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263 - Let Me Challenge You

2021-02-25 | 🔗

On this week’s quilt episode, Karen and Georgia cover the Brown’s Chicken Massacre and Peggy Jo Tallas.

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This is exactly right. And well gowns or my favorite murderer. That's Georgia Hearts dark, that's caring, caldera hi there. I am round. You M here we go recorded about gas for you, who ok, We should Jodo may I'm May I suggest place its base we almost varies. Coming up on the one year anniversary of
fucking corona and down over the world and there being the lock down. We may I mean we're making it look, I've learned? Should we just be a little on us? The last time we went to record it was a bumpy ride for both of us. We had twenty minutes in and, I said, should respect for what it was like. I was dark thing after dark thing. That was just like. No one wants to hear dark thing. After dark thing, it was It was like its. It was
directly the opposite of what you would go. Oh I'm not listen upon whatever you're seventeen reasons might be. None of them were on this list as this stuff we started talking about, and it was that kind of thing where it was almost like a amazing example of anti conversation where we both had like our own agendas. It was just like well, I went, and then we need to ask why shouldn't do we are saying is now I wish you'd arena and what can I say that and then it turned, and then Georgia's
this can only be realised showed I was like yeah, that's an illusion. Naturally, Khazars Party, that, like just wanted to close my computer and walk away like this. Yes depressing right now, is awful and the night, and then we just kept both doubling down, maybe like what did you watch than this and they go? Did you flacket? Did you drag your sorrows? And this did you learn this lesson from this documentary? Just like a could, could we somehow reapproached why we love to do this and it's not about listing, shows we ve Hutchinson. That's like everyone is like we're all just like we haven't nothing left to give you but suggestions for what is is distracting us from the past year. Maybe, more generally being out of its much more fun to talk about real.
the things that we can both getting do instead of like well, did you watch it or didn't that's what this is all part of a global challenge. You did you watch it didn't. We know, because we watch completely different blackened styles of everything however, come over a Jew. Why should you have, as has been the Woody Allen, is it is a clear and present child molesters documentary? I didn't allegedly, I did not ok, we'll talk about it MAX our most model exactly or not doing. Moving on, I mean no and I M not to shut you down and not to being conversationally negative. Oh
Lou, or should we urge? What's that's the first time she's ever like actually put Herndon Herndon Hearn Muzzle into the conversation? You know, I made a deadly mistake, which is usually feed them before. I start my excuse me, my I'm wearing is watching it says is six ten right now, but I will be with you, I would assure a shark watch and they hurry speaking I hear really. I see that you ve pulled your ear pocket watch out here s pocket mom, I ve been learning about boundaries, and I just want you to know. I ve been really been triggered lately, I feel like everyone going for a point and therapy cause it so quiet and our lives in others, the outside noise in desperation, but less energy are in our lives, are quiet and so that my therapist so all right, so I and I are in an inventor California.
I am just I'm calling it an. Air being breather, that's my name. That's not great I'm working on it, but it's basically it Basically, the idea of let's go stare at different walls, because we are so fucking sick of the walls we ve been staring at yeah right, there vessels like you're not allowed to read or listen. Any self help books were podcast on your trip because you ve just got to stop. It you just yet or eat something fun and you're, trying to absorb away too much like self help, learning shit and somehow just needs to ruminate. that's a good one. Oh that's! That's the point in and of itself, that's a really good point as like, but you noted is year you, so they went to the coast to like basely haven't. Different experience, so you actually have to be in that experience not trying to.
ex past experiences, while you're having a prisoner aids not constantly being like yeah, I can so my second appointment of the weak and therapy and I'm dislike harrier, another era like what the fuck is she doing inventor, I like it, doesn't make any effect, lovely little bitch bitch side tat on I was: I try to be judge mental about venture. It's just like it's just basically like that. It's it's not. destination. Where were you when you said that I was like she must have a cousin that is there something? That's the guy that had its quieter, less pretentious, no offense Santa Barbara? Yes that's what I forgot that it's right there on our way? We I mean we really like it here
like the one save thing you can do is either go camping or go to the beach right. Let's go to the coast, Stuart, the empty ocean, so nice one I mean that's really nice yoyo suck up some of those. The negative ions get that good, clean air. The walls are so different over here. There's funding, there's like a sea fish sea side motif going on with this area, be person knows who their fuckin sound oh yeah. There lay a unit, we know you're here for this big mouth bass and many others are not all our are in the Middle EAST and we left the puppy it at home with our incredible trainer so we're leaving the puppy at home to be better by the time we get that like nothing, better link, so the puppies must again be less of a puppy in two days. Well, may I SARA Ray, we believe in you most
speaking of decor, can I have my do one suggestion or Whitley sound. That's me we really lucky. This can be done. Corner cause. I can actually tell you earlier great yeah. Ok, you know I've told you about like. I was called college cork thank here, but cottage a call, and I told you about you know I knew I get can do that. Why? Because there's only so many topics that there is a much more like an ugly- and I remember me- I remember every word: ok, while their cottage core of talking about beekeeping and then New Hampshire tag obsession I have that, I didn't know I was until I saw it is called hashtag, but our core, and it's just for a pro Butter, clutter, core org, hashtag, maximal ISM and, like many you ve been, and I recognise that our discharge key attics and these people. It's me
it's just that I felt so guilty, not Arizona shit everywhere, like you fill your house with clutter, but it earlier meaningful, clatter its vintage clatter, which you and I both love, and I I suddenly and like I don't, feel guilty about it anymore. It's an aesthetic, its life single piece, easy in my house. You can point to and I'll tell you a story about it. It ass. If it feels good to look up caught her car, Of course, it's basically, somebody has risen up against Murray Condo they're, just like we will ya suffer under the last year is minimalism anymore. I touch every single thing and they're all hunted, and they give me joy and fuck you about it. He asked You know that for sure similarly, nice, like not fuck, you which is like back, are not soccer back off well you can just get to like what you like the ants and I think Maria would. I think, that's what Marie's actually deeply all about is kind of like figure out what you like and then do that state. All I can think of this when
so we tried to record yesterday and, my wife, I went out like old school style and it was it felt like I was lying. I felt TAT using George you let your driving times on Russia of likely does not work like saying like Wino like you right now and screenshots of manure, like I'm, not lying, I'm not lying Georgia, I'm not, but it felt like the classic live. Like sorry, my lies our way by it as a tax. It's even of like holy shit. I can't get this. I can't do that whenever Stephen Text Back Emory, Condo Giff and it's her going, I love mass and it made me laugh. I so large tat again Stephen as the king of the Gatt Lastly, as I was gonna, send you see my red eyes literally stacks of dinosaurs, toil even as Hashtag letter tat. We learn the diamond on now
you are less interested in clutter, core or you're still looking ear, neither minimalist nor maximized and you not sure my friend Dave Mesmer, who eve I'm sure you have told many many stories about, and he was my roommate in college- and in a way he is the one that lives in girls on the heart. That time we were merely say, how did he wouldn't stop and that can actually is one of the funniest people of all time patience, and he told me about at this danish concept called Hager hurrying away. He pronounced it, but I don't, I don't think that's accurate, but its essentially danish way of living, which is about being cozy? And ah I'm thinking at midday? There's really thick cable nets, like Bob seemly large net cable net, blankets, yes
and hot cats are one of the things they were like rapid blanket around you, you get it cut you drink Sumer, drink at big cup of tea, Susan, my exit ox. That's what it's all about another book I haven't read it, but is the first thing that came up and that's what every when I looked it up when he and I were documents on the little book of eager ancient, grits too happy living. Is why g g g, ok and the author Where is MIKE M P, I k waking double, I care I Angie utilise them was MIKE Mike Mike. I don't get my ache. Limits might be a woman we dont now, ok, but that's a lot earlier because remember when we were in We were somewhere, I think we are in Amsterdam, and we stated that in that hotel, where I was like. I want this as an apartment. Oh yeah, I was just like everything was just
perfectly passionately. Tyler every is no doubt about it. It was almost mediterranean. How, like the perfectly well Yeah the tiles colors, the everything about it. So perfect, and I feel like I'm listening that vibe by amending the hashtag for sure I get there, I do when we bought her house. It had a wood burning, fireplace which I know is like. Whenever you look at the houses online. It's like wood burning, fireplace original wood burning, fireplace we immediately turned in new gas fireplace cause I was just like. I took a turn it on when I want to turn it on to me. That's the bike height of luxury, the height of luxury, though I know that, like a kind of probably dinged our house a little bit like on the market- but who gives a shit? It was his fuckin. What like now, we just slightly higher than the time why
