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This week, Karen and Georgia discuss serial killer Cary Stayner and the Yosemite murders as well as con man/murderer Clark Rockefeller (aka Christian Gerhartsreiter aka Chris Crowe aka Chris Chichester.)

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the summit must be really low energy this time let's be ass quiet ass we can't yes and monks greater authority but that we want to be quite yeah i welcome to my favorite murder georgia hard star that's care and care of the quietest the more the quietest girls we're so quiet podcast
thanks thanks for being here with us like spending geared solely an hour with us he thinks thinking about things are those guys are so much going on in our world not the least of which is how do we doesn't like stranger things there's someone at the door there here to hang you from the highest limb of a tree i didn't i dont know i like it i haven't is she is with a reality on what they were minds in morocco the old stephen king movies that would be made of steering books i would be and level remain for tv leyla yet amer yeah and how ridiculous they were and if you guys say
what about true or pet cemetery go back and watch it again it's the corneas movie but it would that was a feature film right patch and there is some scary shit yes i love that movie but if you go back like oh this is so corny it doesn't hold out now and it reminds me kind of of that of seeing king live made for gmo is maybe it's a kind of supposed to pal suggests it reminded me of like someone who doesn't reads cipher i made a show of outside i yes and like i feel like if it's the kind of movie where if someone who had read the book were watching at which another not a book but if you were you big why the fuck did they leave this thing out is one of the most important are like i feel like i would have been screaming that if i had read the book will you know i've found i think because i like seeing i'm at that stage where the
kind of nostalgia works on me because they from when i was ten year i love the look and feel but that other stuff took me out of it will and it's really hard to connect this is this is kind of like the stephen king problem and like lost a lot of those things when you get your big good idea that people out and and hope people in and then you try to connect that with kai believable science or something grounded it's it's very difficult to do so it's like the upside downright as what the i was called like but there are no thank you just kind of entered it through this weird i mean there and you can go get your colleague suggests that there is a lot of weight why emma around me like and that if you can walk in do it then why does she have to go into the thing to get in re unlike well what is it what is it made out of why did this happen why that this person exists yeah why they how did she get out of here
this is another episode of george account suspend her disbelief in you know it's a valid angle i do however like the night of i'm gonna do i'm three episodes in ok well when you get to the episode that aired last night i first of all i keep falling asleep and from the tv you after watching night of and then dreaming about raised are met all night which gives me crazy they were showing photos of him as a kid like as part of this show em but there were real photos of him as a kid mouselike i want that year inside of me that i wonder baby that's hunted down like that's the biggest kind of course you can have when you will have their dna because your dna inside me that's like our theory illegal or vantyle that's is this guy that's a serial killer own time no that's how i feel about him i steal that idea from you and i don't want to sleep or them ever husband than i love doesn't want kids so i just have one from him
big eyes and like you mean outer he and i marry and have many of our own eye you can we get into a thing here i guess we call for the path tat there is a thing that happens that i wish you were up to my pursued because it actually kind of kind of moves ended this podcast and if they are not if like nice remaining angle there i don't care soil for everyone including mean dough town care than say but if you if you haven't seen past leg georgia's on episode three and if you dont want anything just don't listen dauntlessness part in its the remember when they stopped at the gas station members that guy that's got the hearse that he walks by and the guy gets away eyes he comes back
they all come back he comes back big time ok him and then the guy the who was yelling racial slurs at them the shoe and he was walking with someone else on the sidewalk and when he is being interviewed he says he was alone about horse that's a big thing he i also think that the step dad is gonna come back bs ray you gotta catch up as there's some good stuff happening it got you know they had to do a lot of exposition and setting that thing above handing in jail which bums malware now as long as such a bummer that it's a very long long show i myself episodic i ok to things if i play it is like a play i will watch a whole show of jewish john
datura men about his examine didn't know there are excellent support groups that are fascinating those port cleansers horrible i can't day i didn't want hangs among them was that i fall again that's amazing and then last night yesterday when i watch that janet holgate is now a character from dirtier on scoundrels when you know that female lawyer oh yes yes yes yes i got so have we opened our name holgate base that we actually came on screen i said it in lake in the axe and that was set in and i was like what are they marry what's that actresses name you think i can remember her character from cheesy movie romania's but i can't remember her romero name is you get this you always get this i know but its highly elizabeth nope is
this nancy stacy male female is my favorite actual stacy nancy from such plays as nancy high fiery nazism space that's the best stage name of all time taken it stealing it ever murder with a herring go get anything else he's an stating oh my god so somebody
looking up see then what is still rooms as is the little letter p in her first her last name penelope mounted a tiny amount into its glenn had little unhappily wasn't that you so that companies are saying it was it was nowhere near madeleine headline hadley she's such a great actor ass she is but oh heartland stephen i must thank you for that year at any time that is that's like one of those whitewashed be names i would have never gotten in my world girls campi named gland urgently i never heard that before yeah that's a family name i'm sure it is that's crest somewhere but so too thumbs up for the night of worship we're not at this we're not talking about stranger things anymore we're gone off did you like the ending that they left it open obviously for a second season i admit i fell asleep
at some point in the later episodes and i can't remember how i and they ended in a way that was there's just like no satisfying ending can i tell you cause you think there is reason to will mention steamer still together what but move him does she she doesnt does she fake ben schwartz that's well i could see when i saw him to know exactly what he looks like he looks so much is like wasp banish all yeah he looks like a bench schwartz god put through a rock n roll mister wicker under thy wrong by removing wrong but i just couldn't do that character but sorry goes back to him i feel like guess i should have swell alerted that yeah that's a big spoil our youth herbs milly loudly and like without warning anyone who thinks you may require after excuse me
