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2016-10-07 | 🔗
This week on My Favorite Murder, Karen and Georgia discuss the murder of Peru's Ruth Thalia Sayas after her appearance on a game show, as well as the murderous reign of sweet little old lady Dorothea Puente in Sacramento, CA.

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This, is exactly right. Settling. How do I look from this angle? It's very odd. It's weird rain. We switch seats tonight. I think it's good for them, the middle space creative upset. Well now about that now there's this thing I care. I talked about it, oh maybe it on the other. Protest, but I have seven but I'm sorry I didn't tell you we even discuss so, let's cut cut, The thing they call it's the space that you get into when you're unsure
or you're upset or like right after something shocking happens or whatever its call it luminal space when you're in that place you Brain is working like at peak performance. So that's why like when it they it's good, if you're a creative person, if you get to comfortable on anything or feel to secure its bad. Because then you can like that. The thoughts don't come, the right way. But if you you know like get in a thing like that like sometimes and stand up when you're onstage, like you know, you're gonna open the couple jokes, but then you go into something new and weird because you can come up with something you didn't even know. You are thinking what says you're saying stop going to the same cafe for me every day and ordering to scrambled eggs and a sight of fruit and an American now every single for convey my lad. Well, I mean you: are you writing somewhere near there or lay a guess, yeah, I would, or you could change
there's something different and go to a different cafe. Just do something that will make you on constant, so that your brain works differently, lower gang at getting out the pattern, ok and that's what This is urgent message this of you and I looking at each other from a totally different perspective area, which is different. Couch switch gauchos everyone, yet not that big deal. Actually it is like from beginning that's how you done it. So this need in episode. Thirty seven is gonna, be all about like the brand new thing. Also now we're talking about the Bible, open your there's some learner via barely we should do about Google episode that was so boring wages only back to like fucking
grammar and high school like these Dorian again re my story, I you two images of the whole story is gonna, be in caps like the anger is none NEA and all of Saint Francis Grammar School totally. Ok, this is our first. So I was thinking that this is our first episode back from the last epicycles alive episode. Yes, which has sought, What really well was it well well, which aunt? I can now tell you that I'm surprised you, because I was lake who the fuck knows this is gonna, be like you and I sitting here talking. That's death. We know what that it with them amounts to but like having people react in real time lands where you're, not they were going to, I mean, obviously, if they were there, they were slightly on board those people, I'm not worried about it's like. Does it translate to
money totally honest enough. I can listen alive. Episodes of by casts no. I don't either no way, I'm like that that doesn't that doesn't trendline, I'm not going to do that, and I want to hear you pointing out things in talking about them and re or yeah or having a whole experience without me is in these. It feels like when I podcast, I'm like I'm there too, yet that's the whole fond of it. I think so. Yes, I I also I would just nervous- and I kind of like I really think about me because you never see me on stage before now. I'm too much of a narcissist to be nervous about. I mean, let's I was like you're on your own sake, singers. Where am I gonna get mine? You know and I think what if we added demands, It permanently to go back ass. Well We probably shouldn't talk about this right now, but David. I still show Dave Anthony the other night he was like. I think we should start doing like every three,
Oh, my god. We all, we all do all our podcast together. Always I go. There was great, and also that was my sister suggestion. I swear to God. She's batting a thousand she was lying on day was so funny on your show, I don't think I lacked the dial up just like laughing and whenever the garret do, though you do, but here's the thing it's learn. Into elbow your way. My two comedy conversation. Nowhere takes a takes a while that scary, it's scary and also its that thing of like what am I going to stop? This is the thing I'm an essay gonna be worth it. To start, undoubtedly, it's really hard thing to do interrupting people, especially people who are our legs like fucking, lead it comedians I've been doing this for years and years as yet? Not like thing? It's one. Also, if you do it in its like a like a half tepid responsibly makes you never want to say anything and gag stupid area. When people would laugh
said something I wanted to go hugging each and every one of you so much erosion enters there, but you did great. It didn't seem like you're having hurting me all right. I had a lot of time. I didn't you advocate ones are in the moment exactly will in its for fun. Those guys love. You Dave thinks you're fucking, hilarious civilians. Yet again, at my face, but I appreciate your camp he's got emotional problems every window, the dollop live there last one where guests on it. If you really fuckin level, I've episode gap that that's how we warmed up. That's how we heated up those eyes. Yes, it is. Have episode and Thou is awesome. It was cheaper fun and also we get a meet a bunch of people, yes very whole afterwards, which I say I went back. It's because I was like I don't wanna meet people like I don't I don't think I'll be good at I don't like the idea of it and then the standing back. There set insecurity talking to somebody and, unlike what am I doing like that's, not allowed, and then
second. I walked out whoever the first person I was you. I was just like him, going on and they were so regular normal in there. It was. Like I'd, do anything. It was just like having a nice conversation with the person was happy years and years of experience of like talking to strange because- and I do the like cocktail like food thing- and you go to these- like cocktail parties and food parties to fucking just talk to people on its scary and hard, but the more you do at the more you just used to it. It's not a big deal, yeah. Officially Andrews. But what was I going to say I guess this is a big o n. The episode before that was the german emphasise who wasn't like a regular format deathrays. So this is the first time we ve done at regular for liquid for a long time from camp its bathrooms rivals, but my legs are really town with my legs so tat on them. I meant the burnt on the back. My MAC swear,
and I'm starting where there's necklace all the time that I never work or friendship recently used up stuff, it's camps, it's good luck when it balls off on its own fucking bracelets computer Bala. That argue Madonna doesn't like when you go to some parties like and it's like sponsored by a company, and I put this prison. I when it goes off your wish will come true and I just like its falling off when I rip off of my fucking arm it always that set. Let's have always makes you wanna go yet it will since no wishes that I can think like stuff like this is overcome. Dreaded I don't need a bracelet, I'm so wishes are anything I'm sorry Did he tell you have started as hell? Everyone marijuana Carmen wishes are, not God everyone just hung up on the biogas like after women just sorry, mercury is a retrograde. What can I say with a larger? It's not actually what's theirs
at work. There is a website called. Is mercury and extra grade enemy either says yes or no? And we let it out of all the time, because people are currently making a joke and then we're like wait, let's just check and see if it really is actually no. Yes, I just almost spit this drink out and you said because it really is no Cosette one made by mental which love that that such a great it's the bass. Eleven people make simple hilarious, stupid things, so speaking alleges yes, because we have to here that we can plug right now, you guys, since that first one went good. Now we're gonna do more or spreading our seed all over the country up your spreading our dna all over the combats re irradiated impregnated, but by our life comedy. Let's see the first one that MIKE it's cool, because if illegally only pick places we want two yeah, that's it I guess so Sorry Indianapolis