yeah and also in our apes. Just don't like fires, casual burn everything downright relate out our environment. So let me alone, you hash view hashtag fireplace purists. Let me say bill: let's talk about another positive, something that's happening: social media, that's very positive! Our friend Kyle Russell, who is doing the lips sinks of ass chief and he's just keep sharing them out and each one funnier them ass. There was one I just watched its, and I said this before Kyle. Thank you for making me like an approach
my own thing, because that's the part of this that is difficult. Sometimes I just go like. I don't want to hear my own voice anymore. I don't want to me about it anymore. It's the difficult thing and it's like I watch that, and it makes me love, and there is one where your talk he's doing you talking over here and, as I am answering out, he's putting on lift glossily blackmail, allege labelling, and then he just the one where we're talking about Baby Donna hand. He does it with a person in court me whose at court under score Agnew it so funny. It's like except Tik, Tok thing that I in makes me feel like I'm eighty years like do at eleven, do at me, which is rather concept there. to change his eyes. What's his name Dave Hell. Do not even
I don't know them yet that reminds me of the duet me thing, which is like a thing on Tik Tok, we're like one personally. They like do an acting thing and you can act against them on your own record at or like play music so ready that hell, his fucking hilarious comedian, who also happens to be of like shred undeterred away that, like doesn't make sense in, isn't fair amazing. He didn't do at me with Ed share in its eyes, Mr Graham and Tik Tok, where insurance. I do at me instead will strengthen, is little guitar and then Dame he'll comes in and fuck and turn it into a metal song. That dilemma like just like mate its nail work hand, finger work, I've never seen in my life. It was so bad. Ass ease the battle she's in genuinely hilarious. Others me when you Sophronia line. You want to watch another. You know our obsession with some speakers,
the speed washing a call, oh power while shower washing. So I follow this woman now on in sugar am who found. Recalling its really interesting. Her name is lady tat, foes tee a p h, o S. She found her calling and not it's not Our washing machines is all natural's ingredients in and skin. Like really gives care and live into cleaning. old, vintage headstones? Oh yes, like her, and she does, you know. Alike shall do slaves who died hundreds of years ago, and I tell their story and just like a really care take me. is all that you now MOSS covered not covered stones at you can barely red and then cleans them, and I didn't realize that it was like a thing that called to her that she had to do after her divorce and so there's just pop
Cast called divorce club POD pass where there is talk to people who who went we're divorces and what you know how they came out on the other side, that's real! the awesome as well. So I recommend that as well, really beautiful thing of like yeah was one Jeanne, I saw one of those guys got some house on Twitter and it is incredibly satisfying because it's like a cleaning video like a power washing video. But then the thing underneath is like historic, a beautiful many monument to a person that may not have been even see in exact has. It was all that stuff covering at a new in oh yeah. I love that project. A nice little Julie glue. It's really nice hautala. You know what I was going to mention is the since we're just gonna. Do I mean what else can we do? We can't miss
all we can do you really want, as lies, but suggestions, whereas I reasons yourself another under your friends. What do you do with your hang out with reduced, suggest things too that that's re this? If you liked the book attached, which I recommended about a month ago, which I loved It felt like a blaze. Do it so quickly? Another there's another book that actually goes a little deeper and breaks it down a little bit more because the and its, kind of full circle, because I owe a nominal say her last name wrong again, Carlo and feel or a dial who hosts unsought your brain, but the other podcast. I recommended I listen to and episode she did where she talked about she kind of
please an attachment theory but believes there is more to it and then recommended this book. I- and this is a book called insecure and love by Leslie, Becker Phelps. I because a friend went to couples therapy and they end she immediately or therapists was like yeah I'll need a reddish, yes, insecurity. While, yes, it fascinating and it is the detail. Work you noted is everybody wants some kind of alike how the fuck do you do? they're asleep? How do you maintain a relationship of the person? How do you actually passed pass the initial, what everyone likes where you're like air attractive? You talk the way, legacies of Attica, Mahatma Milestones, and then it's like real. I totally Canada and when you get Pat when you get, has that it's like, then, when the problems come up, it's like math. I get more, whatever you're approaches these. It's like actually a helpful.
information about why people do the things they do so you may or you liked the other book insecure and love by Leslie Becker fell. I think a good thing to remember to is that, like that, nobody has that easy look around and other couples like how are they there is such a perfect couple, they're so good at it, and that's I'd just an impossible. It's impossible, Every couple has things some couples are really lucky that they found someone who's attacked style, exactly mirrors em, but it's not it's never easy. So array if you're thinking about anybody, its culture each year on Instagram and your also probably lightly high, because everyone is different levels of miserable it may sound I hope such schemes say based on was the book. A problem Listen. Listen! library that look, listen and the
no podcast called through the cracks which I highly recommend, which is a true crime? Podcast. That's a really important story through the cracks yeah through the cracks it's really powerful and really well done what network is It's W h m here with us today I need a new one here, this one's important and powerful. It's great Oh, it was Nina Simone's birthday last weekend. Was it great singer and activist and amazing, like a prodigy, piano player and a bunch people were posting different tweets about her and It reminded me of the great so lives garbage who directed all began in the garden. She directed
The documentary about Nina Simone, like I think, five or more years ago and now called what happened, Miss Simone and if you like, Nina Simone or you're interested in both amazing, music and kind of lakes, civil rights action. She is just this incredible bad asked that I feel it should. I wish he was known more so if you haven't seen that documentary by less garbage, you absolutely sure that an eminent against so good what happened, Miss Samantha about her whole life. It's just really mine blowing amazing. Thank you. We do exactly right, how's our right, well Gladsome,
it's done so much rates of happening on exactly right this week that we're just gonna do a quick run down of everything. So on this podcast I'll kill you they're talking about Hume, human papilloma viruses, HPV variant. There will need to know about that. That's right and the murder squad was included in the news: weak top twenty five true crime, podcast twenty twenty one, which is really exciting along with ten, yet more wicked, my murder and Monday days episode. They have Melissa, Mccurdy and Kelly Mc Lear from the killer genes. Podcast then it had to lady. They have Emily Ashford from masters of sex in kinky boots on Broadway and then on. That's messed up there are special guest. Is comedian Margaret Show YAP,
friend of the pan out friend of the network friend of America and comedian. J Jordan is on, I said, no gas with Bridger this week. He's hilarious and I saw what you did million Daniele discuss, I'm gonna, get you sucker and don't be a menace for a way and family double feature so make sure to check that out and then also we're gonna we're having new podcast rolling up all the time so keep informed by by followed at exactly right on Instagram Facebook and Twitter. We live, bringing you guys, podcast, that site kind of our dream come true, so it really is and where we have lots of stuff coming down the pike these days. So it's very exciting. Also we have new merged, thus flasks and cozy is that people really love and need these days in others,
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Are you speaking insanity were putting up a quilt episode today? I love doing us because, like I look at the list of sham like live, show episode the stories we ve done and it's such a pity that these don't get to be told because there in a random lie. Episodes and now they do- and we did scares no pity were taken back than I am so much fucking worse than it was the work not only the work we did of their work and the performance, but then the work not instead of showing up in being so good to us the entire time after time. Time after time, I shouted up slowly upper via Sloan at Petko. I want to give her a shout out for recognising cookie, even though I was covered up in my face mask and an shabby
Jake Clouds, the largest shabby, and I turned a corner and she goes and it was the first time I had like a run into a murderer. You know in like over a year at that point so happy to see her. She was so sweet. I think Sloan it reminded me of live shows, and I was like I want a hug you, but I can't hummed mere So this is from the VIC Theatre in Chicago Beautiful Chicago. So this is the Browns Chicken ass occur, which was a mass murder that occurred in January. Eighth. Ninety ninety three in Palestine, illinois- and I just it's just a horrible one of those stories at our like. You know who had the fucking gall to do this and the way that the killers archive is just a miraculous thing. So the story- and I am so glad I get to play said until it, because I just it's it's an incredible awful heroic story.
