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2021-01-14 | 🔗

In this week’s episode, Karen and Georgia cover the revenge of Miriam Rodríguez and the Happy Face Killer.

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This is exactly rain. Karen Georgia, its Bridger wine and I'm just appalled by the that you gave me a holiday gift, I'm sick about it. You know I have broadcast called. I said, no gifts. My stance is very clear. You continue to shower me and presents its beginning to feel malicious. Please stop before I have to pursue legal action. prizes. Awoke answer? My favorite murder? That's your The hard start out Karen Kilgour S letter.
Your voices like this, the whole time. Ok, let us tell you about the crime. that's. My robots will be voted on and don't you re when those recording say I like talk is they're a person, you- must understand that when you're like oh in Europe, yes, Doctor Yanza, like you are sorry yeoman yeah, can you say that again, I didn't understand their origin, it at your monsters machine. I like that. And there's one in my car, no brag where you can press a button and then you can say, go law or Kilgour. Yet whenever I try to talk like the machine, so it understand because every time I go call law kilgour? If it goes? Do you on two call: Laura Geography doesn't it doesn't care? I pronounced mouths taking in that it only does it it's way. I'm scared I won't use SIRI. Does that what is coming
is any of those Alexa Alexey Dodson, Alex Ease. The russian version goes straight into the office. With that I was looking for new microwaves. This is thrilling content as they make them now. Are you can do it with you're? Like phone sea can be like, but that doesn't make you mad, as if you like, put a MAC and cheese in the microwave and like three hours later, you like now heat that up, because yet you're at the microwave, when you put the thing in their citizens, eighty sounds to me like I'm on my way home and this morning, when I left her work, I put the meatloaf in the mind nor lie anyway. It right so they have therefore three men what a world also. That is that thing where I got a new tv and they make you download an app to set the tv up, no it's impossible to fucking user tv. These days, it's and also
I don't want to get involved. This is just this part of my life of technology. In my life I dont want there's no app. I'm gonna need that on my phone to help me with the tv, which is the thing I'm trying to watch to not look at my father, I did you, make it away from the fuck. Did you make J R millennial? person help you with it. Are you figured out download the app now I can do without I can download I domino by myself the great Tyler Perry play. I love so much Please allow me the top and then later than to the natural conversation in natural speaking voices you don't. I really like are those podcast that are that are read by actors. Have you ever the true hormones. Do it. Everyone, through my words, idea, its lose. I just read their diary. Entry is unsafe
no no there's, some that are hosted by people who are clearly actors, art of like of the whole of like, don't you think, that's interesting, JANET! It's it's one of the weirdest choices in casting podcasting, still figuring out its legs. I feel, like I feel like I've run, was like oh shit. We can make money off of that, so they just like the rule. Reaching abbot and then they went. Let's get you know cause. This is just basically an audio experience, so let let's get the most distancing cold voice of an actor that we can get right. Let's get when you have to think you this one's, whereas, like that actor is known, being gorgeous why're. You casting them for their voice, yet we not, but he no, we want to see her beautiful face. Become law I lively in emotive yeah, go bring your
beautiful face to the screen place where it belongs and leave us Cave dwelling park. Asters allow ugly we're phases provide casting we lawyers for them. Beauty contest, we're here for them a further voice. Aragon does not raise theatre you're, not going to go in and cast us pod castors in a ship movie because of our podcast. experience. It's not gonna go the other way around, so under the Saudi out of our food why you can't do that. It's all just talk just talking and reading other pupils work. You can't do this honor, that's actually literally exactly what they can do, not acting this is speaking of which often times here and currency, and I forget to put on the internet or does this happen to you, this very private and say it to you and to the other, I'm literally signs what like my pet, sir, I'm sweating
Ass, I do you ever find that your pit smell, like the thing that you the most the day before so like yesterday, I made tacos and then too there is just like, whose is some isn't a neighbor making tacos is like no. It's me Joe. I have a similar that does not many, but my pets always dismally pizza, like We owe it to me like that. It's like the pit Did you get in high school at the lake student body meeting the likes latest square square people, air boiling greasy pizza? currently you gonna, cheese or Pepper that's all they have read an oil do this is a fetish is absurd that we are playing into right now. Food at TED Talk, good body smells pit tar. you armpits, it will say: oh yeah, well, it's been people have unattractive armpits,
I've never met just grasping at something. I feel good about myself. You had a name three beautiful courtesy or body. It would be armpits Are you? What are you doing? What I have already? Who are you teaching me man, oh man, asked one person get into the thing that is sitting on all of our backs. Like a little her demon, I was I was, I hate and you know this to use the term doom scrolling. Is it popped up and now literally every person, s aunt constantly? Let us very accurate to the end. I did it so much last night, I scared myself and became convinced someone was in the house. Oh, my god and then looked over and George could not have been more stretched out and like just chilled but when I was young, I draw its issue
barks, because someone close the cardboard down the street, then you don't have to worry about somebody being in the house right now. Nothing says more than it's in your head than your dog being stretched out and unlike realising that the real world in your house at least as safe right now, except I got up and just the Czech as I was so free dollar and the front door was unlocked. So, as that was made, have been my subconscious going, hey, hey, hey, get up off this couch, but good, but also It is because Frank snores in this very bizarre way that sometimes sounds like someone is trying. To scare you behind. You like he is he's totally silent and unease like any makes this like demon like I get old tents and, unlike outs packing Frank, I gave my area I keep thinking. I hear this about to throw up. He would do that. He threw a lot because he would you ate too fast and me.
In everyone's food and say it means I'm proud of that. So here you could tell him he was back to throw out because he would just make these monstrous. tagging noises and then a kind of sounds like a toilet, backing up or something or lay aside, keep here hearing them not alive and now and then, like this machine, so he's like making his presence. People are in the afterlife in they'll, send a beautiful butterfly wherever, but Elles is like someone was like whenever my mom said. Whenever I see a dragon fly, that'll be like someone posted at my comments, which I thought was really sweet. So whenever easier, dragonfly but minors, when every year retching Marietta surround over retching
when you instinctively or trying to grab like a been newspapers, something to throw down under the exact lowering them not on the bed, and then just, I think, maybe as a tribute Mimi in the middle of the night after night, threw up right between vents and I honour back ass. She is aware that so beautiful over things, you wrote you a palm, that's powers of like here, says eulogy speaking of do one of like a historical part of this pine gas is closing I'm sure you ve heard. can't say why I am where we created this podcast and where we became friends and sat for hours, drinking coffee, dogma, true crime and then that's right. I'd start a pie, cash. What would it be at fucking What happened at CAFE Wanna one in Hollywood and I was a hang their clothes
but I can't imagine someone else. It's such a perfectly renovated space such a great. Like it really was day and night kind of a hot spot you're cool hang plays a he'd, have imagined a movie swingers it's where they go when their drunken there's a beautiful scene. I just wanna know they receive their. What's enable swan going, he grows that thing you could do. Neighbours has played a third, I couldn't take it and cycling. In my favorite thing, that's all I know one. Yes, please. Pre renovation too. It was read little place, I'm so bad for their best for concern about ever they. Really we went there. We made people meet us there whenever we have meetings there in the beginning, many meanings there. We also that was a great place to spot famous people who are just trying to be chairing re loved the YAP. So that's closer,
oil can Harry's is closing too. I know no more line, dancing and studio city for gay men over seventy s, areas bar such a bummer. that was one of those places. It had been there so long and it was such a leg with such a You know like an old toward us, have a place in the studio city that it was it. It was a gay bar that headline Dnc habit then, basically hung around long enough to become hit the earth, and then the young people wanted to go there, and it was my idea enough that it wasn't pretend you didn't. It was unpretentious rate by left that place. It's too bad upstairs it's very it is sad and shocking, and there you know that part of things words like when every we all talk about when everything gets normal again on everyone has the lousianner laboratory. it can mean old mother landscape I mean who knows when it will look like. We all have a lot on our shoulders right now we have of we have
they fear we have governmental, take over fear. We have violence, fear we as extreme violence here, extreme so extreme, oh yeah, you're, extremist fear and people rationalizing and justifying extremism. Fear which is very upsetting. Watch people make excuses or say it's mine, or where I mean that's what you call it a revolution when that's not where that is no way that sits lies its fossilize, its amity. Here's, the Good NEWS I'm PBS they have rebooted all our creed There is great and small series, okay and it is if you need to run and you do away from modern reality. This serious, is takes place in the scottish countries are also what is the background is bright, green rolling hills and it is a young man who is becoming a country veterinarian. Ok- and I dont know what more young mother fucker want from me, then erect
Immigration, like that, has my sisters, the one who actually like you need to ashes. It's gonna make you feel better. Yeah really really did it's like calming its it soothing, its visually audio, all of it. It's so good at Johns Perfect for our times the ass. You know and watching that's kind of the exact opposite, but still soothing and its messy mess that I didn't I just thence in our been watching I'd, never watched. It affords the original bridge. this version of shameless oh did. You watch never have now. First of all, you have to put such on it there. It's a Manchester, it's the best acts, but I can't understand half of it and like the axe- and I can understand that also have the words, aren't things that we say by right. So it's fucking Brill It is no good and charming and lovely and all the siblings I want to hold them. I'd never seen that I've. Never seen that american version of shameless it's great, is it ok
yea. I really image Maisie Emmy, ransom there, it's good. I mean this is better. I haven't seen can we would say that fish are its current. It's you would love it. What are you streaming on? I think it's finally, let me let caught on Hulu who comes, but the hit you gotta say how they do have a lot of goods, not a ring at here. They bring it. Where do I find out? Netflix? That's not right. The old one British Netflix shameless now, that's that's not it it's on Hulu. Shameless british version You carry him or going to love. It it's it's new, launched and funny and beautiful and sweet and sad because they're like They don't have any money. I mean it's really a beautiful shell and it's time you it's like all the hall,
the things that are happening in the world. It's like it's. I concentrated the horrible things are happening to them and their this, but there this like family unit that six together. Yes, for the dad he's a piece of shit, but he's a fucking funny right. That's I think that reaches out is some bright and we Eisner say we love Manchester, so very much that we have done so many or several amazing shows audiences were the great age that town is the cool lessons counter cursed, whatever you like, I walked around our like cabdriver from the airport or hotel was one of the hip like we did movement
along in his presence. He was so we all of the key new other musicians used to play with this ban. He used to go to the what's. The club call hussy and ass. He and more, like a sorry, we're just these american asshole words are funny cause. You ask that question where just psycho, where excited to be in Manchester, we, you know me kind of wanted to. Let him know that we got the coolness. We knew the history, but then it was just like yours, like barely I used to hang out their merit like he s like. I was here for all that. I lived in the movie twenty four hour party people, if a little intro, fuckin grey, movie and it takes place and with all that noise, yet an Steve. Google has the funding that is dressed. Ok, let's get out of here. You hey recommendations and then we would also you watching I'm switching around here is a problem. I keep starting shows with sometimes
I was so I started Ragnarok. I think that's how you pronounce Netflix and it's like it's almost like a gene. It's really cool and really good, but I kept on keep watching it going like. Oh, this is almost like a Riverdale. It's like the norwegian Riverdale, where it's like youngsters that are realising there. There a nurse gods and nurse hero ran, but my problem is especially with the fuckin troubles of today. I'm watching it and then, if you look down new tutor to make sure that you know like that, their nothing's been breached. Then you look up and you don't know what's going on because you ve missed. You know they talk so fast and you have to just read fear constantly arab beaten. Thirty minutes to an hour later. That show is great. If you're looking scrambling, Radner Rock, I believe, rack neurotic. our aid J, and I Ok, ok, I mean it's the only
thing, that's gonna be even shaped like that. Are so you'll find it, and it's also really popular, ok gloss over the popular did. You watch the ripper documentary on that flight did fuck, oh my god, that thing is, if God they do it pervaded. did because the first that's for episodes- and I love it- the first three did. didn't even introduce the matter sure Keller. It was like the ground what happened and the victim and the time and place which I didn't understand was so so vital to the story, and then asked episode is just like a little bit about who he was, which I read with great and about house how poorly The investigation was done. They later, beautifully and in this way, where you, me. The very first person you meet is the child of the first woman who is high it, and then you start so he's first and he is just like shit.
