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2021-03-25 | 🔗

On this week’s quilt episode, Karen and Georgia cover the Adolphus Hotel Ghosts and the Bunnyman Legend.

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This is exactly where the story had everything except sex. I'm Caitlin Carson the host of tenfold more wicked on exactly right season, is a wild Texas story about a prominent family, ripped apart in a killer that might have gotten away with murder, it's a story about family secrets. My grandfather was the town angel in the home devil, it's about a killer with a grudge in some serious problems that were never treated. He had these resentments, but I also think he had voices telling him that he do something about them season three of tenfold more wicked premiers. On Monday March, twenty ninth on exactly right subscribe now. on sticker apple, podcast or wherever you liked to listen. I merely to check out I'm Daniel Henderson and we are the hosts of. I saw what you did I cast on the exactly right network about the fun of watching movies.
Tuesday. We pick a different thing, then we pick two films that best showcase it like having a friend who still owns a vcr hand pick your movies. You definitely build your movie knowledge and find new things to watch. So, if you love me, These are sick of August. Leave to the same sit com every night or just want to stop fighting with your family. Every time we try to find something new to watch tune into. I saw what you did and be sure to subscribe on apple podcast stature or were every light to listen. then we'll go on my favorite murder, that's Georgia! star. That's caring, he'll Gareth, we're here. to tell you something: some things: some thoughts and feelings. Reno
gonna- do we're gonna podcast at you, absolutely that's what bypassing as some doubts some Epiphanes some tea We viewing the salmon observations out our front windows. Do you know what I was just doing speaking affront windows? Where's did something I've done maybe a Hansel at times during quarantine. Can I guess I did Do we like a leg, show in the window near neighbors kind? Our guests, I danced really little Tell us. Why tell us how I don't know I was hoping you dare sink. You I don't know I put I'd. Never put on music, it's always a book or a pipe cast I put on. I had just had therapy felt freeing and I put on unbalanced sebastian- Dna listen to a little out. I never do, and it's so poppy and fine, and I love it so much that I just turn I got saying here: can I guess the song yeah?
only with the arab strap, no, but they all sound. They also fund, like that. So tango policy today located tiger Mouth. I just started dancing and cookie was like what are you a cookies, never seen we danced before so she was a little confused. But then I went on the balcony and for the whole world to see. I just started dancing say either as a little legs show not so good. I think everyone should try it in the privacy of your own, how of your own room allow and then the public of your own balconies riper ten like act dancing melons watching, but then there are held after one five courses like what's that the common man like behind it, freeing and fell and was weird and lovely. I really like that idea, because I think there are three
There is real science behind the idea of when you, u process something, and then you move your body and it actually helps you physiologically process. Whatever happened, I might have been talking about when they might run an instinct that two eyes therapists. There's this thing called pony sweat, that's like a lead but casual fun. Great music do be yourself dance like zoom in like really open to all kinds of people and she's, always telling me to do it and I need to. But you know I feel I feel weird and I am the weird wine, so I never do it, but it definitely like boost your mood said SARA tone in second best
If that's the kind of thing, I find that with streaming thing moose, you can go on there with your camera off and do whatever you want. You truly Sid and judge all opponents, whereas they do it and then you're like I'll decide here about Madeleine. You see everyone having fun and you're like I want them. I want to convey fun to with them, because there's no judgment you now, and also the idea of I'm the one that's weird is just is the idea Every person has that and every single person thank right. I love that yeah. I've actually heard. I know a lot of the people that do pony swear. An event like pony sweat the AU pony sweaters and it's all the people that you know and love. They are like it was a share, we're cool clothes, but they're not trying to be cool there. Just like effortlessly cool there. Try thanks a kind of dance away, the onus,
of having to be caught yeah and that, like by may think, there's a lot like body this morphia like breaking those walls. Helstone end come as you are, and you know it's, it's kind of a lovely and I wanna be they don't have to take your breasts down if you got a pony, slow, you don't have to for the first time ever, dress silly and fun, and I know people were like a wigs in this thing you can do as this is where he s poem that you could possibly pony That's why it's like playing its wig, Yo Guy but they're about with cookie come on, it remains of its like a cut the kind of thing that for me as a highly damage annex or from the evil. Ninety I watched
The children do things like pony sweat. I say thank God and good for you and I- and I am not allowed to do that now. You are, I am not be eatin here. I was called collars. Either ban bears a spare pavement called me: freedoms that you're not allowed to you'll, be embarrassed and enjoy yourself higher generation. Matthew ya got, but maybe if your generation had had thee had been allowed to do. You know it would have been You know, did you guys? We need less therapy in time, Well, it's in our generation. The option was due at everyone else is doing or beyond heroin, and that's it was hard to choose. Assure those are rejoices, both of them. The I mean, There are very specific choices and they definitely guide you down a certain panel like the freedom of pony, sweat, any those kind of
hi concept like girls and guys we're going to exercise but not exercise girls and where your purple sweats be yourself. Beer yourself words, like my whole life. Everyone saying: could you please stop being yourself before minute: you're, silent everything, go on. The ideas are too out their shut up. I'm Are you gonna do it or did you already do it or you had your own personal upon? I have my own personal and I almost felt like with like way TED like injured this myself to group death solo to grew and then who knows from there to go anywhere then used? I never phony sweat, but right as it starts you go. Excuse me everyone could you all new year, microphones, I'm well, then I like to introduce lights. That's a JANET move Janet would now she's, like always wants to make a speech, and you know
like issued its opinion on this, rather than to get on the side of her, like water, classic water bottle upon his lady, adding Ding ding everybody, everyone being mean, but that's just a personality, and that's why I don't have that personality. It's the whole like it's that it's the mindset from that. I have that I cant do when she pull up to pick us up from somewhere to have complete eye contact with us, and still this is her think they need to be big. Baby should note that what was it shaven Erika every time she beheld us room somewhere analysis, don't I know she was embarrassing. Some purpose cause. We deserve that no pair are so sick of their kids that any time they can get a little when am they'll take a bit begun at the time I was like. Why are you ruining my life? I'm dying
being over here. Why don't you tear? Why is it so funny to you that I've been such intense constantly I already m of Buck a nerd and I'm not one of the popular girl. So if you couldn't make it not like iron guess what you're not helping me at the Tokyo air to Elizabeth, send the Jennifer's and the maidens who have normal names and dug it, but made fun of because their names are popular. Their arms are BP, the PPP being at them. their mom, send a hired car. That's right! Why can't you love me? The late Jennifer and Jennifer's mother loves Elizabeth S and Elizabeth was the never have to deal with this bullshit, ok, Alyssa it looked ass, seems like the highest of maintenance. I dont did she make people? call her Elsbeth. What's, while you have to be like that aspect that I would have called elves path at spat else, better thinking of Niger.
My dad, Did I ever tell you about the time he added weight? A nightingale, many White Ford truck. I have proof, then he by car, not I was gonna, say bucket bench front. Ceuta literally would fit likes. ex kids in the front seat have assault us, no sleep out now, I think they re there at all, and he on the way to school. One day the horn started hugging by itself and we were like dad. No, no, no doubt as I will not be like a meal, and he was later he was over. Lloyd, we're we're like. I do not believe in areas like girls, I gotta make sure you get into the building and we were like a wedding, frying and begging him not to do it and he pulled right up to the front and stayed there with the like
as if he was left arm so every other sectors. I might need to get off this pipe for a little while owes a too much where users triggering we are yeah There is so much shape. There's like a like a thousand ten of shame at the front of every school when your ear just trying to walk into school total, and there are so many ways to get jobs entirely obliterated, which is almost like made being latchkey can't even better, because then you just haddan no pair anymore to do good, like Falcon Irish goodbye school you can, you can deepen and so you see what you I am and you're just like. Maybe I gotta six period by I want to be on their heads and had keys to their house so go by like by
going I'm going to my apartment now that I live in alone, essentially, I understand some people think this place is a priority, but I think Scooby do as priorities Ratsey. Let's at these mysteries solace and moral code, which is not gonna watch itself, towards any Jones, Mario Ledge and regulate by the way guises are all after school tv shows that we watched obsessively late. I think Ricky Lake does did I get enough credit absolute out at the time for the kind of shit she was putting on. She was she heard was a twist on you and me of her show titles rhymed in some way and she put on a happy face to the whole thing. Like chaise as a positive and unto my life she was everyone's friendly as like a now Hoddan, because you ve already been arrested for punching or in the phase, but you're gonna try to put her in the face again. That's now Ok audience! What do you think on it?
