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2016-08-25 | 🔗
This week, Karen and Georgia dive deep into the world of Lululemon with the Yoga Store Murder and then tell the tale of Tent Girl and The Doe Network. Plus a hometown murder by comedian Guy Branum!

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What does it matter if you're ready Stephen Review rate like their real, lasting just be were aiming Stephen? Stephen includes seven. Second, just more me worry him before the it's like. I am the common fling era, hostage and yours, Trying to send a message to the outside world: How come syndrome is somehow get rid of. It has really bad outcome. Sooner evil we are starting now, my favorite murder care care in Georgia, in Georgia we started the podcast
I feel so far like against I'm great hurry. You I love. You have asked me. I was like that. How? How are you really? Let's have a moment of vulnerability? I feel a lot of anxiety about cash, so many things? You know that weird Wednesday Paling were recording thus on Wednesday. I will get it up in time. The job stuff I drink too much coffee all day. Oh, you know: am I drinking too much diet coke to the point where I am killing myself do drink day, Coca
why is only like twenty three it? I like that. Every episode now, you have to admit, like you, have to confess something you do that's cause you smoke told us. You smoke cigarettes last time by me, I'll airy. Rarely it's not like. I wouldn't call that it's not a thing it shit. That's like my secret sneak away once in awhile and care, and I only know what's your real big reveal: oh what's a good one, second ones, but one of adult acne. Ok, let's sucks, I can relate to die. I dont like them That's my back! That's all you're willing! Now I mean my life is a fucking out. I have nothing, but I I feel like that's. I think volcanic. It helps Eagle locked in
to our humanity a year when we're just sitting here going, grows discussing horrible humanitarianism, hideous made up a mega arose it better be upon gas. I will look at it. We're getting. A lot of work is very enjoyable and, of course, feeding the ego. Alot of people who are doing like fan art. Picture S. Things of us which this now that they are enjoying the most here is there. He always give me a huge knows. I think I have a huge now today, if you dont have a huge now, I think, of a pretty but Nino Kilo by love, I mean it. Thank you. I just want to use it and noticed the eye of a large Jha and them when I actually been undersized Jha. Hence my invisible. I am that's right. Thank you, but
you know it, but thank you were the most ungrateful. Ass was not while I'm like a cure. We have a couple now. Can you draw us better than me everything I know if you want to make it under in Syria and outcomes lash my their murder, you got a truss strudel life. There are some really good ones of us, really awesome, drawing yeah we're like you look at NGO. Oh my god. This looks like we have a comic book, the witches super cool. Thank you. So my dear fuckin, back peddling so embarrassed. I dont be good. I gotta than surrounding Elsie a bunch of likely posts such an all Solomon. We post everything that we see and find that you guys send us. I love. I had a lot of people made us new logos that say that fog word, murder, mystery show, will remain love and appreciate. That was your aid us good time here and also I just want to mention on twitter page. We got
a million shoutout from Sweden, these guys, whoever podcast called the power meeting Podcast Dennis a tweet that set a million shadows from Sweden, which I didn't know until I read it that that's all I've ever wanted in my life as a really age out from Sweden. Also astray allows us fuck yeah strictly by five and Australia. That's amazing Pelias shake that's a big place, for they must not be about accuracy down there, because I feel, like everything, I've ever said about Us Tralee on this progress has been deeply wrong, but we did an austrian murder once. Maybe that's why that's right? They are like love us for doing that. You're, some good ones there there are some amazing ones years was the it was the son who washed his clothes before he did anybody I murdered. He went out of paper out murderous fuck and family. His dad washed, his clothes, almost that New Zealand Attack No, I think it was Australia watch the numbers plummet. Why did I even bring this up? I don't
I brought it out. Ok, has is all your fault, what I'll say honestly Harmon town, twenty eight, I dont know if it's sold out or not, but we might well give it a plug. John Harmon has alive podcast and we had to be the guests this coming Sunday, absolute can't come by deciding listen to it, cause it's gonna, be an episode. Yeah it'll be up, come on a thorough, audio, podcast exclusive and then a were. We did the dollop live tenders, episode, pod cashing you can listen to that. That's right and it was superfine. Oh my god, I was amazed land. It was really get whose great justice it between all you guys were so fucking funny and just like I, they said- and I really felt this at the time that I was gonna- laugh my boat hucks out laughing so harder by using a break.