ever came home tat near him and his sister went out to look for their mother was cause. She didn't come home and he looked like he was maybe five or six eight re, so heartbreaking and so beautiful, but then you get into its from the police perspective and how they put together. Well, if she was standing here at this time of night- and she was in this bar- that mean she's a prostitute and they keep saying the word over and over again and nature, they keep or they call them good time girl re in the newspaper this and then they point out the fact that all the job, the industry, jobs, have disappeared from that town. Yet, oh, it sees women who are trying to feed their children are not and which is like the problem you get when you talk about women who are quote prostitutes is that you don't take into consideration the circumstances there s an end. that label oh and then without first victim saying that the first thing they that about her in the press. Was she was a divorce ay as if the
yes sucking anything to do with what happened to her. That struck me immediately that she was at a twenty three year old Debo say with my kids in its like. What does her being? calling her divorced was obviously a way for them to say something about her morality in on Amiens, correctly as opposed to when you, when you hear about it a little bit more. The reason she had to leave her husband is because he was a terrible drunk. Of course he also it was that that thing of of heat- and he was out of work or whatever so he's drinking, is beating her up he's in any he's hits the kids, so they get divorced. It's like this thing were suddenly she's, taking the hit roar these circumstances that are totally beyond her control and then she's just doing what it takes to survive, and that's that thing that I think so
but surely everyone's eyes are opening to kill someone tweeted and was like. I watched us and I kept going sex workers sex work undertake not to know when you watch this. You have to not to correct that gets very exactly right to say that from today a twenty? Why Georgia now but What you have to do is go into nineteen, seventy or whenever weather this Was that time go into that world understand where everybody who is now the in their sixties over their minds. Even is coming from where these, men and the police department, whether they cared or not, dictated whether your case got saw these the power that these older white men had who had never is just like there,
the point: was nice about calling were saying sex workers now is because when they said prostitute back, then they meant something completely different than what we mean get a. They meant dont care about, and yes, and so when you hear the word, prostitutes and you get Supra upset an offended. That's why we're not using many more, but you have to use that back then, as what they said in the media and what they call them to show you how little they cared about these women or the just or even the either some of you didn't care some had like a real thing of like how dare you now yet is kind of like I want a judge these women. I want to push these women aside and some of them didn't understand their own. implicit, I just from being in the position that they were in some of them didn't get, and then some did. There is a couple of those cops who are kind of a ban would very affected by it and very much working against this entire system. Really it's just such a great they I those
This document filmmakers are brilliantly away. They laid that out and by the time man even having done the story. I now I know, when the story. First, mothers deaf in these pieces that I missed where MIKE I wish I'd know not. I read that but here's what I remember is the part where, though women in that area, who were alike fuck. You stop telling us because they did that justly They didn't Canada during the Scarborough rapist when they tried to say women should now have a curfew. Woman and her few and women got king. They were like fuck, you fucking, you do a curve, yeah you're, the ones you need an ailing widow, yeah I've stopped making women. You know it's just so good and there's so much to learn and there's so much erhead stuff in that definitely, and that's all
but said for this, but we are also cute spoiler alert everybody, but that's actually been out for a while. So idea, like all the people that would listen to this show of watch. You known and thing I'd liked about it, commitments with a little worried about watching Ex he's, not as in the true crime as I am, but they didn't have to show a single gory image. There was not one single like upset, setting, of course, but, like nothing, gory happened, even see any crime scene photos that were upsetting didn't say seven like I was. It was done so subtly that it was it was in the ones that they did show were incredibly upsetting without being like graph yeah. You didn't see legs. I was one where she's just her body was just like a laying down the street and they could just take pictures there. That was that it was a time where people can just walk up to the crime scene treats it isn't. Is it that long ago seem it's just crazy? You watch for Short Diane, but I was gonna stay.
So it's starting today, where Netflix the nights, We are excited so excited yes! Well, I'm search so much gory shit that to me I'm a little afraid of gory it's this sucker. the devil came to earth and began to slay, true men, women and children. All young, I mean that man is not a feed into that one thing that he clearly love to try to act like, but These crimes are some of the worst. When I did that, as I did hear you that- and there are some that are you can't even talk about it- it is so disturbing eyes. It is so awful, but the interesting are exciting thing to me. Is that I remember it. I was there: Therefore I will you know so like that. I'm excited to see. First of all, there is its so called, but then it's the Bay area and all those enough there's. I start those real home close to home type realizing I was. I can't wait to
suddenly hit Irvine, I think, or like cluster around pray. Yes, it. I think I was very young like really now to my I was going on getting if I've Europe's others five yards to young, I'm reading a pathway of how to do nothing. That's really that it's this book! by this woman. Name: Jenny, Odell and it's like coming philosophical and a really cool way. It set its a book that, like us, it's kind of like a self help manual, it's called I do not nothing resisting the attention economy oh it's kind of this. It's it's really philosophical of more than like a self help book. So it's free! the lovely and a kind of puts you in this mindset of like what It means to actually take care of yourself. It doesn't mean making it to do list and getting everything. I have a self help to do list of like or itself to do list to get shit, and it's like yeah, I don't that's.
