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This week K&G discuss Karen's tragic hometown murder, Polly Klaas, as well as the truth behind Kitty Genovese's stabbing. Plus must-watch documentaries and all the banter you can handle.

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this is exactly right erin yes georgia rhythm section is a female led female made action thriller starring blake lively and fearless role as stephanie patrick than ordinary woman who must navigated dangerous new world when she assumed the identity of a spider s film is a greedy and suspense full story of female empowerment as stephanie survival hinges on her intense determination and ability to fight through her weakness directed by red morocco and also starring dude law and sterling k brown the rhythm section isn't theorist january thirty first goodbye
mr about european accounts a higher high we need a way to start this an end this that's like that's clean written distinct
what is it was like gum seventies news cast kind of like together get right let's just in instead it's just me laying down on them by the sea ass you leaning back on the couch i lean back on a couch like kind like an old drug hobo leans on a park bench rights even stephen had put his hand over his now there was that as it is like i'm seeing it's as if my hat as tipp forward here and i'm leaning on this low sea like mrs roper let us have a fucking if mrs gruber went and got some scissors and cut her kaftan in cause georgians and fuck around at length anything now europe but the leg let's try to show out of leg is it siena why not summer george and full of those sort thank you ever made the eye i did a kind of rude thing
posted the picture summer karen and full effect on my twitter page and and after i did it went i probably should have found out who made the ray i didn't have the name me am second credit is me so much stress i now like i want it so hard to make sure that everyone gets credit at me don't want them to hate you and stop making shit that's right and you d gonna be a their fat you about it but we should explain a person whose ales shit and get makes a shit and of money is ma am he calls himself the fat geo rate which is supposed to be funny in an so yeah really really just a description so yeah
shout out maybe somebody was put it on the facebook page of who who did it just what's happening tomorrow we'll hit the shirts are going out o my god this has been that's that's quite a we actually people event for thee i know you ve gotten complaints but all told us you know it will then pretty patient oh for sure i ll amount of emails i've gotten are so much less than i thought that would be emmets i mean i'm gonna be solely on people get their shirts it's fucking stressful yeah i bet it a guy then emailing any i mean thea even really even georgia let me say this about georgia way looked at me along just fine just wait till you find out and then i just provoking railing he or she is a sad she won't stop wearing very small house dresses no george you're gonna look in her eye one day during or after the pod guest
taping and she was just like we shall shirts and then he delivered this baby lake the situation of tee shirts that she is i had nothing to do with that guy put my initials next to some stuff and checked some things well here's thing you have a job
they go to everyday dogs which everyone has a very stressful i have eggs no date work from time to time you do stuff the yeah i have extreme anxiety which causes me to constantly do things tat which is great mine causes me to constantly not do things its cause you're like i can't do this right amount of it this isn't a soccer won't do it exactly i frees up i had perfectionism and then i'm yeah i just go fuck it i've i spent my life sank back at us and allow cause i'm i dont have perfectionism swore michael it's fuckin try those and see what happens and then will learn from our mistakes and we can quit it if its accepts the way to be like if you do everything like it at that a b plus you know i am no one else does anything else because they think they're gonna gotta be then that rounds up to an aim that i'm gonna fuck him a hell yeah i like this have to rely on other peoples fraction was amy's to a silver mine
yeah that's really smart did i tell you my grandma was my grandma sang goddamn using yeah yeah that's right now it's so good it's so good and bad at the same time my grandma sang was be quiet now if she were maybe you know that's irish authorities show that irish up quite now she lingered outdated she was a gypsy i only saw once i love it try it and if it sucks you can just walk away from a girl i'm about it i mean you're right about this podcast but of working let's walk away from like just try it why don't we drive this issue one and see how it goes that's my whole motto europe and so on and see how it goes its very smart he of the t shirts i mean it's been stressful now everyone's making these also crap
which by the way i gave my fucking p o box on the facebook is that a mistake no its appeal box i know but man what do you think someone's gonna go stand by the p o box we were you know that boxes is there someone that works there and if someone's just start standing by a po box or like a weirdo with the kitchen knife get them out of here i'm just i don't know why i'm just going to always go with vince so anyone who's thinking about beating me up i'm going my big tall husband who will probably do nothing p o box or maybe it's an earth like hurt now we're opposites ease again missus were brave road link come let me give it your best i'm tired provide i know but who cares i mean you
take a nice swing at somebody a stupid way the dialect like what i think of ice heard that like this girl who has a true crime bank has put her p o box up and got killed what a fucking idiot why did she do that that's what i would think i will widen p o box is like the most vague like it it's a city you don't even know if the personal listen that setting out the p o box channels of this is us angela's there are still many people here so like i almost wanna say millions sounds like mri murder they that sounds re ok i'm there and also no offense but there is better p o box in the sand extra everything was great up inside you just now and i made them they're so many better dies in this town no thank you don't be so sure i remember my complimentary is there
but i mean just in timber liquids here somewhere as i was saying ok doesn't go kill don't kill just interlinking so she's gonna say go kill him and i get a look at the people who kill are not influence able by these pod casts we can't they're not gonna be like with their murder kid underline the passengers in the moonlight quinoa girls you show me the way no one diabolically listens to abide cas people need a little like at least medium joyfully listen about gas knowns like now we're baiting people be relied commoner zeller there's don't like mr burns s gas listeners sitting and it s going out with his fingers and like now he doesn't lesson marge listens simpsons this out this progress always comes back to the citizens lisa totally leases on that face but then he are for sure
oh i saw can i recommend and netflix series that i watched olive and one day i'll always ilo always oh all of this is from our new section olives aloes eleazer always olive you it's called marcella or marcela they pronounce it does our british so they'll do a fancy pronunciation of baffles me i've already proven so the anna free all its super good its female did homicide detective is all screwed up as the all the good ones are always shared i watched the whole season which i think was a episodes may be more in a day and it was so good and there's a couple people in the face with pedro recommended it with a cup marcella is how it spells what does what he gets you but i want to watch it i haven't seen yet i totally should watch you never heard of that it's really good and it's like come i mean do you
do you like those kinds of pests procedural rules like a luther ory what what the country of origin the england ok yes and no ok it just depends sometimes i sometimes you need
