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Karen and Georgia cover serial killer Robert Spangler and the unsolved Delphi murders. 

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This is exactly right. Well my order them. The fool you do through many. Why would I say according during the day- and that's only usually were any sounds rain? That's right! It's not the weekend right! It's not the weekend right now! That's right! It's the daytime outside its name.
Back on Wednesday evening, and we're gonna make Stephen stamp. Sulfurea identical to strike has no, so all of reality is broken and bizarre, and on top of that we decide to make a couple changes so that things were just slightly weirder that even just a baseline touch stones that we have in our lives. We just got up and at those well I like it yeah. And it is a good idea creatively. Things are going the same and France Can you imagine all over the effort, but at the same time, do you have a ponytail in or did you cut your hair? I am opposed to pollinate. Well, that's a formidable ponytail for you think you are you growing your thorough long? Let me start with some a visual sickish for this purpose over this pod cas everything's gonna be explained, visually YAP deal with it deal with, although I would say She has got a fake
an index fingers long ponytail back there. I love a good messy pony, that's always kind of been. My favorite thing is like it looks like the paintbrush that exploded. Yes, my favorite You're nineties girls her and threw himself it is. I pay someone out instrument recently and I had like a kerchiefs in my hair from ninety us. It was so nice. It was like you know, you do like a little hell. Yes, I do. I showed you that picture that I had that my friend, hence with I use a rock my friend called at the baboon Biograph again recently, and I my grandma called it a smarter, smarter, yes, my time yet ashes, just like a rat I got you so the Bush benchmarks, as smart as in my vocabulary, because they produce used to call that on a tv show, worked on anything that you used to cover something.
Any size yeah. It was always a smarter yeah, because we'd have like a bag full of like you, don't throw your socks away. You're old talks away, you put them in this matter, bag and use that are you in Dust Dashwood, either a lemon pledge? absolutely ways that nice tower these days: I am literally going out of the house once a day just to see if something happens so that I can bring it back and talk about it on our part guy. That's that's. A little is going on because we live in a quarantine where I actually believe that this vote. Says bad for you and giving it to other people is a bad idea. Yeah, I'm one, those rare filling it dont get bad on top of being sick. By now, wearing a mask. When you go to the house, I went out at like for the real for the first time. Yesterday then said, I went to the beached it's his birthday week, so yeah. To be happy birthday. Events Averil, hence the
America's husband. What a great job here doing for showing us how great man can be yea events. I went into the Each may suffer sandwiches first to go and there's no one was wearing a fuck him ask in Venice words like I would think everyone is the most like liberal you now fucker current she go and after taking care of people and others nope no fuckin, Mathesons LOS Angeles. This is less it. Oh yeah amen a fucking girl working or the gaol working at the counter at G T, o n minus one hour, sandwiches cause we were like she was fuckin strict and she was I go in that way stand there was really strict with us and we were like follow directions and then this, like you know, hipster dude, tries to come in and just pull this t shirt up over his face and set up a mask on certain issues, doing like pulling a shorter and she just cause held at him to get out and achievable
and followed the direction that anymore. It light embarrassedly locked out, no mask you can't come in with animal, can even saying a shirt mask which Irish, the fact that he at least try to do something. It wasn't. He tried, but I think what they're saying the sciences finding let you have to have a real mask, that's kind of the point here I can eighty eight dollar teeth: distress t shirt that you buy from from a con. But you didn't actually go right, isn't going on It's a sea of this problem. Because we're all in this place of upset, always because of the reality of the world around us in myriad ways, no matter where you stand on this spectrum political
bathroom or whatever yeah it's. When you go out. You are anticipating conflict here, and that is such a problem, a scary. It makes people defensive. It makes people extra sensitive it. There are things that you would have never paid attention to our never worried about that. Now, you're like wherein now we're in a place and there a fight could break out over masks like the wheel. This reality is so intense. It's too so intense. You give yourself a break, make sure you give yourself Abronia go to the beach cod. Amazing, unless amazing was a great, was busy now not busy at all. You know smattering of people. The water was like the clearest I've ever seen. Southern California cause I was not there are out and like it just was lovely.
And you get those negative ions which are very good for you who, according to positive iron, negative ions, get the negative ones Vertigo your positive ones. What's going on, I am, I don't really have much conversationally well, I was excited to see that you started watching love on the spectrum we started. Lemme spectrum is so Q. I love it. So much so charming everyone so charming it's a howl of heroes, the people that agreed to be so vulnerable as to be on that show and have a camera, follow them around to watch how they interact and date. Hard enough for any person and then with a person that might be on the spectrum, have Asperger's or just have kind of social Q issues so much harder. Who is your favorite? So far? I want to end up as other Chloe is coming out as an top for me,
a contender because she's so bottle does this thing on her day where awkward in the beginning and she's like so what books you like has collapsed, Reed and the guy I kind of sheepishly like I'd and learn to retail. I was thirteen and like it could have on. Awkward and instead she responds. Oh, I didn't talk till I was seven like really generous way of like there's no judgment here more than you know about you, do not be under three like he seemed embarrassed about it and immediately she right. Well, I didn't touch. When I was seven so yeah. This is it. This isn't a carpet and this is the judge, your ways I dont worry. It was just very aggravated, that's kind of what I am talking about when you and I want when I was talking about it, feels to me, I watch it and go. Oh, I feel like I could do that CS,
because it's because most of that kind of stuff I just go. I can't I can't I can't do it here. I can what somebody else be vulnerable and I can't be vulnerable and it's like no, I absolutely cannot like going on a day or just being vulnerable in general or files we'll both but dating specifically, because I always any time it's like a form of formal kind of dating. I do have that thing of if a moment like that happened instead of like It would feel like. Oh that person I did to them yeah or like, or I would do a thing and it's because I was frank for so long, so dates whirl like escape behaviour, and then I was like I was a superstar and I didn't know how I did actually yeah you're like a totally. Therefore them so, you didn't They experience any awkwardness at all. No,
don't care and never felt awkwardness and she always had great stuff to scream across a restaurant. In Madame he was drunk to your five year line or not their anymore. It's out of my house. Look no one's a night! Thinking about you! You don't have your not their right! Now, you're not learn by no one ever gonna make you go back there, but it, but you know it brought me back. There was when Michael was on his date at with, and I feel bad because this girl was kind of a bee plot girl. So it was the girl with the bow and her hair was gonna garthie and yeah. I'm like to cause play, and I'm sorry did remember your name. You know gothic member when he states that specifically what kind of Europe we want will know. Gothic like ex no Visigoths invaded There is a moment were the two of them were at this at together in this fancy restaurant in that grad table that was like right. There
by the windows. Looking over the I think they're in Sydney solely looking over the Sydney, our gorgeous and their talk, and he's asking questions and she's answering and then had to like number seven and she just hurt to stare off and then kind of, puts her head down and then goes excuse me and then just leaves- and I swear to God. I was like offers significant look. I have done then yeah. I've done this, where I can get through like the them awkward or like. For me, the humble part that makes me go. I can't I don't want to do this. I don't feel these feelings and then I can buy kind of fake my way through it for twenty minutes, and then there is a there's a moment where it stops, and I can't take it anymore. Land
to be that I could buy that point. I would have had seven beers me already heat ray and it wouldn't matter, but in I watched her, do the thing that I'm doing inside to where you really retreat. You originally a? U. You suddenly start telling yourself. This is going back, no matter what the reality is or how interested you are it's. This is not good, and here are the reasons why and then it's just a complete like it's like you watched her coil younger three sucked away into the ether and just basically have a full. I think later she said it was like anxiety what four years, instead of ever interpreting that his anxiety, I was just like other something terribly wrong with me and it's like nope. You have the thing. Every other person on the planet all broken unsound, yakking level and the key is not continue to break yourself by being,
ok, buyer breaks out that it did. I did that is true of all and also its about the word. Left. He is a mockery, able think of it, of course, in this moment, but it's about what it's about, basically being able to bounce back. So you know who did that allowed the girl, was in it the most with the little Bob who at the whole area mom. Yes- and she was so good at when she was on a date in something we're would weird would happen she would just basically asking, front question or go in a different thing, or a kind of sit there and not now these so freaked out that she felt like I was so impressed by her ability to just hang in the moment. No matter what the moment was, bringing yeah and its resilience, that's thordis, lances, listen resilience or you don't just gettin destroyed by. Like the one weird word someone like that's the point
is like you're, just hanging out and not you're, just seeing what you think world does not like we're all runs and tides and He is to take some clear nail polish and promote them. When the time is running and like here looks we're because there's clear nail polish, I'm: u everywhere, but but but you don't just like see there. You don't see the run and then rip the tides off. Your legs, because its imperfect and to ban light them on fire other stuff on it by the mirror match on the air and then say I'll, never, data, poor girl all over them hands you it that's the other thing to as they dated and dated and data they kept trying. Every single person on that showed just kept trying. That's you gonna do that when this is over you're going to go on the date, I would, if I Ed do you imagine a as full masks vendetta Oliver make like, but tandem masks. I can make out why you're Helstone Ass, you know remain
as there is like what it's like they'll be here. I'm making that calling and everyone. No one c lesson it they basically your pulling. It was kind of just be like you pull a big pair of underwear overflow of your head. It's like a grand piano rebuild their head like when you like. You know my cousins devious here all the time we put his hand over your mouth and then pretend about making allies. Yes, that's great, I know I'm a magic, but it's how we were in the seventies. Eighty stuff like that, have an oath. I remember in the naked gun when they both put unlike full body cognomens. That's it. We need only like that, but you can go and Leslie Nelson Macedonia and we all need a lot more like naked gun. You know what I want. Those movies hold up by the way the Naked guy Series holds up airplane.
