is the university of the job do you have I'd like to do and so it was an honour, I'm just cutting paste. What it was because I didn't understand why there is a whole website, but it was like
must squall end like based on a paper, whereas, like this just relax, I, but apparently it was an online version of an award winning article by Timothy Armor, honey, professor of history, at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and the art what was called the great sheet murder case and the boost ethos of the gilded age in Lincoln, Nebraska Smart I mean even Reading that just now is really intimidating. Filigree deserve a degree now the holiday. I think we might get an honorary doctorate after this show. Pressure
so here is the first thing I learned in this article. There is a thing in Nebraska in the gilded age in the which is apparently the night you eat. Nineteenth century knights and eighteen, hundreds, eighteen, hundreds something's wrong, turns, might join in obviously that in ITALY an all over the midwest, but in this specific to Lincoln Lincoln's development. Men from different sectors of society came together just for for their towns grows so in to attain maximum economic growth there they I've been willing to restrain their personal values and opinions and work others who did not share their lifestyle weight so they
got it so like what I'm assuming is the two June that were in the entire welcomed into the prize so generous, and there is a couple Methodist over there. There, like sky, like a hard, labor, hard, labor, great yeah. Let's do this, and so it was basically we need to make this city strong. You know whatever they want. They wanted to perseveres. Just then, eventually when the train started running through there was this huge. It was like economic boom growth, I'm using phrase. I am talking about an you know it and I the men who have forged the rooster eat. Those came from a variety of occupations, the bulk being attorneys politicians, farmers and business man was like greatest people across all the line was raised. Creed- probably color. I can't be eighteen hundreds, let's not pretend
But basically they just agree that we're gonna put their shit aside and actually care about where they lived. What an interesting concept? America, I'm so glad we live in a world where nothing. I can do now in interesting twist in eighteen. Eighty is the attorneys businessmen and other middle class man attempting to expand. Lincoln's economy began increasingly divided as to what qualified as legitimate business, because as the traditional boosters believed in any form of business, be it I'll sales or prostitution or gambling. They basically were just like if its money, it's green, get a girl Assange, whereas let's make let's make money off the thing that people really like to spend money on, but of course a bunch of people didn't steal. That way. The
Temperance was a huge thing at the time. So there's all these temperance, leagues, of course, church, goers and church leaders, conservative people a cat. The bus kills. So there is some issues with it, but that's just I'm just I'm setting the tone ignore We Timothy, harmonious your nose. It is talking about so here we girls, you six men in South West of Omaha, Lincoln Nebraska, is the capital of Nebraska enemies, you and you want, according to something called a voice directory. I prejudice is a big old fashioned zombie ahoy is our oil directory? What does it do not make sense that it could be? It is but
Wikipedia it's true. Yes, Stephen. When you hear this, we're always just set him to make a pity unless we had Stephen, like fifty different, like accounts, are Wikipedia under different names. So it looks like we're just putting tax in anyone's hearing that I'll sounded events all states even as runs Wikipedia he wears a black turtleneck, has got a weird beard in theory the again so, according to the oil directly, he was a Lincoln was in the midst of a phenomenal population, boobs those kinds of boob asking to be such a great shout or here in eighteen, eighty, The population was less than fifteen thousand and the eighteen ninety ten years later. That figure was
fifty five thousand so more than tripled in ten years, so things are happening in Lincoln. There was a place to be, and that's it. It was the to be, and in most Americans data is an adjustment. Is they had what was called an entertainment districts of? Basically, when they put the railroads in the train, deeper was there than within. You know, say five to ten walking blocks of its train depot. They would have the entertainment district, which was, houses of prostitution, as well as casinos and saloons shit tunnel, saloons, a fun part of town exactly right. So
that district in Lincoln was basically street between the passenger depot and twelve streets. You now real hot spot. Today, it's like forge ahead. Less support waves, reportedly senior separately superbly nice. Supposedly we serve beer So ok, so this is where a man John she becomes into play. He was an irish immigrant, any move to Lincoln from Council plus Iowa in eighty six. Thank you, women. We don't get or from LOS Angeles, and we don't care about anyone else. So we when we go to town and there like we hate them, we're like why you should be friends like football, so you don't get it do we have to pull
Ah, yes, the Superbowl, you did great didn't we, sir. We sure kit medium. The second ways are fighting LOS Angeles agents money. He owes super bowl of stars right. Ok, I show you John. She gets alley. John. She d, flutter cheating, has reservations about a black hairs, colic kind of a grid system, a black hairs on John. She very flat stays in the cool rose garden. That's John Shady Right: there get that low checked out that nothing we would be funny if you say that Issues
and ended right below is lower level is one of those guys just go straight back in back or what I ve been ended at the bottom of the gods. Here s where we really there's somebody option on the opposite, bad option, exactly pickles and there's always too horrible options that are many years. It has not managed to distract you. What is she may look like a rear every can zoom in on the mall. It would have wanted to also whites whirls hypnotize you into not looking at the Djinn over you Judy, cheating, got it in the early eating seventies, he's running his own casino, so he got right to it.