Do you want to see some make overs and then first for no radio Cairo to make up, for you know, essentially the hour podcast is carry on of those shows from back then except our audiences. Just listening to, we can communicate with them. Unfortunately can't run up, fell down his style run up into the audience with them. I can be like Alice from Georgia. Yet what do you think about all is what you think it's not very creative. When I use your name as this, as the state has a laser, you name it's right, there strained running what were you gonna say about Belgium, I'm just gonna sell x. I think it's the Netherlands somewhere when reading a book. That's got really a weird names, that's from there And actually, if you I'm gonna, hear me tried and pronounced the name of the author please you woke up it's a ghost story, slash true Crimea who done it, but fuckin go see those times Fisher S
like paranoia laugh, but it's really beautifully re n. It's called IRA member you it's like it's good its, but in the authors name is year, Sir Sigurd Dark did to her a nice. Did you think I got your rights beyond an idea? I thank you. I think sport sister the first about an ear dead on right yeah. So, just like I remember you listening to it, it's beautifully rat and beautifully written and so spooky. Unlike what did you say that first names Ilsa yourself, so why are essay? Why I say here and it's really it's like a cool distraction, this couple buys this decrepit old house on a Netherlands, Ireland, in gas to redo aid, but it's fuckin haunted his shit and then like something's, going on in the village at this, like detective, has to figure
and he and his son passed away unlike its and leg as it now goes to ghost stuff. Ok do we hear something lightly mine blowing recommendation for tv series this week is also belgian. Why wait use another lens that I don't know as are not the same, and I dont know where the fuck it. As I don't know, I can't pronounced the name. So I'm just gonna go straight to the Netherlands. Oh God, it ok, yeah, sorry, first for some reason I thought when you very first mentioned, and then I interrupted you backed it to do this. one story, I thought you said something about Belgium. I bet I did then that could be. I'll get you back very wrong right to each and all right and wrong. Ok, my it's just We rarely talk about Belgium, so exciting that we should both be mentioned here. I found ok
on my streaming services. Now this is how you we know word, I'm digging down to the bottom of everything. because I discuss Bird Sundance TV does want at one of the streaming choices on my tv and began to swell through it and was like this is the streaming service for me has all like foreign procedural rules goes, she goes. Scandinavian proceed ran and avian. That's. The word Is that what you're? Looking for? Probably so there's a tv series on their called public enemy. A cat there's already been to Caesar Array, and I believe I think I read some are that their working on a third. I thought it was french but taste, I believe, they're, all speaking French, but it's that it takes place in Belgium, got it but if you live in either country and would like to correct me thoroughly and in your mother tongue, about I'm open
obviously, but it's just a really creepy good story. That then, has these. I just think I know what I prefer in my foreign procedurally. As you know this and an aliens really have owned and refined and there's a silliness quickly to it too, because it's also like begin old time. Eve then, like nice, everyone's nice so but there is always some happening in the forest of yellow arrest is the key s to most of those. This has a major forest element it and there once approach, has done an excellent job and I know they're sopranos. It just depends on our part of France. Your Emily light. Speaking. Can I talk about IRAN, Ezra clicks or somebody else. I hope my therapist about this. I feel good I'm his therapy, I'm learning its extreme, but I feel like I'm learning a lot about therapy has here.
the extreme version and avoiding his true feelings and the way. Yet he does it through violence and even humor alight and anger, but I'm I'm getting. In that his road blocks are the extreme version of mine sure, and I think, for people who are weary of therapy. It might be a good way to together. A little and same with like shows like couples therapy. It might be a good one. like easier anxiety about it, is to watch she's extreme examples presented. It feels, like you, have a burnt the birds. I view it's always way easier to see somebody else's stuff, now d, like it so obvious, libation re, adding a realization about, but like it never is obvious to yourself Cosette I'll, have our own blind spots. Everyone does and every single person goes through that, like a very standard cycle of denial when they're getting to the good sire, because that's the hard So as I got, you watched her
soprano threaten his is therapist as she would not ever break that just and why Does that make you feel yeah, which I think she's she's an extreme example. I think that there is a lot softer and a lot more questions and a lot more leading and kinder than she is not in New Jersey. Sorry better. When you have an italian thereof, his it's in New Jersey and it's on the tv show in its fictional. then of Lorraine Brokers. Accents were like that exact away. She thought she said tat it so she so get. What else are you in that middle. Are you near the intrinsic even watching a surprise for awhile sopranos, our were only we're in the middle or in season three of the Sopranos bar and season six of the sopranos. So you know what that's like it. I like technically
no, but I do want to mention a podcast because last week I mention the christian smarts case and analyse about bow and its call- and I mention the cast your own backyard, that I hadn't listen show, but it's a deep sigh, the toaster by Chris Lambert and I can vouch for how fucking that it is its guy, the vibes. There's seedy sees I'm someone know something and alive those like deep down. But he's not a journalist he's not a detective in anyway he's just This is his home town and he puts it all. gather in interviews. The journalists and energy is the people obsessed with that who of who have deep deep. Dive into it, and it's it's in its one as infuriating ones, though, because remember I said something about the investigators working there hardest. Yet there it ate it
and there are so many a missed opportunity is and its infuriating, and I really do hope something comes of it. and I think it well, based on the spot cast. I had a I listen. two at the weekend and I just was like angry, but it's so good and it's like it's such a etc. Crazy case. It's in the fact that it hasn't been solved is absurd. Yeah, let's assume that's a small town, airline away. I mean you know, That, usually, is the story where it's like the people kind of out of their depth having to investigate the type of crime that they have absolutely no experience ray and then they they won't cop to it dead for their hiding, something Our priority is a real championing something this Super sinister version, yeah we're by the way, speaking of which there is a website called
knock outlay, and they do it's basically kind of like local journalists and independent journalism, and there is an unbelievable art. like a series of articles about the the shares l, a county shares to permanent and a gang that exists inside a lead and gang so I believe her name is Sharif Castle, its dispelled c e r. I see so it's either it. Surely sorcery. Ethan says a story. She's been chasing basically since last summer, since the pros has started and these stories kind of started cropping up around. Protests and around the action taken and it's it's like. A multi part series. It's called a trip, mission of violence, the history of deputy gangs in LOS Angeles County Sheriffs Department, and it's really
around breaking journalism and really important toga its positions that lets a kind of thing is: if the budget is gigantic and there's no oversight or the oversight we know we arrived here where the kind of thing and what is the website called again? It's, not it's knock away? Okay, so it's knocked dashed away, dot, com, Au Pair and that's got its and of a good thing, we're like when the stuff was going on in the summer time. It was just a great thing to follow that was kind of keeping to data, and they were, I believe they are the ones I found out about that zoom. City Council meeting where I see my time. Fuck you became an international yeah comedian. Will Weldon got on and held forth in a brilliant way. Around said I seed my time, procures, yeah, ok, so this is the young trillions of LOS Angeles just continue to impress with their involved
men and their activism and actually getting into shit. So it's a little more that either actions corner or like a clarifications corner that I thought was really cool. This from Instagram from Belize, like the country yeah I get it. Georgia, like the state, always saying it. says your reference to the possible Tyler Perry, Medea connection, Medea, is an honorific title in the black community given to them matriarch of a family. This is notably explain and Maya Angelou. I know the cage bird sings than now it comes from the shortening of Mother- Dear Medea, Are you serious? Is that the euro, I then went to cry so late. few Belize, just like the country. I would call a fact that some I love learning that and I'm embarrassed to have automatically assume,
It was very proud of their lives, the crass behavior. I was right there with you. We were we were saying Lake when you learn that people are friends growing but you're, devilish worrying when our ears Isler ministers right there in the forefront- and that is why we have listeners- is think that set us straight. But please Vienna on you. You think you kindly epithets outlook, Can we go back and cut that out completely they re always to lay its name. Hey, look also big fancied tat picture Wearily goddamn good to know. I also have a light.
Correction, and this was done with such a with such a gentle hand by a listener, Samuel Montez, whose at Zippo Cooper on Twitter- and he just let me know the host of the park ass, the opportunist which I recommended last time. Her name is Hannah Smith and he rode and said the name of the host of the opportunities. This heinous method says it in this showed up and then like a laughing with much, but I swear to God. I remember I looking for higher and I I swear I opened on the at least. itunes up. I hope and that show description and read that paragraph several times so? Ok, I didn't see her name in that. Well, you know what that's fine, but also its yeah, wouldn't blame or videos, but, also this last time when I, after he sent that and I laughed and was like. Oh my god, I went to look and one of the few first reviews for it was a fine.
