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This week the ladies go way off topic before launching into their favorite murders, which focuses on the Cleveland Elementary School shootings (aka "I don't like Mondays") and 1800s nurse/serial killer Jane Toppan. Please remember to stay sexy and don't get murdered!

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this is exactly right karen yes georgia rhythm section is a female led female made action thriller soaring blake lively and a fearless role as stephanie patrick than ordinary woman who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumes the identity of a spider s film is a greedy and suspense full story a female empowerment as stephanie survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness issue directed by red murano and also starring jude law and sterling k brown the rhythm section isn't theorist january thirty first goodbye
let's get settled in well alright let's get cozy and comfy might some candy so did you start i think this is it i think this is the lash opposite do i normally talk like that kind of presentation like cosy income treasure you seducing me in your own home well go me this is my favorite murder can signal drink water georgia i didn't know that everyone's raw he carried it feels like i have to do it sometimes like i don't have a choice in and out of your sustained by i
welcome to episode twenty one of the pot cast that rocks you to sleep at night and then shocks you away three with bad feelings and yet you still want to be friends with only the come on we become were now asleep helping cast relying upon costly with me the maps asked where the conceptual make you stay awake all night that's right oh it's for people who don't we fall asleep ever again are you nature security guard you might wanna listeners pond you have mac depression annually yup online anyways than jump on board do you have a quality baby you're murder area are you burglar a burglar they are you a cat burglar you catholic let us sneak along the rooftops with you we love to let's do it
goodbye i worked today is almost americans did not me but you did you something no really were you in that outfit all day not this one this is actually cuter and then when i was wearing all day and this is a fuckin house dress georgia has house dress on that looks like egg something from bewitch by hotter took a key party like a casual key partying alpha it's like a tomato red with gold brocade sleeveless mimi house dress i mean they dont make em like that anymore or current unfairness in asia girl were correct girl its work but i don't need a house dress i ask you what murderous story again the sad truth is that having i'm trying to think of like have i've ever been too
a party or a situation where a guy has talked about this we love so much and brought it up themselves like he's bond even like i got i had the best enrichment this guy sky last night re like across your crowded robia gosh garage i don't think so i know neither happening over there i have just playing with the there's a kitten in the realm of the one should now this georgia's upping that cat factor one thousand with a cat a kitten name kevin amuse me very loud right now but you suck you he's super he looks georgia wanted meant that she bought a pure bred nothing the matter i adopt dont shop goddammit this cat looks so pure bred that year he's a lynx point siamese he's pure bred however
found i don't know but santa dumpster let's say in a tiny capsize dumpster shining eyes answer he was a bottle fed he was bottle said by raccoon knew somebody somewhere a cap regular stole him from a pure bred breeding play is now adopting them out and then a family of frogs that we're vests rings turned down boy though it you mom accepted them as or baby out then kevin red on the road on the mom frogs back
until they were like this hurts i gotta get rid of this challenge as house stratum of due to an area with the road there lily pad right it am i only know meter of us god i've of our though this is this is adding to the dream pot the sleep pod cow rightly entering stories mandarin story we're gonna add we're gonna try to add along with all the horrible visuals that we feed strict straight into your brain were also adding some fun towed into vest visually ass unlike some like the visual all some fuckin let's say priority is an imperative god never been offered pay out of my life i dont don't you have to go to the andes or something to get that chaser or i was gonna be friends with duncan trestle or something i am fond of them
name right sorry if you can't handle it are what do you got me housekeeping we got a shitty shooting story do you know about that i'm just gonna be like every week talk about what's in the news i mean seriously it's it's such a bummer i mean that this one too is like such a huge one that i i didn't process it when i first heard i was like oh yeah yeah mass shooting and then as it progresses and i look at social media and everything it so awful i feel like it's one of those serious watermark things were the it's like like do something what one would hope but why wouldn't sandy hook be that those are just words like five year old children tat gun now it's so rough you now not there you people are any but
it's just this just just what is it why women have been yes i got shamed on social media way i don't want to be like on this topic here i want to be i won t responsible before my actions and not say this is stupid i then say that maybe i did something wrong so i posted something about like guns dump heap kill people people with men mental illness who are have access again did and i got all these responses that were like please don't you need not say a phobia as a mental illness it was on the point that i said that i as a mental illness which i think when you fucking gunned down a hundred people i include we probably have some sort of mental illness but they were saying that i was crying my phobia a mental illness rate and so people with things like clinical depression or like don't fuckin put that guy in my group i am clinical depression and he can be and our group will i mean yeah but i
he'll like people the unity on they weren't saying that they will that homophobia is a mental illness like his eyes were wide open here exactly what it is doing i think you can kill people without having some sort of mental illness if you like these days are certain words you just can't even say without i mean you can say i'm all you want but you know you're gonna get fifty out replies from people who are either wildly unreasonable were coming a direction that they are not taking into account there on a purse words with you just heard because i know i wish people those who knew me and that i am fleet lee i am so not homophobic and you know i was just trying to be supportive and say and say how awful it is that we don't have any uncontrolled ray and disarm disgusted by it but instead it just seemed like i was like that i was doing something wrong by saying those things felt really shity i mean people love to tell you you're wrong not use passivity