My vote ox. Will the what David Gareth have this weird combination going where it's like David says the fact and then Gareth acts it out in it? So amazing that I just wanted to sit there quietly and do it because I am genuinely a fan of what they do, but I felt like you know, of course, as a comic, I have to acknowledge my way and everything I know it was so good. It was superfine o also we got a tweet from glitter pizza. Ninety one God bless. Yo said why not at the end of every murder, a wonder you ring a gong which I read out of context. Just read as a random twitter made me laugh very hard. Then I understood, I saw a bunch of other tweets. That said, what's that noise RP spooky noise, that we keep hearing- and it is we got Stephen set us up with these awesome- might stand he as a look like what you see like real radio people yeah. So you don't have to like touch her MIKE's and make noise anymore. But what we did was we touch the might stand and we are making the springs. Does I can't sit still rate is a super alone, but is perfect ago sound. Listen. I have eighty. I think rightly said so. My psychiatrist tells me ok camp but can sit still. I want a move around out at sea nominated sacrifice for the back ass more. We really appreciate, I speak very. Becoming Kieva buys Amazon. You button us, you I've made out of coal. Let's see we go, let's see we. I changed our Patria on page and Mckenna, Schiller Anything, but I'm gonna be posting on the blog, and there are some compound manners scraped that we're not gonna ruin their Minnesota just for whatever reason so go there and look at them. Ok, I think it's for you pay money to look at them that we are examining today of a pdf. You can give us a dollar a month. Rather the fact you feel like we heard tell that we might that our podcasting network might be setting us up with a person who knows about stuff like this article. I don't have to do it by ourselves anymore and did when that comes together, beautiful watch. How we take over the inner MA am we also had? Are we just ended our lest he should sales and we we are giving half the money to end the backlog, dot or nice too. Much, as I do, I say
that's not what if they're like girl was just a one month and worse against sending to grant to end the back more than they fuckin have before I got so freaked out. When I posted, like hey, we're we're gonna get fifty percent to end the backlog cause. I expected people. This is the opposite of what happened, but I expect people public only fifty percent so you're being so greedy and then I was more like that. So incredible, like ok, I've just been being harder myself. Yes, I mean, I think, it's just weird to be in this position where you can actually put something out, have people by and then actually give money. That's like a knee cool thing, but also we ve never done it before. I saw everything feels wrong and bad and where I work on the picture- and I put that people who may be they can, we can have like votes for like the net with the next shirt designs, gonna be, or also people can vote on what the next charity that we give money to will be. I wouldn't do that. Second one, I mean what I mean:
ones we pick, and then they can vote off them all right. It's not like the club, the cake egg higher rates. That's all I'm looking for. I have this. Please donate to white supremacist groups anymore. I don't want it. And I can't you ve, given them. So much of your money Carol had already out there that I give them time after dies or they can buy. Their robes of rules are not cheap. Look, that's the one place they dont scam. They spoke now. Please, I'm just thinking of like oh brother, where art Thou Yang, giving at our house keeping us keep em. Maybe I don't think so. Is there anything else that you love right now we're anything going on the news we know Germany's brother is get. Did you watch you and I both looked at each other, the exact same jailer that John Bernay docked but Doc. You series trailer
We have to watch her together. I insist you watch it. Can I tell you something? What a magazine wants us to do: cap every night or is it
Power magazine us. If they want to blame it on Monday, I gotta say no money, I think through money. Oh then, yes, that's awesome. I know the trailer gave me frickin, shell, okay, we watch the trailer at work today of the people who work with cause they're super innocently. I do and when I got to the part trailer spoiler when it got to the hunter where they have a brain region, Iraq, Ramses, how's, the room by room re, creating down to the detail of shit, was like leaning against the wall life. Changing these people are going these in these investigators. These these very qualified people from all walks of of criminal runs at national or cross. From analogy from analogy, they're gonna build a walk through and about and restage things that happened. You think they'll come to a conclusion. Clearly, within the trailer you can tell that the requirements there leg
yet there was no. This is not an outside job motherfuckers I mean that's what they're leaving you to believe. That's true like Oak there, oh no one. They played the when she hung up the phone and you can hear in the background. I still don't hear it to you if you listen to their him when they say like they reduced all this area and they hear her say I'm not talking to you. Yes, I still don't hear it. You know
Oh, but I feel like that's almost like by those ghost investigation the air like do hear it and then they put the subtitles near like. I guess you want me to hear it all here here ever you wanna. My thing was cause everybody at my job. What everybody pointed out like the thing that freedom out or that they like the most and mine, was that when Patsy Ramsay said I love that child, she did it with our eyes. Closed shop was, the creepy is part, is both of them being both of them. Speaking was so fucking area and to camera. Like the basely. Clearly, some lawyer says you have to go out there and tell the didn't, kill your daughter, and you have to make a statement and one Patsy Rhamni said. I didn't kill my daughter and then she closed her eyes and goes. I love that child and then they stay closed legs me that I just love is like. That means something. What also saying that child mean something cause. It's like she's, not saying my daughter dominate yeah. It's like not challenged legs that child she can't take. Take ownership.
The thing member did you watch the show lie to me with him off where it was all about the person that read my girl expressions and it was like a whole company. No oh, I know so when it worked on it that I dated side and want to oh yeah he's your man now he was very much my step on this. I just love that show, because at that kind of stuff of like being able to interpret what people are really doing, underneath how they mass and they pointed out there like, do they like pause it and be like this thing right here and now. I think I love that yeah. You should watch out frigate. I don't know if it's on anything, but the Cairo did you catch. Upon the knight of the we ve only got one episode, but I gotta say you're out everyone telling me about stuff about it and talking of other people about it has made me want to watch it less you're, so fuckin, Punk Rock Jordan. I swear to God you're. Just like me, no, no! No! I mean it that way of like you're. Just like you know I have to like it. If you like it, it's a.
