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This week, Karen and Georgia talk the increasingly surreal Jane Mixer case along with the Co-ed Killer and then recount the incredible survival of Jennifer Morey. Come have tea with us, Rosemary & Thyme style on My Favorite Murder.

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this is exactly right that's why we started this week hired hey are you hello hey that's karen who's this that's caring less georgia thank you as our vote if you can tell them apart oh yeah you do your hide this is georgia i gasped into the microphone alot karen i sang and a lie and this is my favorite murder which has a podcast where we talk about murders that happen that
interest ass any free gas and hopefully make your time at work in swimming pool or on a dark and road while you take a go by a little bit faster about them goodbye that was it if such the effort to do like rain official beginning of this fuckin pod what's gonna know it let's go and get into this pass it all by her i be also jacob okay so this if anyone talk about the less i don't i can talk to me about until a bug right was very stern i married or so jacob whirling that though but his this one is a thirteen year old kid when
he was kidnapped he was kidnapped it was him his brother and a friend they were writing their bikes to the store and a guy held a gal damagon point and told the other two to run away and took jacob nineteen eighty nine which we i would have said many times that the eighties outcome and be under arrest for being fuckin shit if it was not a good time for us as children was speaking of i just watch a documentary that has now on netflix over the weekend called who took johnny i stared at that all weekend going march at karen this is supposed to be your thing and i couldn't bring myself to watch i because i've heard them talk about it almost last podcast and it is so dark and if so creevy and it is so not your average kidnapping i just didn't want to have to take it and i agree there's a lot of information the thing i took away from it johnny and running the thing i took away from it is that his mother
and like this is the only positive thing is the biggest bad ass in the fucking so the whole thing like kind of centres follows her around and what she had to go through when her son got kidnapped and when the police seventy two hour waiting period we have this little boy who in dark on his paper round it in the morning his his paper behind his adorable docks and which would level was left behind which why would you do that and they said he thought he ran away so she had to go to great lengths for years and years and became an advocate just like john washes without a tv show children in it's amazing what she's done i can't i can't take it in you gotta watch it and i just some so tired tired i'm sorry i know that's why the franklin cover up
then the play so hard to believes i have such a hard time with so many these little at like there's two things one of them is that a guy gets arrested and says that he was one of the people who took johnny gosh and he became slave rain and the other thing is that the moms says that she saw him johnny hasn't it as an adult amateur adore my and those two things like if you believe them both it's a fucking insane story if dont then it's a fucking insane story because people are crazy yeah everything about it is you know it it's if if it was just everything peeled away of just the fact that you actually know it's an intense tragedy of just a child peering there's that's the best worst case scenario because then you're a grieving parent who never gets relief and what that might do to you but then there is also the thing of it's just
i think the reason people like stranger things or whatever is that thing of wool then you must be crazy if you are in grief to bribery you and of course with the mothers with women it's always your crazy here and so a woman trying to get answers and get her child help and get some action when he's been deemed crazy which is the ultimate stamp that people can negate you and your voice where she was lying lansdown in like a man manner stern but women are shrill and now that's the patriarchy ass the boots the standard bullshit and yet she was able to change the laws and be an advocate for children who have gone missing and and turn her grief into something useful and worthwhile not that greece has not those things but you know that great it's amazing how she's upskilling she's amazing yeah i definitely i know it's a hard it's
our case but it's really good
final document are fine bank fine i quit year for jobs and stay home and watch johnny here's what i did do and but sorry we started out by mentioning the rhetoric of wetter lings remains were finally found so his parents have rest and there is a lot of people who sent us that it makes me really happy that people send as those articles and they're so ito enthusiastically lao it's such a nice idea to think that after all these years those at least at the very least those parents have a little bit of russia and a little bit like a just at least they know where he is i was so i read that about him being found and they hadn't really slotted details about it now there is more stuff coming out like who like the guy confess to it and that's how they found the body but so the whole time as watching who took johnny i was just in an all these twists and turns it maybe was this and it could have been less any might be still alive and i don't know these things and i couldn't help it just like picture his
the sad spoons buried somewhere rameau he has outlined the exact same way looked when he got taken and these crazy story isn't what happens that are just not true in the meantime these lonely bonds jar and dismay sam i know it's it's so tragic it's heavy heavy shit that's why i'm going to clumsily subway now ensue my next piece of housekeeping has less just must not live there for our desires and it gets dark not at all i know this is what we did what we like but we can't dislike you know this we have often toil area an apology to make for anyone who heard me talk shit about the british procedural rosemary on time because but what i did this weekend was watch probably twenty episodes of rosemary in time which is