but people love detail each other the wrong on such us mom and really under that yeah but but i that that some especially in those times were peep i think when people are in grief in panic or serious fear they just reacting and like an answering an and trying to police other people because they don't have any control over the way the world works and i just turns into like real every in nobody sing the right thing and you can't say that this is how you grieve and this is how express yourself and these are the rules and the rules and the rules neural that's like that's fine except for granted people will exactly will also just like you said they dont know you so they are assuming it i've done that a bunch of times were ives tweeted something that i'm like oh this might be a buzzword this might be sensitive and no matter what people right back to me i am the first thing i assume is that their against me too and so then i have to read it twice to be like oh no they're making a joke along with me
i mean i don't know it's not the best part is social media isn't we ought to pretend like it's a resort in its actually it's kind of like let you know like a weird hobo camp am i like to say how but it's like crazy hobo camper everyone's drink and moods and so there's a lot of big reactions and there's a lot of i just know indicators and a will knife i didn't say there on thank you misconstrued monotony alongside line about sex such a shitty thing to do yeah just let him have it like the there's even let him have it i believe it i deleted what i said oh you did me i mean whatever it's i don't know shit there's no there's no way to do it right and especially when people are like won't you up in arms it starts to feel good to be up in arms not not in this case specifically but i feel like what we
public shaming and this shaming thing it starts to feel like no you need to hear something about how this really is its because people are scheme and that's like it's such a terrible like a guy murdered people to be sought you guys kissing it's almost too i see it in a way the words like people who are really in these in these like what they earn in india band and you love and then they get big like you didn't you don't get a claim them it's like almost like you don't get to save it this person is insane because their homophobic that's i thing em how dare you try just empathize right yeah empathizing wrong is what you're being tolerated but that's also you have to remember that there's people they don't then or not on twitter because they appreciate a turn of phrase wore a you were basically doing satire of that old saying an ocean of its corny anyway is well known because i was being emotional
was the middle of this whole thing i'm like that was happy george because i don't say i do not agree with this it is because we are going to have no i just think i think people love to be able to be like other other other in that in situation i didn't mean to offend anyone and i am completely supportive of mostly everyone also fear on twitter and you find yourself at replying and correcting people's grammar wording or behaviour you might want to just go take just have a nice tall glass of water and just stand in the kitchen for twenty minutes i just took a sip of water was directed at me you know i use everything around me like a great improvise amazing the only the only correctional grammar that i've ever appreciate it was some woman some i wrote to the national spelling be treated at them said like something about like they have this like this
ouch that when you lose ngo had talked to a therapists internationally binding and this woman was like chemist coddling the kids and when they lose just like let them fucking lose unlike learn a lesson but she get road written loose seven actual spelling you just wrote at reply and rope lose spelled correctly which both god bless amazing my third thing like that that happened recently is they were talking about somebody wrote an article on think it was on having composed about inappropriate it was for that me camel show to ask megan fox something about her pregnancy and jimmy kimmel was his twitter account wrote back megan
actually approved all of the questions that we asked her before the show so go fuc yourself and i retweeted it a ton of people i know that your words like yeah actually in television all of those things are pre agreed there is no one that blind sides people on shows like that's why i want those shows is because i am so oh every suit did that you went scheme i didn't you know it's funny that you mentioned that is so we were up in whistler its immediate says i can can be back i like i make me so uncomfortable doing it was my life you did that all my sister says you're the wars person talk to me that i'm the worse personal watch tv with because it's been ruined for me so bad i love running tv for my sister like i was i thank you see that right there that's about it that must be from something else me as that that lighting change whatever where she's like why would you
i'm sorry it was earn few why do you earn it causes what binds because it was ruined for me because i can barely enjoy anyhow miami me yes lord shows too i can deal with speeches like people like presenters and like them saying on wrong unable to read off a teleprompter one like this is your jaw unlike clearly they hate the person their presence and then the person who wins is like such a fucking narses says yeah will i think that's what's happening in the whole room almost every time here's the thing it all makes me sick to my stomach it all is like if you say you're an accountant all day you were just like adding figure that and figures to hear that be like if you then came home and you were like you want to watch the adam figures awards know i fucking don't want to watch that
this is all very particular woken mirrors dog and pony i want to watch the at figures a word prevents zones but i bet those guys are i bet you could make some mad like snack puns for adam figures like you could do that you could absolutely do that old joke of why was six seven eight and nine it is the best joke ever written because seven eight nine ladies and gentlemen like you relax this next prisoner i was doing i was being the host that was going on that roger parties for a word chosen they like have snacks but the snacks you to be called like whatever like them upon the movie oh yes yes some kind of map man the numbers version of the yes for food legates i would if it was my house i had put out a bowl of lakes halted peanuts now be like one thousand two hundred and forty peanuts
i can put it that way you're the fuckin right or wrong i was heard and give us next that you put out for our legendary academy awards party that we had some menu unless he had all the devil dogs because wait for the accounting warrior devil dates you know like square all my jokes and in this we are one of the recent we're square doubled egg square if the eggs themselves we are we going to have this part i'm old seventy nine i will watch these things with you in and lizzie cooper men are friend alia people who have who hate everything right what life today it has to be with people that are like minded because i've been at once where i want to make jokes and am people i am keeping score is getting keeping score an ecstasy no fuck you
