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262 - Live at the Civic Theatre in San Diego, CA (2019)

2021-02-18 | 🔗

In this week’s former Fan Cult exclusive episode, Karen and Georgia cover the San Diego Tank Rampage and the murder of Don Hardin.

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This is exactly right.
What's her so I saw the two: are we gotta get we gotta get on it. Gonna get our timing down I mean. Does this go up to the sky? You don't mean that many balconies that's why they have been occupied wearing these guys were. These are a thing now killers eager by be not so far away. People are not kill. Her far do wonders how this theatre work. I'm already learning things about myself in the store like I don't know how to use a pair of Bernard. Just to twist it was entirely twist hairs,
I mean what I love about business, emergency exit signs so clear away. That's what I'm here for here, the opera just staring at exit sign. Yes, I'm an escape that way, and that way the problem with the first night of the tour is that you realize you should have done so many things in the past month and weak and day to prepare, and then your level. They won't see it, but my nails are discussing our and when they were not yellows, and they can see that he is that I think are broken closer further when he has the elections. Should I walk over here for you Surely the list is long, it kind of
we could start a trend of people wearing binoculars as necklaces pretend we all like it here When is actually quite heavy and ban on your spine and your eyes, you don't even see anything that closely. God intended for you to see something that closely. you would have invented binoculars and I'm so glad you mentioned God, Georgia, because tonight is all about raised up all the way to the twenty three fourths bohemian God bless. You I'm not wearing. I know talk I won't get across. Given a real stockings, I'm actually like
The work we are black dress, I'm never going to wear it again. I ate black, it's really uncomfortable, but this like fuckin vintage in shit like with like that dresses, saw me I'm in a buy it now. Have it forever and you have the power the time. That's man chauvelin about it. So well, fuck, you won't leave early, worn pajamas two lives Georgia's like look. I think we should talk about it because I think I'm gonna work color, unlike dude. Can I laid down during the show? That's what I'd I would prefer. We have different standards while I'm a professional professional. So I said I also have a hot Tipp, it's a fashion to hashtag it, if your dress doesn't fit you anymore, you
you can make it fit by slightly ripping it where the zipper. Ok, I'm giving yourself more room, I love and then just covered over the belt, and no one will look at motives and if they do tell them does not yours go you're Bernard killers, other than in this fashion, tip is straight out. Evoke cash tat straight out of a pastime. What's up Anna winter we're doing a different this year. Here look and listen to look, I'm sure, experts, police, expert police, that's our nature
Oh yeah, it's this opening night sliding guy! Now you see pick that right up. What? If I go over here, really a pass lighting guy then this is a high quality, be at our when the lighting guy follows you wished and grid. Should we tell about about name names, but one of the show is last CS. I now know semester among. Yes, there was last month. We were fighting person got the queue that as soon as we said, good night, to turn out the lights up, an entire theatre, including on stage so we go to wave and then it's where the darkness
and its winner in its day, darkness, where we were like early and they were just going to like by. I guess you guys and then tell those guys he's dead by with our hands and then hopefully without trip on the way up stage. Then we left like fuckin, Charlie Brown. I guess they didn't like it That's that you know it's money reading. So Sandia
yeah you're taking off than twenty nineteen spring to our very exciting. One part of that, though, is aside from lake, since this is my twenty eighteen winter to order as, firstly, in the dressing room dirty whose dirges document or draftsman I was like, I should I got mine dry cleaning, that's one of those things things so much time to list all the time in the world be clean, who made the basics but because so first show we don't have as many like. We don't have these road doubt anecdotes that we usually do. Oh, my god, we usually right well, wanderers, that's all but here's what did happen, and this made me laughed as you were like when we talk
But when we get out there- and I just like I know- and I want to talk about because on the way down We stopped it and now you gotta sweater, hamburgers elbows are you have to do, and georgian I've always loved. You wanna tell them. I forgot already about no earlier that sell run of a lot of people. This there's a ton of working people out there, ok go so
You may know Georgia likes to have fun physical, surprising to me so like, and we talked about it before or like we're here to work like not in front of a bunch of people. It's like on the pot Gazprom, like I love too far, but it's like we're in the living room right, but you know you're, not what I'm saying is you're, not shy. You're, not that's, not a natural set point for you. I think you're very bold, think and your body positive and you're funny you're fun here and here you want to have fun so oftentimes I'll go up and be like hey, you have my blowdryer and then a knock and her hotel room door. She opens it completely. Make that's happened several times. It's funny. You should try it. Maybe it's hilarious, it's hilarious and she has her eyes wide in her mouth open. So it's like surprise. Wakeup spirilla, like it's like a shock scare like like a haunted house. That's what you're going forward their hotel shakspeare shot known, aesthetic, so so
one of those fine things is just now just be private. But very presentation of farting every once in a while. It's like it's like a punctuation marks the end of a joke. That's not funny! If you tell us stupid joke and it doesn't lan card at the end of our it's fucking like an you do a little like is I got it hilarious? I laugh every single fucking time, nothing spawning real time. Farting is better than any thing. That's ever been written and mix sweeneys the onion, it's just the best, its risky, its vulnerable, its loud. It smells so all the things you want. It's called the magic for we go into the bathroom it now
people in there with women go in, I go and install Georgia's messing around at the sanctuary to do like a cat. I wouldn't know how I liked to ninety hitter together down off the same, so I'm in this story is kind of stall. That looks like it's one big stall manner, but it was which is to start off with two different people in different people who run of the mill was not me is a strange stranger. I did not know that so I just hear this from inside the stall ISIS here. I think he went something like the Acme Burma with somebody like pay, and then I had already heard the lady shuffling around and the other style knew their Adam when there had an immediately corroding on me and then I hear than her toilet pledges in Georgia go there's something else in here. I just hear the door open and shut. She was fucking guy. I loved Karen locks. I say: there's someone goes in the right of parents pattern.
Our open emissions does not in any way. You would like me to leave obeys. That's that's what I didn't realize I didn't. I didn't cover my own six, because Georgia ran out for the lady came out of a star. There are lost in my hands and laughing at her ass. The lady comes out I'm in the fighting position. Now I did it, I did it was not my intention I did it look like I did it and was laughing at myself, and why should I have one rule of hard drugs, as you always take responsibility for that's right, never pass that on to us.