yeah, we're gonna. Do we browns chicken massacre. So we ve got a lot of swedes and e mails about. Why won't you fucking do that here, well known as if I now cause its horror, we're here for on January, a nineteen I initially seven people were closing brown stricken impostor in Palestine and North West Suburb of Chicago Eleanor Zeiner Palatine, someone data. its Palatine. Sorry, Who, by the way like there are nineteen? Eighty six commercial, is steam corral white like like hosting it s like the owner of this violence. Should irrigated corral was so good and funny here is here. It looks exam,
we must aim to galvanise back. I kind of scary actually is a vampire he's, insanely talented, he doesn't age, your first, never never not! Funny! Now, empire. We hate him spreading rumors Ok, so skirted the story, the store owners or Richard and Lynn Ellen felt who had bent their life savings to buy this franchise, the two! daughter there. Two daughters were scheduled to meet the restaurant that night working, but instead Waterloo Bay, Maldonado Michaels, de Castro Enrico Ella Solace, the latter to our Palatine high school students who were working their part time. One was a high school senior who just move from the Philippines to escape the violence and its filipino american friend High School Junior, who wanted to be a marine as well as Thomas Manners and Marcus Nielsen Nelson, who are working, be closing shift,
so inside the friars have been shut off the floors, our mops everything's being closed down for the night and the IMF These are finishing up and as they're closing afford tempo pulls up carrying two men and the Ellen Felts had a policy that they allowed last minute customers to order. They work nice fucking thing: that's that's the nicest people when you go up nearly please please, please! I just in Germany, your honor I put out Should a jerk modern airlines, like I wanna, get trick water she's such a practical joke, so that's one of them orders a factor for peace, chicken meal and they go
please sit down and eat a fuckin for peace, but does that, like, first of all it what's a shoe many pieces What's the problem closing the store, I won t like a clothing store a half hour before they closed, because you know every every single hangar has been like. You know me, carelessly and then you're. Just like I want my fuckin asshole, I know, but once you're in that door and they actually, U n than you're, just like. Ok, how many coastal means? No, that's not it Dick move, so, ok, so they stay sit down to eat their fuckin food. That's like at least say that that is super landing, but they're, not therefore chicken. Ok, it's final days sale it's wrong up at nine o, eight p m and as eight minutes past closing and as they eat in a booth. Everyone continues there last minute, closing rituals by eleven
p M that night, the families of the workers are starting to worry that their sons having come home and after a day by browns, which is dark inside of the Castro car, is still in the parking lot. It's about. Forty five and police say he calls the police at one thousand one hundred and forty five but police say the log in a log. It says it's called at one hundred and two a dot m. So there's a discrepancy there. After many I was by the families, and while these boys to get the police to take their worries seriously, consider like they went mad sandwiches booze and there, like they, don't drink, summary sandwiches. Get wrong part include, I'm going to the police station the file on missing persons or were poor Castro's father returns to Browns a third time along with
only pay Maldonado those brother who was also worried after Waterloo. They hadn't come home to take his sons and, as was his ritual they all sat a police officer with them, it's just after three m and they finally try the green employee entrance door, which is open unexpectedly, and inside they spots the jacket hanging just inside and that's when Guadeloupe, his brother spots, an arm poking out of the wagon freezer door. It's wrapped open, there's blood on the tiled floor and officer sees it gets the man out of their saying this is a crime scene. When all is said and done. Seven people were dead, the assailant store still less than two thousand dollars from the restaurant. The case. payments all early nearly nine years. Oh, let's get this However, the M restaurant we have like to us so that
and then there's another one: ironing out there. Let's at ok black man so the case. Oh and then let us sorry what Europe eighteen. Ninety three o recently the case remain, Recent Ireland. I wasn't Islam, I'm sorry, When a shady track is, I would you gotta say I was I think that it was recently and because we're both like those ten years denoting aim. It's not like making everyone here, I'm stone, cold, sober. I swear to God. I swear to you. I owe Valkyrie, but it's true the fact up. Why didnt pay eighty
she's back on my laptop to be also do pay. Eighty five and eighty zero. Maybe even do parity before a show. No I'm discussing what it opens up. Look at Kyoto, like you, could have just had a glass of champagne. Now I wonder it on stage. I want to do a day only its natural everyone's, like the four boyfriends like in the middle of a really fuckin depressing story. What the fuck is wrong with those inappropriate as one of their Dan Cabin and Kevin and Dave I apologize. If you re in our area, your feelings gets so her. All the time was sent your girlfriend is not at fault. She used lessons on our way to work? What about the other night we're meeting greet the girl leaned over the Georgian goes
like this in the last month and viable, because here we could you but give excited to tell me something you do nails yeah. Now, I'm sorry, I know it's its entire. I'm used to not being listened to as a young, so like in my family, if you're like MOM data whenever they make- and it is as if nothing has happened to be like I will have less Romeo and others who have notice about myself until right now, but a great experience in Rene that were on together The mass murder. Ok, he's remain unsolved, nearly nine years until two thousand and two, when an lock it, foreign and implicated, her former boyfriend James to Gorsky and his friend, one that Luna its lead.
four thousand eight hundred and forty two in the murder investigation that crazy Jesus Christ and how long after how many years after nine that such a long time, the way it is lock. It says she told us He was told about the massacre over a pot smoking session guys that would freaked me out so can you imagine, I'm trying to play. Mario car, what are you doing here? I mean A lot of us again, no murder shit. During tie that those two things don't go together. I can't even much planet earth without frictional there's a lot of cheer crime and planet Earth salon.
she said that they said that they wanted to do something big. One Luna was a former employees of the restaurants of he would have known that they serve people in on me and he had liberated on good terms for a new job a couple months earlier, so they he was questioned but wasn't suspected, but according to unlock it, he knew the money in the store, and he was eighteen at the time of the murders. He was now nine years later, married with a young son, the details of the murder came and here are the details. Lynn Elden, fell to his forty nine of the owner. She was the restricting. When her throat was lashed and
they're. All of two of them are in a freezer like walking, freeze or at the time getting everything together to clothes, and then the murderers put that four of them in another walkin freezer and throws Lynn after her fuck and brought with slashed into that Fraser. Can you fucking unimagined being like we're getting rather than then you're like Oh, no, this bigger than man and you have a panic attack what the fuck, so then Mark is cast who's, the youngest victim at sixteen was shot six times and then in an Guadeloupe Bay Maldonado. Forty six Enrico solace, who seventeen had bullet wounds in the back of their heads and I miss. Menace is thirty two shot twice in the upper back and once in the Temple and, Richard Ellen felt. Fifty was shot five times eels, so
in April, two thousand and two, the Ballantine Police off department match the DNA sample. Are you ready for this young fish? The she says it's one Luna the dna samples from. Are you ready when the effort I demand that there be a towel on the table at all. It's so I can shake it punctuation tat. This is awful. They find the dna from that that eaten. Chicken that was thrown in the garbage. All night of the murder has a stupid fuck, especially because- and I was like, did they tests so that you can bones they have already he can the trash out because they were closing, oh, my guy, and so they threw their chicken and there they took the dna Those cops are like thank fucking you're like it's. Ninety three I dont know what this for
take it. Anyways chicken bone chicken down scan hurry aids? We went on monster. Yeah, it's not my yes, the chicken was ok in the chicken was supposedly captain, the freezer firmness of the time since the crime, the power in time police, Stark Department to the two suspects into custody, unmade, sixteenth, two thousand and two and Luna confesses to the crime during the interrogation, although a lawyer but later claim that he was coerce to do so through corporal punishment and threats of deportation than they both go to trial. So let us put on trial in two thousand and seven he's found guilty of seven council murder and he sentenced to life in prison without pearl in May. On May seventeenth, two thousand seven, the stated sought note it's silly
This isn't the Anders humor but a lot of those her poetry. Now, let's see has you here just quietly out into the world, it's actually really beautiful, but that ok, this David sought the duck see which was available at the time, but the jury voted eleven till one in favour fell short eleven to once and one person was like now. I can't do that so James Sikorski, the other guy was found guilty September. Two thousand and nine on all seven council mark of murder, but its largely based on the testimony of an locket position of physical evidence as well as a friend of hers, and they both said that he had confessed to them and then.
