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215 - Three Small Hot Dogs

2020-03-26 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the mysterious death of Natalie Wood and the Boxcar Killer.

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This is exactly right. Hello there, I'm Bridger Wine anger. I have a new Comcast called. I said, no gifts on exactly road. Every Thursday I have a conversation with a friend loved one or somebody I'm secretly trying to ruin. I only have one request: no gifts, unfortunately, every one of them deliberately disobeyed may meeting. Our conversation eventually turns to whatever object lies beneath the wrapping paper subscribe now on sticker Apple, podcast, Spotify, or what Whenever you like to listen Rises
I'll go my favorite murderer. The quarantine. That position is the so far away and yet so close up to suit the we're doing it were on Skype. I'm looking at Karen in her in your second bedroom. That's rage. Pointing at each other over sky. The Stephen is watching has silently from a distance Stephen, helping me set this up earlier, and I was I try to sell it.
But my phone it so hard. It's a so hard problem to Stephen for years running on justice did the uncomplaining sound guy, that's actually holdings the home of the shit out of the window. There are only now beginning to understand Stephen, we levy. Unhappily. Thank you. Thank you for keeping us always between eighteen, twelve. We appreciate it and but the Skype. For some reason, the way was doing it was taking pictures of my face red at random times, and I'm not You know I'm grammar ready in any way rude and it will let's just rude. I phase is sliding off my skull and Skype wants me to know it. So we re doing in this in this fight, I pandemic age of enlightenment. I guess I'm focusing on superficial things to distract myself. I've doesn't have putting a lot of under I cream on
lots of phone calls lots of joking around, but I did have to on my sisters. We have today text my dad and say hey dad for real stop going costs lakes, Did you just keep going? He just keeps telling my sister, like that's what he's gonna do like. He just keeps telling my sister of errands he's gonna run and she's going insane and its, and I finally had she is, of course he always hears it from her, so he doesn't pay attention to what she says with yeah. I can relate to, but I really, this text near my nose like listen, you're, driving, Laura Crazy and you're, scaring both of us. You dont need frozen chicken cutlets go up it. What do you do it and then he didn't what was and is then the dots came up and then they went away any didn't say bye. I, like that Tell her what you know what I should say this for the after my first bud: yeah, I'm
My column denied just to go. Hey you mad at me because, as he does, when I met him as like you're, not in my family are not allowed to be around each other is, though, just give you shit until he talked to them a guy. I might just do it back to him, but it's a kind of thing. We're like look, listen, we're an uncharted territory. It there's no leadership. We all have to kind of do what doctors say and we have to do the people on the front line say, and there is an wheeling and seriously yeah, there's no reason not to be doing exactly what they say. There's who was saying this? I am sorry. It is I who taking in so much content about this stuff, but somebody was saying you're you're being asked to say in your own house where there is food and everything you like you're not being asked to move to some government facilities are not being asked very much.
So fucking do I'd a war or anything. No, this is not a sacrifice. You are being asked to stay inside. Were you usually are just fuck andella best thing you can do for this? That's like the number one top priority is to stay. I mean who you know. Who is a fuckin who not, surprisingly, is being a leader at this time: really already set the hardy flagging, billiards alive, Instagram yeah, the weird I love her Jesus, so bad were also try. I retreated a thing there's a good amazing guy who is amazing, piano player. It there's a guidance.
Is the piano a lot. So when cardy be, does her speech about Corona virus corona by and it's all again using those eyes kind of preaching, but there's a guy that yeah scented you he plays the banana along with her perfectly as if its look it's at, she is singing issues performing the libretto in an operetta. It is the most amazing thing and then, when it ends the video of her disappears and he turns to Cameron. Then it just as wash your hands. It's the most genius audio. Oh, you know it is another thing to if there's people who don't believe you ve got to send them Matthew, Mokanna, haze, video from Instagram of him fuck and just completely talking you through what you need to do: Matthew, Mokanna, hey style jest Golden you know there are people that I think be The thing I q Turner. I myself is this: this such a scary situation, but some people when they get scared therein Action needs to be fuck, you you,
can't tell me what to do. Is that it's like. I has your your basically painting, but their arms and saying you have United stand and you can't know what's gonna happen next and you can't there's nothing you can do you can't just do what you want and that triggers people and pushes their buttons and shirt and make some Cray crate and there's yeah there's a lot of people who can't deal and so forth as infuriating as it is. When we see people going to like in Vigo last we're going to the beach in Florida, whatever will there's already there's like uh there's a handful of spring breakers, who have who have it legates it's this there's nothing, not real about this happening. All around us. There's up at a child died in LOS Angeles today, the youngest corona virus victim. So far, in America died in LOS Angeles, so I got on a will and the more we
If you want those kind of people that needs to say it's a hoax, because you're so scared, you're freaking out, you know who then you need to look at it from the comfort to her from the comfort of your own home yeah. For really is Europe. I ran into these guard because what you are doing is just giving it to everybody else weather. Even in are not going to die from at the vote, believes in itself. It doesn't need you to believe in it it's a fucking, only two year olds that are like I am Maxine can, if I'm sick I'll, get over it ignored not about you twenty two year old right in its, but it's also the the this fifty five year olds that that have this very strange kind of like either side what reality is thing that it is also a fantasy. I mean there's lots of us that Levin fantasy, hey, look a son! We all have to adjust people I do at different times. Speaking of adjusting, can I tell you what I
watching sure what Vincent Ivan Bender watching to keep us. I was occupied freer just we started yeah. We started true detective season, one again nice. I highly recommend just thinking of that. I forgot everything. Apparently that had happened earlier was very high for the first time and watch it isn't. I don't remember any good, it's so good and then I'm watching Detroit errors, which has a really find it tomorrow. In my mind, there are credible and SAM say it SAM. Richard saddened, the Cimarron render sandwiches and the funny as I love that show relearning saying so God who have you seen Tiger King tighter gang, let's talk about you, so we started watching it. We are a little like what this guy karma socks and stopped, and now people can't talk stop talking about it. So I think we need to go back to it that I did the same thing. Only the reasoning
it was probably four days ago and people keep on tweeting me about it like you have to. I must know, and I turned it on, and it was just like it was. Good time where, after the third person spoke to camera, I was like I can't. I can't spend time with these people like. I can't do this right now. That's that's exactly what it was like. I want to hear the story, but these people are really by Mimi out about how horrible they are too tigers. Just like how much They hang out all but yeah exactly. I need things that are a little less impact full at the movement area. So what have I been watching AIDS? I, of course I'm just going deepen d like a corn, tv and Brit Box, or whatever words like some truly like british procedural from the nineties that I can bear, I understand what any saying that's the only thing. That's really giving me any kind of peace of mind right now, for now, but you know here's what I think is a beautiful, maybe not a coincidence, per day
Browns Podcast, finally came out. Unlocking Haliae and I haven't: wasn't you it yet because I'm in the middle of a book on tape, but I'm excited because I feel like the her voice. Her everything about the trailer for that podcast like she's searching residents, yeah calming scientific, yet self be kind of mind is like I would probably not be wrong to highly recommended park as I've never listened to you before discussing the ass, I lay it's our friend Bernay Brown. Are you doing? phone therapy sessions. I just did one this morning for the first time it was fine age. My ribs the sooner upward, the first
so I had to talk about being a work, a hollow which really bothered me, because I was lying in a really have anything else to talk about cause. I've just been in my book with similar results here. Can I ask you- and I say this Maya might airports that I met him from calls? Were said to me when I was like, I don't want to talk about the first day she was like you know in these times, when like a singular focus instead of the day to day life, to talk about that's when you can actually get really deep into some shit because ass, you are not being destroy goodbye like I manage this person, and I have to do this work and I stress it's like you- can now go deeper. Yes, that's basically what happened whereas kind like yeah, I guess it's ok! You know I like chaos and all this shit that I normally say whatever and then by like kind of tumbled out of my mouth, whereas just like you, it's it's a problem, because, if Emma work colic than I can't really at this, I can't do anything. Nor can any one else that has it uses. Work to distract themselves from the different
faulty and big feelings of life and has just like Simon, have to hold on that one for a second and rode back to me or making the whole thing we're like you, use work as away as a barometer too. How good you are what a good person you are because you get work dine and because you're so busy and like the busy, all the more important you are, and that's the only way you can tell if your important or not yeah, that shit I am not a workaholic, I don't know how you and I are fair and we we are. You know where we buried up at the opposite party, and that's it that's where the magic have added to back. Isn't that right we act about, we are backed about it. You know it's funny, though it's like. I also said my bare best. I it's like that thing where I'm like, I don't know like. I was great you, torture and I'm going to do it again to Morrow, but there's this part of me that's kind. It's almost like I get the feeling like don't go in there because I think we are all so it
Some were waiting to find out what were scared about or something you don't owe me were waiting for. The first big waved ahead or something like that and I think the important at a time like this question. Said this to me. She said it before, but she reminded me this morning. It feel like we're in a free fall, but The key is remembering that there's no bottom to hit we're, never gonna hit ground. So yes, we're free falling and the whole trick of life is to become comfortable with the free fall understand. It's always like that, their you're never line on. We have these kind of pretend things of like live. I get my worked on here that I'm gonna hear in level black, like that's I'll. Think too, it's all fake so but it's almost like you, I can understand, though not wanting to like have an open wound when you're about to go through some fuck and other traumatic shut. That has nothing to do with that wound ports. It's like that.