Now you come back in about four May lady. That was me. I want to talk about this today due to get to your watch that such this and that we have some really terrible photos to redo. Oh by the way, this is progress. My favorite, thank you. That's carrying heavy era and that's Georgia, Hard STAR, we're very exciting, were very happy to see you think, I'm so much thereby we left we live in and out then says driving. I'm navigating that's a mistake, I'm it turns out the city of like I don't know what it is like
Oh my god, it's it's like in the middle of it or where it arson arson, and I don't exactly it's probably Carson, there's a lot of construction right now, and so we get lost immediately start going the wrong way, but not a one way street yeah there. there are actually building and over a path to connect to one of the one hundred thousand freeways down here. So we kind of go under not a finished overpass, but like the wooden wobbly eighteen hundred structure of an overpass A future of that has broken when you buy you gonna be like. Let's get away from this error here, we expect some photos varies so but which go around and truly, I don't think it was on. The mat ways was like fuck. You are my where you can hang out down there than we can. We can help you. I told you, so you really mean here's where we end up,
this is now, if you can tell away, I think you should go forward one ok. Can you see how it's an overpass exit to sucking nowhere? As you said, it's fuckin straight Sandra Bullock, vs overpass. This is where they shot that seen in speed where she impossibly jumps, a bus, missing, amazing and so Can you go back so basically this was on our left and this was in front of us more like. Well, I guess we have to go up here. It doesn't look like now. You you took a wrong turn. Now you have to go, kill yourself in your own. Good luck, yeah go by Mary by with some away and then ok here we go there. It is Mamma Mamma Stevens? Not here. I now actually surprise, usually when its close, he wants to come yeah but
some areas, cats and thirsty than and he doesn't tender nightly with one at all times they might be going through a rebellious stay teenage Stephen than you care about your show. Now America s baby, in his own life. Now the signal has nice. Legging on this table looks like me, after the show, actually pretty much exactly my outfit. That's you. You know you liked to put here close over your toes they want to sit down here should be: let's do it. Why should we take this? For my new house thickness wanting this is, I can deal with a chair like this over a little area
in petty use, just a little girl and a huge. It is whenever it's ok, just don't talk about it. Now. Did your dress split open now, not any more than it already dead, and then run it back address just in case than its black, so I feel like it's one of those things were it's just like you know it's like threat to myself that if I like, this dress happened
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and we don't get em gas money. Or did you just spell averse share tat? There are no man. its trunk care number version you can party with me now it's turning into a weird axially thing: that's not that's not drunk Aaron! That's a sexy, lady, Karen was not sex. I guarantee you that ok,
starting out tonight and years its money that when this events happened in real time, I remember watching it on tv, but I've never thought about doing it before any of our lives shows down here, because Dave, Anthony and guarantor annals of the dollar did it on their six episode long long ago, and it was so fucking hilarious. Those like will you just kind of can't do let ever again, but then I was like thought man, so I'm doing a San, Diego nineteen. Ninety five tank around page, you remember this where you? How old? Are you what you never seen? Ninety five hours of team and bugging live in my sad life and Orange County
what are you doing? What were you doing when you're fifteen nineteen, I think, was the prime rave years? Don't speak out rain raves did you were junker genes? No, but I work vinyl pants right, my own hands, ok or sometimes I, where I get dressed up in where, like a cheerleaders, like you know, like a cheerleader next, to see our like only like a club kid but chair, but like making fun of Jerry leaders. But why did I really am I think you're pretending that you had your letter and evidently Earl you loved to be a cheer later, making The thing you can't have just so you don't feel bad about not you! Now you gotta, it's called wife where there are none Us belong. Ninety five tanks telling us Tanks were don't start,
Ninety five, I was twenty five thinks I was on so much speed that I would just what I would wake up like entirely awake, like five stare out the window and not blank for seven hours. Rest. so if you are a round or conscious or having a time and ninety five, you will have seen this on the news it. It was a guy that drove a tank for twenty three minutes around San Diego and it was fucking nuts. Now that in and of itself is plenty of story, there's plenty of story with just that, and my assumption is that's very sad. Clearly, somebody had mental illness. Clearly there is issued behind it. You know, whatever you dig in to the actual story and it's so so much more so, let's.
about it and we're talking about a man named Sean Nelson. He is the guy that ended up common during a tank from the national guard. Armoury, which was not locked text, should be lax. It shall be like the National Guard should have the best security. You would think just name alone you that that would be a thing. They were into even if it was just for the show of it, like I love to wear this outfit if they be like but so sorry, I'm guarding this. What's your business here now in ninety five that wasn't the case: listen we're not or not, shaming. What are they call them the National Guard and shook our national armed forces? No, never not at all. What we're talking about really is, at the end of the day, mess to be talking about a lot tonight, so smoke em, if you gotta so quick background,
Sean Nelson. He was born in bird's eye. You tie on August twenty first nineteen, fifty nine, his father was in the military. He grows in the Claremont neighbourhood of San, Diego, which Young Claremont is kind of where all this happens is also where the beer, where the armory, where this Super Lucy Goosey shill armoury. Now you guys know yet He joined the army is in it for two years in the tank division. That's called foreshadowing need, loves, tanks, loves tax I'm sure they make. You feel great you're all protected. You can kind of drive around real slip up, but after two years he leaves the army and he goes around the Panama. He works on a fishing boat. Eventually he comes back home and he starts of plumbing business and he does great. So that's all good
The problem was around the late eightys, the wall came down and the cold war ended and so big, because a lot of military action slowed down, the economy in this area slowed down, causes there's it's very military based economy around here. So there was a downturn economically here that plumbing business to write a letter. Saying people stopped shitting entirely. You just got flushing. They were they let it mellow I ever town and now
What actually happened was- and this is interesting- this is from the dollar. This is Dave's research, but basically methane Feder Mean was something that the that military have used for years and years. That's what they gave kamikaze pilot rate, but us we ass, also Hitler loved, oh sure he was ass. He was super stoked about any kind of unfettered mean so heritage we and unsupported, save Anthony. mass came into the United States through Santiago, Where am I You guys were better the man. So basically it. So when things slow down people start using the cheapest drugs made
ajax that they can fire. I can guarantee that that Fuckin meth made its way to Irvine yeah. Tell me that's right, it's way anywhere where the children were born right and had big speakers to dance in front you, as you have told me. Ok, so She doesn't has a terrible run of luck. It's very sad. He's he's are choosing. Math is I have six years files for divorce. Then he loses both of his parents to cancer in nineteen. Ninety two, then gets into motorcycle accent and he The theory is that he was on drugs because when he got to the emergency room he got into this altercation with the security guards there and fighting them, even though they were trying to treat him was stupor fucked up from a bad motorcycle Oxfam he ends up.