Illegally. Of course, the casino look is located on the second floor of gas. Sandler saloon your favorite place to go in the week, which is at the corner of tenth and p. No one cares. No one cares corner of certainty, I meant to say corner of ten t any uptown districts of link in this fight. Illegal. The casinos existence is well known and frequented by linking, of course, wealthiest and most prominent citizens, including the mare Carl. See Sir good for him great city and its zenith are not popular with two groups of people in Lincoln: the competing casino owner wars, illegal casino owners. This is like a kind of the sky
Her face with days there jealous of shady success because he came in and just immediately was doing great and then there's angry conservatives who they see she needs open promotion of gambling basically the sinful life, and so they don't think it's good or they are good for the town. So, I'm still here this operation without much trouble. He's! U get arrested a couple times. One time they try to common arrest jam, We get those that I know he's the operator sea like he gets arrest. For gambling some morning ass, he has to say in jail until I can pay is what do you call it fail? thank ass tie. But the boy he's rich, so it doesn't matter. He gets out immediately there's one time they come to try to arrest him for gambling, but there
he's at home, because he'd been stabbed by one of the patrons of his answers like get can't get me on that one. I've got a nice at my God. Thank him to let you know small blessings of John shewed. He's ok is, though he Ebay's Lee maintains a stronghold on the underground gambling industry, Lincoln. Any of course starts paying off the police, so they don't bother him so now we find Mary treaty. This is my new headshot I'm gonna get a real short hair cut, but it's gonna go up high for some reason: Ok, so now we're talking about Mary, she needs is originally aimed Molly Merrill,
we different name. She moved to Lincoln from Illinois with her second husband, George Maryland. Eighteen, seventy nine and she gets a job as a made at the Arlington Hotel, which is where John, she lives and John and Mary either could have bet there or they could have met at his casino because men Mary, let's color Mary, even though her name is Molly, but she but she said at some point that that point which I dont know because Timothy model it didn't specify and as article and therefore, if Timothy doesnt know neither do. I Mary and her second husband, George, like to drink. They like to go to sea kissed. The casinos they like to gamble certainly could have met. There could event she could have been made in the hotel Essentially it is, before Mary Search cheating on George Eighteen, eighty George finds out about marries infidelities and they get into a fight. He locked her out of their partner yelling that here
equal refuses to learn what such a damned. Who were? I'm interpretation, I don't know if you pronounced it that way. She's a hooker, and then he sells all their furniture and move back to Illinois and leave her in Lincoln by herself. Ok, So this is. This is another thing that was in that in that article they talk about, because there is an index of all these definitions and when I come upon this, which is an directly related but Have you read it anyway, because the subject is true. Woman had and then it says, historic, is developed. The concept of quote true, true womanhood to help understand gender in the nineteenth century, United state of Deer, the council, encompasses the range of values associated with respectable women that emerged during that time period, including domesticity purity and higher t we're gonna go,
our package that that we finally bragging bragging. I don't think the shirt so big you at all. Then right underneath true, womanhood is unruly women and it says the dismay of its advocates, both male and female. Many women in Lincoln and throughout the United States, did not conform to true womanhood you're fuckin right about. Instead, many women chose not to marry and sought to survive through their me through other means, and given the limited choices granted to women and nineteenth century, many decided that a life of prostitution would be their best option right. This comes up so much in these all stories that we do where it's basically in it,
the nineteenth century, and some one, oh, I dont know walks outside their mother fucking and whether it's that their in love with someone who convinces them, they're gonna, marry them and then get knocked up had sex with them, because they think they're gonna get married, gets knocked up. The guy bales she's a fuckin harlot with Scarlet A, and he like, runs for mare and as the best life ever it's that or you get raped and the same thing happens. Are any number of ways to step in shit and you're. Fucking done for, and so that's real what we are talking about here. Is oh unruly women? It was forced on you most of the time. If you didn't have you didn't do that if you didn't get stay pretty or get married when you're twenty, two,
you're, pretty thoughts, you don't wanna get beaten by her husband, rather graded you, if you dont, like getting punch in the face, you were an unruly one that there is that and we're not even addressing how it was ten times worse for women of color, so yeah there's unruly women everywhere. So I clearly, I think Mary probably was just like yeah. I don't want to I'm in a fucking get with this guy he's got money in a casino, and in that I took all my furniture. I got boy for number three sounds great: why they wouldn't let us have pockets all those unruly women with their knives in their pockets.
