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228 - The Season of the Abyss

2020-06-25 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia cover the St. Francis Dam Disaster and the kidnapping of Elizabeth Shoaf.

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This is exactly right: fall line, is an investigative show covering unsolved murders and disappearances and the South Eastern United States, particularly this is involving communities marginalize by mainstream media or investigation through intensive research and compelling narratives fallen built the knowledge face on little known cases, you can listen and subscribe to the fall line and all of exactly right shows on apple. Podcast casts sticker wherever you like to listen. And well got on my favorite murder, podcast, the power gas,
you'd soon into every what Thursday morning, it last afternoon nowadays, maybe afraid it may be of Friday evening. Sir life is Life is changing. Your are busy who knows what day it is any man in this season of your life that you have that The influence are saying now like that beat like the lifestyle. Influencers are calling like that. The part of like the in the season of my life more, it's like nine and ask you to check out of good ever that entire culture is that you're talking about called alright, sounds or applying. These impacts ring a lot of felt hat people speaking that it were wearing felt tat at the same time a dry. The word a tom no comes up, alot, probably even when it's not autumn is laudable will the pull their sleeves down over their hands to talk yeah? No thanks! No thanks! That's Karin Scheele, Gara! Oh that story,
hard start hi. How are you what's going on? I just got back from a nice trip with the firm and game in this season. In my life it feels like can't tell how much time is passing. So I literally one They turned my sister and what I've been here. Three weeks how'd, you like item dares there like now. I can't I can't leave my home and dogs and life but it was really nice. So I got to be up there for fathers day. Lovely well wishes on twitter for home jam which she pretended, you didn't care about, but then had already looked at by the time I ought to his house on Thursday dinner. No, he does
cares easy. He he is now a legit twitter worker, like I can't really be myself on Twitter because my dad's there, but if you just doesn't follow you, he like lurks everyone else that the Israel he ended, because you see again and all about a thing she makes in have noticed the kitchen fire though she all anyone. You know she's legitimately funny it would be so have you been at this season of my life one reason: why is it winter is what really waiting to winter of my life in existence in aim and pyjamas right now stay at home. It right I mean it does feel like
lot of people have decided there, just not put on quote doing quarantine, orderly wall, the numbers skyrocket out of it. I mean it's like the layers of this seven: dare layer dip of horror just tee coming words like I thoroughly Guatemala, here's another wanna guacamole whore, where people are pretending the pandemic ended cause they wanted to. I read like some quotes like there were these girls in Florida who, like sixteen of them, went to a bar when they only all got it and the late though the girl was like just dying. I just needed to get out. I was done it limits like what book but global pandemic. Is it it doesn't care that you're done and also were all fuckin die. No one likes it. Ok like no one, like you know what I really Wes. I missed:
missing vents. I back I'd. As we have known, I went down at her record just now. We are given the cases like I'll, miss you and then I was like www well. Let's do your best to miss thence this in the light of my life. You know this Albert three hour, my favorite murder. Just so you can miss him a little bit more of a great thank you so much, it's very strange, its lake. What was nice and northern California they're not doing that up there. Then very serious. Since the beginning, I- and stand that thinking of leg. Do it anymore or I need to socialize later the people and Twenty years ago I was in my twenties and according to my guy I would have gone in saying I only I I would have absolutely so. It's not like there's not empathy, but it's all like to buy our dating out still. But,
happening now more than ever. Now more than ever now more than ever. How would I dont know? I know you, I want to ask you, how do I do? I would love to know I would I would love to know. I just start yeah. I could never. I couldn't do it and just to be just a peak around them. They have the gossip I now come on. The name and lets He left by the end of this. I might have to simply because you know being cut off from humanity. Really. It really put your you know it help. It put your pride aside her when they like. Oh, I m no, no pride laughed. I looked in my own area sturdy when I got up- and I was just like you can't go another minute without a shower and I keep Look at my hair. I have this thing where I put my things back and pull my ponytail, and so does it matter that my hair is greasy mess and it was. My hair was just like
There's not another. I forgot what a real my sister's real, clean, cleaner, clean, real and though she perceived management cleaning as her London, its nonstop, it's u around. She did not like my should always be like exiting shower and black. Why we're going to safely legs could carry out, but she does not into it so that was trying to whom it was good to be around people, and it was good to kind of her that check every day of like Y know Put on a little lipstick? Not you know why give up just deserves a pandemic and total social upheaval in the exposure of a of a completely white supremacist, system and government and the government and people who are supposed to be our peers and we're like who are you are you? Are you buy it now? We know, but but but we have to talk about, we have to keep a positive, because the best thing that I
but have never been well to envision, This season of our ally of this was possible been able to know that this, and it the the talkers and the key poppers made it happened there. Put in and everyone already knows a story, but I just want to say it anyway, if you ve, if maybe you're out on the tundra- and you haven't heard about this for the Tulsa Trump round. Which was such an offence, was so grows. They arrive only planted on June thirteenth, your nineteenth of this year, and they did. And Tulsa which is a day of emancipation, the patient went through an and tells us are you. You were saying it and then I pointed out in an area, but it's true I mean like gets that kind of thing where it's almost like these facts of reality. Of what this
these people do and how offensive it isn't how grows it is it just doesn't landing or because it's one thing after the other, but I was like yeah if There is some kind of serious rioting because of this it deserves it. What kind of fuckin bullshit is this at their like? Oh, oh, we're gonna, go two Tulsa Oklahoma, her where the black was. Master took place on nineteen number Godiva Tramp rally it later if dies markings on purpose and like a fucking fuck, you too, like people, then I dont know what is the season of the abyss. What has happened? and turned yes I now Slayer so yeah
these diseases of the abyss. Aha, there was one of my high school boyfriends saw. He was a blackened metal head, and so it's a lantern seasons of the events in Europe, as does busted out on energy, turned us or he'll started singing it now busted out an arrogant, are lacking. These Libya is owed layer, Slayer, get your felt hat on because here here and get the patches zone under your sweaters, its man here make your player. The woman had that s. That was a line. I think tat. It was all over that was carved into every desk in my high school. My failure was big bay at my eyes. Go well! It's funny. You mention that
because I have a show the fixed there. It's funny you mention that. Ok, there's a new did you know, there's a new Perry may sound like a remake of Perry, Mason weight as it already yeah. I just started this last week because it's the guys from the Americans that so awesome that Matthew, Reese Yazzi think it's, I think he's welsh wholly crap is a good, oh ok First of all, there is no choice. They didn't I'm gonna go ahead and do what they should have done, which is trigger warning daddy baby, like full armed sugar warning. Oh, no, sir, very it's it's a really gruesome, like dark show, but right now Well, it takes place in allaying in the twenties. It's nothing like the old Perry. Mason he's not even a lawyer he's like an active ok yeah. It's dark and
and it's like no war ii and a little over the top, and then you remember, that's Perry may send, and that was a little over the top. So it that's it's not it's good. I like It's like I wanna, watch all of it and get into a deep dark. Depression, while I feel like you know yet, like it area. Peace, depression, yeah, it's guy would reminds me of Boardwalk Empire, which I really wanna watch again for the outfits alpha spoken everything it's good. Do you did it are there shots of allay where you're like. I know that spot that there are re making in this area than usual and why are an angel supply are with them when they show it with the buildings around it cause? That's you know, that's how it used to be its excite. I love. It is good that no one else stuff
Harry Mason. That's amazing and warning enormous surprise. Dick alone thought tat. You shot when you see the surprise enormous, Now is it? What is? It is skyscraper, what kind of Ethel vague? Is it big I own? I mean you know: do you know what channels on Patria So we can Reboot, Perry, ready I can therefore that pitch meeting people are like this, but there is now I expected it sealskin. I should be added to the to counter that I should be talking about. Marcella right now could see sensory is out. Watched one episode at one.