Just a stressful as a fuckin regular today, less DNS server that up really true. How I mean during an undue started up it. It's a nice ones over. That sounds good. I am actually listening to an audio book that banana boys, gaudy Landis, recommended to me and I'm so excited that he did guys it's so good, its petty the Tom petty by bugger few real war, in its written by Warren Sainz, who was in the Del Fuego, I believe- and so he is it's a musician, but she is an unbelievably good writer. So, how he's talking about Tom pennies, are you and career avi see, but the way, he writes, is so and on alike, with those listening to this morning, while I was dying my routes and there was lines that he would see a red and like it
script, her or a kind of like bringing together what it was like for him to grow up with the family he had in the fifties in gained so Florida and the just these amazing description, Ruby, like yeah, I was chairing the writing, while all powerful, a good book and nephew care about Tom, petty, which I believe many any red Let it American would warn scenes biography of him as a beautifully beautifully written offences. Gonna love that Vince, just loved Matthew, Mokanna Haze, autobiography seriously it like that. Always biographies great signet, slow shit like that. So, let's forget any lunchtime patio chorister guy he's dead Tom Honey. He never stopped writing hit songs. He never never. He started when it was like twenty and never stopped ever over. Isn't there it over and over and over again it's like the best. you ve never heard yeah an,
hanging out at Largo in the two thousands or whatever bend. My ten shoe, who was the key word, is further heartbreaker company and our partners hung out there and played there a lot. So I got to like a meet him and talk to him and hang out with our. He is one of the coup Who is she list dudes her also like when he gets up and plays a piano. It is such a vibe. It is such a lake here in such something is happening. I Israel and like yes, oh an amazing and like this little smile on his face. He's just like physical was the first time I sat in the same boat, this ham. I was just like what is this life? I can't believe he's one of the heartbreakers when ass one our friends is back in the nerves, doktor love member. There story. I think I am l I got out of jail in metropolis. Lies teller, relocate doktor, love,
is a story that I covered a hum. I mean how long ago was it? Are you here? I think we all year yeah you're now here. This is a precondition. that in all of our lives and easy, a young man who was pretending to be a doctor to the point where he had opened doctors, offices in Florida, Horrida, yeah and the end he got caught any got caught on the news and he then TAT is on press conference is real. It was a real journey into the mind of someone who just really wanted to be seen and known. As a doctor, I was not called to be one in anyway. He went to jail for doing that. I think are upham time, yes or at least once or whatever, a jail, and then this just happened. He was arrested again on New year's day. Oh my god, because
worked for shipping company and he started calling the clients of this company and just having them go ahead, and why are the money directly into his bank assurance society is a got caught doing that and then he went ahead in Texas, boss, saying I'm doing everything I can to to fix this situation, I'm really its upper listening. Now you can't do it, you can do it in the pretend like its it was a minor. They re like a mix up men admit to it that, basically, by in tax if the least cause there's no paper trail. Good idea, good point for gas for future for our future fell. In its I mean yeah bits the idea- and I know that you know oftentimes when we talk about the criminals that we talk about on the show we're talking about in, Inter sleep bad individuals psychopaths. well that intend to hurt. This is
the area the doktor love his and, in my opinion, I love is more of a person who is trying to force the fantasy and his head out into the world to make the world match what he wants. The two b and there's nothing. I relate to more than that. Like I'm, I'm I look I've already pre written what I want to be happening. So could you all just please be doing the part. I wrote you sing the wrong lying. Oh, my god, I remember our leading the amusing action when you're doing an interview, you don't like my request: That's when asked to us and then you just answer whatever question. You think they should have asked us yet that's an old trick. That's not my idea. I learned that long ago by the professionals, hell yeah, you don't answer the question. They ask you: Jesus would agree with that, but what it turned out to be, if you did that you have to tell them what you want them to know the end. So you think he's in trouble again and I think he's going back there
I think he has to go back here. Three hot Seneca ray we're. Sorry, you know, I think I think it's it's a unfair. this kind of bias towards him worse, keys at criminal, just like other criminal, India. I don't, I feel it get it. I understand again I want it. Sometimes you know you wanna be a doctor's about you, just where the jacket rent the office in you're like the command. I got the posters posters wall from the different medicines there's a lot of generating, thereby back in this pipe cast. There's a lot of like there by the grace of God go. I then there's four Karen some there by the grace oh god I wish went. I those are the other options. I kinda bad. If I didn't get myself together enough to be a podcast Dorothea, I absolutely would have rented some office bankers time. There's time do not be my safety and rod. Either dream beta gear and don't ever learn, don't ever put yourself in a then a box,
There are so many of us that have them that are of so afraid of having impostor syndrome when in fact, actor love. He has whatever the exact reverse. The one eighty of impostor syndrome is, which is like over which I am a day. I do think you like sitting in themselves now going like. I guess I shouldn't have done that or I'll never do that again. Fuck no, no is he sitting in so doing. I didn't actually do it you're right or I did that wrong. I mean to try harder next time. Next time I went to have them wire their money into a third country. That is not my name offshore baby. Now, it is exactly right near guy. I believe me. I know this, but we have upon cats network and its growing and we love and just a family it some fun. All these shows are doing so good and their people are really responding them. Thank you guys. So much for supporting all of them cause they're all they're, all little stars and their own. Your speaking time
well stars and our department or make Karen then, MRS Karin Scheele, Gareth and Chris Pharynx have upon cast. How do you need a ride threat, there s so much fun and they had a cross over episode with bananas. Are the other podcast of that we have with young with weird funny news goodbye, Scotty, Landis, incur Braun alert, and so Scotty was on. Do you need a ride this week? That's right, and it's really really funny and scottish just a joy to be around he. He is his eyes the term on the show. Just like your ear or maybe this item on the show, but I did tell him as like you're just me: to be a podcast, her cause, your great it bullshitting and ginger hiding, but also his speaking voice is first, it's like S Amar, and if we are to talk about the fact that he looks like Paul holes, we ve talked about that
We know the looks exactly like a younger Paul holes, hairstyles nephew his how holes like skateboarding Nokia has and then on on the Bananas Instagram, which is so funny because they're so good at social media. They posted the photos of when her took wanted to gives the flight of Flightless bird the gift of flight, so they shall yet they took a chicken on air balloon, air hot air, this and ask that, as of the atom Bananas Instagram, its album It's all been recorded. Also, this point castle kill you see, this practice will kill. You has been around since day one right, and so sometimes they don't get the love that they deserve, because their huge Pottered hasn't he has made to the IRA there a true hit but, like you know, they're a stalwart, so they don't get the the proper effect and so this week they talk about the virus, rubella witches
used to be one of my favorite comedy references cause. It's like a very weird, obscure children's home disease that I used to love to throw around every new while it's so that came out just So uh listen, listen to that's waiting for you, I'm speaking a smart funny, brilliant women. The past I saw what you did that came out recently with millions and yell this week. They do. They cover the two movies and talk about the movie. Nonsense from two thousand and eight and then the movie Wolf of Wall Street from thirteen, which I can't wait to hear that talk about. Oh, what a second movie and that the theme of for these movies is not known for subtlety, by trying to watch Bronson once and I think I'm gonna listen aspire gas and then reapproached brown hands, my has it was. It was hard for me to get through. So I think I'm eminent listen to what they have to say about it and then re approach with fresh eyes as perfect.
I said no gifts do than the guests. So is none other than any man. Then Annabelle musician who wrote the theme song for I said no gifts, others a small like Anna insular thing, but I also wanted to mention just in case you like- wanted to know more about browser she's right, another song. Obviously I know that they had just getting in the way that the way that came out like the amazing musician who wrote the things you know also your one higher soundtrack for Magnolia she's, just incredible, obviously yeah yeah. I recently I don't know how to notice, but his instagram, which is Bridger Underscore W, did you know only photos of trash the papers? no I'll buy me any tire who MR grandma spout as he finds a trash he's come upon in the world is proto after photo of fucking weird trash.
Bridger Way, railway yeah he's truly one of be funny. Asked people on the planet he's one of his renown. Like tv writer, everybody that knows, him loves him and knows he's the funniest. We have a game night that we do with the group of our friends and we play whiplash ceiling. We had its it. This shit, he does, but he so are we. He and I both had the same question, which was a bad name for a? U S, navy ship would be the. U S S blank, and I wrote the: U S as bomb me, and this was the USS Shannon and then, of course he won that round. We were all crying laugh. It is just like. That's him in a nutshell: that's like Bridger! Is he a survey? You Nagy, maybe me so proper and he's like in a well dressed and Mary kind of subdued, and then it's just photo after photo of trash yeah. It's
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as the revenge of Miriam Rodriguez. Ok, so basically you what I'm about to tell you is a very boiled down version of this article that was published in December and the new, our times and it was entitled she stopped her daughters killers across Mexico, one by what I saw that I thought I might an area that I like texts it to myself and then forgot. Oh yeah, So I did, it was written by an investigative journalist named a zombie a mad. You should absolutely read that original article, it's an unbelievable story and he is an incredibly talented and investigative reporter. His writing has twice been submitted for the future prize. It is low and amazing, reed and obviously there's tonnes more details in this article, I'm giving you the cliffs notes version great. I like to think listen. l l, their twitter handle is at
he s alliance easy, so they sent me the article the date was published, but the simple message have you seen this great so violently yeah? So it was this the simplicity of the of the of the question made me die right in also got information from the guardian and the Wall Street Journal, Mexico, news daily and socialist worker dot org. So this starts in twenty fourteen. Fifty four world Miriam Rodriguez? Anne? Oh I that's. The thing I want to say is, of course pre. Apologies for me, taking French in high school and not spanish, so there's nothing going to be miss pronunciations or just the very high. Eight two pronunciations. My apologies, I'm gonna do my best. I looked up a lot of these
pronunciations, but it's every time you go like. I know how the lady said it in the on the Youtube pronunciation for the gas, but I don't have the guts to do what she did it out. Oh yeah, I understood, feel stupid four year old, Miriam Rodriguez, lives of their family and a small Orange House in San Fernando, which it that's the city in Tam, O Lepus, which is the state and in Mexico. Its turn around. And an just three children, Louis Azalea and Karen, so Miriam works really hard to support her family. She runs a cowboy apparel shop called rodeo boots in town and when she's, not at that shop, she works as a nanny of her family. Just over the border in access, many just to give you that the sense of what's going on in this area of Mexico LOTS
of bars and restaurants have closed because of the constant shoot out and gang violence in that area. So the fact that they have this rodeo boots is really something and it must have been a pretty successful store because it was very difficult for businesses to stand business with the kind of violence were happening there. So this is the very oversimplified explanation of the situation in this area of Northern Mexico, very obviously very over simplified yeah. Definitely Reed Ozanna meds article about this because he is actually and embedded were porter, so he really knows it and explains it correctly. I am just trying to give either general sense, because we all here about like mexican drug cartels, gang violence in that way, but it's obviously it's incredibly its layered its all. This is a highly political and may I have no true sense of it just in the simplified sense of what's in this article, okay, so this
Eddie of San Fernando sits in the northern part of the mexican state of Tam, O Lepus, that date shares its border with the southernmost point of Texas and there's two main highways that led to the Mexico taxes border that right, through San Fernando Ounces, Then Fernando is basically two hours away from the Mexico taxes border and because drug cartels smuggle drugs into the EU, as using this highway, the location of
the city of San Fernando has made the subject of cartel violence for decades, and this is actually a lot like murder in the by you that that serious that I told you where it. Basically, it was a tiny city, but because it was on this highway in between nor Lens and like Texas or whatever they were just like our affair, our drugs and so same thing happening in San Fernando in ninety nineties. Some local politicians decided to enlist the cartels, help in securing and mean maintaining their power, but that cartel. So we made their way into the political arena by demanding quotas in exchange for their help. So they ve got public works contracts. They got, they operated waterworks, they had transit and municipal police drags on vat in yeah. So then Twenty ten tensions between different factions within the Gulf Cartel overdrive, Territories began to heat up and so
this there was a split and visitors who are group within that group, basically split off and turned on their bosses, and so then the mexican government tries to declare its own war on drugs and organised crime, but by this I am the connections between government and the cartels is too strong and they can't just snuff out the cartels because they are already emperor and according to Wall Street Journal from two thousand and ten to about two thousand and eighteen, roughly two hundred and fifty thousand people have been murdered and about thirty ten thousand are reported is disappeared. That are victims of this war on crime. The dutch government tried to wage on the cartels so far, more presidential candidate, Josephine Vasquez Motor is quoted in the guardian of saying there are two from its here in time will leave us there's a guy.