i guess that gives the because i wasn't away over the weekend and then like a couple of us went back to this area and be in were drinking and stuff and i was screaming shall i was yelling at there was a documentary about like some some gay actor in the fifties named tad sadly tab hunter and i was yelling about how it was all fake and all made and they are using modern day clips and making them look old while they got real man i don't know he's like a fake the fact is that you can open people i can i just watch this document we if you had a party why were you watching a dog was an already anymore i was out of me and like three of my closest friends got it sounds like they now
i've seen me worse than you can appreciate me and my worst you can't let me at my at my worse if you can appreciate me and my worse than you can't come to the accounting words with right because seventy red carpet there there's a step and repeat and repeat and repeat what i think there must be a residual high simply reaches out had been sword ozone someone got my in this house that it wasn't ass it wasn't literally wasn't us but we sure are enjoying the worst jokes of all time right now is there an award ceremony coming up that we can enjoy together we missed the tony's yesterday i can't watch why would do honestly
when i watch people singing out that caliber and i'm not being sarcastic and makes me immediately start crying immediately and then i can't like white it's just a weird reaction where i like kind of wish that was needy of its it's an amazing ability the very very very few people can do and it's not people things like oh american iron you what are you saying not an but that's like that kind of singing and the way those people like the level performance that those people are able to give that's like borderline opera singer did you see jennifer hudson singing purple rain with the with the costs of the color purple and prince died last week the video if somebody took it like from the back of the room it's that kind of thing where you're like this is this is i feel that we will i see you sing stop because i can't you just don't even want to know what my voice sounds like it's out it's like screaming and local fry at the same time
it's so bad and you have this like q riot girl voice and i'm like why can't why did i do man instead of learn to say i was bert opera they couldn't couldn't be a bigger compliment i mean murder biogas this is this is is it but i'll see you know this happened to me the other day at work someone oh my god you have to see this did you see jenna don juan tatum on the lips sink show she did channing totems routine from magic mike it lagging shall as her look thankful i here today that we i watch two things and i was like oh i get why this is a has you see what's is cute name doing jackson's reformation known he's adorable name sizzling something
something gerson gordon ladder earthy yes it is yes i guess why yes not mccarthy as a jug of adjusting doesnt it's him doing rhythm nation as james excellent oh my i have to watch it gorgeous john into one tatum cat did her husband's routine from magic mike we're standing in the writers room i'm standing behind you know like it's not like any ones facing me squirrel facing the screen here and i started crying because it was such awesome dancing dancing is the pass it's so amazing and she did and also the cap cutting channing tatum who didn't know that's what she's going to do and he was freaking out he was like dying and then she pulled him into the retained but like the acrobatics and the accuracy if she is such a good dancer and she has like an eight pack like her stomach is not so it was it was like so superior and i just
literally was just kept wiping and thank god no one noticed but i was fully cry body can do those things i myself think mine can i like my enhance barely like touch the florida i make the loudest groaning sound when i get off the couch every time but i watch that and go i could just give me a minor issue that we should do it the ads routine at the lapd for you what if we did michael jackson's thriller away let that yet her watching arena we could totally knowing what eyes and you have to be their up timber do you know what data eleventh no i don't know but i hope it does not forget i'll be there i want to talk i wouldn't civic show actually map mccarthy's wife glonass mccarthy as this amazing show that were you do this like it's called dream rural and you do this you gotta perform whenever worley i've always wanted to perform and so i wanted to do dirty dancing jennifer jennifer great at last stance
but to myself and did it alone he was in love it to people that shit they laughed at me it was fun well i mean that's part of that right yeah but i really put my island to it so we worry but you are jennifer gray but by yourself dancing with patrick swayze it wasn't there that's all so my instagram somewhere else potter is september twenty third twenty fourth twenty fifth we have had people ask us what day but we haven't been told what to me to do everyday probably yeah i don't know how actually works deanna but i think if you on the website which is lapd confessed thereon event but like the tickets are on event bright but if you put in ellie pod fast twenty sixteen you get out information and hopefully the schedule is up or will be up come watcher choreographed
come watch i will be drastic a werewolf in georgia will be dressed like that girl that he goes the movies with the times asking her running away from even hope we should both where the yellow eyes yeah we should buddy jackson probably let's do double michael jackson cause that's probably what he wanted i'm sure that's what i want i mean you would like do the way you make me feel which is that where he just follows that girl down the alley orients things at her here she'd like an even care they you're about to written into like she should be pepper sprang him in there like a car on fire red couldn't be more dangerous than then he's like i am i think you're great analysing in her ear down the silently am greatly me what are you going to come to an ipod festus you a dance we do yeah will reveal it at the pond pheasant only ticket older what other housekeeping any housekeeping method is my favorite manner
oh i think your first this week i am first skippers its time to cut back early and stop it now now our two things made me want to do this murder my favorite murder this week one which was i finished an your book called we needed about cabin o which was a book about it it was a book written fictional book written by the mother of a kid who had done a school shooting and it was letter to the whole of the ladder to the father and that was lightened how they raises kid and what happened and why he became who he became and was really good book i just finished that and then on sunday morning reckon orlando shootings happened yet and with its horrific him off