I receive You think, that's how I think. That's what it is or your leg does everybody like it. Then everybody can somewhat whatever one's telling me about it. I think you actually means a lot to me, but wouldn't ones hung about it is like I don't care about the prison stuff. I the trial staff and wonder when someone to do me. Someone was like I can take responsibility. Dormitories at it was like listen, I watched oranges and a black. I don't even know it's gonna prison lake and so did the same. It's always aim just like I don't. I want to know that the system, the way that they find out how the investigation knows how the trial to step in prison. I don't care about rate, I you know, I feel the same way I find, and this is
you're gonna blow your mind I find prison to be really depressing. I don't want to know is why I fear going there to her. It was a child I. Furthermore it was the award and gay. I don't like. I know it's living hell. There are many many people in this country that are there and that's awful to me, especially from pillar there that, like it, was really hard for me to watch him get taken in to get our carbon year process them yeah cause it's like. No one gives a shit about you and immediately are just trash yeah like the way you know when you wait and liner Post office and you get to the next Heller, and you can tell I've had a hard day and they fucking everything seek and smiled like high, and they can be nice and so I'll. Give you a better experience and be happier than you can do the hidden prison. What am I mostly LEO? I didn't learn to be polite. Fernand now it's lake I mean entities like we talk a lot. We talk a big game about like send em de wavering as we are about these specific stories or people cut off in fifteen year old girls arm ass and leave them to die and these horrible cases and of course you want Larry Single, tend to disappear from the planet, but the reality of a human being. In a prison is a nightmare and land, and so my I'm not saying what I'm not
hypocritical that erected by those two things but its ya watching it when I loved the in that show, is that their laying in the each is really good. Writing he and I really like to watch good writing it. May I make me feel smart again, I'll say it for the millionth time. Where is our man? I don't someone, may that maybe I want to stay and answer me a couple. We owe Mabel Diana Valentine less. Last week I hear serial killer Valentine S. Anyone is dna, and I mean I want to have a baby cause he's so cute that I want like
Racist, didn't sell my wits and literally the must not cute kind of thing that that's ok, you know don't like about. I dont, like innocent people in prison that people legal area Singleton deserve imprisoned, go, have a fucking horrible time by innocent people, only the terrifies, it's horrible and it happens, and we all know it happens, that is incredibly stressful yeah. But I like it it's to me it's worth distress and there's things that are happening in our creating. I won't not try. It does disappoint me. The emigrant known happen, maybe I'll, which last up a said, Zadok hey. It's your life. Ben jump out, I don't know, can they please bring the family back on ABC ass is that all you want this Christmas? That's I want Veronica Hanukkah Christmas.
I think that's it rained down. You encounter the everything you need. I got nothing. Only eyes is: are we now forty five minutes? I am first as they go and tell me I am minus short too. So take your time. Ok, mine is I wish I had four months to research there, because the first time I heard of this murder, I thought oh, who cares not not about the people, but that's not my style, like lake. As we have said a million times, but like silence of the lambs is my ideal murder everything situation. You ve got a weird zero killer, that's gotta, an m o and I M glad I am an airline ass yet- and I, like glass, has always been this crazy way. It's not like, he is
it's not a one off. It's not me, I'm a passion, it's not whatever. That's I find that extreme criminal, mind thing fascinating. So when I first heard about this crime, I was like. Oh that's, that's not my thing at all and then, but I kept coming back like you. I would see it everyone's while looking for other stuff and then I finally started looking into it, and it is so fast right. So it's the LULU Lemon murder in Bethesda Maryland out assassinating. I didn't know that I know that is definitely not one that I would have looked into.
Ok, I'm excited me two things so the I first heard of it. I think it was like a year ago or something I was doing taken it arose. Dignity has a comedy festal every year called the Benson Ball and DC which, where she's from and so whoever was driving us to the theatre. That night we drove down the street and we passed a little eleven. I don't think it was the one we are driving by because that, as I believe, is north of Wash NBC, but he brought it up and told the story love him and he basically just said. Oh did you hear about that? Really terrible crime happened at Loo lemon. It was really bad. You know, Basically one of the employees killed another one and so just like that, I know I know, or in our time in yoga, Panzer turkish passion, I'm interested in and this for anyone Lessingham Isabel, we women is a second hyaena.
kind of one icy girls wearing yoga Pantaloon eleven, I'm like AL. You spend a lot of money and younger Benson didn't buy em right aid, yank you're better than me, breezy, expensive lake. There, almost it's! It's like Louis Vuitton of Yoga PS, witches hilarious paradox of this is yoga and they have like like logo out. So you can see them. Oh hell, yeah! No, I mean yes. Instead of hiding her shame, they put they're right. So when I first Google, this a couple haven't imposed, articles came up and one that I really liked as by a girl named, believe it or not Elizabeth Licorice, and create an hour shaven winds, IA and amazing, she's, all red and earn skinners twisted now
the council is to delete that even mark that concept. Okay, so she wrote an article called little lemons. Called culture get fed or die trying, so this girl started working LULU Emmon, that's the pronounced that right, LULU, lemon yeah, I don't give a fucking shadowy, sounds right, it's how its spelled and that's what I assumed and then on the mine Lula. I think it's Lula, Mine Lou, but there is an actual lit Lula man would be, there's too many lose, so I think it let's call it let's not get a or so Thank you. I think you are
It has. This girl worked there and so she's talking about what a creepy like culture. This business has, which is very funny like when I worked at the gap in the nineties, and only worth every year, a really hated it. But it is this thing where they want you as a person. That's getting pay the eye it and mostly working part time, so they have to give you full time benefit our list of, but they still want you to really get hair. Allow yeah this the culture, the retail culture yeah, and if you sell this you'll get this and we have to get our numbers of your meanwhile Don Fisher, the owner at the time, was making like billions of dollars. You it's it's so I can see where that was in the nineties. It's now twenty years later, and they have refined this concept. So it's like branding and marketing and in a lifestyle choices, and that's all that I bet a country. They don't call you and employ. They call you like the team member or whatever the fact that I am asked her. So this girl yeah, this girl worked there and talked about that.