government from nine, a dot m to six p dot m and then there's another one from six p dot m to nine a dot m, the first one acted in the second imposes itself through kidnappings, extortion, disappearances, bullets and does so that's just. the general sense in the utmost over simplified way of who of what's at play. So Miriam. Suddenly he has moved to the capital city, which has seen that Victoria to open up his own store and her elder daughter, Azalea still lives in San Fernando, but she lives at her own house and then her younger daughter, twenty year old Karen lives it With Mary I'm at her husband, so one Karen isn't going to school, she hopes her mom by working at their family store. Ok, on January twenty third, twenty fourteen Karen striving the family truck on her way home from working at the bookshop, and she pulls in up to an intersection waiting to merge into traffic, but before
she can t trucks pull up on either side of her and a group of armed men get out of the trucks they forced their way into Karen's truck one man gets behind the wheel and they drive off with Karen as their hostage my god. So I take care and back to the family house, but no one else is home. Their Miriam is up in Texas, nanny Ing, and so they they tie earn up they dagger and they trauma living room floor and then to everyone's surprise, there's a knock on the door. It's Karen's, Unc, Those mechanic who came by to fix the family truck fuck look. So the
the armed gang is caught off guard, so they now kidnapped the mechanic as well, but then, eventually they end up letting him. God are you not sorry are you I mean I talk about this is: are they targeted cause Arafat like a family, that owns a business or is it just a random kidnapping? It doesn't say in this article or in in the other news stories that I read, but it would make sense that, because they own this business, re that clearly they have money tat. I would assume that sounds like editorial yap. So one may I am comes home. She finds Karen, isn't there then the mechanic comes, tells her. What happened? Miriam gets all the details from the mechanic and soon after the ransom calls begin. So an anonymous voice on the learner. The phone threatens to harm Karen and come after the rush, the family, if the Rodriguez's don't pay a ransom, so the family assumes that this is most likely the work of disasters and they take it very very seriously and in fact
Miriam her husband go to take out alone at the local bank to pay the ransom. These kidnappings are so common. There's a bank dedicated to offering lines of credit for paying rounds unleash, and then you wonder, if there and on it too, because they're getting interests on ransom, Ferko pay minutes. It's not it's not good when you have a bank that dedicated to ransom, that's how common kidnapping and this kind of stuff is horrifying, yeah. So far, running the captors instructions. Karen's father drops the money at a spot near a health clinic than he is told to go to a local cemetery where he waits for Karen to be released. She never comes This is just the first of several ransom payments through various family is forced to make and each time they come up with the money they leave it at the drop of location, and yet Karen and never appears so after
months of this back and forth with false promises and mounting ransom fees. Migrants, that's among crazy, yeah, yeah Miriam starts to get angry. She finally finds a way It's a contact Gazeta directly and asks for a meeting or business. This is a middle aged woman, whose life I'm, going to call the cartel myself surprisingly, they agree. So she as to a restaurant in town called L. Junior business is my way to pronounce in her where she meets a member of this aid, as he doesn't give his name. He described as a slender young man with a clean shaven face wearing a walkie talkie on his hip. Miriam eggs him to let Karen come home, but he informed her. Visitors have nothing to do with this kidnapping instead, She offers to help Miriam Fine Karen himself for a fee of two,
thousand dollars, so Miriam sceptical, but she has no other choice. So she agrees to pay him this fee and, as the meeting ends, she hears a voice on the walkie talkie, calling the man by his first name, which is Sama so in the day is after their medium me, I am calls Sama to check in and see how his hunters going. But after a week he stops answering her calls entirely Meanwhile, she still receiving calls from the people claiming to be the abductors asking for more ransom. Money, usually to the tune of about five hundred dollars and the family pays. Every fee goes to every drop site. Karen is never returned there. Hope, is starting to wane- and one morning, a few weeks after their last ransom payment is made, it was no results. Miriam comes downstairs and announces to Azalea that she believes Karen is never coming back. She can feel it in her heart. She her daughter is dead, so she now vows to hunt down.
On every last person, whose involved with her daughter, Karen's disappearance, Ok so now Miriam armed with just this man's first name and the memory of his face scour her daughter social media trying to track down Sama president of that's the correct wait a pronounced Sambre, I'm just saying that when she comes empty handed. So she goes to the mechanic that that got kids along with care, and that day she described SAM is apparent to him and he confirms yes, he was air that day that Karen was kidnapped. He was one of those men, so Miriam now knows that at least one of the people that she's looking for so she continues searching Facebook and then one morning when she's lying on the couch she'd, she It happens to run across a photo of salmon and in the picture he standing beside a young woman whose wearing it uniform for an ice cream shop. So
she digs around and shook till she confine the name of this ice cream shop. She finds out that its located in Ciudad Victoria and the where her son lives have which is to our south of San Fernando. She spends weeks staking out this ice cream, shot woolly shit. She learns the young women's working hours and she basically hopes that one of these days, SAM, who's gonna, show up to see and he finally does. She knows she notices Samara arrive to pick up the woman after her shift, and she discreetly follows both of them home and right down there dry, all my God Miriam doesn't want to go to the police, yet until she's collected enough information so that they can arrest him. She knows this is all just kind of you know. So basically she realizes she shook she's going to have to collect enough information to get the police to listen to her and do something so What she does is
What's her hair dies, it bright red, she grabs her eye and uniform for when she used to work at her job, but the health ministry she puts it on. She makes a fake government Idee for herself and she starts going door to door in SAM as neighbourhood, pretending that she is conducting a pole shit. She felt the dim ends up getting his last name and all the information she can about him and what he does and everything from his neighbor. So she was, that's brilliant itself, fuck ingenious, and it's so like you know that this. You wake woken up. The fucking like the type press in our you. You have taken her child and she is coming for you, so she
basically goes to the authorities. No one will help or she asked local police. They say no, she gets the state police, they say now. Finally, she's goes to a federal police EL one officer there who as to remain anonymous in this story for fear of retaliation ass. Really, this is really a thing like I'm nervous, to say the names of these sub gangs in these cartels does. This is serious shit and these people are not. This is not what this is a totally partly obviously great the in their appeal. pull in Mexico that live underneath this fucking threat of violence in this threat of just assassination all day every day and kidnapping and violence. So, finally, I- only have one federal officer- agrees to help her. She gives him the style of information that she's gathered on salmon. The officer says he quote: he's never seen anything like it. The details in the information gathered by this woman work
All alone were incredible, so wicked, officers, help their able to issue an arrest warrant, but sambo must have gotten word that someone was asking about him because then that's when they realized he skipped town but myriads not discouraged. She decides she can use the information that she has on salmon to try to track down the remaining members of his crew. Using the same techniques she built of poor. She builds a portfolio of names and photographs from social media and creates her quote hit list so, weeks later it September fifteenth, twenty fourteen and that's Mexico's independence Day and Miriam Sunrise is getting ready to close up his shop in Ceuta Victoria. There there's just one last customer in the shop and when Please take a closer look at him. He realizes it SAM, so he calls his mom, letting our know that he is spotted him and that then he stealthily
Trail Samara as he leaves the store, so Miriam alerts, the police and they corner salmon in the Central Plaza when I go to arrest him He tries to fake a heart condition, but they make the arrest anyway, and once he questioned he starts giving up names and wanted names he gives up is that of someone named Christian Gonzales, whose just eighteen years old allow the, which is the other part of this. It's such a ban. Its situation that there's a lot of people who don't have a choice. It's that kind of thing words so extreme getting into the cartel, sometimes isn't a choice. I, and, and sometimes it's there's kind of nothing else, not to say its justified or anything but or you grew Ivan it too, like this, my, u his entire family lately and
yeah, who knows, but people are trying to survive they're trying to get by in this extremely extremely violent and bad situation. So he so. Basically, they arrest, Christian Gonzales M he's taken to the station to be interrogated, Miriam gone down to the station, so she can be there. She took her friend I dahlia with her their city outside the interrogation room, she here the boy asked for his mother and for some food. So she struck Miriam struck by the realisation that this is just a kid. So she slipped into the into her kitchen. Oh dear, is this. Woman is unbelievable. She slips into the interrogation. Room gives Christian basically her lunch, which was some fried chicken and she buys a coke and she tells her friend Adela. That quote here, still a child, no matter what he did, and I am still a mother. Oh my
a guy that so Miriam wins Christian over and he ends up spilling all the information that he has to the police. He agrees to take them to the ranch where the victims were killed and where the ball These are still buried. So this ranch, to the end of a dirt road not far from a bar barbecue spot, where Miriam and her daughter Azalea eight two days after Karen's kidnapping whoa there which has since been abandoned as Mexican Marines discovered this cartel hiding spot and killed six in the gang members there in a shoot out, but there still, An old tractor that marks the spot where multiple victims bodies have been buried. Oh, my god. So the investigators began to dig there and Miriam goes of course, because she is basically part of the police department. So, as the investigator digging Miriam looks around the property for signs of Karen, she finds bone shards. She finds a noose hanging from a tree and finally
She finds a stack of victims, personal belongings and among those items she spots, a seat cushion from the family truck and then Karen Scarf Her worst fears are now confirmed. So when the forensics team tries to tell Miriam that there's no sign of Karen's remains buried with the victims by the tractor. Miriam refuses to accept that answer. She pressed damn to re, examine their findings for a full year until they finally identify a piece of Karen's femur among those remains, and Karen is now officially confirmed as one of the dutch Jesus. So, Her way home from from being at that ran it's that abandoned ranching Miriam spot someone. She knows eating alone at their barbecue restaurant, a woman named Ellesmere Betancourt Miriam
New Althea from when she was a little kid and she knew tat. She had a very rough childhood Schubert went through some terrible stuff and because of that, Miriam used to give her Karen's old clothes. So Miriam stops and asks Elvis. If she's heard anything about Karen Elvis says she has it. So San Fernando is not a big town. Almost everyone's heard about Karen's, kidnapping and disappearance, it said They dance on Miriam Elvis might be keeping watch over the ranch for for the cartel. So back at home Marian goes after the social media research and she finds Elvis, is currently dating one one of the gang members whose on Miriam list as one of parents captors, he's in jail? This man is in jail for different crimes, so Miriam starts tailing, Elvis on her jail visits and