Oh shit, airplane every young young young ends that listen to this growing aeroplanes going princess bride. We watch at the other night beyond Yeah but ass total recall, I watch total recall last night, nice, it's all like water, to figure out what is actually gonna help in them in a moment. Let no one's experience before the great ass I so it's like great the great British, they offer begging, show or whatever yeah does it like. Did it for me from Slut same March to make here and that whole quiet british people getting along really did it for me here now we ve moved into doing the rock Johnson area that I did. I'm not. I dont want to move out of anytime soon he's doing it for me I'll meet you there come on. I learned happy. I we're still atop chef. Back, a little bit of parks and wreck, of course, parry,
a sandwich finished last night. Not so sad to say: is that it I was like I'm just gonna. Oh look Then what are you doing? George, that all come to oh hi, hi pointedly coming together that they're like we're gonna, have to Romania? No, no. They just got dropped from the dog park. You good job, everybody! No! Georgia! Sorry! Can I get rid of these guys reliquary. They want bark once the it's a test. The name of this might lay your ear on notice, George. What are we doing about Topshop? Oh yeah, parent, o peddler madness of losing Perry, Mason spoiler alerts, probably so be careful if you're watching it right now, but God damn that show was so satisfying, and beautifully done in every department
and the man who played PETE Stricklin shape. You see the guy who's. The assistant like who becomes part of the day after he is the keys, the private investigator, that's with their eyes on fur. He is so good in that, what's his name on the machine he's in everything, but this is the thing I liked him in the most shape we're gone. He Shea way everything in his incredible. He so damn good in that character cause he was. He was a huge character and boardwalk empire there, so good. So when he showed up in this house, I owe yeas back and the whole thing like there's something about his face. That looks like Papa. He looks. It has I also like my first camp crash. That kind of like he's always I'm working on one side of his mouth and he's always gonna. Like basically tell you,
fuck off in a very casual way, any handling shit, it's the thirties and he's handling shipment, hypnotize, really shore and even Fuckin Moreau mean cigarette. Ah shit mean Strickland yet and when they got into that fight parry just like that they going at the world is on my shoulders and your fucking up and he is like well, you can get that other guy to come, eat shit, cause I've had fixed emphasis written so so well and so realistically to the time, but not enough our curtness sickly, so that you are just like really hear those incredible. It was me. Beautifully done all around. Should we do exactly right, corner real, quick, let's go over some great things you can and listen to on the illicit if you're sitting around and you you're not sure what you should be listening to this week, we ve got some shows on the exactly right network. Emily you'd like to just go over a couple, great things that are happening. Trade like, for example, Karen's by car
Do you need a ride with the hilarious Chris? Spare banks hasn't new episode this week, Ray increases in Montana at home, so his dad's on it and his dad was a Dj Carmel and when Clint Eastwood made the movie play misty for me, which is another great film, if you haven't seen it, it's like a thriller from the seventies. It's so good. We talked about it. Look I did we talk about it, but I am very sorry, maybe curse knighthood about it Jessica, Walter, who is the mom from arrested development is. This is one of the stars with Clint Eastwood and so Clint Eastwood came and watched Christmas dad be a dj, so he could cause he was playing a dj in oh, my God, a highlighted. Some Argo type for DJ is more the likes of plant Eastwood a claim is why, for God's sake, incredibly really does have one of those radio voices and then he's just funny, and it was very like heartwarming, because I've never
let him in a so we got to have a little bit of Montana. Dad hang analysed very sweet. This weak on the on the phone line there still doing their serious floored is missing and murdered, and their covering the unsolved murders of Terry on summers. Andy Asha Andrews, who are Trans women from Jacksonville, who are beloved in their community and they're, trying to tourists, shine a spotlight on those crimes so that they can get them salt so make sure of check out please and there's a bunch of other stuff on exactly rights that were making for you guys like so can we talk The friends of the bikers, beginning at its meeting of our guests here, like friends, the bank has weaving like started. You know we start saying that recently love looking up and we just completely stole it- avoids any allies on accidents, it's totally pulsation Erica extraordinary POD, save America's line.
We can certainly give saying friends of the pod, which literally it positive. America has pink, has a merchant shipping, because when we went to go or should we make a shirt, that's as friends of upon and then I just looked, I'm like the seams familiar to me seems familiar, and then I look it up and that's like, but with what they called their prisoners. Basically a friend of the pot as this shirt. So if you do want that sure- and you are a list of podcasting General- go get pon, save Americans right, they're, the ones that are doing that in the meantime, make sure you're registered to vote and make sure you vote it's really or end, please God, and also, if we're going to talk about that, we might as well talk about that. You should probably try to support in some way the. U S. Postal service is crucial in the operating correctly to get all of the at home ballots process. So if you can buy stamps or any of the actually
friend of the family and popular banana boys, gaudy Landis pointed out to me that the postals New S postal service, if you go on their website, they have an awesome march, like caused emerge, and there is that the character from I think it's the sixties or Seventys when they like are you trying to make zip codes really popular, there's like a cartoon character- and I think his name was Mister soup leather and you can get a t shirt of that guy. I think that's the one's got. He was telling me he got the teacher Diane Scotty, the Big March head. Scotty is good at March, he's gotta and he also is a huge purveyor of the male loves to send postcards. He sent people may
Ellen postcards and letters all the time for real thing. He does on Twitter, Sokol, so yeah, so he's he's doing his part. You do your part of your part and then also keep an eye out that our entire systems being dismantled in front of us really doesn't happen. However, America's number one meal kit offers fresh high quality ingredients every week for a super flavorful experience that will help you break out of your recipe. Read it lets you skip, does so the grassy star and makes home cooking fun, easy and affordable with. However ass, she can get dinner on the table and just about thirty minutes and you can save up to twenty eight percent by using hello, fresh verses, grocery store shopping, not only do Heller fresh as pre proportioned ingredients mean there's less prep work. It also means less food waste, plus their packaging is almost entirely made from recyclable content, Pella freshest, flexible and Fisher Lifestyle, easily change or food preferences and skip the weak whenever you need there's something for ever
one, including low calorie vegetarian and they finally recipes every week current the other day on a saturday- and I convinced and I made are Hallo fresh surf enter. It was steak and lobster tails It is clear in our own home. I did not realise that their range was that broad, but I mean like the everything they do send you is it's like a different thing: it's like they keep it. They can they change it. They give rise, they met, they keep you interested so that when you are making these things, it's like boy, I'm making this this delicious little meal and its it feels creative and fun and like something new, I'm not gonna. Why? One of my favorite parts of the weakest when I get a pick, my hell afresh meals for the next week- and I look forward to them- I'm so glad You told me that its guess I like to hear the trail gotta, however
dot com flash and I M eighty and use code Emma them. Eighty to get a total of eighty dollars off, including free shipping. On your first box, additional restrictions ply. Please visit hello, Russia, com for more details, remember its hello, fresh dot, com, Slash M M eighty and use code M M Av began a total of eighty dollars off, including for shipping on your first box, then I look like then this is at your crime. Comedy pike I don't care and kill Gara? That's Georgia, heart stirred, MRS my favorite murder and Stephen re more. As I almost said, J more as on the wasn't is another Stephen Re Mars. Whose versus weeks, even we did it. Today so sides we can do whatever we want Well who,
we did hours at a time when the last time we did stories last time was. Was that Amsterdam? No? We did our sitting between the church, Heller, yeah That means I welders last time too go for a ride ok believes go for it guys! So on twitter, someone named Dylan, whose at brown dear on Twitter, she wrote to me and said: can you treat us to this wild ride and then she included in article from the New York Daily NEWS about a murder well about this, I am about to tell you how so thank you very much Dylan for helping me to that, because then it reminded me that I watch this on. I think it I think it was dateline, but now I can't remember, if you like. I remember everything is dateline, but because I remember when they kind of came in on that thing, that used to happen, unlike when, if somebody
The case was still ongoing, but they would cover it and then be like this seems suspicious in there's little things in the past or whatever. This is one of those stories that is so crazy and went on for so long, and it's a little bit reminiscent of The June list tale of the family- and I later, but it's it's worse than a more fuck This is the story of family and own later and away if killer I'm giving at all when this is the story of Bob Spangler. Okay, this is, just a standard straight up, through crime serial killer, Eliza horrific dude. They always hurry and clear baseline problem. I'm nothing not if not ring a bell, but let's go get eaten it lets. Let's see he added what you think about it s, sick. So this is from this
kind of like it starts in ninety ninety three zero or so you, okay. So this ideal, eleven you're being led to believe my eye on April, eleventh. Ninety. Ninety three Easter Sunday morning, fifty nine year old, Don assembling Spangler is hiking in the Grand Canyon, with her husband, Bob Denizen Aerobics instructor she's, a mother to five grown children from a previous marriage and inertia, five grandchildren as well like she's, not than interested in making its, not her favorite, but her husband Bob is passionate about it. He's been doing it for years, especially in the Grand Canyon. That's what he loves the most so because he really wanted her wanted her to go with him. That weekend she said yes, another reason she didn't want to go, and especially because it's in the Grand Canyon is she's afraid of heights. Oh dear, so when the full reaches the cliffs of the horse. You Mesa Hiking loop. They stopped at the top.
