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226 - 50 Hour Days

2020-06-11 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the Hart Family murder/suicide and the murder of Stephen Lawrence. 

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This is exactly right. And won't go to my favorite murder, the part gas but you're Thursday vodka has. I can't do that
our hearts dark high and she is say one year old. Can I say forty years a lot spoken that arise doctor who has it she'll bills? Fine, I feel like you're. Does unease are fur figuring out? Do you want to be sure these are for trying to achieve that and your forties are fuckin enjoying it now are for pills, that's my life or for is for upping your end. Take Ray gray. My My sister told me that I always all I'm ever doing is accusing people of being on pills says a man like that person was clearly until watching a lot of INA viral video. Yet often like their own pills, Jesus, you say everybody, thereby half the time at least straight. I think I think I am a lot of people use a lot and I don't mean, like men,
Instead, I me didn't standard stuff, I may like pulsation We shouldn't be ok, does that make them think they should go up to other people and seven eleven and tell them things. Aren't sure of that kind of stuff. There's than there's a fuckin shit and of people on pills, the right you re on their own Karen pills as one there are also just see now not to get off your birthday, but can always very quickly get off it. I dont care that they can people. Karen people seem to feel the need to disband me because it has nothing to do with me. I mean it does. Sometimes I can carry out for sure, but yeah it's not as if we are not looking at sea to be scrolling on twitter and is like see people yelling at you. I just don't take that way, when I Like joiners I'd stay and when I see like news from Georgia, that's always fucking I get it. I'm like sorry, it's not me, You have a serious voter suppression issue at origin
I like of it. I won't ever went about twice. I'm fro way. Why that's even another problematic I actually just started following this account on twitter black loads matter? Who were completely on that that whole thing that happened? I believe it was an Atlantic right that and they went out aside from of course, obviously reporting to everybody that needed to know about it and getting it the word out. They also want and started giving those there are people who waited in line for twelve hours to load twelve hours. They didn't get out of there too, like eleven o clock at night and black votes matters went we're handing out like pizza and water of two people and stuff fumbling helping them stay in line of oh yeah, it's beautiful yeah, but it has to stop or has it as such, share and Georgia needs. In Georgia. Better get your shit. I gather that our George, you better Georgia. Please do
that's Karen what'd, you did. You hang on zoom with the firm on your birth. I wouldn t one eighth of the matter was my forty of birthday in quarantine. Whence did oak mention nice things actually cried multiple times for real. It was like a very nice thoughtful. Both cried in like a touched way. The US are- and I guess dump your feet were like oh shit, she's elegant forty year old tantrum, Sarah Way and the others were all touched ah weakens. Did you get something like really nice? Is everything on a share with us that he got for you? Is it like? I did cause, he knew it and want like one of those drive by own way. The Georgia birthday things so in that its earliest review guy brain like way be driving economic, absolutely, not so.
And he reached out to just a couple longtime close real friends and asked them to send to give him a name, a title of a book that meant a lot to them and he got a hit by the book local bookstores everyone and then So he gave it to me and read what the book comment to them and my wine a lot I would like it, and so it is just the same. Really sweet like Ie I know you love there so this I got you this book. Thence beautiful is really lovely ends. I definitely cried there and just like a lot of I am I am. I have lovely, Well, in my life, I'm very lucky yet looting! You do exemptions. Did you did you also crackers carried, so you can't written picture heading? I try to eat the book. I thought he was wondering I can't I have to ruin the moment. George tells I bring the Karen element to the Georgia story
better. And thank you to everyone, of course, where the birthday wishes. No, it's nine. Amidst a fuckin, you now anorak happening in the world. People took the time was a happy birthday to me, and that is very nice of you. Think it listen! It's in. You know what you have this year you're forty is in you have twenty twenty is like the most historical year. Kind of today. This big share going down. This is the biggest saying lets them. In our lives lived here on the face it feels negative. But there's this under current other, it's very stressful and difficult for a lot of people. And really you know spend also there's a there's. A lot of people really scared and you know but then there is also there's just this kind of epic change feel to write like it's. Not the I've never seen political action like this in my life
credible and I'm fifty no brushing I've seen some shit. I was there when MTV was invented in this is bigger than that. The let's see what do we have? Well, I would please like to talk about a woman named unequal Charles who wrote the song, you gonna do your job, There is now the number one head of the summer. Look it up right now, if you haven't seen it yet, but you probably know what we're talking. You know what we're talking about. It's kind of like a protesters: anthem now an amazing yesterday I read there is a Buzzfeed article, they tracked her down and it is the most beautiful story, her family, seen this he'll go viral. First of all, these security guard that made the video the guy. That's in it that's holding her hand her arm in the video is the guy, who originally posted a low and he any posted it and said
Firstly, I want to say I am not making fun of this person. I honestly think this song is the armor piecework Senate, oh yeah, he thinks it's great yeah and he's the one that posted it yeah. But then it's like you know, So I love that that he's kind of an on he's in on it a little barrier and it was due respect of like it's a jam. It's the head of the summer. It's such a good song and then they ve but they ve set up a go, find me for her. So she the Van MO that's at this dance? It's it's just a beautiful story, and now she's reunited with her family. All read the Buzzfeed article are buried the Buzzfeed article. They did a great job, give her name again, Jean Equal Charles perfect. I think she let someone should do ring tones and she should get all the money the ring Tellier Ray. I urge, should just go straight to like you do with it.
Whatever's best best for her and then go on my lottery dream home, because I love that show, please show hits your house. Oh my god. We found there The channel sister watches the tale. That's literally called like the wealth GM dollars ever seen a whole. I saw oh god, and it basically as like it's these its simply rich people programming, and so they show like houses that are for sale on them, like the most of hawaiian islands that are like on the waterfront up that kind of stuff. Is it on narrated like slow, MO leg tour, through houses that are like a guide and satisfying thing as because, of course, everyone loves nice aspirational tv show earlier. You can just be like what, if we lived in that has, but it's so fun. When you do get the tour of the house in its super junkies, the furniture and science trash central it makes you feel like it, that you agree with you.
I so much better taste and that billionaire eyes feeling the I'm sorry. Oh, I dont have eight hundred fuckin barn doors. All over my house were actually read the shut or like a statue like there's a kind of a random Venus statue where it's just like net it. Where is that in the hallway? So I do corrections corner because last week- and I was talking about the stone Wall uprising and I kind of theorized and We clearly enough that I was like, while the mafia are the one but owned it, so they were trying to take a man of level by a kind of theorized about what why I thought the mafia was involved and a got a couple. Emil's, including Denton, who runs, are website and is our aims, are merged master in our website. Guy, the peat, the reason that that was owned by the Genovese IE or Genovese, and get your family now Genovese. What was your desk Genovese? Genovese sounds Riah. Well, there's a woman named Anna Genovese, who was married to a mob boss. Who was
has been she is. She bought those think because sorry, I scared I scan this email, but it was basically like she bought it, so she could have a place to safely hang out. Oh, my gosh answers her husband, who she divorced is like a whole story and so look into it. It's really cool. Also, it's all the things that I was afraid of, like people being taken advantage of whatever its a different. It's a different reasons are totally indifferent. Hang so look up and Anna Genovese and learn the story of why the gay bars were owned by the mafia, it's actually borderline heartwarming. It's really nice, that's probably best not to speculate about the mafia. I dont know why I just seem to need to lake poke the bare yeah. That's my staff was my one correction. Ok, speaking of whatever.
