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2020-12-24 | 🔗

On this week's quilt episode, Karen and Georgia cover the murder of Lori Ann Auker and The Donner Party.

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hello and welcome to my favorite murder. That story the hard star, that's Karen Caldera the end and wow. What a when I we gets ban while these past fourteen day arse, just perfect Lee Twenty twenty May in coming to a close of the skies forsaken year. Ah, thing: twenty twenty one I don't know yeah how's it going I mean. as good as it can be going up
things considered. I think a lot of people wrote in on Twitter last week about how said they were that the end of the many. So there is no Elvis me right so Alice kind of sixteen years passed away last week, I I do think should continue to put them. Meow re purpose old me AUS at the end dont you only you absolutely we don't need and we have only the leave those off it's part of its heart of it a he did work, I mean it's been records. High were recording all of their yeah so that it can also be used in the future. I some way: let's, let's get him those residual checks, harm real. Take it all the way to the pain so I just want to thank everyone who reached out and who the thought of him and he's just been such a huge part of my life and so many
the reasons why I been brave and happy and endless laughed for so many for so long, and so the fact that he brought other people happy. Two and made them laugh in you know me. in so much to me, am, I think, he's I just so weird of hunger on our. After see. I I am the lucky I had him for as long as they did, but it's just so weird distant, but he's not around anymore. But you know everyone. he reached out made me feel so incredible and We did this amazing thing that you and done had suggested of pudding. You know, these four Elvis on the website, so you could buy a five dollar ino nonsense.
sustained cookie. to raise money for the ass pc. I aunt and we raise thirty, though in dollars so much money. I just can't believe- and it's such a beautiful tribute to him- I just She had everyone's like thoughtful medicine, and what an incredible community this is that comes together, and you know how I feel keep any part of it. Yeah I do want to take full credit, but it was considered that this idea to put that then we'll debt and tax evasion said so many people are writing an end honor found called and on eco social media, saying
Where should we donate or get something together? It's like the funny thing is. We had did really start putting that together quickly because this second people's her tongue about it's like their irritated. You have an already set us on adding up. I mean only how this label, or some other people were doing it on their own already. You know and likes ratings lay by this prince and I don't need all the money for it from two like you know, and only needy it budiman portraits people were selling selling me people where people were selling me portraits of. How much did you pay less seems like their taken at any rate now, just like it meant the beautiful drawings that they have, that I haven't him and all over. My house are like murdering now memorabilia of others, which you to fall into hard, but it will be easier. You know, as time goes on, but yeah it's- really I mean just another example of how credible the the the police and are as we have are. And I'm out
they're big animal pupil to begin. Where said this right, things got a lot of people where they live and there is a lot of people. I kind of telling stories people that last briarpatch this year and it's you know it some it's been a hard enough year for everybody. There's there's lots. Out of lost this year or so ago. This was kind of one that peat it even though he was sixteen year, is still seemed? You know it's like he sounds great everytime air militia, like in a only you knew like the true of his health and rights, but I do want to say he did ass. He was ok up until the last minute, like literally the last few days and Any wasn't in any pain and the you know we had this lovely nice lady that come in a while. He was on my lap and- where it couldn't. We couldn't have been luckier to have him so long and have it be
peaceful, passing and then have the huge amount of support that we had. And so I am really grateful for that sixteen years is so long. What do you know? I'm upset, you know. That's when I asked him for when, like a couple years ago, he got second had these kidney issues an almost died, and He said to her in. I just said I need sixteen years. Just please give me sixteen years. That's it! I don't know why that numbers like I had a cat lived to be twenty as like. I need sixteen years of you and early two months ago. He turned sixteen and then allow just started to come and go downhill so in out he but here he understands English, saying he speaks Angola's right. Just a few of those numbers loyal to the added I'm. Now that it's just something special about that to me and and so every yes, he has a very special care
here and now is a living for me. I mean you ve gotta, go and ask for my immortal make the legendary here since there are many lives and for me instead of infamy Oh you didn't care about the bank robbery, though these kill me get no one saying its ban that one teller can't explain what's happening it so hard to describe what he looked like a dog I mean I know it's like money. Is you said it's you're so actively loved that cat. You know you
always pulled human to everything. You always wanted him to be like frightened centre. So it's not like people, don't understand how much that cap, men team re how central he was to you. It's like you know you both kind of lived it. So that's why it meant so much to people's guess. They knew how much comment to you cause. You always made that really clear. So you know it's. I think it's really kind of nice, because that's your vulnerability and you basically sharing a part of your life of people, and you know tat I d happens and lines. You ve made me so happy and I wanted him. I wanted to run out. It will have that too, and I think it worked so yeah but yeah, but life I feel, is different now, and I am now so that get a call from you like a week later. That's The bombshell Seti. So yeah. Then I was, I couldn't stop laughing, even though its surely one of the worst things that happened me lately. I George Michael
Oh George had pulled her ACL, so she's been limping she's basically been hopping around on three legs for about a month and why I first took her to the vat she's kind to put our foot down one than she over A couple of weeks stop doing, then I noticed her behaviour changing in different ways. Finally, she's eating. So then I had an appointment set and I was like: can we move that up because someone else is going on, so I take her to the vat and then it's all covered set up, so is she gets taken in and I'm just sitting in my car in the parking lot than they call me and the That says your dog has bone cancer, and so then I have to decide basically and he's like basely were
He can amputate her leg or you can put her to sleep. I got what was that fourteen years she has yeah she's almost fourteen, and I believe I've had her eight of those fourteen years ago, very dark awful? Of course I pick the surgery and when I had to call Georgia laughing going, you're, not gonna, fucking, believe what I am about to tell you you're like I'm, I'm not stealing your thunder. I I'm not sure. I know unhappy I literally step. I dont think we can tell people about this. His hind, I'm gonna, look and sailing in going to look like you're telling lies the spotlight. I can't let her have it can't ever sorrows guy I mean I thought I might sorrow to well anyway. I'm lucky enough to be able to say George me is making a full recovery. Has legs we're renaming her pirate you're. It also serve very well and she is actually Lake
is she is she has been issued. but she was Lupi the first couple days and it was kind of a bummer and scary. Obviously it Mary but like on day three. She popped up and the letter, and why do you want I e the spell it can show fucking jump up, but an engine, just was like it was like she was kind of back to normal land raw running. She is not. There is no kind of leg in between you know. Rehab part of it she's back and jellies. Fine, I'm three went well, I'm not unpaid anymore, so who gives a shit and just so high a so? Let's go up and down some stereo yeah. Georgia's she's had her a life of adjustment, but she is doing great mad and yeah? So what do I say now, let's face it like a year apart, if my meal, there was a thing where's his leg earthquake
yeah, let's not record and one thing, but let us not knows record for the rest of the year, because what the fuck is going on. I dont really upset memory having the weak are like a week or two of lake responding to people! Now! It's like what it's not a very fun yet start it air grieve. You were dreaming, so it just like were ruined a record. You know me like that's like that's really, not the that's, not what we do or how we do it. I'm glad we're just filling guide. I was gonna. Do I have a photograph for you of some cookies? That means- and I made
four holiday the holidays and we're going to bring you and you might just get a photograph because we ve been too lazy to leave the house to bring them to o dog at the last thing I need is causing us that behind me I thought you d, wonderful laziness. If any one hundred like text him right out re attacks, those that I might end of eating them and sending you the photo of them, I mean if Alec also it's just I feel like it. If I think all America needs to fall down and take care of themselves. This holiday everybody needs to lay on the couch started.
Flick series that you don't even care about, eat what you wanna be nice to yourself into other people like take it easy put down social media. Everything is hysteria, everything ass insanity, unlike you know, we ve had a full year of area a year of it. That's really my plan for the next few weeks is just too big to be gentle with myself. and I will say so. I have, of course, wanted to watch all the darkest deep depressing. shit that I normally want to watch. So I was saying, come back has been a real. The burial, great distraction with LISA could draw course. I highly recommend if you need a distraction, Ok, I'm running a joke, but it's so felt a little level of its core line. Is that its friends? You bet it's as least liquid you're such an incredible actress, the She
makes it that way. It's a great, so subtle issues like the things she's doing in that show its own. Our real, like overtly, settle somehow Well, it's very real as yak. It's just like that she's. Clearly, I think thinking of a specific person someone she know ever, but it just like it you'd, never think about less acute early actors, never hersant Valor Charity is such a real person. You're, just like glancing white knuckling. At from that, I, from her hat like her house, the set of the breathing about it as perfections hope? Definitely watch the come back. If you need distraction, yes, every grains areas yeah now did you did you watch the stand, knowing watched it yet milk is a brain. It's gotta, it's funny, because you know you you re there's little. There is a lot of reviews of it and what kind of like playing it down, and
when I went to see it, I was just like what are they talking about it's better than ever? Like I love this thing, so I think I just what I've been waiting so long since, like the first time we didn't add for area, I was so excited, but it's great sense of purpose distraction. I love that it's really good ok, so another really pure show that I really enjoyed and and Sarah watching his taste the nation by pad malloch, with Pat, hosted by Pat my luxury, whose really smart, interesting woman, She just travels the country, the nation, even just
It really is time yeah tasting, but like really authentic stuff, like real, like finding out where burritos actually come from, and why they are. You know they're there they were what they were and it made us go into Boil heights to dislike old school burrito plays and get burritos because only wanted to try them. It's like a really lovely show and where they amazing, they are the ones you gonna go through its just meet. There's no like the whole, like huge overstep burrito thing is, is like a current thing. It wasn't that way before it's really fascinating, so she does others interesting cultures and tells you about them, and it's just think it's an distraction show and I'll make you really hungry and then maybe it'll make you like search out. Some authentic food in your town, which I think is a positive thing, isn't it like twenty, I feel better Netflix, I hope Lenin, double, and I love The top chef so pad Mamma is like a favorite.