skip excuse me excuse me can i say it can i read you my favorite tweet that we ve gotten on the my favorite murder twitter is this a street corner with karen tweet corner welcome vermeer me anyhow how can we change the themes ok me the unsung cats historic household she sings the theme song treaty coroner yoni yum yum mimis gotta how her her spun yeah this is it she's come to shine marry me naomi romeo me now he's telling asleep someone on twitter name trash panda i hour i'll go out there and that's a real person red read what her name is oh tween sensation tween sensation is her handle trash panda ireland's her i don't know i like name anna trash scrambled up and
her on her twitter account sorry that i just noticed this her head her picture is a picture of bourbon it says memory of bar you on the other side that's incredible illustration of barb from stranger things at helping the trash panda the best way to bring it all around so she treated at us and said my dad keeps calling your show the fuck word murder mystery kazi carrying over the ten not stopped laughing again my keeps calling your show the fuck word mystery murder mystery show because he can't remember the name is so first of all i care if my dad heard a pardon
password girls for saying the f word he would pull the stereo out of the car and throw it on the highway i swear if my dad ever hears this he's going to call me with such a stern tone and so i love the fact that trash panda irl is even listening to it allow him i love him she sounds like my dad and i think we might need to change the name of this package is a suckered murderer mysteries i try not to do this but some one who makes the means needs to get our logo and change it say onward time does it makes me very happy them the awkward and murder mystery asia can i read you something that's probably gonna make you want to cry yes you ready for this ok why are you here now should i start criers start growing now not just think about now what oh wait now check
because you had hurried up ready play son of a bitch ok i found ok i'm emotional ready for an hour i read wherever this is less see on the facebook page says i'm nineteen years old and fighting cancer at the moment all ready to cry
my dad and i listened to the pod cast on the way to the hospital em back it's a great way to keep my mind off things except now i'm scared to get murders l i can't wait for the new shirts to come out i'm definitely going to be wearing it de la hospital letter earl you murdered knows and then there's two hundred comments including mine that says you're next year it is on the second house and better nameless liz shut me i was a lives you fight the good fight you're in there you do your fucking chemo were however your taken care this business and get it taken care of and get it out of you and
many years of this stupid bullshit to calm the by cost or camphor no no none of that only the pod gas general fun things in like a murder cancer they're gonna be the smartest person you know because you ve done it with this thing and you're gonna have a great perspective online photo i actually know many cancer survivors and the cool part about it is once you get through that all that bullshit of like and that girl took my brash and now i'm going to try to ruin it and you don't do that shit anymore because you're like a year oh i understand what law suits me and i understand the gift of life that we have right now and my family who was there for me when i like that we then we were able to get through this together the fact that her doubtless in sudan on the way you guys sorry curse stay strong we love you are thinking of the harder cancer and also anyone else who might be going through some shit
with us in their ears i bet it happens more often than not i guess i have to say to one another email this week am i gonna get him a lot because i talk about depression and anxiety constantly they goods a good place to get the therapy therapists referrals is psychology today they have a website that use putting your zip code there's photos and am descriptions it's a really great place to get referrals for ya therapists which i'd that's where i found my eyes were georgia fires were big on therapy in iraq has to carry yourselves yes for sure peggy high and home keep on keeping its it's hard for us to agree a motion also area our transition out is not me as clean as as you might find on the more professional pot i'm stuttering because i was vulnerable and it makes me yeah phil
it also is feels weird that this we started this thing talking to each other in your apartment and now our actually connecting the real human now i just came real this i've been superseded cut its very its cooper weird yeah it's a weird feeling they now i got a really sweet email from a girl in l a mailing i don't know it was to both of us some sarge fuckin took it over and held her back at the theatre jimmy i'm sorry but she was like i don't want to do it in order to find a therapist what away blah and it was just like self i felt so good and be able to offer the mine i mean jesus we're all humans and also just it's nice to help people and or feel like you're entertaining member just doing anything worthwhile our knowing the shit that you ve gone through is then you're able to help other people because of use for no reason no that's right re yeah
guys i'm keeping its have ten minutes of silence home keeping keep on august twenty eight here's the thing now we're getting into life shows that's that's what we're doing now not our own yet but we're doing other peoples and then we're going to slowly build into i don't know world tour i months ago and a worlds or having marianna style for sure cone brows come brows and like i'd like a bus that we we ban the end that we drive around on their highways and at night and i want to do that can there be a parliament i know and i am a bus what are you a pole like a superpower unlike when we're having party is unlike us anything of banana cute gay men on mr reward ok waiting in the bus even and i want to go home and already want the pull on the bus yes to the bucks are noted the bus guess at the bus with the poor i'll meet you there
we all have our own and i'll tell you what happened on of us if we all of us want to sit in the front seat with a seat belts on aid wake the whole time i have the solution you dry the bathroom i'm talking and so i will do that financial control i see drivers lay thy ok sensitized angle we are doing so damn herman has a famous pod gas neuron feral audio called harmon town and he does live versions of this podcast and we're doing the next one in the progress is live always yeah i'm a huge fan always have been of course it's always it's sunday night is live at meltdown shit that's where they record it definitely editing this part out market
unsigned that you're really wanna fuck that's when i don't think he would care i don't care on sunday august twenty eight at eight o clock eight o clock re worship i mean yes now this park of iran we're doing harm in town the life the always live pardon me i'm down comics come down there if you want to watch and the apart of things i'm assuming city because that's where and when the most of the main issues start it's gonna be a bet each time that chanting eight to ten i guess i'm i'm hedging it because it could be a seventy nine are but what percentage of these people are gonna come because it's in l a i think a percentage will point seven users who are listening now yes
oh i d say heart detail while i bet the bell there might be an eccentric millionaire whose like warm up the jet or going to allay for this one you get the cash for the cash flow of money he added the envelope full of cash just an envelope or do you want to bring a briefcase i am so hot raid mowing net zero that is also in here that my brain is malfunctioning it is eight o clock eight o clock talking going here and it's live right just get me out of here doing or really excited it's gonna be fine we are quite honoured i mean dan harmony of bit of a legend i mean these incredible watching him on stages if you haven't seen him fucking perform his dislike these and other resources like transforms this like the beast this beast anyway it honestly sounds like they're watching stranger things really loud next door to think that i was thinking that earlier because i thought i heard the awesome theme song yeah let's go