So I can go talking. She'll were really excited because we have this: my favorite murder, logo, black and white pen. It's like an cool enamel pen that was The shop unarmored store my favour, motor dot com and all the proceeds of that was going to reign, and it completely so which was so awesome. I think we in that ten thousand dollars terrain yeah, I'm so it's back in stock, and so we get a pick, a new charitable organizations to give a hundred per cent of the proceeds to, and so you wanna announced some the black emotional and mental health collective, which is basically this. It's a group of mental health professionals of all types of its thereupon, but it's also like yoga teachers and is
all kinds of people that are there to help black people and in any kind of like therapeutic, whatever kind of support they might need. Especially at a time like this, and I think that's that's the thing I keep seeing on social media. That's really It's really something and think about is the intense impact lake in it's easy for me to talk about. Oh, this is such a great time of political upheaval rights, also very, very trying treasure equal time. Its weighing on people and people are definitely feel like they're in peril and their risk in their exhausted and their sick of this bullshit, and That's when you need therapy the most, so it's amazing that they have this collective, and were really excited because that's you know. Obviously therapy is our thing yet so to have a dedicated place. That has that is basically a bunch, professionals together that are aiming toward really helping out black people,
the help they need in the support they need in a time like this yeah, that's my dear website, it is a double Debbie. I do you I have to say that any now you don't say that anymore. Why did he tell you, but I, like don't wanna, be like to do that anymore lifetimes, I'm doing it to sound old. I am area, but then sometimes I'm worried because I used to also say HTTP color, but this is the website is beam, Doc community, so go on that website and check out the services they that they have caused there. It's very it's a will really wide span. Yeah yeah, oh and you know, speaking of I wanted just to really quickly. Knowledge, something that's that has been in a really important to us for a long time, which is making the exactly right, Pon network, you know represent all people
especially people of color. That's been really important to us. We have shown in the pipeline that were really excited to have on the network, but it's been a much slower process. So it's in the works and we totally fucking agree and we, since the beginning of the part, the network, we have wanted to make sure that we have diverse voices. Please rest assured that we have great shows coming up. That will be reflecting our awareness of the importance and the like. The importance of just having like a bunch of different people, represented that you will see it yes more to come in twenty twenty, twenty twenty one at the latest symptoms defending, but they like this next slew, the next slave shows. You will see the things we ve been working on for a year or a year and a half and you'll see You have anything else anything else, so you watching anything did you well. Do you
opening might is right. We are planning on starting to watch Ozark because every at dinner last night, everyone is just like that's that's. That's it showed a bench. Everyone loves it The suggestion on Netflix there's a like little documentary called crypt camp. Did you see it it's, so touching few need an uplifting story right now, it's a really great. When it it's about a camp for or with disability is yeah, and you know it from that. I think it was the eighties and how they came together and it is really beautiful, o cool. My bank think I saw that people are raving about you, how good it is camp here. Oh last night, everyone as giving recommendations- and basically everyone in my family is we're all gonna watch thirteenth. I've been hearing Hannah people talk about that. He, I think, that's the that's
ex book in our book club as everyone go watch that networks, because it's supposed to be incredible and really lays out a lot of the stuff that leg everyone's kind of getting a really fast education about how people have been how black America has been forced to live for so long, and we have been Hopefully, blissfully ignorant about it and it's really nice, because a lot of people are interested not being that way. Any more that I know that I don't know. A thing would normally have been that way, totally more acknowledge school that we all have those tendencies and its ingrained in our society. So of none of us are infallible because We were raising in the school system and in this fuckin government and the justice system. So all we can do is as I get better yeah there's only resources to do that. You know like
criterion. Channel has taken the pay well off, so you can go watch like black directors. They ve done it. The thing now we're that's just kind of open so that people go and specifically watch black film, which I that's what I was looking at that I'd heard of like two or three of these movies where's like so I guess you would have to be assessed, luckily like like certainly junior yeah yeah. You would have to be very specifically in the know about film too stumbled on these movies and now they're just like putting a front and go don't, don't go rent the the and tell yourself you ve done anything. However, Ash America's number. One male kit offers fresh high quality ingredients every week for a super flavorful experience that will help you break out of your recipe. Read it lets you skip trips,
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the photo our pictures of cops Evan videos cops kneeling with protesters during the day. Yes and people were retweeting. That and being like. Oh look, good news kind of re theirs. I perhaps out there too, and then a lot of people came back and said: Maistly, that's cop, Uganda and don't because those same crops that are kneeling during the day or be the living shit out of protesters at night like it's a was really surprising and it was there, and the thing that I think is very much like when you just want the the trouble bad part to be over your like here, look everyone's getting along again and ending its. Natural human reaction. It's you It's basically saying it's all settled down: don't worry about right but that was not the case and an people then even started like brought, up and started retweeting. The picture it was from the twenty fourteen protests- which was a fourteen year old black boy named Avanti heart who was crying and hugging a cop in Portland Oregon.
Was from the Michael Brown Protests and the got circulated a little bit and then view we quickly. People came in and said: if you don't know the background of this story and this boy's life, you better look it up because they do not retreat this picture hollow and, though, with first person- and I saw do that- I would just like- oh my god, because I listen, do lots of podcast and red lots about it and it is a devastating and horrible story, one of the more shocking true crime stories there is, and it's the story of divine tat, heart and the murder suicide of the heart family. Unto that's what I'm doing this week. Wow yeah haven't I, it gets like it's heavy, it's that kind of thing. Like people have to know totally that those when these things happen it is that it take a band aid.
It's a momentary, makes every momentarily makes everybody can feel better on the today show and in all the anchors can be like that's what a beautiful moment and then in the old kind of pattern that we had when everybody worked and left the house in the morning and worked forties safety our to his and you know, just were always trying to distract themselves more exhausted and require, as I like to call it. Nobody wanted to take the time to kind of go any further than I just wanted things to be: ok, yeah, it's not ok, we got a deal ends and we can live for me. We can't go back to the way we were because it's just unacceptable and work. Or literally teetering, on the brink of authoritarianism, legwork, teetering on the brink of we ve. Seen like military action on our own citizens of America, let's beyond most people's like MR, this above our imagination, early yeah people like the problem.
Anna. That tells them that everything's, ok, because then they can blame. You know the citizens and the protesters, for military action, even though you know it's bullshit. Propaganda. I love the term cop Uganda covered yonder, so bad like I'm its try, it's trying to elicit an emotion from you so that you will you know not not give a shit yeah like that happens the first day of a protest and allay irony cause. I was watching it, I couldn't go down there. I was just going to be honest. I was too scared cause of corona by RE. I was like I can't I've been by myself for three months: I'm not gonna, go stand. It Big Group and then just like, take my chances orderly as I want get on twitter foregoing, okay! This is
three hours of a completely quiet, peaceful protests. That's actually really positive and beautiful, and then they come upon after three hours they come upon an old. Abandoned cop car in an intersection that, with cops anywhere and like an old kind of tourists like nineties model cop carbon old. And it's just sitting there and then all of a sudden someone lights on fire. And then I go in the valley standing around specific there's, a video of the specific people yeah ends everyone's gonna standing around like. What's this end, then now
The nightly news has the helicopter shot of a protest with all these thousands of people and then a burning cop copyright which, when I saw that first of all the people it was people I knew and people that like they were just like hey, we need to say this is a super weird. This card just showed yeah like we're on the great there on the ground. Reporters basically going people need to cite this. This is not lake in also like burning cop cars. What happens at the end of Lake Lake hockey right, you know like a champion the champion,
chip team, when Reimer went into shit, relay star ready and to buy it and is really too I am yeah. It's like somebody's got their shirt off in their fucked up and scream. We are bringing their children to these protests and their direct. That's not handle its, not that they don't. You have natural values, babes, probably it's it's three o clock in the afternoon canoe and no one in their living cop count cars on fire, but the same thing happened in Seattle is daytime cop car on fire. Where your leg, I don't buy it. Why don't I just by it, but then that's the thing of looters. Then they start talking looters an appropriate examine bricks, adder randomly sitting outside of that a fucking. Nowhere Did you see that the visit
of the woman, who is that some kids are driving around in up in a burgundy agenda and their handing bricks, two black out the window, and this woman goes back walks it back. This black woman comes up to the coroner's up. What the fuck do you think you're doing that, so disrespectful don't go up, don't go around here, handing bring out to people. What are you trying to do and there like going none and no it's mine, and it's like that that we'll thing of errors had spoken. I hide agitator so that your parent and provocative manner so that your step rather fuckin David, you can sit in his can living room and feel justified about what his, what you're,
our countries. Doing to our citizens become rights of this. You know, because of so called like looters, not to say there wasn't looting or property damage there absolutely wise, but that wasn't the that wasn't the story that wasn't that wasn't the majority of what was happening and then what about the thing in New York, where they tried to say that there was two point: one million dollars worth of stuff stolen out of a jewelry store and then that owner of that jewelry store, came forward and said we dont does Lay jury in the window at night, nothing was stolen and everyone just like like like that kind of shit where people are like. Do you see what we ve been saying this whole time about this kind of, like the object Optics propaganda to make the average quote whole person to basically turn against a movement like that.
