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276 - Live at Vicar Street in Dublin (2018)

2021-05-27 | 🔗

On this week’s former Fan Cult exclusive, Karen and Georgia cover murderers Colin Howell and Catherine Nevin.

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episode of Epstein shadow delay. Maxwell streaming now only on Peacock sign up the peacock dot com to get started? Guy. do you know that I know of people. Why would I finished my man ever start over six, where there is real locally
this is our second night. A very our big tour, or here are so pretty Ok, bye hearing that one thing so oh man, we're area. This is a weird thing that we're doing here. Why can I just say: here's where, like this country, absolutely aside from us, for my people are and where my people were, of course, my people as one lady yelling at the top people. Do you
Let's have a kind of cookie here, that's covered in chocolate. They you pretend is good for your help and looking all about that, I ate like six of them back stay there digested so good for you, my guy, you died. I really mean really, I feel so bloated travelling. It's my keys, six more scandal- I am, I am just eat, just like trash so far like I'm gonna eat healthy on the shores of lake when I get back not happening, to this morning of its morning at five, a m worrying this dawn, those doin Vince and I couldn't sleep like- did the whole lagging thing. And then you know, both lying there quietly like as easily, and then you have to go
these sleeping now, so we ve got to get up and want to fuck it twenty four hour, Mcdonald's, only thing open. It's amazing american restaurant. If you haven't been theirs, they have. The dishes are incredible. We first we started. We got the starter, sadness, men, we moved under regret, and then we stood up for like twelve more african hours, that's how they live. Yeah I've watched I've been alive and I've watched a lot of television hair. You guys seem too. Game shows on all the time. I don't understand how they work. Either is blues things and you have two legs: did you really have been united in terms of Michael Jackson, video men? Do it?
and then, of course, just tons of law and order, which is, I guess, and international sensation you always gotta slice of home at some on order on t want or whatever it is, that if we study the culture see, we were absorbing your culture, Mcdonald's. In our t, raves straight here, annual you're, getting room service and and people coming to your door that our irish blokes well, I say thank you for setting me out so very ago better than I do. This is how we do it I bet there's people here that were here last night. Rain pretend this is new, don't don't look at people next year and we looked like this- is all we we fear for forty eight hours. So what
We got here, as you know, there's a deathly heatwave hitting Ireland that we, barely surviving survive. And we talked about a lot last night and then some sassy ass girl to you that, as someone like so to be able from California, cannot deal with the Irish Sea way that she is here, you re to you, I was no. I really don't, but I was way nicer than would have been conversationally, because I was basically like yeah. You guys don't seem to know about air conditioners, wouldn't so when I got to my hotel, our own, we landed here. There is no Air conditioning in my room so is like a little bit warmer inside than it was outside, and I was standing there like just Jim on the thermostat dislike turned to make it go down, nothing's happening nothing's happening, and so of course I have. I'll down to have someone come up because I'm about to die,
firstly, in my hotel room, so I and I am convinced that those thermostat, so they put on the walls at a hotel rooms, are just props, they're, just a piece of plastic with arrows up and down. Then there's like video screen behind its early just watching idiot tourists, everybody the front desk laughing there I thought so I called down I'm like can someone please come up and it just as before I fucking die unfair, I middle age. This can't stand, I can't do it
three minutes later. There's a knock on the door when I opened the door, it was like a younger hotter, Gerard Butler. I swear to God, whereas, like covered in travel, Greece, I was suddenly slick. Eighteen hours of travel, Green truly hung up if you of all people here you're, never on the postcard for Ireland, I've never seen now have my cousins look like this at all.
this morning when we were walking around those like. Let's just see this like it's ninety and which is not my time lets you do stuff on the list that I want to do anyway is so we are told last night and our aid we are screamed out last night. I gotta boots, go to pennies, so much better, much better. I need a blackberry. I took my off in the plane and fuckin lost it re. Let's do it if I throw it out the window by United Thought of after you tell that story last night. What if there is a super creep? There was sitting in a seat behind that saw, come off and was like that. Several very brought me where the urge your browser,
we're trying to find fagging, pennies and walking in everyone's going to work, and they hate ask is like we're to people in the road and, like everyone hates to people on the road. When they're going to working, I mean, and you turn around beyond mere fucking umbrella- cause. It's raining, and I just liked you like such an asshole tourist, so couldn't find pennies, because Europe is a fucking idiot and it's wrong all the time I thought so the sweet girls walking by M you hold on hold on hold on hold on. We don't know if it was the person about fire of someone just got strangled today, because that was the most unholy sound come out of anyone's man might have been if it could have been his foot stamp on access. Somebody will she said to me: I guess girl now here. Do you know this gross it? It was it was. I'm not taking shit. I swear. I go
always pennies. I thought it was generally negative pennies and she goes something like this. EL, I can just say I can't say that Irish try it try it. I had it in the hotel room and I can't say it now: eggs desiring me. Don't look at me, pull out a lot of pressure. I can give you an impression, I do it, but she says that pennies, a department store like I met the oak like I have lost my face and Ngos. Sorry tourist, so easily asked for that play a nose is like a list of my clothes. Are you wearing your tall socks and your camera around your now? I had like a yellow. That's never liked her vast, because you are there to help children cross the road map out nice that we didn't go to pennies, just at no great work that I should again.
their matter everyone's mad at you? It wasn't really her. Ok good pursues a fucking kind to you guys. Sorry, sorry, I question: do you think that you could simply explain how why you made that noise footstep, which is it Really really I'd say: you're a great start, moving on,
so we went down you if you're in the audience- and you scream like you got stab in the back- will definitely attack you for that. We tell the story last night, but when we can't this was actually the most beautiful welcome. I think that we could have asked for when we came through customs, the man behind the customs window, Ass does the purpose of our visit and then we had to say business, and then he asked us what our business was to talk about regional early, fuckin, awkward, trying to explain in a way that won't get us sent back home. What our businesses and Georgia starts to explain and he goes.
