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252 - The Great La-Z-Boy Uprising: Advice Q&A

2020-12-10 | 🔗

This week, Karen and Georgia lend their amateur advice to your low-stakes problems.

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This is exactly right. I am care Clank I believe the trigger and where comedians s, views super fans and the hosts of that's must stop and s view podcast on the exactly right network, every juice able take you through, and I click episode of law and order special victims unit and do a deep dive into the true crime. It's based on. We also interview actors from the episodes. So if you love in us view marathon or you're, just looking at another true crime podcast year, roster, where the pod for you listen and subscribe to that's messed up an S viewpoint cast every Tuesday on Apple POD cast a check or ever you listen. dad.
Am. I gotta my favorite murder that's Georgia, heart stopped, that's guarantee! Gareth! I was I call it a Maxie, so I think we have gone into the hall joke That is one too many one tonight I mean we're going out as our recycling are hilarious, jokes because it, but what else is there's only twelve? That's right and there's only three of them are period. Jokes, sell! Em! If you want us to go ten years, you're gonna have to hear some of the same.
Hold on who wants to go down here, as I can wait a second. What are we doing? Six in three quarters, recital a hard and really interesting right now say how many years you think it's gonna go to fifteen. Somewhere in between the doing of dim when the queen, I take great thirteen. That's perfect dessert is the queen on your mug is at work the queen. Oh now, ok, I know this is one of this is The thing that I have always thought was hilarious. It's a line of cards by someone named an taint her, I don't know that's a real person or not. I am but it's like she says it's a fifties, pay sure it's like you can lead a horse to water, but I need a triple espresso, very much like office humor. I love those it's like an old, tiny lady. Without, like I'm gonna kill your husband can hearing, I found it
card from my mom, and it said it's a lady. That's like looks like she's from the forties unless it was taken from a cigarette ad and then it's this typewritten thing over that says. Maybe I want to look cheap way. That's the last thing that I would think that you would be into like. I would I don't know. I don't know why. I find it delightful and often time build this line, especially this one's a little muted, usual it's more the comedies more along those lines. Yes, and it just always makes me, laugh, there's like magnates here. You ve really design in like a Madison, unlike the main dragon, those like those like hipster kind of alternative stores that have tons of gifts and socks and yes, the prayer candles, but with like share on it or whatever exam
they end like these are like you, like, retro, starved out. You also like of sharp sense of humor is right thing, and I had this for her mother used to work with care and Anderson and finally, one day she does you love that, don't you and I was just like what do you mean every time it was her birthday anything I always got her. That card. I was always giving her as magnets and she's just like. Yeah Euro, eerily emblazoned, I'd, never notice before that it was just desired. Go to thing that I have. I met, makes my life so much easier as far as giving gifts to you, because I would never have got any one of those because everything she thinks this is cheesy, but I've seen you would like a couple different versions of it. Thinking like someone must have given it to you and you just kept it.
he's got you like it's like when someone give me something I was trying to like look at it like what are they trying to it? You know it's almost like a person going. This is what you seem like to me. I know you, you can't really deny it. In fact, I'm pretty sure listener gave me this. My british I've seen them for sure backstage Et Al Live show. Someone has given you like, make a bag that says that, on after some while a shape, I don't know, I think it's funny, I'm a logo that I love. That is so true that give giving worse it's like someone saw a thing and thought of you whether it made them think showed that shall laugh at this or shall cry at this or its acquaints when you get a black cat and then for the rest of your life
your family- gives you black cat stuff for my sister is she only gets black cats have now rumours driver and they now I've actually counter. Why did she really? Oh good, bye she's, never been again enough to tell me my mom got into chickens in four years and you as I guess, I've got inside chicken and animal is my mind. I nodded penguins sheet. We that's all we got on penguin shit, you say you like one animal and that's the thing unless your life you're done for also because then I think people like a natural like, oh it's fun, to get a person, a thing. If you see the thing they love, this will make them happier. That's enough! this idea meanwhile you're over there with your penguins surrounding going. I other I, like other things as Europe to your fuckin bacon. Penguin share at that. I've seen that movie. I know the goddamn figurines are everywhere there all over the
Why is tat power? We power? Would it people give you as gifts see? Vince gets like this is really good at its annoying Just get me the version that listens just ass, you say six months before Christmas or the holidays and then break down and then you're getting it as ago. Yes, do now how structural that is as a person who kind of bad gifts, and I can't he could see oak. I gave him a gift today. I got some big ironic person. I mean he's out her nerves matters, but I wasn't you need this today, instead of in two weeks, so No, he we don T like to this place in the quarantine worth like no one's gonna, be in our house for a while. So let's just be comfortable, so we took out there Like I'm gonna midcentury, modern West ELM, like beautiful chair, and he got a straight up. Lazy boy lies. I called the company was like Gmail,
Is he bore I so yeah? It is a kind of killed me a little inside us. Someone whose very, like stylistic, you know how that everything in my eyes, yes harming us back, we write he moved in with when he moved in with me. partly I'm sure had to do with the fact that he has moved to allay with no possessions at all, make sure you can sit in my house with all my things but like Azure, bringing or like you're like college fucking, coffee table or whatever you do, that and I ve a bookshelf than ruins at that either way black or of fake would re that. I think I know that's right in So now lazy boy, I feel like they now understand that. People want the comfort Amis style. I've updated their share. This isn't one of those. Ok as they do have some you wanted it like. You know his hand his dad used to have them, and it remains most Dan so as like special and also Kristen Bell
does adds further actors. I'm like all the she says. It's ok, then I'm ok, we're that yeah We got him that, and now I'm just like getting him Christmas accessories further, like lazy boy like build off of it shares I mean little side table up where you can put his barrier and like a little shout shriek like put his computer and is like join? Is a tv guide. You ready for I really areas that I mean, that really is. if you are into retro stuff, and that is very wretched at length. Nineteen. Seventy five arrive and you're totally right wait. Is it a naga hide like a brown, not hide chair that reclined? Now it's like you, it's one of those that are no longer hide. Is leather. Now it's like Corduroy, it's like blue Corduroy, my and its aim is ILO and he had in his dad's how it must be clear, and it's like its puffy
the bottom line like you, didn't want to fancy one. He wanted that the cheapest kind so loud when he has to like you know that cleaning and part of it put the leg. Now it's like, like Sierras the cats yeah. That's the declaration here either going back over the evening coming down to go. Do somethin millionaire on the couch with me. The like sometimes actually can use come sit next to me not haven't, touched and like three and he's like I will in a half an hour. Guy doesn't need to keep my legs. That's funny, Eagle Eye, doubly user. When he's not around they really, I feel like the lazy boys. It's a it's an American, your addition for a reason- yes, we a green Naga hide one which, as you know, just green fake. Whether the Isle of Green, fake leather, though, is to fight over and then by my mom got home like everyone. I declare the area that was her, but was her spot at awesome than ever was like no one tries to take it for mom she's, a fucking nurse. First of all,
and she's, been to get and shall vote. and show phrase you with her eyes. So you got bug you had you. You just have learned your lesson about that, but I love that lets fire. So that's it that's it that's it by a man named european gas. Go. I will see you in thirteen year, our last at this It took a thirteen year, anus, How many quilts do we have left it? What do you got? what are you doing? Well, loving, let oh well We have to talk about. The final episode of murder on middle beat me as it murder in middle, beat your on Myrtle candles on. We shall I there's a beach involved in that tv show in middle in the name of the town is Madison Mirages. Also, his name is on steer and Maria on Middle Beach. Wealth, middle gas must be the little. neighbourhood, so I'll be in. I don't I
I mean I don't want to know what they're doing, but let's call him a final. Ever look at what a final episode you and I were texting beforehand and we're like you, you thought it was this person. I thought I was a person. Yes said how about it? only five thousand dollar wager, which I was joking about right now, you're gonna get lately and then you're like you know, we share our money. Really let us it was an amazing. Doesn't move me some money from this side of the biggest count over to that anxiety, I felt very strongly about whom I pick was an
of course, and I myself, as I'm sure it. I think I said something about it last week, which know that we actually dont know who the killer is, which is how I got out of paying Georgia five thousand dollars they later at all. Well, when the charges are brought, I will send you a jack by the spoiler. Here are sowing actually talk about. Oh, yes, boilers boiler definitely go watch this. If you haven't, has now all four of US address at Yale, Bio and yet, and it is really good documentary film, making and fascinating anecdotes on he made this thing for ten years and its his family. It's like it's, it's really fascinating. It kills me. The dad stuff is so hard to watch the every Part as how did you know that you're right yeah, that's enough in a show of hard parts? For me, the dab learn is the hardest. The well, because now it they're here it feels like you're dealing with someone who is very different than your average dad and do things that
and you want to see ya. I wanted stick up for him and he can't do it because it's his dad and saunter relationship, but I want to be in the back seat that car out front and be like. Where are you fucking talking about it since the ray. It's a thing we realise where, if you, when you love someone it's impossible to understand their motive because it might crush you, you know, I mean very true and also the heat. was pulling some things while talking about his side, which was all the sun was asking for, and who was just explain to me how things ended up like this and in In doing so, he begins to completely shit on the mother and who she was as a person which I was like. This is not a good look for you and it is not making me thank your any less guilty or it's not making think you're gonna version now and imagine he is not guilty and he's still be rating this choice,