what do you mean you know and i love you too is one of my neck and armament aim the one with the woman oh yes that i wasn't dead no she was a police its active and choosing rather well happy valley yes yes i loved happy valley and then there is another one and i would just like account with this i don't care i it's i just don't know maybe you need yours more character driven like happy valley is almost more about her family her trying to deal with just her share bia i guess it was like they're about her i could never legitimately see why she was fucked up and sad yes and i wasn't like just go get a second coffee and cheer up yes or alike
rail accident i like this all but he didn't do those like dramatic bullshit things like talking in dramatic voices and into words that no one would ever fucking saying that i can understand everything was amish opens thick accidents but you watch the second season right finished it yet the best site you got no no that's just my recommendation their results like one loan person was like did anybody watch this it's so good so i found that on the facebook page eyes like i did i loved it there's maybe there were two people actually sorry but i just wanted to tell me our people as if people liked by this procedure is like a luther or a i don't know dexter was i watch i did not like the extra never thought it was
who purchase it's a different type of procedural because its it was very heavy handed it was also narrated which i almost always hey so interesting was it like cs i e it was actually yes no avers cs i am but michael see hall is awesome keys from sixteen under failure of court his great and it's like this story lines are interesting as it serial killer stuff but there just a lot of lake and it didn't do it the way i like it i went to his house on for the once really that's now this is a we'll call this this area is called celebrities centres gets called huda socket of beer box besides georgia once talk about a legacy halls goodman anglesey all works by nor he bucket lives you guys if you're thinking of killing me i pay a lax let me now i'll give you my coffee house after us throw him under the or give
you have your mail sent to his first mailbox i can't wait to see what we like what you start getting like as much as i'm scared of dying i'm also excitement for like present for less yeah yeah someone i don't wanna talk about it with someone's made us lipsticks why our flavour of lives like a caring killing air flip steak and george are no i can't can you even bucking i am i can be more excited and arrogant i really excellent just wanna opened the box with the issue i open before and present to present to you i'd really like to do it or should i should be opened the step together i have a feeling you a very specific way to do a thing a male situation who i mean i'm probably things like do you would do you like to have it be a surprise member last summer is afraid moths we're gonna come out that's like a thing i like a surprise but probably because you i knew you knew everything about it we can do either way i guess it's an honor anything maybe that opening together yeah
and you never know what if open it and then we have to fake our response because around that starved honour our lake you know i used to work at bio bottoms which has a children's natural fibre clothing company in my home town and there were taiyo bottoms it was called by above they made a shit out of money but the returns department used to come and tell us the weird shit that they like like just dog shit someone sent back a box that just had an old dried peace allow yeah ok i'll open at first and then having much inclined to do that live now it seemed alive if we got we should get like coroners like goggles the full soon glove hazmat hazmat with it open it online on video that somewhere yet make people paid watches open mail as yet idea namely that data open for asia
there is still a video here we go again with my fuckin plants scale wild goose game you're the architect of this highrise building that we are now living in issues together i am disturbed conduit fuelled by too much as a matter of fact i mean this alliance realize i just took out of my mouth because i realized i actually get great from what you take your invest time out of your mind look like three times bigger than your mouth as you dig it out like yeah so it's an event that i feel like and then there's like like a string of saliva attached to its real sexy home and how we are to give any other housekeeping and i do not think so i just i love to thank our moderators alex an area for handling shit that that page almost as
picking flowers in april on the things you find it so when i told you that we remember to other companies because he started laughing in the same in this like can you what the fuck it's crazy it's crazy it is crazy it's that very fun three of the top five common five has re now our second female hosted milly amount instead is it too of queen to that of answer an affair heiresses pica ass easily ass she is so funny anna parishes dorothy i hear her the door to door leaving a mere words speck yeah that's very cool i love it you know it's twenty sixteen we're gonna have both it's not that means actually we have number and we have an energy to tackle and my email
really talk about whether or not literally podcasting image we should we put that into this library centre area could beth it in my mind now we have all segments it's gonna be like a late night yeah so the male these days in senior looming happening recently mailboxes let's take a look at the clip let's get her to go private georgia now where's on our having someone murders herschel can catch them like how like motorcyclist error like a motorcycle as i am always ready that's actually very good idea for people with extreme murderer anxiety where a home with a go pro on it so if something happens another idea proof thereupon and many in annex iii medication yes i mean it's gonna it's gonna end up being it's gonna need to be woven together array of veto for french grade do you know it some summer recently emailed me and said
listen dear park ass air led thank you were talking about depression anxiety i have it and have never done anything where do i even start to find a fair best and i was like so so this person roaming because to me it's like second second nature i've been doing this and i was twelve unjust leg what end so i gave them psychology today has a greater lab a grades pay you putting yours if code and it tells you psychologist in your area that's how i found my area i found most of my very best and i love my therapist i've been with her for like twelve year really how yeah and that's it was one day i think i tried one other person cause i told my friend who was at their best so i couldn't go to her says she's like just tell me where i also recommend and i said i need to talk to somebody that looks like a libya to congress that was a mistake you can't do it that way can cast it in your mind then pretend you're gonna go out at sea they do have photos yeah
the thing and i have definitely been like that she looks like a heavy ray i don't want to go to her i don't wanna go into a cloud of part to talk about my eyes she doesn't know what it's like to just where others make up all the time i want someone who keeps interrupting my good stories of their stories of woodstock doors you know psychology today yeah this shit that website yes so you're too scared to ask don't be scared everyone's in therapy everyone needs to be an therapy also psychology as the four can best magazine yet scottish give it tal about understanding you're so yeah sure i'm sorry sir he's gone first this week i think it's skipper times come back to us skippers if it's mine this week if i go first
i i can this past week has been quite crazed tormented offers no no no i can go but i just want you just need a little ramp up above i had plans and schemes about what i was going to do and then realized i needed to do more work like a really dig in inducements serious research does that's the thing is sometimes you go to talk about so i want to do ted bundy because i'm
three quarters way through that an rule book the stranger beside me which is amazing there's other people on the face of a page reading it so i love that there were reading and at the same time but i when i do it it should be comprehensive and not even half ask as he is yeah he's pretty much one of the most famous serial killers of our time landlady sometimes when you look like pick a part of that story or pick you now you don't have to tell him from start to finish but like they know the kohen murders that he like if you pick a thing from it or how richard arrears got caught i think i was an amazing story on its own i'll say what i'm passionate about about had bundy but no when i do it it's gonna be a three hour presentation sticking out ok just raised on the back asked yes exactly some kind of a slow low voice serve people are just like our eyes