I asked her is an american last. Come here come through here on Friday. She told me all about it. She was saying, can take all of you now euro screams again finding slowly attacking no one's doing anything. and then someone on their way over here I had to tell their over driver. What they were doing like an idea and had been listen, we ve all been there when we had to explain what it is and we learn to say a true crime, comedy podcast Xenon toward murder in there with strangers. Even it sounds like this is personal tweeted at us treated this story and it sounds like they had to use the word martyr because then the cab ever are. You. Goths are not going to ask for the world
sister you guys get away in a way we're all goths we're gonna pick on this issue, Pick on him, the guy, you do ok, so some speak. I hear forgot. Just missed dates. Mess states up is a bank holiday. Yesterday And you didn't know that is because we're last night he meant to night- and I just know he's here. We gotta minutes my, but I want to make its views and I were in bed. That's any like do you want to get this guy and he forgot about that. There are no check and make sure its legitimate slinky, but give us his fucking. Maybe talk so much and guess what his name ass. Conan
Cloning and for the whole show your Conan stand by what I did. They didn't, I can't say, shit out area to refuse a sustained. Maybe that's why you can hear your date straight. You stand up right now, baby scope and does it in the corner of the stage Just slipped your mind, not a big deal. You don't you hate that, though, like I can imagine his partner every brought was like so disappointed in him and last she's area. Somebody said yes, I can just like fuck yeah does there are on the verge and then he was like. I don't know it I'll see. I was gonna email. The venue like freaking out emphatically whether someone help us God
Let's see what an excellent deserve to radio. Let's hear it. we're walking around the city this morning, blah blah blah cap based are opening a cafe. Called meltdown puts out Sandwich Board. You work there. Ok, then you know what this body imagine Zena. She has seen meltdown our baby. I get this. This is what their I almost any other studies like you know, it's better is just a red in front of a bunch of people who might not laugh at it. The way I laugh at it. So this is what never give away. They rank they're, not gonna lie in Austria is not here for that. You're gonna love this here's, what here's, what those chalkboard said in other sandwich, word we dreams are made of cheese. Who am I to disagree? I shudder the world and the federation every,
I am still gorgeous everybody. Looked in Brazil like a wagon kobay, after my own words, so it's a cheese based cafe down. Oh yes, I love it
but what about our clothes? You take a walk wanting like show everybody here, you're sure, that's the one dress the we were only wearing this for the next day the minority smells like Stilton. So it's going to be. I had asked adding gene and sock lines up my leisure. Let's talk about you, we will color bodyguard underneath address boy, that's right, a black ones. Guy yeah! Just me, I gotta pennies, just be happy, I'm wearing when there are so happy, I my has pocket. Thank you so much. Thank you deadline. Thank you! So much I just fucking fit.
A whole we'll stilton and these pockets. If I want to be problematic out at math, that's really. Why not? This dress? Half an hour is partly because that it has the here just pockets, I've ever seen, and partly because it reminds me of the dress to pat Benatar, whereas in the love is a battlefield video I've been looking for that dress. Since I was twelve years old, I finally found a I love the banks, but the problem is, I didn't, bring a key piece If this dress, though I wore this city show that we didn't allay together at the Orpheum, but except for, though I were slip underneath it, because this is a truly plunging neckline. Mrs, like my family, would be horrified if they saw me right now, but I
got to slip, and then I was just like you know: the girls are coming out for twenty eight seen. What can we do? I love it and I love it. There was never like a second like you were just like it and bring the slip and those just like women look and wearing. This is a Europe they loved kits over here at TED speaking. This is my favorite murder. Now that's caring, Kilgour Charge, Ard start here. Oh you should take that certain seasons. Not here was no Stephen that are even heater. Cats are gonna, fucking watch them, even though cats obsolete could watch means special a day, been their doors, need their own constant instagram stories posed every thirty minutes according to see them. Yes, yes, that is true, even recording their lives, for you miss a moment and then extreme close up. So it's so blurry. Just don't even know what you're looking at any more, but they look happy so it's ok,
there's a lot of doubt near voice right, I don't buy it now. We love everything. You do Stephen he's so nice. We miss you see. If he's not holding US hostage doesn't have things recorded a hunter arrays and won't. We ve never said anything bad about anyone with them, granted there. He we don't know when he hits record when we on the days that we record he's just sitting. There were the headphones on while she and are doing all different kinds of things straight into a microphone, so it could be gossiping it deciding to be. We can be highly political and we don't know if he's recorded at or not until I get a recording
island, mustachioed, nod, sank, have out you get like hold up a sign, or somebody must so we know when you are taking our words permanently, putting them somewhere digitally that I can't explain to your right lie. The cloud is its parliament up it's a little over them straight to the sidelines someday
going to put a super cut together of the show? That's all fucked up shit, we're like right, American! I like I quit and I hosted that, let's give him a raise, he's gonna get us over the barrel. We love you see that we talk to Stephen up in the sky like he died. We just don't understand speakers. A microphone so much that you and I are just like they're, probably there's like a speakers like us, there's Stephen up there there's a cassette player. There's some kind of a Stephen happened analogue men. Oh my mom contentment, my mom! Would you she, of course we never do don't
for a month and then we have to talk the day before I leave to Europe in case I die. She is like needs to tell me. She loves me that laying her thing, it's really healthy emotional, anyways love. You miss Stevens, how my Mama lover JANET Tenet, but she So she calls me the day before and how are you going to France, like France, whose ok well
what we are here, your jewish star, like you're, sorry David has like ok. I fuckin haven't worn one since by Bob midst like ten years ago that such and I was like, ok and she just because you know, there's anti Semitism over there. You know you're here she's, like fuckin bullet telling the whole state state of brown, bread generalizations. What baby boomers there is. What I'm saying will also like the idea that a you would word you Starling as a fun necklace like either it's gonna, be your live. Love, laugh necklace, sending your agenda. I can't decide which k jewish star. Secondly, like that's anything that happens in your life and secondly, like we dont, have sucking nazis marching in the street in Amerika right now, Jane
It is displacing her fair and projecting the mind of France in a major way. It's Francis ball primes. France will get you what about Orange County, it's so much closer. I love that so much closer anti semitic Georgian, so I put my jewish star on what are we to do flag carriers and now it's time to talk about Israel, she's. Ok, thank you, love sitting down, despite the I've baths I've taken since I've gotten here
I don't like an old barn door. Well, there it is younger, go hold on hold on so demand slower, love it like this. The people listening homer like these looking applauding for their church here what the fuck I like it like this yeah. My word by higher boil, get us a pack of cigarettes thing about murder, unresisting carried out. It is hard not to drink alcohol misconduct.