let's listen through the walls of the whole episode of this so you can gray think that's it for the home keep o t spring not coms nash my favorite murder for your new shirt we have the our main logo on cheese and our common now tell the twenty august and unaware mother shirts but if you want when again it and then more design well are to come to our work and on some shit you guys cynical share some fun stuff more work on a thing it made me at at of than says birthday the other night at a bar when georgia and our front cat showed it to me made me scream the ep i was happy that you got so excited about it it makes me very happy cop excited i think your versus way in my first are settling karam ok get ready to hear about something
you talked about leaving it touched on before ok but we never delved into ok the yosemite murders carry steiner as we know and we talked about carry strainer here's the just like the banana fucked up at less carry steamer was the big brother stephen steamer fewer member in nineteen seventy two was kidnapped and held captive by child lost her name kenneth power the carry was the older brother and he was eleven years old when
yeah when it happened and stephen the brother was held captive more than seven years before escaping that itself as i fucked up story that ukraine should look up so awful and this was one of our earliest episodes we were trying to remember the name of that the maid for tv movie which is called i know my name is steam yes and we we talked about it for we too long and i were still getting people that are tweeting at us and sending his email saying it was called i know my name is units like that happened six months ago when you when we talk about that that was the first time i found out that these your brother's because i knew about carries murders and i knew about stevens kidnapping but i didn't know they were connected and that makes it
just it makes it boggles the mind you know and away that's like more than just when you think of a serial killer you like how does your brain do that and now we have this added piece of fucking childhood trauma and there also it makes me think this poor family my were totally is left standing it's just like how much can some people take those neurons hair ma it's so much well so the four year after stephen came home i escaped his his kidnapper and read the other can frame little kid who had just gone kidnapped hamath personnel who by the way is out is that round prison he went for seven years i believe which is shorter than the amount of time he kept steer and no where is he still alive yeah whereas i mean i read an article that so
he was the admin all but i think so i guess i just read kenneth parallels wikipedia page for some weird reason some article brought me and then i went late i feel like i know about this guy and then i realized it was because of us even steam bellini lives in california like northern california dad said bomber seven years hugh wanna get more about ready here we got the following the year after stating came back i'm gonna call him carry carries uncle was murdered and carry was living with a uncle at the time but no it concerned must first backed and carry with later claim that his uncle molested him oh no cut to nineteen ninety seven carry was hired as handyman at the cedar lodge motel in el porto just outside
the highway one forty hour grog entrance to yosemite national national park such a society cedar cedar the weekend before february nineteen ninety nine he was having these murderous fantasies that have become so intense but he knew he's going to murder someone he prepared a murder rape kit containing a rope a roll of duct tape and a serrated kitchen knife and later a gun and a camera as far as we know it besides his uncle which may or may not have happened this is his first season was first murders some valentine's day ninety ninety nine carol son who was forty to her daughter julie he was fifteen and silvana palazzo who is sixteen were his first victims carol was initially leary of carry when he knocked on their cabin door saying he had a fix a fan and the bathroom she talked to
through the window and in a while at him in and only did so after he said he'd go get the manager to like confirm it and she was like none on another ok you know the way piano who just when they give you the double compromise dont worry the thing you want me to do what you say that then will if you say you're gonna do the thing i want you to do than you must be legitimate right ok yeah alright i'll do it over once inside he pulls out a twenty two calibre pistol he tells them he's desperate quote and ordered him to lie face down on the bed and he bounds our hands with duct tape gags them and then he took the two girls into the bathroom he strangled karol with a three foot piece of rope later sang in his taped confession i didn't realize how hard it is to strangle a person it's not easy but i had very little feeling it was like performing a task you keep that in mind if it's really
our distress on this very hard to do maybe down delia its higher than one thinks so you're putting her in the trunk france had pontiac he goes back to the girls cuts their clothes off and then he strangled sylvia the bathroom and then he sexually assaults julian family motel than the motel room and then wraps her up and ties retired to the bed he is he felt like he was in control for the first time in his life and he cleaned up the crime scene so well let it appeared that the women had checked out and laughed when the when the people came to check in staff when the staff came later to check this if they were there had detected no foul play let's see it even wiped his hair off the bed sheets and then when the fbi agent ass aunt
if why he did that he replied i the discovery channel no that's all of us yet oh yeah airlines getting real smart about friends and other good and bad for sure so at four a m he takes julie out of them hotel and drives her away in the rental car with her her mother and sister and friend in the back in the trash i still alive he s okay and i dont i dont think she knows that those two our debt and in the trunk because he kind of there was two motel room that he was going between i may think she ever saw she just thought she was separate says she says he says i didn't know where i was going or what i was doing i just kept driving and driving and he set about jewel issues are very likeable girl he said crying on tape she was very calm so dawn is approaching he turns off at lake don pedro
carries julie up a dirt path to a small clearing overlooking the water i told her i wished i can keep her he said then actually salted her again finally brushed her hair and found it out on the ground beneath her head i told her i loved her he said and then he let her throat oh no i didn't want her to suffer the way the other two dead or too late ass i now like i think because he he choked them now you i he was thinking i was taking longer so he slipped her throat thinking he was relatively ya like compete thinking he was being compassionate so he hides body any drives the car with bodies in the trunk as far as it goes the forest and it takes a cab back to yosemite pays with the fair with a hundred fifty dollars she stole from carols purse two days later he returns to the car with a cannon gasoline and scratches we have sarah on the head with a pocket knife it lights the car and fire then address two hours west and dumped care