gets through my work do whatever you feel like doing is fire this power cuts is change it's a bummer know so i figured i would go that's my routes and i'm to deal my hometown murder which the most famous murder from my home town which is the polly classmen ends the other reason i'm telling this is because not only was it a first hand experience i didn't live in my hometown when she was kidnapped but i lived in san francisco and i would go home for holidays and i was back and forth all the time but classes mother is a woman named eve eve was my boss the last job i had when i lived in petaluma when you bought items the natural fibre children's clinton mike i dont untie cognac around so i actually didn't mean to make them
friends but then i was doing it s a gauss probably doing this on purpose of consciously but it was very strange because its there's a lot of a lot of times we looking we research these stories and its these places that are like you know when we did when we talk about like the police messing up investigation or things you know things getting screwed up whenever a lot at times it's because its towns that i've never had a crime he asked you that degree a murderer kidnapping or something where people dont have the experience and most of their career as a cop is pulling people over menino giving people idealize and start totally annex before the internet so you don't really experience i now we can read about other crimes and other cities ad nauseam yeah and oak
police stations are and cops are more connected to the internet so that's like that whole east airy rape as the golden stay killer thing where there were you know there are police departments were keeping information from each other total as they were the ones it wanted the collar that's it's like all of that and the way that you know that criminal sizes kind of developing because of the internet so so my hometown is petaluma california and it is one of those towns where when i was growing up there i think it the population was somewhere around thirty two thousand so as a small from town basically so that the main town itself there was like the downtown area the east side had like more of like that new or development track tomes kind of everyone on the east side had like a two story house but on my side on the west side that was out were all the dairy and chicken ranches were so that's
europe's five miles outside of town and so we are basically words it was the country and so when we like when i was growing up leading up cable holy shit we only have fortunately only got four channels on our tv and we couldn't get pizza deliberately last too far out of town and that was how a lot of kids i knew grew yes just country can seems like i can't imagine being that are like as someone who grew up literally with like shared walls with other partners ok i just can't even imagine living in that much space yeah it's
it's weird it's like you know they we didn't have sidewalks we didn't has we didn't have street lights polisher so at night i think now they do on this point that i grew upon but like at the time like there was when you drove at night out where i grew up it was pitch black i don't even know without look like i have never seen the stars like that unless i'm campaigners on their itself but when i go to my dad's house for like holidays i get out of the car and i stand in his rival and they'll be like come on crazy like as its stars from like horizon to harass people's hearings are and allay or new york or big city don't there's no stars because there's so much light pollution that you just can't see easy hand never see stars here never and the end it people that live in like oh my god if you live in my kansas yet like somewhere that's like kind of low population and and no light pollution on election day
then did we used to lay out at nights in the summer time are an extra neighbour the worthington's had a pool and we would sometimes have like us a slumber party worried us lay and sleeping bags next year pool and we would lay on their chaise lounges and look up and there are just be shooting stars all night long we just that's all we did was go there's one there's one there's one and was also that's amazing so anyway that's basically the feel of this town yes was the kind of town where and i think i've told the story before in the show but like in my town at one time a guy on the street tried to person a lady's purse and everyone on the sidewalk chased him up the street yes is that
everyone knows each other everyone's from their people like stay there grow up their stay there raise their kids there there's generations and generations of like ranching people of of all kinds people so it's cool it's i feel now i feel lucky when i growing up like get me out of course i want to go to manhattan rare so when this happened it happen it was a little house that was on the a little while the park that was i think as well i'm a little pockets the kind of city centre and it's really cute my friend heidi peterson's mom actually had a house so it's basically a park in the centre and then that you know for street here wearing around so it was a little early wasn't in the middle of nowhere no they lived downtown petaluma now said they lived walking distance like the main part
downtown is like petaluma boulevard and western and that's were like the really old buildings the old two and three story buildings are they lived probably ten blocks from that part of town while so but still in this way this happened in nineteen ninety three but even then this was the kind of town where people did not lock their front door here you just didn t if i was no aid is now it seems like such a leg whatever one says occasion like it orbit leg i waited and on think you did great i like it was i think that's also the bats things like people as ass we get older and it s kind of like twenty twenty generation grows idea is that thing of like now we just know what happens other pray our parents didn't do it because they came from a time when you didn't ask do we do it as a that's because we
because we know responsibility i didn't understand the possibility as much i think here but also many small towns that just didn't happen there are so wasn't like you're like what we should be careful anyway it be like don't be we're there's no reason so on october first ninety ninety three polly was having a slumber party with two of her friends and evils in the front of the house her mom is in the front of the house and somebody came in their back door i walked into her bedroom and the woozy rumor is that she said which one of you lives here now i know
bunch of small town murmurs about this case and they could completely be bullshit but i'm basically just telling you this i want to urge those weight so how was she to stay at the time a swell and so where they sleeping they were always there awaken like slumber party stuff and the mama's awaken everything yes holy shit yeah so he tied the friends up first and put sleep pillow cases over their head and they then he took her out of the house and the he told them to count two thousand are killed them so they once they heard him go they got free and then ran to the front of the house and said somewhat appalling for them so the their thing is dave anthony the co host of the dollar rate i first comedy boyfriend
when we lived in san francisco he's still worked at the bank in his home town which has novato the town neck like the town next to my town osha going south to san francisco and his boss at that bank daughter was one of those two so when the ship kicked out it was like everyone you knew was affected and everyone you knew a person everyone you knew like my sister's veteran adrian who is if they like my sister to she she pulled out of a photo album on time to she also worked at bio bottoms that job was actually really awesome it was like paid you weigh more than minimum wainwright it was a and we basically just sat there from slick six in the morning until two in the afternoon and took calls and took orders and so you could actually make kind of a good living and
and then have the rest of your day done so she was like a young mother she worked there with me she pulled out of photo album one time of there was somebody had a baby shower and everybody was there and eve brought polly to that baby shower so this girl is like it's that sing