Thanks for that weird matter, applause, the men, men, nothing to make it is so hard to drink alcohol. This guy I'm getting. I do it all. You ve been doing it since we got here. No, there was a couple were on our flight over. Are you coming going a little, but I dont, maybe dont, know how right here so I may, the Mai, it isn't my height Fuck it I'm staying here. this table accuse me like tiny. I doubt it for me, but I mean I just feel like a little kid. I think this is a kid stable, but we talk about murder. You know they can't stop us Erica There was some drunk people on our flight that were near. My we're in business. section, so get to lay down lay down fly. All you gotta do is turning your bra
it's just a very easy payment of one about Georgia. One fifteen dollar bra, but there was a drunk too young people that were and then in the adjoining pod named thence in Georgia, doesn't bust you all this shit. You talked about no, but the guy was it. Was that thing I think he was actually nervous to fly but he'd had, like probably I'd say for, point five francs, so what he ended up doing a standing next to his pod and telling people how to get into their part, like he just started, trying to running business class like he was a fine attended, a kind of, but of more like a bossy dad with a weird necklace on, whereas just like you take your drink and set the fact back down, sir, he was
like. You you put this up here. Do you want to switch heat started, trying to get the lady in my adjoining pod to switch for someone else, because he thought I was with events, so he was like when we gotta get these people to switch, and I didn't catch on for a long time until. Finally, when Vince came over to say something to me and then the guy goes with it look, I try to go to reproduce which- and I was just like drunken The clown, that's easy, drunken, like drunk ongoing jungle, declare uncles the clowns good Minsk him already able to tell you, knowing that. you'd- want to know that you can put your like, don't fuck and talk to me boy there yet, because when you don't have the blind or up the way on the plane, we were on issues like these we Es shaped adjoining pods, so facing backwards and then
this little old rich lady is facing for wine, or this, but you're like next right here like we're travelling together as this crazy, you can put your feet, we want to hold hands and then she is like I do it all the time. I will learn new, We are usually in store, so we're in the knees and the mouth area for most of our time so hasn't every decided who goes first base on the horrible nests of the murders, because you got it. You gotTa Anna back, and I know we ve learned on these trips a high murder now we should remind people that you are new to this, that this is a murder pod cas, like we tell every taxi driver with mixed in with a little comedy. You know sometimes,
Well, don't like thousands, that's it it's they. They assume the worst of what our intentions are, who we're talking about, how feel about the fact that be, people's lives were cut short horribly. So this
there's something you think you might have a problem with. We invite you to fuck off right for the best I mean it. I get away. This is essentially a dealing with our anxiety pike. Don't you fucking, judges are now deal with our backing and baby like, for example, last night, when we had our whole town, murder and the women came, I began to tell us about it and like halfway through someone in the middle back over there goes that's my auntie we're like leave the lively ass. We think she's gonna be like back you with lights came up, and the joy on her face was UK or IDA longer this stage and told the story she actually didn't have any more information and the pigs. Oh that's right. She did the two of them knocked out of the park, so you guys have a lot to live up to the way it was pretty good,
good. She just gave herself her own standing open. You can do a great young, you deserve it. You did sorry Ethos Eba, I said he Sorry. We also I've never heard that name before my thought. We don't have enough about it. I don't have that. There is also this sweet baby angel in the front row that we just like fuckin. Just like a pig on but help us. We made her help as it was Louise pronunciation. So we brought. We leave not so bad that an issue, research area we let them come there, lazy up there. you're. So far away that sire, you can't help us. We need a new new new. Louise is our somebody. So listen take up. looks like me ray: what's your name,
all when another, my name's I've never heard of a poor princess always rates. Are you from Ireland? Are you irish? Ok, I think I never mind really is worse. Forget it so organ
go to you. We need pronunciation help or of every new start screaming at us about something. Like I don't know, we ve been named with the mistake Georgia made on Instagram or she called Ireland. She I didn't know it was Stephen. She said it was part of the UK and then she was. I didn't. Do it I didn't say I don't know I didn't realize I didn't realize not happen, I'm so sorry, I'm gonna! Do I'm gonna. Go you guys, I just through her under the bus so hard in a way that I did not mean to you and make you jumped onto fat. You fucking turn color, all kerins apparently get out. Only the Georgia can stay and the Elvis's all right, so you want me to go first rights. Oh yeah. Yes, us
your decision. Yes, all that, while I tell the story trying to think of something, that's gonna make them yell at me, the way they just yielding, and then you have for permission to tell it, but please careful ok I owe you one. You get one free outlook on the attack freebie. I love it This can be found.
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happen by the bye and maybe have during myself under the buzzer, and this happened and not Northern Ireland, which is a separate country. It's a different, our they in the UK. They are thereby sailor parody. Doubt of everything, and I spoke but man I just our desire and rebuild to myself. Interesting is okay, so we here's let's here's. What crazy is somebody- and I think this is on our SALT Lake City- show in the vip line. Someone gave me this BBC made for BBC Movie called the secret, which is about
murder! Oh, I thought that was about being the best you and all this shit. Maybe that's! Why didn't work on me? I watch the that's right. You are attracting anything but like this horrible martyr in your eyes, so somebody gave it to me was like I am pause. If it happened in America, as we have, we haven't been off the continent, but but basically this person said this is my hometown murdered and I want you to watch. I think you'll really like it. So before I left, I watched it and then, when I went to put my story together like this is therefore a movie I just want so that's cool also as a I didn't realize the british Dateline over here. It's like name line when its british people, like or whatever Well there you, I don't know if it's your own, is it you have your own irish Dateline,
Nobody knows what let's stop asking them. I think it's a bad roaming around camp. I trust be: will we'll ask princes. Are you feel that next question? Ok? so this all starts. May nineteen nineteen, ninety one- and this is in coloring Northern Ireland. So in the UK fame, famously known as a UK, as you all know, did we ever figure out about the whole euros pounds thinking we fucked up last now, guy right, Ok so called Baptist. Church officials are contacted by popular popular local dentist and D. The christian name, calling howl, who tells US
He believes that his wife Leslie has gone missing. So contact the police and please start tracking all the places that Collins says she might possibly be one of which is her father, Harry Clarks, home in castle Rock and Harry, had died less than two weeks before. So she was eleven, Collins, wife, who was missing, had very close with her father. answer. That was a very strong possibility that she got up to the house. She was still you know grieving. When the police arrive at clerks home, they ve in the garage. find the body of Leslie how sitting inside around Car in a garage, she's lying in the back seat, she's wearing headphones and with the like a walkman on and she surrounded my pictures of her for children, the body there's a body of a man in the front seat in the driver's seat. of the car, and it appears that they have
committed suicide together by association in this car, upon questioning I'll explain the police that the before it had come out that he and another member of the church, a woman named Hazel, be Cannon, had had an affair and they then realize at the man, that's in the driver's seat of the car is so the cannons husband Trevor. So basically they please look at it and but it together that this is a suicide. Pat, had the affair that the two spurned spouses got together this car and killed each other and countless thousands are so a year later, so this is obviously suspicious and odd. A year later the coroner's report comes back and it I ain't that actually they did both die of of Carbon monoxide, poisoning and so
their death is is ruled. You know I like it suicide India. It's legit anymore. It's legit acts match up, that's exactly so so we'll go back to nineteen eighty six now this is when Hazel and Travel Trevor Buchanan move to other Hollerin area Trevor a policeman he's. No, in the area as they live there and gets no people he's known as a good father, a dependable. I and man hazels known as a great mother. She works at the local place school. I'm not sure that Hence the brand of toys in our country, I dont want to know what it is. Look, don't be crazy, and so, It's this place school
pre school for us probably so could be inaugurated, might be kindergarten, but they already said place, though you guys don't over the fuck you're talking about you. Never do the so called Ngos to drop as kids off their hazel works there. They me and they find that they are both members of the same Baptist Church so so they must have an affair you now those Baptists are. It's just that you have so much in common like we. Both go to the same place where we promised to lovers thousand live really really by the book, lives right time, too.