whenever I was getting, I've never been there, but it's amazing how totally get it there like not us again and what they re always talk shit. So the first one is that we're done the Chicago Podcast Festival, which had been so excited to announces that fucking love Chicago who then there's actually some people who knew and we're like? I'm sorry are you doing it or not, and they were like they were all that way on twitter about it. So we, finally we waited. We added wait until was for sure yeah you geysers legal shit that we have to theirs. Oh, my god, we have a team of a Chinese they're, the ones from the accidental commercials upon the back of buses actually weight in my kitchen, while we podcasting anytime something happens. It's like legally man. Ok, they like mention in like pop their heads out yeah. They all look exactly the Santa Elvis hates them. So no progress vessel Saturday November nineteenth ten p m in me a premium,
our main stage decreased stabler, mainstay jacked. You know what I didn't think about the the LAPD Vest like I'm not good at numbers, so I see that crowd. Mammogram, there's like a hundred people here and then you are like. There is foreign to fifty people there and I was like now. There was a cause. I can't deal with it yeah, so this seat this place holds. Nine hundred people s irish merits algae freaking out. I would have found out any I don't. I feel it should tell our guy who books S. Joe is amazing. Don't tell us the number of seats in the auditorium because I can't fucking know exactly or see how many seats are empty if he's like, I did look even Indianapolis and you're playing where the colts play it'll be thirty thousand people. What do you think that us for ever. Gonna like perform around will be like in this letter, believed him with his podcast before we both. I think I may have picked it:
fifty in those going straight back down, I can't deal with number This is a hundred people like a hundred people, raise Nope, listening, intimates cry out, it was a good little like it was like one of those like court, wedding reception. Bring the balls. It was like, static electric carpet, ass hype of room yeah like being but chairs for all. So yes, we're very Chicago get ready, were excited to come and see you some Chicago podcast vessel, DOT, org dot org and then we're doing like our own. This is the first. This is the first show we actually like put together ourselves. Yes, for we like even thought too lab shows what the bell how's yeah yeah, so we are also doing the Bell House in Brooklyn
on December, eleven three to Sunday, it's a Sunday and its currency us there. If you live in Brooklyn- and you like this and stuff- like the he's dear. I don't think that the Algerian is gonna, be shut down yet see you can come and if you're from an Hatton, did you see? like my knowledge, yeah, that was good that'll appeal to noise concerned, we like she's low, but all she knows her shit. She knows the Bell House and wider com and I think, for all shows we're gonna have a gas straightway. Yes, either way we has higher yeah like the way Dave did it. We might have a guest, in Chicago we ve been like told It's possible, oh yeah, like I don't say, it'll a red secret, surprise guessed it. Guarantee will make you happy. It's like it's not like a comedian a human person, yes, it's not it's not an alien. It's not die a k, not coming. We should bring that painting
you gave me the we should bring in everywhere we eirik up. Yes, your car, though New York teacher report tissue report with it teacher report. Sorry guys so much housekeeping, but its minute percent value. Not do not apologise. Gods, I'm sorry mother, remoter shirts, dot com, it's opening cat sullen, our friend, whose director is a true, come enthusiast, but can towns Bishop person, I begged her to make us new design for our shirts and she didn't. They look for an incredible. They, like an old likes nineteen sixty pop fiction, but cover it, I'm so happy with them. They're gonna kill us we're going to keep posting new sayings and people can vote for with it. The saying they wanted to be: oh, did you Did you see, though, what they voted for? They voted for, fuck, lightness to be the next one. Knowing their core areas
yeah. I didn't know there was voting going on. I just fucking decided one soon. Some young went totally Roby, sorry ha within a passer by oh, of course, I don't please I mean of all the things I try to care about, vote away. I feel like we talked about that awhile ago, but I just didn't I like I'm, missing out on life. If there is hey tone in that it was not towards you. Yes, spending a lot of time- and this is not a complaint, because I love my job, but is there a thing where everyone smile like I'll pick up my phone. Look at email, and I watched you talking of these people work. Just like big fucking, because I'm a control of break into steel wish, like I mean just I'm very grateful for your new hat. Thank you. You have a hard job. I can't which it have you for myself again, tuna again melts Cathay, went to wine or real, and I so long I can pick
fries and eat all your friends, you can have all the rise again. He buys anymore. I ate good. I can't wait until you're I'm Hamley! I love your job, I'm happy for you. It's great fuck it unwise black and white you for myself, and I want my europe- will be the only thing that matters in Europe I mean that would be. Nice may well be, but it but it's also cool, because it's it's what it's nice to have a job that he actually. Up all my time and brain, but then its than their thing outwards like oh, is that what's happening, The daddy has a job. We miss daddy, daddy wants to come home and they too are we learn. Jamie Lee has a pod cast that we were on called the best of the worst and its Itunes, Jamie is girl code, she's, a hilarious set of common values and heard her husband, Dan Black, do a show and its
some, but we, this was a while ago, it's kind of like early days of this part gas and we all tat we predominates their big true crime, freaks at one time Dan cornered me at a party, not cornered me like talk to me at it, at his own party alike, but he can jump like hell. This is great. Anyone talk to anyone else and that exact order they ever while and then we just did our own state, never forget parties. I said they have they record. The show it was superfine and there's also other great people on it Heather Mcdonald, whose from Chelsea lay lean an asteroid that's keys on, and I believe that our Margaret Show and Margaret on it right here, so that really episode so go listen to that by supporting and he lets ticket equipped. Breaking them get started. Great is it's ok, we target
No, not terrorism, not elements not roses. Can you see the virgin Mary? Let's yes, she's right up a rigged, can we record I hear you, keep smelling maple syrup, I took an app I woke up and I can't stop smelling maples era, who am it's great, but its freaking me out a little bit. Should we look up, That means online yeah. You did I eat today. Maple syrup is that like gum, amateur fats again, a medicine thing. Are you well medicine? That's all that you say that, because I went to an acupuncture us very for my back bullshit and she gave me some ers, but they tasted leg. Dirt in cow shit yeah? So I dont think that that small thing Maple SARA. I need to tell you oh oh no, you deserve to know what is
your dying. The first thing I put in smelling make em that said, smelling maple syrup immediately, yeah. I- and this is the first thing that came up maples urine disease is a rare, inherited metabolic disorder. The body can break down among certain amino acids and individuals who have the disease produce year, and that has a decisive wish world trends. Not that's absolutely mama you're, not smelling your own maple syrup p not pay yeah then there is like cities and have smell like in the Fog someone these wet smells like. Oh, I wish that were true. Have you are chinese food because there's fenugreek Greek, which is in chinese food I'll, that's probably with the herbs are from his medicine, oh, maybe fenugreek is in there. Oh, that sort earlier on it. So cool