But my sisters, but I had to wait till more went to bed cause. I don't understand anything bad and, of course, I fell asleep for minutes in because they all have irish acts and re. It was like it was like me old grandmother, lullaby me to sleep or age it always go to sleep at ten thirty bucks. But I do last start for true escapism there, the television show its bread. But it's on Netflix and it's called one hundred percent hotter and it's like a make for a moment, one hundred percent hotter. They get these Britain people and I think I I mean not to say that Americans are absolutely like this and you couldn't absolutely cast a show in four minutes in LOS Angeles, but there seem to be a lot of people in. England who are lake decided that there A b now. What was that what's happened.
Name there's. You know how they have like the page. It's like the page, two girls or something from the tabloids? I don't have that strike page number. So, basically like it's like super sexy, where, like you, save up all your money to get yeah humongous implant you're like air like like Kim Kardashian type? right leg into her, but Leg brags at way. Yes, it's a Brats doll going way over into the lake perform Men have let s see like beyond NEA, and so they take there's a couple of people like that. Then there's a couple: people who just a very strange styled, there's a girl, there's a girl who is doing a full on hers. You do look where she has two different color contact lenses, unlike hello, Kitty, stickers on her cheeks and channel, so they take people with a look with the weather, really extreme look, and then they make it's it's the club
look like reality shower. Then they lairs people on the street. Looking at pictures of them and suspiciously all of the people on ST giving ratings there like. I would give us a three out of ten. I would and the people are shocked there. Like word I'm really hot. How could I be a three year would argue the people, street that are being interviewed, the ratings all are wearing scarves different, beautiful scars, I'm like sorry, You can be sure that this is a scarf commercial. Is this sponsor by scars, etc: Hyena Fino, that stores, cars etc. Anyone yeah, but it's a good like put it on em here's the thing it's an amazing make overshot, as at the end of the day, who doesn't love a really good hair cut and really good make up, and that and also there, that's amazing. They turned the men to like like classy, without classier luck. They based
We try to take what they want to look like honey, just make it more like if you're walking down the street people won't run into a pole because stickers on her face yet because you there's one guy that is like that. One of the elegant industrial got three has an a wig of. Dreads made out of rubber. Oh now you know that The animals in that area that look, it's pretty extreme outshines man. They re just redo everybody, but what it is it just awesome make up awesome, hair. It's there's really satisfied the hairs. Ugo girl, when she gets redone big you can tell, and everything is like its gets. Very philosophical. We were all method were always think that every mouth, but like the hairs, yuca girl, she gets out, takes all her stuff off and the makeup woman's like books, your eyes. What do you do and then gives her this? This makeup were in the girlish
like this really beautiful young girl. Who goes. I never thought I could look like this like it's the gear, this thing on. What's it called a hundred percent, and hotter hotter and the her guy is such a legendary hair guy, where he himself has my son, her hair from nineteen. Eighty nine lace like a spy, ro per my thank amazing hair guy, and he gives best hair cut. So what about the jail? Where I get turned into a club kid? That's what I want. I want the obvious that I feel so you walking boring now you wanna go back. I want to go back to when I was sixteen and had huge fuckin, crimped pigtails and I can cut your bags all fucked up. Ok, my hands gray, and then I put you I would put stickers I'm if they had soon real becomes absolutely
That was that the drugs telling you to put this diggers honour is that your style to the drugs were the stickers. Oh they're, going there that the skin absorbing it through the thin yeah yeah. Ok with us Well, there's season, two of dirty John has started, and I am than that. Yet it's the Betty utter extort here what you did? I did she's the woman diamond? Santiago? Yes, and it is it's very Dirty is very much dirty John season want. They have this style about it than the kind of like its outfits and its has almost a runner. My veal to ask is this: it happened and everyone is real, eighties outfits. The problem, but I have is Amanda. Peat is playing Betty Broad and Betty Project, one of the main issues going on in that relationship was her. Husband was leaving.
Prefer a younger, hotter, read and write, and ones, leaving a man over as worrying like she's she's Hollywood perfection. So I guess that she is a great actress and its she's playing the intensity and she's really good as a character, but there is Cole piece of that character that I see that should be the area, and I think I wonder if its cause, they didn't want alike in the end of the year. Twenty when he put someone in like a fat are faring lakes. That's part. The issue and part of the story? yeah when there like was a mom and you know, wasn't tiny and was in rail. I don't know, Andrews Davy for you. Now they too Frida Betty and then for in doing so. In my opinion, she doesn't mean resemble she doesn't resemble her may not even a little. The brown hair- I guess she's blushes
the blonde hair. That's that's but OSHA, but it's good, doubly watch. It is a good story in its ends Christian Slater, Amanda Pizza, so watch all guys unless you here that the amazing music that Stephen puts under an ad we're not this is not us pushing any and we are being paid zero dollars by Amanda P for talking. I'm a hundred b has never worked for us that day in her life, not one says she called Org a young bastard, a cat said nothing of users to register, here. I must get it over. She was so good and togetherness is that so I can you find them anywhere. Member that show the m. Plus brothers, we at all I don't know but She was so gonna just so good and most all things I see her and bought her now now, because I don't watch tv
alone anymore. There's no, like like me, events nor I watch what we want to watch because were always watching together. You know what I mean the I'd be careful that we get a second tv. We have one with another site, go downstairs to yeah yeah. Immense again is very I mean you know, wandering around may say if your man, on his hand, you unjust, Hermes, totally time, look familiar the kitchen admit it. Can I tell you that I have cried more, since I too, forty than I did my entire thirties. What What's going on you weeks three weeks, I dont know pan ass and then I also vanished like high interest. So my men are getting tweak Dolan, I oh yeah, so that's fine to be like that. Those two it's like a well there. Won't they work on what kind of insane sight of back. Does it gonna give me that I
Remember as it is, is a side effects of be. I can't up sweating what's wrong shifted It will then cried out, shares your home. It's been, though, what those who say, oh, but you meant for events like it's your next to him, watching tv on the couch, Oh life, oh now, I'm I'm so excited further. The Gonna stay Keller Show Elliot. One: Karen Caldera s friend sprang upon cast friend of the pod, I'm an insider linked to say I've been listening, says the episode. Why ray? I haven't seen that trailer, yet I'm too Ike but yeah yeah I've. I've heard a lot of feedback. That people are excited and excited to see us commit. Can you watch yourself
are you gonna do not now I hold it for you, Is there and then just say nice things? I don't care. Of course I don't care if you don't like it the components only. I used to say that, after my stand, ablaze, five is like going somewhere with people. Afterwards, I believe, complements only I don't wanna hear if you thought I was the best on the show, keep it to yourself totally. Nobody takes this is this is a fucking critique time, unless funnier than me. No critique spread yeah should we do exactly right corner sure. So our package network exactly right is a thing, is not great. We land and were adding, shows just buy outs everything months, every citizen
hopefully that an eastern there's, a new and effective it takes so long guys, but their common they're coming there in the works. Were you now morale great and has done the new for example, the newest. I said: no gifts has the great Andrew machine on it, who is from podcast but outside their aid. I guess I recommended on the show long ago, but Anders great stand up, that's friends with lots of people and knows no so, and my friend my friend memory higher is on bananas. This week and she's been, with Scotty for decades there he out decades there so young gain, probably assurance. I won just smoke and she said I shall listen to bananas and they owe the M this podcast I'll kill. You is there talking about? What's the disease that its effects cows, it's called.
Your past render past the out. So I haven't listen to that one and I am really looking forward to it. Has that sounds like the worst thing of all time render, you know. It's not. The worst thing of all time is from our are one favorite podcast. Do you need a ride? Chris of air banks has a new standard, special, that's coming out cod, You cactus and its available for rental and digital download. I now on what is an on line? swine link, you boys in this kind of special will yet look up. Crisper banks he's if Polaris Hazel areas its he's, I'm sure it's on his twitter or his instagram and we can- and we will you know it will put it on our website so that you can find it. My friend was there he filmed it in Portland, and so my friend Jason our stage mother Jason, who is that they love a show, love him tax notes.