they begin flirting hanging out Spangler, seeing each other a lot, then they start confiding to each other. That they're both in unhappy marriage, is who is my own. I was, as I was saying, I had nothing to do with that y know. Thou as all my love you baby here listening, he doesn't care. He is when you hear the car pulling. I thought a courier method. We bought a car, ok, so essentially, basically for years after they mean Lincoln the nineteen nineties I mean in nice and Andy, they start having an affair okay. So in this Dateline episode. They say that keys to have fallen as well. uncle dentist. He would have Hazel meet him. His dentists office and he
would give her laughing gas and then they would have sex in the dentist chair. Everyone knows the sexiest place to have sex. Nothing is sexier, fuckin clinging leather, dentists. How, though, how and also was that lead apron involved in any way. That's what I'd want to now. Lots of Bibbs put an honour. The waste into love. Spitting stop it's! It's disgusting, this triple x show or doing tonight. What happened to us? Ok, basically, women having sex in the dentist office, they're experimenting with drugs he's also at one point. She feels so guilty that they're having this affair that he starts giving her sedative before they have sex so that she can relax and they answer, have a great time guilty about something. Take drugs yet little care
if you feel so bad about the thing you're doing just take a dragoon you'll, stop killed just. Do it the time free of charge? Ok! So some point. So this, there goes on long enough. They start meaning in a place called Castle row forest and while they're they're having our fair another. each member seized them their share and goes and squeal they having their own affair in light of the tent vera there on what they call a fair row, we're all the cars Common park and everyone has their affair in the beautiful trees so based the person that spots them is a snatch and goes in just gets stitches. Snatches get candy snake, does get credit from the pastor Extra God points where I get so they go and tell this pastor.
the passers, I'm John Hanford, and when the Esther comes and confront call, and he says absolutely not. I would never do that. I'm a man of God, I'm dedicated my family and then the pastors like no hazel. You told us that you guys are, then, I beg you, forget, share a dime and is like it, ok, but I'm really sorry that so doubles down on our young. Oh Leslie, Collins, wife and them their of his for fucking children is devastated, obviously and shock. She can't believe it. This is like not the man. She knows. Both couples agreed go to counselling at the church. And generously everybody ought Group Council. I know counselling in Counselling Collen explains the Leslie. The affair was like in a day
for him he couldn't stop doing it and the laughing us right into an dentistry is a huge addiction for Amazon. He loves flashing, other people see so obviously Leslie L is so upset and destroyed. She starts taking prescription pills. Just like this. please she loses our father and anti essentially lose their husband is so close together. So she just trying to cope and me, My alternative Buchanan is, crying really hard he's told Hazel he wants to keep the marriage together. He wants to make it work. He'll do anything to keep the family together. Well, Fortunately, neither Collen or Hazel are trying to fix it marriages cause they continued in secret. and in May of ninety ninety one while there in the Bin. She found the secret their part like in the woods. I don't know if this is fact based, but it
incredibly picturesque, but their part in the woods they ve just had sex there like man, you know, I use your actors that three quick pants and then he's like, This would be so much better and easier for us if our spouses we're dead, don't go there yet and she's like yours crazy. May I Does it without moving around like that you're, crazy and he's let, but he has this weird way about and worries just like that. You know it really. It would be putting them out of their misery and has actually best for everybody and about now psycho. So what she says Hemel. What will we do if we get caught? He says we won't get caught, and that's how you know he's psychopath has he thinks you're smarter than everybody else. So
May teens ninety ninety one calling puts this plan into action. He actually so he's here, gives Hazel set, it is put into traverse food and then the day of his sons birthday, while he's out in the garage building a toy slide for his child here, is also cutting up the baby bottle so that he can retro fitted to fit it onto the exhaust pipe of his car so that he can then run a hose through the house and that night, when Leslie is asleep on the couch he goes and the carbon monoxide over her and begins to poison. With carbon monoxide complicated, and there are so many ways that can go wrong. It's not a good plan now and what
he's doing it Leslie wakes up, and he then has to suffocate her. No, so then he takes her body, he puts it in the boot up there. The boot I say. Thank you. Thank you so much. Thank you. Dublin he puts his wife's body in the car. He put the blame. Get over the body, and then he puts a bike in the back. Then he dry It's that car. Over to the big cannons house. Now Treasury Buchanan has been knocked out because Hazel Put set. It his food he's asleep heap, all the car into garage does the same set of shit, but when he comes to poison Trevor Trevor wakes up and actually fights him, but he but he's also drugged. He loses the fight and in this exact same way, Collins has to strangle Trevor today. So then he takes both of their bodies drives
the car up, two Leslie Fathers House, but on the way here, I'm sorry, I'm not even on this page any more on the way he stops off and he dry. drops his bike off at like what do they call it? A grass verse I never heard, and I go for pulling off the side of the road. Ditch owe a debt. Debt should honour girl. Thank you. Thank you that and says says an additional, therefore it is ok. So then he puts its stages. The suicide seem less least fathers house and beliefs. Are there. He puts the war. walk man on his wife's head press play its her, favorite piece of music. He puts pictures of the
children all around and that no play is there anything going with you shouldn't do that? Maybe this isn't a baptist thing to do that? Never pointing the way, I'm the problem, you maybe I should have tried in therapy. Maybe I should kill myself. Instead, they never think that now these types they net, that's never in the plan that he then jobs to a nearby beach burns. A bag of evidence gets on that the key point in the verge debts and its home he's gone for four hours. His children are asleep the entire touch, so then on the police come to take his statement. He claims that the night before the murders Trevor began it had come to their home. He had basely started a fight, about the affair he said Leslie was very upset and she slept on the couch and he slept in the bed and then, when he woke up, she was
on the couch and he didn't know where she wasn't that's when he made those calls so firms Evidence was never gather. They took this basically because I think because the suicide seemed so horrible re that end and realistic I mean yes, kinda, gullible yeah believable of two people have like Ben horror, spurn and yeah our heart broken, but Collins had scratches on his face. Oh they never take pictures of them. They never look into that I mean it's like it's like number one scratches on the face glasses on the things are rarely good here I am rare so so hit. There's also inconsistency is between his story and hazel story, but none of it is ever looked into and then, when the corner report comes back, its robotic
years later, a little less than a year later. The evidence shows that both Leslie and Trevor died of carbon monoxide poisoning. They actually have in their body. Yes, so then everything basically lines up and they, the suicide pack scenario, is accepted. This truce and the cases club I call on how receives three hundred thousand pounds from levels between her life insurance policy, her will and her fathers estate wholly. He gets a hundred thousand pounds and now oh column in Hazel are finally free to be together, which I never understand. Every time we see these stories on a date line or twenty Tonia, whatever show we're watching the people that do this kind of stuff- it's like they never put it together that once you ve,
killed people for your relationship. The relationship might suffer a little like you might be sitting there dinner moving like now about it's gonna, take the edge off that like a romance just at TAT, the the Walmart or you know it's exciting and fine is like when you're a creeping you're lying all the time to do it anymore, it's less fun rat. You know, out in the second forest loose someone you're married to now. I am I getting away and that you want to make out the forest horn and taken note that I want to may have events of enforcement. Okay so four years after the double murder column proposes to Hazel, and they start. Making this plan the ideas that they're gonna move to Scotland and he's going to start a new debt. history, business in Scotland right
spit a place as any they even travel over there and start looking at different. It places that he could like dental offices he could join or whatever, but but or any of that happens. There relationship falls apart, they break yeah, so less than two years later we different feelings about it. Less than two years later column needs a woman named Kyle Howl in Bible. Daddy class. He is just he won't quit his like. We think here Christian do he's like religious troll, just like going through all the different and the funniest thing is. If you see this made for tv movie, the secret at the beginning, the very first scheme, is the guy at the actor playing him is singing a song in front of the church. The guitar would just like. Oh my god, the worst gain? How did you
Not now he's a murderer word and Jesus, this Santa Jesus that Jesus in your face, I'm better than you kill, kill, kill I think the song was called Jesus? This ended Jesus that what look it up? Ok, so he makes us american woman, Kyle Howl, who has moved, to Northern Ireland, because she was escaping an abusive marriage in America and I'm gonna go to her scream. She doesn't have that acts. She doesn't talk like that. But, of course he makes em rich. Until she thinks she's like TAT it made in the shade