also it. They say it's a symptom of diabetes. But that's if you smell like it, not if you smell it, if you have sweet breath, it smells like me. Absolutely don't have sweet piecemeal, oars, tweed breath smell or sweets wet smile. Sorry, read it what it says. Why do, but this is just came up his. Why do my wife's hands always smell, like maple, Sir Percy work at any level that it should get your car Shangri LA? But why is it always smell? Like artificial maple syrup? thing, is smell like not smell, okay. Well, but we Yahoo answers, which always is a good animal, handsome good, crazy, like people English is not their mother tongue. Do I keep smelling maple syrup of this post says, smelling and craving maple syrup. Here's the best answer, sometimes You smell weird things. I smell bugger. Sometimes if I've scientists issues smell environment is weird. This is the best.
Dancer on Yahoo, and now this is this is why I love the internet. This is the best so the internet, chicken soup smells and taste. Like vomit to me, God, this has been weird fuckin corner with care and in Georgia, where we talk about our weird Almah, someone said any chance: you're pregnant. That's what the second one says you fucking kidding me: it doesn't have any upwards net as one down vote, pregnant eyes, there's no way bearing second landscape and sadness, and cactus fuckin tumbleweed, my womb, when it yet well snake baby, it's a little round in silence This isn't my terrified of these bone men's ban, weird corner with care and inertia and spend the whole podcast well what we know about settled to you, and now you just have seven extra fears: haha
So, let's see who went first, or episodes ago. My god, I want to say I don't care you wanna go for so many of us whatever you want. Your choice up. Ok, rude, no right. So this one, actually speaking, I'm cats Owen, who made our shirts she's on this to me and I had never heard of it in its own hands. Pretty bananas choking aright, We start with nineteen year old, Ruth Thalia scientists say us We start with nineteen year old, Ruth Italia say ass. She was raised on the outskirts of the capital and a working. US area of Peru. So outside of the working class area, Peru, was studying and look university and she lived with her family, like normal girl, cute girl, right, nineteen year old,
on Saturday July, twelve, twenty twelve, she was there. Very first contestant on the new realities show that was, a quiz show called L valor. De la Fere dad witches trends. The value of the areas that I just wondered because I have never taken Spanish. Their dad me. So it's a new quiz I would question: that's just come to Peru Jos premise is that a contested has asked a series of personal questions like during In our view, a private interview with production company on producers varying seriousness, the questions and their hooked up to a fucking polygraph. Okay, so the contestant is later asked the same questions but in front of a crazy studio audience in it's like. What's that, The money show be a millionaire
three million that kind of seriousness, level without lights and shit so there, given their questions again and there, answers are. I have voted with light by the public whether their true or not, ok, so for each truth will respond. So they gave they win money. If they lie polygraph tests, they lose all the money they made, so they can keep going with questions and, if their correct, and they are not lying about them. They win money and the other questions get more more personal, as the show goes on and the contest it has the option of calling it off after each answer such that they only when a certain amount they can be like and they ve answered, like some really personal passionately about done, so she's a very first contestant on this show this little nineteen year old, university, sit down.
And she went on because she wanted to open a salon and she had already saved a ton of money, but she needed the money from the show to bring her closer to buying. That salon in he was like ok, making a spectacle of herself to get the money. Every contesting gets to bring on hast around three guests to the showed who are like sitting there are being interviewed and found the whole time. She's answering this personal questions, so shivering her parents ITALY and leaned seo and Velma, and there sweet baby angels. I watched I watched it and the downside that, is afraid of what I might learn about. My daughter who he was introduced, but they were all jovial they're. All like the universe is We find the money, no one thought of that same cause. If other daughter was like a normal human being who manage the third guests was her boyfriend,
Brian Levi, he was a twenty year old cabdriver. He was raised down the road from Move Australia and he'd stuttered, since an boy front of his mother had pushed him down the stairs when he was only a suspect. Is normal dude by stutter I'm, the coach says you seem nervous when he so nervous about, and he said that she may have cheated on me and he was agreed. Stone Face enlightened. Clearly sir. The whole show here the question some of the questions she was asked: have you ever school without your mother's knowledge, if you found one thousand souls which you return them souls it's like, though, my money so she will hear the twenty thousand wandering, so he can get their homes and she, the old China knows job and that she didn't like her body and that she wished she was white and that
was only with her boyfriend Brian until someone better came along the one that was there, the caviar yeah but this area, and that she was ashamed of her parents manners and that she didn't actually work at a call centre like they thought she danced suddenly clad shit, Aragon. Here we go so the mom is begged her to stop. And at one point Brian says I don't want to hear anymore the boyfriend, so ok, we're at question number eighteen and she Why, at this point with this question, would have won the equivalent of fifteen thousand in? U S door. Which is, almost ten months, wages, wave, Leonardo I'm sorry she could have one up to fifteen thousand euros dollars when she had one five thousand three hundred dollars, which was almost ten months: wages and lemme. With this question shut, when this question
eighteen was have you ever accepted money for sex. And she answered yes, her and the polygraph confirm that it was true and she has just twice- we needed money. We are in a bad situation, it hasn't happened, sense and it won't happen again in her. Parents are like crying and like clearly shaken badly. It's fucked up man, she said So at that point, she's, like I'm done, I'm not gonna wind up to fifteen thousand. U S dollars, but can't do this anymore. I wonder whether the questions were of how is like That was the one that was only fifteen or five thousand dollars yeah or the other questions who knows, she says at the end, my mother, my father, my brother and sister, the most beautiful things in the world. To me, I love them all with all my heart Briand. Forgive me for making you go through this and, as the credit scroll, she
goes down on her knees before them and back some for forgiveness, her parents. What the kind of game show is this yeah so The show finally aired on Saturday July twelve huge fuckin head like comes number one and she becomes like kind of a celebrity and thou world, but not like in a good way. She's. Just like talked about time and brown and her boyfriend becomes a public fool and that Peru in Peru, like my choice in such a big thing- and he was humiliating for older people and people to people small town, recognize him and a kind of humiliate Hammond he's like fucking broken when sorry, but did she get a move on money? Yeah, ok, parliament she one. What's she like at least up he she's stocks are so she stopped after that. True question again, so she was, she wasn't lying about having. Hence my me had sex for money, so she stopped at basically are.