So merry moved in with John cheating and their relationship. Regresses John takes very honoured trips in New Orleans and on that trip she says either marry me or I stay here and you never seem to get. You know, she's on the fucking bubble, s back and churches yeah. I'm sure she is super funny and personality and was fond of drink where He proposes Armas bar and then they returned to Lincoln S, husband and wife. Meet you. Let's go so he's casino visits continues to grow and he starts using his money to acquire by and build real estate in eighteen, eighty he actually built the sheep. A building in downtown Lincoln. So this is the block it was at the shady building, as it was a twelve eleven p street and
This is the north side of pastry between ninth, an eleventh, it said it was a large three story buildings. So it's either this one that one honour that well, it's adorable, no matter why care, so look like that. You think I got yes, it's exactly like that. Right, there's only one. I can wait stairs all those horses just gonna horses everywhere, wild free, so he built this building. They move into an apartment in the building and then there's businesses in the building. Obviously, that's how kills exude worker ok. So in January eighteen, eighty five Harrison, whole field files, the first series of complaints of the law and order league in the county. Charging the John Sheeny and other men are up
building, a gambling houses there, trying to like we're, trying to clean up the town or whatever- and here is aids- shady evades arrests- that time than in eighteen. Ninety John Unmarried take another trip this time to Buffalo New York, but this time this is while their merry falls ill and is treated for a quote disease peculiar to women. John I'm, an arrogant and your site and John leave her in Buffalo and goes back to Lincoln without her to comment on that, Norland is really should have to be man no offence to the one percent were heard for Buffalo so she is now by herself in Buffalo, so she meets a man named Harry walls drum whose machinist and a traveling salesman there. So charming. That's what if a combination, they fall, love it doesnt last of course, because she's. They trying to keep a roof over her head and align imagining. He eventually returns to Lincoln to work things out with John, but here
whilst from follows her to Lincoln, ok, so now we're back and Lincoln Mary she's back in eighteen. Ninety earlier to ninety one and she and John make Up- and Everything seems normal until the night of January, Eleventh eighteen, ninety one okay. So it's about eight o clock at night and John leaves the house to go to work at the casino when a strange man suddenly jumps out of the shadows and fascism in the head with a leather covered. Keen Oh sorry and leather covered deal. Canyon, still doesn't make I seldom ok. It was because chain was wearing chaps, really tight, one yeah. I can't I don't this is in its second super dapper guided, also attacks people he's jack,
times undecided the head before finally managing to pull out his pistol, but he's yields and MRS so the attacks you're drops the King Henry, in the end so Mary Gaza, here's the commotion goes out helps John back into the house. Tends to his wounds, sends her doktor calls the police, so there's also neighbours there that are helping as well. The doctors bandaged Shawnee Johns head there painkillers coke cocaine. Back then, and his injuries are really bad, but as far as the doctors can tell their not fatal. So
that same night, just as Johns about to go to bed Mary fixed him? A cup of coffee was sleeping powder and now to help him rest man in the middle of the night, John suddenly becomes paralyzed and then falls into a coma and he Ain't comatose for a full day and then by ten o clock. The next night, John Shady is dead, so this which is really a murder sends the town of Lincoln into a frenzy, its of course over the press. It's all anyone can talk about. He was very well known person in town and people of course deal less safe in a winner place. They felt they state that they also start doubting that figures that the mare and the cops everything can actually control the city their starting to feel like if they can't make it safe or someone like John shady. How can it be saved for like the farmer the judge drives, and everyone smiled like caution,
the coroner whatever so it's everyone gets real uncomfortable. So there's an end at nine, a m on January, thirteenth, eighteen, ninety one, it's a judge, a jury, lawyers and police officers that all gathered to hold this inquest regarding Johns death, but of course it's one of townspeople show up as well because they want to know what's going on and, of course, all the reporters, and The coroner has to ask all non essential individuals to leave was very hurtful yeah defiant essential. I feel essential feel like I thy care that makes me essential to this inquest. Man get out. You go back to the who were have video that over and over so this, the fact that all the non essentials got dismissed raises alarm bells is now there thinking. There's a couple,
something's going on that. They don't want to tell the press or the people so, They fight they determine the chief cause of death is from internal bleeding, caused by the blows, the head and its rolled a murder, but the people aren't because they think of the head. Injuries are because of she's death. He would have died immediately or much sooner. That, but, despite despite the ruling an investigation into the whereabouts of the man who attacked John, she begins police Chiefs, Samuel, Melick and Detective James Malone facilities
Ok, where is ice bleeding using his horror movie right guy who's? I beard comes now. It's like someone like an big Lebowski when they shaded over something someone else have drawn up an amended. Also, this guy yeah it's Thomas Gary person yeah! I get I mean. I know it was from this whole thing was from a long time ago, but couldn't we get somebody who knew what they were fuckin due to dry? These are the only pictures available. This is what they got the kitten that can't be right.
Where did I go? Ok So they're questioning Mary and other witnesses to try to figure out who this attacker is an, Mary and a view of the witnesses say they saw a black man running down twelve street and they believe that he must be the culprit and local sharp owner comes Gordon corroborates. That story saying that he'd recently sold a leather bound. Steel came to a man who was actually at a local named William Monday Macfarlane, which is the best buck a nickname of all time. So many Macfarlane is found two days later, just hanging out in a bar and uptown Lincoln and he's arrested and, it's the turn of the century, so you can imagine that he was treated wonder by the police in custody. His objected along bouts of questioning and then is held in sweat bar switches a window, less air, less tiny room and
this brutal treatment. He maintains his innocence, instil police chief Melick. I think he has done why taxes Malone. To release Macfarlane to the angry mob outside the jail and then monuments, Monday, Macfarlane confesses, that here, one who attacked on shitty but he says twist true: he was here too, do not by rival casino owners, not by the Temperance League yeah it's gonna categorically ago, some really old Ladys with bibles are like. Could you just tell him we're, says drinking ambling Then the head a bunch of time he was actually hired by Molly Mary Merrill, cheating may Marlene sit
so one Monday, Macfarlane and also this is this is how they know each other Monday for Ireland is a barber at Really Crampton Barbershop, which is in she d been business? That's right business. That's why I was making here to tell you that businesses are put to building a higher they are built man, foreshadowing fuckin. I led you rightly that we have no idea on this moments beyond satisfying here, you're one of those people they didn't know where businesses. So he's downstairs in Beverly Crampton Barbershop, which is where I want to go, get my heard time and he gets hired. By John. She needs to be marries, hair, dresser and so He would go up to their apartment
and every week and cut marries hair real high in times like just now down at all, worse overtime, Mary and Monday became flows. Is you tell your hair dresser every girl? Did you hear that Bert was it mine knows my Ivan over you and those who gets letter. I already doing that. I put the microphone not far enough away like earlier that I don't know. I do not think we're. I'm no in the in the place where I spent so much time by myself. I dont know if I'm doing things out loud, I didn't hear one. You didn't I load partners today. I would not classified as maybe
Doing mass yeah like an old fashioned like handicap, drug sister. I wish nothing more than that. I had say that and could do right now, but I'll, let you know- and I can't ok, I put my ear you let me know just surprised not to areas that are agreed agreed. What was I think, we're saying yesterday? Oh, I said George of Europe at risk. Before she Verve yesterday, I said here's me, but I was talking about something else for those like here's me and then we're like that's what you just say before. Here's me. I think I love it. Then that's just you. I am, and I must apologize my except when I say excuse me: ok, so overtime, Mary confesses, to Monday that her marriage to John she need is a complete gm and he cheats on her regularly and then she convives that she also cheats on him
Harry was from the guy from Buffalo the machinist and all I can fighting takes at all and then they start back in Monterrey. That's right! You can only get inside so much for your leg. Guess who opens leaping were put her arm so then, one day, while he's washing and setting her vagina happy, I dont work blue. Like so many other options, we don't need. The work will help it. Just my fingers made me do evaluations such a twist, where we didn't expect it then one day a married cells Monday.