Is. She said Lula and once you know, it's elevating the world from mediocrity, to greatness and creating components for people to live long, healthy and fun lives. But if you dig deeper you find about, you can't do that and second pants about a target on and on and on you have to get really superficial to rise above media area. But if you dig deeper, you'll find you'll, learn that about Landmark forum, no, they don't. Yes,
which is in the older, secretive eerily cultural educational series which LULU Lemon employees are strongly encourage. You attach not yes, now Lou Adele, I know I have a friend who did Lamar form an end is like I believe in it. I think it's great and I said yeah, but isn't it a crazy pyramid scheme where you basically have to bring parallel in you spent thousands of dollars and does give it? I just didn't do that like I got what I wanted. I left I'm like all your Europe strong willed person here, but I think it's one of those things that, like it's like asked or anything that just it makes money off of people kind of going. This is the answer to my life in air and get everyone they know into it. So they said they encourage their employees to to go to the landmark forum, which is bizarre to me Silva's our and before your in line four landmark, your bombarded with Brian Tracy motivational cities and a book club club that culminated with less shrugged OSHA
so it's not it's so called it. It's like get that money and get yours and empowerment, but in this weird cruelty way, which also it's like this is your job. This is your retail job, India, so They
she said it all of it made. What walking into work feel like she was time travelling to Salem, because with LU, LU, Lemon creed and catechism comes a collective mentality that thrives on scapegoats and leaves you feeling worthless if you subsist on anything but spring water and Kale once and other employees near me from across the floor and said, the soda I happened to be enjoying would rob me from the inside out. Eventually, we were all issued, reusable acrylic cups and forbidden to drink anything, but water and my adds stop. So this is I'm I'm just trying to paint a little bit of a picture, and I really heard of your slightly interested in this to look up these articles cause it's pretty fascinating. How many directions I goes in of give it sounds like a fun. Reed yeah will end just the intensity of a retail job. This I could thumbs me out so much to think that what people expect
from you when they are not willing to give you any risk accept all right. About and when you work there, everything about you is inventoried and measured in terms of authenticity and integrity, which sounds reasonable until you realize you're yoga amounts on a sweaty slippery slope that missing your extra. That's this, I'm so Rinki article missing your extracurricular kickboxing class, taking too long to pee during your break or falling to throw or failing to throw a kitchen party, and then she says in front the seas. Don't ask: what's in the sitting, room means your deficient in character and devoid of morals. What's somebody get ass? We have to find out, but it's like, I think, it's in a secret in house language here. Those girls happened just be older sport, earlier versions of seriously cut throat, sorority sister says one person's take about what it felt like till to work there. So we kind of
to go along with that that this companies out a lot of controversy since they started its a canadian company they opened in. I fit well in two thousand to mark the opening of their second store in Vancouver. They offered a free outfit. Anyone who would stand naked on the street for thirty seconds are you king hammered habit for people who can afford them and are homeless. You fucking assholes, but like also so it's a cigar, that's mostly women's clothing and your basically trying to get Ladys to stand or a naked. So you give them their hundred forty dollar yoga Panthers lay so there you are asking them to exploit themselves that sir
owner. I can't find him his name or no. He in an interview with the National Post Business magazine, which sounds very canadian to me, but I'm not sure he said he purposely named at loo. Loo lemon with lots of Elles, because quote it's funny to watch. Japanese people try to sleep. He also wants blogs that breast cancer quote came into prominence in the ninety nineties due to all the cigarette smoking power, women who were on the pill and taking on the stress previously left to men and thereby I'm going to LULU murder of shits his correctly that guy's. Maybe I'm turn oh, that guy's name is Chip Wilson and, of course, later everybody heard about the world in the years, two thousand and eleven- oh no sorry
As a thirteen, they had recall their line of Lou on yoga pants because they oh yeah through. I remember that, never see through I've seen girls tree strings from behind the yoga before and then that same ceo when he was interviewed on Bloomberg TV about it here. asked. He was asked what the nature of of the pantry call was. He said quite frankly, some women's bodies just don't work for it. It's more about the rubbing through the thighs, how much pressure there is over a period of time you fuckin deck, so he's basically saying if you're not emaciated, UK where are yoga pants and and if you do it's your fault, Folia yeah, so he's a superstar after he said, then of course he was asked to step down from being the ceo, because its you know at the time it was twenty thirteen. So so, I'm sorry, Sir, that it's not nineteen forty five year you can take that shit elsewhere in
it doesn't seven, they had a line of clothing, called Vita C s. He aim which the company said it was made from sea weed fibre and according to the tags, they said it released marine amino acids, minerals and vitamins into the skin of high tech with moisture its rancor third think reducing stress and providing anti inflammatory, antibacterial high grading. Andy docks, fine benefit bullshit, so the New York Times, that's exactly right in our times commissioned a laboratory tests, a shirt made from thy to see, and there was no significant difference in mineral levels between the Vita see fabric and a plain cotton teacher. In other words, the labs found no evidence of sea weed in the way you owe them in a holding at all. To do those were not done in two thousand eight, a mother and daughter found a hidden message: shopping bag. The layer of inspirational quotes such as friends, are more important than money. My area was a second no. That said,