You ain't, never watched, shut your face. I can't hear in your head. I can't believe that, because Screen ever have varying in just one of those ones that I dont know got by me somehow and then people it talk about it and then I didn't know what they are talking about. Seven hours like it's not for me, as Mr Pat so tasting nations on Hulu with pad my that's all. You have to watch top chef it cycle. One of my favorite competition shows Ok, so good, let me send you a good season like look at where Richard blazes season as one of my favorites. That's you just have to an. His characters, and oh my god now I did watch iron chef. We now lake was in that. Oh god, that thing was the greatest, so gay original version didn't residual had died away battle when beforehand exhibit me to one
I am even than even though the current one, that's not just subtitles, is so fuckin guide as well. That was my dream and where I'm cooking channel is to be a fuckin judge on iron, chef Gina never happened. I was back at the heart of wouldn't you have your own restaurant or vocational tv show. No, no! I don't wanna be contested. I want to be a judge. I want to take the food right. They had all kinds of weirdos on match. The judges were like randalls. I could have been a giant like an ivy. Oh, I thought the judges were well the alignment on or one that I saw like that, because I think it was like a late night food. Not yes, was many like, maybe even before food network was like food network, whatever the bet,
I would have liked, but also the current one, would be, like the other, be like a restaurant or in a cookbook author and then there'd be like a random like Steve, Austin, Retina Ressler, some like pieces of seven or early years learning I like, I could have done it and then, when I went to my favorite party questions when they used to be parties wise, if you could be a judge on iron chef, why would you like a dream Men greedy, be cause? You know it's like you have to go. asparagus. This week agree you have to cook. We live like what would you, like fast twinning, word: yeah, yeah, squinting yeah. Grass there is always a in those early ones that were it was japanese re. It was from Japan. There was always a thing where I was like, because I dont like see food at all than there was always a thing were everything, whereas, like I'm glad I'm not there, let it smell them cooking that, but of course it was always idiom amazing they did. That was the whole. Conversion was cork, has it be like if you like eggs, but then it be like Austin
eggs and likes. You know like a row and just like really interesting stuff like that silence, not thou, be really cool. Some little heartbroken- and I never got to be a judge on that- show it's not too away. I think it is what I got you a vigorous. You brought back iron shares its hard Bobby Flay. I said: listen! It's for Georgia! She's been having a hard time. I drinks with Bobby play once at the Soho House cause he was big timing, ass! No, it wasn't. We just really one another. So how alley- and I met him like talk about me- you didn't a tv show, and he was so lovely and a really amazing person- and we saw him- make his our not by grilling tv, show and he's just like professional, but that means I heard back with a lovely guy heavily how about, if I guess I was lonely. I've about God. Let's see well
couple Ike I'll, do it can logically so the first one? I wasn't do that England, zoned April origins and recommended three. When I talk to her like last month, it's a t, its possessor of targets called Chameleon, the Hollywood conclave gas city. Listen to it now, but it's I subscribe. It's on my list of amazing. It's unbelievable tell me it's unbelievable premise. Well its people, who are not huge in show business in Hollywood start getting conned by by this woman who calls them and books them for jobs in. I believe it was Singapore, I go to Singapore on their own die, I'm kind of a thing on their own dime pay has asked like they they piastres began and there's a lot of you know, there's a lot of parts of the business where it is that kind of thing like you get there than our travel government will pay you back. Her would have hoteliers, look, there's lots of that kind of stuff and it like basically playing on the desperation of people. If, like this is
I break my big Brett yeah. It's such a, but that's how it starts near, like that's, really fucked up and then it begins to develop into a whole other thing, and it's really satisfying Yclept along so fast it such an amazing story is: it was unbelievable, Malian Thou, unlike last Wednesday super tightening right now, I'm they have that way. I am, I think I got really popular because the stories it's like a dirty John level story yeah, like everyone, you know in the pod gas. These people are looking for like what's the story the eyes at around ever and this thing is like this thing has like seven stories and when they break awhile, the podcast is what is recording and while their reporting on the story and breaks pod Cassie alive, it's so exciting, yeah it has also the after looking for new and chameleon. The Hollywood conclave my sizing, firemen, who it is what's the other ones they are listening to us,
in the neck, while, basically that I was kind of going along, because I really lately, I'm loving a scam story, a really a really in you know journalistic fully investigated, scam story because I feel, like the more people are going to be in peril. With money. The more scammers are going to be trying to scan all different way I'll, but this one this it's called smokescreen, fake priests. Now it's it's by the knee on home, the people that did doktor dire and it his again. One of those stories were, as your listing you're like sorry were, is happening. What is happening? you find out you let me have. It is unbelievable harm the shit out of people and of yellow aptitudes and serve its because- and this is again that thing where its he heap
I'm sorry to be a priest at that did latin Mass and he was like a traditionalist catholic priests, so use like cause. You know, Vatican too, in the sixties, based there was like a rat, you don't have to eat fish every Friday and you die after, like the mass doesn't has have to be in latin and all that stuff, but there's lots of people who are like that's not the real thing, if you're doing it. This new, this quota railway out a real Baptist, the east of here, it's just like it's unbelievable, but is that kind of thing of again these areas, these certain areas that scam artists always gravitate too, because you do not question the ass. It sure you don't question religion or religious leaders and those people scam. People like crazy, hides amazing with awful and then
the most recent one. I always rave about the Canadian, the c b c broadcast on the Canadian. You know investigative journalism. I went back into the uncover series: oh yeah they're, the ones that did next time- furs. Yes, but they have now. I think eight seasons are so many good ones and the most recent one season for its at the cat. Lady murder, and it is it's. You have to hear it. It's just another one of those ones, words, its people, scamming, ok, old people here and there, the elderly, and but it's at that one's. Actually, very it's less entertaining and more like. Oh guys, isn't much about. Might so dark the idea that people like prey upon and exploit elderly and people in nursing home? Then it's like horror, lifesaving situations I have a friend who that happen to us is that the bank
called quote and quote called his dad ones like you need to get all your money out of the bank has been a breach. Turn turn it into, Amazon gift cards and then call us and reduce the number of the Amazon things. So simple, like that, if you just called our friend assigned been like this is happening his son, what a bit like that's a scam but yeah courses like oh this is of emergency and did at and they know it in in one of these, and I think it was the chameleon they had. They interview that woman who I talked about her book, that I love so much in she talks about the current con man earnings Maria Bul, but they talk about.
but that that's one element of scam artists is it's always a rush. You have two you're gonna get the answer me Yoni dancer within the hour. You have to it's the bank's things happening. You have to do it right now, or so it's out they create a false sense of the word lakes. It's a big rush rush, Russia and its emergency and the time like you're running out of time, and that's how you know that's like step. One of a scam is that you can't take fifteen minutes to call a younger person and go. Is this real ray? You have to do our duty now consider it yourself, which you probably be like wait a minute. I should be doing this young, I may I now my guy now guys humped send us your home towns about scams that you feel on four that someone, you know a small and for that you almost fell for that. You play, some one else. You can be anonymous
I want to go down stories. Don't you scan stories? Are the their amazing Albion? There's there's a thousand pod gas that feature that which you can listen all of those two by yeah there's but also its good, to learn from other people, and that's just did that's another thing they talk about. Is people that get scammed, don't talk about it cause they're, so I'm burying their so ashamed and they don't want anyone else to know. Oh, my god, how can people go? How could you have given some one six thousand dollars and it's like if you thought you were about to get a huge job with this? We know the Hong Kong Queen using these huge directors names. You think we're about to get this big job words David, venture, shooting in this place or whatever, and it's not like. I dont have evidence it's not like they're, just like great here, six thousand dollars. It's like that. Six thousand dollars is a couple thousand over a period of time, so you're already and deep and they ve, given you evidence is too you know I'm cold evidence as to why there are legitimate.