in discussing and so i cannot hadn't was looking at that book page and found this information that i had never known about reform than i i need to talk about that cleveland elementary school shooting universe one no ok it took on january twenty nine nineteen seventy nine san diego california shots were i ordered a public elementary school and the poorest who is doing the shooting lived in across the street from the school and her name was brenda and so she was sixteen years old holy shit brand there is the fucking we can i ask a question is this i dont like minded i don't like i'm sorry i'm town or anthea s is that sorry i was just so try it's my favorite ok cited it but i don't know the story i only know that a girl did it and no girl said it so bad
spencer she looking house across the street in the school and she would become known as the mother of schoolyard massacres lose columbine and she was at the first school shooter so on the morning of january may like to seventy nine she began shooting from her home children who are waiting outside cleveland elementary school which was cross your marhaus the first person she killed was the principal burton rag and he was opening the gates to the score three years old ran outside to help the victims and help get rid of the children and move them inside and he got he got shot in the chest and then michael issue i want to say shoot shooter ass you see each ere she jar on earth shooter sure the fifty he was a school custodian rushed to help the dying principle and he was shot so those are the two fatalities but eight children
in turn then the sending a police officer robert rob was the first to at the scene and he got a bullet in his neck when i've heard liechtenstein red conflicting stories that heat some one move commandeered garbage truck and drove it in front of the school because they could tell where the sniper was and i heard was this officer who got shot in the neck but others are saying he just arrived and got shot in the neck so i know i'm not sure but i don't want to not give him credit if the case so so smart yeah like what a quick action to take that you're just block the shooter would have never thought of that putting yourself in harm's way like yeah but that's a minute aim i thought of it the high five how pissed off was she wouldn't that half yeah it's like the busts move yeah after five thirty rounds of ammunition she spent barricaded herself inside her home force like it was six hours so
on a hunch a reporter from a local paper called phone number that was associated with the address and a young girl answered it was barbara the rapporteur asked if she or the shots were coming from and she said her address and the report pointed that out she said yeah who do things during the shooting and the next question was i and she said i dont monday is this liven up the day i thirdly have chills right miss wells cause also sorry that sixteen is it such a rough age anyway answers answer so sad it's it's and when i gave up late simum ikea doesn't understand this the levity of what they're doing so the right it's the opposite but i understand the gravity of what you'd rather the area of authority i'm so much better if i had gotten
this is what we're about not sounding my parent minor she spoke with police negotiators who were telling that tough i met she had shot the telling those she had had made easy targets and that's why she shot them which is so fuckin creepy and she was when i come out shooting but ultimately she surrendered and the sound beer and whisky bottles around the house but she didn't appear to be intoxicated oh so this is probably not the greatest homelight right perhaps what fourteen years into her sentence should give his tv interview which she said that she hi on whisky angel dust in part would hold on that that combination is insane but here's the thing is that at the time of her arrest her toxicology reports came back clean so she lie
either she's lying or the toxicology reports were able correct and cuba she saying these things at a parole hearing so wouldn't get her anything to lie now it what do we get her out i mean you would think that the shoe oh i like that's her you yes however there but there were those bottles around the house because her dad was an up like a fuckin alcoholic but is our it is just so crazy to i just think sure you drink whisky and then you smoke pot angel dust gas like what insane bikers santiago that's explosive sup back them yet i mean it's like a chill beach town and
lake ass taking that like has anyone ever offered you pay eighty now and they have ever offered you angel dust known like week you could barely get pot when i was growing up that was like you were so excited when someone's cousin came back to hawaii and as almost like theirs is partly numbered dare was that you have you have been so dare was close it jerry keep your kids are drugs drug river attics really engaged i know minors against our drying basically in the eighties and early ninetys there is this like programme but keep kids off drugs called dare that ireland drugs they'll go on drugs and i was in that i was i can the perfect you know in the ep a centre of thanks nancy ran and get it for you pledge right wouldn't do dry and at the time i was like when i was i can sixth grade i was like
we'll never gonna do angel dust black how monetary part in out but like i thought that would lead the angel dust and when i found out like that my parents pie like people i knew smug potholes like oh we think is alive somebody's gonna do everything how and why just say something yeah like no one gets handle best as my point exactly it's a crazy unless her father was some kind of like sure dealer or a biker or like somebody that kind of lives in the not fringe life but when you do angel does you go insane and your superhuman strengthen its essence and then she would have made up because she didn't know you don't even know it sounds like it it sounds like a very faky dumb like saying cocaine would have made more sense but she probably didn't even like no to say that although if we refer back to the classic film friday there is that we're chris tuckers pot is the least with angel dust and he get he ends up in the pigeon coop
number he's like for reaching out i mean it happens like but but but i also don't think you'd be issued again very accurately if you're on angels but also why would someone put angel dust in part like you just spending more money that could hurt her ruin your rolling stones concert sharp eye or now kitten going crazy ok blah blah blah okay so so so her parents had separated before this happen and she lived with her father their wallets spencer in virtual poverty and they left on a single mattress in the living room floor together acquaintances later so that spencer that she expressed negative attitudes towards police and talked about shooting one teachers writers introverted she started hang out with other troubled youth and became obsessed with alice cooper like tat which actually he's like a crazy intellectual sex so hard to think about people like
