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2020-08-06 | 🔗

Karen and Georgia answer your summertime questions in quarantine.

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This is exactly right. I'm Billy, Jensen, investigative journalist, I'm Paul holes, retired cold case investigator and co host of Jensen and holds the murder squad on the exactly right network. Each week ride shotgun with Poland. I, as we attempt to solve aspects of murder cases using a variety of methods, but our secret weapon in the search for justice. Is you ve been watching and listening to stories about violent crimes and investigations for years? Now? Is the time to put all that knowledge and which to good used, actually helps all bay crime? Welcome to them. A squad to an invite. Who episodes every Monday listening arrived Jensen and holes, the murder squad and all of exactly right shows on apple podcast stature, or wherever you liked to listen.
I now come to my fair, murder ass? You have heard of it. It's the police, you girls, I don't really know what they do sure they couldn't wait. They are really think the arm venuses special outside we're gonna. Do you- and I are you getting like a summer time, vibe from us, because its real yeah it, Sir Some are employees. If you Like lazy days of summer, like when we thought oh yeah well done a q and I like in a very maybe a year ago when I realized that was an option. It was as if I was freed
The last day of school, our vacation, that's what it felt like. For some reason. I Q and makes me almost mortar, wrestler regular zone because you have to go back to your improv skills that you at the groundlings level while permits you little one glasses, arduous story is not easy. You re, not. I let go away not being prepared by the merits of the question that J sent us round. The Pericles hinder their release funds when you're looking around of course these are people who wanted they have good ideas. They think things through a lot of them are professionals in private A simple did. I ever tell you about my friend Lynch LAW across the great, the canadian stand of colonial Sakharov and she felt the greatest story where she took a class. I think it was at the groundlings
and she, like God, in trouble, Gordon quote, because the only thing she could think of as an action to do on stage is full towels. So, no matter what was happening, she would just be sick. You're just stand there flipping her hands like that and then put our initial and the twin earn a restaurant Hugh decent work in anything. But if not, I would love to know what my like, under the Gatt Panic action, would be like nothing at all. I can tell you actually, as I did take checked, undertaking an improv class once I went with my friend and in my mother's I'll just audit and sit in the back and then the teacher. The great corresponds improv teacher from second city here.
Like no auditing. You have to get it sounds like it it's my nightmare. I mean they control freak extraordinaire. I was my origins and, like all all you do airlines, don't ask stupid, don't ask, do they don't ask me when they get an emperor passionately active at its heart? The idea that well it's it's act accord. To what is actually happening as opposed to not acting stupid with your fuckin warm while my god so earlier, nerdy is it's like they're trying to break you emotionally, you go into starting a scene like zip saps up, as is the sole crushing experience a year ago so than the first. I was really mad and blood.
Fell iguanas people that goes with the friend to the call meeting and then gets in holy indoctrinated into the goal, but the first seen I was in, I was like, I think, my panic Action is slipping hearers because I stood there. That was what I started with and the guy walked into the scene from the lake stage left and then ass? He walked in and started. Ask me questions. I slowly turned my back to respond to the current. Can What do you do? You have to acknowledge that a person's on state with the eyes just like that would be funny if I turn my back, you can't you would be stirring something sure. Pornographic. If you really are like your strike in honour their so many options here the emperor of world. Why
What's up with you now really early get out. Ok, It is too early to gender books. Hell! No, do you wanna restart the book club now. Do you want to do the one off but club there? This is about club, meaning right now, if only people to get to come to this book club now are the ones who, by chance, already wed whatever book Georgia's about stock. That were never cried again. This is the one and only you're, never gonna, be in requiring cheese. Max can remain I'll talk to people, you don't actually now, we will never ask that now. You know that
listening to the spot copy unquiet dad by ass my hand, ass, calm and choice of their own is gorgeous. It's kind of who done it a basic some advantages, listen, Canada and they are trying to solve the death of this person. Did he turns out? Did he get yourself, but the person turns out to me be a war criminal from the bosnian war zones season. I didn't know anything about incidents like super. What's it called historical fiction? So he's telling me all these things not stereo rainbow in the bosnian wharfmen anxiously, no idea rapid, so beautifully, rationally written and it's my obsessed with invisible, true crime book, but also learn some. Yes, that's intervening God. I love. Whole slew of life is detective, but I like that tricking you and learning,
the best kind of work Certainly the tower at that I just wanna go goes last night documentary. I haven't seen it yet a response to watch it with my friend Luke Vivian westwards number one family, Glomax and then but ok go ahead. Guess I'll tell you! I got into something else accidentally, but you don't about that now it was really fine in gray- and I didn't realize lakes- and I don't think I was old enough to know the enormity of like what they did- that they were. The first in the fund is a really find documentary. That's right, because when they came out, you would have been won but I want an eleven and the air was right, my I mean they are the Google number one when that bearing the beat came out man, I told the story on judge. Admires Pike has the five hundred, but because we covered this album ray, I sat in
My friend nature bene daddy, who she was like a year younger than me, and we did carpal together and sometimes I get their house after school and she had gotten that album and we put it she put it on, and then we just sat there staring at the album and it was like a girl, bad all. Girls, singing girl, songs about rural zones, player on us and all things are greatly archer liquidity. Dream was really really fucking. Hunch they were reformed, highlights only started external early. Hungary's ravage really only those I was up. I really meant to watch that, but accidentally stumbled upon love on spectrum which a razor he's on Netflix. Did you watch it now, but I know I want to have to it s so
oh good, its austrian, so rarity love us Julian's and their whole chill vibe fear. So it's us trailing adults who are on the spectrum in some way or have Asperger's or autism and its them trying to date, and They talk about how the social aspect of things is already hard, and so then they have like dating coaches and stuff, and people are specifically with people on the spectrum. It's the best. It's hilarious, its heartwarming
PETE, you love these people, so much and your set like the entire time. I said I was sitting forward like full body clench, because I was so nervous for people as they were like it's just an all beautiful thing to watch how beyond all past relationships, rarely, ah last what was going on it wasn't like ours were so easily. He doesn't like me and now he can't you later come to realize what was really going on and it wasn't about. You can download those axes. Absolutely you know did actually helping with is this concept has just dating in general? Is so it feels to me at this point in life. So, like that's for the kids, and I wouldn't willing, I it's just like not my personality too
How can we be like my size, their favorite things? Are this night like tat so difficult to envision amounts, basically what they walk through and then you what it's all just about being willing to be vulnerable and also to keep boundaries where you're? Just like it's just talking, you can figure out if you like someone as you go, you dont have to like you, qualify and they don't have to qualify your d sakes hanging out. Mistakes are as high as you think they are, especially when you are young you now. Our relationship every day, every tax has so much importance to it, which are really doesn't it. Doesn't it all and it's all kind of Lake Erie, I'll part of one big story is opposed to looking at it like. Oh, this is this thing. That's gonna deliver me from whatever words I e on, and I can't you can't coach it that way, but also just these people, the people that they