Fantasy event, he went, and any watched it and said he it was so great and that, at the end he cry TAT was because there is like a touch way, increase our energies and grab Jason, Ok, good, but there was, like you know there, touching, I watch one joke. I watched justice, though you know a quick clip of one joke and it's what was unaddressed. Jokes, I've heard the master me The master raining way with apparent he's. Really. Oh he's really legendary, I mean he's, you know, This increases. The real deal really is like one of those truly unique comedy voices I mean, like you, don't get the sense of it on our part, cast we are taught, are constantly interrupting each other and was in the end one I'm trying to tell a story and then somebody I'll start stern forgotten something else, but when Chris, stand up. You know I've seen him in like in a cycle
being on the road and stuff in rooms or unless Angeles, like him, destroying a room. When he's just up to do a ten minutes said it's one of the most like thrilling. Breton. This amazing things you ever think is it's very hard thing to do. Young people who are good at it make it looks so easy tire yeah and he's one people. So it's yeah if you're looking for, good laughed. I think crossfire. So he ll help you out, but that also please check out our merge store where we have our black and white logo pen. It's a really cool, enamel pens, ten bucks and although the proceeds are going to the black emotional and mental health collective, so that's really exciting and we have some new march. In there we have a puzzle and some fun stuff. To check out it's on my favorite murder, dot com and store yeah we're very, very out of that puzzle. There's a puzzle for everybody, that's current! It's that still believes in the quarantine. Then the puzzles
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oh shit, I feel it who started this one yeah many a time ya, I didn't believe we haven't done the Ceta Ella Alive, Fellatio yap the outside. So it's one of these stories and I'm sure you ve, listened and have always kind of heard about. In the background everyone does. China town is loosely based on the water wars that came before it. It's always to spend this like eerie store, that I didn't know that well, but I can think, California and Southern California, you here little things about it yet, but you spin- got kind of in history a little bitch This happened right before these stock market crash in the great depression. So, like nobody cared Sorry, you can say that would be. An amazing book took a book of all this
worries that gap buried by huge your story. Didn't we just talk about something recently that it was like, but then nine eleven happened, and so this story got bear. Yes, yes, maybe a documentary. I was watching or something like that. We are like. How could you not know about this rail what it was? I think it was MC millions. Or has it was something like that where it was like it was its aim, you know it wasn't a horrible story or anything like that was more of a like how how could this happen again and just got a raised by nine re or like or like that the hearing was in late September and nobody gave a shed at that time. Yet this is like that, so let me quickly read my sources. I got some info from history: dot com on lit hub dot com. There was a section from the book, the Mirage factory illusions, imagination and the invention of LOS Angeles and that's. Why
I now does not some good that's by Gary Crest, and then there is as cv, history, dot, com, Smithsonian, Mag the eighty article by Hadley nears why water empower dot, org some great information and photos from there. I called down to the D W p. They gave me a little information. They, let me come look at their microfiche. It was great an article on theirs they called failure magazine, and I think it's just failures justly as there is a web there's a page about the book, called flood path. The deadliest man made disaster of Twentieth Century America and the making of modern LAS Angelus. They all have these fuckin names. That's by John Milkman. And then did you there's a song by frank, black two thousand and one called saint Francis, damn disaster.
Opel in their zeal, like unofficial music videos with a video from the disaster and photos from the disaster. It's called cheeses yoga, so Saint Francis stand disaster is the is known as the worst american civil engineering disaster of the twentieth century and kind of compared to the triangle. Shirtwaist factory fire, in that it can have led to this movement of safety legislation, because someone people lost their lives. Before going into the collapse of the actual damn we continue to go over from history. That is, California's water wars, I'll give us some context by the end Eighteen, hundreds LOS Angeles was still a relatively small settlement and it got all its water from the allay river via a system of reservoirs, and these open ditches made that were made their cod zone has an Tat had been used since the LOS public Polydorus spilt them in seventeen. Eighty one.
Some of their early nineteen hundreds there's, a huge population boom in LOS Angeles and over half a million residents are now living and allay, and the cities growing so does the need for water, but its were in a desert. You know, so this bunch of drought city planners, wanted LOS Angeles, become a major american metropolis like these people who had money in an in the city. Growing and but that can only be achieved if there is water in oh yeah, so oh creed Arrive grenade, gray eyes at an greed. Yes, but then greed greatest a big part of it. Yes, I need to make that, like greed and water, what more does one one? So this do Fred eaten he's the mayor now and he used to be the superintendent of the LOS Angeles water company, and so he fuckin knock on the door of the new superintendent of the water company. That and he's like. Let's build an aqueduct like that.
Or eat fuckin life, so William alone is he's more born in Belfast and in eighteen, fifty five he's going to a family of modest, you know like Mohune, DR everyone does. So let me do a quick side burn William Mobile and he's got this fancy storied fuckin life, so William alone is he's born born in Belfast and in eighteen. Fifty five he's more into a family of modest means any leaves home at fifteen with his brother and they go to America and he ends up in L a around eighteen. Seventy eight at twenty three years old he's got ten dollars his pocket, the soul. Gets a job in a way as on Haro witches digging those wells in what is now Compton and he uses his downtime while he's not working a fuckin crazy job with manual labor cause he's really interested in engineering, so he started studying engineering, geology, hydrology and mathematics. You know, as you do
We can stuff exactly casual stop. It was like the eighteen. Fifty seven version of a hundred percent hotter what do you think of this engineer on the street where their scarves verse might buy it? There's no water. Please just give me a water rights So we actually becomes a self taught engineer which doesn't like. It should be a thing. It should not be well. That's why some. What's it called right there foreshadowing thank you. Twenty years, Mulholland rises to the ranks of the water company, he becomes a foreman and then it comes superintendent Intel. Nineteen, oh two: when the city officially forms what becomes known as LOS Angeles Department of Water and power, what you and I pay every fuckin month, and he's name the chief engineer witches super impressive. However, I feel like, like maybe
as a surgeon or certain jobs. You dont want self taught you. We wanted a paper degree that says you learn all of it right now. And that people who already knew everything taught it she s? Not you taught it to you. That's right, like I got everything you got all of it like. How do you know that? Oh it's me a bill mulholland. I know every ok. I bet he was really tall, and so everyone just listen to everything. Yeah yeah Otto always happens the targets, I think, even as a young man, he looked like a grisly old man and people believe him in oh yeah, so He earns a good reputation when, as projects are built under budget, and I had a schedule which I also think is bad like take your time and use the money and build it right like don't make a quick and cheap Riah he's is, he is like a sell out. Engineer is usually engineers are like. No, it has to be right, and that means if we go over budget or over schedule right, it still has to be right. He's like Egg
pay money. Man. Are you happy, then, I'm at exactly at her and I'm one of those projects that he got good reputation for includes friend, of the pipe cast. The Silverlake Reservoir befitting a nineteen o six, would you I think it's around to the broad I think it is, by it as Silverlake Reservoir they are in our lives right. So back to the water wars. Mulholland is now task to transport water. They look for water, where they couldn't like, divert it from a certain part of the state and bring it to allay, and they find that in the lush Owens Valley, which is located on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada. It's about two hundred miles away, it's right on then that a border basically Tina win over where over, where no one goes every exactly where you have to drive through to get to Vegas and it looks really hot and desert he yet so Meanwhile, though, the United States Reclamation Service, which was responsible for settling the Owens Alley, which is this like lush
There were lots of things grow and people are lacking, thriving lay They had settled, owns volume and neatly in the late nineteenth century, with farmers and ranchers, and there, like we're, gonna use the Omens lake to build irrigation systems to help these farmers an area like organ and grow, what this area. Yet we have plan It's it's our yes, our water and were making plans for exactly so there's a whole water war over who's going to get that Owens Valley, water. There I mean that's a whole book in itself, so I'm not gonna. Do justice read me the book. The thing had page wine that, unfortunately for the farmers and the ranchers and the people who live there, the stewed eaten has extensive political contacts, of course, including the presently I'd states and hand. Mohune aren't above using like dubious tactics like bribery and deception. So after these second
I won't wider wars and, by the end of nineteen o five, their able to acquire enough land and water rights in Ellen's valley to block the irrigation projects and they are gonna build their aqueduct miles. This canal project goes public people fuckin. Lose their shit because everyone and allay knew that, like their livelihood and them staying there and working and building families and more people coming to LOS Angeles, depended on this water. So, finally, in others a front page headline that lesson finally, has water people celebrate property and real estate prices. The day it's announced double within a day,
oh yeah, people are just skirting hoses straight up into the air there I use it all. You ve got more common, but exactly, and so in nineteen o seven with a budget of twenty three million dollars, which I looked it up in that you can't even go that far back. You can only go to nineteen thirteen on this calculator. I didn't lower economic for another, one, which I just realized that good of that right now in about six hundred million dollars and nine thirteen she's don't worry, Mohune or use at all? You know how I oh yeah, that's right. He loves to come in underlining the threat, so construction begins on the aquatic enlighten us up it around four and labourers work at top speed. They use new technologies like that. For example, a caterpillar tractor new thing and they sat records for miles tunnels and pipe cut
I wrote which is like slow down guys get this right. He and I were also how hideously were they abusing those manual laborers that all my guiding record that sea in the desert, so they're working under the fuckin blaring son in the desert? There's no such thing. Bottled water dishonesty, Everyone's cardiac police, favorite water, not even the Zani, it tastes like plastic deciding. Then it is really everyone's. I started looking into this and like looking at photos- and you know of reading about it- is really impressive feed its two hundred miles that they were able to take from this lake in Owens Valley to San Fernando Valley.