Hence I use believe those which makes it easier to keep believing because you don't ya, you dont want to get scammed debts. Three thousand dollars, so it takes six thousand dollars to finally admit that we have I'm here send. Even then you don't hardly know yeah, that's fucking crazy, if that's ok, it's gaps occurrence and among those scan, much outcomes and plans I read in a book well, so we were also only anything. We're watching was just bad Christmas movies. Just yes, Karen have you seen, the movie family stone mama. I never varies and I watched it for the first time we were like Germany, anger. the murdering a z well, and this one I very divisive, fell. He didn't know this. I didn't know anything about it. I had never seen it and then I lifted to read all the negative reviews and all their was is positive. Reviews yeah,
Lobbyists gonna say what a movie! Why? What am I refused? If I can- and I myself I will. I will- and I myself has who gives a shit. What's funny, is you missed the the staff zoom meeting where we had this discussion? You didn't you because someone recommended and then Katrina we has virtually no major Sarah okay, we have staff meanings every Friday morning with the now huge, exactly right. Employees like that we are what we have had a lot of yours to urge that we all used as that eleven employees and everyone kind of cells each other, and on what's been going on that we can now he started doing this thing at the end. Were you just recommend something usually to tv shower book or never?
I was gone the week that Elvis passed away, and so I fucking MRS conversation, you MR family, Stone Debate, God whom areas how you're like reading it was so funny, while I'm I'm busting Katrina right now, but I think she would be fine because she was just like it's that movies to careful and then I started laughing as I'm like. I love that I feel a bit. I could see a being one of those one afterwards we're like God that movie. I need to watch it again and then may like. Ok, I get the others,
something about it, that is its its corny and everything, but there's a Christmas element to it and I'm sorry but Luke Wilson does it for me and is actually a man right. That movie he's missing a ladder. Yeah he's like MR casualties colleague. He just immediately knows he works boiler, but he immediately knows he loves their dusk of arguing like oh well, I've I'm in love with you, it's like the most natural kind of leg. At first, but a boy doing it which ever get to see in any, especially with an uptight woman. You know like an uptight, anal, a woman quote unquote outside. Are you still you now you fall in love with her? It's not like she's corkins falls down the back stairs and then you fall in love with her connotes, your sister, your fuckin fiance sister, which means high on our part last year, no, it's it's his brother of. If it's his point of view, it's his brothers fiance
but I had to learn about only come. Unstuck worry about clear day MRS Kessler, dinners right right, right, ok, well beyond! It's definitely a movie and we can all area movies for this. It is a movie reflective of across our the holidays. In general, I gotta know we did home for the holidays with them. Of course, we're down a junior, thank you and the Holly Hunter. You survive as final hadn't seen as before. Oh yeah, that's it that's another great one, but it's a different virus wont what's another get one! That's like you watch it for the holidays, IDA, I've
people always like like to talk about on Twitter, how you know like diehards Christmas people, and now the joke has become on twitter, naming a thing that secures regularly one like one tree in the background order, but the Ryan Reynolds Movie best friends, ok, is one of the greatest. It is a Ella. Well for his will and movie there like under cover, cops or something, no actually very its problematic for twenty twenty they're all problematic boil. and it was so rain Reynolds. Basically, it's like he is now a successful like I think, he's supposed to be like a music agent or something, but in high school he was fat, any hamlet s friend who he was in love with him. She would. She didn't think she could have
like here, and then he goes home for the hull right here and now that an arbitrary and has not on a scale means that he is love a ball and word exact, worthy of love and by sea. He has this right here now. Is they ran Reynolds type exactly so then he thinks now. I got it, but he's actually kind of a scumbag she's like oh you're, different and very much is like she actually loved him before I have nobody, I'm Novato who's. The CNN. Can't remember I'm so sorry, it's called just for an hour. Now look at his fat suit. I now Amy Smart Amy's right. I got your fire, your fire, that she's really good. Ok, she's, really good, it's a, but it is their jokes in this thing that our
while I glanced out loud when I watch this move, your guys and it is legitimately a Christmas mocha great I'm doing I love it. Yeah, that's perfect! Thank you. Just can't touch Iceland's Ryan Reynolds. Never forget that Rhine Reynolds is the real deal. and I'm I'm reading a book called good morning monster by Catherine. I'm a children's, but certainly the by Catch turn Guild ire and It's a basically this woman, it's it's kind of a memoir. He type a thing Katharine Guild Nigher is a fairer pest and in the book she presents five of what she calls her most heroic and memorable patients. So like others of these patients, that like transformed her as a therapist, so one of the first one in listening to you right now is like her first patient and like how hard it how hard it was for this patient to admit that shit
had childhood trauma and understand that what she went through even to ever, everyone else were like girl. You went through some shit like she was Nope. I did what I had to do, but like really or nine years old and abandon and like she just couldn't even So it's just. I think it's really good for people who are like interested in therapy, but don't know what it's like or no no had. It sounds great yeah, like Donna, had a breakthrough with their own. Should it suddenly helping me or I'm like? Oh, I think my life is totally normal in my therapist is like trying to knock down these walls, but she was, she can't knocked him down. She needs meta, knock them down, and so what? What am I we now? What what tools and may not equipping myself with two knocked down that I've been watching a lot hdtv too
I am an open concept. Brain of its really are and where not only you wanna go at an island right in the middle of your personality but, like I can cook and and wants to kill, and all I have is Ball Pinheiro that I'm trying to think it knocked the wall, the outer that did not work. It pull that dry while down with your your finger nail, but I'm using butter nigh if it just doesn't make any sense. That sounds great unease really good morning. Monster lemon write that down. So I can you down here and recommended in mourning monster lessons a man must see him either smoothing out the vanishing half by Britain dammit, I finished at fuckin highly recommended. That was the one I talked about last time about different generations of a family. But I didn't realize it was really like mother sister relationships, that's really cool, so like down very relevant, like cannot tell I got anything else. Raymie nuts,
so I love but the four minutes. Or can I do one more cottage core new obsession pleased there is a kind of court college or corner it's kind of time time. Let's hear it is one this one major own clock career. I made my own time this one that combines doll houses to my I'm stall houses and decaying haunted house is, so people are making dull houses, but making that abandoned, haunted house is instead of Howard here. How great is that I think outside union? I think I did she now the one, a bunch of peace, both are doing. I know now the only one I found its cause, it's an insecure and called southern gothic dollhouse.
its highest straight up looks like the hunted mansion at Second Disneyland like cobwebs, and you know decaying things like using teeth, those like tile, itches, creepy and core. That's great. I like TAT, there's so much artistry. That goes into that that I think it does. It has never gotten the respect it deserves like once we talked about Reno. Could there even be midcentury doll? How yeah I get pictures of them constantly on twitter now, because there are a tiny, unlike its there are lots of people that are into it and do it and their gorgeously put together like it's. It's really call on its findings at such a thing. That's like it's! It's there's no point like they're doing it because they love it like they're, not gonna, do any What that dollhouse, its aren't. You gonna walk in their living around me like, while you decorated wilds, like gonna, be a dull house on a mantle somewhere that only I got to enjoy penance Instagram
the child or to hear when required and now don't bother, sounds boring, get away from there. and then there's this guy he's an artist named Ryan, Thomas Monaghan, on instruments, what underscore the howl and he does the most incredible like decaying city scapes and actually did like an abandoned Vintage Mcdonald's scene and full miniaturized is one of the cruellest things I've ever seen so check out. What your score, the hell as well, actually speaking of it, but it's a little bit Randal. But from the last time we recorded, we were talking about murder on middle beach and at one when I said I don't know it's called the earlier element.
This prince, wrote to me on Twitter at Comic a nerd, an r r d n Shiro, regarding the conversation that carefully often George Hard Sark had about why murder on middle Beach was called that in last week's my favorite murder episode number one: the murder, took place on middle Beach or of the now not in any event, that was the whole tweet. Where I was like dammit Liz, then there isn't it. There was an attached tweets to that which are didn't, for some reason, take a picture of, but she basically said their last name was beat and murder, on middle beach, is Mom and then she wrote number four, I'm a nurse, and so thank you is for that was help we needed. That was help. We were asking here, and it's so obvious now that you pointed out that I I never noticed stuff like that. I I mean a clearly I didn't even
retain their relation that that was the street. They were all was done. It anon showy off your way, which we always exactly Annie in your m self deprecating, which is always a ingratiating thing. You're not getting it's nice not be held up very done talking about ourselves, for I think so, fifty minutes, fifty or so minutes fears I mean look weightless it's nice to have company. Yes, if you can't take that away from me speaking of ourselves, let's do exactly right news. So here I am talking about some show as well our new show tenfold. More wicked witch is our first limited series like kind of Are you sure crime by the Great cave Claire Dose, and it has actually been included in apple podcast, top true crime podcast, which is very exciting around here,
and just to know at this season of it will be ending like they end of this year and then a second seasons gonna start next year, so that she has done on a much worse. Fats he's got this stuff ready to guide incredibly accomplished author area and her books are amazing. If you have read, name look her up because they are so good and so yeah she's got she's got that count. can't ready to podcast speaking of lists, that's me up are s view podcast us to buy Kara Clank and leaves a trigger is trending on Itunes, which is so rad. Thank you. So much were glad you love, that's messed up as much as we do yeah thanks, supporting it and subscribing in giving a great reviews. It really makes a difference. I sum for all those bald apocalypse. so this at this.