history on the series are such compelling individuals and you love them and mute route for them in its just like feels eyewash, there's a new Marilyn man. I know there is a new personal Charles Die and Georgia as a person is supposed to be some sort of true crime and used it now really lead to Charles leave already talked about him by this documentary on Hulu. True, there lies the family. And this
It's really made care about him. I had no interest in the whole story. This one is actually really fascinating and tells you at his station on him ass, a child that you didn't know so darn now really Dar. Well, then, so is your interested and I I mean this is in no way. I was surprised it's really com younger, but he lives also knows on hand and people who knew him talking is so your basically saying here pro Charles Manson Marilyn Monroe, gotta gotta got it right. We ve always been proven. Maryland, ok, there's another show that I happened upon on Netflix. I've been restored
my time very wisely, lately is called again decision and it's all its basically like feel good plastic surgery. Reality tv. You have to watch it. It's gosh, amazingly its equal opposite botch. So so it's a plastic surgeon female lacks a certain female nurse as dietician who is an issue of Doctor what she's like the number one injectable expert, very amazing, and then it's the people come in and they want things and it's not all you know Conan, but superficial. It's like the fur Swore man there's somebody that has really really bad cystic acme scars. First, someone who a bunch, a gunshot wounds from surviving a really terrible, traumatic crime. I M a it's there
of all these different people than there's a woman whose, like got got herself sober and and stop smoking and she's like a beach, lady and yeah. They do these leg, they decided it's gonna be plastics. Are three or if they can just do it with non surgical, which they do so much was not chargeable. Nice, ok, regulations away your face is shaped. Yes, guy fleetly shooting sugar threads into under your scale, the threatening its fascinating. It happens, and I mean I probably while times went on both oxen and dying sailor. And I'm a fucking down a bit if it makes you feel better about you're, so yeah. Why does last night and you are mentally healthy and you're? Just training result boosts yeah. Who cares its noise business will answer me? It's it's a common thing in its, so many people do it and it is a thing of like it's almost like
I think this happens to women a lot. It's almost like you you think you're being forced to decide whether your leg an on camera, personal off camera purse array and if you're, not camera person, you're just not supposed to care about what you look like in its re. It should be. You should but always be aiming whatever it is for what it feels right and good to you that this is already a lie, and while I am but also the sleigh, fifteen minute procedure also needles, Louisville, even better totally where's the long view of that kind of scratch. Jesus I now, but there is one woman who came on and she was like that thing where she's trying to say I in no way want like plastics but I'm cool play a larger. No one thinks that yeah yeah, but then she had the lake hereditary kind of water on her neck that were driving her crazy and making her feel terrible and when she got the procedure like
The difference was in saying ass. It was amazing. Hasn't nine show it's called skin decision and it s there is such a smartly produced reality, because it's about a superficial thing and then they bring it to people who it makes a huge difference in our life in some way and at full, it's beautiful, and then these women are beautiful, that do it and are so talented and smart. It's cool, and there it see alluring utterly beyond the next season you know, there's something else. I want to tell you about this. Just by Means Lakes lacks Ryan, we're ranger. He there's this rapidly chair vision and they put out a lot of like. Do you mind if I like
lately dry, my hair, as you tell me, a story: Ways neighbourly slayers, your movie soundtracks on buying off so late. Louise, you watched as a kid and we're horribly, listen shit, Sunday released alone. Oh mysteries user, So you like ITALY, like they say how whole song for basic using their whole sober alien invasions, there's a whole song when they always use for laughing ass usual is always creepy only reason, as I said at the beginning, sound music. In the end, this episode and anxiously Lear Background music you have in your house from Europe's yesterday is the Loch Ness monster. Music does have a little bit bagpipes, just like a touch of distant pipes
is I'm saying actual musics brown eyes of mysteries that they operate, steer, amazing, isn't turner and measures that domestic visit that website? Ok, I got this tweet the other day and those two days ago from Lily when she's at epochal yours on Twitter, she said: can you ve probably got in this recommendation before, but just in case check out cardinal? It's a canadian procedural dark and beautiful. So I go on Africa's, it was, its apparently my job towards every television show, however, made now and is, I think it's I think it ended up being on Hulu or Amazon account remember but anyway, call, cardinal, if you like the killing, did you aren't you remember that guy the played the mayor he's kind of like it
he had dark hair short news which super cute, faceless, older. Now case of that perfect. That guy he's a leading cardinal, it's so good, Colonel Kurtz yeah he's a burning. Arnold he's a big red bird and he's too proud and he's gonna get his coming. He is a detective and his french canadian part New partners, a young woman. Is actually secretly investigating him. They think he might be a corrupt cop and they base
He had been working on a missing young woman case, a missing indigenous young woman gaze and they never found her and then it's twelve years later and they find her body in the ice and that begins new investigation, and it's so sometimes and I'm sorry to tell you this Canada, but every once in a while a shovel come on I'll say this was made in Canada. It's just has and of course you know when they say, I'm so sorry that it was made in Canada, sure cardinal is a police. This procedural that could compete with any that you love that's on tv right now. I its actors are great. This doesn't season one storyline dislike unbelievable industry seasons and that either aid is
I should at. Why? Don't I look people's names of beforehand? Usually now I do actually, but this guy is it because he was like them one of the main people in the killing. You seen him tons of stuff you I'll get. You ve, always loved him. You wrote in that letter. You know who I am talking about. Billy Campbell is his name, he? U know him from such movie and movies and team. It is as though I could hear the jailer film enough await hair. Sorry, nice guy, he kind looks like a model, but he s looks worried here
I worry. She bears my name emotional yea. He didn't have a beard in the killing he's, but he's like he looked at his eye. He looks like an old has hurling high school student up put through a weird machine happened here, seem eighteen Anthea, skin no he's like beautifully salt and pepper, but he just has like almost like This is not a cop nine. This man, of course, are easily get standard. Leading man is, of course very attractive, but he also a little bit looks like jug head
I'm not trying to be. I'm not turned an egg, her, I'm just training for people who are trying to think of her. This is built and are cheaper road. Does this not me, listen in any way by you, there's a new look here. I will never. I would shut that laptop than ever open it again in a due to fairyland, may see now he'll be happy eyes. Did it? Did the people have a short black bob? Was persons or really funny any treated starts? Don't take this the wrong way. I'm like a mute, then block report to the CIA. Seeking worry this right. Will you know our because, basically are ass. Network is a front courtesy. I re so perfect cover good ideas are now known, so quick ran down and what you can find this week on the exactly right now, our beautiful kick it off. We have worse line, is currently unsought. Ninety ninety eight Maria Hester there was an active member of a transgender community, TAT, inspired, transgender, remember and stay. So that's really important episode pool that's very cool. This punk castle kill, you is, do him rocky Mountain spotted fever