In thirteen construction of the two hundred its two hundred twenty three mile aqueduct is finished, the nineteen fourteen at the time of completion, it's the world's longest aqueduct and the largest single water project in the world wow. So it superfluous impressive. It's a self tat kid from Fuckin. Fast, made it happen, he becomes a big hero. And while we're talking about it, dairy is now the past, although its also in Northern Ireland, and just solidarity. I go. I gonna. I needed a pick me up the other night when I was watching tv alone, which I know I said I don't do so. I started watching dairy girls again, yet if it's just evaluating its circumventing the greatest so the city of LOS Angeles stoked. You know something like forty thousand people come to see the damn get me now turned on the thing What am I doing right now? You ve dunes, about
big valet Turner's only turn earlier ass. It with us it s. A big fascinating, open the big fuss it during the opening ceremony, Mohune famously says to them. Therein is take it about the water. Where it is take at Vienna, which is like so he I think he got a really big head and became really cocky about all the things he can do and almost like he's godlike core he's giving them dislike essential thing, yeah him It had happened. He made it happened here and in its true, like a lot of people, credit him with with LOS Angeles, becoming what it was because I wouldn't have without the water, and he tells me credited for how bad people have allergies here, because it's the water that then made the non native plants get brought in and there's all kinds of weird plant combinations here that don't make sense and you I have. No allergies are her life and you move to allay your screwed yeah. I have em
but damn YO, Mulholland Mohamed. If we put the next time, you re be read Stephen, that Small HOLLAND Talk and your your nose, the great order who was a great nasal order at other aid worth He becomes as local. Here, oh Anne LOS Angeles is able to overcome its drought issues and virtually overnight becomes a boom town. The San Fernando Valley is transformed from a green raising community dependent on the rainfall essentially for water. It becomes an empire and quickly becomes one of the richest agricultural communities in the nation, while so, a lot of people make a fucking shit ton of money, essentially because they had. This is where they have. At least I know when I Luton Burbank late. It was all citrus grows. It was like tons and tons of all. Lemon grow up an orange county than that. It's called that but meanwhile, back in Owens Valley and by
one thousand nine hundred and twenty four. So much water has been diverted from the area that the actual Lake Owens Lake is drying up and the agriculture economy is Fox in the valley because they don't have access to the water anymore. And a group of pissed off farmers start to protest, and one of the things they do is that they use dynamite and blow up parts of the awkward ducked, not just sit sabotage it, but so they can get the water like. They go up certain parts to get the water to start and cannot flowing to their areas, yeah I'm out, there's always like under the things like they well, the LOS Angeles County won't give me the farmers and adequate payment for their land, so they don't want to sell and their threatened. And it's just like this, it's it's really. Shady and underhanded, so there's just all kinds of legal action going on in there. It's really that's that's what the water war is. Because of the water wars and the awkward controversy and the fact that in Reno,
Mohune realises that his it could be sabotage really easily and then be screwed, so he Banks in what we need to do is make these kind of these smaller storage systems, closer to LOS Angeles, that if something happens to Owens Lake or the Owns Valley, aqueduct will have that you know these little pockets of water that can sustain us while we fix it, so so in the early nineties twenties he starts to build major reservoirs closer to allay which come Crete dams, though, there is the one where rich people live above in Hollywood, the Hollywood Hills, oh yeah, yeah each person's party once and saw that in its gorgeous its justice like a beautiful reservoir bollywood reservoir wit, You can walk around it and it's actually being in nature rate in the very middle of Hollywood. It's crazy right and you can see the Hollywood sign from Mary yeah yeah and a right below there. I've had that's
on that when there was a drought here was that likes it two years ago, or something when it was really bad, and I would go up there to take my dogs to that dog park, which is now no longer dog, particularly, but I would come. For that hill and that reservoir would be going down in my anxiety and panic was constantly going up based on the water level until a man at the dog park explained to me that that is not drinking water and it's actually not really used that. Well, so don't worry about that. Don't worry about the reservoir like that. Thanks came like a gladdens me. Miss I've been seeing your base every time you come here and you look. Saturn's adder teeth are wreaking, but an you don't take a deep breath who hears look? Disowning? Don't worry! It's me. Damn decided here to comfort you about the reservoir, it's the season of plenty okay, so he built that and then he is like another one we need to build is in the San Francisco Canyon, which is forty if
that's forty seven miles away from allay and he's gonna name at the Saint Francis. Damn took that long to get to our damn, though monopolies and why it's their construction begins in nineteen, twenty four and in his haste and with he has this kind of Muslim, has confidence in his abilities some, much that he is just like plows through making this damn. He breaks ground without extensive consultation with geological experts. Like here and cleaner points to a place and they start building a damn. That's not true, but something like that an essentially mall Helen. He also keeps raising the height of the dam as their building at so it keeps going up by like ten feet of what the plans were, but they don't. They don't widen the base of the
damn to match that, and so that super dangerous, Annette fucks with the structural soundness of the dam. So when the dam is completed and nineteen twenty six its able to hold twelve billion gallons of water from the awkward ducked, so the water from the duck goes there there's twelve billing, gowns water and it's enough for two years worth of reservoir water in case something happens and the maid Structural reached a height of two hundred and five feats of this concretely concrete walls damning this lake it seven hundred feet and you can look at their so many photos which is fascinating of before and after the disaster. An eight is its huge, it's like it. I think it was like the precursor to the Hoover. Damn, oh, I know it's a big fuckin giant, concrete structure and the four down, I can assure you was built by college jacketed engineer stance exactly right. Karen I mean, but this is a gas for sure, but I would bet my arm honour, because what in the fuck
are you doing, building something that big right with the no mean, but at the same time like aqueduct, never fell None of the other structures foul. It was just here but aren't aqueducts, don't they just go flat along the ground there, just Yakima Water and running at home to Lake Barry. Yeah. I know you're totally right. I realize I'm being highly critical of bill. Mall, I'm not I'm aside seriously. I'm not gonna argue for him. This is hubris, I'm seeing it- and I know where this end it is humorous. So over the next two years, cracks and seepage appear in the damp, but inspection show that there are, with a normal range for a dam, the size of Saint Francis, so they're. Just sealed up and patched but on the morning of March twelve night twenty eight the damn keep name Tony Harnish vaguer. He
discovers a new leak during his morning. Inspection and this leak worries him, because the leak has blood in it. There's a finger sticking out of the hall all coming from now gives it goes so far as it goes in backing down. There's a damn goes because the water is a mighty which means that the water is eroding the foundation of the dam and bringing up like the mighty water, and so he calls out Mulholland Mobile and comes the damn. He takes a look, and here is a system like knelt looks good. Do us all is fine and they take off in the back to LOS Angeles
but Tony the damn keeper and as well as the powerhouse workers who live in the nearby Hydro electric power plants near by, and so there is powerhouse workers who live there and the farmers who live in a small towns in the valley below there not convinced like they can to see that something ain't right and they can. The mountain above is soaked in water, so worker start joking see later. If the damned outbreak like it becomes a joke one farmers, so weary that he sleeps with his in his barring with the door open. So that same night, but why not just get out? You know why, but that's rate, I really wish they had, but at the same time it's like they almost live in a rural area. You know it's it's that so far away from anything, especially with puzzle, cars. They had re through So in that same night midnight