They get married in May of ninety ninety seven and they have five chill wholly on top of his ehler for yeah. He with his he is trying to populate the globe. So he's us literally in eighteen. Ninety, eight, seven years after the double Martyr College Fund, I confess to Kyle what he did. He tells her you stupid, but He convinces her not to say anything to keep his secret for new. Imagine finding that out about your fuckin husband, like caves, authentic of assuming you're. Just like one tat, I did this crazy there and then is like the one time I murdered the person who was in your place. Yes, your night sleep tight. He convinces are not to turn him in for the sake of the children per woman. So she,
keeps the secret for eleven years, never mind. I take back. You know now now luck begins to turn, because in well, so that tragedy starts happening to him in may two thousand seven so other than this. No one has thought twice about the sewers The devil you know her sister was like mother fucker I couldn't one sister, whether like Buckingham there's, a female relatives somewhere that fired and no one's listening to her the thing was her. Father did not like him and when the news of the affair first came out, he said he gave her money and said I will give you money, take the kids and get out of the house and go. You deserve to be happy, go start a new life and she said I can't do it. I can't I can't do that. The children listen to your father's. I don't know I'm yelling at you, ok, so in I have two thousand seven
all's now oldest son, whose twenty two years old tragically dies and a fall in Peters, Burner, Russia and then a year later hull. Colin Powell invests in Basically, he gets seriously scammed. There's some people who tell him if you give us three hundred and fifty thousand pounds were justified, to find Yama Heroes, gold, which is yeah Well, let me tell you about a cause. You're gonna, like this idea. When I die about this idea, I think you're going to say you know what you can't afford, not to invest. Humongous, scam that I'm about to tell you about apparently amish years gold was they. The Japanese.
Stole a bunch of treasure during world war, two and they when hated somewhere in the Philippines, and so then the ideas and people have been looking for it for ever no one's ever found. A lot of people are like it's completely actuarial, so I don't think you can keep that if you find it, oh, no you are we gonna keep it, but dentists will make a million these. These people told colony how that he would make three million pounds if he simply give us three hundred and fifty thousand pounds and in the rate of your return, will be pulling out, because I murdered my way the exactly so he buys into it entirely and then, of course, loses everything right, but also interesting, like twist that you could actually expect his Dental business is failing because he begins to
get accused of sexually assaulting why his patients, while their under sedation, that's right here, a trustworthy dentist either he isn't save at all. For the Dennis office. Like this book, you thenardier any line where I think you know, murderer yeah man, you just fine, now he's a repo dentist. Also, I feel betrayed like being a dentist in and of itself as an aspect by people walk out, the carriages instant, Elena
My current like right, I wish I could throw the picture, is used them along ones that you took what follows around Beverly Hills. He kind of looks like you know. What's a good result, meds likes you nerd book, nerd, older brother, crazy. You shit. You would not believe how humiliating was when he came around the corner and I had a thing in my mouth. Theirs falling all my lips away from my teeth, like the three aegis all this nasty sit. There was happening here and there and then he put on like super crazy like telescope. What are you? What do you call him
fine. Thank you like some kind of a magnifying situation and then looked at all my affordable teeth. Close ears like it turns out. That's all just baby corn in your mouth, just a ton of corn. Nevertheless, we have to remove all of it. And I ve been seeing him every two weeks sense. So working out. I got him in the poem my hand also when he goes to work when it goes origami heat,
The you guys are being don't be dear being built the unwary being they'll be. Do I just where this dress to my lips, but he really does. My chair goes back so far that my head, it goes down heredity like level it's like downward, it's actually not sexy. It is with your little top heavy like me at all. Just goes like sliding about not a good look at all. Is I don't get? but it sounds alleys. It sounds biting. Ok, so Things are going very badly for the bad bad dentist So he starts stability else. He also owes a shit tonne in taxes so he's he was a very rich. He was doing very well for a long time doing.
better after he killed his wife and took all of her money and thence slowly, of course, it's all being drained away, and he starts to believe that this is a sign from God that he is being punished because of Apple murder, which would be great if it worked out that way so when he tells Kyle like they their basically lost their life savings. He tells Kyle, I think it's God trying to punish me and she goes. You need to go confess. So he goes to church and he got those poor, fucking pastor miss there are just right in the centre of all of it. He goes by so the pastor and he confessed to that crime, and there, like. We really need you to go to the God. We can turn you in, but you have to turn yourself and so on January, engender We have two thousand nine nine eighteen years and five months after them. Ardor call and how turns himself into the police and as arrested, So in February, two thousand and nine
colony on Hazel, Stuart, are charged with the murders and of Trevor Buchanan, endlessly howl, and by the time their charge. They both deny that charges, so he turned himself then and then of course, lawyer it up and immediately like I'm innocent everyone's attacking doesnt work like that brow. So, two months after their charged. Common house. Second, wife Kyle the american woman files for divorce and goes back to Florida with all nine hundred of the kids to peace in the streets you're on your own, and she actually was under investigation for a little while. Then the authorities decided that she would have to face charges. Provocation turned on him hard. So then, Angela, fifth, twenty ten
Khan Howl on top of these murder charges is charged with seventeen counts of indecently, assaulting six women and is dental practice over a ten year period to two thousand and eight that started after the martyrs, so dislike fuck it I'm gonna go all in he's like I can do whatever the fuck. I want. He plead guilty to indecently assaulting three of his patience but denies us for, teen other charges. having chosen assault, the same women and then three other women, so he's just picking and choosing what he may or may not be guilty of. On November, eight twenty ten days before the double double murder trial is due to begin at Belfast. Our court Collen? How changes his plea to guilty for the murders of Leslie? How and whoever Buchanan he sentenced to a minimum of twenty one years now it'll be a cannon who who had
gotten remarried since this time, so now we're neighbors Hazel Stewart and she's tried on February seven. Twenty eleven and cholera and Crown Court the prosecution lawyer says Hazel Stuart knowingly entered into this agreement and assessed said, call anyhow and ensuring that he could safely kill her husband and after where'd. They both covered up the whole thing and color. comes and testifies get like gives evidence against her in court. He says to the court. I was the mastermind behind the plot and the plan. I was the one who had the intelligence to put the plan together its weak week. You will you get all the credit? Do you get all the credit for being the ultimate scumbag he says, but it could not have happened without her cooperation. She didn't say no. There was no objection to me being there, so the court then plays a tape of a police interview where Hey
Stewart is crying and sang. The biggest mistake of my life was ever meeting color now and I have paid the price we have now. You are happily married somewhere else. So on March Second, twenty eleven, the judge sends the jury of nine men and three woman out to consider the verdict. They come back then two hours later with the guilty verdict, enable Stuart Hazel stored, is sentenced to a minimum of eighteen years from the murders were late, husband and Leslie Howl Two months later, on May Seventeenth, Collen, Hell plead guilty to sexually assaulted, nine female over a period of several years and he's stripped of his and each US pension, which was worth for hundred thousand goodbye goodbye And call on how remains in them berry prison She doesn't know our princess
has this day the princesses asleep Mugabe, I'm a guy gallery where Mccormick and it exactly right. I don't fuck em live here know it said Montgomery. she's married I just like when we get corrected, but it turns out everyone's like Aurora got a perfect I'll, say it like that from now on, So then call now actually is diagnosed in jail as being a psychotic, but he disagreed does not work like that says what he said was, I believe, any human being. Has the potential to do what I did, but I did it that's what
That's me, apart from the rest of human, my guy rag bag, brag, brag brag. That I mean that is a very typical like psychotic thing of they think they're. They truly think they're better than everybody else and above reveals and smarter than everybody else, but the idea he's. Doing that, like he's basically saying the definition of being psychotic while disagree psychotic, it's also that thing of like me. It makes you feel better that using everyone's capable of that right or like no we're not delayed, that's like say we're we're all capable of dough doing. This are attaching this to a car whatever, but we don't do area. That's the different world capable Lots of them ass, its taking that I shall special extra step and we just got them. everyone's of logical, come up and like it, my comedy, Claudia six interim, like your I've, too many coca now.