A picture. So if you look that up on Google or whenever you ll see, these are those that they're kind of like the sheer cliffs and the like. The trails that go up and their very precarious, very you know really high up, and basically you get to the top of this hiking loop and then there's you can take picture right at the edge of the cliff. That shows you all this one part of the Grand Canyon Harry's, it's very, very picturesque and so vague to that spot. They stopped to take the picture Bob physicians, Donna on the cliffs edge. There's a hundred and sixty foot drop behind her he goes back to MT his camera on his tripod, but, as he's turned away setting the timer he hears what he later describes as quotas, small sound from Donna and when he turns back around she's gone. So just before noon. Bob comes running into the Ranger station and he
actually tells the ranger there's been a terrible accident his wife has fallen off a cliff, so the Rangers go out and they search for Donna at the horse Mesa and they find her broken body on the rocks below that look out point. So so bad. So Donna Spangler Death, is ultimately rolled and accident. No one questions it in the Grand Canyon Cliffs eyes. Obviously, those those class are obviously risky and that same year, ninety ninety three there were already six other debts that occurred in the Grand Canyon, so it how it does happen so many what is unusual, though, is that this is not the first time Bob Spangler has tragically lost a family member Ok, so let's go back. Bob Spangler was born in nineteen thirty three into Mine Iowa. He was adopted is a baby, never met as biological parents. He was raised and aims. Iowa
and by all accounts he had a normal childhood. He was a bright child. The only issue was his temper which, when you got into high school he channeled through playing football. And it was in high school that he met. A girl named Nancy Stall, they started dating in the basically in the early fifties. They became Highschool sweethearts and they married after college in nineteen fifty five. So after they get married Bob and less than the army, and then he gets discharged and him and Nancy settle down and start a family and in nineteen sixty one their son David is born, and two years later there daughter Susan, is born. So Bob over the years works a number of different jobs. He works at Honeywell Cameron, instruments, division, he works and public relations. He works as a radio dj. And he actually even worked at a job where he helped develop Sesame Street for PBS? Oh in
and Seventys. He takes a job as the pr director of a Denver based Nonprofit called american waterworks. So he moves the whole family to Littleton Colorado, which is where the Columbine shooting Tyees years later. But at this an immense empties. It was just a little too Colorado but life progress. Is he He grows tired of basically being a family man and after twenty years of marriage to Nancy he's too cheating with a younger secretary. Aimed sharing these and and with them secretary, he starts hiking all the time adventuring with her, especially in the Grand Canyon and basically Bobby Nancy's marriages, slowly falling apart as I do that when you are cheating on your wife, as actively it's like it,
so you're trying to make it fallen re, but Ok. So then, on the morning of December thirtieth, nineteen, seventy eight fifteen year old, Susan has a boyfriend named TIM, whose sixteen and he was there at the Spangler House the night before he was there a lot and he shows up at the neck morning and knocks on the front door, but no one answers. So he goes back to and thrust rocks at Susan's window, which is what he usually did try to get our attention to. Let him in the house, but she An answer come to the window. So then he goes through the laundry room window to get inside, which had also done a bunch of times so He goes upstairs to Susan's room and He surprised to see she still in bed, so he takes off his gloves and throws a matter and says: hey come on, you need to get up and she doesn't move and then, when he gets closer to help her body, he sees there's blood on her
her back and he runs across the hallway into Susan Seasons. Older brother David's room to get help and there he finds David half in and half out of bed and David's been shot in the chest and is dead and Susan has been shot in the back and she is dead and all that he's the sittings ten years old and it is like Hersel love and her family, oh my god, and he does to its like nice. I would think of its December thirtieth thereon Christmas break. So it's there probably going in a like it's so horrible and such a horrible thing for him to have to witness. So he runs calls the police obviously, and they re. The whole county sheriff's office arrives, and then, when they look through the house, they also find in the basement Nancy His body she's been shot and it looks like she's shot herself in the head in their Downstairs basement office. Tsar holy shit
but beside her body. She has it at a bullet wounds in her head and next to her on the ground. There's a thirty eight calibre pistol with a man sock wrapped around the handle and in the typewriter that sitting on the desk, where she's seated there, a suicide note, that's been typed up in the typewriter and then initialed with her initial and oh, how convenient that? It's not in her handwriting! Well so, but the thing Nancy had a neurological disorders, and this is what Babo tell the police later, where she could. She actually couldn't hand right things, and so it was very common for her to just initial things and she and she typed respondents all the time of her for what about the sack? Why which, if you were going to take your own life with a gun? Why would you wrap the gun in a sack? Good question? I dont know thank you so You're right, I'm a detective. You are
you're getting very good at this of all those stories. Referenda to each other is thank you. I'm ok, sorry, so so Bob comes home from work. To find all the his house taped. In please tape and in the Alps is filled the so they have to take him aside and explained to him what's happened and he seemed shocked and upset. He tells please he left for work that morning he was there all day, and then he came home to find the sheriffs deputies in this house. He does confide that he and Nancy had been having problems and that they had simply separated, but that they were working out, basically, that there working it out and they got they were back together, but he does admit that they had gotten into a fight the day before to the point where he had to leave the house to cool down. He went and drove around and listen to a football game on the radio and went to the movies but heat He tells authorities
he's completely shocked that Nancy would do this and that he is he here baffling so Bob. And Nancy S. Hands are both swathed for guns, gunshot, residue level, Indeed, my sources really quick, so the Denver posts. The Arizona sign the New York Daily NEWS and then at source. For me on this, was there there's a canadian, true crime series called crime stories? That's on Youtube that pretty much every story we cover has been covered by this by this sir his end. Just the last time when I was talking so much about that Nightline episode for the Churchill, a I realise that like it was that it was the kids, that went through it as adults, telling their story, but I probably- should decided the writers for that show or the producers, because they did all the work to get that together. For this episode of can of crime stories, it was written by drew, Karlov and then also Wikipedia.
Murder, Peter also. So the reason I say that is because in this series is in and crime stories that they have the people who worked this case and who are at the scene at the time now and we as amazing and one of the people was the was the police photographer. So Bob Bob had nowhere to go basically once there that the authorities or done talking to him at the scene he had nowhere to go, and so this police photographers, I think it's kind of a small town so p went home with the police. Photographer aired and just so he had somewhere to stay like for the night is obviously can't go back into the house and this police or tiger for us in this series and says he
wasn't didn't, seem, upset more worried or in any way and distress when he was at his house like once, he was away from the scene and from the people that requesting him and hey, look that could also. We have talked about this words like. Do you make those judgments and that's like the behaviour, does not indicate one thing or the other everyone Gary's differently. However, it he could be in shock, he could be completely dissociated his entire families than murder right, but but the photographer was creeped out by the lack of any any kind of like yeah, even seeming distressed. He said he just seemed fine but swiftly creepy, ok. So, when the
tests. Come back for gunshot residue, there's none on Nancy's hands, but there is gunshot residue found on Bob's right palm and when the authorities bring him in for questioning again, he changes his story, and now he says that he had gone home that he went to the basement first, that he found Nancy that he gives he saw the gun he picked it up. She stepped back and saw the whole picture screamed. Oh my God dropped the gun and ran out and get it right. So with that, for a change of course, the police are like like more suspicious, yes, but it puts into debt. Any kind of like you know chain of evidence that they're trying to put together- and he was the legal owner of that gun so right, his pipe its being on the Gun- worry as yet not dismiss its not as an out and out and caressed him. Here, it's not enough, meanwhile,
answers. Family absolutely denies this murder suicide story very like she would. She would never hurt her children. She would. She had just sent out like family Christmas letter that was all about. What's going to happen next year and now you're, it was not her. She didn't even like guns. She was very nervous around gun. She never touch them. On top of that she wasn't it. Type, it was not something that she would do, but the typewritten suicide no way that signed initial did match other correspondence that she'd sent to friends and family. So then they give Bob two different polygraph tests by two different, separate private companies and they both determine his answers about his role in the murders to be inconclusive, there is one of the guys actually told the investigator that that he goes this guy is so well.
We're never gonna get normal worse. We're never gonna get normal results from him on January third nineteen. Seventy nine Europe, a whole county corner rules. These does to be a murder suicide. That outcome were committed by Nancy sprang, her party, our family, who are the horrific the horrifying limit that So Bob has the bodies cremated almost immediately a course and- this guy. Yes, it's like step by step. How did not at all a guilty as fuck Yes entirely and how do I look like when people think they're mastermind re, something right that because their smarter than everybody, so, of course the family is absolutely horrified, then he goes on to give a eulogy that they said was bizarre and tearless and weird, and I want to see it so bad idea so the case and just being closed and mode
the evidence is either returned back to Bob Spangler or its destroy it. Ok, so no seven months after his family as murdered Bob Spangler marries Sharon. Ah, the woman that he's having the effect of having the affair with yet they get married and they move back an Spangler family home. Yes, she is cool with that. Errant Lee apparently, but then, Apparently the neighbors were let everyone redoubt by like just how is this even possible yeah? This work winds and when it's for real, when the authorities talked about it, he says he doesn't live in the past, he's really good at footing. Things behind him and he's all about like making a new start and moving forward and gratifications due weight ago was so great a life. So basically,
him insurance spend the next nine years hiking around Colorado. Especially in the Grand Canyon based They hikes so much share and eventually writes a book called on foot in the Grand canyon. But as the years go by, the marriage begins to strain and after Bob's father dies. His anger issues really come to the fore and Sharon Bay sickly has an emotional downturn. They start fighting more and more in share, and can't shake the feeling that Bob is called out to get her to the point where she actually ends up calling the police and they go to the house and they find her hiding in a closet cause she's, so scared of him. So she believing Bob and moving out of little and nineteen eighty eight, they get divorced. So in nineteen eighty nine after this split, he decides to take out a singles ad in the Denver weakly and he gets.
Response from Denver woman named Don assembling. Who is who we started with so donors at the time she's. Fifty five, she works as a bookkeeper form warrior oil company. As I said she had five grown kid. She has five grandchildren she's been divorced since nineteen. Seventy four and a half to her friend Carolyn, she her she's ready to take some risks in life, and so she answers Bob's, Bob's ad. And they immediately hit it often fall in love and according to Caroline Donnas thrilled, she just loved him so within a year, they're married so in August, 18th, one ninety bob, convinces her to move with him to Durango Colorado, so, basically them they moved down there by when a big o, so they can travel and and of course, single hike in the Grand Canyon.
Donna not only has a fear of heights, but also she's at the time suffering from Vertigo so when they hiked together, they always take not steep trails. They take lower trouser or like ground level, whatever they don't you meeting dangerous. So They settled down and durango they. We're getting involved in the community Bob gets the his part time job as the country music dj for the local radio station caress, J, F, em and his well liked by his coworkers and by his listeners. He has a natural charm and charisma and he starts kind of building up some local fame. He gets recognised around town he's, like basically local personality and his boss at the time. Has this to say about Bobby says. The only complaint I ever had about Bob was and is to cheer full to early in the morning, monster
I mean for real stick with the assholes everybody, I'm telling you. I think a cheerful people are up to something. I think we know this. I don't follow were at their psychopaths, so donnas working as an aerobics instructor, Durango Sports Club, then Bob starts referring soccer games for the Perkin Wreck League their lake in there and there being perfect, which we all know, isn't real so again It's not real here cause by ninety. Ninety three, their relationship starts to get rocking and the cracks and bogs personality start to show he starts talking. He so basically the longer they live there in the more friends they have. He actually does start talking about his what happened to his family dinner, and this is the point that really really mainly six. My stomach he's. He tells different people different stories. He tells
on people, his son killed his wife and daughter, and then killed himself. He'd tells other people they that of the three of them, were killed in a car accident together and that somehow he survived leg with just a couple scratches and then he even convives in some people the quota quote official story, which is that that his wife killed the family just shows how cocky he is that he was openly even talking about it, but then also lying, and it's almost you can tell it. Those are the other option he considered before he did what he said. Is, I maybe I'll, kill them in a car accident. Maybe I can make the sun look. Look, look like it of it. Yes I think it's that thing of a truth. We like to call people sociopath and psychopaths or whatever, but this is the person who does not have a conscience yeah who does not these, and these people exist in our world, doesn't understand how other people, even thank you, can't even.
Is there no way doesn't care page, not interested? Other people? Are things to him, its objects to move around in the world, so he gets what he wants, and this is the kind of thing like if this park has for all our mistakes and all the things that we do wrong whatever. If there's anything that I hope to the people get from his part cast. Is that psychopaths are real and they
our among us in the World Hang- and you can't this idea that someone is a dj and nice. Therefore he could never do about things. We have to stop thinking this way, please it's as if we have to stop thinking this way, their brains don't work correctly there and they don't have conscience it there. Don't tricking you they're they're, not good at it there. So they made a life study of tricking you so there the mimicry the things they do, the things they say. It's learned behaviour so that they can blend in and so that they can then get what they want, and the idea that a man with lie and say that his son and that ultimately it spoiler that his wife would kill the family is so disgusting and sickening and self serving yeah. It's unbelievable, okay, so that speeches over now, I'm telling you this story again. They rode at the end there.