when Mohammed was, like all looks good. It's mine, I'm going back home to eat or an expensive dinner. The conquered It begins to shatter oh surviving human sees the damn break at about eleven the eight p m am keeper Tony who lives in a small cottage right below the damn with his sick old Son Carter and his girl ran, Leona Johnson, our regulated as the first victims so Leon. His body is later found fully clothed and wedged between two blocks of concrete near the base of the dam, which suggest that she and tony me than inspecting the structure right before collapsed. Oh my god, so seconds later, as the water, Russia's from the dam, near by power lines are swept away, leaving the whole canyon our power and in total darkness. The rest, of the San Francisco Canyon are awoken to shaking
and rumbling, and some mistake it for an earthquake, we're in California. You now four within moments, the canyon is filled with twelve point: six billion gallons of rushing watered and I've this picture when I heard this story in the past have always pictured like shanty towns in outside the twenties, and you think it's just like you cats and stuff, but no, these are. Could the photos he's our communities of houses of home? Yes, This is not just kind of in out pop Tenzin shed right, it's not yeah, not like workers cabins and are just nearby exactly. I know these are real howler town, Sir towns are actual towns with it that, with within structure and with livelihoods so at although three a m, a wall of water, more than ten stories high sweeps into the community of seventy, people at power, the powerhouse number two,
lady, W P, employ re rising, who lives in that area with his wife and three daughters remembers Ming asleep in his went framed house when he hears a roaring that he said sounds like a site clown. The water is so high. They can't get out the front door and the house just disintegrates around them. And rake its tangled with an oak tree. He swimsuits surface, and then he gets wrapped with electrical wires, he's able to grab the roof of another house. That's floating by and jumps off. He gets under the roof, any jumps off the roof when it floats by the hillside, so he lands on the hillside by him. Ha ha ha he standing there he's got no clothes on its a freezing cold night there's, you know no light, because all they lecture City went out and the only power other person on the hill. With him, there is his neighbor Lillian Curtis Isler and she is holding her three year old son,
what happened with Lillian there's a few minutes before midnight, Lillian woken up in bed and noticed a strange missed and she and her husband instantly news, the damn. I think it was a worry on everyone's mine and he, it showed her husband shoved their son into her arms pushed her through the window and he's like I'm going back to save our daughters, but he his daughters, are swept away with the rest of powerhouse, the powerhouse number two community and the concrete powerhouse itself get swept away, which just tells you how strong you know this rushing water was and the three loan survivors on this little hillside, huddled together and wait for rescue a guide and the end, You see this two hundred feet tall. Damn comply neatly collapses. It's not a whole. That's punched n! It there's one
structure in the middle that people and calling the tombstone, but on its right and left these enormous, concrete structures completely and those big pieces of concrete also start flung. What the russian water as Well- oh god, yeah so from there. The water continues to surge its rushing at a rate of eighteen miles an hour, and causing catastrophic damage to the towns of caustic. Sagas Filmore two Paula and sad decoy wow. Also, we known your driving down the five to get the fuck out of town and you drove past MAGIC Mountain all that shit on eyes, towns, yeah, yeah, that's where it is. What's it called when you drive down the five While I call that, if I'm on my way up, that's the first leg of the journey and I'm on my way home, it's the last leg of the journey, so it takes forty five minutes for the reservoir to empty completely of water, TAT, the aid
You have ten stories of water. Is there they upsetting to me it's it's. I really like a like, are a big fear of mine, yeah, and rightfully so I mean there. It's horrifying ended, but that idea, because it's late, they didn't even have skyscraper that taller buildings there. I shall I mean that they didn't invite downtown allay or whatever, but a mule, not area. I don't think it's it's just like a so monumental, horrifying, yeah and emails beyond like it's just that idea of all the sudden something's happening that you could never I'm in the middle of the night to wake up to that. They are now not know what it is or two more. I d like it's worse to know what it is you having your way yet I mean that of survival is tiny also to see your neighbor naked would be
I'm just saying. I know it's not as a big idea, but it just be like. Did she just go? Hey? Look. We just live two cares get over here and I guess be any. There wouldn't be an awkward moment if you, both, if you and son, and your neighbor are the only people in your town that live through, something that you just be like deep shine. Yeah you had to be in deep eyes, beheld horrifying it is, it hurts me I think of so many people who woke up and immediately their lives or over each other higher. How the house disintegrating around Jew is such a crazy visual has also Water is so power. Here, it's scary rise. He had to think of it like that works out like done just under the surface now, and it's not your owe so much debris its carrying all the houses and all the cars and the concrete from the damn with it and wires, and it it's just its horrifying and
Ex forty five minutes for their reservoir to empty. So this fuckin flight is happening for forty five minutes and twelve point four billion gallons of water flow. The canyon and the same Clara River Valley. Then too are able to get out of their house in time grab onto whatever they can and the woman, some people see a woman on top of a water tank dressed in evening where a woman and her three children hold onto a feather mattress as it swept away and the flood for two miles they hold onto it a man named William Spring swims, a mile with his infant around his neck, holding his infant. His wife had climbed up an orange tree and just stayed there till she was rescued amending this Corwin, a Filmore he's train out, drive the flood in his car when it picks him.
Picks his car up, and he had a passenger with my guess and the passenger was like said quote. I won't be caught like a rat in a trap and jumped out of the car and his film, but himself stays inside the car until almost completely filled with water, and then he hangs under the hood and he is carried to safety. Thank God. I know I am sorry that just reminds me of member that soon army, an oil of the car that did that drive, like them and then has to do a three point turn really fast and injustice staying on the edge in the the Japanese, soon Ami Gaga horrifying five miles downstream in Camp rape of a hundred and fifty workers for the Edison company are asleep in their tent camp. So the night watchman this guy named air lock. He sees flood coming. He traced wake up as many people as he can in their tent and eighty four workers die. Of the two hundred and fifty workers and the people,
do survive, they survive because they had drop their tents and they were able to float like what the fuck the chances. Oh they cause. So that such a position, your tent, like I just don't, want this to be happening right or in their own. Italy did irks earlier in the night or whatever alone. Like you just know me, I that right, I thought it was like a reaction of language. Unshipping, oh no way later, Diarrhoea, wow, that's amazing and analyze himself dies. Is considered a here one of that, like bigger heroes of the disaster, ya God
the first official alarm sounded at one twenty. I am via the Pacific, long distance telephone company, so there's telephone operators, Luis gap in and she's in Santa Paula and Resell Jones in Santa Coy, I think of the fact that they were in the floods zone. So they were, they were the potential victims themselves, but they refused to leave their post and start calling residents in lower areas to warn them to get the fuck out of their house and only the higher ground there later become nicknamed the halo girls. For some reason, just gimme chills. They now understood what was happening in trying to call everybody here wholly share wake up, get the fuck, so they police right so many lives because they called the people that were like further down.