builds your child's dead mother who do you think you are, I think, that's what they triggered in me, is that this father clearly has no understanding of how anything he does or anything he says, effects his kid who has pure Intentions like you are daddy, were piece of shit. Whether or not you killed, the kit cause you're kind of an asshole, but your kid is pure at heart and has good intentions and lost his mommy and you're such an asshole. You know and its Coldness is shocking and it's a kind of thing where I'm a coming. From people who are not entirely like a fourth coming or feelings oriented warm kind of its lake to a degree, but it just isn't acceptable. It is unacceptable for somebody to do that too. The memory of it, and it was just like a shocking moment. You see him
why this is so much boiler, but its ivory letters, banality disorder that that man has for sure an end clearly here, because you can, the proof is in the paper work that they find and women. I really thought it was. The sister, the and the sister showed all these signs that I was just like. Oh and then I was a kind of building the story around. When I was looking at an hour, based on what other people in the show worse air and it was just an it's so great to watch. One of those things that make makes you go, I'm positive. This is it. Oh, my god, I was entirely wrong. Total isn't that's kind of what think. A lot of true crime is about yeah she's, actually lovely person. They are high, It goes out to because she's, just doing her best with what it was given just like him with massive trauma. She was there. He asked like it. He saw her moms dead body like it's
I'm glad you get past. I was moved to FUCK and Argentina or whatever, unlike join a family, that hopefully seems pretty together you're, like many of my heart, is worn for her that she has this welcoming family now this and that she did that things like when she finally gets to say her sight of it. It makes so much sense in its really healthy of leg. I want to get life I wanted- and I know that's what mom would want yeah I was blown out at that turn. It was real, but also that's the film making part is may lead you down these paths, the Jew into that kind of like oh, I know it is, and then those turns are just like gives good lesson. While officially, what I think happened in this is giving that father a lot of slowly master hook and away. I dont totalling aren't too, but I think that maybe it with some of his shady associates that sent him a message or collateral and when
claim their collateral. So I dont totally think that it was him who attack at her, but it was because like. I would make sense to me that, because of him, these things happen and that's why he won't discuss his shady doings because he's putting his son at risk to perhaps, or he still its he still responsible for its still he could still be tried, and everything sounds rather well then also the the thing that is so fascinating about this toll story. Is that that still just one piece of the pie because worry it's like it could be the Ladys from the tables. It could be owl. She is absent at least she was starting to bring in like gas annex I article who didn't have the money. I could be at a spouse of one of the people who she cannot not scam but whose money she took them. It was their entire life savings and that spouse got upset and killed her,
I usually I mean by a who. Now I don't accept, but yes ha out where Please let there be a season two as quickly as possible. I need to see that paperwork we need to get in, like oh, my god anyway. I'm MRS Ask accusation by the way, allegedly allegedly, allegedly, allegedly and also spoilers Aramco, like space for days, left right and centre. These people stayed for the spoiler spoilers are able state because they watched it. So they want to be want to hear the discussion. That's right, that's right, that's exactly right, bill now I went to the other end of the spectrum, and once I was finished with that show I started watching murder on the by you. Have you it's older? Have you outside it show time now sadly, as it is a story about a town in Louisiana, a small town where women who in the
local press they kept being referred to as women with high risk lifestyles start showing up dead, and it is one of the most hard wrenching things to watch. It's as if it really is about, though, this line between poverty and not poverty in America. It's about drug use and the way people get eaten up and end the value of human life. Based on how much money you haven't bear or things the decisions you made, that of lead you down a path that you'd have I mean, and you don't there's no out. I mean it's really it's a very. It was a very kind of I didn't. Do it on purpose, as somebody had recommended it to me and I started watching it and just one while this is like this is the story that you should definitely watch after murder and mental beach, because it's like ok,
that's the story. We always get ensure crime about. Can you believe this beautiful rich and mom was murdered in the middle of the day, and then you switch over to this other show where it's like I've net or even heard of this story of I think it ended up being seven or eight women's the bodies being found all over this town over a very was a couple. The European but its shocking and its own? It was in its I'm still in the middle of it. So right, I'm not sure where we're going, but man is it like disturbing in and down and stick you know Stuff needs to get done. I think I think There are always remember about stuff like that, like especially for people listening who, like our show, is too. When you see stuff like that, and you say to yourself: well: will they were they were living risky lifestyle, or they you know, were asking for it somehow by doing why would anyone do those things as I both you and I lived rarely risky lifestyles
You know I was a drug addicts, you're, not a it's by the fucking. Grace of guide am I was I not deeper. and at them, then, I was well, and there is a really great reporter in this tv show. That is talking about the how that phrase got used and how unacceptable that phrase. Is it that that basically, it was a phrase that was being reported on because the sheriff used the phrase it was essentially telling the town you don't have to care about these women. Don't worry it's not like that. It was a way of them, basically saying they not not causing panic by saying they by implying they brought in on themselves, and it's so crazy to think of, like you eat. When you hear that phrase you think of like ok, they must have a ban on the streets and, like a total, you no matter what ever when really it's like live on.
Second I'm a little coke at a party and gone to a second party, and there was a lawyer and ass if you, if that, that is a point that support Sunday with labour someone is putting themselves at risk when really the amount of people who do those little things and get away with it, so they dont think of themselves, as our risk is most of us in our ensure at least five minutes and in a town like that, you start doing something like math, where you're addicted the first second third time. You do then you're in a lifestyle that it doesn't really matter what your life was before their because you just need then you're just kind of in it, and it's just a fascinating its such an interesting, fascinating story. That should really needs to be told in his told beautifully it shot beautifully it's just its end, the people, it's just fascinating murder on the radio. then up for a while its side of it before, but I
just assumed. It was like one of those. The how the idea channel sometimes does a murderer and soured arena ran bra whatever, yes, No? I just, I think I thought that's what it was and then yeah none. Someone said no, no, it's you should watch that's great. I have a couple package, and listening to and a book and listening to, that is definitely alike eminent decide to bake bread. Now, because I just wanna, listen uh this book.
Kind of business. Get going along with more of your cottage core stuff that you ve decided. No I've given up on that when now in following this new solely, what's goin on, did you order bees where how far along or the bees I haven't order, but is the following? Only a bee lady that I am an out of success with so many people tag me in her shit cause she's. Just incredible, isn't it's me dirty sentiments the lady coupling handfuls of bees to get them out and I just broke you ve lost. I was standing on extending its, not just me a girl like you're out of your body. Lots in I don't know what does this woman is call her. Instagram is Texas, be work, surnames, Erika Tom centuries of beekeeper, and she does view really beautiful like
a m. Are style, Minos stories about her going to save all these bees and how and what she does and it's so fascinating and she so cool like I want to get a non alcoholic with her forever and she's amazing. So Texas B works. I'm digging Ozma and at some point I make jokes, I'm trying to write on his it's fun, but it is important because we can't lose the being one. That's doing that work is crucial and and and No, that's it won't be always back. Don't worry, no this the other stuck doesn't have to do with my cottage core, but listening to a book, little house on the verge of how to knit, and so your own, beyond Amelia Bulgaria call great number of illegal with alien. Do. Mrs Mann, she didn't know what the bug she had her JD mine now,
lady I clean first, you made a beggar. Mass Sheila bar was alive
this books by Brit Bennett and it's called the vanishing half. It's so good. It's like you know the generational stories of each person in that family and what happened in them and how they got there, and essentially its twin the story, Roger and twin sisters, and one of them vanishes and little like search for her, but the likely the twin who stayed like her daughter and her husband and wife into her life, and the daughter goes to allay and becomes attracts like it's just that it's like heartfelt in beautiful in really well written and it's just great docile and then I have to buy Cason. Listening to you know how I love slight sleeping podcast. I help you go to sleep at night like sleep with me, there's one I've been saying to called nothing. Much happens, it's hosted by an Catherine, nickel, Nikolai and she has its beautiful soothing voice and she writes story. That's like straight up on its own
like a fairy tale that she writes is pitiful little story where nothing much happens, but this lovely so that if you want to their almost cottage core stories, actually she lives in a cab and snow line being honest picnic, lizard finds occasion and invite us the kitten in her house and and miss her categories. It indeed than be maybe she'll do one with bees and she tells the story twice once you know if he meant story that she wrote and then tells it again slower and your I'm out within five minutes. But the story you to false- or even if you Campo, asleep or listening so great, nothing much happens. Nothing much happens at such a good idea. That's that's like rosemary in time, even though their murders do happen in its re crazy, because their grounds keepers, essentially everywhere they go, someone gets killed, but it's the same feel of british rhythmic speaking kind of low key that no one yells, there's no gunshot. Eight. Then you just later yourself in the cabin with their like cosy stories. You now that's great, its grey, smart and then the other one is. Have you heard a terrible thanks for asking no yeah?