Except sewed, the legendary actress Marcia Gay Harden is, is the as the S view CAS member that they inner. Why just like, when the cool is booking, it is what an honor of course, and swinging a yard miss movies on. I saw what you dead. One of my absolute favorites Christmas movies is discussed, scrooged, so check that they are. So cover the silent partner, so check those check. I saw you dead. That's another biogas, extraordinarily good browser. It's been rating in the in the movie movie and tv category, which is very cold. Those million Daniel are the greatest. If you, if you even if you're, not superinduced cinema, it's such a
podcast, for they just kind of talk about its cause. It gives you great ideas for movies and wider watch them. Then, like hang out with your friends, so the utterly fine, then frequent speaking of less the pack has bananas was on vultures. Top ten comedy pie casts of twenty twenty witches so huge. We are so proud of current Scotty, so make sure you check out bananas. They have incredible guests at such a fun light. Hearted pied cast Weird NEWS: there's nothing funnier than weird news, because it really happened. Yes, not just people talking about bullshit there, their reading you, two real actual news articles from Florida and around the world are really good stories yet so get exactly right, o o He also, I said, no gifts, Bridger winners, wonderful podcast was featured on the Itunes New New, a noteworthy page,
which is a very exciting onward rending and share your thank you for you gonna rate worthy unsubscribe. Those are the ways we get on those lists and am everyone on the network appreciates those? hello bumps, he added oh and also of your looking, if you're still looking for something to watch the Stephen and Sarah on the on the per cast talk about the Garfield Christmas Special Heavy, limiting eighty seven. How dare you not favour? I am so sorry, a classic. Last back and Emmy Legend, a perfect aggregate, further holiday, whoever this this, that was another one that we talked about at the end, the staff meeting, because people were talking about at remembering it watching it when there are little loving it and it being really touching young girls they'll christen, especially as such, are not on a leper cast.
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joint last, allowing our a perfect least there's a logic, China Matter, why you somewhere waking decision ever you? Why and I believe that our right well, I am so excited about this one because it involves a heroic cat. So I feel like that's: that's the perfect setting it's perfect right so apt. This was from a show in Pittsburgh, at the men Adam Centre on March, Fourteenth twenty nineteen. So not that long ago, very recent right- and this is the murder of lorry and occur, enjoy amazing we're gonna. Do the murder of Lori Lorry an here. She is that's why I didn't want you to click on. Ok, luria Knocker are so. This fuckin. This story is forensic files, fuckin wet dream, like
I'm not even kidding you the producer, probably test him or herself when they saw this episodes com. cats flies and snapshots. Oh some just like. We gotta get this out. Let's get this out, and and it's about it, it's kind of like Argentine that we, Like lately of pet heroes, tinge of then in Bonn to that's right doesn't like a pet here at here is, but I bet the trend to come after pet heiresses gotta, be pet scumbag had to have stolen from you you're still here change from your purse. Flip you off behind your back. Ok! So lorry an awkward grows up in a quiet agricultural area, known as such Hannah
Thank you. How many times you say that, in your hotel room, three sets the Squadron Valley in Central Pennsylvania. So in a hundred miles from Syracuse. Ok you guys, hates Eric here's the thing where are we going to a city and they like hate the next house over? But we don't know so they start booing and we're like Larry billing nearer from L, a ok, So she, the typical eighties teenager she's, a sweet girl, her friends, I'll, say she's, just normal and lovely, she loves animals and she wants to be a vat when she grows up, so she she marries robber, this good dewdrop rocker right out of high school and she's nineteen he's ten years older than her any works in it. She was a cot
man knows it is doing its heart when you're nineteen and the new become the age that that they org you're. Like a letter, he doesn't know shit. It's your nineteen, so twenty nine european sedate me and they become twenty nine you're like this stance disgusting, he just had a job. That's lady had a car in a job, So they get married. He works in a warehouse. They soon have a son named Matthew and they need to make more money. So Lori went to visit and living animals gets a job at a pet store and live local hi mom,
and this I mean that you know this isn't a pet sore like they sell products. This is the eighties, so they place our pets, but don't get mad. It's just that how it was at the time I mean huge, you could truly get you could get a monkey. If you want, you can get a full size, heal a monster, they was suddenly they were all missing cage. You get a pet me out and put him back to touch her. I sprang up all at the mall alone, but but she loved the animals. That's where she worked and she take her son Matthew. There is like a little baby. She take em they're whenever she wasn't working and shout he loved animals and shoot just showed him on the animals and wanted him to leg differently, with them very sweet, ok, so, after he's, born, though lorry and Robert start having problems and lorries, not happy because rather super controlling. She had
answer a million questions before she was allowed to leave the house and an old guys where you, knowing when he doing how many, his fingers and minority, as I think you can leave, or another thing shut up and take yards osteoporosis, medicine. And he used physical discipline when he was upset with his kin. So she was like fuck that shit there finding all the time, and so they separate after eighteen months of marriage and Lorry and her baby Matthew move in with her parents. While Robert moves back with his parents and he has visitation rights of Matthew. So, let's get to the day the disappearance, oh there's a disappearance, whether on What's that, let me show you ever saw, Sk Rihanna Hmong vintage.
Trying to find old photos of, but it's a work that's gonNa Valley Mall hears us there what is there a slight pronunciation difference? Square says square. So scanner figure school at first glance, Jesus Christ, you, if you ve, just wait till you get up here. That's that asshole there, okay, so old! these ten years older grows in what so ok made twenty. Fourth, first, twenty fourth may twenty one nothing may don't you weren't nineteen eighty nine years, every year. What was right,
after my birthday so still hung over recent days on the eleventh, so lorries getting ready to go to work, it's her normal shipped for denying at the pet store and Matthew the sun is with Robert that day, so she packs our lunch and leaves for work and in forensic files because they have to do foreshadowing. She picks up her captain Hugson put to death back down like gotta mean something tat they may,
Stephen one is that cat symbolism mean But- and this must have in fact and drug because it was just like gray totally let her do it in the tv show. Could it have been like a gym Hansen kept up a really realistic yeah? I wonder how they got the cat actor because they couldn't have a budget for the product. Does anyone onset of a cat yet super cheap? Could you just bring your cat and then we just don't talk about a don't calling union will give him some see. Beady it'll be fine, so hugs or cat go stork, ok, so about a half an hour later. There is a call to her house in her down, picks up and her boss Where is lorry, of course, and He's like what you mean sharing outlet for work, so he drowned use the route thinking, maybe her car broken down, and but he doesn't finer than he goes to the parking lot of her work at the mall and he finds or car there and
in the car is her person keys, know they're, not No they're, not nothing, seems out of place in person. Keys are gone, they're they're, not there are not there. It's the opposite see, I had fifty fifty chance of getting our aid. Hayleigh luck, Iselin I'll start, but the thank you ok and she's. where they found in her parents report her missing Laurie, disappearance back and sends a small town craze. They are all that's a good, its concern of community law shit and they couldn't believe someone had been abducted in broad daylight, so they can miss the area, they question employees and shoppers, but no one saw anything suspicious obviously immediately suspect robber. Her ex
but he claims he hasn't. Seen or y'all day was babysitting their son that he went shopping and then what you have. I went to these things and I did this stuff and they look great goodbye. So, he has details and everything and he and he said he bought it. swash over his mom and she's, like it's true, so they're like great great, never talk to you about it? The right? That's all we need so. The public, Felice, family, friends and volunteers, continue searching for lorry with no success, but then on June, twelfth about two and a half weeks after lorries. Disappearance a woman jogging a few miles from them all at smell, something bad and she went to investigate, which means she is definitely an old school vintage, murdering sharia, You went to investigate and she is why skeletal remains in a ditch along a hillside south of an they are called seven points. So the
there remains hold it. But there's got to be bad, there remains our dressed in a jacket, genes and sneakers. So it's lorries outfit, but its skeletal remains at that point, and there's no skin there's nothing till. I really do in point how long she had been. Therefore, but they are, to determine its its lorries body, So did you? Did it let's hope so he s sees its lorry he determines from, and this is like all like kind of new forensic stuff back then that they didn't really do anymore, yet so Can I almost had air there you're there. So, of course they see cut marks through the clothes and on the bones and realise that she had been stabbed at least seven to eleven times, and so she says she's identified by dental comparisons, but no work, murder weapons around the scene, and so
I see enters bringing an end to knowledge, is to determine the cause of death or the time of death, which is kind of a new fangled thing where they check how The bugs are you now have the graduated high school at year. End. That lorries been dead for nineteen days, which places her exactly the day that she disappeared so there. police are then, like it's been twenty days, you know what we should have done. They say, let's go and see if any of the mall stores had a camera facing the parking lot we should do now. They said yes, but twenty days yeah, ok yeah, so it's what they do automatically now that the figures, you hope, okay. So discover an atm. an atm, not media machine near the entrance of the more than has it is an atm. I wasn't yeah yeah ATM missions right, it's a muslim atm, so they
I'm an atm. There's a camera basically pointing at the parking lot. It's been taped over, so its super fuzzy, but they can still, I dont know, may be seen. I M not a video refer Oh well, if you're, not a vigorous for you shouldn't be telling the story, so they find they find the camera aim in the direction of lorries. Current Dave or disappearance. The image. is just show a man making up a bank transactions in the background now to focus. They see lorries, CARP, Poland and an person and then a car poison in front of her car and- and I did They did have a person is standing by, but they can't. I can see how things at super blurry, so state prosecutor's asked the Pennsylvania State, police lab and the FBI for help awesome. So The FBI asks NASA for help lingering improve anything, as this is a first. How we ve never got an asset for help in this. The history of this show
mass and there like we mostly due moon, serves so own. No sorry, but it makes total sense because they have this sophisticated digital photo enhancement. Technology that improve you know that improves space. Pictures together, like that you're just one from experts and not one that in bags me yeah, two may refer her case to a research scientists in than ballistic missile field organization. Whenever an He uses as a technical, similar to the one that was used to determine the cause of the challenger explosion in nineteen. Eighty six and he digitally enhances the black can wait surveillance footage awesome. we can see it. I forgot to get a photo of it for you, but it's good.