billfold on indigestion street corner to for the police says near where you're from kind of kind of its these central valley more more more on the coast took some more than a month later the remains of care kaerusson and police are found in the burned out rental car abandon along a long road and six days later the f b i received an anonymous letter with crudely drawn map in a message we had fun with this one and following the map the searchers found julie interjections began interviewing employees of the cedar lodging what's how where the first three victims have been staying just before their deaths one of the employees was carry he was not concern a suspect at that point he has no criminal history and remained calm during the police interview second psychopath rain fbi agents and local police rounded up a bunch of methods and sex offenders and
the tourists and residence at they were confident they had the killers in custody that that's ok so another woman disappears on july twenty seconds mrs joly ruth armstrong j o i e who is twenty six years of pretty red head who worked for the yosemite institute teaching children about nature swindle she worked at that let's see the was long and the isolated cabin where she lived when carry came upon her man we can't have anything we cannot let alone the well by living in a cabin alone in the woods that's gonna do it why guy's gonna live alone on a common in order that getting murdered for the most part in their guys laying bare niner
i'm i'm more and i'm still on the motive if you're going to live in a cabin in the woods then pull your gun out any time someone approaches your home yeah i don't know or big dogs being anger scary derive magua i don't know now i get it don't be a chill yeah i wouldn't i like living in a big city were people everywhere on top of all that so according to the interview you care confronted armstrong at gunpoint on the front porch of cabin though he had again yeah when he told her was a robbery and forced her to the cabin and covered her mouth and bound her hands behind her back with duct tape then he put her in his sports utility vehicle s use
commissioner as you think you someone needed a wax your word count miller newspaper peace did you also draw a picture peace i've just one big while i copied a couple of these sentences and that was one of them and now my back i just needed a higher word co yeah thresher yet he said i lost control myself and i lost control of her let's see he said when this started out had no intention of cutting her head off which he later spoiler alert man he said has no intention of color had ah i had no intention of killing her even the first time i saw her right then i started thinking about it it was in the house there there is nobody in the house with her she kept walking out by herself and she water the plants and was obvious she was taking off and getting ready to go dazzling started talking to her so the assistant us attorney
ok in court papers it was sad after he had driven a short distance sheet of head first out of the went through the window out of the moving track a boundless duct tape ran through the woods toward than mere my community a forester to get help hell yeah good for you fight your fuckin last fi yeah you now that was the right thing what care ultimately subdued armstrong she fought so crazy and with such passion that steamer was unable to do his normal clean up job like obsessive clean up job he disposed to her be headed body near in nearby stream and they had turned up twenty seven feet away in a hurry he believed emma close a sword he flashed he fled and are usually the carrot don't back incorrectly one letter tat he believed sorry to correct you know you're right he fled
close source closely investigation them again something you're going about nine did not catch that says it was a fight from start to finish she tried to get away and she almost did get away and though several minutes of struggle left behind a lot of evidence determined fight for life denied him the chance to cover up the crime scene and it led to his capture and undoubtedly saved other lives yes i mean she basely end the yap by finally on her neck and fought so hard that he lost a link so in his hasty left behind footprints and basically as car was seen around the area was really distinctive the tyre tracks as war as well as were as well and so the vehicles traced to him and he was arrested and during his interrogation he confessed all four murders heap not guilty by reason of insanity
don't hit a doctor testified that he had mile autism obsessive compulsive disorder disorder and paraphernalia at one point during the trial the judge thomas hastings had to leave the courtroom so he could composed himself in private because the testimony was so barked he returned several minutes later red faced and misty i'd judge the circumstances of this case are horrendous and devastating he said before announcing the sentence carry was found sane and convicted of four council first murder by a jury in two thousand and one he was sentenced to death and is still in san quentin he could and after his arrests everyone's like tissue did you get these runners tendency is because of the seventh your brother yeah and obviously corpus of that happening as a kid but he said
after his arrested he had fantasize about murder or lemon since he was seven years old long before the abduction of his brother was aware the chances like those two traumatic fucked up things are going to happen in one family so awful ok and then i went on facebook and found hometown murder from a region some argue that ok so taylor see says in june of ninety ninety nine i was eleven and my brother was eight my family and i went on a road trip to yosemite from allay and all caps stayed in the cedar lodge motel this is for everyone this isn't right between the murder of the three women and the murder of a single woman like months like my own man around nine hundred and thirty at night my brother and i were watching batman robin and we get a knock at the door and my mom looks through the peephole sees some dude and asks what he wants he says pizza delivery
it already and so we knew no no one had ordered a pizza my mom tells him as much and he insists that we did my mom tells him then he must have a stake in but it keeps insisting after a certain point my mom walks away and assumes heated as well several minutes f of knocking later my mom calls them hotel management you must have heard her on the phone because when they showed when they showed up he was gone my mom fell the police report but nothing really ever came of it when i i when they caught him she be she was briefly interviewed but because she didn't get a good look at him she wasn't you saw in the case to thank my brother and i could have died while watching arnold laying down some truly excellent ice puns cause they were watching batman robin fact of shared was was it did she say it was just her mom i was her brother in her mom her and her brother in her mom like he spotted like mom's with care the air
he also targeted them man why would you do it again in the same i mean i guess you didn't get caught the first year you get caught and your cocky and he has still has the fantasy like he still has its the compulsion and then there's sometimes that thing of like maybe you wanted to get caught yes well it did surprise me when you said that he cried when he was talking about the first girl well one that when during the trial when a lot of it has been discussed when he was listening to his testimony he would he would plug up his ears and cry like he'd couldn't listen to it even though when he was giving that information during an interrogation he was like like dad in our motion they died while so either that was just for the just for a show for the jury oh that's china or he now maybe he was on anti psychotic sir something at that point and understood