People in the world who do not have a conscience and only act in their best interests. Guilt free without a second thought. It's a fact: learn it accept it and get a necklace that says I was made at a negative list that says it. That's a rip off of your little love it love it learned, imagined, levitate. Member, that way I use and whether you on having what are you gonna do this year I was my birth, then I said: live it love learned calamity learn the levity. Me though this is MRS aside, Barague learn it except it get a necklace that says it. Ok,
some porn don't just because it's a thing. We all make this mistake, but I go. I would never do that and then I think, because of that, that means somebody else would induce array were like someone weren't. You will, because they trusted TED Bundy or it's like you, don't understand that. Not only does that person do everything in their power and learn how to make you trust them. Society does everything in its power to also tell you that you need to trust people and not question people, and if someone's nice to you, you needed be nice to them back. Yet that is your the weirdo you have you go live a bad feeling about the person good bye, if you said aligned to learn to trust someone, instead of just immediately trusting people, even if they're nice people that you're not fucking weird yet no, no, that Europe that that means it's a good thing. If he tricked an rule right, he could trick anybody this
Stanley. You know this now is smarter than us was smarter than us annual knew a bunch of shit and he tricked her. That's the point of the stranger beside me. Stop making me help. You I heard we splaining mysterious, angrily worse for very, as we have nothing else to do in quarantine. Ok, ok, so Bob and smugglers marriage is falling apart. There fighting more frequently and Donna often finds herself trying to appease Bob because, of course, he's a psychopath. So he wants what he wants and he's very good at getting head he's very good at cajoling people convincing using his charm, his charisma or his anger to get his way. So when Bob I don T go hiking with them at the Grand Canyon for Easter Week, and even though she has Vertigo doesn't like height and doesn't like hiking and doesn't want to go, he won't
our pressing her and she doesn't want to fight anymore. So she just relent and agrees, which is not our fault, because what the fuck is this guy won't stop here, so essentially that x why she would go on this trip. She doesn't want to go on to do a thing. She isn't gonna do to be scared to feel like she's at risk. It doesn't explain why he'd ask her to write in early May. Why did why? Is it so important to him than to make her do a thing she he knows for a fact. She doesn't want to do and is an isn't into it also when he's. Question Bob tells the Rangers that after donnas fall, he ran up to where her body was, he washed the blood off of her face and covered her with a sharp and then went to get help so there's no eye witnesses for this ball and there's no one to corroborate how like the chronology of saying before getting help, he ran to the bottom of the Fuckin cliff
yes, to check on her, which is a hundred and sixty feet down to check on her as if he could you check if her any aid instead of running to the fucking, for who know how to take care of it. And you think that's the part you're gonna dislike them. It's not going to be because nothing explains why, when Bob arrived at the Ranger station to alert them that it is, his wife had just fallen off a cliff he got in line now patiently behind a bunch of Backpacker Seward there to pay for their permits. Yet he took his place online and waited until he got to the front to report to explain how low my jaws dropped its its all the way open low, her ponytail. That's how long that's, how big you know but we're talking who he is reminding me of in this,
stance is Fuckin Michael Petersen, from the staircase yeah. You know like over dramatic but were not dramatic enough answer moments and weird, acting weird and reacting in a way that most people, if they were actually in an emergency situation, wouldn't act. Ya, know you're right, though, that it's that the vibe it's hard not to the way we all in. Just these, do crime stories and these documentaries and all the different things we watch it's very hard, not to start recognising one thing to the other: the kind of connections and these these personality types are hard to believe exist, and then you start seeing the behaviors, I think, is art of why I am so interested in it, because it is a rare we are talking about. The part of you know like that
the part of crime that that's so rare. It's like the Fucking Loch Ness monster where it's like serial killers. Are there very very few of them? This is not the majority of crime. We have things that we talked about and thing that makes it fascinating. Is that these types? People are there and the majority are psychopaths. I think don't kill people don't know. Murderers to solely Jai comes Theo's labour relations and c o your, but right yeah, maybe they don't have that you know that extra part of them. That's blood thirsty or whatever, but it looks like it's just absurd to think that that someone could could act. That way, and it's scary, and yet you started question, everyone around, you re sorry thence sorry, but your pretty suspicious on your birthday, okay, so yeah
part when I got to that purchases. Yes, like what holy Shit Zone, Donna, something Spangler fifty eight years old when she is tragic. It falls to her death. When they have the funeral Bob emerge immediately creamy. It's her body doesn't wait for her family, her five children and five grandchildren to get to town to have a final viewing. This bureau short term husband and you fucking make that decisions that her children have to deal with for the rest of their lives. It such a tutor red flag and he doesn't wait for them and then he he gave a eulogy that was terrible. And we are only says, puts himself again in the spotlight yeah his third way. If such funeral and doesn't say anything that makes any one feel better. Just you know like for himself, okay, so so after donnas, tragic death, Bob's angler then becomes the face of hiking safety.
Now so yeah. Yes, so he actually even makes a few tv appearances and does pit newspaper interviews as the grieving husband advocating for safety along the trail were yes, it is there a video as it did. You watch video, I see if any of it. But I thought you might be able to find some in one interview he tells the Associated Press quote the people that visit the Grand Canyon simply forget how spectacularly dangerous it can be he gains national recognition for this campaign. He still continues to hike the canyon trails, but the screaming her husband image, doesnt last long because in July of nineteen, ninety four, so it's about a year later, sharing His second wife comes back into the pitcher. She comes to Durango for a visit and so she's fallen on hard times. She had gone through a break up she'd,
at some mental issues. So at first she moves back into Bob's house as like a border and is paying him rant then soon they reunite and get back together and their involved again, but three months later on October. Second, ninety, ninety four bob comes: from work to find, share and unresponsive with a bottle of tylenol bizarre another, no suit he calls an ambulance, but she dies from what authorities determined either be purposeful or accidental drug overdose. She's only fit two years on, at the time, of course, two turns out good for Bob, he no longer has to pay spousal support to her. So when news of Sharon's death reaches Donna son Lings family, they immediately call authorities to report. Bob Spangler has had another wife died yeah. So the proper, how canny Sheriff's office design
It's to reopen the nineteen, seventy eight Spangler family murder and take a second look. At all the evidence first thing they notice is and she Spangler suicide. Note is very atypical, because most people who were a writing a note, do not write that there are out to do all the things that they are about to do and list them out, and he that's very uncommon and also Bobby Toll police that Nancy had police. That Nancy had a caused her to have to type or type they then and find all these cancelled checks that Nancy filled out in full and wrote her full name and the full check and she clearly had no problem hand right thing around so that the whole thing where she could only sign an initial, because she simply couldn't write any more, is it they immediate, that's cast doubt is cast on to that as well. Then they are thinking. If Bob's claim is true, that Nancy couldn't hold a pen long enough to write
her full name. How did should hold a gun, long enough, gray, question there are murdering began to people her own children upstairs and then herself was so then these, looking at the crime scene, photos and they see first all they notice that the bullet wound is in the front of her head here at all though, based on the amount of gunshot as I do, that on her forehead. They I realise that the gun must be at least six inches away, occur from her head when it was fired, which would mean that as us as opposed to the typical spot where someone would hold a gun up its then I'm doing this is another visual aspect, but essentially it's as if she held the gone as far forward in front of her yet and shot that way, which they say is
but almost unheard array just not not doesn't happen, basically everything once they re, examine everything points away from suicide and to murder. Meanwhile, Bob is still in Durango. He stays therefore, more years after Sharon's death and then in June of nineteen. Ninety eight he moves to or when a Pennsylvania, telling friends and co workers keys, moving to connect with a woman. He met on line, but he's back two months later, so that didn't work out. He's now now he's in grand junction, so it doesn't move its three hours out their drank. Oh, he doesn't move backdoor anger and he he moved her grand junction. He joins the local theatre, cause he loves, he loves to perform. He. Reconnects was an old friend. The three year old woman named Judy Healthy and soon there living together, but this whole time there
The whole county sheriff's office is watching him and has their eye on him cause they're slowly trying to the case- and they know now that he has this new woman in his life so that their own o clock engender, We have ninety. Ninety nine there the shares in connect with other investigators from the FBI. So because donnas death happened on federal grounds. The FBI is involved so they're they're talking the sheriffs erupt, how can he shares are talking to the FBI, the Eu S Department of the Interior National Park Service, the Arizona assistant view s attorney so there's tongue? of different factions. Is that are involved in trying to like analyze and solve these cases and crimes and their try their basically all trying to work together to assemble all everything that they know about him and his history. Everything meanwhile Bob's now sixty seven years old and in
MR two thousand he's in rehearsal for a play and all of a sudden he blanks and can't remember his lines and like has kind of like a weird moment, so he goes to the doktor. He cause he's also been he's had weird problems with this coordination. His visit vision has been failing, he's having a hard time concentrating he finds out that he has terminal brain cancer so he tells Judy about it. So they decide to get married causes. You know that the prognosis is not good for Harrison one September. First, two thousand Bob Spangler marries his fourth wife, so Bob tells everyone about cancer and he starts. Basically,
is pulling people aside at work. He's telling his friends in I've terminal brain cancer he's also starting to write letters to people explaining what he's going through. So there's a woman that was friends with Bob who had been interviewed by the authorities about him and she he gets one of these letters, and so she contacts this the sheriff Office to let them know that Bob basically as terminal cancer. So, though, so so, The thinking now is that he's gonna want it confessed It was crying because the basically maybe by wouldn't Anthea yeah, ok, so the need investigator Paul good men, he does I'd say: he's just gonna open he's going to start a conversation with Bob and see if he can't kind of play on what he thinks might be a conscience to start to say hey. This might be a good time to start telling us some stuff that you haven't been telling us He says that quote. He told the good mental
the Damn proposed quote, we not on his door. He didn't seem surprised. It was strange he did seem like he was expecting us. There was no reaction. He just said, oh hello, so the first day of questioning last like four hours, and they ask Bob about all three incidents. The deaths of Nancy David and Susan Donna's followed the Grand Canyon and about Sharon's overdose, and it's actually super genius. They talk about this in crime stories, because the F B, I did a profile on him and they said, if he's a truce psychopath, that he, what they need to do to get him to open up is to play up his employer. Ray so their basically saying we, in Europe. Fascinating! You ve done all these things. We need to study. You need to tell us what, you ve done and how you did it so that we can study you and learn from me on my it and they they actually set up a room and made it look like there.