we're just gets, has Francesco Ramsay, Irishman and Chinese declared in the nightly show she's hilarious. A motley tool at that Stephen, you and Sarah on the per caused sterling trap, King Davis yeah he goes around the country, trapping cats like helping cat communities around the ass a little way when I guess it landed. Mule sat long in my money, ass, oh yeah, we ve, we ve hung up before in person whenever he comes Africa, cause he's the sweetest sky. Him and Nathan are just like the coolest stewards yeah, they need an account. Lady
Look at me like this, isn't brandy in their newest serious car floor is missing and murderer and is gonna, be like GMO women. Both matters adapts index algae BC, down EU community. It's in a season another. When I hear that pleased ascribe lacks enshrine comments, yeah you're right all three year and then this week's storing, Bridger Wine, a girl, has the great Chris Fair banks on Chris was like over the moon after him that he said he had. The best time highlight. Two people are a real great combination of people and of hair. Does. Or to hear that really should meet and great each aggressively good here. Yeah, oh also, just as an update for the past,
almost two months. I would say we ve been. We had our Emma them, can a logo pen, that's black away, that's been for sale and all the proceeds are going to beam, which is the black emotional and mental health collective, and you guys we have raised you guys, have raised seventeen thousand five hundred dollars for being. So. Thank you so much for all of those purchases and all that support its were super excited to be able to give them such a nice big check. It's really exciting and thank you so much for supporting than for separate US worry, is really support new or to arrange your cell so There are many more answers. There now also have their own destiny.
It is they that your parents dealing getting me my birthday present last week. Do you actually see me cry is less than two years still your eyes? No, that's real housewives of Orange County ash right now. You just need tell events that you need one of those diamonds. It takes up a whole lower, have your finger and then you can cry by going like that and getting your diamond into the in the ceiling is there still over to be a real cry on getting very there's, not a ton of real crying in media. These days, I think a lot of it is glycerine. I think, a lot of pepper to the right, you're right, but rules some member, oh,
I mention and for some reason you have talked about the new season, their search party seasons, research for me that he now wait a month ago, because I want to share out. It's really good is another great Caesar. This season, though, there's a lawyer on a play by a woman, you show me the grass and she this character is so incredible, she's, so many major crashing enacting table the lawyer in it It's like any worthy, I'm just a slash seasons, re enemy you should just been doing so and so is the best, and this season is like everyone plays their character. So well, every single class member is fucking, bringing everything I do. It.
I love is not great. It was exactly reg issued Wash surfer cause. I've run out of everything on
flicks. I think I've honestly watched every eye was watching a show about the universe at four o clock this morning. Please you can't know I I know it's all lies. There's nothing now also relation here's what's interesting. Now, because I do remember in college, I got really drunk at a party one time my sister got mad at me because I kept saying is armed owners. It everybody's no one had the purse everyone's like were like your also ignorant air. Everyone no and honestly know every. I think people are actually getting mad because they didn't know the answers are like AL. Stop young it. When you tell me the answer so anyway, our station, like last year, crying by urging prosperity and unknown you run over the great question you this is. We have to find out and until we pre internet we would have had to find out. I was going to the library or whatever name appears, here's. What I learned last night, I was actually genuinely like. I sat up and watched it. Here's how we got the moon,
back when the earth was like still coolly her whenever an asteroid hit the earth the earth. Yet, And actually like in one day it splendid around, it was little pig shape for a little bit, and some of the debris that came off. The the earth was cooler enough, but you shouldn't oranges. Rushing the eating credits to did look exactly like. Essentially that got it! That's that's what they sell. You you're gonna knocked off the asteroid. Nugget was a piece of the earth and got knocked off. Thank you. When it was anyone, moon, doctors, please come and tell us. What is important is that I was paying close attention and I took the time to convey non information to you. I have I thought I had they entered the reason I was telling the story was because, I'm pretty sure, was heard. Of earth that then
this was part of the debris that then everything as was too weak and got knocked out of orbit, and then just the man in the earth millions of years, a wire, that's what the sea I wanted. The early night fell for it or in a fucking John Lisco, be a goal for the german it when it was John lit out Christian, Johnson and Joe it just a little where's user base. It is in future, Extra Stuart French. French stir well well done, Mr Ashworth, family member of aliens. That's right! I think the thing that bother me about that show was I dont like aliens at all.
And then that idea of, like on my people, act like a kind of thought like Improv Class exercise, will only there were different. They were on and in promoting sound like a shower. They were then Jane, Jane her Insomnia, which is like she's. Alas, it was a test of superstars hands down, I'm not argue Arusha performance is made. It happened, trade. Ok, really between your chair and how loud it is getting louder. I know I know getting louder and louder truly cohesion. I think I just need to burn it in the backyard it's a rickety wooden chair. I dont know what I mean Think it really sponsored by the really nice office furniture.
I wish office depot is still a junior year has been getting, will allow those guys, you're gonna, stop attacking me. First of all, what's unfair This whole people is the exact I did never not funny Jimmy Pardo and met Bela spot gas, and someone goes to somebody have one of those ball clacking thing there and then I was like. Oh eight. Sorry, that's me set when I get like I get an idea and I just started started around in my c: we'll get you because we can use the exactly right. My car driver money bedding
you re wearing. They call petty cash to buy you. A nice chair. Do good idea ominous form to Daniel and see what you see when I should do need to draw up a circus inside eyes. Let's get those ones that are like aerodynamic their black net and are like high man, air and then we'll put wires cab driver of beads things down the path. I just need. One of those images heard they all her husband, loungers opened the pillows arrest sure do remaining my grandma, you, sir. You re her Diane Steel, novel, lineal steel. Diane Gestures and issues. The sheet is recipe book. Smartly, that's me and my sister got those fierceness one year, different colors, but same thing and we carried them around. They were
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It kick off as we always loved hockey about food and it's easy to talk about uneasy fund. This is a good icebreaker, easy some, a minor, interesting ray, I think very, even if we are really good max. I think everyone did a great job I load your friends, I ve never met smiley face with punctuation. Do you like the chips on sandwich combo and if so, what com do you like. I have to which I love there s a question and answer giving their own area good job. Great bologna with Doritos, never even considered it. I haven't cool rancher large I'd, say not that gotta be nature, because you need a strong bologna, also medium to more anxious land and should just be like a little bit of solid dressing on their right here with her that's a strong opinion. I obviously said no that's wrong about it entirely conceptual high.