our view is that yeah he was like an process anything he asked confessing yeah why i haven't been meaningless purpose or something at that point in canada i mean but him but to have the urge to kill like that i think does put you in like that indeed psychopathic area i can imagine like just psych and since he was seven that it must have had some fucked up things happen them where early i landed they ever do you know if they ever connected to the ankles maria there's like not a lot of recent articles like they're looking into it staff and trying to piece together like other murders in the area see if he's got any link to them but it doesn't really look like the city contestable all of those like why wouldn't i confess to more than by rail tunnels yeah that's it oh and then did you know
the brother seed instanter died when he was twenty foreign models i know how does an accident man that's a rough life that's just it's nothing but awful mess here there s about family didn't you die and the motorcyclists unlike relatively soon after he came back he died is twenty four categories thing came back in his teens right yeah maybe fifteen okay so that's deepen dark well i hope yours is happy and fine minors so fun no of is it's not as dark i do love that i mean i do love the stain our story though it's just the heaviest of anything i remember when i was here i just remember happen ninety nine so is like there was nineteen twenty like living in orange county which isn't far from yosemite like two or three hours and i remember
hearing both of those and they they got him pretty quickly after this the second the girl was beheaded but it was too so that they have photos of her up and she's justice like hippies sweetheart and in our i felt so bad for the girl who was with the mom and sister family on vacation with her friend yeah yeah i felt no i'm sure there's like part of that family that blame there's like guilt and blame and so much he also much shit you're sides just having someone that you loved i that was the first thing that i thought of what when i heard that story when it originally was that's the worst scenario yes like being on vacation something happens to your kid when their own backyard front and there in their teens then you're like kid you're trying the leg be cool and let them go and live their life and give them some freedom and you know better judgment mainly let them go camping yeah nope the
are you ready to transition always because mine i ask this i was watching this documentary this weekend about this guy that i'm gonna talk about and it's very entertaining even though he is also a murderer he is more or a con man which i actually kind of adore silica mobster he won't kill women and children yeah like you know and you can like pick and choose the bad like this is the kind that i like where even for the most part now he is about i'm personality i think extreme narcissist there they have all kinds of either the psychiatrist talked about what he was in court her but he basically what it was he is a guy who grew up in germany as a very
fourteen in this documentary they talk about how he went all their friends would go to like the to the lake every summer he would always go but he would be fully dressed up any would never they never salmon a bathing suit and fairly is hitler that man's name was mister adolph marie no this is well he was born christian carl dear heart traitor leave but he had many names in his long con career he also went by the name chris chichester chris crow chips man and finally clerk rockefeller heir to the rockefeller recalled it's called my friend rock amelia i never got through it so it's homey everybody is here
it's worth getting to the part where clark rockefeller or chris chichester or the chip smith or chris crow is my favorite cause he when he was chris crow he claiming to be relative of cameroon gravel he he does all these lies that are just small enough there big enough to impress you small enough to be believable ray and it is masterful and he's a really legitimately iq style intelligent person but he also doesn't really have any morals so most time everything's fine as he's just trying to get money and like work for himself and
what he wants but they are not then doesn't make like everyone happy around him telling everyone thinks he's so funny laura little while i think the limits two years that people are happy around this guy then he starts getting real irritating and that's when it gets kicked out of houses fired from jobs what have you but so there's a basically how it goes he grows up as an awkward teen in germany he have our friends in the documentary the friends get interviewed and what i loved is one of the friends goes i love that he tricked all those rich american and that partly me go oh yeah that's true he really did get away with huge huge lies for a really long time so here's basically how it when he also claimed to be neither the things you claim to be an actor a producer a director and our collector a physicist a ship's captain a negotiator of international debt agreements and in english aristocrat she is he did so
when he was seventeen he met an american couple who had pulled off and asked him for directions on the side of the road and he met them their names and then when he wanted to go to america when he was seventeen he used their names on the lake entrance documents to say that they had invited him there and that he was gonna go live with them smart this was a one off meeting on like this side of the road and those people are also in this document are pretty awesome so it comes to the united states any custom
merit in connecticut and he finds the family of a backpacker he met once on a train in germany again even talk to the person sitting next to me on an airplane i have a hard time talking to people i've known for twenty year yeah much less asking people view go stay at their parents house oh my god i aspens if i can live each other's ships as i feel bad about it i can't imagine me that can i stay your place we met once and just some weird and uncomfortable okay so he planes to them that he is from a very wealthy german family and that he is in america like he's a foreign exchange student and can he stay with them because he's gonna be going to the local high school totally listening there are strangers eying stranger things are near my neighbors announced the weather the chances say i'm sorry i can't hear it now let's go oh shit i'm sorry
if only we could lay in those q as like it would like a radio shack and really we were just like in an hour and bunker and worry germany germany so no internet so basically he started going to high school in connecticut and basically his whole thing as he wants to be american he wants to blend in he becomes obsessed with gillikins island any starts talking like thurston how the core and when he appears in this documentary that's who is talking like and it wasn't until i was reading this article where they mentioned this specifically where i started laughing they talk let him documentary he does talk about it but they talk about it like it's an inside eager the the guy who makes a documentary who was friends with them brings it up but they don't like he bade the
regretfully i kind of brushes it i like oh yeah i bet it always ends like him but he's talking loudly guys it's perfect on his basically saying it's funny is but also its that thing where i dont likes it usually will i dont like to listen to killers especially and never watch anything where the serial killers talking and give a fuck what that i have to say is evil this guy's different though because he's a con man first and foremost here even though yes he's in a he's a bad person killer all that but he is a fascinating mind has he was smart enough to like at in as a teen con all these people so he goes to this high school he he decides that he wants mean actor so he heads west but he makes it as far as was concept and besides he's gonna go to the inertia wisconsin at no walkie so
once he's their key decides he needs to he's been in the united states long enough for he needs a green card basically needs became a citizen so he decides he's gonna marry a local twenty two year old woman at who heath explains to her that he he needs the green card cause if it gets sent back to germany he