It's like a spaceship and a guy kind of an emotional coming down puts a flag. He jumps around a little bit and there's an atm machine in the back. That's how you know it's bake gap. So there are able to identify the kind of car that pulled up next to lorries car as a shovel surely celebrity, and they can even tell is made between eighteen, eighty, two in eighteen. Eighty five gives us the only time. Chevy celebrities remains that I have you seem on lately, there's one! Oh, it's that's not the but this is what this is one those number those handles. They parted in front of a man. To tell me, you wouldn't drive that that is the poor man's mobile right. There look at it. It's a gore, its abuse, it's a beauty,
So they're, like oh let's look into robber lorries acts. Does he only shabby celebrity? No, but his pay, our answer maiden nineteen, eighty four right in there that said Roberts parents, hopefully that raw borrowed their car on the day of lorries disappearance and they sold the car a week after he returned it in staying and neighbours were like always I'm fuckin frantically cleaning that car, but so just the parents had planned on selling the card to begin with, so they're not accomplices right. So it seems like he kind of new that and so took the car at the right moment because he knew they knew. You know, there's gonna be gone, but then he's done enough to frantically clean the car like in the drive we brought us come islands. Is it so like the number one? Every fucking murder has a clean car. It's like the number one thing stop at nothing. Do it whatever? Don't start at me is what we mean: ok, but guess who had
the Stairs car is liberty, Was it a celebrity? Oh, yes, a retired state police hell, yes, so that I can we borrow that need like apps. If I can leave area, that's right, I don't know what I was thinking in the first place. You can have it. How sad as this is for his step, daughter who was an old enough to drive you, so it's just sitting in the garage untouched waiting for her to be sixteen initiating slung two fuckin driving us you'll have it liberty when you ass here I saw this wine coolers under your bad, no celebrity but stepped you're, not my real father, my real father, you just stay policeman is a really good handling evident. Hopefully, please God, okay, so they get the vehicle they tested for prince and traced evidence. They buy anything. There's no blood, of course, because its
clean, and but but it has hasn't been clean well enough, because in the trunk forensics people discuss, couple little strands of hair, it put it under a microscope. Guess why can cat here yeah we're earlier than I earlier suddenly suddenly PET Harrison so bad. Is it no its not now, and they also, let's see they also by her a couple shreds of her hair to, but there are still too to know that right, it doesn't have a cat. He never lived with them when they had the cat has no access to a cat. It said, which is that tragic
your honor. He simply have no cat access, not at home, not at work. He wasn't allowed at the fats or surely my worst nightmare if you are denied cat access. many times that I looked at them and the cat came today at home, sick. They seem Rama with my dad watching the cats and when I first turn that the cat, come on to Silts Sarah them like makes a noise, and I see him go like put. His head tat an dad. Catch him, a mere handful of peanuts or whatever they do when there alone. What are like, you can put catch rates in the machine. What are they just? What Pino, Andrea Marty that comin does Buckin
Please jumping up and get intercepting fighting Elvis behind. I like your kind, that's not my hands, but just a mix of catch rates and b that judges trail mix Homo code murderer governor, but up up up up. Ok, so they arrest rob for the murder of his strange ways, lorry and based on the cat, her evidence and during their arrest when they travel in rub said you gotta, be kidding me. like an asshole, okay, so prosecutors, believers surveillance, total support their theory. That lorry was abducted in the parking lot, so they regions the crime scene by the photos that NASA you know did to develop,
and they see that the shabby he was driving was in the marble parking lot and they see her kind of it sounds. It seems like they legs heat. She got over the car to go to work. he who had the kid that day probably was like. Oh my god, you have to come with me. There's something wrong with Matthew, so she jumped in the car cushy. Think something's wrong with her kid and then they don't really know what happens after that and tell she entails. is missing so rubber, so prosecutors allege that he had to possible motives first was that he had taken out an insurance policy Laurie, and his son enlisted himself as a beneficiary, and you did that Are they separated which, if you like, you need to prove your snow married if you're gonna take a fucking life insurance policy another's theirs? going on this country right now. But if we could at some point
when the shit stops rolling. If we could take a look at these, ensuring that these I mean arrest, anyone who has an insurance policy for their spouse above what fifty Grand hotel yeah, my guy fuckin, Grady Styles, for fifteen hundred till that's right I mean that's true, that's true. I, my guy. That's embarrassing that your best friend and the pay out o king The bail for criminal homicide was ten thousand dollars. You're psychic, I mean oh, Oh yes, my boy, you just about yes, I fucking the day IRA, psychic, fear me I'm the other was that they were engaged in custody custody dispute over their kid. and lorries boyfriend at the time. The suit Malcolm says that Robert was stocking her.
And lorry lorries mother had discovered she too shot guns under her bed, two weeks before she disappeared and when she ass her daughter about them. She's, like I can say, max. Oh yeah, so one of lorries friends testified that lorry carried mace in her person case Rob, attacked her and the supervisors at work would say he come stand outside the window and she'd fuckin run in the back and they wouldn't watch her leave work and walked to her car make sure nothing happened to her. Nobody fucking thought like under way to work in the in broad daylight and a busy fucking. My parking lot like just doesn't answer your mind so background check, reveals that Rob had a troubled pass shortly. After marrying Lore Laurie, convicted of a divine service stint in prison and well Is there a in prison, everyone. He orders a book about. The commit murder and get away with it in prison,
They have like it's almost like this classic book seriously. You order o this unsightly Peter Brown. That's fun oh and then also a murder, but There was no internet. There was no fuckin book selling I just feel like the warden should tight and that game up a little bit may did they were let very like got it and there are like no by they knew he had ordered it. They will give it to him now just put it in the prison library. When you have library, access can reveal how united Genital earned the privilege of learning how to murder correctly. so in March. Nineteen any to rob occur is found guilty of first degree, murder and sentence and kidnapping and sentenced to death shit, but on appeal, the death sentences vacated, but he will spend the rest of his life in prison.
so lorries case and NASA's involvement is the first time digital video enhancement is used on a crime scene photo making it a forensic breakthrough and lorries. Murder signified a scientific awakening unreasoning from friends files ice. Let's do it apparently forensic world and set a trend of utilizing the same technology which is like pretty standard now and the countless these have been because of the technology used to identify and prosecute the killer of Lorry Anne, and that is the story of the murder of lorry am occur. People always say that therapy is too expensive. But how much do you spend on your daily coffee's or yet another sweat suit? Our fills personal. is that still more important than your mental health with taxpayers,
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a Christmas gift, you everybody, but that horrible story about people wandering in snow yeah. You did a great job and a son. I remember that for sure, and it's a perfect story for whenever one snuggling in on this week, that is Christmas. Yes, big snuggling and don't eat anything for days and days and generate sulphur, but you have and thankful for his right war. I really appreciate it: you're, not a pioneer you're, not trying to cross the great salt lie, I get in bad directions from anybody know anyway I'll. Let myself tell the story, I'm first gap grand so raise with the help of barber gray and I'm like lesson.