A full on task force like trying to crack the case, and he they said that he walked in immediately loved it. They could tell that he was just he loved that idea that he was there to educate them and so basically tells them their quote, naming one too many when they when they lay out. These are all the crimes or looking at that, we think you're involved with he says, there's one too many he take So basically he indicates that he's taking responsible responsibility for two out of the three incidents, but not confirming anything with an outright confession. So they take a break and they say it will come back tomorrow and talk some more and in this second interview, that's when Bob Spangler finally admits that he'd murdered his first wife Nancy and he murdered his children David in Susan Spangler in nineteen. Seventy eight he said
the day of of them murders. He brought Nancy down into the basement of their Littleton Colorado, home sadder in a chair and tells He hasn't Christmas eyes for her answer sir down and tells her close her. I now that's yellow and then he p, had he had already hid in the gun in the basement. So when she closed her eyes, he pulled it out and shoots her in the head back. He had already gone he says he had already gotten her two initial a blank piece of paper and then he typed up that note. That was supposed to be a hot, unquote suicide note at afterward long at that he left in a typewriter making it look like she sitting at the desk. Writing this note. So then he goes upstairs. He doesn't assumes bedroom first
shoots her. While she sleeping then he goes into David's Bedroom and David has heard at least one of the gunshots and so he's governing getting up out of bed and that's why he's shot in the chassis? As he's knows, it's his father and his basically half out of bed when TIM citizens boyfriend find tonight yeah, so he he didn't. This is really terrible part, but date didn't die right away so Bobby. Lurch, suffocated, hammer the pillow yeah they they. He admits to all of this. Basically, he tells investigators he killed them because he was tired of family life and his girlfriend didn't like children. So he thought killing his entire family was quote easier, all the way around. Oh my god,
so then they move onto Bob's third wife, Donna, son living and at first he Bobby's, hesitant to confess that he murdered her because he's afraid her kids will file a civil suit against her fucking asshole. Yet so, but they they get him to do it, and he basically describes planning out the whole scheme first from picking that the perfect spot along the trail to the moment that they stood face to face at the edge of that clear before he pushed her off and into the Grand Canyon, but he yeah so huge that, he met admits an entirely, which is obvious, of course, the way I told area like, but up until that point it was. He had it perfectly cover in every way. We can think about. Her knowledge and hearse. Her face being a young there isn't a her knowledge and Samuel heartbreaking interest.
Is what makes him such an a monster at just it's that something it's what its monster he does vehemently deny having anything to do with Sharon's death, though he says that that was her either accidental or intentional overdose. That one of the agents on the case says the Bob Quote told our investigators during the confession. It was his opinion that he was a model citizen and a good human being accepted in two days of his life when he did something terrible, he can say he was a good citizen, but his actions on two days of his life took away thousands. Some days of the lives of four people, I mean that
and that China rationale is like also so of that that clearly here a person whose brain isn't working the way everyone else's brain works, like you have actually rationalized down to just oh it's just too dated, and only two days I was bad and the rest. I was great or it's like. I know I disagree. It doesn't work that way when Spangler Confession, spread across the state. Many, His friends and acquaintances are shocked They believe to be such a nice man who can never do anything like that, so police arrest, Bob Spangler on October. Third, two thousand, he appeared in federal court. Three days later, he plead guilty to first degree murder he sentenced to life in prison and they say in their crimes, raise up his head when he walks into the courtroom. It's like he's walking on stage he. He has a big smile on his face. He
banks at his current wait any longer Michael Petersen running so Michael Petersen. He doesn't. He never looks at any of the victims, families or any of his. You know extended family r, L, Europe a photo of him rockwork. What's his lot with the last name: Spangler. It looks like any like a shop teacher like he's a bald guy with a white beard. Oh yeah he's a total shop teacher re here. He is kind of person who could see him playing up the role of It's me yeah this and the good guy Maria Grandpa features a little. They all got big big, weird smile, dead eyes. While in prison, donors. The kids do file as civil suit again by another person suspected they would then God here they come that their mothers, murder hurt them financially and that Bob and his current Judy are responsible for compensating them in that suit was settled in April of two thousand one
So nine months after his conviction on August fifty two thousand one Bob Spain. Or dies in prison at the age of sixty eight, and that is the story of the family and I later and serial killer Bob Spangler Pat Fucking Asshole I'll get to die of natural causes. What a piece of shit and have I mean just of chance after champions, like John John, less times, five horrible drowsed, but they are Why? How the fact that the idea, but two days in my life I was bad, but otherwise I'm not a man person. I was a model. Citizens not have a fucking works, dude, the the merger many of us are in doing that many days, Let's take, let's actually, pull those two days and really Take a look at them cause I'm gonna talk about here. It's like that's what we're talking about when we tell these horrible stories. Words like this behaviour, isn't
normal and it isn't like it. It's just like this, is it's so beyond? on the pale than that that day. One day there It wasn't just as his own families lives in nineteen, so need that he took away, but all the surrounding family and friends and love lonely and poor TIM. The boyfriend who you know like is never going to stop being affected by that date. Families that the son and daughter would have had an affected and the piano they would have made. There lives better, and you know what they would have and with their lives, all of that away and the Maldives, and that you know the guy. I myself on a twenty, it's not just as twenty four hour period that you made some mistakes area, got Sonia while great job our rights.
So the story I M doing that brought up in a many sewed thing this week or last week and it's a story I'm obsessed with whom I have been following since it happen, thought through airs ago and when I found you hadn't, heard about it and want to wait until it got solved, but I thought you didn't hear. Hadn't heard about it, I thought maybe so many people hadn't it's such a solvable case and drives me fuckin crazy. So this is the Delphi murders I mean This is my back and one of my rabbit hall ready late at night story. Is it I can't stop thinking I got an fell from India STAR a medium article by Julie, fiddler. Whose true crime blogger the Indy channel dot com article by Katy Cox, investigation discovery, it's on all of the channels are so much. You can read about a website called the serum fact ready
ABC News, dot com and then there's too, I could seasons of two different pod casts about this: to give you some information and they an interview. The family, members of the murder, victims, ones called down the hill and one's called scene of the crime, and they both really good and then murder squad didn't episode about it like an emperor suit which, on Walsh about it and then friend the family, the true crime, investigative journalist and author James Runner has a? U too, like a bunch of two videos. He called virtually detective that you can much and he goes to Delphi and Like studies, what happened so so I maintain that the town of Delphi, it's about seventy miles outside of Indianapolis and it's really rule at surrounded by a corn fields and farm land. It's got a population of under three thousand, so
that's very small and it's a kind of place where everyone has everyone ad close knit it's very safe, very little crime and the town has one main street. The goes from the jail to the library and surrounded by, like wouldn't beautiful nature and hiking trails and nature walks that are really popular with people who are under that and the locals, so Monday February, thirteenth, twenty seventeen, its February February, but its unseasonably warm and beautiful out it's a sunny day and the local kids are unexpectedly, given the data the score. So they're stoked and two of those kids are friends, Abigail Williams, whose thirteen and liberty, German, whose fourteen and those girls go by Abbey and Libby soda
girls are classmates in their small eighth grade class there on the volleyball team, together with an only child and lived with her mom and her cat, bongo and she's close with her grandparents sheet. Her Hobbes are horseback. Writing she loves to reach is really smart. Quiet and shy, but warms up, easily and mixed friends easily just the sweet little, bleak, Earl, Libby was the youngest of three girls raised by her grandparents and Del fight. Like her whole families from the area on both sides and she, while Abbe was kind of shine Reserve Livy was dislike, like outgoing adventurous girl and she's kind thoughtful person, she stuck up for kids when they were getting bullied. You know She played the sports all year round. She had just gotten into welding, which I think is around for a fortnight here, our girl. I knuckle array of Maybe I'll be was described as a wise
and her years by her family and actually fourteen she's already taken classes at Purdue University, which is nearby at bucking, while genes are clearly she's, really smart, both of them Firstly, the saxophone in the law in the school band they loved arts and crafts. They left photography, they're both abbot sports players. And are also both into true crime and, like they talk about pursuing careers in forensic science one day, I think they were Indonesia Zion stuff, just like You know. What am I worries about. Having kids is that I'll have a daughter, a teenage daughter who was like me, but if It could be promise to girls, they're faculty How MR teenage daughter that was like either of these girls. I would fuckin, do it immediately. They were just like good. Please don't do it, please don't do it! Ok, they're like either like Nora, your niece stairs. Just like these sweet, enthusiastic smart kind, people that get which means those parents, but stood ass every single day to do right by those kids. Even when it was the
thing to do, and even when it was not the fun thing trail and their grandparents osteologist in out they were amazing, everyone after that Monday. The girls don't want to stand side during this beautiful day with a day off. Of course, if they decide to visit the FI historic trails, to take some pictures. You know they asked their families Can we go and it's a popular hiking area where the girls have been before in the past, so them going alone is in a big deal, thirteen and fourteen within that stage, like coming: teenagers, but still kind a young, so run one talk their day, Ladys, older sister Kelsey drops the girls off at the entrance to the trail. That's part of, Delphi, historic trail system, which runs through the valley of the Whitish River in Northwest Central Indiana and the tree The girls are, on that day, it's kind of a small trail to people wide its Nell, by trees, but since the middle of Winter
leads to an eight hundred and fifty foot long abandon wooden railroad bridge called the Mon on high bridge. The old railroad it is one of the tallest bridges in Indiana at sixty three feet. High said several stories above dear Creek, so this is like rushing little river below and its thinking stand by me, you know have to run a crayon railroad track, yet it solely just like that. Actually, I think I'm gonna send you some pictures while we're doing this, so you can an idea yeah, so because it was built in eighteen. Ninety one and abandon and eight nineteen, eighty seven, the wood, the bridges, robbing its disintegrating armada places so crossing it takes some time and you have to really pay attention to wear your stepping, because some of them would chunks. Art is completely right. If you dont want to step on them, and if you go on Youtube, you can find people filming them crossing the bridge and it does look really scary and treacherous
because there is also no sides right. That's really scary, there's note, there's it's just a tracks and the bridge there's absolutely nothing that you could put your hand against exact, there's no side. The exit froze stand by me. I feel like something. If you are you know younger Nude grown up crossing that bridge. It wouldn't be a scared of it as well as you, and I would be you know, Ma Am If you have a few heights, it's not something you want to cross, but it's a beautiful location and the locals treasure the spot. And a little after two p M Libby postal Snapchat photo of Abbe walking across the deserted bridge. So there's no one else on it. We don't say that, two o clock and we don't find out about this until later, but at some point a man crossing the bridge alone. Behind the girls could some out enough, so let me start secretly recording him, ok, which as women, we fucking understand what why, when
Do that? You not? I mean we don't know they had an encounter with him before that creep them out. So when he was crossing, they started foaming and we don't know if it was just the look of him that creep them. But for some reason Libby starts filming. That's her instinct Levies Father shows up at pick a time to drive the girls home he's not really worried when there are not there yet in our thinking. Maybe they were just running behind he sims. Maybe they lost track of time that he starts to worry when there is still no sign of them by four p m and calls, Filippi cell phone don't get picked up, which is not like her at all, so both family search for the girls themselves or for calling the police and then later than that night, still no sign of the girls and a large amount of people searching in the area for them. The sheriff's office released statement to the press, saying there's no reason to suspect foul play or to believe the girls are in and danger by dozens of frontiers look contain until midnight when the searchers officially suspended, and
Some friends and family continued search overnight, right wing like suspending like, I can't imagine, with families were going through in the fuckin search, got suspended at midnight, rich thirteen and fourteen year old girl losses in the woods Ray. You know, yeah the next phase Valentine's day and the search for libyan Abbe resumes and around noon a volunteer searching at the back end of a piece of private property spots. She'll bodies on and the locations about fifty feet from the creek steer Creek and half a mile east of the bridge. The next its confirm that the bodies found or those of Albion Levy and during a press conference after their completed autopsies. The deaths are world homicides and though details on how the girls were killed, are not made public and we still don't have any till they're. So few details about this case, there's a ton of speculation and India. An estate police. They won't say how they were killed, but
In the end, a stately superintendent, Doug Carter calls the murders quote the epitome of evil. Not stated whether or not there its assume there is, and all of that info is still not known. Investigator saying that they're holding some of the case details close serve ass with the goal of halving information that only the killer with no way. They finally arrest him, but now it turns out Livingstone had been found with the bodies of the girl and so Indiana State Police distribute a grainy photo that they sake came from levies found in its actually still from the video that she started taking up the dude crossing the bridge, that's kind of grainy, because it's kind of far away Let me send you, that's yeah, The photos of a man who seems to be falling behind the girls on the bridge white Man has his hands in his pockets. His head,
This took down almost like he's, not even aware of them. You know it's just walking across the bridge, but clearly there is a reason, Libya's filming and continues to found this guy he's wearing and yeah. Sorry, just an inner jirga, please when, you have your hands in your pockets, the the the what's it called are you language experts say you're, hiding something I have something to hide and it's like knowing how treacherous that bridges would if you are release, you wouldn't cross with their hands in your pockets. I know its not unnatural, walk when you're walking across approach like that he's where a bulky blue jacket by car like a windbreaker gene like a flat looking cap n, either along brown shirt or some sort of Fanny Pack, and it does look bulky like he has something in his like. It is closed that properly doesn't it right. Yes, we'll us
I didn't think that was a had. I thought that was his hair. He has. It looks like it looks like that's a part like. He has a big part down the Middle but I mean heinous aiming yes, who knows that's the problem is the Oda. Fuck knows right. And so people's her to speculate that one of the girls must have started taking video of him so that bricks people out to is that she even started like something is wrong. This person and remember. The girls were interested in true crimes. So the fact that she started filming him is endemic. That These officially name the man in the photos, a person of interest in the murderous, but dont give more context to the image on February. Twenty second law enforcement circulates an audio. Recording from the video that was on levies phone because members video, so the sound is really muffled and it almost sounds like he saw taking it like she stuck the phone in her pocket and left video running yet has she didn't want him to see that she was doing? That
and you can hear a man with a deep voice, kind of almost commanding say the words down the hill. So officials say Libya's a hero for being able to tell to take stealthy video. Spite the fact that she must have been scared to even have started, taking video at all and police India that they have additional evidence from the phone that end what she's dead, but that they ve dont want to release it because they don't want a compromise, any further trials, and so there thinking this audio recording and this fucking a photo of Dude in this small town of Indiana: yes, isn't going to catch the guy, you know I mean I think everyone thought that and so when no one's arrested, Indiana State Police distribute the first composite sketch and to send a description of a person with of interest in July because it still haven't worked.