But one of fifty three hundred dollars so he's all around by like by the media, and we asked these questions someone ten how he felt about making being made of foreign son. I'm ashamed the things I learn that show. How would you feel and that these persons had but they say that if you love someone, you can forgive them and he says depends on what they did the things she said that day I can't forgive but then in other interviews he says that it had all been set up, but he and tell ya had broken up months before the taping and she had asked him to pretend to be her boyfriend on TV, she'd share the money with him and he hadn't, given or any of the money. So sounds like you making the shut up to make himself some a little bit better right, because he so fucking humiliate Anthea. Eight weeks their premier. The show on September eleven Twenty twelve Ruth Thalia disappear who
a crazy media circus. All them news programmes cover in lemme, but one of the host called her the process, two of our Lord Della radar. Like, you is known, is like a whore and nobody cared about it because of that in our parents had, I beg to get me the attention and get this covered and to try to find their daughter. Eleven days after the disappearance police find a body of a young woman buried in a well and covered by rocks and concrete on piece of land on the out lemme, and that, and belongs to Brian's uncle so later, that day has so fucked up in those video. This so the media and the fate of a mother. I'm sorry, the Father and the CIS are at the site, where there excavating trying to figure out if it's there there sister and daughter and the dad on the phone on a cell. Unlike crying
It's awful and it turns out that it is her and dislike losing it. And if Europe sensitive you shouldn't, watch him break the fuck down there, reporter and her cameramen go to the home wherever My mother is sitting vigil with some of her friends and yet know that it was her daughter, that was found and the rapporteur she gave her condolences and realize she didn't know about it and then Porter said man. They found your girl, so this fucking report, told her, which had so ugly so brains run in for questioning, and he confesses. He says that he called Ruth Tellier Ass, she was leaving school and they may plans to meet up. He says I waited her by the bridge she got into my mother taxi and I said: let's go have some lunch says: okay and they to his house, his apartment, where that he rented. They had sex and afterwards he started to fight
she says she tells me I don't know what I'm going, what I'm doing with a poor motor taxi driver- and he says that's when I grow Termites throat and that he had that he choked her for thirty seconds or more, and he says I thought she hast thou. I listened to her. I didn't hear anything. I grabbed her shook her, but nothing. I got scared and the trial Brien's lawyer tried to pin the blame on the tv show say that have humiliated ham and so Bateato Ortiz, whose one of the most famous television journalists there they called him to testify. So it was It found that the majority of his compassion was false and there was witness who, as a young boy from the neighborhood, and he set up a night She disappeared. Brain had paid him. Fifty souls Let him know when Ruth tell ya got off the bus and he's
He had seen brine another man force her into his mother taxi and the core determine a brain complex, was a who, the property or her body was found and the motive robbery and they had to get rid of China's banks security code so that they can get the winnings from the show, oh for them, and they were both. So life in prison, So then the second season of alibi, Laura deliver Dodd was They only had celebrity contestants because they said they can deal with the media, which is How could you even have a fucking second season, but that we sets that end I wanted to say that a lot of this information and it's really hard to find information there's. No, this isn't cigarette ever heard about before. So the offering a Sunday magazine by Daniel our our con. He wrote this.
Great story about it and that's where a lot of this information and then all over the internet as well, that is lacking. Crazy do the idea we I fear that that show continued on after the first contest, it was murder. I mean that's in ten remember when Janni Jones Johnny John show that the Lahti, people want a member was one of those like ninety is talk, shows like Jerry Springer, had on lake confusing and convey an episode of I'm in love with you and there's a guy, broad on his friend and told the schuyler, he was gay and he was in love with him yet and the guy he told, shot and killed him. Yes, I do know that story, because mild boss was one the EPA on them to go to court. I was like a huge, scandal at teller, pictures breaking the company, for that knows horrible, and it's a kind of thing of light.