That's real in mind during its totally in my story to its. Yet, when the when your government doesn't respect journalists, then how can trust, any anything. Any information you're getting right. Assets from a trusted source. The framework is all yeah, it's it's. It's were in a very unprecedented time right now. Delays of this is one of the earliest versions of that and its annex, dark as it is on the face of it s, just what it was. It's it's much sadder and worse, deep down. So majority of this information is from the New York Times the Seattle Times and the New York Times, article is by writer, Nay Matt, Stephen, specifically, the organ in the guardian and investigation discovery, dot com. On August, ninth, twenty fourteen eighteen year old, Michael Brown, a shot six times and killed by Ferguson, Missouri police officer. Damn therein Wilson
and this murder sparks outrage, obviously in Ferguson and it ignites over a week of protests against police brutality. Protest chant the phrase? Hands up, don't shoot me? the final words one report, These protests are short shown on the news. Most Americans are shocked at the violence. The brutality and the heavy militarization of the pool his force and their tactics. I shouldn't say most people are shocked. I should say: White America, Jacques, oh, but I dont think a lot of us knew that they had fucking tanks and that they were willing to use them right. So this leads to an investigation into Darin Wilson's actions, but on November twenty fourth, the same year when the Saint Was county grand jury does not indict daring Wilson from Michael Browns murder people. Of course outraged and the protests start again, but this time it's all across the nation. So of course they do protest in Portland Oregon.
And during innovation. Twenty fifth protest, a twelve year old boy named Avanti heart he's, he's there and he's wearing assign around his neck. That's as free hugs, a port Portland police sergeant his working a protest seized of anti sign calls him over. They talk They shake hands and at some point to launch, who is clearly stressed and upset begin to cry, and so This police sergeant points to the Monti sign and says: hey can I have one of those and they ugh freelance, photographer Johnny, new and snaps a photo of this moment, and then he sells it to the organ in and it immediately goes viral. It shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media, its ABC News, CBS News that today show its even reference to sketch that weak on Saturday night. Why when the origami and asked Monti why he was giving free hugs at the protest. He said that he was killed,
trying to show peace- that there was a different way to handle it. Now while the voluntary intentions as a twelve year old boy are very noble, critic see the photo as propaganda that acts from the real issue at hand, which is the constant and unprofited murder of unarmed black citizens by the police, guardian. Writer, Jonathan Jones explains it this way. He says a picture does not have to be staged to be a lie: it just has to be massively under representative of the wider facts and enthusiastically promoted to iconic status in a in. It obscures those fat. Why yeah so Popularity advantages photo draws both positive and negative attention to the family. One of Dantes, moms Jen Heart tells the origami and that their family has receiving death threats because of it and they became limiting their time in public and they do they do their best to keep a low profile. But, what's into
thing is up until that point: that's exactly the opposite of Jan and her. Why Sarah have and doing with their kid on social media. So, let's at the beginning of the heart family, Jenin, Sarah Heart and Sarah Maiden name was gambler or both. Originally from South Dakota Jens from Huron and Sarah is from pigs down city. They meet in college after they both transfer to Northern State University in Aberdeen they're both studying to become teachers. Only John graduates and from their college career. Officially over in two thousand to while their dating at northern state. They are met with a lot of bigotry, so two thousand for they decide to move to Alexandria Minnesota. So This is before same sex. Marriage was legalised. Sarah goes to court in two thousand five to have her last name legally change to heart, and that summer. Jenin Sarah decide to become foster parents and they end
Taking an Sixteen year old girl, so in this girl would later be interviewed as an adult by the Seattle Times, she asked to remain anonymous. Soul just refer to her as the sixteen year old girl who, basically so she said that she'd been difficult to control. As a teen. She skip school. She snuck out with friends the middle of the night, she's sounds like every danger. I knew and was she wasn't happy in her old foster home. So when she's, just what the hearts she's totally ready to make a new start and the for six months go well. She noticed Sisera is the more quiet of the two and Jan is more outgoing and also moody here, but over all things seem to be normal, so they live in a two story: Housel, Dick with a dog and several cats. They take them camping trips. They go to concepts, negative festivals sporting events together. But
I'd from that doing stuff with her two moms. This girl is not allowed to go out with her friends. She can only go to school and go her job at subway, but just add a little correct, I would say, but then more things start happening that are made her kind of uncomfortable for simple Jenin. Sarah take her to the department store they both work at four get em make over, but she Is this girl is a tomboy cheese, not interested in it, and she doesn't want it and she makes that very clear, but they sister. She gets it anyway, So there's another time where they go to a Green Bay, Packers game together and they bring football. Each bring a football hoping that, though get them signed by a player specifically by Jens favorite player, running back almond, green and actually the girl gets and to sign her football, but only hers. As she says, call it
some a huge fiasco with joy. Accusing her that she had done it to be a brat, and so Jen gives her the silent treatment for several days, wow ia an early salute. That's just the kind of thing we're like! Is it me as you? He asked the vibe is weird like what's going on cause, that's up parent behaviour now and early two thousand and six the hearts. A big decision they decide, they want to adopt children include their foster daughter in the discussion. They tell her to get ready to be a big sister and eventually shoes, of siblings, come up to that are available for adoption. So Sarah travel down the Colorado County Texas to meet the kids and everyone is excited than in late February a week before the kids are to be paid, is in the hearts home Jenin
or take their foster daughter to a therapy appointment and wall she's in this therapy employment. She finds out from her therapist that she's being to a new foster family highlights that day holy shit, so he's driven to the new foster home and when she gets they're. All her stuff is already their holy crap and mistral romantic yeah, and she never sees Jenner Sarah again when their later asked. Why they gave their foster daughter up Jenin, Sir, would tell people that the team had suicidal idealisation and threats and that they did not want her quote negative energy to impact their children yanks but according to the now adult foster child, she has no idea why they live Her go the eyes. She says none of those things. Those things were true about her yeah. So that's our first
big red flag, that's about as big as a red flag, giving up a child because it's not because you want to basically start over Yang Family and his like abandoning them at the fuckin. A therapist to deal and also its a child. That's already right dealt with the ban on men, a child, that's already tone crisis like that, it's horrible, he ok! So on March, fourth, two thousand six Three children from Colorado, County, Texas, Abigail each three Hannah Four and Marcus Age, eight our place in the hearts, air, and six months later, there adoptions finalized at First year, Jenin, Sarah, complete fifteen hours of training on topics, helping abused kids in care heel and something called racial diversity excitement which basically trains, p all who are adopting children of different ethnicities. Gb
a proud of where they come from and who they are, the caseworker assigned the heart family reports, the Jenin. Sarah are great parents and she recommends that do you recommend them too then adopt a second set of siblings, so in June of two thousand eight they do just that divide each six Jeremiah age for, and Sierra Aged. Three all move from Houston Texas to join the heart family Alexandria Minnesota, whilst there are six children now six children and these kids mom Devonshire in Jeremiah and Syria's mom had addition issues and they had been living with their aunt and their mom wasn't legally allowed to see them and then a caseworker finds out. The ant is letting the mother mother visit so all three children get taken away from the air, oh god, yeah witches. Horrible, I mean it's, so it's it's so p
They have in horrible totally so the next year, two thousand nine same sex. Marriage becomes legal in certain states, so Jenin, Sarah gotTa Connecticut, and they get married Afterwards, they announced that Sarah is trying to get pregnant. A donor, guess so they already have six kids and now they're serious trying to get pregnant, unfair. The planned doesn't work, they never end up having biological children so bad. In Minnesota. Sarah, as a job as a manager in a department store and joy It is now a stay at home mom, and to their neighbours and our co workers and their friends. The heart family seems to have a really big the tight bond, they preach, love and acceptance and unity. They cocaine Together they go hiking together they grow their own food and their very generous, very active on social media when faced, but comes along. She is all about it and hosting videos of the children constantly and all of their activities, and all
the different things that they do and they basically are the beautiful example of this modern family, two lesbian moms and six adopted black kids. But in September of two thousand and eight, the teacher at the kids school notices that now six year old Hannah has bruises on her arm. So when the teacher asks her, where they're from Hannah as that her mom whipped her with a belts no charges are filed, but Jen and Sarah pulled all of the kids out of the out of school and homeschool them for the next year. So the next school year, two thousand and nine John and Sarah put the kids back into public school in November of twenty ten, the now seven year old Abigail tells her teachers about the Airways that she has on her back and her stomach. She tells him than her mom Jen held her head underwater while punching and heading her, because Abigail had a penny and and thought she stole it:
of course. The teachers report it authorities interview the kids, they all report having been spanked and have food withheld from them and as a punishment when authority interview, Jan Sarah, Sarah takes all the blame, twenty eleven. She plead guilty to misdemeanor domestic assault and she gets a year of community service and this despite the fact that the children's basically say: Jan, is the one that's the most abusive, though so there's take any responsive. But before yeah yeah, that's fucked up yeah, so late. That year Hannah complaints to a school nurse that she's hungry He tells her. She hasn't been fed all day, This call, Sarah, who tells her Hannah, is quote playing the food card. Just give her water so yeah after this incident. Sarah engender pull all the kids out of school for a second time and from then on the hearth children.