If current Collins daughter still visits him in prison- and she said at the end of the day he's my father and I love him- I can't help having their feelings for him, and I won't apologise for having those feelings for him. I love I am very much which is so sad and always the children, the fucking that situation seriously and but there is an interesting kind of like. I leave you with this final twist Leslie House Brother has since accused Collen Howl his brother in law, murdering their Father Harry Clark. I was wondering about the he believes that that Collins Howl, because he only died well days before the devil, double murder and he had offered him money, and that was the big thing. As the colony. How, when he was talking to please even like she who is going to leave me and she couldn't leave me and he was basically trying to rationalize and justify what he did, because who had made him, look so bad if she had left him and so that Leslie House, brother
believes that he had some hundred. U I Harry Clarks death. I dont know cop. That's it That's a google mystery! We combat Google mystery that we leave everyone with guns and who will that by yourself tonight? Well, I'm doing isles or you guys, can google, and that is the case of the murders of Leslie. How and Treasury be cannon why reach up thanks restate, I haven't thought of anything, mean: ok, well, all everything is ok I'll, throw myself? How would we re? Ok, ok, great regret,.
Recently on the vanished house. Marisa Jones told the mysterious story of twenty year old, Angela MAC and her four year old Son Mikey in two thousand to my gain, Angela disappeared from Salem Arkansas, without a trace its unclear when and where they disappear. From. Since that episode aired, shocking revelations have come to light. In April, the F b I announced that they solve the twenty year old coal case farmer, Kherson, monkeys, former baby sitter confessed at her husband, Clarence murdered Mikey and Angela, unfortunately, for the prosecution, Clarence can't answer to this accusation. He was gunned down by a co worker and twenty twelve law enforcement is close the case, but barber stunning confession brings up more questions than answers on the vanished. New interviews with relatives of the alleged murderer will bring us closer to the truth. Listen to the latest episode of the vanished, wherever you find. Your favorite pot casts goodbye, sir it's so funny, because whenever we do murders in different countries,
raise its things like you read about them in their like these crazy headlines, and it was like all talk of that back in town for like years and then you and I we back in the states- have never fuck unheard of I'm right. So this is one of them that I never heard of, but it's like big tiny. Apparently
this is the story of the black widow, Catherine. Never I was hoping for. That is what we always want. When we say the name or am I going to, how can you were the only ones I like mine silence, but sometimes it's actually when I whispered, so we I had a completely different murder go and yesterday that's gonna do today and then I was like wonder if that's gonna be negative, and so in the in the meeting great line. I like put some Irishwoman assignment like hey. Should I do the event she was like? No new and being honest with the other great I'm gonna be up all night right in my new and nice I'll sit here. We get this. Is it ok, there's the black widow, Catherine Evan. I got a lot of information from. There is article that Irish Times Mark Hilliard March nineteen. ninety ninety six review its like four thirty in the morning right.
What was the year ninety six, ninety sector, panic alarm goes off at a security system and they alert the police. To oh to Jack, way, in in Whitlow because he's out there is an emergency rate When Guardy arrive, we found our guard eyes lime authority as modes of all police away. Where you man, I mean at all times I kept saying police over and over, like a fuckin bury. It is our neighbour start over. I say: ok, what's about criminal justice. So when guardy right there
sorry oriented because when the Garda awry, a sound. They find the body of the Jacobites and support their own or fifty five year Old Tom Levin slumped over in the kitchen, the floor, he had been shot by single gunshot to his chest, and it appeared that the shot had taken them from surprise by surprise because he was you as it is counting appears Saint Patrick Stay day, taking so long to fuckin money. That day, sure I here it's big over here, he still had a pen in his hand and glasses on his face, like he was not expecting this nearby items wife of twenty years, Katharine sat shaking. She was gag with her stockings and our own underwear, I now pass stop being done.
She is panicking shaking details believes that she had been in bed asleep when insurers came in and she was awakened by someone quote pressing a pillar to her face and shouting at her from money. They had tighter up the person war and I will not miss a fucking opportunity to say this box and threatened to kill her. They ransacked the bedroom and then a little later she hears to vehicles, speeding away from the property, and she freeze yourself as much as possible goes down and trips the alarm Tom had been shot with a big game, gunshot cartridge and there's no indication anyone and try to tie him up and but she didn't I priority from the moment I got to jack in more than thirteen thousand pounds yes was taken from the premise that night and yet this
her room being torn apart. It didn't seem like they, searching for anyone, the classic stage, burglary thing which, like Jesus, we just take a parent hearings with years, so it looks like and instead they just like all the under, rather than at the right there on the floor books on the air well and because everything he's got around, but also a fingerprint expert search, the dressers for fingerprints, because that's what fingerprint expert realize they did not to say that it twice days only down fingerprints on the sides of the dress. Like someone like you said like pulling the dress around the drawers, even in my area, they pick the doors. I pick the Georgia pick them out at sockets and laid them down. Don't do that now, none of the doors are windows in the power but showed signs of our century. Phones we're just off the hook, not cut and embed. So everyone, like sentence going on. Well, they find out from the staff of the pub that Catherine and told them they were not allowed to stay the night.