hello lariat it's not suppose bail areas but i found it so enjoyable so relaxing it's too like middle age british women who are gardeners and they go they keep getting hired it's very murder she roadie who makes over there's two of them and they get higher to fix people's beautiful british garden is comes i also thought ladies you but there very attractive women and not i found the too fat ladys attractive in their own way in vienna hunter they had great personal it's ok anyhow these too are so enjoyable to watch the murders which is ludicrous there's always two murders everywhere they go people are drop em like flies nowhere is there never suspected but they have but half of more than half of the show it takes place in the most gorgeous gardens you ever seen so there is a real like you can see them aiming at lake probably like a sixty year old lady who's gonna sit nurture at night knit eat some candy and watch the show i announced fuckin amazing i was that lady this weekend i let him loved it i was so relaxed you have to see it it's but one time someone asked me about british procedures and someone recommended rosemary in time for home and oh was i flippant about how that was grandma ground
crime show and i don't care while i'm i apologise whoever said that too i am one thousand percent wrong i lovers hurried time with the best of them and pam ferris and i wrote their names down because felicity candle and ham ferris are the two stars theirs oh god damn good and ham ferris went on the star in a show called call the midwife which i also la la which machine she is the none that where's the habitable time she's like all business now just ass though she looks like every one of my family i love that show com and why i love call the midwife and she's she's lake holds it down on their says she's been on british tv for like forty year sounds like a combination of murder she road and the great british back off we're here just kind of being sued by british voices a little violence gorgeous flowers i mean you cannot have one without the other
and you shouldn't and also the day when i love is in a british procedural your watch them casually drinking tea just love the fact that people like cut out time in the day i now drink tea and eat cookies thinkers berman in there so i just say now because i just had berman unless i mean it's probably everywhere irene deep down i mean as you and i yeah i'll just like latka thundered grain why yes other housekeeping housekeeping i think the rosemary in time apology was my number one housekeeping pretty much this week there was correction coroner yeah that was a huge correction has also once again i've gotten it wrong with england hey we're in entertainment weekly hey we just found this out tonight summoned very nice europhile look them off give an eel j out they were lake
stage mom that i've never had a shit where they its de train of course a trans therefore icy train at de train rights hated you see the show in energy and weekly congrats and the answer was no we are not we didn't know it was gonna be in there or in there with atlas obscura which is a red website wherein there was a ban called sunlit youth sharp young people love them i am sure that their cool it's like a bunch of deeds and stretched out white tee shirts with really sparse facial here mary to my text exchange about it with my dad please so i sent him the photo that the train centres and i said the package is an energy weekly because you know that only from the seams legitimate as a victory on television or in a magazine that's right like it doesn't matter if you're on the website and he said oh i'm g wonderful very proud of you go girl
marty that means a comedian i like the sound of that message me to any incivism facebook i'd like to share a babby that's your job done instead go and throw up on facebook with a baby picture let's hear that's funny because i texted my sister adrian and audrey who are my hometown posse her and all fair of the show not laura she doesn't must do it my dear sister doesn't go she's like i don't have time attack and i literally have told her when she can thus germ line then you drive after you dry off your daughter my sister in law is the only one who listens to never like my not related person is the only one who can hear my voice and i love hate me will adrian audrey and adrian both totally listen to it so i went the ark nonstop constant group text and just want a guys look out were in entertainment weekly no one
search for a while and then adrian responded what magazine is that don't make me a busy now and then no one answer for a while and then i had written will someone please go by one and give it to my dad yeah enzo then nobody interests were wellman adrian comes back and goes laura you on that you're like hello is like this is classic and then i was like sorry for bragging and then my sister called me of course yelling i'm so proud of you yeah i said it's my mom and dad i haven't heard a word from my mother hates me now can i can i can i just shut out yolanda my sister in law and how sweet she is she listening air ah was she at the wedding quest
may have met her she's at all thanks yolanda it's your them most important kind of family that is out of hamley witless doesn't hey you for cracking and i got rear their heaven when you were a fight that's right there's no grudges no old grudges with those in laws all i've been in her mind is a great aunt did time party gown hamburger probably a gift giver i would say i'm terrible i could giving real she's a great piece of shit what gift cards zol starbucks gift cards everywhere i just forget more than that i try to make it seem like as if i'm a seven day advanced i dont give guidance either clerical karen doesn't do that and we agree and we did this honour last birthday is that we don't give each other gives let's not do the other each other never know i might i'm its pick you up something total it's a lot so carrying around yet but
it has to be on your birthday i'm gonna let you down i don't want you to be stressed out and then feel guilty nowhere and payment we pause sit on your birthday and they didn't even i wish it were that because i don't wanna put that should i little islands and i will work is that when i didn't know i novel you get i'm not on facebook i keep to myself i'm a fiercely private person hey it's my birthday today the cancer it didn't feel we're just now
all right let's talk about murder are you ready doves called that was called family forum but less part that was called workin out friendship detail friendship rules this is an important thing because i swear to god if i'm friends of the person and they give me some fuckin three stacks of beautifully wrapped give out idler late i'm like get off we're not gonna be i don't want this from yale you're gonna be merry disappointed when you're running around getting this year and then i feel obligated worthless car that's like a thank you sir forcing this like you and me out of me can i just say you were a fuckin meal yeah and actually you should oh do you owe me went first last week i think you then ok it am i wrong we're taking a quickie break