She has a deal she liked to propose. She says that option. Equals John shooting for her champagne. Twenty thousand dollars a lot of money. How much do you think it isn't today's money, eight thousand, that kinds which is your right is it over half a million dollars today goes that either lying in any way? Yes It's bullshit there get me that, like give you, if someone's like I love really do this thing. I had such a pan kill somebody half a mill. You're like a view here- yes, no think so you have our mind your mind, so. She explains that if John dies she stands to inherit his estate,
which is now worth roughly two hundred thousand dollars, which over six million dollars and today is money shirt so at first she refuses, of course, because murder is bad and then she threatens to tell John about the affair they're having, and so that's a huge threat, and obviously that's like saying I'll, kill you, because it's a black man having an affair with a white woman. So then he is forced to agree so he tells police he actually had tried to kill John, chiefly to other topic la both times. By trying to shoot me just missed the thing about hiring any random person, a kill. Someone like most people aren't good at yea, I would say: you're gonna hire someone go ahead,
professional and knives ones like an old funds are crazy. I'd rather not kill someone if you're going to blackmail me, but I like they do that he went from a gun like hunt and more thought. I'm terrible at this. Let me get a steel chain encased in leather. That's it but the real news was that, although Monday immense to attacking John She d with the metal came here. Police. It was Mary who actually kill John poisoning him money says Mary and her lover Harry whilst from where the masterminds behind the entire murder plot, so both Marian Harry walls drum arrested for murder. The charges are dropped against rostrum due to lack of evidence, so on May forth, eighteen, ninety one there's the trial of Monday Macfarlane and Mary, She D, when were chances confession. Of course he says that he was hoarse by police and
he and Mary sleep not guilty Mary uses, John Cheese, old attorneys and for her defence but of course, Monday's unable to await justa there Monday Macfarlane, look at Javert Mother Fucker. No wonder he had another steel bound yeah. Like cancer hairdresser, I mean you're gonna I mean that's a good picture. That's going on. This is a different illustrator than the one you have I breeder so Monday can't afford you wouldn't be able to tell by his mother fucking top hat. I can afford a lawyer, so he has to get court court appointed lawyers. Now, John she. These brother Dennis comes in from Denver, he's. Also read she's a banker in Denver he can
there's a few Pinkerton detectives and the whole team of attorneys to work on this case. He also answers enlist the assistance of a reform politician named John Fitzgerald, who was gambling and one of John Chinese biggest enemy, so vision, Europe has been appointed co administrator of John she's, a state which me if Mary sound guilty Dennis and Johnson Gerald get all control of sheet, is a state and a small fortune for consumer demand, It doesn't seem like an old name. I am surprised that there's a Dennis back any random yeah, that's the seventies named after seven years, then Dennis comes entities got really Longside acoustic guitar and he just wants to chill jam and show your like Dennis. Are you wearing sandals in eighteen? Ninety one whit chasing the summer and get to work from I'd? Take that perker shell neck was also get serious about this case
what's also interesting, is the law? about eight. Spouse not being able to inherit their other. Would you other spouses vows Egypt today spouse again just espouses borgian if they are being aid for their martyr, it was a brand new law that has gone into effect, nine days before before Johns Martyrs. What just happened? ok. So this was such a high profile and just divisive case that it a week and they had just Green, two hundred and sixteen potential jurors define twelve people. We had already formed a biased opinion about this case. Does you're either fuckin FRO gambling or fuckin. Jesus is on your shoulder, your peers, like theirs. They couldn't find anybody. There was in the middle while they did, they did so the monster selected, the boat, the prosecution and the defence agree to try Mary and Monday Macfarlane together each believing
but that would weaken the other side's case. Someone for Ireland we Kansas concession, but it still read aloud in court via the prosecution and that ends The only evidence that they have the rest is purely circumstantial Macfarlane claimed poison John, but when a chemist, analyzes, John Stomach, liver, spine and other organs therein, no traces of poisons our shoes and that we should have been his story that everyone's, oh yeah, the wife, poison them or she did for eighteen days this is kind of miraculous the jury finds both Monday Macfarlane and Mary, shady not murder. Of John Shady, I do not think I was going to I didn't either, and I wrote this
after the trial, monument filing get the fuck out of Dodge Lincoln Engineer whenever years for them again you he changes named a Wednesday in eighteen. Ninety two Mary shooting marries another man in MAX Burst, who works as the salesman for the american tobacco Company and they move to San Francisco sick of the sound of my own boys in eighteen. Ninety three Mary tries to sue for control of Johns State, but the brother Dennis the the right of the estate had been,
to him after the case, Mary had been awarded a small monthly allowance, and so she was like. I think I shall the estate and there like no, and you can have a slightly bigger allowance there, like now like sounds get a day or so she loses our case and she lives the rest of her life in beautiful northern California, and that is the story of the murder of John. She did. She do I mean there's its largest aid, because the whole thing is there, for there were probably thirty different people who wanted that guy. So is it that, is it easy to blame the wise? Is it easy to blame? The probably one of five black people and down name is Dennis taken back and evil in Colorado cash instead, Lucky wants, I mean, like it doesn't seem. Like you know, India. Like we're gonna get it square answer.