Suing the hospital for one point: six million dollars- and this though, suit is dropped, or you know that the judge says goodbye. Then the hospital counter, seize him, six grandiose them for the medical treatment that he says. I didn't want to share so it's there's theirs. issues that maybe meth isn't helping create I will say in a non judgmental US former speed attic- where am I I'm just saying some patterns that I recognize it myself now chemo into this little house and unfortunately, and usually the way it goes with math and the people that I know that have been addicted to math. It turns out Oh, my god, his neighbour is kind of like a mess dealer. She lives right next door, she's she's more have like
I don't know she was a full fledged dealer achievers like a holder of math and a gatherer of meth minded. People this is fucking storyline on breaking bad when Jesse Pigman moves next door to demonstrate a centurions comes, and parties at his azure yeah yeah, so There are so many, please listen to episode sex of the dollop there. So many fucking crazy stories, but essentially he's just doing math doesn't have a lot of work to do every around him is going mad. So they're doing stuff like had grown men are wrestling each other in the backyard. Now, like you know, hello than style. Oh you know soup or whenever style wrestling and when him and his friend do this one time as friends throws them on the ground and breaks his back. You guys don't do. Yeah Zante that that's
I don't do math wrestling soul, He has a broken back he's. You know, he's the you know la la very law suit, attract I guess we can say just lot lot: lots of issues in the issues are building and then, as we know, if you do a lot of drugs, you start to lose your sense of truth Letty and you start to live in a reality that the drugs are dictate and this is what happens to Sean because Sean one day becomes convinced that he has found a now get of gold in his own backyard. Why? Yes, so he begins to mine for Goal- has no yes, oh no, there's a photo also bears Nelson our mall yeah and in his bed, today is clearly like looks very healthy, looks yeah. Let's happy here's,
he ends up, did diggings Aceh, nineteen foot hole in his back yard holy shit wholly. This is Math can do for you, I couldn't do that and I'm not on man s determination, You know what I notice, though, he's wearing his wedding ring style. I notice that that that's Kevin Nelson. Graham, I see that might not by the name. Next to his. I now see that look. We only those pictures beforehand over the event puts all kinds of surprises on here. That's not Sean Kevin yeah? I think gets, I think it might be a brother or relative, nor I haven't been on it, acquires a thing here: China's together enough still that he is convincing the people around him, that this is a possibility exciting if it was,
a hundred percent its year yard yeah in there. All my fuckin their Diego. Nobody knew that's what I think surveys are doing as we find that you hold it up to the sun, and then all your problems are solved. Who know it turns out the deed, because of this crazy, but the actual you know clearly this mind shaft that he built is professional he's knows how to share works and tools and handle some shit. And starts getting the the methods that are around come on over and then the ideas you work on the mine with me and then you can get a cut of the gold when we finally strike at risk and in the meantime you can help me out by giving me Mamma, dont Beaver that was actually part of it is if you can't wanna come over. If you want work on the mind you have to bring those like a gold mining meth Party in this backyard. Over time. Wow
All I want is to watch like a four hour series interviewing the neighbours. While this was going down because its one thing when someone has like it like a tv aimed party in their backyard one. Why you're like right, but this was a he was procedures. He was using his own jacuzzi as a sluice, so we would like running dirt through the jacuzzi to keep them and then panting up to see single came through yes, perfect a good jacuzzi ass heard especially down. I fuckin lava jacuzzi guys not kidding and see this drugs. Do you no longer see the value of here to see you want that gold? by a hundred jacuzzi when you find the gullible
future promises of a hundred jacuzzi lined up and you can just go from one to the other online. You gotta get that go smoke snort, the neighbours of course, file. Noise, complaints with the police, Sean filed, a complaint against the police for harassment, because no one's letting him do his have his dream. in February of ninety ninety five. So this this goes on for like this is you know his his drug users, ramping up in the air Kosis around. It is ramping up, obviously in February. ninety five. He files tries to file a claim with the city San Diego. That she can mine bedrock in its own backyard the city Hall and he's like. I want a file. This claim for my backyard for the gold in my back yard and there like it's, your fucking
backyard did you can do whatever you need a claim? You you could did your entire backyard up and throw it away, and that's yours to do. just what I did at what point they get the part that belongs to San Diego now like you by your house to the core of the earth. That is the best fucking question I've ever Do you own the fucking, magma layer, meagre your house, your share But what do you mean Yes, I was like, I wonder core of the well now are down to? You are hoping you buy out right, as I announced a dig up, my fucking new back here, I hope that those precious metals for yourself that magma
that magma, I think it's like. If you, I think you stop owning it when you pop up in Sydney, Australia there like. No me, that's not yours, that's my gold! Now another thing that gets crazy. you find a little bit of gold. Now, yes parts real? Well, I didn't it was real. I just said that they found gold. Ok, what happening was shown, was buying no old from neighbourhood teens and melted get down bearing in mind for people to discover so many questions. Number one is like the idea of these teens dealing drugs, yet there dealing gold, that's then say until they were. Visionaries is ninety. Ninety five cash for gold had not been invented yet, but there are like I'm
find this is a niche that needs to be. It was a hammer. You know hammer does all those gas were gold, commercial as teen. No, so this, basically they be like here's that gold you want it to be like thanks. I'm gonna go smelter awhile. He would hide it then he be like I think I hit something over here, Dan and then another month. come over and be like what the it's real holly and then they re like ok, here's my math packet, let's celebrate, and it would consider it was basically this kind of self perpetuating goldmine situation generous fake to. But seems like Sean believed in it because he wanted to own the claim he basically wanted to make sure the city was going to take his gold. The city was like weren't. We don't give those, he got super mad and stayed mad about it for a long time because of the math,
so then there was a downward spiral comes in April, He's been mining for the math called for nine months, since this is the downward spiral I feel it has happened. We just now it's gonna go like this yeah shot was the fun like screaming part of the roller coaster. Now we're about to entirely go off the rails, so here pig is mortgage and nine months. Of course, someone stole his plumbing tools somewhere along the lines. You can't even go back to his regular job and he's beyond them anyway, and his water and as power get turned off, which is tough on mine. You need that water, jacuzzi stuff for the disease to get a big crank on the side of it. This picture, in your mind, give it a moment. It has only friend laughed. Is this guy chuck also on a ton of math and Armada.