it's not just a girl from our town feels it everybody knew this family holy shit let's go that's a crazy let when there's is like a night notice with hometown learners and are all like my brother's best friend from college or it's always someone you know it's not just the hometown murder the thing that happened in their home town it's like a thing that could have been them or they knew the people they affect in out factor them somehow totally so interests angle and that i think that's also that thing that ties us into it is because like i remember the first time i went home my sister called me to tell me that had happened and the first time i went home i drove so to get off the freeway i have to drive a polemical of art and my parents now live it my dad lives in town they finally of course when we graduated from high school raved out that's when my parents moved into tack and got cable but by an ordered pizza that we cable until you effort college no no i my my friends we talk about the brady bunch that was like on channel forty four which was like oh that's the savages gas station at length other people have we just had dipshit gillikins island anyway lemon i'm not shaming eric just like that if such an interesting fact of your life yeah it so
beard and also my does a fireman which is this classic move a fireman which was we have cable and the firehouse we don't need that shit so he saw all the terrible cable provided in areas like i'm keeping that away from my kit and yet we didn't make a fuck indifference look at you now look at the things i'm talking about and how much i say the effort it has no it has no bearing on your life i think it pushed me the other direct probably that's why i'm a satanist just kidding dad he's not listening to this so anyway what the first time i came home after my sister told me about it i'm pretty sure was for thanksgiving it was or maybe it was the somewhere in the middle of november entire town has hurt pollys favour colors purple
the entire town and every fuckin car had a purple bow on it like me when let a purple ribbon lightning yellow ribbon for soldiers was purple ribbons for waiting for polly to get found how long have you been gama that point will that she got it kidnapped on october first and so this was probably three weeks it was everywhere and it was like it gave me the chills at by the time i got my parents as eyes crying me was so heavy then my sister who loves to be this person started telling me all that stuff that she heard an apparently so that happened the night of october first the next day they had to tell all the kids petaluma junior high cause she was in i believe seventh grey area and there she was and is the beginning of seventh grade like october she probably only been in school for a couple months here
made the announcement that she was missing and they had flyers it said have you seen me and they said after school we want you all to hand these out everywhere you can the kids got took the flowers and all gotta and left school right that moment and went out into the town why are you guys area started that my sister taught me that story and i sobbed for like ten minutes drain is it's like these kids this was a girl it was their frame was the girl they had a crush on yes is like a real person a human being that's all just fuckin took out of her room i mean it's so brazen valets its it's even scarier that it's just like not other circumstances like she was alone or in our parents for at home or some to exact legs you hear how do you get yourself you can't blame anything and rightly and analyse so that yeah it
just its every parents nightmarish rickets nightmare so the young the young children of that class and tell my eye peddling junior high i've always had justice like the biggest warms spargo for them because they also is just like we don't give a fuck like put us on detention what are you gonna do we're gonna go do everything we can to help find her and how could you sit to the rest of the school day i mean i get it i mean i'm sure you know that it's just is comes just a beautiful incredibly sad thing and the whole town took it that way i mean everybody ino they they so when on writer is from my hometown town and she i think she also grew up out in the country like i did her and she went to petaluma junior high ample high school and she
came back and she made the announcement when they were still looking for her so they ended up finding her or no they ended up like making an arrest near the end of november the beginning of december so is somewhat in their lake at the end of november when on a writer went on tv and made an announcement in national news saying his girls missing if you ve seen her you we love her she's part of the community this is my town like all this shit where a schooner i'm sitting in an apartment in san francisco watching it being like this is so weird this is my this is where i grew up is life and like and its everyone going like yeah this is this is our girl like we have to find her someone eyes so the horrible part of olive it is these the policeman the panama police actually immediately called in the fbi they did all that stuff that we talked
you talked about like an there's other stir novato that other murder that young girl where they just immediately call the fbi like they know their own over their head they do the whole missing persons thing but the problem was the night that it happened when the ap be went out it went out on the sheriffs channel which was channel one and that night there were some sonoma valley police officers that found so a woman was a baby sitting at her boss his house and she saw a car that was on her bosses private rode home and she called the police and said i don't know this guy is but there's a car sitting down their stuck in a ditch and someone needs to come so it was
the from from one son wikipedia it said sonoma valley police i'm not sure if that's accurate or what area therein but it was it was some kind of in the rural part so it all those kind of starts going by county so it made have been sonoma county sheriff cinema county police whatever but they call the police go out there and the police who went more on channel three all this was before they had united all of the ap be channels olga so if the ap be went out for the sheriffs department and only went out to the other sheriffs on channel one i guess far now they have it may be as of this kidnapping in this murder they changed all of that so the second and ap biogas goes out and nine one whatever
a thing like that everybody hears it channels but it wasn't like that then so these two cops go up and they check this guy out they dont know they don't like i we looks they don't like where he is they don't wait there ask em but your questions he's got an open container he's clearly been drinking he's got leaves and his hair and he's got shit on him and but search the car knows nothing going on there's nothing in the car so there's nothing they can do they told they really didn't like they did the feel of it knowing nothing about what was going on they didn't like him but they told the this assembly me but it's it's one of those things are like you it's better to overdo it then not do anything at all because they told the pretty owner
we need to make us citizens arrest so we can arrest this guy has we can't there's nothing that's going on that we can do anything about because this is a private road at your property so you need to come out and say i want your under citizens rest and then we can take him away and the property owner was like i don't want to do that car says eight this is understandable because then he knows where she lives that's it actually ray a minute she now he gets leno yeah so so they have to let him go near but what they did was they did they basically did every little piece is like now the opposite of most of the stories we hear these cops did everyone little p so paperwork they possibly could about this guy they took his name they took all the information about car where they were the report in everything and nato filed the thing it's called like an f one file or something like that and it was the one thing that they could basically do was was fill out this