that night, which was out of the ordinary for Thou, make us they always did that supporting nine years. Catherine tells police that she is. She says you know at this might have been about I. When we were three years and our marriage, I found Tom's irish membership hidden in his fuckin drawers. I don't know where he had it like a laminated card, a little gun and a shamrock on courtesy of. Shall I can't explain you enough how irish my family, as I like, a big thing over there. They were green shirts all the time and the super into it. My groundless from long fur. Am I grant us from Galway? Ok, sorry, shirts, sure it's true
jewish. How these dear stars go up in the air. Now we buy so she was like in a word. I better was the IRA because he was a member and she said that we ve discovered it three years into their marriage, but guard had no file on him than there were like know. This isn't true, so they kind of quickly that wasn't the case.
and then everyone that describe Tom as everyone you knew him. Of course study is generous, hardworking. Everyone called him and they say this lovingly, but it sounds crazy. They called him daddy, but I guess, if you hearing in irish acts and it's cute, like Sweden, loving, no, no copyright holder did you just sit down and then immediately start saying now: she's a care here, like forty five minutes late there. What are they talking about it? And now it's peace as our princesses. Ok, daddy, daddy now My other Guinness, please study year, so badly item is what I'm trying to say
or you may have been steered wrong because, like Mark name murmur of Europe Ire and his first wife June of Flanagan, I wonder where she's from you know she was there what was he like and his axe. Life was like. He was fuckin wonderful and is morals where incredible and he was super hard working. All he wanted to do was on a pub one day that was This dream family called him. A gentle giant like he was wonderful. Everyone's like an agreed right, and so meanwhile Catherine insists that she and Tom didn't have a troubled marriage. It was rumoured that there are toxic separation and she Catherine, might have been trying to buy out Tom's half of the business. It was also said that Catherine had an affair with the former Garda Inspector and
look only saw this and one article also question of all. But let's say let's say it: anyways bet they uncover that internet smashed a plant pot over his head months before he was killed, ok and a little cartooning, and I see no like a road runner car tat s really. What? But Tom refused to make a complaint at the time and the investigator said Tom. the battered husband, but he was too much of a gentleman to make a complaint. I now is also said by staff that Catherine will enjoy humiliating him in front of the other customers and in front of his family, and she was a very dominant person who is a social climber, so in ten years of, marriage, Tom and Catherine had onto houses and manage a pub in Finland S less and less Louis,
thank exhausted from others, and I understand it's gonna, be like a norroway thoughts. Will you come with us tonight? Ok It was discovered that, in the event of Tom said Catherine Studio and inherit one million euros, Nope one million pounds and gain full control of their little property empire. So despite having no circumstantial evidence to go on no forensics. Now I witnessed now admission of guilt guardian their case and Catherine was arrested on April nineteen. Eighty seven answer: with murder, Ancillae solicitation to commit murder. Mom so case becomes fuck crazy, one of the most talked about the country and Catherine.
She had this like smirk whenever she walked out of the court room and internal public spectacle and then the first trial and when to trial, collapsed in nine days because it came no, let the jury could be overheard like in the hallway Laguna Jerry's, like. Let's go quietly talk about this in a way that no one's must, if I can hear someone like left their mark on or some shit So let the speakers this legally as well. I they make a jury room so that you go inside and shut the door. It's always out here now I say well quick suggestion, but go ahead, put the jury and around it works. It works when the tree
second trial, thinks she's good. That's all you all sound like to me when I second trial then has to start justice. Miller Carol said she was like a fuck that shit, because the focus of the trial had become about captains, appearance and demeanor, and she was like this is gonna fuckin happen in this she said. We press a gun batch Those are my words over a case in so many there are so many twists, and I, the IRA was rumored to be involved and much of the focus have become about Catherine herself, Can you tell me what she looks like she?
looks like fur ye had her sister, whose food chain smoke yes and fuckin didn't condition her hair, okay, so good friend of mine, like someone, I would absolutely hang out when Tom her time. Looked like an irish frankenstein. From breaking back. Ok Then I guess we should do those at the top yeah picture if you will but she's fallen along the way, a hard fergie, hard, smoky fur, Diego, so ok, so
whichever you wanted to be hunting, so that that ok, so that everything in it that all the articles talk about her description, ants photos of her so so photos of her are prohibited for in right, arriving rising and leaving court are prohibited as as commenting on their not allowed to line up in the hallway no reverie one like that? Are there no power, I am also are prey comments of her hairstyle dress, jewellery, nailed, varnish reading matter or demeanor in court, so they can be like she was laughing or ass off what during which they can set up, and she had read nail the Islam and I write some other like you know, though the wording- and it was so like dramatic lives, black widow with claws of ran like those really over the top at whatever,
she s a bit about the she said about Catherine she's got entitled to wear two core what she wants without it being dissected which, unlike live like this mountain mischief, this military Emerson and basically, okay. So here's here's the case against are basically there's these three it's her sad to testify that Catherine tried to solicit them to murder Tom and in order to arrive at a guilty verdict on the count of murder. The jury has to be convinced by one or more from them that it's that its true. So without solicitation to murder without them believing one of those dude there's no finding of murder doesn't make sense like she's not connected. If one of those guys doesn't say she's can exactly so the credibility and reliability of these three potential, be hit. Men are really what's a state care, so the first is a guy named William MC lean in
Dublin and the maid nineteen in Dublin in them in nineteen eighties. That's a totally separate story. That's about you too, when I first started before the yellow glasses on. I was down to earth meekly things. He says ok, so they had sexual relationship in the mid eighties, and but it wasn't four years later, that she contacted him to say that she wanted to job done. He said that Catherine mentioned a figure of about two and twenty thousand euros powers its power. I know it is. I know it out and you get euros. I dont know Category Lira, it's the same thing with remit. Roman numberless, I'm just like you know, is a day of every bag, and told the eight. She told me that she would
twenty thousand and their accounts they could get back together. If she is, she helped me to that. Was her promise and Mc Lean said to her quote: no fucking where and walked away. The next due to testify was Jerry Heaps, who is himself like worded Jessica them. Yes, it is. He was a self confessed, former ire, a man in the nineteen seventies, and he said that Catherine had repeatedly come to him the suggestions on how we might kill her husband. She capping like how about this way. What about this weighs about this way and said quote every time I knocked back an idea. She come up with another one. Eventually, he said she got the message and that he wouldn't help her like a terrible sketch group reactors like no or not doing now, you write it. Nobody wants that heaps go fuck and rewrite
and she said that she suggested, while you know, will be a dinner at an ice restaurant held behind his back to the window. You shoot him and bought one he was like Noack. Has the bullet might hit you and she does well that'll, be great, then he'll die in my arms yeah, so Finally, there is a dude names. put us. Is so she's sitting around thinking up scenarios like that ten of amused at least so we're at the bus. Stop picture this Finally, there is a duty of John Jones he's a tv salesman who understand this princess Sinn Fein advice clinic champagne side? You could have asked this prince. I don't Odin advice clinical science for both of us
local parties and political authority. You thank you. The table. He told us sorry that she has suggested the proposition of getting of his giving the IRA to shoot her husband and again, she told, was requested this a number of times wanted botched hold up, which has ended when ended up happening, but he refused to help her, so they also they refused to help turn of course denies always allegations. She doesn't.