stay too and then my neighbour murders are happening or back and were back and i hate you're just versus big so are you ready but you're found nationalists and only on new topics you gave me the until one and i was glad that you were there are you ready to listen that's my one trigger is phone stuff now getting i don't give a shit about anything lings microphone foreign leading to go to instagram dot com slash might have murderous if both are we just took yet no make upon neither i am my pants are just completely and buttoned concept it's my alisha keys about array a second and i go on and eyes are now i'm not i'm not gonna make it one move stephen
you better tell her if she i just want to relax i honour a day i click clogs gimme the finger so my mai paramatta this week is that of gary earl leader and the michigan murders of canada it's kind of a mash up ok in the late nineteenth sixties there was a serial killer target a young women and the college town of an armor michigan lou he was called cohen killer whom became known as the poet killer and murdering women in and around ann arbor in a two year period his m o was picking up young women between the ages of thirteen and twenty one then he would rape beat and murder them the clear my stabbing our strangulation sometimes
bodies would be mutilated in which i dont get into don't worry about your squeamish after death before being discarded emma desolate area and he was also known to visit their bodies before i found tat he was a fucking crave yeah like a gross fucked up sadistic creep he was he was the oji ted bundy it sounds like yeah yeah he was like i think and i know i shall go with the serpent and they must have had the term circular ready because they called him that but it was like before this was like an unknown thing great cereal killing the two young women attributed to the kohen killer had been found when the bond jane a mixture of brilliant twenty three year old law student at the university of michigan was found on march twenty first nineteen sixty nine
she was done on a cemetery just west of ann arbor and was assume she was a victim of the serial killer the kohen killer but some of the detail of her murder were different than the established m o the kohen killer jane had disappeared after posting a note on a college ride share bulletin board and ran i mean yeah she was seeking a ride across estate to her hometown of scam or she intended premises on his part she intended to inform her family of her engagement an eminent moved to new york like she intended to inform everyone of the beautiful life she was building for herself vienna and was excited to start
just had some great new is like oh her parents had been waiting to heat for this day a guy she met at la school who was a sweet angel ever gonna moved to new york and pursue their careers or sweet baby angle of that's my saying a low already m link makes me really sad because you know like i wonder how they go there's one thing about hitchhiking that we are all account hedgehog but the opening of putting it hey if anyone's heading to lake again i'm askin you arrive i mean in this day and age i think it's a little bit better if you're gonna do that in nineteen sixty nine dot dot didn't know you were any cork board of any kind yeah there's nothing good is happening now everything's laced with acid come on those where great quotes the early mount about it i had no idea no it's ridiculous so
her body had been found in a cemetery atop a grave well she had been and we learn this from how to say this from germany the rotted correct they have been carried with a talking and it wasn't her own stocking was come to facto and out but the way she died was that she was shot twice in the head with a twenty two caliber she hadn't been beaten or sexually assaulted like the other victims of the kohen killer had but she did have redress pulled up showing her underwear but having carefully covered up with her yellow raincoat after birds and her shoes and a car and her coffee a catch twenty two had been carefully place nearby so like this person took care painting a picture yeah and my covering her body as such and we all know what it means now back then it was like the we did not like that really meant
you're taking this person great which means a personal relationship usually i didn't yes you're right seriously no but you're right i just thea means you're so smart i'm going on this hope like us already bay leaves don't do it so four days after she's discovered the body another body of the colored victim the code is found marilyn skelton she disappeared while hitchhiking an ant arbour and her murder more closely resembled the mo the serial killer fucked up fag each woman up until this point including jane mixer had been men at the time of their data oh what in the actual fact why what are the chances ok
works at the tampon store is my first as i owe you think it's a lot more sanitary napkins like went up to her chin who sold the sanitary napkin belts to say that one of their chief you see me can i tell you a hilarious and very quick anecdote always me a friendly solution hu i want to have children i sang her phone i'm about to turn him now she's like it i spent the night in her house one night and i wanted to wash my face before he went to bed i couldn't find anything to hold my hair back and then i found this this now this white elastic weird headband that had plastic slips on like whatever shovel it up through my hair back wash my face oh my god came out of the bathroom her mother started laughing so hard she could not breathe
and then lease of his leg karen you how the sanitary napkin belt on your head the joke as i'm mad because of what it was like some old thing i think so i think the story was like her mom showed her like this is what you used to have two years and then through in the bathroom drawer oh my god it was some old thing she found of like lisa can you believe this ease to how her mom had this great britain boston accent her mom was hilarious most beautiful story about my life i am her mom from lost her mind loan she saw me and your like you are the funniest girl where's like i was just putting me in my air home there's a wicked free from washing your face before about things g drought protests as someone who was open