What's the line when you're producing tv. Everything is two numbers who butts in seeds eyes on screens howdy, do a show: that's gonna make people watch it and especially in those days of like the early days of and Jane, the jobs we hit yeah that also, why did they ever hit? Oh they hit because it's a girl who is exposed that it wasn't. That's not the baby, daddy and Bla Bla, another fistfight, and all that shit and like that. It was the norm solely on you did you they were trying to think of, shows and produce shows that were exploiting them almost exploit. Well, the answer to the article I got a lotta dislike basic information from was really interesting. So the show that this that the article from where they talk a lot about the actual show and how much it had to do within what like about reality shows in poorer was called the contestant from
California, Sunday magazine, and so they talk about about that and it's just like I mean who, who would greed say those things, but if Europe, in a pool a fucking city and you need money. I mean you'll, do anything exactly its total exploitation of people and and So that is such an ugly version There was an american version of that show and it wasn't on for very long. I didn't know that because you can't be the nature of a show like that, is it scandal like if people are admitting things that no one gives a shit about. Unknown to talk about and that aren't that isn't like borderline than you, dont have a good show and they're not gonna, hear someone who's like now. Never had never got paid for sex nope. I work split. You know they find the most yes, they are old ass, a lawyer to have people on there that are going to tell them what they want dear and and more so, the one of the weirdest things that I ever experienced in working and television is there. Is
very strange subset of people and if you can casting in like any kind of reality version of television. You know there are people who, I d get on every single show and they're, not it's like if it's a show about couples submit for that. If it's a show about you know what the fuck it is they want. They want to be on tv master making or whatever the fuck they'll do. Yeah and they'll try to like they know. If ye well enough to know that they have to be interesting and certain personality types and an because It is a good way to make money. If you you know, if you're right person, but I'm usually at one chance. You would think, but I these are people that are just like we'll we'll go over here. We'll we'll try to be on the amazing race will will try to be on the marriage raffle we try to be on this and that when I worked on the second season. The marriage ref there is this one, tape where they were like paralysis
under casting his like you're, never going to labor it you're about c- and it's like this weird couple that like it's at their sexual overtones. Re like this. They don't know that this is an appropriate filling. This isn't getting at get them it's just this weird shit and one of the people not cast about was like oh yeah, with that we had them they tried to be on whatever show she had worked. On the one hand, it just like these people that our kind of like we know what kind of interesting and kind of weirdos and that that were yeah weren't were very different and were wild and let's get on second to live, he'll, just wanna get intelligent. You see that the real world the season is like everyone thinks you're just going on the real world, but for each can each person on the railroad they find their legs enemy. And they have to live in the house. To effect this show is interesting,
have you cast it well, these people are just gonna make their own fucking by an angle. Editing back and say because no one's watching tv are so they don't have good rating. So it's not interesting enough to make a ratings hair and that's all anybody cares about an because of television is owned by like for company, and they have this insane grasp on the money Who gets the money? The story is like. Nobody has any money, but that's actually not true they're nagging billing The dollar's cause, even in like a depression, people still watch tv people still you advertise still works. But it's a it's this. It's really sick and crazy. That kind of shit where you like that thing where you're watching tv near just like I don't you'll like who I'm seeing is what I'm really see. So the idea that your story is about a person who actually did the thing a real endless iron via, but she she felt
it didn't seem like she was so I guess she's. She was kind of embarrassed, sincere homo up, but it's like shit see my she was. She seemed like confident about having done it for the right areas, for the reason which was to make her life better, even though she, like you, know, Tor Her family, apart, yeah, well, you'd. Think that that That makes your life way worse now being murdered. Yeah I mean that because that shame shame is the thing people can't deal with Jesus, no shaming people, especially like you're, saying like like it that call sure where men have to be men, you can't come out and you like, yeah. Sometimes they do this, which is like you know,
not now judgment away of that person's lifestyle, that this is like a cultural thing of where women are supposed to be, like wives and mothers and special ear and in Peru. I feel like its you're not supposed to that's, not it's so much less accepted and understood than it is here, as it is here or frenzy crazy array. I mean that's the thing to when you were saying. Like usual, you should watch it, cuz he's all upset or whatever. I would never watch that bothered me a lot. I never watch that to the fact that the cops didn't put him away from the meat lead from the cameras is upsetting leg, his daughter, there's other dollar tries to show his face a couple times, but there's no way to turn or yet there is cameras on every on every single angle of this man. Telling someone on every line that they found his daughter like our affairs, nowhere for him to go to get out of the fuck out of there,
comrades, does go it's really. Second sad the woman who, told the mother inadvertently the reporter gather reporter. She quit Doing news after that, wow there is a saying in this article someone's life lake, to get at story? Air? Let go talk to her now go up to the room after she started crying and trade had a conversation with her. She in there's some quotes in her from in this article. It's like how awful she felt in that she quit yeah, that's yeah. Now yeah you don't Slayer Sulphur one paycheck NA one by I'm ok. Ready for you. Werner one yeah turns out Mine is the as shit. I can't think of a what's. The hurry Mandela show with all the suitcases her suitcase number seven
thanks sailor, I was gonna. Try to me joke about that. But let's kick risk. I cameras call their own hair gaze. What's in the suitcase, you know that show what's in the suitcase right, so I picked my story We actually, my sister's, suggested this. Our number. Advance are newest and number one s family and she suggested it because, when I was in high school when I graduated from high school, she had gone to the J C for two years. So by the time I was ready to go to college. She, two, and so we both want to sack state. Will you sacrificed universe. It was precious, so we lit both live mood to and lived in, Sacramento for like the same amount of time- and I have of course talked massive at about sacrament on this part, gas is wonderful.