October, twenty two thousand and nine he sentenced to life in prison without pearl again a couple: a ledgers voted no to the death penalty. Ok, so now it gets back in So it's it turns out that there's a petition in the circuit court that involvement lock it air market misled jurors into believing that she had a much closer relationship with the gorsky at the time of crime than she actually did. They say that she was sorry as they're alive sheep and that's not cool. Now I don't know it was that Opel go. That was the weirdest fuckin sound. creepy. I'm telling you, let's not make noise, is like that guy's.
So I don't know how much of this I believe- and it's really complicated, but supposedly people say she wasn't dating him at the time people meeting their lawyers, I'm sure and that she was actually involved with a man she had met while both were hospitalized for psychiatric issues and so, basically, all the dirt coming up. Oh yeah yeah yeah. So then, let's He says that man and sworn statement says that she never mentioned, Gorsky or as involvement the murders and instead he says that She had called him a few months after their own break up asking if he knew anything about the murders. He said, She told me that whoever came forward with information would be entitled to reward money and that, if I heard who'd my and the murders. I should contact her. and then it turns out there-
And after that conversation he was inexplicably quash inexplicably question. Three separate times about his involvement, the woman see so the Cook County jury was also never told that lock, it would split. Nearly a hundred thousand dollars reward money with her friend the head, also oh yeah. So the lot upon. Biogas, like six bags apart with Armenia ok and then really quickly. I wanted this little part of a hometown murder that we got from sound from Chicago said: there's more than one problem. They would not. Their answered. Ok, my friends neighbour, called in its head incriminating her then boyfriend, one Luna who worked at the churches back and I support the police, arrested him in his accomplice, but they say at the time they were at the crime.
Stone, basketball game. So when they got question back in high school, they said there were basketball game, and Then her friendless SAM's friend said that he was trying to get interviewed by the cops to let them know that he wasn't with both Luna and the other. He was just whistling, so she you saying that he has an alibi and then ok March Fourteen. Ok, here's looked up in March, fourteen, a jury awarded James Gorsky, four thousand four hundred thousand fifty one dollars and compensation and punitive damages for having been beaten by a sheriffs department and Cook County jail in May. Twenty, twenty one. Twenty two thousand and two we can do. This is a map and in the future I am not saying that as a future share of beating me a lot of metal
so he got that much money. Money was questioned by police. He got beaten and gave a confession. Then he suffered facial Frank. There's that required surgery and the deputy was eventually dismiss. That's a little bit extreme and I guess the Palatine Police Department have attained concessions to the slayings from at least five others who are never charged so it's possible hide a like. You know, pattern pattern Anyone else the believe the building, while up up up happening. How long does it take for they only to get my real euro? I think you're right on time. New building was raised the churches chicken
where do we start the gas to early? I mean they're, podcast suit broadcasters who do or night after night and they handle there sit just Mohammed I never never Samara churches eternally. I've done. It was sheep it up to you and your animal familiar coming to tell you to go to church chicken, the bill was torn down in April, two thousand two after having briefly been a dry cleaning establishment and then a jelly and then standing bacon for many years so another place you dont want to walk by on your way to the grocery store, like H, H, homes,
better castle. For me I can imagine working about dry, cleaner or the chase branch. That was that is now there that evil fucking played in the location. Look can't figure out why you have such bad vibes you're like? Was it the murderers, a tissue fucking guys, the big banks or murder? I mean you should dig up the ground. And there too, just while we're out oh yeah right, so that was the Browns Chicken massacre. Yes, I agree to do this again with you. What I'm sayin. nay, is sound and thank your Chicago. We miss you. We haven't been there and so on guard Chicago minors, have been there since early days arise. Please now that that We wish we could come back sand. We we are hoping to come back there
raise their assent. But are you rapturous caring, caldera well, mine is from May fifth of twenty nineteen. Was this last time we were on the road to remember our Dallas Irving Texas, show in huge play that huge theatre. We had that we had the best series of shows. I had my boots. I accidently flash the audience my underpants yeah edge. Ita, I said George, are you wearing a circle? Is your dress up? A circle skirt she when it sure, does and spun and whirling the best like childhood poor. All the above, she what we were about eight feet above the front row- and we here just heard this- I got tonight because even if you don't like an added that in reality, a yoke of idea, a kind of this place, the battle
so hilarious, so that all EU you'll get that experience here. I guess spoiler Luria, but do you remember on our first to wherever I had bought tighter. You then, and I still have them in my door- hop pink tie its only twenty. Sixteen that's right. We go back three, ten years? Thank you. Thank you. So much ass we grow. We love is taken to full pairs of Georgia to tell you now that something
you know something is about your partner and I just show you I knew where he really. I was asked to night. I did not I ass. Can we role that tape ass on the big sign up, and this was an exciting show for us not only for being marriage moving on the road, but also because our great hero, journalist, Skip HOLLAND's worth was in the audience, not name and or he was in the audience the night before right and then I did his story or it was the night before, and then he was in the next night. You, whatever he's around as a meet him on that weak. Yes, yes, but it was a
real honour, because oftentimes- and we would do shows in Texas for all the years that we ve done life- shows in Texas. We pull stories from the amazing magazine, Texas, monthly, their journalists right. These incredible, you know like emerged of deep I've story about these different crimes that happened in Texas and they ve got some amazing ones. But I said this one is definitely one of my favorites its by the legendary journalists, get pollens worth its this the story of the legendary bank robber cowboy Bob. So last night if you're lucky enough to be here, we know just mean that, like we were so excited because that true crime or, I guess, just general journalists skip HOLLAND's worth was a secret special gas and he came out and shouted with everybody. And my story tonight is entirely taken from an amazing article that he wrote for though
secondary magazine, Texas, monthly? so in such a good fucking magazine. Javert. Do the thing where you read one article on their website and then at the bottom there, like you, might also like this and then you're like good by the rest of the day. It's my favorite. I love it. It's so good. So this I got it's a two thousand and five article by skip pawns worth that was in the Texas Monthly about legend of Bank robber cowboy Bob? this summer. I'm excited for the ok. We also say what a lovely human being skip was. He came back stage afterwards with his kid. Unlike her friends, and he was just so now he's the best idea. He has a really cool family hasn't hate us. Ok, I'm excited so one morning in May of nineteen. Ninety one, a bearded man with a cowboy, had enters the American Federal Bank just off West Airport Freeway in
Irving, Texas, seriously yeah, I had a whole other one prepared, and then I started reading this article and I was like whoops just so it's mine now, when at when it First, his turn line. He approaches the counter he's greeted by the female teller and without in a word he hands or a note- and that note says this- is a bank robber give me your money, no marked bills or die packs, so the ham they tell her handsome the cash he calmly puts it into his bag and though, without looking around or belying anything out of the ordinary is happening. He turns and very casually walks out of the bank. No one notices, no one, but the teller known knows that it's happening because she has none of the normal indicators of bank robbers, which is obviously you Can it check over your shoulder, maybe or at least have the corner, I think about? There's none of that stick em up now too.