adult acne on her face right now always wants europe has more bent seriously it's something very hard to do once you in your like fourth episode of rosemary time you're like i'm not getting off this couch tears that's why within arms race at all times you have faced wipes everywhere going on girl tip for the lazy they'll be more those coming up with where very lazy thousands it's a way that was it s story located there you know don't sorry that needs to be the girl who makes us amazing cartoons less collyer extracts of us camp can she led lovely girl please make whenever the story and nobody knows i demand the ruin kim's commenting whenever pearl is like drawing on
mr graham of how that you have a button knows an amazing trick but could you do that re use then people to your way i'll tell me i'm pretty while share of the sweat ran out mccarthy actually texted me but knows the other horny shouts and amateur the resigning hassock here but he listens he listens and loves maybe he sarcastically lessons no i think he generally listens but was being sarcastic about my button some map mccarthy or that we address the point we are told wrestling podcast vila wrestling back to the store back to the murders settlement so our demonstrating crazy creeping fucking weird unlike seems link trade what are the chances what are the chances that's insane so after three more murders thirteen year old named on the waste basin and twenty one year old alice elizabeth callum with his fine
victim which was due to his capture being an eighteen year old nam karen sue better benjamin on norman collins a farmer for charity dude was caught he's that young just former no he was he was governor of his age but he was a young man but he was in college college age to hear honestly like between you and me he was what oh that's there the worst that's to fuck it it's the ted bundy thing will that's why these girls would go in his car and get on his motorcycle he was acute college dune not anymore he's fucking grass but looking old photo of right he was that's gonna giraffe ngos guy if a guy roles up in his leg hey can you help me with my thing and yeah and look creepy people are gonna go
i can use my very basic sensors to be like no bank that's his automatic thing of trusting attractive face that right giving credit to being attractive as that means you're a good person worthy person so what mean that people think i'm a terrible person was i mean an unattractive nobody thinks that wait you you're trying to give people rights always your rolling up in trying to get people do not care about you drive around about your own stuff here just link to men sometimes when i say i went to therapy today i mean i pick them up and made them primarily for an hour you made them was new for an hour get hooligan twenty bucks and dropped them thank you and pay so he had been interviewed by police previously but i've been eliminated as soon as a suspect part of the reason he was caught was
due to the identification by a clerk of the whig shop which has left victim name karen have visited yes this was an episode of the crown a crime to remember the one with the car it's like it the one thing they knew about him like they had no idea who was for a long time but the one thing they knew it was like a blue car it was a motorcycle o o is that the one with the little girl gets kidnaps like from her driveway here and there and they knew the car and it turns out once again that lived rate in the neighborhood yeah oh conway binding sorry i'm a combine i write them so karen the karen i've watched you many crimes that only about the same minimize i know so karen i care in the last person who was murdered by him that day the day her disappearance had visited a week shop and irc had remember that karen
was visiting a of purchase a hare peace and there was a young man waiting outside for her on a balloon motorcycle click karen told the clerk me and man this bums me or any she said to the clerk to observe the man with whom she had accepted a ride in cockeyed a motorcycle stating that she had made to foolish errors in her life purchasing a wig and accepting a right from a stranger and then she stated i've gotta be either the bravest or the dumbest girl alive because i've just accepted a right from the sky was fucking chances she was unseen climbing under the motorcycle before writing away with him you know that makes me think of it like when you got a bad feeling in your guy
wait a minute that's right and you feel like oh if i just say this to one person it'll make it less a bad feeling a crazy and exactly reactors crazing does happen to me this person assaulted meaning or like we should be taking it seriously well now i just mean it more in the way of like before anything happen before anything bad happens but you do have the thing of this isn't right like let that in that connection i mean from your own life very fighting we spend a paper from your online file motions i'm if i get it in a thing i walk i don't do this but i think probably back when i drank i would do it more right but there wasn't a lot of information coming end because of gallons of whisky that i haven't i yeah there's definitely jokes i made that are like ike
a date tonight months i wants as with pursed this work with this person you don't fucking now yeah and its and you're really actually you should be afraid you're nervous in your telling people and your try not to act quote unquote weird by telling them they are vis so you're just trying to make a joke about it but then means and i got married says no but one time i did go on a date with someone i was going to date someone and i gave his phone number to my best friend mrs before self mike most sounds to me like hey if i don't show up tomorrow yeah this here's my and fears info bia ethical well but also now gives a lot of you talk about this to us which is i don't want to leave my house i am so anxious i'm so nervous i think everyone's gonna kill me or whatever which i think is people connecting with us and people reaching out they have heard say it their eagerness just say it to cause they're admitting it but there's