If you wanted to be friends of me or Turkey, with ruffled chip, absolutely at those a great mine. Is etc. Can I finish it there Some people call this hillbilly. Let us admit I thank you for everything Rachel from Cincinnati Rachel from Cincinnati Racial well does drawing tasks are led by getting good eyes. Breaker conversational its genuinely interesting, plus my areas, watering Georgia, gas asked this on a date personally requesting an eminent haven't written on a piece of paper. Next to me and I'll say it real ass right when we sit down at the table, so it's is awkward as possible deal. The readers remains just start crying. There was a moment where the per the mike- who is one of the great guy
human beings on this planet. Who is one of the people you follow in the story. He goes on date with this girl and he's asking her questions like he had practice. Him he's doing great he's really doing running both on a statue. Let the people where they are ready to meet Eddie Lego Speed Dating makes so she suddenly just kind of show down and start staring around and he's like or any like ass. Another question that you must excuse me and then to be stepped up, and then is like as she's walking away. She tells you can hear her tell a producer. I can't I'm having anxiety, I can, and I
I was just saying: oh my god, that second big men conversation you're like a sorry, this just picked for me and I hire go. I have to go. I can't it's just remain is one where you use reminded me of this specific binding Elijah debtors may be real sad and now I can't do this anymore. Go as far as its happening to me. I am highly conscious of how I am leaving this moment with you, and I saw you camera. I just need to get out of here. Let me here, I know its not allowed, and I know I'm in trouble, and I know that I am rather bad about I'll, never leave the house again, thereby ok, what's languages with saw in vinegar lucky. I saw just now that sounds perfect. What kind of ready, but not on what
I'm a jersey makes warlike and jellies and wish you a great. I held dealing Sally sandwich style which reconcile in vinegar, chest ass re yeah, That sounds, I'm sorry, baby. Something like fifty year ruined your reply that your as yourself punished gotta, well, first of all, this makes me think of my friend on Frazier. Who used to put her french fries on her big MAC.
We never thought of doing and I watched her. Do it and I think she said something along lines of like learn? Let me teach you how to live type of splitting into because I, like I aside, spangles and are also good on their own. You don't need them together. Precious out like a nice crunch, you wouldn't get just general again was sorry what everyone does: some vinegar, gypsy layer, crimes, ice and ice cream Sunday which struck in salty container ships under no basket. I thought you could have you really sweet? There is a saying in Brooklyn there is this: like old School Diner Lake, Cute Seas and Asia crash potato chips on top was courage, Sunday salty button, but they claim that it deserves, and that is that
the great their rang out these wire, my mother and I think, partially it's even just talking about salt you're gonna go Gypsy, makes my book water almost defensively. I think I would have to say, though, before a chip, combo situation. I'm so plain. I just love a turkey, that I pick her. Suggestion witches Turkey with a ruffle Delhi sandwich roughly are extra
salt he so there there does. The chip salt is happening, but then they're gonna bring some salt to the rest of the sandwich. There. That's all tee, ass, her clothes and which, with Barbara she was here. I feel a club savages are already tooth spite gear frontier themselves, showing you need the softness of lake, a nice shredded up, Delhi, Turkey, some like Swiss in there and then boom a big fat ruffle, and you know a hearing for the rest of that and, of course, and I still pickle on there
you can also get a ruffle. Have you had chatter and sour cream ruffles yeah you're like there? I always look at him and the like? No don't did that's just crazy. I saw you are those on their mankind is going up hurries where they went sorrowfully, my dear Missus March, or lab at the end of the night that bull of ruffles, where seventeen left in there all beer on the peoples, fingerprints, dollar, that's one thing: I wouldn't kill you but you're starving, because your friends don't worry, they worry they order, sixty thousand like stating it will there. Let me see there for the first two hours to get peace. I stress that we are so great our region. I changed the Icelanders, I can't my mouth will be twofold spit
hangar panels doing. While I was wondering what you feel counter will try again when things open back, I ll. Let you all thank you, for all you do is easier. Chelsea are Chelsea are my answer? Is yes it's just so mysterious is to one that could be in what it would look like when it does happen, but who knows, I know we're not gonna be the first wave or the second wave of people doing things again. I feel it will be ninth wave. They're gonna, be highlights. The double dutch of touring were like a high. Yesterday the people back on an evening news and falcons ain't louisbourg allay these two passengers guy and everyone in the theater SEC, because, nay, decided to do a great idea that Malaysia, it I would love. To be so selfish it to be like it'll, be fine I'll, be fine, but then it s not that's the worst say. So
so yeah. So the answer than is yes: in twenty twenty eight see meaner, ironing and ass, soon ass. We were talking in this way, things go ask and calls out for sure the small wages in out, because in some people get setting an something, if you re only anyone razor masks in your hearing so late everyone behaves, maybe vice next summer chains are going well. Star she slowly touring adds the dream. That's that remain the drink. I know that's good! That's the plan, just put my hand, into a thing of handler Sharon as if one not doing something right now? Well, yeah Dude cruelty. All share wrappings Lou
come on. It's a very dry room, both you and I are creaky where is the idea of the passage like this one. Normally, I don't wanna talk about such like this cause. It's conceptual and boring. It's like talking about your dreams, but this is something I think about obsessively and it's this and this is from lemon sublime and they ask if you can have exactly one five minute conversation with your heads. What would you talk about Why who are you yes, a hundred per cent, because I actually do ask them this. All the time I want to know where they were born.