I present to you, the Donner Party. I'm rest, you deserve a rest. I just like did that. Ass. My mine, can I tell you, a bad memory of the Wasn't the Donner Party by this whole thing brings up a lot of negative suffer me. It's really hard for me. When I first see the fur I did drunk history, the first season- yes, you did everybody the best one. My sister Laura thinks it's the best one. It's really good. It's the episode of butter. They called Lewis and Clark
by what happened was that same night? There are like we're. Gonna get you in one night, so the second one is the Donner Party and so twelve hours after we had started drinking and they had done Lewis and Clark than we started on the Donner Party. I don't remember, but I think it was unable to Iraq is light was hung over for the rest of my life. I broke up with my fiance based off of agencies now shut it all day. I hereby. Maybe you can bring it back. Ok tell me when and start to come to you. Please stop me. Flashes of memory smells a single cigarette. I want to hear about every word of it got it. Did I just Europe right into the microphone, I didn't even notice, but now that you mention that I think it does
here for the first time ever lived, and so I guess who bore the poor people like come for the first time, because their significant other is controlling free. So sorry, you wanna be home watching for our national wrestling there's a lot of details in this that I left out and I'm not sure we're gonna have about a ten year. A range of factors is accuracy us now. I just out every fucking thing that comes out of my mouth. Why not and that's our brand home, so it starts out say what George Donner his family, his its terms in what a great name it this third wife love rain
Eighteen, forty, six they're doing at the flu took the boil down. They That's, ok, that's just, I don't know why the flu made me laugh that hard, my who loved it. I think we have an oxygen tank do stay till we have only just like we sets of weird things last night what you said about the police line or something, but someone might know it, Yes, what is it? excuse us to ask you write legitimacy arrested to rescue us today. It was like that moment when you write when you're like oh shit, I'm two stone to be in this record store, but that's what I was, but up here, holding a microphone with you all much like tonight. Ok go on just like So this all sorts April, fourteen eighteen, forty six quite some time ago, George Donner and
a man named James every they leave Springfield Illinois because all that manifest destiny shit their life. Let's go to California. We ve already killed it in the farming game here in Illinois enough. Let's, let's go two thousand five hundred miles west in wooden machines. Word for word. My so far they drank history- I did he is come at a word for word- is exactly how you ceta so so they they forget it pasty they the reeds and the donors have their own little wagon train right. Then they meet up with a bigger wagon train it examined its main, tenth baby,
it up and independence? They meet up with Colonel William H, rustles wagon train when they meet up and they combine its two miles long ago and in its set lovely spring day, so a month later and I'm not. There are so many deaths. I mean like these. Are people that Mr Out, in the middle of nowhere with no doctors are provisions like one once bruising in their fucking dead and varied next to the trail. So I can mention every single person. and especially child who died, I'm skimming the Wikipedia page on this story is deep and wide, and I suggest you go there. It also contains the the diary entries of a man blueskins.
brain has lost his brain and he keeps a diary the whole fucking time. The Donner Party is stuck at the old pass and every day, while everyone around him all spoil our Lord is starving to death. He gets up, and the first thing you writes in his diary is beautiful day today, like after the eleventh one of those I was like suck this guy sup these details, I'm not sucking naming every name, so This package is not called my own heart. Castles called my favorite mightily murder goods are, I think, you're scaring can guarantee that churchyard start. My guess is not called my favorite Dahmer there's room so hungry Dahmer. Yes, But listen so you can just go agrees that so
Also there are losing leaders, some person dies and then there, like you're, no longer allowed to be in charge of here. So Colonel William Russell resigns and then a guy named bogs becomes the leaders and then they start calling it the bugs company, which is kind of red. You have to admit that really good title they all had to Fort Bridger, which is in the South West edge of wiring. It takes them over a month. Oh shit hold on, we ve got some pictures here. These are the donors. May look like yours, George wages are like party ears. The Donner Party is the one standing has her head cocked ever so slightly like I'm drunk it's a fucking eighteen, fifty ass, its saw. Then here's the reeds? Oh man, doesn't look. Gabriel burn. like crazy,
So now that is the irish actor? Is your favorite, oh yeah? she and she looks like the lady from game of thrones who nursed her child for too long, the most haunting image I've ever seen in my life so great tonight over the players are. Ok, you you ok! So you guys a recognised that when I start talking about it right now, ok, it takes them a month to get there and on the way, this guy, his name is land for Hastings. Any start spreading a rumour that there is a short cut through the across the SALT Lake Desert. So normally they go this. I think this actually Stephen made a map Stephen, so check this shit. I had some really sorry state
and pulled a map off the internet, that someone read books, studied and cared so They're, starting over there, far to the right at Fort Bridger and they're supposed to go up like up over There is a kind of avoid all the bad parts of the desert. Ok, but look landfill Hastings is like you got a man named aimed at after him to whose they were like fuck you, everyone's gonna. Remember because we're naming it after you! Oh that's right. No, he he told everybody. There was a short cut and let and Sir George Donner and Reed we're, Yes, are wiser, bitching at us. Besides, we need to cut at least forty days off this trip, everybody else in the bugs company sounds like they're all wearing vests with pocket watches, but everybody else in the box. Companies like absent we know what are you fucking thing? Kenya, because you know we know not only
Is it going around the worst part? But it's the prove it Hey trail, people have gone down it before I come come to find out. Linford Hastings had never gone down his short cut before so it is all just such an act of love. He just believed in the short and he was trying to take some people down with them. So, so they end up. Oh yeah, I just wrote so just want to get a California, so they can finally get TAN. That's a waste of time, Karen just right back down, and maybe it'll be a better part. Yet the date right, first, ok, also just in life, keep an eye out for the land for Hastings, because there
everywhere and I'll always be like oh yeah, yeah we're all gonna go out organic. Are this restaurant scream great and then you show up there and you have a party of twelve and there's only tables for eight or whatever, and if sucks up the whole night, there's always a personal. I got this and they don't fucking gotta. Have you have to keep your eyes peeled for these people and you have to overpower them, because if they can't planned for the group, if they can't think for the group, if it's us all centred on them, no way get out, got it that is important to me, yeah, but what a bigger never mind? No! You cannot devils advocated away. When I mean don't take a short cut, you know see or on my side. Yes, yes, yes, The problem is- and this is the thing that the overarching thing, as you know, as your mind, deep down knows- is
their fighting against time, because it's what late sprang going the summer or may even summer, so they have to get past us pass before winter actually hit right right, yeah he's dead. I don't wanna Donner, shame, but don't go? Don't this personages Matt Hooper early smiles, for a bad. It's there smelt. There I mean and following was a whole big thing, that was the thing is, I have also made a careful and follow me from four two thousand miles get good at following me. Ok, so hold on Ok, so then they decide the red decides to go and honour decides to go and they elect honour to be the leader of the group. Therefore, tabling the short, the smaller group that took the shortcut there
on our party. The pterodactyl strives to see. Ok, so I do I thirty. Fourth, first eighteen, forty six get that oxygen out how quickly the Donner Party is comprised of seventy four people: twenty wagons. They leave Fort Bridger. It doesn't go well so it's
starts off. Ok, they're in Hastings Trail he's like couple days ahead of them. They're just fallen where he went everything's good they're, making good time five days, and they find a note left by Hastings saying that the road ahead is impossible of work, a sorry we can only seat for people in this booth. I guess everyone else is up to us and in the middle, the fuckin restaurant, with ass on other people's fucking table or its that thing where they're, like biologists, will break up and most in your luck with the people, you don't really know and didn't we're we're landlords you're, not Central Europe. I came here for that fucker men and I overheard, and what is your work and his cousin here? then it's high tee if to eat tiny sandwich enough to be quiet. The whole time
Sir James Raid into other guys run ahead. They fucking Meet Hastings. This is the best Hastings walks them back. They go walk up to the top of the mountain and then hastened goes ok, we're gonna go that way. Go this way. This from the top of a mountain points to the new trail, I'm tired hearing about? I mean our an hours in a bumpy, unlike basically on a picnic bench, that's bumping up and down yeah. No. Thank you. on August thirtieth. They reach readily sprang, it's the last source of water before they cross the desert, so they collected obviously tons of water ton of ground As for the animals, eighty seven peoples, twenty three wagons set out across the desert on the short cut on the
her day. They run out of water. Oh, that was, I thought. You'd collected up all the spring. Okay, so it takes some five days altogether to get to the foot of pilot peak. They have lost thirty, it head of cattle on the way most. So there are reasons for wagons broke and how to just be abandoned, so people just had to leave their old fashioned trunk of shit in the middle of the desert should be a match. Com jealous or like a hand, made cloth doll, blah blah that the dad car all the time
But when I learned that I was going to say what a bit Scott, the flew on the flu old, flew by that's been eradicated. You're like poor ninety, namely eighteen, something line face full of love, it's an episode of house. Then they have to come back and inspect the troll re all the doctors, even though no doctor would leave the hospital for you ever personal. It was supposed to take them a weak on this short cut. It took them a month, perfect right. So just how you want they arrive, they take stock, they realize they are not. They don't have provisions for the rest of the trip, so they send two young men, Charles Stanton and William Cutchen, ahead to Sutter sport to request more solar sport is like North of Sacramento. I believe it's definitely
in California, pretty sure make it ass. I read write all of workers they didn't mean last part of our job. You know it's so rude. I apologize ok, so my otter, fuck you. What was I going to say after five? Ok get there sat next gonna say it. So, since the beginning of October, the Donner Party, no time's running out, they have too vague and hustle up the humble river somewhere around October, eleventh piety Indians kill twenty one of the Donner Parties oxen, which is kind of a great weight. take people out. They just fucking killed a bunch of them. Eighteen are stolen, a couple more or wounded.