Our only home schooled? They? Never back to regular school again, then in twenty thirteen, the hearts leave Minnesota and they move fifteen hundred miles away to the Portland suburb of West Lynne or again and there they keep up, are natural peace, loving appearances. They raise goats and chickens in the yard of the rental house. They go to music festivals and yoga retreats as a family. Again Jen documenting all of it on Facebook, and there's one video I watched in it was such a bummer, there's this video that she posted and they were at their this thing called the beloved festival and it looks, pretty hippy ash and looks pretty a kind of peace and love foe, happy share, which is sorry, that's very negative, but the video so essentially this is like a video that kind of foreshadows the viral photo.
That will be coming next year. Essentially DE volunteers, wearing a z we're a costume anyhow, the word love shaved into his head and during a performer named Exuviae he's on stage like sitting Cross Legged and he's gonna chanting like our capella and it clearly it's late, one of the yoga more yoga Eve vessels. I would assume here and, as he's doing, it you hear the audience start to go like that, and here comes to voluntary wearing his free hug sign as little in zero costume, and he walks up and hugs this guy as he's chanting and the guy like smiles and hugged him back and hey, doesn't let go and this how goes on for like two minutes and it's very upset,
like if you watch the video it looks activities either. Crying are about to start crying and he won't like I was holding onto the stranger yeah. It seems to me- and this is purely editorial, but that the singer is is it starts out cute and then he can feel that this is like a child. Needs, a hug very badly that the set like it just- and maybe it's just because you know the whole story it's a very it's a very sad upsetting video but it also was. It became like they became this family that was known at these festivals and known as at these. You know these may arise or whatever is like the two lesbian moms and their kids, and so so that's the presentation of like that world cure peace and love, peace, love, but it's like, but and if there is that element of your parading, your children around telling their your props.
Is there there's another picture that I saw and it had its Jan and seventy on her shoulder with his free hug sign, and so it's just like look at my child and look at how now gives us a dangerous give us some accolades. Yeah another thing yeah so and that which is like work, that's fine, but you you know but then the idea that them behind the scenes it was like a fucking nightmare for those kids, it's horrifying. So the thing is that the Oregon neighbors are skeptical. They they are surprised at how small the children seem for their ages. They also noticed that the kids they never see the kids being like loud or boisterous or in any way you'd like even bratty like anything. You see a normal kid like six kids piling out of a car. They say the kids all act like and robots and more disturbing there clearly afraid of Jan. So in
only thirteen someone like an anonymous collar, calls the Organ Department of Human Services and reports that the kids, oh and are made to look like one big, happy family, but right for the photo, they go back to looking a lifeless. She likes yeah so one child services interviews, the family, Sarah and Jan say that this is bigotry that people dont understand their modern family, dynamic that their being its prejudice and they don't like the fact that their lesbians, or that they have a family and that's really what's happening when kids are interviewed and when their ass, how they feel about their home life, they all say, re tell the social workers their happy, but there expressions are lifeless and they don't seem happy at all. But because there's no overt evidence of abuse child services closes the case
the two years later. One. Seventy becomes a viral sensation because of his free hugs photo. The heart family now be becomes the subject of a national attention and that much more than Sarah and Jan want or are prepared, for? and he gets offers from tv shows to be a guest. But then there also getting these death threats according to Jan, so the family decides they have had enough of the spotlight. So instead we have twenty seventeen they move again and this time it's the woodland Washington to again, to basically get away from the commotion now new neighbours are a couple name Bruce and Dana too cold and the I are very excited to get to know their new neighbours and there this big bustling family. But this find out it's not as easy as they thought it would be. The heart
their children are usually inside the house with the blinds drawn most of the time and when the neighbours do see them outside their, not very social. Until a couple months later in August, when the DE cabs here a knock on their door at one thirty in the morning its Hannah Heart and she saying that she just drop jumped out of her second story window, her too far, teeth are missing. They think she's like six or seven years old she's. Fourteen years awhile and she's, as to the DE calves, don't make me, go back there there, racists and they abuse us. She begs the coupled to take her to Seattle, but before they D, colleagues can even figure out what's happening. Gin and Sarah show up at their front door guard, Jen asked to speak to Hannah privately upstairs, so they go into a separate room and then pretty soon after they come downstairs and they apologize and they all leave and then the next day they three
then come back and they ve made hand are right, an apology to the DE calves and they explain that Hannah bipolar and that she is upset because her cat died and that she knocked her own teeth out. In an accidental fall and basically that that was a thing leave the they would say. Jen would tell people these are drug babies and so their difficult. Sometimes anytime people would be suspicious or anything it would be. She would use this drug baby excuse later. Dana de cab would tell the New York Times she was just so convincing about Jan and Jens excuses and, of course the couple are left with a terrible feeling about their new neighbours. But after that strange night anytime, Dana Dekalb would try to speak to the heart children. They would not respond her until six months later, the now fifteen year old Devonte shows up at the detailed store asking for food and as
Bruce feeds him contain nervously, asked him not to tell his parents Bruce assures him. He won't and then found a visits. Neighbors for food like it's a week, We are He even leaves I'm a wish list of food he wished like wants to have, and he ask them to leave groceries in a hidden box by the fence, so his mom won't catch him. So this goes on for a little while, but the DE calves are of course really torn, they dont want to break their promise to devise anti. But they know, that these children need help, so Finally, on March twenty third, twenty eighteen, they call child protective services to it ran. But when a caseworker shows up at the hearts house for a home check, no one answered the door and then the next day. The two camps notice at the heart family car, which is a Yukon Suv, is not an driveway, an honor
same day. Sarah's coworkers get a text from her saying that she's sick and she won't be able to come into work tomorrow, two days later on the morning of Sunday March, twenty fifth Jen heart is captured on a Safeway security camera in Fort Bragg. California, buying groceries, and this is the last time anyone will see her alive on Monday may twenty six, twenty eighteen, California, please, get a call at around three thirty eight p m from a german tourist whose power Cincture Mendocino County on highway, one, it's kind of its just north of Fort Bragg and TAT near a town called Westport, and she report seeing an upside down suv at the bottom of a cliff. When officers arrive on the scene, they find the bodies of Jan Heart in the driver's seat and Sarah Heart wedge between the smashed roof and the rear seats, as so the crash site continues for three weeks and during that time the remains- three of the kids Marcus nineteen Jeremiah fourteen, an apple
EL fourteen are all found near the suv body of Sierra, whose now twelve is found on the beach north of the crash site? It takes them a year or two fine, fifteen year old, Hannah's body? They finally do find. The skeletal remains in May, of course, eighteen, her Bible, logical mother comes to give dna so that they can confer Then it is Hannah witches devastating. Fifteen given his body, is never recovered. The crashes initially thought to be an accident and I remember one these reports out and it was the accident we cause. It was nor its northern California so Ray. You know that it can broke up their first, but then the investigators notice there's no skid marks at the scene or any other indications. That Jen tried to stop the car in any way and then, when the Psychology report comes back. It shows
that. John was drunk at the time of the crash she'd had like the equivalent of about five years, and that Sarah, and at least two of the kids Dyson Hydra mean in their system, which is the active ingredient in Benadryl that causes drowsiness? So when Sarris phone records are recovered, this is when they know that It was not an accident because, as gender Sarah Google Search, the phrase is how we can I overdose on over the counter medication. Can five hundred milligrams of Benadryl kill a hundred and twenty five pound woman, and how long does it take to die from hypothermia while drowning in a car? What the fuck are they, though they realize they fully knew what they are doing the cars disk. This type of car has like a black box like computers, writing and when they recover that an get the information from it, but the key