same time. The police look into Elvis phone records and find that some of the ransom calls to the red previous is home had come from obvious how they secure arrest warrant and they arrest her on the way home from visiting her boyfriend in jail. So, basically, for the next four years from twenty fourteen to twenty. Seventeen Miriam continues her hunt for the names on her list, so of them are already dead or in jail further crimes, but anyone still free is considered fair game. And even the ones who have moved on from their life of crime, so whereas one man who had been a florists before joining the cartel and since he left the gang he'd gone back to selling flowers by the border and by the border taxes. Miriam manages to refresh be friends, some of this man's relatives and they basically Tipp her off too, where and when he sells his flowers on this bridge leading into Texas. So when she
gets there. She spots him, but now he selling sunglasses was she gets close he recognizes her. She takes off running and whose this minute aged woman cheese. Is this man down and tackles him to the ground? He shares a pistol out of her purse and says if you move I'll shoot you and she holds him there for almost our until the police finally come and arrest him. This is a movie. I am it completely. As a movie another one of these people but she tracks down is a man named Enrique Flores? Who is now a born again christian? Who Miriam tracks down to a small to the small town of all Dama there? She the friends his grandmother points her in the direction of Amerika. His church, Mary and find some there one Sunday morning and corners him when the men
so the congregation beg Miriam to show him some compassion. She fires back. Where was his compassion when they killed my daughter, so now Miriam started again a huge reputation in the area of course, because as as much, They all want cartel violence to end no one citizen has ever been brave enough to stand up to them or especially take them on not until Merriam Rodriguez. So soon other families whose loved ones have been kidnapped and haven't, received any help when the authorities start a band gather. Behind her, a group of six hundred families calling themselves the San Fernando Collective, further disappeared, begin work together to search for missing loved ones, while most respect Miriam tenacity. Many also for her life, saying that she's playing with fire going up against the cartels. But today Miriam says I don't care
if they kill me, I died the day they killed. My daughter, I wanted. This and I'm going to take out the people who hurt my daughter and they can do whatever they want to me. She is not fucking around okay, so around midnight. On March twenty second, twenty seventeen twenty I'm inmates tunnel out an escape from the prison in Ciudad Victoria, mere and finds out that one of the killers that she put behind bars for murdering Karen has escaped ship. So reacting quit the authorities manage to recapture ten of these inmates by name the next morning, but accordingly, the state. The killer, Miriam fears, the most husband recaptured, feel concerned for her and her family safety Miriam asked the police for special protection. They promised to send extra patrol cars to the Rodriguez's home and Business Louis
An Azalea Marion's, husband and daughter are still worried, but despite the rising dangers around her Miriam presses on with her search for her daughters killers. So by April of twenty seventeen. This has been three years Miriam tracks down yet another gang member involved in parents kidnapping this time it the woman who has since left San Fernando Foreseeable Victoria, where she's taking a nanny and job for a family Miriam state. out, the woman's home from from her car four days she waiting for The woman to shirk show, so she can make her move at one point Miriam, whereas down her car battery listening to the radio, and she has to call her son Louise to some kind of like quietly and see certainly come and give her courage young while she something like sailing out there when the woman, finally does emerge. Miriam
lurks the police they descend on the house and they arrest the woman and Miriam is running up toward them as their arresting her and she trips and fractures. Her foot no she's just fucking going for engines. So it's a month later, its may, tenth twenty seventeen and that's Mexico's mother's day. So Miriam is coming home at about ten. twenty one p m still on the cast so she's using crutches. So she Parkes on the street and she's hobbling out of her car and slowly making her way up to her house, but before she can get to her door away. eight Nissan Trump pulls up behind her and they fired thirteen rounds at Miriam while her husband inside the house, here's this and runs out only to find Miriam, laying face down in the street her hand, inside her purse, reaching for her gun,
an ambulance arrives quickly, but Miriam dies on the way to the house. All this is not how I expect this to fucking holy shit yeah. Well, I mean this is a woman who took on your drug cartel. Let's eat that serious here, so having made such a name for herself Miriam death. Really, makes an impact over the course of the next few months. Police tracked down and arrest too, of the hit men responsible for murdering her. The third killer puts up a fight. He ultimately gun down by the police, the hit men are all brought to justice. The question of who exactly put out the hit on Miriam remains a mystery and its one, plagues her son, Luis four months. But he knows that if you pushes too hard to find them, death will also come for him. So he takes it. Slightly more pain, and and Loki approached seeking justice and justice does come one last time for Miriam and Karen one month
after Miriam murdered in June of twenty seventeen, the police of in the state of their crews, arrest another suspect in Karen's murder. This time it's a young woman could run to paraphrase with her young sign, to work as a taxi driver police, were able to find her by using the information Miriam had gathered before her own murder. Technically making this arrest. Her final capture so Miriam San Luis vows to pick up where his mom left up helping other fats ways to find their missing loved ones. He's careful not. make the same mistake that lead to Miriam staff. Rather then trying to punish cartel members. Here, the families he works, with focus on getting their missing, loved ones were turned alive and over time. The strength of that collective fades. crime conditions and San Fernando remain largely the same and the members of the collector the splinter off into their own separate, smaller parties. But the people of San Fernando are deeply affected by Miriam bravery and dedication. So much
though, that they honour her with a bronze plaque in the cities, Central Plaza when Allison done. Miriam Rodriguez is responsible for the arrest of ten people who were involved in the kidnap and murder of her Karen and that the unbelievable story of Miriam Rodriguez, the grieving mother, the single handedly, took on the cartel too and her daughters, d Why can you believe that can not a job, yeah, HALO, If you sell stuff online, you know how busy twenty twenty was well, get ready for twenty twenty one, since it's gonna be even bigger and
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I kind of realise that there's these two stories, I'm happy face Killer, It is an absolute fuckin serial killer. True story I got in from an old Ella Times, article by Very Siegel, Daily NEWS article by Mara above son. BBC Abc News, mental floss article by best Lovejoy, rolling, stone article by Laura Marcella, and then a podcast called happy face, which I will talk more about later January. Eighteen. Ninety in or again a woman in her late fifties, name Laverne pal. The knack: what is ready to end the abusive relationship she was in with had been in for ten years with her living boyfriend named John ass, no ski, so Laverne. She had already had a history of reporting, her boyfriend to the Police- on phony charges every time they fought and action.
the eight months earlier in the spring of nineteen, eighty nine. She called the FBI and falsely accused him of robbing banks so like coming get him in trouble and get him out of the house may be that's what she would do in general ninety she's ready to get rid of him again. This time around Laverne who, in the ninety ninety I need for tv movie, the happy face murders was played by a very dishevelled. An Margaret and believe it all. I know she's an avid reader of mysteries and true crime books. I shall, as all that stuff and she had I had some details in the newspaper about the recent discovery of the body of a local woman who had been discovered on January twenty second, ninety ninety she'd been discovered by a student from mountain Hood College who had been by circling among the Old Columbia River Highway, its EAST of Portland and she had found.
on this, I am the body of a woman lying on the side of an embankment and the woman had been beaten, sexually assaulted and strangled. So the victims identify through sketches shower. on the media as twenty three year old, Tanya Bennet from Portland Oregon and Tanya was described as friendly and outgoing and someone who never met a stranger and she had last seen alive by her parents on January twenty first and the day before she was found, and then she had been at a bar that night so rich, about this Laverne device. The plan to pin the murder on her boyfriend, thus sending him out of her life and into prison. on February earned by now. You got it right now. That's not good plan known so integration. Ninety ninety She anonymously cause the police department, claiming she had overheard a man in a bar bragging about committing the murder, and so
he told them the name of her boyfriend and He was thirty nine year old, John, so not ski, They had misspelled his name in the report that was taken down. So the sheriff's office is unable to follow up on the Tipp ancillary. Wait till we can choose like what the fuck cause. I'm back, and this time they get the name correct and so law enforcement begins investigating John as a potential suspect in the murder when they were able to find employee Is it a cafe who did recall a frequent customer identified as John boasting He had murdered a woman, he met in a bar, so he was, it seems like he might have been actually taking taking my sword. responsibility for this and bragging about it and a waitress tall police. That quote, he was laughing He thought it was all a big joke, so John Loading, as having anything to do with a murderer and Laverne cap changing her story and this like a grandma type by the weights. It's like the law enforcement and they
over there and she like makes them coffee and she seems really helpful and Vienna dislike little old lady type of person. So they're like it's not like she's some, you know criminal well, that they shouldn t trusting sorry issues old, she's, she's fifty fifty years, all through the night late at night, sorry grandma type, though I said but she has just wariness she's, already sweater over her shoulder that they have not amp, who has not got a shot guns that got it got in outlying kinds of eyeliner, a black hair, gotta she's an hour late. Fifty. I think too, that fifty nine as well. So you know she's like we're here, I'd like and its also warning in the Pacific Northwest psyche like fifty late fifties, is different person treading verrier on very thin ice married that I get me and everyone in the pan, Dubbs Bertha I well bless if you're still opening lemme tell you not furious at that
why explained that she's, a grandma type is because I don't hurry digging, oh and liver, and keeps changing her story as well, so that they should see that something especially that they die, and she then goes on to make up the sorry that John forced her to take part in the rape and murder as well like all these different stories, but long story short despite no forensics or figure physical evidence, no details that hadn't been published being brought to light by Laverne and several conflicting eyewitness accounts and continuing to alter her story and then finally, recant her confession and admitting that she was trying to frame her boyfriend. Those lover- and John are tried for the murder of Tanya Bennet, both of the media solo and so I think, learners like OSHA. This is not what I expected to happen and liver is ultimately convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison for her alleged role on the crime and John C Inga they that they were able to
sentence. This little old lady he's like why I'm fact Sorry, so he please, he cut a deal and pleads no contest Aveline, murdering kidnapping, which lands him out life sentence, so during the trial, a piece of evidence comes to light, so other both locked up. they could not. On this themselves. Some one had been confessing to Tanya Bennets murder, the fur Confessions showed up inside arrest out bathroom in Livingston Montana, where someone had scrawled. The message quote I killed. On your Bennet January, twenty first nineteen. Ninety in Portland, Oregon Oregon. I beat her to death, raped her and I loved it. Yes, I'm sick, but I enjoy myself to two. People took the blame, and I'm free. Son is really kings percent is like if you walked into the bathroom you're, just be like ok Mason police tape like this isn't just. I think it's not like. I killed zones outlets like here's fuckin details, I think,