its total silence, the entire thing happens in silence and then, when it goes out to the parking lot he so so he leaves the police arrive almost immediately and when they review the security camera footage they see. A thin man with a full beard. cowboy hat wearing sunglasses in gloves and he keeps his head down chip down perfectly enough. So oh the entire time, so his faces obscured they can't get any like defining features from his face and, of course he fidget, so they they immediately or like this guy's. A professional he's done this before it there's no fidgeting, there's no nervousness at all and when, goes out to his brown nineteen. Seventy five Pontiac Grand Prix, then the parking lot he d as a way normally like anyone else words. So there's no. They say that normally grabbers appeal out or driveway fastened and then drive through a red
just trying to get away ass, fast ass. They can and that's what makes I would this is notice and then write your license. Plate number down certain of we know that happened. He strove away. There were no eye witnesses. so not only are the police stuck with no leads, but they realise that this is a somewhat who knows exactly what they're doing, and so here is a clip of that footed From that Robert man Zeb as it is, big all have okay, so seven months later in December of ninety ninety one, the same mysterious man, it's another bank, Irving. This time at savings of America love it No, no one! No one's there today have really bad rates or something that again Bearded sunglass, highway, headed man passes, to the teller. This Let me makes off with one thousand two hundred fifty dollars, but
Witness, seize him drive out of the parking lot and does right down the license. Plate number nosey right. Why I know, but out where they write it. Either the Then it must have someone from inside the bank that like ran forward is my personal theory. That's it, but that's we dont know skip, and I dont know so- Please get the license, they trace it immediately to a house. It's actually right close to the banks. Are they speed over there when they get there. They find an old lady sitting in her living room. Who says, I haven't left the house all day and are I haven't, left the house all day, get out is probably more like they re so one. they go outside. They see that the Old Ladys Ridge Chalets missing its licence, one license plate. I won the old lady, be the bank robbers,
I was here show that so a month later, in January of ninety ninety two, the robber strikes again and this time it's at the Texas Heritage Bank in Garland, He uses the exact same m o this time. He leaves with three thousand dollars. He strikes a fourth time in May of ninety ninety two at the Nations Bank in Mesquite. All over the mist the teller puts the cash together, but as the teller twice, but to cap the cash together, he tries to sneak a die pack into the The word of God don't be a hero, the robber clocks and takes it out and hands it back to the teller and walks away. That's so much more creepy than if you like
in the face of what are now dislike. You can go hadn t dare chain that rules are so this we made off with five thousand three hundred and seventeen dollars. So the appeal, agent assigned to this case is a man named Steve Powell and he's going crazy disease. Like shit, we can't get this guy and he can. figure out who this as I wrote, smooth ass bank robber. So till they can identify him. He decides to give the bank robber the nickname, cowboy bob so for months, that lasted in September of nineteen. Ninety two cowboy bob robs the First Gibraltar Bank in Mesquite, taking seventeen hundred dollars and the police get the license plate number and track the car and with as beer with FBI. agents following closely behind them, but once again they tracked the plates too
thereby resident who then realises his own plates have been stolen. So its exact same thing, so as their investigating that robbery. They please get a call from a skates first, State Bank, a mile away, saying, way. Bob has just come through and stolen a whopping thirteen thousand seven hundred and six dollars like. Finally, I fucking pay their real, he Kisangani, Please tell us who had just drop everything little by little forever tube so he's like. Oh, I got a lazy one that didn't cash out in it That was the biggest tat yet so, according to the teller, cowboy Bob was soap. pleased with the amount of money that he got on this one that he tipped his hat to her ass. He walked away disease ass, your mother, Fucker area So in just a year and a half cowboy bob, his soul and a total of twenty about six thousand dollars from six different banks around
The Dallas area, the larger area, so the F B, I wonder if there dealing with a criminal mastermind and, if will ever be able to catch him, orders someone in lazy. You didn't want to get a job, because it's not that it's what you'd make a year, dude rape, so witness the so so on this. On that last hit, a witness has taken again taken down the license plate number so this time Please trace it to a mandate, PETE Talus works at Afford Otto Parts Factory in Carol Ten, so You said Miss key. You already cheered, can't cheer for two different places, but they're both of those cities are amazing in different ways. When they go talk to pee. He says yes, that is I own, a brown nineteen. Seventy five bought pie, Grand Prix, yes, but I gave it to my mom and my sister, because they didn't have enough money to get a car of their own
and when they tell PETE that the Grand Prix has just been used in a bank robbery. Pizzas bullshit that car can't go fast enough. Ok, oh he's right I mean he's writing so the police get p, it's mom and sisters address and they had over to the apartment complex where they live and in the parking lot when they pull in they spot cowboy Bob's car, the Brown Grandpa and so the huddled up, and they start discussing what they should do so like this is obviously worries hold up, and now we have to make our plan and they're talking about. Should we just bus down the door, you like storm in catch him, because we could catch him with the money or do we slow play it they're, trying to figure it out and they see woman walk out of the apartment and up toward the car. she's when shorts and a t shirt and there like. Oh, I bet you that's how way Bob's girlfriend so they they decide to
he's got, gets in the car and drives away, so they let her drive off and they decided. they're gonna do is agent. Powell is stop her around the corner. So cowboy Bob can't see them talking from the apartment so. They wait until she's like a little farther away and they pull the car over an inside. They that's where they meet Peggy Joe Talus, so she lightly introduces herself. She explains yes, the cars you got it from her brother and that he they ask her. Have you used it? at any time today and she goes you. I just got a. I went out and picked up some fertilizer, earlier this morning, and so Agent Powell and his team search the trunk I do find a bag of fertilizer in the trunk since then, he asked if they can search her apartment and she says, there's nothing in there, but my mom is like an old kind of sick lady, but they're like that's fine, let's check it out so at the
I meant the officers ring the doorbell and piggies a piggy Joe mom Helen answers the door and then is shocked as a team of FBI agents and police officers store. passed her with the guns drawn go into the apartment, but once they get there, It just see. That is this really me tidy apartment that the two ladys living together and there is nothing, no cowboy bob. Piles of money, nothing so they kind of their looking around. They go into Peggy, just bedroom. They think maybe they're hiding like if This her boyfriend that she is hiding him somewhere in the closet wherever, but no they just Tibet is nicely made and they open the closet and all her closer, very perfectly ironed and hung up then it's like earlier. We really got this wrong and and an officer notices I refer, mannequin head up on the shelf in the closet. The sake bearded. Ok
and then next to that, a cowboy how guy and then they check under Peggy Jos bed in its there's a bag full of cash under their. So ok, then I'm mad at them for not writing that shit better. He s like Paul, up some floorboards shove, your shit under their early move, Mozilla, so basic than Officer Powell turns to, Joe and starts asking our sorry. What is this stuff, and why do you have in your room and ashes as you talking to her. He notice he notices that she's got little bit of fake beard glue, on top of her and it turns out cowboy bob- is Peggy, Joad, Sal, yeah where's and he's like her
even I can seize the limousine. Beating me this outside the lip glue part is like too good to be true is meant the bag, where he's kind of like so anyway. What's why do you have a hold on a second? Oh, my god. I want to see in all line up for him and like a movie, so we let's take it away, there she is ok, the little girl or the. But yet let's hear these eight years old and she loves money. I think you do a bare peggy, that's it means. I believe I mean don't do crimes, but do it, because this is so agent, pal arrests, Peggy Joe they bring down to the station, so their stunned divine that this polite. Very. Pretty seemingly varies Standard Lee normal woman has been the man robbing banks and timing, the cops and the F b I for a year and a half when they
Peggy show why she did it. She doesn't say anything and she also doesn't really talk to her. Defence attorney also says that she rob the first bank to help pay for her sick, there's medication for the degenerative bone disease that she has and that what but when they asked her, why she kept on doing it. She just stares at the wall and shrugs like she's, there's a way behind so in court. The judge, it takes into consideration. The Peggy Joe, was never violent in any of these crimes and she never used a weapon. She never brandished a weapon, never throw. Anybody and seemed you can rob a bank by just being like? I want things. Yes, yes, filigree shouldn't be telling everyone I mean, if you don't know by now, but you and they have to give it. You you're you're, going yet caught because they have everything, but but you can
She never used weapon and other than that she seemed to be a mild mannered law abiding citizen. So she is given a thirty three month sentence out and the first one. That's never had a child, that's two and a half years in jail right here, fifty four months old. Really I don't you do the fuckin map for me I came over here to visit. You clearly have a very specific idea in mind: Peggy oh serves her time without complaint. She doesn't her when her friends go to visit her jail. She won't talk about having done it. She just like how are you what's going on with you and kind of is just like not talking about it and then when she's released she also says about it. Is the she assured her family and friends that she won't ever do anything like that again, I Pinky swear robber, fucking banking. I promise that I will
I won't commit a felony, GAD Wig Mask Caraway, had again posing as a man when she gets out she's approached by a true crime author about collaborating to write her story and possibly turn it into a movie, and she says no cause she's the fuckin, cool as person of all she's, then she just wants to put the whole thing behind her and she doesn't she's like things that's lame, so so such a little bit about who Peggy Joe Taluses. She was born and nineteen forty five and de grows up the youngest of three children in grand prairie she's she's a well liked spirited, free spirited child but when she's four years old, her father dies from cancer, so That's when her mother gets a job as nurses aid to support the family. Since I skipped this picture, but this is her as a kid. So, after the ten