So my friend Melissa Boil Tex me this link two, it might seem. I've seen it on Itunes a million times, but she sent me specifically a link to like they. She did at some point in the norm economically and she did us three part story about like childhood trauma witches such a huge epidemic now they're saying so. That was really good, but then I was looking at other episodes and it's just a really like it's cool podcast were like you know when you asked someone: how is how is everything in their like fine, well these I'll interviews with people were shit, was not find. You know, and I really it's it's like a higher level of smart, it will produce pike signal and it's really cool. It's really good its causing terrible thanks for asking terrible things are asking us get. I should down there. You highlight
I am yak as I'd there. Others that's what I love. I really love people telling a story. That's what I love about. This is actually happening as people who are passed. The trauma point that can go back and say: here's listen, this here's what happens it happened to so I love that this is So I found this podcast because people were posting like say their top five part, Caston, showing them to other areas like hey. You are on my list, which is lovely and think you're a remedy for doing that. But on many of the list there was a pod cast called: let's not meet, have you heard of this now. Ok, the host same is Andrew Tate and he basically reads sometimes there from red thread. Sometimes people email them in, but essentially it's a horrible moment, a scary moment, a creepy moment from someone's life and so that
then it's like. So guy from the water park, let's not meet, and if this is so oh good and and when it when I first started, I was like. Oh it's, not the people telling stories themselves, so I dont know if it's a canary episodes later I was just like. I have been been doing it for like three d, like what kind of stories like just oh, it's like what It's basically red flag, bonanza your worst day or I did something factor known or know your worst like moment of we moved into this apartment. Ok, so here's the one I'll I'll tell you on the God me her, and this was like on in the first episode a woman's on the road for work, and so this but people from her work or staying in all the same, the same hotel together and they have to go to work every day. They come back at six and then they go to dinner together accession as one day so there's one day, her friend from work has the room across the hall in this hotel should take
I'm back at five a little early, they're gonna go down the pool, it's like their last ever she walks into her tell her hotel room and she realizes someone's in the bathroom. The first thing she assumes is at its that it's the hotel cleaning, lady here and so she says, oh hello, with someone here and then just some lady walks out and she's holding a bag, and then the woman realises her stuff is all on the bed. There's stuff everywhere and she's like wait. Who are you and the woman goes? No? No! No! It's fine! I just I'm leaving don't worry. It's mine. She looks over there's a mini like like a baseball bat that you would be given at the at the ball park on. Like me, I I ain't or whatever you there, one of those laying on the bed with a flashlight taped to sit all this weird shit all around and the Ladys walking out with a bag says she stopped from his hold on secondary taking any of my staff and she was gonna. Look it's all my stuff opens the bag, the lady let Lake she looks into the bag, none of her Stuyvesant ass. She just as she so weirded that she,
It's the lady leave her friend across the hall who had just been walking into her room, Cunningham there's this comes out, sir. She saw the lady leave too and then they're both come like what was that they go show her friend comes back into the room with her. They start. Looking around stuff has been moved around a bunch of her clothes of stuff into a bag. Her passports been stuff lag. There's all the things influx of like it looks like she was about to get right here and there looking and then she goes into the bathroom and realise, as some of her medicine has been stolen, by which I am. I took two men like volume, somebody up another, not taking your fuckin well future in our inner yeah. Exactly so, she calls down to the front is like hey just you know. I just called lady in my room and there like that, does make sense. They call the cops the
cops, show up and they take the report. Therefore, but they're kind of like yeah, you probably like they're kind of giving her the we don't believe you or Orange juice oak. Anything I want yeah yeah. Did you get it? Give your key to summarize, doesn't really make sense whatever so the Coptic, They take the report, then they leave and then Her in her friend go into the bathroom to check if there's anything else missing and each notices, there's a bunch of dry wall on the bathroom sank. They pull the mirror, no, no, no, no from them all. There's a to foot hole that lady had been living in the Wall holy shit. So apparently when they built this hotel. The hell, I'm just telling you the story that I heard a cause buggers like word for word, but she had basically crawled in there and was living in the walls of this hotels or she could go into any room that she could get access from, that inner walk space, there's a go so when they into the whole, there was a pillow
and creating, so they that the better, the baseball bat with a flashlight was like her thing in the long run around with the catch her. Yet Don't tell us anymore that I mean the thing That is like. Why would you make a mass your spoiling here and higher like operation. The girl was coming back for two hours is every haitian eleven there? Is there really new? There's a documentary, hey beds. documentary about the hotel, the motel owner the milieu. I've seen it where he's peeking, Dounia ones are called Guy, the motel owner who can piquant his rooms. Vince is laid all the way out and not easy going. All the lonely, I think it'll exiles, Xyz table and told him the financing to get me something that only he knew where it was, and he goes way
you do it, which is ever. You know, events the least venison end. That's ever urbanization never set me. My life is the great lazy boy of rising like ok, just tell me where it is and we need elaborate instructions, manassa, ok. What is that? lawyer lawyer on Netflix, is about it, motel owner who, like built his motel, so that he could watch people. It's a really fastening documentary. The thing I just want to say really quick about. Let's not me, there are so many stories where young women say I didn't want to be rude. I didn't want to be me and I didn't data. I wasn't sure what to say, and we ve gone over this body or myself As Van but then
most of them because they inner whatever happens there like, but I had this feeling, I guess feeling, or they tell stories of their mom being like get the fuck away and that's now they got away from a person. But it's it's really. If you are like a young woman, it's a really good, listen of like just thanks to consider just things to the possibilities of away people trying to get into a building what, when there they start out real nice. But if you go on turning them at all their personality changes like those kinds of things that those red flag moments that I
every time a lesson of course I was crept out, but I was also like good to know yeah. That's it ensure that way when you hear experiences other of other people standing up for themselves, charmer like they did you yourself and actually happen to me like when I first heard of the pot cast like on fuck politeness. First was a thing they were talking about. I like went I this. Isn't the democratic went to pass this Jim? That was prompt like private Jim? There are promising, never gonna help me with my back, but he didn't explain anything currently missing. guy and he didn't explain really how the back works and how it was going to help me. That was really pressuring me too, like sign a second five hundred dollar. You know contracts when really I he had not convince me at all, but I didn't want to be rude and I had gotten like my idea out in my credit card out knows about to do it. I didn't want to be rude and then suddenly I was like how am I going to tell the pot cast about this lake ionizing fire a million times like there are not I have to live,
up to what I'm saying- and I was just like- never mind- I know you buy, and I took my shit and laughed and was it was fine and he was an asshole about it and I was already was lad. I did that yeah Ard, it's fucking hard. So well, especially when someone has kind of Lord you with Ex quota quote kindness re. That's why I think it so interesting to check that same thing happened to me at a vet where this vat will, I be frank, was like doing these weird yelps and I know that either he pulled his our key did something and I was really worried about him yeah. So I bring him in and this guy who I'd. Never I've been going to this that for a while, and also there was a new guy and he started immediately started trying to sell me these homeopathic remedies and at once, and he kept saying he needs Disney needs, I mean. And finally I said
Why don't you do the x ray first, as we don't even know what he needs and then this guy got so pissed he was and then I just was like they too. They went into the x ray. I made sure that brings back was unbroken. Nothing was like over and I left and I never went back. I was just like you, gotta be fucking kidding me. I like that, I was so agro sheer and this second, I asserted myself. He was pissed Blake and didn't think he had to keep it from me that he whispered aids when it's like. I did you're crazy areas rude to you about your natural fucking response. Rightly give Europe dont, giving the hard sell. I get to say, hey, stop giving the hard sorry you don't have to scream at you just get to say: hey, I'm not gonna, a bunch of homeopathic shit when we don't know what's wrong with the dollar totally, and that was like. Oh well. I guess you like he had all these reactions were like earlier crazy as shared so fine. Ok, now
the old I was like three years ago. It's hard but its import. it's never gonna be totally comfortable. If you're not comfortable, saying calling people out, it'll never be comfortable, but I think that build outside sure, though, to be like the practice of it, makes you comfortable with it yeah has you gets approved to yourself that it's actually your right and it's not that big of a deal to do it like you? Might you might have a little bit of a butt, It's gonna be way more comfortable than people getting to manipulate them and take money out of your hand right, because your trapped by that I dont think it will ever be comfortable for me, but I think what I ve learned is that discomfort is ok, sometime, guess, hands and like being in a knot. be everyone's stoked and I didn't upset anyone. Situation happens and It doesn't mean you're a bad person. It doesn't mean you ve ruined someone's day and it doesn't matter either it's you know
It's hard for someone who you know is like ought to be nice all the time and is scared of not liking. Now, having to wear a mask in public is hard for me, because I can't smile at people and show that I'm friendly it's like a dog wagging its tail. You know it's like. Spin, really in sight in sight, fall in sight. Jan to me will because I think, tat to put that down for a little bit. You get to question. What that is actually about right has re. It's not everyone's happy that is not true like just because people are smiling or laughing doesn't mean, people are happy at all right means people are being manipulated in to see pressured to act that way and I think the feeling of like what's act. What's that