why, then another message was discovered and arrest are closer to the actual, where the crime that happen in whom I tiller Oregon. That said quote killed Tanya Bennet in Portland. Two people got the blame, so I can kill again so forth. messages were signed with a really distinctive happy face sketch and the author is untraceable. So it's tricycle, like the happy face where you put a circle around. You know detectives, which is like the craziest thing to sign, with a sign of fucking confession to murder, let's murders are creeping up. Lamb in theirs. Create MIA detectives in the process will you be, like you, think, you'd see this and be like all of the people. We are locked up or innocent right, but detectives and prosecute From Portland make a really good point, that's maybe one like an unknown friend of John and Laverne had read the graffiti in an effort to cast doubt in their guilt in any mainly there's. No way, I think
Isabel yeah first, I would like all, but the killer confessed and it's like not really yeah, I'm so the judge bars the message from the trial. It's saying it's hearsay there. now evident chariot AL you and therefore cannot be introduced and John and the first trial, which at first I was like tat and then mix. There's its total hearsay its literal writing on the bathroom mineral about his hearsay ashes. I think you can be exactly so. Laverne had never falsely confessed, though, or perhaps, if enforcement question. Her confession allow more and looked a little deeper into it. Perhaps this serial killer, who is to become known as the happy Face Keller would have been caught. for at least seven more. Women became victims, Unfortunately, the real killer was still out there. So let's talk about the happy face killer. His name is Keith Hunter just person, and he is born on April six. Nineteen, fifty five in Chile, whack British Columbia. I mean
it's all the same, separate, always heard it. It's absolutely horrifying. Of course, his father was an abusive piece of shit, domineering, violent alcoholic and specifically singled out Keith for abusive treatment over his siblings. So he was all directed at Keith, The family moved to Cellar Washington when they were young, while just percent had trouble fitting in and making friends, because he ended being as an adult six foot six inches tall. So, even as a little kid, he was huge, in fact his brothers, nicknamed him ie or which is like socially so. We have a hard time making friends and fitting in an that nicknames stuck with him. He was shy. Had no friends played by himself. He went off get into trouble for behaving badly, sometimes violently and we'd be severely punished by his father, including beatings with her belt, sometimes in front of other people to humiliate ham,
and cases as he receives, received an electric shock from his father as a kid geez Jesus, I now and be ending as young as five years old. He would capture and torture animals which seem like kind of it. formal sitting in the family like they were, hunt, animals and skin limits. It wasn't like that. He was kind of honey. King in capturing, maybe but torture and dogs. where it goes off the rails, so he got comfortable with it, and so torture was his next step, I'm just injustice just as inside known as as empathetic want to feel about this, the beginning of the Tom, petty biography, is all about how his dad used to be the living shit out of him when he was five years old has again and most people listen to this know this, but has never. to do right, so you become that's right now
next year sign giving a by? I feel that we have to get a little background, but I dont want to dwell on it and say they made him a serial killer, because that's not that's not what happens to most people who have these her reset childhoods completely ignore sent out an hour now accounts for it at all tat. He would sat fires, two houses and in what areas he said later he said he often thought about what would you like to do the same kinds of MR humans And he even tried to it as a child attempted to kill two other children who had crossed him as a little head. Like hell when under the water and leg, so we ve some flags going on here and bright red flags. So Despite all of these issues, he graduates high school, he gets a job as a truck driver. He gets married, has three care its and seemingly lives a normal life, but a nineteen ILO truck driver seems to be in a lot of these stories
France to track down and a truck driver. We're not. We know, dear old women and truck drivers mash despite employees, because what else is there really world? But I swear there's just it's easy access to, to women and you and you have no ties to the places you're, which I think per on his mind, made it right. He realised that in oh yeah, it's an emotional way. I feel it probably. serial killers become truck drivers. More than truck drivers become serial killer. Yes, I would under President agree with that, but I think it's a one way street come looking for a re just from right, killer party, my seats uncomfortable minister serial killer you're, not like breaker breaker. I just got this idea right now: I'm a family man who drive the truck breaker breaker
I'm a serial killer. But this reminds me of the young woman that I met when I was in Hawaii. Who is a truck driver who listens to us? Who was about the least serial killers person? I've ever met, which she and her fifties do we have a double down ship, but we think cheap was not, but she was on her honeymoon. Maybe that was she was hiding behind. I got the glow the latter can we get truck drivers who lives in a spike has to tell us the craziest stories from the road by then I get so cruelly at night. Your writings between back he'll, just tell see you ve ever driven in a night by a child in a wet nightgown on the side of the road. With her arm sticking straight up, her son and heir, like they ve, picked up someone creepy hitchhiking that you shouldn't like. We need those stories. Yes,
It was what were they call? That is a reverse large, Marge View. After I need someone got into your trap, shut your the innocent bystanders, Azure allowed to be airline to pick up hitchhikers of your truck driver. I think that's the time its appropriate correct, We need to get the stories place stop hitchhiking. What's why don't hitchhike? Please look I so seemingly lives normal life and ninety. Ninety, after fifteen years of marriage Jasper sent in his wife, get a divorce and that same year he begins to kill, so he was thirty five years old, his superimposing six six ways. Almost three hundred pounds or like now Do forty, that's not almost three hundred pounds ethically soon around your as the is the little old lady of Ladys in their fifties. That's right, we so hard. So he began
working as an interstate truck driver at this point after it relocating to changing Washington, and he soon realises that is job before him, the opportunity to kill without being suspected so his first victim is the woman. From the beginning of the story: Tanya Bennett, a court turning to his later account, he first met her in a bar near Portland, Oregon. He invited her would do his house where Look at his girlfriend, who is also a truck driver, and so she was out of town an allegedly allegedly according to him, they had consensual sacks. But it's like do you believe in Can you say now Then he says that there are you meant started that ends with him beating and then strangling her to death in order establish an alibi. He those he then goes back out for drinks to make sure everyone fuckin, seize him you now, and then he goes back to dispose of Tanya Bennets Body and her belongings and clean up the scene and his back on the road
next day and tongue, is by It was found a few days later at the time there's no suspects and no leads at all and tell it liberal profession so when just percent reads in the paper about Laverne Confession and the attention it's getting MA am this fact Megalomaniac gets jealous and he hasn't he doesn't feel guilty, that cheap you are going to prison for his actions. He wants the credit for it and that's why he squirrels those messages in after a matter. I stop yet guilt guilty Ain't gonna be coming into play in this story at a serial killer It doesn't get him any attention. He does it in the second one closer to home, so she like doubles on confessing because he wants attention. So in the years following couples. Conviction more women disappear in the area and just person begins. Writing letters to media and police departments confessing to his murderers he's one of those Zodiac killer. Guys
any signs each letter with us that same smiley face and so the jury I was working on the story for the romanian Phil Stanford dabs esper, send the happy face killer. So six page letter was sent to the origami and that describes the murders of five women and the locations of their bodies. The letter read in a lot of opinions, I should be killed and I feel I deserve it. My responsible but he is mine and God will be my judge when I die, I'm telling you because I will be responsible for these crimes and no one else: it all started out when I wondered what it would be like to kill someone- and I found out when a nightmare, it's been so easy confirm the murders at the killer. Had anonymously confessed shoe and those letters Phil stand Bird, the journalist begins getting hold of law enforcement and the jurisdictions that the killer had claimed to have murdered and check if they had any that state those descriptions and he find
set their indeed had been murders that fit the anonymous writers descriptions with details, the killer word now, so they weren't in the you know in the papers that confirm Let the anonymous happy face killer was actually indeed a serial killer, so you ve got spoken journalist on his tail. Can you imagine two if you're putting together as that drugs Phil stand firm, yet great journalist, for they organise going like yeah here's? My theory? Oh my god. I theories real like right or like he's like satisfying anymore. I can't print this. Let me just check a couple things and then fuck yeah we Just really quick. I remember the murder in Oregon. Podcast, don't talk about it to them, and that is the same. Is it that same journalist and there's more than one the porter. Forgive me if I can write and we're gonna get tomorrow that so he will
the murder in Oregon, which were at either he's legendary agent area good and when we talk later about the pie, cast happy face witches the first season is all about this. case, which I'll tell you more about it's really good and we'll talk about. Murder in Oregon as well, but it's really and- and I will definitely suggests listening to it. I will say: there's a lot of horrible, violent details that I'm not including in the story, because it's just its unnecessary and my story, but it is necessary and there's. So if you want more detail the snuff jeep dive, if you want the violent, deep die rights right, so you feel stand for It confirms these other murders and he knows he is dealing with a serial killer, so jasper in a his second murder a year and a half after killing Bennet on
August 30th, one thousand nine hundred and ninety two, the body of a woman he had raped and strangled, was found near Blythe, California set Central, California. I think that's the desert, lightning thoughts. the desert impact on the waiter. But there is no man's land telegram and she was then and still remains. A Jane DOE. The minor, though just person later says he remembers. Her name is being Claudia, later the body of thirty two year old Cynthia Lynn rose was discovered near ter, Lock, California, along highway. Ninety nine. and his fourth victim was twenty six year old lorry, an Pentland of Salem Oregon Herbert he was found in November nineteen I need to having been strangled, then more six months later in July nineteen. Ninety three has fifth victim was found and Santa Noah California,
She cheer remains a Jane DOE and because of her quote street person status, the coroner originally considered her death and a drug overdose and her death was incomplete. murder and tell jasper. Sin later took responsibility for her murder, his ha. I now it's just sad, sad stories, more than a year later, in September, nineteen, eighty four another Jane DOE was found in crest. You Florida there remains consisted of mostly bones of a woman that investigators believe have been approximately forty years old. At the time of her death and over twenty four Five years later, both Jane does still haven't been identified, disarm jobs, person claims this one was named Suzanne, so let's go. Let's get murder Scott on those cases for real,
So, while I wonder too, if you, if this was part of the truck driver thing of like he was picking up people or he was intentionally choosing people that wouldn't immediately be sought after or missed, that's exactly what then, in January ninety ninety five Jefferson had given a ride from Spokesmen Washington Twenty one year old name, Angela Serb Rise of Oklahoma City and approximately a week into the trip justice and raped and strangled her in her. but he was not found for several months because she hadn't been reported missing too. She was in ok. Drifter, and she is not to be his seventh victim. So yeah the only reason he was. Finally, car was because his final victim was someone who could be tied to him and she came and admitted that that was a mistake he made. He knew that because you have no connection to these other women that he can kill as much as we wanted, but he like lost his temper, so he says, and so it so he killed this next victim.