that thing of just is just a safety precaution nobody cares nobody thinks you're weird you give that number and then you just have a little thing in place because ass i think it's a smart thing to do it's just taking its being proactive frierson yeah because yeah you're gonna go on a date if you ve met a person none of the other other alarm bells are going all right it doesn't mean you shouldn't that's a person you shouldn't go on a date with because with respect the precocious but but yeah but also do that thing that might feel weird but you can do first with a friend you wanna do it every person you know then you're being like erotic here but he put a little safety sharp measure up hell yeah yeah i'm ready except the rhine so that's how he wanted to one of the main ways he got caught that led to all our other evidence against him
and in august nineteen seventy john norman collins was found guilty of first remark murder of karen his last victim and he was sentenced sir life imprisonment with hard labor in solitary confinement he never admitted his guilt and ear the murder of karen or any of the other murders linked to the michigan murder he suspects committing so they only tried him for that one crime for the one word and that they have a time evidence on and i witnessed evidence and then he was never gonna get out so they didn't try and for the other donors which has to be hard when you're the family of those other victims and how many other people whether to allow here's ok so here's the rest of the star ocean so they i mean tell two thousand and two they figured he had like seven murders in the area but case of jane mixer was
better solved by the fact that john normal collins handed it until two thousand and two in michigan state detectives noticed that the details on her manner didn't match up with collins crimes so they took a look at the case again and they took three drops of sweat thou had been on jane mixers pantyhose and a single drop of blood that had been on her hand to be tested for dna aright dna didn't match our normal cause the kohen killer but it's match sixty two year old gary layer men who was a farmer nurse from south western michigan who is a drug salesmen in michigan at the time of the murders in the air it was thought that leader what the person who had responded to jaynes known on the college right sure bulletin asking for a left home because somehow
i dorm room book look in the dorm rooms read the words quote and mixer and muskie again which is where she was going and were i'm or linked to his handwriting but that in two thousand and two that they found those or that they'd links those right anyways so they had the evidence but they just hadn't gonna put any new rather the opposite and somewhere yes and then when his house was searched shoot where he had lived with his wife of south of twenty seven years to put worried pictures of a sixteen year old foreign exchange shouldn't i lived with him and his wife were found the girl was drugged unconscious lying on his bed with her claws pulled back to show her junk and it was similar to the posts that jane had been left in in the cemetery woe so the
twist stains linked to determine not this earl killer but the drop blood found on her hand was links through do in dna to someone else it was trade man who was at the time of the dna match serving life in prison for murder the problem was ready for this that john were well ass whose dna much the blood rob was four years old at the time of the myrna right oh the defence argued that the state police lab had contaminated the samples when both men's dna were tested at the lab within a day of each other leaner means had been tested separately he had a recent arrest for forging prescription meds from where he worked as a nurse and were well as was for murder
but the cross contamination made the dna much too liebermann it should have made it in the end the court case just null and void because if you find someone else's dna on this person isn't there is no way in a person can occur at the crime than the rest of the dna should be fuckin thrown out turn out as evidence rain when is that only thing that's the law that is running i like logic let's logic to me we can get that get thrown out the prosecution argued that were well ass who four years old at the time and a chronic nose bleed must have been the crime scene and somehow got a drop of blood on your feet but you're making is correct as what i feel to appeal for a four year old with bloody has wandered over to a dead body lay didn't argue that there is a mistake in the crime line but prem lab but but the other dna was legitimately here is why they
he said that there was a four year old boy in the cemetery and had somehow got his blenan her that in and of itself as the creepy us thing we ve talked about this whole episode the idea of a four year old with bloody no you walk into a cemetery and stumbling upon a daddy dead but in its absurd but hugh he was convicted who liebermann was convicted of the murder of jane mixer based on them the dna evidence and these other little basic things accordingly the book inside the cell the dark a forensic dna by air and murphy which we all need a red immediately fucking buying the analysed admitted that they routinely process samples from different cases at the same time as well as one of the negative controls processed in this case at the time that are the pantyhose sample was process that was process had become contaminated
i could not even connected all this but the analysed had tried to hide that fact oh in addition arose dna wasn't processed at that lab it was sent out for testing indifferent location but this still were able to cross contaminated at that lab where it had originated like that fuck that shit yeah right so after minutes have dealt deliberation later many conflicts to first to re murdering life in prison he minutes of deliberation say now so like china worth these things like here's was heard to argue with of leader men being guilty as that the crimes that we're talking including mixers had to do with ride somewhere which was the m o of the poet killer they all
something tight around their necks some of which it didn't belong to the more direct them including jaynes the first for your menstruating just fucking and sand bitter they were all left in locations where they would eventually be found on purpose they out connected to the university which i mean if you live in an era of this kind are not two yards of university town a lot of them are strangled and the fifth known victim was shot in the head as well so wasn't totally against his email but at the same time the missouri here those murders he was never tracking affected for so it's not like we can say that he did definitively man but according to the germans remain college later owned and liked to shoot at twenty two caliber and he was obsessed with cereal martyrs so it's kind of the nth it's kind of this