using him as an excuse and he's like an incredible intellectual and also is these superman de gaulle like when he doesn't have make banya on he's just like kind of an old dude with two long hair and core art to like it wasn't even serious about it yeah but i when people try to say that it's like too bad you're making money off of people taking it seriously and so you have to take it seriously because it's i've seen seen cooper like i grew up without alice being on tv with blood in the corner of his mouth everyone took seriously there's nothing performance art about it like you're in a black box theatre a catholic just getting afterwards yeah i'm really matter else could perhaps have your phone you will get the idea so in december which is that month before this all the shooting happen psychiatry a psychiatric evaluation was
mended for her and they said that she should go to mental hospital due to her depressed state but her father refused to give permission no one knows though a rehab said no dad says it's fine everything's fine like any arrangements i'm is everybody i love that's so yeah for christmas he said no he wouldn't let her go to rehab and then for christmas he gave her a router now ten twenty two semi automatic twenty two caliber if we're sorry for everyone who fuckin knows about guns that i just buttered that while telescope site and five hundred rounds of ammunition she have asked for a radio her father gave her that gone she asked for radio for her birthday and her dad who had just been told that she should go to cycling and mental hospital caution mr pressed give her a gun
he's a real piece of work i mean some people shouldn't have children and turns out then has the added later that i felt like he wanted me to kill myself also five hundred rounds reality i agree two thousand one later she accused her father of having drunkenly subjected heard of beatings and sexual abuse but he the allegations were not true i don't feel good about a single mattress on the floor in the living room absent secondly not but she was tried in as adult firmly came out with her down came out she was treated as an adult plead guilty to cook counts of murder and asylum the deadly weapon sentenced to prison for twenty five years to life and then in prison she was diagnosed has an epileptic of that i know and now and then and she received medication while at
california institute for women in chino only answer neighbourhood rain out great then later years affecting kicker tat s what she was impressive discover that she had an injury to the temporal lobe of her brain attributed to her oxenham her bicycle fucking childhood had andrew send him back like greece as item on back if your kid it's his head oh you know what i just had a realisation that all of the helmet bullshit that four years i'm like this is down in his helicopter parents are crazy what if what if i've just wiped out an entire generation of zero killers by high by making our children have helmets on idle time definitely i bet you re ass heavy and so i mean some slip through just cause it was meant to be alone even need a hen injury their years later there like shit to begin where they are held that yeah her parents make sure that their second just terrible that is a crazy
fuck you surrender it just like so many serial killers out their yeah fuck em all right at a hearing in two thousand and one she said that her father beat and sexually abused her and she said a written statement in which he said that her father had begun fondling her own she was nine and sexually assaulted are virtually every night oh which is like why you know why didn't you come out that earlier i wanna down her but it's like that's a hard thing to talk about when you re did these horrible thing also she could have just maybe disassociated so that it was this she's in this world now she's killing people it's like everything is a cry for help and maybe was an angel dust and i may she didn't understand that the connection between her father sexually abusing her and her wanting to die em so and kill out illegal all age that she fell i didn't mean to victim lamb and i totally in london and the largest were just talking about theories and here's how you hears
the father never admitted to any of this but but he was visiting her in a juvenile detention facility after harassed and he met a girl who resembled brenda but was a younger they and have a sexual relationship and he married her ill so clearly he has a fetish for second under age girl doesn't like like his daughter yeah he's not against dope that's like enough proof i feel hell yeah but it's true hats insanely dark and she doesn't nine the pearl borrowed board ruled that should be denied parole i wouldn't be considered for ten years says she'll be eligible again in two thousand and nineteen but in a two thousand and one statement she acknowledge her possible role as the inspiration for later generations and angry kids
and she said quote with ever school shooting i feel i am partially responsible and what effect got the idea from what i did and of course finally the song i dont like monday is written by bob geldof for his and threw him tom rats was released later that your based on that song and i just want to go out and say that this is everyone listening this is our new karaoke song i know i've monday at that song i remain high school finding out that that was about his ghost a girl that did a school shooting and it was just like the most fascinating changes that silently i just assumed it was british though since boom town rats and knock i think he's irish he's i think he's irish sea he is not from here but the i just assumed it all happen in the uk he had safely say that now but they were there
playing at the time in san diego i think what when her trial was going on they were playing in san diego widening have seeing headlines of her being i don't like monday's girl see them super bums male because and maybe this is just a bias because it's a female shooter it's like a sixteen year old girl where i just so understand the mindset no matter what but then fact after fact on top of that is like tat cross did not have a chance now she did a chance now she was going i mean it and again one of those things like don't kill people just kill yourself that's all we hoped for but was she i wish she had had no clearly some people cared about her that they took her to a psychiatrist and that day they put her i got a school for they put her in with councillors who who were there for trouble
they tried yeah and are fucking shitty parents just when letter that like what if he had said okay and ugandans mental institution i how should confine so i just would like to remind us all of the garbage truck part cause i really like that part of that like hell yeah they partly saves so many lives that day seriously and just kind of like blocking all whole thing of like now this you're not doing anwar like that so bad ass its brave and second it's just quick thinking and lay a sharp problem solving roy i like all that's heavy yeah that's what right so that's the air cleveland elementary school shooting what turning around spencer spencer me honey if you look at photos of russia's like this kind of like cute little squarely nerd using a murderer