a review that said Hannah Smith is secure, pay, okay, so if hopefully, the sands, The people who listen and care are like fine we'll do it will do it then Kara S weight. It is easier for Karen, but anyway I can't. I can't wait for this package the current season is like mine blowing and everyone should listen to it. I can't wait for the further seasons which, as though the the option of the show is so raise about normal people who turned basically evil. Because of an opportunity mother, it's such a cool that I just think of the lottery and how it ruins everyone's lives. As you have said, People I ve ever had an experience like that oh you mean when I one four hundred dollars on the giant slot machine last area, does issuing and change. My entire programme are alone. I literally put in like
it's like a sober dollar and it was on those big oversized. Why I like just almost like a demo and I pulled it and it just started going and then I'd like to literally turned out to the crowd was like only guide and like nobody gave a shit. It was four hundred dollars like there. That's no one and lost in three minutes. He asked, but I. seems like looking for my crown and flowers or thanks everybody. Look if you're going to lose it, but that will be like when I used a Vegas when I was young and had no money like three four hundred dollars was my. If I, I would just blow it and it was like well, I'm faction, cause, I thought I ain't gonna win one night and I and afford White Castle same I every time I've gone I've, never one, except for like an increment like that air. In my mind, I'm like I'm set for months and then its and then like two hours later, it's almost entirely gone, who I ain't afraid
get mad at this kind of maybe a similar where I had a friend get mad at me when I one three hundred and fifty bucks, unlike US quarter slot and she was at me for the rest of the trip like it would like? It should have been her. That's a good friend rationality! Let's walk through this as our and I'd like by everyone lunch Now why there there's hundred dollars gone the air it you're on Fuckin light exactly but it was supposed to be me- is the fucking most hilarious attitude you another most Vegas. I wanted the next time we gotTa Vegas. I mean a walk through the casino floor and if I, even here a bell rang, I'm an attorney go. What's that was supposed to be me. It's a thing when someone says I am really careful with this. If someone says to you I'm oh jealous of view rather than I am so happy for you. It's a really big indicator. Their personality so
so use and a lot of times. People say it themselves, not meaning at so just be aware when someone get something and you are jealous it's fine. It's normal emotion, just SAM they, I'm so happy for you now, I'm so jealous of yoke. Is it just chambers the connotation completely yeah. I Yeah I mean there's ever heard Lanka before maybe you're jealous of me, but five, our jails of anyone. I have every no No, no! It's because I think that also people the into its tone to the person right, because there's people who could say that to you and you wouldn't take the wrong road, actually take it as almost like I'm confiding in near that I'm being evil, because that's how good this accomplishment area as opposed to those people who go, I'm so happy for you and there the words like night here as we are like low or no you're, not you're, not my got says no to that says you're any mile is
three years Smith was filled with blades, but also, I think, There is a time all the time in my life, where I hated people the most for having things are getting things were winning three hundred to filter earth and its there's plenty It's just the reflection of a complete lack in my own life, and so it for so long. I just be a unit, be like what I should have that not them, and then, after a while, you get a little some of your oh yeah, and then you start to go. Oh I'm it not supposed to have what that yet. we had our legal error them having it does I take away my opportunities and abilities to know. It's best to get mine in my own special way, and that's the only way, because if I was handed what they had done, I wouldn't care about you. the kind of like put some skin in the game in an earlier on and get it, and then you go like While this is really lie, but it also you know that
that also goes hand in hand with being addicted to shit where you're just kind of like I need it. Being- and I demand is kind of like all right- all the air doesn't do you have another drink, but you're gonna, oh you're, gonna, be so much happier after that. I feel bad. I await. Did I have one other thing: knowing I just have I remember you and then the name you're so written underneath it so that yours, I think that's right now we have a look a better business yeah, but it's fun bill. It's like! I don't think you should call business it's more like we have a little bit! every time we have Let us have an exciting announced may are we do get to I know that when you put a book out It's hard hard. I mean like physically hard, and then eventually get soft, that's right! in both experience, I material yeah and so are
As has GM the same sex. You don't get murdered the book that came out and hard back is now being released, soft bound, yeah on May eleventh, which is my birthday. This Juno veterans, I'm working on a birthday present for you with your sisters, help I'm really surprises its authority in Cardiff special in Cuba. There is no room for your birth. Amazingly, I millions cause your fiftieth last year had to be contains. I'm gonna make fifty one the double time special I love that I'm. I guess I should do the same for you here. You had four year forty action quarantine and that would be great Although it will blow it, I'm gonna get your confetti cannon, not to give it away without any love me and am and get yeah you're gonna love it back to us that our
is ass, can be able to say about the mouse. It's going to be out, so you can pre order at which is really great. If you think you're gonna buy it, please pre order it! That's just our asking cause. It just helps with you know. I don't know popularity, popularity, number numbers, some sort of numbers, yet at the same rate review subscribe, my podcast, its pre order for books exactly and and while you're at it. Why not pre order it from your local, independent bookstall, always call move yeah, but there's a little extra carrot that we're gonna dangle for you. There is a little bit of a example of something that we ve been working on. That's in the soft however, where we going at that I dont paperback version glass of the book. Let's go inside the give you order it. You we're going to get a little sneak peek at what we ve been looking
All of that is going to be possible for you. In two months may eleventh, twenty twenty one, essentially there's a new chapter in the book and it's a snake peak and its and it's so its extra content. Then then the hard version, the placid version- has extra content. Let's not calleth flatly you know. If my best buy wagging the book. Listen is a secretion of our motion shall submit your joy. Oh, I almost did a diet. Pepsi spit tat are the worst kind there. We just secreted hard hearted, since all less indefensible and lasted version has more secrete extra secretions kidnapped is this an important even stealing, don't just cut, there's granite, azure cutting it, and I don't know how you do that with Digital. But I want this
thing Bert dont do it. I think that was the best boards stat. My mouth, just don't take this for me. I think that was the eloquent test. Every eloquent, I'm proud of myself, and you can find that and more instead extra chunky word or the Ezra bid you even like this, this flask debate then you're going to love, say sexy, don't get murdered the paper backers, that's right with extras the new jails come out. May eleven twenty twenty one bub? Ok! I said it twice the ninth threats. What else are we doing just have a couple. We have some fun stuff happening on the network. If you want to know, for example, the great Liza Draeger from that a stop. The S view podcast from exactly right is gonna, be on lady to lady. That's right, and this part Castro kill yields Aaron in Erin, discuss Huntington's disease
to remain shrouded in mystery, so that comes out this week. I can imagine it's not the optimist, frickin episode here love about this programme. still kill you there, one of our original podcast and there are still going strong. Are people love this podcast, its errant in Erin? Kick ass, a weekly? So if you haven't given in Trier ya get over there and see what you see a thing, and so they know whether any of the Lady Margaret show the Great Margaret Show who Karen has hung out with in the nineties. it is on as a guest, one of my oldest and dearest friends Margaret Show is also now a family member. the exactly right partners, networking, which is really fun. A nice love it so shield, ass, love stuff, like that, legend she's legendary leginn core before we put up our quill episodes from this week, which I mean
I'm so glad there being broadcast to the world cause they're great stories, both of them. We want to address a The issue that we think is important and is a huge problem, and that is the racism that the asian community is facing right now, an historically and it's it's shocking and unknown disgusting and were horrified by so many people in our society. Don't understand that this is an epidemic for asian people as well. You know, I don't think people see it. And so I really think that we need to highlight at an end and talk about it? It's a huge problem that we
can't ignore and that we need to support this community yeah, the the lives were lost in Atlanta and then as such and that we always try. about these mass shootings are senseless shootings. We always talk about Afterwards. We need to talk about the victims names. You know that is the conversation is becoming so redundant because there are people, in this world who think they can solve their own issues by going killing, whoever they decide should die, and that is a it's an oppressive state that everyone has to live in, but especially This is a target group. Asia Europeans have been targeted for years, so there's a cold to have called red canary song and their website is red canary song dot net and they call themselves a grassroots, collective of asian and migrant sex workers who
are organizing trans nationally, and so there are basically there permission. It says on their website. It was based building with migrant workers through the labour rights framework and mutual aid. We believe that folds Decriminalization is necessary for labour, organizing an anti trafficking, hashtag rights, not raids, hashtag sex work is work. so essentially. This is, this is a collective of people who are. You together to stand up for the rights of undocumented Ex workers and sex workers, basically across this nation and adds it's a really. I think it's really cool cause at such direct aid began. It's such a good thing to support, so we're gonna, give ten thousand dollars to read Canary song in support of the victims of, the Atlanta shooting and to basically to help them with the with the work that there
going on the street? That's right and please donate a few- can, if not a great way to get the word. there is just too just get the word out an and make it visible and keep it at the forefront of people's minds. There's a lot of uncertainty in the world right now they can lead to depression. Anxiety are just scary thoughts that can be hard to turn off and therapists can help you navigate all those different feelings. I come up. It's amazing how much better things could feel when you have an unbiased licence professional there to listen toxic as is the number one online therapy platform at us. Thousands of licence therapist trained in over forty specialities, including depression, anxiety, substance, abuse relationship issues and so much more. Your therapists can help you set and achieve your goals. Plus tax base is a fraction of the cost of in person therapy you can
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old, shall I hadn't God shall we had fucking cowboy hats waiting for us in the green room? It was while there was awesome I'm doing the Adolphus hotel goes. which was a terrifying. We had video footage going elevators going bonkers. Its ere, the shit out of me. Definitely so take a lesson: don't listen in a dark room at lay that hey it's scary, and have signed this. Is the Adolphus hotel ghosts? It's you it's me when I get our am first snag. Eyes are a well this one has ghosts what ghosts? Just? U tells us a lot, ass one goes murders another get ready, forensic files
Take that- and this is the deaths and ghosts of that Adolphus hotel. So during that year as I have really safe six flags over Texas. Only two people have ever died. There never stories to talk about from their no it's up its amendment. Fifty two years, leaving two deaths: a worrying, Rapids and Texas Giant rollercoaster, roaring rapids That's of Burma have went, but someone must have stood up right now, that's what it was. It was their fault. There was one or became electric now, no boat tip over no. That was in the fifties. No, she dates. I tried to help you six legs. I tried to help you. So let me drive out Adolphus hotel. I am. I got so much
information. De magazine, there is an article by a woman named S, HOLLAND, Murphy, who just fuckin wrote an article about it? who wrote the book at an early age. You like all went to the library and like Michael a fiendish down, and I just copy and paste it all of it he's. A great writer yeah appreciate her s. Lawyer word for word, hope she didn't know it completely. Ok, in nineteen. Ten go back there ok, city of Dallas is booming and the city leaders decides that needs a grand hotel for rich white people, so they can
Hence this Jude Adolphus Bush. Be? U r c h founder of the EP has a Bush company that company got me through the early eighties early, and I thank you and Heizer Bush and all your horses and all your men and he basically bought stock errors are worthy of the name. Is one would hope, One would think. Ok, so they're, like hey, do your rich! Will you build this and he was like I'm on it construction began later that year and a new one million dollar hotel. They spent a million which, in today's money is nineteen, ten million, that's easily three Billy today, twenty five minutes, in that might be wrong to point
five billion dying here, that's almost three billion dollars, I'm getting fucking good at this future money. You are aerial ago that I was point five billion dollars away for the being right on the money they sat building those hotel where Dallas City Hall, once that was she beat to elevate downtown Dallas which at the time was considered and considered uncouth unsophisticated whatever. That means unconvinced cicada complicity and they wanted to turn into a classy joint. So here's what it looks like guy, allow that's Adolphus, Bush and all his spatial hair. That's you would. It makes sense if you'd be in a border room and you turn to this gang go. Can you please build us a hotel where he knows hotels. I mean why he's that's a very wide code is right
and with he's gonna Breton with two days ago, when he was like you know, and I want to do both It's not me. Reform, look it with its own moon, why mayors, and actually so when they wouldn't open in October, Fit twenty nope nineteen, twelve I would take a lounge. I would be. The Adolphus hotel was the first to push grand hotel and in Dallas and the twenty two story. Hotel was the tallest building in the state of Texas for almost a decade shit. Look at these little tiny, like hobbles net, that bow now get out of here. That's our movements, Armen! Ok, though it opens its tall, etc. So that now the hotel is known as one of the most hunted spots in Dallas. Secondly, this room.