Like I don't wanna get Yad deepened in my childhood and fuck and sad and depressed over when I can't then go have a drink with my girlfriend and fuck and talk to her about it right right, but I can still collar on the phone. So yeah, that's good.
Well, I had long conversation the other day. We agree. We had a great what you know its money when we got off that call. I was like a lot. We were laughing so fuckin hard during economic. We never do that to each other cause them for a living. We never David further. We always for the biogas. Then you tell me they want to chat, and I was like I've scraping my mind like what could she want to talk about and then like? I think she wants to talk or even having is like the stressful conversations about our entire bucking business. Yes, then, it's really fuckin stressful saucer, just like before we have to record the spy glass. Let's have a nice conversation. I think that both Irene doesn't have friends who says are than other house on fire. I didn't, I think, just want to check up
well just pointed out of fires like a child is one by the front and sorry right, as you were trying to say something nice about us being friends. Just look anyway, we're friends footmen! No, that's it very loud! No, it was great they'll be, and it also was just money because we opposite as we are, we there's almost some things. I don't have to talk to you about, because I know we feel the exact same way about them. Those are, I think, it's good for us to remind each other of how a like we are because we always just are noticing the differences, because we have to do something about it, but the way we are alike are very comforting to me. That's a nice. It is like we're sisters at this point. It is it's true. You notice, thinking about that like when this was all going down and who make a call in this and that its like you know the best friends like them,
friends in your life are the one who you having your phone, their sisters phone number or their moms for like a just in case, you can get a hold of their relative of theirs yeah like the best friends you have. I think they. I could texture sister immediately or your dad and be leg. He hadn't your room. Oh, he would love it. If you text- and I love that were called adult for adult friendships, where you have it Actually that relates to really quickly because everyone actually right is doing cool shit right now, as they I, the panic. It's never everyone's feeling. This memorable people are using it actually podcast who'll stuff, I'm domestic abuse resources to support people who are in quarantine with their abusers right now, which is so fucking incredible yeah that as it may, that that episode dropped yesterday. I am sorry that up fucking incredible yeah that doesn't mean that that episode dropped yesterday. I'm sorry, Episode drop Monday
Twenty third, so that's up now so ya go listen to that and then they also cover have first responders might respond to a call when someone is an imminent danger, despite the factors affecting pandemic going on, because people are still going through some shit yeah. Whether or not this is happening so may cover that, and I just it's important yet as those are yeah there thinking about elements of this that are not that are really important, and I think not that often discussed, I think, yachts very clear. Those guys did that it hit me really hard. When I saw some mean that was like you know, there are so many people and children who escape, who use their day they jobs and school to us. You know to get away from them abusers that don't have that resource now and so here's some phone numbers in it. I felt
a privileged and like, what's the word lucky but also leg, I hadn't even considered that that was an issue for people, I'm so lucky that I don't have to muzzle real is evil. He obviously ignorant of stumbling around yeah very ignorant, Yad sailor. Their covering a it's kind of good shoe cousin adjusts. It gives a kind of needed perspective, if you're really freaking out leg how bad things our for you when you hear about simply got her think about it or just look into what other people might need. I think it also hope that it helps. Call everyone. You don't know who what people are going through it now. The M this pod cast will kill you. These amazing women released a six part bonus series with updates uncovered nineteen. They did a special six part Fuckin apis out about this. They, our view experts and cover topics from the origin of the virus to ways of maintaining your mental health. During a self
Orange genes are that's coming out starting Monday March, twenty third anything base at all. Since Monday, all six episodes are available either, I believe there are their release them all at once. I don't ask, even if you know, if I'm right about that, but I believe that the case is basically so you can basically binge all of them and get all your info one time, that's correct! it's all so you can get your been John and listen I'll fix
Stephen, please don't say, get your been John. It's a pandemic because no need to go to such a dark arrest, those others points. We gave him on the white boy. I really just cause you keep us between eighteen, twelve, all our lives doesn't mean you can say, get European John crazy speaking of which the per Cast Sarah, not even this week, which dropped yesterday. There of course, are recording from home talking about the pandemic, highly quarantines, affecting them in their cats and relationships. The various special, a very special, the per cast. This we receive and progress
The following is still doing is now doing part two of Carolina girls, its. It concludes this story on the North Carolina Brittany, Lock, Lear, who was kidnapped and murdered a ninety. Ninety eight and a disk discusses the disappearance of another girl whose case at one point tied to Henry Lucas that yeah Meyer. So it's coming out on Wednesday yesterday, so listen that yeah the fallen as such an amazing show those guys. Just there just sartorial deal, it's I'm some press out. I am also proud. By do you need a ride? These chin, the young upstarts in common he mangroves, rigorous, rattled, maize or we're fresh bases, were ass, been we got the aspen frustrations showcase, loves a comedy festival that has existed in twenty two years time and timely great right. At the rate, the height of the true, worry and fear weekend of new pandemic, I may
Stephen get into the car with million Chris and we drove around, for I think three hours and just for our damp, believing as that bus, you back to back Q, Nay episodes and the funny thing was so you know everyone knows it's. Of course, you can't drive in LOS Angeles, ever bits so awful the trap his terrible? If you listen, do you need a ride? I complain about it constantly as if it's interesting, we are we urge sailing around the story. If there's no one out we'd go anywhere, we want it's also very strange and there's not many people out, and then we find this just in o spoiler. We find a dry. You Starbucks, that's open, which I think is an aerial, yeah yeah. That. I love it. I want to remind our and it was pouring rain to that area. It was pouring railing. It's gonna be great. Everyone was scared, it was you. I was pretty crazy and and also this round of juvenile questions in the beginning, it was leg. Would you
there be one here, jogger, three small hot dogs or whatever, where you're like. Ok, I got, I don't know the rights, an amazing I shall just maybe, but I love it. I mean that system on party version that this time peoples a kind of into they, they got they end. They asked some very interesting question. Sorry, but well I'm trying to say next essential exponential rate, Thank you, of course, than exactly rights. Newest podcast. I said no gifts with bridges I know you're is out now we're so fucking excited about it, and the third episode comes out this week today, Thursday March. Twenty six with the gas this week is Andy Richter, which has incredible, will ensure good podcast, if you guys have in following along. Thank you so much make sure you subscribe wherever you listen upon casts it really help
the pod cast out when you do that when you comments and give them my view here and a review, its really helps on the charts, which is awesome yeah, and it really is such a delightful. I think these days I I know personally, I'm definitely turning to park- has more and more just yeah puttering around the house as I'm getting really into cleaning, which is surprising to me, but it just really like listening to other people talk is so such nice kind of pseudo socializing. I think it a does all this brain that regular socializing does. So if you want to come good, how lariat chat, show YO stood by very intelligent and very alike. Fun to listen to people Bridger minors. I said no gifts is the podcast for you and it's positives. You're feeling down. You just need a like tune. The fuck out,
Positive us is a really great when it was all it was all recorded before this happened to say you're, not even gonna yeah. He was in his months ago today about yes it's a who doesn't want to think about presence and why you give gifts in what you get and what the western best him bends come. I love what you did for your house forming party. Were you just don't say sorry unnecessary, just don't even mention them on the invite them people bring well, I did brilliant and islands. I swear to you and you didn't even wrote. You told me you do it on purpose view dinner. I do not know,
I didn't hurt. I was joking to you because you are like you didn't you didn't put no gifts and then I was left. Of course I didn't, but I actually, but I got no longer. I now you, I didn't think about it. While you, you seem to be like delighted by its, it didn't seem like an angel, but I didn't think about it, and I would I think I would you wanna get the feeling. You just put your own house get your own goddamn. Let go to Hell. Can us our dear own fucking candle usin about a fuckin how's yeah, you should be saving for candle money, don't message in real estate now now. Ok, this is moment. I'm kind of excited to talk about this, because this is one of the things. So we get we
get given gifts when we go on to her all the time and people will handle stuff in the in the line in the meat and greet line and they'll, say they'll tell us a little story, hand, something will say thank you. We put it in a pile, we ship it back to the office and then sometimes, three months later we go through the box. Then we're like. Oh, I remember this in whatever, and so we have a bookshelf at the office, it has all the books we ve been given, or you know, there's just different stuff all around so this book it up on my night stand that I started reading. I would say two weeks ago and it's called the forest city killer by Vanessa Brown, and it is in the house in London, Ontario, Canada, China. In the sixties, there is a serial killer and nobody,