what is it called it's called in it doesn't really matter it's like it s an f one card or something like that that basically says this was an event that happened that the police got called too that we don't like but there's nothing we can do but it happened and we were able to now so they did that immediately and then when did they find out that that's who that was sorry it was an ef i card and of how healed interrogation car so they have all his information they have the car information and what happened sorry what was the question that makes sense when did they realize who it was a young man at the treatment you know that so once they left they don't know under we're twenty eightth so then it was basically to two months later
same property owner is inspecting her property after loggers partially cleared the property of trees and she discovers items that make her think that they might have match those used in the kidnapping who know so the share department goes out there and they find a torrent pair of ballet leggings that match by the f b i crime lab comes to the other party leggings that were taken as evidence the knight of the kidnapping and so they basically there the theory is that he had already taken her out of the car and hidden her out in these bushes wall wild and then what back to the car then the cops pull up and he's just like you can look at any shit that i want cause she's tied up in the bushes over there that they don't know whether or not he when they arrested disguises guy's name richard island davis he has his own power or would charles manson in how many times he is then arrested
i've been in jail slight the worst record miles long he wouldn't tell them anything he wouldn't tell them that the events once he confessed that he's the one that that killed her he didn't he wouldn't give them details of anything so they would try to walk him through it and he just wouldn't say what happened or what he did or anything he just admit it like they had all the enough evidence to bring a trial any basic was a guy did it she's liddy didn't i didn't tell them he didn't they dont know if she was murdered that nine re or know if he kept her for a longer but she wasn't found her body wasn't found there her body was found off of the one or one freeway pretty far north up in clover field which is like it so
you're too like when i will you hear all these things like these are the towns where we played we played against them and soft eyes call the town you would go too we will go there on our way to blue lake on our way to vacation ran like every summit no i'm picturing places an orange county and i can think of any sense of that yeah it just like you just thinking as you drive up it's also whirl of their anyway because you drive up you just look out and some are the sight of the highway there is a little girls hey it's really awful essentially the the three strike law was put into place after this case happened because this guy had such an insane record where it was like you can't just get arrested for a ton of terrible shit like fifty times in your light again not have an keep getting out now he doing stuff like this like he he was here pretty also he admitted to strangling heard that
that's all the information that he would give wonder why he wouldn't cause he was toying then he would think than if he had gone them sorry i'm a european you know you would think that if he had not killed her before the cops came he would have wanted them to know that so he can like taught them almost he was super weird so when they when they put him on trial he did a bunch of weird shit he flipped off like the jury liking manson in that way where he it was stuff like dirt both or they arrested him in my town there was the rumour was that the father did it fuck and it because there were like he's got you know he owes money to the he owes money for gambling he's this he's that and the hotter was on tv constantly if you remember anything from his eyes you remember mark class being on tv and talking about her so i think a lot of people in my town there
action to that was like it seems like you are enjoying this publicity a little looking back for a poor guy yet an awful thing to say yeah bullet small town gasset mean where everyone is looking for the answer and so it's easy to get a target on your basher and also adjust its it's one thing to beyond the news crying and being like i need my daughter back but i don't know there it was easy to kind of put down on him because i think you were here he was a zealot but i mean you know that's it's that thing like we don't know how people grieved right an end he could be the kind of person like i just need to do something with myself look at call simpson under rahman call on governments dad yeah we now now it yeah toby i mean to say how how you would turn out would be here's the good news if any
about any of that there's a nurse now they took the there is this little church that in weird part of the road where i go to go to my dad's house and they took that an that's now called the polly class centre for the performing arts she was big into theater and she wanted to be an actress and that was why not so much that went on a writer came back and talked about her it was all very sweet so they ve kind of dedicated that intellect you know making sure kids like i guess have a place to perform and i don't know it's very apart it's very sweet and positive and the thing about they basically all the things i got fucked up in the beginning of withdrew communication they actually did stuff about sharia looks like the ap be thing in that three strikes law there like a lot of good things came out of that it's amazing but also
we're joan davis actually had to get put into solitary because he was getting beaten up so much the god bless like that jail house just as they are they couldn't they couldn't wait to beat this man up far killing marijuana say about the same time we can can't say there's no there's no conscience there's no good but they actually and he's on death row he got the death sentence is so he saw i'm now he's still alive because california doesn't ever re execute anybody so they just its people sitting on death row but his lawyers actually tried to say they trip there they tried to get up ursus partly basely tried to say that the ets during him by making him wait to find out when he's gonna be executed though they try to make that argument that it's like that's it some
yeah you call that condemn inhumane was a calm behind some liking it or something along those lines are just like when you when i read the paragraph has just like you gotta be fuckin kid who would actually have the balls to say that out loud sometimes sometimes i get really matter herschel i know and i want to start the hope like shit talking that we do about sometimes because i know it's complicated and new promised to do these things in your and uphold the law but sometimes i'm just like i just don't know how they live with themselves sometimes when their defending someone who's a monster exactly and and doing the best that they can to chief to get them off i guess it's not i guess you just want to give them a fair trial yeah it's me
be heard i would never want to be a lawyer ever truly an unusual upon merit is that someone we're lookin for awhile yeah that's sad so that's mine i actually had a lot of guilt for not doing this story earlier it was it's my real hometown murder cause i knew i like i was it was really a part of my life but then also it feels bad today like i actually hesitated in seeing our moms name because i dont want to seem like i'm trying to anything looking around you started crying and i don't think you ve ever done than any of them like it's important i don't think you should go about it all ok also there was this is there's another little girl or got killed in my town that no one talks about because she was black her name's george george moses and that story is really sad and awful i'll do at a different time but that actually gets brought up a lot in tandem with polly class because it's like polly classes
a beautiful little girl re like the prisoner blind you is now chosen blonde but she was issue as planned issue but is that thing of lake you know the press loves here a beautiful little martyr like that and then when it's a story of a girl who grew up on the wrong side attracts and had all the worst in her life and then was just murdered lake thrown away no one talks about a year and except for tom waits who lives in my town soon way out in the country wrote a song wearing order moses now i bet you can find his p o box pretty terrible think you georgia moses i'm sorry yeah that's slackened bar around i know how do you feel now here i'm i'm glad i set a joyful cleansed a little now ok now