her speed at the time of the accident in it. Going around ninety miles an hour and there was no use of the brakes whatsoever. English so sickly, Jen basely. Probably got drunk too to work up the courage to do this and the and then Sarah and the kids took a bunch of Benadryl said, so they would be neither sleep or drowsy, and then she drove off a hundred foot high, cliff and killed her family and murders, which you fucking. Do that? How did you do it steer tore? How could you even bring your fucking self doubt use her? It's it's I mean the uneven rat my head around that its sole insanely bizarre, but clearly this things that were happening in that family Guy I talk to my sister about this because my sister's got a p,
today in child development and a teacher for thirty years arm, she knows all that stuff and she sang that whole thing then keeping lake isolating those kids, so they didn't have friends and the only connections they had were teachers, and when that started going bad, they cut that off to keeping those kids inside the house. Oh no one could talk to them. Clearly the insight that house really bad. Things were taking place and there was a forecasts that came out like pretty soon after it. And I think it's called the broken hearts yeah I come home. It was a whore serious about this right one of the things was they started. They found all this evidence that Jen was online Lake hours and hours a day playing a one. As communal games. I can't remember it was called, but she so she's
the APS day at home, mom she's literally on the computer. She ran a game. She was like essentially there's a there's a whole part where a guy gets on. There is like a camp. I had no idea she had a family, the amount of time she spent on this game. It like makes no sense. Its real, it but it's like a really horrible bizarre mystery that that, like only the friends and family and there's a lot of people who like knew them from those festivals, yeah that you know met them and bought into that they were like. There is nothing that made them think, except for the fact that those heads were tiny and skinny, but other than that it was like these two very active involved moms, so it seemed that they just bought the who.
Presentation and, of course it sat thing of optics. It's that it's the two dimensional life you present on Facebook or you present in one picture it makes everyone go! Oh good! That's what's happening goodbye. I don't have to worry about that. That's it and that's not the truth. That is the awful reality of the life of divine. Take heart, the crying boy hugging, the cop and twenty fourteen, and the murder suicide of the heart family. Oh my god, she's as that made a cry its horror, it's just so heartbreaking, while good job. Thank you. That's the reason it so much easier to like you wanted just look at a picture for three seconds. You know everything spend taken care of, but cause which cause. This is sometimes what's on the other side right, but I think I think like why you and I and a lot of us love true crime is because it's that willingness to go. I do want to look at it. I do want to know them The things that are happening I do want to see
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the time to join the millions of fans and creators who are changing the way art is valued together. Yes, so check out patria dot, com p, eighty are evil and darkened goodbye it's a case. I wanted a cover for a long time, but I wanna get it right, and I tell you an unprecedented case in british history and its this murder that completely ill. Behold the british law and leads to changes in policing and how people of color treated by the system. It's an epic story and this is the murder of Stephen Lawrence I got information from Chatham house there's an article by Brian Cathcart the independent, the guardian BBC News and article by Danny Shaw. There's this
sweet baby angel on Youtube, who does true crime videos. Her name is Georgia, Marie yeah I've any high fresh she's british, such a kind of understand some of the nuances and she had known about this case all her life, whereas I had never heard of it before us in a sea. I've never heard of it. You had me and that its huge there and then documentary Stephen Lawrence Justice for a murder its by its on their real crime. Uk Youtube. It's really good, and I let him from that. So Let me give you some background. Stephen Lawrence is born on September 13th, one thousand nine hundred and seventy four in Southeast London and a neighborhood called Plumstead, and it's in the Greenwich borough Stevens parents are never and Doreen Lawrence. Their Jamaican born there totally religious, hard working people levels, a carpenter and Taylor and a plaster
and the name of my grandpa was my grandma was a blast royal. My grandpa was the president of the Plasterers Union in San Francisco hats, her I'm sorry. I just had to know, as I hadn't worked at up to block. What exactly is that that's when them? When the when you put up the dry? Well, then you make you put that thing on that stopped. So it's like an actual wall, the and then it's like goes beyond that. Would like the decorative like the decorative um. What do they call him up there like its coating or the border area. They like they can get really good at that stuff. Like that generosity did Doreen is a special needs. Teacher and Stephen is the oldest of three kids. He is super smart. He excels at school. His brother later says no matter how well he did in life. Stephen was always just a little bit better than him, and you know one of those kids who like get it easy, don't have to study her so the core of his church soonest even in his family, well cause
and its asked he e p h answer. It's not Stephen like see them They called him a delightful human being. He loved to listen to music especially saw an hour and be an when he's just seven years old. He decides he wants to be an architect and, while ninety ninety three at eighteen he's studying for his aid levels, which is like the end of high school in England, planning to go to university for architecture so like this has been his passion since he was seven and keep. This is what he was going to do with his life. Doing it yeah the grid she burrow in the nineties is consists consistent, mostly why people there's a lot of poverty and because of this, the people of color who lived there experienced a lot of racist violence, and I think you and I both run about a lot of how it was there in the nineties and skin heads were rampant. Racism was the norm. Sorry, I'm not saying it's not now either, but it almost was, like you know, said
braided. It seemed at the time being so has that's cause. That's how they do it. That's how the upper class keeps the the working us down is they set. They pick people against each other right so in granite there The bureau is actually one of the races hot spots of the country at the time, and there are hundreds of incidents racial harassment being reported similes every year, but this just the old, Stephen and his family. You know they were determined to succeed in life. He was a really hard worker. He had a really support of strong family that helped him even himself- and you know he was gonna, make it- so but on the night of April twenty second nineteen. Ninety three ten thirty p m after Stephen and his best friend, Dwayne, Brooks by the way their both black. They turned the evening hanging out and are on their way home attempting to catch a bus in the Elsa Neighbourhood, when
They don't see the best coming. I am Stephen, goes out into the street to see if it's like, if you can see it heading down the road so Dwayne from the sidewalk note says that there is a group of five or six white teenagers on the opposite side of the street, when called out to Stephen to ask if the buses coming and then the teenagers notice, the two Steventon Dwayne and search, shouting, racial slurs at the two boys calling them the end word and then out of nowhere. The entire group of these white Teeth- TED lambs ran towards Stephen and Dwayne Dwayne like run in the opposite direction, but he stops when he realizes that Stephen hadn't run and he had been surrounded by the group and its I now it's terrifying, its later described as if they were engulfing him. And then the documentary that I watch seed and Lawrence Justice for a murderer. They drew rein
meant that just like it's terrifying, so only if it last only like ten seconds they attack, but its witnessed by People who are also at the bus stop thief. I can imagine and then the gang runs off and doing comes back, grabs friend off the ground and he's like, let's run case, that come back and they start running. But after about a hundred thirty yards Dwayne like can tell that his friend is hurt Orson, he thought so. It turns around he's like what's what going on, and he sees his best friend Stephen Lawrence Collapse under the sidewalk, so doing goes to a nearby found. Booth calls nine, ninety, nine and I was the dispatcher that he thinks his friend bitten hit in the head with what may be when you thought was a crowbar you couldn't tell so doing. So you know, he's a sun ambulance and he tries in the meantime to flag down passing cars. But there is not a lot of cars. Late, thou late at night, couple who were walking home from a prayer meeting match ouch do stop to help think I know
meanwhile the bus arrives and the three witnesses get on and leave twenty minutes after a leave of yeah. I know one of them. One of them was actually a friend of her early in the neighborhood and New Stephen. So he went home and told Stevenson. Parents what had So, in twenty minutes, after the attack for twenty minutes, instead of an ambulance showing up a police, car shows up and Dwayne is like- kind of loses a should have his point. Cause he's like my friend, is seriously hurt and tell his yelling and asking why there is an ambulance and the police later report that they prescribe most aggressive and agitated, which is like, will know shit yeah, the officers who, of course, are trained in CPR Lace, TEST Stevens Pulse, which has weak, but they dont fine, the other signs of head trauma as doing have reported so they're like