well i i took it back because of i want to do is anyway because when we talk about things it so funny that we fully do spock has loved enjoy it and yet bomb our selves out every week after we talk about our topics such as like habit a little distance and we go back in history a little bit and we to be so present day and so have to feel it so on so i went all the way back to our aid and eighty five till i have no feelings about that it will give a fuck anguish weird outfits unlike high neck dresses and racism all kinds of is the nurse the deadly nurse jane tappin is my person you may have heard of her she yeah
it's ok to laugh at this causes from the eighth day that's right anything before nineteen hundred you can laugh and laugh she is an irish immigrant whose mother died of tuberculosis when she was very young and father a tailor i was a well known alcoholic an eccentric whose some say after her mothers death tat it is so his eyelids shut because he was so insane with grief and alcoholism is i have to do with anything i mean it's just like this is this it's just the picture of well even starting with this girl who is a child when this happens that is it some some articles say it happened some say it was a rumour and it was just basely everyone knew this dad was not ass her fucking crazy he was superhighways yet it speaks more just to him and his reputation the crazy taylor up the street so
a few years later dad drops off her name at the time was honour kelly and she's six years old and her sister is eight and on the dad drop some off at the boston female asylum witches girls orphanage documents from the asylum note that the two girls were quote rescued from a very miserable home so yeah so even if he wasn't crazy enough to do something as totally saw the some of these areas as so his on islets hitler was bad news so for two years i bet orphanage or a kelly if i'm saying your name right it was placed it as an indentured servants in the home of mrs anne see topic of lowell massachusetts so should this but she was like eight it has years all eight years on this can you alone servant
eight year old indentured servants like can you get me my second what run my bath eight year old or like probably scrub the dishes unlike lift shit i mean baden care this was eighteen eighty five says they didn't give us kids have kids were just like the little humans yet this is when they were like get them in the factory has their little arms can go into the machine it was dark this is also why i love charles dickens because all of his stories include all that like child labour shit a charmed life roughly around this time you our was like we wouldn't know if it weren't for like those stories or be like the last thing that would ever happen to any most children is days at least in america right they're kind of anyway so a nora was never officially adopted by the top ends but she took their surname and eventually became known as jane top it just where that your leg
part of the family i'm just your fucking servants i'm taking your last name yeah i'm your lifelong child surveys lemon in your house so in eighteen eighty five she began training to be a nurse at cambridge hospital so during her residency she used her patience as guinea pigs in experiments with morphine and atrophy in so she would basically go in to patients who are alike on more on a morphine drought and she would give him atrophy in which pretty sure is like an upper oh she would play back and forth with sending them out and bringing them back over over just let them go to sleep you know she could she basically guts actual she got aroused sexually from seeing people be brought to the brink of death and then
i can then go back to their sex well it's so i think this might be shutting light on some fucked up should they happened to her beforehand somewhere in the past i'd if the book about her i will read it became out she some shit happen so she would do that to these patients and then get you could catch yellowlegs wanted to see like how back to them but also would get to bed with them and hold them as it was happening she told police after her asked that she got a sexual thrill from being near patience when they were being extirpation when they are near death coming back to life and the dying so she this is by her own admission than there was this got her off of crime which is you know everybody's into certain pebble so
she would get she would administer the drug and then she get into bed with them and hold them close to her as they die that's her and then this article says that this is rare first female serial killers they usually kill for material reasons sexist or let that on average it's not sexual satisfaction that that's man's domain which you know and so in a way i'm proud of jane she wrote that glass ceiling and and she got hers sorry that's wrong so she i caught a guess because she was recommended fur massachusetts general hospital in eighteen eighty nine which this article says prestigious and there she killed a couple more people
and ass she was actually killing people like us like sounds like she was bringing them back to serve will she wasn't she did she would bring them back a couple times but ultimately let them die and that's that's what daughter off ok so was like she would play with it and that would be like you know raising i guess i didn't get caught and kind of was able to cover it up i thing about her she kind of messed with the charts sir the thing was a you know he was back then there's just like people die whatever and i think no one would have known what but a woman no one would suspect inertia so she goes to mass general and then kills more people and then gets fired so proud like someone was sharp and on it and a little bit like in too many people have died under your watch essentially back to cambridge but she got dismissed for per prescribing opiates recklessly which is like i was a nurse prescribing anything but i guess that's how they did it back then she sounds fine
she's as like she parties and she forces other people to party sure till their data death and just like a fraternity so then she of course what's her natural next step if she gets fired as in a nurse at a hospital pray nurse private nursing is exactly right thirty zero nine or a healer right here that's right so she flourished as a private nurse despite complaints of petty thefts up so just couldn't handle her shit she had her hands everywhere should i arrive but she's a good news but you know she gives me a bath real good so then as a private nurse hats when she really start her poisoning spray in eighteen ninety five she killed her landlords which is a i mean fair solution revolver in eighteen ninety nine she killed her foster sister elizabeth with