One of those operators, the woman Luis. She caused this good dude Thornton and words he's a California highway patrol officer and he becomes known as the power veer of Saint Francis of the Saint Francis Flood because he goes door to door. He's in his money is on his motorcycle blaring. His siren warns residents to get the fuck out and then also deputy Deputy Sheriff Eddie Hearn Rights. His motorcycle at the Santa Clara verbally toward the flood, with his siren glaring, making people wake up and get the fuck out of here as far as Filmore before he runs into the flood and get swept away, many residents are able to rush to safety in the hills. Because of these two and the women operators- and there is a monument to the officers and sat in nepal- is called the watchers wow. Meanwhile, ok, meanwhile, the cosy, I'm sure opulent home of Lillian, William Mulholland, the phones second ringing,
in the middle of the night. His daughter answers- and she brings her dad the phone and when he goes to reach for it he says quote: please: God, don't let people be killed? Please God, don't let people be killed. Us, like She must have been like the damn collapsed and he is immediately like me. You know here knows: what's knows: what's happening, a damages whole towns and farming communities. For a fifty four miles stretch before entering into the Pacific Ocean the Van Tara Woe fifty four miles, five thirty! I am with a wave still two miles wide and travelling at six miles an hour. It's carrying debris, and it's also carrying bodies with it. It's not that These five hundred people are killed
that could be anywhere between five hundred and a thousand, because there's a lust lots of people who were in a migrant workers and undocumented. So it's hard to exactly say and victims are recovered from the ocean. Ass far, doubt as the mexican border and many are never found, as they just got, swept to see. If the, though the wave itself in that like the river it turned into, was two miles. Why her I mean that's I can't even I can't my aunt around the A b school district in the area lost thirteen of its fifteen pupils. The RO as family, a family of farmers in the canyon. There had been there since the men, eighteen hundreds they lose Stanley members rose, we're and Enrique Rue as an of their children, age, eight to thirty and many
those who were hit the hardest for mexican american Farm workers and aside from the loss of life, there's also a huge devastation to the land, and these are people's livelihoods, overt five hundred homes are destroyed, orchards are ripped from the ground, livestock are killed in the thousands, and the Red Cross quickly sets up a headquarters near the damn sight. Men, search the money debris as high as twenty feet in some places for survivors, those actually video you can see that people took of this scene, a silent video of them. Bringing bodies out is cars from back then sort through the rebel volunteers wade through all of it to find bodies, more bodies and survivors and make Jeff morgues are set up some in the fuckin local dance halls and outs form at the morgue as people
look for their loved ones, and you know what they want to search through the night, so actually Universal City studios loan them giant spotlights two years ago girl, girls found underbrush still alive. She had been there- are ten miles from her home. All like earlier Sagey lived. It said that a baby thought to be dead starts crying at the morgue He saw a liar and a man, a manager stuck in the men up to his neck still alive. A twelve year old girl is found by her neighbour in a tree and she's yeah, so news and aerial photos of the collapse. Damn spreads across the nation people fuck and lose their shit. It's a really fund set up and telegrams in monetary donations, role in from all over the country and then said the investigation start at least a dozen official inquiry panels by the federal state care,
tea and city government are immediately set up to investigate the collapse and eventually there's so much. Of course, the collar says, attributed to four factors answered EL the of the foundation, and so actually they later find out that there had been an ancient paleo, lift the landslide on the exam spot. Where the damage been built, which there was no way to know that. Actually and then on uplift sing is called an inadequate design so autumn, The coroner's inquest determines who is responsible for the disaster and during the inquest, William Mulholland says, and he ok, so she does seem genuine, a devastated by him. He must be in wine and spirits, he it's all his fault, he knows it and he takes responsibility. He says quote whether its it is good or bad. I don't blame anyone else, you
fasten it on me. If there was an error in human judgment, I was the human. I won't try to fascinate on any one else like a year to blame, but it's also like I can't imagine someone these days, taking that much responsibility for their obvious mistake: Iranian it's, it's very laudable for sure, yeah, so because decides that Mulholland and non governmental organisations that oversaw the dams, construction are at fault, but they clear mulholland of any charges, but they do on their basically like construction and operation of a great nam should never be left at the sole judgment of one person no matter how eminent a person s like you, gotta get a second opinion, essentially willing
more Holden has been looked upon, as LOS Angeles Savior, for so long is now seen as a murderer, people fuck and turn on him. The people across the region even put up signs in their windows that red kill- mulholland- oh my god, she's devastated, he retired from the bureau water works and supply in nineteen. Twenty eight. His reputation is real in he retreats into a life of semi isolation. His granddaughter Catherine says she remembers him sitting in silence at family gatherings, just lost in his thought. He dies nineteen, thirty five of a stroke at the age of seventy nine victims are compensated for lost lives and land and by one thousand nine hundred and thirty one. The tragedy is pretty much completely swept under the rug and, in fact, there's a book California, water that doesn't even mention the disaster. Well,
yeah. In later years, Mohunes reputation is restored and the Mulholland Helen Dam in Hollywood, Hills, Mulholland drive Mohune Highway and the William Mulholland Memorial found in LOS that pretty colorful one are all name in his honor. There are still remains. The same. It's a stamp that are like weathered broken chunks of gray concrete at the site, where the dam was that you can see today. Well, creepy. On a positive note and Once a disaster, the California legislature creates a damn safety programme and soon has some of the strictest oversight laws in the country. In twenty nine. The California legislature also passes laws to regulate civil engineering. Smart what's the state border registration for civil engineers and there is no more self taught engineers yeah
after the Saint Francis Dam is considered to be one of the worst american civil engineering disasters of the twentieth century and remains the second greatest loss of life and cattle, History rate, the nineteen o six San Francisco earthquake and fire, while the act actual remains unknown. Recent estimates say it's around two thousand and since original counts didn't include a number of mexican american migrant workers are transients, remains of victims, continued to be discovered in that, oh fuck area, every few years until the midnight teen fifties west, I continue to find bodies. The remains of one victim is found deep, underground near New hall in nineteen. Ninety two my god and other bodies, believed to be victims of the disaster, are found in the late nineteenth and in eighteen. Ninety four, and that. Is the story of the Saint Francis. Damn disaster wow amazing,
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Ass. They basically taken, although stories in there's an ice arrive by gas. So now you can just go and here first hand the people tell their own stories. I was. I was the bandaid in between the time where the people for my survived understood. This was a new and needed thing is happening. You're welcome! So go! Listen to their real first hand. I survived stories, cause they're, so many there, so many good one. So when I was looking for this I was looking for one I never heard of before that and that wouldn't count as an ice. Revive psoric is theirs. There's a couple from that are so unbelievable that they have an only been on. I survive rave, but they ve been, unlike you know, couple other different kinds of show. The I this is one I had not heard of its the girl in the bunker its a survival story of Elizabeth Sheriff. Have you, it has one now
I'm I'm sure I gotta. Let's do have had so sources. For this are the state newspaper that's in Colombia, South Carolina any doubt: com, the inside line blog on msnbc dot com allay Times Wikipedia did I say that today dot com and they liked? the movie, the girl in the bunker. Yes, storing retirements gives our Henry Thomas Elliot from E t who, as they also as a kid adult heap, it's a recent movie key player. He plays the bad guy creep and he's really good at, and it made me really sad how good he was at all costs I'm he was one of my first great loves sure is Ellie for me to users like. Why do I put my mind when he was dying? I was dying, torn away, ok September, six, two thousand six,
and fourteen year old, Elizabeth Shove has just got not school bus and she's walking up her driveway and so Driveway basically runs through this wooded area, its very rural area, where she lives its outside the unincorporated community of log witches The population is just over eighty three hundred, while on end South Carolina so she's about halfway up her driveway and she hears a man call out her name and she looks over and there driveway basically runs through this wooded area. It's a very rural area where she lives its outside the and corporate, a community of love of which is the populations, his equals or by Name Elizabeth and he waved her over and she's comply as because it's it's a person in uniform elderly she's. Fourteen you're, a girl, and she asks what he wants, and he explains that he's with the cursor county. Sheriffs department
that she's under arrest, and she is totally confused and asks why and is really freaked out. Somebody's already hand casting her mother. And behind her back, he tells her that their shares found a bunch of marijuana plants at the house, that she's in a lot of trouble, a show she's, really freaked out confused scared, but so ass to see her little brother, whose already homes he gets home before her and there by themselves after skulks. There mom works so the absurd starts work. In her through the woods and says that I'm I'm I'm taking him right now, and but they walk further and further away from the house, and she starts to realise that something is. Really wrong. At one point there are walking along the river bank and he makes a point of cheap her off of the sand so that her footpath