great knowing go through. So after the tenth grade Oh, she drops out of school explaining German that there's too much else to do in life than waste. Today's sitting in school aghast hacking when I it was like. I remember in six great at my desk, was by the window and all I would do stare out the window and go. What are they all? Do out there, I was obsessed with what their town did. While we were in school, like all the adults free to do whatever the fuck. They want with no kids around. Do you ever so get that feeling when you're dealt out in the world like a Tuesday afternoon, yeah you're just like I could do it I know I don't throw school stir, I'm thirty. Eight I guess I do get that everyone, Somalia here gratitude, never have to do. Algebra again ok, so is so she'd tells
her friends- and everyone knows this about her. She is clearly a free spirit and she is all about adventure, so she actually decides because it's like the early seventy she decides to up and drive out to see what is going to see quote to see. going on out there? Oh, it's just a cultural Revolution, the Peggy Joe no big deal so she gets out there and when she comes back like a month or two later, I think it was she's got books, Lawrence, thrilling Getty she's, like into the beat poets and she's like she's. Just all all about that kind of deal. whatever you want living life, so and our twentieth. She gets her own apartment and North Dallas and she as a receptionist and at that job she makes friends with the girl. She worked, name cherry, young and so the to spend evenings going to bars in concerts and basically look before more adventure and pig? Joe tells cherry. She isn't really have any clear goals at all. She doesn't really care about having a career
she's, not interested in getting marriage, doesn't care about having kids all she to do, is have adventures so she basely says her and has to work just enough to pay the bills. and have a little bit left over to go out and have fun. This is literally me until I was twenty nine years all Hell Yang accidently got it like the kind of cool I know what kind of doing it right now up, don't tell them there tell them. We basically rob a bank but you gave us the money so nicely seemed like you really voluntary about it. So thank you for being a part of our this emotional felony. Ok, she Sesar, the movie Butch casting the Sunday, sets out a bunch of times and if you don't know because your millennia, all that is a beautiful and amazing Paul Noumenon sucked in Robert Redford movie about it's too bandits who the end of the movie. They go
and re rob the same train that they ve already robbed and therefore draw basically get into this huge gunfight and at the very end, does our spoiler. They jump off a cliff so but Let us see what you're thinking of salmonella we share. So this is a quote from article from cherry talking about her front Peggy Joe quote. She told me she was saving a little so that she can someday go to Mexico. Just live on a beach in a hostile yonder and we're bathing so it's night and day she was beautiful she was ramp. Anxious and she told me- and she always told me, the deep down she was wild at heart, and that was very true. because one night piggy, Joe and Cherry, got no fight at a restaurant. There are like out for the night in Fort worth
and right. You guys know what it's like to party in Fort worth. So much that you fight with your friend and walk away. Am I to say sorry about I ate like eight, an apple beforehand. I know it is. I have to stop spitting. I was spending so much guys in the back, trust me on this. I'm spitting! Ok, ok! So they didn't you fight in fort worth at this. read my restaurant and forward fort Worth and they both walk away from each other really fast and cherry, just kind of like walks in one direction and Peggy Joe. Walks out into the parking lot and there's a truck sitting there with the keys keening mission she just gets into it now gives away. Yes, yes, So she lay wow. This is my fucking hero, so when she she gets arrested, for that she actually gets making Who is cancer? Can't do that can't take that rise? He won't have it
I ain't worth sheets I think she's given five months probation for that is so some time in the mid seven days. She meets a man any living. front town and sheep She falls in love with them and it's it's like he's the one. So one day she goes to meet him and she goes to see him in that town and when she gets there, she sees his car on the street and she thinks Ohio periods. I'm gonna go skiing gets out of her car. October and ashes walking toward the car. She sees a woman go get into the car hers. And she wants a because what are you doing you as well, I'm getting hence my husband's car and that's all she finds out this mother fucker was married the whole time I fucking married ban. What a crock of shit? Ok, just keep that in mind. Youngsters, please please. I'm begging you after that,
She decided she tells cherry, I'm fucking never doing out again, like I'm never going to be hurt again and she decides she's just going to spend time with her family and take care of her mother who had just been diagnosed with that bone disease so that That's this! Oh that's! Her later sorry got so. Ok, so when Peggy Joe is in her forties, she's gets a really bad back. Injury and then a little bit after that she's forced to have an emergency mastectomy so that's when she realize it's like after that, those kind of really scary life threatening, situation. She realizes that she hasn't really done as much as she's wanted to do with her life and she thought I'll. Do it I'll do it later. I want to have an invention. I want to be that kind of person, but I'll do I have to do it later tonight and now she's in her forties, realizing that she make enough money terms.
I'm doesn't make enough with social security for them to cover these medical bills and the cost of living, and when the string of bank robberies again, it all comes together in the perfect storm of and a fake beard. So now we go back to the present. after she had been arrested, so they released from jail and they move. If she moves at so basically she just has to get out of town because the neighbours are talking about her and it's like. I did hear piggy juggle this so maybe those a boy Bob Gmos are mom into a small to bedroom house in Garland, to get away and she becomes a cashier at the hall we're Bay, Marina at Lake Re Hubbard. So apparently everyone, their loves, her she's, the coolest person ever she anybody that that they interview for this article did they just
nothing but nice things to say about her she's kind she's a model employee. She even use our own money to help poorer customers pay for whatever there trying to buy bait and what not Vinos suffered by the lake, the necessities works all day and then she goes home and tends to her mother at night and in two thousand to her mother Helen passes away at the age of eighty three, so in spring of two thousand and four Peggy decides she's gonna get that adventure that she'd than looking for and she buys herself and are the keys. at the Marina selling his army for fifty nine hundred dollars and so she's like that's some cash hidden away under my beard. Ok, so I dont know if that day, I'm sure they seized all the money they could, but I would hope that she would stick some like in the bathroom back under tampon boxer somewhere, they wouldn't look now
we're looking here, how small serpent, there's no tampons that there's tons of cash it's all its eyes. So her plan is she's. Gonna save up a little bit more money, little time and then she's. Finally, gonna go and move down to Mexico and live on the beach like she's always wanted to do all her life and she tells us and she wants to do it now quote before life runs out on her so cells offer furniture. She moved out of the house, and garland starts living in that our views so she's, basically like I'm, not gonna, go oh Mamma before I go and in the late some are of two thousand for she hits the road. She didn't tell anyone where he's going or if she plans on coming back. She doesn't know the family, her shoulders Sir died of cancer also says she really doesn't have much family left, except for her brother PETE. And she just kind of his like peace. I'm doing this thing. You think she is mad at him for accidently turn
Herein lies a car thing that does seem to be what pages leg So no one really knows where she is for the next couple months, but they say they spot her. They spot the ivy, indifferent places around town and she's oftentimes camping, our electorate, lakes and encamping areas. Chilling out in the ravine, she likes Elvis milk everyone smile so in October, two thousand for an older man in a dark, sloppy hat, baggy clothes and gloves robs the guarantee. bank on the south side of the city. Why but gets away without a trace and one. color tells the FBI agent. That's investigating that she was surprised that when the man spoke, he had such a high pitched voice shot your ship ask everyone. She wouldn't you gotta, sorry she's a free spirit, but at this point
agency power is retired, he'll ye lives on his rant and impedes the only one that would know what the end and all the new younger. The young guns are like how I could look over a guy with a high voiceless. Do this so late, two thousand for and early two thousand five her pace, Jos family only hears from her from time to time from pay phones around the city and then on Thursday may fifth, two thousand five Peggy Jody Alice puts on a black, a big lack, that's today oh my god, oh happy single demise, everything we drop that early to see that
you see the noise you were making it our weird that is out of the blue to satires like their wooing, something bad, so you're gonna get thing. I was like someone peaked again: well, we're just gonna have to get through it: staff snap, sats, now snap know someone puke to date. It is amazing, heroes. I'll say that again, the way should and then on three, Thursday may two thousand Peggy Joe Talus puts on it. Big black straw hat and alert. it's very sunglasses she parks. Are Are we in a jack in the box parking lot across from that same guarantee bank? That sheet that had just been robbed the previous October? And she walks inside she asked tell her to hand over the cash and she walks out, like she's done so many times before, but this time she does not know
thus the dye pack that the teller puts into the cash and ash he gets outside that dieback, explodes red ink all over her and The path of red smoke goes up into the air like an arrow pointing to the cursor, so Gee basely tries to like speed, walk forever red smoke coming out from behind or dollar bill. That lets a trailer. Why me? Why not a Palmer? That's? trailing behind her. So now witnesses see a person walking out of a bank with red dial of place in their like doo doo, Doo, Doo, doo doo. Everybody calls the cops. The cops are already in the neighborhood because they have been investigating the bank robbery. Is that have been happening in that area. So they immediately are there and they basically get to that Jack in the box. Parking lot as Peggy Joe is poor. going out in the army. So now we are, and a low speed police.