Over a hundred of the oxen, are now going to leave the animals out of this shit plays small and also the food and the weight of wagons get pulled. Sometimes our animals like this fuckin sacks. We want to defend Chicago or Illinois earlier Bucker around. We don't care about the sun shining out, we're worshiped in Chicago. They love us their caliph, I know that your fuckin asshole for one second, I thought you had said support oxen and ours. I that's the best idea on the world to smoking. Go indoors sushi restaurant with a fucking by sin. It's I'm so strong emotional support, my emotional support! Oxen! You can't do shit about it. I have a little blue vest for it, and that is now the law in America. Just Pergamon couldn't shit, we're locked and act like Starbucks than just eating eldest damages to stop it rusty. I told you know
doubt shopper Please don't buy bison anymore, you guys there are so many still Bison Ben So when Charles comes back and the girl, he has seven mules loaded with provisions and to native American guides name, Louis or Luis, maybe and Salvador, and he so brings the Good NEWS that they there's still a month. This serious should still be open for a month. It can still cross about great, let's go for it, so I don't like are like it's my birthday months back and they said Sylvie great. I'm gonna live it up this month, I'm in a drink, so many labels of water, don't even so. The problem is on October, twenty eight, a huge snowstorm strikes and their trap that truck he lake, which is bad
fucking years, because I went to college in my short stand at college. There are two girls from Turkey and my dorm in they were fucking. Scary, like I was scared of thou know like it's a serious area, so there after Turkey like snow search, piling they have to build shelters and gabions real fast. They can't data move on, and this is this is where it becomes this huh or a sighing ground hogs day of people too I'm going to leave a place and climb a mountain and the snow coming and then them coming back. It just keeps happening over and over and is not demanding like with Bill Murray and there's no wonderful, Andy Mcdowell. Essence in hair, Jesus, okay, so
They try a couple times whether beat some back their food supplies almost gone. They know they have to go, get help so, finally, on December, sixteen they ve been therefore wait. Some time they decide this team strongest people that aren't slowly wasting away? People were eating shoelaces and they're, giving the children animal bones to lay baroness, so they make their own snowshoes and there, like We can do it and they go out to try to get a fuckin centres for so long to get help so they thought they were going to reach by their you, no maps or whatever they thought they reached out a foreigner in six days o also they name themselves is, I guess they had just name their parties, always so just to keep beaten positive. They named their party, the forlorn hope. Oh man
people there like walking up and people are like shutting their curtains of Amr. I do not want to hang out with them so they think primitive six days and it does Now I wish cut to two weeks later, provisions are run out. Several members of the party of gone snow, blind, they're, all exhausted, and then on Christmas day a blizzard hits there in the middle of nowhere. They have no shelter come on Santa together. I wish for more shoelaces to chew on there please it's so bad or cut out and the snow they make a ring. They take their blankets and they put their blankets over themselves, like fucking children in a four while the snow falls on the power. It is bad news, so also
being called it makes me so mad anyhow for having fun here and the related Selma Vegas I liked being inside when it's called out, makes me feel superior in a blizzard. Oh no! No! No! You don't want to touch it oh they decide in then in the night, eight people die from that. So they decide. Oh no sorry before eight people die. There's this this group, the forlorn lover. They decide going to kill somebody for food, so they have everybody draw, draw, draw lots and the one guy that gets too short lot. No
we can bring themselves to killed so vanilla. Forget it and then another snowstorm heads, that's when the eight people die and then there, like, we'll dinner, served exactly right. It's in there I saw ever you you had a minute on the no danger is served ok, its feel my hand, Lloyd's, crazy. You ok look at her hand. I dont have oily skin, ok, so? Yes, they turn to cannibalism they from the the people who died in the night. They remain remove the meat from the body they eat it all
while weeping and turned away from my job as you do with cannibalism. It's not like. Oh my god, did you see that military police out here are now we have to protect against these leave? What a grammar I've seen the movie alive! It's like that movie when it's done, I'm like I can't do this and then an hour and a half later, I'm like we ve done it. Why did I get a watch that when I was eleven about holistic, because you need to know that a plain could always could well I've never afraid I don't be always annex on planes. That's why that's why Madame La Bomba was like fucking when I was a little kid, That was a surprise ending in. I didn't see it coming as a kid you're. Full unhand had so much to give real. Listen they
cut up the bodies in package it obviously because there they still need to keep eating, but the label packaging, so no one eats their relative. Sorry, I mean great, I'm glad that's awesome, but still don't come on, let's not so yoke, yes, I'm gonna, make this if they can make it. I can always takes didn't make it, they had come cannibalized seven of their eight dead. They thought the triple take six days. It took them thirty, three, a home finally arrive at Johnson's ranch on January, seventeenth, eighteen, forty, seven fuckin man, it's five women into men; ok, so the new whose of what's going on with that. thank you she's glad the men died and not the women. I think I can get it
bob, How can we make you guys some dinner? We're here, guess we'll go cook starving to death and that's the day. Feminism start at this juncture, for that. Ok, so the word of how insane it's gotten gets back to centres for a rescue party get sent out it takes. the soldiers. Eighteen days, this is also the frustrating part of doing this research. Everything takes eighteen days in it's fucking infuriating, so you think, like oh, the rescue party and its like it's a month away. So one of the rescuers recalls when they arrived at the truck he Lake encampment. He said at sunset: we cross Turkey like on the ice. We came to the spot. Where we have been told we should find the emigrants with an E. We
that's all around, but no living thing except ourselves was in sight. We raised allowed hello, and then we saw a woman emerge from a hole in the snow she had lost black wet hair hanging down in front of her face- and I went nightgown on she was whisperings as We approached her. Several others made their appearance in the manner coming out of the snow. There aren't with famine, and I never can forget the horrible ghastly site they presented. The first woman spoke in a hurry low voice very much agitated and said: are you men for gallop, or do you come from that that acting that ruined is that horrifying and then they started scratching at his skin. Sorry, so
now on the verge of death ice as if they had started eating, so they had covered their rooms in animal higher. They had started eating the animal hides off the roofs because there was no food. There was riding over the animal. I like cotton, fucking candy, oh it's crazy! It's not good cause. You're, just chewing and chewing babies were being fed, I smelled mixed with a pinch of flower, but all they have. I told you about the children shoelaces in the animal bonds, eleven people were dead from starvation and there is evidence of cannibalism at this camp to they started. Calling it starvation camp got even lower than the original depressing name yet exactly there like, the forlorn buy outs hold on. We can achieve this in May.