it together that there was a serial killer in this tiny town and this Vanessa Brown, the off their gave it to us herself this. This has to me, I'm sure, there's one to you and I read the whole book. It's really fascinating. It's really heartbreaking. You know, of course, its goes into like how the families deal with it in its way. You know that victims are teenage girls and in the end I read every page because it was that good and I'd still be known by the end they satisfying, because it's very realistic- and you know it's just as much about her doing the research and trying to get this the such as the two thousand and then at the very end, I'm sorry, I'm just kind of scanning the acknowledgements page and at the very bottom yeah it says its of no it's listing people, then it says Karen and Georgia who have no idea how important they are to the rest of us. We got it where it right in the Middle EAST. We gotta see as a worrying. I hope it is not her apparently and mental
and then she says hello and at the last things as into my partner, the only person who really matters Jason, Dixon, and then it says as De Gm Phoebe amazing I was lake in the book- is great mass. I highly recommend but then switch. World, we live in word were kind of unknown it. If I was, can I say I was just I'm listening to a book right now, and I put it on everyone's been listening to in saying how great it is. It's called hold on a minute make sure it's called the Sundown motel by Simone Saint James, and it's like you know this woman goes missing in the seventies and her. You know her niece goes to find out what happened at one of those like true crime fiction bucks, and in the beginning, it's like you know that,
Thank you and I must now inaudible. So it's that and they are- and it says, into all the murder reno- and I was just like what the fuck is- might lie. The this isn't say it s, amazing them. Just like the same thing happening and Marine Johnson's book, the added she is Yahoo, she's dedicated at all the martyr in us. I notes miracle about thanks for being read. Books thinks you're here in books are becoming a big part of war. Do it's how I put myself to bed at night, because I know I'll just policy on the council to intervene on line minds. White castle hi Mine's white cloth minds like class. Both are getting answers. Both are acceptable answers without what about three White castle burgers and then a hole and then you're slam a white claw and then You tell them a guy. You tell everybody what you really think about they're out there
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and it's like an old kind of old time. He bathrobe yeah, eminence I just just hold its huge sorry before you start next air makes
Eric did an M s m animation of the cocaine, cocaine hogs, it's so great, a it's on everywhere, but I didn't realize this and I finally saw it in his link. Nick Terry has a patriot and that we should all join now, go to patria dot com, slash forward, Slash Emma Thumb, underscore animated and you can join Nick Terry's Patria on and make it so that he can just do that for a living that because he makes he makes merge from that stuff too. That's really cool. I definitely seems rather t shirts and stuff say ass. My friend body Riley, my friend Patty rightly has his shirt with all the characters. All the nigger I there's across the front, and she told me she's, been stopped a couple times by murdering those like such a jerk the new one is excellent. It's it's necessary watching for whom whomever home we're gonna do this. I have Can you see here
We can see the lights. Ok, ok, I just on hands. So let's do it this way. Let's start with this one that get its. The global pandemic, I'm doing the mysterious death of Natalie would owe, after all, there. You did, I think you're gonna sailing the black plague or something that is not a factor. One of us eventually has to do it story, and yes, it's that so true, while yeah you running for them. It's him back in my chair, the and the problem with this one is like you could do it six different way like their six different ways to do it and options and thoughts in store, is to read about it. Yeah complicated some different kind of the EU, now not bare bones, but the sum basics red there's just a lot of theory right because there's no, no one really knows the truth, exactly yeah I got a bunch of information from a vanity fair article by SAM Caution or another
to be fair article by Suzanne FIN Star an all, that's interesting, article by Marco Marguerite off the biography article by TIM Wikipedia and there's a forty eight hours episode about it called death and dark water did George now, but I will after this and then there's a New York Times, Argyle Catherine Rossman. I mean there is just a million articles you could read about this and videos to Natalie Wood is born on July, twenty Eightth nineteen, thirty eight, her real name was Natalia, is as her inky another matter, european consumers, from russian immigrant parents. So why and her mom pushes her into acting or they were born in separate, sit there from San Francisco year. Her mom push the Agora age for her mom pushes are into acting, and she appears in a couple films by the times she seven studio executives at our Kayo pictures. They changed her named Natalie would cause they want to sound more american sure, I'm at eight
gas at eight years old. She gets cast in the role of Susan Walker, the girl who doesn't believe in Santa Claus and everyone's favorite Christmas movie miracle. In thirty, four street yeah he's the little girl like chinese, huge, fuckin role. It's a huge role and she is so oh great and watchful ends, charming and real. It's amazing. It's amazing! I really
the that everyone right now is putting up Christmas trees and Christmas lights and were hunting it's Christmas. If not it's brilliant. Oh, I forgot to add that I should get my old. My white Christmas drew back out yeah so long. I think it's a great idea that thing apart, the goddamn shouted just loved it up. The vessel after a series of smaller, also Natalie, would play ends at playing that that teen, Anja New, opposite James Dean, of course and rebel, had a cause. We all remember that time. You remember that when we know about it, that's a great, let's just bookmark some of these as a as a movie for your quarantine rebel, how to preserve, as was so ahead of its time. That movie, as is on it's not like a fifties movie when you but you will not believe it's just incredible in jail. You will like it suddenly these teenagers and what's happening in reality, which is these baby boomers.
Their children are all right. Now, that's not right. Now these parents, from though from world war to our having children who are rebelling- and everyone wants something different now beyond its just kind of shocking. It's a great movie, it's incredible rural, that it's a world and earns her best sporting actress nomination at second sixteen years old yeah in her twenties she's cast in the musical adaptation of West Side story and other incredible movie and the gipsy, and by the time she's twenty five she's one of the youngest people to have been nominated for three oscars she's, one of the fuckin biggest stars of her time and the public had watched her grow up through the movies, so there of course, like emotionally attached to her and their completely enamored by her she's big huge. So for dark brown eyes and she, but also like this girl, next or charm, so she's just you know she's Americana, yeah and everyone loves her the in
nineteen. Fifty six on her eighteenth birthday, the studio heads from Twentyth Century Fox set her up with twenty. Six year old Robert Wagner he's It was friends as our J. That's is like that's, never calls him and they the studio heads, are thinking. Their relationship would get great publicity fur Wagner's up and coming acting career. They always did they set people up all the time yeah that was it just another bookmark this for the corn watch
If you ve never watched heart to heart- and you ever wondered what the early eighties was like in LOS Angeles, I'm telling you the show heart to heart, H, H, Archie to HIV. Our team is some easy amazing. It's a rich husband and wife that solve crimes for reasons you cannot figure out like their constantly in roiled in crime and murder, even though their rich and they live in, like Beverly Hills or something, and it's the background, the outfits, the hair, it's so good, it's it's on par with Colombo, and I think it an azure to get hold of you Robert Wagner's, the main character we ve been watching Colombo. Ever since you fuckin romania- and it's it's just as good as you- it's exactly what is, I did a little sell you some unforgivable Sunday, five seconds, thank madly in love with each other in a way that I think only happen in the fifties and with beauty, beautiful actors like where she fell, madly in love with each other
they get married a year later, nineteen fifty seven they and they become Hollywood's like a royal couple, everyone's obsessed with them. The media scrutiny, of course, but a strain on their marriage and five after five years of you know a rocky, I'm sure alcohol fuelled relationship they divorce after rumours of an alleged affair between Natalie Wood and her co star at the time I'm baby and they were an splendor and the grass together, which is another great, maybe watch yeah yeah. So there's rumours of that and everyone, and so they divorce spat its rumour that the real reason they split that Natalie would actually walked in on robber Wagner having an intimate moment with another man. Oh else, the rumour, ok in an old and allow suit she files against him at the time she charges him with mental cruelties, also Susan
if instead wrote a two thousand and one biography about Natalie Wood, and she alleges that she was that Natalie and her sister confirm latterly with sister Laana confirms ass. If she was, by a powerful actor. When she was just sixteen years old at the Chateau Marmite, she had gone into like interview with an actor about a position and came out. Second, just in terror is an you know, Vienna having just been sexually assaulted. By an and there they say who it is, who the rumoured person as I'm not gonna, fuckin, say it obviously I find it online. You know it just to say sidebar you, but it is like other day, the news report came out that arguments do not only got scented actually got sent to jail, which I think a lot of people must angels kind of can't believe