Truth of this scenario, as opposed to make sure every ones like showing their tea or you LEO Conventional, every situation as long as they know your friendly and your friendly and so they're not going to do bad things to you in your friendly, and so no one will be mad at you are if you fuck something up, it's ok, because your nice and friendly, and so they won't hurt you and that's right. Stats about me and my insecurities. Why? And I think it It bites you in the ass later, because when it doesn't work out or whatever it then you're really mad and re have like a recoil feeling that makes you feel worse him. You don't mean you get yourself into this kind of. It needs to be this way and it has to do it's like a lot of rules that actually don't applied anything. Luckily, there is not at all, and now I've got a little JANET in me where I can turn, a smile into an angry, angry smile, pretty quickly, now it happened to me. I had my first experience of asking someone to put their mask on in public,
that no, it's God dammit, that feels good I tell you I was by blocking pharmacist Oh well, people who should have a mask on in my mom and pop pharmacy, that I go to indoors in doors dealing with the medicine of sick people and he doesn't have a mask on guy Yorks at the counter who I've been, you know, he's just he's a employee there and I've been he's. No, be forever because I'm highly medicated, so I've dealt with him a lot and he's an older guy, and so he like you know seems like the EU, should wear a mask around this older guide and make sure you stay healthy. So I said like why doesn't back? I have his mask on and he goes is the owner. So I can only say anything. He said he he says he puts it and when he comes out from behind the farm that counter. But it's like its there's an open when it doesn't it's open source. I say
or I should say something in and then he goes tat. He like a with certain looked away like admit so not like me, you know to call people out. I my fuckin, hey Sir NICE Guy said Mary curiously in any. Got so. I thought we gonna fight and he got so sheepish it's in my pocket and I was like well there sick people here any and then like made. Some excuse about on the phone, how in no one can understand him on the phone? It's all shell share. Sorry, Rudy Giuliani, that's not children's rights! That is key to try and pull the plug on, and I think my well nutrients gonna be free from now on from this like a bit better, How many articles are we all read that its if you're indoors, with no windows or no direct ventilation, you have three minutes.
For somebody that has it and could well Matic would be spreading it around and you could be in it. I don't know. I guess I ll all Maria. Yet if there is one person in Walmart, that's not wearing a mask that has it, you ve got three and a half minutes in a building before you could possibly inhale what there axiom nobody in Walmart, not where I am ass. Well, it's no everyone's to us there, not man they're, not fighting with a greater everything's fine just so I consider it like. At the same time, there was a woman there who was clearly ill from something and you're, not wearing your masking your handling heard, but her fuck enneads, it's just introduction of all while will Good Jara Binkie. I felt really. It was fun They can also sounds like you. Did it right where you didn't it wasn't you didn't have to scream or point your finger? It was a genuine question. I am I wrong here or shouldn't ear. The pharmacist be wearing a man is something of raising your voice so that everyone's going to hear it is so hard to do when you're not like that, but
you're calling attention to yourself witches Slovenia, the trick in Latvia, eager really. I do you just like now now me me me me me me me me me locker How are you you look? Here's what you do you put up? The Polly Walnuts Devil finger, pointed him with yours index and pink kinky an index out. That's like it's like Robin we're all, but to the side. Yes to this highly, while my man is, as devil, horns, metal cancer. This is pollio my great dont they have done to the wrong one of those that Euro Satanist. If you oh down, that's you can't turn to find water. Oh, you got anything else or should we do know those Irma? Those are my things. Should we do a little what's going on on the exactly right network now what's to pay
as we have a network, I thought well what's exciting, is: are our new law and order? Sb, you re cap, slash true crimes such interview, Podcast God, that's messed up, hosted by character. and less draggers, you hilarious comedians, who are so funny such a man premier on Tuesday, and they had the CAS member Kate burden on and its it's such a good park as they are so funny and great, and if you like law and order laundress view whatever you can get on their you'll know exactly what they're talking about, and it's just that and you don't need to watch the episode. You know it's just there really funny women. If you think we're your answer. These are your fuckin ass. like these two women there, like want them out. Your family parties there just such incredible funny
people also check that out. Please that's messed up yet another new, exactly right, podcast, tenfold, more wicked witches kill and in doing so incredibly guys love it and we love So there are continuing the story of Edward roll off. I'm so make sure to check in on that yeah. That's a good? Oh I'm gonna give down because my friend Michel Bhutto was on bananas. Weak guys, hilarious, stand a comic she good friend of mine. She also has a book out. It's just came out. I think Tuesday, it's called survival of the thickest. She is hilarious, genius and she's on their with Curtain Scotty's about going to be a very good time. She is a fucking national treasurer the greatest international treasure really on murder, squad billion Paul, discuss the unsolved murder of twelve year old Jennifer Odom she disappeared after getting off
the school bus on February, nineteen nineteen, eighty three who remains were found six days later, the cases unsolved and, of course, billion Paul do incredible job of covering that case yeah. That's really that
ten million Daniele overrun. I saw what you did the movies they're talking about this week on fame and step up harm frequent to step up to the streets, so so go that that came on to linger lessons on on Stephen Re Morris and Sarah Iris Pie cast the per CAS Talk Limburg, knocking the cat people because it can talk to your cat days. I speak with Arthur and editor Stephanie Cook, so make sure to check out the per cast and, of course this week- and I said no Guess- You'Ll- never believe it but Bridger has on the great Georgia hard Start yea disobeyed, SAM and brings him again. I think I did good with the gift. I think I did really good. Do you wanna give us a hand, and I tell you not do you know I got him. Might ok my thing when I buy people gifts, as I put in the war and at sea at Fort Edward Vintage and whatever state there from and find a soon like a vintage souvenir from their stay too. Great idea needs a great headache until it's my favorite and then the other thing I got was.
it's already. So what was when did you find? I felt he's Unita had asked with J, so Atomic a shot glass, but then I was when I was on it. I also found so there's an artist named Amber share, who draws he's beautiful state park drawings, and then she goes on to yelp is finds the state parks review. And she fires ones. Reviews of state parks puts a quote from that review beautifully across her drawing estate. Harks us so I got him one from a Utah State Park and it said it disappointed us Europe ascribed or jeep it was like a oh. It was a disappointment to us, which I just I love it. So that's her name's Amber share, Amber share and the Instagram is called sub par parks.
And well, and I think this is just there's there's like beaches that say not worth the hype and there's a mountain. That's has went on for too long and then a rocky outpost that says nothing just rocks total total rubbish, not very interesting, quite boring of like these beautiful drawings that she'd wow. Oh that's great, Michael amazing. Nobody needs to have seen this lake that you from a yelp review of a fucking park, just genius. He asked you but actually, I think, Bridger and I had a really good time talking to him We need the baddies, interviewers Alzheimer S. Thoughts like I felt like we were best
Friends, even though we ve only talks at parties awkwardly like twice, he doesn't drank right right, so I was, I know, things ok. Well then, I would I we spoke with drinks at parties a couple times, but I feel like we were best friend, so it yes, he so good at it. You know, I he's a great listener. That's idea, that's when it is at the end of the day, that's kind of the key to all hosting, but he's a great listener and he's it's like he's, the men to be upon gas is just kind of built for air and specially around? That idea has its totally suits him perfectly such a great idea- and I felt like I was in the room with him, even though we were on them, it was cool, so yeah I said, well gifts with more. Today's episode is brought to you by a new limited series on CBS I'll access. The stand yes
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unqualified advice on on low stakes problem? It's right! So that's that's how we phrase it as we know, especially a year like this there's people who would probably want to bring up really big, very philosophical problems, difficult problems which we empathy with you, we are there with you. We don't have the answers to those problem or ten, where your sisters, best friends, who had a couple wine callers like that's, the advice were giving YO is like yours, We are adamant, strong, you better, take our advice, but you don't have to Mean Polly shut out. And also were in the talk about DR you're, so either way we're all gonna be happy at the end of this are either away in a work out. Fine break break that thy. What were giving I M excited, I think, we're I feel like we're going to go to this. This might be an offshoot podcast that we should have done this whole time
that's true, and so we should definitely start more podcast. That's that's what I like that. So we had J and our new awesome social media manager, Aaron collect your questions. Are so many good ones, and I kept saying so they better be in here. Jan Aaron are fired, easy even exist, Correct EAST fire, though we have no money, it's fun now, and I know that I've known Aaron our new social media person. Since I've journal days and we ve been friends. since then in rely, if not just online journal sets really exciting nine year old. It's fun, it's very exciting. To get to pull our friend
into an that's what we got to do with the podcast? And now I get to do it with people that we work with just like oh yeah, we're building this company and we definitely no lots of talented Pierre. I feel like I've always was to be closer friends with her at some point in our lives, and now this gets to happen. So once we get to see each other in person again and not a resume meeting will be addressed, So, just as you know, I would say just to help that friendship, let's cut out the part where you threatened. I would cite Pino, but that's me being judge mental yeah, but also like family friends or someone. I need to have an upper hand somehow or they're, not gonna gonna be arrangement. Has item terrible. I hope my therapist is listening to us because I'm terrible and you don't want to be friends with me- really sort the threatened them. I see anything each absence,
We always have the upper hand, then they can, whenever a ring of friendship, the male may threatening heap it get that upper can do whatever I was re. Hopefully we can address a problem like that in these questions. You go first item and a close, my eyes and point. Ok, this is from Shan Tall Brian. Bran. My live in boyfriend wants to split the fridge and hath like were roommates. I just you need to know I'm validated in thinking. This is weird a thought those in person how? But Karen, can I what if he has like food allergies and food, she what is at your eyes you? It is a right that is, but that I feel like I went on a date with a cup or the guy a couple times where for me, when I order food, it's like you get that nougat that will how's use everything like I love that will never order my own entre.