quote some briefer, quick, sick ethics and since in a start over. So Brief are quick fix incidences when our minds are clear to be creative, are when drunk or stoned or just after an orgasm. Does that mean ok
there are promoting being drunk or stand org or having an orgasm so that you can be creative, lays cider yoga pants bag. So they had this. It turned out that they had printed this up. Additionally, people saw it and more like what the fuck are you doing on her or the other. The other quotes were the athletes high is the most long, lasting as it can last up to six hours and there's a little difference between attics and a fanatic athletes both are continually searching for a way to remain in a creative state. So it was always weird us. There are very pro drugs and sex and then a couple people about the bags more like what's wrong with you guys as a yoga pants Doria, so they took the bags and just sewed over them with French of is more important than money, but all you do is I wash the bag a couple times and then the other label came out with a zone where some money anyway, it's
pre hilarious and also creepy, like you're, getting weird messages anyway, and they just the answer back when when that happened was not an apology, they are basically like we're about speaking our mind were about living in this a having new ideas and new experiences and they face. There were like yeah. We do what we want more trying to inspire people, so so they get there. I am, I have gone, Just how you're saying how yeah that's a good for them, but a shop there like we can do. That is fine. You can do that like the thing yoga is practised, that's about connecting to yourself and connecting you know,
big having a body mind connection, so that you are more in yourself and calmer, more normal, it's not about spending money. They haven't thought about being better than your surety sister to get a mantra for transcendental meditation of fuckin. Three grand like how are you? How do they will know? That's based on how much money you make, but I mean I'm not defending it, because it's it costs money. But one thing is: this: is a store, that's creating that culture of you will spend money always and you will spend money on. Bullshit is working allied straight your face and that our closer made of oxidize, namely that it is crazy to anyway That's just a little background. So so it. The worst thing to happen to them, of course, was in two thousand eleven. On the morning of March, twelve, an employee entered their store, the best does the Maryland store and she she actually went in sheep,
I heard something inside think it said Anne, so she wouldn't got a guy off the street and said you have to go in there and check I'm just open the store and there's weird noises and the guy walked in two like a bloody scene, and it turned out that Brittany, nor would end Jana Murray, were lying in the store. Jana was dead and Brittany was tied up, Hant, bound hands and feet. Jenna had a rope around her neck and hammer knife wounds to her head relation, and she had been repeatedly struck with a metal stand later on. The medical examiner found out. She had three hundred thirty distinct wounds on her body MIKE how long will that takes her? he's on one three hundred and thirty time and how much rage- a personal, that's like ten minutes of hitting it's insane overcome. So what
They when the cop touch Brittany, she flinched and then she tells a story that the night before they closed the shop and then she gone to judge I'm seeing Jana. But I think it's Jane, I did I say, Gina evasion em, so she had gone to Jane and said I need to go back and for about something and when they went back again to masked attackers came like stormed in the store, whips, storm the store and with guns and attack them and Brittany said rape them and tied them up and killed. Jana and left her for dead had she been her or her. She had injuries to recur and her pants were slit at the crotched. It all looked very bad, so looks it all very bad and so on.
Sorry to scroll down on my damn thing. So of course, panics ask as this is apparently a super high and area like it cause. That's. All those stores are always analyze and really so people are freezing out like there's no violent crime in that area. At all immediately the cops are is set up. A man hunt there's a hundred. Fifty thousand dollar reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest. It's like a big and huge and they start talking of people around the neighbourhood and they talk to these employees at the apples for which was right next door, and these employees say that, yes, they heard two women arguing and yelling and some weird something and fighting noises the night before, but they never called lime online. How do you they didn't get asked that question in court, which of course, because it's like, ultimately it's not about them and what they did or didn't do.
Aside from I'm sure they struggle with it the ads hideous violently yeah they didn't, and then somebody included in one of these articles that I read as is really awesome thing about how when you are, when you have a phone or computer or something that distracts you you are, you are like
percentage I won't make up and on spanish throughout mammoth abuts like a very high percentage, less likely to get involved with anything happening around you there in an apple store. So early like we're noise, weird noise can I lack the plane, yachts with friends or whatever on your phone. I dont know I would like how would you get involved? It just so depends on the situation. If you can't expect you to be being ill getting murdered. No, if you hear a fight, your like I'm gonna go make sure loans getting murmured, no, not at all, and especially in that area. No, it's a weird thing, I'm sure they had never had any experience like than now and that's they probably were like. Oh no. Those girls are fighting the end that I just unfortunate, because even just a call this ain't, maybe you should just go check. I think, like people are willing to just risk being wrong, which is which is sad or not being able to read the situation correctly.