How quickly their parents bailed on them at the thing I loved ass? Georgia's did you have brothers and sisters? Just try to picture these dogs Gazeta, like I think, both Frank and George, were strays so yeah, they, like George, was found almost starving with mange running around the streets of Hammett California. So I'm always like what happened cause she looks like she's. She looks like His fancy dog in her did you're Lake De Jure pedigree, mother, yeah. I have an affair at some stray. Was it a lady in the trap situation here
and then how long were you alone, and unlike what may I don't you think it's better now that you have your own room, eugenies eyes, her address matters, you jerks better than the streets, Gunnar, just one. Another life story from a young age
The original visas were unthinkingly area, always I'm pretty sure communicating on the same level somewhere. I only but Mimi Society like. I want a community procedure that she is safe and just because I love you ass doesn't mean she going to die, and you know- and I can tell her- I know her hurried lay Solomon walking towards her. She doesn't need freak out and railway I'll never heard her. I would like to lay down in horror yet calm her figure out why she saw so am I?
mean and anger. He can't bees in her mouth is so small those issues mad about a guy. Less tat her eyes, it doesn't exist. You know like nearby. These are when she's my written his enemy Allison. Do you listen with an open harden? Openers debts should not gonna, error now. She's me like There is at one time you walk toward me cut the fast like an apology. I stood ready when you are right now I don't trust you did Personally I d job. Besides do you miss were hurrying in la injuries.
I used my was drinking wine sitting on a Catholic you listening back in the early days in Romania. My Hannah, in question. I actually does it was raining say about how much everything has changed since my first apparently rebellion and then the high laughed and then the office that doesn't exist basically anymore. I really love this cosy gave you used to know I enjoy under the eye was gray hair. He was greater nigh, deafening. Mr Pavlov. I I have to say, though the one it s. The most is the first apartment. It was just so kind of it was like watching it all become real in front of our eyes. There was a very fascinating experience like one.
We were into month for, and we ordinary was that they were both realizing people were paying attention here. You know the I honestly just that we are going to be doing this and like just be entertaining hints. So then, I kind of like, as things would get kick up. I just remember staring at that, like the dresser that your tv was on, you know looking at you, but also looking at the siting glass door behind your head, here it was like you know, you have this anti listeners or some kind of big knew. Every week there was a new light. Did you did you, a source and listens. Did you say it was a surreal? Andalusia is doing it for Molly ran controlled little Jackie partner Y know. Her condition? I know your neighbors were grilling outside my layer beyond, there's gotta play the video game that you get here
no stranger, alas. Yes, sometimes there below two other transport sectors relating to blame, Julia Magala playing tennis worry. We balmy that you'll in my house. It was really hope, though, that this house- and there are related to dance you love- be going in the office. Will it wishes to fund to have an office? It was yet and also I knew the sound. Would be great that there wouldn't be ass trains spread lands or animal meals worry about you know I mean I just like the fact that it matched the Rio we have what we were, that fell riots. I mean I just like being were more casual the world right now, I'm fucking lounging on a couch two short shorts
lazy. Let me sit down were more or less land less importance. And lastly, you know dire that we get something good damage to slay runs right. Have you ever felt the tragic breakthrough? It's a breakthrough! Epizootic! Why? When we come leases our office, where you find a new stage in the storm, we can actually plan real around just seeing rebel. Why, Implementing our mixture is, one had arise, okay, This is simple and easy from lorry cavy candy, corn or valentine conversation, Hearts Gallagher, category uneasy, Sawyer that other shit is like medicine.
I'm getting angry Hawkins Ray any of it. I love people that don't like that. I feel it they're. Just there. Just saying that to make me feel bad because I live garvinus necks is and also really is just no piles of sugar. You get high off that shit. If you haven't harvest mix crash animal grounds, which aside, I think about it good for your nails, look. If the harvest makes people could put a little message at the bottom of each pumpkin, it wouldn't hurt. I love the convict the conversation, art concept. He asked me to say I don't want you to be. A lot of work is now may sound, is that's a wasted gallery? Cookie. That's really matter come also of yourselves of chinese food like good last summer Then, let's see easier horror
Would you like a sale or are we? The lorry cavy lorry can be got too narrow. Oh certainly, she did conversation, arts she's gone. She knows I can say right away, it is not safe to live on a sailboat ocean is not your friend there's all kinds of things happening, there's no tidal waves on in our views. As far as I know, and I have really fun good memories from I'll do my friend John at Elsinore? Grandparents came one time and they had one those our views that we were probably seven years old, but it was like a three story: House kind of rear. Does, though we got to drive her grandpa drove around while we dislike laid cards, camping answer. No, I think that you're not you're or are you not you already struck down when one is moving out?
that idea, sleeping right now and does not talk about this using gas or oil shale gas. New leaders in our country really yeah I'm really worries childhood made under the summer, and it was just a nightmare driving hours and hours. Where would you go to camp? sir. We went to grant hang you know, he's gonna call me anyway. I just want to teach you guys are. I know you can barely per se no use. I was worried. Learning experience.
You go. I really heard our red people renting out. There are usually the nights were the beach now law that smart assailed by improving the. I just think I love the concept, I think the people that do it our amazing and bravery owl, but I can think immediately of four different hideous stories of Peter that we're like going around the world on a sailboat earlier. It is meeting right there isn't really late. When about this. This this is an interesting and kind of what we talked about before. But of all the live shows you ve performed. What's been your favorite venue and why venue we ve gone to all Man you ve been fucking my grandma stymie, because it's like
and I love those once the software. There is one of this house's elaborately dieter. Yet there was a nice is placed laid yes working languages, alleged etons, it's your hometown, so exciting, and that that we could see it was like house later up that whole show yeah. I remember seat. There is someone in the audience than I thought was my friend and then I found out later they didn't go and I felt far it was like that's. How house like it was now. What's the loud that began in New York, times are actually really important ones allowing heard in this place- and I know this is a big deal- I mean Jesus, it's gotta be the Monterrey. I mean that was like, but I felt so. I felt
like truly star shocked by the building, in this way that I felt like a sum you now I dont want carry Underwood to be mad at us. In on me, I had that feeling like the last the iron yeah, so I felt into so intimidated, but I mean obviously proud that we could even fill it and that audience was so great. That night I mean the audience was incredible man I mean man Backstage Land Campbell, STAR S actually using rose. Also regrettable is now too late hours, but that and she could not have a higher yeah. Another person- I remember you was my leisure pasts sooner I was less burns your ears and then lies nowhere?