On March 11th. Ninety. Ninety five, the body of forty one year old, Julie and winning ham, withstand along a Washington state Road having been strangled, the one investigator looked into her life of several people- were able to give the name of Julie's longtime boyfriend, Keith Hunter Jaspers and now for and still a long haul trucker, and he was looked into by law enforcement. Washington, sheriffs departments, detective Rick, Buckler question the trucking company that just percent work. For for a long time and they provided him with just persons, travel itinerary which connected the time in location, to wear Julie's body, have been found then I looked in our gmail account, and therein as a email from a murderer, you no name Shanna and she wrote the tracking company that this piece of shit out on his jobs was the same company. My dad worked for as a dispatcher.
As in a person who sends the truckers out on their merry little mercury ways so not When did my dad unwillingly send this man to the places where he committed these crimes? He took an I'm on the phone in company barbecue, where she sat across a picnic table from this creepy mother Fucker Series what the hell dad J K of my father to pieces he's a great man me. to say my mom definite gotta, whereby it from the stupid and kept the Congo short so her dad might have been one of the people that gave us information law enforcement, the pudding brain present- he I am said, S. Person was question, but not arrested due to lack of evidence immediately on and he wouldn't ha and so wasn't tell a week and to fail suicide attempts later. On March there, real, ninety, ninety five that he finally turned himself in and the reason I did that was because He hoped it would get him leniency. So like
everything for himself in our not for closure for the family or snow. I dont think that way now and Alan custody. Just person asserts spilling beans. He reveals data elzevir his murders. He makes clear of many others moats, most of which he recanted, but he Also, a few days before his arrest law enforcement had gotten hold of a letter he had written to his brother and which he confess to having killed eight people total over the course of five years, and I think that this is the real number of people he killed and so on Horsemen is able to connection too these cases around the country- and it turns out Can eighteen ninety here exonerated of charges stemming from a rape he had committed and Mount Shasta California, so it seems like there was also play a lot of attacks as well. A woman had come forward. Report than a man at raped her and attempted to break her neck. And then, when he hadn't been able to and because she had her baby with her,
and he allegedly didn't want to kill the baby as well. He let them both go and sincere given this woman so much information about himself, he was easily identified as Jasper Sin and had been arrested and interrogated and charges held against him for sexual self, but then he was released. and there were like well just make sure you appear in court about this charge and of course he doesn't appear it takes off your family warrant is issued and he is eventually caught in Iowa, but quite the cost of extradition wasn't worth it yeah, so he's not exonerated and all charges are dropped. Because of this event, questions where women don't fuckin report there. Apes and pursue charges? Here's a perfect example of why it's too expensive to exonerate and Doktor California, so the charges are dropped. limiting insane, it's insane and it also is again a reflection of acting as if that
like a sexual assault charge is not that big. If the grail like it's not, on power with the murder in some some people's minds. I doesn't make sense when clearly a person who is just a moral enough to be, actually assaulting women or absolutely has the capacity to do much worse and much more right or like a one off thing, or I feel like men, these fuckin macho men sometimes or it's like. This is a situation she shouldn't have gotten herself into, and it's a one off thing. When really it's like, if someone is able to do those things they will, they will never stop and it you teach them a lesson that they can get away with it. Why would they write in it yeah? It suits in saying that the whole thing has to be approached so differently because it so it's clearly they die it's not the first time he's done right, it's not the for any person. That would do something like that and be successful in doing it clearly has been paid.
disenfranchise exercise should be taken off the street obsolete. It's the same as the Ripper documentary, where it's like women did come forward and say this happen in there. They were sent away and it could have been Stein. They were shames, they were, I publicly humiliated and they were like all those things that he went away with murder. They were left TAT narrows the girl that got attacked at lived through it and knew what he looked like an paisley told her. You don't know what you're talking about. I mean that kind of shit is lake, yes EC, So in November, nineteen anything just person pleads no contest to Bennets murder and had provided, but had provided enough convincing evidence of his guilt during his confession. Like friction both like he had led law enforcement straight to the long lost purse that that had belonged to her. He had checked it the wilderness, and so they were able to find it exactly where he told them. It would be an So I'm so Laverne and John Self Nasty were released. Finally, which is that are released.
prison for Bennets murder, It does seem like the prosecuting attorney and law enforcement did work hard to get them out of prison because it wasn't a given. It wasn't like. They were like Maybe they were part of the murders. Maybe that's going to do with it as well. They actually had to work very hard to get them exonerated ages, right click, as once you're kidding right, it's called it is actually are not going to go back on that now you can't be, can overturn a jury conviction very easily, even if some one else as to present for the murder in out. So that happens. fully and they have been in prison for four years at that point, were Laverne dies, heart failure in March of two thousand and three an age. Seventy so Jasper sin is serving three consecutive life sentences at the Oregon state, penitentiary ends and Salem in September two thousand and nine he's indicted for murder and Riverside County California and his extradited to California to face the charges of the murder of the
danger that he committed implies so go by fuck off. Let's really quickly talk about Jasper since daughter so his daughter. Melissa more was fifteen, and ninety ninety five, when her dad got arrested and all aim, flooding out who he was for the exact same age chair. So where can you imagine being fifteen, which is fucking hard enough without having to find out That is a serial killer, horrible, like I so horrible, she wrote a number on two thousand and eight called shattered silence and says she originally felt like a ton of guilt and risks, possibility about what her father had done and, of course, people on her high school found out. You know she was ostracize says she had changed high schools a couple times yam, then she, learned, not to tell anyone about who her father was because she was scared that they would think that she was like her bad so wouldn't even tell boyfriends about it ass. She got older
and I'm she says she was just as perplexed as everyone else that you turned out to be this monster. It sounds so similar, meaty Kay the beating his daughter right, we'll know. Living, double lie, yeah and he was had been a good father aside from a couple incidents of extreme Animal cruelty which I will not get into, but they get into the pie, casts fucking her ethic and also he would inappropriately and explicitly talk about his sex life. His children alive so she's on the upper Winfrey show in two thousand and nine to promote her book. and she says that after that she started receiving correspondence from a ton of people who have family members who were also killers and kind of felt ashamed and can talk to anyone about it, because I felt aged, and so they were thanking her for telling her story and wanted advice. You know from her how to fill us ashamed, had a talk to their kids about what you know these, who had done who were in their lies and she
the only person that they could talk to us. As she says she starts to travel, to meet these people and speaking of them on the phone, and they gave her meaning and direction, and As of this she's, created this, like a network of like three hundred people who have these experiences when no one else to talk to and shall like connect them with other people, who have similar experiences and they have the same community now, which is really lovely Tiredly? It's there there, the victims too, but there is that kind of societal. You know there. there's, like the snap judgments, part that they offer them sure fall victim to, or at least the things that I've read her so yeah I think that's really beautiful. It's also that kind of thing there's only the people that have gone through that can help you with the shame of it and help you bring it out into the light, so ready act that she kind of us, dear. But that is, is really a testament. Her kind of strengthen, that's really
lovely, gesture right and she also went and that some of the family members of her fathers first Damn Tanya Bennet, because she says she just wanted to know more about her life and who she was, which has really using and then when she was an episode of twenty twenty, she said quote being the dog, a serial killer puts everything into question and my worthy. Do I have a right to exist when he talks how much away from other people? If I'm here a b. Is that a slap in the face to the victims? Families? I don't want it to be. So then she does at twelve part, podcast called happy face it. Done along with more and bright Pacheco from murder in Oregon has just an incredible investigative journalist and they speak to molasses, mother and like just get the story of how it happened and what happened. I'm still in the middle of it right now tell the story of her father and that the families trauma and
from the podcast. You get this sense that she's just this rich, is really authentic, she's, really open and forthcoming. With her story, you know you, don't you Here are the shame. You hear this person who wants to share what happened to them, to try to help other people who have lived through trauma, it's real inspiring. You know it's it's for people who have experienced any kind of trauma poor survivors in their own way, her openness and her like path to coming to terms with what happened is really inspiring and she's. Now an expert on the topics of recovery from trauma, domestic violence and cereal, violent crimes and she's, an Emmy nominated crime, correspondent for the doktor I'll show an inch may succeed. Melissa more released her second book. It's called whole a guide to self repair, and in it she describes and provides tools to refrain your trauma and to regain confidence. And she lives now in California, with her husband in two children, and she doesn't have
any contact with her father, and that is the story of the happy face. Keller wound God, I now the heavy stuff yeah, well great job. That was in its weird that we haven't done that one before, as I hear about it all the time, I also feel like I saw her. I think she instead a show? Unlike idea or one of those that was about the family member insult Marta Serial killers called the harder in Miami, aren't you wrap it up with some fuckin harangues. Yes evenly. Do you want to tell us our fuck him big fuckin, who I won't say looked up, I found the tweets and today we are recording on January thirteenth, and that is the fifth anniversary of this podcast when it was released that carefully. I'm your five year, five years between was by
honor underscore in its yak, I believe, is how you pronounce corner runners, Beijing, youth training area track tracking. Our news that way is a paper anniversary year die urgently by her diamonds. I don't not sure what we need to do is put it in the calendar is surprised next, six area resurgam each other presents in Brazil. Will you remind us to put it in the actual calendar so that, when remember it's kind of a good accomplishment, five years five years have consistently doing a pod cast where we volunteered to do homework, for every episode is me personally a gigantic accomplishment. That's amazing, located We did homework. I never do homework. I've. Never fuck and on home work and I remember very distinctly deeply resenting. The homework I had to do on this package. We ve made it worse of so many words, so many words written down. I mean