we ask it's only two years old, but who knows what stood on it before they probably do. That would be. We should have relating to where it all goes out, all the lights go out, including the exits because the serious thing is a buyer has a big. Yes, Ok, all right, so the gas at the office have reported in a number of strained. Experiences is complete. It's from gas being woken up by the sound of someone running down the hallways, which me to re. They, we ve got that Diane its children or ghosts. I know now goes children first of all, a trained people, feel like someone's watching them at all times and I'm really creepy way. They hear door slammed or hear the sound of a swing ban playing music like old, tiny, music in the middle of the night.
and when these incidents are reported. The hotel security goes to investigate. Of course, there's nothing there, and actually the nineteenth floor of the hotel appears to be that, like biggest concentration of ghost activities, because there was a ballroom located there in like in the way back time, and there are big bans playing there. Many good men and Glenn Miller played there, and so you can still hear the music sometimes late at night playing, which has got a nice. I mean if you're gonna get haunted. I guess it's not the worst way. Now there is simply no way it could be the radio, whereas we would go see bunker. I might be a bit of a Devils advocate what just for fun on this matter, which the devil- and I guess you know is- is that swing music and swaying when you first were like a swing dancing and I was like door works
doesnt threat made me feel. Like a big gap. Add from the nineties or might stop it stop throwing her over your back. It's not interesting. Did you ever have to go in a terrible date where you want swinging ollinger once no way? How many of us back and try to convince our boyfriends at the time to take us to this fuckin swing? Danced less. Did you for real? I tried amuse like, I guess I'll go, but it never happened. You know, I didn't because I was blacked out drunk. Thank you. Is now I mean there's no one Sweden care and over their shoulders muster carrying her home. is so true. Ok, so yeah, like you know, the normal second goes to shit back since
here's the thing is: there's been a shit time of deaths that have happened since the hotel, open nineteen twenty two, so they contribute those death to the heat, rumours of it being hunted including multiple murderers, from a very murderous nefarious, elevator shaft out for vengeance which all I can come to the conclusion of because its that's my thought, etc. Lotta, people just or clumsy, ok October, twenty got deal it. Let's do it oh you, didn't even give That's a Stephen sorry. We mess you at the top he's not here, yeah, but he is listening in the future as a German trying to make this spoke, even though it overly related go get em died of master turns out his moustache wax had stuck.
arsenic and out. Ok So, just two weeks after the Adolphus is grand opening an italian waiter who had just moved to Dallas from Chicago, ok, He was in the main lobby of the hotel, walking toward the elevator and he's like he turns he's. One was elevator he's like. What's that severely elevator, it turns out that he, notice. The elevator left has already left and he falls three florists down the elevator shaft hit. His skull is crushed any dies two hours later at the Baptist Sanitarium, where doctors unsuccessfully perform the operation of raising the bone, which I don't know what that is, but I
Yes, I'd try to do last night after forensic hylas yeah. That's why they did not play a mat and I'm sweating was a genuine risk, yeah, that's or looking more. Let me show you this lobby that destroy raise that loud and on our lives? It's alive, its name mongers huge watch out for that, later I'll have it is murderous. Ok! in May nineteen, thirteen, forty five year old insurance, man and Schriner from New Hampshire is out for a walk with a group of men. After they haven't makes dinner Theodore Office, he becomes ill and quotes thanks to the sidewalk. His friends help him back to the hotel and thirty minutes later he's dead. The death is ruled and acute
of indigestion and apoplexy. Which could mean a stroke, but it's also possible. The medical examiner use this as a random term for sudden deaths, and yet they didn't have the legs. knowledge we have now. So there are like he's dead, it's other stroke, this or that are that apoplexy daylight cannot be. They lift up his coat and they're. Just like is this really feels like? Five sediment and I've gotta go right. so we have to figure out what raising the bone is. There really is all around. I think it's like they were yeah. I tried to find evidence like cranial fuckin,
The item is definitely a if that's the same person and jump my line you're dead me. I find you in the parking lot. It's not she's. A crane geology sets up on your only allowed a yell shut out, and that is the real truly science. No you're not allowed to go out and never never. Never then put it also. What is it just a crane that's yelling stuff I get to do my national geographic, jokes, it's not all boner Joe. goddammit. Are you under the bus? I was just trying to get a job. Ok in February nineteen fifteen it only six year old man is in town on business, from Iowa he's at dinner with a another business man they did back. That's all they do is business centres Excuse me, I'm gonna go to my room. I couldn't go to the bathroom. He goes up there and then he quotes throws himself across the bed and soon in convulsions and fuck and dies
on the bed and when they go to check it out, they find in the bathroom and almost empty six sounds bottle, labelled poison. with a skull and crossbones. Probably yeah. I've seen that before it, here's the nobody left right before he died quote. I got the wrong bottle love to all always kind of a joker. Now I think I didn't you like. I think they put you know: mouthwash poison in the same bottles that women's rights FUCK guy, screwed up go by fuck you I bet they were drawing our business man. I hope so so, like ten old, actions later. I guess fashions or call back then later. the wider issue of the midnight pray- God dammit. This is for the rats. While why would you have mouthwash size bottle of poison right near them?
I'm saying these are our great questions. I dont know answer. Somehow, in December. Nineteen. Seventeen after stopping a letter passenger off the sixth floor of the Adolphus Annex, which is a brand new. They twelve sorry addition they can build and shit. The sixteen year old, elevator boy attempts upon the already ascending elevator he's gonna like it's going, but I'm gonna get a nose accurate. He falls a hundred feet to the basement and buys. Obviously Ok, that's fucking, elevator, shaft yeah! It's angry that no point where they like how about a little gate have opened the gate of a basic fuck him.