Its banana. I like to present stories were not only is there no solution, but also just kind of weird yelling at me. I don't think she did. I don't think she did they son, but I feel like problem over the years. People have put it together, words like will you know exactly how many husband she's had, and you know exactly how many affair she sat right. So I feel like that drives you all the way to like poison them words like well know, she's, DIN, actually, science says she didn't poison to had been poisoned to husbands. Maybe I think it was too has visited poison. I'd have a way better story. The new Netflix Series Lock and key, is coming of age, mystery about love, loss and then shake bonds are defined family after their fathers murdered under mysterious circumstances. The three luck, siblings and their mother leave their life behind to move into key house. The lock them
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and I got most of this. I didn't have a ton of information and then I want you to an episode of the award winning shows snapped. I think it's one any awards, but it's fucking good and it gives you a lot of information and details, etc. I think it want to tony rate to get one and agree on the eve of the opening music. It's got awards everywhere. Ok, so, carry forever she's born and raised in Macedonia, Iowa not the original Macedonia with The one for my own little known fact is the original. Why I started here again ceiling. Wikipedia changed that Macedonia Wikipedia bitch she's like in a totally oh there's your
guys! Jones treaty is varied, underneath this tombstone, hopefully to this very day we gotta hope so. She's luck and brilliant super high. I q smart funny but she's. Also like super friendly and outgoing everyone loves her. She is gonna, get a degree in computer science allows she's in college. This programme hardest beckoned degree to get more, never getting, but called degree in that they give it to you or anything. I mean truly She has a kid well she's in college, which use breaks out about bonanza, raising her kid as a single mom and her son MAX's like the way you're fucking life are super close and as she raises him with the help of her family, she dates casually
the so her family didn't ask any questions when she was like an endless likened. The stew name Dave from Council bluffs, I'm gonna go, spend the weekend with him and there like great happen, she had met him just a couple weeks earlier and spending it. We can, with himself Monday November thirteenth twenty child she supposed to leave his house and go if the rest of her life, but doesn't show up for her job. In Omaha and she doesn't pick up her son from school that day, so coarser Friends and family are like this is out of character. What the fuck the right away? She start sending tax to her family being like hey, I'm just gonna fuckin split down right now, goodbye I needed like clear, my head or whatever the fuck, leave me alone and that, of course, not a character. Shit yeah, I feel like we ve. This is I'm a couple times. I feel like this, the everybody should get a system set up with their family. Did it
Everybody agrees like talk about other things, giving his you're gonna texts mean to tell me you're, leaving for awhile like going to Cuba or whenever the fa bullshit thing. These people make up that there has to be like a safe or the person actually included in the message where it's like, and this is how you now or you have a safe world and if you're texting, someone like everything's fine nipple, like that, you know, you'd, like things aren't like my nipples, it sure whatever is everything's, I'm usually talk about nipples, yes, nipples or just trying to set of safety systems with you get your own stuck in word. No, you don't it's nipple! You don't take something. Georgia's majority has nipple clean. You can do aerial if you want science by sign.
Yes, I totally agree with em. Like call me and the like note, you that's like red flag. Ok, so the Big news shouldn't be texted. Re lots of things should meet activity, especially I'm I'm leaving forts and determine amount of time. That's right, my I think mice it if there is not an Xbox three exclamation marks after every sentence. In my text you know it's not me: ok and like a cat with heart, the cat emerging with hearts and its eyes, not not, you now, ok nipple. So she, and though she said you know taxing her friends being like fuck. You leave me alone in being like vulgar with them, which is so not her telling her to leave, telling hurt them to leave her alone, and she said I asked my son MAX. If you want to come with me, he said no sort of laughter MAX is already like kids reviews like that's bullshit and Iran, Iraq, erotic now, Iraq,
messages start appear appearing on your facebook and carries the mother, of course knows that her daughter wooden attend intentionally disappear and leave her son behind so her Mamma couple days later, files and missing persons report. And when the police after carry has any issues with mental health, she has to tell them that carry was actually diagnosed bipolar, but she, her meds, were like they helping her manage that and she was fine, but of course the investing please, that now like a girl, she's gonna formats and ran off and don't take it that seriously, but they still come look into it about two months. After carry seemingly skipped town on January tenth, twenty thirteen per year, two thousand to Fort Explorer is located in Dave. Did she is something that we can within his apartment, complex right there but the she's, the one who calls it in his like this fucking car just showed up and they
you don't find any signs of foul play. So he's doing Dave there like. Let's look into him great. The tracking down an question him the like what the flax she's been missing since she left your house supposedly, what's going on and he's oh hell! No, I haven't seen her in fact, she's been sending me fuckin harassing texts and emails as well unlike hands over his phone. So Shortly after she left that morning carry such attacks. Today's sang she wanted to moving together and they know of indignant like two weeks casually yeah yes she's, like hey. I know ordaining casually for two weeks, but let's move together and were also dating other people, but let's do it here is like now, and then she start sending him harassing and threatening emails, including are in tax, including over twelve thousand emails sent. Her email address? Twelve thousand