aren't in the sand and his on either and she starts to realise their something really wrong. So she finally get some the courage to ask him where they're going and he stops and tells her. You know, I'm not a police like fourteen- is that the perfect age of of being naive and starting to have an understanding of the world yet and but you're still here still so yeah, mainly as thirteen and is so young she's like, but she is, and, if you know, she's, definitely getting more mature by the second half of whom, but there still there baby as they really are like they really are doing so. At this point she puts a car device around her neck- and tells her that it's a bomb that if she tries to run or get away at any point, held detonator and should be dead, she's,
she won't and that shall comply when he answer. If she's a virgin, she so scared, she can only nod Oh, when Marilyn show cause from work to check on our kids, like she usually does. Every day, Elizabeth Little brother tells her that Elizabeth come home yet and Madeline doesn't think much of it and says she's gonna call back shall check back in a little while so when she calls back a couple hours later and Elizabeth still isn't home. She knows that something is really wrong so she leaves work. She tells Bobby to walk down the driveway to see if for summaries, that Lisbon is down there like hanging out with her friends and cuz. She and who lives across the street when he does he, he sees it was this friend walking down her driveway to she's. Looking for Elizabeth, well cause Madeline called the friend to say: do you know where she is so? Basically, they started looking for her, so Madeline gets home, cause the police she weights,
over an hour for someone to show up in your house, and when no one shows up she calls back and finds out only to find out that they had gotten the county wrong. They had sent an officer showed that another county so far, only after several hours, an officer shows up only to tell Madeleine that she's overreacting. He says most teenagers run away for a day or two, no parents ever think their kids. The type who had run away lizards We had a friend's Hauser off with her boyfriend somewhere melons. Trying to convince him note. This is not her at all. She every day she comes home and takes care of her little brother makes him food lake is not her at all and the guy says it's you now. I see this all the time. Don't worry about it. He explains he can. Put out an amber alert for her cause. It's too soon. He assured her Elizabeth will come back, any leaves so
back in the forest after walking from more than an hour, Elizabeth Kidnapper stops at the sight of a hill reaches down. To the forest floor and pulls up a perfectly camouflaged door. It's the hatch to a bunker and theirs a man made, let like a homemade ladder made of branches that led down eight feet down into total darkness and he makes her walk down into it. Oh my follow, Sir God it's cold! It's it's pitch black as her eyes adjust, she sees its a fifteenth, long space that Doug into the forest floor. So it's the floors. Dirt, the walls are dirt, the six. You know it's a six foot ceiling, there's a well there's a bed there, stove with a chimney and a heart.
There's a battery operated television. The walls are lined with shelves at are stocked with canned goods guns. Other weapon, porn. She said it She would later say that look like something out of a nightmare, and now man chains Elizabeth to the wall by her neck and said Sir, are man made bed the heat that I bet he fashioned out of branches swimming- floats comforter. So it's really weird and junkie and creeping. This looks over and season inflatable doll in the corner, and she said to cry. But the man tells her there's no point in crying that she needs to get used to it, because this is how it's gonna be for her now, is that he's not going to hurt her and very soon after that? He rapes, her so this. Man is thirty six year old, Vincent failure,
and he's an unemployed construction worker whose father died when he was a year old. So as mother remarries, a man of the substance, abuse problem and so Vincent begins, his drinking at age, fourteen and he'll go and be treated for alcohol abuse. Ten different times now- and this is the drinking probably end up getting him fired from his job as a construction worker and will Eventually leave him with alcohol induced brain damage. So he's got his bad drinking problem, and just a year before Elizabeth shows, kidnapping, huh he is charged with sexual assault of a twelve year old girl, but when the authorities go to arrest, him he's nowhere to be found, so The authorities assume he left the state, but it turned out a right under their noses, the entire time and their feet. Okay, so
sleep after a couple days, the police begin a search with this show family keeps going back to them in saying you have to start looking for our daughter, so they put up they. You know just viewed flyers with her picture on it, and then they start doing searches and they start walking the forest, and there is a point where they are sitting in the bunker and they can hear the searchers walking above them, but the it's so perfectly the fires that no one sees it or notices anything about the bunker at all, so after five days of captivity, that has built a bond with her captain said this girl she's fourteen she's Billy. Innocent, she's, really sheltered, He is so fucking smart, like it's mine blowing, I I do what she I don't know how she knew any the staff, but she knew too make debts
he needed to make sure that this guy knew she was a person yeah. So she would ask him what his interests were and she would pretend to be super into what he was in too, and she talked to him all the time and she basically slowly. One has trust and like establish this bond with her wow so like when they are the searchers. He holds a gun to your head and tells her if she screams he'll kill her, and when the voices fade. She tells Jensen that she likes him and that she wants to be down there with them and she never would have screamed so she's, basically like establishing this kind of, like the I, like in here with you, like you, wanted me to be here with you. I want to be at your getting handler trust hurry, yeah, yeah, exactly she soon builds enough trust with him that he lets her leave the bunker so that shit go take a bath, unlike wash dishes and a nearby pond yeah. So what she's there. She pulls out
strands of her own hair and leaves it and around the side of the pond, so that if they ever tell dogs searching in that forum they'll be able to find her. She also one town she goes to. The pond leaves her shoes behind just in case someone might see her or the door again if there's tracker dogs at this hour, so smart, its genius and then like when she's. He says: where did your shoes go? She's like IDA Ike, I am, I must have them at the pond. I can't find her like an he believes everything she says, because she so sweet and an innocent unlike end and playing it so perfectly the most genius thing and lack of all the genius things she does, though, in this nightmare situation is built. Enough trust so that she asked him if she can play a game on his phone here, the food we eat habits, tat though, they waits enough time and- and you know basically bill
the builds trust enough and because she had gone to the pond and not run away. I say she done all these things are not done anything to break the trust. She was convincing him that she liked him said that they had this kind of like a relationship. How launch how long after she had been there than she asked for the phone day, five wow, so I believe day, five or six. So she starts playing games on his found. Now he figures yeah, she didn't run. He can trust her and also theirs. They dont have phone service in the bunker array. So it's outlet heat. She can't make a call. So safe NEA Social uses phone play a game, give it back and that's like a thing that that he starts getting used to her doing so on the eighth night, when he's asleep she climbed
the makeshift ladder and holds the phone out the bunker door and tat and texts her mother holy shit yeah. She writes it's so genius. She writes. I am I'm in a whole across from Charm Hill, where the big trucks go in and out, there is a bomb call police can you imagine being a mother in getting that text, especially, that amount of time where the police have it helped you they have argued you, then it turns your child is missing. Then everything that happens is like that. Nothing they're, not finding anything anything coming of any the searches. There's no results of anything and then suddenly she was actually on her way to a vigil that night they had been laid started. Holding vigils for her. In my she was headed out of the house for a vigil and she looked at her phone and that text was on her supply. I mean what you think: it's a hoax and Erlich someone messing with her in the beginning: well
No. She immediately was like this is Lizzie Day the family called her Lizzie and she knew it was her because that that's its she knew she knew TAT. Her daughter when when she showed the police, they called the police and showed the police. The first officer, came to the house, so she might have like Guy away with her friends and now she's trying to establish a lie to come back a high level, point she was like. Are you fucking kidding me what so, but then the sheriff shows up at an cut and also the little brother. This actually happened in the lifetime of I'm not sure. If this is what was happened, what happened in real life, but it was a kind of in a moment lifetime movie because the first that says she might be trying to establish like an alibi, is gonna call back on the phone minimal. The little brother goes yet is not bad idea, because what, if she's? What does she took? The phone and that's gonna, get her calm and like, and the cops like
I think I'm the one that supply in here and now on the share when the sheriff shows up he's like we don't want to call cause. I could put her in danger and oh brother, just looks the complex, so they don't, the text. Instead, they run the cell phone number and it comes registered to a woman and when they drive out to the address this woman's house, the sheriff record as is the area this. Where they serve the warrant over a year ago for the child rapist who had fled. Ah there's too, they are now starting to put it altogether of her, so they end up searching the property. While they continue question the woman who lived in the house- and it turns out that it's his girlfriend slash common, my wife, and that when they searched the property, they find what they think is it crash. Like I trash hall- and she and telling them. This is a bunker he dug here.