I'm sorry what Tom was a big big part of my married life and he always will be her husband again when you can't even bullshit. Well, you note, I may be honest. This marriage isn't just about me. It's also about the person I marryin. It's a big part of my married. I, like seventy thirty courts, sheepskins, there's always a victory that she was devastated by Tom stacked. She adamant that she had been tied up by the whole intruders with blowing, science tells us During that, her husband was a disciplined. Alcoholic would stay up drinking on his own in the pub all night which has like yeah. So would I, but that doesn't mean he's like a fuckin getting killed or anything so it discipline Alcohol yeah, that's a third, be a fine thing to visit, maybe at a different time hold on. I mean
up up up up, Prosecution says that Catherine, probably like the killers into the pub or had keys for them, and that they had inside super infighting, information and superb intelligence, so shut up after forty two days of trial, evidence and the jury hearing from a hundred and seventy witnesses. The jury takes twenty. Nine and a half hours to deliberate, which is record at the time, just like crazy, short or long law, ok lie, Everyone in America, like, let's just chillier over a couple we gather seriously, goes on and on Catherine in employers and stared straight ahead when they returned with a guilty verdict on all four charges of murder and soliciting to murder. Judge
and then she pulled beg long cigarette again, I'm going to jail anyway, Benson enhances its rays, get smoke judgment. Carol said: but you had your husband assassinated and you also try to assassinate his character in April. Two thousand. She Catherine is sentenced to life in prison at forty nine years old life Thomson. so there are happy with conference at ten. There are happy that Katharine's attempt to destroy their terms care Those were the dead was rejected by the jury, ok, man and late August. Twenty! seventeen just regular just right over there remind us, ok, she's, granted, full time compassionate leave due to her need of end of life care after being diagnosed with a brain Taylor,
brain cancer society of all the things that happen in these rooms when we do yes, is its moments like that, but, like I feel so bad for the staff here, they're, not brands, they don't understand, what's happening there like their cheering for fucking brain tumor is in there. We also trash the green around like a bitch, these nets bitches. So on February, Twentieth, which is like closer back there. Twenty eighteen, ok right there right now sixty sixty seven Catherine them and died at a hospice she's had will its allow This is the only place you can do that again, please don't cheered any other half as is
I rose really scared because she still own the plot of land where Tom was buried. In the end, she only one next door to him next door and but they're really. If she fuckin berries herself there we're gonna be passed, but she did. She do not area or safeguards. Didn't do that good guess, she's, because that would have been a zombie situation. There would check this thing into high gear. and said she's cremated at a private ceremony, and she took the secret of who killed Tom to her grave Jacobites in a still opened today, with the same name above the door or party there. Man and that's your black widow, Catherine Evident, attach that he now I was driving at our aid. Thank you. I may take away from that murder that that fur
tried to have Prince Andrew Cow. That's that's I'm and remember that what in my head, Its will literally have time for a quick reality. Calm down. There are rules, friends, quick rules for the home town. It needs to be no use. Stop talking just disqualified yourself. Jam acts. Here's the rules,
Bert they shot it's it's anybody's birthday, it's my birthday. Coming soon, as I saw your birthday glory from you, I M like them microphones. What have I got and gave her the other one you my browser. Ok, here's our rules for the hometown, murder, it would be nice. It was local, very close to Dublin. That's what we appreciate. We don't. Why shut the fuck up. We know how no home town murders for whom Merrick, for Christ's sake, nothing from France. Obviously, that's a given! Also just remember when you get picked, everyone else hates you, so you should keep its nappy. You should tell that story. You can be drunk, but not so don't they. You can't follow your own train of thought. Is we ve had that a couple times? It's not pleasant orphan and then I think that's it right. Now. It's up to Georgia, I'm on our own.
let's say she's on her. Well, she knows it. Dear you're. Have one promise a can get up here. For our princess, is coming up. What are we to this and let the dense is right. There is no law here going to walk, shares, gotta area, I think there's no time right up under that sage did just rule on two said. You re wondering today and I would have been, but a railway Unwin there seems to be being online.
has a very nervous. I know right now, so I am very. Even while all over the place, my parents are Dublin, but I was born in Tipperary and then live Feelin represent there's at the high school and no small town. Clonmel. Can I know he really quickly OSHA. We do. You know how to say my favorite, murdering gay, like someone at the shirt made a shirt of em we'd love to hear what it sounds like can't do. Get out of here. Disqualifies don't give up, we are asking why operate? Granting Salazar navigate will do that. Ok, so one day I is walking to school, with my sister
How am I was about eleven twelve? This is a really good start by the way I'm superstructure so working school. I notice as I'm walking along there is various people crying Reese always about China and other look. I know. What's going on, I never watched at the news or the tv before I which go to school, We just had our breakfast and then went AMS or walking along so go to school and everybody's crying and, unlike okay, what is going on and then like thing, Somebody tells me there's a guy that I would the school with primary school, which is our younger years. We know nothing, Basically, he was stopped by his friend, so he
one of them. They both were playing when there, how old, as a nine year old and eleven year old, jewish thereabouts out playing and they found a dog, they were like ours, dogs, mad cows bring it. So they brought her to my friend well this guy that I knew that I went to school with Jonathan Kelly's. Has they brought it to the house And Eventually they had an argument about who was gone, actually take the dog man back the nine year old. from what we know took an Iphone stops, John. Holly and Jonathan wound up in hospital, but eventually did die from his injuries so I actually have no idea what happened to the nine year old. I know we heard that occur at one point
they want to know what happened to the dog fox, dad sociopaths say: what's that was the whole town spoken. Yet how many was most because there was also an wounded. The council stated that the Socialists in Ireland is women and it was only get it was a small community like weak low with small community. now. It should now that the dog doesn't really matter. Then Kelly died at the age of levels, San. What occurs to go through a little kid, but I like it It didn't really like. There was other things
later on in life and stuff like that, like this was kind of like I I know I went to school with them from when I was a young king and you don't anything about the nine year old or what no big Davos using like people were saying that they want to England. They ran away that mom took the child and went on I just nothing. I never heard anything else wow, so it is a very a strange moment yeah.
That such a valley, wow, that sends a lovely coming up here. How microphone the microphone is yours to keep the microphone is what you win at the end of telling wow. I can't believe reverting on Tuesdays and Dublin. You guys this has been so we always say that's bad. This is like most insane thing that ever happened to us greater quality. You guys were letting us do this as a job and we are still pinching ourselves. It's unbelievable and also just it was very cool of you, Dublin, as a city to sell out two nights in a row here to kick this thing. It's just very funny. We talk about this all the time like this started as and obviously a conversation between two people who are fascinated by true prime stories, and now we are in Dublin, Ireland talking to you guys, abandoned its so we're so grateful for. I am going to perfect Phidias start our european story. So thank you so much. Please stay sexy.
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