that's, not true, and then they do see that Stephen is bleeding, but they don't actually check for any other wounds and it's cold in out in the middle of its in the middle April, so it's causeways all these layers on. So they take off his layers to see in what injuries he has stead a I'm just leave him there. They don't administer any form of first aid and and the time when, for the ambulance, questioning Doyen Lake ass if he was involved in it, but it's already even the bystanders who had stopped that seven is struggling to hold on to life this the woman who had been part of the prayer couple, her name's, Luis TAT. She put her hand on Siemens Head and whispers in his ear, you are loved your lives, over an hour, and that's probably the last thing that Stephen ever heard one ambulance finally does arrive. Para ex examines see. Then I'm he's the sweet eighteen year old kid, his going to be an archive
I like it's just its senseless, the pay Medics examined Stephen and I don't find any vital signs and when they pick him up and load him into the structure there, like oh shit, there's a huge pool of blood on the ground beneath him there. The hospital around eleven O five, thirty five minutes after the attack and try to restart his heart, but ultimately are unsuccessful and Stephen is dead, meanwhile, that he had been so twice once again, guy once in his arm that hit a major artery and then once like through his all our about that another major artery, it was just things like I was behind. This was by chance or on purpose you not stab. Someone did not kill them yeah, but it doesn't nix, these two arteries perfectly Meanwhile, the crime scene, the scenes, not properly searched it doesn't seem like any one is in charge. Instead the Indus Scarce
because our attention on domain and his possible involvement in what happened so instead of like searching for his attackers, which join, is telling them had been a group of white teenagers. Yelling racial slurs police site, it's too late to wake people up like iron door to door, and they don't do anything. Size. The investigation begins. The officers, this Wayne, had something to do with it now they thought. Maybe they got in a fight and went too far. Maybe it has something to do with drugs and denies that he insists that the attack was racially motivated and the attackers have been yelling. The n word and you know racial slurs. The track down all three witnesses who had been at the bus stop at the time of the attack, and they take their statements. They collide great strains account. So big keep talking blaming him yeah All of them say that it was a sudden and short unprovoked attack and then what twelve hours of the attack police get a ton of tips,
from around the neighbourhood include The witness who gives us Suleiman pseudonym I think he's like a skin had, even so like he's fucking rotting, these people out there's an anonymous female who calls into the police and an anonymous note, is left on a police car windshield. Then there's another one and found both at like naming these specific people, Oh I'm over the next couple of days, detectors received twenty six different tips, many of which the finger at the same suspects. All these chips point the local teens, Gary Dog Anne and David Norris, and their gang and their known for racism, their none were always carrying knives around with them. It's five boys altogether there all like sixteen or seventeen years old and their well known in the community and their schools as troublemakers. They call themselves net netters with knives, as there are like a game
nickname guys one of the boys lives on the same street that the attack took place. Out to the boys, kneel and Jamie a court they call who the elephant craze, which has a nice to the notorious Cray brothers, So they're already like obsessed with you now dislike organised crime and, in fact, and violence Yan Dennis. The other kid Dennis had been charge was stabbing a girl twelve months before it that had been acquitted, so they're like gone. Should be now and they should be the first people on the less select tools bring an and basically in the days following Stevens murder, Are they really did is put surveillance on one of the houses of the boys and they watched and photographed, and he could see the photographs one of them as is leaving the house with a big black trash bag, full of fuck
who knows what bloody closer than weapon. We are now because I never fuck and stop them to check what was in the bags just four days after the martyr, Stephen Lawrence, detective superintendent, Brian Weedin it says that no arrested taken place because they're just wasn't enough evidence, but also later claims at he. Hadn't heard a thing about the boys, the gangs, the gang so he said that he didn't know that the law allowed arrest upon reasonable suspicion heeded he says he didn't know please detective superintendent of the London Metropolitan Funchal illegal- and I didn't know that I could take people an unreasonable suspicion. Well, maybe you should do brush up classes once a year about the law that you're supposed to be enforcing as a suggestion right, and so this is the beginning of this. Credible, I mean ethic. Break down of the
estimation and the mishandling of information and evidence. This case becomes fucking here huge in the UK and what possibly could have been a swift response and maybe could have led to the arrest. These boys who had killed Stephen Lawrence, because nowhere meanwhile police are insisting that the crime wasn't Mason racially motivated. Despite taxes not knowing their victim and yelling racial slurs while they attacked I now when the police, don't continue investigating Stevens parents, who are the fucking alike, heroes of this story, these incredible people, novel and Doreen, their so frustrated by the lack of progress in the mist they're, getting mistreated by their victims liaison like clearly under suspicion which is driving them crazy. So they hold a press conference and say that nothing has been done about their sons, death and they say If our sun was white, police would have come more and more, but even so, like fine
please don't care about that, but guess who's Fuckin town, at this exact time, you're going to guess that is done, political superhero, Nelson Mandela, these are ass, her fuckin in town- and they have a connection to him and so Neverland Dorin are able to meet with him with Nelson Mandela. Explain their situation to him, and it's only when he speaks to the press. He goes out in front of his hotel to specifically speed about students case that so, finally, shames into action, shit yeah that unbelieving or leave a boss of the very next day on May seventh, too after seamen have been murdered. Police raid, the suspects home they arrest, brothers Neon Jamie, a court and Gary Dobson, which seem like the core group or the core in our people and in the raids they an amber weapons, including knives as while some clothes that they seas, but they they do they do they dont do
full search. They don't rip up the carpet. Someone had given a chip, Thet Lamb, the court's headed. Left their knives in floorboard. They didn't look for them in our. It seem pretty half ass what years ago. Ok so Currently, weren't. Ninety. Ninety, three, oh shit, I thought it was like the seventies all we thought so, they bring the boys in for questioning, hoping that one of em will slip up and say something incriminating, but instead they get these boys who have clearly, then coached and I have on how to say nothing and they just consulates. Ain't, no comment, or I don't remember, and despite the despite being traumatize an afraid for his life, in doing this sweet baby, the who is. The best friend is able to come in and pick two of the boys out of big line up and in his interview I mean it's. This kid is it's incredible. But he is able to do this in June, imaginary, three, the law
since our finally able to hold a funeral for then and there's a funeral procession through the streets of town following this, the Hearst. And by this I mean there's a ton of anger and the black community and in our throughout London and there's a huge crowd outside the church and it said now all and Dorians composure and, like the had this incredible air of like strength, on June twenty six, the crown prosecution service or cps then drops all the charges against the boys citing insufficient evidence here. It is a huge blow to Stevens parents and at this point, public criticism against the place is huge and growing. More these are being held in protest
lack of police responds to the murderer and end and the violence that is perpetrated against the community. One interesting thing is that its standard procedure for any unsolved murder in Britain to have an internal review of the police handling of the case, which I think is really fuckin com. So having a cold case. You can't just set, it has to be reviewed so why is done for Siemens murder, it's called the Baker report and that gave the investigation and Stevens murder, basically a fuckin all good here. Nothing to see. No really yeah there like Numb, looks fine to us. So course and his parents are dealt a blow and the family and the whole community and eventually bill, malice it becomes a new lead investigator and he order surveillance on one of the kids, Gary Dodson and his flight. Hoping the gang we'll talk about murder, so so fuckin crazy in December. Ninety four: they put
a tiny hidden camera in a plug socket in this case this kid's flat, shit yeah, and so the footage You can see it in the documentary like the legit footage. These kids are blocking their cause. See late, they may act out beating up people. They take knives and pretend to stab Ino into the wall and the the the way they speak about who they on a kill and how and it's all you know, minorities is Yahoo, its young working, horrific. I it's terrifying. I mean the footage doesn't with knives at all times: racial slurs, It's the same Footage shows the kid Neil a court with I on him at all times, so it like the pattern fits the murder, but since they don't it I admit to the murder, which is incredible, that they didn't there still not enough evidence to take any one to trial the Lorens family. It refuses to give up the Neverland Doreen they want