then, on top of that now he has corona virus disease in jail, and he really is this symbol, and hopefully it's like at the end of of not just an era but a tradition in Hollywood here where people with power they just break, are people cause they can and no one does need a hack has. No one else wants to get in their way, but long. You know the sister says that to a New York Times reporter that, after the rate, their mother and directed Natalie to keep it a secret in order to protect her career, of course, and so her mother was kind of this stage. Mom, who was like anything for your career, suck up kind of a person and also at sixteen years old. While she was filming being rebel without a cause. She had an affair with the movies. Forty one year, old, Director Nicholas RE should, as fuckin bananas on its own right in our young. Yes, so,
during her first marriage, a robber Wagner, Natalie. What is in secure she she's eighteen, she suspicious of everyone. She has terrible insomnia and can't figure out why she so unhappy. She starts taking sleeping pills and then she finally starts going to a psychiatrist and spends every lunch hour for the next eight years. Talking with the psychiatrist
she turned down role says she can like be close to Heaven and talk to him it's while running, and I was angry every lunch hour every day. Yet, but Nino Movie Lunch hour Ellie, I probably fifteen minutes and three every three days. So after that she has a brief relationship with warrant baby. He leaves her to date. A coat czech girl is the rumour g and send Natalie attempt suicide by swallowing a bunch of pills. She goes to Cedars Sinai and they save her in time. Her biographer writes that Natalie was always on the precipice of a crisis and her greatest fear, and she and there's there's a video of her saying this to interviewers her greatest sphere is dark water and that she would drown in dark water. Her biggest fear after their divorce, both Natalie and our J robber Wagner Mary other people. They have children, they both MILAN with their lives for nine buccaneers belike later days to each other, but
were undoubtedly one ends of leaving her second husband and nineteen. Seventy one, not long after the birth of her daughter, Natasha and within three months of her second divorce origin Natalie are back together and even more in love than ever. Apparently, her sister Laana does say when she was like what the fuck, Naturally she was like the innocent like I'm the devil you now is better than the devil you dont now or one of those along those lines yeah, but it does seem like they were super fuckin in love with each other and obsessed yeah, so Natalie sphere of water. As I said, it spin famously documented as a child. Her more of what Natalie mom takes her fortune, teller and the fortune tellers like. Show me a great beauty, but she should also be aware of dark. What now, then, I knew I now do me a fortune telling he not scare a four year old, please or whatever, but also where
fortune, teller, because she knew what she was talking about. So there's all these examples of her filming movies, where they should get the water and she's freaked out and such is just she's terrified of it. Ok, what you believe me for FUCK's sake: ringlets, evil leave me. I don't have to give you the details. Ok despite her fear of water, Natalie would enjoys boding and sailing frequently, I think, Catalina at the time. You know that little island twenty two miles away from us allay here, is like where the fuckin, rich and famous go to like you know and to hang out with Armenia and Bow yeah. I like you now, hang without being without the pleads muddying them she even remarries our Diana Yacht, and they go on a cruise to Catalina for their second honeymoon in nineteen them, five, a couple years later, they by their own yard,
while the challenger- but they re name it splendor, even though its concern bad luck to rename, above which I didn't know I didn't neither for shadowing already People know, listen are like. I knew because I'm your yadda yadda sphere in Europe, yacht bullshit, you in your ear with a helicopter pad onset Fergus, the people there a so they hire this due to help them bring the boat from where they bought it. Florida to California and end of hiring him to be their captain. He's a saloon lean hot gonna, hot dude, but there's no at me now that he's just a friend of theirs and it becomes a really good friend of theirs and they like having him on board and they can it. It's almost like. You know their friend on board with them. So that's good and his name is Dennis Darn so by nineteen eighty one now
forty three year old, Natalie when her career is waning. Her parts are, of course, going to younger actresses and meanwhile, you now Ardiaeus becoming that hot grizzled. Detective cigarette smoking. Looking guy and he's getting a bunch of television shows any color television star with his at heart to heart and loves it, which I genuinely do love, but I had to say again that something where it now what is easily one of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses there has ever been ends. Her expiration date was what he saying she's in her early plates journeys wench yeah forty three she's working only hoarding on so young, I'm an inordinate amount of all and then meanwhile, just like deeds get older and somehow the rules are yeah. That's great! The morgue
you are the better at Seville, yeah, exactly sizing despair and nothing is wrong. The breaking news Hollywood's out its unfair, but you won't be everyone it it's always anyway, and there may It gets a little rocky, an Natalie's worried that arduous drinking too much Anna he's getting famous in their flirtations on sat with the lead. Actress from heart to heart. His name. You very well thank you terrorism is the thing you knew. You know about me the answer as a carrot, good girl who dogs, and why are they barking their locked away, the fuck out of here, because they would be barking much any if a person walked by it would be all dogs, so I said and then gave them both police Dixon Shut, Sir, about three doors, so they can't let him in at the end the yes of course, so her careers waning that she does get em movie up opposite Oscar winner, Christopher Walken.
God, damn it. He was a snack when he was young. Have you see he earlier on a damsel arrive answer and s neck, and I had a good just a cool guy. Always there cool guy and her last picture is with him called brainstorm here. This filmed it got an Oscar for Dear Hunter, which is another movie to put on your list I would put that near down near the bottom of deer. Hunter. Ok, good! I actually I'm in saying that I was like a bet. It's good, so heavy oil. I mean it's about DV, it's about Vietnam, better and so it's as bowed his re is a movie. Can ok take your list right now that are just going away. Yeah, wait till! stabilize a little bit mark the definite I really want to watch twelve monkeys and fences like. Why would you want to do that right now,
but a great fuckin movie that I wait. Thinking of this sorry. Well, while you were kind of going through her movies, there's one that I've seen and it's not as well known, but I went through a very strong Steve, Mcqueen Phase and there's a movie called love with the proper stranger Lovely Cromer, stranger love with the erasure strangers from nineteen sixty years. I say yes so confident about the first measure, but I I would slip dear Hunter in love with a proper stranger cause. The virus, of that movie, is so lovely in its like to people that are like not yet try not to fall in love, and then they have a one. I said it's really good. It's an area, not actors that its believable and it almost seems like like. I feel it, an act during your having a love scene with, and that means with someone else, you kind of have to have those vibes with them or its commercial terrible scene in our right. I think. Does he see that's why?
France yeah. That's why actors are the way they are where they're kind of fake, but they actually kind of meaning because they're just like yeah life experience at all, and then it s kind of rock and roll and yeah. That's unlike sinning, your fuckin closet and hide from everything with LA that's. My acting skills in a nutshell. Alan levelled steed Mcqueen than the fact that that'll do it, but at length. Ok, so our J visits, the sad, brainstorm notice is the chemistry, routine, Natalie and walk in and is like He writes in his memoir that at the least they were having an emotional, fair like there fucking connection between the two of them, at least among our, but Thanksgiving weekend. Nineteen eighty one Natalie invites Christopher Walken to join her in our J on the splendor to go to. Catalina has like that.
Sounds like the most awkward fucking trip. I've ever heard. Yeah. I wonder what I was about: yeah, Christopher Walken, Chytus, Eddie, I'd like hemorrhoids, or something and like out gone like oh, my old mild bananas are getting me. I have their activity. It is too much. I mean to beg my audio but yeah, sorry, so the yachts captain davers they did that their friends with immediately doesn't like walk in essence he gets on about because he's there would Natalie wooden him and Christopher Walken are openly flirting on the boat. I am said the group, the group of Fort before them Natalie, Would Christopher Walken Wagner and their captain David Byrne diversion they leave round noon on Friday, whom he and David says that he could tell Wagner was jealous of all the attention would was giving walk in and it's a grey cold day. The sea is rough, This is foreshadowing. I'm really get at it.
Oh Christopher Walken get Seasick on the way over there. He is in his state room. He produced was uncomfortable if I'm guessing correctly The yacht gets to the harbour and catalina and there's no mornings available, which I'm guessing is just like: the the on the the dock on the beach sure you can warrior boat is ready. I think it means like a parking space in the harbour is where exactly that's my guess. Also knowing nothing about yards are boats, I think I think that means you just like jump on and off when you want to go into town, but isn't one of those, so they have to like put their anger down a little added tat, a little out of the dark, which means they have to take a dinghy they want to go to land Sellen buried. Here I mean: do they know who these people are dead,
closer, that's what they're screaming imaging as they have to row across. Do you know who I mean it's me if I had to heart. So it's it's a quarter of a mile off of Avalon, which is the like main small town in cattle, Lena and around five p m that evening, they all go into town tavern stays behind a make dinner. They have beers at the restaurant and then they go back on board an essentially r J and Natalie start fighting on board that Friday night because our J wants to move the boat because of the rough sea conditions khazar. So far out the you now. In the water narrowly wants to spend the night. She wants to go on shore and state, a fuckin hotel cause she's terrified of water yeah and it's all championship, and he refused, but he lets her leave with the captain. Dennis and go spend the night a hotel together, but nothing happens. It's like it's very innocent, but ass. She confessed.