any it reminds me of making a murderer were it's like i don't know is guilty or innocent but he shouldn't have been prosecuted based on these pieces of eminent yeah that's right and that's really the only thing you have at the end of the day everything else is by us and circumstance and kind of judgment yeah and it was two thousand and two at the height of like csi being a big thing and everyone thinking dna was like the and i'll be all and not realizing that so much of it like i witnessed testimony was flawed because it was because human error people modern meaningless covering up here is like good god so that's that's crazy here so
you you believe that leader men should not be in jail for me you think that that last death at the woman was found on the graveyard is a coward killer i don't think i can say that definitively i think there should have been more evidence to try i feel like a now in two thousand and sixteen we should go back and look at what other whenever other evidence we can find and dna tests those other victims that we are turning to the current killer the cross reference them with jane mixer and see what really happened but i dont i can't say definitively that he should be left out i just think in the same way stephen airy was like the should get a new trial and you know cereal and on sam i should be that you can't you can't convicts someone especially when they have shot defence based on these basic things that
you now in the future working alaska as i now and a kitten future could be like for you re right am exist as an anti seems not that long ago right it's so she is a huge difference becomes a like scientific evidence in this network think where is it bloody four year old plays into this i mean that's them up that's it that's the only reason i'm talking about this murder is because that is so fucking insane and so clearly human error of cross contamination in the lab like i believe that the trial went forward yeah after that was found out that lawyer when he found tat out that that's what that blood spatter was he asked of them so stoked dead the defence hu i do not however just like this is i think
the defence of big reveal of like as this blood as well as for your old the defence should have been stoke too at that was that i found a four year olds blood who had been whose dna had been tested in the same lab before but for some reason he didn't pursue that an accident in the trial to convince the jury that thou was fucking insane because of the time you like your saying it's like dna is a lock yeah as prosecutors were good i'm sure we'll and i'll see you get somebody it's like you know people want a thing like that people want that story finished period they want their i closed up and they want somebody to pay here and that's her position you know we ve that same way yeah or it's just erase what's happening or like somebody get us and just ass the justices such a forum
the term so this week i'm going back to my tried and true which is i'm going to tell you one of my favorite purposes device arrived too i never have never to issue so please do and will this one i love because this plays on if you you if you have some home alone as a young lady fares this gonna causing problems so spoiler alert a trigger alert scary scary alert no it has all these pieces and the first time i saw this on i survived i was like ripping the couch i was so a freak out so essentially it goes a little son like this it's april brawl fifteenth ninety ninety five and oh young bride
beautiful successful twenty five year old young lawyer named jennifer morey is goes out and has a drink with her friends after work one night big mistake her fault she goes she's at the local ale house all her friends are there she doesn't want to go at first they convinced or to stay chance of having a great time and she stays until midnight then our friend rise or home and she lives in an apartment complex come by you park in houston and the reason that she picked this apartment complex to move into was because it was all about security and it had not just
like you know with the apartment security guards there are they actually hired pinkerton pinkerton security go to to work at this place to go back in time but still no they ve been around that's along moving around still like a major company militia so name means a lot to people and security so that's why pick that apartment building to live and so she goes home at midnight goes in let's say she washed her face which is what you should do before you got a bad ladys so she goes in gets really forbad goes to bed turns out all the lights wake therefore i am there's someone on top of her now yeah i get ready for this long it's gonna be this the whole time cared so there's someone straddling her and she can feel something on her neck
and she realizes puppy someone know is not she realizes someone's broken door apartment and their attempting to rape her she's she can't figure out if she's dreaming at first it's normal in between feelings i only when she becomes fully wake and she realizes someone straddling her they ve the knife to throat and they're going to raper she just starts fighting for her so she does every she can she is she fights this guy she grabs the knife all this stuff the crazy shit and he's fighting him so hard that here that's her from the cheek bones the middle of her neck any slices her neck so is she keeps on fighting butts suddenly it gets very slippery and there's blood everywhere and
finally is she starts losing blood and like the fight goes out of her now he takes by the hair and he pulls her across out of the bag across the room throws or into the bathroom and says you stand here and you do not move any slammed the door and so she throws threw back up against the door in the bathroom she grubs washcloth and she puts it up against her wound pressure some pressure when you have a woman like that i'm a girl she does her feet up against the wall and she's like jammed herself there so he can't come back in the air and then she sits there and weights and listens and she hears him zip his pants up and then she went and then she heard the door closed and then she wait a little bit longer everywhere to make sure and then she