and he was weird it out via an, but eventually he understood it because he was raised in a house that was like. Don't touch my fucking food. Some me to me, it just takes time by, but there it's. Her live in boyfriend which to me, unless she I think she would have specified if they just move exactly exactly so too It feels like because we ve gotten a couple, roommate questions, and so I will put this other. I think something You choose people to live with for a fund times, because you have a great time at a bar time somewhere else and live together- is a totally different story and that's when the mass comes down. That's one that truth comes out, so I I would say yes to split: what's the threat that he is interpreting from crying food. Like is big. Does that mean that he's also only buying his own food in your high or on food and to an end if you eat my food I'll be mad like Don cutting my top an odd, because
I dont wagon wheels hatchet. It's mine. I think, there's a Discussion to be higher around this area and if you, Sean Tall, Bran Brian, the question, is asked yours. Of how you feel about array is ultimately this is the kind of thing that you have to start in the beginning in my early days of being an relationships, it would always just be like. What's he doing as opposed to what do I want to be happy and there's a lot of that kind of lake away o p this that or whatever, as opposed to me, going down. This is not cool to me and I'm not going to do this with you. I think that I think the thing think of like is here. Is this a pattern that he's starting because I think doing something new after having lived together?
is a sign that something is going right for that person and if you really look at it that there might be other signs that things are right and that might be a problem with you of not away. You want to live in a relationship and not a way of you want to connect with someone. Is he speak king to you through putting a piece of tape down the centre of than we are greater and basically saying I need better boundaries or I need you to get out of my shit or whatever. It is because also I, this might point to a discomfort about money and that money will, kill a relationship. If you have different added, its end and approaches toward money is spent and how people handle money. It's a make or break thing that you can. you can handle for a while, but it it'll come down to it. It eventually say yes leg. I bought this, and I don't want you
ruining at or whatever you just have to figure out. What, if that matters to you, but another way to think about that too, as if he has an issue. If that is the case, and he has an issue with money which absolute could be a thing and he's not talking to you about it and instead putting up these weird arbitrary rules, do you want to be with someone who, while address a big issue right, yes, for sure, can't find the words or can actually have an honest conversation. Also. Maybe he was just like you know like a superstar frat boy any like I don't want to. Let go these my old days at the blood of blood, which is another kind of thing to figure You know I mean we're just like if you're in a relationship and you live together, what are the levels of what are the boundaries? Those things need to be kind of declared and the reasons why should maybe be out there. You know cause them. it might not be that big of a deal totally are countries where, that's weird. I think we cover that it as we are doing
this top movies hiding shit and has top an odd than he is. I want you to see money money sent hundred dollar bill Hungarians, maybe he's hiding your engagement ring and his top. When I want you to give it to you for eight months away, don't put it in their ok, this and I'm I pick because we got so many of them that this is just the easiest way to say that this question was asked a bunch of times in a bunch different ways, and this is from El J favorites it as is it better to have Gordon Cole closure, or just let a relationship, slash friendship, fade away relationships or for some other people trying to talk about that in different ways: friendship, wise or relationship by okay, so like dating wise or her, I don't think there's a such thing is either of those fading away or closure. closure makes people go less crazy and if you re
Did you care about that person or did at one time the best and to do, is to give them closer ray or to have an honest. Conversely, I did, I think, you're right in saying enclosure is a bit of a fantasy. Yes, because that's like saying, and now I say this perfect thing and then the problem is solved and we never have that right. Yeah, I'd like selling it well enough will understand that will never happen. But if you do it with integrity and you know you did your best, then Whatever the. However, they react, isn't is on that manage their own reaction at some about yeah anymore, and I think it going away from the relationship aspect, morn going to friendship, which I think is the much stick ear area has, I think, every I'm assuming this person is maybe a little bit on the younger side where it's like is if it's a friendship, it's so much harder when the french law must not even talking about that, because I am bad at that too. Well
everyone's uncomfortable about it because there's something but that's like say or France was summoned in college now you ve moved out and you live in the city, but suddenly the things that used to make sense to you five years ago are no longer ok with you and what it really comes down to his, u asserting herself to say why do this anymore? Or I don't like this anymore, or this doesn't work for me anymore, and sometimes we get so crowd. other people's potential reaction is that we just swallow our own needs, because this person is set it up. If you say this to me I'll freak out yeah, if you do this to me, I will I will go crazy. An attack you whatever it is. That's just
person basically saying I always get my way, so you don't have to live by those rules and you don't have to live anyway. You dont want aware. I think it's also important because in my mind, it's like ok use the thing that the problem, as you have seen the way they are, in fact they have in their beliefs. They have on Facebook, and you don't wanna, be friends with some anymore, whose a fuckin anti masker or whatever the fuck, and so you just want you. They keep trying to be friends with you. I think in that case you can feed them out and just not I don't know why, but it's almost the conditions, are those circumstances? there could be a million demands, but at the end, its the discomfort of a person whose continually trying to be friends with you and you don't want to do in any more whom and sometimes it's like, sometimes yeah. Just now, answering a text four times in a row sends that message here and then that's that and if that's the place that your
or a thereat like there's, there's not a lot of point in kind of like trying to get blood from a stone, picking up picking up on a message like keeping. It might be a good thing to go. How much do I do this? Where I'm not picking up on the message someone sending re want this isn't working anymore area, but I'm just trying to nice it out or I'm just trying to lake. Keep it going. That's where maybe, if you, if you're feeling like that's, what's going on that sound of really a very healthy friendship, anyone that's true so you're gonna have to do it. Words like yeah, sometimes sometimes it's a bummer may be that there are still gonna, see them or it's gonna keep coming up, but there's kind of no point in the end. He Ito going back over and over to something that that's really not working free, I think, was an important thing to think about. To is that you're gonna out grow friendships, that's just
how life is. I see people who try to hold on so tight to their high school in even elementary school friendships in their friendships in their twenties that were based on going out or you know, between jobs, between boyfriends jobs and it's ok and you're, not a bad person. Fur our growing those things- and you know life is long, hopefully for YO, so it might come back around, but she don't you dont need to keep those friendships. or relationships to be a good person, and also doesn't it doesn't have to be. The last chapter like you didn't have to be like that. I think that's their closure problem. As you thinking I deliver a speech and never speak to this person. Again. Sometimes people just fade away, they don't like it. You don't like it, but that's kind of that's how life is and also when you're younger. This was a big realisation for me in therapy, when my
Airbus and how many close friends you have- and I said thirty and she went absolutely now and then we talked about it, and I was like. Oh that's, true they're, not actually my friend. Do you call them to talk to them about things, the bother you would they come and pick you up somewhere Bolabola then stop calling them you're, close friends, because that's not accurate right. That's socializing in trying to seem popular really. You have about four people in your inner circle and those people should understand you and love you, no matter what the things are that are going on in your life and if you have people that that get really either judging or like very briac, two. If you are having a hard time, that's not a good frightening like you have to really start analyzing what you need and friendships and how people support you as a friend and how you they allow you to support them. Yeah, that's a bigger deal, it's not just like who you meet for to go to the party with Anna definitely ok
Here's my next one, Sarah DOT, love good, says how do I stop looking up people from my past online payment Alex? I know it's detrimental to my mental health, but I can't stop love you guys x, x x. That's it that's what online was created, and that is why it is so hard not to do it well enough, maybe ask yourself: why is it that term mental ha cause you don't want to lose. You feel happy than that. Then they may be. Are not that you don't have anything you didn't get their closure ray right or leg or you living in a weird fantasy world where seeing them is hurting you because they seem like it said? Is it like your buying into social media? So the is that maybe, as the detrimental power where it's like that they are to be at a party or they all seem to be beautiful? And you know it's just
or is it that the seeing other people happy makes you feel like it's there, you better take something away from your happiness that that other people can't be fine without shoe and other people can't move on was the ito. It pack shoe and your happiness when not really doesn't match. I'm really good at not looking up x is an ex friends and that sort of thing, because it's almost I put them out of my head at that point- it's like they can go on and live their lives and be who they wanna be, but it doesn't take away. Thing from me. It doesn't like I can only add anything to my life is their happier than I am or if there are thriving and I'm not, you know right it. Wine and part of that is because you have a happy relationship so often Jaime. I think when people are online, try To draw
a job, some stuff or whatever. It is it's because there is a lack in your own line rails, knowing you're not going to an end that person It sounds like they already know that that's not that they're not gonna, get anything from doing it, they're just doing it. First of all, That's what you're in a quarantine you can do it. fuck you. Why, on the struggle, Israel, with scrawling, like you're, just going to keep looking for staff to scroll about Ray and lake, Do you know, do a puzzle start painting to get a different, get a hobby so that you can? You feel, get a hobby where you are, starting to learn something look teat learned the guitar learn a thing where you are. Will you dont know how to do it now and in six months you might actually really know how to do it so that you are living alone.