in how I get numbers wrong. Also, that's how much had passed. I dont know like a year, so that this let's go through with this- goes on board but say the duration of it, which is three years a location of twelve thousand still alive. Yankee, it's right away. I don't know. Which, in today's email, Amelia said yeah and then she starts moving on from different email accounts that have variations of her name carry fervour along with his last name. Like thing, you know somebody like you right in a notebook when you're in six, exactly when said. Nowadays you make an email address about it and thousands of text from her from more than twenty five different phone numbers, So she claims in the text such as pregnant with his baby and another one asked how to find a hitman to kill this girl. This other girl that
This data is another both casually gaining each other and they never people on she's, like I'm gonna fuck, an iron man and kill the scroll you're dating and contains details of Dave's whereabouts photos of his apartment and his car and shows pictures of the girl. He stating two kids like walking back and they also subject lines like watching and see. I'm really here and ship ya, wanna, see I'm due area. Dave like I snuck in Haiti, mail. I I can't. I can't do it anymore. That's a scream grab from the snapped episode there. We go, ok so Then one day carry his mom has of course like. I can frantic- and this isn't, my daughter gets it get some message from then carry saying
am. I saw no, my furniture since I'm not fucking. Coming back, he hears a photo of the check that I got from the person is buying the furniture for like five grand they're going to come, get the furniture, and I need you to give it to them and carries moms likes you better call me, I noticed, is that you and so she takes the cheque to the investigators and the check is signed by a woman named Liz Collier. So the cops gotta talk to her and she's like fuck that shit, I'm the Girlfriend whose dating Danes who lives a stocking me earth. Who is I'm bienstock that carry as well as this makes sound yes and make an illicit? That's when I got yeah yeah, so he's the girl, whose anything like she's being set up to be involved in that re, okay, so Collier she's, a single mom she's. From again she had moved Armada raised her two kids Dave online and they had casually dated on and off, but the greater both a marrow DDT F
and that's just their thing. It's casual yeah, you know wink tongue out, Winkie, yet known so. Lives was currently off with an army that she had run in to day when carrying neighbour together and was like fine with that and she's, like I'm getting harassed by carry as well oh she's. Sending me threatening messages calling me a horror. Her car get spray pain and sang like I can horror and other shit, the harassment does bring Dave and Liz back together and they start dating bonding over their mutual insanity. Things happening to them and down either even get texts from carry when they're together? So then lies so then Davidson email from Carry and she's like I'm in a light lives, is fucking house on fire, financed, updating her and
lit and then lose calls day. There's like my fucking house, is on fire, no yeah Like Russia's over to be by her side, I can house burns down and shit. I'm her. Kids are fine, but all her pet die I am now they all her there's a few. At the outset, I don't wanna sorry. What am I doing? Sorry I'll just say one is a snake which just pure snake, don't worry. Nobody should have that we are trying to solve the problem. I started sorry, there's one guy with a pipeline wrapped around his neck. In the back that single harder, he
so there. We are ok stuck in three years them this and carry has Miss birthdays, Anthony her sons were things in her saying graduates from high school, and she, MRS that, like she's, missing important family things that are obviously it's not real. And she and her mom and families adamant that it's not her writing emails imposed its not fucking carry so in December. Twenty fifteen Lizzie failure. She this is the girl dating do she gets the Omaha called case unit to show them more threatening email emails by carrying she's, like I'm being her asking you to get this woman away from me but this time she says that the e mails are being sent from Dave's. Others, like an ax from before her, so it's a woman in any at David, been with for more than a decade or almost a decade, and it's the mother of her two children, history, children is making sense. Twenty of clearing up so,
So let's lasers, like I now in being harassed by this other woman. Maybe it's the other woman he's doing all this shit, and so the day after lives, Gus investigators with the emails from Amy This calls nine on wine and she's like hair, been shot leg. Yes, she's walking in Big Lake Park North Council bluffs, when a woman comes up behind her with a gun and tells you to get to the ground and then says: how do you like fucking, Dave and shoots or in the leg and runs sorry. Can I do a quick sidebar? Yes, what is it like this one day, because these people are not about it apparently yeah? Why shrieks did he learn Winkie based tongue out, like a really romantic dinner, and a beautiful italian restaurant than daily in Sweden is like,
you know how Davis I know how to do it and, of course, listen now a hospital. She survives despite a lot of blood last the please come in and like this was Amy right. The axe and youth issues like I can think it was so please go in question Amy and Like you, I was home with my kids in my fucking pajamas when this happened and then her neighbor corroborates that says like this is weird scratch. The head thing, so they dig further into the emails online shit and They find a youtube. Video main under carries name in a video shows. The videos outside deeds apartment showing his house and ice stockard shit from carries a Youtube account, but then they like, let's dig deeper, and they see that the IP address,
goes to none other than less yeah. Oh, my god, shocking. Ok, so I felt great though, because I was putting it together now MIKE. It's fuckin live lives once of lake and shot herself in the leg. Goddammit. That's right so please bring less back and they pretend that they, you have found, carries, remains, and they say we think it's Amy, the other acts You need to send like trying to get her to tell you shit, so Amy's lizards like great I'm on it, I'm a detective and shit. So then they live is like look. I got all these emails from Amy and graphically detailing how she killed carry and do it again the less achieving to stay away from Dave so lists his fucking. Obviously, now we shall do so.