I mean. Were they not used to moving mechanical things back then? We where they just didn't, have the respects or they were like. If you're gonna do like it's, your everything's, your fall back, then I think up until two thousand and one everything is your father. Oh that's right! You didn't see anybody was every man for actually So in January, one thousand, nine hundred and twenty, just after eleven p dot m on the Commerce street entrance to the Adolphus chauffeur for auto for a different, auto company is fatal three times by the chauffeur from the Adolphus, like, I think it's the leg chauffeurs and they like doing so something like chauffeur wars, yeah that new show on the discovery, let them so it turns out and make twenty people witness the shooting and one of the co worker co workers are the victim, tells police said the man who was dead had started a fight at the chauffeur. Strike several days before share this other dude and the gunman have improves and cut
the space to show that he'd gotten about this guy. The guy shows up in fact, can shoot him. Why weren't they still on strike. They settled it all down. I'm not sure which one you right, you're right. Thank you, I am asking about union yeah an issue. Nineteen. I wish we. Women are always asking you not to ask me about union. As you know, it's my trigger, but it's my passion for Europe This is never going to work. My passion is your trigger. Karen and Georgia story as forward by our therapists who we humans even money. Before us. I mean he's like they must be fine, their greatest. Ok,
Yes, yes, yes, yes, we're back. we're back at the fucking elevator shaft in October nineteen, twenty four thirty year old cook, sixes added Like a melody. You know that an elevator and he's taking us. if a poison, as it should be down here, pretty soon instantly killed by the descending I would imagine they, like you, gotta, think about the ripple effect of all of these people who watched people die in the elevator shaft sure they get a free night at the office. Yes, you can have the you'd there's aspect or you can have trying to think of old fashioned dishes, just a bunch of gravy us it's on us. You know HANS whom conall just how much consummately
but a bunch of herring, no sides included. This reminds me sidebar. My dad told me a story, one time: disease of Fire fire in San Francisco and one time they were to call and when they got there, It was an elevator that had dropped. May I locked the door, I think they drop alive. Although I do always after he told me the story check, you know, there's a typically aside, every elevator you can check the less time is inspected, as your descending as long as you're, like oh my I'm a good, oh shit. Ninety three- and so I am told me that they walked, and I think it was a bank or some old building in San Francisco, and they walked In the end, the elevator car was all the way almost all the way down. In the end, a guy's footpath sticking out of it and he had stepped into the elevator car and then it draw with his way something happen. The car snap drop caught on his foot,
so the only thing that was keeping it from continue To fall down was the fact that I have so many questions. Ok, wait! So he's good was still on his body, yes stall. Yes, while because he was hanging upside down in the travel elevator. Yes, ok and so a p. He had moved the elevator was dropped, We should not have moved because he was penned by the top of the key was basely penned by being stuck like now. Ok, so that now there's nothing ok about that man end up. Ok, I believe, because they had two and of course, I'm not kidding, I'm sure that when my dad told a story, I was like seven. A mouthful of honeycomb use. Long ears like here is another thing for you to be terrified of the rest of your fucking eyes, elevator. Yes, I guess
I had to get a jack in like they went out to a car, gotta Jack, and then they had to hold the guys. which was smashed and then Jack the elevator car up enough to get him out yeah take. What have I done? There would have fun comedy sidebar. That was you don't it is. I just there's things like this that, because of my father been holding inside our years and now I can get them out like four thousand. people at a time give it to them, they love it. It's not eurozone. More is this if they do its first responders shit. This is, please have some respect for the first responders than the horrible things they see it all time, man guys abusing valley anxiety. I highly suggest you start upon US interests spill. All your shit, you just get it right out its great moving onto more shed great man February nineteen, thirty hot model she must have ugly head, she's, fine,
she walks in TAT room of a six year old man he's a hat salesman. She's gonna know this is this is dirty I had salesmen locks into a bar. No first of all, when of U verse model, they just stick among those diary. I'm ahead, I don't really understand this. Either thing no ask them, because I have them to ok. She's gonna go help him with his just, maybe he's whose photographs of her in the jaunty little I dont now in a had. Only the point is: The boy, the man is nowhere to be found, and she noticed that there's a torn window scream and so she notifies the staff and the man's body is soon found in an air shaft, why You know the young woman tells authorities that the man had recently been despondent and told her. He would not see his family again how to begin to the aircraft accord
into the news. The newspaper the force, the court, the force gained in the fall from the eighth floor, where he fell from caused a body that, through the galvanised iron Ruth of an air shaft in one of the inside courts. He plunged through the item of the shafts- and fell through that, where the blades of the air that's the greatest lost our shared and then that explains the loud crash and puff of dust from fans reported by kitchen employees the night before cover the consummate. put your hand. Now I don't know that's just a little bit made up by S Helen Murphy, then I'm gonna stick to it and now fact wow fluid and it would make sense so yeah that kind of an impact and just like what means that shit out bomber. Ok, ok June, nineteen, forty,
a crowd gathers outside the hotel when a man with his clothes ablaze follows from the I'm floor and dies on impacts on the bottom. Some witnesses, thought he was overcome by smoking falls. Other people thought he jumped to escape the flames four days later, effort of it. What is called an extension investigation, but who now has extensive for day investigation into the man sat jurors, decide. No state laws were violated during the incident, though Nowhere is the fire explains and they all got it we stay at the hotel! I made that up, but probably the coroner walks up. That's totally apoplexy. If I've ever seen, yeah where's my free aspect in August nineteen, forty six? Ok, according to fire, Marshall, officially one year old man wakes up and takes his burn, pillow and sheets into the back room
he had fallen asleep while smoking and look better liar shown ears like undergoing a bundle this up and put it in the tub. Then he die. After inhaling smoking gas, when the fire starts back up again, you didn't like tampered out. I dont know: well, don't smell. Embed France and also don't frank and smoking has, I think, that's a piece of it. Degenerative air hair, the fires tight. I that's right, ok all right, sir, some fuckin murderous shit, so you guys are here, for I mean the guy, but that suit on fire areas that alone is amazed at what was his thing at the jury. So It was fine, everything's fine. He grabbed the wrong. Bottle it's mine.
in nineteen fifty nine July, the body of a twenty five year old sex worker, is found in a small courtyard fourteen Floris below her room The Dallas morning, news described the woman's body plunging down the fourth by eight in set in the building and hitting the walls ass. She went down and also included the details of such things as what the book she had been reached being that was lying on their bad, which was a fool. There was to be ready I love it. Not like twilight. The this error get up and said: a cunning women who uses her irresistible charms to seduce and abandoned a series of influential men. You know how we like to do yeah, there's signs of a struggle, but the case remains unsolved for months
Many men are question, but it isn't in some months later, in January, nineteen, fifty nine, when an eighteen year old woman was beaten and left for dead at a mercantile at the Mercantile Continental building in a closet and in thought authorities by a man named, will leave Phil pot who had worked at the Adolphus and they question him and he confesses to both the beating of the woman at the mercantile who survived and the murder of the woman at the Adolphus noun. He tells authorities that he had been working out the Adolphus and had delivered food to the woman's room throughout the day and she invites he says, invited him in for some whiskey and while they were talking quote his hand, began to twitch in a way which has like do that's when you leave mean great idea, the murder hand starts going to go back to your own fucking room. Yeah, take a cold shower friend. Turn yourself in maybe eighty so turns out over murder hand. Could you put me into a cell Laura Hospital
of some kind. I want to see the room adult this gap, Hunt, Hunter content, haunted hunted, smells weird also, human gas, huge area like and that was seven dollars and I am truly okay. So so He says that each invited a man his him, his murdering ambient, at which he choked sir and then, when she stopped moving, he threw out the window. I went back to work well, he's also ass to the murder of a ten year old girl in long view and he's executed for that murder. Well, yeah March, nineteen, seventy one, a witness, says he warns of the hotel order to make sure the elevator cars on the second floor he's gonna load in some band equipment. Member that swing dancing. We waited thanking seventy one. So it's a bare air
did it. This. I don't laugh like that. I don't know. What's up with no Glenn Guy coming back die like I'll show you he's having you revenge illustrate just after reply after the hotel Porthos, as the elevators right here see, steps Hindu, it guess what they're. Ok, it's it's like with this whole vader? Never is now I'm telling you this, but an elevator a murderer, and yet it is the most fame This spirit that everyone claims to see at the Adolphus, of course, is the link then, why which I think every popular hotel has to have yet the stories A young woman was left at the altar getting mansion.
Killing it Mary absorbing the depression around, she was so upset that her fiance didn't show up for the wedding that she hang herself and the hotels Grand Ball room on the nineteenth floor, and now she the halls of the Adolphus sobbing and trailing after hotel ghosts. Many goes. We are seeing an apparition of a young woman in old fashioned bridle gown. Can I just ask one question absolutely sure: trailing after ghosts, did I say that hotel Yeah, I know, but think of it. The theory is the ghost at HANS Other goes stats horrified. That is that's next level sucking empty meter shit where you are like, let us back. Because I shouted the app.
ghost union gets involved, tat man at their haunting people. Why per goes leave. Please don't The hunted hungry they I'll see, but the guests I'll see the ghosts of a young woman in an old fashioned bridle gown. On the nineteenth floor, she's been seen one in other areas of the hotel as of searching for something and when people create they. Like sneak up to the nineteen floor, I think it is under construction for a while. They always felt just wrote they. Different temperatures, yeah and Felix someone's watching them because they like it's hot it's cold as hell, maybe it's hot or cold, and it looks like a building from the 19th twelve p dot m. But it's not it's haunted, guess regularly. Own front ass, to report heavy footsteps in the hall or muffled conversation and empty rooms, and when security goes to invest. there's nobody around, and they
also. The employees of important strange activity in the hotels maids will feel I'm sorry. Hotel staff will feel a tap on the shoulder when no one is around. That's not a good will now in just sidebar, but I am today. I got no brag breakfast room, Sir right now and then I left to go again, walk and introduce I'm at least putting in half and ever since anyway, I got it simply and I are going to do it right now, but when I got back to my room, it was filthy as I left it, but there room service tray was gone and I snuck uninstall, your I didn't ask for it. we removed I kind of his thinking. I might go back to that to those berries and it was like is we're that someone. I will even took just the trade: no one in my room or made a bad or didn't anything helpful gaming. You
Just like you will be taking it. Back now we only have one. You can't just pick your food for four hours, romantic target complaint than sorry we're not staying it off as otherwise it would not have happened. Ok, Babo Blob our tender say that model move around and shared by now and slip up on the airline. in Khartoum to Tom Cruise. Ok, there's several videos on you, too, meaning to as on Youtube and show you that show elevator doors in the nineteenth floor that opening clothes on their own and that the courtesy found on the desk their rings all the time to and no one's around the line. One is video of yeah, ok suffers a video by someone named Aristotle lack. He said as we were on the elevator at the adopt. This hotel in Dallas got up at the nineteen floor
and all the elevator doors were opening and closing like crazy room in the phones were ringing. This happened. Nights in a row and I don't think there's any volume on it, which is even Croupier, ready Buddha. We get a watch, how good The opening and closing. Thank you for that and we could run video Ivan. Neither asked J M is like a non. That's ringing in the video ring ring ring, ring and then look. These are opening an ok opening everyone's for hang out. Why is that one? Opening my mother, that when just open, why my narrating this they just started like thing being being closing opening goddammit. This Must we scary and why not Well I mean they are all opening close. Any can't argue that no their freedom Also I just saw ghost run by. Did you see it? He was
because he was working a slip, not shirk. I get on with my own eyes the ghost with the cargo short areas. Ok, so adult this has embraced the Hunter reputation day. There's a stop on a hunted tour, that's called the nightly spirits they stopped by the bar. The hotels. None was one of the I can swank highest hotels in Texas, and you know it's really nice man, but people go there just to look for Ngos, and The office was added to the natural national register of historic places, blah blah blah top ten hotels by a bunch of travel guides and citizens construction. Nineteen, twelve they had office has maintained a reputation for being fancy and slinky and guess want to keep coming back, which they think is why the ghost Swell Lee that is the deaths and goes the Adolphus Khatami's. I want to see.