If, where you are benefiting yourself re as opposed to feeling like this outsider, that's looking into the bakery window, he eyed everybody else's life, start building the life you why it's almost like, if your continuing, if your continuing to work on your solve, which is a scenario, is still it I'm doing, then it doesn't matter if someone's doing better than you were worse thing you, because you're always growing, and so someone beating you at fuckin lie for having babies are whatever isn't a person who it's gotten over you and is better than you. It's just someone
working on themselves, and you could have done also it's not a contest. Like its, sadly, it would be easier if it were a contest is then you could pretend like you're ahead or behind and have emotions based on those fantasies. None of that real, the are being online, isn't real. It also go on. There have the feeling festival that you want to have enjoy it. That's part of what are its all four and then come back out of it and make sure when you come out of it, you there's your building a life around you that you actually like, just as my and also you can just block them too or are very true of your best friend you're Instagram, password or whatever, and when you want to look at it make let she should have a series of questions to ask you,
where she gives you the password back. Are you have, even during those area right the honest to help address, send yet I'm going to ask you, I haven't met with them to a breath. Allies are test in some way. The results were also. Here's wait. Here's an actual this might help if you're already in a look, you ve already you're, drunk and you're in it yeah. Looking at your ass boyfriend and he's got three new girlfriends, all increment, better than you and all these different ways: out of that current, vague reality that you are actually making up in your head and start you can you get a look, paper and write down all your worst memories from that person, because romanticizing people is it is a one way street that you are doing all by yourself these. So your basically telling yourself a sad story about how sad it is for you on purpose justice
ass the time. Nobody, ok, nobody changes significantly unless they have a time of fucking serious help. So whenever a girlfriend would be like now he's with so and so and everything's gonna be great, it's like what he still gonna fuckin show up forty five minutes late to your date. Like he's her date, he's the same person with someone else. It's he has not changed, because that person is so wonderful that they made him want to change or made her want to change it. the same person, you had in a different relationship that we ve part of the reason why you broke out, whereas out what it is and if it's a crush thing just started this, it has helped me alot getting like generous self, generating a crush on line, because nobody looks a certain way and says a certain thing reads: the books that you fuckin thinker, cool, that's all fake Oh start, knowing he's rude to waiters than he does
like dogs, like just start making a list of things you couldn't live. Where re a key actually has. He has the kind of breast we're breath, were it smells like he doesn't flaws, there's like kind of deal, breaker things and just go if you're gonna picture all the great things that you're totally making up anyway makeup, equally bad thing, love and counteract your own fantasy, I love it. The UK was who lives like MRS from spitting avidity great, and I don't know if this is true or not, but it really sounds churn. I really love it higher. And a bowl in my room in the shape of two hands cup together, which I have never seen its. There is very detailed. You can see all the little hand crevices and make out fingerprints none of my flat mates
a k, a roommate. Thank you, british person for your condescending transit. We know what a flat Meda and know where it came from either. How do I find out where the bull came? It's a fucking which she has a crush on you. Does this mean that I have someone living in my attic trying to be as some kind of message. My flat rates are convinced. I purchase this we're bull awhile ago. It just forgot about it, but that's just not true. Please help Exo Ex, so embarrassing, sorry, one hour Junior high and reading, like which e books that I'd steal from the second Dane Bookstores, oh, how someone like you know that the dream dictionary like terribly which books and one was like- take so. If you want someone of oppression, you take a photo of yourself and wrap and rapid between two nearest I snapped off the mirrors from are: no one is the hum: what does that make up? That's fine,
that they have their museum on in Hollywood MAX factor. So I snapped off to MAX factor mirrors that I had stolen from target an eye and then you rubber band the whole thing together and I was like how do I get a Brats house too? High and they hide it in their house, I'll, follow you hurry. I know, but I never go into their house, but I was like ready to fucking which this shit up and that's the journals likes me yeah. Is there anything in that ball? well how about getting those fingerprints process, as I grant idea of heat, what, if I had done it and bread had found it and was like, why is there a photo of Georgia and then he got? the police here. Well, here's couple possibilities at all throughout their if you guys had a party recently in you and your flat mates had a party just a quick went after the pub. Maybe I'm drunk came in and they shoplifted it from somewhere and left it in your house made your neighbor, maybe
there's a there's a couple of let's not meet stories about people finding step in their house and it was people breaking into their house now. So the fear is real, but it's so specific and in a bowl and already bowl. I feel it s like what are your flat mates girlfriends like at the wrong room. It was an ashtray something an ashtray. It's kind of she's been community college. What do they call community College and FUCK in England? They call it. true down his school enhydra, I'm secondary school. Secondary hydro ears a day, go, get a falcon nanny camp. Stick it in your flat rates are fucking with the area the unsolved It's ok this question in them, and then I saw that its from Stephen RE morons, like I snuck one, and I appreciate that who would be better Dodge, while
Can I tell you to play like hipster dodgeball? Remember like any delay or twenty tonnes, it was like Cavalry course? You, the man, I look at you, but I was bad at it, but I'm really competitive and get ENG like a heretic xanax before, because I was so hyped up about it, I imagine that you would wear. eighties style the shorts. What the white band around the bottom and unlike wristband, sweat bandwidth ceiling. Let us what the enemy include this the photo of me playing they may not in this dodgeball alpha knee high socks internal Duncan. Did you ask him to put that question there see? Then we have to start talking about your problem with online reality online reality, George of Dodgeball era, was very depressed in anorexic. So well, I will give you if you're, gonna, dodgeball or I'll just say no and entertained me it. I didn't send good, oh so they clodagh sardine just the place.