And after they receive information from witnesses who were in the area at the time of Albion, Libya's disappearance their able to make a sketch, because this is a dream it like there's other people out that they have. It's not even that secluded, so rich, The person of interest is described as a white man between five foot. Sixty five ten, a hundred eighty two to twenty pounds with reddish brown, hair and it shows him wearing flat cap and he's gotta go tee and attacked. Say that the hat cited in the aspect becomes known as the bridge guy and on read it. Just call him Fiji, I also like that's a six months into the investigation. There are more than twenty five police agencies assisting the case every one small town of death I become suspicious of each other. You know every single face, trying to find his face and the Aaron Paranoia gets so bad that the local county prosecutor has to specifically worn residents not to harass, bother or accuse anyone and they have to have to say, stop putting the photos.
Side by side of the sketch cause. Fuck and everyone looks like him, but it This is the thing like this is the thing of these stories like this is a town that too little girls get killed. Lay people want something to come. Martha right. They want forward movement. They want obviously justice like that idea that it's it's intent is so good yeah and the results of the mistakes of that intent are so bad, yes and in which opens the door into the entire other conversation. But it's like yeah when PETE, when you ve got a town, that's already emotionally charged it then, It can go wrong so easily, and it also can be said that when the police, agency give gives such a little information to go on. There's going to be Our people are gonna, do they're, gonna panic, so ain't my
after the murders and after having investigated more than twenty four thousand tips and in being five hundred people. Polish. Police. Finally name ape percent of interests and announced that he's in custody. Thirty and thirty one year old, convicted sex offender named Daniel Nations is arrested. On September, twenty fourth on a charge of weapons possession in Colorado: where he lives and nations also has an expired, Indiana license plate which ties him back to the surrounding area, Delphi, so there's a lot of similarities between nations and the composite sketch released by police. Let me send it. Can I send you that? Yes, please very similar aid, the family downturn. Mouse goatee lack big eyes, wide set eyes. I mean it looks I am also suffer the ear. Sorry, the totally look up
so they also believed that nations who was allegedly threatening people with a hatchet on a hiking trailing Colorado. In my, The also the same person is shot and killed. Bicyclist on that same trail at a different time, so he's definitely adieu, he's fucking threatens people with a hatchet on a trail, and he might also be someone who killed someone on a fucking hiking trail. So nations has lately lengthy criminal. History is required to registered us as a sex offender in two thousand and seven after being convicted indecent exposure for exposing homes. I was sitting in his car and a parking lot and later are flashing eye, woman and child in previous years. He is when he stationed at Camp Le June he's charge for indecent exposure four times charged once well spartan Burg, South Carolina and twenty sixteen he's convicted of public and decency in Indiana for fondling, someone in a public place
got spying on women and masturbating in a woman's restroom and a gas station he's convicted domestic abuse in Indiana, a number of other minor convictions and nations wife's its heat, so he's married. He and she says he Didn'T- have access to a car in the day, the murders and that the day after when the girls, bodies were found, she had driven him to his weekly sex offender check in so I'm giving him an alibi and but according to her, they watched the news coverage of Abbey and levies, murder, which It is also a red flag of summons to interested in it. And while she's like you, I totally looks like the composite sketch, but he doesn't own any of those clothing that wouldn't match, and In January, twenty eighteen he's transfer the Indiana custody for failure to register as sex offender and everyone. Like this is fucking Aunt Joanna any minute here, this is the problem in a literally looks exactly like him, and this, the that pick
and then, when you go backwards because there's not enough detail in this picture, but with the detail that there is there, I can see it exactly like it looks exactly like. I say you look too much like him don't go too much because there's more! No, I want I want to know about so everyone's like he key, transfer the Indiana Fuckin custody. This is fucking, it they finally caught the killer, but in early February. Twenty eighteen authorities say that nations is no longer consider that it is considered an active person of interest and the Delphi murderers. Do you think that might mean? there might be some kind of a dna comparison and we don't they. Don't they dont data, alas, and it's almost like give us a little more information, which I think is one of the frustrations about this case, and I don't want to talk shit on the investigators, I'm sure they have a rime and reason, and hopefully a really good at their job. But it's almost like it's not enough information, but he's not he's not take. Not the suspect list and he's not ruled out
official is not and he's not ruled out he's just not a person of interest rate now and so far, the town of Delphi, who thought that justice was about to be served its a huge blow and they don't get a good reason as to why he's not anymore on January, twenty nineteen, here's another suspect. Forty six world, Charles Andrew Eldridge, is arrested during an undercover sting operation and Union City Indiana. He thought he was going to, a thirteen year old girl for sex, but is greeted by an undercover cop. Instead, an following his arrest he's charge with two counts of child molestation. One kind of temperature molestation and one count of child solicitation. He becomes a percent of interest in the Delphi case after his buckshot, as aired on the news and tips. Yours call him and I, like your. He beckoned looks exactly like the sketch so many asian answering I am this is a big problem with it is like every one fucking so now look at this one
the different direction, but it does look like he kind of looks like chunk from the Goonies but also, but he looks just like the sketch re any also. He looks like the first guy. I mean that's crazy, because its gas, it's very similar and also in the picture of the actual man. Which also is not. We don't know for a fact that that is what, if that was just some guy out walking, that's exactly right, but they don't. They didn't tell us this ok the little get worse, so it always does just amazing, because when you have very little like when the thing when the piece of evidence words like a could be this guy, but its Vigna, then you're just trying re Retro, let it all you have to go on and someone rather it's always like you know. Every man in the MID West could look like this fucking scottish ray. You know they mean it like that. Alpha he's wearing crossing the bridge is what everyone fucking islands and the. But it's not interesting.