we'll have to fight in the cold war on the russian front now if you knew anything about anything i mean i barely know anything randomly thing but when i read that i was like hey wait a second her pretty sure the coal warden rise right because the cold war was all about tension ray and basically threats there's no such thing as there is no rush in front and hold war i mean there are places to go there are bad things happening you definitely he if the idea was that he was gonna get sent back to like these berlin and how a spy on his neighbors yes horrible but there is no rush every prisoner of war because of or not a prisoner were accused of war crimes in the ensuing up like a political prisoner but there was no the russian front was from world war two that was a bad bad place be sure anyway she fell for it and married him and the next day he left for california hervey so i was
was she was she in agreement and sign with it but later i read that she filed for divorce and nineteen ninety two eleven years later smith was like needed him we should nonetheless banana like he's her family story oh think about that i was i immediately wrote the story of she was just heartbroken unlike pining in milwaukee no for this fabulous european railed on heard the day after because it said their wedding says it sounded like that it wasn't just the basics like i'll sign some papers acclaiming wedding now add little crazy all right so he
or maybe she like is like me and has just bad about paperwork and doesn't get your stuff like oh that's right i have to get them i'll do it when i meet someone else and i'm good reason that you got a tender swiping i things wait i'm so he that's a california now this is it's so fascinating he goes to san marino now i don't know if you ve ever been to huntington gardens you're from down here you know san marino is likes opacity as a rich area that very few people i know live in her cause it's like old money rich enough to live out of the city san marino is richer than placidia it's that it's the city nestled up right next to pasadena we're all the mansions armand saint george it's crazy there's like all the streets are like wide and you are legally not allowed to park on the street so when people are parked on the street
cops know that someone that doesn't belong yeah i didn't know that yeah there's you don't see cars on those streets and san marino because everyone can perkin their own driveway but also you legally can't fuck you yeah does anyone fuck the housekeeper censure parking man i got the housekeepers are part of the family who knows but they definitely don't want any of the other rare any other anyone from outside of yeah god forbid you're just like ears from leg lock in yadda yadda john party in to your gum and smug your cigarette yan park on the street in san marino dunes hammering out you do it then they're so this is a guy who's in his early twenties like college age he's moving delay to be an actor any moves to san marino about it it doesn't make sense san marino i looked it up its it was read it more expensive then
beverly hills and malibu to live and to adjust is nonsensical young actor to live there sure but that's that's what he was about he was like a total he was and how the third and she was trying to go become a person in like a very real way here so he got he rented the guest house that was in one of the least nice houses in all of san marino there was there is actually a slightly shabby part which is just basely not million dollar and in one of those houses a woman named didi so has i had a guest house ah property deep dd reportedly was an alcoholic who was always dressed in a house coat which sounds like hey sister fire
indeed he had a son named john who was five foot five super into dungeons and dragons cope bottle glasses and was married to a woman named window who was sixty six foot tall redhead i saw my fucking our type of people there they are our type appear they lived in like the house adjacent so is almost like this little compound and clerk rockefeller at the time his name was lets you his name here was christopher try chester coaches the dumbest made up name out all tat i just that sounds like when i said nor was it nancy saint nancy ignorant and he had to say they do that wasn't as bad as chester does not as bad as christian chester here just with these stuttered three dime yeah throw more season there you dork so ok so he shows up in san marino he get he's he's he's charming everybody and what he
it tells them is that not only is the computer experts s film producer stockbroker he's and also the nephew of lord mount battle what i kind of do like about this all is all the people they get tricked by this guy are people who are label whores and his horse so anyone that's like impressed vote impressed by someone talking like theirs and held a third and saying i'm i'm related to learn lord mount bosnia where the liking family if you said that it be like we'll go do the dishes sick belly like really lord mount buyer can you go gets more beer downstairs refrigerator right but it's the it's a lot of people and especially that's why he wouldn't was going places like san marino you go to places where people work in those worlds and those are the people that are most impressed by
you know you're all rich will i'm a blue blood why i'm a royal i'm actually royalty air this someone that can come in and beat them at their own game what's more interesting than that so local said he was a whiz at everything he proved especially popular with the women who are very charmed by his royal bloodline and his courtly manners when women said he knew everything about everything and he was just fabulous so it's not just an act he's really getting away with it and it was very very smart sounds like her so so one thousand nine hundred and eighty five tragedy strikes this is two years after chris moves into this so the so has his you know how daily son jonathan and his wife linda go missing without a trace crystals everybody that they told him that there were gonna go to europe
the family got a postcard from france a supposedly from the couple after the disappearance but its authenticity has been questioned and so soon after they disappear didi so has disinherited her son who beloved to her up until that point the police think she was convinced that he had abandoned her and after one didi died they found that a hundred and eighty thousand dollars of her estate had been looted her entire state sorry hers higher state was worth a hundred ninety thousand dollars and all of it had been taken so so so dungeons and dragon dungeons and dragons let's just say about legates i mean something by their own agenda and drag but we know what i mean in the late eighties police pull
christopher chichester over in greenwich connecticut he's driving jonathan so has his truck o the police he believes the area before police can interview him i don't know what that means if he's like a little things every that is thanks for pulling me over great to see you guys away i'm not sure or if they men come to come neighborhood so the nera rail it's just weird because if you ve got him there any driving sent maybe they just had the information they asked that truck and they didn't put it together till later but i looked at greenwich in the year two thousand grown it was the third wealthiest town in connecticut so he just go and east coast yeah he's gonna do this on the east carrying money yeah so he rents a post office box in grand under the name christopher she'll see crow assisi
he loves the sea he says he literally walked into the indian harbour yacht club like he owned the plane so there this is a rich town that has a yacht club and he rolled up on in here's how he has described he looked like he walked out of a magazine he always had his burberry winter coat burberry umbrella very fine cotton button down white shirt with cecy monogrammed on the pockets for christopher chichester crow always posting always perfect i would like you wherever you go out yet i do have my button down cake allocate