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He going into these old shows and be trying to remember, like this experience, that we have is so lake it basically is like one of three: the internet. We walk in the back door. We get walk down along hallway, yes, it in a green room. We put on our make up, we do our hair. You George tries to convince me to pose with her for an instant round. I say no and if you do it I'll, kick you in the shed and then I got my says this photo you like. Oh it s not about his head and then she says, dont forget filters and then I'm like Lamb ACT. It goes on and not without dresses. We fuck em. This is stupid, pulls up my spanks for me, oh there's, so much teamwork, I forget, said, strap my shoes on before a zipper. My tight ass dress, so I have to force advance like a slave to me. I thought my head: and when
get into stuff like that I stepped out of the hallway and say you guys do it. You need to do as a pressure ritual, that's fine, but then it's really funny. He's an inn in talk. Some of these some of the places are very different, and so my story is gonna, be from the DC constitution ha yeah. I think we both where every second twenty nineteen, so this is a lot of stuff, happens DC constitution. How we had a lot of peak experiences there. Absolutely the look of it was very distinctive, so I can remember, being there very clearly the odds- It was like a gorgeous emotional tied, the ebb and flow with us they were there, they were laughing, they were gasping. They were right just on the edge of their seats. We had the legendary hometown of the woman who tried her best to tie about Lorraine about it. Couldn't get it out, possibly one though away
for the drunk as person, that's ever been on a stage she likes you wish is serious. Junk, yes pursues, don't even know me. missus low and we're events then seen but he'll have them come up to him and weight in the wings with him, and he said of FUCK our or not making front over, I'm sure, she's, lovely and was nervous whatever and not explained against aid under I been Karen, we ve been there, when we talk about no judgment, is on drunkenness I'm telling you that if I even had a nice concept of judgment about drunkenness, I would be some smoke, down by the Lord, because I have been in appropriately, drunk in so many churches at so many babies hours in so many situate. I've had my alarm high school. I feel bad laughing. You can laugh its is the kind of thing we're.
I want you to understand that, whether that woman does that every night or if she just as it wants a year, I don't give a shit. I fucking loved it. I made my day and that's the kind of their work we'll go. Oh my god, I'm so embarrassed. I got so drunk last night. I always go. That's the point yeah? Whatever you did you, you fucking peat and driveway whatever you did that you're so humiliated by that the agreement that you entered into her interested in having mature and air signature. By the way, I don't want people it's it's like you can have the shame, but then leave the shame. The other shame or at the garbage now do something with the shame, that's constructive. If that's what you need to do, which oh We understand that too If the shames been sitting there for a long time- and you can't get it to move- then maybe drank lesser- you don't have some ashamed. A fucking deal with in you're, just not shovelling at all over the place totally but If you're gonna have one great night, do it at the cost?
the tuition, a hall them a huge rectangular, shallow q mongers place and do it I don't know if it is the same night, because I was actually a series of sharing this on February. Second, this night I told everybody about the legend, of the Bunny man, and so that's what you're about to hear now was scary to fuck. Its ear area nerving as in this area, because this is what we call this is our hollowing in March. Show Thank you. Miss hollowing. This is the giant. Skeleton show ray ring. I am bringing around that. He never went anywhere. There's people that are now addressing him up as the Easter Bunny like a well dressed dressed and twenty the twelve skeleton up as fishing. I dress of Asthma letter rather Andy, flora, grandmother them.
They're from Psycho put that giant skeleton and a giant rocking chair put a wig on it, ass, the mother from Psycho from other, but don't forget to face mass, because that's important quit quit messing around all right. Here's the legend of the Bunny man for everybody, you first the Amphora tonight. I'm excited to be first because I'm gonna talk about the Fairfax Bunny man. They will tell you is agreed it soup, concrete anything anything about a funny. Man is back in previous shit. Yeah chatter, chatter, chatter: what Superman here it is I was just saying to somebody a couple days ago like don't you think, rabbits are cut. HU. I sedatives like now
You know why she said. No. I was there for this because she had a rabbit on her collar shows like I don't think, rabbits are creeping. I wouldn't be wearing them on my dress, if I thought they were creeping. Sometimes I do that. We're like I see a sentence pop up into my head. I'm like just say it see what happens it didn't Michael is going to be offensive. I was really China relate that's a second, the fact of their life. Its impact is my way of life in an opposite fact in her life, so just you know the. I got a lot of information from the washingtonian dot com, smart for people there, Thus a website called only in your state as dummies, you didn't graduate school. The I don't know if only in your state, if they have one for
You stay earth, it's just for sharing data. Do they took him. Because I thought it was hung in this day, and so this is. Part of this has been an urban legends around these paths for the bass voice. I dont know others Logan. So we're starting here long ago, Can someone start a campfire, really, lady? I await these speakers on fire long ago. There were, as an insane asylum in the woods. This is how you know its nerve and lodge idea whenever bills and incentives. I live in the world, just that one crops he lived out right and then, after that there were like we gotta, stop doing. There's no need to put these things in the world there,
it has an insane asylum woods dividing the town of Clifton from Fairfax Station ass. I looked at both of those cities on Google maps. Today they are gourd, ok, but the, close in both of those towns, didn't like the idea of having a having a hospital but the criminally insane. I dont know if they are criminal in Saint Ives within it, the criminally insane house so close to their city, so they started a petition to close the asylum they sound like great people. It's like, down a little and then or over or I await known back there. We go yes back. Ok, that's great it's funny.
and bridge I'm trying to set a scene of things being in the forest? Yet, let's not skipper heads a bogeyman. Brigitte Forest forest creepy hate it stay out of line magazines everywhere. Because these are, they did a big data in nineteen o four, They closed the asylum and all the patients are piled into a bus, Nineteen therefore exists if you print out or urban legend and read it aloud like no. No, I don't think so very unlikely, probably not so they get into a big yellow bird agree on what MRS Partridges driving and the and all the inmates are driven. The patients are driven Morton, prison, great, ok,
That's a prison nearby on the way the bus, Swerves and crash is ours and after the crash all they all of the patients run into the forest most it. are caught and brought back to Orton Present, except one man, name Douglas Griffin- so while their searching for Douglas Griffith authorities fight a trail of half eaten gutted rather and many more hanging from a nearby underpass tunnel. The Fairfax station bridge, I probably should have brought the tunnel up now when it made this online.
I didn't know what work is again. I don't know what you do. It's great to know. We could use your very wise creepy escape I've ever seen this fuckin. These wages have now changed and I know we can do funny now that we can develop gives ledges. We want better turn, nada. That give was made by someone named SAM, Wolf Connally, the entire website was called Samuel commonly dot com, so I got really scared. If I didn't credit this gift, it seem like it seems like a bit deal for samples Conaway, so I want him to get credit aid seems to be great at making gifts.
You can call them Jeff's if you want to you, but that's not what they actually call as we were somewhere leather ducking age agent is like that you could use a gift and I'm like a word. He didn't casually as if we were in all I'd like you to sentiment, was Indians and unknown and we'll just like one went nuts peanut butter, you nurse then, right, dead, hanging, rabbits, why the police summer crying summer holding each other if its nerve allegedly can say whatever the bug mayhem. So then this the police words for Griffin from months. They can't find him and then
on hollow. We know he had a calendar and the words- and he was like this is gonna. Would you know there's gonna be greatly? Does something on Holloway night at the stroke of midnight hours like what does he have just an amazing digital wire back in nineteen o for nobody there standing by the sun dial all day on midnight and I will help you. Ok, it's Meyerbeer hydrogen. Now
so then on? How will we need several teens that that praise that raises a red flag right there, because the tens in existence all the nineteen? Fifty that's true right that exists is exactly right. Also, anytime, someone uses a very several teens. They dont know what their time there's two or there's five or there's like thirty in their pushing on bus over lotta rules and now we night, several teens Nita under the bridge to hang out and Party Halloween's. There's an ex nineteen o four nineteen o foresaw. What they did is they got one big piece of molasses and they broken off several different pieces buy and eat as an Marie lack gonna shit, their parting came and at the stroke of men, worse
several teens are attacked by and Ex wielding man whose dressed like a rabbit, we don't know, you went to a second costume shop. You gotta digits. so I can watch sir. I skipped ahead now address like rabbits. Are there just attacked with an ax, ok all right, the next morning several teens are found hanging from the bridge. Jesus scudded, like the rabbits Douglas Griffin, had left in his way and when police finally find Douglas Griffin at that tunnel overpower I wrote overpass that it would really be. The underpass part is not on the top. four years on the top because He runs away from the police onto the tracks and is hit by an oncoming train and after that, train passed. They heard Douglas laughing now what
and then its eventually revealed the Douglas Griffin had been institutionalize or killing his entire family on Easter. Second, ok, so much bull shit, the moonlight recal rose and you have to pick one holiday per urban Legend remain its in EAST Germany or its celebrated on hollow grading. You care how they do it here. Ok, This day it said that if you are at money man bridge at midnight on Halloween night, you too will meet the fate of those several teens and innocent bunnies. and now I just want to share this with you.
why? Why would anyone these are? I was trying to look for things. You know different pictures on the internet and, if you put in creepy bunny or bunny Killer or the Bunny man like this comes up immediately under Bunny Man, yet you're like here's. What you're getting yourself into you sure you want to proceed: click, yes or no click, yes or no love! Google! I- anytime. I see one of those things I'm like Please Andrews me to the person who made that mask because they based on what they think faces, look like an bunnies and monies paid a guy. it doesnt, that's not related. I've swans show that ok this story, first caught started, getting told
it appeared in nineteen seventy three in the University of Maryland School Paper, the fighting rabbit mass- from then Men told and re told by several teens, and they will not guys have you learned anything so here's what you know it's an urban legend. It starts exactly like that. Seen from the fugitive where the bus garages and all those run off the bus. Also and asylum in the forests, as we said it just would never have you didn't exist all these things. I wrote it out. How did he knows jerk a midnight, bloody blip? Ok, so there's an archive s. Fairfax carrying Archive S, name Brian commonly who grew up hearing. Story. And finally, site if he wanted to look into it and see where it came from and what it was all about and so
he researched it for ten years sites and urban legend that suit and at the stroke of media. On new year's eve, you realize he wasted a shit issues like the kind of guy is like I'm a researcher, but get into like heavy are boring. Sir I'm systems stories. People tell each other for fun, so in two thousand to he published what is considered the foremost paper on the Fairfax Bunny Man and thank God It ain't nobody else had even submitted. One leg had dared melons competing with year. Okay, so one of First things he finds out is that Lawton Present wasn't even open until nineteen. Sixteen, so that that it could presenting our driving their big, yellow buster.