Happen there, but not to me, and so in near the end of right before I moved back home with my parents as a abject failure, in my early twenties, I lived in this house on ELM Street and it was in this weird Sacramentos weird? Because, as you go downtown closer the capital, it's like all the old houses there old, victorian system and some the streets are really gorgeous The neighbourhood itself is really bad It's a very strange combination, as it doesn't look like it should be bad, but then there's like we, the one night in this apartment across treat there was an empty lot. The people just dump garbage in an to homeless. People got into a fight and why of them was beating the other on with a vacuum cleaner. Someone had dumped in this empty law only it was like that kind of area, and it was horrible time in my life because I had flunked out of college. I think I've worked at like too
cafes, those making like five dollars an hour remember those day and you like you, couldn't get any hours, so you just like always just scraping together money. I remember one point we would we would rent a vcr from the video store that when I was a kid to cause, we didn't have what about earlier like we, I wouldn't want you movie, it was like decently DORA, and then it was also summertime in Sacramento. So it's always a hundred and ten degrees. Everything is just. Awful and special way. Also at the time the person. I was a room roommates with She had this friend. I think she was from high school and together they were two of the most annoying people like ice. I'm surprised I didn't try to punch one of them because it was like this of noxious like like hard Earl ACT but like, but it was like that the sea
Romano version there's a country element to it, and it was really like just kind of ignorance, and rude the kind of girl that are like an get along with other girls, exact yeah alone. Let guy like will then go fucking, hang out with some guys and get away from me. There is was a lot of that kind of stuff. They bade come home at four in the morning from a club and like knock a door and be like. Let me it was just everything was I was livid. I was either livid or scared to all the time. So it turns out come to find out living in this parliament for a little while that somebody, who came over, put it together and goes don't you realize that, that is Dorothy. Two doors down is Dorothy appointees history windy, while Dorothy appointees is the old lady in Sacramento they got caught. She ran a boarding house for old P, full ends like handicapped people and
it turned out that she Ben, murdering yeah she hedging their social security check, taking into account the street to the diver. That was so scary. We never even tried to go their holy shit, it isn't gonna die of bar were especially a couple. A drugs like eyes were then in there, and it goes down bars at your like. Oh, this is in a quaint diet This is a basic is yet slavery me there. This is bad news like serious bad news like it might well be on the docks, but somehow its across the street Marbre and still there, now, I'm a guide, but I doubt it is though began. I bet you with the way the architecture way, although gentrified that whole, I would think, but was like a scary. It was very scary area, so so Dorothy appointed basically I'll tell you so here's her story, terror. She He had a very sad childhood when she was eight her father died of,
tuberculosis and the next year her mother died in a car crash that relate to the worst wasted. So so she was orphanage for a little while and then eventually she had to go, live with family members and friends. Now now it just gets out that's one of the worst places alive. I mean so and she forty five when she was sixteen. She got married for the first time so she had between Fort one thousand nine hundred and forty six one thousand nine hundred and forty eight. She had two daughters, one she went sent to live with relatives. Sacramento and the other one. She go up for adoption so or she was not able to deal with any kind of family situation at all. If anything, she definitely as some kind of mental. Just
order as yet so I'm sure she probably had it then being a sixteen year old, newlywed mother, who I ran up and an orphanage not good, who had two huge, traumatic experiences on shows young, with her parents dying back to back back track, so you're fucked, the A husband married her when she was sixteen left her and left her in nineteen forty eight, a couple years later, so she start telling people he died of cancer. So Odo sorry died of a heart attack, a couple, after they got married. So it was like even more tragic for here so she's, also in throughout this insight. She's basely, compulsive lyre, yeah and she's forging checks. Which she and of doing through throughout her life that's kind of her Forte. That's her favor, that's her favorite crime Fisher, weird! I am its super weird The funny thing is it that you get caught
and then you get sentence for like a couple years get out because, as non violent and its I autonomy I can already so they're like them, our aim is that you weren't you hate, or do you hear about seventy billion like they never had a violent offences forged cheques and its link with us? I wouldn't know to do that a crime I mean you might have great power, unshaven all sure but you're still a criminal sixty she basin she re married, a swede name, Axel Johannsen, which you know that that was a party, oh yeah. Going to happen. I of course a violent. Alcoholic. They were married him an anti owners, and Then they ended it and then here's Lily earth, sorry dude not marriage tears before she got divorced she was arrested in a brothel and she told the causes Is there a visiting a friend? We don't know
what is true about that? One of the articles. I read said that she ran the brothel fact, but it seems more likely since she she was arrested and serve ninety days. I think she was for we just there either visiting her friend or Vienna. Friends whatever you may have a brothel ain't. Uneasy tat sets big job and you don't just you, don't just bail now at the first arrest, so what she doing is going into. She became a nurses aid and she started caring for the disabled and the elderly. Elderly and private eye to eye brown will, you would like think that one of the earth yeah end of story, so in eighty two? She did that for a while, and I need to her sixty one year old friend and business partner, this Monroe
who was living in dirt, so Dorothea had this house on F street as this big victorian two doors down from Karen Computer of tutor sound from the future miserable home, a miserable caring, Cougar, there is an upstairs a permanent she would rent out, so she rented it out to Ruth Monroe and they were busy partners, which I guess means that they were working together, taking care of old people and disabled people in private homes, but rose died from an overdose of Cody in quoting a seed. A marathon and Dorothy told the police Ruth was very depressed because her husband, terminally ill, so they rule ruled Ruth's death, a suicide, but then two weeks later, the police have to come back because of a seventy four year old pensioner named melt. Mackenzie, had accused Dorothea of drugs.
And stealing from him. So he had gone to the police and said that he had met Dorothy at a local bar called the zebra club and that they had several drinks together, which I bet Mitt means in the fifteen's then he invites her back to his apartment and act sooner. Or they arrive. He gets dizzy and even the he's conscious. He can't move and he as to sit and watch as she purchases house for valuables she's, rare penny, collection and force, the diamond ring off his finger, whereupon it coming back to rare penny collection, and I mean I can call that a visa. You know it was like an hour hoard book like this. With all the year, you'd have underneath the slots. That makes me happy, but well,
so she gets convicted of three charges of theft in August, eighteenth, nineteen, eighty two and she get sentenced to five years in jail for four that allow what happened to the rare panic we haven't been able to trace it, so we're starting a foundation called find the rare pennies that org she's in jail, that's being pen pals with a retiree seventy seven year old retiring named Everson Gale Mouth and become friends through the mail. When she easily release to nineteen eighty five after only serving three years
She was there waiting for her to pick her up from jail and is one thousand nine hundred and eighty Red Ford pickup and everything was okay and everything turned great. So soon they were making wedding plans and they opened a joint bank account nope. They were they were I can her house in Sacramento, or cutting to five years later Dorothy. Hires a handyman to come and put in some would paneling in our apartment and for that work plus he patron national eight hundred dollars gave him a red one thousand nine hundred and eighty eight and one thousand nine hundred and eighty Ford pickup that in good condition, almost totally not used. Would she said had to her ex boyfriend, who lived in LOS Angeles, yeah where'd. You get that She asks us handyman that she hires Jabez her a six by three by Tuba Foot Box further
sure. You know books instead, as you do and beckoned coffin yeah, but a box that you want to store stuff in and then she asked them when she filled it with her book I'm doing airports. He has he She says likely saying this to my story depot and he agrees and she goes with them and then on the way she has pull over and just hasn't dump it on a river bank. I am at a kind of unofficial, dumps I always works. It sounds unlikely, but again we did have an unofficial dump site arising from our apartment. Right, rape coffin show it boxes yet the books, you know or beat another person with a vacuum, but whatever needs to happen so the lot dumping going on London, Sacramentos and Sutter counties, so so they dump that ends.