very plain and cute. I wasn't good. Oh ok, always that's Is that the question who is you- and I hope that already better I mean I'm just saying it was tether ball. I would know the tether ball was my passion raids, wonder for it was I pass Earl yeah the kid you catch it there. all those weird rules allow you could touch it not tell you to the Mai Grammar School Wilson School. So compare If everybody everybody, it was like crazy about ten or more when I was growing up. Catherine handball the lead. This gonna handball they're, not like the middle aged, oh yeah, Emerald Isle, we're gonna have at this a Lana banana care. What's
best way to remind people. Your birthday is coming up without appearing self absorbed. May I tell me please I am so bad at birthdays. How do you do you're saying just be direct? No, I need to know I dont know like my friends. Have all have birthdays it turns out, but I've never written one of them down and they'll, be like hey it's my birthday, like what. How do you? I think you have, to say: ok, here's what this is this is. I think this question is Larry S high. Think it's deftly from someone who is twenty six? Ok, oh they care about their birthdays. You mean the when you get older, you stop. You really stop caring and it's not so much like. Oh, I fear, being older, which I don't. I actually really a door being older grave, but the idea that its birth These are just like New year's they're. Just like the prom year. Making up what it means to be for you to be happy and it never ever. It can't do it. I can
lately disagree. Your birthday is for everyone else to feel good about themselves. So unfortunately, right now in quarantine, it's very odd, because people, because Do you know when we're not quarantine? We can say hey my birthday: is this week Friday night go to the roost? and people want to go out and party and so having your birthday as an excuse, and then they also don't miss your birthday everyone's happy. It's not for you, it's for everyone else, but in quarantine. It's all about you and I just I went. I find out that the you know one of my ten Friends, who I give a shit about like had a birthday, and I fucked MR then I shall offer like. I want we want to give someone attention. yes and you should feel awful, if it's one of your ten good friends, because you should have written it down by you- and I are done where literally every year I was like is the third
I can't write the eleventh, the ninth. I know you're right, I only our own you're, the only person whose birth they are now like identifies. I went wrong when we hire J. The first thing I did will say: go around and ask everyone what their birthday is and put it in our calendar, but the eyes were not addressing the question of where does now talk about our I think the thing is to do is right. You know it's great Roy. Now today text all your friend hey, I got a new calendar at Windsor Birthday, I'm putting them all in my calendar, up nice right and then they'll say yeah, good ones, yours gas, and on actually do it actually. Like recently, I said to my dad he's it will. Let me know if you need me help for the with podcast, or anything else I can. I can do is tell me when it's my siblings birthdays or anniversaries, and so now that's his job is to my brother, my God, every fucking year for the past fifteen years. I got to
days later- wished him a happy birthday. I just completed. So that's my dad's job now. So I think I just love that year. The thing you said the beginning was like it's about everybody else, and then he heard just like, and I dont participate Bluff airborne things where everybody out yeah? That's it. I think that the perfect solution like dont. Do it around your birth rate than that does make you look like needier, whatever your word, and I do it three forty six months away. It's the only reason like you're being consider it to other few and you got a new app rear. It's. The only reason I miss Facebook is that I just keep missing people's birth as desperate. If you're on social media and anyway, birthdays are pretty. here. Things yeah, but not everyone's on the same app and you don't check every day and I think I think a text and then it also makes them feel like all. I should know, there's two yeah. I think that that is the perfect plan. I'd also just begin
to release the concept of birthdays being the way people show you they love you cause! That's not it's not that I like that happens much more if you can is to open up to other times of the year where people can love you, where you see a migraine that store in Madison without charge keys- and you say Karen would love this and you send it to her for that. War is not because there are no reasons as they're stupid hurt. The an interactive time doesn't even exist. There's another fluttering calendar, ok, ok, this is for Jamie Lee. Hey there, how did you guys separate your spiritual lives from your parents? I e not going to church Temple expressing doubts exist, That's right, that's a great question when in tat very specific about the year. When the
the envy nine years when the beginning of the spotlight catholic priests, molestation cases began, my mother was like that's it. I've had it and was like I'm not going to church anymore. So then, my sister and I jump bandwagon on her more like right either and my dad Alex has other live it really. My father was live at my father still goes to church on Sunday he was raised in an intensely irish catholic family. They used to say the rosary every Friday night, while there are always in the Fuckin Living room, upset on tv. They did it to. You didn't go out for Friday night until you did that, like intense intensity, I'd another yeah, so it's a bit in part of my family, but I think, well, first of all, we were just willing to fight with my dad was a good hysteria in very loud, and you and your mom on your side was partly helped a lot. It helped
ancillary, but also with the kind of thing of ultimately you canyon, it doesn't being forced to do something is going to automatically make you not want to do it anymore. So if my dad I knew his stuff, you would have em like great, never come near and we would have, unlike unless it, the incense for whatever witches and quit ended up. I ended up doing when I got into my thirty, and I was like will actually that made me. It did make me feel good to have the structure and to be thinking about something like once a week just myself every goddamn day. I do think that Judaism, it's a little and because we were so lax it's easier by did have about mitzvah and I did have a really unplanned
experience with hebrew school and so then, and then we know with Pencroft can fuck his size. I and shit you. I just want really antigay God and not, and that in this the structure and in organised religion aerobatic it's that also it spirituality is in you. So they can't really what you believe. I dont believe believe you know if you if what you're saying is I dont go? I won't at this place anymore. I won't do this thing with you. That's your living your life. There's now, there's not a lot. They can do.
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Yes, I do. I do you guys and make the switch to pretty letter today get twenty percent off your first border by visiting, pretty litter dot com and used a promo code; murder, that's pretty litter, dot com, promo code, murder for twenty percent off pretty little dot com promo code. Good. All this is a good one. any job interview, advice, I'm about to graduate nursing school and I'm a little anxious about some curve balls. They might throw my way if they hurried That's Julian, sorry that's Juliana Georgia's when they say what are some of your weakness is the correct answer. Is I don't, I guess I sometimes I just try too hard to be perfect. That's always the answer I don't know. Sometimes I get to invested in a project and just give it enough so much it's like they just want you to be
There are things you up it boiled invasion lies here's! My piece of advice for you is when you go to be interviewed, pretend you already got another job. That's better has when you're in a job interview what people are looking for his confidence and experience, and so, if you're there, like kind of in that, lay hope. They pick me mood which affects you mentally and physically and kind of joy. Do you out of EU style? Then EL they'll, see you as lesser. If you go in with kind of confidence and like a bit of a spring in your step like your I'm, the one you should pick and it's up to you whether or not you want this, but a but actually already have another guy you're lucky to be beating me in kind of the thing. Yes, that's it's all about confidence because- and we all know this once you get the job, it's all about confidence, you're, trying to tell that person I'm smart, I'm competent! I have. I have what it takes to have this job, so you have to believe it and you
to convey it and so the you don't you have the choice of being not being confident because you just won't get the job if you go in there kind of like hoping with that Kind of like eyes pick me: energy never gets pact because you have to think if their interviewing ten people they're gonna, be look for the personal conduct comes in and shine still think of yours when you're really shiny what circumstances, are when you feel that way about yourself and then fake it in that way, also duress up, no matter what job your fuckin interviewing for, where you, second nicest nowhere. If a but like your Sunday best like look like you, give a shit what they think about you and so you look like clean cut, got your shit together. You know, and you cared about this interview. Look like you care about the interview. If you really want the job you now they're like that
Ursus, Brayley overdrafts. Why is staring up at bow down and glass and my finger gloves lily, ok, mists from each Heintz a random woman had been giving myself phone number to companies that spam call me for years. Literally a has been happening since I was in high school and I'm twenty eight now. The only thing I know is that her name is Lindsey any advice about how get it to stop. Change your name its high time. I know you think everyone is ever known. You is going to call you be like well. This is not her number anymore. I guess I'm never going to care for her again. Click just change the fucking phone number change. The also tells that's easy. Turandot women out there get an actual, so number two stone actual wrong number. That's an actual number! Your fucking, someone over
yeah, whatever that person's doing and for whatever reason there doing it. It just remove yourself from this situation and you're, not interesting. It's not there's no like you're, not gonna, get mirvan nerves on its just aim, now being where I don't want to give you my number instead of and also say it with me. Now, eight six, seven, five, three hundred nine! That's the number you give out right all the youngsters, I've never heard that known our like away weight is that that doesn't matter in company write it down eight six, seven by three o nine, with whatever area of change that number it's it's time to update and it's gonna be good to shed a bunch of other people that make em workforce goin on Oh here's, a good man. This is from Hanner banana. Ninety inside of it
banana or ninety three asks. How do you know what to talk about in therapy every time? Sometimes no pressing issues come up and others feel too big to start talking about, and then I'm just like cringe face a mood you when she asked me what I want to talk about: answer talk about then this is talking dear therapists about how hard it is for you to crack open and we are worried about levels- sizes blubber blown when I heard a verified p, I? Yes, it's not a one way street. It's a two way street that such a God is such a great point. I have a big hard time with this and my main therapist now is catching onto this. That, like I need you to talk, I need you to talk and the reason is because I don't I don't open up
people- and I need you to pull it out of me and that my takes six fucking months and that's ok as long as they know that also you don't need to go, therapy with a monologue. I know any good therapists will now that you know This is awkward for you and weird and like with my Martin, that my therapy with my mom, I was like talking to my therapist about it, like, I guess I'll, just let her leave and of savings when you say things and she was like That's not your job like you, don't have to give it. over to the fair. You just have to be air. It's not your job tune to know how the therapy sessions gonna go, and
this is actually we can widen this out to live here. Is you don't have to control interactions? You don't have to control anything, it's all in improvisation, so you can show up and not know and just be quiet. You can feel awkwardness and do nothing about it. You can sit there and be it if people are going to be like. What's her fucking private, like that, never happens. That's just anxiety in your mind, going it's supposed to be this, but I'm doing this. That's made up, it's you! So if you go to therapy- and you have something that you think is wrong size that you want to talk about, you need to start talking about what you're that that's the first step, worry of I'm not sure how to do this. I need you to help me more while the first, the two things I learn is that of the moment. The times am I going to therapy being like?