recognize which is i think a very painful wait ago it's no morphine atrophied ride no ninety nine its it's no ninety mega morning in nineteen o one she moved in with a fan of the davis family because the elderly patriarch was alden davis and his wife had i'd and so she was there to take care of him in his old age wolters out she killed his wife that's why she got the job only share her so within weeks she had killed them the patriarch of the family alden davis and two of his daughters within a week sunny hearing so heavier honey pace yourself pinchers this is this is a marathon honest brain like one per family as what you got i mean you do
no people catch on to its like mass murdering and environmentally after that happened she moved back to her home town and begin courting late foster sister elizabeth husband so she's like took about you said hoarding she was hoarding azure resolving it is all over the house so shelly she then kills his sister and then poisons him so she did earn his love by nursing him back to help for fuck's sake and then she went didn't work she poisoned herself out of two to try to garner his sympathy actually that's transparent but it don't work and so he cast her out of the house which is something people didn't the lady teen hundreds she was cast out even though she said
it was you got over it has its price she probably gave us up a tiny as the data strychnine ronicky snack strict a little bit on top of her biscuit the rest of the davis's who hadn't been terribly murdered in that house or the toxicology exam on the youngest daughter that she that had died and they it found that she had been poisoned and so they put a police detail on all jane tappin and october twenty six nineteen o one she was arrested for murder by nineteen i do she confessed to thirty one murder leash yeah girl and she's but this is one of the reasons that i pick the story andy it made me laugh it kinda makes me like her there's something while this that i'm a guy that i'm gonna look ridiculous because this the victim's family
it's like three generations later so we'd there's no guilt now angry from it a dave s ear dad you so she was quoted she told the cops that her the commission was to quote two killed more people helpless people than any other man or woman who ever lived wow it's what she wanted she tried her best what does she know like to shiver reason why licorice did she thinks she was helping hopeless people i know that i think there's some angel of death nurse types that do think they're helping or like the dock that i did powered robert bludward you didn't think her finger word just richard richard where pink richard barney
that guy i think was trying to convince himself it was like if their little that older take em out before they suffer yeah but he was gettin like early seventeen year olds yeah no he i mean i guess i sing he was probably rationalizing into right up but that but the real reason but this one no she i think she just got literally got off on helpless people i'm killing people anna and taking advantage of health helpless people which is they creepy a stamp do i bet arc could be something like by the time your six and you will have been this second depraved fucked up or household world and then you move to a second school for good i wasn't boss and sets out properly reflect a yet you just don't have any fanny more i mean hit yourself and the head of the swing at that point because your down d her sister her older sister stayed in the in the orphanage like a couple years longer than her and then be
they eventually became a prostitute indict about always and in the gutter so she got the better of the two lives is she she went out and she made a life for herself but i feel like yeah those those the kelly family of the of the tailor the famous crazy taylor kelly how much of a chance there was now dark and ash style darkness fell dead anyone ever like that don't invite anyone india or home easy for you to say you're married you could be a second sarah color rollin but if you as you ve got here
only law he's not now and if he is to put a great episode re run you ve had a great life he gave out everything rate nightgowns up until the point that he murdered you he has been so good tat if you murders me without me knowing that as him that murdered me than i'm side i happy we can't you just go out your sleeve an action of accurate listen i'm on june twenty third night you know you know nano is the end of it she was found guilty by reason of insanity at them stable county courthouse but is committed for life in taunton insane hospital and then she died august seventeen nineteen thirty eight so she lived in the mental hospital for light some time are you giving a fuckin haven't chit chat with her just be like listen jane high no that's not your real name jane should carry on its nicky
no thanks nor brought my ominous movements that there just want to know what happened did you tat i was with leather shoelaces i'm having power because it so discuss taylor so but there were clean stage but i bet he didn't real quick and it was only like twelve bucks twenty four bucks an hour today in the post in turn really what was her name her name's j happen and i'm sure there's much more there is much more to know about her i really do want to read like a full on book i'm sorry i can't give you every oliver the that's a good sum i feel like there's lots more information to be had i just how pissed the topics that she moved in with their like we have to change our fuckin name now cause this is our legacy will also yet too you know
too bad then maybe dont higher eight year old indentured servants you'd leave europe you get you you deserve all of it a more of your ban also what if something happened to her in that it would like that's where it kicked off like she was like everything sterile everything several hanan is orphanage ok will at least i have this job is made and then it bit with things really kick off at the top in silence like rape city or sea our lake dark i mean why who hires an eight year old indentured servants creep old rich creeps yeah down yeah everything as fact i don't i see them and see the positive i see the light at the end of august by live longer than anyone else tat i also think of like what if you're lying in the hospital in your leg you feel terrible man you're like yeah morphine drip yeah and in your
whoa now i'm on speed failing this hot nurses for companies hot hot nurses lay maximum fakir she actually isn't bad looking there's only you great picture wikipedia and she's actually tract of looking but there is she got the kind of like the eyes very like oh you're gonna be in the bathroom time she's manipulate you know she demille start talking you reckless crazy i've had our your mascara no y know you can't back at three steps back jane yeah we're not going mad or not best remedy immediately you know and that's not sanitary that's crazy let's get one i like i like the old ones i do too sometimes it's a nice blair we should do a couple we should throw them in their kinsman real depressing lately i now let's do it do you want to do next week a theme of like really really old ones like yeah