i just think it's like you know it's all around us that's kind of the thing that yeah that i feel it keeps coming up on this part gust it's like special now i know it happens the people let it happens to our and its at a full on tragedy in ways that you can't even taken but is it happen is constantly hear a psycho it's a very normal part of life which i think once you were the reason we're doing that is because they course we see that and were freaked out i am fascinated by it and we could have a million episodes and not get to have the more like everyday murders that just happen all the time you haven't heard about where you have ended in other details for real it's just yeah yeah philammon slackened murdered what's your manner so my murder ok
a month and a half or two months ago we got an email inviting us to the screening of a new documentary called the witness and its documentary about kitty john can i please tell you sat right cage enemies and we couldn't go and so the guy sent us screener to watch you did yeah there's like a password and shit i'm an email skimmer mitchell for solar like worried into every single word on me around like would only need i i just saw that invitation and i was like they and what it was a big long thing about being invited but there were no details where i was like what time like where here and there
i just gonna gave up africa yeah i mean and i was gonna like ok whatever about it this a little while ago and finally i started watching at last night and it's really fucking owe us and yet the narrator the guy who's kind of in in the shed a he's like the dude who follow is kitty genovese little brother well yeah in relay yes whilst so he ok solemnity about them are narrow a moment catherine kitty genovese is standard death outside her apartment building and q gardens queens out like a failing everyone knows the story and that's why i was a little like ok like i've heard the story a million fucking times she's the girl that basically everyone is like she was being stab there were thirty eight witnesses from impairment building across the street and no one did anything and a kind of started the whole lake
the bystander effects by senator effect where nobody in the more people watching something though less likely anyone's going to interview mean and have it had all these like these attacks on new york and what's happening to the city and people are horrible and ino this kind of this kind of awful thing i've i've known helping yeah it's in like every psych one i want to leave the circle of the year and so i want to spoil the moving something i want you to see it but i want to talk the murder so that people remember what it is and also some of the interesting points from this may we without spoiling cause i don't think i could do that really fuckin dead and so on march thirteenth she finishes her shift at a sport spar she's at a bar tender and she gets home and parks are current three in the morning like aside parking lot which sucks and i feel like she immediately saw her killer winston mostly was like hanging out clearly looking for a victim
she gets home like three fifteen she parks it's about a hundred feet from her apartment or the un cuz he's walking towards rebuilding he starts to approach her she immediately starts running it like knowing something's going on he overtakes her and stabbed her twice right there on the sidewalk right across the street from this huge apartment building and so the story is that people came out and looked and no one fucking did anything in reality it's so much mercury than that but itself like is that most people thought it was a lovers crawl they look out the window but she's but she yells oh my god he stabbed me help me but most people didn't hear her cry out in the beginning most people thought it was a bar brawl or a lover squirrel and at the time a lot of people looked out he was running away and
and so she walks around the corner stumbling to her apartment and so people see her go around the corner and that's all they saw and in reality people did com au police then you just called you didn't call there was wasn't orang on one and as part of the reason there isn't one one now is because they needed there you know you can't just call the police precinct and get people there ok the earliest called to the police are unclear and were given a high priority by them and it looks like some of them may not have even been logged one witness at his father called the police after the initial tack and reported that a woman was beat up but got up and was staggering around so no one knew she was actually being stabbed her
so so he's second runs away when someone yells out the window let that girl alone dislike like you hear him in the documentary he is like this salty old man he's amazing let tucker alone he runs away staggers off he mostly leaves comes back when he realizes that no cops are coming and finds her again which is the most fucking terrifying part of this whole story so he can't even someone had come out to see how she was and there was a door man in the apartment building right across the street if so come out you know
he may be they could have helped her brought her into the house instead she goes in the doorway of her apartment building which has one it's got one outside door and then a locked inside door and she's dying and says she can't get her keys or unlocked the door he fucking comes back and finds her in the stairwell just like a fuckin dear that have been any word and stabbed her more stabs her more they don't mention i haven't finished the document area and they don't mention this and maybe it's just because he can't fuck em handle it which is fair but i regret that he raped her after you to have draft or he's while she was dying he raped her i don't know they're gonna mentioned in the document are i am sure they will cause a huge part of it but i have in the end the dogmatism he attempted to so and the bridge if so interesting because he's like i've never been able to deal with i haven't done the details with us until recently because i just couldn't handle and it seems there is a really tight knit family
so understandable i dont know how people now deal with that when they find out the details of horrible may i happened to their there like this next of kin i mean it's awful i mean they didn't i guess the family didn't go to the trial because they just couldn't even handle i bet you now which is like do you what's cravens documentaries it feels like this guy is kind of like the more i know the closer albeit a her and i need to find out what happened and know the truth because this the truth of it though that crime now is whatever one wrote about it and when people talk about it in sociology classes and share which is turning out not to be true so we know the new york times article said that it was thirty eight people who witnessed it didn't know but so but the up there's neighbour looked out into the stairwell sees her being stab closes the door and called his girlfriend who said don't get involved there then
intercourse of police so like do you should feel like shit yeah yeah but also its new york city i like it that thing were yeah you don't what are you gonna go out there and who knows what actually howling is it is the lever squirrel do you really want to get involved at lake yeah not that i wouldn't get bottle and not at the woman deserves it because it's the levers grow but me spent sense in that city setting he eyed anything can happen and you just don't know yeah right put your life at risk for a stranger who could turn around a bee like get the fuck totally you dont know well here's a relaunch of saying one of the parts of the documentary that i loved ass his interviewing the kid the family never knew that next door neighbor who was kiddies best like one of her great friends that once the sin ass she found out what happen put on our house coat ran out and held kitty and how she until the ambulance came and the