this for their son they'll do anything for it and a year after the murder, the family initiates a private prosecution, which is another thing they have in the UK what that means is instead of the charges being made on behalf of the population by the crown prosecuting service. So, instead of like that being but with us, it would be the state of California verses whenever that an individual an individual's able to make charges privately. So it's really rare there, but in April one eighty, four one after the murder of their son Lawrence is they do this against the initial suspects, Jamie, a court Gary Dobson and David Norris, they had the most evidence against. So it's only three five which sucks, but in all they want to see justice done yeah the family is entitled to legal aid. For this motion, so a fund as established should pay for the analysis of forensic evidence and the cost
tracking down and re interviewing witnesses and all of the council on the case work pro bono and its headed. Michael Mansfield, which it's like really awesome. So in rule ninety, ninety six now the case finally comes to court, but Jane and so do it is the main witness for the prosecution because he was able to pick up people and a line up and explain what happened that night. The chaos rests on the evidence given by him. The night of the murder, as well as the lineup suggest that, and some of the surveillance video from the flat is going to be used as well, but by then Dwayne is super emotionally fragile, its head I'm sure suffering from PTSD, he had this enormous survivors skills, and so this young man, I think, he's like twenty at the time has this pressure, like the case, rests on his shoulders being, unless he is probably scared for his life is its these same. He was gonna happen to him too.
There they are in court were horrified and another thing the noun talked about. Yet, is that one of the kids, David Norris? His father, is like a king pin fuckin criminal in like hype, or criminal drug dealer in town So he's scared for his work and life for Sugar brochure. So he falls apart on the witness stand and his evidence is ruled inadmissible. I now and the jury never gets to see the servant rounds, footage and so on April. Twenty fifth nineteen. Ninety six, the three hour acquitted, which also under british law means they can't be tried again because of double fucking jeopardy, even if they later confess to the matters that can he tried to for them
Fuckin assholes are smirking and being cocky as they leave the courthouse you now. People are like I'm crowded around the courthouse they throw should at them. But at this point the public is like fucking yet, and so another in question is demons. Murder finally concludes that there was an unlawful killing in a completely unprovoked racist attack by five white use. Finally, they acknowledge what actually happened and now here's the thing Despite how long has it been going on for and everything that has happened legally in the media? No one knew the identities of the five suspects because they had been under age when it happened. So, have been these like five face: nameless, faceless, kids, but now fuck in r r enemy, daily mail steps in
yeah, and you know I really now you know and of course the Georgia Marie was like everyone knows daily mail there, yet a credible and their third, this horrible tabloid paper, but to their credit, the editor Paul Dac Raw. He knew Neville Lawrence personally because never had I stirred Paul's house, oh shit and Paul was quoted as saying quote: he did a lot of plastering work. He was clearly a very decent hard working man, so that Next, the two Nelson Mandela. They have connections to Palladora, she amazing and so on February. Friction in the ninety. Ninety seven, the daily mail runs huge front page, so it says in handwriting murderer, the male accuses these men of killing If we are wrong, let them see us and they have a photo of the kids and everything. Not kids are men every phone.
The killers and all of their names. Cheese, that's listen sites. That's crazy, political debate and it's ok to have done this, and eventually the Prime Minister John Major, comes forward and says the daily bread male had broken no laws and well- and I know- and none of the five kit people number five teens ever I'm forward to sue Ann. You know they probably daily monopoly, wanted them to you, because then they can deposed them yeah, you know and get their Fuckin high powered lawyers to crack them. So I bet they were wanting at least one of them to sue Ann I didn't say, because they probably knew that it, so It's like the one timed a tabloid does something decent yeah, like I didn't know their worst stories like best Yadda foot areas. In my it's kind of more, it's kind of draws drives you crazy, because it's because The editor I had met never right and proper,
We have these preconceived notions of people of color and meets one is like. Oh, he was actually a hard working. Man, when it is wrong because of my re singly linger personal experience. Every other parent to any other fuckin child is probably a hard working person to, and NATO yes opportunity, but it or amazing that Lawrence has got the opportunity and used it and use yes in this one, certainly I so if it's gone, which is how it normally happens, the tabloids which is there. After right, we decide we accuse because that's what they do when they just put pressures up and blatant lies, and you know like the first thing I think, of his mammal Mccann's parents when they tried an convicted those people totally in the press I mean who are its just it such ugly business, but what its tiny shining, yet no silver lining their and its because this this men were guilty. It's not in our gallery. So then
stay. The video evidence of the boys inside the flat is released, and so people just the anger, fucking grows the racism and the knives and the re enacting the attacks and so on the thirty first of July and ninety ninety seven more than four. Here's after Stephen Lawrence was murdered. Home secretary Jack. Straw announces yet another inquiry into the judicial part of case and its led by retired high court Judge Sir William Macpherson and this would go on to be known as the Macpherson inquiry or the Mcfeely Macpherson report. Actually comes out in February. Ninety nine, it's a three hundred and fifty page report. Concludes that the investigation into the murder of seed and Lawrence had been quote in March. By a combination of professional incompetence in to racism and failure of leadership and,
officers in the metropolitan police specifically involved are named and the entire force is criticized it's this huge sweeping declaration of law enforcement in the UK, It's really negative. It pisses alot of people in the institution off the term institutional racism was first client and first use in nineteen sixty seven in the book black power, the politics of liberation. And Sir William Macpherson defines it ass, quote the collective failure of an organization to provide an appropriate and professional service to people because of their color culture or ethnic. Origin. It could be seen or detected and processes, attitudes and behaviour which amount discrimination through prejudice, ignorance, thoughtless. This and racist stereotyping which disagree and as minority ethnic people, so that that whole definition becomes. Like our huge talking point, yeah
he just put it right on the paper there. Yet nobody out it mixes. And puts forward a total of seventy recommendations that are designed to show zero tolerance for racism and to improve press This is within the mat and clued measures that would transform lean out the whole attitude of police towards race relations and improve accountability. Once the government is like sorry about that and the home Secretary Jack Straw, who had called for this inquiry. He accepted charge of institutional racism and he's like yeah, it's not just in the police. He says quote any long established White dominated organization is liable to have procedures, practices and a culture which tend to exclude non white people, He also said that some truth sore uncomfortable, but they had to be confronted within two years. Sixty seven of the report's recommendations lead to specific changes in practice,
in the law in UK, sixty seven other seventy Lee recruitment retention and promotion of black and asian officers and the crew. Mission of the independent police complaints. Commission that as the power to appoint its own investigators is created and as a result of this report, the entire force enacted huge change from the top down. The report even made recommendations to change in the national curriculum, so they wanted change the correct. The curriculum of the UK where'd prevent racial prejudices and foster a culture, a culture of diversity as well as saying that racist incidents in school should be reported to people's parents. And a record should be published by each school every year like people we should, they should be held accountable for it, and it was noted that especially the need to re established with the trust between the minority, ethnic communities and the police are so. This is our great with no one is being held responsible for action. They murdering Stephen
All five men China still walk free and some of those crimes are racially motivated, just showing their continuing ino their highly cocky about it. Now flaunting they fucking thing they got away with it worse. Yes, I got away with it for time yeah, but in truth, and five as part of the recommendation of the Macpherson report. Here's ok ready for that the rule of double jeopardy, is repealed. Why get entirely its repealed in murder, cases and its decided that a person acquitted of murder could be brought to trial again on the basis that fresh and viable new evidence comes to light, Oh the Lawrence are like this is our fuckin chance. I see Call case review begins, And they start to search for new evidence, and finally, in November two thousand and fuckin seven, as happened in nineteen eighty three, its November, two thousand, seven, ere it. Finally, at the investigators have found forensic evidence.