letting her niece Anwar contacted me was the same ass, the matter about young men. I have lower limit, bring here too the shell, and so she in Backstage Herndon, Talkin, yellow, is really really really Without one deepen say, I guess that's the show. There is also that when we were in Anaheim right? No, no! No! It was the first time we played LAS Vegas and it was the red rocks. Mozart was we had our rooms had like we had many swimming pools on the decks. It was crazy, it was those trees, sizes
better than it was like it when you hear, was like something from cribs. It was Korea and the view as to the mountains is gorgeous an amazing and then we went down into the room and it was a little bit like you saying it wasn't a standard like venue room. It was like a it was conference. It was almost like a banquet to wedding banquet halls merge together in the bright light. Really worrying wall, and then there is the carpeting on the ground, and people range is kind of like banquet seeds and that audience was on Geier. There was something about the kind of like we're just gonna we're gonna, make a show my dad's gonna stage. You bring your chairs lay at that feel, but that I remember walking on stage in it was like better, then concert venue like the eye ass was doing
certain. Maybe it was just the biggest thing if you know maybe two islamic owner places that the haitian destinations, instead of by people's home towns and everyone whose areas on the occasion- yes, everyone, feels so excited and loosened free time per day with her drills. Let me emphasise yet when they ask is also, I feel, like that's divide in San Diego, like people come from out of town to go, then we can only do that here. There is, but then there was also in I loved Pittsburgh. I love I'm telling you must know where we were ass. His brown milky no lucky
yeah now looking to twice, and that is always an elderly people, the shower soldiers, mayors, Harley Davidson large man. Yes, that's right! That's the riverside dieter right in here, so staff is the best they treated us like it's on my answers. It was crazy and yeah I mean the whole. Slash, lay almost strategy do that without mercy, and it wasn't always just we could just sit here and do this. When have we been treated badly, one, as the irish rate is always surprised that people know who we're there is in the early days in area days, when we were guided by ourselves before events was our term manager before area. You know we were totally totally had it tightened up, whenever there is a clear times, we're like Nino something but but never Once we hit the stage, it was always like the same three.
Laying feeling, I guess the sage legacy alike were at home, where we, along there, they only local, treats and my MRS arrests backing down analyzer Missus Greggory, MRS Beer, and this is the conclusion in sexually all I mean, since this is a total like fourth before the listeners type, a show any eye. When you do, I'm an egg in that thing were being lay right, but we do where it is the thing of lake. We truly literally won the super law when it comes to listener ships and the people who interact with a show and who are up part of this community, we ll doubt in aware: it's crazy, like every person is core than the last. Every person has funnier every person's, more talented and craft me it's what it wait, wait.
I think I can answer this just so. Those are all to be now. Those are like that the top up top. We can this. I could honestly as four for hours, but that I can theatre I can't remember now, Toronto litter. I'm Stephen, you were there, it was the one and its very kind of almost like sixties, modern. So it's like looks like it got designed and built one as like check it out of a big amphitheatre, whatever similar drier yet, and we done their couple times to aunt. So you walk out and it was like, so it's really big, so one of the bigger audiences we ever had the first plated and and and the audience was like as if they were let it was
you couldn't write better responses for audience and the way they are participating in enjoying show it was crazy, restless, saudi Centre in Toronto in Toronto, Yoni Centre and drawn out you're there it's up there and also that's omega backstage the meat agree. I believe that's the one where the woman brought she made a sign. That said, I shaved my face for this hurt me. I got my first thought. Everyone was gonna have signs. We seek us all like self, conscious that she had brought that cycle, which made me laugh. So we can do that. You might get honestly, and I would love to do this for two more hours. Also Sidney, Opera House too, yeah yeah. I had to get an because it so involved of how to actually get to the stage. I miss I really you're, not here as well
hands. When was this time in your life, you aimless well through the day today, during that time who routines and help you re to base the World Bank's ringing. The voices in my head during this time. Are you Emily I did aimless from age, eighteen to age, twenty seven sure! That's all! I ever felt it was a constant awful. Where are you going to get money? When are you going to have a career? What are you with your life? are you seriously going to drink every minute of the day? I mean it went It went on and on and as good things what happened in my life, they would absolutely be kind of like I could I didn't The good enough practice to be like
focusing on an and doing other good things like thought. It would be like. Oh I got you know, I get to your set on a tv show I'm not gonna plan that sad array and drink the night before just like insane bachelor live through your point that you can't do anything like almost like. I got convinced that aimless was the way I had to be an eye glass graduate out of it. Which it was aimless cultural as well as your aimless. What I'm telling you it wasn't laughing. I knew a lot of people who are like well, then I went to this school and then I did this and I got this blazer whenever and I was always like. I don't want to do any of that, but I also have a terrible feeling about my future all the time the for me. Twenty seven for me, like twenty sound, is already something really, especially the late twins are really ain't. My second didn't know what I am saying that thing
For me, let me I was thinking about was like this american lies, listen, I answered, I mean you feel so bad, before and creative and wanting to state. He gave me a sensor why horizon wanting to strive for something every fuckin story was so beautiful and journalism in the storytelling in Ireland. Last somehow, wrongs easily be little pieces of work,
after our rice- and they saw inspires me- oh dear ones, interesting rat stories, radio, the smell like really instrumental in helping- maybe creator- that's actually interesting, because I think the way I did it was thinking about the fact that this is my story. So schism sounds very similar, and this can I kept. I would have to have to say to myself. This can't be the story picture of this. If somebody was watching a movie and you're the movie, this sucks like this is not of on the latch it's over and over again like do something else. I think I got a sense of myself. Instead of just being that the lake in myself, freaking out and like kind of self obsessed,
but somehow figured out that stepping out and looking at and then being like. Why can't I'm not gonna worry my way into something better. I have to like do different things: looked for like spare change in old coat pockets for so long, like, I think, The aimless thing I think, a lot of lake if Europe in Writing- that in your twenty five, don't worry about the has that's your
the post to have difficulties you're supposed to kind of like trudged through your early life, so that you have experiences so you somerton up and you get a sense of the world and how it works and that let people mentor you? Let people teach you stuff you, and this is an american idol you're not supposed to step out and like it dazzle everybody when you're twenty five. No one expects you to your, not that smart so give yourself a break and smart enough, unlike become a student of the world and I worry about leg presentation because you need to lake. I think it's like I am saying this as to as much to my like twenty four year old self as anything else, but its lake yeah we're so results oriented more so performance oriented more so like selfie, oriented social media style
when actually like, younger people should just be actually doing things like get a job somewhere, and let someone tell you how to do a thing when we, learn a skill, learn a trade like experience like yeah those Van Ryan. I, like that. I love the idea being late, is this chapter on my way anything you want to write about one day or night, then men make sure you're experiencing thing was making friends hurrying relationships June meeting. Will things for yourselves that so when you look back on it and hand twenty years you're out of,