you have nothing to talk about, are the best sessions. Yeah is always sessions because sometimes it's like. I need to talk about what then said to me this week and it's like what then you're only talking about that, but when I am nothing to talk about, then some weird shit that I didn't expect comes up and that's when you're, the most honest and you know the most insightful yeah like. Let it surprise you, because when you have a plan oftentimes, it's like I'm here to large my comply right and it's like that's actually kind of not that interesting cause. You're, not talking about yourself right, you're, trying to get someone on your side rises to get to. Which you can do and like that's valid to you, but if you actually want to make a little internal progress that you can feel you're gonna have to barf up some shit and at times was
Since I am that's, that's our way harder thing to do. You can't just do it on your own, like I can't just be that if you have a therapist, it sits there in silence like an eighties movie of therapy and its. I would never be able to have a therapist like that they are. It wouldn't work as a joke in my family when we went to family therapy as it when I was a kid, was the therapists joy says, and how does that make you feel and it's just I could show you. Why are you asked that's a terrible, fucking leaving question of horse it? Maybe you'll shitty. When my brother fucking punches, things like what do you expect, but they anything to about that is like opening up like that, might take a long time and you need to come every session with an issue that you want to discuss and that's ok, they're finding out about you in your personality and then suddenly, a month five, they may have they have been there for all of those problems you ve had and see. You finally trust them and they can
Ask some questions, and also those awkward silence is that I have always felt like I needed to fulfil, and that was my responsibility of its awkward than it's my fault, and how am I gonna fix that not. Everyone feels those and silences, don't have to be awkward, they could be thoughtful and they could be will end there's more people than you in the moray, so whatever you're feeling doesn't dictate what's happening, it's like that's just that something that you have to deal with and like, but in a therapy session. If you there are starting to feel like there's a way to do it or something, or that there are some kind that you're being judged. Maybe then you have to talk to your therapist about that and you have to put it on the table because there whatever information they give, you will let you know shy even be in this that this therapy relationship with you. Are you not the right? There might not be yeah, but I feel like more often than not there and she would have enough to know
what you're doing and what angle you're trying to push and how you're trying to lead it and how how d active that is about, and I'm talking about you purse. And but I'm talking about me how activity is to always have an issue to bring and always have a thing. You want to talk about an intellectualize, your issues there. Second smarter than that, and they know, and eventually they're going to figure out a way to break down and that's what I get the real. The real shit and look it's Mary to do that. It's very hard to do that and start really getting into real shit. Is it doesn't happen? The first, like Georgia sang the first couple months like you, do have to kind of get warmed up in an gets. Know each other and get into it a little bit so that they can start guiding you through, the places where you really need to go to be talking about yourself and is ultimately that we know the first four years of therapy. I had so many complaint list
and things. I need it to report on end, and I was right in autonomy. In early, my mom was sick, my jobs to my sister, this. My then that there is lots of stuff. Eventually, though you eat, you start to use. Start to realise that all of that is your way of deflecting and your way of basically pointing the finger at someone else, because you feel like if you point the finger yourself, you're gonna die rain and you're, not its. It just takes a long time. It's patterns that they notice whenever she my therapist, like why, member one time you mentioned this and something I said three fucking months ago, and it mirrors what I'm saying today. It's just that blows my mind cause, you don't think their pay, not much attention, but really are not it's just who they know. Who you are that plant right, which has got a comforting, a guy's? That's it
so we're doing. That was our that's the advice cuban ay yeah did it help? Will never know that fucking arise. My fucking array is after four years of trying and wine traumatized loss. I spent today wrapping gifts for my seven months: old daughters, first Christmas, despite Kobe, I'm so excited about my first holiday season, ass, a mom and then it will heart he ain't nothin, gradually or shown when an alarming, an old man. such an amazing holiday. Because of that I know, there's nothing better than kids and the holidays. It really makes it real boots. Sweet, that's there For this reason I am cats and forgets to ok! This is from paper Bren, my fucking hurry. Is that too, damn celebrating seven years of recovery from my eating disorders, yeah sank,
Thank you, ladies for your transparency, about the topic and other mental health issues on the show you both serve as a constant inspiration, and I am so thankful for the pod. ass. Congratulations paper. That is a savings Emmy! That's Hugh! That's incredible! It's great! Now! Ok, This is from the fan called it's free lay on it says my fucking hurry is I'm an indigenous bead artist and in MID September I put a call out on Instagram for people to send me their extra or unused bead. So I could put beating kids together for incarcerated indigenous people in Canada. While there are HANS was enormous and we have received literally hundreds of pounds of beads and beating supplies. We're gonna be able to supply and many correctional facilities with beating supplies and even have enough to offer kids to other organisations that work with indigenous families, people and recovery and at risk youth
too many indigenous people, including myself, beadwork is medicine. I am so grateful to have such amazing instagram followers who have come together to bring this medicine to indigenous people who need it fucking hurry and then uninstall em they're at only child handicrafts, so only child and then handy with an eye crafts, ass. Some amazing Lonnie adds beauty the full work- and I bet you there's a ton of mercury, no crackers beaters! You have left over beads that would love to get in on that action. Absolutely that's! So rob that's great ok. Let's see this one is from bond Sarah Ryan and it says This is also from, I believe, from the fan called, and it says fun fact at the time.
I apparently can't spell hooray without spell check back at it. Anyhow, after nearly a year of random episodes of excruciating abdominal pain, I told my anxiety around hospitals to take along and went to the doktor stats, Big
She sent me out for an elder sound because she suspected it may be more serious than the altars. I thought I was dealing with twenty twenty has been a parting. Lo and behold she was right. I have been developing call stones and it had been going on for so long that my gallbladder is pretty much just a SEC raw. I had my consult with my surgeon this week and I'll be getting my gallbladder out just before Christmas. What a kind gift body you really should. Thankfully, it's a super minor surgeries will all be able to go home a few hours after all, think on and the recovery time is pretty fast. Anyway. Don't ignore your body signs of distress and fucking hurry for doctors, especially during a pandemic, where your goddamn masks and for the medical advances we ve made throughout history, that taking out an organ, can be considered of minor thing: Love Ryan, P s. If you are concerned about having all sons or self talk to a doctor, Google is not an adequate substitution for medical care. Dont make my mistake of trying to self, diagnose and treat.
that's sunshine or message because yeah, especially right now, like I'm not going to the dentist, which is really hard for me and troubling and like I could have some mouth cancer at some point just like go and get these little things that have been bugging. You like you, you shouldn't be in discomforts anguish, don't be an pain, it's a sign of things yet You know like what you just said: when you, let things go or you don't as things that you're worried about your anxiety, start telling you terrible storm and then you're in a whole other area that you do not need to be in Georgia. You dont have mouth cancer, you just don't guess not it's a thing like when you ve been in pain for three and a half years or dizzy for, and you don't know what it is in Europe too, scared to go to the doktor, and then you go and it takes one fucking a planet with the right person to fix it completely and then
so you can pay attention other things its low, sometimes just like a good Dennis that puts his hand on your arm and says you dont have become cancer, which is what I thought when I finally Dennis after four years of not going, and I had split gums and all these things- and I was so- I was just like he's gonna- send me from here straight to cedars began. This is so bad and I was telling myself all those kinds of stories and he was just like. No, that is true, will need to go to their high genocide and get your plaque removed. That's all you had the which was inspiring to me as a mammogram and I'm forty. Now- and I haven't had one- I'm really scared of it and you had one and it was scary, but it was now you, don't have to worry for the next couple years about this huge thing: right engine,
us like so many things. It was only scary beforehand. Ruin you go to, and I am sure you know the place you silly is the great as yet, and the people that work there are amazing and murdering those work there there's all kinds of lovely people all over the place. It is not a scary experience. There are really qualified women's medical, women's nurses, medical tax and doctors who know exactly what they're doing they guide you so nicely, and they know everyone is scared because, like this possibility worrisome and they're they're so good at guiding you through. If the unknown, I think in every facet of life, that's scary and you know if you take care of yourself, there's always a way to get your shit out and is yeah.
and just a story, you tell yourself, is usually a hundred times worse than the reality with anything everything we they answered. Every question and answer today is that the reality is that not knowing and not asking and not finding out is way. Scarier, then you're going present. You have no action steps to taking you, don't know how to move forward, which is the most important thing in life like yeah, and also sometimes people don't know it's your birthday in your fine you're, the only one that knows that your birthday and it'll be fine, we'll be fine. Yeah yeah, you they are right. Well, they were making. If we obtain a well look, what is over, and we did it, we are doing our utmost back in December. It's the last have a week's a twenty twenty were all get together as silver lining is dawning. Good things are happening all over the place I saw on CNN. I saw clip on twitter of a thing on CNN, a nineteen year old Man and in England.
Got vaccinated for covered his morning and they interviewed him. It was one it look it up, it's so funny and great, and he is so he's who said I haven't died so far. I might as well keep living- and I was thinking raises. Oh yes, old people like there's the here comes the sun, everybody, so it Now, more than ever say. Sexy and dont get murdered, Elvis you wanna cookie, the boy
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