I honestly we started this part cast. I honestly thought I was gonna, be able to remember off the top of my head stories and then just talk through them. The way I felt like I want to do because we knew everything about everything. Sure we knew everything so we're just gonna. Do that yeah, just like I'll, get through that's. Why that's? The first time in the first of May did Paul Bernardo CALL, Karla Homolka. The cannon barbie murder fear was a devastating failing to redo. It favours ever huge, develop until arc on this point that I feel like we basically written multiple thesis papers, so were basically college rat at this point, junior college greater pressure- or at least we aim at least we haven't certificate coming industry have been get a common do printers up a certificate of some kind in just one of them
once on the king s website that have to something something of their names in it. I actually found I put it, right up there and hold them a second sucks. for whenever this is gonna, be I now aren't going to me. This is the only certificate that I have of any any kinds from my from my education and litter it says academic achievement Upton your school. This is to certify what does it say it? This is too slow If I that the student, his name, appears above the bed, that's my man has maintained an exceptional standard of scholarship and has only and has duly earned this honour, and then you type in what the honor and was the and it says drama. Oh my god, let's, like that's, called foreshadowing gillig for real
it- was awarded this day forth of June nineteen. Eighty eight, oh, my god, you're all I got, the drama circuit. Everybody heard Edward a cabin on the president of I mean the M principle of our high school and Adrian dad. Can I say that I found recently like my my modest story, like report card you now from when I was like five and in the nets. It says like what something special about georgia- and it says Georgia, like to tidy while the other kids have nap time, so I feel like children we're about like already now and how we were going to be when you grow up I clean. I cleaned my area, while other kids slept George Have you ever see them a very young age and aid you go ahead and sleep I'm in here had wiped out. Some surface might help the teachers the exactly you're, just as this mutual and out now that is MAC. Splain. So much ok,
secondary. I can raise you want to read. You go first, want me to go first, you know This is from hello, its Clarice from the cull, Capello Clarity and though there is from the Fancourt she says. Twenty twenty was along one for us all after nine months, being unemployed. I finally got a job again and at an animal shelter and then a bunch of emerges. I will be and adoptions counselor a k, a matchmaker for pets and their new owners, another Kyoto Margie, my life Andrea that has been delayed once again by covetous to care for endangered species such as lions and chimps. This is the best next step for me, and it means so much that I can help animals and need the first paycheck that I am able to donate will be an Elvis's name finance we thanks for getting through life with me and all you're amazing advice love you guys so much, and then it says in parentheses, Karen quote you ve gotta, let
your juices marinate. It may take a long time something you said that inspired her thanks, Hallo Clarets Clarice, Congratulations on your job! Let me have you. Let me have a kitten I just like she's getting paid for a job like that really does some length. Something called to do that you had just like well you're. Really. This way is, I think, this Don T really this this very until I got daddy at scented org you like went in and one of the volunteers- and I was like I want this. He was like ya: gotta meet Lucy Lou, and it was done this starts I fucking hurry, and so
Twenty twenty tried like hell to break me in April. My husband was laid off than on August. Second, he had a series of heart attacks at each thirty five, leading to open heart quadruple bypass on August fourteenth the day he was supposed to be released to go home. He suffered a massive stroke, killing two thirds of his brain. They said that he was paralyzed on his right side and blind in his right eye. He'd never be able to walk again or talk again well here we are at the beginning of only twenty one. Tomorrow he graduates from cardiac rehab his only death said is his speech. He is slowly relearning language and starting to be able to put together sentences. So my fucking hooray is his ability to say fuck you, twenty twenty cases oh my God, Casey sending you healing vibes. Wow
yeah well you're mad ass. The fact that you are able to even type that and send it in means your stronger than all of us put together, keep it up. I am so glad to hear that your husband's only deficit is speech with people. Of the capacity to heal and and to do so many things that you know that their so I love those stories. Were doctors are like blue doctors, adding that this is the only thing possible, and then this people like just break those expectations odorless, so congratulations and and stay strong here, incredible This is from this is from Instagram from Bremer, miraculous. My fucking it was being able to be part of giving Christmas gift to formally homeless, algae, BT, Q, young adults, my wife,
and her coworkers reigns over thirteen hundred dollars to by Christmas gift for youth in an organization called thrive which helps get algae, BT, Q, young adults in the housing and teaches them life skills, along with helping them with their mental and physical health, I'm so great, I was able to be part of making these young people's christmases amazing and I'm so proud of my wife for organizing all of this. That's credible, that's great that's a beautiful story! No, I mean that. I love that. That's that's very cool! and that's so generous, like yeah. It's make some make sure someone else's Christmas is good. using your energy to do something like that. Totally that's beautiful! Now this one Mr Michel Soups
and it says I got myself this twenty twenty one, true crime, page a calendar and immediately thought of Emma them. When I saw that Mary Vincent was the first story for January. First, one of the most jawdropping an amazing survivors stories. I've ever heard I'm trying not to look ahead, but I'm curious to see what other stories they have, hopefully a lot more bad. A survivor ones yeah shall soups it soon and about how inspiring Mary events and story has been lake throughout the life of this pact. Cast. It's the one that always comes up as the like me my ball incredible story, hunches like yeah. That's what we wanted to be about not about second asshole serial killers and like the craziest ones, while that
see now for talking about like the things the things we ve learned over five years. Is that thing that we ve been fed true crime over the years being interested in it? We ve been fed it one way, the way that a kind of started to be some air. I think it's we ve been set it to be scared of. but time in the nineties. There almost became the strange fetish of like them the killers themselves when it was like people buying John Wayne, Gacy Pain, re that kind of bullshit. That kind of was like. Oh, that means somehow your rock n roll or somewhere, and so it has been. You know, but me, it's a real honour to be able to dig into these stories NGO Nano. I'm not that's! Not why I'm here is that a story that the part of my interest in this fascination has to do with the fact that these were real people, that this is real loss at these are this is human life and, as is what some people go through, it gives you unbelievable perspective on your own life
how you should actually be taking things and re bringing things comparatively, but also there are these unbelievable survivors stories of people who have over because I was just re watching. I survived and she is in season one ass, Mary herself. How is that story herself? And it's it's in credit It's unbelievable in its here. It's really yeah she's she's, really a beacon. Definitely anyway, I feel like We can assure these stories and that people give us the benefit it out and are, and are listeners know that what we're trying to convey is empathy, and gratitude and hope and you know and that's what we're here for yeah yeah totally It's been an honour. It's been a real fucking journey. I mean it has been quite some quite something out who knew that just our podcast, our hang out Pugwash a chat with, would become the thing that it was in
Thank you all for listening. Each year individually, for carrying listening playing ball getting in here and being here with us, Sir, some people out there that have been here with us since the first fuckin episode, which is how Lariata think about where there are people that we ve met in the meat great lines that live shows where just like some stay wires. I can- Definitely remember that happening a couple times alike. Are you really going to stop and scream at people's faces because they somehow happened upon it somehow or searching through your crime and never there from and where still blown away every fucking day that this has gotten to wear It's got em that we have that our lives have been completely change completely change in the past five years and the most amazing way- and we are so grateful for that area- fucking day, I can't. I can't believe that this is my life. Now it's I know it's beautiful is,
pretty nice and Stephen? Thank you for being, therefore, the You came in and episode why, for that lay quarter years. I believe it was episode, eighteen really you we had to wait. There's a go along about far without your legs. That's the thing is, I don't know when you have been such ay ay a quiet end. A necessary part of the show, and so we appreciate that so much, not that quiet, quiet that wasn't. I, like you
I'm someone, Flanders, that we address myself that there is a third track that that will eventually be that would be fucking hilarious. If this entire time there's a commentary Stevens releasing a commentary, mystery scientists, theatre commentary, truck work on a pod pursued is tearing, it would become. Yeah desert has a where I think people are treated actually, and I know they get where, as thank you, Stephen for there's, really was really nice, knowing that in the very beginning, I think we would urges zoom and I think we were just. I can't record and see what have you and somehow their debt when Stephen showed up and was giggling along, I am paying attention and taking no extend into it. It just really that's really helped everything so much right well, that's our anniversary, so we're gonna go party a tray.
But until we see you again, please stay sexy and don't get murdered, going idea, Elvis Tijuana cookie. I'm bags gray, I'm brandy, Posey and I'm test Barker Tune into our pockets. Lady to lady, from hearing on the exactly right network, Wednesday January, twenty seven, where three stand up comics in real life, friends and every Wednesday. We hope the coolest hang on the internet. It's like a party for your ear holes. Each week we invite some of the funniest comics and right of securing us in our dealt three house game. It via and the occasional deeply embarrassing personal revelation that we can't take it act because now it's online forever ass guess include people like Alison rose it I'm ninety five years old, we didn't have acts in my life, but upon hearing about Ray, I think because its selective there's, a tiny part of my brain, does in the back
like us, but when I make it on, I mean I almost think that we should do one of those things. We remind the three of our faces into one percent men ass. You see up shit let's get her on there and see what's Marylin raised the attendant, comes up to me and Niels down and goes just pretend that Jack powers at the bottom the ocean, needs you two, unlike any reference to the largest credit tv credit that I have lazy, mostly there's a lot of cool stuff. what was once the paper from them professionals. Are you get blood your own blood? Yes, I'll always this around like you're the only problem getting it is, then you have to do to somebody else. I have here, then you got exactly where the original pyramids
one by dialogue by three of your number three hundred plus female. Either bankers, don't worry, we'll let the occasional, sometimes like injuries are asking. You spoke to disappointed to our eyes. You at my husband has this kind of naval academy. How did you do that? You got it shone disciplines and structurally, I didn't get it Chihuahua. Do not We could pendant with a check out the network for mere of Ladys lady on Wednesday January, twenty seventh on exactly right, subscribe now in stature, apple, podcast or wherever you liked to listen. If you like what you write as a review and if you don't like what you hear a word versus his hat off. Can I say, lady to lady, subscribed now.
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