some of the dollop they played audiotape of chocolate. Cleaning staff am I ass, you would get PTSD from it like did you should listen to cause it's just a person on drugs like it's just the best Anti drug Pierre Werner, the world. Just if a It is true that there has not been right in like manner that made sense. Ok, Sean, one night goes down into the mine and sees God and how did he by it contains and put it down everyone else as they're pulling their mobs necklaces out of the bag? And then one teens, like hey, check this shit out. It's the lower forty bucks, forty he sees, God he's
he's a pyramid. No and there's a dragon inside the pyramid, as, as you know their own and then, he gets the message him and Chuck are supposed to fight this dragon. sling style and the backing snap at snap, its back MIKE. I'm ok in April of ninety five, his living girlfriend dies of a drug overdose, we're goin off the rails. He files two million dollar damage claim against the city. For police negligence and one for false arrest. may have ninety five. The house gets foreclosed on so basically a kind of the plans and schemes in everything. I've just have crashed and burned horribly. So
Three on the afternoon of May Eighteenth nineteen, ninety five gmail, gets into his van any drives to the National Guard, our Marine Claremont, every good, whose sin Diego here journalists and he's got a plan. You can't you You have to have both a happy one of the other. That's right! If you ve got a plan, take out that sure. Let everyone now you're wearing a shirt not a plan strip, he told us run, he was gonna drive attained. To city hall. He was gonna, pull the tank up on the steps of city hall and then demand to be on tv, so he could make a statement on I'm following a third rate, what s the problem It's pretty simple plaia. Why? You can't just walk to the steps and stand there may be in a suit. I don't know the plan is sure to sell on, particularly you don't clearly I'm not in
the plan is I've got my top on so either just by chance or because it's what the Lord wanted. When he went to the national Armoury vehicle yard, it was not locked, so he drove the armory drove on them. went up to the real yard chain, defence opened. It. drove on up to a tank and began getting up onto the tanks and trying the hatches to get in and she He had a crowbar, so he was crowbar in his way in and once you got, he got into all three tanks that show that easy to get into the bull. He was a tank man who knew exactly where to crowbar it, but the first month there is a very interesting fact that I learned Rees time. Half researching this is the m. Sixty eight three patent tank it it's done.
Thank you could skull cotton taste. I don't know what I'm saying, I'm like a child, those types of tanks. start with a push, but where it's time you yeah yeah, like a fancy like a Bmw area. So exactly that's like I was like what do you need a key for attaining the right with already there I mean now. I believe you should have to truly. There should be individual keys. Reverie tank then only like two guys I've yet, but apparently, once you get in, if you know what button a person like how to make this- or whenever doing this are based on video games, I've seen you can do it. So basically he gets through third tank and that's one, the one guardsman who is there, finally seize him and his like, or what the fuck and he realizes the guys in the tank. a tanker started and starting to move. So instead of run to the tank or do the deed
sure things you see, people do in movies, we're like don't run up to attain shoot at attack. He immediately just calls the police is like there's a guy. That's how I steal it like. I was going to the bathroom I might have been in there. not too long. I guess the gate was not locks. However, I was just trying to be a little different today than I normally I am it's hard to. Your guard down, so I the gate and worked on my vulnerability. One took advantage of me: I'm never going to do it again, basically, this guardsman on the phone with the cops and he's like yes, so I got a guy he's taken. One of my tax. I only have three he can't very goes. Is driving over the chain. Link fan Ok, this is your problem now San Diego his department and Sheriff's office. Give I owe my yeah settle
now shown Nelson is Luckily, the onboard Cannon aircraft gun and machine gun were not loaded. oh yes, you, I think I saw no weapons involved except, of course, for the tangled tank, ok right, which could also, used as a weapon, as a kind of anything anywhere can be used, disliked a short Godzilla. As how is what I like to call tanks, from my time in the Navy so he it starts driving a fifty seven ton tank through the clear, her Maud member of San Diego. I keep calling about for people who don't know San Diego well enough and it is destroying everything in its path. Obviously, road signs, traffic lights, utility, poles, fire, hydrants, tons of part of it
including an hour. We are a little love and because he called the caught, the guardsman called the cops immediately. Then press, and rightly so. There was back in news. Compter seven was in the air, acute sweet and the entire twenty three minute dry was. It was broadcast the entire time caring kilgour of twenty five year old eyeballs, where I was just like in the living room smoking like I have to stop taking steed, I'm seeing my own future. Oh that's blurred, strain on end real. Yes, I've totally zuma. That's a fucking street pocketed cheese question. What would listening to on his desk man, had to be slip not to be slap there,
didn't they weren't even invented. Yet he was like a play. I don't know if they wanted an old like a boom bucks. Right there right. we even Lou some like that? Definitely the chill What are you listening to me? Oh Everything at once. Just press play a cacophony you scream over the music as its playing just listen, They would like to take a picture for the insurance man. ah and I don't care that it's dangerous they're gonna need a picture. My god, that's glory
You know that that car was like immaculate on the inside. It had a box of Clean Ex up in the back. It was she armor all those seeds every day and then just latin jet, all those boxes, clinging access in the trunk when no one in the back ran out She was actually the Claremont Neighborhoods Kleenex dealer, which is its that's a whole different. That's my story that I'm that, if you look at it, I'm going to the website and there's a fly because he probably had a fire hydrants key had lots of by our local. Apparently, oh, my god and you know what else he did. What is he took down some power lines and some some utility poles so fifty one hundred Sandia guns were left with no power.
Oh, everybody else was love there. Like look at this life, low, speed shades on the news you have to come and watch this, and when I eagerly could gather around yeah I can't watch it and am cold. It's only going to take me about twenty minutes to find my spot on this piece of paper again and the tank had a fuel range of three hundred miles, but it could only Oh thirty miles an hour bomber. So now San Diego, please San Diego shirt, county, Sheriffs Department, highway patrol and the military police are all involved in what is arguably the slowest high speed chase in american History Can we go military men, let's just a pity, that's just a sham! You don't waste. Its awake must always what kind of like em
not my America. You know what I think we should put locks on these games. I really do I do and I may not bring it up at the next meeting. I think it's important, Ok, here, here's this member, this shit, I mean yeah blue letter each other's caught soliciting too each of those cops listening to Tony Robins books on tape, this threatening positive and seeing positive and they get on their walkie talkie may stop press play the same time tat. They want to do the same part with each other ready one or two press play three, on three or after through present, when its nose real one two three, and that our hair, like we're, never gonna, be clear.