Oh she just told them. The stuff in the in the box was junk well under May first one thousand nine hundred and eighty six a fisherman spots, the box and it's sitting three feet from the Bank of the river. So he calls the police and they when the box and find a badly decompose and identify non viable by They have an elderly man inside Well, it turns out that Dorothy was still collecting Everson Guillemots pension and she would write letters to his family, explaining that here contacted them because he was ill, and so he was basically one of her first victims. Now this was no eight. She was renting Europe and all the time. This was her business and she had forty. Lieutenants in the house in the hole ass. She was actually purse
Approached by a social worker name, Peggy Nackerson she approached their social worker and just explained to her to see no, it people on fixed in helms people on social security, elderly people. You can make it come and stay in my boarding house everyone's welcome. We, of course she had the best system to offer her Prices were really low and she took quantum could take care of the people that work then lived there, computer or nice. She may dinner every night. Should everybody come down and sit at dinner together? You know she'd like made sure their people that stayed there that were homeless are like had many problems. She made sure they showered and clip their nails ocean is real. I got was real heavy, so beautiful I mean yeah right. That's the that's the whole lore of it is people need that kind of care,
and she's saying that she's going to be able to provide that more them, so sorry keep making that mistake, so she she also. She was known for taking tough cases, though the social workers were like you. If it's a person, I can't get placed anywhere, you can take them to Dorothy. Is she will take them in and she collected there simply mail before they saw she paid them in stipends, and then she pocketed the rest of their lives security check or whatever their check was more expensive corner. You gonna fuckin, so many rural agents would go to visit her and had been ordered to stay away from the elderly and to refer. From handling government checks.
But no violations wherever noted and they think it's because she was known in like social welfare circles as being so good to hear that they would go in check and be like you can't be run all people you can't you stay if I'm so, scared checks, but nothing official whenever go in well in May of nineteen. Eighty neighbour started complaining of a sickly says now that we have to sell my fingers. Oh it's! Oh that's right! the dead bodies, you you behind IBM decomposing, so She blamed the aroma on applications of fish, a motion on her on her perfectly tended. LAW and tended to the point where, if people walked on her lawn, she would scream at them and swear like a sailor exercise. Very protective of her law. Nation did a lot of gardening
So there was a man that stated the house in an people around. The neighbourhood knew him as chief. He was schizophrenia. Any was alcoholic drinks homeless when he went and stayed with Dorothea. She her handyman and she clean them all up made sure that he took a shower all the time. Like maiden, presentable made him coming to dinner with everybody M, take his his anti psychotic. Medication earns his meds so She had him digging in the basement and carding soil and rubbish away with the root a wheelbarrow and he basically, there is a concrete slab on her basement floor. He was basically digging up the basement floor what do you mean it far earlier? He soon afterwards disappeared, and so why and there is an
a second lieutenant disappeared, a dive, develop. Lay disabled man who had schizophrenia, when his social worker reported him missing. His name was Alberto Montoya, the these came and realize This is this. This keeps happening here, so they were looking around, and they noticed in the back yard that were there were some ground that was too had been recently disturbed so. These investigators went to the car got this shovels were in their car and they started digging and quickly turned up what looked like: shreds of cloth and beef, Okey report, and so as they're trying to answer my lunch find out. What's under their one, Investigators said that he thought he had a tree route and so
He was working at it and jabbing at it with a shovel, wouldn't move, so he that decides to climb down into the hole where that they had dug up to get to pull it out and he rubbed his hands around it. Braced himself started pulling and it broke loose and it was a leg body out of this are they happen. They had to suspect that at that point, or they wouldn't have been digging Ray so why are you fucking yanking out? It was a tree rhythm on, like you're learning will abide by this woman. But I mean they're looking, but a tree is the most likely thing. That's gonna be there, so if the I'm sure that they done stuff like that before you like me, that would go away one percent of the time among the time it's that and also, I think, what, when bodies that are that are buried just straight into the ground. They turn black an browser would have probably looked like a tree
so then they start digging up her whole backyard, Alisha and oh, she came out when he was down in the whole any of this bone she came out and when they too, around. They were like. We just found a human bone. She did they, said they see that distinguishes slapped her hands on her face like really over the top and in like trying the act like she was surprised and they immediately relates. There's some go and that's the weirdest luxuriant at home alone, style, PAMELA style, exactly where they got. That rum and apparently neighbors said that she always talked about wanting to be actress and planning on moving to LOS Angeles she's about actress. I e g. I she needs, take some classes so this. Body that they eventually dug up? Was a woman named, a carpenter who is seventy years old and why
for very Dorothy is very far victims that state in that house. They basic he had the coroner's office came in with the machinery and a whole work crew, just started and forensic anthropologists and started digging up this entire backyard and that I've seen the news footage that basically taken from the angle of because it couldn't get in yes, oh it's basically taken from our back port holy church. I mean not literally idea because it was nineteen. Eighty eight, but they d show over the last one. Is any these cops walking round? And it's just like the you see a lot of sheets and like the when they put out the string and the stakes, are like this- will be the next area. Oh my god, it's on raising a seer, so sense Dorothy appointed wasn't immediately plenteous angular. Wasn't neatly assess backed what she had been
they didn't when they were doing that. First digging, it wasn't like keep her right there. So she said she was gonna: go get a cup of coffee at the hotel up the street while they were doing that and then she fuck and high tales, its loss, or maybe now it's you do you have achieved. I mean she laughed yard. She thought she was out of their yeah and she'd and she did think they were onto her yet away that they were so well its LOS Angelos. She goes, bar room and she starts making friends then old pensioner, at the bar. She introduce yourself as I think it was Donna Johannsen Lombardy. We know it didn't, hey where'd, you did. I, the articles I read didn't say it's gotta, be something that we know certain Davy peer, maybe the frolic room hologram. First, that's exactly was thinking yeah, but luckily
this old pensioner, parliament sitting there by watching the news? A bunch Porfirio eyes her from the new and called the car they so Jane her down. Ellie and brought her back up eventually, seven bodies were found buried in her back yard. She was charge, the total of nine murders, because they they traced back, be apparently be apparent suicide of her old of rules and then the other guy, the other, the missing I chief aliment using their grasp the grandpa. The frolic room got a reward. I don't know Here's! That's interesting. When taxes were in their backyard. They realise that they were only blocks away from the house
of serial killer more Solomon, where they had dug up from that house? A bunch dead bodies in nineteen. Eighty seven lucy- I don't know him I'd- have ever heard of him either in Sacramento. I just gotta say I mean like I about it, I've complained about it, but Lake I must be a little bit right, because, we ve already had, I think, for sea. We'll killers from Sacramento get on. This show Emma its chock full of murderous its net. So so quickly. At the end of the day, she went to trial in February nineteen eighty three issues convicted of three murders sentenced to two life sentences receives life about power. The lady parole. She wanted Chow Sheila.