There were no records of any asylum ever having been in the forests between those two cities win asylum around me. That's why I'm just gonna now start doing foghorn leg, Mortimer, Russia, when I say the phrase twenty five years also there was no records of anyone named Douglas grit. Living in the area and there was no bridge anywhere near the forests that lies between us. Just a story is nothing without a bridge which were really thought Worley falling apart. Ok, so brand calmly believes that this story, referring to Fairfax Station Bridge on Colchester Road, which that actually was a picture of which was a party stop spot for local, several tens and also is creepy looking tunnel and at it now Google maps calls that Bridge Bunny Man Bridge nuts, as called them.
It's actually officially called that now or you know, Google headquarters here's the twist it actually based on a true story, but yes everybody's. So she then tell me something: tell me about the thing again Is it another bunny costume? Could it be a ok nah, so listen now, yeah merrily nineteen. Seventy seventy! seven zero, ok comes, I Haven T got at their word two incidents in Burke Virginia your cheering for yourself. You have a funny man running around Jerry. You and your during the vote.
Acts wielding bunny man, yes, that high school. So there's too since the first one on October, Eighteenth nineteen, seventy air, Course Academy, Cadet Robert Bennett and is beyond say they have just come back from a football game, around midnight. Now I stroke and there they Went to his uncles house, so there they he decides, he's gonna pull his car into the empty field across the street from his uncles house rate and they're sitting in the car. The engine is on and all the sudden they see. I lost my spot all this sudden. They see something moving outside the rear window. This is on the fifty four block of guinea railroad. Anyone wanting to double check my sources moments later.
The front passenger window is smashed and there's a man in a white suit and long bunny, ear standing near the broken window. The man start screaming at them about trespassing. He says you you're on private property. I have your tag number and, as they drive away, they find a hatchet. the car floor. Neither of them are her ears. Oh I don't get it unites us in this is out of order peaceably later on. Bennets he ends up getting married. It's it's called what's happening. This is this is where I am like and
a case in Burke now, the guy when it happened. The guy was like it's a guy in a white suit with long bunny ears and the wife's like. Actually it was a spanish Caprio d or whatever. However, you pronounces correctly, it is clear that it was that thing. as they say that being Bunny Year's fires, the real hatchet that they found in their car gave it back to them after after the whole thing, and they went ahead and mounted it and put it,
upon a wall next to their singing trout brand calmly, actually goes and finds the bennets there. You know, obviously they were dating when this happened to them. They were now. They have been married for forty five years like talking about it gets here for Fidelity nice. They don't like talking about it, but they did confirm. Yes, this did happen and that only talking over there the fuckin come on. That's that's just for family. It's all! They talk about all the time. That's in their secret bunny man, room off the kitchen next to the trout. If that is so, Basically, he confirms the story not only with the benefits, but also with Captain Bennett's was Captain Nemo Cadet
with Robert Bennets Aunt, who clearly remembers the night that it happened and says that she remembers call me shards of glass out of the girls here also an image and hunting whereas the uncle and all this whose hair was he combing, then two weeks after the Bennet attack, the burning man shows up again a block away. Now this its October twenty ninth nineteen. Seventy you see how work or creeping up on hollow who I see it. There are kickin approach Security guard for construction site named Paul Philips Spots, a man on the front porch of a new unoccupied house. So he goes. This is in Kings Park West also. On guinea run its course Burgess Housing development, so many nice porches. So he comes up unease like about to say: hey, you can't be
and here ever sees a guy in a grey black and white Bunny costume, holding an axe and when He begins to speak. He thinks the man's twenty years old, five ways around. hundred. Seventy five pounds looks like a bunny looks exactly like a terrible, terrible rabbit and and ass he starts talking on. The man starts chopping at the porch post That's like on the side. Only then saying, if you don't get out of here, I'm busting on the head, There is another there's another version of the story where he says: if you do, if you get come any closer I'll chop off your head, which is proper like the punched up version, passing you and head. Isn't it doesn't even seen that threatening we on that thing, where you, like, you can't say the right thing right away. I should have said when I tell him I'm gonna bust him in the dream does is meaningless top of chopped off here
I'm going to chop off your next thing. That's gonna say next time. Ok. So in the weeks following these incidents, more than fifty people contact the police claiming to have seen the Bunny man several newspapers, including the Washington Post report, that the Bunny Man of Man's run the way cat Yazzi made than I do I'm not laughing at a deck at I'm laughing at the idea that a Washington Post report has to go out with the era Kaliko when my doing with my life. there were actually several more wash imposed articles about the Bunny man, one in October on October. Twenty second, the bunny men bandit bunny custom saw in Fairfax.
either one on Halloween the rabbit reappears than a week later, Bunny man seen and then two days after that Both reports are multiplying that someone was born out of there, in eighteen. Seventy three, a student at the University of Maryland College Park names, shattered windshield waving shattered when she area that is a very dangerous mascot you're, just like the bad years near like why it's so little to plague unshattered, glass, the mass gouges world and some chatter glad it's swings their arms at you, not regulation, so sure sure Johnson actually said
It's a research paper said this is years before our friend brain calmly, and its saying that there have been fifty For very Asians, on those two incidents sense, they had been report so basically shit we're starting, I think, a study on urban legends and how stories like this. If you got a nugget of something good like a man in a bunny costume with an ax, that thing is going to go, it's just going to spread and everywhere gonorrhea. The good kind. That gun, to bring home, leaning his in his studies, he finds police reports confirming that the Fairfax County police did for a male and his late. Teens early twenties, dressed as a bunny, never say rabbit.
always burning, but they dont find anything conclusive and in one of the police last police reports. It said, after a very extensive investigation into this and all other cases of the same nature. It is still comes substantiated as to whether or not there really is a white rabbit and so to this No one knows who that funny man was or what motivated him. Brian colonies. Theory was that there was a grumpy old man that that property across the street from Bennets uncles house and that grumpy old? and was very angry about all the development that had been happening in the area. He died about a year before that, first event and sober calmly thinks that is a family member that basically is out there was fighting a good fight for all Grandpa, whenever also in the clear clicks, Clam Breck? Perhaps
perhaps a deep racist body to eat and have the right stuff with them. So is just like just gimme that big mask the rabbit. it's fine, I'm so angry? Now, here's the Good NEWS there has been a film series call the bunny man. Ok, have you seen out Y know, I don't like this: can we read the video use, review, yeah ceremony, Sarah by any man hops onto the screen as the new, more icon, its air, you realize it right there, it's horrible it takes,
recent Chuckie cheese, I watched the first eleven minutes of it only guys afternoon it it's on Amazon. Prime, please feel free to sign out ends. Your password its it's a coral Limburg, film, and you know when you are looking for a film what I reckon does that you look ass? If you look, I'm like I envy the air, the cast list, and it says who played who, if none of the care, there's have last names. You know you're in for a tree, that's like Johnny and Rachel and be in tax and you're. Just like knows, as this is not going to be good, there was, you know, the car Limburg loves Texas, Chainsaw Massacre has the floor. Literally. The first eight minutes are just a series of women
bloody women stumbling out of like abandoned houses, unlike thinking there free and then getting caught it, then it happens again to a different girl and you're likely. It was that other one it back in time- and this is now the president or did is this just to different girls. It got loose what the fuck whose houses that there's no mail box or the last night there's no last name is just as it was just too follow. Do you mind if I just tell you about Bunny Man, please there's just when it gets into. like the part. Really, okay, now our it's their size, people driving a car or no sorry. There are six because there's four people in the back seat of his art. You know how you do it. You know always every if you going alone road trip, you shove port for people really, uncomfortably in the back and then just this big truck comes us ramming the back of the car for no reason, and there like did they pull over
who would pull all her when someone trying to kill you with a trot ex, not the thing to do know you drive a way and also linger big drug. You can probably get away here. I mean it was just a tour cell, but still I mean kick to those people out of vaccine and you're gonna fly that real, but you know what they do they pull over to apologise to the truck making a man and one of the guys that back seat is like send a girl, so she can act, sexy and hill. Forgive us. I swear to God. So then they send her. You can write the rest yourself and you you should so This was such a hit this film that
then there's Bunny MAX. I didn't have time to watch it, I'm so sorry, one by one. They all called down is their tagline. This goes a little bit. This is it's a little bit more. Reservoir dogs II. It looks very much as it has good luck in the oil and the money and then, of course, There's Bunny Man Mass. They didn't call it three big now that massacre this, as there were two posters. I think this must be. The european release varies in the tunnel. I can for its part of the liquid openness. As if he's I'm gonna gas, it says if you thought bunnies were soft and totally think again. Yeah, I confess I can tell So, yes, there is
funny man for how bad you think it smelled in that had made a good method by this boy. They use the same guys you wild generous. Can we get some dried, meaning budget? In this thing she thing: if you have a dream, go for it for one two, three and four times the Tunisian. That's a good message. Tell this story a story of your heart and needs to be told, here's what I love the town of Clifton. you got it will. Then you now has fully embraced this urban leginn local, because