Tell me tell me more about can't rusty, wasn't always this hard to Turkey. He went ok before he got to the freeway so he's driving around, as I said Claremont than he does north on Convoy Street West. You guys human love it you might want to hold for all these streets. You can absolutely individually cheer for every fucking street. If you want to, but I'm in an amicable, he does north on convoy. He goes west onto Balboa, ok, I love that one Bobo! A million allow I care, I just asphalt on its assets, associate there's that one Starbucks striper there's! No! We had to go there and then
gets Ami, eight o five south. do. You know that on one in one of our lives as we made jokes or maybe on that just regular podcast, we may jokes about what free way are you someone asses and in human episode? Really? Would you be, and we answered it totally fucking earnestly for somebody, because it's like a great question it we're like that's interesting than at alive, show at the last tour these lovely women. Of course you don't know their names or can't describe them in any way that it still bears grab, there's so much gratitude there. They give us these lovely boxes, we open them. There dependence with little freeway signs of the freeways we said we were. I almost cried. I go. Did you make this for us and the girl who does know somebody like yours, like doping growth,
I don't like you out much like shopping for people, yet it was amazing. Your Otto Fivepence, someone get the someone, be the eight o five. It's it's somebody nice and wide fine I'll. Do it? good good with it so, while he's driving down this freeway, he tries to take out a pedestrian bridge with now listen. It sounds maybe crazier than if you're on drugs and you're in a tank and you're doing it. Anyway. When you drive give up on some shit, you're, probably like we'll. Let you see if I can not this down before this ends, terribly yeah He rams at a couple times, nothing happens so he keeps going why he merges under out one sixty three south. You guys love your
we were told that one is especially amazing because of all the trees that hang over is actually I just made it up. people who have never listened to those podcast more so than actual murder part our like. Why are people looking she's like? Why are the cheering for murderers? Well, you're? Not trying for murder has been there like why they charge you for a second freeway. It's the best, there's something about me. I have to sit on this piece of shit every day now somebody soggy about it, I'm gonna be like. I know what you're talking about yeah. That's my free way that makes me suffer every goddamn day ok, anyhow almost zone. so, nay. When he merges onto that street officials,
the freeway. So now everybody on this working, what looks like a twenty four lane freeway is stuck stopped again. There just stopped on the freeway and that's that basically happens all over Santiago. So, oh and then I wrote and when they find out why they're into it, I guess what have you somebody's like? Oh all, this traffic stopped and you're like trying to find out. Why does a radio who the fuck did whatever may turn off my Tony Robin written and then someone's, like someone's, driving a tank all over the place and not be like yeah. I Opie drives it over a year dry by my house. There is also on the dollop there's a they mention. Watch the video of a guy who watched the tank, though by they had life. They had. The audio of the guy talking about me said he is that little
I went by his head, was sticking out, he was smiling, haven't a great time so there is maybe a little in the end of the tunnel and the story not called mass. For sure There's a lighted, the no that's more math, ok, So the police there, like We have to stop this because obviously this conversion mayhem, sanity and fire hydrants shooting citizen a little embarrassing for the department very embarrassing for the military industrial complex. Are there not liking it that Mafia ok, so they start try. The plan that the police in law enforcement start trying to plan with the Marine Corps Camp Pendleton how they're going to stop the tank and re go. pants on the fighting.
Just do a hiding everything you ve got pass when talking about the oligarchy kitchen cabinet, yes great because of a kick kitchen cabinet came running you on a football field. Your thought, an ample. Furthermore, the size is that right could yet have an air, that's right. Being like wives were, be airline, all elbows savers, slivers, liver, ok, talking about Camp Pendleton like its college, and we know the facts incorrect. We know that yeah my brother went there to that college did. Did you go to him I am voting for the Marines areas areas. I would never joke about such a thing. Please never
talk about anything like that. Ok, so, basically are talking to the Marines there like who can stop a tank? Anybody Marines are like listen, we ve got a cobra. pack helicopter that were willing to bring in and guess what we have in Europe, because we put a lock on the gay, yes They just like avoided a rabbit in a little. You. Ve noticed you ve never heard of any civilian driving our cobra attack helicopter try there is a simple reason: yeah, it's gotta, sculled being stuff, so writer their planning this, which just imagine that then you're watching the news and then a fucking attack helicopter, which I don't even know what that means you just like any Alec outbreak of in an attack helicopter really. Is it one of those ones just tilts forward, really intimidating, leave the whole time and as a video game
I don't know I don't either I didn't go to Camp Pendleton we'd better. We need to go this summer to Camp Pendleton and just fucking. Do some arts and crafts stop it Please don't tell the Marines we're fucked, we're fucked, ok, right as their about Assembly COBRA Attack helicopter, which I'm modelling and look up on Wikipedia tomorrow, but I might get a model of it and make it yes That's when Shall Nelson decides he's going to cross the freeway divide or on the freeway too, like basically a big old. You turn he's gonna flip a tank bitch on the freeway into a oncoming traffic, but he gets stuck on the divide or now that's the one thing that he can't that's the one thing that ten tanks can't handle it about three: the US men, Highness
shaped like the Atari logo, tanks like now There are like now. I can't do this. I can't do this anymore, so he gets basically caught onto it and he stuck there and he's just trying to get off. So all those police cars pull up, pull around and a couple cops get up on top they get the tank open. And an officer tells shall Nelson take your hand the controls you we're getting you out of the tank and he does not take his hands up controls and he looks other the carbon the cops it he's just dead. And then went back to trying to get the tank are flouted. The Ryder CUP shoots down into the tank, what shoots him in the shoulder and that bullet goes, through here since his heart holy shit, awful so they pull Nelson
but if the tank- and he is rushed from the scene, he later dies at sharp memorial hospital at the age of forty four, why I didn't no is ending. That way. Array me we're having so much fun high. Now I told you to remember the the roller coaster metaphor I used. Yes, I should have listened to the name of this part session. You should list inasmuch ass. It's really negative. The only local news station that aired moment was indeed tv channel, ten other always do and shit like that. I'd hold on the cheering for once they. continued to shoot, as you know, to look with a camera as Nelson's body is pulled out of the tank and that's how Sean Nelson's brother Scot found out that his brother was driving the tank and was now shot.
I didn't know. If they didn't know who was before that right, it was just sick. I mean just a second. I can do it in a tank. Nameless, faceless, tank, it's a tank. So even though he ran over forty cars down to power lines, cause power, outages and traffic jams around the city, Morocco, Firstly, the only person hurt or killed during the tank ram. Age was shown, Nelson yeah, yeah. California ended up paying the bill for all of that son. He got there the last lap Mozilla, who has the the well, yeah. I got it who has the last laughed, Georgia asked those where the tank that's her it amounted to a hundred and fifty thousand dollars and Ninetys and now
all military tanks in the state. After that, almost hurried, thanks in this state, relocated to Camp Robertson's, analyse this Poland for Erwin and bars to keep em save where those San, Luis Obispo. Let us do that yeah? It turns out San Diego lost their tank privileges after that goal. and Inclosing Sean Nelson's brothers got said. My brother was a good man. He'd help anybody. He just couldn't help himself do not do a storm, not kidding, and is the San Diego tank rampage of ninety nine the That's it on the media in Zaire. Icy I got stuck.