in short i am i so hot someone else said he's talking to you as if he's smarter wealthier more connected more everything than you no matter who you are here so he's he's just playing the rich game and beating them at the rich guy here because i think there is now the third was the richest man on the planet if that's who he is he's right there so s sleeve so the woman he is that basically his end and in greenwich was this yacht club he's he starts sleeping with a woman who ends up getting him this really high level job in town at abroad her dealer firm i don't know what that is a neighbour i cut my eyes were skipping over the part where it got into like finances is basically a huge financed job you have to take to tell to do this job one called the series southern and one calls that as serious
sixty three there said its seven hours of question always shirt and he passed at what the shirt so he's not he's a very very very intelligent person so now you know the brain that's being apply haunting people affair a memorize or an absorber of personalities and information and the kind of permanent will tell you the perfect lydia he's lord mount buttons nephew he's not anybody's son he's here there's nothing direct so all right so he's he stays at this job for two years but he's super people die
at first it's interesting that they have this royalty working there after two years there sick of hearing him talk and he did the ultimate wrong move which was the boss the guy that hired him who was the president of the company wanted to access his own computer and chris wouldn't tell him how to do it because he thought if i'm the only one that knows how to do it and you dont know oh i will never get fired instead the guy and charges like get the fuck out of here and somebody else's gonna teach me how to get my computer lawyer well from there he gets a better job so he gets fired from the job and then he gets hired at a place called nikko it's it's another one of these like wall street job you care and this is not our universe it i'm not interested in it i don't like you know i don't care about
essentially he does great there too for a couple years but he's a couple people were onto him this island in the documentary because he would ask he'd ask a question like do you ever sold one of these and the guy that he asked a question tools in the document or whose like that we like asking a dennis due note by costs but it's like it's one of the basic so that i was like i was pretty sure some was gone i hear and then course by the end everyone just bragging any spina asshole everybody so he gets fired from there then he goes to another company a bigger companies who gets a better job each firing he just as is failing upwards but this is the job where they finally do background check owners two years after he got dismissed from the first place they finally
look i'm lobbying data run his social security number and the social security number that he gave was it berkowitz is the son of chateau back her that is the key those per it's amazing so it's kind of like saying if you check my shit fuck yourself no one ever did until after he left here ok so and although you shit that's cool it's crazy so in this for the third job some at the third job finally looks into his background while he still works there and then finds out that he is a person of interest in a missing persons case in california havoc i feel and i saw that i mean probably nervous but still looked the excited and then hungry chasms right before so the greenwich police and the connecticut state police show up at this job but that day defer chichester
no sorry christopher kroner mercosur crowed didn't show up for work that day cause he was onto them he knew but he called in to say he needed time off because his parents had been kit kidnapped in either pakistan or japan come let's just say you're not fewer woollen also that's what your lies are getting a bit barrier like a pick one year its pakistan india by you a hangover yet a warrior yeah you view broke one of your tea out for a country like us but your behalf but your bike us so he disappears from greenwich connecticut and he appears in new york city one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and where does he go where did john list go when he had to start all over in a new town church chart church
say with reach church you show up at church with your song and down here and you have a built in community of people who are going to trust your hautala keep your eyes peeled churches he rose up and this is now when he is sure i say that as if that's something that's important this is now one he's become clark rockefeller so he's in new york city and he's introducing self as iraq of rooms are something you'd want introduce yourself anywhere but in new york city well but here's the thing he knows the difference so he specifies to these people this church that he is from the percy rockefeller side not john d john d is the one he's crazy rich percy still as super rich but not john d level so he he always goes right under no he goes in with the claim this re believable enough yeah
worse talking millions of dollars crazy old american blue blood money it's still at impress people like my mom he's rockefeller my grandmother used to say like she go pick that penny up off the floor were not the rockefeller early that was like a total grandma's area she also said a lot of racist stuff i won't repeat said alice and are issues a good person at her ease the times like amerika great again he claimed to have gone to yale like when he was fourteen he had a yale scarf with the blue stripes he said he had one of the j boats from his grandparents which was a classic thirty sailing yacht now either to nea don't we all basically what he learned is that if you joined private clubs in a big city hum and
and they're all like since clubs no one's ever even heard of the lotos and stuff like that where i'm like oh yeah i'm clearly as working classes even get will never be net note nor clerval nobody asked her no they're not gonna ask us now i don't think so but this is where the vanderbilt in the witnesses in the rules of else and iraq villars they ve all been socializing since the eighteen hundreds so he learns the kind of language of private clubs and those people and then all his lies become believable because he's speaking their language rights saying this stupid shit that they all say to each other over cucumber sandwich under what it's always bring about cash here right as actions like a trend towards yeah we're transit alms bonds more bomb ribands their polio fellow folio follow folio lives magnolia new meant the disease caused arose about hanging
thank you gotta talk about array so oh sir i lost my place and i'm hallucinating from the he i'm sorry now here there's nothing you can do so is on a totally wrong page i tried to do that scrolling thing that i do all right so ok so he mary in ninety ninety five he marries a woman that met through saint thomas church this church that he went to and she was a harvard mba who rose to be one of the youngest partners in history at mckinsey i don't without law firm probably she the two million dollar salary like a legendary businesswoman back ma am he meets hurt ouch a hit it off and they get married he has a long way with the lady explains to her that none of his family
it's gonna be at the wedding because there had been an argument he does invited all of them were no family there her flag but he marries and her family and they have a child name ray what our you like that name for a grey re arria g h oh that's cute he named her snooks x which then something thurston how the third called his way snacks here he it insisted on raising her and educating her himself i would love to meet and talked to her she's a glass so anyway they ultimately get divorced and she the wife has to pay him eight hundred thousand dollars an alimony and he went to the white there but she she won the right to raise ray