The ladys facility. She always said that all those people died of natural causes and she just bury them there and there she herself at age. Eighty two twenty seven, two thousand Levin died of natural causes in prison, while yet our girl pearl I fear that our hometown girl, she would take their checks, walk across the street, that dive bar and get her money cash checks, a dive burns, big House checks at the there's, oh yes hours or so Davy they will cash or social security. I Orioles like thoroughly. Second Friday of every month is like Q. You gotta get a couple bartenders on staff, that's right because full and also its Sacramento, bootleg literally, say, capital was blocks away, is lame, no they're getting their money. If it's a government chat yeah, they know that thing is good, so they
lady, that runs the boarding house. Of course, they're going to do her family rings everyone over and she takes her portion and then try to see so nice he's taken care of all those people inside that building saint powered smell like in that fucking building, though, in that bar too. I mean oh blurs announced that it was carpeted that us the diver, oh that's for sure, get like dark. Maroon yeah like thin, dark more like bowling alley carpet. I bet they had like a a pretty small and they had a pool table. It was too close to one Ya'Ll so than they had caught a poor q in half so you can shoot from that side of the table is ever they do. I've never seem to I've, seen it and dive virus. I have not been in like real divers them. You gotta become a full blown alcohol as it is one problem like real real die bar in Savannah Georgia, but like on the outskirts of it, and I was like
Oh this, is it an egg, charming allay dive bar? There is a confederate I got the while. I am only Jews ever been in here for a kingdom where they should have taken your picture behind the bar, those thereby wow yeah so sad. I mean it easy. And when you sit when you saw her on the news like she was on the news all the times, your picture, I totally remember she looks like a cartoon of a little old lady lady, not even big glasses, she's, really short gray, hair the whole thing, you're gonna, never think should kill everyone. Just she struck poison. I rejoice in that. I mean, I think so yeah. Well, it's fucked up reflector? Okay, so now ending the show on our positive. Now! That's right! One really Britain that happen to us this past week, right right, serve to have yours,
one of yours sure really good thing is that I hung out, Sunday evening with a girlfriend that I like a lot and we've got to know each other a lot, but we like how this great deep. Let me hang up a lot of people together. Her name is Crystal but she and I sat at a bar and spoken talked and we're like I'm a very happy and just like were very with each other and away. That's like hard to define when you're an adult. As someone said, let be really open with an endless. Now who understands you when you guys can get each other and that's that's hard to do and which this really great conversation and I've got a lot better after it and can, I feel, like I've made up friend only has for a long time the colored, a deeper connection was nice. That's great here, that's very it's yours, it's all the matters if they seen human can. She is really it's. Nothing else makes people actually happy, except for connecting with other
and being really yeah sure I guess minors that well from livestock buy back is its it sucks began. All I ve been doing, is working out most of minor work based, which is little but land, but will you I can hear your proud of your so yeah yeah. I know yeah those chat, but I'm. It's like when you have one thing to talk about words: people, ok, what's up with you as I just don't bother asking doesn't matter, but there's a I'd suggest are. I guess I just one say his name in a move when, when the shows actually on, I can say that by a she's on my episode and he's so funny. It's like the most delightful thing in the world. I mean everybody on the show is really good and I got very excited for the show to come out cuz. I think people are really going to like it. This one guy is
hilarious, any looks like the guy that I adored in high school, so it makes it even more fun to watch him cuz. It's like almost looks like a weird Mick like a mash up like you're, ruining Pherson already because yesterday, but then on top of that, it's thing where you can't it's like single camera, like you can't laugh out loud when things are happening, as they need plague perfect. What I have to keep my hand over mouth he so funny. Unless the shit you written to some of it in some of it, but but at one point I went up. I had to finally introduce myself. I was actually he was so funny that I was nervous. I didn't want Ok, what's my router? Whatever has just kind of like trying to stay away and when I find I did go up to introduce myself. I said I in my head. I thought I was gonna say you know, like year. Gray. More today's been so grave or something like that. But what came out was your boss. He's so funny, and
the second the last word of that sentence came out of my mouth, I just turned and walked away cuz I was just like I. Hopefully I just I have sought to thank here. Wait till this cuts. Now it is yes it I mean it's it Some people may have seen him before, but it's that he's not while now on page, I'm not telling you until it airs either. You won't tell me yeah will keep it up. You'd secret until next spring it because it is a myth, replacement, thinks Phyllis you guys, Missus o we'd never introduced with the show was the sole did. No one. No you bad. This is my favorite, MRS. What the fuck with marked Marin banks were listening. Miranda go to Twitter, my fave murder and strand. My favorite murder were on Facebook. It M F Mpeg, cast our shirts my very murder, shirts, Stockholm, everything thank you so much for listening and supporting and being active involved.
People it's very fond? the greater the bass- and this is so great stay sexy, don't get murdered, Elvis you wanna cook, a cookie yeah
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