I mean the way a couple of these articles talked about it. There was like extended thumping and fight sounds, and now you should check at one per at one point. They heard a woman scream. Oh, please, God help me! Ok! Now you should a fucking on over this. I buried the lead on. I showed up at a brilliant, rising icon. Yeah solar is even if you're, not sure, yeah you roll the dice. Okay, so so from that they realize they did. These employees only heard two women the entire time they don't. They don't hear anything about men's voices, their hair, anything else so their suspicious. Also, there's this really awesome statistic I found. I know the exact number four. According to the Bureau of the Justice of statistics, according to the Bureau of Justice, attested only fifteen percent of homicides, are committed by someone who doesn't know the victim fifteen percent eighteen percent
It's really easy. So in some ways relax raises very various settle down because your fuckin families in a murder you it's gonna, be your husband. What that milkshake? I wonder if that's the reason why we're so fascinated with stranger murders what the court? How can I think you're hitting on her eye? Ok, I wonder that's why you're so fascinating stranger motors is because their so rare, yes, and so they sound like there are a lot more of them, but in actuality, its young. Everyone talks about the ones that happen because they're so crazy and we are so. It seems like they're more likely, that's really interesting yeah. So the cops know this, I mean the copy, the cops. They say that all the time on, like twenty twenty or whatever words like you, always look to your husband, the wife, the friends, the people that they know so one of the breaks in the case. was that they look
an Jana Jane as car as soon as the murder victim she's, a victim of her so they process her car and they find Brittany Bert knees DNA in the car? And then they ask Brittany? Have you ever been in JANUS car? And she said now that man, I love when they fuckin traps ya like that or do you just said he s right? You wouldn't not events aspects, but they never do because they were in the car, so they're trying to cover the year that lies, gonna, get them I'll, get and yeah. That's that's the greatest. I love them so. also they realize they had the head of the test, processed and Brittany had said that they were both raped by these mass man, but when the test came back
they were. There was no sign of rape than either there was no no evidence of it. Yet there was a normal things that they find Dublin Austria on either of them and also her wounds were few, an superficial, ray you're grimace hit someone thirty some three hundred something times and then a person just gets a little got it. It's crazy about and also because then that's like there's some crime of passion taking play yeah. So there is an intended victim. Yes, exactly her, and also than they realise that the angles they search, studying the angles of the of the wounds and clearly self inflicted, and she tied herself up. It was all they start. Looking back on a stage now there were in the blood, there were two shoeprints JANUS shoeprints were not in the blood. Brittany shoeprints were in the blood and a
fourteen men. Man's shoe one set of men. Shoes were in the blood, so not too like so she grabbed who she is off the financial, that's exactly by son of a bitch and walked around through as if a man was walking through any of that should in grand both a fuckin oak. Is this like the display pair right who my so I think brilliant and so stupid at this, and I will add something of like you: are you can't cover a murder. You can't you just can't not as smart as you think you are. You can and also cops have seen at a million times like they know what they're looking at an end. What looks weird and what does it so Ultimately, they basely get her to start talking and it turns out alone, six days after the crime,
actually happened was the same night of JANUS Memorial. They arrest Brittany, Norwood for first degree, murder, and so basically they figure out that that that day Brittany had been caught shoplifting a pair of yoga pants by Jane Eyre and that's what caused that was the inciting incident. Obviously much more was going on for her to get stabbed over three hundred times and they said she used five different weapons all found within the store was by young and blood trail that showed how Jane I tried to escape through them, door moistened. She had a hundred and seven defensive wounds. So
the end. They said that that was the most that medical examiner had ever seen. I've done why so. This was an a crazy and horrible, an extended period of time where this murder happened. Now, here's the creepy his part to me is Brittany, goes clearly just goes fucking berserk snaps she gets caught now. Is in that she's out of this system. She is. She is the worst of the course of your bad for drinking diet. Coke on the floor, imaginary hot shoplifting would be like in that culture. A thousand also. I dont think
It was probably very easy because Brittany was black and I dont know what the percentages were of people who were black. That worked lemon, but I bet that was an element and I am sure that brought there is something that brought to the table. There is other articles that talked about how she had stopped her boyfriend. I think she had that she was definitely maybe a borderline personalities, definite handsome issues whatever, but this girl viciously and insanely murders are co worker and then the lays down in blood for hours hours until she gets discover crazy in the same room is a dead body. I mean that picnic creepy level of their own. Also she went mucus when she called Jane a back to let her back into the store in Genoa. Double per
so she had to go get into her car and she wouldn't parked it down like a couple blocks away and that's how she got thing on the hours in their so The essentially she had ten hours to stay and plan this this crime and and figure it out so anyway. She was can It did in an hour. They tried to say that she was insane and they were like. No sorry, this was insanely premeditated yeah, I mean that's bad. Raising this was very premeditated and obviously should try to cover. Ups, as you know, is a yes Yes exactly and I guess Oh so she was that she got a life sentence and with no possibility of parole
so turned out that the little lemon murder was much more fascinating and I could ever imagine- and I thought she went in there and shot her like I mean you know, any of the details knows grisly as hell and just that the element like that the pressure e sales sorority sister element is fascinating. To me. Somebody there's a guy that wrote a book, his name's David Morse, and it's called the it isn't gonna be wrong. I want to say it's called the yoga pants Martyr Kennedy right, the youngest store murder bearing out so close or there are the crime scene photo. I'm sure there are but a, but I want to see them without the body. Is I'm not that fucked up? They wanted to show the crime scene photos when they were trying to pick the jury and they the, I think it was.