Clearly is probably a choice right wearing a hat having everything kind of obscured like that, our aid is perfect and having your head took downward alone, or is it because maybe he just went over a fucking hike that day in what it was an unknown day off of school? So it's not think he went there looking for our children. It was my knowing that you re yeah yeah, it's There are so many questions about this. So so there like you look just like the branch guy he's got. This dude has a reputation Eldridge for being a purview, fuckin weirdo by regularly posting stories to his multiple Facebook pages about missing children, sex crimes, murders wanted killers, and even plenary, where no I feel a little better tat. We are not middle aged creepers, Odin man, it's impossible in the different one. Gagging you don't you think? Yes, it technically is Then at the same time that's kind of thing: we're lake Boy,
that would mean we're suspect number one. If anything happened near us, because we have the same, they get that, but we're doing, and as with an angle of solving these crimes and fixing it and my fail. If you can read the text and no like if someone stoked and getting off on this shit, he I mean even post stories about Albion Levy days after their bodies are found. So he's posting shit ok hold on. Let me show you one more thing about him before you say anything. He openly admits to F B. I am local and state police that to having multiple sexual encounters with minors, under the age of thirteen which I'd like to point out is an intellectual encounters, footnote, rape and molluscs dashing that's rape and multinational, not call it sexual encounters, but they don't have any concrete evidence that links him to the murders. Ok, so like you gotta, hope, DNA, you gotta and there's a multiple other suspects, I'm not getting into cause. Ah similarly like Nagy Shit and you just hope, there's dna that their testing right. You know yet about
two years after the murders, investigators have interviewed over a thousand people, including possible witnesses from that that day suspects. Anyone who may have information about suspicious activity on the day that the guy went missing, but nothing has led to an arrest or definitive suspect and its core. There's a pic there's cases that have less evidence than this Beckett sobbed quicker great we have. I think everyone was like. This will be solved immediately. I remember when it happened, and it was like, thank God that girl took video. Then it's not working. So on April. Twenty second neck, twenty nineteen, so the here this morning it's fucking July. No, it's August, it's all get what is happening so well frightened April twenty second, twenty nineteen Indiana State police hold another press conference, and this time they announced their moving in a new direction. In this case, like this shit's not working, let's try something else for ass. They release a brain video clip
the bridge guy walking along the bridge so that that photo oh, that they have an image, is still of the video which is really grainy and hard to see and clearly was from far away. They release it as a one second video which I'm an issue which, on this issue, hold on you just her. You, just heard it sorry. Ok, so they release the one second video of him walking on the bridge, the same video, The still from his gait is weird and acknowledge that, because he's walking along the wooden slats, so they they put it out there to like it. People, someone who knows this man and knows the way he walks. They put it out there. So someone more identify him, but he's bucking different because he's on the average, so they want the wooden identical like I immediately and if I him, because of that which is where the enhancement fast as if he had walked this path many times right, he's just fuckin
movement, along on this bridge that you and I would be slowly taking a little steps over and they have. This guy James rent in front of the family, he's the investigative journalist and an author he's at Billy Jensen type, I'm sure they are best friends He read the book. True crime, attic He said he and I were messaging on Instagram, because I know he has been involved in this case and he said quote me. He said I went out to the bread when I visited the family and I couldn't even step out on to it. He said you don't a sense of the scale from the photos, it's so high and so old you if you look at him and the photos and video he's not he's striding across it, and that tells me cross that bridge a lot probably since he was a kid he's, not scared of falling he's, a local. That's. What James told me yes Andy's walking with his hands in his pockets, which, aside from the body language, is also difficult. It makes balancing twice as hard, so here,
he's going across it, though Firstly, I think, as he's trying to fool he's, trying to present an image of a casual. Now dangerous right, arson and the girls now I guess, presently there's audio because they did let the family listen to the audio that more of the audio, then it's a dead and at the end of the bridge like yours, it's true passing if you keep hiking so the girls were stuck at the either under the bridge politics, on a cross and pass him all right. So that's what James had and then so police also recent release another piece of the audio. So you just heard the down the hill part that they released earlier and our own Like all I got. This is exciting. We're gonna hear his voice. More someone's can identify it, but all they release is him before He says down the hill. He says guys and that so it's guys down the hill. So addresses them yet, and so
first, they dont tell us what, but something about that command is meaning well to them in a lot of people speculate that maybe referring the two young girls as guys is like a military thing aura. You know us teach something a teacher would say like who accidents like hates. You know from you he's from the MID West for Michigan like who addresses women as guys there. It's not really. It doesn't seem like promoting the man he kind of speculated but who the notice, but it means something it mean some. We're supposed to find something in it her you know domain like what your dad. Why are you guys guys? I got your dad? Would guys, yeah, that's true! It's it's kind of lake this is wilds at as per year, wild speculation? That's literally pot its apparently come podcasting,
purely at a purely uneducated, and obviously this is that there's someone I know, I'm dying to know your opinion because of it feels to me like, in the way he's trying to present himself as non threatening. Sickly, talking to them like a like a gym teacher like you're, saying or like guys down the hill not saying Ladys he's not addressing their gender or what he thinks. That means it's you, It's almost like business as usual or like you knew this was aiming almost I mean who not? Who knows it's got it so weird, and so maybe they ask him a question before that right. They had some kind of interactions. So he saying yes, it's me again, you guys lay. Let me tell you my theory in a minute. You know it can. I just say this reminds me this. This is such a cuff links conversation totally, the cuff links from all the gown in the dark, because everything has meaning when it's one internet,
self case and a question mark everything needs to be poured over and then who knows, it's just opinion is all opinion habit. Like someone It could be right and the more you I guess, that's what really maybe one of the reasons that I thought of doing this case. Finally, even I really didn't want to do it so awful and help us solve, but when there is a part in all begun in the dark on the H Bio Series where they blend, they show this. The witness sketch of the like the sailor ransack or like one of the sketches of him and blended into that time period of Joseph De Angelo, and it never hit me and tell them how much it fucking looks like him. I was how bad the sketches Warren than they did. That and I was like how did nobody see this and go that's the guy? That's my brother in law is best friend that I saw two barbecue, that's the guy. I wish to work with how to no one do that and its eye because it was towns over and so no one would ever see it, but also
He made that transition, which is another very psychopathic thing of base, quickly, more Fang for use. So when he was a vice ceiling, ransack her he looked different than one year was later a cop in our auburn, or you know a mechanic in such sites or whatever, like the he looked different through while the years like entirely, but at the same time I think that if enough people had seen that sketch as they can now because the internet, and maybe because of this pact, casts some one will someone few towns overrun by failure will say Holyoke had a kind of looks like, I'm just gonna get clear my mind and call it in nobody has ever. Let's go back. The an rule, TED Bundy story where eight zero they knew after makes a managed. They knew gold bug guy named TED and she is like now. So I feel like it's that its there when we have these ideas, pictures and our head of who people are that
stuff is two out of bounds and in saying we just consider Agence someone would do something. That's a great here. You have read my anyway; they also release a second sketch, so there's a new sketch of the suspect and looks like a completely fucking different person than the first sketch wow tat sets out of in the first video I watch that comes a second and it's entirely different, completely different right, so it It's a much longer younger face. It's a completely different person. It looks like it could be the skies son, and I am also who is the second sketch from so so it confuses everyone. Indiana state police sergeant can rarely said. The new sketch was not another. Take on the man in the video, but was another person entirely, and this person depicted in the first sketch was not presently a person of interest in this investigation. So the first sketch, with the goat, t that everyone who
I got question. Look like isn't someone to even fucking consider turns out, but they don't tell us why this person is now the person to focus on an they don't tell us why they released that first sketch and why he's not part of it anymore right in, and which kind of hidden guides people crazy? Understandably, yes, in time, so they update the description of the suspect to be a man between eighteen and forty years old, but they say that he could appear younger than he actually as a younger face. They say Well, we don't want to say the old sketches, not involved. We just want to say that this new sketch is more indicative of what we're looking for at this time. So like everyone's like are there to people involved? What are you talking about and there's a bunch controversy, of course, because a lot of people feel like time is, wasted had been wasted because their searching for the wrong fucking face altogether and turns out that the new sketch was actually made days after the girls were found. So it's the original sketch, but it took this.
Actually really set, which it upsets people, obviously yeah. And the last thing investigators reveals that they believe the man who murdered Libyan Abbe, currently or previously a lives Delphi, this tiny town of three thousand people or works. In town or visits on a regular basis. So it's a fucking because a lot of someone like what's right by this. He whose Heartland highway, so he could have been a trucker everywhere course. You know we gonna trucker. By apparent This bridge is really hard to find, like even people who are from town people write about our, but I didn't know it existed or going to try to find it and can't it's. It's a local fucking place right, Maybe you grew up there and moved away when you're young, who the fuck knows This of course terrifies a small town in the families of the girls as well. Knowing that a murderer could live among them, you know Go to the grocery store in the fuckin dude bag
no groceries could be the murderer yet so here's, the there's tons of theories are signs of little TED bets, the only one I meant to get into because I really like it may think. It's interesting, I dont know if it has any new do with it is ok, there's this thing called GEO cashing. Yet You know that is, I sure, do how do you know about it? I didn't know that our this, if it is like one of the first interesting things, are things that I found of interest when the internet came out like I never cared about chat rooms, I was rooms where the weirdest eighteen April message boards. I wanna go where you post of that decision, note on a website. I don't get you don't know what you're talking to him. You don't know or if they are saying who they are three old whenever but GEO cashing is its people go and very interesting little its treasures. Rivulets like it's a treasure, you prepare
it treasure hunting, but then you are given what the coordinate? Yes, so I wrote it's like an outdoor treasure hunting activity like a scavenger hunt in which members it's like an online geo caution. Community you're, like you, sign up in your part of this community peep they navigate to specifics a specific set of GPS coordinate. So if you're, a member you'll bury want to be like here, the coordinates and all over the world, it's a kind of like families, come and do it or people. You know, adventurers are fuckin. If someone is like a trucker. Entrap is a lot that might be a fun thing for them to do to make it the boring on the road in enemy inadequate, but they also like it's also not gonna, be the exact coordinates, so it kind of a fine little treasure hunt and players will sometimes leave a small token behind. So I think that they leave like a box and you can put a little
a toy or whenever the note into the box and then usually there's a gas booking. You sign the gas but can say when you found it so people, no one last time it was found was, and you can take a token We find it only one would ever more turns out that not only were levy and her older sister Kelsey GEO Cash hers. There's a cash at the moment on high bridge oh what k, I just thought was a fucking interesting, but wait being Kelsey had found the cash a couple days prior to the murders and Kelsey had log the cash. That's according to though I might be wrong about that, but that's what I read and at this conference to this new news conference, where the like war changing direction. It's a big fucking deal this news conference. An Indiana State Police superintendent, Douglas Carter addresses the killer. In a really
heavy way and says quote: We believe you are hiding in plain sight and may even be in this room well, the GEO cashing like tat wine or motto, is hiding in plain sight. Is it so, some of us think that him saying we believe you are hiding in plain sight, is a message to the killer. That you know that there's a GEO cashing NGO, like we know who you are, and we just need to find the right evidence. What weird wording like sounds life's Klein, no sorry I mean I likely connection and I think it's definitely possible and it makes sense going along with the other behavior, where there being so guarded about whatever their release area, that they would be speaking in code and ingredients. Releasing has to mean something because all releasing so little re Mummy and I made
but also hiding in plain sight is a very common phrase and media is used, and that idea it's. The way here it's a delivery at its labour yeah yeah, but I think it is that thing if we could also just be saying, because this happens like it. It put me in the mind of I think it's season, one of mind hunter where they go to the like: the Pennsylvania town and there had been a murder there and they were like they're telling everybody there telling the were at home. Yes and their that thing of like it's someone here and then it's like basically saying in times again like little feller, they don't run and move to a different re. Often I ranger know it It's someone that is. Has the perfect mass and is comfortable there and someone made a really good, quaint unready as well. That was like you know if it's a fucking resident of this three thousand town through that and people town. Someone would have seen them, but then there are like you know, there's like there.