Tides, and this guy damage a lot, and one thing she says that night is that she's thinking of divorcing him, oh yeah and so but the next morning she was like planning on taking a helicopter backer boat back to town, like to LOS Angeles by the next morning. She reconsidered and goes back to the boat and they smooth things over. So it's Saturday now ok so in the afternoon at Saturday, they all go to is its musk co, which is an isolated spot on the northern under the island. It's a really small community, that caters to yachtsman, which means rich people, Natalie Wooden, Christopher Walken, go alone on the little dinghy to a restaurant and they're sitting there having drinks and everyone sang they're laughing and having the best time when Robert Wagner shows up and that he gets they're having so much fine he's really jealous of the two of them allegedly young, and they
Oh, it's you, the only restaurant, a code to have dinner some of them the restaurants, staff and other diners. There said that everyone shrinking there. They were drinking very heavily and there is volatile behaviour on Natalie Woods parents whose actually got really drunk and mad at Robert Wagner. Its apparent supposedly. She throws some a glass at the wall at some point and then like he has to hide her behind us. Walking her out because she's stumbling so much and of course everyone knows who they are their fuck and loyalty. Yeah and when they do when they leave the restaurant. The restaurants manager calls up the harbor master, and here LEO people fuck an eye on these junkies. Please, that's how bad it as we are now. It's ok there's something going on here, so they go back to the splendour and about ten p m and they open other bottle of wine, and this is according to Dennis
I am naturally would and Christopher Walken there I'll hang on the state room and their openly flirting and by acting like no one else in the room, and so our J grabs a bottle of wine and smashes it on the table in front of them and says to Christopher Walken. Is Christ what he trotted. You fuck my wife, that's fucking, while from down ass, now that he says that ok, so after that Christopher Walken, crazy, worked retreats to his room and then Natalie when Robber Wagner start fighting in the room and then Davern says that he stayed on the bridge and he can hear them fighting and it's like one of the worst fights you'd ever heard between them. He says that stuff was getting to around and Everyone on the boat could hear it, and then he says in the next ten years is the ropes being the ropes from the dingy being tugged on dinghy being untied and then its silence, and then it's about eleventh, Thirty p m
whenever one shit faced at this point in the area they drink so much on and then the heat at eleven thirty a sweaty and tussle Robert Wagner comes back up to the bridge and tells Dennis that Natalie is missing and the dinghies gone, but Ex casual about it and as like, she must have we got in a fight. She must have wanted to go back to the land and took off on our own and the stingy, but it's this woman afraid of water and didn't even know how to operate the dingey yeah so Dennis, of course, is why. Why do we turn the searchlight on and try to look for her? But our J insists that day. Like not worried about her at the moment they open a bottle of scotch. He refuses to call for help and then more than an hour passes and at one hundred and thirty a dot m and they finally call for help. There are two hours of her being missing an hour day asked the people to look round town first cause. He apparently thought she had gone back to land from the coastguard is called
three thirty, a am m in the search goes into high year, so eight a dot that morning on November, twenty six, some one spot something bobbing on top of the water about a mile off of blue Cavern point, which is the couple miles from its mist, cove so close by the boat. Was its Natalie Woods body floating, face down only thing she was wearing when she left the bow. Was a cotton nightgown awry down jacket and blue Wolf socks. So no matter how she got honour or are you know in or out of the water she's, not wearing shoes, but she's rang her jacket and socks. It doesn't seem like something someone would put on to just gettin a dingy and Lee Well, not a sober person by re in arouse menace, yeah, and so, but they find the dingy and its ignition key is switched off. The gear shift
a neutral and the oars are up in a locked position, which I feel like that to me is the most telling thing, because if someone were dry You were trying to get shore and they were drunken shit. They wouldn't leave it in that position and in like in a you know, they wouldn't lock the oars and dive into the fuckin water just wouldn't happen right. I mean if she didn't know how to work it anyway, because first I thought a dingy. I didn't realize a dingy had a motor. I thought it was just the boat with the or so maybe maybe like I don't I don't know, but I think it's a rich rich persons, Ding Loca about makes sense. So it's like rich persons thing is the name of this episode, but it is something of when you are super drunken you're in a fight with someone where you're like I will stormy, is both where ya, if their drunk enough to be fighting in public in a restaurant. On on Cannon island, which is the smallest place on the planet,
then clearly there all of them were out of their a normal thinking mode. So then it is like you, I am going to leave and go back or we know whatever, and they fuck. You do it and why do not worry about her and he is in a year and let's not call the police because she's just drunk and maybe she'll just and around. Where learn her lesson, I mean because I have to say, I've always heard this story and its basically the story or the way people have always talked about. It is like Robert Wagner, killed, Natalie Wood and everyone knows it and it's like, but I only I look for that in May, because I love her to heart. But I'm looking for that. What the word be through law, and where you could be seeing it in a different way, where it's like actually people making terrible decisions in out which, I need to go wrong. I think that makes then I feel like if he had killed her,
the dingy wouldn't be involved at all. He would have just throw her fucking overboard in on him in, like how does the dingey come into play? Yeah? Did he put her on envy like fuck you, you need chill out now thinking she would die. But let me read you more because there's other a clear that our weird Oh the news. As Natalie Woods, death spreads across the globe. People- secondly, like this, is you know, one of the biggest stars second Angelina Jolie type of thing that a she died in this manner with Brad Pitt onboard like that's the equivalent of Asia, just insane ray and doubt Dennis Tavern. The captain later says that that Wagner immediately comes up with a story of the Knights events and tells him an Christopher Walken to stick to this story. He says he rats going along one at a time, but he had the time he and for a while longer. This is the story. He sticks to
they all tell the detective that they thought. Natalie took the dingy to shore, even though Dennis Tavern knew that Natalie was directly afraid of water and didn't know how to pilot small rubber boat herself. There is no mention of the fight. The men say that the shattered wine bottle is from the waves and soon after the discovery, the body, r, J and Christopher Walken leave the island and a helicopter and Eve Tavern to identify the body Adelina. Oh no yeah, I know ray I, but I wonder if some kind of lawyer didn't step in and start telling everybody wants to do behind this totally or someone like you, don't want to see her the way she is have supplied. It does make hence to have someone you know a step outside eight of her immediate loved one, yet identify a body also
this is basically circling bachelor. The casting couch thing in the thick of the thing I was talking about earlier, where this is the kind of thing, and I think it surprises people, but it's like- You know these are two. These are three major stars, so the financial impact on the studios that they work for tv shows or whatever there are people it's just like Michael Clayton. The fix are united in our people, who, when you're rich enough, come in and take care of things for you in a way that I powered no one gets in rate in real life, and no one would ever get that kind of help. No one would ever, and it is it's. It's a borderline, it's like them,
I fear a unity mean work as they are protecting their investment there protecting this, these parts of the studio, it's just like, oh yeah. I can- and I cannot solely imagine there- somebody that no one's ever known the name of that that you know sailed out on a boat was like this. You go here. You shut your mouth and it's easy to say it was Robert Wagner because he's you know, he's the husband nets, the husband always dinner, but actually it I would. I would It's easy to imagine for me to imagine some kind of like studio head that was like sending a guy. I'm basically think get ethics are as yet with it, and rather Wagner has been an actor since he was young he's. U sittings, help told what to do by these higher power. Oh yeah, also, the autopsy shows that would actually has multiple bruises on her arms and an abrasion on her left cheek in the corner explains her bruises. As quote superficial and quote problem
sustained at the time of drowning in the corner, concludes that Natalie had fallen into the water while trying to board the dingey, but there so fingernail scratches found on the dinghies side as if she was trying to hoist herself up from the water. So maybe she was trying to be like fuck you I'm out of here. And did you got you now until I then she saw no, who now, I may add, surrounds kind of far fetched, but older than I mean, except to her, if their, if their own. A cop car just meant by a car just argue in front of us. They are really George. Has a knife and she's industry. Nowhere this thinking, like bees so drunk being as drunk as they were very
you ve told me. They were young and then you're like I'm leaving his yacht and getting on this dinghy. Like? Can you imagine s right now getting onto a dingy? How scary that would be in love and weird like I've than if you're old drunken enraged, I don't know a boating accident. I don't know it's easy to pick are now. If your shit phase- it's not it's not funny fetch. Now it's not it's not a far fetched thing for someone who was drunk and also by the way on motion, sickness medication and painkillers yeah found in her system. She her her. What's it called be, am I was point one for which is twice legal limit, tiny, sorry, be amazed body, mass and ethics. Thank you. You know what I meant but you don't, I met her Al Gore level. Point one bored, so she valued team
tiny person. Yes, re, like she's got all of this in her in her system she's an almost twice the legal limit yeah, I Felix. I feel it not hearing a splash is a magnet and I know everyone on the boat lied initially, but like people on different boats nearby would have heard a splash. I don't know, I mean, I don't know either near the site, oh they after to weaken vested geisha investigation, the police, rural, her death, an accident, and eventually Dennis diverting leaves California for the EAST coast, and he at in the nineties he starts drunk dialing Laana would Natalie Woods younger sister being like did I I will tell you the fuckin truth like what I told him he made me tell that story and there's all this crazy shit about like Ino. After the fact he lived with Robert Wagner, unlike wherever Wagner, got imparts on tv and no kind of seems, accused grooming him away.
And then law. Starts to believe and believes you know he tells her about the explosive fight they had an on becomes one of our Jays harshest critics. And he she accuses Hem- of pushing Natalie into the water. So and she's she's, an actress as well, and people accused her exploiting Natalie staff for attention, but she says she just wants the truth, and then For years, Robert Wagner tells people he thinks. Natalie was trying to re tied the dingy when she slipped and hid her head and fell on the water. That's like in his biography, that's his horizontally Murphy. That's his theory is that it was tightening the ropes and felon, what we're walking hazards publicly spoken much on the events he fuckin won't talk about it, but it has appeared. Leave that it was in an ax it with an accent.