turn a picture. I guess it doesn't really make sense, but they were basically trying to introduce these photos and, like the defence thought it because they're so awful her skull was cracked for spying was severed. Oh, and I want to say that I mean it's terrible. I mean you know she was stabbed, overthrown ties and its say is horrifying. Shit yeah so there you go day, Lama, current necessarily eventually end on and on. well well, back mainly from I'm yeah, ok, mine, is about ten girl and the dough network one another as endear now d, o YE as unlike Jane DOE. Oh, oh, oh, like though it though
dead body, female body- oh my god. I add to that. Did it all right, so I may seventeenth nineteen sixty eight a well digger name, Wilbur, Riddle, killing time between jobs, pickup glass, insulators on a dirt road. This just outside Lexington Kentucky sagas scavenging shirk. He comes across a large, green tarpaulin and was commonly used by carnival workers to store the big like the thing tat tension and inside he finds a new decomposing body. Abu young woman. She appeared the entertains and she had been dead for months, couldn't figure out her exact cause of death. It was thought that she'd been knocked out. The blow to the head. And then tied up inside the bag.
Too slowly suffocate and the way they knew. This is out her nails were worn down and baroque now as a ship in trying to escape nightmare. Yes, She couldn't be identified and became known as the tent. Sorry is. Sixty eight is area, it became a local legend and her grave had a headstone that pen that they had put the each with the police ass, she might look like and it said, tent girl sound, may seventeenth mincing sixty eight on highway. U S highway twenty five north dynamite a private. Like all these weird statistics about her terrified so as a place where local teens would visit to cause trouble and scary each other, and, like I'm hollowing you had, I gotta go touch the gravestone and run away and stuff, and so a couple decades later,
a teenager who is into town named Todd, Matthews and hears about the story. Girl by a girl he's got a crush on nine months later, he and this girl get Marian. It turns out her name is lorry read all her. Father was well born rid of his found tat, ground, Lou Todd. Matthews becomes obsessed with the case and for decades he's determined to find out the true identity of tat girl I'm touched to siblings, had died at birth and it really stuck with him, and so he says that he felt like tat. Girl had become his sibling until he could find her real family just so my cry when the internet's created
he's saves have enough money, for he had like works. Low income job saves up enough money to buy a computer, and then he trolls chat rooms and search engines and missing personal listings, searching for details that match TAT girl and he creates a website devoted to finding her identity, and this is before any of us like a web. Sleuthing shit is going on in his mind, he's just any email as many people as possible he finds out who is missing. Person is so Catalan. I January ninety. Ninety eight. And TAT has been online for hours looking at random stuff when he comes across a classified I'm from a woman whose searching for her missing twenty four year old sister, a brand Hackmen Taylor. He tied sees the three words Lexington nineteen, seventeen sixty seven missing, and he knows it's her and media. So. In December, nineteen sixty seven twenty four year old, Barbara
Pack then was a mother and a waitress shed married young and then mysteriously disappeared. I thought I was a teenager originally when they found the body which is actually twenty four wishes. Another reason like why the cops Like when, if taken someone amateur defined this person because you're looking for a teenager, you're, not gonna Find someone we'll talk different, a statistic: great learning they fall into that can re rear, so Matthews arrange to have tat girls, body exudes and in April ninety. Ninety eight dna tests prove that barber, an hack, menace tank grown wow. I now
the family chooses to have barbers remains kept in the original spot. With the original headstone they just added a little stone underneath with her real name, nickname date of birth, presumed data, death and the EC scrip inscription, loving, mother, grandmother and sister issues, a grandmother, twenty four. No, I think she had heard bade her daughter and allow shouted grandmother Gaia. So right that was really stupid, but this I got it. I love you for it. I totally additives, others about that exploit roads were made out of silk earlier when you said it, so you never know. I dont really huge. I can't say that they are that I'm gonna go out and say absolutely fucking mouth and probably not now, all right so he died before its hunger was identified, but barbarous husband, you George, Taylor, ever found on missing persons report and he told
Airbus family, that she had left him for another man. Here, so you know how she was fuckin found in a tea Berlin missing Mary, there was in harmony commonly used by carnival workers, historic tents, guess What George is job was he was an accountant? Was he an accountant who was he did he work at our eye? He was a car worker. He died of cancer in October night, Jenny, seven and I hope he writes in good, yet get glad effective, go fuck yourself crazy, like what is theirs a thing assize likes besides fingerprints that could have leg made it more Emma like yours who done it yeah I mean did they were Karen.
Don't rush, I won't they play the day like tire back to the carnival. He was working and may even now. I just meant like at the time when they found her. Did they take that turkey or whatever it's called? evidence and then go interview, some carnival worker. I see what look kind of was in town and then it could that be the third season of true detective. The story of white carnies, those are my rations. I was excited that therefore, that together but gosh I wish they had done that before he died of cancer. Yeah. That's a good point, but I mean you don't know shit,
A different story giving so so the ending of this is pretty amazing about Todd. Matthews goes on to help create the dough network, which I am obsessed with its an online database containing thousands of profiles for unidentified doze, sharing, Jane and John Doze and baby. Does an amateur sleuths try to connect unidentified bodies with missing people, amazing, like people who were like nurses and fact in janitors, and all these crazy people who, like they are doing this for a free and their free time, just sit there and try to find matching characteristics to get these people found and get them? You know I don't like webs sleuthing, where anyone can do it and are the information they started. They started regulating it because I think that a lot of a lot of police or getting annoyed with all the calls arrogantly advocates. This person, I think, is a person so there's like for each each town or each city, others. There is like a main person that an astronaut through like a crazy setting process now, so I feel like. I think this missing person is this item. If I body they have to like it has to be checked out by like a bunch of people who have been certified by the done at work to do that, but yeah you can kind of just like look.