They could be a second or third shift worker that lives at night. And goes out. You know, doesn't actually interact with people during the day. So no one would see him at the grocery store he's there at fuckin if thirty in the morning or whatever you know, but you can also be one of those kind of feeling it there. Some killer words like that, the perfectly neutral, like the people that have learned to camouflage themselves in the light of day words, you would never notice you would never twice. This is not a person who stands out in any way, and that's all on purpose, and that I, on the bridge, is worrying bulky closed. So that could be a fuckin skinny. A shit do no one looks twice out because he doesn't have the build up of the bridge guy right. Well, I mean I wish there was more information I feel like. I feel like. I feelings investigators ex keep expecting the tiniest piece of evidence to get this solved because it so
obvious and it's not happening, and they need to release a little more because putting eyes to down the hill. What, then, in something there's a reason they did that, but who the button, but it in work. It's fucking worry well and also usually from what I've seen and read in the past. Usually they had, they keep once per specific. It's not they don't keep. Everything and then were listening is one at a time like that's. Usually it's like there is. There is a bit more or shared, but they just withhold something that is murder, lamb and that time re cigarettes, because it is, does make sense to that's like there's a bunch of people who are connecting these, the smart these murders to other murders across the country, but we can't really do that because we don't know how they were killed. We don't know any of their
Natures, so it's impossible to do that and maybe it would be easier solve if we knew that it was connected to a murder. You know a state over, maybe not pull We I'm saying we yeah just when I log on read it all the time like NEA. So in this citizen detectors, it's almost like there needs to be a jet another. People need to start to understand the kind of work that people can do from their home and I think they're starting to learn it. But it's like yeah put that information out there, especially right now. Would we have the time on our hands, nothing to do but help you now right boy or fuck it up, because we could also fuck it up. Really bad was a true true self anyways, so and the three and a half years since their deaths police, have received over forty thousand tips during the course of the investigation and as an end of now, as of now known, new leads have appeared, the Indiana
their police say they still receive new tips about the Delphi murders almost daily. And there's two state trooper shoe Carol, county, sheriffs deputies and Adele Fi City police officer and someone from the someone from the process Here's office working regularly on the case as do many internet slaves, and sometimes the FBI assists, but more it's a dead end right now, but it's not a cold caisson They. They reiterate that I'm the reward for information leading to the arrest of the Delphi killer is over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars man out of against small donations from the community fund razors an increase It's a ninety seven thousand dollar donation from Retired Indianapolis, cults, Punter, Pat Mccarthy and C O an owner of the team, Jim or say, which is like. I told events that too I was like. Do you know who pat Mcafee is without a doubt, and it turns out? he's about to be like start wrestling and
So, like I've been talking shit on him, this whole time now it now. I need to go back and be like he's actually good guy. As of activity, as is their, let that let that new information inform European is right. The fact. Twenty nineteen levies grandmother Becky Patty a who you can hear talk in these other podcast cancer, but she's a positive knowing that, even if she loses her battle, she will get to see her granddaughter in Heaven. Becky says at the FAO Families have asked police to release more information and she believes they do have dna, which is good abbeys mother, who is pretty private, poor woman Anna is frustrated that three years have gone by, but his grateful that no one has forgotten the case, Libby sister Kelsey, isn't this incredible fuckin women and advocate she has become an advocate for the hunt of her sister and abbeys killer and she even changed her college. Major from
indications to forensics cause she's LAO. I want to help other families solve cases. Like this she's passing at about cap, she told James Runner as a way to keep going and honour her sister, she said quote: I want to be the person. I saw Libya as so outgoing and fun and talking to everybody, if there's two, if they were so alive. Today, Libby would be seventeen and a half an hour. Abby would have just turn. Seventeen in June, and that is the yet to be solved. Murders solvable it's so fucking. Of about its soluble that more information in cigarette released they have did they have to share more information. Right person needs to see him walking across the bridge, even with the weird gate or the person needs to hear guys down they like it. Just or they put out more information for sure. I have to say they need.
Now they need a Michel Mcnamara, try. It sounds like it It could be Kelsey, it's annoying she's trying to do and which is beautiful. But oh, my god it's too much for like two family members can be expected in their how totally and yes I do. You recommend down the hill, but it is dark. The pod cast is called down the hill or ports the crime are the two podcast. You can listen to it with me information and like a lotta, get interviews and and then tons of Youtube video of the- of the location which is like hard to picture, and I mean at one and the amazing I'm definite gonna, look at all that's down, because that is really fascinating and also its Felix. Sometimes when things happen in small towns, there's more activation around it, because it is that thing we're
people knowing people you're one degree away, as opposed to when things are in bigger cities and it's easier to have that kind of bee. Deluded it in that way. It it makes me think of one Polly class went missing in my entire town was in em in an hour down his way, bigger than Delphi. It feels like a silent hound. It's very it's a very small town feeling town in it, and it is it is that kind of thing and yeah. It's just we want to protect their babies, seawater, protect China is the point of view at the point of community and and it's a point of knowing your neighbors and caring about your neighbors and learning who they are and then also for that for lots of reasons to care about them and to also then be aware I have whose around you What should we do? look in her eyes sui I we share. She certainly shares that was greatly grandchild. You think, young. I really think you
Aren't you gonna go ahead, go first! Okay. This is from Instagram from doktor Underscore tickles. No, I think it's an animal account. Not a real. It's, not real doktor authority this one says my fucking hooray after losing my sweet, pure bred, siamese baby. Unexpectedly, during this time at home, I was looking for a rescue kitten and ended up doping one and a puppy most quarantine. Anything I've done other than learn how to play the ukulele, but Luna and Baby Georgia hard Stark, have been the best fucking her rays ever and I have loved watching them grow together, press you're wondering where love you. My thoughts on your diary is listening. I was listening, but then you're, just like me,
as time is mere mean, urges like neared you're not allowed to write in on fuzzy hurries Georgia. What should I name my cat favouring a charge on hard stars? What right Kitty Kitty Prairie Giddy Parry? wanna hear mine. Fuckin hooray my fucking. Her is after being sexually harassed at my job for two years by my boss, who doubled as age are, in parentheses, o the joys of small companies. I not only was finally able to get out of my contract, but was immediately hired at a new company, while starting a new job remotely during a pandemic is not ideal. I am also grateful that I did not have to choose between my mental health and making money God. Although the past two years, I've really taken a toll on me, I'm so lucky to have a good support system. My best advice for those who may be going through something similar is do not keep this to yourself, fine people to strengthen and comfort. You write every
and down that so true, right, everything down for processing purposes and in case somehow, in some way justice is able to be served. You're not defined by what is said or told to you and you are loved a hay amazingly regulation, Somalia, job ere, you got through. It works Have you issue prouder yourself? That's amazing yeah so gun this one's from four to me Grammy, Underscore Etsy I want to hang out with right now. She just makes golden girls. Posters were also- and maybe you guys are fucking re. As my fucking array, I started my at sea store at age. Sixty eight hell, yeah anyone can start at any age. I just needed some help from my grandkids. There were also from Instagram Harass, lad Just do they say what the let's look about per annum and look it
It turns out she's selling heroin, and this is where, but it's like a lot acute omair the door. Look at this. Minimalist, stoner joint, rolling embroidery. Look at that! wow. It's ok it's a tiny embroidery, chew the idle hands, rolling, a giant o guide, and it's the car twenty Grannie support her on at sea or them, I should say, awesome portmanteau dry, but cats of
very cool ass. No come this one says hello. All my fucking hurry isn't anything crazy, but it feels like a big deal to me. I'm a nurse in Ohio will thank you in camp and this February, a transition from working on a step down floor to the icy you were. The patients are much sicker. I started seeing a lot more deaths and I ever had on my all my floor and even those who lived on always have a great quality of life. It started away me down emotionally. I also work the night shift, which doesn't help my mental health at all to the point where I drunkenly emailed my manager, one eye asking her for some advice. After having a particularly rough few weeks of patients, she was the sweetest and referred me to our employee assistance programme for me to start getting some therapy for how to cope with all of this loss of life. It's something I wanted to do for a while, but was holding out on, because I wanted to feel as tough as some of the other. I see you, nurses, I work with which seemed who seemed like they were coping just fine. It turns out being tough means being mentally strong enough to handle this shit and there's nothing like an that's. Nothing therapy can't help with
thanks Ladys for all the last year. The best- and I can't wait, hopefully see you on to her one day when the world doesn't sucks so much Rachel, amazing of, are what it look That's because you got there in a lightly drunkenly way doesn't mean it wasn't a great decision only and that sometimes at how we have to do it because asking for help, especially if you're raised by certain people who teach you that asking for help is bad, can be really difficult, sometimes especially yeah. If you're surrounded by over achiever bad ass. I see you, nurses, you don't wanna, be the weak link but death. I believe that all the time and all you can do is become a better nurse for them, by going to therapy, all you can do is become better at being your house and that's going to help so many people and this increase from a career each chosen were all you're doing is helping people. We asked listing, and yet you deserve all the support area. Thank you. My priority. We are genuinely fucking credible listeners.
This one's Frahm, Athens from me, teeny act, my fucking array, after having Mongol for the past two weeks for not feeling like myself a little depressed lots of anxiety due to the pandemic, my six year old and I were driving home from a dentist appointment and he said to me out of nowhere quote you're a good mom. I said you think so and he So yes, I love you and I said, of you to honey, bunny and I turn up the music- a little bit and drove the rest of the way home, Terry I'd centre, mom's just need that little reassurance that we are still good moms, regardless of our mental health, Hag, ass, Sd Gm six years old. I want to say like as an adult My mom once told me,
It was like ninety ninety and she was at a stop laid and suddenly she had just are taking prozac and suddenly hit her that she wasn't depressed anymore and how depressed she had been, and I have to remind her that yeah I have been going through her depression to foot at that for ten years yeah so you're, not you need take care of your mental health for your children as well, because they due notice that shit and whether or not it you know they just want to take care of you or they're, getting an inner whatever it is. It's it's I trust your mental health that point it's your children's, you're, standing of who their parent is. Yet after someone, who's on Prozac and taking care of themselves is away better example than someone who is suffering depression, YAP, Magyars, yeah, absolutely
Ok, here's my last one, my fucking, her is actually my four year old daughter is fucking hurry on the same note, because she can't type for shit after her quarantine, style birthday, parade of family members driving by dropping off presence on our driveway. She discovered that not one but two of the dress, as she received the look of pure joy on her face ass. She discovered this for the first time in her little life was too much to handle. What else could I say but welcome to our world let's do it at that! its precious. You can have another, Mr Nichols Thou destroy, that's what you can do a great idea. Every is still to this day. Every time I get addressing has pocket. I get fuckin stoked. I mean Oh funny, debts you now for joy, It's a church, joy second pockets. Man, packages,
I'd, be the solution- everything I don't know it could just be an indication. They're, just face pockets no, like hey, hey, hey, oh Jesus! Now that we're coming up on our three, like, I think it's time to rapid down. We send a second like an arrays on Instagram on twitter email on uninformed call, Thank you so much for by suggesting so many stories to us. It so helpful, especially these days, I feel, like I'm doing much more escape, viewing of entertainment than what I used to do, which was much different. Now it's really helping me kind of, and there there's some great ones, do we have there are so many one ones I think I'm excited about. How should I know you are suggesting I have three percent battery left just want to say how lucky we are to have them
most incredible, fucking listeners. This is our job and its. I just. I was going through things that I will and grateful for when, as its beak yesterday, as my therapist had it, creates new neural pathways to even out do that yet this. Obviously, my life, is one in its because of you Karen and Stephen and our listeners key you guys made to happen for us. Thank you for your support and your participation and let's stay sexy and don't get murdered, goodbye Elvis you wanna cookie.
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