thirdly from the fifteen hundreds or something like old times ya like weird old lake jealousy in the name of the rose wish on connery now it's a real good movie about its sean connery and christian slater actually undermine people by mugabe now wait works there monks and they they go to this creepy i mean i don't even know it could be a much earlier year i don't know what it is like the dark ages and they go to this monastery air were pre sir is a monastery that's that's nuns they gotta were priests live at because their these priests keep dying and weird ways and they have to investigate sean connery i think it's during that spanish inquisition whenever that was above all watch me too and you like with a person i thought i was in high school but i was like this is fucking fascinating because it was like it was bad
when like murder was a little bit normal yeah and you didn't live very long so it wasn't like it took turn over their lives right but their vote he's been serial killer yet let's do let's do let's say the fifteen hundreds and then do anything around like a dream for thirteen and seventeen let's say the fifteen hundred then get within a seven hundred year marketable that's all the same it really laying when it's time i am today due to redo met wires hometown murder let us ok our friend meant wire who we each georgian eye on one of our first excursions as friends when two sky matt dwyer who is a hilarious stand a comic yeah improvise or performer from chicago we went his album recording what's the name of that bar that he did it bar one of seven it's close now oh yeah it clause anyway we were right there in the audience for his alum recording ended
just recently was released joe that what's the name of our right now something about inside let's see did you do tat the son of a bitch hoddan i too find it here will be like a race uk on looking this text so oh i got it wait i'm looking mugging out shit yeah inside looking out by matt dwyer it's on while in itunes and is he a special thing is others mcgowan is about us level good guy pog his up test on farrell as well
i have listened to this yet either this is his hometown murder story i am i pay it's ok ready so here's my hometown murder story i grew up in a suburb of chicago coldstream ellen i and it was kind of meaning call it my treasure to recall what people hillbillies was come a very working class and angry and there was
this girl why did know she was a few years older than me but she's pretty in very popular and she went missing and no one in the context of happened and confined for like a couple weeks and then i can conventionally they found her in but i feel that a swamp and she'd been murdered enraged and they couldn't find the killer and then slowly they realized tat it was she was able to her parents child when they had to adopt it sounds like brothers meant that once the planes obviously got them one of the brothers and his best friend forced her out into the field envy and later
killed her and then they consider it was therefore while increases by two reports and then the other brother who didn't killer i believe if i remember correctly he heard them out because he felt very horrible crazy thing is my ex greed summer ethical summer school because i i didn't turn potential school and i will take a bus or mine how to help you know and i to go to her some school classes and i only had to take one class and so did he and then you'd have to wait for the other class over and before we take our bus back to our council me and the murderer brother
kindness we would hang out of vague we knew each other but we had no other friends to hang out with a view to finding or gloves weird park and talk and i remember thinking like you never meet i gotta give tee hatter creepy bible and be brother who ended up not to none murder of other coastal changing his name but the school they recently appealed we you're very substitute letters one which was very topical as my murder story i hope you enjoy it holy shit sightings a fucking is forced kind of to be friends but the murderer yeah that's crazy that they adopt and sign
ebay rebound about that adoption is certainly not so wait before obviously before he they found out that he did it for even did ok i think but he will create nothing i'm never having children well look a lot to be afraid of given that under certain conditions are great that's so heavy i would if i was mad i would think about that constantly and you come and new there's something creepy but he didn't make eye contact rate that's kind of bad things are making i come back with you so hard right now to see a little bit were not might my ex had a hard time keeping i can't highly her it used to buy me out but of course instead of being like oh i don't like this trait in a person i'm not going to continue going out with him i just said that meant something bad about me haha these looking in the no yeah he'd i'm
he can't look at me i i better lose weight are i believe more ashes thing so hill on the time you don't notice that trade or like certain traits and helots not there like you don't known as someone is looming eye contact and tell or someone doesn't until they fucking down hard core it's weird yeah i don't notice that now i can't stop making us like us they ignored staring meddler yeah it's the thing you notice that it's a thing in tablets happening right incorrectly i know and also that that is such a it's a guest your primal thing looking at into another person's eyes is like i can talk to you we are connected i see it as a human being and it's like saying i don't wanna be connected here is how i took or look i can't money i dont want ale like it's not everything that crime does my mind yeah i can't i won't even even know that he was supposed to be doing that problem
you bring it up known or not we just murdered him and then move on if only admission the more we do this part the more i know that i am absolutely the murderer for sure that's me if i'm in a land on any citing aim i mean i've the air childhood head injury seizure injury you know it's because those can i kill alice cats i went to bed at his day all the things that the triangle trifecta whatever it's called that's why i started this with you because i knew that desgas you're gonna pin me in and you called the copying of this whole thing has been this is never gone is operating
they back hours of us they like anyway my can make were arrested for vocal fry fine i'll go down for it i'm proud was all her well go to pharaoh audio to listen to our other we're summing there's twenty there twenty per of ours i learnt meadows you're telling people listen other partner dealt violent and affect you don't listen to our only wasn't as yet her please this we have twenty are absurd scissahs on farrell audio on nineteen please rate review unsubscribe so we can beat out the competition you know what ultimately stay sexy and can't get murdered bye
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