in london so in two thousand a court supervised visit in boston rockefeller our kidnaps array so she seven years old there he's meeting up with ray and the court appointed like social worker basically and he runs up pushes that woman over grabs the little girl and jumps and do a car the those historical actually ran after and grabbed onto the back bumper of the car for like a little trying to do something about it but don't he was he lived for this little girl he just wanted her in his life he wasn't going to harm her in any way everyone in this manner says it and like they would never he worshipped her in it and he she was everything tenets and they any got caught two weeks later occur so the but there wasn't he he had set up
a new identity baltimore that's where he was gonna become chip smith a professional yacht captain and catamaran designer he he got caught immediately he was in two thousand nine he was convicted and sends to forty five years for abducting his daughter and two to three years for the assault on the social worker who did get in injured that as you ve that he had waiting but more so back around now because in nineteen ninety four the new owners of the soul hussars house in san marino who were digging to build a new pool and found two bodies are no deep deep underneath the ground in the backyard at the so has his house and it was
the family members said the bones match jonathan so has as general description but he was adopted so they didn t think do a family dna match associates this kid is this like great nerd she loves him so much but she's kind of a loser and then he take then he finds love and six foot red head and they are kind of this mitch mismatched couple that are making it happen and then he thinks he just leaves her yes olives the saddest thing i've ever heard they be
so a forensic evidence show that the victim whose jonathan having struck in the head two times with a rounded blunt object then stabbed six times only she's a body had been cut into three parts and the body parts had been put into book bags from the university of wisconsin and from u s see where chris she turned clark people he had actually sat in on film classes never registered as a student but he used to go to you ass the asses he just wasn't actually student well and so that sir essential evidence combined with the fact that he was arrested driving jonathan struck ear greenwich basically victor him of murder sorry they there was only one body buried in the backyard they never found linda lynn what is she is well
the police suspect that clerk had an affair with linda no because basically he clark thought he was in with dd and tat he was going to get her money and get the house and be in san marino unlike his live here and then jonathan and linda were basically what were standing in the way of the air and i say and he thought you know i'll get this is is this crazy old drunk later i'm gonna get her to sign everything over to me and then i'm going to have the money i want and then linden jonathan are just like you need to move out of here and basically that's where it started so he the theory is that he tried to break them up as a couple her and then he murdered jonathan linda might be out in the world they think she's daddy ashes that yeah they just think that he brought the body summerhouse had so suddenly he was charged with since murder
and the trial was in april two thousand and thirteen and he was convicted of first degree murder and he is now in some weird jail and blood iron would jail in life california i see a photo of him yeah tim among shot then so funny because when we talk about like that he's good looking and stuff or that he had away with the ladys nope well say i mean teaches on areas america he still while and also when you see him talking it's even worse got no magazine clement rules like moves at like somebody in a bad like mustard commercial we're like what why would you talk like that she looks like he is a character in the simpsons yeah but his own ours is mao's he's just kind of you know i'm sure he was insecure as a teen sure and all of that
us being really smart you know i just made up for i don't see him being ladies man but good for him it's all in the brains brains brain brains brands brands brains while that's fucking sab yeah but it's play for it's not ass dark but it then it kind of is actually he like went in hand the crazy rich man's life and it actually worked for a little while but let's the cue from him and start living our lives alarmed lies no more lives no more lies no more drama speeches confident as him ok and as an nerdy as the guy he comb and and as rich as someone who lives in san marino that's that i like i would love to eleven san marino jus well yeah back in my house i mean
you need to be met constantly making money secret his pay those property taxes some selling glass lance org it like a hedge fund thing yeah then you to be the kind of person it's like i'm i need them better i need the luigi vit han version of this isn't worth its specialist suited money and make you think you're rich shoot make money and get rich it's down i'm good yes i'm fine i'm lazy i'm not interested in most of that stuff anyway i just i just want to the relief of not having debt yeah but being rich i dont think you really adds up to what i dont think it fills the whole that people are so convince here it's going to get i want enough money then i don't have to wonder what them my next money is coming from yet only now maybe in five years but not really yeah but which is that i don't know also you know i heard from the great jerry seinfeld himself who said that he heard money
there are some study lay dead money make you happy net money never makes people happy its human connection that makes people happy which i found very powerful coming from the richest man on the price of the earth were always i was like yet this must be you must have at some stage in this because what you're saying to me right now is that that your money doesn't make you that happy so you're looking trying to find out what does its human connection here i also like there's you if people are a b and to a certain amount of money and then anything over that lit that decreases your happiness decreases how many lottery winners go backwards bananas craze heartily and is one i know i am come back one point five million as all amy and is that all you need
it's really not today's standards no real it's even by house phenomenon essential if it's not enough now you can't live here with them back the cairo more than that that pick it up they hang it up to the six seven area but one that rich person gets a jet and incomes were show says ahern on tom who make andella his money full of envelope i was i was hoping it would be john travolta flying in from florida that's my picture to my mind that's where he has his house with it airplane hangar right outside their cnet yeah cool i have a hometown murder but it's kind of depressing too so i don't know if maybe it'll be just like not worth it but you didn't you do a hunter murder at the end of your i shared here for a minute and up
perfectly later i now dead and that further risk elvis came out right was your ending because you never care we should thank stephen i think he's the our beautiful engineer who gave us microphone genes beautiful thank you really are global even killing reappraisal elvis is sitting there way that elvis at your big channel where can we i rejoined is what do we do it before after we say alice you wanna go do you want the answer profound we usually do after because stay sexy don't get almost cookie
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