That's him getting taken away: ok, horrible, how the fuck am I going to follow that? I'm sorry shit blame the National Guard. That can do it. I was amazed to great job the money. Tell you Karen! Ok, you may have seen this episode of forensic files to London was called this episode. Was called hand delivered, but she will find out why in a minute this is them, arrived on hard and you'll, see. Ok thanks! That's ok, that's really is important, it doesn't. There is good yeah, I'm on it. Tank in their how the fuck am I supposed to could be with that, but then you're not you're not supposed to I'm not competing we're now in a different individual reality. Syria, but we're still the FUCK and Ninetys April. Nineteen. Eighty four can't get away from
fuckin. Ninety is saying things about to happen. Really no bad thing. You know this and these workers at the San Diego Fibre Corporation, their sifting through some cardboard recycling then break it down. You know how they have to do with the kind of person what's a cardboard box in the recycler without breaking down. Yes, me too, I don't care are you an exact oneida, my fucking pocket area, not the janitor the shame I get from thence just like unto Sir Lucan. This kind of smash it with your hand, put other step inside of the. Next week. Unfortunately, these conditions are doing the cardboard shit and they happen upon a gruesome discovery to do so. human hands? Oh no, hair over them to matching hand already in eleven years of the same person right, but there's no person and like fucking
forensic piles pan delivered episode. You get it why they're so clever thanks. Dad pan doubted combat, They show the fucking hands. I swear to God, they're just like here, they are like a kid I showed you these now now am I wouldn't you can make yourself, hair. It's terrible Buckingham. What are they also like you're working at the recycling plant? I beg you there on lake, spends a needles constantly gazelle like this is worth something offals gonna show remained there just like every single thing. It's just like I'd. Take due to just two Pepsi bought alone, like that's what I would merely carroty cats over their yeah. That was what you're saying so. The hands are brought to the second lab you know now. Can I ask inappropriate question, always
since we don't know who we're talking about and are still in the early k do think people carried the hands like this handshake style. Sorry, sorry. My brain showed me a picture and then I said the words about the picture. Sorry, that's the name of this black asked you know someone did that There's an x, ray nuns. Guy gets come back here. Who can go here, who is still William Coroner, does between friend no shame here, Braga, ok, but taking binoculars out. This is the portion way, so they x ray their hands to see now and they show that the joints there's degenerate. That day, mention the joints, which is consistent with someone over sixty and there like others. Look like dude hands their bids hands. guy over sixty two pretty clear. I must
unless Europe Piano Player, related lays piano playing. You know I always like lotion up and wear gloves and no no based on these fuckin hands that they just show you one forensic now's there like clearly Alderman sand the size of them up above the right. There's one distinctive think that feature we are hoping to identify eventually the person there's a thumbnail missing like permanently and whenever I now detectives check we'll hospitals and mortgage there like does anyone not have their hands and the question? And I let you go to lunch yeah and there isn't any Meanwhile this is related. Maybe meanwhile, across town a woman named Mary and a woman named Terry Sisters, I just a year. It's not, therefore, sermons Bob, their beginning to worry, because they haven't seen their father in over a week
his name's Don harden and they call everyone, no one's heard from him, but like where the fuck is he April? Six. They hire a locksmith to get inside his house state. His cane is still. There is proscription medications, all their he's, there? and they there is like a tv guide- opened a March twenty Eightth, which makes some think that that was last time he was home now be guide is used to be such a like thing like I now it's open to the tv guy Alex new people, keep it there and what s on tonight like that we were. Anybody would tell you anything before the information age when it is up to you to find out what the fuck is going on. Well, let's tv, VCR microwave are all missing. I hope that was one machine. Would
Why haven't they may be and that tv guide was about everything wording put in popcorn now idea the commercial break brush your tea, now, diagnosis, murder so, and also Donner, pickup truck, has gone and so the sisters file on missing persons report. Let me show you his picture. He is old Navy man, he was beard visionary, he knew what was coming in the future. the beard trendy? Now he was from Brooklyn, so that's Einstein, retired widowed Nugent. Diego too, because it is to Marian Terry ok, so well they fail in this room. Persons were poor police. Here This guy dawn is missing a thumbnail on his hand, and so they know immediately and then the fingerprint analysis and the hands are those of idle
and about his age. He is seventy four he's a retired navy pilot. They search his home and find evidence of robbery, but no signs of forest entry. They look out. You know four stolen items, pawnshops and ship at the only being found, is his wallet driver's license army metals in a dumpster which is crazy, that they were even foundry young in the kitchen. It's obvious, the detectives that there has been a clean up and then as well as a trail of blood, from the kitchen to the living room. They do the luminous shit you know and the shower curtains missing, always about sign, and they find bloodstains, etc. They do luminal enlarge pools of blood in both and the bathroom are found. One of the investigator said it was the most luminal he's ever seen, light up in his life, and he said it glowed like a Christmas tree, so so worse Christmas tree it so,
twenty two, like, as you say, the word luminal, it's like you can track how it lay crime scene. Investigation has developed as before. The deed anything. It was all about that luminous. It was like Lorenzo files Apis every forensic goes. There was a moment where there's like the bee role, footage of like a light going on everything. Turning horribly blue, I wonder if they still even use it then I'll make some calls. Haven't you? Dna tests show dna tests from ninety four, which ensure a great show that the blood is done hardens and the amount of blood the forensic technologists like he didn't this is he died for sure, and then they were like. Also, he was dismembered in the bathtub basin of life. It sucks so
police toe. The art is daughters and their completely fuckin shot because they don't know anyone who would want to kill their dad he's like a lovely man too, that you know a kind man and one of and as evidence to this, he always aided homeless people and one of the ways he did. That was hiring men to do our jobs or out of property, and he would let them live in a campaign as backyard as well for shadowing but neighbours or what will see to it that the commission and the daughters were like kind of glad that someone was there with them. So they can keep an eye on him and his of emergencies and older man he's a cane and in on March, twenty eighth. The day that the tv guide was open to. Ninety four dawn is last seen my neighbors driving a truck and one of those homeless. Man is a passenger in that his name's Dale Whittemore he's
Authority when you're a drifter who believe there is a record for vacancy and intoxication, but no history of violence, and they see him later in the truck and on isn't there and that at that. And he may see him backing up plus two hardens house important shit in the truck layering the days so they think I'm up for questioning. He denies knowledge of stones, thereabouts. Isn't that what happened to him? He says he loaning pickup truck. I haven't seen him since and says he had worked for Don harden on enough for years, any thought of the old man, almost a father figure, but friends, neighbours are like? No, he fuckin does has. He was tightened shit all over town about de unheard he said he would that dog had a bad temper and he was always calling him names and broken out em and like yelling at him he's because he was like working around his house. That's was that was his
side of the story oh, so they ask him to do a polygraph test he's like Noakes there, and he's? Obviously the leads us back, but the only answer from central evidence, there's no other in our body parts to be tested said that there is no other leads and case goes cold. and then a year later police receive an anonymous letter photo Dale Whittemore. Patrick seconds ways he his evil, twin brother. Yes, this was before the outsiders, yeah, are we ve said it a thousand times, but you didn't transition lenses, s, seventeen red flags and around you don't work, your convenience of having sunglasses doors two intentionally Crete people out, so they can't watch your pupils as they narrow and as you,