rather in the documentary was like i wish my why didn't my family know that it would have meant so much to us to know that her friend was there while she died and so the sun is being interviewed hearse friend son and his like here's the thing about this neighbourhood a lot of people were holocaust survivors and a lot of people in that building where holocaust survivors and you don't you dont intervene you don't secure knows you don't you know it involved in what might happen within in cops in police interrogations you just fuck and leave it alone which is such a sad thing that you would never think about right in a well does our people are like i've had plenty of trouble i'm not doing it any more i u minder fucking does not yes what's its gross but it's hard to i turn to argue so leslie gets gets caught couple days later when he's burglar raising a house he had
no prior criminal record and he was married with three children and he got up the night of out of bed where his wife was sleeping to go find a woman a cow y yeah but he had she killed two other women ever been caught he took a bunch of burglaries as well also he is like em burgeoning serial killer totally absolutely let's see he confessed to three thirty forty burglaries etc a psychiatric examination suggest that he was a narrow file for and then he said something he said on that he his motive was simply he wanted to kill a woman that was his motive it's pretty sick so after they have seen the picture that guy has very plucked eyebrows he looks a lot like prince and richard little had a baby
richard little richard little little riddles oratory slipped up where i own no no he didn't that's exactly right he he looks like a drag queen at the end dr hirsch toto em washed it all off is already there just you know hi cheek high cheekbones very plucked eyebrows or something like a cat like face yes we are actually seeing that face standing around me standing what is the deal what is the deal so he confessed it see he's a fucking macro so in the seven years so well in prison in the seventies he gets a bachelor of arts and such sociology
a good insane oh good like there's your not using that for forget did no using that to understand you yes you can take advantage of people that is ted bundy action i had bundy was a psychology major yes and they know and then during his he's as eligible for pearl and eighty four which is like what the fuck and it is first pearl hearing heats hold the poor boarded peru oral board that the notoriety he faced in his crimes made him a victim stating yes he's the better or a victim outside its at one time or one hour one minute affair but for the person his cot its forever yet much sadder yeah much sadder oh you got a minute of murder i feel in the rest of my life in jail will you know how but you put years
versus illogical mind to that and say then maybe don't stab people and you won't be so deeply victory eyes i your larkin shitty behind your correct and that's why i don't fucking not that's not the only reason for that's one of the reasons it murder or that this is the brok turner thing of like this this drunken girl is ruining my whole food riots like no rapists near you ruined your future you did a dummy like this it's they its though it's very psychopathic like you skip over the thing you did that made things happen have you known people like that where you're like how do you not see your role on this thing oh yeah and asked because i'm visor yeah i've stopped purchased a painting with people like that for that very reason the way if you cannot admit your fall in your life that the behaviour that you bring to the table is the thing that affects act of me oh creates
this situation around you it it's always other people here then you have a major problem it says so we're to see those people unlike i mean it almost feels like the are an argument the blame thing is like a game to win yes answer as soon as they can get you should not blame them and to take it all on you which i fucking done many times of peter all they when you have to read the book this is the path next door here because i think in the i think the numbers are its one in four she's on the people are sociopath and those people have your conscience everything his power to them all they want to do is be you and they will be you in terms of money in terms of sex in terms of status that's all i care about you and they don't have the thieves so your constantly left going i would never do this but the trick is this isn't this personally
nothing like you are you scared you're gonna like where if you read that you'll just length look for them everyone i'm maketh everyone how chauvinist short and everyone here because then you know when you're being mine fucked you although oh my god that's oh now i realize why i'm so like you you need to know that information here ok you need to be able to spot a sociopath i think that should be taught in high schools and i put it in a comic book serbian citizens amy reading then think i'm likes studying up on her hands not their know how have you just don't want him to see you paying attention to the air like being like where you're reading say i'm doing it for you baby this is for mrs for the marriage i am a sociopath think our cats are sociopath one in four i mean if we add one more person in this room it would be one of us i'm thinking it so easy to lake put some of that
people are now well also because sometimes people just piss you off so it's like calling someone assessing how this very satisfying gallic will this makes sense but i do know people who after being friends with them for a while and then being i cannot be friends there anymore you are like your basically a vampire them when you when you pull away and then you read this book you go oh yeah yeah i mean there's like a step by step thing words like is this a person who would never come to anything as a person who only ever wanted to take more for themselves like it's a very clear kind of defining thing to read i think i over i owe accept responsibility for things because i dont i'm trying so hard not to not to let myself get away with shit yes part of it i do the exact same thing and for me part of it
an ego problem because i think the world revolves around me a hundred percent so i like the idea of people of lake oh my god this person is doing this in that like it it adds to my ego mania of like i'm everybody's thinking of me time there is a certain something about like even be like i feel so bad about this thing that happened or it's like nobody way making it about you re not used specifically but like we let it go like behaviour thing is to be like maybe i had fifty percent about maybe at zero percent of yeah like but look at it learned from it move on and let it go but sit around a bit like oh i was so bad that time is like yeah you're just think thinking of yourself and are not thinking of other people super area involving now you're one in three one and three including elvis for me i'll do you have a conscience yeah then you're fine i mean what's a communist
the conference now enhydra gill i mean here we got that covered stephen guilty do you feel i feel guilty overtime yes i got more honour and me to think that an expert in the works of the star which will probably means that the citizens of europe have to play a game your neighbor not some of their excuse my mom just drops in an unlikely i know shy i welcome my therapist was right about you answer some questions just pull his book out of my back my mom okay well one on what was my see here holocaust survivors yeah none of the witnesses observe the attacks in their entirety because it allows but the complex was weird seems like she was attacked in two different places where and age and as they knew he ran away and she walked away and they could not see her anymore and she was staggering i mean how to showing that step twice so how do you know
you can even see that she was stabber time you're under the window see i remember that story from psychology clustered she gets stabbed like thirty five times he got stabbed alot more whence he came back to our oh ok that was eliza initial adonis a bowl part was to stab right the initial lake when everyone saw it was too and then he had a private mom in our private norway the doorway so now and actually saw so terrible than nightmarish there is a crime to remember about kenny kitty genevieve yeah and i just would like ok we will watch it you didn't know i'm sure i watch x i watched every episode that show that there is some there's also a girl's episode where they like talk about oh really like that one of the guys as in a play where they re enact the whole thing about of course there's a lot of girls drama going on that only talk about it but our measures are not making well let's see so