it's almost like their game where you, what was the memory one where you turn our facing you turn about covering after remember when faced with a memory. Thank you. So he also cofounded NAM us it's. I think it's just me name ass, but there's no e, the national missing an unidentified persons system and another thing they do is they lay they hire more. They people who, who who were, who draw portraits and stuff just for free, like can, will take a dead body and sketch out when the face look like or taken missing person and sketch out what their face would look like now, only I'll do it for free last, pretty amazing net place where we give money for the t shirts, I dont know we can discuss it. We can you confirm
on patron me with care and with care and, of course, cooker exclaimed, maybe getting the money. How dare you love so as of two thousand and seven, I couldn't find any more recent suggest Ex there's approximately forty thousand unidentified human mermaids stowed in back rooms of morgues buried before their identified and buried an unmarked graves across the country. What's that number forty thousand sheds- and that's two thousand and seven the now Your crime information centre representing ninety thousand missing people at any given time. So forty thousand of those unmarked I people on their websites lists seventy successful. density recent resolutions that the site has assisted font size. Thirty six had occurred within the first five years and tat. Where was the first case to me, identified by use of the internet wow slant, incredible tat man is, he just say,
It was an obsessive compulsive with this case and because of that, so many families have been able to find out what happened to that their loved ones and himself fascinate with those stories of lake she left home one day, and we know we thought we'd here from our agenda. We didn't and we all know, she's alive, and I am just fuck and moved on hated, our dad and grain but then they find their like. You know, by the side of the road this person with this crazy tattoo is found in. Why can't we identify this person, and so they put on a step in the emperor and the thing that's very cool, tat girl, there's a photo of her looks a lot like the drying. SAM bran Heroin? but it's like the tragedy that something good came very cool and others nice. That idea that I gathered
if you have it just so nice for the families like that that that idea, just not knowing ass so torture and I've kind have been wanting to do. I've been thinking a lot lately about like work. How can I volunteer my time in some way that were the shrew crime thing we're doing? I'm like wino? Do I work for? Do I go up on terror, for women, shelter or something like that, and this six I feel like that's what these people are doing as sir, like for no they're, not making any money, they have jobs, they don't need and they just want to help with fine It's just a really entities, it puzzles and piecing these things together and they re have that specific ability of like you can draw INA Woodley a picture with a last look lag or whatever it's like everybody pitching and what their specific talent, yeah yeah. That's very cool, like that's real, maybe I'll do something like that, and I can't rob- and I can look at tat- is and remember They were found on dead bodies are not do it, I'm really glad of tat.
remembering yeah nine, so that a short one, but I thought it was no. That was cool. I liked it like good information here, entirely? When I read another home town we did a mini sir, but should we end with a hometown? Oh yeah she's thinking I hold on. Really click worry thinking I have Guy Brandons hometown forgotten. Only goodness is two minutes. Let's listen to govern our ready. I love him. This is my friend guy Brantome, who is a whole area standard comedian. You may know from Chelsea lately you may know him fries been a million things and I asked him about his home town murder from EU best City, California, here's what he said,
our former guiding- was a minor farm workers. She was less coordinated, minor farmers for the farmers and he had this brother, who was gay men in restaurants and like the first thing that happened was that there was a dude in a bathroom brows mexican restaurant do like came out of nowhere, and I can assure you that in news a lawsuit about that, and then the brother like lost his restaurant and doubtless ignites leaving, but then Corona started basically just calm down. He would get my own farm workers, then he intentions shoe and monitored and he would basically say such a huge luxury forcing assets, and then he were very Misha grave, sound like seventeen dues. All of these guys were mayor farm workers,
I must make the most of the good information like the people who is now a couple of. Why do they do to mostly just ended up doing eggs to mexican guys they found a bunch of leg, butcher, receipts and stuff from like tat would be from his pocket. The shallow grass and he rode, insists that it was Gabriel, actually all the murdering and infringe him and then fled to Mexico and ones like about seven showed up with what my mom fists with FEMA Ground, like no caused by my mom, is like. We both know what housekeeper go back on the entire time. My asshole Dodd Frank is barking tired. I tag recording my hot sweaty apartment there. Isn't it
so creepy like that, you would be that you're so trapped. If you are a migrant worker, undocumented, clearly conquer the cops and there is a serial killer, hearkening taking people onto orchard, associate it so, and then I bring about those poor families back home or, like I don't know what happened to him now. You know my brother, but I'm we're gonna find out right. That's exactly re! Sad! Hitler's thanks! Guy he's us a person. I like him, he's the best and boy. Can he dance the really ass? Well, I guess that's yeah, thank you for listening, so thank you. So much can you guys if you re, review unsubscribe on Itunes that helps us alive and we appreciate it and gosh. It's nice having IRAN's listen- and this point has also elvis- is sitting right in front of Stevens Face because Stephen gave him a cookie. Last time I got you just said: gosh gosh.
it's nice, you listen body, Gee whiz with you, because everybody thank you thanks and you know it stay sex and so get more elderslie, wanna cookie, Well
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