mind your pray, yeah just don't just are absolutely not we're against them, so ok, a year later they receive an anonymous letter and in the letter it details, thee murder of dawn, harden and then sponges shit that hadn't beard and released at the public, however than they were like like for the fact that he was dismembered in the bathtub and it's like one where the fuck elsewhere. Nor could I guess that pretty easily s got sure like I don't know, but they knew that, and so they face the cops thought. It was legit and the writer was like I'm. I know this involve my friend. Let's call Bob, he was the he's, the one who who knows that the killer is because he too about it and stale Whittemore. So That's right, He said, he'd kill them because Dale hated Don hard and he was a heroine annex those also who, in alliance with punish shit and
He claimed city put the body and the bathtub dismembered it and then put it and garbage bag sparing different backs all over the county and in Mexico, well, yeah and the fuckin. Yeah, yeah, truly So the letter goes on to say that this person, by who had told this letter writer about it, won't come forward to testify against Dale. He doesn't want to tell anyone about it and the letter writer says quote. I asked him to contact you directly, but he didn't feel like he could do it. Bob is convinced that Dale will know. Bob is the source of information and may try to silence him or hurt him in some way. So there Second person doesn't even wanna talk about it, It is clear that the police, at the person who wrote the letter, does want to help thou so they're like let's find this person who wants to be anonymous great, so here we are now. Let's get luminal everything right now, so the friends
document office in San Diego Police Department. They analyze the letter and so here's the thing. This is a mistake, but you shouldn't, but you won't make in the future. I guess when your committing a crime alright and anonymous letter. He doesn't, but it's the person whose and it doesnt but a stamp on it. He puts it through office automatic in other Stanhope machine sure he does that. That's a mistake, because the postal me the prince a number on the envelope on with the stamp the number of those serial number of the meter, but the guy- a person who wrote the letter was like I'm smarter than this. I'm not gonna get them that number and he uses just to wipe out here so he went out of his way to conceal that number. He knew it. You know what it will do didn't cut it teeny tiny! hey scissors and get rid of it he's right. Here's the thing that never work,
yeah, I shouldn't, have been invented. I can't tell you how we book report the peace of mind or paper, wait three pounds, because I fucked up so many and it's just clumps of like weird wait haste with like torn now now which is like also so pure at heart. This person was like. I want to talk about this murder. I don't think it's right. I mean it. You know he's just like clearly and let me get my school supplies see what I can do. let's see so. Obviously the forensic document exports were like are you I can catch me listen. This is. I can do this in my sleep bro its episode of forensic thousand. They need to make it long, and so they letter they look for trees, evidence late in evidence in the vat and then they eventually just turn the envelope over
now hold it up to the sun and use like what essentially sounds like a like a fuckin black lay like a fuckin. What are those lava? Lamps? It's that easy dividend to the top of a lovely now that comes out and they find the serial number one they, and it turns out the serial number of them than it reveals the state, the city the street name and the office addresses the postal meter, like it couldn't be more Hobbes horoscopes, every single parents right. It's. a business located in Le Mesa, California, the owner of the company as a dna Mark Davis and he's a bishop at them I'm in church, so the cops walk in and he's like fuck I've never trusting wide out again and he's like look.
the source of the information, because he was the writer, because someone had told him about your right, yeah yeah, so he was like hearing. First of all, I am wearing secret underwear excellently. Let me just piss off my stuff, I'm wearing a strange, garment, ok anyway, and I hate wider, but but but he's like peers, the bang. The person who told me about it is a member of my church. So I have, you know, when you, whatever church privileges privileges, so I don't think I have to tell you anything now and then and Anna its quoted and the council like oh yeah, we're in a fuckin. Take it a core and we're gonna gods. Gonna, be those aren't you privileges any may do an guy. Like you earned, the judge is like yeah,
you can tell us and the reason they the judge, rules against him and says that the police, the privilege, was already broken one day when this guy Davis wrote the letter to the police. Do that's true, but it's almost likely you broke it already myself fucking spill, it's ok! judge as well. since everyone else. I am to tell it didn't you speak I want it to be solved so they're like do just Tell us everything and and so marked Avis. The Mormon Church Bishop. As like shit, ok, the person you told me about it, Whittemore, being the fucking murderer. Is Jesus Christ a latter day saints when he appeared to the Cowboys in Arizona. That's right, one of those ones. It's it's Dales Buck and daughter what's zone daughter, Andrea, who was Bob who told the vision
the other. Guy aside, I am, I got someone who did it so says? Yes, she Apparently he told her everything and she fuck and told her bishop thinking it was privilege the bishop was like. I can't keep this and told so on our territory nine. Ninety, ninety six still antlers charge with Don hardens murderer heap leads not guilty, but the star witless against Amazon, Fuckin daughter who finds she's like this is really heard. I don't want you like tell the truth. I understand because you know I I I swear to God and Shit, but I don't wanna betray my dad buddies murderer so so she can spell civilians. Yeah, her she's like this current court, gas is like Jesus Office. the current undergarments. So
so they prosecutors their eyes that Whittemore disposed of the body. Parts in numerous dumpster has already said that to this, but The only thing that's ever meant that was the hands really. How crazy is that it just makes you wonder, what's in landfills and share well worth, That's why we're gonna go to one tonight. Everybody Our party I was thinking they should go and open other cages at sea world, and not only I'm here where are you leaving all those fish, age why are you wearing their like? We ve only ever lived here. We are, please don't make us go after we don't.
How to catch fish. Unless someone throws up from a bucket someone train us, they want to be there. So now bout, your aunt Diane's, responding, love affair. We went in that order was smiling. No, no! You just have vacation gills, ok, so the jury corresponds Dale, Whittemore, guilty of second degree murder and a sentence is sentenced to fifteen years to life in prison. With the eligible the viability of pearl and just Thames sweep years and so he has petition for parole. That is denied every time. Thankfully, the parole board is like sites the fact that he has taken part in any rehab program or he's and is not working it better himself behind bars, and he see he's doesnt, show any remorse and is considered a rest to the public, so he has
broad gale. Yes, some, thing to clap for after the trial dawns overtly missionary this one? That's him look like Patrick Swayze. He again doesn't he. What like: yellow hair, everything's beige Hugo's Matanzas face sunglasses unaware after the trial, Don hardens hands are cremated and his ashes are buried by the. U S navy at sea off the coast of California, his daughters feel close. After the fire has this proper, proper burial at sea, because it was one This final wishes that they were able to carry out. That is the murder of Don harden a k, a hand. liver and deliver its
so, especially awful. It's like. We talk about things where it's random crime. We talk about things where it's like in the horrible in the family crime, but a person who about murdered because he was helping somebody and that's fucking awful, never help people. If you like, fear of anything. Tonight- is keep your all your money in your pocket and also leave here with those binoculars newspaper men, your purse, I dare you the messages, steal the binoculars, everybody we don't know why we wish. We did a computer like charges, that's like they told them. This is deal that monocular coming permission from this day. Doing four hundred it's time. The sitting is resumed really everywhere.