became known as the bystander effect or than genevieve genovese syndrome people are now questioning what really fucked him happened yes so ok so everyone and go to youtube and you can watch the trailer it's called the witness and if you go to the witness dash found dot com you there it's in the theatres right now if you aren't house either in your town and it's gonna be a lot of small town so it's not like random fleet hopefully i'll be on hulu or something at some points and then do it's unlikely that she was able to scream at any point after she got stand the first time anyways because they stabbed her because they stand or in the lungs knowing ass right yeah they suddenly punctured her he punctured day he punctured hurl line so after that second stabbing she probably wasn't screaming anyways so it's not like
a bunch of people ignored that as well this whole murderers like worst case scenario fucking fucking work like she would have died from the initial attack it sounds like because he pictured along and she died from expectation butts if the cops had been continent that point they took her to the hospital she died it it would they have been the same thing as if he fucking ran away and came back and was like a nobody cares yeah i can continue this year so think about tat star air but the universal emergency phone number was created after this
and yet today it's used all the time but so up the witnesses the movie its by james solomon and its really found that just watch that i feel like any one who listens to the spot casper watch this trailer and definitely want to see it yeah it's really good and it's such a classic case ivy league even if you are you never been interested and cheer crier you heard the kick the kitty genovese story here it it's like prerequisite in college and stuff but i guess that's it's an interesting thing to be like the year this thing you ve heard about your own life it's not the way you heard it that's what i love about this i hope it's not boring that i did this this case but just thought it was the i thought you'd never you never knew about it i really was it's one of those cases whereas like her than a nine times i know about a second totally down and then to see it from the brothers point of view also is like bad ass dude himself yan it
in the bronx include queensland yeah i people from queens are kind of greatest oh yeah the voice and the even listen to adjust for the energy as he does what the people living around there there and cry out any actions are incredible there's a lot of others like a beautiful illustrate an element of it that the users like interstitial sorted out to em to show what was actually going on with his gorgeous illustration well yeah very simple line drawings but its super beautiful the i haven't in this movie but i also recommend the crime to remember episode about her keen genovese because they put out some their alternate theories interesting doesn't want like the downstairs neighbour might have done it
yeah they don't they didn't seem convince he did it but i didn't none of that information of that he'd already killed two other women was in there they focused a lot on how racist the am i pity was right then and so that they basically would grub up black peep black men and just be like were you in the neighborhood it's you some slack way different than it is today oh so so different i would just like to say as i saw a documentary are used stand sharia nocturnal oh no i told you i just want to bring yours you and ends i can recommend my document that isn't true crime but will it is because its crime yeah it's called tickled no unbelievably amazing as it starts out there about this online tickling competition
tickling league girl professional tickling lee scald already made a second shower yes except for it's not what you think it's not some weird like can you believe these people exist it goes into the craziest darkest scariest fucking thing and it's this one new zealand reporter who went who went looking into it because he's basically hugh mantras rapporteur for the local news to any he immediately started getting threatened and so instead of being like looks better close this up here its investigative and it's amazing and
strangely enough not to talk about them all the time but our friends the dollop who did a very very popular episode about these tickling competitions very early on like this guy did this newsy unreported did the story they david gareth got sent the story i think by people in australia and new zealand saying you guys have to talk about this it's crazy and so then they did that episode of the dollar super popular and it's actually featured in the documentary yes they have audio clips of the dollop talking about there's you ve made it the very beginning of the movie and then it goes into like he's he basically is like i thought this was as kooky crazy thing and then i started researching edge of your see it was one of those things we sought at the sunset sundance whatever theater and
only like ten fifteen people in the theater and a bunch of us were all sitting on one row which was gonna funny like basically there was like nine people in one row and then like four people outside of our rodya by the end we were all talking to each other i was one of those like so upsetting and like oh my god what's happened which language and honour when i watch i noticed a movie it's a documentary movie that's enough like our house theatres right now like the wind ma am you gotta have a double feature yes when are we going stable future we should aim the sky i feel like we're gonna do us another everything that goes on i do love is the bears its you're you're the reason for the reasons i have i think of myself ass a chill lazy person and unlike consummately rating myself for being lazy and then like sometimes have to write a list of things and doing to just be like just look at this georgia everything is ok now you're doing allows i liked on we're watching
the simpsons and we are on the same purpose but then you are like we ve gotta watch emphasis five together and live tweet it and i was like you i wanna watch the other episodes before you decisive live till it's kind of a bum nose like we didn't what do we do that's what did you do that we can do that unlike sometimes like when you just got here you are like a kind of how to talk like we had a conversation about something regard the podcasting you kind of like talk me down from yet i want to breathe i get it out yet you get i can tell when you're excited or like there's a lot going on because year it ate looks like you're slowly drowning and you're trying to tell me something before you go under handed what it's like take a deep breath it's happened my entire life like after john i e on a lot because i have had the catch my breath and so i get so worked up its way that you ve noticed it you have to
think about breathing more yeah he's that's what yawning as about yawning is about low oxygen lobby and you have to like your body does take this take as much oxygen is as you count so like i've gotten up in the middle of the night like wrote a blog post about how like it's you really feel like you're drowning and you can't breathe yeah and just anxiety and then perpetuates itself in you just still capri them anyways yeah
a lot of great ideas guys lotta oh there was someone that made my favorite piece of art the god made on that that gap has stood on the facebook page last week is someone did a free hand drawing that was a picture of the forest had said get a job making by your own shit stay out of the forest but but with these banners or did you see that it's so beautifully down and it was only said their friend did it but there are not they don't want to be on the floor i let go i got an email from a girl that i now today who was like oh my just started a new job and i overheard my coworker saying oh my god obsessively snoop high costs and there are like me too in the end there like what's a god my favorite murder and my frightened elsie was like i was trying to tell them so bad brag that i knew you it's a new job and i was like tell them looking to raise she's like i'm gonna hold it for four more data and then dropped the ball and guess what yes i love it it makes me happy that a lot of people say they feel like robust runs totally
now only seven best there it is the man said or done states actually are we gonna do it again a turnkey murdered ellison a cook lovely
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