the amounts Syrians. As you were running right for me, let rating of why really helped me has always line something interesting, arousal, universe, terrible Wendy. I own a lot of it, though hey you know, and it was. It was finally sterile and settle I'll just staring rats last year. And it's also you're too. Remember it's the judgment about it like what, if you are just the most aimless person like if you're worried about being aimless, be extraordinarily aimless like no didn't dis, discover what that actually means, as opposed to oh you're, just not a lawyer. Yet, like your parents told you, you should be whenever expectation that you're setting on yourself too, to judge yourself instead open the door low wider. Maybe for yourself in
and maybe you're not supposed to figure out what you wanna. Do you realize that your partner any rash insider forty or fifty wanted me twenty eight hour Revalue dont, that's a weird old thing: yeah! That's it! building because also like. I thought I knew what I wanted when I was too before and then I change my mind when I were it didn't work like I dunno at it wasn't really thinks it is such a growing and also like you get to you get too like change midstream and try something else. If, if the original plan isn't working, you get to do that like four times a year. During your dream into reality. Whisker airspace square space makes it easier than ever to launch your passion project, whether it looking to start a new business showcase, your work, publish, content, sell products and more square space is a tool for you, with beautiful templates created by world class designers and the ability to customize. Just about anything with a few clicks, you can easily make
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go latin saying here: let's get honest about quarantine, shy, may really hovering about arrest is even higher than they were so I will remain generous. Two yards meeting hers and slowly day I would ask you to go back to the hungry men dinners, here's what I used to just go crazy for about the hungry men. Dinners saving. That little pie thing tell the very minor so soon ass. It always Abronia is a different flavors with different meals. Masses of labour should ever be ours. Can you just walk through different desserts so far that you or just have the whole thing like put hungry men of you has been enjoy? I only get the tragic in
Fucking love it and we actually had a couple weeks. There were let every Sunday raging in place nice, that's how member, while so ran like Salisbury Steak, which looks disgusting. Absolutely nine billion should be, and then he has always its legality mushroom. Yet, where are the real situation? what can you remember what the deserts for those were? Those are all burmese. I really really really is now measure Lynch Christine right away by a piece. Of course, I know you're, not a traditional opening. These. You are micro waving them. Now we're ok, oh yeah! You couldn't because their aluminum foiled are he stole women of oil? Now
now we had was a nineteen are eating it's an along its were, as I hope it is a great ruins, and now he is already areas in restaurants are ok. First of again Congratulations on having the best husband of all time. Second, as you really really really really is he really is. Second of all, the times, I've had to have a talk with myself because of me ordering ice cream from post mates where those like I actually have begun to plan what the other things I e during a day like I can't have it unless I only you crazy add all day long and then order from Because there are so many like
fancy bespoke ice cream places in like in the valley. Get anything now how to reinstate this every day, and you and your eye so said the doktor daughter, but I wish I was gonna tweet the other day this sentence. The secret star of quarantine, question Mark that full of peanut by. I can't tell you how many times I've just been kind of like wandering around aimlessly and then only way I can have a teaspoon of peanut butter to pass the time. I will say it like this, the results have been because in this brain areas, stress and anxiety, and worry. I looked in the french or the power under just so he's the only man sure. Let me very wisely
back in Chile, cheese, darts measure, so don't realize your hearts, namely here grounds which has never know that it's a little late there. You know when you get virgin Hash, Browns memoranda there, let fly sure that's a little beyond them. Last Teresa sunlight hurry back in my that's great while others are not classic. I I keep making case ideas. We are simple: easy, but then it also feels like I'm actually making something well, like I kind of like sorry, I have to stand the oven for awhile like an actual adult and justifies another. Then
I'll, sometimes order who shark ease, which is a rather MAX comparisons, Elliot's a chain at so good and everything it really well made and then get their salsa. So then, my home ass idea with some real good fire boasted salsa. We ve talked him I am not saying this to be happy: Zan, chicken, it's just, etc thing and new rights, good kind, good, for you at least like its lean Arafat, this is from Sierra and it says what advice would you give to someone who struggles with self confidence as someone who is often second guessing herself, it's so comforting to listen to both of you be real. This may sound like a backwards compliment, but even when you make mistakes on the part cast know that you're both inspiring murdering us to keep going because we're all human love to you, both Sierra MA, So the question is: after all, that is what advice. Would you give to so many struggles with cell carpet?
dont, be yourself for straightaway, myself, governance I think that such a big barium everyone puts be when in our way of life, because when I heard the visa where'd, you learn to accept yourself as a wide as various Lee charmingly real fly in person and you can forget yourself a little more, be yourself a little more you now is a lounge person, July's people yeah, and I think the it's a year. It SAM you're, not can. I ever get itself confidence from someone else is so I think a lot of people think that, where it's like- oh, if I just get I've, if I line certain things up
then suddenly that will be the like. The answer, all being physically perfect I'll, be I'll, say the perfect thing, one race shit up of like here, they base it on the other people they ve. Seen of like I wish, I could be like him or her aunt, and it's all made up. You just have to kind of cop to the fact that all of your attempts, if you're struggling with self confidence, because you think you did it wrong a couple times or you think you don't have what it takes to do it and that's all made up and- and I will say this is going to sound mean, but It's the truth. It boring today commissioner, and I am saying that as a person who has been deeply bore about her and securities for most of her life. Me a long time to realize it, but ultimately, you standing there
get yourself and all is my hair. Ok, whatever it's a fucking bore, bring more to the table. It reno like get some get, turned an interesting trivia and focus on other people that will help you as Eliah. Let's go, let's go is idea person you're supposed to be there not wholly to anyone else. You can try really are to be correct and it's not gonna work and you're gonna be unhappy and you're not getting a hundred year round and its bucking struggle every day or even let it go. And do you ask me a good person and a good friend ends yeah, but incumbent. How someone you wake person that you would want the thinkers ago, it's like if you're gonna go to say this future, a future party that will happen in five years, what like, because when
Thinking about like what makes you not have self confidence is like speaking to other people, that you don't know what a party or is it something to do with work or whatever kind of figure out what that area. Is that you ve decided you are less than somehow in and then work economy. I give it say: it's a party then go with like ten topics that you could talk about, that you could ask people, GDP you care about the Loch Ness monster that right there is. A fascinating thing to ask someone at a party as opposed to trying to stand and like look perfect or be per or something like that words like or act cool quantum quote which, by the way If you think your court could act in cool, you are not fear, and I promise you you're not call and it's like and then people come back later and be like Aliona. Remaining aid seems like you seemed really unhappy, or you see that