And they find there's like an abandoned car somewhere on their property ex. It's all in this forest area, and she admits that she had been leaving food for him. She going then going in buying food for him and leaving an inn in had abandoned car for him to come and pick up so now no she's, ok, so human hiding out and she had been aiding and abetting him am eggs and so now they know he's within walking. Distance has he's hiding out somewhere else but near enough to come and get supply, so so, but what decide to do. Is they realized there that the theory is that he's a a word he's not here he's gonna run, and this is not his. You know him a child, molester re best men, but he's not a serial killer whatever, so that chair these are that if they leave this to the press that the mud,
there is actually gotten a text and that this girl might be somewhere alive and that their going to go on a man hunt. Now then, he'll probably run so that happens. They leak the story to the local press. Meanwhile, down in the bunker, when the eleven O Clock news comes on, Elizabeth and Vincent are watching on their weird little tv and he sees the entire report of unless mother got a text now sheet that certain now they The cops know that she's being held nearby and now there is a huge man hunt on, of course, Vincent This is, it he's enraged, he's panicking is running out and these screaming at Elizabeth and she's like. I would never do that to you. She is it's so amazing. Convinces him that she didn't do it and, basically says well Can it be that woman? That's leaving food for you? I know that that, oh you told her
cause she's getting the fit yeah. He ok like he. She knows everything she is lying in his life now war and basically convinces him. It's not her that she didn't do it and so then he's like he put his legos Well then, what should I do? I'm and she says you should run because they're going to come and catch you and they can't catch you down here. You should definitely so he does. He listens to the fourteen year old girl, and he could ex gamble he could have just spoken killed her and anger right but when she so smart, she is able to fuckin she so smart, and she later on on that- and it said it's called inside Dateline, it's this blog on msnbc dot com, and so she wrote a thing on their. That was really. It was so It was so young girl of her where she was like, but she baseness
He was really stupid, so she realized after a while that it wasn't like she didn't think he was gonna, be violent, like she thought all the things he were was doing was cut. Like out of desperation. She realized she could outsmart yeah, and so she just new. Basically, she bit him to deal exactly what would get him caught. So he took off his weapons, and a pipe bombs were down there s some night vision, goggles and he told her. I really love you. I really want to marry you- and she was a guy, totally want to marry you to end it ok, well, I'm in IRAN, but then I'm going to find a way to come back to you and she like ok, sounds great. You better go and he's like don't leave here until tomorrow morning and also while she had been staying there with him, the whole I'm. He was telling her how the whole thing was: booby trap, the whole bunker was booby trap. My eyes,
her bombs and indifferent things every everywhere all around. So even if the police did come veto, he could make it blow up so She leaves, and then she wait until the next morning and She comes out of the bunker, now while the morning of September, sixteenth authorities had set up a line search and they were walking the woods to cause. New that she was somewhere in the vicinity and when they hear someone yelling help, they fly Elizabeth standing alone outside the bunker and the officer who got to her. First and she was like be careful, there could be bombs that could be booby trapped and he was like running toward her, and he later was quoted as saying I received credit many times for saving her, and I did not that child. Saved herself Vincent failure is found the same day, kneeling on the side of interstate twenty rich slim county, so
He just basely waiting gave himself up and got arrested and wow shit at his trial moments, but or his trial happens he plead guilty to kidnapping ten counts of first Bree Criminal, sexual assault to council. Can degree sexual assault possession. Explosives attempted armed robbery and impressed a police officer and he sentence four hundred and twenty one years in prison and add sentencing the judge told failure this peace She requires, I be the conscience of the community and the community is outraged by your acts. Many people have dick difficult path dont commit the heinous crimes you committed, you have preyed upon helpless victims with violence and in a savage manner. Good luck to you, Sir, you MA, and then on that MSNBC date, I'm blog the girl, Keith Morrison Rights there
about his experience interviewing both Elizabeth. And then send for the two hour Dateline special episode. They interviewed him. They include both They interviewed him from jail and lay interviewed her while they did a whole thing about this whole case and here's what Morrison said, when Jensen, snatched Elizabeth, just fourteen years old. She had never a boy, never once spent even a single night away from home without a family member, she was too, can by a wily wolf of a man who had just spent the better part of a year, alluding the parts of law enforcement she and or an unspeakable horrors faced what seemed to her certain death and she prevailed the key contrast. Vince until Elizabeth was quite remarkable, where his Glory was self serving claim, shifting back and forth to whatever version he was trying to sell Elizabeth was then, and brutally candid, where
This fear some behaviour wilted in the presence of a television crew, Elizabeth seem to gain strength from telling the experience and having come through it with her dignity and humanity fully intact. She smiled a smile to light up the room every some while a dark, EL turns out well in the world still. Human behavior is overcome by the best, which is why it is quite an honor. El the story of the best shoe such as the harrowing kidnapping story of Elizabeth Cheerfulness. Al Gore dear God, for talks in senior results. Ah,. She's, a smarter and she's leave a ball. Oh my god hell. Yes, girl s great great job. Thank here aids! That's I needed that one of my
Keith Morrison, quoted the air. I love those guys. Those dateline guys are the at their legend. He followed Josh may go it's he so funny onto oh yeah, oh yeah he's my he's. My twitter friend render the faggot sickened at the party How many goods is the greatest while gray jobs. I was the alley. I think we all know that for sure it's been awhile speaking em, it's been awhile shady fuck in her eyes this is from a underscore. Gilchrist wanted to drop my fuckin right here for your first, here's my dad and I have been on separate size of the column. Capron protest, no matter what I said, he just always felt quote wasn't the right menu. I don't wanna talk about it. I never gave up trying to help him to see, but I figured he was pretty certain his ways. This. I got a text from ham. That said quote. I was wrong, I drew breeze. I didn't get cap, I do now. I cry and I told him I was proud of him. He said
I am proud of you. So how long it takes, no matter how uphill the battle seems, we must continue to push for our black, community penalty, the metal loves you guys, hashtag black lives matter, I love That will mean a similar replied as Birmingham says: fuck you and your confederate memorial. This is from Shannon P, hey they're murder pals my fucking hurry as that in my home town of Birmingham Alabama during their protests on Saturday. Local dj funny main Johnson declared that it was the goal of himself I am the crowd gathered there to finally tear down the confederate memorial. That is an ice or inland park for too long, this memorial has been surrounded by plywood for years, because last time folks tried to pull down. That was state solution for protecting it, but also hiding it kind of the perfect metaphor for american racism. Let's covered up instead of dealing with it, it is to go for far too long after
few hours of protesters pulling away plywood the city's mare, Randal Woodson entered the crown to speak with funny man. He said he didn't want anyone to get hurt, so he would like for M to let him tear it down and promised it would be gone by Tuesday at noon. They agree in the crowd, dispersed truth who finns word, the memorial was removed Monday night, it's been so contention in the state for years and the states turning General Steve Marshall, said that he would soon if Birmingham tore down what a deck would fin said, I don't bug. Care paraphrasing and towards, anyway, what a hero, both he and funny main are. I am so proud of these hometown heroes right now, hell, yeah. That is, I love that happening everywhere. People people are messing around anymore, so are so important for diagnostic yeah. That's incredible
thrill again soon. Iceland's please send us your falconer rays. You can just comment on our twitter or are Instagram or send them in via the websites that I ain't got the fan courts there was. Thanks for listening, thinks for always being Brad Friends, here everybody's. Doing good stay strong stay, make sure you log off every once in a while and just vetoes Gus it by a tree. If you possibly can please, where your masks pleased, other people to wear their masses, but must Whilst I sexy and don't get murdered a Elvis, thus cookie That was your eye on the money.
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