And in November two thousand and eleven Dentist Auburn. He had finally come forward at that point and publicly announced that he lighted detectives during the original investigation and His Thea. His confession gives the LAPD reason open the case. So this is what Sal comes out his whole story about what happened that night and everyone here. What year was it then, when you ve they came forward. Yeah two thousand and eleven o shoot, ok, yeah, so ever like you're, trying to get money for Lino for Europe to train a book about it and from the paparazzi outside your distress to get money, blah blah blah, but either way that cases reopen and during a six year investigation. The new detectives on the case review the autopsy and by that Natalie has head wounds. Our travelling and may indicate that she was in a violent fight and is pushed or tossed into the water while unconscious and according to one detective, she quote, looks like the victim of an assault and they do the whole thing
talk about them like the way the wounds were that you now delivered is up and not down, and so she didn't feel this way. She felt that way. Whatever the fuck ran an they discuss, a key witness, a woman, a Marilyn who was in a boat eighty feet away that night and she says that she and her boyfriend heard a woman screaming for help around eleven p m. They try to call the harbor master, it goes unanswered, but there's a party on about nearby so they're like, oh just, must be partying. Ah I now and then me twelve. The autopsy report, as amended to no longer classify Natalie Woods death as an accident and her death Typical is changed, shoe drowning and other undetermined factors. So I think it is now not action all drowning anymore and and twenty eight team Robert Wagner, is officially named a person of interest. In the case, they can't name unless aspect the person of interest, the crazy yeah. I mean, of course,
he's a personal interests, and since there is for people on the boat lakes here but they're not naming Christopher Walken his personal interests just from now on they change. I think the fact that they changed her. That's it from accidental drowning, which means no one is a person of interest to drowning and other undetermined factors, meaning there to be spear, there should be a person of interest. If this is an accident rate and at its Christopher Walken isn't involved yeah! I can't imagine here, oh, what a terrible situation per him lack. What if he I mean he really did like I was in love with her had acute crush on her was lay. He was air because he was in love with her and thought. Maybe I will win her over from her husband or whatever here I d and then he's there. He was married at the time, but it's also like maybe maybe
They were just friends and he definitely heard them fighting that night, but what he wants to be a huge fucking actor. He wants to be an actor. So he never speak of this again right, you know Rachel tarnish his entire reputation right, Natalie Woods. Death remains one of Hollywood's biggest mysteries. No one knows how she got into the water. I'm police said, are not going to close the case and that the cases now undeniably a quote suspicious death, wow and then her daughter and Natasha Gregson Wagner, who talked about on the palm ass before she was partially raise by her stepfather. Who was our J. She believes silly that her mothers, drowning, was an accident and she says the we'll details. Dont really mattered. Her quote: there was What does the same? She died and she laughed when I was eleven and my sister was seven and need at her. Oh, no, oh, oh said she was. She was hilarious. She was always
a funny she would walk into your house and everything would be better if she I into a room and it was sepia. It suddenly became bright, colors and Natalie would be, would be eighty two years old and a grandmother if she were still alive today, and that is mysterious death of Natalie. Why heartbreaking harbouring inside this woman poor woman who just wanted some kind of normal see in her life, which there's a podcast called fatal voyage, and the first season is about the mysterious death of Natalie Wood, and so they sister toxin at echoes, really deep, as a lot of information there so check that if you want to know more about very cool Yankees, I'd, love to know the details I mean to really here about what the details of the autopsy word like there, because there's it is so fascinating when corners can go over stuff and and
basically be like the way. This wound the direction of their indicates this like where that kind of stuff gets like sucked out and in court by corners. I always find that to me was fascinating as it is here. It really does tell so much more and yeah I mean I'm what, if Robert Wagner's enough furious true that he was saying that the dingy kept banging grant against the side of the boat and so a cup Couple times in the past has had to go out and tighten that because she couldn't sleep with the banging noise area. So what if that night? After they gonna fight- and he went back up to drink with Dennis she, and down to try and tighten at which under which makes sense that she had no shoes on and just your coat and she fell in yeah. She doesn't like big out like in a bad mood, is about fighting and drinking and stone little. How can choose like fuck everybody and I'm just gonna go fix. Yes, I mean that's right. That's actually, incredibly tragic, there are so many Ellie,
and so tragedy to this, but the idea that this whole time everybody thinks he killed her one. Actually, it was just a terrible acts and it makes me think, as well of like those times so many parties, I've been to where people gather my friends get so drunken. Then there like a dive home and you fight with them for hours to get the key out their hand, and there are so many times you just go- find drivers of home. You asshole lake. I used up my friend used to gets through I loved, but here gets so drunk and finally, my ex would go out and just D. He would just and basically make it so. His car wouldn't run she's like here. Take the keys any would like go take over them. Whatever caps are the you don't mean unplug the battery or whatever some kind of thing that he knew how to do, because he knows cars just like you would just go pass out in his car. But it's like is that point. When people are
drunk in your in a fight and everything is bad. You know new more. You just go fine like get away from our yeah. I'm gonna fight with a boyfriend at a bar, Emily, I'm walking home like walked home in the middle of fuckin, the lower hate in San Francisco, who, unlike and then I got into dive, bars that fuck him. I wanted a drink. I myself in this diet. You know it's yeah, unsafe, can things because you're not thinking clearly yeah, and, as in the Netherlands, are gone, it's like he was just as drunk sounds like you from all those areas. That's like he's. Have you know it's? or you stir in the fuckin water. But who knows I mean, It's interesting, since we ve all heard. That theory is very interesting to hear kind. The details. I mean I do. I never knew any of that other stuff. It's amazing here, while greater. Thank you. You welcome.
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Well, it's my turn, and so this week I'm going to do on. I don't have you ve heard of this. The box car killer no no to me. This is a hobo based true crime story in Cambodia and I was the one that you read the book about where he was going from city to axe, murdered man on the train, the bravery, and that if you haven't read a man on a train and you're looking for a quarantine and her chain man, I know I've recommended it a hundred times, but it is a by so how to run in book. You have it. I swear you love it. No, I'm I'm gonna do at the house allowing my clothes it's written by Bill, James and Rachel Mccarthy, James, who, I believe, listens to the show ya, because what I recommended- and she said thank you, but maybe someone just told her anyway I may tell myself that she lessons anyway yeah that that books, amazing no. This is a little bit different it
really crazy. Okay, so it was suggested by Kim being she wrote entity towards email. So thank you can be for suggesting that story are sources. Are the spoken spokesmen review the EAST Bay Times the guardian, and always my one? True love, murder, pdf. Ok, we're just gonna talk about this really quick, as this came up once before long ago, the term, Hobo is not problematic to rights. The hurt the random hobo is not a reason for you to get upset. The term hobo comes from a time after the civil war, when a lot of men who are out of work and looking for basically migrants, farming jobs looking to go anywhere, they said they would jump on the railroad and they would travel all around the country to get farming jobs anywhere, that there were farming jobs based on what was growing and being of farmed and they would bring their own home with them. So the nickname used to be home boy, HIV and then
after TAT. I note, as time passes out shortened down to Hobo and that's what huh? That's what my colleague each other, so it you think it how rubble matic. You can call your local hobo and bring it up with them, but the, but there is also a modern term for Hobo witches train writers, so that we can also use that term. Knowledge is well, but we need to take the same off hobo. Has it there's? No there's no problem with it. This hoboes are concerned soldiers, It starts in ninety ninety five in December of ninety ninety five, thirty nine year olds, train rider will call him William bet it junior. He finds himself a spot to sleep in the box car on the train that he is writing Legally, of course, that's how olive all of this. His elbows and train writers, people that jump on moving trains and hitch rides it's illegal. Their security guards that there actually called by hoboes and train writers are called bulls and security guards, often look for them to kick them off. They're, not
supposed to be doing at its very unsafe to do anyway, and then, on top of that, there's a lot of danger with the other people that that are on the train. So William had a junior found, a box car. He found a spot to sleep. The train was passing through Northwest Oregon. He is in his sleeping bag. He covers his head with an old baseball hat and he's knuckles and it's really cold. He falls asleep, and time during the night another train rider sneaks into that car and beats had a junior to death with a blunt object MIKE had the murderer then takes all of patents, belongings, including the close he's wearing and leave behind his nude body in the bloodied sleeping bag. So when the train high vs, when the train gets to the station in Miller's Burke or again, one of the railroad security guards the bull whose
came the train yard that night he does the routine check of all the box, cars on the train and he finds William Petty juniors body and cause the police so in the Topsy is conducted its deduce that pet it was killed as the train pastors Salem or again, which is roughly twenty miles north of where the train stopped and so Salem was where the authorities were uncontacted. So Diana Moffat at is the prosecutor at the time and sale of Oregon and decay she gets the case. She knows the odds of solving a murder that had took place on a moving train, and them or of a transient the odds of being able to track that down and unsolved. That case are very low, and so she didn't have a lot of hope and but Just two days later, she learned that the body of train writer, Michael Climates, has been found bludgeon to death in a box car in Portland Rail Yard, and the scene is
very similar to William, petty juniors murder, he'd been bludgeoned violently about the head and his Allison had been stolen, so Diana my it calls Portland obviously the Portland the big city and organ, and she want someone its action and to investigate this case and someone who knows what they're doing so she calls detective might quacking to help with the investigation. I'm gonna have to say his name a bunch of times. It's one of the unfortunate simply adds an unfortunate name. It's goofy but only about so as Kilgour. If we respect we respect here, we respect the job. So as detective? My Clark ambush begins to dig in these murders. He, discovers that these two murders are not isolated incidents, in fact their hundreds of trade,
giant murders on trains and its assumed that they just somehow got de violent fights with each other and and wound up dead right. All of these cases are neglected by the police because of the there in because of the way dense quota quote high risk transient lifestyle and the detective sees in Ino in these cases that he starts to find this secret least code written on many of them and h, I would dance, ready, no humans involved, which is what they
found the LAPD wrote on that. A lot of the Grimm's sleepers victims when the police decide that if you wish, you have a high risk lifestyle of your sex worker, especially if you're a person of color or your transient, that's the nickname and it's disgusting. So that's awful everybody out you protect and serve and know that absolutely there's humans involved if it's a murder case anyway. So my Clark and Bush sees this and he's like you can't just kill people just because their transience. This is unacceptable and he's like digging in so he learns. All he can about. Hope
those and train writer lives each etc the switching yards and he interviews the balls, the railway workers and the writers themselves to get a feel for the culture and who the big players are in the community. But among the most important piece of information that he discovers is that there is a well known gang that rides the rails in their called the F T, R. A so the empty aristo- stands for freight train writers of America. Although there are those who would argue it originally stood for thought. The Reagan administrate should look like a man Sesar, and so my mom is their posthumously belongs to that train renders association pact, Google, earth, vice lower. The estuary was founded in the early eighties by a bunch. Vietnam veterans who come back from the war found, they couldn't sit back into quota, quote normal society and wanted to live their own way.