February, John Sutter, who was the private proprietor of Sutter Sport and Captain Edward Kern. The temporary commander offered three dollars a day to anyone who would join a rescue party go help so between disability twenty first April April, seventeenth thousand eighteen, forty seven they sent for release parties to the door Our party encampment starved camp now it seems like good news like this. When I got to this part in my story, I was like a pretty much done and I went and had high tee down such, but it turned out when I got back there. This was like when even more of the pain started, because, of course there is only a certain amount of people that we're in these rescue parties, but there were, I think, eighty over eighty, almost ninety people altogether less the a couple that have had died so far, and so they it was again this thing of their going their rescue me. Are you strong enough to even leave so they would leave? They would start up the mountain it. Would this know what hit
and they would fucking have to come back to starvation camphor. So the first relief already, but to get across the path had twenty three members that were strong enough to get out to die during the journey to work went back. It can take it Secondly, party rides on March. First, they found significant evidence of camp cannibalism. I think those from up there, too just last week. We all over the place sizzle it's a sprinkling of cannibalism, all around the mass and here and there the secondary. He's left with seventeen survivors on March. Third, a blizzard strikes on March fifth at last two days to people die most two of them were turned to starvation. Can farmer you know it's a better option. Let's go back to your fuckin. Let's do too, calm down and one it has tells
those are able to saying starvation camp starved camp. Is that way those are so man? Ok, they I again in MID March and are forced to return yet again when another blizzard hit by the time the third Release party arrives on March, twelve survivors had died and been cannibalized and when they left two days later, they only take for survivors with them. Five people say behind including George Donner and his wife, two thousand and two man named Lewis. Tessa Berg near the end of that month, George Honour dies, his wife dies, I think a day or two later and then, when the fourth really if arrives on April. Seventeenth, Louis Keseberg is the only person alive and he is surrounded by half eaten corpses. Is that true,
I like to think so so horrifying. So he was the last member of the Donner Party to reach stutters Fort and he got there in April. Twenty ninth eighteen, forty seven in June of eighteen, forty seven when the arm you fucking gets there. Two legs distinct figure out what happened, and it takes that long, because the snow was so bad on the pass they get there. They gather up
all of the cannibalized remains put them into the remaining cabin and they burned to the ground. So eighty nine people were in the Donner Party of those forty one died. Forty eight survived, none of the Donner Adults lives, but most James Reed. Who is the guide? It started out with them, and it is certain I didn't put this end. But is a law is very detailed that basically, at one point in the early on he gets into a fight with a guy and stabbed him to death, gets ostracised from the group and then he's like tells us what happened gives a medium California, and if your bales out and then comes back around and he was in the second relief party that came to rescue people and most of the reeds lived. How so don't fucking worry about him? They did grades.
And oh it's. The guy's name is Patrick Brain. A highly recommended go online and red Patrick Brains, diary of total fucking starvation insanity where every day is clean and crisp and beautiful and he's just a little bit more starving. That was a giant apart. Everybody man that is due harrowing terrorism on it's. What, in what a thing? greatly one thing to have gone through utterly orient, and the now we're gonna give ill hometown from our London show from May twelve twenty eight team- that's right! I was from the Hammersmith APOLLO check it out. It's a good one
time for a theory hometown yes, however, raises no get good, I'm in ITALY. The rules. Will it really really quick of hometown? You may have heard this before, but also for the people who, nevertheless, our podcast God bless your souls, I'm so sorry, but everything that's happened tonight. So this is a whole part where we are going to call somebody up to tell their hometown martyr now. Listen you're going to want to tell it in a concise clear. quick manner. You have to remember
Then. If you get picked everyone who didn't get petites your guts, so they're not gonna. Wanna watch you like shout out your family and do a bunch of shit just come up and tell it really needs to have an ending. That's a key to all story. Telling me that you know wetland. Don't leave us hanging, don't tell us how confused and upset everyone was that they never got Mansour, because then it will be mad at you, because there will be confused and upset. You can't be so drunk that you can't follow your own storyline. That's very! We ve had that one before and it's funny and charming, but also boring S book, so you can be super buzz, but as long as you can power through it- and you know- hold your online of logic- that's key and I
thousand re local should be lonely. Don't bring some Arizona shoot up here. Now wants to hear that we want a fucking, London, murder or story. Whatever you have outlined, Georgia will permit around them and right by the impact this everyone, everybody here, hair color hair scary. I now expect near here you centre up into a nice stage picture she did the classic.
Me gotta, be me: ok, aware you from I'm from Robert, much is in the north. Is it anywhere near these where they shoot? The television show the Euro, which I love this big bird further North era. Is it a bit I'm gonna break? One really, you just said is from rubber. It is from one programmes while you're here I know that's fine and it's not a murder, but it is a pre Babylon. The show you guys like it is the problem shoe rapist. I never knew about this. I saw a documentary last year, which was pretty way exits light where we live so the ages. There was a rapist He was Heading women on the way home from nice outposts in the north. We we just walk home, we
Taxation anyway me when they were walking home through parks and stuff like that, and he was stealing my shoes after he writes them. This guy did it for about six years and then AEGIS disappeared off the face of the earth. There was a young junior detective at the time she was called Sue Hickman only woman, I can remember the entire story, so it was not slow. She goddess, when she finally made detective and the early two thousands she looked up. Fine, enough now is the golden state kill us. She doesn't look, incest, familial dna and the UK. You can get your dna so for pretty much anything now. If you can make crime, she got some hates three thousand. She spent four years. She got down to six people that she said to him. How many years about four or five it was
it took her that long. Yes, while she was only going to call time off to impede our crimes have been brothers, pretty rough seas multitasking she was just as our sovereign and she was on number three of her list. This lady was arrested for drink driving. Then she gave a dna and when they did the test it worse is that you have any brothers. She said Jack Brother, but I don't talk to minimise she's all right well trying to get information on that unless we immediately after she left belatedly, the lodge rang the brother. She told me that she does those lady, a talking about some rapes, found out
within minutes the police will call there was a man trying to kill himself and rather than its sea, loves that part of the way you want to make it in some found it stopped. He was. There is not always find so he got arrested while the police would add. I thought he was pretty weird dissidents, the hospital they kept an officer with him. Is it like this I was just give regular pc and he said something wait about this guy. He was more or less stuff and here s the name for a crime. I did not know what happened he said for I think it happened in the eighties. I think you re somebody. I think those victim NL, Mr President, without doubt the police station. They confessed. whoever them. But this is, I guess, where they went this place of work and workers. Since he was eighteen, they pulled up the floor.
and they found a hundred and twenty six pairs of shoes. Wait! Sorry! Where did he work? They went to bring seem factory, emerald, REM, yeah, we're all. I just out there in the shy and no one knows what you do and what am I gonna high than it has just been Odo lower the end, so sorry about I'll go get so he got convicted reply guilty. The judge, which is pretty big for the UK. He gave in life in prison and he's going to combat download in the early two. Thousands Edison was overturned because its England and we believe in getting people better than
we ve prison again and is probably not everybody should gather and it was overturned and they let him go in two thousand and six and is probably still in Rome like that. So I guess the brothers you guys, gave it right great hometown, he dies, guy you got a list we'll barrel are let I think, our last personal,
personally recorded over the year until we see when twenty twenty Y yeah, let's I'll, be there. Let's work a great I'll, let us put on the shoes we haven't worn in a year. I think everybody make a list of the things your grateful for get into that place, and if you have something to spare time figure out a way to give its people who don't because there are people that are going through really tough times these days with a hook and government is doing to people is a cry and don't forget all, don't forget your food banks, and many of you have not, because when we did our stay sexy mask fundraiser, we
raise thirty, five thousand seven hundred ninety one dollars for feeding America dot Org, which is you guys, buying those mass you guys raised out money sensing. Thank you so much that is aim murdering those taking action means so much because people really need help these days I'll, keep it in mind anywhere. You can spread a little joy or give people some support. or just let people merge in front of you or whatever, like honestly, it's tough time, yes pressure and that its that's an incredible amount of money raise it for Sunday morning, mother, I'm just I can't- are blown away by air generosity and then all so for the Am Fm Logo pen that we worth giving all the funds to the algae, BT, Q, free, I'm fine. We raised twenty over twenty two thousand dollars for Geology Bt Q Freedom Fund, which is looking and credible. We are we
are just blown away by everyone, generosity and how incredible that is. So, thank you, guys know ship really they really get stuff down when they come together and are all your a murderer. You know you're sub groups, murdering a city by city. You guys you get together. You take action, you support each other and you help other people. It's really a beautiful thing to see. There's nothing more touching to me. There's nothing more validating or like rewarding to me about the fact that we started this podcast honestly them when we find stuff like that out the people raise money or they go out voluntary do stuff. Is it there's this Really beautiful, active as yet lament like two people listening to this park. Has that what has nothing to do with us? It's you guys doing at its like you show up, you show up for people in need and were so happy that to facilitate that, but we are blown away. I mean it's
Do you guys and we appreciate it so much- we love being the face of it, but you guys are the body, and yet you are running very beautiful work this year and and even a low little things of you couldn't give money. Can't you're broke yourselves, be no just stay positive and stay strong, Franz Roger I reach out make sure you're talking to people, make sure that you are communicating with people. Dont get lonely and don't stay in your own head. That's crucial! at times like there s an end, remember that we love you and were grateful for you and stay sex and don't get murdered Ghana by twenty twenty four lilies, the Elvis Tijuana cookie. Well, let's there are positive, that's ok,.
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