So our manager husband extraordinary you gonna, stop that overpass your contract with the lady in the lobby area, those eggs at age or not. don't fuck around with the binoculars. Now I've had some cash that I'm gonna be right over there. So you can. Thank you. Thank you. So much then paper about events April, they have now making it happen for us right? Ok, It is important to state that this is the first second hometown. Twenty nineteen, yes let's run down. I won't do the same rules. I always do most people know them. This is that we forgot desire in the beginning there. definitely some people in this room who a
brought by another person. I have no idea what's going on and still don't you this moment, dwelt on hi? How are you thank you for not leaving thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt, thanks for just we're. Having that weird smile on your face and rolling your eyes, we can't see you it's perfect. We one of our lashes last year. There was we found this out afterwards when we met some people in the meeting greatly member this there were. I can't remember what city wherein maybe it was Austin and there were some older Ladys who hey my show, because they thought it was murder, mystery theater. I forgot about how we not talked about that on the book I now we have it will have to put them on our lives are the first to know these girls that sat next to these Ladys said that in the begin, their like what they say it was going to be like an interactive play,
Meanwhile, I would like some shit and also the and they laughed. No, they do not. Now that was it. There was a different show where people got up and start out because they were season ticket hole and they thought it was paler than the opera part two ass. Yet because of our because of the picture, is very serious because I'll only show half of my face is immense he looks areas and mysterious bad. It was the sequel to phantom of the opera nothing better than those audience stories who can get up? Ok, so anyway, the point is what we're trying to say is. This is the part where Georgia, text somebody I'll be honest to come up and tell everybody their hometown story. Please keep in mind that this is a humongous theater. The lights are going to be up and it's going to be very nerve. Wracking, so it'll be great if you're not drunk or on meth
it's better or you can be a little drunk, but you have to be able to follow your own story and it has to be local or everyone will reject you socially, and it's really good if it's a little bit, maybe weirder uplifting or there's some kind of a part of that. Now then little pop as Georgia likes to say and then just remember that if you get picked everyone else hates you so hurry the fuck all right now, if we can have the house lights just for a second, so Georgia can pick the first home town in here doing this. You should king of the area big ass, sorry holy shit hate, get your binoculars out well she's on her way: oh yeah yeah yeah
Oh she's, gonna. Madrid shirt on working parties, this is gonna, be amazing. You can bring those house a ban. Ki do you know? Thank you. The light person is on guy your alpha Delaney, Mr Lamy, everybody say hello to her I love your worship closed. So imagine this material in type pants is what I have heard. I was running so much you sweat alive and by israeli worrying from Delaney I M from San Diego. I live out now But the way I'm like that had a little my maybe of semi, I kind of like everybody s, farm animals and, like my neighbours, have done ease and expertise.
But anyway, so my camera denies Delaney on the polluter paralyzed like the thief. Lucy was waiting for you to be like what's going on, but you just say that was a serious power move on my boy. I don't know what I'm doing ok line in the murder of denial of India for any pay these, so she was murdered in about. I think those two dozen too, and she was just about the same age as I was when it happened, which was about six seven years old, and I was so terrified dies, Lovejoy parents, floor of their bedroom for about five year
years really was a noble years. They called somebody and they were like what do we do? I mean that the cut down or something I thought, the missing bag of apple without their that's a merry young gentlemen realized something like I know it was so she was. She lived in was abducted in power way of area but she was found her body a month later was found on the he's, a road which is near alpine. That's very like were all so happen, wise and those early February. Two thousand too she was her husband was. Are the husband was home, the dad? and tucked in Daniel and her brothers.
The mom was out of the local bar and they had known as being more like drinking parent IRA know this one. You know it s like the long like around when the bar code with a couple friends are onto an, and she noticed I am. I think it was her garage, like side door was open and the alarm their security arms off, and so she can I blew it all goes not, then hung out their friends for a little bit and went to bed with her family. And a little bit later the husband woke up. I think he'll arm off again and I believe it was the siting, vast or those open. so again, kind of blue at all, like I was not, then we're back to bed and about nine thirty. The next morning at Bay, both all the kids, you know dinner was missing nothing, it wasn't any worse. They called the cops immediately and I believe at the time it was the biggest search efforts in all
of California, history, research teams, and so It was a whole month that she was missing. They did not find anything and it was David Westerfield, her next door, neighbor ably two doors down here, doktor her in the middle than I taken her in his our bee and then went out to silver Strand state beach. Where can each camp over ACORN Otto and then, after that I don't know how long he was there, but it was about a month total. He went out glamorous in the desert after there's even videos you can find online here stock and how to get like poured out So when they and her it was at the end of February. So it's just that a month and
there was really a rural area and they do not. They cannot confirm her cause of death or whether heat she was sexually assaulted and see. They found the police on a ton of child pornography, Oliver his community. Everything, so you can do so by anyone finally thing about the time they built a huge there's, a pink staircase, I believe. that was her memorial on Visa, and I met my brothers or taking it right across the street? Was a Of course there are taking golf lesson so at the time I drove
arbitrary job in the off. It offers a souvenir sought, all assign the arrests and sure yeah he's. I believe insane Quinn and I do not think that the death penalty or not- I came on Burma. I know he's at least therefore light not that ok, singer name again: Daniel Delaney, no, no, the girls O Daniel Vandam, Daniel violating their moral overpass and our own verse, you're, probably your name as I've done there. That's really doing anything if someone gave it up yeah yeah. Thank you.
I am sure you find out when you're a little kid. That's just like this, is real life and feel like most of us. Marinos. That's what happened! Yes, exotic! Also its extra creepy like being five or six men Delaney was and then it's like a neighbor. You don't like it. You have you live in a world where you're like other neighbour, everybody's friends, we all they'll everybody's, actually janitor, who did you fuck em? Maybe a few doors down: that's fucking horrible! I work here. Well, that's how we like to rapidly awful memories, local memory. Remember you know the gold diatribe makes you guys for welcoming our first show up the fucking year, I was there was an amazing chica,
I don't know this, as this has been such an incredible experience. We have such a. We have such a good time. Now, when you do that, but we have such a good time, the vacuum gets it came out here. Come to these shows you guys brings so much energy impositive eating the excitement, and then we get to talk about this thing, we're fascinated by that's fucking horrible. It's very freeing it's also very kind of very life of farming. In a weird way. It's like saying these are the things. These are my biggest spheres and everybody else going at those are mine too gets a laugh about it. We get to do things the way we want to do them and we don't have to give a shit about whose judging asked, because we're all together and that, an amazing feeling for us, and we are glad that it's an amazing failing free to I just can't believe we keep getting to do this absurd, like we keep waiting for. You know that
not to sell out any not to or because there are over. You guys are here it's beginning of an fuckin big tour. Thank you so much again for supporting us hearing the same here here where here, it's very fine. Thank you. So much so my Joseph favour stay sexy and
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