it's gonna be ok, so this We cannot even reach the speed limit when she gets onto the highway, like the minimum limit so she starts she tries to get on the highway to get away. It's not happening, so she pulls off and goes until residential area like side streets. Yes, well I'll lose them in this human giant, two story car. So pretty soon the police are able to boxer in and surrounded vehicle and, of course, they're like yours around it come out with your hands up. They don't know who's in this. This are violated. They have no idea, and there were theories, that they were gangs going around and robbing these banks, and they were people working in teams, so they're like wolves it's an hour of need. A bunch of people are in there. Probably so,
Peggy just stands up, she pulls the curtains and she goes and sets back at the table and she fuckin smokes a sig and tries to make decisions about what she's I do it's important to have curtains and a table in your car. that's right, you can think and convene it's so good for thinking, then she played blade solitaire, although some people do in our vs thought. So thing happens for like ten minutes and, of course the cops like color the hand it's getting like more and more tents. So what shameful? makes you puts out or cigarette and she makes her decision. She goes into her. bedroom and she picks up a twig gun whites and she walks out to the front. Larvae and opens the door one more cigarette and think about that for a little longer, which, when are you gonna, that's video of it happening wholly. That was on the news. So that's her leaning out of the army door talking to the cops,
as a woman. I would like to she took off her yet as herself she took off. I think she is The hat is on like that's floppy, hatless sunglasses, but ok, She wasn't passing them notes or anything issues site. It's me, so the police are shocked to see a sixty year old woman standing in the doorway of the of the bank. in our view and there she says to them. You're gonna have to kill me and they say we're not gonna. Do that just put put the gun down and come out that doesn't have to be that way and she says to them quote you mean to tell me So I come out of here with a gun and pointed at Ya'Ll you're, not gonna, shoot me and the cop that closer to her says, do not raise that on please just put it down and come out. She doesn't these steps out and raises the gun and Peggy no taluses shot four times and killed on site. My then the police,
RO a can of tear gas into the ivy, getting ready for the Fucking Bank robbery gang that they think is having their grandma drive them around in an hour there oppress their prey four accomplices as well. They should be, but instead they find the empty Harvey. This snubbed. Cigarette, and when they go into her bedroom, they find her three. Fifty, when Magnum that she actually owned that she left inside so the F b I reckon they all those agents that were there do the record check. They realise that the dead woman is no on. Who is none other than Peggy Joe Talus cowboy Bob, so they call agent, Steve Powell, retired agency Powell, and leave him a message saying we have some bad news for you and when sing some bad news about his old nemesis and when he calls back He just says say it isn't so do think they had fallen in waiting. I, like you, re right.
Really I recall that's, why would you be so passionate to catch? Somebody like, oh, my god and then he's also questioning, is sexuality which is hot yeah. Maybe like beard see things to himself accurately what I never knew that about my Lenny Cecily glue on her upper lip and then like I'm into glue. That's what I like love sniffing glue. I've never been able Ruby so This is it. This is a quote from escapes article from her friend cherry again quote. I might try Dartmouth at times. I can't get over the sadness that she's gone, but then I think about her walking out of that bank sixty years old, that bag full of money- and I have to say that she went doing what she loved. Robbing Fucking bay, robbing stuck in banks, what the fuck
we'll never understand it, but she will doing what she love. I wish I could write a note and say good for you, my sweet peg good for you I tell you This is my favorite person of all the time. When I tell you because listen and I think we all know this its kind. The way this society is set up, is kind of a scam and lots of different ways, especially the banking, system so medical.
The medical system, the banking system, invisibility of women over the age of twenty fucking seven and try the whole fuckin thing. Why not that's how you can fuckin listen if you can take advantage of the things that normally oppress you and turn them around and get three thousand foreigner and seventy three dollars around someone. Anyone without hurting anyone without threatening anyone without making it traumatic and anyway you're. Looking at that A poor girl arrived just saying, I'm very inspired just saying bank robbers, I mean we have to think of something Frank is popularity data, but we just told everyone. they were. They won't tell ok So then I searched are email and found an aim. Someone wrote into us. Yes, yes, and it starts like thus dear all, or should I say, Ya'Ll
long time listener first time to get my lazy ass to finally right this email. Honestly, I can't believe I did it on a Monday, but here we are as this is its work and baggage sounds like her already. I grew up in a small town in or taxes called Rockwell It's it's on the outskirts of Dallas and is surrounded by a very large man made lake that is used on the rag for speedboats, fishing, jet, skiing, etc there. Few marinas along the waters bank. But why was the most popular meme because the woman Peggy who ran the Bay and convenience shop, located on site was pretty logistic. She was plus friendly and would even spot you if you're a little short on docking, feel mostly the younger crowd populated this location, as it is also easy at the time discourse and cheat beers, although we were under a fuckin peggy, just like
You can have it now add smiled smoke don't tell your mother from me. last for a number of years and my boyfriend, who, as a habitual wake border and was on the lake daily received it. Acts from an old friend of mentioning Little Peggy, Joe from the Marina, had died. While she didn't just die. She was shot and killed by the FBI. Little did anyone know Peggy Joe Talus was enough. her character. That was well known in the eyes of the law, and she basically goes on explains word for word: exact, I have just said, and basically it ends with Inevitably she died at the scene, which was discovered after the hand and was a child's toy and all the it's very dad, because also all the cops and agents that were there, they were like there was none the thing that indicated that that gun was a toy arouse. Sometimes they like the Orange safety caps and that they were
mean it was a lot of them were super fucked up about. I lay whole thing. She did its it was suicide by car. Now clearly not she was like I'm fuckin Butch casting this thing and her choice to do so at last line is pretty pretty crazy shit for a small taxes town. But then again I guess sometimes that's the best place to hide a hope to make it the austrian show in November J J J K just saw its already sold out. We should go back inside it like I never take as a Dj M page, and that is the insane story of the bank. Robber Peggy, Joe Tireless in lover, epic, sober epic amazing, great job,
Thank you. I. I know that one wasn't like. I usually like to do a lot more jokes, but fuckin. I don't know. I just think that so there's something about that story that so Awesome. It's like a person like it's. Never it's not over you. Can you note tribes. Felonies, there's nothing you can, but you can do whatever you want at any stage of life you want. If I didn't do it, you can reinvent yourself. You can reinvent yourself. Are you can not reinvent yourself and do what you love to do in your twenties, yeah, you're, six yeah, Rob Bank? Why fucking not care that you deliver idyllic area? Everyone was on the edge of their see. I had never heard that story before so it was still
my favorites I'm, so I can't believe you never posted that whole episodes lobby to bring breathed life back into that we can look or cheese. These quilts are more than just such threats may need him more than have a vacation inventor, not there, it's not just making its actually aright. And then for the hometown. What should we do? now, the hometown is going to be from a show that we did in December eight of twenty seventeen. So if you're at their a saint Louis Missouri, show that we did at the Palace Symphony Hall, you will remember this story that men D told us earlier than that she was pregnant and now her kid is three four I don't know. Math is a toddler for there's all. Thank you, that's gallery the right or
before this year. How my end and the ninetieth percentage we wear guessing so enjoy this story from India. Now, let's tell him about this: oh yes, okay! So we I was going to for a little while I wanted my It seems to me that I was gonna, buy a blouse in the casino, building store. They always have those are alike there. Just like three things: its color like commodities spill, some on your door come in here, and so I went in there is positive, is going to do it and the only black shirt they had had these big
Why rings that were cut through so that your skin? Would? I simply can't do that. Then we just started actually shopping around the store and they have been some pretty good stuff. So we were like ok we're in limiting your hometown. Let's get this insane gift. Hometown person. We got a little hometown murder Parana Lit for the front. Will you tell them what it is? This is a gorgeous peace. This is probably from the sixteen hundreds I would think real diamonds, real diamonds and probably Jade also what's nice. Is that the actual ring of finger part is it stretches like a watch, so it's gonna pit anybody, and essentially it's an octopus with diamond encrusted arms holding a fish with a diamond I classic. It's beautiful, also start the bidding attitude. The best thing about it is the fishes screaming and tear his mouth is and his eyes this big