to open the door and she can't open the door there's so much blood on her hands that she cannot get a grip on the door lying at it and pulling out than share she says in the story she actually started laughing because it was like oh this is gonna die she's one of us i get stuck i get stuck in the bathroom in that i can't get help so finally she gets out should be acts that are open she gets out she fumbles to throw on the hallway light the lights are dead man she crawls she gets the phone found no no no yeah so then finds herself on its own if she brings back into the matter and she calls i'm online so night a man named a richard ever it was working was the dispatcher he had just gotten onto his shift from about heroes rural areas
so this is for em and this started so so i guess he's starting a very early morning shoved them men maybe mental and i met him so he explained to him what's happened and he it just start telling her you're gonna be fine just trial they com don't talk that much which is keeping the cops and the ambulance are on their way right now there are to be there really soon you know it had listened with us right now there's no fuckin way would ever listened to other alone and she's saying i'm bleeding so much you please make sure they hurry whatever he's like they're they're coming there as fast as they can just hold that wash you're gonna be ok and so after like ten that's he's just talking down and she's actually start in a calm down and she's feeling ok there's a knock at the door no no no so she's like their someone's knocking at the door and he
like who is it she is world a so she yells from the bathroom who is it and he says this is brand gibson the security guard that's on on duty tonight now i just got attacked by a guy who jumped off your balcony are you ok is a true as a true and she doesn't know so she's like he he goes our uk you you should let me n and now and she goes on ok i'm talking to name one one right now and then about your online one one goes wait what's going on and she was no it's ok it's a security guard he wants me let him in and
richard everett for no reason you forgot goes do not let him in the door and she has no it's pinkerton security cats the whole apartment like that's the set up here and he goes he he said here's the thing we haven't notified security department complex yet so as they have a police scanner he had a heavy sigh someone jump another doesn't matter what is he going to do i don't know about that story but he goes we just don't know what that india so just don't let a man
so she's like i'm not gonna let you in right now the guys like it i swear it's ok i'm here's my badge you know like he's seen to help you are you you you know are you bleeding there's blood out here you know i want to make sure that you're ok when she's like i'm fine the cops are on the way he's like i know i can hear the alarms you know i know cpr i can help you whatever any end and he goes i'm sorry i just the dispatchers as to denver something you should let a man and she's like arcade i'm really scared armstrong was blood i'm getting my head in amerika coochie twins this historic firing like what a fine what if i pass out and the door's locked the kick it spam and
oh he's just he just keep socking toronaeans like just listen to the sound of my voice i am watching them cops drive up the street they are three minutes away that's all just have to hang on for three more minutes and meanwhile the guys like jennifer can you talk to me are you ok you know can you just let me in and so even if he was supposed me there he wouldn't be so insistent he went economy like well but it's a woman whose bleeding and there's blood it's like clearly there's a scenario now if you are security are yeah and you knew woman had just gotten attacked or the night you kicked it or down and she's in their bleeding out and freaking out and not letting anybody help her you might take yeah but richard like i don't know so just don't do it well then
knocking starts getting harder me like you need to let me in here and she then she's sturdy forget because now she doesn't trust anybody has no idea what to do but then suddenly she hears the sailing the sirens in the background so she knows the play and he's like do you hear the sirens they are they are coming up the driveway rugs she's i guess if he does so the ambulances there like you're going you're fine suggest keep that georgia and you'll be fine will the knocking stop but we're gonna go it's totally silent outside the doors now she's more stereo what the fuck is that when the cops pull up to this apartment complex ace security guard brian gibson meets the out there and he is a mess he is bleeding from his right hand there on his face there's blood on his uniform her any
elsa police historic that he walked up he saw guy he jumped down from her second story balcony men intact him they got into this fight and the guy ran off into the woods language into a field over on the side and he didn't see where he went and then he went up to check on the lady who will not let a man whose freaking out right so the capture like alright stay here sounds good they starch everything out there's no trail entered the grasses doing no six am you know nothing so they're like get that guy and put him in a room about area they go up to jennifer's apartment that the ambulance has already taken her away of chinese going to live democratic as the show was called i survive she told the story herself with a big scorn act she's gone just this woman is like gorgeous and a lawyer so cheese the baddies killing at here the key let's go into her apartment there's blood everywhere there is also a
curtain hat and there's men's underwear on the ground and a night farm so they pick up all this shit and they go back down to brain gibson skirt the pinkerton security guard that works there how is it in there and they say can you take your shirt off please and he's like no i know it's my i was actually the one that was attacked narrowly take your shirt off there's clarks all over his body my he's not wearing underwear nope he is shaved his pure care ah no pubic care meaning no hair left behind that's exactly right until now have because he was the person the sick pretty girl now at the apartment building where she lived did he accused everywhere was not well he didn't have oh yeah
so how keys to get and arouse masters way or some key or he could have like i mean he had total access oh sorry shit that was the most upsetting thing i've ever know no but i just forget it it's he was calling her by her first name when he was talking to her when he was first on her which i think has one another the other reasons she got so freaked out and fought so hard is because it's like what the fuck is going on guess how much i'm sleeping tonight zero but she survived our air so they arrest him they he gets twenty years for did murder when what the fuck