The email say better supervision emissary. Could I attacked her with a knife. I stand her three to four times in the chest and stomach area. I took her. In burned, her eye stature body in a garbage bag and she identifies carry his evenings symbol tattoo on our side and says, like saying, Now I know she has the statue. This is how I now and now you know I'm not lying about offering. I really did kill, carry and I'll do it. I did it in her own car. This is what the supposedly from any as such? police are like, ok and nay check carries car again they had found it and have found anything weird and this time they remove the cover from the sea and passenger c and find a large spot of blood in the middle of the sea Christian untouched, show that the blood belongs to carry farmer The second had found a pack of meant gum way back when I looked at it and that the only fingerprints from the attire car were on that pack of meant,
and they had to run them, they hadn't match anything. They run the finger print still is Goin. Obviously, it's her fingerprints and then the emails that are allegedly from a mere traced back to the computer and, of course they determined both the House fire and the shooting self inflicted judgments, She loves him so my she burned her own house. Should our own fuckin house now killed her own second pets. Killed her own snakes. Disgrace that my right certain disgrace So even though they don't a body. Of course
and they know how hard these cases are. Try when there's nobody police are afraid for now. Amy's lies an aim. Is children lies because lives was already some stocking Amy now, so they arrest list is now forty one and charged with first degree. Murder of carry fervour of yours. Here's a lot less out. She. She goes my Shanna China too, but it's less. Don't worry, ok, now to China, lizards, hair, shaves, her eyebrows lights, on fire. Do you think she went right before they took her. Mom churches like hold on oh yeah, that one of those this. What are you doing? How do you write? Twelve thousand chant return, one and inflationary found her pinterest page
in my searches as well and wishes fucking weird from jail. No, I think it's like an old one that is still there and it just pictures of emails. All twelve thousand pictures of emails very weird, so, ok did it at that and they thought they arrest her and chargers. Firstly, reminder of carry farmer and and in the email, Shimon, alleging that David was in on the whole time and knew everything, but it turns out he didn't and when he finds out he's like oh shit, I should have you like, for example, out obviously, and he hands over he's like I have this old tablet computer. That She left him. My house like take lessons if there's anything on it and they find a memory card in it. Of course is everything has deleted, but you can't delete Everything anything really. Anything and they find a series of photos, unless is memory card of that g
inside that had been dismember. Now she took them sure yeah. So they check with, carries mom and maintenance. Delinquent touches you carry have and they touches match what's on the photos of their dismembered legacy. But I know it's really sad and one of the tattoos was a chinese symbol from meaning mother I now let's go to trial in May of twenty seventeen she's like onawandah jury. I just want the judge in the distant car could call live. One good decision now The defence argues that this case, the circumstantial there's not enough physical evidence linking lives to the crime and prosecutions like ok, we're here is more than forty pieces of evidence
that show that lives made more than a dozen email accounts to send false information for over three years, and all this other fuckin crazy evident. How do you keep the passwords act here? Passwords alone, How do you do yeah? How you do just next thirty, five years going and going? your password might has refuseniks thirty five now to change it. The prosecutors and tell the judge that the emails or evidence premeditation and the graphic details were proof of a concession. Obviously, so this
county, judge, Timothy burns Vines lives guilty of first degree: murder, which Nebraska is an automatic life sentence without the possibility of Peru is funny. It's taken us so long to get here and this state where we like the laws. The most only shows here now how he Wouldn'T- and so this just as past November of twenty eight seen the Nebraska Supreme Court rejects, was his appeal due to the over welding circumstantial evidence in one of the strangest romantically obsessed murders, the state is ever seen agreed here:
carries family of arduous relieved, proof that the women lives tried to make Harry seem for three years. Isn't the woman that she was they try to make her? Look I'm crazy that someone someone who the band her son and her family and like a stalker and that their relieved to finally know what happened to their to carry and carry son MAX is following in his mothers but and pursuing a great degree in computer engineering need now. Is this murder Harry my on ok, compounds have been fucking this. We guys unbelief such good stories.
But I think there's someone that probably has a story that we should invite. You remember her. Young name is Indians in Rome Ii Cross over to Van Gogh. Then listen. If you run into us in the elevator at our town, we, like your browser, you can bring the house lights down now. Let me indeed Cindy rode down the elevator with me and didn't say a word until he got up and that I'm coming tonight by the like, like a terrible stocker, but you also right, as we were walking in the door really nice to meet you, and this is the story for you. So what's your stories in the first, where are you from
Eleven Lincoln Nebraska Center. I know a lot about linking Nebraska creature, even those of the nineteenth century. I'll tell you later so I have to give a little back story. I was invited to speak at the Nebraska penitentiary to their toes masters group. Do you and tell us what you do for a living is not well at that point I worked at the universe in Nebraska and other speakers, and I was asked to come, speak to them about employment opportunities and go to the penitentiary nets in the late nineties and start through the introduction. Why should back up? first. The thing I know when you go to sleep penitentiaries that they search you
and I was wearing hush puppies and if you ever own hush puppies, they have shanks and hush puppies. Why so? I had so there's mental shanks we get so when that happened. I had to remove my shoes and then get a much more personal search. That I intend to happy is yes it wasn't. It wasn't good today like that too little well, I don't know where they thought I was doing a protocol. So, needless to say, then I go into this very mirage and asked them workers. Did you have to be like in your underwear now quite that banking? There was a female guy.