By writing the rails, sending for themselves and travelling all across Amerika, and I watched this documentary and it was called mug shot. It was it was it like a doc. You series that I'd never heard of before it might have been Canadian, because it's like just familiar enough to be like what's this year, would have known this, but right is really good and they had so much footage of people just standing on train cars as it as they go through like this most that Fascinating. Scenery like I could really see the appeal of doing this. I mean I m fascinated by transient lifestyle and ya, you cope and how you not coat but like how you thrive and how you survive and how you, how well you know, yeah! Why that life is so appealing, sir, I'm here its fascinating. It really is, unlike what it actually takes. You know, there's all
kinds of rules you can't just get on any ownair yeah. I know there is obviously very territorial. There's lots of things to look out for legates its fascinating. You know there's a year now I can't remember if it was, I think it was season to you. I was season two baskets and Yes, oh my god, I wish I was just thinking about that and I couldn't remember what it was for him, but its young Fucking Vasquez, if Thou art season to buy hopping the rails and kind to become what train writer, Hobo and all my initially ends up in jail. It's my favorite critic, re great, show, watch basket. Hey you can binge baskets if four seasons, I find it to be very quality writings,
gorgeous shout at that guy went up bearing they'll Gareth. So, according to a long time, Hobo name Jerry the frog fortune, and there are so many amazing arising names of these hoboes who speak in this in the mug shot and they speak. They play songs. You know it's a whole culture. Its fascinating and honest, reminds me a little like prison culture or it's like. Here is what you have to do to get by. Yes, total. Everyone knows what to do now and the driving force in this culture is like the freedom, AIDS Lake. It sake you guys, like you, can do without having money. How can you get by and how can you all yeah stick together and help each other Ah, he live off the grid, yeah exactly so Jerry the front, fourteen who was named nineteen. Ninety seven national hobo assess associations, king of the hoboes, I mean he's this guy's logic
his eyes up there. He says that the vat to formed the F T, R, a were just quote, a bunch of guys who wanted to ride together now other people say and obviously Jerry. Clearly, wood is an expert in knows, but there are other people who who say that it was always a violent gang and some say it was always a violent gang of white supremacist who landed together to steal from other hoboes, either way. It's now a network of criminals known for assaulting and even murdering their fellow drifters. So in many cases they assume they will attack someone, kill them assuming their identity and then commit. You know: fraud like welfare, stealing now getting food stamps there under other people's names? Other forms of soft so and the thing is because
their living a transit lifestyle. They can just commit a crime board, a train, their out of town. There's no record of the travel, there's no actual identification there, it's very difficult to track. Okay. So as detective quack ambush questions, the train writers, he starts hearing about a very dangerous hobo by the name of sidetrack, and he meets Hobo he's actually able to meet a hobo was able to describe what sidetrack looks like an that. Hoboes name, if you believe me Church John Second church Johnson, an edge ok, so quacking Bush
a sickly. So the way he gets into this investigation is, he finds out the train that Michael climates body was found on, and then he and then he follows the route of that train and he just visits every train in every rail yard at that that train stopped out and all the encampments that surround those trail yards and basically, he traveled all across the Pacific Northwest showing these victims photos to anybody who would talk to them will talk to him and who might know them. So. Finally, on his way back he's in Eugene or again, he finds a rail writer who says he saw Clyde's wander off and search for math with another man who and by the name, sidetrack, so while he is
investigating this and on this kind of scavenger hunt all across the Pacific Northwest following these train tracks, he gets calls from three different police officers, one in Utah, one in Kansas, another one in Montana, they're all working on their own transient, murder cases which took place in the past eight months involving the victim being bludgeoned to death. Solely share yeah, so quiet Agus transient serial killer, Griggs, exactly and in way that if it wasn't you like their one offs in these other cities, but by chance in Oregon there were two in a row, so there were like. Oh, this is is there's this isn't just like train right or justice, or whatever is like some rational argument that Vienna YA can't be rationalized, so clacking ass, those policeman have they heard of a man named sidetrack. They have not,
they have all heard of some one name, Robert, so Vera. So now lack and Bush police he's LE case, possibly looking for two people, sidetrack and then this guy Warburton Vera, so he chases both of them for another year before he finally gets this rule. A crucial break it, afternoon of Saturday March. Second point. Ninety ninety six and he got a phone call from a security guard, a train yard security guard, a bull in rows, Vill, California, that bold hell's the detective he was running over teen shaken the rose, real train yard and came across a man with an outstanding warrant for probation violation, and this man is thirty. Seven year old, Robert Silverado, so quack and Bush travels down to the placer city. Jail in Roosevelt meets all their face to face but he's nothing like the violent intimidating gang member that quack and Bush has. But people have been describing to him
dead this man's com- polite soft spoken, but one quack, ambush ass though there. If he goes by any other names when he rides the rails, Silvera says yeah. They call me sidetrack. So now he knows the two are actually one man and then Solaris starts spilling it okay, so he openly admits that he is a member of the F tiara and that he's a heretic choose stole from other hoboes to get drug money. Basically, but then he immediately confesses to the murders of William had a junior and Michael Kites, ass, yeah just immediately says it and as he does, he seems relieved and he tells quack ambush that he just wants to get it all off his chest and that he's quote glad he got caught because he would have continued to kill and then he immediately confesses to six more killings laptop. I wonder if you like. Wanted to be in prison like one of those guys who just like, like
De. Madam president, I mean it seems to me because he clearly was a very bad heroin addicts and I bet you was so strong out and like the way he was living was Oh crazy, I mean you know, It sounds like it She wasn't a psychopath or sociopath like him is doing. He in his mining is justifying what is doing till I get my, but it really were affecting ham and the drugs warrant like making all that hideous. You no guilt go away, and that's all That's completely editorializing on my part and gesture. Your honor, allegedly. So as to learn as the lowest bills as guts. He mentions that the police that he killed, someone in Albany California, which is the EAST Bay This prompts the police to contact another officer whose named William POW Meaney, whose in Albany and he then investigating the murder of a homeless vietnam that a fifteen year old Jane Maclean and
had taken place near train tracks in Albany and ninety ninety five. So the timeline that so very gives Pa Meaney when Pa Meaney interviews have matches up to this murder of James Maclean and as poem. Continues to talk to solve era and end like get it get stuff out of him. This spoken manned admits that in the last fourteen years, he's killed dozens of people across twenty eight states, only yeah so
So there is indicted for the murders of William, petty Junior and Michael Climates in March, ninety ninety six and sale or again in January of ninety ninety eight. He pleads guilty to both murders, avoiding trial and potential the potential for receiving the death penalty, he's given to life sentences without the possibility of parole and then, in February of ninety ninety eight Solaris extradited to Kansas, where he plead guilty to a third murder, that of rail writer, Charles Randal Boyd, and in Kansas he gets a twenty five year sentence and then in May of nineteen. Ninety eight he's extradited to Florida where he plead guilty to the murder of real writer Willie Clerk so very continues to surface licences in Oregon, where he will remain for the rest of his life yeah, and so basically they they ve gotten him on the murders that day investigated and that day that there were cops that were paying attention to, and there were chasing down amazing but there's tonnes more. That just now
whatever lake would have never known about. Now he didn't say it herself and that detectives detective, William Khomeini from from, Albany, he She partner of the writer named Tanya, chill loop and they wrote a book called murder on the rails, and it's all about at the end. The like details about the empty, our aid and the other crimes at so very committed during all of his ears. Are writing the rails as a hobo all across Amerika and wow is the story of the box. Car killer. Yeah. It's not nurses, that such a world that leg you can fathom from your home. You know you're sitting in your home and that this is what life Isn t it unfathomable than someone going around on top of all of it. Fucking killing people They wouldn't have known if he hadn't confess Tina rate. It would have all been unsolved. Ban can best right well, and you know
I think that its theme is the idea of lake when you think about like hoboes, it's so positive, an UP and Maya. Oh they like to do that. They're happy to be there they are, which is what is a part of it. I think, is like it's the choice to be away from normal society in being like I'm, I'm going away from that in doing this, but that this is the. This is the dark side of that this is there? No, when you, when you go off the grid, Yuk Yuk Eugene It's not me, you don't belong to this fraternity of other. As a whole faction of people off the grid, who are doing so, you don't want to follow any of society's rules landed in place to keep you safe and being strung out on drugs makes you do things yet ordinarily would never do, and this is also the most extreme version of that word sake. You just have get that next fix He had just steel whatever from whoever a new kind of rationalize it off. Crazy, gotcha.