and he's on parole now y know i'm a fucking in texas jump off my second story balcony he's on poland taxes when is attempted murder going to be treated like what it was intended to be the leg murder amy murder rate there is so troubling semi bennets ike well you didn't get away with it caesar noggin has she live right simply get us she fought so you you don't you don't deserve the punishment of what you are intending to fucking do well and also the cops are positive that if she had led him in when he came back at this time to quota quote check on heard or he would have killed her and picked up all his shit he louder land totally there's that is absolutely there the cops are positive that's so did you what's the name of the guy that then dispatcher did he ventured ever at all of the ribbons and what not there still friends to this day he went to her wedding
yeah they're there close friends yeah and she he talks about him when in her episode of i survived she the way she talked about him is like one of the swedish things you ever saying can do because he and the worst moment of her life like saved her light yet essentially in that way that lake did beautiful things happen to hideous fucking there and she went on to become the trauma supports or the director of trauma support services of north texas gorgeous and she i read a thing she got one around spoke i mean it was twenty fifteen i think when the article what their clothes from twenty thirteen or twenty fifty she was going around speaking at schools and telling people bauble things happen and last but it's all about what you're prepared how your prepared for them and basically she gave this talk that was kind of like the stuff
talk about what you like running scenarios and thinking about these things can action help you not panic and not completely lose when something really upsetting happens because you ve kind of run a scenario you know where your cell phone as you eat you have things plant you know we're flashlights are like you have things planned out a little bit so you at least can put a plan together it's a good way to like to make sense of hearing rioting and that like well maybe someday this anxiety or this thing that mean thinking about these awful things happening is going to make me better and a situation where i need to know fucking panic because i'm already round the slurry through my head yet also it can take away from that like you don't need to be yourself up for thinking about a u dont need to tell yourself you're crazy we're about it you're smart for thinking about it and your empowered for thinking about it and you you're taking action it's not you know you
have to live in it and shut the door you go out in your life knowing that your armed with information and then having an awareness security that you you know you ve done as much as you can with your anxiety to prepare yourself but you're not letting and take over your life yeah and get in the way like remember you're not gonna never leave the house again because you are aware release fucking terrible thing to happen will then also it's like this isn't a story about how all security guards are evil rang a lot of them do just as good shit as richard everett than i'm woman dispatch added a lot of them have yo good image that good intentions of i took this job because i want to help people for this exact reason but you take it on a case by case basis so if you meet a person you get the weird feeling in yoga absolutely trust yourself and just get out of their energy mean you don't that's that's that's about it to the individual are immersed with knowledge but don't let that our while meal
and also take a break everyone's alone like the other day some girls like i hadda she tweeted i had a hard day at work drink wine and watch i serve i've and i wrote back drink wine and watch bob's burger if i really had a bad day were lie that's a great suggestion take a break watch fuckin rosemary and time words lotta nice flowers lotta great accents and chill you kid don't live in a lake dink leg visit and then and then go somewhere else for awhile that's beautiful take it have a glass of wine into and watch bob's burgers as like modest is the only it makes me so how it is the most picture positive it's a family that loves each other that's funny that that perfect at all and
it's hilarious lane of all my six year old nephew is obsessed with bob's burgers the songs they rate for that are the best comedy songs their aria it is my favorite how they come up with those every episode ozma whoever their musical i should look at our yahoo over their musical director as fucking straight up one thousand propaganda let's and that's karen those you tell those stories so well it's like i'm not cheating there when i am how are you wouldn't know business partners more some of the time i just retail tv shows that you sent them but you tell them you don't read them that's true because i've seen that one jennifer's i've watched probably five times bs she tells it it's
so compelling sheets should so real chief is upset at certain points she's very angry and my very self righteous a certain points it's a fucking ah something to behold alert she's a great survivor utility me like we're on a party together whereas like if i did mine it would be like so many missing a woman's out because i can't remember half the share that like i have the kind of like go off my own notes which i don't copy and paste but now i live with them yeah but i mean i'm just copy her story out i mean us that's stories you just yet that's island territories is just both of my parents that's all they did we're sitting by the fire cave men to caveman slimmer fire tales is all this time the only thing we have to eat our cookies oh did it someone come running from
i didn't say array caves use java her right now does thanks for listening do all the things you're supposed to do and support we love you you we couldn't be doing better and it's because you guys all listen and support and do all the things we always ask you to do we couldn't thank you more for the vast listener like you guys are the best its we're so lucky we are so fuckin lucky just make sure that use his axe and you dont get murdered elvis you the one cookie cookie he is getting a cookie combined
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