I will search based email. Fortunately, now ok, good as adults, you much techy agree desired interim, so I I go in and they start doing introductions and all of a sudden, I'm looking around the room- and I see this do and I realize I'm like oh shit. I know this guy is in Though I have to get my notes out till you use your notes, soy we're only letting you do this because of the search for murder, PDF, she's, bringing murder pdf. No, I minding Deasey as in the search, ok and your passwords his next. So if anybody, but when I went to the university there was day there was a killing the ninety. Ninety three,
Chicago of a woman that was from Gotham Nebraska, her last neighbours nor Brook And she was married, your high school sweetheart mean Scott Burking, What happened in that case is she was found bludgeoned about two blocks from where their apartment was in town. They were never able to figure out from this aspect was but the I was convinced that this is the husbanded actually done the crime, areas so consequently they were not able to prove it, but what they do is the family stewed, so that he could not collect any of the process. From her estate and at one point that would have been about two million dollars and then what was really bazaar was about. Four years later there was a stream there was for crimes if he committed and he went and did for robberies in Omaha, like Bam Band.
And ended up in the Nebraska state penitentiary. So that's how I got to meeting was in the state pen So we did this or crazy robberies and all of this happened and you were never able to convict him of the crime that what did happen. Where's he's dead five years within the in the depressed estate penitentiary. He gets out he moved to arm he marries another woman and then was moved out. California, he was in. I think it's Rockland callous no idea, my sacrament thirty miles, sacrament, ok He was working at a Starbucks, lay no real that many very moved out there, and they had attempted suicide. A couple I'm serious deal with depression issues and all that happened, and
in two thousand three. They found him hanging from a tree without a suicide note. And they were never able to calm. Finally figured out tat the murderer. It happened that I think they were. I think, there's a lot of people. Feel like justice was done so with some. It was pretty while you may have in my heart,
Well, I would say I would say that I got a little nervous and so my critique of my speech, the penitentiary they said she seemed a little nervous. I dont know why don't worry we associate rather they are just like it. Here is really amazing thing tier of younger than oh, my God, masters of the deep and demanded giant thanks for having a little while we were going to be able to do this, so we thought for a little while that this might happen and there
yeah that everybody came is humongous complement and we can't really thank you enough for The way you guys show up the way you guys purchase with this contrast is mine.
Bowing to us like we just we just can't timely me when I'm you guys in like a like. I know you are you're my best friend and ethical. You fucking do know us and we are like this like community, you guys it's so touching, because I wish I had that when I was you know younger and now I do, and ITALY also good, and I'm so glad you guys have those wild and also the sons of people will narrow is like I actually came by myself tonight, I'm just an unbelievable thing, a bunch of you now people that having ninety disorders, people who don't like other people who are to stay home and watch the idea channel, are coming out to a major advance and hanging out because they know their way here. People thanks for letting us be weird spokespeople for that. We want you to say see if you God's missions it more than that we light, is day sexting
everyone who and welcome to a very special segment. We have right now very excited wherewith. Tryst word. She is the creator and director of the five part doc. You series it's out now on Amazon, Prime video called TED Bundy falling for a killer, which we are so excited like. I got shells watching the trailer. The inspiration for me was OJ made America which was by changing amaze me I'm from historical perspective and has raw the idea of looking at a true crime story through the culture, meaning through race and America. So that's what gave ass. The idea to do the Bundy story through the lens of gender,
Ray. I had never even considered the time and place of the women's movement during this period that women were finally getting. You know some authority and how TED Bundy, just in a scared that from everyone it having crossed my mind, while its rule was really interesting to go bad because I live through that. The idea that this happened at a time when women were finally gaining traction, it really is told to comment on what the women experience. So it's like yeah. We can do this stuff, yeah really happening and then wham, oh, not so. So that's the one thing that can make it to reconsider our freedom and pushes and so that was sort of the idea behind
I'd really showing what was happening in that moment. So it made it worse. This interview that you got there lies as pretty huge. I think a lot of us who have been following the case since we were very I have always wanted to hear from her and what she went through. Did you meet her before and had to Tucker and no matter? How did you get this? So I know I met her and I knew aid, my case we bonded over the recovery, both single mothers to most of our lives, and so there is a lot of trust around that's her staff, but she just serve thought of for a while and. If you conversations and then she was in an, I think, her reason for wanting to do it. I reserve conflict reasons? She really. Our take, it was through the lens of gender. She was to work with a female director who
I think, has many, the woman, a new series understand that time: marches on for us all and the high witnesses to this case are not going to be around forever rain. I think she I wanted to be part of a film that enabled other women stories and, Having said all that shouldn't jumpin with both feet, she was always very nervous about it, but Innovation- she came around. We do the seven or eight interviews with her long ones and she was grey. She was pray interview and super honest, and I could see her working things through shouldn't thought about four years. I was the bravest thing to me, not exposing who she was sure she was kind of living sort of anonymously. It was actually facing on camera. Some pretty dark stuff
I'm back and she did that really boldly ass, a brain so in talking with these women and what their anything that surprised you and getting that take for me, the roommates upland he later many things, but they move back into the house today. Really here, I know I know that even with knowing who he heard as it could have been an error. I just took a stand. The Pakistan, which I thought we I wouldn't so brave yeah. I thought I was really cool amazing, MRS Mann, such so great to talk to you. It's really an honour to have you, the eggs, TED Bundy falling for a killer and Amazon were so excited
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