every year, at the stroke of midnight, a hollow. Wouldn't you now know they have a thing called the Clifton haunted trail it, which is the air hollowing thing that they do on the website. The Clifton hunted trailed outcome says it schedule. four October twenty seventh from seventy ten p m. I dont know if that was twenty eighteen or, if their so on their share area. There already planned income. lately set out for twenty nineteen. But the website says eight acres. Still the scary skits spooky scenes doubt it you No, you have to look at this website. There's some upsetting shit on their one. One is per if it's a rat costume, but then the rabbit has these insane like Parana things they give you branded a twelve year old They have a nervous breakdown and there was a picture would like it looked like a stealthy, but it was all evil clowns everyone's into it. It s easier,
monster movies under the moon. Concession stand selling third drinks. Another goodies, please refer to the vendor page for more information where sturdy shoes, so you walk down a trail. That's one! Half mile long in the woods now and then, like TAT, bill. Rabbits and clowns come at you and snacks insulin drinks vendor page, Turkey is available in town and ACT Clifton Elementary, so you ve come to power and then all your ass down the trail which, right there I just be like cancel those tickets. Us can I bring a scooter where their scooters like a lot get one does get around. One person gets to the Grand Canyon either one snappy, arousing
snazzy a rascal did it. We did it as a team. Dogs allowed on the trail. Your dog can't go and then just our biting the shit out of some evil rather know there was a good dialogue with attack and try to save as that's cute all proceeds benefit the town of Clifton. Let's please I'll go to this next year will be there. I think, really click theirs. Cryptic, zoologist name more in common as a blog called Crypto Mundo, any also wrote who wrote the book Weird Virginia and the IRA in any section on the bunny man. He believes that this legend is in direct association with the goat,
and as narrow, they were friends there really good. They were in the army to get really quick and mrs deafening for another podcast, but the goat man of Merryland. Just so you know acts wielding half animal half man creature. That was once a scientist who worked in the principal agricultural research centre, experimenting on votes until one experiment backfired, and then he was mutated into a go. Man who rose the back roads of belts will Maryland attacking cars with an everyday. That's goats, like cars, attacking go there's to theirs. That's two ever made that up needed a pic four of those ten I don T know yet, and this on an up. No, I would love that because most of
This is bullshit my Hirsch eight year parting with me for it, but there is one true horror story about the Lord in prison that is historically accurate and it's pretty interesting so in June of nineteen seventeen nineteen, seventeen there's women suffer gently men called the silent, sentinels okay, so they had men on processing, burn the White House demanding the right to vote. on November fifteen nineteen, seventeen nineteen, seventeen they were arrested and brought to Lord in prison, and that was referred to us. The night of terror as these.
Women were chained beaten one. Seventy four year old suffragette was stabbed with a broken end of her picketing ban. The protests leader Lucy Burns was shackled with her arms overhead stripped and left freezing in a cell Alice Paul, the a hunger strike to protest the torture, so they held her down enforced, fed her raw eggs through a true that they shut down our throats thing about high now you're gonna anyhow and get ready. This is insane This island sentinels were tortured for two weeks, given that prison and then released, but I This is a high. Now the word of this abuse in this prison spread and suddenly everybody started getting really fucking endless suffered at movement and in
Two years later and nineteen nineteen women run the rights of those other bear that who rather, the terror buying. Legendary sorry I believe, if I'm not mistaken, that there the tone of access at that story. Marina, Stephen. You just recently assist like my axe acts work is all over the place wait hold on inside can hear your dog sorrow. Yes, that's frank, you ve done nothing all day. I snoring like circulating around Europe over laughing at the one girl. That's nor way, I'll dynamic. Put francs pine. Some warm hatter
However, I am afraid it through the present. Ok, ok, now we're gonna do the the hometown for this quilts wearing a wrap it up, and this is hometown that got performed in, although it I can twenty eighteen o in Nashville ten, as we were innocent babies, we did not know what was common when I'm just here of living a day? Do you always think I wish I could go back and warn you that whenever I hear a date from two thousand am always like how far we are from nine eleven you know what I mean I wish we could do something about at now, there's nothing to be done here, while the government, one could say the government could have something beforehand, but they didn't why this turned wisely turn. Let's not do your website mayor truth or website right now. That's furrier private likely, that's my other of August nine eleven through their biodiversity,
No, this actually is a very well told hometown story. Also, cold weather, hometown acts out God let every time it's better. It just makes it better it just as We have time away. His right hand is raised right now: you're, disqualified, okay, so down carry Some such tell you. This is really important and you have to listen to me, like you of impair missiles, that dammit listen, roommate me, and my sister say I'll: do it That's that's Rio isn't, for. I was on the phone with my sister ass. She was teaching third grave cause. She's been doing.
for thirty years and she and give a fuck anymore. So we're like gossiping on the phone, even added that out of issues like yeah shopping, Superbus we're talking on the phone she's like anyway. I wasn't this barn super because then she gets hold on. Excuse me room eight. Starts very self righteously yelling at the children of their. How dare you and I'm like floor? We ve been on the phone for ten minutes deserved. do whatever they want. I just picture them. She hadn't, given the many work to do there I'll just stare. Anything so. Here's the rules and the please trust our position is that this is over this time tested and mother approve. We want
It needs to be local. Nobody gives a shit about where you grew up. Nash, Ville or had Tennessee tendencies had any tendency. We care about you in this state you can, He drank being happy so drunk the you can't follow your own stories drinks. I think MAX for me in my drinking data would events seven, but whatever outside its it's about body mass. It's about tolerance. Are you a better storyteller in your drive? Probably how's your diction? Normally here I'm sober and look what's happening. I mean some s, What was the other one? There was really keen and jobs John maker, do make no wreathing. Thank you. You re right, yeah readings lame. I feel, like people know that one already
everyone hates. Oh, yes, you have to remember that because you got chosen everyone else hates you're, so I wouldn't come up her being like. I first want to give a shot after my body like no act like you, you have thirty seconds or everyone's about to kill you yes, ameliorated. I sorry anyway, if you can win them over. Yes in one just know your uncle on not poor. All probation programme was a provision. This is it their crime has got ok and it's my turn to pick no sorry. We got ya lights a little bit I'm sorry hey, doing less hurry, pointing out you are you coming soon? you here, everyone go on
Oh and then you need to go. Oh behind you there's look advance. We everyone he's missing. The royal rumble further only appreciate at all That's his surrounding their hold that up again, those of giant I and a giant ear. Looking listen shout out so that I hold up a giant don t here. Did I can They are currently bail every one and I watch out another one in my ex husband yeah. He works for the prisons and was the the guy that God, out, like no law, he was his helper. He was actually you like said something to help get America's here
we'll do. Is he just if there's any place, you can say Shit headed so you're. My ex husband is a real shit. You got them all on your side now, my murder, it literally happen next door nor I live yes, woe! Ok! This is good for a quick question is now. Is there anything we need to know about John Brown or that situation that I didn't say? Probably some gay step happened to him husband, excite me otherwise, where'd you. Where are you from actually here in national, live about three or four miles away from here so openly and hardy at your hearing? Kimono could for yeah? Ok, so
The story is that my next door, neighbours by had a few children in their eldest son under BAR and he was a good guy. You know he had some issues, but what hey. We all do we all know that he broke up a domestic violence situation and he was very like he did the same thing you know like every so he become over every Saturday morning and visit with his parents? Well, the guy. That he had separate the funny way he did make a big deal out of ie, just like get the fuck out of here and and then he told hurries like you can stay here, will buy you a drink and she's like, but anyway, in their course, they got back together because We all know how that works anyway, so the guy got mad and
comes over and until now these are like the nice people the World day. He walked me. No. We're walked in and was visiting with his mother and dad and the guy walked in and knew that he would be there and shot him dead in front of his family next worthier, how next door- and I'm telling you like these people- it just good people. So maybe within two years the mother, they're both died and the house is sitting empty and probably won't ever be. Read it, and then it was like a big deal because in the happen about maybe eighteen years ago, the guy got caught. He like was in a car wash and like this. What like National got. These are swat team and we would like yeah yeah. That's the murder next door, and so now we call it the murder house, because it is the murderer. Yes, it is as long as if an empty for four. I would say that, yet
it's actually a thousand line- has been empty shell of them. other side that is my child, is my child. Surname cayley, bail Caitlin by all its ok relating me. Absolutely I was moved to arraign right. We ve we ve quilted, it together. Once again, we have thank you for joining us. Thank you for being there when spirit with us, ants yeah just keep it real were were at the beginning of the under the quarantine organ How do you sound just believe it well, you're, not wearing a hug. You at their house right now, I wouldn't know just floating on the air. That's good lack! That's good luck is it thinks I might say that
everything, but yes, ok, I think nice I guess I should just safe Frank, Frank, Frank, you're, good aren't you in that, and I guarantee pat machine and I'll say, Saxony and I'll get my word Elvis Tijuana cookie
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