something. Instead, it's like, if you can figure out of focus on other people. I think that's the key Are you sure, anguish stories that Russia's new share during many cells from areas we? beat them says it solely in house to Venus DE well written ashen story that has hers the heart of the rear, rare, and the fascinating story, pray and I think somebody like yeah. I think, if you, if you write the hometown, to try to sound like us to make us how we probably won't picket, because that just sounds like us and instead of you, write it if we can get to know you through the way. You tell your story, that's the most fun of all, and yet,
and then also if you, if your story is dead, then you're just after the races, but I think sometimes people try to like please, as with the presentation kind of like I wouldn't that doesn't happen that often, but I think it's like that would be. The thing that doesn't make me pick. Something as like. Fucking doesn't sound, genuine trust that your interesting as you naturally right cause it is there, be Ernest an honest and talk about what you like and you'll seem go on interesting. You tell us that your grandparents names are Sorry, what sound or noise do hate. When times for real yeah and if we are going hungry, so no one was home in the house because I was here and restoring peace in the dusk
and I am sure my neighbours when shines, and it will just be late. You're. All your where was Lee. Where was Lee was horribly refrain. Ass, an azure was probably some life for him, this shows that there are three issues we are all roommates industry around, very independent, usually on the lights in the house, will be barely be getting dark and then you will join the Euro area Let me glance rail heat, Because I see I grew up. My sister had Miss Estonia growing up the thing where you they're certain sounds at you hate or like. Sensitivity to sound So literally, I could not eat cereal anywhere near anywhere near her. Then any time I chewed gum she
he would immediately be mad. So she had that thing where it was like she could hear your like mouser, I would I just did, would infuriate my sister. So I think everything that's coming to mind is her thing. Just all her tell her problem, but I guess I would say Ike HEAT well, I really hate when, like cars, with loud mufflers on purpose go, but I like either motor. Cycles are cars. There was make it. It makes sense to me so rude so rude. It's like setting off car alarms and waking up, baby and stuff words just kind of like just to do it is it later? Is it a biker thing like fuck? You all have no muffler,
deal. Is it s a little bit so that the car Carson here one reason that they do turn? Pilots are a little bit. So when you go a car, they hear you they're here then I wonder on the highway for the blind, as you can see where they were in other fields, even here when they do, I just ran up and share It says that the ones that there's yeah it's but I'm sure think of lake. The EU. Now, what is right is a nails on the chalkboard. Now. What type of humility that like us, similar thing like that. I thought it I answer, obvious. I guess I
I want to listen and I'm on one COS, next thing? I can't do it like. I know, there's something that the second it starts. I go don't matter of, and yet any serial killer or any like criminal being recorded in talking and any non when uncle, I don't want to hear it. That's all along Andrea last one yeah you can Yes, what is the most important thing you learn from Georgia, Georgia. The most important thing you learned from here in Europe, tea, but first I learned a lot of things from you, but I'm trying to think of what the most important? I think it's this honestly, you gotta Easter egg, immediate review
If you start a podcast immediately start making March merges it merges where that people want shirt, make shirts on two March get serious it's important, by its own, while it's my favorite bang may I remind you, we real new design, try one only with I gap, but you do it. I learned from you a very worrying The same hearing with me, my relies, it is it's ok to and how to say. No doubt agree when you don't wanna do some day. I think I've been such a lake. I don't want to disappoint anyone. My whole life cycle, been really down
things I don't wanna do I sent yesterday. Were you know, everything feels a dire, and I have to do it you to a point where I'm going crazy it's ok to say now actually become less sleigh. He person your person neatness instead of saying yes to something and then in a month anyway. I don't do that unflagging. Yes, that's immediately! Anyway. That's no less that something I want to do you worry. No, that's not something I want to make me feel good down there. People here. If you say now, it's not they do then that's the problem. Now yours either probably Dick Andalusia, you yeah, it's like I'll, yeah, I learnt thank you. I learned at that time Sure thing alive. Long ago, which is this.
Standard should be no an you like us to be really good to say yes, because what you do and your energy in your time in your attention matters and as valuable anywhere you if you have a thing, we're your constantly people pleasing randomly then end. And one can can like energy vampire you anyone like anything and will always be able to manipulate. You, unlike like guilt, quote Gill Ear and that shouldn't be an option for for anyone, except for like yours, favorite at end your sister or brother enemy lacked idea, it's it's. You have to have your inner circle and then, Everything else is lake. You don't know anybody a favor. You don't owe anybody anything it's.
Good. I think it's good self preservation, don't do it so much that you close down our you know like. I used the orderly very like a fight immediately, but that's just INA. That's just how I swear you got away until noon. Siri ass, when you say yes, all the time she d lose lose their violence. Yes yeah. Well, you say you know these things are actually choosing things, I'm a review and saying yes a finger importance. Then, when you say yes to the things in hours, more yeah transmit way and also it does the in out whether a kiss, We could be talking about it like going to a party or doing some, however, or doing a project or whatever, whatever it is. It's just you. You have to take it in an ago. What what do I, really thank. You have to like taking a pause and really like what's there, let's look at this. What would
I've been six months from now. What's the bigger picture thing, unlike actual way at all out in a serious way, it's good cause There are now being strategic about your own life. Yeah There's an amount of yourselves spiritually that you can you away that eventually it's going to get a wall and you're going to be exhausted from doing this, for our people constantly going spiritually deplete, you will and also its that support. If you keep on saying yes, for that reason, it supports the belief the only good you are is of use to other people and that, in fact, that's like ear boundaries actually are. What make people like you having some self respect to say. No thanks and not right now makes people to o K. I can't just like walk right over that person. It's it's like. It said, misconception. I think that often a lot of women have that it's like, if I'm not nice and agreeable service service. If you go just kind of a weird old idea that I feel like now,
young women of today. Are you have that in hand? But you know if you are raised by moms, that were raised to believe that then, like that's just view got you got that less an early and often witches smile, make sure people, like you, make sure your nice like it's. This idea that you're supposed to be the kind of Applebee's hostess to the world and that's flogging a bull shit. Now, let's go that way: happiness pressure being able to no worse than and know that I'm not worthless if I'm not of service to Stew ever fucking once a year, which is I want to say you can't be a slut get out there doing away with appointed you want not what no able! Why do what and who you want? Do you like? Well, that's it! That's it That was the queue, and I was a kid that was so fine thanks burgeoning. Ah you deep dark Marianne CS. Thank you. I'm fancourt for asking
rate, questions and thoughtful questions and plenty of snacks and food question such as these are signed. Last wonder I absolutely I'm going to buy a fried chicken hungry men dinner. Try it out on your wreck, sounds really fun. Brad. Thanks things you I'm going to catch one glass thanks for listening you doing while quarantine, yes, stay, strong, healthy, stay sex, and don't Elvis Tijuana cookie,
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