Thank you very much for some second arrays. I think we all need them right now. Re yeah send us your fuckin rays of the people or the EU doing positive things in the world. It's really helpful. I'll, write you a story. Sure I'm gonna see first one hears from two am talker and they said my fucking her ears that I just got my first ever article accepted by a national newspaper here in New Zealand, I'm a supermarket worker and I wrote the article about the effect of bulk and panic buying, as seen through the eyes of a check out operator. My god, amazing. That is the core. That's so thing! You know what time really important point like this is a very stressful time and is the very crazy time, but is also something that no one's ever gone through before. If you even have the slightest in
Christian writing. You should absolutely that keeping a journal bee keeping a diary right every single day right all your feelings right. What happens? What you see it's, you should actually be doing it. Like they're, so many people that I say them. I want a fucking Harriet. I want a reader memoir, its those kinds of people really tell me everything. What does your talking? Lifelike? Yes, that's incredible, but especially people who are willing and grocery stores. They are really have my friend Jason High Jason, who listens to all everything we do. They doesn't. He is on the front lines. He worked a grocery store in Portland and he he is he's just like I'd. I'd, never he's like are determined to work in a girl. She started and never thought I was gonna, be like a remote, see personal and he's like an out. It's actually sign because people are here first of all, if you're old or no people or old, also.
Every grocery store has instead contracts and you should get old people to learn how to use insecure and have their groceries delivered. Almost every garage as that German Marty am goddammit, stay home and limited Marilla. Do you, oh god, damn it yeah, that's amazing. Let me I have a similar one. This is from Alley MAX thirty four instagram. My second raise my dad he's not in health care, but works as in a grocery store and, to be honest, is no. Bring chicken but he's been taking every opportunity has to work and restock shelves as fast as possible for those that need supplies during the shutdowns, our healthcare Chris definitely deserve a ton of appreciation and applause, but so do those who are working in essential areas to keep people cared for during the pandemic. That's exactly right here.
Walked into the grocery store. This morning is I hadn't been for two weeks and I needed to get some yeah and writers I walked in somebody got on the loudspeaker. Was lake would just like to thank all of our hard working employees and like the manager, whatever made a little speech, and then everybody stopped and clapped in the store, and I wish I were just because I got into it and the lady behind Delhi Counter started laughing. So hardware is just like this is all this is what people need. People need to understand that other people get with what their sacrificing we need. Such I need a cheer for the people on the front lines, the healthcare, the fuckin doctors and nurses, the Anna Administration, and we need. We need to celebrate them right now, because it so terrifying, higher, hey all today day, ten of self isolation, quarantine. I got a phone call that I, as excepted into medical school. I was literally lying in bed when I got it and it's the best call I've ever received in my life. Sorry family. This is high second round applying the fourth school I interviewed at initially. My fourth wait list and finally, my first acceptance: I've wanted to be doktor, since I was twelve years old and it's finally happening for me hope, yellow having a good day Dorothy.
Congratulations, Dorothy, hurry or think gradual fishermen. Out of all this is free Nicky. Does staff my fucking I work in the animal, shelter and pre quarantine and during, if we're being honest, replacing animals into foster homes. We now officially have to close our doors to the public for now, but we managed to get over three hundred and twenty five out of our sheltered this past week How having been in the past three days. Hosty GM and Rescue animal K. Wow tat is true. You guys they're closing shelters, but these animals are still coming in this. Isn't stopping if you ever thought about adopting a cat, a kitten are dogs or whatever the fuck now is amazing time to do it, even if it isn't a foster during the quarantine its back. Lee needed right now. Yes, for sure, This is good.
Starts huge fucking hurry. I'm fed Ex driver and with businesses, closing we're running out of places to wash our hands and use the toilet residents in my area have been renting portable toilets for US drivers because they know our predicament and how insanely busy we are currently p s. I've only paid my pants once in the last three years and that's from Alec. That's incredible. People are getting together to rent port of bodies for for drivers. We have. It dance right now to be monetary and yes, said Andrea, we're gonna take. Are we gonna take at or are we gonna be selfish Peace is a shit who, by all the bread and pure oh and like you can decide which way you wanna be watch your lives like it's a movie and figure out what you want this this heart to look like, because you absolutely are in charge of it, and I tell you what you get out
Can you give yourself and you'd give for other people? An amazing thing comes back to yoke. Wait, I'm not drunk Emma There is also a lesson to be learned about being kind yourself right now and also caretaking, and you dont know I'm in the mode of like what do I have to accomplish something during this or else I'm a loser, and it's like you, don't have to just take care.
Or self, and this one is about that. Is it my turn yet? Ok, thus from Ghana Morgan in Margaret any this is from urban. Any. My fucking array is that I'm super lactose intolerant and typically avoid dairy altogether, but now that I'm not going anywhere and won't be around people for the next few weeks, I'm living my best lack Hausfeld life God I miss cheese, so tat. Carry yourself too. Can help other people if you're Fuckin mass in only mean yes, let's see, can help people when you got your shit together right, you have to put your own oxygen mask on first and foremost for me today. No that would that involved, cracking open one of those tubes of grants, biscuits and baking up biscuits, and then I mean a biscuit with some jelly on it and drink tea, and I was like a little and you know I got the idea because April
Richardson came to visit and when she was in London now ass, she was in England now and when she went to fly back, she flew back would like twelve tubes of of biscuits because they don't have them over there and I had her Exeter picture of the bit baked. Mrs I'm like this. Is your fault em like you. I am eating this and she's like every days they ex giving during a pandemic it's true. All better off all bets are off its work and I mean put him put at the drink, a shake every now and then the green shake, but otherwise you change your vitamins. Take your height and arrive at a man has rightly vitamin D. Oh yeah right. I was thinking about how I'm gonna come out of this pandemic, with incredible scan ass lying in the sun, but I meant to be severely depressed because I'm not getting enough son yet get that vitamin d even take it and pills warm. The totally accusation take oh you're things at the build up immunity, please write can be. Some tomb wreck,
It's all important habit. Some fish oil, ok general would, if we just start name, invite events back and forth for the next couple, our wider, why don't you like our park? Ask what's the problem. Let's start about gas, where we just name vitamin and MR ok well I'll, go ahead and save vitamin eighty a patent friends, as many of you know, there's a serious mask shortage in healthcare right now. In fact, I am allowed one mask per day that I wear the entire shift, I'm getting bruises and scarves from where from wearing
where masking that I dont the don't fit and just spending sixteen hours in them. So that's why I don't have you seen up. There's pictures alien doctors and they have really bad bruising and scars in a mask shape and the goggle shape because they don't fit that they just have to put them on their face anyway. Okay, so this is my job and I am happy to do it. My love, caring for people most of the people and caring for aren't even here for Corona just sick, just as I was getting desperate enough to think about buying a pack on Ebay of the properly fitting masks. My parents church ended up finding sixteen thousand masks on on palates like off a truck from a grocery store that they were. They were buying trying to get non perishables two people without jobs, but they found so
ten thousand mass and selected my hospital to be one of the receiver, so it might not be the biggest fucking hurry, but you know what fucking Hooray: healthcare workers need light, encouragement and community, and this made me sob uncontrollably. We found in donated sixteen thousand masks. Thanks for all you do stay sexy and wash your hands. Monica yeah it people are, people are being fucking heroic right now and do it down doings lots of good lots of good yeah I'm so impressed and moved and touched end. This isn't, a uniform. This is unprecedented at the time were coming close it up. Now, MRS Unprecedented talk, it's an unprecedented time after time or in a toe our grandchildren about its they'll. Listen to us and the yeah yeah. What do you think? It's crazy? I mean it's yeah
we just under just stay in reality stay in the here and now. I know that everybody is scared or altogether in distress and fear and and knowing that thing. That's gonna get us threat as that. For all the other and there's people out there by court of parties perched for truck drivers, cause they understand and care. People who are really care and theirs more people who care. Then people who need to hoard shit because there now working their stuff out correctly, so tat member that this is, and this is a time this isn't the time to ignore you're depression or to ignore your issues continue to talk on the phone with your therapist, you can still find one right now if you need to theirs therapists it. This is
time to pause that no, not at all, I'm sure. A lot of people who have eating disorders are going through some shit right now to its not a time to ignore that. So you now keep working that behind yourself, that's that's! The whole idea is like looking at is the one thing it's also helping with his perspective, because all the things that we thought use the matter? They really don't. What matters now is staying alive, sting healthy and Staying to doctors and experts, people who know what they're talking about and treat is treating this thing, like the scary thing that it is a not pretending that it's not the help anybody keep other people I'll, be by staying home, a hundred percent and will be here for you. I read every week right well, then, stay sexy and don't get murdered, thereby Elvis Tijuana cookie,
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