this is. This is a violent moment captured in jade and we can't wait to give it you ever has now. Let me tell you really quickly the rules of home town this just
we have developed over live? Shows you ve heard here heard me say this: if you ever less no alive show, you can't be so drunk that you lose your place in your own story. We love if your trunk and God bless, but it this is: u gotta delivered the narratives. It's important, beginning a middle end, its good that its from Saint Louis. So everybody can know what now son. What time is that I think Missourians like close by close by certainly don't go out of state and what was the third one? You know just give it your all decided just kidding around the tree or on this, oh yeah, it's your thing: georgeous pin picking some great ones lightly, Sid, don't let her down! Ok, whoever hometown right there what's exciting about this- is that she is already one that ring ring is yours. You can start planning outfits around it and not just ass. You are thinking about what you are unaware and there I absolutely should have chosen outweighs go there. We go over there to our their steps, mayhem- and here I see I should have been invited some closer to that there is a light sign up there. I dont like lights out, as I always thought murdered. Oh shit, there's a light up sign in the very back that says I almost got murdered this girl, ok, you're! She comes near chivalry had everywhere you go. Maybe every money going, it's very area. Are you mad at me now also impregnate, USA time got pregnant people. I didn't want to say anything ever when you're walking up I'll, never like hurry up and now I am sure that my had been bought me or our area anniversary. We rarely lifestyle are as yet no moon, ok, bye are actually pregnant. That's no anywhere from an eyelash life, I'm crazy core! That's all it's about fifteen meds down forty from here from or require its West County aim. We spelling c r e g o. You are right. The picture you something hard, sometimes in Saint Louis. We have this thing: let her telling where there are all kinds of french warns that we say well, let s should be crab poor, meaning broken heart by the Wayside Grief Court, because that's how we deal with good. Yes, I support that on two percent, so I am here with my sister in law, who came all the way from Vegas. Her friend is my friend now cat nerd there sitting right behind your uncle John something so near him. What's her murder? Ok, you wanna talk about your family. More I mean it also have an increased poor, and so when I was in second grade, I was friends with this girl and I'm going to not say her real name: she's real person, Zoologist college Julie and eyes. So Julian I worlds high were hanging around him. She's real general Corky girl. She, like now ass. I thought she was and mean astronaut she's done by anyway. So so I was always going your house and she had this house that might be many parents called it. The compound became her man lived there and both of her grandparents and then her moms friend and okay, so AIDS, nineteen, eighty seven so eighties, and now a lot of people are worse than swindling mom. What's up what do you know why things the friend?
and my months ago, don't worry about it, but I kept asking about it. I'm like seven years old and violations like ok, maybe she doesn't have died. So that's her moms boyfriend and I was like oil where's. Your dad and my mom's, like oh, came in the year seventeen year old. Another though, like her very if I killed her dad like the grandfather these at the house, and I'm always there and when she had these, it was one of these amazing families where you go there and there was always a project like we wait for her birthday, I would like sit on her grandpa S lap, and he would help me iron. These bows that we were making- and you know those big eighties, bourgeois owing to her with a head bands, and so we will be doing this at I'm hanging out with their grantline. Unlike ok, this, like murdering, isn't that video, because until now and then and so
how, unlike her mom, would sit at the piano and they were all sing together so that creating this, like those very happy thing, only picture right and I'm like it's only the Graham Polly client, whatever and so seven year old. So anyway, a couple nights ago I knew I was coming here ourselves liked parents, I'm like you, need to get this story story there made as a lawyer and he's like okay, so here's the real deal would happen wise when Julia was five. She started reporting to her mom and Graham here, that she was being sexually abused by what was heard divorced dad and the man in the grandparents right well, we can't have this, but they
You can't do anything about it, so he still had the visitation rights whatever. So they plan this thing we're when he came back, they were in the kitchen and the Grandpas stabbed him. In my dad's words, I will say a bunch of times cancer knife or not done because then the whole family.
Only now including Julie, comes together and they shot him up into little pieces. I told you a piano thing red flag, pushing at your pushy trying to put the show on the rights of all these days. They put him in a bag, and we are talking about this in the car we decided he had to be trapped in the little pieces because he might not have been in the bad they had specifically picked. Only then they drive out, unlike the only Roger you say and Charles, because which, by the way where I work- and they are but just then Charles. They find like a back road and ages, bury him there and then they go about living. There lies one day, some guy. I guess he was like a hunter with doggedly and he found the body.
and caused the police- and they put this together and they figure out this. This is Julie's dad, and so they show up at the compounds which is just starting but they show up there and they are like we're. This happened here and the whole families like. We have no idea what you're talking about and so the horrors of British they just became right at that moment. So my according to my dad, who knows this from like lawyers and other lawyers, when our apparently they like systematically, would pull like each member of the family in jail them for forty eight hours and like girl, then nobody would break Everybody had no idea what happens so they would do this for months and months Lake. They went had this from Julie somehow, and so this, when this I've been started when she was five where the same aid so seven second grade
It's still happening like a whole family still living in the house, their stalls, the police, are stocking and bothering them all the time they can't get anything out of them and, like my dad, meanwhile, is going to these lawyers like corporate parties. He sees her Graham parents in her parent they're they're all hanging out, I'm going there all the time it turns out. My parents know that this family, like shops, this very them somewhere like send me or they are all that sounds like a really safe place. Honestly nobody's gonna like the safest place, a little girl could be so I guess at some point. Her grandpa decided that he would agreed to hear like I didn't, do it, but I'm going to plead to second degree martyr so that you leave my family alone. So they came to some agreement that if you was there in jail for
seven years than when it was all over it. They would leave the whole family alone, and at that point Please switch scores and just wait and see them anymore and, unlike I go to college, I come back and we are seeing at Cecil Whitakers Pizza and I wait on their family the mom and the very there- and I recently meanwhile, like I dont know all that happened whatever their all happy in the mounds like trying to get me to take a class that she teacher is and the grandparents are like a dating the unduly telling me. How are things going and everything is our guide and so anyway. So when I'm asking my parents about this, unlike wait, you knew the whole thing when I was seven and you sent me over their repeatedly and there were like, will we
we say eighties, big favor. I know she was amazing, I don't mind now I don't mind its most are getting topped up. We ve heard much worse and worse and worse now, look what you just get here. Ok, just described earlier, scenes the people right now if I could do a better job, Nunez. Ok then see later. Ok, like lime, agree as if this thing is wearing of its oh he's here,
the fish relics like he's wearing that look like this ring, maybe the fishes. Yes, oh agreeing that was his wearing a ring, and so am I it's better than the fish they killed. I like everybody all right. Thanks, mending a way to go and for our fuckin hooray. We wanted to recognise, ends shout and give some support to our Texas, murdering oaths and everyone entire. We know you guys down there really going through some really heavy scientists it's really heavy to see the news coming out a Texas, it's really horrible to see so many people stranded abandoned not have food, not have water like it's just
kind of insane and were really feeling for you, and especially because- and we used to talk about this early days, that Texas Marinos showed up early and strong and me are network when they first started, giving us the numbers and telling us like where, where the big populations of murdering those were, they were just like text. this all over taxation. They re like why. I really hate our guy. That's ok and in fact, new love us and we love you so we're going to donate ten thousand dollars to the Texas relief fundraiser so that you guys get taken care of because you deserve it down a name of wearing to donate that money in the name of the murdering of Texas SIP, something you guys and were thinking of you in fact hold on time. And I took care of each other yet definitely yeah. So
thanks for listening. Thanks for being here, take care of yourself it, Sir Bumpy out. There has been a bumpy year, but look at you. You got through it. Yours yes, still here a year later in and can were continuing on we're just gonna keep ploughing through, because that's what we do you know and that's you'll find some light. Take better than You find some light at the end. You disgust stated but dark ugly, hanno, yeah, so sticker ersatz, guys yep and stay sex and down get murdered, girl, Elvis Tijuana cookie
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