Including a microscopic stain of Stevens blood on the collar of Gary Dobbins Jacket, Well, they went through all the clothing that were had been sealed up for so long and they search they found fibres from Stevens, clothing and hairs that had a ninety nine point: nine percent chance of having come from Stephen DOB Jacket and David Ursus Jacket while our divorces genes So finally, science has caught up and its able to fuck and bear witness to what happened in India, okay, so Gary Dobson and David Norris are. Sit in charge on September eighth, two thousand and ten, Unfortunately they are the only ones that there's enough evidence against. You know me fully bring them to trial adoptions, original acquittal is thrown out, and Norris hadn't been previously acquitted. So it's announced at the two face trial for the murder in light of the new and substantial evidence on November.
Since two thousand and eleven David Norris and Gary Dobson go to trial and knowing this is probably the last chance to get justice for her. An Doreen Lawrence is in court every day. The forensic evidence on three differently of clothing is the main evidence and De Wayne. Instead of having to you now have it all on his shoulders is just able to give testimony describing what happened on the night. His best was murdered so the night before he was to testify. Twain's father died no way now and his leg? when a core anyways to tat- I am he fuckin- shows up for his best friend yeah he's got second chance and they want from him this time is. To tell them what happened to him. They dont need him too. And if I anyone science is doing that yeah, I just want his story exactly yeah.
The surveillance videos shown and showing that they are capable of this crime in which is what the video dies it's almost like it in the judge could have ruled it inadmissible, which I could totally see here in the U S but really it shows character and pack up. Yes, so three days of joy, deliberation, nineteen years after the fact on jobs, three slash. Third, twenty twelve absent and Norris are found guilty of the murder of Stephen Lawrence from there sentenced to life with M term of fifteen years and two months for Dobson and fourteen, in three months for enormous. Unfortunately, the judge says, sentences. That seems kind of light reflect the fact that their above jewels juveniles at the time of the offence which sucks because Otherwise they would have gotten thirty years minimum rank in June, twenty thirteen and there's okay. So there's an
in our view, with a former undercover police officer, name Peter Francis, that comes out in June, twenty thirteen and the guardian, and he he is like fuck, spilling out he's like I was working under cover within an anti racist campaign in the mid nineties. He is like I was constantly pressured by my superiors to hunt for disinformation and tainted credibility and reputation of the Lawrence is that he was task to do is to make them bad. Somehow. You know he always see these like ok yeah, but you know he had covered or yet he had an hour. He had arrest record for like petty fast, our his parents or drug addicts. It's like this thing of every time. Every fucking time there are people whose job as to do that, so that you don't care anymore about them and about gigantic. Just remember that next time you hear like that information. Yes, I want a fuckin
say it say it into rehab for math. That doesn't mean I don't. I don't deserve a fuckin good and happy life. You know that That's right! I don't wanna talk about me in the ticket out an entrepreneur That's a very good point, Georgia Ear and because that's also the disparity between white and black is very and right, because that's like the guy that came forward and said, George Floyd Nigh when we are eighteen, we both got arrested for passing fake twenty dollar bills. Now it's a story. I tell it dinner parties, that's cute and he's dead. That's right! and that's really that's what this that's, what the pointer making I mean. Thank you. I tell you, I will tell you the point, but unseen, not surprising to anyone. There's no dirt on the Lawrence is to be found there. Fucking, good people, animals and Mandela, loves, thou, said Van Dalen, allows them so, you know that comes out. It's this huge handle its really fascinating, there's a lax in saying. There's a lion around like when it sounds like
conspiracy theory like if you found out and told people people be adjourned. Saying I mean I was reading. Some of these accounts of other undercover cops that we're talking about infill trading in of anti racist campaigns. In full trading. You know the animal cruelty organizations anti animal cruelty or there. Full trading them and their fucking shit up in that organization. On purpose I mean, like the people who, with the current fire, I don't forget for a second believed that they weren't working for someone and under someone's orders, absolutely At this point, I feel like nothing is passed. That kind of right. But it all bears considering because who the fuck knows what's going on. I think what we are saying is. All all the way and always has always has an that's, because its built on a fucked up foundation yeah. Ok, so since then,
Amazing Doreen has set out the Stephen Lawrence Charitable trusts and they quote. Work with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to inspire and enable them and we asked they say we also influence others to create a fairer society in which everyone, regardless of their background, can flourish. There's else, An annual architecture award am and see them Lawrence Research Centre, which are worrying as chancellor of the university appointed and twenty. Sixteen that's do not did demand for university. A high she outsourcing also receives a fuckin lifetime achievement a word at the fourteenth price. Britain Awards in October twenty twelve, She is given the title of Baron s on something for six twenty thirteen, which is a very rare honour. I think for civilians. That doesn't happen. Yeah. They are usually issues we would,
The queen show up on one of the lesser royals or is that our Navy there that chancellor, I don't know she should head on the labour benches in the House of Lords as a working peer specializing in race and diversity. That's re ass, a up until now and on April, Twenty third, twenty eighteen thing: there's a memorial service to mark the twenty fifth anniversary of seed and staff, and Prime Minister Teresa may announces that Stephen Lawrence Day, an annual national come commemoration of his death on the twenty second, April every year, starting Lasher and twenty nineteen. So here now well, meanwhile, it's been offered. Only five years since the murder of Seamen Lawrence, which is one of Britain's highest profile killings in history, it led to dramatic reforms in the way police handle racial, racially motivated crime, which is thanks and x,
demons legacy, but of course it's like the Euro S, there is deep seated racism and it's it's not perfect. It's on it so perfect and a lot of changes still need to be made. In society and in the justice system during tat. She would like Stephen to remembered as a young man who had a future and Doreen and Novel Lawrence, how Stevens body buried in Jamaica, saying that London didn't deserve him on that the murder of Stephen Lawrence, and I want. I also say that the I'm his charitable trust that sea van and its as t e p, H, M Lawrence DOT, org dot. U K C can check that out to amaze wow, a wild and thanks to her easy lily for her research and then That was a hard one. Great job
Thank you guys for listening and from being here with us and and for participating yeah. We, the priest You has shown up, let's keep shown up, let's keep shown up and doing our best and ends and getting in this fight and doing what we can now say: safe and state fuckin, angry and say sexy, oh and Duncan murdered. Can I owe his Tijuana cookie
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